WWE Monday Night Raw 4/21/14….Daniel Bryan Has A Monster Unleashed

I decided tonight to watch my Columbus Blue Jackets in an important game three against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Blue Jackets lost, but it was a fun game to watch, with Nationwide Arena electrifying.

But, it’s time for Raw, and tonight we are in Baltimore, Maryland. Let’s do this thing.

We begin the show with footage of The Shield being beat down by 11 men, and enter Evolution.

The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. He is met by his new bride, Brie Bella.

And they begin the show with a big yes chant. 15,000 yes chants going strong.

But before the champion can say anything, here comes Stephanie McMahon….dressed in red, I might add.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

Stephanie came out to congratulate the champ, and the new bride.

And because WWE is a family, they wanted to get them a present. At Extreme Rules, he will defend his WWE World Title against the Devil’s favorite demon, Kane.

She makes it clear to Daniel to get his pretty wife out of harm’s way.

Here comes Kane.

Daniel gets Brie out of the ring, as there is no Kane in sight. He is behind Daniel out at ringside, with the mask.

Stephanie orders him to not attack him, but Kane isn’t hearing anything, hitting a Tombstone Piledriver out of the ring.

Now Kane hits a Tombstone Piledriver on the steel steps.

EMTs are out to the ring, but Kane comes right back and flips off the announce table.

Kane hits a Tombstone Piledriver through the table, but it doesn’t break.

Stephanie calls him a bastard, and he walks off.

Weird start to the show.

We come back to seeing the EMTs tending to Daniel Bryan, with Brie Bella standing by. Stephanie is still here too.

Moments ago, we see Kane first attacking Daniel.

Now Stephanie is sarcastically saying let’s have a warm applause for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan.

We see Kane attacking Daniel again with three Tombstone Piledrivers.

WWE will keep us updated on Daniel Bryan’s condition.

We will have Semi-Final matches to determine the Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Title. Sheamus Vs Bad News Barrett, and RVD Vs Cesaro.

Sheamus Vs Barrett is now.

Oh boy, we have some mic work for Bad News Barrett.

He has some bad news for us.

Sheamus’ lucky charms won’t work tonight. This isn’t St. Patrick’s Day, this is the day Sheamus is defeated by Bad News Barrett.

Barrett picks up an upset, with a Bull Hammer. He might face Big E. after all.

Barrett faces the winner of either Cesaro or RVD, next week.

Tonight, Evolution made its return last week. They are here, live on Raw.

You have to be a BOleiver, he is coming to WWE.

Hugh Jackman is coming back next week in St. Louis. Raw is showing us the last time Hugh was at Raw, in Cleveland. We saw Zack Ryder defeat Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler is ready to bury the hatchet with Hugh. Damien Sandow got into a Twitter war, with Ziggler.

We can vote on WWE App tonight to pick who John Cena has to face tonight. Either against Harper, Harper and Rowan, or against the entire Wyatt Family.

The Wyatt’s interrupt the fun.

The first time Bray was struck with the truth, he became bitter, but yet he loved it. They promise it to you, just when they yank it away. And now because of it, we have become a world filled with mindless sheep. Tonight would be a wonderful night for change. Bray was thinking tonight, they have left the power in our hands. Tonight, free will does exist. Tonight, we make a choice. So what fate will we choose for our knight and shining armour? Will we face the least amount of pain, or will the truth hit us? And the truth is they stand against Cena. At Extreme Rules, 2 monsters enter the steel cage. And it doesn’t matter if the monster has the longest tooth, but it doesn’t matter. The truth is they don’t love you anymore, John. Can you feel it, John? Each time they face each other, Bray takes more of us. Like you, my brother, or you, my brother, or my sister. They sing with Bray now.

….He’s got the whole world in his hands….he’s got the whole wide world in his hands….

Follow the buzzards.

Now, we go from The Wyatt Family to Los Matadores and El Torito, against 3MB and Hornswoggle.

For those of you keeping score at home, and you know who you are. It’s Horny tagging up with Drew and Mahal.

Oh crap, McIntyre is pinned by Torito. He is about to be fired.

Last week, Evolution took out The Shield, and we see a limo popping out. It’s Evolution.

They are up next.

Evolution is a mystery….2 weeks away from The Shield against Evolution, at Extreme Rules.

Evolution, and their awesome music is up now.

HHH has his trademark smirk, his baby is here in the ring.

HHH might have a cold, he can barely talk. But you tell the whole world you are the baddest guys on the planet, week in and week out. Then one day, your daddy comes out and spank you in front of everyone. That is humiliating, and yet, it’s just the beginning.

Orton says all it takes is one mistake, and that is what The Shield did and now, the most dominant group in the business is re-formed.

Evolution video is now playing.

31 World Titles between the three of them. Dave says The Shield has no idea what they are dealing with. Deal with that.

Here comes The Shield, through the crowd.

The Shield enter the ring, Evolution exits the ring.

Ambrose makes it clear, last week wasn’t the first week they have been beaten up, and it won’t be the last. Dean has a question for Mr. Cerebral Assassin, do they look humbled to him? There is a reason why they hired him to protect the little cream puff Randy Orton. They are the most vicious dogs, and they are hungry.

Rollins said they all have a reason for being angry, because 15 men beat them up. Dave said they don’t know what they are dealing with, they started this. They know what they are dealing with. In 2 weeks, at Extreme Rules they get face to face with the hounds of justice. And when push comes to shove, they will be looking for Evolution? No way. Randy Orton is going to be looking out for himself. Batista has Hollywood obligations, so he will be looking out for himself. And Mr. Cerebral Assassin? He will do what he does best, look out for what’s best for business.

They are looking at the most dominant force in the business. And at Extreme Rules, they will be hammering it all out.

Reigns makes this clear, last week they gave The Shield an ultimatum. The three of them are going up the ramp, and kick their asses. So they can either fight like men, or show their true colors as cream puffs.

They head to the ramp, but the other 11 men from last week show up.

There is always an option 3 as HHH says. In life, you either adapt to change, or get left out.

We see what happened earlier tonight, when Kane took out Daniel Bryan.

Here is an update on Daniel Bryan. He is in the hospital, and is being checked on as we speak. More updates.

John Cena Vs The World, we can vote which Wyatt Family member he faces, or which members.

WWE Network plug now.

Rybaxel joins them at commentary for the next match. The Uso’s Vs The Rhodes Brothers.

The Uso’s win with a kick on Cody’s head, after Cody attempted a Crossroads.

There is some dissention now among The Rhodes Brothers, and here come Rybaxel, attacking The Uso’s.

Ryback hits Jimmy with a Shellshock. Rybaxel are in line with a Tag Title shot.

Our longest feud going is continuing on with Emma and Santino Vs Fandango and Layla.

Okay, actually it’s Layla Vs Emma, one on one.

Emma wins with a Ms. Cobra. Yes folks, we have two snakes as puppets.

We can vote on the WWE App. Who does John Cena face? Harper, Harper and Rowan, or The Wyatt Family.

We decide.

We are in Baltimore, Maryland. Renee Young is standing by with John Cena.

Tonight, Cena’s fate lies in the WWE Universe. Bray Wyatt told the fans they have a voice, and later on, we will find out if they listened to him. He has always respected the fans, so if he has to, he will fight all three men.

The fans give us the vintage “Let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks”

Cena has heard that song, He’s got the whole world in his hands, since Wrestlemania. We will find out if Bray does have the world in his hands. But regardless, in 2 weeks, they will be on equal ground, with a steel cage. But even if he has to face all 3 men tonight, he will not surrender and give everything he has.

Cesaro comes out with his new music.

Paul Heyman tells us that he is the new advocate of “The King of Swing” Cesaro. But personally, he is also the advocate of the man who conquered The Streak, Brock Lesnar.

Commercial break.

We come back, and Heyman is still reminding us that his client Brock Lesnar snapped the undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.

Again, and again, and again.

Enter Rob Van Dam.

RVD Vs Cesaro, in a semi-final match to determine who is the number one contender to the Intercontinental Title.

Cesaro loses by countout when Swagger comes out and lays Cesaro out with a pole shot.

So the new “Heyman Guy” jobs to RVD? Yup, Barrett Vs Big E at Extreme Rules.

Cesaro takes out Swagger and just when he is about to give Zeb a Cesaro Swing, Swagger saves his manager, and Cesaro flips it over to give Swagger a Cesaro swing 12 times.

Next week, it will be RVD Vs Bad News Barrett.

Earlier tonight, we see Kane attacking Daniel Bryan.

Daniel just has a bad stinger. Nothing else, but he will stay at the hospital overnight.

We can vote who Cena faces later tonight.

Renee Young is backstage with RVD. Cesaro and Heyman show up. RVD should thank Zeb and Swagger, because everyone knows Cesaro had RVD beat. Heyman asks how Rob can sleep at night, because the old RVD would not have taken a victory like this. Van Dam tells Cesaro to keep his house and money away from Heyman, because he will take him from everything he is worth someday. Heyman asks him if he’s talking about him. I guess Rob is talking about himself, because he is pointing to himself.

Paige Vs Aksana, now.

Paige wins with a Scorpion Crab Lock, making Aksana tap out.

This Friday night on Smackdown, Cesaro faces Swagger, one on one.

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana has her own entrance music now. She is here to introduce us to Alexander Rusev.

Rusev is facing Sin Cara, now.

At Extreme Rules, Rusev faces R-Truth and Xavier Woods in a Handicap match.

Accolade time, Sin Cara never had a chance.

Who will John Cena face tonight? It’s up to us, vote on the WWE App.

Cena will face all three members of The Wyatt Family. The WWE Universe has spoken, and that match is next.

Cena wins the match by DQ, when all three members attack him at the same time. I always thought a 3-on-1 Handicap match was a No DQ match?

Anyway, Sister Abigail on Cena, and he is a bit loopy. Bray sings for him, and for us….He’s got the whole world in his hands….He’s got the whole world in his hands….He’s got the whole world in his hands….He’s got the whole wide world in his hands.

Raw ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight’s show was very boring. I was expected so much more, so I am disappointed in the show. But my condolences to Daniel Bryan for losing his father. I didn’t read anything all day, so watching that first segment was a bit strange, but now that I know why, I understand. Daniel will take a few weeks off, and we will see him face Kane at Extreme Rules.

Everything else just seemed to fall flat, I do want to see Evolution Vs The Shield, but I would have rather seen Wargames between Evolution and Kane Vs The Shield and Daniel.

Not sure too why Cesaro loses, when he’s supposed to get a huge push after being a Paul Heyman guy. And is he a face? Is he a heel?

And that set the tone for me tonight for a very confusing show. Do you agree? Send me your thoughts here.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 4/18/14…Sheamus Vs Batista

Behold The King….The King of Kings….on your knees punk.

HHH kicks off Smackdown tonight, in Nashville, Tennessee. Any TNA chants tonight?

One of his jobs as COO is finding the talent all throughout the globe. Then watching them succeed. And on top of the list of guys he is proud of, there is nobody higher than The Shield.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins has so much talent, but perhaps he gave them too much power. Because when you have too much power, you tend to overdo things. And when you draw a line across the sand, do not cross that line. The Shield crossed it, and we see what happened to them this past Monday night, when we saw the return of Evolution.

Evolution do have an awesome theme music.

Monday night, The Shield found humility, they were humbled at their feet. They can move past this, HHH can let bygones be bygones. All The Shield had to do was grovel at his feet, ask for forgiveness, and because it;s best for business, HHH can forgive. And what did he get? Silence.

Roman Reigns tweeted that kings do not win wars, soldiers do. And while that is fantasy, this is the reality, soldiers can get bought and sold. And The Shield, your time is done. At Extreme Rules, The Shield will face off against the most destructive force the world has ever seen. The Shield will face Evolution, for the first time in 10 years, Evolution will show what true destruction is. And at Extreme Rules, Evolution will show what true power really is. In life, you either adapt, or perish. That is what Evolution is about.

JBL and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

Tonight, the main event is Sheamus Vs Batista.

Our first match is Alberto Del Rio Vs Big E.

Del Rio is DQ’d for not breaking the Cross Arm Breaker to the count of 5. Del Rio attacks Big E. and goes after his arm, but Big E. comes back with the big ending, having the final say.

This is Warrior Week on WWE Network, and we will have a Legends of Wrestlemania panel on Warrior.

2 weeks ago, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, ending The Streak.

Next, we hear from Paul Heyman.

Are you a BOleiever?

Heyman is in the ring.

He is the advocate to the fastest rising star in WWE, “The King of Swing” Cesaro. He is also the one behind THE ONE, in 21-1. The advocate of the man who beat The Streak, Brock Lesnar.

His client, Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak. He loves saying that, because he keeps repeating it.

Heyman vented, and now he feels better. He thanks us for our indulgence. He is glad he had the guidance of the Tennessee ignorance. And take a little out of his time to tell us something personal, his client, Brock Lesnar conquered The Streak.

Oh boy, the match we have been waiting to see for 6 months, Hornswoggle Vs El Torito is tonight.

But first, the new Divas Champion, Paige comes to the ring, and face Aksana.

At Extreme Rules, Paige puts her Divas Title on the line against Tamina Snuka.

Oh boy, Aksana has the mic.

All Divas are jealous of Paige, because of the title she has, but let’s face it, she got luck….and tonight, her lucks run out.

That was turrible.

Paige wins with the awesome Scorpion Crab Lock.

Renee Young is with Sheamus.

Tonight, he faces Batista. We see footage of what happened 3 weeks ago when Batista lays out Sheamus.

Rather than fight Sheamus like a man, he took him out with a chair. It’s not about who hits the hardest, it’s who hits the hardest and keeps on fighting. Last time, Batista got his shots in, tonight, it’s Sheamus’ time. It’s time to fight, fella.

The clash of the titans…Hornswoggle Vs El Torito, next.

Torito wins the match with a Bullsault.

Hornswoggle is now a member of 3MB, I guess.

Tonight, Sheamus Vs Batista.

Alexander Rusev video is playing. He is next, making his Smackdown debut.

It’s time for some Bad News Barrett.

We just witnessed the biggest little man match in WWE history. But I’m afraid I have some bad news. People cheering for this match means we have such little brains.

Or something like that….

Anyway, Rusev Vs R-Truth, now.

Truth taps out to The Accolade. Xavier Woods tries to help his friend out, but he too is caught by the Bulgarian Brute.

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana is impressed, as am I.

Tribute to The Ultimate Warrior is next.

Awesome song in the video piece, which is “One More Time” by 7Dust.

Always believe.

Fandango Vs Santino Marella is up now.

Santino wins with a sunset flip. So even Layla can’t help Fandango’s career.

Layla stole Cobra, and Emma brought it back.

But she was struck by Cobra.

Footage from last Monday night, when Stephanie McMahon scolded Kane, for losing to Daniel Bryan.

Business has just picked up, our main event…Sheamus Vs Batista is now.

Batista wins the match with a Batista Bomb. A very good match, and it also made Sheamus look good. A fun main event.

The show ends here with Batista celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The three highlights of the show tonight was the main event, HHH with his promo, and Torito Vs Hornswoggle.

And that last statement is a bit sarcastic there.

So yeah, Smackdown in a nut shell. But we still have Raw on Monday night. Send me your thoughts here.

Impact Wrestling 4/17/14…The New World Heavyweight Champion Is In Action

Last week, Eric Young shocked the world, defeated Magnus for the World Heavyweight Title. A moment he is always going to remember. 17 years in the business, this title speaks for itself.

Eric Young heads to the ring with the new World Heavyweight Title. He says this title represents his hard work he has endured for 10 years. He will never forget our support, and vows that even though he won the title for himself, he is OUR champion. And the days of “paper” champion are over, and he will defend the title in any way we see fit.

Enter Dixie Carter.

What an emotional week this was for Eric. 12 hard-fought years, and there is one person responsible for this, Dixie Carter.

She has always been a supporter of Eric, and 8 years ago when fans were chanting don’t fire Eric. She allowed him to keep his job. And this beard, she created the beard. And she deserves royalty money for this beard.

Didn’t Bully Ray send her packing to Nashville? MVP beat her. Dixie told us she is still the president of Impact Wrestling, and Eric is the new hood ornament of her 2012 Ferrari, and he will go wherever she tells him.

EY isn’t buying this, but Dixie brings up that EY is disrespecting her title when he speaks to her in this manner.

Eric will flush her like the crap he takes.

EY will honor and obey, and EY tells her he obeys nobody. Always has, and always will. He is not her “paper” champion, and he will take his General Lee, and run her over.

This is a ’80s flashback? He will represent class, and represent how any champion should be.

He will get a makeover, and if he won’t she will go after his drunk wife.

Eric warns her one time not to bring his wife into this.

Enter Bully Ray.

Eric is a role model for anyone that has to put up with any crap from any owner that doesn’t care about the wrestlers.

Dixie should be proud of Eric, a man who has grown up in this company, from the ground up. From the bottom, all the way to become World Heavyweight Champion.

Bully stole Dixie’s money, so why is anyone listening to this?

Bully admits he spent that money in a strip club. Bully remembers last week, when she was standing in a corner, he was in the other corner, and if she knows her wrestling history, like she says she does, she knows what happens to people who cross him with tables near by.

This is Eric’s moment, his time, and he signs the goodbye song we all know, and love.

She exits the ring, and walks away.

Eric is a guy we can count on. This is a world champion we can get behind, and a champion we can count on. He doesn’t usually endorse people, but Eric is a man he respects, and likes.

He raises Eric’s hand. Knockout streetfight is next.

Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne in a Knockout Streetfight is now. Angelina Love accompanies Velvet.

Madison wins the match with a spear, after Angelina attempted to interfere, but failed. Madison Vs Angelina for the Knockout Title at Sacrifice.

EY thanks Bully backstage. he obliges, and heads on out back to New York, at Rick’s.

Abyss sneaks up on him, he wants a title shot tonight against Eric. EY accepts the match, but in a Monster’s Ball match.

Rock star Spud approaches EC3, Spud and EC3 faces Willow tonight. EC3 is motivating Spud, and it seems to be working.

MVP is in the ring, talking about last week, EY went through all of the sacrifices in a 10 year career.

He congratulates Eric, but now he wants to discuss Samoa Joe. Joe never called MVP about not showing up last week, and he wants to discuss matters on a one on one basis.

Here comes Austin Aries.

MVP seems to have forgotten about Austin since Lockdown. He doesn’t need any motivation, but sitting on the sidelines for 6 weeks puts a little fire on his ace. Validation? He has never brought up Austin’s value to the company. He had that gauntlet of the best TNA had to offer, but he didn’t have the greatest.

He wants answers.

MVP gives him answers about the time Austin screwed him over before Lockdown. So is this why? Because he screwed with MVP, his feelings were hurt?

This isn’t about Austin, it’s not about MVP, it’s about the fans.

But since he didn’t have any motivation, or validation, let’s get some participation.

The suit coat goes off, and Austin’s shirt goes off. Let’s go right now? No, next week.

Austin isn’t stupid, he’s not going to roll with a convicted felon. He will showcase how great he is, next week.

Tonight, Monster’s Ball match for the World Heavyweight Title. Eric Young Vs Abyss.

World Tag Team Titles match with The Wolves Vs The Bromans.

The Bromans are DQ’d when The Wolves had the match, and titles won. But he attacked them with his laptop.

I smell a No DQ match at the PPV.

Tonight, Bobby Roode issues an open challenge to anyone in a Tables match.

Also tonight, Monster’s Ball for the World Title. Eric Young Vs Abyss.

Willow does his thing backstage, saying only what Willow knows.

Footage from last week with Eric Young’s comments, after winning the title match.

Tonight, Monster’s Ball match with Abyss Vs EY.

EC3 and Spud Vs Willow in a Handicap match is up now.

Twist of Fate, Willow pinning Spud.

EC3 beats down Willow, and is about to give him a leg crab, here comes the return of Kurt Angle.

EC3 bails, and when we come back, Kurt has the mic.

EC3 just saw a ghost, but Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler alive, and he is back.

Welcome back chants.

He is a TNA Hall of Famer. His career will end when he says it does. He has had many injuries, including winning a gold medal with a broken freaking neck. He may have injured him, he didn’t end him. And soon, these two will face each other in the ring. He will find out why people call him “The Cyborg”. A man who is capable of breaking any bone in his body. He won’t do it right away, he will take his time. He will tap out in his mind before his arm does. EC3, this fight will not end until they take him out in a body bag. It’s real, it’s damn real.

Bobby Roode wants it to be known he is challenging anyone to a Tables match, and wants Bully Ray to see what it’s like watching the “master” of table matches.

Sanada training video, and what it’s like to be the X-Division champion.

“King of the Night” Kenny King heads to the ring.

We all missed him, but “The King of the Night” is here, and he’s not going anywhere. We were all disappointed for months, wondering where Kenny King was, and he’s here. He is not here to talk about MVP, he wants to talk business. If you had a guy with Derek Jeter’s ability, would you put him on a bench? Would you bench Peyton Manning? Kenny is the “Lebron James” of TNA, and he is making it known, the winner of Sanada Vs Tigre Uno will face him. Kenny heads to the commentary table.

Match two of the best of three series.

Tigre Uno wins with a Sabertooth 450 splash, evening the best of 3 series.

Bully is talking to someone we don’t see, pumping him up for the Bobby Roode-Tables match.

That open challenge is next.

Roode is waiting for his opponent. “The master of the tables” is in the ring. So who is man enough to accept the challenge?


Roode wins, with some help from “Cowboy” James Storm, and Roode put Gunner through a table with a Roode Bomb.

When we come back, Bully Ray tells Gunner he has put through 100s of tables, and keeps coming back. Next week, Gunner and Bully Ray will face Storm and Roode.

Eric Young is ready for his challenge, and he will show the world how crazy he really is.

Monster’s Ball Match is next.

Young wins with a Top Rope elbow, retaining his title, and the show ends with Eric celebrating the win on the top of the ramp.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was heavily featured on matches, a bit too many in my opinion, because everything seemed so crammed together, if they cut down the matches to 5 it means more and longer matches. But I did like how they featured EY. He has earned that title, and now we will see where this leads to, which brings me to Sacrifice.

10 days away from the PPV, and we still don’t know the main event. Something has to happen next week, and we will see who gets the title shot. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me on this site.

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/14/14…The Ultimate Tribute

Jerry “The King” Lawler kicks off the show, with the wrestlers on stage. Tonight, we honor the memory of The Ultimate Warrior, who suffered a heart attack last week, and died.

We get a moving video, and after the song, we see all of the wrestlers, including Vince McMahon giving the 10 bell salute.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show. Tonight, we will see The Uso’s face Batista and Randy Orton. We will also see a Number One Contender 8-man tournament for the Intercontiental Title.

And will The Authority strike? We find out tonight.

Our first 8-man tournament match is Rob Van Dam Vs Alberto Del Rio.

Five Star Frogsplash, that is all she wrote for Del Rio. RVD advances.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan just got married, so he is not here. We see video footage from last week, when The Shield helps out Daniel Bryan, and fights off The Authority.

When we come back, The Authority discuss things with Orton and Batista.

Throughout the night, we will check out The Ultimate Warrior’s biggest moments, and his first is at Summerslam 1988, when he wins the Intercontiental Title from The Honkytonk Man.

HHH discusses things with Orton and Batista. Their biggest problem tonight is The Shield. HHH has been dealing with them for a long time. They remind HHH of Evolution, and he doesn’t know anyone else that can stop them. When the three of them are on the same page, nobody can stop them, not even The Shield.

They decline the offer, and tell HHH he is on his own.

The Rhodes Brothers face Rybaxel, now.

Rybaxel wins when Ryback hits Cody Rhodes with the Meathook Clothesline when Cody tried a Disaster Kick.

“The Big Guy” picks up the win.

WWE Network plug now, including the upcoming “Legends House” debuting this Thursday.

I BOlieve in Bo Dallas.

The new Divas champion, Paige is on her way to the ring.

Paige is facing Alica Fox, now.

Paige wins the match with a Scorpion Cross Lock, which is a very cool move. Sharpshooter, turned into an inverted Chicken Wing.

Last Monday, Orton and Batista destroyed The Uso’s, their rematch is next.

The Uso’s are DQ’d when The Shield come out and laid out Orton. Now they have the ring surrounded for Batista. Superman punch, and Batista is out of the ring.

The Hounds of Justice have spoken.

Up next, it will be Mark Henry Vs Cesaro, in a First Round Tournament match.

More Warrior footage, from Wrestlemania 6, when Warrior became the WWE Champion.

Orton and Batista are backstage, they approach HHH and Steph. HHH was right.

Paul Heyman comes out now. He reminds us he is the advocate of The Conqueror of The Streak, Brock Lesnar. He reminds us that Brock conquered The Streak, many times. Brock asked Heyman to show us the historic photographs.

Undertaker is all alone, defeated at Wrestlemania, and the reason? Brock Lesnar’s dominance.

The Streak was conquered.

When Brock Lesnar’s advoate speaks, we will all listen, which is why he gives us his new client, The King of Swing….Cesaro.

Cesaro Vs Mark Henry, now.

Cesaro wins the match with a Neutralizer, pinning Mark Henry.

Sadly, no entrance music yet though.

Cesaro advances in the tournament, and will face RVD at some point.

The Authority inform Brad Maddox, who apperently still work here are to inform The Shield they have a match, in the main event. But they won’t tell them who their opponents are.

Lana, “The Ravishing Russian” is here to introduce Alexander Rusev.

He is facing Xavier Woods.

Rusev makes Woods tap out to The Accolade/

R-Truth tries to help out his friend, and he goes face to face with him, and when Lana called for him to attack, he lays him out with the boot.

Impressive guy.

Swagger Vs Sheamus, next.

Now we see footage from Summerslam 1990, when Warrior defeated “Ravishing” Rick Rude.

We see footage from The Journey to Wrestlemania, featuring Daniel Bryan, exclusively on WWE Network.

Swagger Vs Sheamus, now.

Sheamus advances in the Number One Contender IC Tournament, with a Brogue Kick.

Zeb isn’t amused.

Adam Rose is coming to WWE.

The Ultimate Warrior DVD, this is Warrior Week on WWE Network.

Damien Sandow is on the mic, and he says despite what any of us feel about him, he is the most deserving superstar of the IC Title.

Here comes The Big Show.

Sandow is a Money in the Bank winner, and he was within inches of being the World Heavyweight Champion.

The fans will boo Sandow? And they cheer for Show? Why? because he is willing to shake hands, and kiss babies? He is not going to be silenced, because he has earned it. He has deserved it.

We don’t think he does?

What about Big Show? What does he have to say about this?


Sandow deserves it, and nobody can say he doesn’t deserve it. Deep down, Show knows he is telling the truth. We look at him, and we see a future champion. We look at him, and Sandow deserves greatness.

Show knocks him out.

The Wyatt Family are next.

Birmingham, we’re here.

Society, as a whole has become a vile and putrid thing. You, do as you’re told, says the man. You see what they want you to see. You feel, as they want you to feel. But Bray is a different breed. When you see horrible things, he sees beautiful creations. You may call him whatever you want, but Bray has never lied to you. But we know who has. John Cena has lied to you his entire career. He is not a man, he is a beast. And Bray has him right where he wants him, up against the ropes, and all he needs is one little push. Abigail should be his sword, as he slays this monster, but not yet. He just wants it to come out and play. He knows Cena is back there.

And here he comes.

Cena has a big smile on his face. He wants to have some fun. They always come out serious, why is he so serious? This monster in Cena doesn’t exist. But he wants to have fun with The Wyatt Family. When he gets them in Happy Hour, they would have some fun. Rowan has some jokes, Harper would go streaking if he gets some drinks. And, Bray, it takes a real man to wear white pants, and a Hawaiian shirt. He can get some Alabama honeys. You know what they say Bray, roll tide.

We get some jokes of what Sister Abigail looks like, and Momma Wyatt.

Bray loves good jokes, he is actually getting to Cena, because anytime Cena has his back against the wall, he makes jokes.

It’s time for Cena to get serious, because at Wrestlemania, Cena had his back against the wall, Cena turns it up, and Bray gets beat. So now, the tables are turned. Ever since Bray came to WWE, he talks, but he can’t back up what he says. So we will force Bray to stand on his own two feet, and fight like a man. Extreme Rules, you face Cena inside a steel cage.

Bray likes that idea. He doesn’t realize it, but they have been playing catch with knives. But soon, someone will get stuck. So the question is how can Cena be 100% sure it won’t be him.

This is Bray’s world, and it belongs to him.

He’s got the whole world in his hands….he’s got the whole wide world in his hands.

Tonight, The Shield will face 3 mystery opponents.

So, Layla is now the newest dance partner of Fandango. Fandango and Summer Rae broke up on Twitter.

Fandango and Layla Vs Santino and Emma.

Layla and Fandango win the match.

Stephanie is irate at Kane’s performance lately. He let his personal feelings get the best of him, and he failed. Kane is pathetic, and is a shell of what he used to be. He used to make children cry, and women scream. What happened to the Devil’s favorite Demon, what happened to Kane?

Kane now gets up, and looks at the mask.

It’s time for the mask to return.

He is sending Daniel Bryan to the depths of hell.

You too can be a BO-Liever.

More Warrior footage, from last week when Warrior made his final public appearance on Raw.

This week on WWE Network is Warrior Week, and later tonight, we will see The Shield face 3 mysterious opponents.

But first, Dolph Ziggler Vs Bad News Barrett.

Bad News advances with a Bull Hammer, pinning Ziggler. Our Semi-finals are set with RVD Vs Cesaro and Sheamus Vs Barrett.

Barrett tells us he has some bad news, we are looking at the next Intercontiental Champion.

Daniel Bryan will return to Monday Night Raw next week, and he will have to deal with “The Monster” Kane.

The Shield will wrestle, next.

This Friday night on Smackdown, Batista will face Sheamus.

The Shield come out to the ring.

Who are they facing?

The Shield are facing Del Rio, Swagger, and Fandango.

Wait, here come 3MB too. Titus O’ Neil.

They are facing all of the heels, I guess.

Rybaxel come out too.

Alexander Rusev comes out.

Bad News Barrett.

11 on 3

They have no shot.

The match ends in a no contest, when all chaos set in. The numbers game had the best in The Shield eventually, and….

Enter Evolution.

They have their way with The Shield, and Hunter has the mic.

Reings is still crawling to HHH, with HHH goating him in, and he tells Roman to believe in Evolution.

Pedigree, the segment, and show ends with Evolution standing proud.

Impact Wrestling Live 4/10/14…Who Is The Number One Contender?

Impact Wrestling is dedicating this episode to Warrior, who passed away Tuesday.

Tonight is the wrath of Dixie. She is back, and she entered the Impact Zone. She has something to say, and will address it later.

MVP informs us that Magnus survived last week, retaining his World Heavyweight Title, and tonight 10 men will sacrifice their opportunity to face Magnus, at Sacrifice on April 27th.

The 10 man Gauntlet starts, now.

Eric Young eliminates Abyss, to win the match and move on to Sacrifice to face Magnus.

Very good match to set the night up.

Christy Hemme interviews Eric Young, and he has one request, wants MVP to come out here, and he will, next.

We come back, with Eric Young on the mic, waiting for MVP to show up.

MVP comes out to the ring.

Eric’s arm is messed up, but this is live TV and anything can happen. We just witnessed Eric winning the Gauntlet, and having an opportunity to win the World Title at Sacrifice. But he is feeling a little crazy tonight. He has been waiting for 10 long years, and he wants his shot, tonight.

MVP wants to make sure Eric really wants his title match tonight.

Eric wants that shot, and MVP wants Magnus to get into his private locker room, because he will compete for the World Title tonight.

Magnus was on commentary, and he agrees that he will put his title on the line, and Magnus rules always win at the end.

MVP says there is no Magnus rules tonight, if he DQ’s himself and gets counted out, he will lose the title. And Abyss is banned from ringside, and if anyone else comes out during this title match, they will be fired on the spot.

Magnus Vs Eric Young for the World Heavyweight Title.

Rockstar Spud has a surprise party for Dixie Carter. She is not amused.

She still remembers Spud selling her out as soon as MVP won, and she leaves.

Willow comes in, and surprises him.

Number One Contenders match with ODB Vs Brittany Vs Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love, next.

Angelina Love defeated Gail Kim with a big boot, and Velvet sprayed some spray into Gail’s eyes before the pin.

Angelina Vs Madison Rayne for the Knockout Title.

Dixie Carter is in MVP’s office, she is still the president of the company. MVP threatens to take her away, but Dixie isn’t going anywhere. MVP is only here for one disgruntled employee, and invites MVP to join her, while she chews out this wrestler.

The Wolves show up in MVP’s office and is greeted with Bromans. Robbie isn’t here, because he missed his flight, and Jesse is bragging about it. But he has both titles, so MVP is saying Robbie has until bell time to defend his title, if not, then DJ Zima will team with him, for the Tag Titles.

Earlier tonight, Eric Young won the Gauntlet match, and he challenged Magnus for the title later tonight.

Magnus is okay with it, he will defeat EY.

The wrath of Dixie is now.

She orders Bully Ray to come to the ring, now.

The fans want Bully to get the table.

Dixie isn’t impressed.

Bully is impressed she is here tonight, because the last time she wanted to talk to Bully, she wasn’t there.

Dixie brought up he was conned by Bobby Roode to take him out, and Bobby put Bully through three tables last week. And he had never been put through three tables in one night.

She has a point, but Bully has some bad news for her, “darling”, Bobby didn’t get the job done and he is still standing.

Why did Bully cost her the match at Lockdown, and is the reason she does not have full control in her company.

But this has never been Dixie’s company, this is the fans’ company.

Loud TNA chants.

Are you people buying this? Bully is no better than her. But whether these people like him, or hate him, whether the wrestlers like him, or not, they respect him.

But the fans respect her too. She wants her money back, and Bully said don’t trust anyone. He bought a car, he spent alot of money at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City.

Do you know….

Dixie took his mic, and asked is she knows who she is? She is Dixie Carter, she is from Dallas, Texas. She owns this company, and still signs the checks. She is still Bully’s boss.

She slaps him, and he starts to corner here, but Bobby Roode attacked him.

Now he has a table.

Bully comes back, and is about to give him a Bully Bomb, but Roode escapes.

Now it’s just Dixie and Bully, with a table.

We go to a break.

When we come back, Magnus finds Dixie. She never said hi to him when she entered the building. Dixie is here on business, and Magnus seems bothered by that. She tells him he doesn’t need a plan, she has a plan, get into her limo, drink some wine, head on the plane, head home, and get into bed.

Magnus says that is a typical woman, but Dixie remembers Magnus had a plan to get rid of Dixie and handle things himself, so good luck, champ.

World Tag Team Title match with The Wolves Vs Bromans?

It’s going to be Jesse and Zima.

The Wolves win by DQ, when Robbie “miraculously” shows up and causes the DQ.

Later tonight, Eric Young Vs Magnus for the World Heavyweight Title.

Earlier tonight, Christy Hemme made a decision, she wants Samuel to come out to the ring, and talk about committment.

Christy Hemme is in the ring, asking Samuel to come to the ring.

He’s not a creepy bastard, it’s complicated, but Christy has had a change of heart. He is just misunderstood.

Samuel is happy she has seen the light, don’t worry about what us unartistic crescents say. He is not a creepy bastard, just the love of her life.

Does Samuel trust her? Would he do anything she asked her to go, or go anywhere she would tell him to go.

Close your eyes, and feel her.

We see psychiatric Services on the screen, and it’s Mr. Anderson.

Keep your eyes closed, and turn around.

Mic Check time.

Samuel is knocked out, and that committment Christy was talking about is his committment to the funny farm.

Everyone say bye-bye to Samuel.

Anderson throws him into the truck, but Shaw kicks Anderson, and runs away.

World Title match is up next, Eric Young Vs Magnus.

Willow challenges EC3 and Rockstar Spud in a Handicap match, next week.

World Title match….EY Vs Magnus, now.

Eric Young wins with a Piledriver. A very cool moment that ends the show. Where do we go from here?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show had some good moments. Congratulations to “Showtime” Eric Young, he earned that right, putting up with crappy gimmicks, and through it all, wins the biggest prize TNA has,

The first half hour, and the last half hour were the best, everything else, I just didn’t care.

Dixie’s return did nothing for me, and while the Knockouts did their thing, we all knew it would be Angelina Vs Madison.

I just hope this isn’t a short title reign force EY, I am not a fan of the short title reigns, and it doesn’t set a purpose.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s show? Was EY’s title run a moment?

The Ultimate Warrior: What This Weekend Meant

I found out the horrible news Tuesday evening, after coming home from bowling. Trying to settle in for the night, and wind down, I was looking on my Facebook page, when I saw a post a friend of mine made about The Ultimate Warrior passing. I didn’t believe it, because of the many rumors we had heard about in the 1990′s. You know the rumors I am referring to, the many rumblings that the original “Warrior”, Jim Hellwig passed away after he left the WWE in 1991, and there was a new man portraying the role when he came back in 1992. And many more rumblings we had heard.

But I still checked the reputable wrestling websites, because even though I did not believe it, I had to see it for myself, right?


Sadly, I saw the news on Wrestleview.com. And it wasn’t the report by Adam Martin, whom I respect very deeply, but it was a statement they posted from WWE.com, from HHH.

So, it is with great sadness in reporting that Jim Hellwig, or I should say the man simply known as Warrior has passed away.

3 days after being inducted into the WWE Hal of Fame. 2 days after Wrestlemania, and just a night after he appeared on Monday Night Raw with a very entertaining promo….thanking his fans.

Let’s forget for a moment how he passed away, or under what circumstances, because until it is officially reported by the toxicology, we really don’t know.

So here I am, wondering what to talk about, how to remember him. I was going to tell you about how I became a fan of his, but honestly, just read my Wrestlemania thoughts about him, and it says it all.

What I will talk about is what it meant for him this weekend.

I am not sure what your religion is, but I am a man of faith. I believe that Jesus Christ died for us, and our sins. I am not preaching, I am just telling you my belief. I also believe that things happen for a reason, and Warrior’s calling this weekend was to tell his side of his career, and he did just that.

There were moments in his speech, that seemed very surreal. He was referring to some of the people in his industry had bad-mouthed him, and maybe saying he wasn’t that generous of a man, and did not appreciate the men and women that paved his way.

Maybe, but that isn’t for me to say, but I can say there were always two sides to the story.

His was he had a way of presenting himself to the fans. He had an image to protect. We hear about that all of the time, and quite frankly, sometimes you need to take a step back and wonder if this was the right thing to do.

We never heard about Warrior and his “partying”, it was just something he was very private about, or maybe he didn’t do any drinking. There are current wrestlers in the business that don’t do that now, instead they go to their hotel rooms, and play video games. I think in this case, Warrior might have been ahead of his time.

It’s also safe to say he had a view of where his character was going to go, and there is a certain way that he did things.

A few years ago, WWE had this DVD out called “The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior”. A very riveting piece on the career of one of the most charismatic, yet “complicated” figures in our industry. It was not a pretty picture they painted on the man. The truth is, WWE was going to put out the same kind of smear campaign for Bret “The Hitman” Hart. But luckily, Hart signed a deal, and put out a truly remarkable DVD about his career.

Warrior recently signed that same kind of deal, and before his Hall of Fame induction, went to Stamford, and did his own spin of his career that is out on Blu-Ray and DVD.

It was the right time for him to do this, because cooler heads prevailed. He made a good, entertaining speech that spoke from his heart Saturday night. Read my report on it on this very blog. Now, looking back, I am glad and honored to watch the speech in its entirety. It meant more to me than even I knew at the time.

I think in perspective, he is a man who just wanted respect for what he did in this industry, and make no mistake about it, he did make a mark. He had 3 very memorable feuds, that led to 3 incredible matches at Wrestlemania.

One was with the late, great “Ravishing” Rick Rude, at Wrestlemania 5. Another one was against Hulk Hogan, winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 6. And another one was against the late, great “Macho Man” Randy Savage, at Wrestlemania 7.

At the end of the day, Warrior had his night, in fact, he had his weekend, if you will. He has a beautiful wife, and 2 amazing daughters that are grieving over their loss. The fact that his two daughters walked him on stage at the Hall of Fame ceremony was awesome, and they will never forget that, and honestly, neither will we.

I will miss you Warrior, thank you so much for your contributions to an industry I still watch today, and thank you for being yourself, and giving us a different take on how a professional wrestler lives.

I am, and forever will be your Warrior.

R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior, and God Bless.

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/7/14…The Night After Wrestlemania

The night after a historic Wrestlemania, in more ways than one. We see the awesome Daniel Bryan video to kick the show off. Last night, he achieved his dream by becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Yes Movement is in full effect, and Raw is on…now.

We are live in new Orleans, the crowd is going crazy, waiting for their hero to show up, and here he comes.

15,401 screaming fans doing the Yes Chant. He is more over than John Cena, it’s amazing.

The crowd is chanting his name, and Daniel is eating it up, as he should.

This crowd is going to be awesome.

Daniel is raising his shoulders, and the fans are eating it up.

It was a little over 2 years ago when he started raising his arm, and now it seems every single fan stands united, for one single word….Yes!!

The fans are telling him he deserves it, but Daniel told them they deserve it. When he started, it wasn’t a movement, or an anthem, it was power. Because last night, they stood united, he went up against The Authority, and tonight, he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.




Behold The King….The King of Kings….on your knees punk.

The Authority buzz the party.

The crowd is chanting asshole at HHH.

HHH isn’t going to step in the ring, because he won’t do something he will regret.

So Daniel taunts him with the Yes Chants.

Enjoy this moment, because it’s not going to last. Daniel knows it, we all know it, and it won’t even last tonight. Because he will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Title against HHH.

And he won’t just be a 14-time champion, he is going to end his world. The reality is this is his show, and there isn’t a damn thing Daniel can do about it.




Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Tonight, The Streak was conquered last night. Brock Lesnar is here tonight.

We see highlights from last night’s Wrestlemania and come back backstage with The Authority.

Batista and Orton are angry that HHH gets the title shot, and not them.

Batista blames HHH for losing, and HHH puts the blame on him to lose.

Orton wants a rematch clause, and he wants it tonight. HHH tells them they will get their rematches, but tonight, HHH gets the first shot.

Stephanie told them they will solve this after tonight, but for now, Batista and Orton face The Uso’s for the Tag Team Titles. Orton wants his title back, and HHH brings up one man is responsible, and when the three are on the same page, historically, nobody can stop them.

New Orleans….We’re here.

The Wyatt Family make their way to the ring.

The Wyatts are facing John Cena, Big E., and Sheamus in a 6-man tag.

The Wyatt Family wins a fun match where The Wyatts were the babyfaces, and anyone else against them were the heels. Bray pins Big E with Sister Abigail.

Cena is beside himself.

Tonight, WWE World Heavyweight Championship match with Daniel Bryan Vs HHH.

Slam City commercial.

Bo Dallas is headed to WWE. I am a Bo-liever.

Fandango and Summer Rae are out to the ring, now.

They are going to take on the team of Emma and Santino Marella.

Emma and Santino win when Summer taps out to an Emma Lock.

Brock Lesnar talks, next.

Here Comes The Pain!!

They show us footage from last night when Brock beat The Undertaker, and The Streak is no more.

Paul Heyman has the mic.

Brock is sporting the black eye too.

His name is Paul Heyman. And he is proud to say he represents The Beast, Incarnate….Brock Lesnar. Brock is the man who beat The Streak. A streak that lasted for almost a quarter of a century, and in three seconds, he squashed The Streak.

The fans are chanting bullshit, and Heyman understands our frustration, but they are showing their lack of intelligence, because he hates to say he told us so, but he told us so.

The man’s shirt says….Eat…Sleep….Break The Streak.

Brock isn’t here to put smiles on our faces, he is here to put tears in the eyes of children, and the crowd cheers that.

Here is a bit of a shoot, just 5 seconds after going through the curtains, The Undertaker collapsed, and was rushed to the hospital. Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the chairman of WWE skipped the rest of Wrestlemania, and rode with The Undertaker in the ambulance.

Taker had a concussion, and he was this close of getting his neck broken. If he would have gotten up after a third F-5, he would have had a broken neck, because Brock would have stopped nothing to break that streak.

Last night, John Layfield Bradshaw, and those other two people “trying” to be announcers, gave a standing ovation, just like the fans did after Taker lost. Brock always told him there was a winner, and a loser….Brock won, Undertaker lost, which means he is a looooooooooser.

Instead of giving Taker a standing ovation, they should give Brock a standing ovation. These guys in the back are just like us, wannabees. We are just trying to get on TV, trying to get out 15 minutes, but Brock is THE ONE.

He’s the one in 21-1. John Cena couldn’t be the one, Shawn Michaels couldn’t be the one, Randy Orton couldn’t be the one, Hulk Hogan couldn’t be the one, Daniel Bryan couldn’t be the one. Guys are saying to him they could be the one, but there is only one, and his name is Brock Lesnar.

The fans chant “What”, and Heyman forgot we are a bunch of idiots, and need to be told slowly, so he tells us Lesnar is the one, slowly in 21-1.

Oh, and Hogan, this is Superdome, not Silverdome.

Next, WWE tag team Titles are on the line, The Uso’s Vs Batista and Randy Orton.

Oh no, Adam Rose is coming soon, I am not a fan of his.

Tag Team Title match is now.

It’s a double countout when Batista and Orton destroys The Uso’s.

Batista and Orton are on the same page here.

Tonight, Hulk Hogan will present Cesaro the Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy.

Now comes the return of Rob Van Dam.

He is going to face Damien Sandow.

Three Star Frogsplash, match is over….moving on.

Booyaka!! Booyaka!!

Time for Rey Mysterio.

Rey is facing Bad News Barrett.

Ladies and gentlemen, Barrett is afraid he has some bad news, and Rey starts to attack him.

Barrett wins with Bull Hammer. I can’t remember the last time he wrestled, but there you go.

This Wednesday, WWE superstars invade “The Soup” on E Network, on 10:00.

Alexander Rusev debuts, next.

Another Adam Rose promo, okay.

Lana is here to introduce us to Alexander Rusev. His victim? Zack Ryder.

Rusev makes Ryder tap out to The Accolade. Which is a Camel Clutch.

Lana is now known as “The Ravishing Russian”.

Footage from Saturday night’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

The WWE Hall of Fame will air immediately after Raw.

But next, The Ultimate Warrior returns to Raw since 1996.

More Wrestlemania footage from last night.

Now that awesome music, and here comes The Ultimate Warrior, but he’s walking to the ring. That’s a bit different.

He is shaking the ropes though.

Speak to me Warriors!!!

It’s been hard for Warrior to grind the words tonight. He now has a Warrior mask.

Now he’s ready.

No superstar becomes a legend without the help from the fans. The fans are the legend makers of The Ultimate Warrior.

In the back, he see some legend makers, and the fans decide. They are the Ultimate Fans, and the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior will live forever.

Very good speech.

Later tonight, WWE World Heavyweight Title match….HHH Vs Daniel Bryan.

The Divas Champion, AJ Lee is on her way to the ring, next.

Some footage of the hard work it takes to put these shows on, for the fans.

The Divas Champion is in the ring. She told us that 13 different women have tried to beat her, but they couldn’t do that last night. But then again, it’s the story of AJ Lee. She has gone from the poor girl from New Jersey to the best Diva of the world.

CM Punk chants, and AJ tells us she is the Divas division.

Here comes the current NXT Divas champion, Paige.

She came to do what nobody else would….congratulate AJ. She did great last night. AJ believes every diva needs to stand in line and congratulate her, but she doesn’t need it. So go back to NXT, the champ doesn’t like to be interrupted.

Paige just wanted to congratulate her. AJ suggests she does what she did last night, and beat her.

Paige isn’t ready, but AJ slaps her.

AJ will put her Divas Title on the line.

Oh boy.

This is AJ’s house, and she will tell Paige when she is ready.

The match, and title is on now.

AJ has the Black Widow, but Paige reverses it, and hits a Paige Turner to become the new Divas Champion.

Next, Hulk Hogan is here to present Cesaro Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy.

Another Bo Dallas promo.

Moments ago, Paige wins the Divas Title on her first night with Raw, with a Paige Turner, defeating AJ Lee.

Andre The Giant Memorial Trophy is in the ring, and here comes Hulk Hogan.

Last night, Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and The Rock were in the same ring, at the same time. Wrestlemania moment, indeed.

Last night, we had the biggest, baddest Wrestlemania of them all, right in front of The Superdome, brother.

We made history, and many Wrestlemania moments last night. But Hogan enjoyed Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal the most.

Cesaro chants.

When Big Show was slammed out of the ring, he knew the big man was smiling upstairs.

There was one guy who took it all, let’s hear from Cesaro.

Here he comes, with Zeb Colter.

Hogan shakes Cesaro’s hand, congratulates him and gives Cesaro the mic.

Zeb grabs the mic.

Let’s let a Real American talk here. Even though Cesaro isn’t from here, he brought him into the fold and turned him into a Real American. And he made him into a Zeb Colter guy.

Cesaro said he isn’t a Zeb Colter guy, he is a Paul Heyman guy.

The crowd goes crazy for this.

Heyman is the advocate of the King of Swing, Cesaro.

Zeb wants to confirm this, Cesaro is jumping ship for Heyman?

This seems to be a shocking week for Paul Heyman guys. So he wants to discuss Mr. Layfield and the other two clowns who call themselves announcers on how to handle Cesaro.

Cesaro has his back turned, and here comes Swagger. He lays out Cesaro, and breaks the trophy.

Those are fighting words, when Cesaro takes out Swagger, when we go to a break.

Cesaro Vs Swagger, now.

Swagger loses by countout, he doesn’t want any “King of Swing”.

The crowd does not like that.

Tomorrow night on WWE Main Event…The Shield Vs The Wyatt Family.

The WWE World Heavyweight Title match is next, HHH Vs Daniel Bryan.

We kicked the show off tonight with a celebration for Daniel Bryan.

Stephanie McMahon is talking with The Shield and Kane. It doesn’t matter what happened to them at Mania, it’s all about HHH being a 14-time WWE Champion.

They are goating Kane. Kane tells them they are on thin ice, because HHH knows what they are, just expendable. HHH made the orders to take out The Shield a few weeks ago.

Stephanie screams at Kane, and said we are out for justice, and we all know how that is. We have been champions before, and tonight is making sure justice is prevailed. She wants to know if she made herself clear.



This Friday night on Smackdown, Cesaro faces The Big Show, one on one.

WWE World Title match is next.

Daniel Bryan Vs HHH, now.

Batista and Orton come out, and destroy Daniel. But here comes Kane to stop this?

No, he gives Daniel a Chokeslam to boot.

Now comes HHH.

Here comes The Shield.

The Shield has a stand still with Orton, Kane, and Batista, with HHH in the middle. He orders them all to stand down. But Roman gives HHH a vicious spear. They take care of Kane, Orton, and Batista. Only HHH is left for a Triple Power Bomb, but when HHH turns around, he is met with a high knee.

The night ends with The Shield and Daniel Bryan standing tall in the ring.

This is war.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A fun show to watch tonight, and I wish more crowds were like this. One thing is for sure, there is starting to be a push for younger wrestlers. We see The Shield standing tall, we saw Cesaro stand tall, Alexander Rusev looked very good in his debut. We also saw The Wyatts look good, there just feels like a new wave.

We see new NXT wrestlers come in, including Paige, making her debut and win the Divas Title. The last woman to do that was Gail Kim, and she turned into a very good wrestler. No reason why Paige can’t do that too.

And at the end, the one thing that I thought of is with Extreme Rules upon us, might we see the return of Wargames? Daniel Bryan and The Shield Vs HHH, Batista, Orton, and Kane. I certainly hope so.

And I want to be a Paul Heyman guy too, the dude knows how to make impacts.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.


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