WWE Tribute To The Troops 12/17/14

Tonight, we honor the men and women who fight for us.  We are greeted by a video from various celebrities, and regular people, talking about how the men and women are our heroes.

We are in Fort Benton, Georgia.  Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show, without “King”, who as Michael said is on a holiday vacation.

Hulk Hogan begins the show.

Hogan talks about an honor being in front of these men and women, and he thanks them for serving out country, but The Miz and Mizdow show up.

The Miz said on behalf of the men and women here, and on behalf he was in “The Marine 3:  Homefront”, he said you’re welcome.  These men and women came to see The Miz, and of course, Mizdow is here mimicking The Miz.

Enter John Cena.

Cena talks about it should be an honor for Miz being in the same ring as Hulk Hogan.  Cena bringing up it is an honor to perform in front of these men and women.  Miz corrects him, and says it is an honor for Hogan to share the ring with The Miz.

Cena calls Miz a nobody, and Miz reminds him that he beat him at Wrestlemania 27, and John has always been jealous of Miz, because of that feat, and he is better looking than Cena.

So the two start to trade blows, but Cena gets the upper hand, and throws Miz out of the ring.  Mizdow sees this, he knows his fate, and wants to fight a stunt double Cena, so he throws himself out of the ring.

Now comes Seth Rollins, J & J Security, The Big Show, Luke Harper, and Kane.  They surround the ring, and fight off Cena and Hogan but here come Ziggler, Rowan, and Ryback to help Cena and Hogan.  They all clear the ring.

When we come back, we see we will have an 8-man tag match with Team Cena (Cena, Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan) Vs Team Rollins (Rollins, Kane, Big Show, and Harper).

But first, The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

The Uso’s win with a Top Rope splash.  A fun match with all four men.

We hear from the host of The Today Show, sharing his thoughts, and thanking us.

Divas battle royal is next.

Tom Browkow speaks, puts himself over and talks about his book he is writing about, and thanking the troops.

Divas battle royal is now.

Naomi wins the match, last eliminating Natalya.

People of The Voice are sharing their thoughts, thanking the troops.  And Blake Shelton introduces us to Florida Georgia Line, who sings “Anything Goes”.

We now see a music video showing the WWE superstars visiting the troops, and families of the military.  A fun video that showcases the impact the superstars leave on the families, and troops of the armed forces.

Sgt. Slaughter tells us the Bootcamp Match is next.

We hear from Katheryn Heigel, she thanks the troops too.

Sgt. Slaughter introduces us to Wyatt Vs Ambrose.

Ambrose wins with some assistance from Sarge, using his patented boot, and Ambrose hits a Top Rope elbow for the pin.

Earlier tonight, we see Team Cena Vs Team Rollins being set up.

8-Man tag match later tonight, Cena, Ziggler, Ryback, and Rowan Vs Rollins, Big Show, Luke Harper, and Kane.

Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx shows their love for the troops.

Oh lord, the Kardashians have to talk.

Rusev and Lana are in the ring.

Lana tells us it is an honor for the American troops to be in the presence of pure domination, and be near the greatest United States Champion, Rusev.

Rusev has beat every single American hero, and has dominated every single one.

Lana calls us pathetic, and tells us to shaddup!!

The super-athlete stands before us and we jeer, and we boo.  Does that mean our stupidity.  Stand up, and pay respect to our future leader, Vladimir Putin.

Daniel Bryan shows up, and tells us that this is the land of the free, and if they don’t like this, they can go back to Russia.

Lana calls Daniel a little troll, and Rusev doesn’t worry about Rusev.

Daniel laughs about that, saying your challenging Daniel?  We are all proud Americans and they can come over the wall.

Soldiers jump over the barricade, and stand at the ring.

Proud Americans come over the sky…

They land through parachute and come at ringside.

Daniel Bryan said if you want to fight, they can fight now.

But Rusev backs up, and leaves.

The Today Show and Larry The Cableguy all share their warm thoughts to the troops.

Florida Georgia Line are performing “Cruise”.

Team Cena Vs Team Rollins is next.

Team Cena Vs Team Rollins is now.

Cena gave Big Show an Attitude Adjustment, and slammed him on Harper, pinning Luke for the win.

Hulk Hogan comes out to celebrate with Team Cena waving old glory around the ring.

Erick Rowan in the same ring with Hogan, that has to be a moment for him.

Michael Cole closes the show thanking the troops, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Thank you to men and women fighting for us, for our safeties, for our freedom, and please let them come home, safe and sound.  12th annual Tribute to the Troops has become a holiday tradition.

Please share your thoughts here.

WWE Super Smackdown Live 12/16/14….Smackdown’s 800th Episode

It’s amazing Smackdown has a theme song to kick the show off, and Raw does not.  I don’t like that about Raw, but whatever.  We are live, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, and JBL welcome us to the show.

The “new and improved” Fandango is in the ring, and he will face Roman Reigns.

I don’t like Fandango’s chances here.

Fandango did get some offense, but yeah…Superman punch, and a spear.  Reigns is back, folks.

Tonight, Ryback will go one on one against Seth Rollins, but up next, Dean Ambrose.

Starting on Thursday, January 15th, Smackdown will move to Thursday.

Tomorrow night, Tribute to the Troops.  Sunday night, premiere of “Jingle All The Way 2″.

Video footage of TLC match between Ambrose and Wyatt this last Sunday.

“The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose is here.

Bray Wyatt said there was a special place in hell for the two of them, and that was at TLC.  Dean loved every second of it, because it feels good to just let the rage go.  But whether it was rage or karma, Dean lost.

But for the first time, he saw Bray was afraid, because he finally faced someone who didn’t care about what happens to him.  And he is feeling good to continue, so tomorrow night in a Bootcamp match, this fight continues.

Bray shows up on the screen.

He doesn’t understand the only reason Dean is still breathing, is because he enjoys inflicting pain just a little more than Ambrose.  Bray is a slave in his calling.  He can’t stop until he sees all of the cities crumble.  His hatred for Dean fuels Bray, HE IS THE BATTLEFIELD!!  And in the end, it will all burn down.

Next, 6-man tag of The Uso’s and Erick Rowan Vs The Miz, Mizdow, and Luke Harper.

Tomorrow night, at 8:00 WWE Tribute to the Troops.  Florida Georgia Line will be there too.

Rowan and The Uso’s win when Rowan hits a Top Rope elbow, pinning The Miz.  Miz was upset Mizdow kept mimicking Harper, which was hilarious.

Tonight, Ryback Vs Seth Rollins, and next we will see what happened at Raw, with Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho.

Backstage, Naomi is getting ready for her Divas Title match against Nikki Bella.  Jimmy Uso apologized for acting up earlier tonight.  Miz got the best of him, and he doesn’t trust him.  Naomi tells him she is focused on beating Nikki tonight, and she needs to do it alone.  Jimmy tells her he will be backstage, pulling for her.

Raw Rebound with Brock Lesnar taking out Chris Jericho.

Ryback Vs Seth Rollins is up now.

Wake up, it’s feeding time….but Rusev lays out Ryback before the match could start.  Rusev crush!!

Now Seth wants to know what is going on here.  Without The Authority, this place is a madhouse.  And after everything Rollins has been through the last two days, can you believe this?

At TLC, Rollins was robbed of his biggest victory, thanks to Roman Reigns.  And last night, after dealing with Cena and Chris Jericho, he defeated Cena by himself inside a steel cage.  He is here tonight on Smackdown, with bruised ribs, ready to compete, but now this?  Wait a second, this works out in Rollins’ favor.  After all, after the last two nights, who deserves a night off more than Rollins?  Joey, get the limo out.

I’m here to show the world….

“The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler intervenes.  Ziggler knows that Rollins loves to orchestrate plans, after last night and tonight just now with “The Big Guy” Ryback.  But The Authority are out of power because of two men.  Sting, and Ziggy himself.

After all, Ziggler pinned Rollins, so he certainly deserves a match.  So how about “The Architect” goes one on one against Ziggler.

Rollins wants to know what Ziggler has done to warrant the match.

Ziggler suggests Rollins is afraid of Ziggler.  He understands that.

Rollins will grant Ziggler that match, because after all, it’s just Ziggler.  he will grant two gifts.  One to Ziggler to accept his challenge.  The second gift will be to himself fo giving Ziggler a curbstomp.

Ziggler will get his gear on, and steal the show, because that is what’s best for business.

Ziggler Vs Rollins tonight.

But next, Divas Title match with Naomi Vs Nikki Bella.

Soon, The Ascension will rise.

Naomi Vs Nikki Bella is set now.

Nikki Bella wins when The Miz came out to “cheer” for Naomi.  This brings out Jimmy Uso to take Miz out, and this distracts Naomi for a second, and Nikki pins her.

Naomi just glares at her husband, switching gears later tonight, Ziggler Vs Rollins.

Adam Rose Vs Kane is set now.  Former TNA wrestler Taelor Hendricks and current ROH wrestler Jimmy Jacobs are “Rosebuds” it seems.

Match is over faster than I can say Pete Rose is the bunny.  Kane hits a Chokeslam, after Adam was celebrating over a hip toss with an Alex Wright style dance.  “Das Wunderkind” style, baby.

The bunny was wearing a neckbrace, after last night’s incident and hits another Tombstone on Bunny.  One of the ears fell off, that bastard Kane killed the bunny.

Earlier tonight, Ryback was attacked by Rusev.

Ziggler Vs Rollins is next.

Next Monday night, someone will have a “Ho-Ho Hogan” Christmas.

Tomorrow night, we will have WWE Tribute to the Troops.  Always fun to see that.  Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt in a Bootcamp Match.

Oh boy, Gold and Stardust hates the holidays.

Renee Young is with Seth Rollins.

Can he elaborate why Seth orchestrated the attacks on Jericho and Cena.

Seth makes sure that John Cena alone can bring back The Authority.  And until he does that, he needs to make sure to cause chaos for Cena, and even affect his WWE World Title match.  And if that means teaming up with Heyman and Lesnar, then so be it.  As for Jericho?  Chris waltzed in and thought he was in charge?  The Authority are in charge, and until they come back, Rollins will make life miserable for everyone.  And it starts with Ziggler.

Ziggler Vs Rollins, our main event is up now.

Ziggler picks up the win with a Zig Zag.  J & J Security did everything they could to help Seth, but the ref Mike Chiotta finally saw them, and threw them out of ringside, then Ziggler hit a quick Zig Zag for the win.

Ziggler celebrates on the top of the ramp to end the show.

Tomorrow night, WWE Week continues with Tribute to the Troops.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show tonight, maybe it was due to the live portion, but it felt like a big show.  The one thing I cringe about though is it seems like The Authority are eventually coming back, but the question is how?  After Royal Rumble?  So we will see more cringe-worthy moments as “Ho-Ho Hogan”?

Oh boy.

But tonight, a solid main event, and I liked the first half hour, everything else just felt sort of there.

What were your thoughts on the show?  I will talk to you for tomorrow night’s Tribute to the Troops.

One more thing, please follow me on Twitter @KevinGillman, I tweet about wrestling from time to time, so if you want to drop a line, drop me a line.

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/15/14….Raw Is Jericho!!

We are live in Detroit, Michigan, kicking off WWE Week, with the special guest host coming to the ring….Chris Jericho.

The Slammy Award winning Chris Jericho, who wasn’t there last week to collect his award, Fandango showed up, and took it.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!  He can’t think of a better place to be than in Detroit Rock City.  Tonight, Y2J is the special guest General Manager.  Tonight, he will make this show about us, for every Jerichoholic, live here, and watching TV.

And the fans voted for Jericho with a Slammy last week, and he wants to thank us for that.

Big Y2J chants going on.

He couldn’t be here last week, but Fandango accepted it for him.  He wasn’t going to let some dancing troll, some herdy-gerdy to accept the award for him.  So he is calling out Fandumbo, Fandingo, Fandango, he demands he comes out to hand over Jericho’s Slammy.

He calls for Fandango, and we get….

Ladies and gentlemen….his name is Paul Heyman, and truth be told, confession on the table, Heyman is a Jerichoholic.  Usually he speaks to the one with power, but tonight, the power lies in Raw is Jericho.

But truth be told, if you were to out someone in charge, wouldn’t it be the one with the biggest promo track record?  No disrespect to Jericho, but that would go to Paul Heyman.

Paul is offended that Jericho won the most “EXTREME” moment in WWE, so if someone were to win the award that says EXTREME, wouldn’t it be the grandfather of Extreme?  Wouldn’t it be the grand-poohbah of Extreme?

Jericho calls him a walrus.  And while Heyman gave him his first opportunity of the business, Heyman owes him $200 from 1995 of unpaid service.

Heyman tells him to not touch him, he is not a fighter, he is an advocate.  He is not here for the reigning, undefeated, and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

He is here for himself, and he wants to later call out Seth Rollins.  A man who had an opportunity to be a Paul Heyman guy, a man who had the opportunity to make a career out of himself, but failed to take out John Cena last night.

And here comes Seth Rollins.

Rollins wants to know if Heyman has something to say, but Paul is not a fighter, he’s not even a Sports Entertainer, he is going to take a step back.

Rollins tells Heyman he saw the entire match, he saw Cena being put through a table, he saw an official raise his hand. And once again, he had that victory taken away. In fact, just like at Survivor Series, he had the match won for his team, but there was one man who stopped that, and that man is the “Vigilante” Sting.

He had John Cena beat, in fact Cena can’t beat him by himself, he needed Roman Reigns. Seth calls Cena a coward, and requests for a rematch, but not tonight.

Rollins went through hell in the match last night, he wants to be ready for his rematch with Cena.

And of course, “Superman” comes out.

He tells Rollins to shut his mouth, he needs to let the grown ups talk. Don;t even speak until you get a set of testicles. Rollins put up a good fight, but the truth is he lost, regardless. A real man takes his loss, brushes himself off and is ready for another fight. Even if that fight is with a beast.

Cena says to Heyman that he will be ready to fight at Royal Rumble, and he is ready for a fight now. One thing Rollins did say was right they need a rematch, but Cena needs help. He can’t make matches, but we need someone with power to make the matches.

Hey wait a second, welcome back Chris Jericho. Chris accepts the match, and he issues more help, how about if the fans want it, we put them inside a steel cage.

Rollins Vs Cena, inside a steel cage tonight.

Seth calls Jericho the worst General Manager of all-time. He knows that Jericho is jealous of Rollins. Jericho can’t beat anyone, he can’t beat the popcorn seller, he can’t beat the usher, he can’t beat Paul Heyman.

Jericho admits the popcorn guy is a ninja, but he does think he can beat Paul Heyman.

Rollins tells Jericho Heyman isn’t even a fighter, he’s an advocate.

Jericho is in charge here tonight, so we will see John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, inside a steel cage, and we will also see Y2J Vs Paul Heyman, with the fans voting the stipulations to the match, with the fans voting on the WWE App. Heyman won’t ever…..EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVAR be the same aga-aain!!

WWE week is here.

Heyman Vs Y2J will either be A. Extreme Rules Match, B. No Holds Barred, or C. A streetfight.

Tag Team action is up now, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper and The Big Show.

Big Show and Harper win when Show knocks out Rowan, and he walks away.

Chris Jericho will have a Highlight Reel with his guest being Rusev.

Fandango is in the back with Rosa Mendes, and he runs into Jericho. All Chris has to do if he wants his Slammy is take it, but Chris tells him he will beat Heyman, then come back and take his damn Slammy, junior.

Footage from last night’s TLC, with Ambrose Vs Wyatt.

Tomorrow night, on Live Super Smackdown, we will see Ambrose and Wyatt in the same roof.

The New Day is with Renee Young. Tonight, they have a rematch against Gold and Stardust.

Xavier said there is no negativy. Soon, they will feel the power of The New Day.

The Bellas Vs Natalya and Alicia Fox is up now.

Nattie and Alicia win with Natalya hitting a Sharpshooter for the win. Tyson was hitting on Nikki, it seems.

Later tonight, Jericho Vs Heyman, but next….Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

Tomorrow night, Roman Reigns returns to action on Super Smackdown Live.

Time for the Highlight Reel.

The last time on The Highlight Reel, he predicted The Authority would lose, and they did. And he predicts one of his 2 guests will wear a tight suit, wearing either red, white, or blue, and hopefully it’s not Rusev.

Rusev and Lana, and Jericho was right again.

Lana wants to remind us last night at TLC PPV, Rusev reminded undefeated when he defeated that “stupid American” again.

Jericho asks why Lana is so angry all the time? Is it the tight bun she wears?


And why is Rusev so angry? Maybe he needs to relieve that stress, and show Lana that spudnic.


There is something going on here. Maybe Rusev has a thing for Lana? It’s the US Champ, and the Communist Tramp….


Rusev tells Chris he talks too much, maybe he crushes him now.

Everytime Jericho opens his mouth on Raw, someone wants to fight him. And the same can be said for Rusev. He knows someone wants to beat him now.

Feed me more!!

Ryback goes face to face with Rusev, and the United States Champion slowly walks away.

We can vote for what stipulation Jericho Vs Paul Heyman will have, either A. Extreme Rules Match, B. No Holds Barred Match, or C. Streetfight.

Last night, video of John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, with Roman Reigns returning.

Tonight, Rollins Vs Cena.

The Ascension will rise in WWE, they are coming.

The New Day Vs Gold and Stardust is up now.

The New Day win with a Midnight Hour. Xavier and Big E. pick up the win, crowd wasn’t feeling this match, but they worked hard.

Jericho Vs Heyman, tonight.

Renee Young is with The Miz and Mizdow. Tonight, The Miz faces Jimmy Uso. Miz talks about Jimmy being a former Tag Team Champion. But now, he is a jealous husband, and Miz will capitalize on this.

I honestly thought Jey was Naomi’s husband, since his real name is Jon, and not Jimmy. But oh well.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Adam Rose wants to throw his Rosebuds an after-party after his match tonight, but his opponent? Kane.

Kane makes it clear he doesn’t like him, or his friends.

Rose Vs Kane, next.

The bunny tried to help, but is met with a double Chokeslam, with Kane winning. Then Kane gave the bunny a Tombstone Piledriver, bunny is done.

Earlier tonight, Jericho issued a challenge with Heyman.

Heyman Vs Jericho is next.

Tomorrow night on The Main Event, we will see Kane Vs Erick Rowan.

Jericho Vs Heyman will be….

Heyman comes out with a mic. He has nothing planned for this, because he doesn’t find anything entertaining in this. Heyman gave Jericho a break, he doesn’t understand how he can fight him for $200 from 20 years ago. It’s the principle in this, so how about he just give him the money?

Heyman tries to write a check, but Chris doesn’t want it. He needs to go with the results, and we have a….


Okay, Heyman will go through with this, but he doesn’t understand why Chris feels the need to go one on one with….


Here comes the pain.

Jericho tries, but Brock gives him a F-5, and leaves.

The match ends in a no contest, I guess.

At Royal Rumble, it will be Cena Vs Lesnar, one final time.

And just moments ago, we see Lesnar hit a F-5 on Jericho.

Now for the “new and improved” Fandango.

Fandango still has Jericho’s Slammy, and he shows us that very thing too.

Raw is Jericho is now Raw was Jericho.

Roman Reigns has something to say.

He decks Fandango, and ruins his moment.

Roman gets a nice pop, and before Roman can say anything, Big Show has something to say.

If Show comes down to this ring, he will hit him in the mouth.

Show tells him he will have to try it.

And Roman hits a Superman punch.

Show takes the stairs down, and walks away.

Tonight, steel cage match with Cena Vs Rollins.

Tonight, after WWE Raw, we see The Sting and The Undertaker on Monday Night War.

Moments ago, we see Roman Reigns show us whose yard this is.

The Miz Vs Jimmy Uso is up now.

Jimmy wins when Mizdow came into the ring, to distract it seems, and Jimmy hit the splash.

Now Mizdow is doing what any stunt double is, and that is laying in pain.

Tonight, steel cage match with Cena Vs Rollins.

Wednesday night is WWE Tribute to the Troops, at 8:00.

Backstage, Miz is telling Naomi he is man of his word, and is a champion. So tomorrow night, he will put her on Miz TV, so she can lay out her platform and vie for the Divas Championship. Miz doesn’t think her husband will have any issue with it. Then again, maybe she shouldn’t tell him?

Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose will be in the same roof, tomorrow night on Super Smackdown Live.

Renee is with Seth Rollins.

Seth is not crazy about being in this match, 24 hours after one of his most grueling matches. Nobody is safe, not even Chris Jericho.

This place is missing something. We need the guidance and leadership of The Authority. Most people would be in a hospital bed, but Seth is going out there, ready to give and teach John Cena a lesson he will never forget.

The steel cage is coming down, our main event is next.

Oh lord, Ho-Ho Hogan will be special guest host of Raw next week.

Rollins Vs Cena, inside a steel cage is now.

Brock Lesnar comes out, and gives Cena 3 German Suplexes in the cage, followed by a F-5.

Rollins sold his soul to the devil, because Rollins now is shaking hands with Heyman, nails a Curbstomp on Cena for good measure, and exits the cage, winning the match.

The show ends with Rollins celebrating his win, and a battered Cena laid out.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A solid show here, I have to think Cena beats Lesnar at Rumble, and I hope Rollins cashes in the briefcase, because he is involved in this and you have to think this will end that way, right?

And does this mean Rollins is a Heyman Guy, or did he just make a random deal with Paul, so Brock can beat up Cena?

WWE Week is off and roaring, and next week I cringe at Hogan playing Santa. After all, anyone else remember “Santa with Muscles”?

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.

WWE TLC & Stairs 12/14/14

We are live in Cleveland, Ohio.  Renee Young, Booker T, Alex Riley, and Paul Heyman welcome us to the show.  Tonight, we get a Tables Match, with John Cena Vs Seth Rollins.

Paul Heyman questions the condition of both men, should they win.  If Cena loses, who faces his client, Brock Lesnar, and what condition would “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins be in, should he try to cash in the title.  And, what shape would Cena be in, should he win, when he goes after Lesnar’s title?

Our Kick-off match tonight is The New Day Vs Gold and Stardust.

Tom Phillips joins us in the Social Media lounge, telling us Dolph Ziggler will be live tweeting later tonight, and we can ask him questions using the #AskZiggler hashtag.

We now see a preview of tonight’s TLC match with Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt.

We are backstage, with Miz and Mizdow trying to tell Naomi he has given her a chance at a deal for a top producer.  Naomi doesn’t trust him.  The window ends tonight.  But he also makes this clear, when he is champion, he is in a good mood.  When he is in a good mood, good things can happen.  So when he wins tonight, she wins tonight because all doors are open for her.

Tag Team Title is on the line.  The Miz and Mizdow Vs The Uso Brothers.

We also have a stairs match with The Big Show Vs Erick Rowan, the combined weight of the stairs involved is 2,200 pounds.

Tonight, Cleveland’s own Dolph Ziggler will go for the IC Title in a ladder match, and Ziggler is doing a Q & A now.

Ziggler is ready to climb that ladder, and become new IC Champion, again.

JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are ready for the match.  The New Day Vs Gold and Stardust, here we go.

The New Day pick up the win, with Kofi and Big E hitting a Midnight Hour, pinning Stardust.

Tonight, AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Title.

Booker said this is his Shucky Ducky Quack Quack moment of the night.

Also tonight, a chairs match with Ryback facing Kane.

When we come back from the show, we find out Ziggler Vs Harper for the IC Title in a ladder match.

Rollins Vs Cena video is showing.

Renee Young tells Heyman that in 6 weeks, Brock Lesnar will put his WWE World Title on the line.  So if Cena loses, who will be the Number One Contender?

Heyman is concerned for Rollins’ health, because he sees Seth as a future of WWE.  Either John Cena or Seth Rollins comes out tonight, looking ahead at Brock Lesnar and what condition will they be in?

We will find out in 3 minutes.  TLC is among us.

We are live, in Cleveland, Ohio.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

IC Title match kicks the show off, Ziggler Vs Harper is now.

Dolph Ziggler is now a 4-time Intercontinental Champion.  A fantastic match here to kick the show off.  Cleveland’s own makes the people proud.

The announcers are making this feel special for Ziggler and that he turned the corner in his career.  Let’s hope so, because Ziggler has everything to be a big star.

WWE Tribute to the Troops, with Florida Georgia Line is this Wednesday, at 8:00.

Tag Team Title match is set now.  The Uso’s Vs The Miz and Mizdow.

Miz and Mizdow are DQ’d when Miz nails one of the Uso’s with a Slammy, retaining their titles.

Mizdow again was the highlight, mimicking Miz every time he was selling.  The crowd loves Mizdow, and hates Miz.

Byron Saxson is with Seth Rollins.

If Seth wins, Cena is no longer the Number One Contender to the WWE World Title.

If?  It’s when he wins, and Seth is going to dedicate this win to two people who should be here running this company.  HHH and Stephanie McMahon, and why didn’t they win?  It wasn’t Cena, it was the vigilante, Sting.  And the best part?  Seth doesn’t even have to pin Cena, he just has to put Cena through a table.

He has two things to bring up, that paradox that he described to Cena, that is real and it starts.  And that second thing is through the hard work Cena went through to get here will be gone.  He won’t stop until Cena does the right thing, and reinstate The Authority.

Our first stairs match is up now.  The Big Show Vs Erick Rowan.

Big Show wins knocking out Rowan through a steel step.

Total Divas return on January 4th.

Cena Vs Rollins in a Tables match is next.

Paul Heyman shows up to scout the match, for his client Brock Lesnar.

We had a ref bump, Rollins goes through a table, but J & J Security stops that.  Then all 3 men put Cena through a table, and then we get both men go through a table.  So the ref does the best thing he can, restart the match.

Enter Big Show, trying to put a stop to Cena.  He punches him a few times, and here comes Roman Reigns.

Superman Punch, spear through a table.  Now Reigns gives Rollins a Superman Punch, Cena hits an AA through a table, and wins the match.

Cena makes it clear to Heyman, he is ready for Lesnar.

Earlier tonight, in the TLC Kick-Off, The New Day defeated Gold and Stardust.

The TLC panel is here.

Byron is backstage with the Bellas.  Nikki is finally to put to rest with AJ Lee.  Brie says they may have had their issues, but blood is thicker than water.  And nothing, including a nobody like AJ Lee will come between her sister.

AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Title is now.

Nikki Bella retains her title when she sprayed something in AJ’s eyes, and hit the Rack Attack, pinning her.  Before this, Brie tried to help her sister, but was ejected from ringside by the ref.

Tom Phillips is with Roman Reigns.

He told the whole world he would be back in a month at Survivor Series.  But he is here to make an impact, spearing Big Show.  Knocking out Seth Rollins.  He is here to officially enter The Royal Rumble.  If we think what he did last year was impactful, wait until we see what he does this year.

Believe that.

Chairs match is up now.  Kane Vs Ryback.

Ryback wins the match with Shellshock, and the Cleveland crowd can’t be any more happier.

Moving on….

It’s WWE Week on USA Network, with Raw on Monday night, a live Smackdown on Tuesday, and WWE Tribute to the Troops on Wednesday.

Rusev….crush.  Rusev Vs Swagger for the United States Title is up now.

“The Ravishing Russian” Lana is with Rusev.

Lana tries to speak, but Swagger comes out.  They must be short on time here.

Swagger tries, but passes out with an Accolade here.

Rusev is still your United States Champion.

WWE just showed us a video of Cena Vs Lesnar is their final battle.  It doesn’t look good for Lesnar then.

Our main event, Bray Wyatt Vs Dean Ambrose in a TLC match is now.

I liked the creative ending here.  Bray Wyatt wins when an exploded TV monitor blasted into Ambrose’s eyes, and blinds him a bit.  Bray was able to capitalize and hits Sister Abigail.

We had a little of everything, flying through ladders, busted up tables, blasted chairs, and a TV monitor.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The Road to Royal Rumble has begun. TLC featured 3 good matches, with Ziggler Vs Harper, Cena Vs Rollins, and Ambrose Vs Wyatt.

And if Bray is indeed set to face The Undertaker, which is rumored at Wrestlemania 31, they did the right thing.

We also had Roman Reigns make his return, and he’s more than likely the Royal Rumble favorite, although will he face Lesnar? I can truly see Brock Bs Reigns, but they could always give us something else. The quest begins tomorrow night.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/8/15…The Slammy Awards

Tonight, 6 days away from TLC, we will see John Cena face The Big Show, after Show’s turn against Team Cena at Survivor Series.

Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show, and we also will have The Slammy Awards.

Raw is now.

Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show, and he brings out tonight’s host, Seth Green.

Seth is a true wrestling fan, so he is a good choice to host The Slammys.

The Miz and Mizdow come out to interrupt Seth telling us the only way to vote is use the WWE App.

Miz brings up Seth hasn’t used him for any Hollywood projects, and he is such an A-lister.

Seth brings up the only A-Lister here is Mizdow.

The Miz presents the first award for tonight.  The This is Awesome moment of the year.


A.  The Yes Movement

B.  Stephanie McMahon being arrested, with Brie Bella pressing charges.

C.  Sting costing The Authority the match at Survivor Series.

D.  Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and The Rock all in the ring at the same time at Wrestlemania 30.

We will find out the results after this match….

Dolph Ziggler Vs Seth Rollins.

Rollins wins with a Curbstomp, after the J & J Security distract Ziggler.

Seth Green comes out to hand out the award.

Winner:  Sting debuting in WWE

And of course, Sting is not there to accept the award (Is this going to be a trend here?).  Seth Rollins comes out, and asks what is so great about Sting?  He costs him the chance to win his biggest match of his career, so on behalf of Sting, Rollins will take the award.

The New Day are out next.

There were other winners announced on the pre show, that is featured on WWE.com.

Stardust Vs Kofi is up now

Kofi wins with a flying cross body.

At TLC, we will see The New Day Vs Gold and Stardust.

John Laurinaitis is back to present Surprise Return of the Year.

John wants the return of People Power.  He is throwing his hat to the role of General Manager.

Surprise Return of the Year Nominees:

A.  Hulk Hogan

B.  Batista

C.  The Rock

D.  The Ultimate Warrior

I hope Warrior wins this, please vote for Warrior.

Vote now on the WWE App.


The Ultimate Warrior

No speech, we immediately go backstage.  Seth Rollins is celebrating his victory with his goons, when Paul Heyman shows up.

Heyman is here to represent his client, Brock Lesnar.  Heyman tells Seth that if he gets passed Cena this Sunday night….

If?  It’s when he gets passed Cena, and he will go right after the WWE World Title, but he will do it when Brock least expects it.

Heyman tells Rollins Brock remembers when he curbstomped him, but this isn’t about the reigning, and defending WWE World Champion, this is about Rollins making sure John Cena is the past, this Sunday.

We get a treat, and see the NXT Divas Champion, Charlotte.

Her WWE debut against Natalya, is next.

This is all to promote NXT:  Revolution, this Thursday night on WWE Network.  Charlotte will defend her Divas Title against Sasha Banks.  We will also see Sami Zayn go one on one against Adrian Neville, for the World Title.

Natalya wins in surprising fashion, with a rollup to counter the Figure Four.

I have no clue why we must see the Divas Champion lose, here when she is promoting the upcoming NXT show.

Santino Marella is here to announce the nominees for the OMG Shocking Moment of the Year.

OMG Shocking Moment of the Year nominees:

A.  Seth Rollins turning on The Shield.

B.  Nikki Bella turning on Brie.

C.  Bray Wyatt sings with the C-Nation.

D.  The Streak is conquered.

Tonight, John Cena Vs The big Show, but first…


The Streak is Conquered.

Paul Heyman accepts the award for Brock.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And he is the one behind the one, at 21-1.  He earned that distinction when The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak was conquered by his client, Brock Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt shows up.

Bray will never forget the first time he saw her.  She was sitting in this rocking chair near the apple tree.  That was her chair.

We see that rocking chair torn up last week, by Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose took something away from him, something that will never be replaced.  So he thought he should take something from him.

We see from last Smackdown, when Wyatt rammed a chair into Ambrose’s throat.

Bray issues a warning to Ambrose, if he gets close to him, he will burn him.  And when he climbs up the ladder this Sunday, he will stand over Dean’s body.

Tables, ladder, and chairs….Oh my.

We hear sirens, and an ambulance.  I am guessing it’s Ambrose ready to get him some.

And he is.

And he has some “toys” with him….namely tables, ladders, and chairs.

Ambrose carries them to the ring, throwing a chair right at Wyatt.  Bray tries to leave, and Dean tells him to take a good look at the ambulance, because that is the only way Wyatt leaves this Sunday.  He will become a monster and will eat him alive.

Seth Green joins us.

The person to present the Diva of the year is Jerry “The King” Lawler.

WWE Diva of the year nominees:

A.  Brie Bella

B.  Paige

C.  AJ Lee

D.  Nikki Bella

WWE Divas winner:

AJ Lee

We get CM Punk chants.

AJ has redefined the term diva over the years.  You can be a nerd, a tomboy, and still be a diva.  She hopes Baylee, Paige, Sasha.  But she is still the queen, and will get her Divas Title.

Renee Young is with John Cena.  John reminds us Vince issuing a challenge to the WWE wrestlers to step up, and he knows Seth Rollins is listening.  He will step up this Sunday.  But he knows he can’t pin him.  Rollins isn’t man enough to make Cena tap.  So it’s time for Cena to step up.  If John goes through a table, his shot at the WWE Championship is done.  So tonight, he will put a 500 pound man through his shoulders, and slam him down.  Because his time is not done.

Erick Rowan is in the ring, next.

It’s Rowan Vs Luke Harper, now.

Harper is DQ’d using a ladder, so Rowan gets some revenge, by using the steel stairs.

Those two are getting acquainted with their weapons of choice, for this Sunday.

Naomi is backstage, with The Uso’s celebrating their Slammy Awards.

Naomi heard from The Miz’s agent.

She is going to Hollywood, so is Jey.

The presenter for the LOL Moment of the Year….Adam Rose.

The LOL Moment of the Year Nominees Are:

A.  Mr. T loves his Momma.

B.  Wee-L-C Match

C;  The stunt double….Mizdow.

D.  Princess Pudding, Stephanie going through some pudding….ON MY BIRTHDAY!!

The LOL Moment of the Year Winner is:

Damien Mizdow

Mizdow tries to talk, but The Miz shoves him out-of-the-way to accept the award.

The crowd wants Miz-now.  The Miz wants to thank a person that doesn’t get the credit that they deserve….The moneymaker.

Rusev crush….The United States Champion is coming to the ring.

Lana asks us if we want to know what the real LOL moment of the year is?  How about our economy, or even the current President of the United States.  But our real americans are the real LOL moment.

Enter Jack Swagger.

In America, there is a saying, what comes around, goes around.  Rusev broke Zeb’s leg?  Swagger is going to break his ankle.

Swagger threw Rusev’s ankle into the barricade, and slapped The Patriot Lock on him.

We The People chants are through the arena.

Tonight, John Cena Vs The Big Show.  But next, 6-man tag match of Ryback and The Uso’s Vs Kane, The Miz, and Damien Mizdow.

The Uso’s and Ryback Vs The Miz, Kane, and Mizdow is now.

In what was an entertaining match, we saw Ryback pin The Miz with Shellshock.  We had Mizdow literally fly off the top rope, to mimic The Miz.  Seriously, Mizdow is getting over as a huge babyface, and it will happen sooner, rather than later.

Seth Green celebrates with the three men after the match.

Clips from the first ever Slammy Award show, from 1986.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat comes out for the next award….Match of the Year.

Match of the Year Nominees are:

A.  Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton Vs Batista, at Wrestlemania 30.

B.  John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt, Last Man Standing Match.

C.  The Shield Vs Evolution.

D.  Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

We find out the winner, next.

Next week is WWE Week, with Raw on Monday night.  A live Smackdown on Tuesday, and WWE Tribute to the Troops on Wednesday.

Match of the Year winner:

Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

Dolph Ziggler comes out to accept the award, he thanks the fans for sticking behind him his entire career, and promises there is more to come.

AJ Lee Vs Summer Rae, now.

AJ makes Summer tap out to Black Widow.

This Sunday, AJ Vs Nikki for the Divas Title.

Rob Van Dam is presenting the Extreme Moment of the Year.

Rob is in a tux, I am not sure if I have ever seen that before.  There is nobody better to present this than “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam.

Extreme Moment of the Year Nominees:

A.  Brock Lesnar putting the ass beating of Cena at Summerslam.

B.  Kane destroying Daniel Bryan.

C.  Chris Jericho doing a top rope flying body press on Bray Wyatt off the top of the cage.

D.  Seth Rollins using a Curbstomp on a cinder block, destroying Dean Ambrose.

The winner will be announced, next.

Extreme Moment of the Year Winner is:

Chris Jericho, and he is not with us.

But the “new and improved” Fandango is.

He accepts Jericho’s award.  Because he is reminding us he defeated Jericho in his debut match at Wrestlemania.

Okay, moving on.

“Saint Mick” is with Noelle, the elf and they are doing a WWEShopzone.com promo.

2 weeks ago, Big Show knocks out Cena, and Renee Young is standing by with Show.

Will Show be focused tonight, with Cena even though he is facing Erick Rowan in the first-ever Steel Steps match on Sunday?

Show said Renee made a mistake by asking that question, but he will forgive her, unlike the WWE Universe for not forgiving Big Show’s mistake.  But tonight, he takes all the anger and frustration out on Cena.

Booker T is now presenting us the WWE Superstar of the Year.

Superstar of the Year Nominees are:

A.  Brock Lesnar.

B.  Dean Ambrose.

C.  Daniel Bryan.

D.  Roman Reigns.

E.  Bray Wyatt.

F.  John Cena.

G.  Seth Rollins.

Vote now on WWE App, and we will find out the winner.  Big Show Vs Cena is next.

Chris Jericho returns next week on Raw, to run the show.

Superstar of the Year winner is:

Roman Reigns.

A bit of a surprise there, and here he is.

We get a welcome back chant.

It’s not the brass ring, but it’s pretty damn good and Roman loves it.  It’s a step in the right direction, and talking about stepping up.  It doesn’t matter if it’s John Cena, HHH, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Vince McMahon, Roman will step up and be the top star and you can believe that.

Our main event, John Cena Vs The Big Show is now.

Big Show is DQ’d when Rollins comes out with J & J Security.  But here comes Ziggler to help Cena.  Big Show knocks both Cena and Ziggler out.  Erick Rowan is taken out by Luke Harper.  Here comes Ryback, but Kane takes him out.

We have all the finishing moves, but the night ends with Cena being hit by a Curbstomp by Rollins, and is put through the announce table.

It’s Rollins’ time now.

TLC is this Sunday, live and exclusively on WWE Network.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show tonight and it set up the PPV well.  It wasn’t centered around the awards, yet it also wasn’t taking itself too seriously.  I do question the choice of Charlotte losing when her job was to showcase the NXT show this Thursday.  But other than that, everything else did their jobs, and next week with Jericho back, even for a night should be fun.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/1/14…Cyber Raw

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend, and now the holidays are upon us.  Tonight, taking advantage of Cyber Monday, Raw is giving us a Cyber Raw, featuring the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

That will be ummm….fun.

Raw is now.

We see clips from last week, when The Authority was wheeled out, Daniel Bryan showed up, and Cena and Ziggler beat Rollins, and J & J Security.

We are live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and immedately hear the internet bell.

WWE needs the anonymous Raw GM.  Which is why they need to make the following announcements.

Cue John Cena music, and here he comes.

Cena doesn’t like the Anonymous Raw GM, and he made a joke about Brock Lesnar.

Team Cena showed up at Survivor Series.  Big Show showed his true colors, and tried to join The Authority, HHH tried to underhand ways to win, but he wasn’t successful, and the reason for that was…

Beeping noise kept ringing, and Cena went to the computer, and said he wasn’t going to let a faceless GM interrupt his big announcement.

Seth Rollins shows up.

Let’s hear it for John Cena.

Rollins tells us Cena is good at telling bad jokes.  He is also good at waving his hands, and he’s good at half of the crowd telling him how much he sucks.

Not many boos tonight.

Another thing John is good at is taking credit, for something he didn’t do.  Cena didn’t win Survivor Series.  In fact, Rollins pinned Cena.  In fact, The Authority would still be in power if it wasn’t for one man….Sting.

Cena tells us Rollins forgot that Dolph Ziggler defied all odds, and pinned 3 men, to win the match, and take The Authority out.

Seth has to ask Cena, he has to ask the universe if they honestly believe WWE is better without The Authority in control?

With The Authority out of power, we had Daniel Bryan come back, we have an Anonymous Raw GM, what is next?  JBL?  JBL is gamed, how about Batista?  Or let’s bring back Eric Bischoff with one week, regardless we will have someone different every week, and we start all over.

What is your point?

Rollins said that his point is he is better off with bringing back The Authority, so there could be control.

Do the right thing, what’s best for business.

Cena doesn’t like Rollins’ tune, he got rid of his trump card, and now is just a normal guy, like the rest of us.  So do not talk to him like that, Cena is the only one who can bring back The Authority.

So would you do it?

Cena wants him to ask nicely, and he tries to, but Rollins doesn’t get on his hands and knees for it.

The beeping sound comes on, the computer mysteriously comes back.

There will be order here, and the Anon Raw GM makes it Cena Vs Rollins at TLC, in a Tables Match.  And to prove Cena is the strongest superstar he can be, if he loses at TLC, he will lose his Number One Contender spot.

Rollins attacks Cena from behind, with Kane coming in and helping.  But here comes Ryback, and here comes Erick Rowan.  Big Show follows, and there is a fight everywhere.

Here comes Ziggler, and Luke Harper finishes things off, and fights Team Cena. We end up seeing a Triple Powerbomb, with Rollins and J & J Security send Cena through a table with a Triple Powerbomb.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, with the doctor checking in on Cena. Somewhere, there is a CM Punk joke somewhere. What’s a good thing to take for a concussion? Z-Pack, I guess.

Tag Team Turmoil is up now, with the winner facing Miz and Mizdow at TLC.

Gold and Stardust will face The New Day first.

The New Day pin the former Tag Team Champs, with Kofi doing a high body cross, pinning Goldust.

Next up is the team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd.

The New Day has been eliminated, when Gold and Stardust lay out Xavier and Big E, leaving Cesaro rolling up Kofi.

The Uso’s are next.

The Uso’s win with a flying splash by Jey, pinning Tyson.

Our final team coming in is Adam Rose and the bunny.

Uso splash, pinning Adam Rose, after he bumped into the bunny.

So The Uso’s get yet another tag title shot.

Naomi checks in backstage, and The Miz informs her that he wishes her luck in the tag team match later tonight with AJ Lee. The Miz also told her he watched her music video, and was impressed. He hands her a business card of a music producer he knows that might be interested.

A big limo is shown arriving, and it’s Vince McMahon himself.

Next week, it’s The Slammy Awards, with Seth Green hosting the event.

Earlier tonight, we show Erick Rowan and Big Show go face to face, and he is with Tom Phillips.

Erick is a genius, a guitar player, and a wine maker. He has so much going for him, why would he get involved with The Big Show?

Because he is a bully. Erick figured out the rubix cube, again.

The Big Show comes out, and tells us he is a bully, but he doesn’t care about us anymore, because we sold him out.

So bring out Erick Rowan, and he will show what kind of a bully he can be.

Rowan Vs Show is now.

Show is DQ’d when he nails a steel steps on Rowan’s head, and officials check on Rowan, while Big Show smirks.

Renee Young is with Vince McMahon.

Vince brings up the exclusive podcast with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on WWE Network.

Renee asks if he would bring back The Authority. Vince reminds her only John Cena can do that, but after Raw, exclusively on WWE Network, podcast with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and it is going to be fun.

Last Monday, AJ Lee tells off The Bellas, but tonight, who will join AJ Lee against The Bellas? Either A. Natalya, B. Naomi, or C. Alicia Fox.

Tonight, we are in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The “new” and “improved” Fandango is up now.

Fandango will face “The Real American” Jack Swagger.

Oh wait, he isn’t coming. Someone took out Zeb Colter, so there is no match.

The winner, by forfeit is Fandango.

Enter Rusev, with the lovely “Ravishing Russian” Lana.

Lana is on the mic and tells us while us Americans pride in ourselves in freedom….last week, Rusev was ordered to recite our pathetic Pledge of Allegiance. Not only did Rusev refuse bravely, but he also was punished and forced to put his US Title on the line against 19 other men, and they all failed. So when is America going to understand we are a pathetic excuse of a super power.

Rusev tells us that those that disagree will be crushed. And those that will not listen will be broken, like Zeb Colter.

Lana orders us to stand up and show respect for the Russian flag. We get the Pledge of Russia Allegiance.

Enter Jack Swagger.

They fight until officials seperate the two. But that doesn’t stop Swagger.

Lana and Rusev bail.

Tonight, AJ Lee and a mystery partner will face The Bellas. We can choose them on the WWE App.

Mizdow Vs Fernando, now.

Mizdow makes Fernando tap to the Figure Four, and Jey Uso comes over, and slaps Miz, telling him to stay away from his wife.

6-man tag match is our main event. Ziggler, Cena, and Ryback Vs Rollins, Kane, and Harper.

Tulsa, I’m here.

Bray Wyatt is next.

Last Monday, we see Bray taking out Dean Ambrose, and at TLC he will face Ambrose in a TLC Match.

Wyatt Vs R-Truth, now.

Sister Abigail, that is all she wrote.

Now out comes the chairs, ladder, and tables when we go to a break.

Bray comes back, and tells us it didn’t have to be this way Dean. They could have dominated together, but here comes Ambrose, ready for a fight.

Ambrose tells Bray that he will destroy everything to Wyatt and now goes after his sacred rocking chair.

For the first time, Wyatt is not amused.

The Bellas Vs AJ Lee and ???


AJ makes Nikki tap out to the Black Widow. Is she lined up for another Divas Title shot?

St. “Nick” with his elf, “Noelle” is doing some merchandise for WWEShopzone.com.

He sounds alot like Mick Foley, oh well.

6-man tag match is our main event tonight.

This Friday night on Smackdown, we will see Dean Ambrose Vs Rusev, one on one.

Earlier tonight, the Anonymous Raw GM informs it will be Cena Vs Rollins, with the Number One Contender title on the line.

Paul Heyman joins them live via satellite.

Cena talks about Lesnar being here once a year, let’s just have Christmas every day? That would be stupid, it wouldn’t be special, like Brock being at Raw.

But let’s talk about Wrestlemania being here every Monday night. It would be stupid, it would be pointless. Brock is must-see TV.

So this idea of the Number One Contender would be on the line. If Cena wins, then Cena would get a bigger beating than what he had at Summerslam, with a fresh Lesnar.

Then again, who would be the number one contender if Cena loses? A very interesting question, because would it be Seth Rollins? A guy who can’t do anything without The Authority, and by the way that apology Seth gave for the Curb Stomp is rescinded.

Would it be The Undertaker? We haven’t seen him since Wrestlemania.

How about Sting? It wouldn’t even have to be a retirement match, because if he were to step in the ring with Brock, it WOULD be a retirement match.

How about anyone in the back? Put them all in the ring, one by one and Brock would take them out, because he is must-see, and he is your reigning, and DEFENDING WWE World Champion.

Our main event…John Cena, Ryback, and Dolph Ziggler Vs Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, and Kane.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/28/14…Who Is Running This Show?

After an awful Raw, will WWE improve with Smackdown?  And who is in charge?

Smackdown is now.

We see Sting’s appearance from this past Sunday at Survivor Series.

Hey, Smackdown has a theme song, Raw does not anymore.

Tom Phillips wishes us a Happy Thanksgiving weekend, and we see Miz TV kicking things off, with The Miz and Mizdow.

Miz reminds us that at Survivor Series, he became the new World Tag Team champion, and raises his Tag Title.  Mizdow raises his, and is cheered.

Miz introduces us to The Big Show.

Last Monday night, Big Show issued a challenge to anyone from the back to say anything to him to his face, and Erick Rowan answers the calls.

Miz understands what Big Show did, and said the only mistake he made was joining Team Cena.

Big Show stated that people want to judge him, Erick Rowan doesn’t understand what Big Show has gone through.

Daniel Bryan shows up.

Daniel gets a nice warm welcome from the fans.

Big Show said Monday night if someone had something to say, come out and say something.  Daniel Bryan is someone, and he has something to say.

He asks if everyone is ready for Daniel Bryan Smackdown.  He is running the show tonight, and has some great matches.

We will have The Ryback Vs Seth Rollins.

Do we want to see a championship match tonight?  Tonight, we will have an Intercontinental Title match with Luke Harper Vs Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz is not impressed.  Daniel couldn’t steal Miz’s spotlight, because Mizdow is already doing that.

Big Show does not want to hear what Daniel Bryan has to plan, this is about Big Show and not Daniel Bryan Smackdown.

But this about Big Show.  He said Monday night that if Rusev wouldn’t say the pledge of allegiance, he’d have to defend his United States Title in a battle royal.

Well, he didn’t do the pledge of allegiance, so we will have a 20-man battle royal now.

Included in this match will be The Miz, Mizdow, The Big Show, and this man….Erick Rowan.

Rusev retains the United States Title, last eliminating Swagger, although his feet did touch the floor, but the refs did not see it.  This match also featured The Miz being eliminated, and Mizdow eliminated himself.  Very funny.

The “Ravishing Russian” Lana is impressed.

Kane is still trying to sell merchandise.  Santino wants a T-shirt, but Kane is not amused.

Tom Phillips, JBL, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show.

Bray Wyatt is here.

Footage from last Monday night when Bray gets some revenge on Dean Ambrose, after Sunday night.

2 weeks from Sunday night, in Cleveland at TLC, we have a TLC match.

As Dean climbed up the ladder Sunday night, he looked like an angel descending to heaven.  And for a brief moment, Bray had a smile on his face.  But he told Dean the two of them do not belong in heaven, they belong somewhere else.  But as those chairs were crashing onto his face, the pan felt euphoric.  And for a moment, Bray thought he failed Dean, but Bray failed himself.  But understand this, Bray molds the demons, but Dean thinks he has Bray figured out, but the lord works in mysterious ways, and what is his is always his.  So tonight, they celebrate, because they are almost at the point of no return.  And TLC will change him….Tables, Ladder, and Chairs…oh my.  He is going to teach Dean a lesson, and he will finally be able to smile, because he will finally get Dean right back where he belongs, in the dirt where he belongs, with the other insects.


Tonight, IC Title match, Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper.

The New Day is dawning, tonight.

Emma Vs Nikki Bella.

Nikki wins with the Rack Attack.

I guess Brie and Nikki are still together, even though the 30 day policy is over.

Nikki is on the mic.  It’s time everyone knows the real truth about AJ Lee.  We know her sob story, but Nikki has worked harder.  She now wants to know what a real Divas Champ is supposed to look like.  AJ will always be that little pathetic, manipulating girl from New Jersey.

AJ comes running, and Nikki ducks out.

Kane’s merchandise stand has been crashed through a table.

Feed Me More….

Ryback is in action, Vs Seth Rollins is now.

Rollins DQ’d when Kane brings a chair into the ring, but Ryback catches him in time.  The numbers game catches up, however and now Rollins hands Kane the chair, and walks off when Kane whales the chair on Ryback many times.

The New Day is next.

The New Day are set to face Slater Gator and Curtis Axel.

Power, speed, and brains were the combination here.  The New Day wins, with a combination Big Ending and flying forearm, by Xavier Woods.

Tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Luke Harper, for the IC Title.

Santino Marella is now pushing merchandise, on WWEshopzone.com.

Raw Rebound, featuring the end of The Authority.

This Monday, the return of Cyber Monday.

Renee Young is with Daniel Bryan.

He has had a blast running both Raw and Smackdown and he has missed this.  But before he relinquish duties, he will schedule a match for TLC.  Kane Vs Ryback, in a chairs match.

One last question, will Daniel be back soon?

Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!

Main event time, Ziggler Vs Harper, for the IC Title.

Before the match, Gold and Stardust had a message.  Darkness is here, cosmic key is gone.  Darkness falls on The New Day.

Ziggler Vs Harper, now.

Ziggler wins by countout here, but does not win the IC Title.  Harper lays out Ziggler after the match, and this makes me think we will see a ladder match between these two at TLC.

Harper tries to nail Ziggler with the IC Title, but Dolph ducks and nails a Zig Zag, to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, we had Daniel Bryan return, and The New Day debut, together.  Daniel made sure we had a 20-man battle royal, since Rusev did not recite The Pledge of Allegiance.

For that reason alone, this show was a million times better than Raw Monday night.

This coming Monday, we will see Cyber Monday, so stay tuned for that.  I will talk to you then.

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/24/14…Get ‘Er Done

Tonight, a new era has begun.  The Authority are not in charge, after Team Cena defeated Team Authority, with Dolph Ziggler surviving a 3 on 1 disadvantage.  We also saw Sting inside a WWE ring, going face to face with HHH.

So the question becomes who is in charge?

And oh yeah, our special guest tonight is Larry The Cable Guy.

Raw is in 10 minutes.

We see footage from last night when Sting made his WWE in-ring debut.

Even when they aren’t supposed to be in “power”, The Authority kicks off the show.

They expected this kind of reaction tonight, because we don’t understand the word respect.  We don’t know what its like being a leader, and accept responsibility for their actions.

Team Authority would have won last night, if it hadn’t been for one man, who had never stepped foot in the WWE ring, and that man is Sting.  And because of her father, the only man who can reenlist them is John Cena.

But they are still the winners, they still have their desk jobs, they still have their jobs.  But they just don’t have control over the tv programs.

HHH asks us if we enjoy this, to see them humbled?  Do they want to see his wife cry?  What kind of people are us?  We are bullies.

Go ahead and cheer, but be careful what you wish for.  Because HHH knows there isn’t anyone that can handle this power.  They live in a univerise with finance, they do things that is what’s best for business.  Not for popularity, so who will deal with that?  John Cena?  Will it be Dolph Ziggler?  Will it be Sting?

HHH doesn’t know why Sting showed up, to make his career relevant for being in the ring with HHH for 30 seconds?  His first night could be his last night, because we are looking at the demise of WWE.

And now HHH is quoting us with Colonel Jessup, from “A Few Good Men”, in that infamous courtroom setting.

But without The Authority, there would be no John Cena, no Dolph Ziggler, no Ryback.  Who will take control?  Go ahead, and cheer, but mark his words, he will beg them to come back.

In comes Daniel Bryan.

We get the yes chants all over Indianapolis, while HHH and Stephanie leave the ring.

They can’t even leave in peace, with Daniel Bryan goating (See what I did there?) them with Yes chants.

Daniel tells us it’s great to be back in the ring.  Daniel tells us after Team Cena’s win, he is in charge of Raw tonight.

Just because Team Authority lost last night does not mean they are bad people.  So let’s hear it for Team Authority.

Here they all come, as a team.

Daniel isn’t a spiteful man.  He isn’t going to strip them of their titles.  He isn’t going to put them in unfair matches, like HHH and Stephanie did.

And he starts with “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins.

Tonight, he will put Seth in the ring against 2 men of his choice against John Cena, and the man who changed the course of direction, Dolph Ziggler.

Whether Daniel likes it or not, Seth tells him he is still the future of this company.

But he is curious, what is Daniel’s idea?  Who will his partners be?

Daniel informs him the WWE Universe will select his partners.

Team A.  Mark Henry and Luke Harper.

Team B.  Mark Henry and Kane

Team C.  Noble and Mercury.

Voting will start now.

Rollins said they are just security, so Daniel said life is not fair so go ahead and step aside.

And now that brings us to his great, long-time buddy….”Corporate” Kane.

It seems that Kane has gone down the path, if he was in charge, he wouldn’t have that position of Director of Operations.  But let’s be fair, let’s ask the fans, should Kane be DOO?

The fans say no, and Kane will be Director of Food and Beverage.

Someone bring out a tray and a hairnet.

Popcorn and hot dogs.  No hairnet though.

Now for the United States Champion, Rusev and Lana.

Since he is the United States Champion, he should be more patriotic.  He tells us how great Russia is, and how horrible United States is.

Well, he has 2 choices, either A.  Compete in a battle royal with everyone else for the United States Title on the line.  Or….B.  He comes to the ring, and recite the entire Pledge of Allegiance.

Rusev leaves the ramp, without telling us.

Tonight, Luke Harper will compete by himself and put the Intercontinental Title, against “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

And this leaves Mark Henry.

A big guy asked Daniel for a match against a man who embarrassed him two years ago at Wrestlemania.  That man is Ryback, and he can do that tonight because that is what he does.

Ryback Vs Mark Henry is now.

A rather quick match, with Ryback hitting a Meathook Clothesline.

HHH and Stephanie are leaving backstage.  They run into Vince McMahon.

Vince isn’t angry, he’s just disappointed.  He made insurmountable odds at Survivor Series, because they have to make insurmountable odds to make it in the corporate business.  How does it feel?  To have those fans treat you?

Sorry?  Sorry?  THE HELL YOU’RE SORRY!!  He orders them to get into the limo, and they drive away into the moonlight drive.

IC Title match is set now….Dean Ambrose Vs Luke Harper.

Harper shoves Ambrose into the ref, and Harper is DQ’d, but Dean elbows Luke.  And now come the chairs.

At TLC, it’s Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt in a TLC match.

The fans want tables, but we get tables and a ladder.

But Bray Wyatt shows up from behind, and nails Sister Abigail.

Now it’s Wyatt burying Ambrose with chairs.

Bray now stands up at the table, and feels the fans presence.

We get a replay of what we just saw.

The New Day is coming, according to Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston.

Oh boy, Larry The Cable Guy and Santino Marella are heading to the ring.

Larry is wearing a lucha mask.

Larry came here to wrestle.

Santino tells him he needs to train, and have experience.

What would his wrestling name be?  Larry is a fan of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and his name would be “Stone Cold” Creamery.

Gold and Stardust are here, they are ready to compete.

They are in action, next.

Gold and Stardust Vs The Miz and Mizdow, Tag Team Gold is on the line.

The Miz and Mizdow retain their titles, but Miz had an “injury” being tended to, Mizdow did all of the work, and Miz tags himself in, hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Stardust, and wins.

Tonight, 3-on-2 Handicap match with Ziggler and Cena facing Rollins and 2 partners.

We get to choose on WWE App.

Kane is being chewed out by his manager.  Kane is chips.

Rusev is in the ring, with Lana.

This is not fair, America is not fair.  What kind of country forces their will at people?

Rusev doesn’t care who is in charge of Raw, he won’t be brainwashed by these dumb Americans.

Daniel Bryan shows up, and he will send a ref out for his US Title match,

But he will give them another chance, and send someone to “supervise”.

Sgt. Slaughter.

Slaughter orders the United States flag to pop up, and it does.

He orders them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and only Lana does it.

Rusev grabs Lana’s mic, and throws it down, sending her out of the ring.

Rusev wants to fight, it seems.

Enter Jack Swagger

Swagger catches Rusev and tries to hit a Patriot Lock, but Rusev gets out of the ring.

The Authority are no longer in power.  Daniel Bryan is in charge, and we get to vote who Seth Rollins will partner with.  Either Mark Henry and Kane, Mark Henry and Luke Harper, or the two stooges.

“Jingle All The Way 2″ is out on DVD December 2nd.

Santino orders a hot dog, with heavy mustard and Kane pours mustard all over Santino.

The new, and improved Fandango Vs Justin Gabriel is up now.  With Rosa Mendes.

Fandango wins with his leg drop off the top rope.  The crowd still does not care.

Last night on Survivor Series, Big Show turned his back on Team Cena.

The Big Show speaks, next.

We are live in Indianapolis, with the Colts in the house.

Big Show comes out.

People say he is a “bad guy” but he’s not a bad guy.  He is a human being that made a mistake.  There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t made a mistake.  Don’t misunderstand what happened.  He despises The Authority.  They made him do some horrible things last year, to people like Daniel Bryan.

Big Show made a snap decision, and he panicked.  Dolph Ziggler was knocked out, Cena could barely get up to his feet.  He saw three fresh members of The Authority.  He did one fateful mistake, and he hopes they can forgive him.  He understands the boos, but this isn’t the time for it.  If Big Show could go back again, knowing how things could turn out, he wouldn’t have done what he did.

He has put his body on the line for 20 years, and he thinks we should give him a mulligan.  So let’s pretend it didn’t happen.

The fans are giving him a you sold out chant.

How dare we all judge him on the decisions he make.  How dare we pass judgment on him, when he has everything on the line.  He is not a traitor, he is The Big Show and he deserves respect.

If any of you cowards in the back have something to say, say it to his face.

Erick Rowan comes out.

Big Show is not impressed.

He makes fun at Erick, and tells him this ring is made for men.

Big Show orders him to go back to the ramp, and Erick tells him he doesn’t like bullies.  He kicks Big Show out of the ring.

3-on-2 Handicap match, who will Seth Rollins’ partner be?  We can vote on the WWE App.

Rollins is not impressed with Noble and Mercury.

Ziggler believes in them, and he asked his 1.4 million followers to vote for the two of them.

Brie Bella, with the new Divas Champion Nikki Bella.

AJ Lee is in the ring, and she said the divas title look good with her shoes, and lesb-i-honest….Brie proved she could be a bigger skank than her sister.

AJ Vs Brie, is now.

Brie wins with a rollup, because Nikki snaps AJ’s arm off the ring ropes.

AJ tells them that the two of them together doesn’t equal the kind of woman AJ is.  And she makes this blunt, talent is not sexually transmitted.

Daniel Bryan is in charge, and we see a 3-on-2 Handicap match.  Who will Seth Rollins’ partner be?  We decide, vote on WWE App.

Adam Rose and the bunny Vs Tyson Kidd and Natalya.  “Interspecies Match”, and we have Santino and Larry at commentary.

Tyson and Natalya win, with some unfortunate help from the bunny.

He is asking for some forgiveness from Adam Rose.

Ryback is standing by with Renee Young.

Ryback is hungry for more.  He wants to know where a good concession stand is at.

The New Day is coming….together.

The New Day is dawning…next week.

Kane is selling hot dogs and soda.

“The Big Guy” is hungry.

Kane throws a hot dog, and Ryback hits some ketchup and mustard.  He also forgot his nuts.

Renee Young is with Cena and Ziggler.

Ziggler told us it would take every last fiber of his breath, he would survive.  They needed a miracle, and that miracle was a man named Sting.

Cena talks about Daniel Bryan being in charge, and tonight….the man that runs this place will team with The Showoff, you can consider this show, stolen.

Our main event is next, who teams up with Rollins?

Rollins will now have the J & J Security as his partners, dressed in suits as our main event.

Cena and Ziggler pinned J & J Security, with AA and Zig Zag, respectively.

Rollins runs away from the ring, but Daniel Bryan runs out and throws Rollins back, is met with an AA.

Just when all three men celebrate with the Yes chants, we get the Anonymous Raw General Manager?

Next week is Cyber Raw, whatever that means, according to Cole.

The show ends with that damn beeping noise over, and over.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, after an epic ending last night, we get a long and painful Raw that gave us 3 segments of Larry The Cable Guy.  You figure that out.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Did they drop the ball here?

WWE Survivor Series 11/23/14

Tonight, the job is on the line with Team Cena facing Team Authority in a Traditional Survivor Series match.  There have been rumors swirling around a few superstars making their return tonight.  Will that happen, and where do we go from here?

Survivor Series is now.

We are live in St. Louis, Missouri.  One hour away from Survivor Series.  We have the Kick-Off show, with Renee Young, Booker T, Paul Heyman, and Alex Riley.

They are talking about the magnitude of Team Authority Vs Team Cena.  If Team Cena wins, who takes over the power of WWE?

Tom Phillips is standing by in the Social Media Lounge, asking us who has the best survival plan on Team Cena.

Renee tells us Bad News Barrett will be here with the kick-off, and next, the returning, and improving Fandango, who has Rosa Mendes as his partner Vs Justin Gabriel.

Well, Fandago has new music, has a bit of a new look, and a new partner.  But the crowd couldn’t care.  Fandango wins with his top rope leg drop.

Tonight, we are in St. Louis.  And Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt finally collide.

Preview video is showing.

Tonight, we will have a Fatal 4-way for the World Tag Team Titles with Star and Goldust putting their titles on the line against The Miz and Mizdow, Los Matadores, and The Uso’s.

Miz and Mizdow are ready for their title match.  Mizdow is of course impersonating The Miz.

It’s Bad News Barrett, making his monumental return after 5 months.  He can feel the excitement in the air.  It’s Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

If Team Cena wins, The Authority will lose their power, and if Team Authority wins, HHH has guaranteed everyone will lose their jobs, except for John Cena.  He is afraid Cena has some bad news.

If Authority wins, Cena will wish he was fired, but Authority, Barrett has some bad news.

If Cena wins, Authority believes we can’t move in without them, but WWE has always been around, so even without The Authority, they can flourish, and we will enter the era of Bad News Barrett.

AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella tonight, for the Divas Title.

AJ gives us an interview with Byron Saxson.  AJ will find a way to survive through the Bella drama, to keep her Divas Title.

This is the final day of Brie serving as Nikki’s personal assistant.

Next, we will get an extensive preview of Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

Tom Phillips is giving us tweets from the people.

Preview video now of Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

A bonus match for us it seems, Cesaro.

Cesaro is a proud member of Switzerland.  He brings up World War II, and how the Swiss stayed neutral.  Even tonight, Team Cena Vs Team Authority.  The Swiss are staying neutral, but he is pushing his support for Team Authority.

He is saying Long Live The Authority in 5 different languages.

But now come Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.

Zeb and Swagger are a part of Team Cena.  He calls what Cesaro is doing brown-nosing.  Americans don’t have to brown nose, they roll up their sleeves are get ready to work.

We The People.

Swagger Vs Cesaro, now.

Swagger makes Cesaro tap out to the Patriot Lock.

A limo shows up, and it’s Vince McMahon.

Survivor Series starts in a minute.

We are in St. Louis, we have Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Vince McMahon kicks the show off.

Vince guarandamntees us this will be a Survivor Series we will never, ever forget.

He wants to bring out HHH and Stephanie.

They are kissing up to dear old dad.

Stephanie feels the love, and tells him he has given them this incredible opportunity.  They will make him proud.

HHH wants us to give it up to Vince.

Stephanie wants the crowd to pump up Vince, and Vince wants to move on.

He asks for John Cena to head to the ring, and here he comes.

Vince makes this clear to Cena.  if Team Authority wins, Cena will be responsible of having four men fired from Raw.  And if Team Cena wins, HHH and Stephanie will be let go of their power.

Cena wants to know when Cena wins, will they walk out gracefully, or will he have to kick them out?

HHH makes this clear, Cena is responsible for the livelihood of 4 men, he has nothing to lose.  And when they come back tomorrow, crawling on their knees, begging for their job, they will fire them anyway.

Stephanie tells John the fans will move on to the next person, meanwhile if Team Cena wins, they will still be running the show at Corporate Headquarters.

Vince corrects her, and says if Team Cena wins, they will be done from running the show.  And he has so much confidence in them, that the only person who can bring them back on TV is John Cena.

Cena makes this clear, Team Cena will win, and he is the only man who can bring them back on TV. So there is no chance in hell of that to happen.

Fatal 4-Way match for the Tag Titles. Gold and Stardust Vs Los Matadores Vs The Uso Brothers Vs The Miz and Mizdow.

The Miz and Mizdow win when everyone else does the dirty work, including a 4-man plancha.  Miz tags out, but Mizdow quickly tagged in, and pinned Goldust.

Crowd loves Mizdow, and is going nuts over this.

Tomorrow night, we will see Larry The Cable Guy on Raw.

Next Monday night, Stone Cold’s podcast is coming back, airing immediately after Raw, with Vince McMahon as his guest.

Adam Rose is feuding with the bunny, again.  Slater Gator sees the fun.

Later tonight, it will be Adam Rose and the bunny Vs Slater Gator.

Now, it’s the Divas Elimination Tag match.

Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, and Layla Vs Natalya, Emma, Naomi, and Alicia Fox.

Naomi eliminated Cameron with a rollup.

It’s now 4 on 3.

Layla is eliminated now, by Alicia Fox.

4 on 2.

Do you see a trend here?

Summer Rae taps out to Emma.

It’s now 4 on 1.

Naomi picks up the win for her team with a Facebuster, pinning Paige.

We are live in St. Louis.

We hear from the Kick-Off panel, but before they show us footage of the returning, and “improving” Fandango, and a returning Bad News Barrett.

Team Cena Vs Team Authority just raised its stakes, when Vince told the world John Cena would be the only one who could bring back HHH and Stephanie McMahon on TV.

Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt preview is set.

Ambrose Vs Wyatt is now.

The match was physical, both men worked their asses off.  Bray gets on the mic, and tells him it didn’t have to be this way.  The two of them could have ruled this company, together.  But he chose this path, and brought a chair in.  Despite warning him, Dean nailed Bray with a chair, for the DQ.

We have a chair, we now have a table.  Dean nails Dirty Deeds on a chair, and he puts Wyatt through a table with a legdrop.  Now we have another table.

Takes the chair and smashes him with a chair on table.  Throws all kinds of chairs, into the ring and we get a small EC-Dub chant.

Now we have a ladder folks.

Dean climbs up the ladder, and celebrates with the crowd.

We have our TLC match set up in 3 weeks.

Team Authority are having a pep talk.

Good lord, it’s now Adam Rose and the bunny Vs Slater Gator.

The bunny wins with a top rope dropkick and rolling up Slater.

Adam Rose is not amused.

Why did they put this on the PPV, who knows?  Especially since we didn’t see the reveal of the bunny.

I kid you not, this will be their TLC Kick-Off match.

Roman Reigns is live, via satellite.

How is his recovery going?

Reigns is getting stronger everyday, but he would feel better if he was there.  If he was here, he would cock this fist, and make it rain in this bitch.

JBL asked him how would he feel if Seth Rollins and The Authority win tonight, and their power would increase?

Reigns can’t stand Rollins, so he would throw a cinder block at him.  But at this time next month, Team Cena might be out.  Team Authority might be out, but Roman Reigns will not be.  He’s back in a month.

Team Cena is talking, and they will do whatever it takes to survive.

Divas Title is up now, Nikki Bella Vs AJ Lee.

Nikki Bella becomes the new Divas Champion, after Brie Bella pops up on apron, and kisses AJ Lee to distract her.  Bella Rack, bam!!

Just like that, Mark Henry is knocked out by Big Show.

5 on 4 now in favor of Team Cena.

Rusev eliminates Ryback, when Rollins snuck in after everyone was fighting outside, hit a Curbstomp, with a Rusev kick.

It’s now even, 4 on 4.

Rusev is eliminated by countout, when he tried to take out Ziggler with a table splash, only to have Ziggy move, and crawl back into the ring before the count of 10.

4 on 3, Team Cena.

Rowan is eliminated by Harper’s clothesline, along with an assist by Rollins.

It’s now 3 on 3.

Big Show knocks out Cena, turning heel himself.  Rollins pins Cena.

And Big Show walks away, eliminating himself.

It’s now 3 on 1, Team Authority.

Now is the time to push Ziggler.

Zig Zag on Kane, it’s now 2 on 1.

Ziggler rolls up Harper, eliminating him.

Ziggler Vs Rollins, one on one.

All hell broke loose here, everytime Ziggler had Rollins, HHH would interfere, kick the ref out, send his goons out after Ziggler, which did not work.  Even knocking Mercury and Noble into Setphanie and HHH.

HHH now did everything himself, knocking out Ziggler, giving him a pedigree, and calling for Scott Armstrong to count the pin.

But then we hear new music, and out comes Sting.  Yes, Sting is in a WWE arena, decked Armstrong and was face to face with HHH.

This felt like a moment,a Wrestlemania moment, but HHH lays the first move, Sting ducks and kicks him, followed by a Scorpion Death Drop.  He puts Ziggler over Rollins, and Ziggler wins for Team Cena.

Cena comes to celebrate with Ziggler, and the show ends with reality setting in with HHH and Stephanie.  The crowd sings goodbye to them, with Stephanie screaming this is not over.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They built everything on this PPV to one match, and honestly, they built it to the ending.  You have to wonder though, since they did that, where do we go from here?  I loved that we have a Wrestlemania match set, with Sting Vs HHH.

That seems to be a safe bet, but the one thing I wanted to see, didn’t happen.  If Cena wasn’t going to turn heel, then why didn’t John help his team last Monday from getting their asses beat?  There just wasn’t any continuity in this at all.

If Swagger couldn’t compete in the main event, then why was he even there tonight?  Why did Big Show turn again, when he has turned for 18 million other times?

I did like to see Rusev not get pinned, but Ryback sure did, and he didn’t look good.

Everything has to make sense, which brings me to Sting.

Does this mean he is in charge of WWE now?  Why else would he even come out, because the rumors said he would?

I guess I should just shrug my shoulders and say oh well, because obviously Vince and his creative crew do that.

So will Sting beg Cena to reinstate HHH so he can face him at Wrestlemania?  There is still this untold story with Cena.  He is the man in charge, essentially, since he decides when to bring back HHH and Stephanie.

Then again, they never did sign an official contract.  What were your thoughts on Raw?  Send them to me, and I will talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.

Impact Wrestling 11/19/14…The Final Show Before The Storm

We begin the show with footage we saw of Roode Vs Lashley, and the chaos Lashley has caused since.

We are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode shows up.

Roode brings up you only have a few friends in this business.  Eric Young is Bobby’s friend.  Lashley tried to end his career.  Austin Aries is another one of Roode’s friends, and he tried to take his career out.  He understands it, Lashley wants another World Title match, and he will get that.  But tonight, it’s not about World Heavyweight Championship.  Tonight isn’t about rules, it’s about a fight.  No referees, just Lashley coming out.

Lashley comes out to the ring, and the fight is on.

When chairs went flying, security came out to separate the two men.

Robbie E is here.  He gives Rockstar Spud an opportunity.  We will see if he’s truly a man.

Impact Wrestling will return in 2 weeks, on Spike TV.

Havok Vs Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell for the Knockout Title.  Video preview is being shown.

Knockout Title match is up now, Havok Vs Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell.

Taryn picks up the win, with the rollup victory over Gail Kim.  This match delivered, they gave them time and all three women worked hard.

Gail shakes her hand after the match, showing mutual respect.

Kenny King greets MVP backstage.  MVP is okay with coming in, and having Lashley win the title, but he’s not okay with people referring to him as a manager, or the mouthpiece, so he is here to remind people of who MVP is.

Last week, Samoa Joe had to forfeit the X-Division Title.  Tonight, we get a Fatal 4-Way to determine who the new X-Division Champion is.

Also, earlier tonight, Roode and Lashley had a fight.

Roode makes it clear he is not done with fighting Lashley tonight.

Our next match is Kenny King Vs Chris Melendez.

Kenny King is DQ’d when MVP lays Chris out with a chair to show the world who he is.  Mr. Anderson comes in and stops them.

Spud is ready to see what Mr. Carter has to say, and what he wants, Mr. Carter will get.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, MVP and Kenny King laying out Melendez.

Kurt Angle checks in on Chris, he is on his way to the hospital.

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3.




EC3 is going to give Rockstar Spud to do something he has wanted to do in a long time, and that is to fight EC3.

This is the battle of the suits.  Rockstar Spud wins, hand down.

He orders Tyrus to not step in and help EC3, so now is the opportunity Spud has been waiting for.

And Spud is ready.

It entertains EC3 ruined Spud’s life, but he is giving him the first shot.

He goats him into hitting him, fires up Spud.

Spud won’t hit him in the face, he will kick him in the balls, and he does.

But that’s all he gets, EC3 takes over and hands him over to Tyrus for a Chokeslam.

EC3 tells him he will take him out piece by piece, and he’s starting with his hair.  He has a pair of scissors, and cuts a few pieces off his head.

EC3 is taking his pride.

Kurt Angle screams at Kenny King for what happened, but MVP lays him out.

Moments ago, MVP lays out Kurt Angle.

Hardcore match now with Bram Vs Tommy Dreamer.

Before the match, they show an awesome video on the destruction Bram laid out before this match.

Bram wins a wild and bloody brawl with a Jumping DDT.  We had Magnus and Al Snow come out, but it was a clean victory.

Kurt Angle is irate over what happened, and he vows that MVP will pay tonight.

X-Division Fatal 4-way match is next.

They show us “Cowboy” James Storm cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase last week, with he and Abyss winning the Tag Team Titles.

Earlier today, Manik talked to the Indian guy, telling him that Storm likes him, but he needs to let go.

Fatal 4-Way is next.  Lo-Ki Vs DJ Z Vs Manik Vs Tigre Uno, to become the new X-Division Champion.

Lo-Ki wins the X-Division Title, pinning Tigre with a Ki-Krusher.

A very emotional win for Lo-Ki.

MVP, Kenny King, and Angle are ready to come to the ring.

MVP wants Lashley to help him out, he asks him by phone.

Our main event time, Kurt Angle heads to the ring.

Ever since he took the position of Executive Director, he made sure this was the best in-ring performing.  But MVP took it upon himself to put himself in position to take the title, and take power.  He needs to take repercussions, and needs to take the punishment.

MVP comes out, he says he is sick of this company, he is sick of the fans, and he is sick and tired of Kurt.  So what is he going to do?

Kurt won’t fire MVP, instead he is going to fight him.

So Kurt decks MVP and the two men start to fight, but here comes Kenny King.  2-on-1, but MVP continues to shove Kenny out-of-the-way.  Mr. Anderson evens the odds and fights Kenny.  Here comes a spear by Lashley, and here comes Bobby Roode.

All six men fight to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the matches here tonight, especially the Knockout Title.  But everything else had its purpose too.  They treated the two title changes as big things, and Bram is becoming a star.

The one thing I didn’t like were the fights, just a bit hokey.  To me, I would have focused on Roode and Lashley.  I can’t wait to see Roode Vs Lashley III.

But this is it, the final Spike TV show.  Although there will be other episodes, they will be Best of 2014 episodes.  If you hadn’t heard, TNA is moving to Destination America.  It’s a growing channel, and they will be able to add more specials, something they just couldn’t do on Spike TV, even being there for 9 years.  So it’s a new chapter, a new beginning.  I will add more about this in weeks to come.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/17/14…Grumpy Old Cat

We are 6 days away from Survivor Series.  Tonight, we see the official contract signing of Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

And we see a grumpy cat hosting the show.

We see last week when Ryback took out Team Authority.  Is he a part of Team Cena?

The Authority kick off the show.

Luke Harper is officially a member, it seems.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

HHH reminds us that 3 weeks ago, “The Chairman” Vincent Kennedy McMahon added a stipulation, being that if The Authority loses, they will be out of power.

We would like to see them lose, so they can be regular employees, like some of us.

Stephanie asks us what it feels like to want?

HHH calls us sheep, we need someone to lead us.  Isn’t it ironic that we cheer for Vince now, when many years ago, when he ruled with an iron fist, we booed him.

This is what The Authority does, they run this place like an empire.  But we want to see the inmates run the asylum, like John Cena and Dolph Ziggler.  That’s what happened with a company like WCW, and what happened?  WWE picked them up, like an auction.

Which is why we see the strongest unit in wrestling, led by Seth Rollins.  And they are facing the miscontent Team Cena, led by John Cena.

HHH is glad WWE Network is free, because we all can see The Authority score their biggest victory, HHH’s biggest victory.

Stephanie tried to get Team Cena to see the light, but they couldn’t do it, but tonight, they will pay.  HHH tells us that tonight, they all square off in matches, and at the end of the night, we will see who signs, and who doesn’t.

Stephanie introduces us to Team Authority.

Seth Rollins, Mark Henry, Kane, Rusev, and Luke Harper.

Luke is a team player.

Stephanie tells him he is a team player.  And they are a complete team.  Unlike Team Cena, who doesn’t have a complete team.  Which brings up Ryback.  They thought they had Ryback signed, but an agreement couldn’t be reached, and they understand, so yadda, yadda, yadda, they must move on.

Feed Me More!!

Enter Ryback.

The Authority wants what’s best for business.  John Cena wants what is best for WWE Universe, but Ryback wants what’s best for Ryback.

Stephanie understands what Ryback is saying, and while things happened, and some wish they didn’t happen.

Kane regrets what happened, and he is sorry.

Ryback has to understand, Stephanie respects what him, but Cena may not.

We see footage from last year when Cena had some choice words about Ryback.

Words speak for themselves, and she sees John Cena being jealous of Ryback.  Is that what Ryback wants?  For Cena to dislike him, so does he want that, or the respect for Team Authority?

Ryback plays for one team he can count on, and that’s Team Ryback.

HHH tells him it’s a wise decision, stay neutral.  For anyone else in the fight, the decimation begins now.

Luke Harper will stay in the ring, and face a man who spits in the face of the Authority, and shows off.  Dolph Ziggler, your time is up, your time is now.

Ziggler Vs Harper, now.

Tonight, a contract signing of Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

This is now an IC Title match. With Seth Rollins nailing Ziggler with his briefcase before the bell rang.

Luke Harper becomes the new Intercontinental Champion, nailing Ziggler with his Clothesline.

Luke Harper is a team player.

Rollins hits a Curb Stomp on Ziggler, knocking him out.

We see before the match, Mercury and Noble attacks Ziggler, with Rollins nailing Dolph with his briefcase.

2 weeks are left of a free WWE Network, and free Survivor Series.  It’s time to give us a preview of a WWE Network show.

The New Day is coming.

But first, The Miz is backstage.  He is with Mizdow.  They pitch an idea with Grumpy Cat about a summer blockbuster.  Grumpy is not amused.

They now have a Grumpy Stunt Cat.

Grumpy isn’t amused.

Adam Rose comes to the ring, and for some strange reason, the bunny is still there, even though he has been smacked around for a few weeks.

It’s Adam Rose Vs Tyson Kidd, again.

The bunny screws Adam, again.  This time hitting on Natalya, distracting Rose a bit, and submitting to The Sharpshooter.

Adam is about to attack the bunny, but the bunny ducks and now plays with Adam only to hop along.

Wrestlemania tickets went on sale last weekend.

Bray Wyatt interrupts the fun segment, he is here.

Bray heads to the ring, complete with his awesome music.

They have lied to us all, right from the beginning.  They have tried to convince us that love will make us rich, richer than a dollar bill.  But what they forgot to mention, everything you love can be ripped from you, like a drop of a hat.

But we know a man who has nothing to lose, is the most dangerous man.  Poor Dean Ambrose.

People like Dean can express himself, like an obligation, and not by choice.  Men like Dean Ambrose will always be alone.  He hopes Dean doesn’t mistake his generosity, because he swears he comes in peace.

That suffering was a gift, because Bray knows the pain he has gone through.  A mother that would rather drown in her own misery, than take care of her baby.  A father runs off from his family, Bray can be Dean’s salvation, and their salvation can intertwine.

Embrace this Dean, and he can make all of this go away.

Ambrose heard Bray, he heard him loud and clear.  Its like nails in a chalkboard, he can’t stand it anymore.  But he is trying to save him?  Why else would he try to throw bones in his past?  Maybe Bray is trying to help.  He learned something from Bray, its called video recording.  He recorded this earlier today, he is actually in the arena now.

Ambrose comes to the ring, wanting to fight Bray.

As you can see, Ambrose doesn’t need any saving.  At Survivor Series, Bray just needs to worry about surviving himself.

Earlier tonight, Luke Harper became the new Intercontinental Champion, and Ziggler was taken out.

Later tonight, we will have an official contract signing for all 10 men.

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Ryback is in action, next.

Larry The Cable Guy is going to host Raw, next week.

Ryback Vs Cesaro, now.

Ryback wins with Shellshock.

Cena is watching backstage, with Renee Young talking with John.  The Authority knows their future, their power, and their careers are on the line.  And you have guts, if you stand up to him.  All he can hope is he sees all of those guys later tonight, sign the contracts and are ready for Sunday night.

Does that include Ryback?

Cena knows its clear, Ryback is on Team Ryback.

Rusev is in action, next.

When we come back, we see Rusev and Lana.  Lana tell us her man, Vladimir Putin is all man, or something like that.

Heath Slater, dressed as Uncle Slam tells Lana to shut up.  He bleeds red, white, and blue.  Calls Rusev a son of a bitch, and Rusev kicks Slater.

Destroying him in less than 20 seconds, making him tap to The Accolade.

Grumpy Cat is not amused.

The Miz wants to do a buddy movie with Grumpy Cat, she gets the girl, and Miz stays on for the sequel.

Erik Rowan shows up, he wants that cat.  And Erik takes the stunt cat.

Grumpy Cat is not amused.

The Big Show heads to the ring.

Just as Big Show is set for his match, Stephanie McMahon shows up.

She tells him that Big Show was always in someone’s shadow.  He always wanted to be the guy, but he always wanted to make it up to the crowd, but it’s not the fans who give Show his chance, it’s The Authority.

Stephanie makes Show an offer that if he ducks out of this match this Sunday, he will be the only current, active member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

What do you say Show?  Do not listen to the fans, listen to yourself.

Show’s answer is no.

Sheamus shows up, and is proud of being a part of Team Cena, just like Big Show.  Because it is an honor to put them both out of power.  The only way next week they can see them, is to buy a ticket.

Stephanie tells Sheamus that he is not a legal American.  It would be a “shame” if he finds himself deported.  But she wants to show she is all about opportunity, which means they will face each other, and the winner will get a WWE World Championship match, down the road.

Sheamus Vs Big Show, now.

The match ends in a no contest when Rusev and Henry come out to clean house.

Henry lays Sheamus out with a World’s Strongest Slam through the table.  Rusev slaps an Accolade on Big Show.

Where is Cena?

The Survivor Series Kickoff show will feature the new and improved Fandango, with Rosa Mendes.  Bad News Barrett will make an appearance, and Paul Heyman joins the panel.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Big Show and Sheamus being decimated by Rusev and Henry.

Divas time, it’s Brie Bella, dressed as AJ Lee.

We have an exhibition match, with Nikki Bella Vs “AJ Lee” and the real AJ Lee shows up.

AJ distracts Nikki for a bit, and Brie rolls up Nikki to pin her.

AJ kicks Brie for her receipt a few weeks ago, and AJ celebrates with her Divas Title.

Tonight, an official Contract Signing for Team Cena Vs Team Authority.

Big E is a part of The New Day.

And it’s coming.

Ryback is backstage, when Cena shows up.

Cena tells Ryback WWE needs him.

Ryback doesn’t like what Cena said, and John told him he saw the footage, and said he did it to his face.  But then they kicked each other’s ass, and he earned Cena’s respect.

The Authority are just spoon-feeding him, giving him promises they can’t keep.  Ryback isn’t stupid, he understands what is going on, and Ryback is always on Team Ryback.

Cena calls him selfish, and when he finally gets a chance to sit at the big boy’s table, he doesn’t want to.

Earlier tonight, Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose fight.

This Sunday, at Survivor Series, the two men will fight.

The Usos and Los Matadores Vs The Miz, Mizdow, Gold and Stardust.

This Sunday, Fatal 4-way for the Tag Titles are set, with these four teams.

Gold and Stardust, Miz and Mizdow won, when Starust hits Crossroads.

They never tagged in Mizdow, which infuriated the fans.

Grumpy Cat is amused.

The Contract Signing is set, next.

Immedately after Raw, on WWE Network, an exclusive first-look at The Randy Savage Story will air.

Earlier tonight, all three members of Team Cena were decimated.

So who is a part of Team Cena?  The contract signing is now.

HHH tells us this Sunday, history will be made.  The Authority will stand tall, because when it comes to the WWE…you love the WWE, right?  John Cena will tell us he loves WWE, but we have no idea what it’s like for them.  Every fiber of his family, every fiber of him is this.  This is the air they breathe.  They can’t lose.

Stephanie assure him they won’t lose.

And they won’t lose, and they won’t lose, they cannot lose.  This is the last chance for every member of so-called Team Cena to back out.  Because after this Sunday, trust HHH, they wished they had.

Stephanie tells them there is nothing wrong with backing out.  Her father challenged them to put together a strong team, and now all five members have decimated Team Cena all night long.

So come on out, with what is left of Team Cena.

Cena tells HHH he has jokes, and everyone will see this Sunday, for free Team Authority will lose, and they will be out of power.

Stephanie sees nobody, because everyone else values their careers.  He is left with one choice, and that is to wake up.

Cena tells her she will have no power this Sunday.  They try to sabotage everyone else, and will do whatever it takes to eliminate Team Cena.  But instead, they put these people to sleep.  He will find his own team and they will fight this Sunday, and Team Authority will lose.

He will even choose his own team from the audience, and he does so.  The thing that will get them to win is because they have more passion than The Authority.

They are nothing but suck-ups.

Cena tells us HHH and Stephanie will saunter to the ring, with their nose up in the air.

Cena tells us Kane will be eliminated first, followed by Luke Harper.  Then we will see Mark Henry gone, then Rusev, and we are left with their “golden boy”, Seth Rollins.

Stephanie speaks out again, and slaps John.  Now comes the fighting, he is ready for them, but who will fight with Cena?

Well, Ziggler comes back, then Big Show.

So it’s 5 on 3….but wait….here comes Erik Rowan?

Yup, Rowan is a face, and this shocked Luke Harper.

So Stephanie still laughs, because it’s 5 on 4.  They still have the numbers game, but here comes Cesaro?


Yes, Cesaro, who has never been given a big push from The Authority laughs at Cena and is ribbing him.

Which gives us the real choice…

Feed Me More…

Ryback comes out, and we are ready for a fight.

All of them men fight outside of the ring, and we have Cena and HHH go nose to nose, (Joke there). Ryback sees this, and he saves John from a Pedigree. Now he and HHH go face to face, and that was epic. But before they could go toe to toe, Cena ends the show with an Attitude Adjustment, with HHH going through a table.

We end the show with Stephanie in tears, and Team Cena are standing tall.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So with this ending, Team Cena standing tall, logic would say Team Authority would win this Sunday, right? I mean what is on the line here with Team Cena? And WWE needs to do something special, since Survivor Series is free to many people, and this way you want to add attractions, right? My bold prediction is this is the night Cena turns heel and joins Team Authority.

Think about this, Cena was never with his team members, and this needs to be that moment. Or we can do the predictable, yet boring way of screwing Cena, so he won’t be pinned clean.

Either way, Team Authority will win.

But Grumpy Cat rules, what were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me.

Impact Wrestling 11/12/14…The Wolves Vs The Hardys….Tag Team Gold On The Line

Tonight, Madison Rayne will face Taryn Terrell, we will also see Austin Aries Vs Bobby Lashley, and for the Tag Team gold, The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Footage from last week, when we saw Roode Vs MVP.  Lashley ended the show with a spear, and blew right past MVP.

Lashley is waiting for MVP.  Kenny King shows up, doesn’t know where MVP is and Lashley flips out.

The Revolution is in the ring.  Storm has been waiting for Davey Richards, and his time is up.

The Wolves come out.

Edwards tries to tell Storm that no matter how many times he asks, their answer….

Davey grabs the mic.

He can speak for himself.  He has been hearing what Storm has been telling him, and many of it makes sense.  But one thing comes to his mind, Storm is out of his freaking time.

His answer is no.

So The Revolution attacks on The Wolves.

Storm has a steel chair, and smashes Richards’ leg.

The Revolution has their final say.

Revolution come back to the ring, with a briefcase.  Storm smashes Edwards’ head with it, and nails Richard’s leg with it.

Storm still has a Feast or Fired briefcase, and he wants to cash it in, now.

Here comes Abyss.

It looks like he is the newest pledge of The Revolution.

Black Hole Slam on Eddie Edwards.

He and Storm embrace, Storm tags out, and pins Edwards for the win.

He gives Davey an Eye of the Storm for good measure.

Our next match is Madison Rayne Vs Taryn Terrell.

Taryn wins an upset of a match over Madison, with the cutter.

Kurt Angle is on the phone, Lashley wants Roode, tonight.

Kurt tells him that Roode is doing promotion, and Lashley steps up.  He does what he wants, when he wants.  That’s what Kurt wants, right?

Kenny King is in the ring.

MVP isn’t here tonight, and Lashley is pissed off at us.  He is pissed off at Kurt, and he is pissed off at Bobby Roode.  And when he is pissed off, he destroys.

Kenny tells Chris Melendez they need to squash this, and asks him to come to the ring.

Chris comes out with Mr. Anderson.

For what Kenny had to do to him in New York, they are calling him un-patriotic.  Kenny loves this country, but calls Chris a fraud.

Anderson interrupts, and says this man is a hero, he is an inspiration.  He volunteered, to have his freaking leg blown off, so Kenny has a chance to wear those ridiculous shades, and his ridiculous outfit.

Kenny rejects the idea Chris calls him a wrestler.  Kenny King wants Chris in the ring, one on one.

Ken Anderson believes in Chris, these people believe in Chris.  When the two of them do square off, Kenny will learn he is better than Kenny.

So Ken is a role model to Melendez?  Well, role models are like Santa Claus, they are frauds.

He sucker punched Ken, and ran out of the ring.

Next, Gunner Vs Samuel Shaw in a No DQ match.

Gail Kim and Taryn are talking to Kurt about getting even with Havok.  Kurt will give us a 3-way match for the Knockout Title.  Gail Vs Havok Vs Taryn.

Our next match is an Elimination match with The Bromans and The Beautiful People Vs The Menagerie.

Angelina is pinned by Rebel with a rollup, making it an even 3-on-3 match.

Knux is pinned by DJ Z.

DJ Z is pinned by Crazzy Steve.

In Yo Face, Velvet pins Rebel.

Crazzy Steve pins Velvet with a kiss.

It’s now Crazzy Steve Vs Jessie.

Crazzy Steve pins Jessie with a Tornado DDT, picking up the win.

Eric Young is being checked on Jeremy Borash, from getting decked last week by EC3.  Spud thanks EY for watching his back, and he wants to know if he can watch his back tonight.

EY Vs Tyrus, tonight.

Earlier tonight, “Cowboy” James Storm cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase to become the new Tag Team Champions, with Abyss.  He tells Abyss they have been here since day one, and Storm speaks the truth.

We see the new Indians wrestler there, and Storm seems upset he is there, tells Manik to get him out of there, and whispers something in Manik’s ear.

Right now, Eric Young Vs Tyrus.

EY picks up the win with a top rope elbow after Spud decked EC3.

Lashley shows up, and spears EY, and takes Spud out.

Lashley takes a chair through EY’s arm, and stomps on it, sending a message with a crossface.

Here comes Austin Aries, with a chair.

Austin wants to speak to Lasley.  He’s pissed off?  He wants to send a message?  How about instead of jumping at people from behind, do it to his face.

Challenge is accepted.

We come back and see Brittany reveal to Samuel Shaw Gunner was coming on to her.  Samuel is not amused.

Samoa Joe comes to the ring, with the X-Division Title.

Joe was injured last week.

Joe came out here, because something had to be done.  Sometimes the right decisions are the hard decisions, and he’s making the right decision.  Joe is not medically cleared to compete tonight.  He’s not medically cleared to compete for quite a while.  When he won the X-Division Title, he had one goal, to reinvigorate the X-Division.  When he first came to TNA, this is was the real division of the real, wrestling fan.  He knows there are men and women who put it all on the line, for a shot at this championship, and they deserve better.  Then there are the fans, who support Impact Wrestling week after week to see the best competition compete, and we deserve better.

Tonight, Joe isn’t shy making the difficult decision, even if they hurt.  Tonight, he relinquish the title. A new champion will be crowned, but remember this, that will not be their championship.  Because Joe will go home, he will get better, and whoever has that belt, Joe is coming for them.

Next Week, Kurt Angle made it official, we will see a Fatal 4-way for the vacant X-Division Title.  Lo-Ki Vs Tigre Uno Vs Manik Vs DJ Z.

Bram wants Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore match next week.

Gunner Vs Shaw, no DQ now.

Gunner wins with a TKO through the chairs.  Brittany tried everything, but Gunner prevailed.

Aries Vs Lashley is next.

Lashley is DQ’d and after the match, he slaps the Crossface on Aries screaming for Roode.

Next week, Roode and Lashley have a fight.  We will also see MVP doing something he should had done a long time ago.  Don’t miss next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show, nothing happened except new tag team champions.  We never did see The Hardys, but you have to think they will get a shot at the titles next.  Joe forfeited the X-Division Title.

There are rumors that TNA will make an announcement next week of where they are heading.  They must do that, what did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts.

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/10/14…Live From Liverpool…On Tape

Tonight, WWE continues their European Tour, we will see John Cena Vs Ryback, one on one.  Where does The Authority stand in this?

Raw is now.

Last Monday, Vince McMahon returned.  Randy Orton struck Seth Rollins, and The Authority has the final say on Orton.

We are in Liverpool, and we kick the show off with John Cena.

Cena mocks the English crowd, he can’t even field his team, for Survivor Series.  Vince McMahon made the announcement that if Team Authority loses at Survivor Series, then they are no longer in charge.  But Team Authority won’t allow Cena to issue his team.  Zack Ryder gave us one tweet saying he could be a part of Team Cena, but The Authority put him out of commission, he is out for 6 months.  Randy Orton spoke out about The Authority, and they laid him out.

But there are two men that have stood up, and are a part of Team Cena.  Two men The Authority have labeled them as “B+ players”, one is Jack Swagger, a real American.  And it’s funny, because Swagger has a match with Seth Rollins tonight.  The other guy has a big chip on his shoulder, that man is Dolph Ziggler.

But there is a man who has come back 2 weeks ago, and truly dominated people.

And he is Cena’s opponent tonight, Ryback.

The fans love this idea, and Cena asks him to head to the ring.

Before Ryback can say anything, here comes Team Authority, with the newest member, Mark Henry.

HHH tells John that everything is on the line at Survivor Series.  Does John think he is scaring everyone?  You damn right he is, because HHH will put the fear of God on line, because to them, he is God.  The stakes are on the line, because the game has changed.  Who has the guts to be a part of Team Cena, because they know it’s career suicide to be a part of Team Cena.  When they can be a part of The Authority, who knows even when they lose a battle, they always have a plan.

So HHH mocks Swagger and Ziggler.

HHH talks up how Ziggler may not even make it at Survivor Series, and Cena reminds HHH that he thought the same thing about Daniel Bryan, yet Daniel beat his ass at Wrestlemania.

HHH reminds us “Captain B+” is on the shelf.

Stephanie tells Cena that he is great at propaganda, but The Authority runs things here, careers are on the line.  They will head out the best in company, and fight for their jobs, which is why they want Ryback to be a part of this.

HHH makes this clear, he joins Team Authority, everything is his.  Ryback has a chance at anything he wants.

Cena tells them that he is here to fight, like a man.  Not be a sellout, like a “sellout stooge”, “Sellout Shield”, or a “Sellout Sexual Chocolate”.

He tells Ryback that if he sides with Cena, the fans will speak, and not The Authority.  He decides how far Ryback goes.

Ryback tells them he’s not afraid of The Authority, but Cena also doesn’t sign his check.

Ryback gives Cena a Spinebuster, and he is now officially a team member of Team Authority.

Later tonight, Cena Vs Ryback.

Swagger Vs Rollins, now.

Rollins picks up the win with a Curbstomp.

Noble and Mercury distracted Swagger for a bit, and Rollins capitalized.

Now Swagger is being looked at for a possible concussion.  Rollins hit another Curbstomp for good measure.

Tonight, Sheamus Vs Rusev, for the United States Title.

We are in Liverpool, we see footage from last week’s Smackdown, with The Peep Show.  Christian’s guest was Dean Ambrose, and Bray Wyatt interrupted.

We show right to Dean Ambrose, with a pen.

He has made more enemies than friends in this business.  You can even call him a “sinner”.  You want to talk about fighting demons?  Dean fights demons every night in the ring that are scarier than Bray Wyatt.  The Authority tried to stop Dean, but it didn’t work.  Bray Wyatt is right about something, there might be a place in hell for the two of them, and he hopes they go down together.

Kane instructs Ryback his first test is with Cena tonight.  His job is on the line, HHH’s job is on the line, Stephanie’s job is on the line.  Kane will be in Ryback’s corner.

Ryback has this.

This is a way for Ryback fighting for his keep, if he follows Kane’s way, he will win.

Ryback tells Kane if he wants his help, he will ask for it.  But until then, stay out of Ryback’s way.

We are now getting the Alicia Fox Vs Paige match we have all wanted to see.

Paige wins in her home country with a RamPaige.

Rusev and Lana are met with Stephanie McMahon.  She reminds them that her husband set up the celebration, and her husband set up his title shot.

Lana tells Stephanie, for political reasons…

There is no political reasons in WWE, and Lana told her they will consider it.

Then Stephanie calls her a stuck-up little twit.  If she scratches her back, she will scratch theirs.  Understand?

We come back, and see Stephanie and HHH watching last week’s show with Vince.

He seems to be telling them different things.  Is he trying to separate?  Whatever, they will crush this challenge and win, just like The Authority always does.

But Steph has to ask, what if?

Don’t go there, as long as they are together, everything will be just fine.

Rusev United States Victory Celebration is now.

Lana tells us if it wasn’t for Russia’s help with the English, they would all be speaking German.

Some Russian guy I guess is telling us that President Putin is proud of Rusev, and reads a letter from “The Big Guy”.

Respect and rise for the Russian national anthem.

The flag pops out, in celebration of Rusev.

Sheamus interrupts the fun, and he is out to fight.

The rematch for the United States Title is next.

Rusev wins the match by countout, when The Authority’s two stooges, Noble and Mercury distract Sheamus long enough to lose.

Rusev did not look happy in this, and certainly the creative did not do a good job of building Rusev into a strong champion.

Tonight, Ziggler Vs Henry.

We are in Liverpool, England.  Rusev just beat Sheamus, and Stephanie McMahon is “impressed”.  She helped Rusev win, so she wants to know if Rusev is on Team Authority?

They are, and Stephanie does not care what Vladimir Putin thinks, this is about The Authority.  Together, they will “crush” Team Cena.

Team Authority is set with Seth Rollins, Kane, Ryback, Mark Henry, and Rusev.

Earlier tonight, we see Ryback join Team Authority.

Rollins is here to welcome Ryback, and Ryback doesn’t seem to care.

Rollins is telling Ryback they need to focus.  Ryback doesn’t need to take orders from Kane, he needs to take orders from Rollins, right big man?

Ryback is here to systematically take out John Cena, and it’s not big man, its big guy.

Oh boy, Los Matadores, with El Torito are up next against The Miz and Mizdow.

Hornswoggle showed up as a Mini-Miz, but Miz and Mizdow win, holding the ropes.

Cena is with Ziggler.  Swagger is out of Survivor Series.  So right now, it’s 5-on-2.  Ziggler has Cena’s back, for once.  Cena has Ziggler’s back, but HHH comes out and says Cena is banned from ringside.

Luke Harper promo, right when we have Ziggler Vs Henry.

It seems Harper has his eye on Ziggler.

Henry is DQ’d now he is out to destroy Ziggler.

Here comes The Big Show, come get you some big fella.

Big Show is here to say he joined Team Cena, so Henry can run, he will see him at Survivor Series.

Kofi Kingston is joining Xavier Woods’ group, called New Day.

Ziggler and Show are together.  Big Show is now aboard.  Sheamus wants in too.

They have four, now are looking for one more.

AJ Lee is headed to the ring.

It’s AJ Vs Brie Bella.

AJ made Brie tap out to Black Widow, and Nikki attacks AJ after the match, with a Rack Attack.

AJ Vs Nikki, at Survivor Series.

We saw a paralyzed veteran walk again, last Friday night on Smackdown.

Mark Henry welcomed Ryback to Team Authority, and reminded him he beat him at Wrestlemania.

Ryback Vs Cena is next.

Grumpy Cat is a special guest star for next week’s Raw.

Adam Rose Vs Tyson Kidd, is now.

Tyson hits a Sharpshooter, after the bunny distracts Adam Rose, again.  During the match, Erik Rowan made an appearance, and says “she is not here”, and walked away.

Adam turned on the bunny, yet again.

Last Monday night, Vince McMahon made an appearance, to up the ante and said if The Authority loses, they will not be in power.

Team Authority are not for Ryback choice, but Ryback shows up.

HHH now rallies around the troops, and tells Ryback his match with Cena is about Ryback tonight.  Destroy, and do whatever he can.  Cena’s team is banned from ringside.

Stephanie tells them their livelihoods are on the line at Survivor Series.  Are they all on the same page?

We will find out, tonight.

This Friday night, Chis Jericho’s Highlight Reel, with Jericho’s guest being The Authority.

We see clips again from last Friday night, with Bray Wyatt Vs Dean Ambrose.

Bray Wyatt tells us society spits us out, and Dean’s daddy was a big reason why Dean himself turned into a sinner.  Bray is sin, and if gods, monsters walk this earth, they would walk away from him.

Dean must join Bray.

In 2 weeks, it will be Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt, one on one.

Our main event….John Cena Vs Ryback is now.

Ryback loses by DQ, when Kane interfered, and this angered Ryback.  Now he and Kane are having words.  Rollins tries to get in between them, but it doesn’t work.  Now the two men fight.  Ryback is off Team Authority.

Enter Sheamus, he gets laid out.

Enter Big Show, he gets laid out.

But Ryback has the final say, spearing Kane.  Cena is impressed by this, when Ryback leaves.

HHH and Stephanie are watching this backstage, and we see Ziggler being laid out.  Luke Harper shows up, and tells them he is a team player.

We end the show with HHH looking impressed.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

It was a fun show overall, and for once they played this up big in the UK.  I think we are set for Survivor Series, with Ryback headed to Team Cena, and Luke Harper headed to Team Authority.

But I have to ask the question here of what happens to Team Cena, if they lose?  Nobody has said this, and I have to think something is up here.

Just one team, and really, only two people have their jobs on the line, and that’s HHH and Stephanie.  Maybe they will add a few things here and there next week, because right now, we are 13 days away from a free event.  Oh wait, I am a subscriber, I have to pay $9.99 for this.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/7/14…2 Steel Cage Matches In One Night

We are in Albany, New York, with Tom Phillips, JBL, and Michael Cole welcoming us to the show.  The steel cage comes down, with Tag team gold on the line.  The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust, now.

Jey had Goldust pinned with a splash, but the legal man, Stardust, (How can a cage match have legal men?) rolled up Jey for the win.

Tonight, The Peep Show returns, with Christian’s guest being Dean Ambrose.

But next, footage from Raw with The Authority.  Are they in turmoil?

Raw Rebound, featuring Orton Vs Seth Rollins, and Orton breaking away from The Authority.

Kane is in the ring.

He makes it clear that after Orton turned his head from The Authority, they had to decide what to do with him, so they laid him out, to send a message.  If they can do that to their own, imagine what they could do to their enemies.  So to all of the men in the back, choose wisely.

Dolph Ziggler had that decision, and he chose to have your adulation.  So Ziggler, see what The Authority will do against you, and that includes tonight.  Ziggler Vs Kane, why not?  Inside a steel cage.

They have an open spot available, so he wants to talk to someone The Authority might be interested.

Cesaro is here to tell Kane, he wants this opportunity, because he can swing John Cena around like a rag doll.

Cesaro is not the one Kane wanted to talk to, but since he wants this opportunity, he is in if he can beat the man he wanted to talk to….

Feed Me….

“The Big Guy” Ryback enters the ring.

Cesaro tried, but “The Big Guy” hits Shellshock, the match is done.

Feed Me More.

Kane wants to talk with Ryback, but Ryback walks away, ignoring Kane.

Later tonight, Kane Vs Ziggler, inside a steel cage.

R-Truth is proving to us he still has a job with WWE.  What’s Up R-Truth?

Truth is facing Adam Rose.

Truth wins the match, when the bunny distracted Adam for one moment.  Apparently on the APP, or something like that, Truth told Adam that the bunny is more relevant than Adam Rose.  So with this, Adam shoved the bunny.  He then wanted to dance with the Rosebuds.

The Peep Show is next.

Christian is plugging his appearance on “Haven”, airing on November 28th, before Smackdown.  But there has been many things that have taken place recently, including an appearance by Mr. McMahon.  He takes a poll of who is going to win, Team Authority, or Team Cena.

Dean Ambrose interrupts this feast.

Christian wants to know what it’s like being Dean Ambrose right now?  A wild bowl of cherries, no friends, and only enemies.

But what does Bray Wyatt want?

Ambrose doesn’t have anything to be taken away, so Bray is just playing mind games.  His mind is a very dangerous place to be, he can play mind games too, because it’s fun.  He loves the thrill of picking his body parts back up to fight again, and he’s no scared to meet Bray Wyatt in a dark alley.

Here comes Bray.

Dean has nothing to fear, because he has nothing to lose.  There was a time he had something to fight for, with security.  He’s talking about The Shield.  But what happened?  That love, that security is gone.  Now he is like a fish, gasping for air.  Bray heals, he healed Luke Harper.  He healed Erik Rowan, and he can heal Ambrose.

But he knows salvation is not for everyone.  He once tried to heal Daniel Bryan, but he couldn’t be healed.  And now he is nowhere to be found.

He can heal Ambrose, Bray asks him if he speaks to his father?  Does he still send him letters from prison.  Tell Bray he is wrong.

Ambrose goes right after him, but Bray disappears, then reappears right behind Ambrose.


According to Xavier Woods, a new day is coming, or something like that.

Footage from the WWE Network exclusive match Monday night, when Rusev became the new United States Champion, beating Sheamus.

Last Monday on Raw, we see the situation between Brie, Nikki, and AJ Lee.

Renee Young interviews AJ, and she understands what happened, when Brie interrupts AJ.  She apologized for what happened, and AJ understands, but it’s still going to result in AJ beating her sister.

We see Nikki shove AJ down, and tells her sister that next time, try to be more “sympathetic”.

But Brie does show concern for AJ.

Earlier tonight, we saw some tension with Natalya and Summer Rae.

So coming up now, Summer Rae Vs Natalya.

Summer Rae wins the match when Tyson Kidd distracts Natalya.

WWE 2K15 is now being advertised.

Tonight, Kane Vs Ziggler, inside a steel cage.

We are in Albany, New York.  This Monday on Raw, we will see John Cena Vs Ryback.

Renee Young is with Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler welcomes the challenge tonight to face Kane, inside a steel cage, because he wants The Authority gone.

HHH interrupts this, and reminds Ziggler there is nobody here that can save him, he was lucky Monday night.  But what happens when he is alone?  The Authority did damage to Randy Orton, and he may never be seen again.  But, Ziggler can be saved.  There is still time he can change his mind.

Now comes an awesome moment where we see a paralyzed man, Daniel Rose walk again with these robo legs

Main event time, Ziggler Vs Kane, inside a steel cage.

Ziggler wins by escaping out of the cage,

The show ends with Ziggy celebrating outside of the ring.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I liked the idea of 2 steel cage matches, but this is still Smackdown, where nothing really happens.  That has to change in 2 months, when they move back to Thursday nights.  But hey, this was an infomercial to this Monday’s Raw.

However, I did love seeing that exhibition we saw from the paralyzed soldier, learning to walk again.

Impact Wrestling 11/5/14…Joe and Ki Vs The Hardys

Last week, Bobby Roode made history, becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion, defeating Lashley. We have an awesome video, showcasing what Bobby went through just to reach the title.

Tonight, Joe and Lo-Ki Vs The Hardys to determine the Number One Contender to the Tag Team Titles. Also tonight, Gail Kim Vs Havok for the Knockout Title.

Kurt Angle is in the ring, introducing the new World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Roode.

Words can’t describe this moment for Bobby. Wrestlers all over the world dream for this moment. Stand here, as the World Heavyweight Champion. Besides his family, professional wrestling is all Bobby has. He loves pro wrestling. It’s all he thinks about, and ever since he laced up his first wrestling boot, he wanted to be the best. Holding this title means he is the best.

He is happy to standing with the man who is pound for pound the greatest wrestler this business has ever seen, Kurt Angle.

He is proud to be in front of these fans, and the millions of fans watching worldwide.

Here come Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King.

MVP has the mic, and calls Bobby a sorry excuse of a competitors. Lashley is the most dominant World Champion in TNA history, yet they boo him? Instead, they cheer a man who manipulated the system in Roode. A man who sided with a so-called American hero, who made sure Roode won. So who are the cheaters?

They do things the right way. The only reason Lashley was champion, MVP should have been the champion, so he should get the title shot.

Lashley doesn’t look too happy, so Kurt asks Roode if he really wants to put the title on the line, tonight?

No problem, and like that, MVP says he will be the new World Champion.

Tonight, Joe and Lo-Ki Vs The Hardys, to determine who faces The Wolves for Tag Team gold.

Joe and Ki are talking backstage. Ki knew he could depend on Joe to be his partner. Joe brings up one thing they put their pride on for is greatness. But gentlemen, all great things crumble, and the sledge-hammer has just arrived.

That epic match is next.

Joe and Lo-Ki Vs The Hardys, now.

The Hardys win the match when Matt pins Lo-Ki with a moonsault.

Backstage, Storm is talking with Davey Richards. Storm tells Davey he was held back as a young wrestler, and this is his opportunity to give Davey a chance to be his equal. Storm is giving Davey one week, and then he wants his answer.

The other side of the stage, Roode tells the cameraguy that MVP suspended Roode for 7 weeks to keep him out of the World Title picture. He was willing to give Lashley another title shot, but MVP jumped right in front of him. Tonight, Roode will prove why he is “The It Factor” and a 2-time World Champion. He will also show why he is more of a “MVP” in this company than MVP will ever be.

We see footage over the last few months with Samuel Shaw and Gunner. Last week, Samuel turned his back on Gunner, with Brittany siding by him.

Here are the new couple now.

After Samuel met Brittany, he realized that he was nothing more than a charity case to Gunner, and Brittany makes it clear he never was a friend of his, and Christy Hemme will never do the things Brittany can do.

She licks his face, and here comes Gunner.

Sammy was a friend to Gunner, but then crazy met crazy, and Gunner brings up that Samuel wanted to be Gunner, dress like him, have tattoos like him, and he calls them both crazy bastards.

Shaw warns Gunner not to call them that again, and he does it again so now we have a fight.

Brittany distracts Gunner, and Shaw knocks him in the crouch.

With Brittany’s help, Samuel chokes out Gunner and then they make out, some more.

Okay, moving on.

Hardcore Rules match is up next, Tommy Dreamer and Devon Vs Magnus and Bram.

We see video of the newest member of TNA roster, Mahibali Shera, with Kurt Angle introducing us to him.

Tonight, MVP Vs Bobby Roode for the World Title and we see what happened earlier tonight, and Lashley is not happy.

MVP meets with Kurt.  This is all about MVP, and Kurt agrees.  He even thinks Lashley saw that today too.

Dreamer and Devon Vs Bram and Magnus, now.

Dreamer and Devon win in anything happens match.  But Dreamer pins Magnus with a DDT.

Gail Kim is ready for her title match against Havok.

Rockstar Spud comes to the ring.  We can buy I’m with Spud T-shirts.

JB is with Spud.

Spud doesn’t want these people to feel sorry for him, because he has done things the last year he is not proud of.  When he won the first British Boot Camp, he had no friends, no direction, and Madame Dixie Carter approached him and asked Spud to be her Chief of Staff.  He loved doing that, and he loved being with his best friend Ethan Carter.  That is until he realized Ethan is a complete wanker.

Ethan said he made him sick, his suits made him sick.  But Spud isn’t going to change for anyone, and these people love these suits.

Ethan calls himself the 1 percent?  Well, Spud is Mr. 99 Percent, because you big nose douchebag, Spud doesn’t need you anymore, and neither do these people.

JB brings up British Boot Camp, the reason why he won is slowly but surely, he won people over and now he is doing the same thing here.

JB is with Spud.


EC3 is here.

Ethan is not impressed.  All of the losers seem to appoint the new leader, in Rockstar Spud.  But how dare JB say this?  He is the most loyal employee, and owes everything to the Carter.  And Rockstar Spud owes everything too, and he approaches Spud, giving him a courtesy to apologize, now.

Rockstar Spud will not apologize, and Titus holds him back, with EC3 asking him again to apologize.

Spud is sorry that he is a big nose douchebag.

JB tries to stop Carter, and Ethan tells him that was the biggest mistake he ever made, and slaps him.

“Showtime” Eric Young comes to the ring to help out Spud.

Tonight, MVP Vs Roode, but next, Havok Vs Gail Kim, Knockout Title on the line.

After a valiant effort, Havok defeated Gail with her Chokeslam, retaining the Knockout Title.  Gail had attacked early, but her shoulder, and Havok’s brute strength overcame her.

Earlier today, Mahabali Shera was eating in the cafeteria, alone.  Manik shows up to introduce us, and now he wants to know everything about him, doing some recruitment.

Lashley is leaving the building, and leaving MVP, when he needs him the most.

Roode Vs MVP, next,

Our main event, MVP Vs Roode, for the World Title is now.

Roode wins with a Roode Bomb, retaining his title.  After the match, Lashley shows up, and spears Roode.  MVP wants some help, but Lashley just leaves.

Next week, we will see Austin Aries Vs Lashley, and The Hardys face The Wolves.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

After last week, we see a little mini-story being told.  It worked, and it didn’t.  I love Roode is the new World Champion, but I also feel we need a long arc being planted, as in who is in line to take that title. I understand they can’t do that at this moment, but they need to start planning ahead.  The ideal person would be James Storm.

I loved the Storm Vs Roode feud a few years back, and perhaps they have begun that arc, since last week Storm talked about his partners holding him back when he was younger.  But we need to get an announcement shortly about TNA’s future, specifically, their TV future.

You have to think they have a deal worked out, right?  After all, with weeks left with Spike, we just saw a new wrestler come to the company in Mahibali Shera, and he possibly could be joining The Revolution.  The potential is there, right?

But they need to make that announcement, so they can move forward, and we can see what they have in plan.  Right?


Impact Wrestling 10/29/14….Lashley vs Roode II

Tonight, Bobby Roode tries to take the TNA World Title, we will also see some Semi-tag matches to determine who is the Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Titles.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Earlier today, we see both champion and challenger enter the building.

For Bobby Roode, time is running out.

Tonight, Samoa Joe and Lo-Ki Vs King and MVP, also The Hardys Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

But first, Joe and Lo-Ki Vs King and MVP.

Joe and Lo-Ki win, when Joe makes Kenny King tap out to the Naked Choke. They move on to the finals, and will face either The Hardys or EC3 and Tyrus.

Last week on Impact Wrestling, we see Bram defeat Devon, with the help from Magnus.

Devon shares his thoughts, and says Bram now has a problem, and that’s Devon. They picked a fight with the wrong guy.

A phone rings, and Devon’s friend is here.

The challenger, Bobby Lashley is getting ready.

Bobby Lashley video is now playing.

Bram heads to the ring.

Bram is here to systematically change the history of hardcore wrestling. And in doing so, he wants to bring out his “brother”, Magnus.

He and Magnus may not always get along, they may not actually be brothers by relation, they are brothers in the business, growing and training together. Magnus represents the English, and he is here to help Magnus take out anyone that may disagree with them.

Bram brings up how violent Magnus is now, can he imagine if he had the World Title now, as violent as he is? The two would be unstoppable, and they are here to systematically take out the legends of hardcore.

Devon comes out, and tells both men to shut the hell up. Magnus attacked him when he had his back to him, but now he has backup, you might say “The Innovator of Violence”

Tommy Dreamer comes out and helps Devon out and the two are left standing.

Madison Rayne is with Taryn, she apologizes for not being there for Taryn a few weeks ago, and she pulled her tights. It was about getting the win, and a shot at Knockouts Title. They are on the same page, right?

Taryn told her to focus on the tag match against The Beautiful People, and that match is next.

Tonight, World Heavyweight Title match. Lashley Vs Roode II, with Kurt Angle as the special guest ref.

Sharkboy is signing autographs, eating hot dogs, and not wearing his mask all of the way.

Pat Kenney wants to see the real Sharkboy, the Sharkboy he used to be? Can he be Sharkboy one more time?

Shell Yeah!!

The camera guy asks Pat if he believes he can do it? No way.

The Beautiful People Vs Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne is now.

Madison Rayne turns on Taryn, after a few ignored tags, and nails a Rayne Drop. BP pin Taryn, and they lose the match.

Hardys Vs EC3 and Tyrus is next.

After a great Lashley video, we hear from Kurt Angle, who is the ref for tonight’s match. He looks forward to Roode getting a fair opportunity, and since he is the ref, he invites King and MVP to try to interfere.

The Hardys Vs EC3 and Tyrus is now.

The Hardys beat EC3 and Tyrus with a Swanton, advancing to the finals against Joe and Lo-Ki.

EC3 is irate at Tyrus.

Tonight, The Revolution expands, just a little more.

Bobby Lashley is ready for his match.

The Revolution is in the ring. A storm is coming, you know how he knows? Because it’s quiet, before the clouds shift, before the sun, a storm is close. He brings life to these men. Sanada was weak, along the side of Muta. Manik was weak, not speaking, but now he speaks his gospel. Now these men are stronger, and titles are coming. Because they get the job done. No more listening to the doubters, which is why they offer an invitation to another.

Come on out to Davey Richards.

Storm hopes Davey had time to think of the great offer. Davey was a part of a great tag team, but so was Storm, but he is being held back because his partners were trying to hold him back. This is why they want to hear Davey speak, why he wants Davey to be a part of their Revolution.

Eddie Edwards come out, he wants to know Davey isn’t listening to what Storm is saying. There is something wrong with Storm, and there is no way Davey will give in to him.

Davey can speak for himself.

Eddie just wants to know where Davey’s head is.

Storm tells him this has nothing to do with Eddie.

Eddie wants a match, right now.

Storm Vs Edwards, now.

Storm wins with a Last Call Superkick, with Davey being conflicted about aiding his partner, or siding with The Revolution. Davey never warned Eddie that a Last Call was coming.

Lashley vs Roode II is next.

Our main event, Roode Vs Lashley, for the gold is now.

Roode wins the World Title, with a rolling-pin on Lashley. Bobby is now a 2-time World Champion.

Lashley was irate with Kurt, when it seemed like it was a slow count. Kurt was bumped twice, we had Lashley deck Brian Habner, and everything was thrown.

Next week, Roode’s celebration, and we will get to see Joe and Lo-Ki vs The Hardys, the winner faces The Wolves.

Impact Wrestling has ended, now.

<Kevin's Thoughts:

This felt like a big show, from beginning to end, and we had a title change. But I have to wonder, when will TNA announce their new TV deal? Something has to start happening in that factor.

But Bobby Lashey’s title reign will go down as one of my favorite in a long time. He dominated his title reign, and surely made it seem more important. We know Roode can take over, but you also have to wonder who is the one that to take the title away from Bobby? Could it be Storm?

I want to see Joe and Lo-Ki Vs The Hardy’s, but will Davey join The Revolution?

I guess we will find out at some point.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/27/14…Escape Through Hell

Last night, 4 men went through hell, only 2 men survived.

Raw is now.

And what is a Raw without The Authority kicking the show off?

We are live in San Antonio, Texas.

Stephanie is channeling her own father here, with her introduction. If we missed last night’s show, we missed a hell of a show.

HHH saying even with Randy Orton losing to John Cena, there was another man becoming the standard bearer of the WWE, Mr. Money in the Bank….Seth Rollins.

Rollins is limping to the ring.

Seth gets the you sold out chants, and Seth can’t thank us enough. Finally, “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose is out of his hair, once and for all.

Last night, Rollins proved once and for all intellenct conquers all. Now that he is done with Ambrose, he has his eyes set on the man who soundly defeated Randy Orton last night. He is moving on to John Cena.

Now we get the Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants that we hear so often.

Later tonight, Rollins will be able to “see” John Cena. He will leave him in the same spot as he left Dean Ambrose last night, laying in the puddle of his own failure.

Enter “The Viper” Randy Orton.

Orton wants to know if Rollins truly “the standard bearer” of WWE? Why did Orton soundly get beaten last night? Because last week, he was curb stomped, and now he is here to truly deal with Rollins.

Orton fights off Rollins, and HHH breaks them up, saying they are not doing this tonight.

HHH tries to calm down Orton, they are not going to do this. Orton will take the night off, when the time is right they will deal with it, but emptions are high.


Orton nails Rollins, and runs off from The Authority.

Rollins gets some help, I loved that RKO. Raw is starting strong.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Seth Rollins, one on one.

Also, Hulk Hogan is here tonight.

Also tonight, The Big Show and Mark Henry go for Tag Team gold, against Gold and Stardust, next.

WWE Tag Team Title match is up now.

Mark Henry turns heel, and gives Show a World’s Strongest Slam, to lose the match.

Mark Henry gives Show another WSS for good measure.

Body splash for good measure after another WSS.

That’s what he does.

Tonight, Cena Vs Rollins and we will see an exclusive interview with Roman Reigns, next.

Backstage, Renee Young catches up with Mark Henry. He did what Show would have done to him. Big Show was always jealous of Mark, and he always will be.

Switching gears, we get a closer look at “The Juggernault” Roman Reigns.

Roman is live, via satellite.

Roman is getting stronger everyday, but he would do anything to be at San Antonio.

His two brothers tore the house down last night. He knows Dean, and he knows that scumbag Seth Rollins. He hides behind anything, and he wants to make this crystal clear to Seth Rollins. When he is cleared to go, he will make Seth the past.

Believe that.

AJ Lee is coming to the ring.

AJ Vs Alicia Fox, with Paige doing commentary.

Paige distracts Alicia by screaming at her, and AJ rolls her up for the win.

Paige lays out her bestie with a kick. Puts her head into a barricade too, and throws her jacket at her.

“King” comes over and saves Alicia, with Paige backing away.

Roman Reigns, as Cole said will take out Seth Rollins when he comes back.

We see Bray Wyatt helped Seth win last night, with an Urange.

Tonight, Ambrose will face Cesaro.

But the “new” Number One Contender, John Cena will speak, next.

Cena is out now, at the top of the hour.

Cena is trying to give San Antino a cheap pop, talking about the Spurs.

Last night was an epic night. It might not be a last time we will see Cena Vs Orton, but it was one of the best. An opportunity to face “The Beast” and last night, he earned that title shot. And while Lesnar sits at home, thinking he is the champion, Cena fights every night, proving he is the champion. And when Lesnar decides to show up, he will defeat Brock. And every night until that moment, he will make a statement. And tonight, San Antonio gets that opportunity for a main event caliber match.

The Authority calls Seth Rollins “The Future”, well the future ain’t looking so bright. And if they say he is the future, then he has to go through the face that runs this place.

Here comes Stephanie McMahon, again.

Stephanie congraulates John for his victory last night. He also can’t wait to see his match tonight. But she is also looking forward to seeing Survivor Series. We will see a traditional tag team match.

Steph has a proposition for Cena. He panders to this crowd, and for what? She can say Go Spurs Go.

Cena is just listening to the crowd, and Steph asks if he listens to the crowd, does he listen to them boo him? She just wants him to do what is best for business.

These people don’t matter, what they care about is seeing Cena on the mat. They care about Cena putting it all on the line. Seeing blood, guts, and for what? For their appreciation? He can join The Authority.

They care about Cena, and respect him. Cena will face Brock Lesnar, a man who has handily beat him night after night, left him laying, to the crowds’ cheers. Maybe The Authority can help Cena’s assurance, maybe they can even “guarantee” a victory? How about the winner of his match with Rollins can be a captain’s match. Cena deserves respect, he deserves the accolades of being a part of the family.

Cena deserves to come down to this ring, and tell the people why he does this. They show up every Monday night, because they are all a part of this. Cena is here for the fans, not the other way. He asks Cena to turn his back on all of them?

Stephanie is here to assure Cena’s legacy. Because when he is gone, these people won’t remember John Cena. The Authority has the opportunity to assure Cena gets respect.

Cena’s answer is hell no.

Here comes HHH.

HHH knew Cena would say no. He is going to play the “hero”, they are all in this together. Cena has been here 12 years now? HHH has been in here for 20, and it gets harder and harder. Cena is hanging by a thread, mentally and physically. Cena knows what HHH knows, he can’t fight the future. And it doesn’t have to be as hard as it is, and as hard as it is going to get. This business is about longevity. Or he can be the beat up guy coming right in for one last hurrah.

Cena has the head for this, but maybe HHH should just prove it to Cena, that he can’t stop the future. Have it your way.

Cena will face Team Authority, so go right ahead and find the right men with his heart, and mind. See if he can find the right group to fight The Authority.

Cena, you can’t fight the future, the future fights through you. They control the future, and if he doesn’t know, he needs to smarten up and realize The Authority always win.

The Uso Brothers Vs The Miz and Damien Mizdow, now.

The Uso Brothers steal a win, with some switch-a-roo, Jey pinning The Miz.

Rudy Charles did not see a thing, although they just showed it on replay.

Cena is talking with Dolph Ziggler backstage. The two men shook hands.

Hulk Hogan is next.

Ziggler is texting, it seems. Kane is not happy Ziggy talked with Cena. Now he wants a match with Ziggler, and end that superstar.

Lilian Garcia welcomes us to Hulk Hogan.

Well, let me tell you something, brother.

Hogan was happy to see Cena go through Hell in a Cell beat that no-good dude Randy Orton. He also wants to see Cena beat that “Stinky giant” Brock Lesnar and win the WWE World Title, again, dude.

Hogan joined the Komen campaign, and even though October is winding down, these women are fighting every single day. These courageous women are the strong influence for us, and they all need to stand up for us. With all of the energy, and all of the pink, he has to say whatcha going to do when Susan G. Komen continue to fight for you, and run wild, brother.

We can all join the fight at Komen/org.com and find out how we can join the fight.

There is an open challenge for Bo Dallas, we will find out who answers it, next.

Bo Dallas is ready to fight, because he BOlieves.

Earlier tonight, Bo issued an open challenge, and now it’s time to find out who BOlieves they can beat Bo.

Feed Me More….


Meathook Clothesline, and now Shellshock.

Match is done.

Earlier tonight, Roman Reigns said he is coming for Seth Rollins, when he is cleared.

Bray Wyatt costs Dean Ambrose the match at Hell in a Cell.

Ambrose Vs Cesaro, next.

Mark Henry will be a guest on MizTV tomorrow night on Main Event.

Ambrose Vs Cesaro, now.

Ambrose has the mic, he says last night he took Rollins straight to hell, and he will do it again. He’s not sure why Wyatt did what he did, but one thing he will learn is you don’t screw with Dean Ambrose.

Dean attacks Cesaro with the mic, before the bell rings.

He demands Wyatt to come out now.

Wyatt shows up on the screen, he sees Ambrose as the person he was. This world is not made for the two of them. Think about it. What happens next? Tell Wyatt, because he doesn’t know. Wyatt is not Dean’s friend, he is not his brother, he is Dean Ambrose. He promises Dean he will soak out his mind, run Dean, because he will get him.

Our main event tonight is John Cena Vs Seth Rollins.

Stephanie made Cena an offer to join them, and Cena refused. So tonight, we will see Team Authority Vs Team Cena at Survivor Series.

Nikki Bella Vs Cameron, now.

Nikki wins with a Back Rack.

Nikki demands Brie hold her hand up, so by command, she does.

Tonight, Cena Vs Rollins.

Next, Dolph Ziggler Vs Kane.

Ziggler wins with a rollup, surprising Kane.

But now Seth Rollins attack Ziggler.

Here comes Cena.

Cena raises Ziggler’s hand in victory.

Rollins Vs Cena is next.

cena wins by DQ when Kane went after Cena. Ziggler helps Cena, and the entire locker room comes out and fights.

But Cena ends the show, left standing with The Authority watching on the ramp.

WWE Hell in a Cell 10/26/14

Tonight, 4 superstars have to go through hell, for glory. Dean Ambrose faces Seth Rollins in a heated rivalry, and another rivalry is getting revived…John Cena Vs Randy Orton, winner becomes the Number One Contender to the WWE World Title.

But first, Hell in a Cell Kick-off show, which starts in 8 minutes.

We are in Dallas, Texas tonight. Renee Young welcomes us to the Kick-off show. Booker T, Alex Riley, and Paul Heyman welcome us to the show.

They discuss Ambrose Vs Rollins, now.

Alex Riley is giving us his keys to victory for Rollins, and Ambrose.

Tom Phillips is in the social media lounge, wanting to hear our thoughts on tonight’s Hell in a Cell.

We now get to see Cena vs Orton video.

Paul Heyman brings up Brock Lesnar is checking this out very thoroughly.

Footage from last Monday’s Raw, when Sheamus lost the 6-man tag, to Mizdow.

Later, The Miz Vs Sheamus.

But first, we get to see Mizdow TV, with Mizdow’s guest being The Miz.

The Miz brings up it is an honor to even be a part of this show, before his important United States Title match tonight. No Hollywood actor would even grant an interview, with his stunt double.

Where do we begin? What is your strategy with Sheamus’ match tonight?

The strategy is simple, The Miz will be just like The Miz. And yes, tonight will feel like a rerun, but tonight’s rerun will star The Miz.

We all know Mizdow officially beat Sheamus last week.

The Miz looks at Mizdow, and Mizdow clarifies that even though he did beat Sheamus, The Miz graciously gave him the opportunity, so it feels like The Miz did it.

The Miz was the one that main evented Wrestlemania.

The Miz is the one who defines superstar.

And he will be the one to become the new United States champion.

And, from the bottom of Damien’s heart, The Miz is his best friend.

The Miz is deeply touched, and he will return the favor, Mizdow is a very damn good stunt double, and he considers Mizdow a friend.

Sheamus shows up on-screen.

Sheamus is touched by this, he thinks Mizdow should get on his knees, and kiss Miz’s arse right now, because while Miz has his own movie, he has his own stunt double, consider this a movie trailer. And with every good movie trailers, they give you the best part.

Brogue Kick at the camera, and Miz is somehow upset by this.

Tonight, The Uso Brothers Vs Gold and Stardust, for tag team gold.

Switching gears, we are going from feuding brothers, to feuding sisters.

The Battle of the Bellas preview is up now.

IC Title match tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Cesaro, 2 out of 3 Falls match.

Also tonight, 2 powerhouses in the ring…Big Show Vs Rusev.

We have a match set, a bonus match, if you wheel….Texas’ own Mark Henry facing Bo Dallas.

Bo has beaten Mark Henry 4 times, that makes him the new World’s Strongest Man. Actually, he is so strong, he is immune to the disease their state is spreading worldwide. He is so a shame that they share his last name, so he will be known as Bo Washington. So, he is going to be BOlieving after the match.

Mark Henry wins the match with a World’s Strongest Slam, with ease.

Bo wasn’t ready, and cheaters never win. That’s why in the record book of life, Bo is the winner. He is 5-0 against Henry, because he BOlieves.

Also tonight, Paige will face AJ Lee for the Divas Title.

Paige and Alicia are with Byron Saxson.

Paige is with her new best friend, Alicia Fox. Tonight, she will get AJ’s best friend, and her new best friend, the Divas Championship.

Time to go inside the numbers with Hell in a Cell.

Hell in a Cell time, now.

We are live in Dallas, Texas. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Cesaro Vs Ziggler, 2 out of 3 falls match for the IC Title will kick things off.

The first fall belongs to Ziggler, with a small package.

Ziggler is up 1-0.

Wow, there was a clean sweep here, with Ziggler hitting a Zig Zag on Cesaro, retaining his IC Title.

Great match to start the show off tonight.

Problems with The Authority?

Showing footage now of Seth Rollins nailing a Curb Stomp on Orton after their match/

But The Authority are laughing this off, with Orton showing up he needs to find Seth Rollins.

Stephanie told him to not take this anger on Seth, take it out on Cena tonight.

Orton thought they were on the same page. Orton can’t trust The Authority, they are blowing this off, with saying Seth is just like Randy was when he started. But this is about finishing John Cena, and take back what is his…WWE World Title.

Orton warns The Authority if they don’t deal with Seth Rollins, Orton will.

Nikki Vs Brie, loser becomes the other sister’s bitch for 30 days.

Nikki pins Brie, with a Rack Attack, these two fought hard, but many of the crowd didn’t care.

Brie is now Nikki’s personal assistant for the next 30 days.

We hear from the panelists to Hell in a Cell.

Heyman believes we must talk about Cena Vs Orton, because the loser may fight another day. But the winner will be fed to the “carnivore” otherwise known as Brock Lesnar.

WWE Tag Team Title match is up now, The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

Gold and Stardust retain the titles, when Stardust clips Jey’s knee, and Goldust hits Crossroads for the win.

Byron Saxson is with Nikita Hammonds Blakley, and the CEO of the Susan G. Komen fund.

Hell in a Cell match time. John Cena Vs Randy Orton, now.

Cena puts Orton through a table with an AA, after we saw 2 RKOs, and another AA.

But Cena prevails, and now will face Brock Lesnar down the road for the WWE World Title.

Big Show is warming up in the back, with Mark Henry checking in on Show. Show tells him he is fired up, he will knock out Rusev for his country, for himself, and even for Mark Henry.

US Title match is up now. The Miz Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus wins when The Miz tried a top rope elbow, but Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick instead. Mizdow is the highlight of the match, as always. He even sells The Miz’s beatings.

Brie Bella is making reservations for Nikki at dinner, and she made her a banana smoothie. But Nikki spills it all over Brie, and orders she gets her sister another one.

Big Show Vs Rusev is up now.

Shuddap, “The Ravishing Russian” Lana tell us. In Russia, they have the superior athletes, Rusev. Tonight, 2 superpowers clash. So to be respectful, she wants us to rise for the national anthem.

Big Show doesn’t think that is a good idea.

Here we go.

Rusev puts The Accolade on Show, and the big man passes out. Mark Henry comes out, but does not cost Big Show the match. He does get knocked down by Henry.

Ambrose gives us a quick promo, saying he is coming out to destroy Rollins, but only does so like Dean Ambrose would give.

Divas Title match is up now, AJ Lee Vs Paige.

AJ makes Paige tap out to Widow’s Peak. I can’t see now how Paige can get another title match soon.

I guess Paige is no longer besties with Alicia, Paige slaps her and walks away.

Our main event, and I love to say this….Ambrose Vs Rollins…Hell in a Cell is up now.

We being the match with both men starting at the top of the cell, and both men go through tables, trying to climb down. After being carried through stretchers, both men head back to sacred ground. A back and forth match, but when Ambrose is about to hit a Curb Stomp on cinder blocks, the lights go out, we hear a man jabbering, and we see a lantern. When the smoke clears, it’s Bray Wyatt inside the cell. He nails a Rock Bottom, and then Rollins pins, and runs out of the cell.

After the match, Bray hits Sister Abigail, and we end the show, with Bray on top.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a strong PPV tonight, many good matches here, and WWE did the right thing giving us Rollins Vs Ambrose last. We also have an added mix, with Wyatt added to this.

The only negative here is Cena going over. I’d just like to see a fresh match, and we would have had that with Orton Vs Lesnar. Maybe we will see that with Rumble, because this needs to be the last Lesnar Vs Cena match for a while, and it needs to happen at Survivor Series. But then again as Cena puts it, he is the one who runs the show, so we shall see.

But this was a good show, and I can’t wait to see where we go from here tomorrow night. Do you agree? Send me your thoughts.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/20/14…Streetfight From Hell

We are 6 days away from Hell in a Cell. Tonight, we will see a 3-on-2 Handicap match, with Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins Vs John Cena and Dean Ambrose. Will these two co-exist?

Raw is now.

The cell comes down, we are in Kansas City.

The Authority comes out to the ring, with newly promoted Lilian Garcia making the introductions on Raw.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

This is a night HHH said we all can be proud of. Because these three men will face the team of John Cena and Dean Ambrose.

If the two of them can make it through tonight, than hell is literally in front of them. Because this Sunday, both men will be in Hell in a Cell, where unspeakable things can happen, and we can all see it for just $9.99.

People that go through hell can change their life. HHH has won more Hell in a Cell matches in the entire existence, and it’s not about you winning, it’s about who survives.

Two of the most heated rivalries will take place. “The face of the WWE” Randy Orton against a 15-time WWE Champion, John Cena.

We will also have “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose face “Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins.

Seth tells HHH he loves the nickname of “Mr. Money in the Bank”, but he is thinking of this new nickname, “The undisputed Future” of the WWE, Seth Rollins. He is going to be main eventing against Dean Ambrose.

Orton interrupts, and says he is the true main event, against a 10 year rivalry of John Cena.

HHH corrects them both in saying this is a double main event. However, this news is for Randy. The winner of his match against Cena will determine the Number One Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

That settles it, Cena Vs Orton will go on last, which sucks.

This makes Orton’s day even better, because he makes it clear he will do something the Kansas City Royals haven’t done in 25 years, and won’t do it now and that is become the new WWE World Champion.

HHH believes in the two of them, and knows they won’t let him down. The Authority always wins in the end, and that is what’s best for business.

We see footage from last week on Main Event when Sheamus knocks down Sheamus-dow.

6-man tag match is set now, with Sheamus and The Uso’s Vs The Miz, Gold, and Stardust.

Miz put Mizdow in the match, and we had Mizdow pin Sheamus with the roll of the tights. This Sunday, The Miz Vs Sheamus for the US Title.

Tonight, 3-on-2 Handicap match with Kane, Orton, and Rollins Vs Cena and Ambrose.

Orton comes up to HHH and assures him that Randy will make HHH proud this Sunday.

HHH tells Randy this is all Seth’s idea, and Randy will find Seth and thank him personally.

The Wyatts are disbanded, with the video we see.

Now Bray is telling us Sister Abigail is coming, or at least I think.

AJ Lee Vs Alicia Fox now.

Alicia wins with a rollup, getting some help from Paige.

At Hell in a Cell, AJ Vs Paige.

Orton finds Rollins. He tells Seth he can take care of things for himself. Rollins tells him he is a team player, and this is about The Authority having things their way. So Randy wins the WWE World Title, and with the MITB briefcase, things will take care of themselves.

Immedately after Monday Night Raw, Hulk Hogan will give his thoughts on Hell in a Cell on WWE Network.

Randy Orton heads to the ring, I guess to call out John Cena.

This Sunday, Orton and Cena will face each other in the greatest demonic structure in the business. He has faced Cena, and beat him before in the cell.

Time flies, and he brings up 2002 they both made their debuts. Orton was a third generation superstar, and Cena was just a young punk trying to rap.

Cena and Orton are now two seasoned veterans who have made their names in a rival, such as Hogan-Piper, Hart-HBK, Austin-Rock. He respects Cena, but he still sees him as a punk kid, who thinks he can rap. These two have faced each other before this year, at Royal Rumble, with Orton defeating Cena, and nothing will change.

Then he will go on to face “The Beast”.

Cena enters the ring.

Cena tells Randy to shutup. Everyone knows Randy is gifted, a future Hall of Famer. But everytime he opens up his mouth, he proves he is the dumbest jackass alive.

Cena tells Randy this isn’t 2002 anymore. Randy comes to the ring, with everything that has been going on in this city.

Let’s Go Royals chants begin.

He tells these people the Royals have no shot at the championship. Maybe in 2002, they lost 100 games. That’s okay, because that was the last time Orton was relevant.

2014, the Royals are in the World Series, and they have their eyes on winning the World Series.

Orton tells Cena being in it, and winning it are 2 different things.

Cena tells Randy he is right, because Orton will be in it, but he won’t win it. He had his eyes on Seth Rollins, but now he has a chance to face Brock Lesnar, and become the new WWE World Championship.

Cena tells Orton that he has his eyes on Orton, and he will see Lesnar. He will face the one that runs this place, John Cena.

Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Heyman shows up.

He tells them both that in 2002, we had the same class that featured Randy Orton, John Cena, and the man who Heyman signed to be “The Next Big Thing”, and he is now the reigning, undisputed WWE World Champion.

This Sunday, these two men will enter this structure. They will look to uphold their legacy. In the ring, these two men are their equals, and while they think the winner will win, they will be the ultimate loser. Because they will face “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. He has the utmost respect for Randy, but he doesn’t think Randy wants any piece of Brock. Now for Cena, he has to face the same man who beat him, and he knows….

Cena picks up Heyman, setting up Attitude Adjustment, but like a dumbass, he drops him, and Orton lays Cena out with a RKO. But Orton gives Heyman a RKO himself, and now chants who is a dumb ass now.

Cole brings up Big Show Vs Rusev last week.

Rusev is in action, next.

Rusev Vs Big E, now.

Rusev makes Big E. tap out to The Accolade.

Lana tells us this Sunday, Big Show will let down America, with Rusev telling us that he will rip Big Show’s heart out, and there is nothing he can do about it.

The Russian Flag tries to make an appearance, but it does not.

Big Show appears on the Titantron, and we see the American Flag pop up, instead.

An American soldier comes to the ring to try to fight Rusev, but he lays a kick to the head of the soldier, and we go to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Rusev attacking a poor American soldier.

Big Show helped him to the back.

Now Big Show is in the ring.

Big Show is trying to speak, but emotions are getting the best of him, with USA chants.

There are certain lines you don’t cross. You do not disrespect an American soldier. Rusev, he wants Big Show’s attention, he wants to get inside his head? His head is a very dark place to be, and the rage he has will be wreathed on him all over his head. He is an American, he is a giant, and at Hell in a Cell, his 15 minutes of being in the WWE is up.

I loved that promo.

On second thought, the hell with Hell in a Cell. Rusev, get out here, now.

Come get some, Rusev.

Fine you won’t come to Show, Show will come to Rusev.

He heads to the back, looking for Rusev.

Big Show asks a stagehand where Rusev’s dressing room is, and he tells Show it’s down there.

Show kicks the door down, but Rusev is gone.

Now Dean Ambrose is doing some research on Kane tonight, watching “See No Evil 2″.

Ambrose tells Cena he is Batman, and Cena is Superman. Cena seems worried about the match tonight, but Ambrose has a plan to kick anything that moves.

Cena now tells Ambrose he is more like The Joker.

Why so serious?

Summer Rae Vs Brie Bella, now.

Brie wins with an X-Factor, with Nikki watching backstage.

Nikki Vs Brie, with loser becoming personal assistant.

3-on-2 Handicap match, later tonight.

WWE Hell in a Cell is this Sunday and after the show, WWE Network will have an exclusive interview with Hulk Hogan.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring.

Ambrose has a bag, and he sets up a chair.

Dean finally gets what he has been dreaming of, the sell-out power-ranging suit, inside a cell.

He opens a bag, and it’s a Seth Rollins dummy.

Rollins has become a puppet for The Authority, doing their dirty work. But wait a second, he doesn’t like to do the dirty work. So he will do Rollins a favor this Sunday, the first body part he rips, is his hands.

He is now using the dummy hand and slapping Rollins with it.

But he now has a cheese grater, and a screwdriver, shoving it into Seth. He now has a hammer, and nails him with it.

He has a saw, and he saw himself chopping his testicles in half, but he already sold his testicles to The Authority, so he can’t do that.

So we will see how much testicle fortitude he has in him.

A piledriver on the dummy.

The real Seth Rollins come out, and tell Dean has finally found an opponent he can relate to on an intellectual level. He will never, ever beat him, but he can use a comedy act.

Ambrose throws a hand right at Rollins.

You Sold Out chants, again.

Rollins admits he sold out, and we would do the same thing. But this stings a bit since Rollins is a midwest kid too, but that is where the similarities begin, and end.

Unlike the people here, Seth knew he was destined for greatness growing up. So while the fans chant, they are the ones taking pictures of him, and know he is the highlight of the show. So he sold out, so what?

Ambrose is ready to fight.

Rollins doesn’t sweat Ambrose, and he doesn’t sweat Hell in a Cell.

Here comes Mick Foley!!

Foley asks them to forgive them, he was visiting an old friend, the cell. He wants to thank them for fulfilling their destiny. He remembers in 2012, his daughter came home to tell Mick about The Shield. She was raving about them, and he clicked in to watch them. He talks about watching them every week, even watching WWE Network.

In any ordinary scenario, he can see Seth Rollins beating Dean Ambrose.

Rollins said finally Foley said something smart, he was just thinking he was wasting his time, wearing Santa garb, and being a shell of his former self.

Foley said in any other ordinary situation, but this isn’t an ordinary situation, this is Hell in a Cell. He wears this Santa garb, because it represents losing his innocence to become the wrestler he had become, sacrificing his very body for this business.

Ambrose lost his innocence a long time ago, he is ready to sacrifice himself, so maybe Rollins should ask himself if it’s worth the beating he is going to take, inside a hospital room on Monday morning, ask yourself.

Rollins knows he is out of his damn mind, but Seth is going to win. Because they are right here, but Rollins’ mind is smarter than he is, and he will win.

Foley warns them both that the cell changed him. He has lived in 2 different lives, pre-cell and post-cell. Just like these fans, in Kansas City. They will get the game they have been waiting for the last 29 years. But these two, on October 26th, will get the match the two of them have been waiting for their entire lives.

Have a nice day.

I am ready for Hell in a Cell.

Ambrose swings a chair, and now throws the mannequin at Rollins.

The stage is set for this Sunday.

Cesaro Vs Dolph Ziggler is next.

Cesaro wins with an European Uppercut, pinning the champion.

Backstage, Orton and Rollins are arguing about who the captain should be, and HHH orders that Kane will be the ring general. Kane screams at both of them saying it’s time to take out “The Golden Boy” and “The Lunatic”, and it begins tonight.

Their match is still to come.

This Sunday, at 7:00, we will see The Kick-Off to Hell in a Cell, with Mizdow TV. Mizdow’s guest will be The Miz. Paul Heyman will also join Booker T and Alex Riley, with Renee Young as the panel.

Hell in a Cell, inside the numbers video is now being shown.

The same video on Bray Wyatt is now being shown, letting Erick Rowan go.

Our main event, Cena and Ambrose Vs Kane, Orton, and Rollins is now, in a 3-on-2 Streetfight.

The Authority win when Orton RKO’s Ambrose, and after the match, Rollins Curb Stomps Orton, and celebrates inside the cell. He then climbs up the top, and ends the show strong.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A strong show that set the stage for this Sunday. Not sure if this means Orton is out of The Authority, or if this the young gun, Rollins doing this himself.

But I have a feeling now heading into Survivor Series, we will see Orton Vs Rollins, and Cena Vs Lesnar, again.

But where does this leave Ambrose?

Fun to see Foley tonight, and it seems WWE likes to give us surprises every now and then, which is never a bad thing, but if they wind up going with Cena Vs Orton last, and they more than likely will, where does this leave Ambrose and Rollins? Two guys that have entertained us the last few months, are sort of kicked to the curb, (pun intended).

So here we go, Hell in a Cell is shortly, what did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10/18/14…Preview To Hell In A Cell

We begin the show with highlights from Raw, when Dean Ambrose reached the contract on a pole from John Cena. Hell in a Cell now will feature Cena Vs Orton, and Ambrose Vs Rollins.

Seth Rollins kicks off the show.

The crowd is chanting he sold out, and Rollins admits it. When you were younger, honor and integrity mean the world to you. But let’s be honest, honor doesn’t pay the bills. And when it comes to making the money, we would sell out anyone and anything, even your soul to be anything like Rollins.

But we will never be like Seth, and never be as successful as he will become. Because we will never see what Seth does, selling out is the best thing you can do in life. Rollins is the future of the WWE.

And that brings him to his Hell in a Cell match with Dean Ambrose. Seth will only say this once, Dean Ambrose does not belong in a Hell in a Cell. He belongs in a straight jacket. He will be carried out. Then Dean will be nothing but a hot, sweaty mess.

Seth sold out, but at Hell in a Cell, he will put him out.

Dolph Ziggler shows up.

Ziggler tells Rollins the fans don’t want to see him. When you sell out, you get the money, you get the fame, but there is one thing you can’t get, and that is self-respect.

Does anyone really care about self-respect. Did self-respect save you from a Curb Stomp Monday night? He will get a Curb Stomp tonight just by showing off.

Ziggler Vs Rollins, now.

Rollins wins the match with a Curb Stomp, a good, competitive match, but “Mr. Money in the Bank” pulls it off.

Here comes Dean Ambrose, charging to the ring.

Rollins runs off, and Ambrose just wants to chat. He finally gets what he wanted, a shot at Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. He is going to do whatever it takes to win.

Here comes “Corporate” Kane.

Kane confirms that Ambrose Vs Rollins inside Hell in a Cell will take place, but Kane is feeling aggressive. He loves hurting people, and he wants Ambrose to scream in pain, when he faces Kane, later tonight.

Tonight, 6-man tag match od The Uso’s and Sheamus Vs The Miz, Gold and Stardust.

AJ Lee is in the ring, next.

Tom Phillips, Michael Cole, and JBL welcome us to the show, and we see the new “besties” at commentary, Paige and Alicia Fox.

It’s now AJ Vs Layla.

Black Widow time, that is all she wrote.

Alicia Fox tried to attack AJ, but Paige gets AJ at the end with a Rampaige, and then skip around the ring.

Kane is backstage, when Rollins asks Kane to leave him a little piece of Ambrose. Kane reminds Seth he and Ambrose have never experienced Hell in a Cell. Both of them don’t understand the pain they will suffer together. Kane tells Seth that the three of them will take care of Ambrose and Cena in the 3-on-2 Handicap Street Fight. But tonight, learn something, he knows Ambrose will.

We are in Birmingham, Alabama. 8 days away from Smackdown, where we find out that Sheamus will face The Miz for a United States Title.

Footage from last Tuesday’s Main Event.

Renee Young is with Sheamus and The Uso’s.

How do they feel heading into tonight’s 6-man match?

They are all ready for a fight.

Bray Wyatt is setting Erick Rowan free.

6-man tag match is up now. Sheamus and The Uso’s Vs The Miz, Gold and Stardust.

Sheamus and The Uso’s win when Sheamus pins Goldust with a Brogue Kick.

Our main event tonight is Dean Ambrose Vs Kane.

The rubber match will take place at Hell in a Cell with The Big Show vs Rusev.

Big Show is headed to the ring, next.

We see the history between The Big Show and Rusev the last few weeks.

Big Show talks about what it was like growing up as a kid, being a giant.

He accepts the responsibility of pinning Rusev in the ring, at Hell in a Cell. He has beaten him, but has never pinned him. He knocked him out once, knocked him out twice, but three times will be a charm.

Big Show calls for Mark Henry to come to the ring.

Big Show talks about traveling the road together, and one night they were hungry, going to a Waffle House, with a filled up place. Someone took their parking space, and they flipped the car over.

Big Show asks Mark Henry to stay out of ringside at Hell in a Cell. He needs to do this by himself.

Mark agrees to do this, he had his shot. Brother to brother, friend to friend, man to man, Mark will get out of his business if that’s what he wants.

Enter Rusev, and Lana.

How pathetic, Mark Henry and Big Show are like the Goodyear Blimp, they are all blown up, full of gas, and very slow.

Rusev has the mic.

After he beats Big Show, these people will turn on him, because he let them down, just like his friend Mark Henry did. Big Show, he will crush him.

Big Show has heard enough, at Hell in a Cell, Show pins Rusev.

Nikki Bella is in action, next.

Nikki Vs Naomi is up now. It seems Nikki Vs Brie is set at Hell in a Cell, with the loser being the winner’s bitch for a month.


Nikki wins the match, with Brie looking on backstage.

Tonight, Kane Vs Dean Ambrose.

Sister Abigail is coming, or at least that is what Bray Wyatt leads us to think.

It’s coming.

Renee Young is with Dean Ambrose.

What are his thoughts over facing Kane.

Ambrose was explaining what he was going to do with Rollins at Hell in a Cell, but Kane interrupted him. Kane is talking about ripping his head off. Well, Dean thinks Kane has made way too many horror flicks. This ain’t Hollywood, this is Birmingham, Alabama. He has something to say to Kane, Yipee Kay Ye.

Kane Vs Ambrose, now.

Ambrose wins by DQ, when Rollins runs in and attacks Ambrose, with Kane helping. But “The Lunatic Fringe” turns the tides, and has a chair backing him up, nailing Kane, with Rollins running out of dodge, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was an okay show, but something bothers me, especially seeing this tonight. Twice this week, the IC Champion is pinned, and for what? Pinning a champion used to mean something, now it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I liked both matches Ziggler had, but why even have that match where there is no money on the loss?

Wrestling needs to go back to the simple formula, the title might mean something more if the champion doesn’t lose every week.

And Mark Henry will turn heel for the 500,000th time in his career, costing Big Show his Hell in a Cell match.

It’s that easy.

Do you agree? Send me your thoughts here.

Impact Wrestling 10/15/14…We Are All Bound For Glory

Now that Bound for Glory is behind us, a new chapter begins. We will have a Number One Contender match to determine who faces Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title. Who win?

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show.

The Executive Director, Kurt Angle begins the show.

Kurt loves seeing the competition, but the playing field needs to be leveled. He asks for Lashley to come to the ring, and he does that.

Kurt knows Bobby isn’t happy with him, but he told his friends to take the night off, and they obliged. But the World Heavyweight Champion needs to be able to defend their title at all costs. So why did Lashley say no to giving Roode a shot at the title?

Because Roode has already had his shot, and lost. Do you want a shot, Kurt?

One day, the two will fight, and he will regret that day. But today isn’t that day. Tonight, there will be a new Number One Contender crowned, in a Fatal four-way match.

It will be “Showtime” Eric Young Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode.

Lashley has competed with all of these people before, but all of them will have an opportunity to compete for a shot at the title. Good luck to them all.

Our main event is set.

Last Saturday night, the TNA Hall of Fame was being seen, with Team 3-D.

Next, Havok Vs Madison Rayne for the Knockout Title.

Matt Hardy was doing an interview about Jeff Hardy’s World Title opportunity, when Magnus introduces himself to Hardy, saying he is nothing but a “cheerleader” tonight to Jeff, after losing the Tag Title shot last week. Matt challenges Magnus to a match, tonight.

Challenge is accepted.

Madison Rayne Vs Havok, now.

Havok wins with a Chokeslam, she calls The Harlet Slayer.

Devon is talking with Kurt in the back, he is proud to be a part of history with his brother, but he is still a part of the TNA roster and will do anything he can to represent.

Eric Young is backstage, telling us he has a 25% shot at becoming the Number One Contender, and he’ll take those chances anytime.

Matt Hardy Vs Magnus, now.

Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate. A good match between these two, and Matt has looked very good since he came back to TNA.

EC3 revealed last Sunday that he has a new bodyguard, and tonight, we find out who that is.

Mixed tag match is up now. Angelina Love, DJ Z, and Jessie Godderz Vs Knox, Crazzy Steve, and Rebel.

The Menagerie win, when Crazzy Steve pins Jessie with a DDT.

EC3 reveals his new bodyguard, next.

Tonight, Fatal Four-way for the Number One Contender to face Lashley.

Roode is about to share his thoughts, and Austin Aries tells Roode tonight will be a match they all remember. This mutual respect, when the bell rings is out the window. No apologies after the match, whatever it takes to win.

I can’t wait.

EC3 makes his appearance. His new bodyguard?

The wrestler formerly known as Brodus Clay.

controversy seems to follow him wherever he goes, but it follows you when you make big moves.

He plans to detonate this entire industry, because he has the control of the button. Brodus is now known as Tyrus.

To his former best friend, Rockstar Spud, he’d like to say see you never.

Now, down to business. Bully Ray still remains a Hall of Famer, despite putting his Aunt through a table.

We all love it, but the action is being deemed, and the list of TNA Hall of Famers is a who’s-who of the people EC3 have beaten.

Sting, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray.

The fans may chant you can’t wrestle, but he remains undefeated, and there isn’t a man who can beat him.

Enter Devon.

Devon can see why he gets his ass kicked every week, he continues to talk. There is one man he hasn’t beaten, and that is Devon.

So Tyrus, Devon will put EC3 through a table, and if he even thinks about interfering, he will make him his bi-atch.

As Devon heads the ring, Bram attacks Devon with a garbage can lid.

We come back, EC3 and Tyrus are still in the ring. It’s so nice that Bram helped him out, and Tyrus told him he just beat Devon.

So EC3 is rewarding Tyrus with a treat, tonight he faces a legend….SHARKBOY!!

Simon Diamond tries to look for Sharkboy, and sees him hanging out on the couch, eating doughnuts.


Tyrus wins with a Chokeslam, Sharkboy needed to eat more doughnuts, I guess.

Highlights from Bound for Glory.

Hardy’s thoughts on tonight’s match.

Creature, it’s time to mount up.

Our main event, Number One Contender’s Match is next.

Bram walks away, not wanting to talk about anything.

Highlights from the Ultimate Tag Team Series between Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

The Wolves speak, challenging any team out there to try to take their titles.

8-team tournament starts the next week to challenge The Wolves.

But now, Fatal 4-Way to determine the Number One Contender. Eric Young Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode is now.

This was actually an Elimination match, although all night, they were naming this a Fatal 4-way, unless I am wrong here. It came down to Aries and Roode. Bobby wins with a Roodebomb. A very fun match here, and all four men celebrate at the end.

Next week, an 8 team tournament starts off to see who faces The Wolves next, and we will get an official contract signing between Bobby Lashley Vs Bobby Roode.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This has been the first Bound for Glory I ever missed, let’s hope there is more and this is the start of a strong build towards it. Another strong main event, and I love seeing the added focus on these matches, and extra time. Makes the main event feel special.

Tyrus is a good addition, but I hope they don’t make this friendship short.

A fun show tonight, and can’t wait to see the contract signing next week, and the Tag Team tournament beginning.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/13/14….Raw Is Hotlanta

Tonight, we are in Atlanta, and our special guest star is none other than Nene Leakes. Who is Nene, you would ask? “Real Housewife of Atlanta”. She has also made a guest appearance of “Glee”. We will also see The Big Show Vs Rusev.

Not to mention, more buildup to the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV, which is 13 days ago.

Here we go.

Footage from last week is shown. HHH announced that we will see John Cena Vs Dean Ambrose, with the winner getting to face Seth Rollins.

We are live in Atlanta. And we kick the show off with “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

There is nothing he likes more in this world to be locked inside the cell with Seth Rollins. So he can punish him so that much that Seth wishes he never heard the name of Dean Ambrose.

But before he does that, something is pissing him off, a 15-time WWE World Champion. He said to John last week he had no problem dropping Cena on his head. But Friday night, he did the same thing.

So having said that, he has no issue climbing over Cena, reaching up for that contract on a pole, and face Rollins. There is nothing Cena or The Authority can do about that.

Enter John Cena.

He tells Dean he needs to relax, because this match is made. But it’s two weeks from now, and it’s at Hell in a Cell. The fans want to see this, because Ambrose has a chance, Cena has a chance. So the two will get that opportunity. But Ambrose is running his mouth, so why? Maybe he will walk out alive, maybe he won’t. Cena has some veteran advice, this is the biggest match of his career, so shut up. Get ready for the biggest match of his career, because Cena will give him everything he has.

Ambrose isn’t impressed. He tells him he doesn’t need his advice, and Cena reminds him he is a 15-time World Champion, and Ambrose isn’t even in Cena’s league. His temper will get the best of him.

Here come The Authority.

HHH tells them they both need to calm down. They have their opportunity in two weeks, when the compete in a Contract on a Pole match, at Hell in a Cell, which we can see for just $9.99.

Stephanie tells us that they might be afraid of fighting each other. So she and HHH makes a bet, so these two will compete in a Triple Threat Tag Match against The Uso’s and Gold and Stardust.

That match is now.

Cena and Ambrose win the match when Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds, and Cena nails an Attitude Adjustment, pinning both Gold and Stardust.

But The Authority are back again.

HHH paid Steph the $1 he owes her. But maybe these two need that spark to make this go down.

If they want Rollins at Hell in a Cell, why wait for that event? Contract is hung on a pole, no holds barred. Only one of them gets the chance to face Rollins. And one of them will grab that contract, even if it means tearing each other up.

John Cena Vs Dean Ambrose, tonight…hell begins for the two of them.

Also tonight, Big Show Vs Rusev. 3 weeks ago, Big Show knocked out Rusev. Tonight, these two men square off.

AJ Lee is in action, next.

It will now be AJ and Layla Vs Paige and Alicia.

AJ and Layla win, but Layla walks off on AJ. After the match, AJ goes right after Layla.

And switching gears, we see 2 weeks ago, Big Show disrespecting the Russian flag. Tonight, Big Show Vs Rusev.

The Authority are backstage, and Orton comes over. He faces Ziggler, and before he destroys him, he has no issue with Seth Rollins saying he is the future of the company, as long as he doesn’t take his spotlight. He also knows Rollins will beat either Cena or Ambrose, so give him the loser of tonight’s match, at Hell in a Cell, inside Hell in a Cell.

Done deal.

Bray Wyatt is letting Erik Rowan loose.

Orton Vs Ziggler is next.

Orton wins the match with a RKO, while Seth Rollins watches on.

Seth Rollins plays “Top This” with Orton, and gives Ziggler a Curb Stomp.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Dean Ambrose, Contract on a Pole match.

“Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins is still in the ring, set to face Jack Swagger.

Rollins wins with rolling the tights, and Orton send the message to Seth by RKOing Swagger.

Tonight, Cena Vs Ambrose, winner faces Rollins at Hell in a Cell.

Renee Young is standing by with Ambrose.

Ambrose will prove to us he can go right by Cena to get to Rollins.

Tom Phillips is with Big Show.

He has the entire United States on his shoulders, and Big Show loves that, because tonight, he is going right through Rusev.

Rusev Vs Big Show is now.

We come back from a break, with Lana telling us we celebrate Columbus Day, who discovered this unforseen country. Some people say he was just an egotistical guy, who got lost and discovered America. So Columbus did that, and threw the Indians to a reservation, where they started up a casino. Americans are stupid, and they lose money faster than seeing their beloved Braves lose a baseball game.

Lana is money.

Rusev brings up Big Show’s actions have consequences.


If Big Show had a spine, he would rp it out, and rip it up. Just like Mark Henry, Big Show will fail his stupid Americans. Big Show will be crushed.

The match is on.

Rusev wins by DQ when Mark Henry came out, and knocked out Rusev when he had an Accolade.

We get the Russian Flag lowered down, and this sends Big Show and Mark Henry out of the ring, to corner the big Brute.

Show knocks out Rusev.

Tonight, Cena Vs Ambrose, with the winner facing Rollins at Hell in a Cell. The loser faces Orton.

Renee Young gets Sheamus backstage, he can’t stand Mizdow, fella.

The Miz Vs Sheamus, next.

Todd Chrisley is in the house.

The Miz Vs Sheamus is now, and we will see Mizdow.

The Miz wins the match by countout when Mizdow interfered on his “stunt double’s” behalf, distracting Sheamus.

Oh boy, Nene Leakes is here, and she has her own dressing room, accompanied by Total Divas.

She has words by Cameron, girl bye.

Cena Vs Ambrose, tonight.

Summer Rae, Nikki Bella, and Cameron Vs Naomi, Natalya, and Brie Bella, with Nene Leakes showing up.

Brie, Natalya, and Naomi win when Brie pinned Nikki with an X-Factor.

Cena Vs Ambrose is next.

This Friday night on Smackdown, 6-man tag, (Is Teddy Long still the GM?), we will see Sheamus and The Uso’s Vs The Miz, Gold and Stardust.

Renee Young is with John Cena.

Cena tells us the fans see in Dean Ambrose what he saw all along, that Dean is the only man standing face to face with Cena. (Didn’t Bray Wyatt do that?). Ambrose is about to go one on one with the man who runs this place.

Speaking of Bray, another video is showing us that Sister Abigail is among us.

It’s coming.

Before we see Ambrose Vs Cena, the entire Authority come out to watch this match unfold.

Ambrose wins when Cena took too long to take care of Kane, and Ambrose went after the contract on a pole.

So we get our double main event, of Ambrose Vs Rollins, and Orton Vs Cena, and all four men stare each other down for the longest time, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

There was nothing horrible about tonight, even though we had a lame stipulation on the main event, and the big Cena Vs Ambrose lasted less than 10 minutes, but I did like the opening tag match.

And Damien Mizdow was hilarious, as always.

The crowd was certainly into Rusev Vs Big Show, but we all know Cena will pin Rusev, right?

Bray Wyatt is still there, and did I saw Mizdow was hilarious?

Raw in a nutshell, tell me what you thought of it.

Impact Wrestling 10/8/14…Full Metal Mayhem

My first Impact in 2 weeks, ready to go and see the last match in the Ultimate Tag Team Series. The Hardys Vs The Wolves Vs Team 3-D in Full Metal Mayhem.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Bobby Roode is in the ring.

Last week, he asked for one more match with Lashley. But he didn’t hear from Bobby, he heard from MVP. He wants to hear from Bobby, and not MVP.

But MVP and Kenny King shows up, and he tells Bobby that he had his shot, and he choked. So again, he says no to a rematch.

Bobby asked if they know what it’s like to be World Champion. He asked who drives the car, it seems to be Kenny King. Bobby tells MVP he will do anything to get another title shot.

Kenny has an idea, and he whispers in MVP’s ear.

MVP tells Bobby if he wants to prove he can do whatever it takes to get another title shot, how about Bobby Vs MVP and Kenny King. But when Bobby loses, he never receives another World Title shot again.

Bobby asks if he speaks for Lashley, and MVP says he does. The match is set.

Tonight, a new Number One Contenders match is up now for the Knockout Title.

Angelina Love Vs Madison Rayne Vs Taryn Terrell is set now.

Madison Rayne wins, so she becomes the next victim of Havok, I mean the next contender to the Knockout Title, using the tights, pinning Taryn Terrell.

Here comes Havok, she faces Velvet Sky this Sunday, at Bound for Glory.

Madison leaves the ring, for Taryn to get her ass kicked. A vicious Chokeslam, showing Madison what her future holds for her.

Next, Storm and Great Sanada Vs Lo-Ki and Tigre Uno. Also, Full Metal Mayhem tonight, with Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

The Franchise Players are in the back, MVP tells Lashley they will take care of Roode. Have the night off, they have this.

Video on The Great Sanada turning to the darkside, and a new Revolution is born.

Tag team match is up now, Storm and Sanada Vs Lo-Ki and Tigre.

The Revolution wins when Sanada sprayed red mist into Tigre’s eyes, and Storm hits a Last Call.

Tonight, Bobby Roode has to face MVP and Kenny King to get another shot at the TNA World Title.

Also, Full Metal Mayhem.

Gunner is talking to Samuel Shaw about his match against Bram. Samuel wonders if Gunner believes in him, and Gunner warns him to watch himself. Samuel now has tattoos, patterning himself from Gunner.

Gunner needs to show more support, gosh.

This is a No DQ match between Samuel Shaw Vs Bram, now.

They tried hard, and Bram wins, nailing Samuel with a wrench. At least Samuel got a TNA chant going.

Brittany is checking on Samuel.

Bobby Roode knows what he wants, and that is the World Heavyweight Championship. He hasn’t slept since September 17th, and if MVP wants to open the door for him, he is about to kick it in.

Roode Vs MVP and King is next.

Tonight, a Full Metal Mayhem match.

Bully Ray says they might be a bit crazy to decide this match. The Wolves show up, and remind them they are the Tag Champs, and Davey told them there is a method of madness. When they win, they won’t just beat Team 3-D and The Hardys, they will beat them at their own match.

Let the hunt begin.

Roode Vs MVP and King, now.

Roode wins by DQ, pinning MVP, had King pinned with a Roode Bomb, but Lashley comes in, and gets his own piece. He nailed a Spear on Roode.

EC3 is a businessman, so he is willing to give Rockstar Spud one more chance. If he doesn’t show loyalty, then business doesn’t look bright for him.

EC3 is in the ring.

He has been at Impact Wrestling for one calendar year, and he has yet to be defeated. Never been pinned, or submitted. After victory, after victory, after victory, after victory.

They say novels have been written by winners, and this novel is written by EC3. He orders Rockstar Spud to get out here, now.

And he does, dressed in purple.

Spud has failed EC3, but he is a giver, and his opportunity is tonight.

Spud has said he is sorry for what happened to Madame, and he is Ethan’s best friend.

Prove it.

Spud knows Ethan’s favorite color is green, because he loves money. He also makes sure when he’s at hotels, the maid sets the thermostat is 71. And he hates it when the crowd chants he can’t wrestle.

You can’t wrestle.

He disagrees.

You can’t wrestle.

He thinks he is very good.

Ethan tells Spud that he failed him when he fainted while guarding Dixie, and making sure she doesn’t go through a table. But just like the 99 percenters, Spud is a loser.

Spud isn’t a loser, he is Rockstar Spud.

Spud is a loser.

He’s not a loser, he’s ROCKSTAR SPUD!!

He is a Carter, and Spud is a loser.

Ethan keeps slapping Spud, calling him a loser. But Spud slaps back.

Spud has heart, he will give him that. But Rockstar Spud, you’re fired.

Video on The Hardys Vs Team 3-D Vs The Wolves, Full Metal Mayhem.

That epic match is next.

Kenny King is DQ’s, with MVP, King, and Lashley are happy about the job they did. Kurt Angle tells them that Bobby Roode will still be a part of the Number One Contender match next week, and MVP will not have a part in it.

The Hardys Vs Team 3-D Vs The Wolves is now.

The Wolves win when they retain their titles, and are still Tag Team Champions.

The show ends with the Wolves standing on top of the ladder, raising their titles up high.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fitting end to a series. This was their best match, and now it makes us wonder where they go from here with the Hardys and Team 3-D, and even better, who beats The Wolves?

I’ll have to think hard about choosing to purchase Bound for Glory. I always order them, but since there was no buildup, why bother? I can save $50 anyway, but it is what it is.

Overall, a solid show, Roode showed he can be the face of the company. Either a heel or a face, the man gets his reaction. We will see what happens from here. What were your thoughts from tonight’s show? Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/6/14…Brooklyn Raw

This has been a tough week for me, last week I found out my Grandmother had fallen, and was rushed to the hospital last Monday night. I didn’t watch much wrestling this past week, but I am back this week. Raw needs to deliver however, because the last few shows have been very poor.

We will see what happens, Raw is now.

Last Monday night, Dean Ambrose took the Money in the Bank briefcase, returned it to Seth Rollins. But The Authority had the final say for both Dean and Cena.

We are live in Brooklyn. Seth Rollins come into the ring.

What Ambrose did to Seth wasn’t funny, but the real highlight happened, and we saw The Authority have the last say.

That’s what happens when you disrespect Rollins. He is a patient man, but one thing you don’t do is embarrass Seth Rollins. He is Mr. Money in the Bank. He is the future, and present of WWE.

Noble and Mercury show up, want Rollins to leave, but he isn’t leaving. He loves having a target on his back.

Everyone wants a piece of Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose would love to get his hands on him, and here comes John Cena, charging to the ring, but Rollins ducks out-of-the-way and out to the crowd.

But Ambrose is right behind Rollins, and gets a piece of Rollins.

Cena tries to get a piece of Rollins, but Ambrose jumps on both of them, with Rollins running away.

On your knees, Punk. Here come The Authority.

Stephanie told them they won’t take charge of this show. They told Rollins that both men would get a piece of Rollins, if he let his ego get the best of them.

So HHH tells them that they both want to get their hands on Seth Rollins. So wouldn’t WWE Universe like to see that? If they want it, then they will get that chance. It will be John Cena and Dean Ambrose taking on Seth Rollins….and Kane….and Randy Orton in a Handicap Match.

That’s our main event.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Our other big story covers The Big Show and Rusev.

Last Monday, we saw an International Incident, with Big Show putting the Russian national flag down on the ground.

Footage from last Friday when Show “apologized”.

The Authority suspended Big Show, and sent him to sensitivity classes. So he will need to listen to Rusev and Lana respond.

Next, Dolph Ziggler and The Uso’s Vs Star, Gold Dust, and Cesaro.

The Uso’s and Ziggler win with an Uso Splash, pinning Stardust.

We are talking about the Susan G. Komen fight for Breast Cancer month. Cena was on Today, earlier today.

Oh boy, our special guest hosts are Kathie Lee and Hoda, who are up, next.

Adam Rose, his Rosebuds are now with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Because nothing says booze with a little fuzzy thoughts.

Already the fans are booing.

Boy, we have Hoda dancing, and Kathie Lee hitting her ass with a wine bottle.

Now they both are doing stage dives. Kathie Lee just turned heel, then again, wasn’t she always a heel?

Okay, switching gears….I hope.

Yup, The Wyatts now are on, although, Bray is setting Luke Harper free.

Bo Dallas is in the ring.

He is set to face Mark Henry.

Oh good Gawd, Mark Henry loses 3 in a row to Bo, this time by countout.

Tonight, Roman Reigns gives us an exclusive interview. Also, Rusev and Lana respond to The Big Show. And our main event is a Handicap match with Kane, Rollins, and Orton Vs Cena and Ambrose.

This Friday night, Smackdown will celebrate its 15th year. And on a similar note, I am going to record it and watch it, because it should be a special show, right? Right?


Earlier tonight, Cena and Ambrose catch up to Rollins, sort of.

But here comes “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose, headed to the ring.

Ambrose couldn’t stand in the back anymore, something has been bothering him. John Cena has been up in his space. Cena is his partner tonight, like he thought he was his partner last week on Smackdown, but then this happened.

Cena left his partner out to dry, and Ambrose lost the match last week on Smackdown.

Dean told Cena to not give him a reason not to like him. He is trying real hard, but before they go to battle, come out and settle this face to face.

Here comes Cena.

The same Dean Ambrose, that said to him he wants to get his hands on Seth Rollins, the same Dean Ambrose who launched on Cena. The fans understand Dean Ambrose, and so does Cena, because they are clear.

Dean would have done the same thing. He doesn’t care, Cena doesn’t like Ambrose, Ambrose doesn’t like Cena. Maybe they could co-exist for one night, maybe they can’t. He can take care of The Authority by himself.

Cena reminds him that Dean was laid out by The Authority the last time he tried to handle business by himself. But one thing he likes about Ambrose is he has guts to say how he feels. But don’t make that mistake of thinking guts is the same as brains and cross him. He will say the same thing he would understand, and don’t make Cena not like him.

Ambrose is about to say something, but he is hungry and will go to Coney Island, get a Hotdog, and leaves.

Tonight, we will hear from Roman Reigns. We will also hear from Lana and Rusev as they respond to Big Show’s apology.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Ambrose leaves his partner, to get a Hotdog.

And we now see Ambrose taking a subway to Coney Island.

Cena walks backstage, and runs into HHH.

HHH mocks Cena for being left to dry. It doesn’t seem right, a 3-on-1 Handicap match. To get to Rollins, if he has to go through Orton and Kane, he will do that. HHH admires the fire Cena has, and will make sure Seth Rollins starts the match tonight. Remember Cena, keep calm, and never give up.

So now, per order of The Authority, it will be Brie Bella Vs Summer Rae, with Brie tied up with one arm.

Brie wins with a kick to Summer Rae’s head, and pins her.

Brie starts the yes chant, and Nikki leaves/

Someone leaves a fruit basket for Kane, it was from The Miz and Mizdow.

Kane isn’t buying it. Miz Vs Sheamus is set, tonight.

It’s now Swagger Vs Kidd.

Swagger makes Kidd tap out to the Patriot Lock.

After tonight’s show, Edge and Christian give us a Smackdown Special on WWE Network, immediately after Raw.

3-on-1 Handicap match is set later tonight, Kane, Orton, and Rollins Vs Cena.

Roman Reigns is next.

Cole introduces us to Reigns, who is here live via satellite.

He is progressing well, and wishes he was in Brooklyn. He will be back sooner, rather than later. Believe that.

We see why Cena is upset with Rollins.

We now are close to the 10’O Clock hour, and we have El Torito Vs the gator.

Torito wins, who cares.

Last Friday night on Smackdown, Big Show apologizes to the Russian people they may have offended, last Monday night.

Rusev and Lana respond, next.

Lana tells us that as along as we support Big Show, we are no better than he is, we are hate monglers, and Rusev calls us cowards.

If Ya Smell…What The Rock Is Cooking.

Yup, finally….The Rock has come back to Brooklyn.

This is a moment for Lana and Rusev.

Rusev and Lana, you two need to do two things, and that is know your role, and shut your mouth.

First thing The Rock does when he wakes up, is clanging and banging. The same thing Rusev does, except The Rock doesn’t pull up his shorts to his nipples. Then The Rock jumped on an airplane in The Big Apple. Then the jet landed in Queens. Then The Rock went to Manhattan, he then headed to The Bronx, so he can get out and show respect to the captain and chant Derek Jeter.

And after Derek Jeter, he crossed a certain iconic bridge, went to Atlantic avenue, walked down this ramp, and get into the ring, and say…

Finally The Rock Has Come Back To BROOKLYN!!!

Lana asks who he thinks he is? He interrupted The Great Rusev, he needs to shut up.

Rusev calls The Rock a piece of garbage. Leave now, or he will crush him.

The Rock tells Rusev he has Chewbacca breath. And Lana, she is smoking. But it’s ashame she walks around like she has a Smirnoff up her butt.

Now back to Chewey, he thinks he can crush The Rock? It doesn’t matter what Rusev thinks. Rusev has beaten everyone, but you want to know a secret? We don’t boo them because they are Russian, they boo them because they are a first-rate a-holes.

Enough, Lana tells The Rock Rusev is hungry.

The Rock tells Rusev to allow himself to re-introduce himself….he is the trail blazing, pie eating, you get no sleep in Brooklyn, and he decks Rusev.

Future Wrestlemania match?

Business has just picked up.

Earlier tonight, Dean Ambrose walked out on Cena.

AJ and Emma Vs Paige and Alicia Fox is now.

Alicia and Paige wins when AJ walks off from Emma, and Paige hits a Rampaige.

Erik Rowan is set free from Bray Wyatt.

It’s Bruno Sammartino’s birthday, so there we have it.

The Miz Vs Sheamus is now.

The Miz wins the match, rolling up Sheamus who had kicked Mizdow.

Last Monday, Hulk Hogan started the Susan G. Komen foundation. Joan London will speak, next.

Joan tells us that this is a good charity, and there are survivors of Cancer, including herself.

Nene Nekes is the special guest next week.

Our main event, John Cena Vs The Authority is now.

Cena wins by DQ, when all 3 men take turns having fun with Cena, Ambrose shows up in a hot dog vendor stand. He uses some mustard and takes care of Kane and Orton. And Cena took care of Rollins with an AA.

HHH and Stephanie announce that at Hell in a Cell, we will see Cena Vs Ambrose, with the winner facing Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell.

The night ends with Ambrose giving Cena Dirty Deeds, and walking away.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was boring until The Rock shows up. He still has it, it will be interesting to see if they give us a Wrestlemania match of Rusev Vs The Rock.

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/22/14…Cena Survives Lesnar

Clips from last night’s Night of Champions airs. Seth Rollins causes the DQ, Lesnar retains.

We are live in Memphis, Tennessee. Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring.

Dean isn’t dead, and the crowd loves it. Ambrose is back, and ever since what happened to Dean the last time we saw him, he’s been a bit messed up. Things have been going through his head, being ganged up by two people with a cinder block is cool.

We see footage from last month, when Ambrose was curb stomped through cinder blocks.

He is flattered The Authority think that much of Dean to take him out, but he is tired of The Authority, and he isn’t going until he gets a chance to punch Seth Rollins in the face.

We have a sit-in with Dean.

Here comes John Cena.

Dean is truly bothered that Cena is standing in the ring with him. He is playing close to a flame. So John, don’t give Ambrose a reason to not like him.

Cena brings up he and Ambrose have a similar dilemma. Seth Rollins tried to take him out, and Cena should have been the one to beat the one, and be the new WWE World Champion, but Seth Rollins, the leather-wearing jackass had other plans.

Cena is cashing in tonight, he is cashing in on the Money in the Bank briefcase, and will face Rollins.

Ambrose warns him he is on thin ice.

Enter The Authority.

HHH brings up they are fighting over something they have no control over. Seth Rollins isn’t fighting tonight, but these two are.

Cena corrects HHH, and says they will run and get him, and both men go after Rollins. Seth runs out of the ringside area, with Cena and Ambrose chasing him.

We cut to backstage, and Rollins steals a car, with Ambrose and Cena chasing him, just missing Seth.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Seth Rollins running away, like a bitch.

Backstage, Orton and Kane are irate that Rollins left. HHH tells them that Kane will face Ambrose, and Orton faces Cena.

Kane asks why they have to fight his battles, Steph tells them to get revenge over what happened to them. Randy has a message for Mr. Rollins, to stop starting fired he can’t stop.

The new Intercontinental Champion, The Miz come out to the ring, with his stunt double, Damien Mizdow.

It will be The Miz Vs Ziggler, for the IC Title.

Ziggler wins the IC Title again, rolling Miz up and holding his tights, just like last night.

Last night, Roman Reigns had surgery over the weekend, Ambrose returned, Rollins interfered with Cena’s match. But tonight, we will see Ambrose Vs “Corporate” Kane.

Bo Dallas Vs Jack Swagger, now.

Swagger beats Dallas, with ease. Making Bo BOlieve in The Patriot Lock.

Zeb Colter tells Bo that he BOlieves Jack Swagger just made Bo tap out.

Cole wishes his condolences to Eric The Actor, who passed away this weekend.

Tonight, Cena Vs Orton.

Now, after the crazy fight we saw from last night’s “Total Divas”, we are going to see Summer Rae Vs Natalya.

Now Summer has the mic, telling us it’s hard to be the most attractive person in the room. Jealousy is so hard, she doesn’t need us to be her friend. Summertime is over, but it’s always summer time for herself and Lay.

Summer taps out to the Sharpshooter, and when Layla tried to help her good friend, Nattie’s good friend Rosa Mendes countered that.

Next, it’s Dean Ambrose Vs “Corporate” Kane.

Earlier tonight, Ambrose and Cena chased Seth Rollins out of the building.

Ambrose Vs Kane, now.

Rollins shows up, and causes the DQ for Kane, attacking Ambrose. But Dean fights back, and now Kane fights his battle.

Later tonight, Cena Vs Orton.

Backstage, HHH warns Seth of starting these fires he can’t put out, and here comes Ambrose. But again, security tosses him into a room.

We see footage that was aired on WWE Network this weekend, over Roman Reign’s surgery.

6-man tag match now of Sheamus and The Uso’s Vs Cesaro, Gold, and Stardust.

The Uso’s and Sheamus win, when Jey hits a splash, pinning Goldust.

Seth Rollins confronts Orton. This isn’t about Orton fighting Rollins’ battle, this is about his appreciation that Randy is fighting for him. He has a surprise waiting for Randy. Not to mention Seth and Kane will watch his back tonight. Orton does like surprises.

Mark Henry is on his way out, next.

First look of WWE 2K15.

Security are still guarding the door for Ambrose, and here comes Mark Henry.

Mark is here to apologize to the fans. He felt like he let the entire country down. He is not physically healthy, and not mentally healthy yet, but he is sorry he let us down.

Enter Rusev.

Lana tells him he doesn’t have to apologize, because these Americans all understand.

Shut up!!

We are all apologetic, just like Henry.

The fans start a USA chant, and Lana tells us to shut up, again. Russians are all proud people. So Henry failed a second chance, how about a third? She knows the fans at Memphis, Tennessee want to see another match.

Henry asks if Lana heard what they were saying. If they want Mark to destroy this man, tonight. Then bring it on.

So we will have a match.

Rusev wins, by making Henry pass out due to The Accolade.

Earlier tonight, The Authority prevented Rollins from competing, but Cena and Ambrose went to them.

Tonight, Cena Vs Orton, again.

Next, we are going to see Adam Rose, and his bunny Vs Slater and O’Neil.

Good gravy.

The bunny and Adam win, with a bunny hop and a Party Foul.

Nikki Bella is headed to the ring.

She tells us everyone wants to use excuses, but she has a legit one. She heard her sister’s interview before her match, and was shocked of what she said, and demands Brie come out.

Nikki is ashamed of Brie, she can’t even support her sister and calls her a quitter. Nikki wants the Bella name, and Brie refuses to give it up, and slaps Nikki.

Here comes AJ Lee, and we will see AJ Vs Nikki, next.

AJ makes Nikki tap out to Black Widow. Paige was watching this at commentary, and now she tells AJ that title is hers.

Security is still watching the closet.

Cena Vs Orton is next.

Smackdown will be celebrating 15 years on October 10th, and this Friday night, we will see The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

Orton Vs Cena is now.

Cena won by DQ, when Rollins jumps Cena and when they have things going their way, Ambrose jumps out of a box and fights off The Authority.

When Ambrose and Cena fight together, Orton and Kane gets beat down, while Rollins runs away from them, and looks at both of them in the crowd.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Dean Ambrose was the highlight of what was an otherwise boring show. Dean Ambrose is becoming a bona-fide star, future WWE World Champion.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.

WWE Night of Champions 9/21/14

Tonight, fall is in the air as we present Night of Champions. Cena Vs Lesnar III is our main event. But first, it’s our Night of Champions Kick-off show. This will feature the return of The Peep Show, with Christian’s guest being Chris Jericho.

We are live in Nashville, Tennessee. Renee Young is with us, joined by Booker T, Big Show, and Alex Riley.

They confirm that Roman Reigns has emergency surgery yesterday from his hernia, so he will not compete later tonight.

Brock Lesnar video is shown now.

Big Show gives his thoughts on what Cena is going through, he wants his championship back.

Big Show is not impressed by Brock as a champion. Cena Vs Brock at Summerslam, they had a ring time of 16:55, and most of it, Cena was on the ground.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Room, talking about thoughts with Brock Vs Cena.

Rusev Vs Henry preview is on now.

Tonight, The Peep Show returns, with Chris Jericho as Randy Orton’s guest.

Later tonight, Jericho Vs Orton is set.

Also, tonight we will see Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz, for the IC Title. Expect to see their stunt doubles, Damien Mizdow and R-Ziggler.

Also, tonight we will have Sheamus Vs Cesaro for the US Title.

The WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line, with The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

We get to hear thoughts from the panel.

Booker T is with Goldust.

The best tag team in the world, Goldbook is reunited.

Goldust tells Book the old Goldust is gone. Stardust comes in. He tells Booker his ring is close, but isn’t the cosmis key The Uso’s have, but after tonight, it will be theirs.

The Divas Title is on the line in a Triple Threat match to Paige Vs AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella.

AJ Lee makes an appearance on the panel.

Paige has something that belongs to AJ, and tonight she is taking it from her.

Tonight, Christian will have The Peep Show, with his guest being Y2J, Chris Jericho.

Tom Phillips joins us now, with some thoughts in the Social Media Lounge.

Roman Reigns is recovering from his hernia surgery, but he will be out from several months. Some thoughts now from the fans over his recovery.

Footage now about the last 24 hours with Roman Reigns.

Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena preview is being shown.

Renee throws it over to Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

And now The Peep Show begins.

Christian missed us alot, and while he can soak this in, he won’t, this is not about him. This is Night of Champions, and one match has piqued his interest, Chris Jerciho Vs Randy Orton. So he brings Chris in to the show.

Chris is excited to being on The Peep Show, but he is more excited to see the 2-time World Champion, Christian. They are also former Tag Team Champion, the Sexy Beasts. Christian tells him he got them the titles, and he named them Vitamin C. Jericho was the captain, but Christian is Captain Charisma. Chris was named General jocularity.

Okay, Chris can agree to that, but we need to get serious here. Randy Orton is a dangerous man, and they show us footage from a few weeks ago, when Orton laid him out.

Randy is a bit upset that Chris is everything Orton is not. Chris is his own man, and does what he wants, while Orton is HHH’s lap dog.

Orton interrupts, and calls them Brad Pitt and Angelina, only which is which? Christian has been beat up so many times that he can’t even compete in the ring. Jericho, when Orton gets done with him, the only show he will be on is “Total Divas”.

Jericho said that he will lead up to Orton’s show, “Total Jackass”.

Jericho will take care of Orton, and when he does, Randy won’t ever….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR be the same aga-ain.

Night of Champions is next.

Night of Champions starts now. Live, from Nashville, Tennessee. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

WWE Tag Team Titles kick the show off. The Uso’s Vs Gold and Stardust.

Gold and Stardust win, when Stardust hits Jey with a knee, after he tries a splash, and rolls up Jey, probably using the tights, though it wasn’t said.

The cosmic keys have been returned.

Byron Saxton is with Dolph Ziggler, and R-Ziggler.

They both have their Diet Dews.

Miz can be a star all he wants, but Ziggler has an important role, the Intercontinental Title. And tonight, after he rearranges Miz’s money-maker, he won’t work with that face again.

Our next match is for the US Title, Sheamus Vs Cesaro.

Sheamus survives his match with Cesaro, beating him by a Brogue Kick in what was a physical and fun match.

Mark Henry is backstage, and is met with Big Show. Mark is focused, and this entire country is behind him, and he WON’T let him down.

Big Show tells him that he will have millions Americans will be behind him. He has a robe from what seems like Kurt Angle would wear. Mark is here, and he is ready, because that is what he does.

Florida Georgia Line is in the house tonight, and here they come to the ring.

They are joining the commentary table for the next match.

FGL will be a part of Tribute to the Troops in December.

Our next match is for the IC Title. The Miz Vs Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz stole a pinfall from Ziggler, when Damien Mizdow, who had been shoved by FGL earlier in the match, and chased away from R-Ziggler comes back and distracts Ziggler long enough to get pinned.

Switching gears, we see footage of what took place with Roman Reigns over the weekend. His match with Seth Rollins is off, and Roman should be out of action for several months.

Enter Seth Rollins.

Isn’t it amazing how life works sometimes? One moment you are on top of the world, and the next, you’re Roman Reigns.

His former partner and brother was scheduled to face him tonight, but he got word yesterday Roman was rushed to the emergency. But no emergency surgery is no excuse. But in the fairness of justice, and fairness of interest, he will give Roman 10 seconds to show up to the ring, or he will get his hand raised.

So he asks for Charles Robinson to make the count, and he does.

And Seth is officially the winner of his match.

But wait, it’s not official, until the ref raises Seth’s hand, and he does.

Seth understands why we are all disappointed, we wanted to see Rollins compete. He is disappointed in Roman Reigns, he isn’t half the man he thought he was, because he is not here to fight him. So he needs to do something to keep us happy. Seth is an opportunist, and The Authority are interested in opportunists. He is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back who wants to have a match with him.

Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?

This is an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone to step in the ring with Mr. Money in the Bank.

We see a screen, and cab pulls up. It’s Dean Ambrose, and he is marching straight to the ring.

Ambrose is all over beating the crap out of Rollins, but The Authority send out security to tie him up with rope, and send him out of ringside.

The Night of Champions panel are here now.

Mark Henry Vs Rusev is up now. Boy, this is going to be a fight.

Lilian Garcia is singing the national anthem.

Rusev wins with The Accolade. Henry was selling an injured back, earlier in the match, so that became too much.

I am not sure why WWE blew all of their whistles to ramp up USA, only to have Rusev crush them again.

I guess Cena will be the one to beat him at Wrestlemania 31?

Who knows.

Hell in a Cell is on October 26th.

Michael Cole asked Brock Lesnar if he felt a different Cena Monday night.


Jericho Vs Orton, now.

RKO off the top rope for the pinfall victory. A very fun match between these two. Orton was playing possum here.

Divas Title match, Triple Threat with Paige Vs AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella is up next.

Byron Sexson is interviewing Brie Bella.

Nikki should not be Divas Champion, because she would be more obnoxious, and if AJ or Paige win, they get to do something she has yet to do, knock Nikki off a few pegs. Nikki is like karma, they are both a bitch.

Divas Title match is up now.

AJ wins the match with a Black Widow, making Paige tap out. This was a good match, the highlight being a tower of doom.

AJ becomes a 3-time Divas Champion.

The Kick-off panel discusses Cena Vs Lesnar.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena for the WWE World Title is now.

Lesnar loses by DQ, when Seth Rollins shows up, and nails Cena with his MITB briefcase. Seth sends Cena out, after John hit an AA on Brock 4 times. Seth hits a Curb Stomp on Brock. Right before he cashes in, Cena ruins it and sends him out.

The show ends with Lesnar celebrating his title at the ramp, and Cena staring at him.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I hate non-decisive finishes to PPVs, if it’s on Raw, okay. But this is a PPV. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. But the last match was exciting, and with Cena showing more offense, it looks like they are on equal footing.

But where do we go from here? A triple threat? Another rematch? It looks like Cena is getting yet, another title match either way. And if Brock pins Rollins, then Cena would be getting another title match.

So I am not sure how I feel about it. Okay, I hate it. Because someone else should step in line to face Lesnar. Add some new challenges, but the one guy that has been talked about, Big Show wasn’t even on the card.

So who else, except Cena?

It just seems like nothing has changed.

I also hated the buildup of Henry Vs Rusev, when WWE knew Mark was going to lose. It makes Henry look bad here, and the way JBL built it, “You let America down” won’t look good for the former Olympic hopeful.

I did like the first part of the show, we had some good matches, and Dean Ambrose is quickly becoming a star.

I guess we will see tomorrow night, but from the looks of this, nothing will change.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send me your thoughts here.

Impact Wrestling 9/17/14….No Surrender

Tonight, at the Manhattan Center, it’s being called as a “must-see” episode of Impact. Bobby Roode will face Bobby Lashley for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also match 3 of the Ultimate Tag Team Battle. The Hardys Vs Team 3-D vs The Wolves. Can the Wolves continue this series, or will we see new World Tag Team champions? And, we have Samoa Joe Vs Homicide for the X-Division Title.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Our first match is the Knockout Battle Royal, to determine the Number One Contender to the Knockout Title.

Taryn Terrell Vs Madison Rayne Vs Angelina Love Vs Velvet Sky Vs Rebel Vs Brittany Vs Havok.

Havok wins, eliminating Velvet Sky as the final woman. Havok will now face Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title.

Tonight, match 3 of the Ultimate Tag Team Series, and Bobby Roode vs Lashley, for the World Title.

Earlier tonight, Bobby Roode entered the building.

2 weeks ago, Gunner and Samuel Shaw lost to Bram and Magnus. Samuel freaked out, over Gunner being hurt. Gunner suggests that Samuel goes to see his therapist. Gunner suggests that he takes Brittany out, and Samuel Shaw has his mind fixated on someone else.

MVP and Kenny King come to the ring.

MVP tells us later tonight, in this ring, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, “The Destroyer” Lashey will face Bobby Roode, where Lashley destroys his dreams. The headlines will read tomorrow morning “Roode Awakening”. MVP wants to bring out our hometown hero, Chris Melendez.

Here he comes.

MVP just wanted to say Chris is without question an American hero. He wanted to thank him for everything he has done for his country. Chris, with his history is a “killer” and they can kill too. With the right people, Chris can make alot of money.

Kenny assures Chris that he has done well on TV, he can carry their bags.

Chris declines the offer, and Kenny thinks he is disrespecting Kenny.

He wants a match with Melendez, and the match is set.

Melendez wins with a rollup, picking up the win. Kenny lays Melendez out, and dares to take the prostatic knee off, and expose him to the world, but Mr. Anderson comes out, and helps him.

“The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley’s video is now playing.

Backstage, Anderson tells Chris that just because the fans respect you, doesn’t mean the boys in the back will. Chris tells Anderson he is okay.

Payback is coming.

X-Division Title match is up now….Homicide Vs Joe.

Joe wins with the Rear Naked Choke, making Homicide tap out.

Joe shakes Homicide’s hand, and we see Storm lay him out. Homicide fights Storm, and is kicked by The Great Sanada.

Manik comes out in a completely different mask and attire. He hits a Frogsplash on Homicide, with all three men celebrating in the ring.

The Revolution has grown.

JB is with The Wolves. Match 3 is up next, and this is a must-win ladder match. Eddie Edwards says this match is about a legacy, their legacy.

Richards says The Wolves are on even par with the legends, and tonight, their hunt never dies.

Match 3, a ladder match is next.

Still to come tonight, Lashley Vs Roode, for the TNA World Title.

EY checks in with Roode, wishing him luck. Roode is ready, and EY wishes him luck.

Match 3 of the Ultimate Tag Team Series, with The Hardys Vs Team 3-D Vs The Wolves.

The Wolves win the match in what was the best of the series so far. Action everywhere, and now all 3 teams have won one apiece. Winner takes all in match 4.

Our next match now is Bram Vs Gunner.

Bram wins when Samuel Shaw came out, and cost his friend the match, Bram rolls up Gunner for the win.

Our main event….Lashley Vs Roode is next.

Earlier tonight, Havok wins the Knockout Battle Royal. She faces Gail Kim for the title.

Gail isn’t afraid of Havok, so bring it.

Lashley Vs Roode is now.

Roode hurt his knee during the match, and when he tried a Roode Bomb, it buckled. The champ then nailed a spear, and pins Roode to retain his title.

A very good match to end the show.

Next Wednesday, we will have an 8-man battle royal to determine who faces Lashley for the title.

Kevin's Thoughts:

Another good show that featured 3 great match, and we saw the show pick up some steam in the final hour. I also like the new Revolution, and what can I say about the main event? Roode Vs Lashley was every worth the second of watching it, and it was on free TV.

The only disturbing trend I see is we still don’t have any matches set for Bound for Glory. We are only 3 weeks away, and it’s time to see what we are in store to see.

I recommend this episode if you missed it, especially the main event title match. Who’s next for Lashley? We will find out, what was your thoughts of the show? Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/15/14…John Cena Is Here For A Fight

We kick Raw off with Paul Heyman. He is here to give us a preview of what is going to happen this Sunday night at Night of Champions.

We start the match off with the former WWE Champion coming out. John Cena will hear the cheers from the little kids.

And now here comes the reigning, defending WWE Champion, his client….BRAWK LESNAR!!

Boo all you want, but Brock is going to give Cena a bigger beating than he had at Summerslam.

Here comes the former WWE Champion himself, John Cena.

Cena asks where is the one, at 21-1? Where is Brock Lesnar?

Heyman makes excuses, and Cena reminded Paul he was here for a fight. He was either going to fight Brock, or he was going to fight Heyman.

Heyman gives us a promo, if he wants a fight, he is going to get one. Here comes the pain!!!

Nobody shows up, and Heyman is laughing.

Brock doesn’t fly coach, he flies in a private plane, because he doesn’t like people, especially Cena. But Paul believes Cena knew Brock wasn’t here, because deep down, he knows he can’t beat Lesnar. So he applauds him.

Cena grabs Heyman and told Paul he warned him that last week, he was coming here for a fight, and if his beats doesn’t show up in 90 minutes, at halftime, if his beast doesn’t show up, he will fight Heyman.

Paul tells him he will notify him when he shows up, but Cena grabs Heyman in a headlock, because he doesn’t believe him and Cajun Country will get a fight tonight.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

Last Monday night, The Authority took out Roman Reigns.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Rollins. Forget Night of Champions, we get that on free TV.

Here comes Chris Jericho.

When we come back, we learn that Cena locked Heyman in a locker room, and had Great Khali stand guard.

Jericho Vs “Corporate” Kane is now.

Jericho pins Kane, rolling him up after Kane hit an exposed turnbuckle.

At Night of Champions, Jericho Vs Orton.

Heyman is on the phone with Brock. There is no connection, and Heyman looks very concerned.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Rollins.

We show footage from last Friday night on Smackdown, when Rusev had the upper hand against Henry. Tonight, Mark Henry rallies America.

Renee Young is with Roman Reigns.

Tonight, he faces Seth Rollins, Roman says that Seth claims he created everything, and Seth is responsible for Roman’s career. He is going to hit him so much that his knuckles will bleed. Believe that.

Jack Swagger Vs Bo Dallas, now.

Swagger makes Bo tap out to the Patriot Lock.

We have an hour of the pre-show this Sunday of Night of Champions.

Next, Brie Bella and AJ Lee Vs Paige and Nikki Bella.

Paige and Nikki win when Nikki takes out AJ, and Paige hits a Rampaige to win.

Nikki attacks Brie after the match, and Paige skips around the ring. AJ responds by skipping around ringside.

Switching gears, showing from last Friday Night Smackdown, we see Bray Wyatt preventing from getting into the ring, thanks to Big Show.

Bray Wyatt speaks.

Tonight, just for fun, Bray will fix The Big Show.

Follow the Buzzards.

Big Show Vs Bray Wyatt, next.

Heyman is scared silly in the locker room.

Heyman confronts The Great Khali. He wants to just stand over there, so he can get a hold of his client Brock Lesnar. Khali breaks the phone, and shoves Heyman right back into the room.

Show Vs Wyatt….Cajundome….we’re here.

Bray Wyatt loses by DQ, when Rowan and Harper attack Big Show, but Show counters and chokeslams both of them. Bray is loving that.

Tonight, Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins.

6-man tag match is set now. The Usos and Sheamus Vs Goldust, Stardust, and Cesaro.

The Usos and Sheamus win, with Jimmy hitting the splash on Cesaro.

This Sunday, The Usos Vs The Dust Brothers, and Sheamus Vs Cesaro for US Title.

Last month, we see what Seth Rollins did ti Dean Ambrose, taking him out.

Tonight, Rollins Vs Reigns.

An hour-long Night of Champions Kick-off show. We will have a special edition of The Peep Show, with Christian’s guest being Chris Jericho.

We see footage of Mark Henry’s Olympic days. Tonight, Mark Henry rallies America.

Renee Young is with Randy Orton.

We see Orton attacking Jericho last week.

Why did he attack Chris Jericho? Chris a few weeks ago said he had everything handed to him, and that is not true. But this Sunday, Chris will have something handed to him, and that is a beating of his life.

The Great Khali is waiting by the door. Will Lesnar show up, we find out, next.

Cena comes back for Heyman, and he drags Paul back into the ring.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is John Cena. And now is the moment we have all been waiting for. To see the great Heyman-dini. The man behind the 21-1 will magically make a beast appear. Or he will see a fist disappear.

Everyone is waiting Paul, produce your beast.

So the hustle, loyalty, and respect is a lie. The man Heyman tried to unleash a few weeks ago is not here. Heyman brings up Cena isn’t going to do this, because he isn’t a bully. He knows deep down that Lesnar’s plane really is delayed. And for that reason, Cena won’t unleash the bully. But Brock is a bully, and that is why Cena can’t beat Brock.

So hit him, let that hate unleash. You used to say “The Champ is Here”, but the fact is Brock took that away from him, so hit Heyman. His mother and father taught him well, by not channeling the hate. Heyman knows he can’t hit him, and this Sunday, he won’t beat Lesnar.

Cena tells Heyman that if there is one person who deserves to be hit, it’s Heyman because he is the scum of the universe.

Heyman wants Cena to hit him, so he can become his version of a Paul Heyman guy.

Cena refuses to do it, he tried to set up Heyman so he can produce The Beast, and he can show the world he can beat him. But Heyman isn’t worth getting his knuckles bruised.

Cena walks away, and Heyman brings up how proud his mother must be that he walks away, only if he had a set of testicles.

Cena shoves Heyman, and now….


Lesnar refuses to fight.

Lesnar gives Cena a German Suplex, and walks away. But Cena comes right back, and starts whaling punches, even as if to break his nose. Brock walks away when officials break them up.

Lesnar vs Cena III at Night of Champions.

Cameron Vs Naomi, one on one, now.

Naomi makes Cameron tap out to a leg scissors.

Tonight, Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins, also Mark Henry rallies America.

The Miz and Damien Mizdow are in the ring. They are facing R-Ziggler and Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler and R-Ziggler win, with a Zig Zag. Dolph pins Mizdow.

Tom Phillips is with Seth Rollins.

We see footage from last week on Raw, when Seth hits a curb stomp on Roman last week on Raw.

Roman Reigns is nothing without Seth. Seth calls Roman part-gorilla, part-samoan, and part-rhinosarus. Even though, he is strong, he isn’t smart. And brains beat brawn everytime. Seth is the future WWE Champion, and he is the future of WWE.

Believe that.

Rollins Vs Reigns, next.

This Friday night on Smackdown, The Usos and Big Show Vs The Wyatt Family.

Rollins Vs Reigns, now.

Reigns wins the match with a spear. These two face each other in a rematch at Night of Champions.

Mark Henry is going to rally America.

We see what happened this Friday night on Smackdown, when Lana threw powder in Mark Henry’s eyes, and Rusev takes Mark out.

Mark Henry rallies America, next.

Michael Cole brings out Mark to the ring.

Cole talks about if Mark is ready for this Sunday, after what took place Sunday night. Mark brings up having an opportunity to represent our country in the 1996 Olympics. He was hurt, and had to back out, something he has regretted his entire life. But now, this is his second chance, and he won’t let this one pass him by.

But here comes Rusev and Lana.

Lana tells Mark he left one important piece of information. When he backed out of the 1996 Olympics, a Russian won the powerlifting. He proved that Mark, just like our American president is weak. And Russia has a real leader, Vladimir Putin.

Now the two men start to fight, but Rusev has the upper hand, he hits an Accolade, with Lana screaming, pleading to lock it in. But Mark powers out of it, he escapes, and nails Rusev, sends him out of the ring. Mark grabs the American flag, and is able to end the show, waving old glory.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was just a run of the mill show this week, which means it wasn’t a “Season Premiere”. There seems to be a severe disconnect right now with the fans, and the creative.

But what do I know about this? But hey, we can watch Night of Champions, for only $9.99 this month, so we have that.

Impact Wrestling 9/10/14…An American Hero Makes His In-Ring Debut

Before I begin, I want to send my condolences to Sean O’ Haire family. The wrestling world lost another young, talented performer. He was only 43 years old, and will be missed.

Tonight, we are at the Manhattan Center, in New York City. We will see the debut of Chris Melendez, the man who lost his leg, in battle at Afghanistan. He is living his dream, making his Impact Wrestling debut. We will also see match two of the Ultimate Tag Team Battle, with The Hardys Vs Team 3-D Vs The Wolves, in a Tables match.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We hear the national anthem being played.

JB is here to introduce Sgt. Christopher Melendez.

Chris is facing DJ Z.

Chris wins the match with a Samoan Drop. He is amazing, to do this with one leg. A true hero.

Tonight, 3-Team Tables Match for Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

Bobby Roode heads to the ring.

When we come back, Bobby has the mic.

Next week is No Surrender, and Roode will face Lashley for the World Title.

It feels great for Roode to be standing in front of New York City as our Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Roode wants to acknowledge his best friend, and his opponent, “Showtime” Eric Young. He always brought out the best in Bobby Roode. Whether they were opponents, or tag partners. Eric is his best friend, and will always be a World Champion.

Roode knows now he is ready, more than ever to claim back his World Title, next week.

Here come The Franchise Players.

MVP tells Roode he is playing the hero in a Hollywood movie, and he gets the title. But the problem is this isn’t Hollywood. He faces a dominant champion, and he meets Darth Vader. The best Roode gets next week is a stay in the hospital.

Roode brings up the difference between MVP and Lashley is MVP shows fear. Lashley knows he can beat Roode, but Roode also knows he can beat Lashley. He might be stronger, and he might be faster, but Roode has more heart, and his desire to be World Champion is the difference. And there isn’t anything MVP can do about it.

MVP says there is, and all three men beat down on Roode.

But here comes Joe and EY clearing the ring.

Joe says they have their 3, so how about MVP’s 3 fight them, right now.

6-Man tag action is next.

Bobby, EY, and Joe win when Roode gave MVP a Roode Bomb, and pinned him.

The stage is set for next week, at No Surrender.

Still to come tonight, 3-team Tables Match with Team 3=D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

Brittany wants to know if Samuel is seeing anyone. Gunner said that he is seeing a therapist, but Brittany wants to know if he is, you know, seeing anyone? Gunner is looking for him, and if when he finds him, he will tell him she is interested.

6-person tag now. The Bromans and Velvet Vs Crazzy Steve, Knux, and Rebel.

Velvet and the Bromans win when Velvet rolls up, and holds on to Rebel’s shorts.

Kurt Angle is going to invite EC3 next, and tell him who he will fight.

Team 3-D are ready for their match, and will make history, winning their 24th Tag Team Title reign.

Kurt Angle is in the ring.

Kurt wants EC3 in the ring, now, and here he comes.

EC3 tells him Team 3-D put his aunt through a freaking table, and Kurt rewarded them putting them in a Tag Team Title match. But the blood just isn’t on Team 3-D’s hands, or Rhino, or even the fans, but the blood is in Kurt’s hands too. And he will deliver vengeance on anyone that had something to do with it.

EC3 took him out not once, but twice. And if EC3’s demands aren’t met, he will take Kurt out a third time.

Kurt did not forget what EC3 did to him, and when the time is right, he will get back with him. Now he will wrestle against someone, and if he doesn’t, he will throw his ass out.

But EC3 isn’t prepared to wrestle, but he will put him in a streetfight, and his opponent is Rhino.

EC3 wins the match, and somehow survives with a One Percenter, on a chair.

Next, the 2015 Knockout Calender cover girl is revealed.

This was Chris Melendez’s dream, and this is a message to anyone that you can have a disability, and achieve anything.

The TNA Knockouts are in the ring, with JB announcing who will grace the 2015 Knockout calendar.

Angelina grabs the mic, and she brings up we all know it’s the beautiful Angelina Love who won.

JB grabbed the mic back, and said the winner is Velvet Sky.

Angelina is shocked, and here comes Havok.

Havok chokeslams Britany, and takes the Knockout Title.

Earlier this week, The Revolution continues. “Cowboy” James Storm is with Manik.

Next, Storm and The Great Sanada Vs Aries and Tajiri.

Also tonight, Match Two of The Ultimate Tag Team Battle.

Last Friday, Bobby Lashley made his Bellator Fighting debut. He won the fight, with ease.

Next Wednesday, TNA Impact presents No Surrender. Lashley Vs Roode.

Gail Kim is looking for Havok.

Storm and Sanada Vs Tajiri and Aries, now.

Sanada and Storm win when Storm blows beer into Tajiri’s eyes, and Sanada kicks him in the head.

The Hardys are ready for their match tonight.

That epic 3-team match is next.

Gail Kim finds Havok.

We come back, and see Havok and Gail fight on the ramp. Here comes security, and Havok gave both men a chokeslam.

She wants Gail.

Next Wednesday, at No Surrender, Knockout Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the Knockout Title. We will also see Homicide Vs Joe, for the X-Division Title. And Roode Vs Lashley, for the World Title.

Our main event, match two of the Ultimate Tag Team match is up now. Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

The Hardys win the match, putting Edwards through a table. After the match, they set up a ladder in the ring.

Matt confirms it, next match is a ladder match.

Tenay confirms that match 3 is the next week.

Next Wednesday, Impact Wrestling Presents No Surrender. Lashley Vs Roode, for the World Title.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts

Another good show here that started with Chris Melendez picking up his 1st win. With 9/11 the next day, this was a feel-good moment on the show. And we will never forget that day.

We also saw a 6-man tag that was very effective, giving Roode a big win. The stage is set for next week. I can’t wait to see Roode Vs Lashley.

But we finished the night on a high note, with The Hardys picking up the win. Their next match is a ladder match, and we know the 3 teams will steal the show there.

I just wished that TNA would use the time to build up their biggest PPV of the year. No clue why they haven’t done that, with these matches. They should have saved Roode Vs Lashley for that event, but we will see it on free TV. No idea why though, but here we go.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts.

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/8/14…Raw Is Springer

Tonight, Jerry Springer makes his return to Raw. Maybe he can be a part of the creative team, and improve Raw. The last few weeks have been lackluster, to say the least.

But here we go, a new day, a new chance.

Steel cage match will kick off the show. Chris Jericho Vs Bray Wyatt, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Wyatt wins the match by escaping through the cage, leaping over Jericho. A very fun match and a great start to the show. Jericho did a flying cross body off the top of the cage, and hurt his knee. So Chris was selling it the rest of the match, and now Bray goes after the knee after the match.

Sister Abigail on a laying Chris Jericho.

Follow the Buzzards!!

Tonight, Paul Heyman has a warning for John Cena. We will also have a Jerry Springer Bella Intervention, and also Orton Vs Reigns, a Summerslam rematch.

Kane and Seth Rollins are happy about the start of Raw. HHH tells them they need to put on something nobody will forget. Randy Orton approaches them.

Orton is in the main event, and he wants HHH’s permission to have Orton do something to Reigns that will make what Rollins did to Ambrose look like Sunday School.

HHH gives him his blessing.

The Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler is in the ring.

A very controversial weekend for Hollywood last week. Several celebrities had their personal photos hacked online. Nobody deserves that, not even D-lister celebrities.

Except for one person, The Miz.

Ziggler has some pictures of Miz.

A picture of Miz having a facial.

Another one of him shaving his chest.

Just as he is about to show one that blows the roof off, here comes The Miz and Damien Mizdow.

Ziggler is invading the sanctimony of his home. His people will sue Ziggler, his people, and everyone in the world if they try to re-publish those photos.

If he shows those photos one more time, he will make sure Ziggler never works in this town again.

If that is the case, then Ziggler wants to make sure he gets his money worth.

It’s a picture of Damien using spray tan on Miz’s ass.

Mizdow tries to attack, but Ziggler hits a dropkick, and a Zig Zag.

Miz walks away, he gets his shot at the IC Title at Night of Champions.

Tonight, Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns in a Summerslam Rematch.

Also tonight, Jerry Springer’s Bella Intervention.

Paige and AJ Lee Vs Rosa Mendes and Natalya in the ring, now.

AJ and Paige win when AJ tags herself into Paige, and slaps a Black Widow. Rosa didn’t even tag to Natalya.

Now both divas kiss the title, and AJ skips along.

Earlier tonight, Jericho hurts his knee, and he was tended to but Orton attacked Jericho. Randy did it because it’s the season premiere.

That’s a trend on this show.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and he is the advocate to the WWE World Champion, Brock Lesnar.

His client would like to give Cena some advice….

Here comes the former champ.

If Heyman wants to say things to Cena’s face, he is here, so talk.

Up until Summerslam, Cena was the greatest World Champion of all-time. He is here to listen to some truth, in front of the world. Brock thought you would come out, and if he did, he would drop the warning and offer some inside information.

Heyman has been authorized to tell Cena how to beat Brock at Night of Champions.

Cena knows how to beat Brock. Lesnar beat The Undertaker, at Wrestlemania and we haven’t seen him since. Brock beat him at Summerslam, and one week later, he comes back and wants more. Never give up. He offers a handkerchief.

Heyman laughs and says Cena lives to be John Cena, and that is his down fall. He lives to come out for those kids, whether it’s at a live event, or on TV. He thrives to hear “Let’s Go Cena”, and Brock hears 3 voices. The referee to count to 3, Heyman to tell him what to do, and his opponent to hear the pain they are going through.

Here is a gift for Cena, to give in.

There are also people who chant “Cena Sucks”, and it gets to him. Someone like Heyman says it, he has to put up with it. But that one time, when that fat, unemployed man in the 6th row is chanting “Cena sucks”, isn’t there one time he wants to tell that man to shut up?

Heyman goes old school with Cena and gives that fan a Baltimore Ravens rap. Just one time, lose the wristband, lose the T-shirt, lose the hustle, loyalty, and respect. Then, Cena can be the one who beats the one in 21-1. Or, he can be just another one of the victims who was conquered by Brock Lesnar.

Heyman believes in Cena, but his client Brock Lesnar doesn’t think he has it in himself.

Cena is about to leave, but he hears the Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks chants.

Now Cena screams at Heyman to shut up.

He sees what he is doing, his client Brock Lesnar wants to end Cena, and so does Heyman. He thinks a way to end him is to take off the show, and let down the kids.

Does he want Cena to pop off at the fans, the men who are wearing wife beaters? Cena doesn’t think so. Heyman believes in Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat. He believes it so much, he would turn on his client, and have a smile on his face. Cena lives by one rule, Be John Cena, repeat, be John Cena, repeat.

He thrives on being that guy. Something he doesn’t see, Cena tells the kid to do his homework so he can come to Raw to see Cena.

And his dad is yelling out Cena Sucks, but after the show, he comes up to him, tells John he doesn’t like him, but thank you for being what’s right to his kid.

He loves visiting kids that need him. He loves visiting soldiers that had lost their leg, and yet just showing up makes his day. That’s all Cena knows is eat, sleep, be John Cena.

Then, comes an advocate who wants Cena to strip everything away, just so he can win a match. So what does he win? He just wants to stop talking, and fight.

But Cena will give Heyman 7 days. He will show up on Raw to fight. Bring the beast, bring The One, Brock Lesnar. If he shows up, they will fight. But if he decides to stay on vacation, then Cena will fight Heyman.

Have a nice week Paul, he will see him next Monday.

Sheamus is ready for a match, he faces Seth Rollins, now.

Cesaro helped Rollins get the win, and Seth hits a Curb Stomp. Cesaro now has the United States Title, with bad intentions.

Nails Sheamus with a Neutralizer.

Cesaro Vs Sheamus at Night of Champions for the United States Title.

3 weeks ago, Mark Henry issued a challenge to Rusev.

The stage is set, Night of Champions, Rusev Vs Henry.

Rusev and Lana are out now.

“The Star Spangled Banner” was written in Baltimore, so Lana tells us. Shutup, now she is singing for us.

Her own version, we all stand in awe of Rusev.

Now we hear the real national anthem, the Russian national anthem, in honor of the Russian patriot, Rusev.

This Thursday, NXT Takeover, Fatal 4-Way. Boy, do I have some catching up to do. Behind 2 months in that program. Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn Vs Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd is up next.

Neville and Zayn win when Neville hits a 450 splash, pinning Breeze.

Jerry Springer segment is next, yup, we go from a tremendous segment that sold wrestling to a crappy segment that wastes all of our time.

Season Premiere!!

Here comes Stephanie McMahon.

It breaks Steph’s heart to see a family being ripped apart, like the Bellas have been. She wrestled her own father 10 years ago in this company, and they since reconciled. It’s great to have family together. So she could invite only one man who can bring them back together, and that is Jerry Springer.

Jerry has been dealing with family dysfunction for the last 24 years, and when he was asked to bring back Nikki and Brie together, why wouldn’t you say no?

Bring in Brie, who finally has some new music of her own.

We see the segment from last week, when the two Bellas fight it out. Brie apologized last week on Twitter.

She never should have stooped down to her classless level.

So is Brie any better? Nikki is the one who wished Brie died in her mother’s womb.

Here comes Nikki Bella.

Nikki did accept her apology last week, but that doesn’t mean she forgives her of all the years of being treated like a second-class sister. But she is a sophisticated woman, and has alot of things going for her. “Total Divas” premiered last night, and she has a Divas Title match at Night of Champions.

We see segments of “Total Divas” with dissention between the two sisters.

Now Nikki is blaming Brie for her dad leaving them.

And now, we have Papa Bella. Now Momma Bella, they are both wanting the two to get along.

No matter what happens, Nikki cost Brie her match, Nikki wished Brie to be dead, and she broke her heart.

Now JJ Bella is here.

JJ is blaming this all on Nikki, she is not the victim.

Now the two sisters get into it, and down goes Springer. Nikki tries to slap Brie, but slaps JJ and Brie hits a spear.

Stephanie steps in, and slams Brie down, now the two sisters fight again.

Jason is no Steve, he just finally came in and helped Jerry.

Now come the EMTs taking Jerry out. He seemed to hurt his ankle.

Tonight, Summerslam Rematch, Orton Vs Reigns.

Goldust and Stardust Vs Los Matadores are up now.

Uso’s Vs Goldust and Stardust at Night of Champions.

Star and Gold Dust win with Dark Matter.

The Uso’s attack from behind, they are returning the favor.

WWE are giving their condolences to Joan Rivers.

Now we see a tribute video to Joan.

Oh good lord, we have Titus O’ Neil Vs Adam Rose.

Rose wins with a Party Foul, after the bunny went after Heath Slater.

After the match, we see a Superkick by the bunny, and a Bunnysplash.

Oh boy, Slater Gator’s push is done.

The only appearance tonight by Renee Young is with Roman Reigns. He says that Orton is the Viper, but he has the antidote, his two fists.

Earlier tonight, Cena challenged Lesnar or Heyman to a fight next week.

Brock Lesnar video is showing now.

Brock Lesnar will return live, next week.

Our main event, Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns, Summerslam Rematch is now.

Orton loses by DQ, because Kane and Rollins come in and attack Rollins. Some ring crew come running to set up what happens to be the cage coming down, so its 3-on-1. But at first it doesn’t work. Reigns fights off Rollins and Kane so they don’t make it into the cage, but the find a way.

The last part of the night is when Rollins screams at Reigns that he made him, and now he’s going to end him. Hits a Curb Stomp on Reigns head through a chair.

The Authority are left standing, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better flowing show tonight than the previous month. I wish they would do this more often, but since this was a “season premiere”, there was added pressure to make it stand out.

Now, I can’t wait to see Brock return next week to confront Cena. I loved that promo, and when John can give us a passionate promo, it works on many levels. But if he ever turns heel, I would think something drastic would have to happen. Would losing to Lesnar be a start at Night of Champions?

What are your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.

Impact Wrestling 9/3/14…Bobby Roode Vs Eric Young Says It All

Tonight, Bobby Roode Vs “Showtime” Eric Young to determine who the Number One Contender is to the World Heavyweight Title. We also saw video from last week when Team 3-D won match one of the Tag Team Invitational. What stipulation will Team 3-D choose next?

Impact Wrestling is now.

Earlier today, EY and Roode entered the building.

We are in the Manhattan Center, Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show. Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell for the Knockout Title. Also a 6-Pack match to determine the Number One Contender to the X-Division Title.

Franchise Players enter the ring.

Lashley is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and soon to become the Bellator MMA World Champion. There isn’t a man in the entire planet that is tougher than Lashley.

Samoa Joe might disagree, here comes the X-Division Champion.

Joe is impressed with MVP being a hype man, instead of main eventing, he is singing the praises of his man. He is a specimen, but the issue he has is MVP is trying to say he is the toughest man in the planet. He sure isn’t the toughest man in this ring right now. So let’s make it simple, slide these titles to the side, and Lashley can fight Joe, tonight.

Kenny King told him he can’t win, and now Joe decks him. The numbers game catches up however.

Officials come out, and hold Joe back while the champ leaves.

But Lashley agrees they will fight tonight.

Havok has arrived, tonight.

Video is promoting Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell for tonight. It starts now.

Gail Kim wins in what was a very good match with a reverse body drop, pinning Taryn.

The two shake hands, and hug, showing good sportsmanship.

But now, here comes Havok.

She attacks both women, hits a DVD, and chokeslams Gail Kim, along with a DVD.

Tonight, Eric Young Vs Bobby Roode, for the Number One Contender on the line.

MVP catches up with Eric Young backstage, warning him that Roode is only out for himself, and he treated Eric horrible, carrying his bags. EY walks away, saying he doesn’t trust MVP.

EC3 comes out to the ring, next.

The Bromans are ready for their date, with a TNA Knockout.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.

EC3 is sick of everyone, from the mutants in the Manhattan Center, to the men and women in the back, giving great pleasure over what happened to his sweet, dear Auntie. We are all cheering for a lunatic who put Aunt Dixie through a table.

Everyone will pay, and Rhino will start with that payback, because of what he did. His violence will continue until his list of demands is met.

Demand number 1, the immediate termination of Bully Ray.

Demand number 2, the words Hardcore and ECW will stop, because we are tired of living in the past.

Demand number 3, respect. He has beaten everyone he has faced, and he has earned that respect, and stop with the chants of you can’t wrestle.

He is a Carter, and the world needs a Carter.

Here comes Rhino to end the fun.

Rhino wants EC3 in the ring, so he can beat the living hell out of him.

Rhino will get a fight, his opponent is Rockstar Spud.

Brittany has a thing for Samuel Shaw it seems. Gunner approaches Samuel. He just wanted to see what it felt like being a hero, so he is sorry. Gunner forgives him, and next, Gunner and Shaw Vs Magnus and Bram.

Bram and Magnus beat Gunner and Shaw, when Bram clips Gunner’s knee, and Shaw misses the save.

MVP is trying to stir the pot with Roode now.

Roode Vs EY, next.

The Bromans matched up with the Beautiful People. Angelina tells them as long as they keep them happy, they will keep Bromans happy.

Roode Vs Young, now.

Roode wins the match with a Roode Bomb, becoming the new Number One Contender to the World Title.

The two shake hands, and embrace. Is there tension in the future?

Tonight, Samoa Joe Vs Lashley.

Moments ago, Bobby Roode pinned Eric Young, to become the new Number One Contender.

Backstage, we get to hear from Roode. He is exhausted, but ready. After sitting on the sidelines for 7 weeks, he is back to claim what is his. He goes to get some water, but runs right into Lashley.

JB is with Team 3-D, they chose a tables match.

Brother Ray picked the tables match for obvious reasons. It is their speciality. Tag Team wrestling is back. Last week, they won the first match, and now they just need to win one more, to become the new World Tag Team Champions.

Devon tells us to testify.

6-Pack Challenge is up now. DJ Z Vs Manik Vs Crazzy Steve Vs Tigre Uno Vs Homicide Vs Lo-Ki.

Homicide wins with a Gringo Killer, pinning Manik. He is now the Number One Contender to the X-Division Title.

“Cowboy” James Storm and The Great Sanada make their way to the ring.

Sanada looks to strike Manik. I guess he is the next target for Storm’s Revolution.

Sanada hits a Last Call Superkick, shoves Manik out of the ring, and they both drag Manik out of ringside.

Tonight, Joe Vs Lashley.

Austin Aries has the mic, in the ring.

Sanada blew green mist in his face last week, but before that, James Storm interfered. So if that is the game they play, come on out so they can play/

Storm tells him this is The Great Sanada. He is the man who has been reborn, and had a re-awakening. He walked towards the light, and Storm is the one who welcomed him with open arms. Just like he will do with Manik. He has a vision of greatness, a vision of championships. All led by The Legend himself, James Storm.

The Great Sanada will become the greatest man in Japanese wrestling.

Aries brings up Storm keeps using the word great, but the people think of one man when they think of great….”The Grestest Denominator” Austin Aries. Sanada was a great competitor in the X-Division, but then he became associated with an asshole, like Storm. Sanada pissed off the entire country of Japan, and Aries did not come alone.

Here comes Yoshihiro Tajiri.

Tajiri and Aries take care of business, and cleans the ring.

Spud comes over to EC3, to ask him why he threw him over the bus. Spud has a job to do, and if he doesn’t want to, he can leave. So he walks to the ring, and Spud follows.

Spud Vs Rhino, next.

Chris Melendez video, he will make his TNA Wrestling debut, next week.

Rhino hit s a Gore, Spud never had a chance.

EC3 walks away, he doesn’t care about Spud.

Next, Lashley Vs Joe.

Lashley wins with a spear in what was a fun match to see.

The show ends with the champion standing side by side with Kenny King at the ramp.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This had a better flow tonight than last week, and we will see match two next week with Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

But the matches were good, with Roode Vs Young, Joe Vs Lashley, and Terrell Vs Kim. Not sure where they are heading with Havok quite yet, but she is surely going to be pushed, and it adds a bit more to the Knockout Division.

I do have a big issue though, its time to truly start pushing Bound for Glory. In fact, this should have been pushed about a month ago. I don’t believe they will have Roode Vs Lashley at the PPV, but they won’t do that. So where are they going? I thought the issue of less PPVs means more buildup to the big events, and make them must-see.

It’s time to showcase that, and they need to start next week. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/1/14….Labor Day Bash

Tonight is Labor Day, so either WWE will make tonight’s Raw memorable, or they will phone it in.

We’ll see which side they go with, The Highlight Reel with Jericho’s guest being Randy Orton kicks off the show.

We are in Des Moines, Iowa tonight.

We have Labor Day, with people who work hard for themselves, yet his guest is a man who hasn’t worked hard a day in his life, with everything handed to him on a silver platter.

Now comes the entire Authority.

Jericho makes a joke about all four men, and HHH interrupts Kane, and says this is Chris Jericho, the man who never grew up. He means that figuratively, and physically.

HHH has some business to attend to, and Jericho makes a joke about HHH not conducting business, unless his wife is in jail.

HHH said that Jericho should be thanking him, for making this Highlight Reel historic. He has seen video of Summerslam, with Lesnar Vs Cena, and he has also heard from the panelists last week. He has come to the conclusion that it might not be best for business to make that rematch at Night of Champions.

Chris wants to know who HHH will get to put in that match, now?

Orton intervenes and says there is one man who has what it takes to beat Brock, and he is a 12-time World Champion.

Kane suggests maybe it should be the man who uses a mask to unleash the devil’s deeds.

Seth Rollins suggests it should be the future, since he won Money in the Bank, and took out Dean Ambrose.

Jericho suggests he should give it to the 6-time World Champion, and the first Undisputed Champion, and the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla….

Here comes Cena.

Cena brings up it doesn’t matter HHH is friends with Flair and HBK, the same two men that don’t think he can beat Brock believed he couldn’t beat HHH at Wrestlemania 22, and he made him tap.

Cena has a rematch clause, and he authorized it. If he doesn’t follow through, he will sue WWE and become the new COO and his first order of business is to fire HHH.

So is this what Cena has come to? Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, Lawsuit? This is why HHH is the COO, this is why he does what is best for business, and perhaps Cena doesn’t have what it takes to win. Maybe he shouldn’t do this.

Seth thinks HHH should accept the match, because anything can happen. He has the MITB briefcase, after all.

Orton agrees, he has never had his rematch yet from Wrestlemania, so give him the winner of Night of Champions, and he gets a one on one opportunity.

Jericho brings up Orton’s last big match he was speared and Superman-punched by Roman Reigns.

Orton says Roman isn’t anything, and he will drop him next time he sees him.

Reigns comes out. He dares him to drop him, and Orton doesn’t do it.

The Authority doesn’t like to see him, because of what happened last week. He shows Rollins that they have unfinished business, and he wants an opportunity at the WWE World Title.

HHH doesn’t believe in Cena, and HHH doesn’t think Cena believes in himself. So tonight, he gives all 6 men a chance to prove they belong. A 6-man tag match of Cena, Reigns, and Jericho Vs Kane, Orton, and Rollins.

HHH will be sitting at ringside, watching this.

Rollins tries to attack Reigns, but it backfires.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

6-man tag match tonight, also Big Show and Mark Henry Vs Rowan and Harper.

Last Friday on Smackdown, we see footage of The Miz and Sheamus.

Ziggler and Sheamus Vs The Miz and Sandow is next.

Actually, Cesaro is tag partners with Miz, and Sandow is his agent. Oh boy.

The Miz and Cesaro win when Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale, pinning Ziggler.

Last Monday, we see The Bellas drama.

We see a segment called “Growing Up Bella”, and find out Brie stole Nikki’s’ prom date from her.

Divas action now, with Summer Rae, Layla, and Naomi Vs Eva Marie, Rosa Mendes, and Cameron.

The match ends in a no contest, complete waste of time. Hey, season 3 of “Total Divas” this Sunday.

We see what happened last Monday night when Roman Reigns ruined Rollins and Kane’s plans with the cinder blocks.

Tonight, 6-man tag action of Cena, Jericho, and Reigns Vs Rollins, Orton, and Kane.

But next, over 1,400 pounds in the ring, with Big Show and Mark Henry Vs Rowan and Harper.

Rowan and Harper lose by DQ, when Rusev comes to ringside, and lays a big boot on Henry, causing the DQ.

More stuff from Nikki Bella, “Growing up Bella”.

Nikki passed her driving test, and Brie failed. Brie stole the car, and she stole Nikki’s driver’s license, and got into an accident.

Next, we will see a message from John Cena, “Hustle, Loyalty, Focus”.

Michael Sam is invited to Monday Night Raw next week. Will he accept the invite? Next week, in Baltimore.

Video os John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar for Night of Champions.

Paul Heyman shows up, telling us he is the advocate of his client Brock Lesnar. John Cena has an ego, or something like that. Heyman gives us video proof of Lesnar victimizing and beating Cena, not to mention emasculated him at Summerslam.

Ladies and gentlemen, as any great champion before him has his manhood stripped of him. And what happens when that takes place? He ignores advice from others, such as the panelists last week, and of HHH. Cena is so desperate to hang on to that image that we have of Cena. That is why he was so magnificent last week against The Wyatts, and why he will be fantastic tonight. But you can stack the entire WWE locker room, and they won’t amount to Brock Lesnar’s manhood, and that is why the same result will happen at Night of Champions.

WWE World Title match is set for Night of Champions, John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar.

Jack Swagger is up next, accompanied to the ring by a returning Zeb Colter.

Swagger Vs Axel is now.

Swagger makes Axel tap out to the Patriot Lock. Bo Dallas is watching on the ramp, with some Americans who are disappointed Jack lost to Rusev at Summerslam.

Like Richie, Angelo, and Jennifer.

Swagger let Richie down, because he bet money on Swagger, who lost. Now, he lost his farm. Angelo lost his American Citizenship, because he is so depressed over Swagger losing. He is now about to be deported. And Jennifer’s little boy used to look up to Swagger, he was his favorite wrestler. Now he wants to grow up like Vladimir Putin.

But we all need to stand up, and just BOlieve.

Tonight, 6-man tag match with Cena, Reigns, and Jericho Vs Orton, Kane, and Rollins.

Adam Rose sighting on Raw tonight, folks.

He is facing Titus O’ Neil.

Adam Rose wins with a rollup. It seems the bunny and Heath Slater got into it, so the bunny nails a Thesz Press and whales on Slater.

Yeah, that was entertaining.

More “Growing Up Bella”.

Brie almost did not graduate with Nikki at High School.

Nikki switched places with Brie, and took her final exams.

Rusev is in action.

We come back from a break, and Lana tells us we celebrate another day off on Labor Day. Which means one less day to educate. In Russia, they celebrate a day of knowledge. So America, what is that American word? We suck.

Rusev Vs Zack Ryder.

So was Ryder the bunny tonight?

The Accolade, match is over.

Somebody is about to get their ass kicked….here comes Mark Henry.

He goes right for Rusev, and Rusev runs off.

Mark asks him what is he scared of? Why is he running? Mark is scared too, he is scared what he might do if he gets his hands on. He is the strongest man in the strongest country, United States of America.

Rusev thinks because he is undefeated, he is unvincible? He has something for him, Mark just opened an International Wing in the Hall of Pain, and Rusev is the first induction.

Stephanie wants to get back into the Bellas business. She has given so much, that she wants to give back.

Stephanie is going to make a big announcement, next.

Stephanie McMahon heads to the ring.

As principal owner, and one of the most powerful women in the world, she wants to commend Nikki Bella for telling her story.

Here comes Nikki.

Nikki thanks Steph for giving her the platform to get things off her chest.

The crowd is chanting boring, and Stephanie tells is the fans know what its like to be in the shadow of things, and look up to bigger people, like Stephanie. As a woman, and a mother herself, she is proud of Nikki. She has raised her children as values, and she never has had a Brie. Which is why she is rewarding Nikki of a Divas Title match.

Here comes Brie, with the same music.

Is this why Nikki has been spreading lies all night? A Divas Title? For what?

Nikki tells her that she sees right through Brie. And she is waiting for the day her “goatface husband” sees Brie for who she is too, and she divorces her. Brie is going to be the next Divas Champion.

Here comes AJ Lee.

AJ reminds Stephanie that she is the Number One Contender to the Divas Title, and she earns that right. Let’s just leave the Bellas to have their battle, while she fights for the Diva Title.

Enter Paige.

Paige loves hearing about all of this talk about the Divas Title, but there is one thing missing, a bloody Divas Champion.

Nikki will forgive Brie for one simple thing, and that is to quit. She quit for her husband, so why can’t she quit for Nikki?

If you love me, you will go. So leave, you quitter. Leave me alone, just leave me alone.

Brie shoves Nikki right into Paige.

AJ has the Divas Title now, and skips with it. But Stephanie, who towers over her stops her. She orders AJ to give her the Divas Championship.

This is a future match, here.

AJ smiles, and hands her the title.

This Friday night on Smackdown, Miz TV, with Dolph Ziggler as his guest.

Next week, Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho, inside a steel cage.

Bray Wyatt shows up, and he tells Chris it time for him to pay for his sins, run.

The Uso’s are in action, now.

It’s actually Jey Uso Vs Goldust, and we see Stardust accompanying Goldust to the ring.

Goldust tries to apologize for their actions last week, but Jey doesn’t want to hear it.

Goldust win with Final Cut.

Stardust tells Goldust it’s okay and Goldust attacks Jimmy.

Switching gears, we see footage again of Reigns ruining Rollins’ plan last week with the cinder blocks.

A sneak peek of “Total Divas”, season 3.

Earlier tonight, Rusev kicks Mark Henry, and Mark fought back. Big Show knows Mark is going to take care of Rusev, but he also believes they can be a dominant tag team.

Mark knows, but he needs to take care of Rusev first, by himself. Do it for himself, and the country.

HHH and Stephanie make their appearance, again.

Earlier tonight, HHH questions if Cena can beat Brock.

Our main event, 6-man tag match of Cena, Reigns, and Jericho Vs Orton, Kane, and Rollins is now.

Reigns, Cena, and Jericho win when Reigns spears Kane, and pins him. Cena shows The Authority he can handle things, and he assures them he is ready for Lesnar. But then Rollins tries to attack him, and Cena just lifts him up, Attitude Adjustment on the announce table.

You can’t see Cena.

Next week, Reigns Vs Orton, and Jericho Vs Wyatt, inside a steel cage. Will Michael Sam show up? Tune in next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So, the question was answered at the beginning of the report, would this be a big, great show, or would this be half-assed? It was half-assed. It’s a holiday, and nobody cares about Raw on the holiday, right? Meanwhile WWE Network just started Monday Night Nitro, and I watched the clip where Scott Hall came out, to issue war with WCW. The beginning of NWO, and what day was that? Memorial Day, I honestly think the creative teams needs to do research on the shows from the mid-late 1990s. Not to rehash things, but to hear that excitement, and get that feel back with the crowd.

If you missed tonight’s show, you missed nothing, and that can’t happen.

Thoughts? Share them with me here.

Impact Wrestling 8/27/14…Team 3-D Vs The Wolves Vs The Hardys Round One

We are in the Manhatten Center in New York City. Last week, there was a bit of a controversary of who left the cage first, between Bobby Roode and Eric Young.

Kurt Angle begins the show, and he tells us that we will have EC3 Vs Rhino. Also round one of Team 3-D Vs The Wolves Vs The Hardys. And Kurt was hoping he would congratulate the new Number One Contender, but he is going to sit down with Eric Young and Bobby Roode to determine the fair policy of who the new Number One Contender is.

The Franchise Players head to the ring.

MVP is not impressed with that, and he runs down the city of New York, saying they aren’t truly tough.

The King of New York is not B.I.G. or Frank White. The King of New York is “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley.

Here comes Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy and MVP have been friends for a long time, but he has a problem with his mouth. Kenny King, “Mr. Vegas”, he is a sellout, because he is from Queens. Lashley has finally become what they have built him up to be, a dominant champion, and he has done it through his sacrifice and heart.

Kenny King attacks Dreamer from behind.

MVP tells Kurt he has this, but Dreamer grabs Kenny King, and has a kendo stick.

Kurt tells MVP to shut his mouth. MVP talks about Bobby Lashley being the “King of New York” and Dreamer disagrees. So how about we have a New York Streetfight between Dreamer and Lashley.

MVP tries to go after Dreamer, but Lashley attacks him, and we have our match now.

Lashley hits the spear for the win. Tommy tried, but the champ found a way.

Tonight, who is the greatest team? Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves. We also will see EC3 Vs Rhino.

Madison Rayne is in the back, she is fine with hearing about Taryn Terrell’s comeback, but tonight, we will see Madison Vs Terrell for the Number One Contender to the Knockout Title. And she is here to show Taryn that Madison is the “Queen of the Knockouts”.

Havok is coming next week.

Earlier today, more highjinks with Samuel Shaw and Gunner.

Gunner leaves, and Samuel looks at Gunner’s military jacket.

Madison Rayne Vs Taryn Terrell, now.

Taryn wins with a Stunner, after Madison tried to cheat to win.

Taryn moves on to face Gail Kim, down the road.

Bobby Roode enters into Kurt’s office and sees Eric Young.

Kurt asks for privacy from camera as we go to a break.

Earlier today, Samuel Shaw put Gunner’s military uniform on, very creepy.

6-man tag match now with Crazzy Steve, Tigre Uno, and Lo-Ki Vs Homicide, Manik, and DJ Z.

Lo-Ki hits a Ki-Crusher for the win.

Roode and EY leave Kurt’s office. Kurt will make the announcement, publicly, next.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Rhino will take place. Rhino makes it clear he is sending EC3 to hell.

Bobby Roode is in the ring. Last week, he and Eric Young couldn’t have a finish. So Kurt thought the best decision is to have a one on one rematch between Roode Vs EY.

Bobby asks for EY to come to the ring.

EY and Bobby have had quite a history with each other. They were a part of Team Canada, they have had battles for the World Heavyweight Title. But next week, it will be different.

The winner gets a World Title match, and no matter what happens next week, he is fine with whatever happens because there is no other man with more respect than he has with Eric.

This seems like faith with what happens next week. The end could have been any different, but next week, Eric Young Vs Bobby Roode is in the cards.

EY has done many interviews, and he has answered Bobby Roode is the best wrestler in the business. Now, on any other day, Bobby can be the better man, but next week….Eric will be better.

Bobby brings up there is nothing else to do other than to tear the rook off this son of a bitch, next week.

And that they should do.

The Bromans are doing a mobile game.

The Bromans are going to hook up with a Knockout later tonight.

Also tonight, Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

Trouble time with EC3. He faces Rhino, next.

EC3 is DQd when he nailed Rhino with a chair, repeatedely.

EC3 continues to hit him with chairshots, and Spud stops him, but is scared.

The Great Sanada is revealed, next.

Chris Melendez debuts tonight, a wounded warrior and true American hero.

“Cowboy” James Storm heads to the ring.

He is the leader of a new revolution of men that need a rebirth and awakening. The first of man, here is The Great Sanada.

The Great Sanada is dressed completely like The Great Muta, with facepaint.

The Great Sanada Vs Austin Aries, now.

The Great Sanada wins with green mist in the eyes, and a kick to the head.

Storm approves of this.

We see this great video piece on Chris Melendez. He sacrificed so much for this country. He lost his leg in battle, and when he came home, he wanted to become a professional wrestler.

Tonight, Chris Melendez makes his TNA debut.

Kurt is in the ring with Mr. Anderson and Team 3-D.

Mr. Anderson welcomes Chris and he tells us that his favorite chairity is Wounded Warrior. The man who heads it gave him a call, and asked told him about Chris. He asked Ken if he had a ring he can train Chris on. Ken didn’t, but he knew who did.

Bully Ray met with Chris, and asked him about his story. Chris had 2 dreams. 1. To battle at the frontline in battle, and 2. To become a professional wrestler. So Bully and Devon both decided they would train him for free, because that was the least they could do since Chris did so much for our country.

Very nice story here, and Chris has begun the TNA journey.

Next week, Eric Young Vs Bobby Roode, for the Number One Contender for the World Title. Also, Taryn Terrell faces Gail Kim, for the Knockout Title.

But our main event is next. Team 3-D Vs The Hardys Vs The Wolves.

Team 3-D wins the first series with a Team 3-D, pinning Davey Richards.

Team 3-D now gets to choose the stipulation to their next match.

The show ends here and next week, we will see Bobby Roode Vs Eric Young in a Number One Contenders match.

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/25/14…Cena Addresses The Nation

We are in Anaheim, California. Jerry “The King” Lawler confirms that John Cena has invoked his rematch clause, and will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the very first WWE Hall of Fame Forum.

He introduces us to Hulk Hogan, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels.

Cole brings up Lesnar defeating Cena at Summerslam, and now Cena Vs Lesnar at Night of Champions.

Shawn doesn’t think Cena has a shot, and Flair agrees. At some point, we all have to reach those crossroads, and see that his time has passed.

Hogan believes in Cena, and he can still go.

Flair agrees with Shawn, but Flair thinks the world of Cena. He is “The Franchise” and a 15-time World Champion. Does he want Cena against Brock? No, he doesn’t feel it.

Cole wants Hogan’s thoughts.

Hogan believes in Cena, and now the legends are bickering about this. Cena just doesn’t have a chance. Hogan brings up their first match at Extreme Rules 2012, Cena took a beating, but found a way to win.

This is the rubber match, and someway, somehow, Cena will find a way to win.

Flair and Shawn do not truly believe that.

Now here comes Cena.

Cena isn’t selling any injury here.

Everyone is weighing in after what happened to Cena at Summerslam. Everyone from The Authority to Paul Heyman to a very vocal WWE Universe, and now the legends.

Cena wants to say he has the utmost respect for all three of them. They have all influenced him in some way. Shawn as a personal friend, and professional, to Flair, from a professional, to some recreational times. Without Hogan, there would be no John Cena.

Cena had 16 German Suplexes, he can’t beat around the bush, he got his ass whooped. Shawn said it changes a man, and his answer hasn’t changed, he wants to face Brock again. But he got his ass kicked, why would he want to do it again? Because it won’t happen again.

He wants to make this crystal clear, he is not going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar, he is going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar’s ass.

Tonight, Cena faces Bray Wyatt in a Wrestlemania 30 rematch.

Also tonight, World Tag Team Title match, it will be Goldust and Stardust face The Uso’s. And next, Rusev Vs Jack Swagger.

Next week, WCW Monday Nitro will debut on WWE Network, it’s about damn time.

Rusev Vs Swagger, now.

Rusev wins when the ref stops the match, because Swagger could not continue, despite never tapping out. Doctors check on Swagger, it seems he might have hurt his ribs.

King is going to call out The Bellas to revolve their differences, and next, we will have RVD Vs Cesaro to determine the Number One Contender to the United States Title.

We come back to see Swagger in the trainer’s room being tended to. Bo Dallas intervenes, telling Swagger he let his country again. When will he realize if he wants to succeed, all he has to do is BOlieve.

Sheamus is at the commentary booth, to look over RVD vs Cesaro, now.

Cesaro wins the match with a Neutralizer. He looks at the United States Title, and threw it right back at Sheamus.

Attitude Week is set up for WWE Network, and we will also get the first 100 hours of Monday Nitro. Plus tomorrow night, a new episode of “Monday Night Wars”, all of this for $9.99 a month.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt.

The Divas Champion Paige is skipping to the ring, she is up next.

Paige Vs Natalya, now.

Paige wins with the Paige Turner.

Here comes AJ Lee.

AJ is skipping around the ring, Natalya catches Paige with a haymaker, and walks away.

AJ is here to tell Paige that he loves Paige and gives her an awkward hug. AJ kisses Paige’s hand, and skips around.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt.

Next, it’s The Eulogy of Dean Ambrose from Seth Rollins.

Kane comes to the ring, for the Eulogy of Dean Ambrose.

We are here to honor the unstable, lunatic Dean Ambrose. But this isn’t to honor the dead, this is to honor the future of WWE….Mr. Money in the Bank….Seth Rollins.

Seth seems bothered by this, he was the leader of the most dominant group of WWE, in The Shield. There was a reason why he hand-picked Dean to be a part of the group. Dean Ambrose was a courageous fighter, but last week he had to prove at his expense that The Authority always wins.

We see footage from last week.

Seth is laughing about this, and Kane is proud.

Can you imagine the moment of impact when Seth crushed Dean’s hand in the cinder blocks? Do we think it dawned him he was overmatched mentally, and physically. It was no accident the cinder blocks were out there. And the headaches Dean will have for the rest of his life wasn’t an accident too. And two words, will cement in Dean’s life….what if? What if Dean had just simply walk away when he had that opportunity. The real tragedy is we will never truly know, because it is highly unlikely we will ever see Dean Ambrose again.

Rollins is the one that created The Shield, and now he is the one who destroyed it.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Reigns takes care of Kane, and is now left with Rollins.

He sets up Rollins with a spear, but “Corporate” Kane saves Seth.

Earlier tonight, we kicked the show off with a Hall of Fame forum, and John Cena shows up.

Tonight, Cena Vs Wyatt.

Backstage, Goldust and Stardust have an opportunity to achieve their destiny. Tonight, their stars become aligned. Tonight, they will be Tag Team Champions.

That match is next.

Goldust and Stardust win the match by countout. Goldust doesn’t want to accept the win like this. Goldust accuses The Uso’s to get counted out on purpose. They want their rematch now. Then they attack The Uso’s.

A Fanmily Reconciliation tonight with The Bellas.

The Beast Speaks, next.

Rollins and Kane are backstage, I guess The Authority have another “vacation” because Kane is in charge.

Handicap match is set up with Reigns Vs Kane and Rollins.

Hours after Summerslam, WWE caught up with the WWE World Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Winning the title was the greatest accomplishment he ever had, conquering the WWE. He hit a F-5 right away to give Cena a chance to lay down, but this “don’t give up” BS caught up to Cena, and it didn’t do him any favors.

Heyman brings up the only reason Cena survived is because Brock took pity on Cena and ended the fight.

Brock is humiliated by Cena even inflicting his rematch clause. How dare Cena doing that. This was a bad mistake, and Lesnar brings up John’s father, sitting him down as a little boy and saying so much garbage.

Cena isn’t even going to get up, Lesnar doesn’t even feel bad for him. Because for the last 12 years, Cena has been living on this. Mark Brock’s words, Night of Champions, this will be Cena’s last night in this universe. Game over, almost brings a tear to his eye.

The IC Champion, Dolph Ziggler is in action, next.

Ziggler Vs The Miz.

But wait, The Miz needs a stunt double, so he will bring in Damien Sandow.

Ziggler hits a Zig Zag for the win.

A Family Reconciliation is next.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring, telling us the most shocking moment of Summerslam was when Nikki Bella turned on her sister Brie. But then, the slap heard around the world last Monday night.

King calls both Bellas to the ring, and here they come.

Nikki is upset that Brie can’t even get her own entrance music. But Brie said this was about her best friend ending her trust. Brie knows that Nikki’s heart is hurt, she quit to protect her husband, and had no idea that witch, Stephanie McMahon would take advantage of her. Forget the WWE, forget Total Divas. This is Briana talking to Nicole.

Nikki isn’t buying this. Nikki is the selfish, egotistical one, and Brie is the family woman. But she knows the real Brie. She has always been trying to take the spotlight. She pleads Brie to stop acting like an angel. Brie has been holding Nikki back. She is so done with all of us, and is done with the family. She is so over Brie’s scraggly hair, her “Save the Earth” crap, and she is done with her cabin, and she is over her goat-face troll Daniel Bryan. Brie Bella stole her boyfriends growing up. Brie tells Nikki that she is lying. One thing Nikki isn’t lying is Brie quit on Nikki when she left. Nikki was put in 3-on-1 matches, and getting smashed, while brie was watching it at home, to see if she was trending on Twitter.

Brie starts to cry over this, and Nikki says this is Brie, a crier. King tries to intervene, she tells him to leave “old man” and stay out of this. As far as Nikki is concerned, she has no sister and wishes Brie had died in the womb.

Now Nikki shoves Brie off the chair, with King trying to stop Nikki. Nikki then slaps King across the face, and screams she has no sister and Brie is dead to her.

Switching gears now, and we see footage of The Hall of Fame forum again, with John Cena coming in.

Next, 2-on-1 Handicap match with “Corporate” Kane and Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns.

Rollins causes a DQ, nailing Reigns with his MITB briefcase.

Reigns takes care of both men, and send Rollins to the back, and lays out “Corporate” Kane.

Bray Wyatt interrupts the WWE Network plug.

Wyatt believes that Cena is a former shell of himself, and now that shell is cracked. What kind of man would Bray be if he would let him continue? He is a man of mercy. Bray will put him down, but don’t worry, it is so much nicer in the other side.


This Friday night on Smackdown, Big Show and Mark Henry Vs Rown and Harper.

Los Matadores Vs SlaterGator.

Los Matadores pick up the upset victory. I mean, SlaterGator are over, Los Matadores are not.

Again, the same damn footage from earlier tonight with the Hall of Fame Forum.

Cena Vs Bray Wyatt is tonight.

Kofi Kingston Vs Bo Dallas now. We all BOlieve.

BO believes, he hit a BO-Dog, and wins.

Kofi isn’t like Jack Swagger. He only allowed himself down, but Swagger let down his entire country. And they must both BOlieve.

Swagger came out and attacked Bo.

Next week, Chris Jericho will return with The Highlight Reel, with Jericho’s guest Randy Orton.

Main event time, John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt.

Cena completely squashes Bray, but Rowan and Harper come in to cause the DQ, and here comes Show and Henry.

Just like a “Teddy Long” moment, we have a 6-man tag match as our real main event.

Cena, Henry, and Show win when Cena makes Harper tap to the STU.

Attitude Adjustment now on Bray. Wow, Bray has lot alot of steam lately, and this surely does not help.

3 AA’s to the Wyatt Family. John Cena is ready for his 1,800th rematch for the title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a boring, and completely wasted 3 hours of Raw. Might be the worst episode of the year.

It’s bad when the highlight of the show is finding out that WCW Monday Nitro is coming to WWE Network next week.

Your thoughts of the show? Do you agree, or disagree? Send me your thoughts.

Impact Wrestling 8/20/14…Hardcore Justice 2014

Tonight, on the very first Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night, we present Hardcore Justice.  Our main event is a 6-Side of Steel Cage main event, 6 men vie for the opportunity to face Bobby Lashley.  We will also see Samoa Joe face Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title.  We will also see Bram Vs Abyss in a Stairway To Janice match.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Taz and Mike Tenay welcome us to the show, and we kick off Abyss Vs Bram in a Stairway to Janice match, now.

Bram defeats Abyss again, this time taking Janice from Abyss, kicking him in the balls, and whacking him in the gut.

So now Janice is in possession of Bram.

The camera guy wants to catch up with EC3, Spud, and Rhino.  His time in jail has allowed him to ponder on things, and those who are responsible will be held accountable, next.

Moments ago, Bram defeats Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match.

Backstage, Magnus and Bram celebrate.  Magnus tells Bram now that he was victorious, he will win the 6-Sides of Steel match, and become the new Number One Contender.

EC3, Rhino, and Spud all come to the ring.

2 weeks ago, the most heinous incident happened, when his Aunt D was put through a table.  The New York people love to see an innocent woman get put through a table.

Last week, he demanded Bully Ray be terminated immediately, but Kurt Angle had him arrested.  And Kurt, for that he has something to say….thank you.  Because he had a moment of clarity, and while Bully Ray was responsible, someone else was responsible too.  A man he brought in from the streets, a man he paid well….Rhino….This is all your fault.

Rhino owes Ethan.

Rhino tells him to forget him, and he might be looking at a dead man if he doesn’t shut up.  He would rather be dirt poor than to take money from a bitch ass.  So take your money, and stick it up your ass.

EC3 slaps him, and now the two men fight.

EC3 even shoves Spud, and lays a kick to the head on Rhino.

This might be a new side to EC3.

Joe is backstage, he has a history with Lo-Ki, with blood.  So tonight, Lo-Ki is supremely self-confident he can beat him for his X-Division Title.  So many people are self-confident in beating him, but then they wind up losing.

The Hardys are in the back, they still have to prove they are the best tag team in the world.  They promise us they will be at the forefront of the tag team movement.

Joe Vs Lo-Ki, now.

Joe retains his title with a Muscle Buster.  I was hoping this match was longer, but I have a feeling we aren’t done with this.  I did like hearing Tenay comment Lo-Ki was the 2nd X-Division Champion in the history of the company, beating AJ Styles.

The Hardys want to talk to Team 3-D.

JB is with Mr. Anderson, who is upset he freed “The Creepy Bastard” Samuel Shaw, and Samuel takes the exception to talking about his friend, and the two men fight as we go to a break.

Anderson makes Samuel Shaw quit with an Armbar.  Gunner watches this, and Anderson walks away from him.

The Hardys walk away from Team 3-D satisfied.  Bully Ray and Devon head to the ring, The Hardys have a great idea, and now there is only one more piece to the puzzle, and they need to find out if they are in.

Next, Tenay’s exclusive interview with Dixie Carter.

We see footage from last week when after her Fatal 4-way, Gail Kim gave an interview and Angelina Love attacked her.

Gail went to Kurt and demanded she has a Last Knockout Standing Match with Angelina.  Kurt warns Angelina be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Earlier tonight, Bobby Roode shares his thoughts on the 6-Sides of Steel match later tonight, and what it means to be World Heavyweight Champion.

The Hardys are in the ring now.

Jeff makes it clear they did not get back together, because they wanted to, the fans wanted it.  And they have had some great matches since coming back, but they can get better.  They will get better, and they ask Team 3-D to get into the ring.

Do you know who they are?  They are the guys that put Dixie Carter through a table.

The Hardys and Team 3-D have made some history together.  Not because they say it, but because the fans say it, two of the best tag teams in the history of the business.  The Hardys are on a mission because they want to be Tag Team Champions.  And it would be kinda cool if they were inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame as Tag Team Champions.

The Hardys aren’t the champions, Team 3-D aren’t the champions, we need the Tag Team Champions to get this done.

You ask, and here they come.

Eddie Edwards wants to get down to business.  These four are 2 of the greatest tag teams in the history of our business.  And that is the conversation The Wolves want to be a part of.

Davey makes it clear, Team 3-D, you want a shot at these belts?  The Hardys, you want a shot at these belts?  Anytime, they will make it happen.

Tenay interviews Dixie Carter.

Dixie broke her back, she knows that Bully made a promise, and delivered on it.  She is taking time off, but we haven’t seen the last of Dixie Carter.  But keep watching Ethan Carter, he is a true talent, and going places.

More or less the interview.

The Great Sanada will be revealed next week.  But now, Last Knockout Standing match, with Angelina Love Vs Gail Kim, now.

Gail Kim wins with a Samoan Drop on a chair.  Incredible match with the Knockout Champion retaining her title.

Next is the 6-Sides of Steel match.

Kurt Angle confirms to us that all 3 tag teams, The Hardys, Team 3-D, and The Wolves came to Kurt to propose Kurt to a match to determine who is the best tag team.  Kurt is doing one thing better, we will have a best of series tag match.  The first team to score 2 wins get the Tag Team Titles, and that starts next week, with the winner choosing the next stipulation for the next match.

The Franchise Players make their presence now.

MVP tells him that in Dallas for Slammiversary, he was scheduled to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Title with Eric Young, but was injured.  Bobby Lashley slid right in, and the rest they say is history.  Now Lashley has overcome all odds, faced off against competitor after competitor, and finished them off.  Whoever wins this match will have the same fate.

6-Sides of Steel Cage match now.  Gunner Vs “Showtime” Eric Young Vs “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Magnus Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode.

They did the double finish here where both Bobby Roode and Eric Young touched the floor at the same time.  2 refs awarded different winners, so who won?

Next week, who is the best tag team?  The Wolves Vs The Hardys Vs Team 3-D, match one.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A new night for Impact.  I liked the matches, but there were too many promos for me.  If you had cut down Anderson Vs Shaw, the promo for EC3 and Rhino, even the Dixie Carter promo seemed a bit odd in this spot.  The only promo that seemed suitable were The Wolves, Team 3-D, and The Hardys, because it’s setting up a future match.  Less talking, more action would have been better, especially in some of these matches.

But a good start to Wednesday night, giving us more important matches, and I love the Best of Series here.  We will see where that goes.

And I loved the World Champion was there to remind us he has the gold.  What happens next week?  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.





















WWE Monday Night Raw 8/18/14…Ambrose Vs Rollins Steals The Show

I just got done watching a rare thing, Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football, so now I am catching up with Raw, watched a bit of it during commercials, and know the main event.

But here we go.

The biggest party of the summer took place last night.  Brock Lesnar dominated John Cena to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Brie Bella lost to Stephanie McMahon, when Brie’s sister Nikki Bella turned her back, and sided with “The Billion Dollar Princess”.

We are live in Las Vegas, with Daniel Bryan’s music kicking the show off, but it’s Stephanie McMahon, wearing a Daniel Bryan-esque shirt that says Steph!!  Steph!!  Steph!!

Steph wants to talk about last night, with Summerslam being one of the most epic PPVs, with people even saying it was better than Wrestlemania.  Because we crowned a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and The Authority will be presenting a new title to Brock Lesnar.  And The Authority wishes John Cena a speedy recovery, who endured 16 German Suplexes.

Chris Jericho was defeated by Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose found out that Seth Rollins was the true master of The Shield, when Mr. Money in the Bank won his match last night.  And of course, Stephanie McMahon won her match last night, and Brie Bella found out you never can beat The Authority spiritually, mentally, and physically.  

And of course, you can see all of this on The WWE Network for just $9.99.

But she didn’t do this by herself.  Steph likes to thank her husband HHH for being faithful, and being her rock.  Unlike Daniel Bryan.  But Daniel knows the real Brie Bella, and she is not the person you think she is and who better to explain that but her sister, Nikki Bella.

Some people believe this was an act of betrayal, and she wants to hear from Nikki’s side.

When The Bellas first came to WWE, it was supposed to be about them vs the world.  Nikki always cared for her sister, she always was looking out for her.  But secretly, Brie did not become the woman she thought she was.  Brie has become so jealous of Nikki.  It was always about competition with Nikki, and Brie always told her she would never get married.

Stephanie suggests that Nikki jumped to a marriage, and Nikki said that Nikki won, because Brie settled for that gangly, goat-face Daniel Bryan.

Nikki is so heart-broken over this, she can say she lost a sister, but she never really had one.  And now she doesn’t have Brie around her neck, she is free.  She loves to say that.

And here comes Brie, with no music, and a purpose.

Brie is Nikki’s sister, and she loves her.  Nikki has destroyed their family, and she can forgive her for what happened last night.

This irate Nikki, and she slaps Brie and tells her Nikki can never forgive Brie.

Brie walks away, crying and the crowd chants she sold out.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar will receive his new WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Next, Mark Henry and The Big Show Vs Rowan and Harper.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…Nikki Bella slapping the taste out of Brie,

Rowan and Harper Vs Show and Henry is now.

Henry and Show win with a combined KO Punch and World’s Strongest Slam, pinning Rowan.

Are these the next Tag Team Champions?

Tonight, IC Title rematch, Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz, and 6-man tag match of Reigns, RVD, and Sheamus Vs Rybaxel and Orton.

Next, relive Ambrose Vs Rollins from last night.

Ric Flair congratulates Ziggler, and The Miz interrupts.

Miz calls this a sequel, because tonight the IC Title comes back to the A-Lister.  Ziggler tells him he is not an A-Lister, just an A-Hole.


Ambrose Vs Rollins last night, from Summerslam is being shown.

Renee Young is with Seth Rollins.

It feels good, because Seth did what he said was going to do, and showed not only is he the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he is also the future of WWE.

Dean Ambrose drops a bucket of water over Rollins, an ice bucket challenge, it seems.  The two men fight when we go to a commercial.

We see footage of what we just saw, Ambrose and Rollins fighting again.

Kane is talking to HHH, when Seth Rollins wants to out Ambrose out.  HHH is giving Seth a rematch with Dean, tonight.  The WWE Universe will decide the stipulation.

This way, when Rollins finishes Ambrose for good, the blood will be in the fans hands.

Natalya Vs the new Divas Champion, Paige,

Paige wants to make this clear, she respects AJ, and loves her.  Paige is going to dedicate this match to AJ.

Natalya wins with a rollup, after AJ comes skipping along.

Paige is irate, and AJ has the mic.

Despite everything, AJ respects Paige.  She loves her Paige, and she dedicates her life to Paige.  She needs to get in the ring and shake her hand.

Paige leaves, when AJ comes in the ring.

Cole tells us the stipulations tonight the fans get to vote on WWE App.  Either A.  No Holds Barred Match, B.  Falls Count Anywhere, and C.  No DQ.

The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be awarded his new title, “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar is next.

The Authority makes their appearance.

HHH tells us that last night was historic.  Not only was his wife victorious, after being out of the ring for 10 years, but two men battled and gave it their best for the richest prize in our industry, to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and tonight that man is rewarded the newest title, Brock Lesnar.

Brock and Paul Heyman show up in the ring.

Photo op now with The Authority, Heyman, and Lesnar.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and he is the one behind the one who conquered the one who thought he was the one who is the one at 21-1.

His client conquered the title holder, which gives him the opportunity to be the advocate of the reigning, defending, new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

His client has advised him to leak out John Cena isn’t even here tonight.  John Cena would be here, if he could be here.  But Cena can’t be here, because he is not physically able to be here, and that’s thanks to his client….BAAAAARAWK LESNAR!!!!

Heyman has been in this industry for many years and he has never seen such an ass kicking of a top superstar.  Dwayne Johnson’s run on top was what?  3 years?  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s run was what, 4 1/2 years?  But there has been one man dominate WWE for 10 years, main events Wrestlemania, the one man who has been the face of the franchise, John Cena.

He was standing there last night, looking at the punishment John Cena took, so much that his own kids are Cena fans, which pisses him off.  But if he had time, he would make Cena a Paul Heyman guy.  But this is not Brock Lesnar’s thoughts.

Cena is a martyr, and if the guy with the most cred dies, he still dies.  Just like The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania died, just like The Undertaker’s career dies.  Just like Cena’s WWE Title reign dies, at the hands of Brock Lesnar.  Just like Cena won’t be seen for a long time.  

And here lies the problem, any man who faces Brock, will be destroyed, because Brock isn’t just human, he is a Beast.  We have Brockanomics now, Eat, Sleep, Suplex, Repeat, and Heyman says that 16 times.

Eat, sleep, conquer John Cena.

Cena took 16 suplexes by Lesnar, but Cena would not quit.

Also we kicked off Raw tonight, when Nikki slapped Brie.

Also tonight, Ambrose Vs Rollins, with the fans choosing the stipulation.

Ziggler Vs The Miz is up now.

Miz wins with a countout, when Ziggler’s leg was bothering him in the ring.

Renee is joining by Jack Swagger.

Last night was an opportunity to win for his country, but he failed.  But he won’t give up, he will keep on fighting, because that us what they do…..We The People.

Swagger Vs Cesaro.

Cesaro wins with a Neutralizer, over Jack. The story here was Jack being depressed over losing last night to Rusev. After being caught, Bo Dallas showed up. Bo tells Swagger he was let down by 316 million Americans, but he can get right back up, he just has to BOlieve.

They show us Jericho Vs Wyatt footage, Renee Young is with Chris. He tells us that he is okay after losing last night, because no matter what he does, he has the best fans in the world. And Bray does not, he gets the crowd to chant Y2J, and that is it.

Next, 6-man tag match of Reigns, RVD, and Sheamus Vs Rybaxel and Orton.

Sheamus, Reigns, and RVD win the match with a Five Star Frogsplash by RVD, pinning Axel.

Earlier tonight, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins.

We get to choose the stipulation for their match tonight.

Orton is backstage, and runs into Ric Flair.

Orton doesn’t want to hear any advice, and blows him off.

Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen.

Bray told Jericho this would happen, he is a man of his word. Chris said he looked into Wyatt’s eyes, and sees a lost soul. Maybe Chris is right, but he will never be able to comprehend what Bray is. Behold the new face of salvation.

Follow The Buzzard.

The Usos Vs Stardust and Goldust, now.

Stardust and Goldust win in a non-title match with Stardust pinning Jey.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins.

Friday night on Smackdown, Randy Orton Vs RVD.

Rusev and Lana come out to the ring.

At Summerslam, Rusev dedicated his match to mother Russia, and its leader Vladimir Putin. Putin is very proud of Rusev, and the flag was raised high, to symbolize domination.

Somebody’s going to get their ass kicked…here comes Mark Henry.

The crowd chants USA, and Mark asked if they heard that, its American pride. He has had the honor of representing his country two times in the Olympics.

Something he will never take away from him, and he has no issue with country pride, but it’s the way the two jackasses act.

Last night, it bothered him seeing the flag being raised, and hearing the Russian Anthem.

Mark will give Rusev a personal guided tour into the Hall of Pain.

World’s Strongest Slam by Mark Henry, flattening Rusev.

Now another splash, ending this segment.

Earlier tonight, Brock Lesnar told us he dominates, Cena isn’t even in the building tonight, because of what Brock did to him last night.

Next week, Cena returns to Raw.

King is in the ring, to tell us what kind of stipulation Rollins Vs Ambrose will have.

Falls Count Anywhere Match.

And here we go.

Rollins wins what was an incredible main event, by giving Ambrose a Curb Stomp through a concrete step. Kane even interfered, giving Ambrose a chokeslam that did not break on the announce table. But the action was crazy, and the show ends with EMTs tending to Ambrose, with Rollins smirking about his fallen enemy.

Kevin’s Thoughts

It was a decent show overall, but things turned for the better with a phenomenal main event. The one thing this reminds me of is the fact all three members of The Shield can compete in the main event. All three can be future champions, and no reason why the brand should revolve around one man anymore. The biggest problem with WWE since John Cena became the franchise is there are no rivalries.

This can change, and hopefully it does. I always loved Hart-Austin, or Hart-Michaels, Rock-Austin. Who has Cena’s rivalry been? The closest he has had might be Cena-Punk, or Cena-Orton, but as much as I like Randy, he isn’t in Cena’s league.

Other than that, the other two highlights were Stephanie, Nikki, and Brie Bella segment kicking the show off. I’ll say this again, Stephanie is the best heel in the business, bar none. She showed it again, and I loved the slap Nikki gave Brie.

The other highlight was Lesnar and Heyman. Paul was having fun, and Brock was laughing a bit at what Heyman was saying.

Nothing on Night of Champions, but we are 5 weeks away, so it’s no big deal. But after the beating Lesnar gave Cena at Summerslam, Cena does not deserve another title match, but sadly, he will get it.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.

WWE Summerslam 8/17/14…The Biggest Fight of the Summer

Tonight, the biggest fight of the summer takes place inside the Staples Canter, in Los Angeles, California.

Renee Young, Booker T, Ric Flair, and Alex Riley are a part of the Summerslam Kick-off show.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar faces John Cena for the WWE World Title.

We are previewing Brie Bella Vs Stephanie McMahon.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

RVD Vs Cesaro is up now.

RVD pulls off a stunning upset over Cesaro with the Five Star Frogsplash.  Cesaro’s downfall continues.

Tonight, Roman Reigns will face Randy Orton.

Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena preview.

Summerslam starts now.

Hulk Hogan kicks off Summerslam, it feels like home.

Hogan tells us to buy WWE Network for $9.99.

A complete waste of time, because chances are if we are watching Summerslam, live….then we already know it’s $9.99.

Okay, Summerslam is officially on.

Our first match is Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz, for the Intercontinental Title.

Tonight, we are blessed to be in a pressence of a non-CGI movie star.  We wish we all had this….the moneymaker.

Tonight, The Miz will make Ziggler from a shining new star to a fizzled has-been.  Just like the Lakers.

Ziggler Vs Miz is now.

Dolph Ziggler wins the IC Title when he pins Miz with a Zig Zag.  Ziggler kicked out of a Skull Crushing Finale, and this had Miz puzzled for a bit, but the challenger rises to the occasion.

Ziggler is now a 2-time IC Champion.

We see the trainwreck from last week on Raw, when we had Brie Bella arrested for slapping Megan Miller.

Tom Miller is standing by with Brie Bella.

During her time in jail, Brie did some reflecting, and know that when you fall down, you keep getting back up.  She was thinking about all of the times Stephanie smiled calling her husband “A B+ Player” or the times that she tortured her sister, because of the dealings she had with Brie, or the time that she paid Daniel’s physical therapist to lie.  Stephanie will pay for those things, and this is the rare time Staphanie will pay back from the things she has said, and that is best for business.

AJ Lee Vs Paige for the Divas Title is now.

Paige wins the match, and Divas Title when she hit a DDT called the Rampaige.

2 matches, 2 title changes.

Now Paige hugs and kisses her “frenemy” on the cheek.

Our next match is Rusev Vs Jack Swagger in a Flag Match.

Lana tells us that Rusev represents reality, while Swagger represents dreams.  There is no happy ending for our U.S.A.

Marine corps are now coming out to Swagger’s entrance.

Swagger must win here, I think.

So this Flag match had nothing to do with trying to grab the flag on the other end of the ring, or a pole.  It was just a regular match, so we had Swagger tap out to the Accolade.

Rusev kicked Colter, to brush him off Swagger.

So the rules of the Flag match is to raise it, and play the Russian National Anthem.


Switching gears, Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose in a Lumberjack match is now.

Seth Rollins defeated Ambrose with the MITB briefcase.  This was action throughout the entire building, not even the lumberjacks could contain them.  Kane comes out, and makes sure Rollins wins.

So far, the match of the night.

Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho is up now.

Bray Wyatt hits 2 Sister Abigails, one on the barricade, other one in the ring.  Bray picks up the win, and evens this series 1-1.  I am sure we will get another match.

Bray is on the mic, and tells us Chris just found out what its like to follow the buzzards,  He’s got the whole world in his hands….

Stephanie McMahon Vs Brie Bella is next.

Stephanie wins the match when the ref was knocked out, and Nikki Bella turns on her own sister and decks Brie.  Steph hits the Pedigree, and pins Brie.

A very good match and the ending was effective.

Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns is up now.

Reigns wins with a spear, pinning Orton.  The match started slow, and it didn’t help it was in the “kiss of death” spot on the card, but the ending was very cool, and we saw an amazing RKO from Orton that woke up the crowd.

Announcers are putting this match over as the biggest win in Roman Reigns’ career.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena is up now.

Lesnar completely dominates Cena, hits 16 German Suplexes, pins him after a 4th F-5.  I mean completely destroyed Cena here.

As Cole put it, for the first time in 10 years, Lesnar is the WWE Champion.

Cena is being checked on by EMTs, with Heyman and Lesnar celebrating outside of the ring.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show delivered in my opinion.  It started off with a very good Lumberjack match, and we even had a good Stephanie Vs Brie match.

That might have been the most dominating WWE World Title match since the night Diesel beat Bob Backlund in MSG.

Bray Wyatt Vs Jericho told a good story, and all 3 titles changed hands.

So where do we go from here?  Tune in, because the story is about go in a different direction.  Share your thoughts about the show here.  I will talk to you tomorrow.































Impact Wrestling 8/14/14…One More Time….The Hardys Vs Team 3-D

Last week, after fulfilling his promise, putting Dixie Carter through a table, how does Bull Ray top that?

Impact Wrestling is now.

This is the biggest moment in Bully Ray’s career.  And this isn’t just for Bully, but it’s also for the fans.  And Bully had the best tag team partner in the world.  Hawk had Animal.  Bret had The Anvil. Scott Had Rick, and Bully has Devon.

Devon shows up to the ring, now.

Devon is honored to be back in TNA Wrestling, and the greatest city of the world, New York City.

Here come The Hardy Boys.

It’s been 12 years since these four men have been in the ring together.  They are happy to have Team 3-D being TNA Hall of Famers.  But these men have a history together.

Bully talks about that Triple Threat Ladder Match they had in Anaheim.  They also had another one in North Carolina.  And another in the Astrodome.

The crowd wants one more match, and all four men seem to agree.

Jeff painted his face, so if it’s cool with Matt, it’s cool with Jeff.  And Devon?  Oh my brother, testify.

Footage of Samoa Joe winning the X-Division Title last week.

Joe brings up his talk with Kurt.  It’s time to reinvigorate the X-Division, and that starts tonight.

EC3, Rhino, and Rockstar Spud enter the building, we find out what is on their mind, next.

Last Thursday, we see many different angles of Dixie Carter being sent through a table.  We will also have an update on Dixie, later tonight.

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young are backstage.  Later tonight, those 3 men, all former World Champions face The Franchise Players.  Took out the garbage last week, time to do it again.

X-Division Scramble match is up now.

Manik Vs Homicide Vs Lo-Ki Vs Tigre Uno Vs Crazzy Steve Vs DJ Z.

Winner faces Joe for the X-Division Title, next week on Impact.

Lo-Ki wins the scramble, pinning Homicide with the K-Crusher.  Lo-Ki Vs Joe, next week.

Impact Wrestling moves to Wednesday night, starting next week.  Again, Impact moves to Wednesday night,s starting next week.

EC3, Spud, and Rhino are out, next.

Spud tells us we need a moment of silence, because last week, the biggest travesty happened.  Our “Madame” Dixie Carter, was put through a table.

The crowd isn’t obliging, and EC3 demands a termination of Bully Ray.  He will stand out here, until he is terminated.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

This isn’t Nashville, Tennessee Mr. Carter, this is New York City.  These fans can say whatever they want, they can cheer for whoever they want.  They deserve the best show possible, and frankly, don’t need this.  So EC3 will either wrestle tonight, or he will get the hell out of the ring.

Ethan spilled blood last week in this ring, so he isn’t going to wrestle this week.  They aren’t going to wrestle tonight.

Kurt calls for New York City’s finest to remove them from the ring.

Rockstar Spud isn’t taking this, he has diplomatic immunity, and he is angry.

Cops don’t care, and they put handcuffs on Spud and Rhino.

Carter isn’t taking this lying down.  He has money, he knows Trump, Bernie, and Carmelo.  He is Mr. Wallstreet, The Weath of Wallstreet, the Carter of Wallstreet.  If cops want money, he has money.

They aren’t interested, they take them all away.

Samuel Shaw blames himself for last week.  Gunner tells him it’s not, he and Ken will settle their differences.  But maybe Ken just won’t see Samuel has changed.  It’s okay, they will all settle their differences.

Ethan is trying to plead with the cops with letting them go, but they are all booking them in jail.

Anderson Vs Gunner, now.

Gunner is DQ’d, when Shaw interferes, he tried to play peacemaker, but Anderson decked him.

Nothing is settled.

Tonight, Fatal 4-Way for the Knockout Title.  Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love Vs Taryn Terrell Vs Velvet Sky.

Angelina checks on Velvet to make sure they are on the same page.  Velvet tells her one of them will walk out as Knockout Champion.

Next, we will see exclusive footage from Dixie Carter.

The entire wrestling landscape made their comments last week on Twitter, even Jim Ross.

Footage from last week is being shown.

Dixie broke her back, she had a L2 and L3 fracture.  

Next week, Mike Tenay will have an exclusive interview with Dixie Carter.

Fatal 4-way match for the Knockout Title is up now.  Gail Kim Vs Angelina Vs Velvet Vs Taryn.

Gail wins the match with Eat Defeat, pinning Angelina and adding some tension with Beautiful People.

Franchise Players do not care about Dixie Carter, she is the old, and they are the new.  

Big 6-man tag match is up next.

Lashley, King, and MVP Vs Aries, Young, and Roode is up now.

Franchise Players win, with a vicious spear by Lashley, pinning Aries.  I still am not sure why MVP is wrestling on crutches.

We will hear from Abyss, next.

Havoc is coming.

The Wolves have been together for 6 years, it’s now time to take care of their legacy.  They beat The Hardys, and tonight they will watch Team 3-D Vs The Hardys.  They respect Team 3-D, but they will put their Tag Titles on the line anytime.  While they were once fans, the hunters become the hunted.  Let the hunting begin.

Here comes Abyss to the ring.

Bram has something that belongs to him.  Get out here, now.

You ask, and you will receive.  Bram is here.

Abyss brings up possession is 9 tenths of the law?  Not in his book.  He wants Janice back.

Bram brings up that he has beaten Abyss twice with her.  And he is enthralled by her, so no he is not getting it back.

Does Bram really want to get extreme?  Abyss asks him if he really wants to get extreme?  Does New York City truly want to get extreme?

One more time, it will be tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire, and while we are at it, let’s take Janice, and hang her 15 feet up in the air.

Abyss will climb up that ladder, he will get his girl, and chomp his ass to bits.

Bram accepts.

Magnus now brings up Janice has screwed Abyss twice, and more than likely the only time Abyss has been screwed by a girl.

Abyss tries to fight, but 2-on-1 attack does him in.

At Stairway to Janice, he will show Bram what kind of bitch his girl Janice can be.

Team 3-D Vs The Hardys, next.

“The Revolution Is Upon Us”

“Legend” James Storm is with Sanada, calling him weak and confused.  Storm is his light, Storm is his strength.  He will make him The Great Sanada.

Next week, Hardcore Justice, on Wednesday night.  Abyss Vs Bram in a Stairway to Janice Match.  Samoa Joe Vs Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title.  And for the first time in 4 years, Six Sides of Steel, involving a Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

The Hardys Vs Team 3-D, now.

Team 3-D wins the match with a 3-D.

A fun match and the great thing is these four men still have chemistry together.  Highlight of the show.

All four men shake hands after the match.  

The show ends here, with next week, Impact moves to Wednesdays.  Hardcore Justice.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Last week’s show was gigantic, so this week’s show was bound to be a let down.  While it wasn’t as good as last week, it still was a solid show, highlighted by the monumental main event of the show.

I loved how The Hardys and Team 3-D have not been in the same ring, as a group in 12 years, and tonight, we get this.  I just think this needs to be showcased more.  Such as advertising this for a full week, set this match last week, and not being set up in the beginning of the show.  But we will see more, from The Wolves.  Remember, they are the Tag Champs, and now all 3 teams will be featured.  We are in line for some good matches in weeks to come.

But the big news here is Impact will now be moved on Wednesday nights.  With NFL season starting up, and rumors of Smackdown being moved to Thursday nights, it will prove to be wise.

But where was the advertising?  Again, this is being moved immediately.  They easily could have set this up as 3 shows left until Thursday nights are being moved.  2 weeks left, and so on.  Also Spike TV needs to do some advertisement this week, because I guarantee that we will have some people tune in on Thursday night, forgetting, or not knowing Impact has been moved.

Other than that, not much else have been going in Impact this week, and oh yeah, Hardcore Justice is the next week.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.



























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