WWE Monday Night Raw 8/25/14…Cena Addresses The Nation

We are in Anaheim, California. Jerry “The King” Lawler confirms that John Cena has invoked his rematch clause, and will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Title at Night of Champions.

Michael Cole welcomes us to the very first WWE Hall of Fame Forum.

He introduces us to Hulk Hogan, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels.

Cole brings up Lesnar defeating Cena at Summerslam, and now Cena Vs Lesnar at Night of Champions.

Shawn doesn’t think Cena has a shot, and Flair agrees. At some point, we all have to reach those crossroads, and see that his time has passed.

Hogan believes in Cena, and he can still go.

Flair agrees with Shawn, but Flair thinks the world of Cena. He is “The Franchise” and a 15-time World Champion. Does he want Cena against Brock? No, he doesn’t feel it.

Cole wants Hogan’s thoughts.

Hogan believes in Cena, and now the legends are bickering about this. Cena just doesn’t have a chance. Hogan brings up their first match at Extreme Rules 2012, Cena took a beating, but found a way to win.

This is the rubber match, and someway, somehow, Cena will find a way to win.

Flair and Shawn do not truly believe that.

Now here comes Cena.

Cena isn’t selling any injury here.

Everyone is weighing in after what happened to Cena at Summerslam. Everyone from The Authority to Paul Heyman to a very vocal WWE Universe, and now the legends.

Cena wants to say he has the utmost respect for all three of them. They have all influenced him in some way. Shawn as a personal friend, and professional, to Flair, from a professional, to some recreational times. Without Hogan, there would be no John Cena.

Cena had 16 German Suplexes, he can’t beat around the bush, he got his ass whooped. Shawn said it changes a man, and his answer hasn’t changed, he wants to face Brock again. But he got his ass kicked, why would he want to do it again? Because it won’t happen again.

He wants to make this crystal clear, he is not going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar, he is going to Night of Champions to beat Brock Lesnar’s ass.

Tonight, Cena faces Bray Wyatt in a Wrestlemania 30 rematch.

Also tonight, World Tag Team Title match, it will be Goldust and Stardust face The Uso’s. And next, Rusev Vs Jack Swagger.

Next week, WCW Monday Nitro will debut on WWE Network, it’s about damn time.

Rusev Vs Swagger, now.

Rusev wins when the ref stops the match, because Swagger could not continue, despite never tapping out. Doctors check on Swagger, it seems he might have hurt his ribs.

King is going to call out The Bellas to revolve their differences, and next, we will have RVD Vs Cesaro to determine the Number One Contender to the United States Title.

We come back to see Swagger in the trainer’s room being tended to. Bo Dallas intervenes, telling Swagger he let his country again. When will he realize if he wants to succeed, all he has to do is BOlieve.

Sheamus is at the commentary booth, to look over RVD vs Cesaro, now.

Cesaro wins the match with a Neutralizer. He looks at the United States Title, and threw it right back at Sheamus.

Attitude Week is set up for WWE Network, and we will also get the first 100 hours of Monday Nitro. Plus tomorrow night, a new episode of “Monday Night Wars”, all of this for $9.99 a month.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt.

The Divas Champion Paige is skipping to the ring, she is up next.

Paige Vs Natalya, now.

Paige wins with the Paige Turner.

Here comes AJ Lee.

AJ is skipping around the ring, Natalya catches Paige with a haymaker, and walks away.

AJ is here to tell Paige that he loves Paige and gives her an awkward hug. AJ kisses Paige’s hand, and skips around.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt.

Next, it’s The Eulogy of Dean Ambrose from Seth Rollins.

Kane comes to the ring, for the Eulogy of Dean Ambrose.

We are here to honor the unstable, lunatic Dean Ambrose. But this isn’t to honor the dead, this is to honor the future of WWE….Mr. Money in the Bank….Seth Rollins.

Seth seems bothered by this, he was the leader of the most dominant group of WWE, in The Shield. There was a reason why he hand-picked Dean to be a part of the group. Dean Ambrose was a courageous fighter, but last week he had to prove at his expense that The Authority always wins.

We see footage from last week.

Seth is laughing about this, and Kane is proud.

Can you imagine the moment of impact when Seth crushed Dean’s hand in the cinder blocks? Do we think it dawned him he was overmatched mentally, and physically. It was no accident the cinder blocks were out there. And the headaches Dean will have for the rest of his life wasn’t an accident too. And two words, will cement in Dean’s life….what if? What if Dean had just simply walk away when he had that opportunity. The real tragedy is we will never truly know, because it is highly unlikely we will ever see Dean Ambrose again.

Rollins is the one that created The Shield, and now he is the one who destroyed it.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Reigns takes care of Kane, and is now left with Rollins.

He sets up Rollins with a spear, but “Corporate” Kane saves Seth.

Earlier tonight, we kicked the show off with a Hall of Fame forum, and John Cena shows up.

Tonight, Cena Vs Wyatt.

Backstage, Goldust and Stardust have an opportunity to achieve their destiny. Tonight, their stars become aligned. Tonight, they will be Tag Team Champions.

That match is next.

Goldust and Stardust win the match by countout. Goldust doesn’t want to accept the win like this. Goldust accuses The Uso’s to get counted out on purpose. They want their rematch now. Then they attack The Uso’s.

A Fanmily Reconciliation tonight with The Bellas.

The Beast Speaks, next.

Rollins and Kane are backstage, I guess The Authority have another “vacation” because Kane is in charge.

Handicap match is set up with Reigns Vs Kane and Rollins.

Hours after Summerslam, WWE caught up with the WWE World Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Winning the title was the greatest accomplishment he ever had, conquering the WWE. He hit a F-5 right away to give Cena a chance to lay down, but this “don’t give up” BS caught up to Cena, and it didn’t do him any favors.

Heyman brings up the only reason Cena survived is because Brock took pity on Cena and ended the fight.

Brock is humiliated by Cena even inflicting his rematch clause. How dare Cena doing that. This was a bad mistake, and Lesnar brings up John’s father, sitting him down as a little boy and saying so much garbage.

Cena isn’t even going to get up, Lesnar doesn’t even feel bad for him. Because for the last 12 years, Cena has been living on this. Mark Brock’s words, Night of Champions, this will be Cena’s last night in this universe. Game over, almost brings a tear to his eye.

The IC Champion, Dolph Ziggler is in action, next.

Ziggler Vs The Miz.

But wait, The Miz needs a stunt double, so he will bring in Damien Sandow.

Ziggler hits a Zig Zag for the win.

A Family Reconciliation is next.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is in the ring, telling us the most shocking moment of Summerslam was when Nikki Bella turned on her sister Brie. But then, the slap heard around the world last Monday night.

King calls both Bellas to the ring, and here they come.

Nikki is upset that Brie can’t even get her own entrance music. But Brie said this was about her best friend ending her trust. Brie knows that Nikki’s heart is hurt, she quit to protect her husband, and had no idea that witch, Stephanie McMahon would take advantage of her. Forget the WWE, forget Total Divas. This is Briana talking to Nicole.

Nikki isn’t buying this. Nikki is the selfish, egotistical one, and Brie is the family woman. But she knows the real Brie. She has always been trying to take the spotlight. She pleads Brie to stop acting like an angel. Brie has been holding Nikki back. She is so done with all of us, and is done with the family. She is so over Brie’s scraggly hair, her “Save the Earth” crap, and she is done with her cabin, and she is over her goat-face troll Daniel Bryan. Brie Bella stole her boyfriends growing up. Brie tells Nikki that she is lying. One thing Nikki isn’t lying is Brie quit on Nikki when she left. Nikki was put in 3-on-1 matches, and getting smashed, while brie was watching it at home, to see if she was trending on Twitter.

Brie starts to cry over this, and Nikki says this is Brie, a crier. King tries to intervene, she tells him to leave “old man” and stay out of this. As far as Nikki is concerned, she has no sister and wishes Brie had died in the womb.

Now Nikki shoves Brie off the chair, with King trying to stop Nikki. Nikki then slaps King across the face, and screams she has no sister and Brie is dead to her.

Switching gears now, and we see footage of The Hall of Fame forum again, with John Cena coming in.

Next, 2-on-1 Handicap match with “Corporate” Kane and Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns.

Rollins causes a DQ, nailing Reigns with his MITB briefcase.

Reigns takes care of both men, and send Rollins to the back, and lays out “Corporate” Kane.

Bray Wyatt interrupts the WWE Network plug.

Wyatt believes that Cena is a former shell of himself, and now that shell is cracked. What kind of man would Bray be if he would let him continue? He is a man of mercy. Bray will put him down, but don’t worry, it is so much nicer in the other side.


This Friday night on Smackdown, Big Show and Mark Henry Vs Rown and Harper.

Los Matadores Vs SlaterGator.

Los Matadores pick up the upset victory. I mean, SlaterGator are over, Los Matadores are not.

Again, the same damn footage from earlier tonight with the Hall of Fame Forum.

Cena Vs Bray Wyatt is tonight.

Kofi Kingston Vs Bo Dallas now. We all BOlieve.

BO believes, he hit a BO-Dog, and wins.

Kofi isn’t like Jack Swagger. He only allowed himself down, but Swagger let down his entire country. And they must both BOlieve.

Swagger came out and attacked Bo.

Next week, Chris Jericho will return with The Highlight Reel, with Jericho’s guest Randy Orton.

Main event time, John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt.

Cena completely squashes Bray, but Rowan and Harper come in to cause the DQ, and here comes Show and Henry.

Just like a “Teddy Long” moment, we have a 6-man tag match as our real main event.

Cena, Henry, and Show win when Cena makes Harper tap to the STU.

Attitude Adjustment now on Bray. Wow, Bray has lot alot of steam lately, and this surely does not help.

3 AA’s to the Wyatt Family. John Cena is ready for his 1,800th rematch for the title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a boring, and completely wasted 3 hours of Raw. Might be the worst episode of the year.

It’s bad when the highlight of the show is finding out that WCW Monday Nitro is coming to WWE Network next week.

Your thoughts of the show? Do you agree, or disagree? Send me your thoughts.

Impact Wrestling 8/20/14…Hardcore Justice 2014

Tonight, on the very first Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night, we present Hardcore Justice.  Our main event is a 6-Side of Steel Cage main event, 6 men vie for the opportunity to face Bobby Lashley.  We will also see Samoa Joe face Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title.  We will also see Bram Vs Abyss in a Stairway To Janice match.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Taz and Mike Tenay welcome us to the show, and we kick off Abyss Vs Bram in a Stairway to Janice match, now.

Bram defeats Abyss again, this time taking Janice from Abyss, kicking him in the balls, and whacking him in the gut.

So now Janice is in possession of Bram.

The camera guy wants to catch up with EC3, Spud, and Rhino.  His time in jail has allowed him to ponder on things, and those who are responsible will be held accountable, next.

Moments ago, Bram defeats Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match.

Backstage, Magnus and Bram celebrate.  Magnus tells Bram now that he was victorious, he will win the 6-Sides of Steel match, and become the new Number One Contender.

EC3, Rhino, and Spud all come to the ring.

2 weeks ago, the most heinous incident happened, when his Aunt D was put through a table.  The New York people love to see an innocent woman get put through a table.

Last week, he demanded Bully Ray be terminated immediately, but Kurt Angle had him arrested.  And Kurt, for that he has something to say….thank you.  Because he had a moment of clarity, and while Bully Ray was responsible, someone else was responsible too.  A man he brought in from the streets, a man he paid well….Rhino….This is all your fault.

Rhino owes Ethan.

Rhino tells him to forget him, and he might be looking at a dead man if he doesn’t shut up.  He would rather be dirt poor than to take money from a bitch ass.  So take your money, and stick it up your ass.

EC3 slaps him, and now the two men fight.

EC3 even shoves Spud, and lays a kick to the head on Rhino.

This might be a new side to EC3.

Joe is backstage, he has a history with Lo-Ki, with blood.  So tonight, Lo-Ki is supremely self-confident he can beat him for his X-Division Title.  So many people are self-confident in beating him, but then they wind up losing.

The Hardys are in the back, they still have to prove they are the best tag team in the world.  They promise us they will be at the forefront of the tag team movement.

Joe Vs Lo-Ki, now.

Joe retains his title with a Muscle Buster.  I was hoping this match was longer, but I have a feeling we aren’t done with this.  I did like hearing Tenay comment Lo-Ki was the 2nd X-Division Champion in the history of the company, beating AJ Styles.

The Hardys want to talk to Team 3-D.

JB is with Mr. Anderson, who is upset he freed “The Creepy Bastard” Samuel Shaw, and Samuel takes the exception to talking about his friend, and the two men fight as we go to a break.

Anderson makes Samuel Shaw quit with an Armbar.  Gunner watches this, and Anderson walks away from him.

The Hardys walk away from Team 3-D satisfied.  Bully Ray and Devon head to the ring, The Hardys have a great idea, and now there is only one more piece to the puzzle, and they need to find out if they are in.

Next, Tenay’s exclusive interview with Dixie Carter.

We see footage from last week when after her Fatal 4-way, Gail Kim gave an interview and Angelina Love attacked her.

Gail went to Kurt and demanded she has a Last Knockout Standing Match with Angelina.  Kurt warns Angelina be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

Earlier tonight, Bobby Roode shares his thoughts on the 6-Sides of Steel match later tonight, and what it means to be World Heavyweight Champion.

The Hardys are in the ring now.

Jeff makes it clear they did not get back together, because they wanted to, the fans wanted it.  And they have had some great matches since coming back, but they can get better.  They will get better, and they ask Team 3-D to get into the ring.

Do you know who they are?  They are the guys that put Dixie Carter through a table.

The Hardys and Team 3-D have made some history together.  Not because they say it, but because the fans say it, two of the best tag teams in the history of the business.  The Hardys are on a mission because they want to be Tag Team Champions.  And it would be kinda cool if they were inducted in the TNA Hall of Fame as Tag Team Champions.

The Hardys aren’t the champions, Team 3-D aren’t the champions, we need the Tag Team Champions to get this done.

You ask, and here they come.

Eddie Edwards wants to get down to business.  These four are 2 of the greatest tag teams in the history of our business.  And that is the conversation The Wolves want to be a part of.

Davey makes it clear, Team 3-D, you want a shot at these belts?  The Hardys, you want a shot at these belts?  Anytime, they will make it happen.

Tenay interviews Dixie Carter.

Dixie broke her back, she knows that Bully made a promise, and delivered on it.  She is taking time off, but we haven’t seen the last of Dixie Carter.  But keep watching Ethan Carter, he is a true talent, and going places.

More or less the interview.

The Great Sanada will be revealed next week.  But now, Last Knockout Standing match, with Angelina Love Vs Gail Kim, now.

Gail Kim wins with a Samoan Drop on a chair.  Incredible match with the Knockout Champion retaining her title.

Next is the 6-Sides of Steel match.

Kurt Angle confirms to us that all 3 tag teams, The Hardys, Team 3-D, and The Wolves came to Kurt to propose Kurt to a match to determine who is the best tag team.  Kurt is doing one thing better, we will have a best of series tag match.  The first team to score 2 wins get the Tag Team Titles, and that starts next week, with the winner choosing the next stipulation for the next match.

The Franchise Players make their presence now.

MVP tells him that in Dallas for Slammiversary, he was scheduled to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Title with Eric Young, but was injured.  Bobby Lashley slid right in, and the rest they say is history.  Now Lashley has overcome all odds, faced off against competitor after competitor, and finished them off.  Whoever wins this match will have the same fate.

6-Sides of Steel Cage match now.  Gunner Vs “Showtime” Eric Young Vs “Cowboy” James Storm Vs Magnus Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Roode.

They did the double finish here where both Bobby Roode and Eric Young touched the floor at the same time.  2 refs awarded different winners, so who won?

Next week, who is the best tag team?  The Wolves Vs The Hardys Vs Team 3-D, match one.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A new night for Impact.  I liked the matches, but there were too many promos for me.  If you had cut down Anderson Vs Shaw, the promo for EC3 and Rhino, even the Dixie Carter promo seemed a bit odd in this spot.  The only promo that seemed suitable were The Wolves, Team 3-D, and The Hardys, because it’s setting up a future match.  Less talking, more action would have been better, especially in some of these matches.

But a good start to Wednesday night, giving us more important matches, and I love the Best of Series here.  We will see where that goes.

And I loved the World Champion was there to remind us he has the gold.  What happens next week?  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.





















WWE Monday Night Raw 8/18/14…Ambrose Vs Rollins Steals The Show

I just got done watching a rare thing, Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football, so now I am catching up with Raw, watched a bit of it during commercials, and know the main event.

But here we go.

The biggest party of the summer took place last night.  Brock Lesnar dominated John Cena to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Brie Bella lost to Stephanie McMahon, when Brie’s sister Nikki Bella turned her back, and sided with “The Billion Dollar Princess”.

We are live in Las Vegas, with Daniel Bryan’s music kicking the show off, but it’s Stephanie McMahon, wearing a Daniel Bryan-esque shirt that says Steph!!  Steph!!  Steph!!

Steph wants to talk about last night, with Summerslam being one of the most epic PPVs, with people even saying it was better than Wrestlemania.  Because we crowned a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and The Authority will be presenting a new title to Brock Lesnar.  And The Authority wishes John Cena a speedy recovery, who endured 16 German Suplexes.

Chris Jericho was defeated by Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose found out that Seth Rollins was the true master of The Shield, when Mr. Money in the Bank won his match last night.  And of course, Stephanie McMahon won her match last night, and Brie Bella found out you never can beat The Authority spiritually, mentally, and physically.  

And of course, you can see all of this on The WWE Network for just $9.99.

But she didn’t do this by herself.  Steph likes to thank her husband HHH for being faithful, and being her rock.  Unlike Daniel Bryan.  But Daniel knows the real Brie Bella, and she is not the person you think she is and who better to explain that but her sister, Nikki Bella.

Some people believe this was an act of betrayal, and she wants to hear from Nikki’s side.

When The Bellas first came to WWE, it was supposed to be about them vs the world.  Nikki always cared for her sister, she always was looking out for her.  But secretly, Brie did not become the woman she thought she was.  Brie has become so jealous of Nikki.  It was always about competition with Nikki, and Brie always told her she would never get married.

Stephanie suggests that Nikki jumped to a marriage, and Nikki said that Nikki won, because Brie settled for that gangly, goat-face Daniel Bryan.

Nikki is so heart-broken over this, she can say she lost a sister, but she never really had one.  And now she doesn’t have Brie around her neck, she is free.  She loves to say that.

And here comes Brie, with no music, and a purpose.

Brie is Nikki’s sister, and she loves her.  Nikki has destroyed their family, and she can forgive her for what happened last night.

This irate Nikki, and she slaps Brie and tells her Nikki can never forgive Brie.

Brie walks away, crying and the crowd chants she sold out.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar will receive his new WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Next, Mark Henry and The Big Show Vs Rowan and Harper.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…Nikki Bella slapping the taste out of Brie,

Rowan and Harper Vs Show and Henry is now.

Henry and Show win with a combined KO Punch and World’s Strongest Slam, pinning Rowan.

Are these the next Tag Team Champions?

Tonight, IC Title rematch, Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz, and 6-man tag match of Reigns, RVD, and Sheamus Vs Rybaxel and Orton.

Next, relive Ambrose Vs Rollins from last night.

Ric Flair congratulates Ziggler, and The Miz interrupts.

Miz calls this a sequel, because tonight the IC Title comes back to the A-Lister.  Ziggler tells him he is not an A-Lister, just an A-Hole.


Ambrose Vs Rollins last night, from Summerslam is being shown.

Renee Young is with Seth Rollins.

It feels good, because Seth did what he said was going to do, and showed not only is he the future WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but he is also the future of WWE.

Dean Ambrose drops a bucket of water over Rollins, an ice bucket challenge, it seems.  The two men fight when we go to a commercial.

We see footage of what we just saw, Ambrose and Rollins fighting again.

Kane is talking to HHH, when Seth Rollins wants to out Ambrose out.  HHH is giving Seth a rematch with Dean, tonight.  The WWE Universe will decide the stipulation.

This way, when Rollins finishes Ambrose for good, the blood will be in the fans hands.

Natalya Vs the new Divas Champion, Paige,

Paige wants to make this clear, she respects AJ, and loves her.  Paige is going to dedicate this match to AJ.

Natalya wins with a rollup, after AJ comes skipping along.

Paige is irate, and AJ has the mic.

Despite everything, AJ respects Paige.  She loves her Paige, and she dedicates her life to Paige.  She needs to get in the ring and shake her hand.

Paige leaves, when AJ comes in the ring.

Cole tells us the stipulations tonight the fans get to vote on WWE App.  Either A.  No Holds Barred Match, B.  Falls Count Anywhere, and C.  No DQ.

The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be awarded his new title, “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar is next.

The Authority makes their appearance.

HHH tells us that last night was historic.  Not only was his wife victorious, after being out of the ring for 10 years, but two men battled and gave it their best for the richest prize in our industry, to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and tonight that man is rewarded the newest title, Brock Lesnar.

Brock and Paul Heyman show up in the ring.

Photo op now with The Authority, Heyman, and Lesnar.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and he is the one behind the one who conquered the one who thought he was the one who is the one at 21-1.

His client conquered the title holder, which gives him the opportunity to be the advocate of the reigning, defending, new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

His client has advised him to leak out John Cena isn’t even here tonight.  John Cena would be here, if he could be here.  But Cena can’t be here, because he is not physically able to be here, and that’s thanks to his client….BAAAAARAWK LESNAR!!!!

Heyman has been in this industry for many years and he has never seen such an ass kicking of a top superstar.  Dwayne Johnson’s run on top was what?  3 years?  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s run was what, 4 1/2 years?  But there has been one man dominate WWE for 10 years, main events Wrestlemania, the one man who has been the face of the franchise, John Cena.

He was standing there last night, looking at the punishment John Cena took, so much that his own kids are Cena fans, which pisses him off.  But if he had time, he would make Cena a Paul Heyman guy.  But this is not Brock Lesnar’s thoughts.

Cena is a martyr, and if the guy with the most cred dies, he still dies.  Just like The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania died, just like The Undertaker’s career dies.  Just like Cena’s WWE Title reign dies, at the hands of Brock Lesnar.  Just like Cena won’t be seen for a long time.  

And here lies the problem, any man who faces Brock, will be destroyed, because Brock isn’t just human, he is a Beast.  We have Brockanomics now, Eat, Sleep, Suplex, Repeat, and Heyman says that 16 times.

Eat, sleep, conquer John Cena.

Cena took 16 suplexes by Lesnar, but Cena would not quit.

Also we kicked off Raw tonight, when Nikki slapped Brie.

Also tonight, Ambrose Vs Rollins, with the fans choosing the stipulation.

Ziggler Vs The Miz is up now.

Miz wins with a countout, when Ziggler’s leg was bothering him in the ring.

Renee is joining by Jack Swagger.

Last night was an opportunity to win for his country, but he failed.  But he won’t give up, he will keep on fighting, because that us what they do…..We The People.

Swagger Vs Cesaro.

Cesaro wins with a Neutralizer, over Jack. The story here was Jack being depressed over losing last night to Rusev. After being caught, Bo Dallas showed up. Bo tells Swagger he was let down by 316 million Americans, but he can get right back up, he just has to BOlieve.

They show us Jericho Vs Wyatt footage, Renee Young is with Chris. He tells us that he is okay after losing last night, because no matter what he does, he has the best fans in the world. And Bray does not, he gets the crowd to chant Y2J, and that is it.

Next, 6-man tag match of Reigns, RVD, and Sheamus Vs Rybaxel and Orton.

Sheamus, Reigns, and RVD win the match with a Five Star Frogsplash by RVD, pinning Axel.

Earlier tonight, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins.

We get to choose the stipulation for their match tonight.

Orton is backstage, and runs into Ric Flair.

Orton doesn’t want to hear any advice, and blows him off.

Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen.

Bray told Jericho this would happen, he is a man of his word. Chris said he looked into Wyatt’s eyes, and sees a lost soul. Maybe Chris is right, but he will never be able to comprehend what Bray is. Behold the new face of salvation.

Follow The Buzzard.

The Usos Vs Stardust and Goldust, now.

Stardust and Goldust win in a non-title match with Stardust pinning Jey.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins.

Friday night on Smackdown, Randy Orton Vs RVD.

Rusev and Lana come out to the ring.

At Summerslam, Rusev dedicated his match to mother Russia, and its leader Vladimir Putin. Putin is very proud of Rusev, and the flag was raised high, to symbolize domination.

Somebody’s going to get their ass kicked…here comes Mark Henry.

The crowd chants USA, and Mark asked if they heard that, its American pride. He has had the honor of representing his country two times in the Olympics.

Something he will never take away from him, and he has no issue with country pride, but it’s the way the two jackasses act.

Last night, it bothered him seeing the flag being raised, and hearing the Russian Anthem.

Mark will give Rusev a personal guided tour into the Hall of Pain.

World’s Strongest Slam by Mark Henry, flattening Rusev.

Now another splash, ending this segment.

Earlier tonight, Brock Lesnar told us he dominates, Cena isn’t even in the building tonight, because of what Brock did to him last night.

Next week, Cena returns to Raw.

King is in the ring, to tell us what kind of stipulation Rollins Vs Ambrose will have.

Falls Count Anywhere Match.

And here we go.

Rollins wins what was an incredible main event, by giving Ambrose a Curb Stomp through a concrete step. Kane even interfered, giving Ambrose a chokeslam that did not break on the announce table. But the action was crazy, and the show ends with EMTs tending to Ambrose, with Rollins smirking about his fallen enemy.

Kevin’s Thoughts

It was a decent show overall, but things turned for the better with a phenomenal main event. The one thing this reminds me of is the fact all three members of The Shield can compete in the main event. All three can be future champions, and no reason why the brand should revolve around one man anymore. The biggest problem with WWE since John Cena became the franchise is there are no rivalries.

This can change, and hopefully it does. I always loved Hart-Austin, or Hart-Michaels, Rock-Austin. Who has Cena’s rivalry been? The closest he has had might be Cena-Punk, or Cena-Orton, but as much as I like Randy, he isn’t in Cena’s league.

Other than that, the other two highlights were Stephanie, Nikki, and Brie Bella segment kicking the show off. I’ll say this again, Stephanie is the best heel in the business, bar none. She showed it again, and I loved the slap Nikki gave Brie.

The other highlight was Lesnar and Heyman. Paul was having fun, and Brock was laughing a bit at what Heyman was saying.

Nothing on Night of Champions, but we are 5 weeks away, so it’s no big deal. But after the beating Lesnar gave Cena at Summerslam, Cena does not deserve another title match, but sadly, he will get it.

What did you think of the show? Send me your thoughts here.

WWE Summerslam 8/17/14…The Biggest Fight of the Summer

Tonight, the biggest fight of the summer takes place inside the Staples Canter, in Los Angeles, California.

Renee Young, Booker T, Ric Flair, and Alex Riley are a part of the Summerslam Kick-off show.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar faces John Cena for the WWE World Title.

We are previewing Brie Bella Vs Stephanie McMahon.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcome us to the show.

RVD Vs Cesaro is up now.

RVD pulls off a stunning upset over Cesaro with the Five Star Frogsplash.  Cesaro’s downfall continues.

Tonight, Roman Reigns will face Randy Orton.

Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena preview.

Summerslam starts now.

Hulk Hogan kicks off Summerslam, it feels like home.

Hogan tells us to buy WWE Network for $9.99.

A complete waste of time, because chances are if we are watching Summerslam, live….then we already know it’s $9.99.

Okay, Summerslam is officially on.

Our first match is Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz, for the Intercontinental Title.

Tonight, we are blessed to be in a pressence of a non-CGI movie star.  We wish we all had this….the moneymaker.

Tonight, The Miz will make Ziggler from a shining new star to a fizzled has-been.  Just like the Lakers.

Ziggler Vs Miz is now.

Dolph Ziggler wins the IC Title when he pins Miz with a Zig Zag.  Ziggler kicked out of a Skull Crushing Finale, and this had Miz puzzled for a bit, but the challenger rises to the occasion.

Ziggler is now a 2-time IC Champion.

We see the trainwreck from last week on Raw, when we had Brie Bella arrested for slapping Megan Miller.

Tom Miller is standing by with Brie Bella.

During her time in jail, Brie did some reflecting, and know that when you fall down, you keep getting back up.  She was thinking about all of the times Stephanie smiled calling her husband “A B+ Player” or the times that she tortured her sister, because of the dealings she had with Brie, or the time that she paid Daniel’s physical therapist to lie.  Stephanie will pay for those things, and this is the rare time Staphanie will pay back from the things she has said, and that is best for business.

AJ Lee Vs Paige for the Divas Title is now.

Paige wins the match, and Divas Title when she hit a DDT called the Rampaige.

2 matches, 2 title changes.

Now Paige hugs and kisses her “frenemy” on the cheek.

Our next match is Rusev Vs Jack Swagger in a Flag Match.

Lana tells us that Rusev represents reality, while Swagger represents dreams.  There is no happy ending for our U.S.A.

Marine corps are now coming out to Swagger’s entrance.

Swagger must win here, I think.

So this Flag match had nothing to do with trying to grab the flag on the other end of the ring, or a pole.  It was just a regular match, so we had Swagger tap out to the Accolade.

Rusev kicked Colter, to brush him off Swagger.

So the rules of the Flag match is to raise it, and play the Russian National Anthem.


Switching gears, Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose in a Lumberjack match is now.

Seth Rollins defeated Ambrose with the MITB briefcase.  This was action throughout the entire building, not even the lumberjacks could contain them.  Kane comes out, and makes sure Rollins wins.

So far, the match of the night.

Bray Wyatt Vs Chris Jericho is up now.

Bray Wyatt hits 2 Sister Abigails, one on the barricade, other one in the ring.  Bray picks up the win, and evens this series 1-1.  I am sure we will get another match.

Bray is on the mic, and tells us Chris just found out what its like to follow the buzzards,  He’s got the whole world in his hands….

Stephanie McMahon Vs Brie Bella is next.

Stephanie wins the match when the ref was knocked out, and Nikki Bella turns on her own sister and decks Brie.  Steph hits the Pedigree, and pins Brie.

A very good match and the ending was effective.

Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns is up now.

Reigns wins with a spear, pinning Orton.  The match started slow, and it didn’t help it was in the “kiss of death” spot on the card, but the ending was very cool, and we saw an amazing RKO from Orton that woke up the crowd.

Announcers are putting this match over as the biggest win in Roman Reigns’ career.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs John Cena is up now.

Lesnar completely dominates Cena, hits 16 German Suplexes, pins him after a 4th F-5.  I mean completely destroyed Cena here.

As Cole put it, for the first time in 10 years, Lesnar is the WWE Champion.

Cena is being checked on by EMTs, with Heyman and Lesnar celebrating outside of the ring.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show delivered in my opinion.  It started off with a very good Lumberjack match, and we even had a good Stephanie Vs Brie match.

That might have been the most dominating WWE World Title match since the night Diesel beat Bob Backlund in MSG.

Bray Wyatt Vs Jericho told a good story, and all 3 titles changed hands.

So where do we go from here?  Tune in, because the story is about go in a different direction.  Share your thoughts about the show here.  I will talk to you tomorrow.































Impact Wrestling 8/14/14…One More Time….The Hardys Vs Team 3-D

Last week, after fulfilling his promise, putting Dixie Carter through a table, how does Bull Ray top that?

Impact Wrestling is now.

This is the biggest moment in Bully Ray’s career.  And this isn’t just for Bully, but it’s also for the fans.  And Bully had the best tag team partner in the world.  Hawk had Animal.  Bret had The Anvil. Scott Had Rick, and Bully has Devon.

Devon shows up to the ring, now.

Devon is honored to be back in TNA Wrestling, and the greatest city of the world, New York City.

Here come The Hardy Boys.

It’s been 12 years since these four men have been in the ring together.  They are happy to have Team 3-D being TNA Hall of Famers.  But these men have a history together.

Bully talks about that Triple Threat Ladder Match they had in Anaheim.  They also had another one in North Carolina.  And another in the Astrodome.

The crowd wants one more match, and all four men seem to agree.

Jeff painted his face, so if it’s cool with Matt, it’s cool with Jeff.  And Devon?  Oh my brother, testify.

Footage of Samoa Joe winning the X-Division Title last week.

Joe brings up his talk with Kurt.  It’s time to reinvigorate the X-Division, and that starts tonight.

EC3, Rhino, and Rockstar Spud enter the building, we find out what is on their mind, next.

Last Thursday, we see many different angles of Dixie Carter being sent through a table.  We will also have an update on Dixie, later tonight.

Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young are backstage.  Later tonight, those 3 men, all former World Champions face The Franchise Players.  Took out the garbage last week, time to do it again.

X-Division Scramble match is up now.

Manik Vs Homicide Vs Lo-Ki Vs Tigre Uno Vs Crazzy Steve Vs DJ Z.

Winner faces Joe for the X-Division Title, next week on Impact.

Lo-Ki wins the scramble, pinning Homicide with the K-Crusher.  Lo-Ki Vs Joe, next week.

Impact Wrestling moves to Wednesday night, starting next week.  Again, Impact moves to Wednesday night,s starting next week.

EC3, Spud, and Rhino are out, next.

Spud tells us we need a moment of silence, because last week, the biggest travesty happened.  Our “Madame” Dixie Carter, was put through a table.

The crowd isn’t obliging, and EC3 demands a termination of Bully Ray.  He will stand out here, until he is terminated.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

This isn’t Nashville, Tennessee Mr. Carter, this is New York City.  These fans can say whatever they want, they can cheer for whoever they want.  They deserve the best show possible, and frankly, don’t need this.  So EC3 will either wrestle tonight, or he will get the hell out of the ring.

Ethan spilled blood last week in this ring, so he isn’t going to wrestle this week.  They aren’t going to wrestle tonight.

Kurt calls for New York City’s finest to remove them from the ring.

Rockstar Spud isn’t taking this, he has diplomatic immunity, and he is angry.

Cops don’t care, and they put handcuffs on Spud and Rhino.

Carter isn’t taking this lying down.  He has money, he knows Trump, Bernie, and Carmelo.  He is Mr. Wallstreet, The Weath of Wallstreet, the Carter of Wallstreet.  If cops want money, he has money.

They aren’t interested, they take them all away.

Samuel Shaw blames himself for last week.  Gunner tells him it’s not, he and Ken will settle their differences.  But maybe Ken just won’t see Samuel has changed.  It’s okay, they will all settle their differences.

Ethan is trying to plead with the cops with letting them go, but they are all booking them in jail.

Anderson Vs Gunner, now.

Gunner is DQ’d, when Shaw interferes, he tried to play peacemaker, but Anderson decked him.

Nothing is settled.

Tonight, Fatal 4-Way for the Knockout Title.  Gail Kim Vs Angelina Love Vs Taryn Terrell Vs Velvet Sky.

Angelina checks on Velvet to make sure they are on the same page.  Velvet tells her one of them will walk out as Knockout Champion.

Next, we will see exclusive footage from Dixie Carter.

The entire wrestling landscape made their comments last week on Twitter, even Jim Ross.

Footage from last week is being shown.

Dixie broke her back, she had a L2 and L3 fracture.  

Next week, Mike Tenay will have an exclusive interview with Dixie Carter.

Fatal 4-way match for the Knockout Title is up now.  Gail Kim Vs Angelina Vs Velvet Vs Taryn.

Gail wins the match with Eat Defeat, pinning Angelina and adding some tension with Beautiful People.

Franchise Players do not care about Dixie Carter, she is the old, and they are the new.  

Big 6-man tag match is up next.

Lashley, King, and MVP Vs Aries, Young, and Roode is up now.

Franchise Players win, with a vicious spear by Lashley, pinning Aries.  I still am not sure why MVP is wrestling on crutches.

We will hear from Abyss, next.

Havoc is coming.

The Wolves have been together for 6 years, it’s now time to take care of their legacy.  They beat The Hardys, and tonight they will watch Team 3-D Vs The Hardys.  They respect Team 3-D, but they will put their Tag Titles on the line anytime.  While they were once fans, the hunters become the hunted.  Let the hunting begin.

Here comes Abyss to the ring.

Bram has something that belongs to him.  Get out here, now.

You ask, and you will receive.  Bram is here.

Abyss brings up possession is 9 tenths of the law?  Not in his book.  He wants Janice back.

Bram brings up that he has beaten Abyss twice with her.  And he is enthralled by her, so no he is not getting it back.

Does Bram really want to get extreme?  Abyss asks him if he really wants to get extreme?  Does New York City truly want to get extreme?

One more time, it will be tables, ladders, chairs, barbed wire, and while we are at it, let’s take Janice, and hang her 15 feet up in the air.

Abyss will climb up that ladder, he will get his girl, and chomp his ass to bits.

Bram accepts.

Magnus now brings up Janice has screwed Abyss twice, and more than likely the only time Abyss has been screwed by a girl.

Abyss tries to fight, but 2-on-1 attack does him in.

At Stairway to Janice, he will show Bram what kind of bitch his girl Janice can be.

Team 3-D Vs The Hardys, next.

“The Revolution Is Upon Us”

“Legend” James Storm is with Sanada, calling him weak and confused.  Storm is his light, Storm is his strength.  He will make him The Great Sanada.

Next week, Hardcore Justice, on Wednesday night.  Abyss Vs Bram in a Stairway to Janice Match.  Samoa Joe Vs Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title.  And for the first time in 4 years, Six Sides of Steel, involving a Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

The Hardys Vs Team 3-D, now.

Team 3-D wins the match with a 3-D.

A fun match and the great thing is these four men still have chemistry together.  Highlight of the show.

All four men shake hands after the match.  

The show ends here, with next week, Impact moves to Wednesdays.  Hardcore Justice.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Last week’s show was gigantic, so this week’s show was bound to be a let down.  While it wasn’t as good as last week, it still was a solid show, highlighted by the monumental main event of the show.

I loved how The Hardys and Team 3-D have not been in the same ring, as a group in 12 years, and tonight, we get this.  I just think this needs to be showcased more.  Such as advertising this for a full week, set this match last week, and not being set up in the beginning of the show.  But we will see more, from The Wolves.  Remember, they are the Tag Champs, and now all 3 teams will be featured.  We are in line for some good matches in weeks to come.

But the big news here is Impact will now be moved on Wednesday nights.  With NFL season starting up, and rumors of Smackdown being moved to Thursday nights, it will prove to be wise.

But where was the advertising?  Again, this is being moved immediately.  They easily could have set this up as 3 shows left until Thursday nights are being moved.  2 weeks left, and so on.  Also Spike TV needs to do some advertisement this week, because I guarantee that we will have some people tune in on Thursday night, forgetting, or not knowing Impact has been moved.

Other than that, not much else have been going in Impact this week, and oh yeah, Hardcore Justice is the next week.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.


























WWE Monday Night Raw 8/11/14…Nothing Says Summerslam Like A Hulk Hogan Birthday Party…Brother

6 days away from the biggest party of the summer. Tonight, John Cena and Brock Lesnar will be in the building. Stephanie McMahon also has a “confession” tonight. And oh yeah, we are celebrating Hulk Hogan’s birthday.

Raw is now.

We are live in Portland, Oregon. Hulk Hogan is here. And there is a huge guest list of celebrities here.

Here comes the pain!!

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kick off Raw.

Brock Lesnar has a shirt now that says Eat, Sleep, Conquer John cena.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman. And in 6 days, he is the advocate of the next WWE World Champion, The “Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

Heyman is here to sell us the beating and suffering John Cena will go through. But Brock wants to address the fans of John Cena.

Because you see, ladies and gentlemen, bad things happen to good people who mess with Brock Lesnar.

We see video of Brock defeating The Streak, at Wrestlemania.

If you were a fan of The Undertaker, you heard Heyman before Mania discuss the shocking face of The Undertaker fans. And if we were Undertaker fans, you wouldn’t have missed Wrestlemania.

When Brock was a rookie, he had his hands on someone named Dwayne Johnson. When he was done with The Rock, we didn’t get our eyes on The Rock for another 6 months.

And when Brock was a rookie, he had his hands on Hulk Hogan, and Hogan wasn’t seen for a year. If Hogan had returned to exact revenge on Brock, he wouldn’t have his birthday celebration.

Which brings us to John Cena.

Cena fans will want to see Summerslam, because this could be the last we see of John. John will say we can’t see him, and Brock will make sure that happens.

We see footage of Extreme Rules 2012. Cena beat Brock, but make no mistake about it, Brock got his hands on Cena, and he wasn’t the same. John had his win, but Brock is modest, and won’t say this, but he had diverticulitis.

Heyman now gives us a witty rap for Cena.

Heyman wants to tell us that this moment, this is Brock’s house now. He has already conquered the WWE, which means we are his servants, and this is home. He is going to take the man of the house to dinner, and Cena will have his say, Hulk Hogan will have his celebration, but he assures not to get too out of hand, because the man of the house, is coming home.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Another WWE Network plug.

Tonight, Cena will respond. Also tonight, Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration.

We hear from celebrities now.

Roman Reigns will face a hand-picked opponent from The Authority, next.

We have corporate Kane, come out again.

Reigns Vs Rybaxel, in a Handicap match.

Not looking good for Rybaxel here.

Rybaxel are DQ’d when they rammed Roman into the steel post, and ignores the ref’s warnings.

But Reigns takes care of both men.

Renee Young catches up with Roman in the ring. At Summerslam, it will be Reigns Vs Orton. We know physically he is ready, but how ready will he be mentally?

The fans believe he is ready.

Roman admits that Randy got him 2 weeks ago, and he thought that Roman stole something from Randy. Roman never stole anything from Randy, but he promises to take everything from Randy this Sunday night. What is a Viper with fangs down his throat? A worthless worm. Believe that.

Randy Orton approaches Kane. Rybaxel couldn’t get the job done tonight, Kane couldn’t get the job done last week. Mark Randy’s words, he will get the job done this Sunday.

This is Randy’s biggest match of his career, so Kane tells him they want to make sure Randy is ready, so tonight, he will have a tuneup, against Sheamus.

Stephanie McMahon has her “confession” tonight, and also earlier in the day, Cole has a one-on-one interview with Jericho and Bray Wyatt that we will see.

Next, RVD Vs Seth Rollins.

Rollins wins the match clean with a curb stomp.

At Summerslam, Rollins Vs Ambrose, in a Lumberjack Match.

There are a bunch of presents on the ramp for Hogan, but Rollins thinks Ambrose is in one of them.

He is.

Ambrose with the mic.

Run Seth, run while you still can. There is no hiding in a Lumberjack Match. Rollins’ ass belongs to Ambrose.

Stephanie has a “confession” with Brie Bella, that is next.

More WWE Network footage, this time with Slam City.

Stephanie is here to tell us about “confessions”. Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist is here, Meghan Miller. She is here, people. So come on out.

She is the victim here, so she needs to do the right thing.

She got to know Daniel and Brie, they are good people. She and her boyfriend had dinner with them several times. She has done everything she could to get Daniel back in the ring. He has appreciation for this business, and for the fans.

Her boyfriend left her, she can’t be her physical therapist anymore. But why?

It all happened so innocently. At least, it did at first.

Stephanie asked her what happened.

She has been having an affair with Daniel Bryan.


Steph hugs her, she is so sorry. And here comes Brie.

Daniel used Brie, and he used Brie like a piece of trash. Daniel even called Brie a dead fish.

What was it that Daniel said after every therapy session?

Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

Brie slaps Meghan, and attacks Stephanie. Even gives her The Yes Lock.

Officials come out to separate the two of them, and Stephanie tells Brie they won’t wait for their match at Summerslam, they will have their match tonight.

Also tonight, Cena speaks, and we will see a one-on-one interview with Jericho and Bray Wyatt.

More birthday wishes from celebrities.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…the rebirth of “The Claire Lynch Project”.

Swagger Vs Cesaro is up now.

Swagger makes Cesaro win with a Patriot Lock.

Zeb has the mic, and says tonight, we are in Portland, and at Summerslam, they will be in Departania. So this goes out to Lana, or Olga, or whatever your name is. Swagger will represent 50 stars and 13 bars. And he wants everyone to stand up, say it loud, say it proud….

Rusev’s banner pops up, and here we go swinging flags.

Tonight, Brie Bella Vs Stephanie McMahon. Also Sheamus Vs Randy Orton.

Next, one-on-one interview with Wyatt and Jericho.

Earlier today, Cole interviewed Jericho and Wyatt.

Bray orders Cole to leave.

Bray asks Chris if he remembers his dreams as a kid. He remembers that scared little boy who wanted to be like his Daddy. He can still remember the disappointment in his eyes. It drained Chris, and he always wanted to be a savior, of his own.

Bray knows all about Jericho, but he doesn’t know anything about Bray.

Bray had nightmares too, but he never claimed to be a savior. Bray helps people who need to live their lives. Bray has hurt a lot of people, and for this he is not the least bit sorry. He can’t resist, there are no consequences for his actions. He does not believe in heaven or hell, and hates everything this whole damn world has created.

Bray is a monster, and Chris exemplifies the world’s weakness. And if anyone needs a horse to save, its Chris. Everyone wants to see him smile, and that is the last he will see, savior.

Jericho is not a savior, but after being in the ring 15 years, he has become a survivor. But the one thing that he has survived is nobody knows what side he is going to show. Bray talks about the buzzards, he will take those buzzards, and shove them down bray’s throat. For the first time, Bray Wyatt will be speechless.

Their match is set for Summerslam.

But now, AJ Lee is in action, next.

Eva Marie pins AJ Lee, after Paige comes out to skip around the ringside to distract AJ.

Paige is now on the mic, to give us a poem of an apology, for shoving AJ over the stage.

This Sunday, AJ Lee Vs Paige for the Divas Title.

Earlier tonight, we see Heyman giving us a little preview on how Cena Vs Lesnar will go down this Sunday.

John Cena comes out, next.

And of course, The Champ is giving us a mock of Heyman. But now he tells us this Sunday, Brock will not do one thing….win. Because for him to win, he will have to make Cena lose, and he is not laying down for Brock Lesnar.

Any of us can take that for anything we want, but Brock does not deserve the WWE World Title.

Cena doesn’t like Brock. He is a bully, and doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. He is the most selfish man in this business, and everyone knows that. Things happen in this business, but Brock’s business does not mean the WWE Title.

The fans and Cena have shared many memories. He has heard cheers, he has heard boos. He has been told he can’t wrestle. He has heard let’s go Cena. He has heard Cena sucks. And every week, Cena comes out with a smile on his face. There is a group of us that ask when does Cena turn? When does he say enough is enough? When does Cena stop being about the T-shirts, and hats? Or the keychains? When does Cena unleash hell? You will see that this Sunday, a side he is not proud of, a side that will keep this title away from Lesnar.

Earlier tonight, Heyman said this is Lesnar’s house, and we are all servants. Every idiot knows that this house belongs to us. But on the side of gamesmanship, if this is your house Brock, there is a stranger in your house. Try and come out to kick Cena out.

No Brock, so that must mean he has come to diverticulitis, syphilis, or punkassbitchalitis.

Come on out Brock, we will start with three fingers, and he will give him the middle one.

Cena has a message to Heyman, this Sunday, Cena will make history. Cena will be the one to beat the one that beat the one.

This Sunday, THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!

Randy Orton Vs Sheamus is tonight.

Larry King and Florida Georgia Line were wishing Hogan a Happy Birthday.

Brie Bella Vs Stephanie McMahon is now.

But wait, Steph isn’t dressed.

They will have to wait until Summerslam, after all. If she makes it to Summerslam.

Meghan Miller decided to press charges against Brie Bella.

Yup, cops are here to cuff Brie.

Stephanie assures us that what goes around, comes around. So if Brie makes bail, she will see her at Summerslam.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Brie Bella is arrested.

The Miz is joining commentary, while we see Ziggler Vs Heath Slater, now.

Slater wins by count out, when Miz distracts Ziggler to get him out of the ring.

Two in a row by Slater.

Ziggler tries to shake Slater’s hand, but Heath tries to get him, but falls to the Zig Zag.

WWE Network plug, available worldwide now.

Still no Monday Night Nitro though.

Orton vs Sheamus is next.

MizTV this Friday night on Smackdown. Roman Reigns is the guest.

Orton Vs Sheamus is now.

Orton wins with a RKO, setting the stage for Randy Vs Reigns.

Hogan is out, next.

Mean Gene and Jimmy Hart are in the ring to introduce Hulk Hogan.

A video now for Hogan.

Awesome video, with Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”.


Vince McMahon gave Hogan a 6-month subscription to the WWE Network, for $9.99.

Hogan thanks everyone that has made this day possible.

Hulkamania is a 2 way street, and he hopes he touches a life, just like they have touched his life. He loves us, he loves the Hulkamaniacs.


Here comes the 16-time World Champion, 2-time Hall of Famer, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Now here comes “Mr. Wonderful” paul Orndorff, with his 1995 theme music.

I haven’t seen him for awhile.

Now “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Now, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall….NWO.

Hey Yo!!

It is an honor to be here for Hogan, and he looks sweet in red and yellow.

But it’s survey time. How many of us came to see Hogan wear red and yellow? Or, did we want to see Hogan in black and white, one more time.

Survey time says another one for the good guys.

Nash is now singing Happy Birthday to the Hulkster.

Here comes Brock Lesnar.

Party is over Grandpa, and here comes Cena, daring Lesnar to strike.

Brock just laughs, and leaves the ring.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This show was the very definition of Raw, some very good segments that make you fired up to see the PPV, then they give us stupid crap, because they need time to fill for a 3 hour show. The very reason why they seem disconnected to the fans, is because of this very problem.

I loved the segments between Cena and Brock, and I want to see that match this Sunday.

I also want to see Brie Vs Stephanie, but then they give us this shit, with Megan Miller, which was beyond awful.

Brie better win this match, or else I will be pissed.

But seeing Hogan back, with the legends ended the show off right. I loved it.

What were your thoughts on the show? Are you excited for Summerslam? Let me know here.

Impact Wrestling 8/7/14….It Happens

Tonight, New York City Impact continues with a big 8-man tag match, and yes my friends, TNA is promoting, so I will too….It happens, tonight. Dixie Carter is put through a table. So watch Impact, or check this page throughout the night.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Earlier today, Dreamer, Devon, and Bully are discussing thoughts about tonight’s war. Bully brings up they will do what they do better than anyone else, tear the house down. And Bully pleads that Devon will pick Dixie up, and Bully will drive her through a table.

It happens….TONIGHT.

Manhattan Center, Team Bully Vs Team EC3.

We kick the show off with a Monster’s Ball Match….Abyss Vs Bram.

Bram wins a crazy match with a shot to the gut by Janice. We had thumbtacks, Janice, board with nails, and the crowd ate it up.

Tonight, X-Division Title match, Joe Vs Lo-Ki Vs Sanada.

Joe represents no-limits in the X-Division.

Lo-Ki tells him they have been through wars, pain and suffering. But tonight, this is about the championship. Joe won’t stand in his way, Sanada won’t be in his way of winning the X-Division Championship.

Joe tells Lo-Ki that he won’t be able to take Joe’s pain and the next time he hears his name, Joe will be the new champion.

Team EC3 is with JB. They are completely ready to finish off Team Bully, once and for all. We have four men that can dish out pain. And when that happens, it’s not Skitsky’s fault. And EC3 pleads that Bully will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever put Aunt D through a table.

The Franchise Players, including the World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley come out to the ring.

They are surrounding themselves with New York City’s finest. When MVP was the Director of Operations, he felt like he was riddled with babies in the back. But now as long as they have the power, they are in control of TNA, minus the headaches.

Lashley will hold onto the title for as long as he wants. Eric Young is good, but Lashley took care of him. Jeff Hardy is great, but Lashley took care of him. And Austin Aries? Option C proved to be history.

Here comes Bobby Roode.

Roode hears about what MVP said, and it pains him to admit, he might have been right about some things.

Lashley is a destroyer. He is one of the most dominant World Champions to ever hold the title.

MVP isn’t impressed.

Roode is not here to talk to MVP, he is here to talk to Lashley.

Roode is a former World Heavyweight Champion, and he is the longest reigning TNA World Champion in history.

Roode knows how to win the title, he knows how to be a champion. And this is why MVP suspended Roode for 2 months, because he saw Bobby as a threat, and MVP was using Lashley so he can be champion himself.

Roode sees this, while Lashley has dominated, Roode kicked Kenny King’s ass….he kicked MVP’s ass. So how about the two men face each other for the World Title?

Kenny King lays out Roode, but here comes Eric Young and Austin Aries to even the odds.

MVP tells them they aren’t dressed to compete, they are dressed to go out.

Gunner tells Samuel Shaw he has a match tonight. Mr. Anderson tells Gunner he doesn’t trust him.

Gunner trusts Shaw, Gunner trusts Anderson, but does Anderson trust Gunner?

Jason Hervey wants a hint about who Bully’s 4th guy is, and Bully isn’t giving it to him.

The Bromans and DJ Z Vs Anderson, Gunner, and Shaw.

Shaw had Anderson’s back, but Anderson still wasn’t buying it. The Bromans clipped Anderson, and rolled him up for the win.

Anderson was about to take it out on Samuel, but Gunner stops him.

Dixie is not afraid, she tells King Mo that he is going to watch her back, and she is going to watch Bully get his.

8-man war is up next, Team Bully Vs Team EC3.

Gunner is irate that Anderson doesn’t give Samuel a chance. Samuel is now being the voice of reason.

8-Man Hardcore War. Team EC3 Vs Team Bully.

WarGames style rules, where one man faces one, then every few minutes, a new man comes out. Team EC3 has the advantage.

EC3 Vs Dreamer begins the match.

The 4th man is Al Snow, with head.

Team Bully wins with a Team 3D, pinning Rhino.

Bully looks for Dixie, who is with the audience. He tells her she looks like she just got done watching her nephew’s team go down.

Tick Tock, Dixie is going through a table tonight.

Dixie assures Bully that won’t happen, and by the end of the night, King Mo will knock Bully Ray out.

The Beautiful People are on their way out to the ring, next.

Moments ago, Team Bully wins, and Dixie assures Bully that King Mo will knock Bully out.

EC3 tells us that his team let him down, but tonight, they will still watch Dixie’s back.

Bound for Glory is going to Tokyo, Japan.

The Beautiful People are out in the ring. TNA is going ga-ga over Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim. But The Beautiful People are hotter, and Angelina is a better wrestler. So they broke up the match, and she wants her title rematch, now.

Taryn Terrell comes out.

Taryn didn’t steal from Angelina, Angelina took her match away from Taryn, because she has never had the Knockout Title. So she is here to take it away from Angelina.

Angelina is better wrestler than Taryn, she is a better wrestler than Gail Kim. She will have to tell her little girl that Mommy is second best, or third best, or fourth best….

Here comes Gail Kim.

She talked to Kurt Angle last week, and she gets to choose who her next opponent is. She wants Angelina Love. And Taryn Terrell. And Velvet Sky.

Fatal 4-way for the Knockout Title, to determine who is the best Knockout.

“Cowboy” James Storm tells Sanada that he isn’t doing this for the fans, he’s not doing it for The Great Muta, or even for himself. He is going to win the X-Division Title for Storm.

He slaps him, and tells Sanada to bow.

Triple Threat for the X-Division Title is next.

Havok is coming to TNA.

Next week, Team 3D Vs The Hardys. Also Fatal 4-Way for the Knockout Title. A X-Division Scramble match, and a big 6-man tag match of The Franchise Players Vs Roode, Young, and Aries.

Bully tells the camera guy that this wasn’t hell, this was Hardcore Heaven, tagging up with his brothers, and anytime you beat a Carter, it’s a good day. As for King Mo, he will fight him in a TNA ring, a Bellator ring, it doesn’t matter. Dixie Carter is going through a table.

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

Samoa Joe Vs Sanada Vs Lo-Ki for the X-Division Title is up now.

But “The Legend” James Storm comes to the ring, to introduce the man who ended The Great Muta’s career, Sanada.

Joe is the new X-Division Champion, after making Sanada tap out to the Kokura Clutch.

A good, but short match.

Dixie wants Mo to take Bully out.

It happens, next.

A video giving us Bully Ray Vs Dixie Carter feud.

Do you know who I am? It happens….now.

Dixie Carter comes out, complete with her cheesy music and everyone comes out all beat up.

Dixie isn’t smiling.

Dixie is now riding on her team, calling them all worthless.

She now fires Snitsky and Zeke.

Dixie now fires the fans, ordering them all to get out of her building.

Here comes Bully Ray.

Devon and Dreamer come out too, and they have a table.

For a long time, Bully has promised the world one thing, that Dixie, the most hated woman in wrestling was going through a table.

Dreamer has told Dixie that the reason she is going through a table is because she is everything that is wrong with this business.

Mo punched Dreamer, and now everyone was fighting. But Team Bully sent everyone out of the ring, leaving them with Dixie. But Spud saved his “queen”, and told us it will not happen.

But the entire TNA locker room came out to assure everyone that Dixie was getting through a table. Dreamer put her back in, Devon lifted her up, put her between Bully….



The show ends with chaos in the ring, and order has been resolved.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What an ending to the show, this was a moment that will probably be talked about for years. The crowd loved every second, and ended it with a huge TNA chant.

Where do we go from here?

I loved the promo Roode gave Lashley, and certainly there are some truths behind what he said. I can’t wait to see their eventual match.

A new X-Division champion, and I want to see Joe Vs Lo-Ki, one on one. Joe with the title can do wonders for the company.

I now can honestly say I look forward to every week of seeing Impact, and part of that is because of these New York tapings. A very good show, and give Dixie credit for going through a table. She sustained many injuries through that bump, but on TV, it was incredible.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.


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