WWE Monday Night Raw 7/21/14…Will Plan C Take Effect Tonight?

John Cena retained his WWE World Title last night, and HHH made the plea last week that if Cena wins, Plan B will take place. Well, Plan B was Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose made sure that didn’t take place.

Raw is in Miami tonight, and we will also hear from Flo Rida, live.

Raw in 5 minutes.

Hey, how about this….The Authority kicks off the show, again.

Actually, it’s HHH, I am sure Stephanie will be here later.

He was looking around backstage today, nobody wanted to look him in the eye. Afraid he would blow a gasket over what happened last night, the fact the WWE World Title didn’t come back to The Authority. It stayed on John Cena.

HHH is mad, but he has options on how he can deal with this. What is he going to do? He will tweet his displeasure. He might even send an Instagram, or a Vine. He will riot if he doesn’t get what he wants. Or he can just fire everyone backstage. Just fire them out of the building. Or he can just relax, knowing that sooner or later, he always wins.

Or he can wait for 4 more weeks, because as a genius once said he can guarandamntee that John Cena won’t be the WWE World Champion, at Summerslam.

But the question is who?

Here comes Randy Orton.

What about Randy’s rematch? He is owed a rematch, since Wrestlemania. He wants guarantees, because Randy guarantees he will beat Cena at Summerslam.

Randy has a point, and right now, he is the front-runner. He is going to have the entire roster to convince him. He wants someone to go the extra mile to impress him, and show HHH they want that opportunity to become WWE World Champion.

Orton blames this on Kane, if he had just done his job last night, Orton would have the two titles.

Here comes Kane.

Kane hopes he is being considered to face John Cena. Kane knows he can beat Cena, and he knows that he can be WWE World Champion, as long as Orton will not interfere, and he doesn’t become Randy’s protector.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

If they are having a conversation about the WWE World Championship, Reigns thinks he should be in it. Because nobody wants to see Cena Vs Kane, and nobody wants to see Cena Vs Orton, again. People want to see Cena Vs Reigns.

Believe that…

Reigns hits a Superman punch on Kane, with HHH and Orton leaving the ring.

HHH orders we have a 2-on-1 Handicap match with Reigns Vs Kane and Orton, now.

Reigns wins the match by spearing Kane, and Orton does not help him.

Reigns wants Orton to come back to the ring, but he won’t do that.

Tonight, Bray Wyatt will be on The Highlight Reel

Next, 4-on-1 Divas Handicap match with Cameron, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, and Eva Marie Vs Nikki Bella.

Yup, Stephanie McMahon sighting. She orders them to anniliate Nikki, and show Brie a lesson.

That epic match is next.

Brie is in the audience, and here comes Stephanie. She tells Brie she is just another face in the audience. She was on one of the hottest programs on TV, with “Total Divas” and she was a commodity, but what did she do? She chose her husband over her sister. Her husband, who was injured, and couldn’t defend his WWE World Title, and has been nothing ever since.

But now she can watch her sister get beat down, and it’s because of Brie.

Brie calls Stephanie a bitch. Stephanie orders security to escort Brie out of the building. Brie shows the ticket, she is a paying customer. Okay, but she is in view of the fans.

Brie grabs the mic, and says Stephanie is just bitter because she still has a hand print over her cheek, when Brie slapped her, and called her a vindictive bitch.

Stephanie slaps Brie now, and when Brie tries to go after Stephanie, security escorts her.

Match is on now.

The heel divas win, and Stephanie gloats about it, saying sooner or later, Nikki will do the same thing Brie did and quit.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Brie Bella calling Stephanie a bitch.

And the word bitch is bleeped out.

Bo Dallas is going to face Lebron Sandow.

Good lord, this is funny.

Bo Dallas wins with a BOdawg.

The city of Miami can rejoice, the biggest victory they have had in one year.

Fozzy’s new album “Do You Want To Start A War” comes out tomorrow.

Highlight Reel with Bray Wyatt is next.

Something happened during the commercial break with Jericho and The Wyatt Family.

We cut to The Wyatts…Miami, we’re here.

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Highlight Reel. Unfortunately, your scheduled host, Chris Jericho can’t make it at the moment. He is a bit undisposed. But where oh where could Chris Jericho be?

I wonder.

We see footage where The Wyatt’s attack Jericho in the locker room.

Where is Chris Jericho? Where is our savior? Surprise, surprise…he’s not here for us. But you know who is? Bray Wyatt. He is here ever since the day he had started. And he knows what we are all thinking, since he lost last night that we believe Jericho is the better man. But a loss in a battle does not mean a thing to Bray. It’s just a battle in a war. Bray created war. And The Wyatts have been here for almost a year, and in that time, they have taken down giants. They have taken down conquered heroes. And The Wyatts are the martyrs. Time is irrelevant to him, he conquers time. Something has been bothering him since last night, it’s what he remembers Sister Abigail said to him, don’t go after vengeance, because he would be digging two graves. One for his enemy, and the other for himself. He won’t do that, because he is forever.

Jericho is being attended to.

Tonight, HHH will make his decision. Who faces Cena at Summerslam?

Flo Rida is here. He will perform, live, tonight.

The new Intercontiental Champion, The Miz is in action, next.

The Miz Vs Dolph Ziggler, now.

Ziggler wins the match with a Zig Zag, winning in what was a non-title match.

Ziggler affected Miz’s moneymaker though.

HHH tells Seth Rollins there is no real reason to face Cena at Summerslam. He is the Money in the Bank winner. He needs to keep his hands at the table.

Rollins needs to stop Dean Ambrose.

Cesaro interrupts HHH, and tells them he needs to be the one who faces Cena. He is no longer a Heyman guy, and wants to be HHH’s guy.

This offends Rollins, but HHH tells him if he wants to impress HHH, he must face Dean Ambrose.

Paige and AJ team up, next.

It’s Paige and AJ Vs Natalya and Emma.

Natalya taps out to the Black Widow.

Paige hugs AJ, and now turns heel and grabs her by the hair.

She screams this is her house, after throwing her into the ring post. Now flipping her over the announce table. Begging AJ to fight back.

Paige’s house AJ!!

Fandango is set for the ring. He is going to face Zack Ryder, who is accompanied to the ring by Layla and Summer Rae.

Zack Ryder wins the match, with a Rough Ryder. Fandango had his foot on the ropes, but Layla throws the foot off.

Earlier tonight, Brie Bella calls Stephanie a bitch.

Renee Young is with Flo Rida.

Heath Slater confronts Flo Rida for putting his hands on Heath at Wrestlemania 28. Flo Rida again shoved Heath.

He performs, next.

Time for some “Wild Ones” and “Good Feeling”, and “Let The Good Times Flow”.

Tonight, HHH makes his decision with who faces John Cena at Summerslam.

Some authorities are talking with Stephanie McMahon. They are about to arrest her.

Brie Bella is pressing charges, and Stephanie is being arrested for battery, in the state of Florida.

Oh this is great.

Brie shows up, and Stephanie tells her she will pay as she is being escorted out.

Now HHH is checking in this backstage.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Stephanie McMahon just got arrested. HHH is making plans to meet her. Joey Mercury sighting, he informs HHH that he has yet to make his decision. HHH tells him family comes first. But wait a second, she has to be processed, it takes time. He can make his decision, so have the car on standby.

Now that is funny.

Rybaxel in the ring. They are going to face Kofi Kingston and Big E.

Rybaxel wins when Ryback reverses a cross body block, pinning Kofi Kingston.

Xavier Woods is now in the ring.

They can’t move ahead by shaking hands, kissing babies like a puppet. You can’t always do what you’re being told. This is their time, it’s up to them to find order, and to find purpose. because they do not ask any longer. Now, they take.

HHH is on the phone, when we go to a break.

Earlier tonight, and there have been many different things tonight, The Wyatt Family attacks Jericho.

Rusev is headed to the ring.

Lana tells us to shut up.

Here comes The Great Khali.

Accolade, match is over.

Sheamus will take on Rusev tomorrow night on The Main Event.

Sheamus will also have a part in the show “Royal Pains” tomorrow night on USA, at 9:00.

Stardust and Goldust.

They need the cosmic key.

Our main event, Dean Ambrose Vs Cesaro is now.

Earlier tonight, Stephanie McMahon was arrested, after slapping Brie Bella, a paid “fan” in the crowd tonight.

Renee Young tells us that Stephanie is being arriagned for later tonight, and is arrested due to alleged resisted arrest.

Cesaro Vs Ambrose, now.

Ambrose is DQ’d smahing a chair in Cesaro’s shoulder.

Renee Young is with HHH. He says he is about to make his announcement. Renee questions shouldn’t he be with his wife right now? No answer.

This Friday night on Smackdown, Roman Reigns Vs Alberto Del Rio.

HHH is in the ring.

He wants to introduce us to the challenger to John Cena’s WWE World Title….

Randy Orton.

Reigns runs down Orton, and sends him over the barricade.

Enter Paul Heyman.

Heyman has so much respect for him, Plan A isn’t working, with Orton being chased around by Roman. And Plan B, Ambrose chases Rollins. But this is why he needs to make the most difficult choice of implementing Plan C.

Here comes the pain.

HHH smiles, and shakes Heyman’s hand. He shakes Brock’s hand.

It’s official….John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman. He is the advocate of the man who broke The Streak at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar. Which is why he is going to conquer John Cena’s WWE World Title, and become the new champion.

Now there are those people that wear green shirts, sneakers. They are the ones that scream Let’s go Cena. Then there are people that scream out Cena Sucks.

Now it doesn’t matter to his client who he roots for, the doctor of Thuganomics will be conquered.

He has a video to showcase Brock giving someone a beating.

Wrestlemania 30. Brock Lesnar did the unthinkable, and defeated The Undertaker.


For years, people wanted to say they would beat the streak, but it never happened. Vince Mcmahon rode the ambulance with Taker, because he was concerned over his own well being. John cena won’t escape this beating. He will punch his face in, and will be hurt by Brock Lesnar. Then, and only then, will Lesnar F-5 John Cena, and strip him of the WWE World Title. The same strip that he made sure The Undertaker was stripped of the streak, and it’s a myth. He vows to strip Cena. 15 World Title reigns in 10 years is worth Brock to conquer. So Cena, get ready, because you vow those words, hustle, loyalty, and respect. This man will conquer everything he believes in.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, the one behind the 1 at 21-1. Brock lesnar is here to make history. Brock will be the new WWE World Champion.

The show ends here with both men standing tall with pride.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a loaded episode tonight, so I give them credit for keeping me entertained. No Cena, and no Uso’s. But we saw a full-fledged heel turn by Paige, Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods. A new Nation of Domination.

We also saw Stephanie get a taste of her medicine, I believe we will see Stephanie Vs Brie Bella, with Brie’s job on the line.

Zack Ryder also won, so there’s that, and Flo Rida performed.

Overall, this was a fun night, and it’s confirmed. Brock lesnar Vs John Cena at Summerslam. What are your thoughts to tonight’s show? Sound off to me at DJKevingillman75@aol.com.

WWE Battleground 7/20/14

Tonight, we will see a Fatal 4-way between John Cena Vs Kane Vs Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Title. Who will win? And will we see Plan B, or Plan C from The Authority if Cena wins?

We are 10 minutes away from the Kick-off show.

We are in Tampa, Florida. Renee Young, Alex Riley, Booker T, and Christian welcome us to the Kick-off show.

Our Battleground Kick-off show will give us The Funkadactyls explode…Naomi Vs Cameron, one on one.

We have the preview to the Fatal 4-way, and hand it over to Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Fandango kicks off the show.

Fandango Vs Adam Rose, with Layla and Summer Rae as Rosebuds tonight.

Layla and Summer Rae slaps Fandango, and Adam hits a Party Foul, the match is done.

Tonight, who wins between Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins?

A preview for their match.

Also tonight, Chris Jericho Vs Bray Wyatt, one on one.

Preview for that match is set up now.

Tom Phillips is standing by with The Uso’s.

2 out of 3 falls match for the Tag Team Titles.

Tonight, The Uso’s will bring their A-game.

Cameron Vs Naomi, now.

Cameron wins the match with a Schoolgirl. Not as good of a match as it should be, but I think Cameron needed the win more.

We are 5 minutes away from the PPV. We are going over the matches.

We are live in Tampa, Florida. Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Our first match is the 2 out of 3 falls match between The Uso’s Vs Rowan and Harper.

Rowan and Harper takes the first fall with a wicked kick to the head, Harper pinning Jimmie Uso.

The Uso’s win when Jey Uso rolls up Harper.

The fall is tied 1-1 apiece.

Amazing opener here that had many false finishes, and great sequences. But at the end, The Uso’s win with a double Samoan Splash, pinning Harper.

A great start to the PPV.

Our next match is Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins. Top that last match guys, please do.

Tom Phillips is with Seth Rollins.

Seth is smiling, because this is the night he dismantle Dean Ambrose. Dean is like that little cockroach you can’t kill. But that cockroach tonight will get squashed.

But first, he will answer that question Dean asked him before he stomped him. The answer is no. Dean knows Rollins better than anyone, but he will take care of him. Then, he will keep his eye on the Fatal 4-way match later tonight, because we could be looking at the next WWE World Champion.

Ambrose attacks Rollins. HHH shows up, and demands Ambrose does not ruin his night, so he throws him out of the building.

AJ Lee Vs Paige for the Divas Title is now.

AJ wins with a Shining Wizard. I loved the storytelling here of the two women trying to top each other. We saw a Black Widow, Paige Turner, Scorpion Crab Lock, but a Shining Wizard wins it all.

WWE Summerslam is August 17th.

Every man for themself tonight in the Fatal 4-way.

Randy Orton is looking for Kane in the boiling room.

Orton is here to say he was wrong for going after Kane last Monday, and he is sorry.

Kane isn’t buying it. But is Kane sorry? For punching Orton in the face?

Being the demon’s favorite son means never saying he is sorry.

Okay, they must be on the same page, and make sure Cena or Reings doesn’t leave as WWE World Champion.

Kane assures Randy that the WWE World Champion is standing right here, and walks away.

The Battleground panel is shown now.

They give us their picks for tonight’s Fatal 4-way match, but now, it’s going to be Rusev Vs Jack Swagger.

Lana tells us that the Americans should be ashamed. We need to have a true leader, Vladimir Putin.

Our leader is a wuss.

Rusev will crush us. Each and every single one of us. Rusev will CRUSH Jack Swagger.

Rusev wins with a Countout after Swagger had 2 Patriot Locks, and the second one being on the outside. But Rusev was able to power out, and send Swagger into the steel steps.

The Russian Flag is being shown.

I guess Lana talked about the unfortunate plane that was bombed this past week, but I didn’t see it, because of the feed going out here.

Not a big fan of that, but it doesn’t surprise me.

Now Rusev crushes Swagger, and puts a unconcious Swagger into an Accolade.

It’s time for some Stardust.

Seth Rollins heads to the ring.

Since his opponent has been so irresponsibly been ejected out of the building, he has accepted his victory via forfeit.

Seth wants to be announced as the winner, and he wants his hand raised.

Justin announces Seth won the match as a forfeit.

Ambrose shows up, and goes right after Rollins, but security grabs him again.

HHH again comes out, and orders Ambrose to be kicked out of the building.

Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho is up now.

Jericho picks up the win with a Codebreaker. The match was sloppy at times, when they have their rematch at Summerslam, it should be better.

Seth Rollins is outside with security. He assures them he is fine, and doesn’t need them.

He looks all around for Ambrose, and Dean comes out from a trunk, and the two men fight.

The next match is for the vacated IC Title, 20-man Battle Royal.

The Miz wins the Intercontintal Title, after Ziggler thought he won the match, eliminating Sheamus. But The Miz had been hiding the entire time, until he found a way to eliminate Ziggler.

The crowd does not seem pleased.

The biggest event of the summer, WWE Summerslam is on August 17th.

Flo Rida brings the party to Miami, Florida tomorrow night on Raw.

Our official Battleground theme song is “Jungle” by X Ambassadors & Jamie N Commons.

Our main event, Fatal 4-way for the WWE World Title is next. John Cena Vs Kane Vs Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns.

Cena retains the title when Reigns hits a spear on Kane, Orton interrupts with a RKO on Roman, and Cena tosses Orton up with an Attitude Adjustment, landing on top of Kane, and Cena wins.

The show ends with Cena celebrating on the top of the ramp.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show tonight, with everyone working hard, and now sets the tone for Summerslam. Does The Authority have a Plan B? Or even a Plan C? Tune in tomorrow night, in Miami because The Road to Summerslam begins.

What were your thoughts on the matches? Did the main event work for you? Send me your thoughts.

Impact Wrestling 7/17/14…TNA In NYC

For the next five weeks, TNA will celebrate in New York City, at the legendary Manhattan Center, former home of ECW. Tonight, Jeff Hardy faces Bobby Lashley, for the TNA World Heavyweight Title…inside a 6-sided ring.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Kurt Angle introduces us to the 6-sided ring.

Taz shows up on the balcony of the Manhattan Center.

Taz couldn’t be happier with a man like Kurt Angle heading this ship. He understands how vital wrestling is. We know how important that is, and Taz was fortunate enough to be a part of the greatest wrestling revolution of all time, ECW. And during that time, he remembers turning that corner, and he says that locker room has that same look, they are ready to go.

In closing, think of that one sentence that defines this company, and that was the mood is about to change. And if you didn’t know who he was, his name is Taz….beat him if you can, survive if Taz lets you.

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray are headed to the ring.

The reaction right here is the reason why New York City is the greatest wrestling audience in the world. Tonight, TNA and NYC will grab the world by the balls, and rip them off.

Bully Ray made us a promise that we want to see Dixie Carter gr through a table.

The crowd wants tables. If you want tables, tables you are going to get.

Tommy Dreamer had a moment of reflection today going to the Westward highway. 1997, Tommy, Bully, and a bunch of hardcore freaks had their first national exposure in this house.

There are men and women in the back, ready to go balls to the walls for the fans.

Enter Rhino and EC3.

EC3 makes this clear, nobody is going to put his Auntie through a table over his dead body. He didn’t put her through a table at Slammiversary, he didn’t put her through a table in Pennsylvania, and he won’t put her through a table in New York City.

Rhino makes it clear not to boo EC#, because he is a Carter.

The fans all chant that he sold out, and Ethan said he did, because he paid him well to protect The Carters. E stands Extreme, and C stands for Cash.

Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer represent the very definition of New York. You call this the Big Apple, he calls this the Big Crapple, because they are crap.

Dreamer tells Ethan it is prevalent that he doesn’t know where he is. New York isn’t politically correct, this isn’t PG, kid. And there is one thing Dreamer wants to see in wrestling, a little less talking, and more action.

Big tag match is up now.

EC3 and Rhino wins with a little assist from Rockstar Spud. EC3 pins Dreamer.

Earlier today, both champion and challenger entered the building.

Kurt Angle runs into the newest X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. Kurt tells Austin he is one step away from Destination X, facing an 8-man X-Division Gauntlet.

Austin is ready, and that match is next.

Storm catches up to Sanada. He is driven, he is fast, he is disciplined. Storm slaps Sanada, and he tells him that he listens to his mentor, and if he continues to do that, he will prove to be a choke artist. Be careful who you listen to.

X-Division Gauntlet Match is up now.

Aries survives, last pinning Sanada with a Brainbuster. Sanada made some key mistakes here, setting up the pinfall. But this is where the 6-sided ring came in. Some amazing moves, and angles.

Austin shakes Sanada’s hand, and now the question is will Austin choose Option C, and go after the World Title at Destination X?

Bobby Roode and Eric Young teaming together again. They are on the same page.

James Storm catches up with Sanada, punishes him for losing, but Sanada won’t fight back. Muta is a loser, so is Sanada.

Dixie Carter is in New York City, she is on the way to the ring, next.

We are in New York City, is there a table in Dixie Carter’s future?

Still to come tonight, for the World Heavyweight Title, Jeff Hardy Vs Bobby Lashley.

Jeff Hardy is back, and the time is now. The moment is Jeff Hardy becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

MVP is in the ring, on crutches.

MVP is in the ring, on crutches, because he has a torn meniscus. But he is still in the ring, ready to compete.

Kenny King tells us that Kurt Angle is a power-hungry maniac.

MVP tells us this match will be under protest.

EY and Roode win by DQ, when MVP took a crutch and nailed Roode with it. MVP didn’t do a whole lot, but honestly, not sure why he is wrestling anyway, when he is hurt.

Next week, The Great Muta will arrive in New York City.

Our next match is a No DQ, No Countout match with Brittany Vs Madison Rayne.

Madison wins the match with a Package DDT.

World Title match, Bobby Lashley Vs Jeff Hardy is next.

Dixie Carter is here, because she own this company. When she barks, she bites, unlike Bully. Bully is all bark, Dixie is all bite.

Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle congratulates Austin Aries on his big win. Austin didn’t just create option C for himself, he did it for respect of the other men that paved their ways, to get opportunities for title shots.

Austin has a week to make that decision, to see if he is giving up the X-Division Title to get a World Title shot.

World Title match, our main event….Hardy Vs Lashley is now.

Lashley retains the title after spearing Hardy. Jeff tried a Swanton right on a steel step, but Bobby moves away, and Jeff landed on his back with a thunderous thud.

This had a big-match feel, but Lashley finds a way to win.

Kurt tries to stop Dixie Carter. She is not afraid of Bully.

The Franchise Players are celebrating Bobby’s win. Kurt interrupts the celebration. Next week, Kurt is booking MVP Vs Roode in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Rockstar Spud, complete in a bright orange suit, introducing us to Dixie Carter.

Rhino and EC3 escort Dixie to the ring.

Dixie is not impressed with New York.

She can see why people call New Yorkers foul-mouth, garbage ingrates. She had to wear extra sprinklers just to add a little class here.

New York has no class, and yet they cheer for people without any class. Guys like what’s his name? The guy that cries, oh yeah Tommy Dreamer. “You can change wrestling, Dixie”. You can’t change perfection, darling.

And guys, like Bully Ray who doesn’t have any idea on how to be a star.

Dixie should be labeled “The Hardcore Star”, because she continues to put him through tables.

Here comes Dreamer and Bully, with a table.

Dreamer and Bully take out Rhino, EC3, and Spud.

Rhino and EC3 get Aunt Dixie out of the ring, and here comes Devon.

Devon helps Bully Ray clean house, and now only EC3 is in the ring.

Hey Ethan….WHAT’S UP!!!


And now….Devon….1…2….3….


Ethan gets up, and is met with a Team 3-D.

The show ends with Team 3-D celebrating, and Dixie Carter finally looks worried.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not exactly the best show this year, but this was fun. The crowd reacted, and I think Dixie should have eaten up the heel heat a bit more.

But I like this storyline of Bully getting obsessed with putting Dixie through a table. I’d like to see where they go from here with this. And Rhino being added is a nice touch too as the bodyguard.

Lashley Vs Hardy was intense, and they have made him look like a credible, monstrous beast with the title. The nice thing is he doesn’t cheat, despite being a heel. He just dominates, and allows MVP to do the talking.

The upcoming matches too will be fun.

And there is more to come with Impact in New York. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here, but I want to see more.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/14/14…Raw Is Virginia

We are 6 days away from Battleground, and our main event is a big 6-man tag match. John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose Vs Kane, Randy Orton, and Seth Rollins.

We all also see the return of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

7/14/14…here we go.

We are in Richmond, Virginia, the show begins with The WWE World Champion, John Cena.

Tonight, a 6-man tag match with Cena, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns Vs Kane, Orton, and Seth Rollins.

Richmond, Virginia….The champ is here.

Cena pleads us to sign up for the WWE Network, and he says so because of the WWE World Title. In 6 short days, the champ may not be here.

The Authority put him in a Fatal 4-Way match, where he faces Kane, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns. And this Sunday, the rules are simple, the first person who scores the pinfall or submission wins. And that means he does not have to be pinned in order to lose his championship.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Ironically, Roman is his partner tonight, and then they face off this Sunday. Cena wants to thank him for helping him out, but he also sent out a cute message. Sunday night, it’s every man for himself, but they have to make it to that night. And he’s been screwed over….

Get to the damn point, John.

Cena suggests they handle their business tonight. Then they get Kane and Orton out-of-the-way Sunday, and we see how good Roman thinks he is.

Cena is right, they get rid of Orton and Kane, and then we see how good Cena thinks he is.

They start to bicker, but Ambrose interrupts them. Instead of arguing over who has the prettiest date, they work together and do what they do best, and that is Operation Screwjob, and they kick their asses.

Orton, Kane, and Rollins are behind Dean on the Titantron, and they take him out, together.

It ends with a curb stomp on the board, as we go to a commercial.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Dean Ambrose being laid out by The Authority.

Ambrose is headed to the hospital.

The United States Champion, Sheamus heads to the ring. He is facing The Miz.

The Miz is entering the Battleground Battle Royal for the Intercontiental Title. Because it only means a man who is beloved internationally becomes a champion. And tonight, he makes sure that Sheamus doesn’t hit the moneymaker.

And we see a picture of The moneymaker on the Titantron during this match.

The Miz wins with a rollup, preventing The Brogue Kick from hitting his moneymaker.

The Authority are proud of what they did, but now Kane and Orton are arguing about who wins the title.

HHH interrupts them though. What is important is the WWE World Championship returns to The Authority, to bring in stability. But they can talk about that Sunday, tonight, they all must be on the same page and have trust.

They walk away, and Stephanie is turned on by his power, and while they make out.

Dolph Ziggler heads to the ring.

Ziggler Vs Fandango, now.

Ziggler wins with a Famouser. Summer Rae and Layla danced again, as they did on Smackdown and cost Fandango the match.

Now they both want to dance with Ziggler.

A Sonic placement ad with Damien Sandow and Adam Rose.

The Uso’s are about to come out, but Harper and Rowan interrupt.

This Sunday, Harper and Rowan take on The Uso’s in a Best Two out of Three Falls match, for the Tag Titles.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is here tonight, and next. United States Vs Russia Detente. Rusev Vs Swagger.

Swagger and Zeb Colter come out, with Rusev and Lana in the ring.

This Sunday, Swagger Vs Rusev at Battleground. Lana will start this off.

She tells Colter that he and America are the same. They choose violence to solve all issues. They want to be the savior, yet they can’t even save themselves. America is stupid.

We get USA chants, and Lana orders we all shut up.

We are so stupid that when we broke away from the English, we fought against ourselves in Civil War. But unlike mother Russia, they are saints.

More USA chants.

She wants Colter to admit his country’s mistakes, and apologize.

So Lana wants Colter to apologize? A visitor in our country? Okay, how about he tells she and Bullwinkle something. Many years ago, he was in Vietnam, with his head in the ground, with bullets flying over his head. He took an oath to protect our country from any foreign person. So this is her answer, not no….but hell no.

His arrogance is the reason why USA is crumbling into pieces. There is one man who can help your nation’s disastrous situation and that is the leader, Vladimir Putin.

We have a leader too, called the president of the United States. And whether we like him or not, he is still our president, and we respect that man.

But he is here to ask a question to Rusev. When will he step behind this woman, and be a man. Will he face Jack Swagger this Sunday? yes or no

This is war!!

So they have a match this Sunday? Colter wanted to know who wears the pants, or skirt in their family, now he knows. But he wants her to teach Rusev three words.

We The People!!

She slaps Colter, and Swagger spears Rusev. But Rusev has an edge, and just when he is about to kick Swagger, Jack slaps on the Patriot Lock.

I love this segment, and I can’t wait for their match at Battleground.

Earlier tonight, The Authority lays out Dean Ambrose, and it’s doubtful he is going to return later tonight.

Reigns is in the locker room. Cena confirms this was a setup, but now tonight, they must take care of The Authority.

Reigns tells Cena that tonight they took out one of them, by the end of the night, they will take out the three of them. Believe that.

6-man tag match.

Flo Rida will perform next Monday night on Raw.

Alberto Del Rio Vs RVD, now.

Del Rio wins with the Cross Arm Breaker.

This Sunday, the two men are a part of the Battleground Battle Royal.

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Tonight, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair will be here, and Chris Jericho wants answers from The Wyatt Family.

Nikki Bella is by herself in the ring, and here comes Stephanie McMahon telling her that her sister isn’t here anymore. Now Nikki is left to suffer through her consequences. But don’t blame Steph, blame this on her sister.

Nikki Vs Alicia Fox and Cameron.

Alicia and Cameron win the match with Alicia pinning Nikki.

Tonight, 2-on-3 Handicap match with Cena and Roman Vs Kane, Rollins, and Orton.

A bonus character on WWE2K15? Sting.

We are backstage, with Orton wanting to discuss Kane to HHH. Kane is just a pawn, with the idea that Orton is going to be the WWE World Champion.

Orton brings up if he is the plan, there is no need for a Plan B.

Stardust and Goldust are doing their thing.

Cesaro in action, next.

Cesaro Vs Big E, now.

Cesaro tried to use the chair, but Kofi stopped him and we saw a Big Ending. The match is done.

All three men are in the Battleground Battle Royal.

We see footage from 2 weeks ago, when The Wyatt Family attacked Chris Jericho, and here comes Chris.

He will face off with The Wyatts, next.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

It feels good to be back in WWE, he grew up here. This is home to Chris. He has worked here for 15 years, and has seen everything here.

He has seen everything, until Bray Wyatt. He is a manipulator, a parasite, a shadow lurking in the dark, and he wants to know why he came after him.

At Battleground, for the first time ever, it will be Chris Jericho Vs Bray Wyatt. If you want to get crazy, he can get crazy. And the crowd chants let’s get crazy. Bray says he’s got the whole world in his hands, Chris has the WWE Universe in the crowd, and watching TV.

Bray interrupts.

What happens that changes a man? Children has a frail mind, and it makes them different. Why Chris? Chris said he would save us, and he remembers everything. He has gone to war with very powerful men, and one thing he knows, everything changes. So where were you Chris?

Bray asks if he’s afraid of the dark, and when the lights go out, they come back on and here are Rowan and Harper.

They try to gain up on him, but Chris slides away and is met with Bray attacking him from behind.

Sister Abigail on the ramp.

Follow The Buzzards.

Cole, JBL, and King are still confused as to why Wyatt is targeting Jericho.

Dean Ambrose will not participate in 6-man tag match tonight. Earlier tonight, we see The Authority laying out Dean.

It’s now a 2-on-3 Handicap match.

Our next match is AJ Lee Vs Eva Marie, with Paige doing commentary.

AJ wins with a Black Widow. This Sunday, Paige Vs AJ for the Divas Title.

The Authority are discussing matters, but Kane comes over. He doesn’t like Orton, and he doesn’t trust him.

Stephanie tells him that sometimes you must work with people you don’t like, and HHH tells him to just do what he has to do Sunday.

Plan B will be in effect, I am afraid.

Bo Dallas tells us he beat El Torito last week. He might be a little guy, but he has a big heart. And he hopes his opponent has as big if a heart as El Torito.

It’s The Great Khali.

Bo Dallas wins with a countout, hitting a BOdog.


Bo tried to speak some positive thoughts, but Khali chopped him.

Immediately after Raw, The Best of WCW Nitro on The WWE Network.

Seth Rollins assures The Authority that if Orton or Kane doesn’t win, Plan B will be in effect.

But Paul Heyman gives The Authority another option…Plan C.

Ric Flair is next.

Renee Young is here to introduce us to the 16-time World Champion, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.


My darling Renee. Do you know where we are? We are live in Richmond, Virginia. And good lord, we have had some fun here. Just ask your mothers and fathers.

You know what say about Virginia Renee? Virginia is for lovers, and there is not a greater lover alive than “The Nature Boy”.


Renee strikes to serious business here, who is walking out the Fatal 4-way as the WWE World Champion?

Is it John Cena? Is it Randy Orton? Is it Kane? Or is it Roman Reigns?

There is only one man who strike a venom. There is only one man who walk through hell, fire, and brimstone. There is only one man you can believe in.

But there is only one WWE World Champion, and that man will be John Cena.

Here comes Reigns.

The two men shake hands, and that means our main event is up next. Cena and Reigns Vs The Authority in a 2-on-3 Handicap.

Cena and Reigns win by DQ, when Kane and Orton take over and this is where we get the ending. Kane punches Orton, Cena hits an AA on Kane, Reigns spears Cena, Orton hits a RKO on Kane. But wen end the show with Reigns spearing Orton and standing tall.

Battleground is this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved seeing Ric Flair come back, and of course we have Battleground this Sunday, with some WWE Network plugging.

Truly disappointed we didn’t see Sting on TV though, but just a note that he is in the video game. He needs to be used as a General Manager, setting up a match at Wrestlemania.

Overall, tonight’s show was okay. It had its moments, but at other times, I lost interest in the show. That needs to change, and hopefully it starts next week, with The Road to Summerslam starting.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.

Impact Wrestling 7/10/14…Champion Showcase

Tonight, everything is on the line. The Tag Titles, The X-Division Title, The Knockout Title, and a big 20-man Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the World Title.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Our final Bethlehem, Pennsylvania show is on now. Kurt Angle, the new Director of Operations for TNA is in the ring.

Tonight is Champions Showcase, which means all the matches have Champions ramifications.

Tag Title match with The Wolves Vs Bram and Magnus.

The Knockout Title is a Fatal 4-way between Gail Kim Vs Brittany Vs Madison Rayne Vs Angelina Love.

X-Division Title match with Austin Aries Vs Sanada.

And a 20-man Battle Royal to determine who faces Lashley next week.

Kurt wants to talk to Willow first.

Kurt understands what Willow is about. Dixie Carter took advantage of Jeff Hardy, and Jeff had to go to a dark place, and that is how Willow came about. But Dixie is no longer in charge, and neither is MVP. These fans want to see Jeff Hardy, he wants to see Jeff Hardy. Kurt is just asking Willow to leave tonight. Will he consider that?

They shake hands.

Tag team Title match is up next.

Austin Aries is ready for his X-Division Title match, and with Destination X among us, he is ready to prove he is the greatest X-Division Champion, and is ready for Option C.

Bram and Magnus Vs The Wolves for Tag Titles.

The Wolves win with a Bridge Suplex, with Richards pinning Magnus.

Now Bram attacks The Wolves, and Magnus tries to stop him. Another time for this.

Bobby Roode entered the building.

He had his retribution with Kenny King, but he wants MVP. He’s calling him out, next.

Here comes Bobby Roode.

He has a dream, and strives to be World Heavyweight Champion. But he was suspended, simply because MVP saw him as a threat. But that threat is gone, and he wants a piece of MVP, with or without that doctor’s note.

So Bobby is going to count to 10, and if he doesn’t answer to it, he will find him, and kick his ass.




Here comes MVP, in a wheelchair.

MVP didn’t take Bobby away from anything, he did him a favor. But what did he take from MVP? He was days away from being cleared, but then he decked him and now his knee is so swollen, he can’t stand for this.

Roode will kick his ass anyway.

Kenny King tried to help him, but Roode took care of him. So now Roode pushes MVP off the ramp, and Kenny nails him in the back with a chair.

But Eric Young comes out to help Roode.

Lashley comes up from behind with a spear.

“Cowboy” James Storm approaches Sanada backstage. He brings up that he doesn’t want to let down his mentor, The Great Muta, because if he loses, he disgraces Muta. Doesn’t he control Sanada? He’s coming to New York to watch him defend his title. So what happens if he loses?

Sanada tries to respect Storm, but James tells him to not choke.

Sanada Vs Austin Aries, for the X-Division Title is next.

Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle pleaded with Willow we want to see Jeff Hardy in the Battle Royal tonight, to determine who gets the Number One Contender spot.

Kurt needs the most competitive man on the roster tonight, and that is Jeff Hardy.

X-Division Title match is now.

Aries wins the X-Division Title with a 450 splash. An incredible match here.

Austin Aries has Option C, and is now a 5-time X-Division Champion.

20-man Battle Royal is tonight to determine who faces Lashley next week.

Bully Ray will confront Rhino, next.

Last week, Rhino turned his back from Bully Ray. He wants answers, and Rhino is about to give them.

Bully Ray heads to the ring.

When Bully was a young man in the industry, a great man named Bam Bam Bigelow, God rest his soul told him when he retires in the industry, he will have as many real friends as one single hand. He thought of Rhino as one of his friends, but not now. He wants to face Rhino, face to face.

Here comes EC3, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino.

Bully needs answers, and Rhino tells him that when he saw him being named as a Hall of Famer, he realized that he was a con man. If he was so righteous, then where is Devon? He conned Paul Heyman. He conned Dixie Carter.

Bully says this is jealousy. Rhino doesn’t want to hear about that. And Bully Ray said that Rhino is the reason he was fired from WWE. He was fired from TNA. It’s not his fault he’s a sellout bitch, and is no longer hardcore.

EC3 informs Bully he should have helped out his friend, his brother. EC3 paid Rhino to take Bully out. Now, EC3 will take him out.

Bully will take out EC3, but Rhino gores him.

Tommy Dreamer comes out to help Bully out.

Angelina Love wants her Knockout Title back, and to become a 7-time Knockout Champion.

Knockout Title match is next.

Gail Kim wins, pinning Angelina with Eat Defeat. Angelina and Brittany teamed for a bit, but that didn’t last long.

20-Man Battle Royal is next.

Willow’s mask is off.

Austin Aries makes this clear, the X-Division Title will represent a chance to become World Heavyweight Champion. And everything makes sense, but then again, Austin Aries isn’t predictable. But the X-Division is relevant again, it is great, and Austin Aries holds the key.

Destination X on Thursday, July 31st.

Is Kenny King or MVP a distraction to Bobby Roode? Roode is focused on winning the Battle Royal, but make no mistake, MVP, their issues just got started.

Is MVP’s group called The Franchise Players?

Lashley video is playing.

Our main event, Battle Royal is up now.

Jeff Hardy shows up, and wins the Battle Royal, throwing Eric Young over the top last.

JB is with Hardy, it feels great to move on to face Lashley next week. Next week, creatures, here we go again.

Lashley comes out to the ring to go face to face with Hardy.

These two clash in New York.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Things tonight set the tone for the Clash in New York. Not much 6-sided ring talk, but it is returning next week.

I enjoyed the show tonight, all four matches meant something, as did the segments. What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/7/14…Bret “The Hitman” Hart Returns To Montreal

We see clips from last week when we had Cena and Roman Reigns Vs Kane and Randy Orton, Kane chokeslams Cena, for Rollins to cash in, but Dean Ambrose stopped him.

Raw is now.

The Authority are on vacation this week, which means anarchy will sure rule.

Roman Reigns comes out to the ring.

HHH brought up how he put Reigns in the Fatal 4-way match because it’s best for business. HHH believes he can sustain Cena, and he can. HHH believes Kane can handle Kane, but he can’t. And that leaves Orton to grab the title.

The crowd chants Cena Sucks, and Roman agrees that when it comes to Roman, Cena does suck. They think Reigns is just a pawn, but he’s just the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Believe that.

Enter Kane.

Reigns brings up that if he’s in charge tonight, with The Authority not here? Because lately, he is not the demon’s favorite son, he is HHH’s lapdog. Actually, he is Randy Orton’s bitch.

Kane comes out, and we have a fight.

These two fight, and we have officials breaking it up, but Reigns spears Finlay and another official.

Roman Reigns speaks loud, and clear.

We are in Montreal, Canada so we need to have Bret “The Hitman” Hart. We will also see Chris Jericho Vs The Miz. And one on one, John Cena Vs Seth Rollins.

Harper and Rowan are in the ring, ready for a tag team match with The Uso’s.

Harper and Rowan win with a wicked Lariant, Harper pinning Jimmy Uso. But Jey claims he was the right man, and referee Rudy Charles could care less.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show, telling us WWE Network is available free, for a week.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose faces Randy Orton, one on one.

Randy Orton has Kane’s back, just like he knows he will have Randy’s back at Battleground.

Kane issues that one way or the other, The WWE World Title will come back to The Authority.

Seth Rollins tells them they all need to be on the same page, and he promises if either of them wins at Battleground, he will think twice about cashing in.

Orton is starting to hate Rollins, and Kane tells him not as much as he is starting to hate him.

One arm tied behind their backs, we have Nikki Bella Vs Alicia Fox.

Be prepared to be entertained.

The match never happened, Alicia just flipped the string away, and tore Nikki up.

Oh well, Cole brings up later tonight, Cena Vs Rollins.

Now we get Rusev Vs RVD, with the lovely Lana telling us about Vladimir Putin, or something like that.

Rusev wins the match with an Accolade.

During the match, on screen, Zeb Colter challenged Rusev to a match with Swagger, at Battleground.

Randy Orton heads to the ring, he will face Dean Ambrose, next.

Earlier tonight, Reigns and Kane fight. Later tonight, they will go one on one.

Orton Vs Ambrose, now.

I liked this match, we had a RKO finish with Orton winning. But Ambrose looked good here.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart is here tonight.

Renee Young is with John Cena, giving us some jokes.

Cena tells us he has a big target on his head, with looking around, not knowing when the next target is going to be. They say what’s best for business, he has the symbol of handling business, the WWE World Title.

Roman Reigns shows up, wishing Cena luck on his match tonight. Cena doesn’t need luck, but Roamn tells him at Battleground, with Roman in the ring, he will need all of the luck in the world, holmes.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Alberto Del Rio, with Fandango in commentary.

Del Rio pins Ziggler, he gets an United States Title match tomorrow night on The Main Event.

Fandango danced, distracting Ziggler and Del Rio kicks Ziggler.

Stardust and Goldust are next.

Later tonight, Chris Jericho faces The Miz.

But next, Bret “The Hitman” Hart is up.

Fandango is dancing backstage, when Layla comes out. She wants to know if Fandango is jealous Ziggler kissed Summer? Shhhh no, baby.

He assures her that is not true.

But he eyes Summer in the other corner.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart is out now.

King wants to introduce Hitman, he tells us what happened last time he was in Canada, he had a stroke. It was supposed to honor Bret and Pat Patterson, but tonight, Hitman is out.

The crowd chants Thank you Bret, and Bret tells them merci.

If he could ever have one more match, he always believed it would be in Montreal.

Here comes Bret “The Hitman” Sanhart.

Sanhart is mocking Bret for everything he can. Bret decks Sanhart.

Enter Sheamus.

The United States Champion is in action, next.

Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick, not a good night for Sanhart.

Renne Young is with The Miz.

The Miz has a letter from a fan.

They were happy The Miz is back, but he needs to put Chris Jericho in his place, and main event Wrestlemania again. Jericho could have affected the money maker.

Johnny Russo, Miz’s fist is ready for Chris Jericho’s close-up.

Miz Vs Jericho, next.

Jericho wins the match with the Walls of Jericho. Little Johnny Russo is crying at home.

Lights go out.

Bray Wyatt is sitting.

We are all waiting Chris for him to come save us. He was wondering how he can save us, when he can’t even save himself? Does he think words will protect him? Because he believes actions speak louder than words last week. They say whatever it is he thinks he needs to say, Bray will hold those words against him. And he will never EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER let him forget it.

These people he used to call his Jerichoholics now follow a different tune.

Will you please shut the hell up.

Jericho said actions do speak louder than words. Because since Bray is by himself, he is going to walk up, and beat his ass.

The lights go out, and come back on, with Harper and Rowan right there.

We come back and see the former Divas Champion Paige, smiling. She has a tag match against The Funkadactyls. With her tag partner? None other than the new Divas Champion, AJ Lee.

Paige win, pinning Cameron with a Paige Turner.

Cameron seemed bored any time Naomi was in the ring, and she wouldn’t even tag in. But she loses the match and now the two women start fighting each other.

Paul Heyman is with Cesaro in the ring.

He is the one behind the one at 21-1. He serves as the advocate of Brock Lesnar, who conquered the undefeated streak of The Undertaker, at Wrestlemania.

Cesaro tells him he can’t speak english in front of the Montreal fans, they don’t even speak english. But then again, they can’t even speak french.

The french don’t even like them, and he said something in french that had the crowd booing him.

Kofi Kingston Vs Cesaro, now.

Kofi wins the match again with a rollup, but Cesaro nails him again but this time, his friend Big E. comes out to help him.

We have the Battle Royal in 2 weeks to crown a new IC Champion.

John Cena is in his locker room, and sees Seth Rollins.

He can trust Seth, tonight is not about cashing in the Title shot, tonight is about beating him. Seeing who the best wrestler is, taking out the measuring stick. If it’s not Rollins who will beat him, maybe it will be Kane, or maybe it will be Orton?

Cena wants to cut the crap, Rollins is good. Times have changed since he dressed downstairs. He thinks he has a guarantee title shot, but the only thing he guarantees is he has a match tonight, against a champion. He is in the fight of his life.

It never helps your career when you’re facing a midget, and with that being said….Bo Dallas Vs El Torito.

BOdog, match is won by Bo Dallas. We all BOlieve.

Impact Wrestling 7/3/14…Eric Young Vs Lashley…World Title Rematch

Tonight, TNA celebrates 4th of July weekend with a World Title match. We will also see The Wolves in action.

Impact Wrestling in 5 minutes.

We are in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Kurt Angle kicks off the program, now.

Tomorrow, we celebrate our country’s independence. Tonight, we celebrate freedom. This is Kurt Angle’s Red, White, and Blue Throwdown.

Before we get to the matches, Kurt calls for Earl Hebner to come to the ring.

MVP fired Earl a few weeks ago, and as his new boss, Kurt just re-hired him.

First match is EC3 taking on Bully Ray, in a Tables Match.

Second match is Triple Threat for the World Tag Team Titles with The Wolves Vs Jessie Godderz and DJZ Vs The Menagerie. We will also see a Knockout Title match with Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love, and Eric Young Vs Bobby Lashley.

Here comes Samoa Joe.

Joe seems to be mocking Kurt’s new role. Kurt isn’t righteous and is no different from his processors.

Joe knows Kurt better than anybody in this company, and he covets the World Title more than anything. So how long before he gets into the Title mix after his leg heals?

Kurt has went through the same BS the last 8 years, as Joe.

Joe makes this clear, Kurt was bought and brought here, while Joe had to fight for everything he had.

Kurt said that one night Joe kicks everyone’s ass, then the next night, he comes half-ass. Does Joe have that same dedication as Kurt?

Joe was here building the wrestling industry, while Kurt was wined and dined, on leer jets. His name is Samoa Joe, and he IS pro wrestling.

That is the Samoa Joe we all want to see.

Kurt, be careful what you wish for.

Backstage, MVP runs into Bobby Roode, and MVP wants to fight, but Kenny King does it all for him.

Bobby isn’t even in MVP’s league.

Kenny leaves him laying with another kick.

Bobby Roode is being checked on, and Kurt comes in. He makes sure he is okay, and now he wants them to find Kenny King.

The Wolves Vs The Menagerie Vs The Bromans, Tag Team Titles is now.

The Wolves win, with Richards hitting a kick to the gut, pinning Jessie.

Angle gives us Roode Vs Kenny King in a Streetfight, later tonight. Also, a Tables Match with EC3 Vs Bully Ray.

Our streetfight, Roode Vs King is now.

Roode wins with a Roodebomb on top of a steel chair.

EC3 tells us that Bully Ray will not put him through a table, because he is a Carter.

Brittany has something to say, next.

Roode has been at home for two months, and he gets jumped on his first day. Kurt and Bobby hasn’t always gotten along, but he did the right thing. Tonight, he took care of Kenny, and he is destined to be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Austin Aries has a word with Kurt Angle.

He needs to prove he is the Denominator of Greatness. So he wants a rematch against Senada, for the X-Division Champion.

Kurt is on to him, Austin created “Option C” and we are upon Destination X. So he will grant him his rematch next week. And Kurt tells Austin the two of them need to have that match again, to see who is the greatest someday.

Austin likes that idea, and so do we.

Brittany has something to get off her chest, so she asks Madison Rayne to come to the ring, and she does that.

Madison tells Brittany if fighting her is the only way to get through to her this must stop, then get a referee.

Brittany tells Madison she was right, and Brittany was wrong. Brittany was a newbie, and she believed she could do anything without any consequences, and Madison tried to stop her. Brittany is sorry. Before Brittany got here, she looked up to her, and wanted to be just like her. Brittany learned a very important lesson in this.

If Brittany learned something, and she is genially sorry, she will be there for Brittany. She sees potential in her.

They hug it out, and the real lesson Brittany learned in this is never meet your hero.

Clothesline, and she tells the world they only disappoint.

DDT on the floor, and Brittany is admiring her move.

Over my dead body, those were the words Bully Ray heard before Slammiversary. EC3 showed he was tough to hang with him at the event. But if it wasn’t for Dixie and Spud, EC3 would have never walked out alive. He promised the wrestling world he would put his aunt through a table, but first, EC3 goes through a table….next.

EC3 puts Bully Ray through a table, because Rhino comes to the ring, and gores Bully Ray.

Rhino is now associated with The Carters.

Roode tells EY tonight is his night. EY is a bit concerned because he hasn’t beaten Lashley yet.

But Roode brings up the facts about EY. Nobody believed he would be World Champion. Nobody thought he would defend his title week after week against caliber of Roode. And the fact is EY retained his title at Slammiversary, and he will prove the naysayers wrong.

Roode is walking with EY to the ring tonight, to make sure MVP and Kenny King does not interfere.

Moments ago, Rhino makes his return to TNA, and gores Bully Ray.

Rhino does things because he wants to. Just ask Bully, he knows Rhino better than anyone.

Bound for Glory heading to The Rising Sun, Tokyo, Japan on October 12th.

History video of Samuel Shaw and Gunner.

Earlier today, Gunner brings Samuel Shaw back to TNA. He has to build that trust, and we start apologizing to you know who.

They run into Mr. Anderson.

Anderson doesn’t trust him.

Gunner wants Anderson to just give him a chance. Anderson takes him to Christy.

Samuel wants to move on, and he sincerely apologizes to Christy. He has been working out on his problems, and is trying to be a new man.

They aren’t quite buying it.

Stiffler is with Angelina Love. They are trying to butter him up.

Stiffler is the ref for tonight’s match against Gail Kim.

Knockout Title match is next.

Kurt pulls Stiffler out of the Knockout Title match, and putting Brian Hebner in.

Knux is telling Crazzy Steve and The Freak in order to make money, they must start winning matches.

They don’t understand.

Knockout Title match is up now.

Gail Kim, for the 4th time became the new Knockout Champion, when she hits an Eat Defeat, after Angelina had Gail beat.

Brian threw out Velvet during the match, so this was a clean win.

Bobby Lashley, defending his TNA World Title against Eric Young, next.

Jason Hervey wants Kurt’s take on tonight, and future. Impact will be in New York, with all of the titles on the line, except World Title Match. Kurt has a 20-man Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the title.

Our main event, Eric Young Vs Bobby Lashley, for the World Title is now.

Lashley wins with a spear. Earl Hebner threw out both Roode and MVP, and Lashley earns the win. Bobby celebrates in the ring, as the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The crowd wasn’t as jacked as they had been the last few weeks, but it was still far better than the last few months. I am actually looking forward to Impact now, and I used to not say that.

I enjoyed the matches too, every single one of them meant something, and even next week….X-Division Title match, and a Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender.

Another thing that I enjoyed were the last two matches were clean, and had finishes. It looks like Eric Young’s quest as champion might be over though, which is not right. But Roode looks in gear to take it from Lashley, eventually, right? Bound for Glory?

I can’t wait for the coming month, we had a surprise return, in Rhino, and we will have more surprises to come.

Stay tuned. What were your thoughts? And I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend, and a very safe night tomorrow.


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