WWE Extreme Rules 5/22/16

Tonight, WWE goes Extreme.  AJ Styles faces Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, in an Extreme Rules match.  Will The Club interfere?

Kick-off show starts in 15 minutes, so keep checking here throughout the night.

We are live in Newark, New Jersey.  Renee Young welcomes us to the Extreme Rules Kick-Off show.  She is joined by Booker T, Corey Graves, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Many matches, with different stipulations tonight.  They each give their matches they are looking the most froward to.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge tonight.  Tom’s guest tonight is Rusev and Lana.

Tonight, first ever Asylum Match, with Dean Ambrose Vs Chris Jericho.

The Women’s Championship is on the line, in a Submission Match with Charlotte Vs Natalya.  Video preview is now.

Paige and Becky Lynch are out to share their views on the big woman’s match, later tonight.

Tonight, on the Kick-Off show, Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler in a No-DQ match.

Here come The Dudley Boyz.

Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

What would Extreme Rules PPV be without The Dudley Boyz, asks Devon?

Bubba informs us he and his brother have been in more Extreme Rules matches than the entire WWE locker room combined.

Bubba asks if we remember a little company named ECW?

We get an ECW chant going.

And Devon reminds us we can watch it on WWE Network.

Bubba tells us that we need to stop acting like sheep, because when they left ECW, the company went straight into the toilet, which is where the “new era” wrestlers young careers are going.

Devon tells us they are beneath Extreme Rules.  Bubba has something to ask he has been wanting to ask, Devon, can we please get out of New Jersey?

Here comes Big Cass.

The crowd asks how he’s doing.

Cass knows why Bubba didn’t tell Devon to get the tables, because everything at the table, they have already eaten.

This was very funny here, Chicken, how ya doing?  Steak, how ya doing?

But also too, the new era is better than anything the Dudleys had done in a bingo hall, because they get to showcase what they are doing in a million different homes.

And you can’t teach that.

The Dudleys attack Cass, but Big Cass gets the boot in, and calls them both S.A.W.F.T.

Rusev and Lana are next.

Jo-Jo is with The Miz and Maryse.

The Miz gives us a monologue, from “Miracle” starring Kurt Russell, from 2004.

This is Miz’s time, so go out there, and take it.

Powerful performance.

Tonight, Fatal 4-Way match for the IC Title.  The Miz Vs Cesaro Vs Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens.

Rusev Vs Kalisto for United States Title, later tonight, at Extreme Rules.

Rusev and Lana are with Tom Phillips.

Rusev and Lana are bored with these stoopid questions by the stoopid Americans.

AJ Styles Vs Roman Reigns for the WWE World Title video is now.

Our Kick-Off match is now, Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler, in a No-DQ match.

Corbin wins the match with a low blow, and End of Days, and pinning Ziggler.

Michael Cole and JBL make their way to ringside, Extreme Rules is now.

We are live, in Newark, New Jersey.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

The Usos Vs The Club kicks the show off.

Gallows and Anderson win with Magic Killer, pinning Jey Uso.

The Usos are being helped to the back.

How does this effect tonight’s main event?

United States Championship match is up now.  Kalisto Vs Rusev.

Rusev wins the United States Championship, making Kalisto tap out to the Accolade.  Doctors check on Kalisto after the match, because he gave Kalisto a back breaker on the corner of mat.

Rusev beating United States Champion, puts the importance on the title again.

I love it.

Sheamus is in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, coming out on June 3rd.



New Day Vs Vaudevillains is up.

The Vaudevillains destroyed Xavier’s time machine.

The New Day takes care of The Vaudevillains, when Big E took care of Aiden English, with a flying unicorn.  Kofi hits Gotch with Trouble in Paradise, and Xavier lands a Shining Wizard to win.

Renee Young is with AJ Styles.  AJ makes this clear, he will walk out tonight as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and he will continue to be phenomenal.

AJ walks into a dressing room door that says The Club.

Fatal 4-Way for the Intercontinental Championship is now.  The Miz Vs Cesaro Vs Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens.

The Miz picks up the win, when Sami hits a Hella Kick on Cesaro, but goes after Owens.  Incredible match with all four men.

The Extreme Rules Kick-Off panel join us for the show now.  Earlier tonight, Baron Corbin made a statement, beating Dolph Ziggler.

The Asylum Match is up now, Jericho Vs Ambrose.

A bit of everything here, some that was good.  Others that was not.  The middle of the match seemed to go on forever.  But Jericho nailed Ambrose three times with the barbed wire bat.  But earlier in the match, Ambrose threw down some thumbtacks, and slammed Jericho into them, and pinned him with Dirty Deeds.

Jericho bumped like crazy for Dean, which is fabulous.

Women’s Championship is on the line in a Submission Match.  Charlotte Vs Natalya, with Ric Flair banned from ringside.

Such a disappointing ending here.  Charlotte wins, when Ric Flair’s music plays, and we see a person wearing a Ric Flair robe, revealed to be Dana Brooke.

Natalya has her back to Charlotte, and Flair’s little girl hits a Figure Eight to make Natalya tap out.

WWE World Title match, our main event.  AJ Styles Vs Roman Reigns is now.

No heel turn here, but an incredible match.  Everyone was out there, but AJ lost his cool, nailed Reigns and his family with chair shots multiple times.  Styles missed a Phenomenal Forearm, and Reigns nails a spear, pins AJ for the 1…2…3.

When Reigns can celebrate, here comes Seth Rollins, kicks Reigns, and nails a Pedigree, to close the show, and reminds us he never was pinned.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Overall, a fun show tonight.  I hated some of the finishes, but every man and woman worked hard.

I just don’t think they treated The Club very well.  It seems like they treated them like jobbers, especially at the end.  While I love Seth Rollins returning, they treated The Club like they were nothing, and we remember the impact they had when they first debuted 5 weeks ago.

In order to help them, I do think it needs to be Rollins who recruits them, and they must help Seth become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me a line.  I won’t be able to watch Raw, until Tuesday.  My Cavs are playing tomorrow night, and I won’t be able to catch Raw until Tuesday.  I will talk to you then.






































WWE Monday Night Raw 5/16/16…6 Days Away From Going Extreme

The month of May is halfway done, and that means in 6 days, WWE goes Extreme.  This show tonight will heavily set the event up.

Raw is now.

Tonight is the night, and we are live in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Tonight, The Usos Vs Gallows and Anderson.

We kick the show off with AJ Styles.

Lilian Garcia is back tonight too.

AJ is here to set the record straight.  He is tired of hearing Roman Reigns call him a liar.  But he has heard it all over, people seem to think his friendship with Gallows and Anderson is a plan they came up with, so he can be WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

We see the tweets people have sent.

This isn’t new to AJ Styles.  He has headlined Japan shows in front of 64,000 people.  He has been World Champion many places he has gone, and he hasn’t needed anyone’s help to get where he is at.

But here comes Reigns.

Reigns tells AJ he has headlined all over the world.  He has won championship after championship.  But none of that matter unless you’re winning THE championship.

AJ is phenomenal, at lying.  Reigns will be in Usos corner, will AJ be in the corner of his club?

Yes he is, AJ will be everywhere he is at.

AJ has heard this before, he is not a bad guy, he isn’t a good guy, he is THE guy.

Reigns reminds AJ this isn’t a wrestling match, Reigns can put him through a table.  He can nail him with a chair, he can do whatever he wants.  He knows AJ’s club will be there, and so will The Usos, and you will know that family is the main bloodline.

AJ will put him through a chair, and wrap it around his head.

The Club come out, but The Usos stand beside Reigns, and Roman decks AJ.

Also tonight, Ambrose calls out Jericho.

And tonight, we have the official contract signing to the Women’s Championship match.

But now, it’s Zayn Vs Cesaro, with The Miz coming out for commentary.

The match is a no contest, when all 4 men fight each other involved at the Fatal 4-Way match, and of course….


What’s up Greensboro?  We will have a tag match, with Cesaro and Zayn Vs The Miz and Owens.

But here comes Stephanie.

Stephanie wants to consider switching up the teams a bit.  How about The Miz teaming up with Cesaro Vs Owens and Zayn.

That is better, and Kevin.  If you even think about walking out on Sami, don’t even think about having your title match.

The match is now.

Zayn and Owens win with a Hella Kick by Zayn, pinning Miz.

After the match, Owens lays out Zayn, demands the ref to raise his arm.

Renee Young is with Chris Jericho.

She asks if he has any idea what Dean Ambrose has to say?

Jericho tells Renee he needs to apologize for destroying his iconic jacket, that is more famous than Andre The Giant.  Chris will give him one chance to apologize, and if he doesn’t, he will make him very sorry.

The Shining Stars from Puerto Rico is next.

Apollo Crews video, and now The Shining Stars are ready for their in-ring debut.

Their names are Primo and Epico, The Shining Stars.

This ring is their island, and every time they step into the ropes, the ring turns into Puerto Rico.

So tonight, they would like to reward us by sharing a little piece of their Puerto Rica paradise.

Their opponents are 2 North Carolina locals, Scott Jackson and some other dude.  His name is Brian Kennedy.

And they hit a Shining Star to win.

Shane McMahon is talking to Dean Ambrose.  Dean is coming out, next.

John Cena is returning to Raw in 2 weeks, on Memorial Day.

Here comes “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

For the moment he got here, it seemed that people are puzzled, calling him different things, and questioning his stability.  But when Jericho put that straight jacket on last week, he tightened those buckles, he couldn’t move, he felt trapped like he was in jail, or an asylum.  He didn’t like it, and feels like he has something to say to Chris, so come on out.

Jericho comes out, and he pleads with Dean to apologize.  $15,000 is a lot of money, and he wants it back.  The way he sees it, Dean will give Chris back the $15,000, and give Chris an apology right now.

Apologize?  Okay, that is not happening.  He called him out to challenge Chris to a match at Extreme Rules.

Just as Chris suspected, no apology from Dean Ambrose.  Okay, you stupid idiot.  You want a match?  Chris will take $15,000 out of his ass, you got a match.

Are you sure?  This is Extreme Rules, and there can be anything that will happen.  With Chris’ age, he might not keep up.

Chris has faced any kind of giant, pro fighter, he has faced them all, and beaten them all.  Chris is a 6-time World Champion, and he is the best in the world at what he does.  Do you understand what he’s telling him?  He will show no remorse this Sunday.  He will give him what he wants, what every fan wants.  He will give Ambrose the gift of Jericho.

Drink it in, Dean.

Ambrose has a gift for him too, and we have a steel cage lower in the ring, with a straight jacket hanging on top.

Chris put Dean in a straight jacket, and Dean will put Chris in an asylum.  He talked to Shane McMahon, and Shane told him to choose any stipulation match he wants, so we will have the first ever Asylum Match.

We have Mitch the Plant on top too, barbed wire.  This is Extreme Rules.

There is no escape, and Chris you might be the best in the world at what you do.  But in Dean’s world, you scream, cry, and beg for mercy.

Dean promises you that when he enters his Asylum, Chris will never, EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER be the same, again.

Earlier tonight, Reigns and AJ put everything on the line in their Extreme Rules match, and are met with The Club and The Usos.

Becky Lynch will face Dana Brooke, a rematch from Smackdown.

Dana Brooke picks up the win, by rolling up Becky.

Natalya Vs Charlotte, at Extreme Rules.  We see footage of WWE Payback, with the Chicago Screwjob.

The official contract signing is tonight, on Raw.

The Dudleys are with Shane and Steph.  They want to remind Shane and Steph who they are.

Shane and Steph tells them one of the two will face Big Cass.  But they must decide who faces him.

The Golden Truth finally make their debut in the ring.  We see video of their 5 month history.

Bredango faces Golden Truth, with Bredango winning.  Truth tries to kick Tyler, but misses and hits Goldust instead.

Goldust is beside himself.

Official contract signing to Women’s Title match is tonight.

Truth is telling Goldust they have to work out the kinks.  The WWE Universe wants The Golden Truth.  R-Truth wants The Golden Truth, and deep down inside, Goldust wants it too.

Bredango comes over, and makes fun of them.

Goldust agrees to it.


It’s a New Day, yes it is.

Pour yourself a big ol’ bowl of Booty O’s.  Booty O’s, they make sure you ain’t booty.

This Sunday, they will defend their WWE Tag Team Titles against those dreaded villains from the bygone era, The Vaudevillains.

Kofi wishes we’d see a glimpse of the era The Vaudevillains were here.

Xavier has a time machine.  Okay, it was an empty refrigerator box.

They went in, and we see a glimpse of Kofi Kingston, the Jamaican Sensation.

Wrong era.

We come back, and it indeed the bygone era.  Big E. has a mustache, and the Booty O’s box is Derrier Squares.

But they are still WWE Tag Team Champions, and The Vaudevillains attack all three men.

Gallows and Anderson Vs The Usos is next.

The Usos win with a kick, and a splash.

After the match, all six men fight.

Styles has a chair, and this time, he used it.  Nailed Roman 3 times, and hits a Styles Clash right on the chair.

AJ Styles makes a statement, tonight.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Big Cass has a problem with The Dudleys.

Big Cass Vs Devon is now.

Big Cass wins with the East River Crossing.

Only one word to describe them….S.A.W.F.T.

Video from last week, when Ric Flair came out to help his daughter Charlotte.  Shane McMahon came out to kick him out, and Paige won.

Submission Match this Sunday, but tonight, a contract signing.

In 2 weeks, John Cena will return.

Kalisto Vs Del Rio, now.

Del Rio wins with a Backstabber, after we see Rusev attacking Sin Cara from behind backstage.  Rusev brings Sin Cara out, and after Del Rio beats him, Rusev attacks Kalisto, and nails an Accolade.

Lana approves.

Our main event, the official contract signing is next.

Our Extreme Rules Kickoff show match will be Ziggler Vs Corbin in a No DQ match.

Stephanie and Shane are in the ring.

This Sunday, Charlotte Vs Natalya will be a Submission match, and we have the official contract signing.

Ric Flair interrupts Stephanie’s introduction.  Let a Flair introduce a Flair.

Charlotte is ready to sign, but Shane brings out Natalya.

Natalya has a few things to say.  She used to have respect for Charlotte.  They faced each other at the first NXT PPV.  She was such a gracious person, and she did it without her father.  She hopes that she becomes that same person again this Sunday.

Charlotte tells Natalya that this is her people.  She would hit these people’s best friends, and people would still cheer her.  People love her, because she is a Flair.  And Nattie is just Nattie.

Flair tries to WOOOO, but Charlotte tells Ric this is her ring.

Shane wants Charlotte to sign the contract.  There is an added stipulation.  If Ric even walks to the ring, Charlotte will forfeit her Women’s Championship.

Ric is irate over this, and Shane calls for security.  Stephanie informs Charlotte that if she doesn’t sign tonight, she will forfeit the Women’s Championship, tonight.

Charlotte signs the contract.

Ric wants a piece of Shane, Charlotte tries to stop him, but Stephanie slaps Flair.  Charlotte tries to go after Stephanie, but Natalya ends this show with a Sharpshooter.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A crappy show tonight, Extreme Rules is this Sunday.  That is all I have to say.  Send me your thoughts here.






































WWE Monday Night Raw 5/9/16…Bullet Club Vs. Family

Tonight, Raw will feature a rematch from last week’s Raw main event.  Reigns and The Usos Vs AJ, Gallows, and Anderson.  We are also 13 days away from Extreme Rules, so expect some heavy promotion designed for that show.

I am also certain, Stephanie and her brother Shane will kick off Raw, together, right?

Raw is now.

Footage from last week, with Reigns, Usos Vs Styles, and his crew.

We are in Omaha, Nebraska.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Tonight, 6-man elimination tag match with The Club Vs Family.

I was wrong, Y2J kicks off the show.

It’s time for the Highlight Reel.

Shut your mouth, and listen to me.  Tonight, the guest of his Highlight Reel was supposed to be Dean Ambrose.  But that won’t happen, because of Jericho.

He won’t be here tonight, in fact he might not be in WWE for a long, long time, because of Jericho.

But he has the next best thing.  It’s the remains of Mitch, the potted plant.

Ambrose came here to WWE to entertain us, but then Dean ended, just like Mitch the plant, a tsunami, known as Chris Jericho.

And now, Mitch is waiting for someone, or some thing to make him better, again.  But it won’t happen.  And what is sad is the fans, who are barbarians are talking about Mitch the Plant, when Dean was in a hospital last week.

But he understands why we like Mitch, because he is more entertaining than Dean Ambrose.  He has more charisma than Ambrose.  He can sell Mitch’s remains for $12, and become good as new, because he is worth more money than Dean Ambrose.

He understands why the fans can relate to Dean.  He is a loser, just like us, and Chris can’t relate to that, because he is a legend.  He is a “Haley’s Comet” of WWE superstars.  We can talk about a new era, but Chris knows what we want.  He will give us the gift of Jericho, drink it, man.

And furthermore….

And here comes Big Cass.

If Jericho ever hands Cass this as a gift, he better have a receipt, because the moment he turns around, he is returning it.

How Ya Doin’?

Cass knows who Chris is, but Cass doesn’t think Chris knows who the new era is.  Consider this a warning, because Cass has arrived.  And he better get out of his way, because Cass will run him over.

Jericho makes a joke about Enzo being in a hospital, and Cass tells him this new era doesn’t run, they fight.  And he suggests they do that now.

Chris tells Cass he is the best in the world….

Cass tells Chris he is the best in the world at what he does, but Cass is 7 feet tall.  And you can’t teach that.

Jericho takes his jacket off, says you want to fight.  He then walks away.

So Chris is running away?  There is only one word to describe that, and let him spell it out for him….


Jericho runs back, and Cass hits the big boot.

Tonight, Paige will face Charlotte.  But next, it’s Ziggler Vs Corbin.

Stephanie agrees with Shane’s direction, and tonight, Jericho will face Big Cass in the main event.  And she warns Chris to ever make the mistake of trying to draw a big wedge between she and her brother Shane.

Ziggler Vs Corbin is now.

Corbin wins the match with End of Days.

Tonight, 6-man elimination match of The Club Vs Family.

We come back, and see The Flairs try to persuade Shane McMahon into reversing Stephanie’s decision last week, from barring Flair at ringside at Extreme Rules.

The request is denied, and Shane orders Flair is banned from ringside tonight too.

Jo-Jo is with The Club.

AJ tells us last week, he had an opportunity to hit Roman Reigns with a steel chair.  He denied that, and we saw what Roman did, which means he would do anything he can to keep the title.  AJ said he would beat Roman by himself at Extreme Rules.  But tonight, he has The Club, and anything will happen.

It’s R-Truth Vs Fandango, one on one.

Truth goes to the ropes, accidentally hits Tyler Breeze, and nails What’s Up for the big win.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, its Gorgeous Truth Vs Goldango.

All 3 men involved in the Intercontinental Title picture are bickering with Shane and Steph.  Steph orders a Triple Threat match at Payback, for the IC Title.

But Sami Zayn has a problem.  Last week, when he held the IC Title, the people wanted it.

But Sami lost to Kevin Owens last week, but Sami proposed that he faces The Miz tonight, if he loses, he goes to the back of the line.

Steph and Shane agree to that, and the match is set.

Charlotte Vs Paige is now, with Natalya at ringside.

Flair shows up at ringside, but here comes the money.  Shane makes sure refs escort Flair out of ringside.

Charlotte has her back to Paige, and the Brit rolls up Charlotte for the pinfall.

Charlotte is still Women’s Champion, but loses the match.

Earlier tonight, Big Cass made a statement on Y2J.

Tonight, Jericho Vs Cass, and 6-man elimination tag match is set.  The Family Vs The Club.

The Miz Vs Sami, is now.

Sami picks up the win with a Hella Kick, advancing to Extreme Rules for an IC Title match.

Renee Young is with Becky Lynch.

Becky faced Emma last week, and Emma used Becky’s eye injury to her advantage for the win.

Emma did that on purpose, so trust her the next time they face each other in the ring, Emma is in line for a lass kicking.

Emma comes in, says she is using excuses, but what she really needs are eyes in the back of her head.

The debuting Dana Brooke comes in and attacks Becky.

EMD is on Raw.

Darren Young is ready for a change, he needs a life coach, and asks Mr. Bob Backlund to be his life coach.  Backlund will be his wrestling coach.  Bob’s first rule in life coach is wrestling is life.

Switching gears.  We caught up with Xavier Woods on his Youtube show, “Up Up, Down Down”.

It’s a Pizza Hut commercial.

Zack Ryder wants to be IC Champion again.  He wants to be a major player, again.

Shane appreciates his fire, and this is about chances in WWE.  Kevin Owens shows up again.

Owens beat Sami, so he should not even get an IC Title match.  But Zack beat Owens at Wrestlemania, so he should get a title shot.

So Shane has an idea, if Zack can beat Owens tonight, then Zack can slide right in, and get IC Title shot at Extreme Rules.

Tom Phillips is with The Family.

Usos tell Tom the difference between The Club, and Family, is they are family.  You hit one person, you mess with them all.

Tonight, it can be One Vs Three, or One Vs All.  But Reigns has his family, they will take care of Gallows and Anderson.  But then, Reigns will eliminate Styles.

Next, it’s Sin Cara Vs Rusev.

Sin Cara defeated Rusev, with some help from Kalisto.

I don’t like this trend going on tonight, champions or number one contenders losing.

6-man tag action is next.

AJ is DQ’d when The Club helps him out, with a chair shot on Reigns, after it was AJ and Roman one on one.  Then we have a fight break out.  AJ dared Reigns to use a chair, and when he picked it up, AJ escaped.  He tells Reigns Roman needs the chair, not AJ.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Zack Ryder Vs Kevin Owens is now.

Pop-Up Powerbomb, Kevin Owens is going to Extreme Rules.

Last week at Payback, Enzo Amore received a concussion.  He is in recovery.

Renee Young is with Big Cass.  Cass is dedicating his match to Enzo.



Kofi reminds us in 2 weeks, they will face The Vaudevillians for the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

We must hail the last Booty-O.

The Vaudevillians do not appreciate a good booty.  They are from a bygone era, which quite frankly were not to kind to people like them….smart phone users.

Call you Mami, and your Papi, and tell them new Day Rocks.

Here come The Dudley Boyz.  They are facing New Day, next.

Dudleys win the match, with some help from The Vaudevillians.

Not a good night for the champions.

This Thursday on Smackdown, it will be Owens and The Miz Vs Sami and Cesaro.  Also, Reigns Vs Gallows.

Big Cass Vs Jericho, our main event is now.

A man attacks Jericho, and took his jacket.  That man is Dean Ambrose, and he wants some of Chris Jericho.

Dean tears up Jericho’s jacket.  We will call him Barry, for now.

And Chris runs off, but is met by Big Cass.

Cass runs him right back into the ring, and is met with Dirty Deeds.

$15,000 jacket is torn to pieces.

The show ends here, with Ambrose walking away, and Jericho is beside himself.

Stephanie and Shane is walking in the back.  They are getting along, it seems.

Stephanie looks at the picture of Shane and Vince.

Jericho is still beside himself, irate over the $15,000 jacket.  You idiot.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

An interesting show tonight, certainly better than last week, and a minimal showing of Shane and Stephanie.

I am looking forward to Styles Vs Reigns again, at Extreme Rules.  Those two have good chemistry.  And a very good showing for Big Cass tonight.  He didn’t wrestle, but he went toe to toe with Jericho on the mic, and he handled himself very well.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Share them with me here.




































WWE Monday Night Raw 5/2/16…A New Era Has Begun?

One night after Payback, we find out Shane and Stephanie McMahon are in charge of Monday Night Raw.  We also see Roman Reigns retain his WWE World Title, after a DQ and a countout.  What happens tonight?

WWE Raw is now.

We are live in St. Louis, Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

And we begin the show with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie has a gift for us, it seems.

Hello St. Louis, and she says it’s great to be back on Raw, so welcome….


Shane comes out.

What’s up, St. Louis.

And welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw.

Steph tells Shane in the 7 years Shane has left us and the fans, she has learned about business, and she knows how to work well with others.

After her father put them both in charge of Raw, she brought Shane a peace offering.

It’s a photo of Shane and Vince together.

That’s the Shane she remembers, and she knows how much that photo means to Shane.  So in spirit of working together, let’s hear about Shane’s ideas of Raw.

We do a poll, they want to hear Shane’s ideas, and not Stephanie’s.

What they would like to do, and here comes Kevin Owens.

This is a lovely sight to see the two of them, brother and sister in the ring, together on Monday Night Raw.  It’s very touching, but here is an idea.

Kevin tells the fans he is talking to Steph and Shane, not these idiots.

Kevin wants a rematch for the IC Title.  Last night, he decimated Sami Zayn, and has proven he is better than Sami.  Kevin wants his Intercontinental Title rematch, tonight.

Kevin has no hope in Shane making the right decisions.  He knows Stephanie is a smart businesswoman, and he is owed that rematch in his contract.

And here comes Cesaro.

Kevin wants to talk about last night, Cesaro had the Intercontinental Champion beat, but unfortunately for the fans in Cesaro Section, the whiner came into the ring.

Owens agrees, Sami Zayn had no business being in the ring, and Cesaro told Owens he cost him the match, and the title.

Shane has a solution for this.  These two settle it in the ring, one on one.

That match is next.

The Miz caused Owens the match because Cesaro and owens ran into Miz.

Now all three men are fighting, and here comes Sami Zayn.

Hola kick, on Owens.  But Maryse saves her husband.

Sami Zayn wants the Intercontinental Title now.

Stephanie runs into Dean Ambrose.  He isn’t buying into Stephanie’s act.  But her brother gave him his own show Ambrose Asylum, she will be Dean’s guest.  And she wants to meet Mitch the Plant.

Truth wants to tag with Prince Pretty, and Breeze doesn’t care.  Goldust is upset by this, and he has a partner for later tonight.


Anderson and Gallows tells AJ Styles Reigns won’t leave Extreme Rules without the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Reigns hears this, after last night, Roman has respect for AJ.  But he has no respect for the other two guys.  After last night, he doesn’t think he can beat THE GUY all alone.  Question is can these three beat their three.  Roman and The Usos.

AJ tells them he will beat reigns all by himself at Extreme Rules, but tonight, the three of them will face those three.

Goldust and Fandango Vs Pretty Truth, next.

Pretty Truth wins when Truth distracts Goldust and dances, Tyler rolls up Goldust for the win.


The New Day are headed to the ring, next.



After what happened last night, The Vaudevillians were rewarded the victory, and will indeed face New Day at Extreme Rules, in 3 weeks.

On to serious business last night, in the finals of the WWE Number One Contenders tournament, sponsored by Booty O’s.  Enzo Amore suffered a concussion, and the match ended abruptly.

They have a tweet that will all make us smile.

Xavier tried to say beyonce slid up her DMs last night.  But that did not happen.

We have this….

Enzo has been released from the hospital.


They sent him some Booty O’s cereal, and a dash of unicorn magic.  So when he returns, The New Day will be waiting.  But your WWE World Tag Team Champions will continue to keep this positivity train…

The Vaudevillians come out, and while what happened last night was tragic, this is a tough business, and tough things happen.  But let’s face it, a real man would have gotten back up.  A real man, like them are in a dead man era.  But real men are like them are the Number One Contenders to the WWE World Tag team Championship.

Simon Gotch tell us they made Enzo Amore the realest man in the emergency room.  And they want to know how is he doing.

Here come The Dudley Boyz.

What are the two carnies doing?  They didn’t beat anyone last night.  The referee stopped the match, and all they did was twirl their mustaches, like the Monopoly man.  As far as his brother and he are concerned, they need to restart the Tag Team Tournament.

Devon says they are the baddest men on the planet.  Who do they think….

Here comes Big Cass.

Listen up Simon and Garfunkel, you better call up Mrs. Robinson and say you will be late for dinner.  He listened to them talk about taking out Enzo.  But Enzo is his family, and if they mess with his family, he has to do something about it.

And as far as the D-D-D-Dudley do-rights, he and his partner already took them out, so there is one word to describe them…


Now all 8 men are fighting when we go to break.

8-man tag match is now.

Big Cass and new Day wins the match, with Big Cass pinning Devon with East River Crossing.

A big win for the 4 men.

Tonight, an over the top battle royal to determine who faces Kalisto.

Also tonight, Stephanie McMahon is a guest on The Ambrose Asylum.

Happy Birthday to The Rock.

Footage from last night’s World Title match between AJ Styles Vs Roman Reigns.

Earlier tonight, we see Reigns challenge AJ, and his friend Vs Roman and his cousins.

The 6-man tag match is official.

Last night, we had the Chicago Screwjob, with Charlotte Vs Natalya.

We will hear from the Women’s Champion tonight.

Becky Lynch vs Emma is now.

Emma wins the match poking Becky in the eye, and hitting a Minshinoku Driver.

The Ambrose Asylum is next.

The Colons want you to go to Puerto Rico.

Ambrose is out now.

We have Mitch the plant.

Dean introduces us to Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie is honored to be here, and the set is amazing.

But Dean isn’t buying the “nice” Stephanie.  Deep down after what happened at Payback, she must be a bit upset, right?

This is a new era, and Stephanie is happy.

Dean shows us Roman Reigns spearing Stephanie at Wrestlemania.  What words does she have to describe that?

Stephanie was a bit overzealous, she got in the ring where she didn’t belong, and Roman Reigns taught her a lesson.

And after 7 years, Shane McMahon came back to a hero’s welcome.

Shane O’ Mac chants now.

But to make matters worse in one week, he is running Raw better than The Authority ever had.

This shows the loyalty the WWE Universe has for Shane, and loyalty is a big thing.

But think of the loyalty Stephanie has shown over the years, but think of missing the kids dancing recitals, or the softball games.  With all of the loyalty Steph has shown, you think Shane has shown that same loyalty?  That has to upset Steph a bit, right?

Her father taught her a valuable lesson last night.  That some things have to change, and now she has to do that for Dean.  Ambrose has done this show for 3 or 4 weeks?  It’s time for a change, so she will officially cancel it.

Dean had some fun with this, but Stephanie is going to bring back The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho.

And now the two men start to fight.

Code Breaker on Ambrose, and Chris uses Mitch The Plant on Ambrose, ending his life.

Moments ago, we see the death of Mitch The Plant.

Switching gears, we see Kalisto sitting at ringside to see who wins the Battle Royal, and here we go.

Rusev wins the Battle Royal, to become the new Number One Contender to the US Title.  Lana comes out to celebrate with him.  Rusev last eliminated Ryder.

Charlotte addresses the controversy, next.

The Highlight Reel this Thursday night, with Jericho’s guest being Sami Zayn.

Charlotte and Ric Flair are in the ring.

Last night, Charlotte says that Natalya and her uncle Bret took her to the limit, but once again, she prevailed.

She was shocked to see her Twitter being blown up on how she took the win.  Flair said they know Natalya quit, and the Flairs will always be better than The Harts.

Charlotte brings out Charles Robinson, to clear the air.

The “Queen” is talking.

Did Natalya submit to The Sharpshooter?

Yes she did, but she physically did not quit, she was screaming it stop it.

And just for the record, the relationship Charles has with her family.  The respect he has with “The Nature Boy” had nothing to do with the verdict?

Yes, I mean no, of course not.

One last question, as the ref of their match, his decision is final, right?

That is correct, “Little Naitch” said.

And as she said….WOOOOOOO

Here comes Natalya.

This isn’t about Charles Robinson.  This isn’t about Charlotte.  This is about Ric Flair.  Last night, he paid a ref to screw her out of the Women’s Championship.

And as everyone saw, The Harts are the best they were, the best there are, and the best there ever will be.

Charlotte goes to take a swing, Natalya shoves her out of the ring.  She slaps Ric, and gives him the Sharpshooter.

Flair is drunk, again.

6-man tag match is next.

Stephanie confronts Charlotte and Flair.  At Extreme Rules, Charlotte Vs Natalya in a Submission match.

And Flair is banned from ringside.

Styles, Anderson, and Gallows won the match when Styles pinned Roman with a Phenominal Elbow.  Gallows and Anderson brought a chair to the ring, wanting AJ to use it.  He refused, and put the chair down.  The Usos used the chair on AJ.  Then another fight broke though, which ended with Styles using the chair and knocking The Usos out.

Roman sees this, and it completely pissed him off.  He destroys AJ at the end of the show, with a Powerbomb through the table.

The show ends here.






































WWE Payback 5/1/16

Tonight, AJ Styles will face Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.  This is the first PPV of a new era.

We kick it off with the Kick-Off show of Payback.

Renee Young, Corey Graves, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Greg Hamilton joins us for the WWE Payback Social media Lounge.  Tonight’s guest is Sami Zayn.

Vince McMahon will be here tonight, we see footage of Stephanie McMahon’s return to Raw.  Who will take over Raw?  We find out, tonight.

Dean Ambrose Vs Chris Jericho, one on one, tonight.

We see footage of that preview.

Who wins the match tonight?

Also tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin.  Our Kick-Off match is the United States Title match between Kalisto Vs Ryback.

And, our main event is Styles Vs Reigns, for the WWE World Title.

Styles Vs Reigns video is being set up.

I’m looking forward to seeing this match.  The idea of AJ Styles in a WWE PPV main event is remarkable.

And will we see Gallows and Anderson tonight?

Tonight, Number One Contenders to Tag Titles.  The Vaudevillians Vs Enzo and Cass.

Mauro Ranallo and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Baron Corbin Vs Dolph Ziggler will take place, now.

Ziggler wins the match with a rollup.

No undefeated streak like Baron had in NXT.

In this half hour, we will see US Title match with Kalisto Vs Ryback, but Sami Zayn is next.

Awesome Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens video is now.

Sami Zayn is at the Social Media Lounge now.

Bret Hart was Sami’s inspiration growing up.  Would he ever trust Owens again?  Sami isn’t sure.  They have fought before, but nothing like this.  But you never say never.  Does he have regrets with Kevin’s friendship?  He believes in things happen for a reason, so no.

Moving forward, Kalisto Vs Ryback, for United States Title.

A good 6 minute match, Ryback mocked CM Punk, which is a great way for the Chicago fans to boo him.  Kalisto picks up the win with a Salida Del Sol.

We are moments away from Payback.

OHHHHHH Chicago!!  Don’t you dare be sour.  Stand up, and clap for your world-famous 2-time Tag Team Champions.

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

Welcome to WWE Payback!!

Tonight, one team will prevail for the chance at their WWE Tag Team Championship.

Kofi tells us they will be watching this at ringside, sipping on some lemonade.

Xavier tells Beyonce if she wants revenge for what happened to her marriage, she can follow Xavier on Twitter, and his DM is open.

Big E. tells us it’s a new day, and times are changing, because New Day Rocks!!

WWE Payback starts now.

We are live in Chi-Town, with Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton joining us.

We kick the show off with Number One Contenders match.  The Vaudevillians Vs Enzo and Cass.


The match ends very quickly when Enzo is thrown into the ropes, and his head snapped on the mat, and fell onto the floor.  EMTs are out.  I hope Enzo is okay, it looked very scary.

Owens Vs Zayn is next.

Michael Cole brings up Enzo is being taken to the hospital, but he is moving and talking.  Which is great to hear.

Owens wins an incredible match with the Pop-Up Powerbomb.  The crowd was amazing, and as JBL stated these boys just stole the show.

I agree.

Owens slaps Zayn, and throws him out of HIS ring.

He calls Byron to come to the ring now.

He orders Saxton to ask Owens about beating Sami.

Byron asked him if his feud with Sami is over now after he beat him?

Owens tells us he beat Sami Zayn, and he proved after 14 years of friendship, he is the better man.  Now he can focus and get back his Intercontinental Championship.

Byron tells him the match is next, and if he thinks The Miz can retain his championship.

Kevin doesn’t care who wins, but he will join them for commentary.

IC Title match is up now, The Miz Vs Cesaro.  With Kevin Owens lurking on.

Another great match here, we had Sami Zayn come out and fight with Owens.  Cesaro gave The Miz 14 Cesaro Swings, and then he gave him a Crossface, with Miz tapping out.  But during this, Owens and Sami were on the apron.  Cesaro gave both men elbow shots, and Miz rolls him up, holding the tights for the pinfall victory.

After the match, all four men continue to fight.  Owens though shoved Cesaro out of the ring, gave Sami a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  He was set to give Miz a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Maryse saved her husband.

Owens has his eyes set on IC Title.

Stephanie McMahon is with Apollo Crews.

It’s Jericho Vs Ambrose, now.

An update on Enzo Amore, he is still going through testing at the hospital.  But he is moving around, and talking.

Ambrose picks up the hard-earned victory, with Dirty Deeds.

Mauro Ranallo is with AJ Styles.

Will we see Anderson and Gallows help him win?

We will see AJ do what he does best, steal the show.  Anderson and Gallows are their friends, and he will have their back someday, but this is about AJ tonight.  And he will show us why he is phenomenal.

Sasha Banks is with Shane O’ Mac, we find out who takes over Raw tonight.

But now, it’s Charlotte, with Ric Flair Vs Natalya, with Bret Hart for the Women’s Championship.

Oh lord, we just had the Chicago Screwjob, with the ref calling the bell fast after a Sharpshooter.

Charlotte retains, but Bret decks Ric and Natalya spears Charlotte, giving both a Sharpshooter.

Eden Stiles introduces us to Mr. McMahon.

Loud CM Punk chants now, and Vince is mocking it.

Through the years, Monday Night Raw is the longest, running episodic episodes of television history.  One of the reason it is successful is it has been able to change through the years.

A louder CM Punk chant, and Vince encourages it.

In order to reinvent Raw, you have to change it through the times.  Different eras, his favorite era is the Attitude Era.

We need someone who has a vision, this person needs to be a great businessman, and also a great sense of business ethics.

Should it be his son Shane?  Or his daughter Stephanie?

So let’s bring out his daughter Stephanie.

Stephanie wants to thank the fans for their outgoing support after Roman Reigns viciously speared her.

The crowd boos, and Vince tells them to SHUT UP!!

Stephanie doesn’t want their respect or compassion, because she wants to be feared and respected.

This is the biggest Wrestlemania of all-time during her run, and we have seen so many superstars from NXT debut over the last few years.

But during The Authority Era, they have given us The WWE Network for each and every one of us.  And while they may not like everything she has done, she does what is best for business.

And unlike her brother Shane McMahon, she has been here through the good times, and bad.

And what does he do?  He abandons us, and can do it again.  And the only reason why he does this, is because he bribed himself back into this company, and because of that, this only leaves one choice….MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!


Chicago loves Shane O’ Mac.

What’s up Chicago!!

Steph accuses Shane of pandering.

Shane wants to question how many headlines has she and her husband received of doing great things on Monday Night Raw?

Shane shows us headlights, from Fox Sports and Sporting News.

He has a point.

Now you talked about WWE Network, and he gives Stephanie the credit.  But the fans deserve the credit for signing this.  There was a jump for Wrestlemania 32.  But there was perhaps one match everyone was interested in.  And one of those participants is standing in this ring.

The crowd chants he still has it.

Now Steph brings up his departure.  She doesn’t know many things about that, and one thing is his voice wasn’t being heard.  He had irreconcilable differences.  And that left a void, and instead of giving us new matches, new superstars, they injected poison from Titan Tower to the WWE locker room.  And he nearly burned the flame down the ground.  So he is here to make sure WWE is around for his kids, Steph’s kids, for fans, and their kids.

So Dad, Shane asks that he listens to him, and not just his voice, but they all speak for Shane.

The fans want Shane.

Vince wants them to stop, and Shane does a poll.

In all due respect Shane, Stephanie makes some good points.

Stephanie admits Shane has the likeability, but she has the business.

Vince tells Shane he lost to Undertaker, and he should not be in this ring right now.  The next night on Raw, Shane showed up, and he admits Shane did good things on Raw.  Vince assures us he doesn’t listen to the fans, it’s all about him.

And this is what he wants.

Vince wants blood.  He wants to see both slit each other’s throat, and disembowel each other.  Or, they collaborate with each other, it might be best for the family.

So they both will run Raw, go figure it out.

That’s the big decision, they both run Raw.

Shane offers his hand to Stephanie, and she shakes his hand.

The Payback crew discuss things of what we just saw.

Earlier tonight, in the Payback Pre-show, Ziggler defeated Corbin.  And Kalisto defeated Ryback for US Title.

Our main event is now.  Reigns Vs Styles, for the WWE World Title.

An update on Enzo Amore:  He has been diagnosed as having a concussion, but everything else has been checked out okay.

Styles Vs Reigns is now.

AJ Styles wins the match by countout.  AJ didn’t mean to, but it just happened.


Shane tells us this match may have ended in the old era, but this is a new era.  This is a no countout match.

Match continues.

Oh lord, this is a DQ, when Reigns gave AJ a low blow.

But wait, there is more.  Stephanie McMahon comes out, and orders this match to be restarted, and gave us a No DQ match.

We had Anderson and Gallows come out, and help AJ.  The Usos came out to help their cousin.  We had fives, Phenomenal Forearm, Superman Punch, Springboard Forearm.

But at the end of the day, Reigns gives AJ a spear, and retains his title.

Vince is backstage with his son and daughter.  He loved that match, and credit both of them for changing the match.  AJ deserves a rematch, but where?

Shane suggests at Extreme Rules in an Extreme Rules match.

Stephanie tells Shane she totally supports his decision.

And we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Overall an entertaining show.  We know now the main event of the next PPV.  The main event was incredible, and while the middle of the show sort of stalled a bit, the begin and end truly made the PPV enjoyable.

What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.









































WWE Monday Night Raw 4/25/16…6 Days From Payback

Tonight’s episode of Raw is in honor of Joanie “Chyna” Lauer.

We are 6 days away from Payback, back in the states.  We see footage from last week, when Anderson and Gallows attacked Reigns, did AJ Styles have anything to do with that?

Raw is now.

We are in Hartford, Connecticut.  Tonight, AJ Styles Vs Sheamus.  We will also see reigns Vs Del Rio.

Here Comes The Money!!  Here Comes The Money!!

Shane O’ Mac is in charge, again.

What’s up Hartford.  WWE Payback is this Sunday, it is the first PPV of a new era.

We will keep the action going with new faces, new matches.  We are going to have some fun.

And the buzzkill comes, with Stephanie McMahon coming to the ring.

She tries to give her brother a kiss, but he denies it.  She mocks Shane wants the fans to have some fun.  You think they can pander to these people?  They are from Hartford, they are tough.  They are tired of politicians, and she is one of them.  These are her people.

Listening to some of them, they are not naturally from Hartford.

Shane expected to see her or her husband show their unimportant heads at some point.

Stephanie informs Shane this is his last night of running the show.  This Sunday, Vincent Kennedy McMahon will decide once and for all who is running Monday Night Raw.

Shane O’ Mac chants.

Shane runs a poll from the fans on who should run Raw, it’s of course Shane.

They bicker a bit here, and Stephanie has good authority in 6 days, Shane won’t be having things go his way.

Maybe it’s time for “Hartford’s favorite daughter” to head out of the ring.

Stephanie isn’t going anywhere.

Tonight, Shane is still in charge.  So since she won’t politely leave, he brings out security to escort her to leave.

Stephanie drops the mic, and heads out with the fans loving every second.

A security guy touches her, and she slaps him.  She will be arrested again.

Na Na Na Na….Hey Hey Goodbye.

Let’s get into some action, shall we?

Styles Vs Sheamus kicks the show off.

Styles wins with the Phenomenal Forearm.

Gallows and Anderson is on the top ramp, happy for AJ’s win.

Reigns is watching this backstage, he is approached by The Usos.

He saw it, and they are all together.  Usos have Roman’s back, but One Vs All.

They are all in this together.

OHHHHHHH Hartford, don’t you dare be sour.  Clap for your world-famous 2-time Tag Team Champions.

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

We come back with The New Day.

This Sunday, the finals of the Number One Contender tournament will take place, with The Vaudevillians Vs Enzo and Cass, brought to you by Booty-O’s.  And at this Sunday, we will pay respect to the team who wins the finals, and then they will party like it’s 1999.

Nice homage.

The Vaudevillians show up, to no reaction.

Aiden English said when they win the Number One Contenders match, they will party like it’s 1899.

Because they represent the moral values, and will bring it back to WWE.  And Gotch brings up when they beat those Mongrels….

Cass and Enzo show up.

Enzo makes this clear, Vaudevillians want to be Number One Contender, but Enzo wants to run the beach, into his own arms.  But that is impossible.

Enzo and Cass will be the Number One Contenders to Tag Team Titles.  Because there is only one word to describe them….


But The New Day will still say as the Tag Team Champions, because New Day Rocks.

John Cena will return to WWE, on Memorial Day.

Anderson and Gallows make their in-ring debut against The Usos, next.

Anderson and Gallows won with the Magic Killer, in their in-ring debut as a team.

After the match, they want to inflict more damage.

Here comes Reigns to help his cousins.  Take care of both men, as Anderson and Gallows retreat.

Still to come tonight, Reigns Vs Del Rio.

At Payback, Zayn Vs Owens.  We take a look at their 14-year friendship, next.

Renee Young is with AJ Styles.

How has he prepared for his WWE World Championship match this Sunday?

Anderson and Gallows interrupt him again.

Reigns started the fight.  Gallows promise they will not jeopardize his title match this Sunday.  They are here to make sure it’s a fair fight.  Anderson assures AJ that they have his back.  This friendship they have is forever.

Owens Vs Zayn video is shown.

Sami Zayn is set to face Rusev, next.

Zayn wins with a rollup.  Lana is beside herself, throwing her shoes at Sami.

And Owens, with a new T-shirt attacks Sami from behind.

Renee Young is with Apollo Crews.

How does Apollo stand out?  Stardust interrupts, but Apollo calls him Cody.  He said his dad Dusty Rhodes worked with him, and even gave him his name.

Stardust isn’t impressed.

They clash, next.

Titus O’ Neil is the “finisher”.

Crews wins in impressive fashion over Stardust with the Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Dean Ambrose is headed to the ring, next.

This Sunday, Ambrose Vs Jericho.  “The Lunatic Fringe” makes his way to the ring.

Tonight, Ambrose was going to host The Ambrose Asylum, but he told Shane there won’t be a talk show.  Because he is not in a good mood.  He was attacked last week, by Jericho.  This Sunday, he is going to beat the former 6-time World Champion.

Jericho likes to repeat how he is the best in the world at what he does, but Ambrose is pretty good too.  Jericho likes to say how great he is, and Dean has nothing to complain.  Jericho loves to attack people from behind, but Dean will kick the door right down, and do what he has to do.  Chris, lace up your scarf, light up your Christmas lights jacket, and get out here.

Here comes Jericho.

You disrespectful idiot.  How dare you call him out, there is no way he is fighting Dean in this dump.

Shut up.

Have you forgotten who you are dealing with Ambrose?  He doesn’t say he is the best, he IS the best in the world at what he does.  Do you understand what he’s saying?  He makes history, Ambrose should thank Chris, because just being in the ring with Jericho puts him in a different light.  In fact, get on your feet, and kiss his $1,500 boots.  It’s $750, a-boot.  In fact, he wants Dean to apologize for disrespecting Jericho, and taking away his talk show.  Apologize right now.

Shut up.

Shut up.


Do it, now….IDIOT.

Dean is sorry Chris, he is sorry he paid so much money for those ugly ass shoes.  Chris, Dean is sorry he is walking around wearing a scarf.He is sorry he wears a Bon Jovi haircut.  He is sorry Chris pissed him off so much.  He is sorry he will beat his ass this Sunday, but he is not sorry for this.

Ambrose attacks Jericho.

Jericho gives Ambrose a Walls of Jericho, right on the announce table.

Officials break this up, while Jericho has an awesome smirk, looking at the crowd.

Earlier tonight, Stephanie McMahon returns, and tells Shane Vince will decide this Sunday who is running Raw.

Shane kicks Steph out of the building.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Del Rio.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Ambrose attacking Jericho, but Chris pulls off The Walls.

Natalya will face Charlotte this Sunday night.  Flair in Charlotte’s corner, and Bret “The Hitman” Hart in Nattie’s corner.

Nattie Vs Emma, now.

Charlotte and Ric Flair make their presence felt.

Nattie wins with a Sharpshooter.

A video tribute to Joanie “Chyna” Laurer.

Damien Sandow is set for action against “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin.

The match never takes place, because Ziggler attacks Corbin.  This Sunday night, those two clash.

Still to come, Reigns Vs Del Rio.

The Colons want us to come to Puerto Rico.

The Miz and Maryse are in the ring.

This Sunday at Payback, The Miz will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Cesaro.  And going by what Social Media is saying, Cesaro will beat him.  And it appalls him, not because of the morons who say this, but because they need The Miz as IC Champion.

It’s more than a title, it’s more than an accomplishment, it is legendary.

Major superstars have held on to these championships, and hold it up.  The Miz has done that, Cesaro has not.  The fans make up their signs that says Cesaro Section, but Maryse is what The MiZ Section looks like, you are what Cesaro Section looks like.  Need he say more?

Enter Cesaro.

Cesaro doesn’t want Miz to insult the fans intelligence.  He’s trying to pander the fans to root for him, but they are more intelligent than that.

Cesaro does agree with one thing, the IC Title is legendary, some legends have been IC Champion, and Cesaro has yet to do so.  But he will make sure the end credits roll out his IC Title run.

Miz assures Cesaro the IC Title mean more to Miz than he would ever know.  Cesaro tells Miz to make his day, Miz goes to leave, but is caught with a Spinebuster.

He is about to set up a Cesaro Swing, but Maryse gets on top of Miz.

This Sunday, Cesaro Vs The Miz.

Reigns is headed to the ring, and is met with AJ Styles.

Payback, Styles is taking his title.  Reigns asks Styles if he already bought tickets for Gallows and Anderson.

Reigns Vs Del Rio is next.

The Payback Kick-Off match is Kalisto Vs Ryback, for the United States Title.

Reigns Vs Del Rio is now.

Gallows and Anderson tried to distract Reigns, but he spears Del Rio.

Gallows and Anderson lay out Reigns, Styles comes out to tell them to cool down.  Styles turns around, and hits a Superman Punch on AJ.  Reigns goes after Anderson and Gallows, and that distracts Reigns, Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm.

Are they all in this together?  Payback is this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another good episode of Raw, with Payback setting up to be a good PPV.  Is AJ in cahoots with Anderson and Gallows?  Will Bullet Club emerge this Sunday?

I have a feeling we will find out everything.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.










































Impact Wrestling 4/19/16…Hardy Vs Hardy….I Quit

Tonight, Jeff Hardy faces Matt Hardy in an I Quit match.  So much is on the line, Impact Wrestling is in 5 minutes.

Earlier today, Jeff Hardy entered in The Impact Zone.  Matt Hardy entered the building, with Reba and Maxel.  Tonight, Hardy Vs Hardy.

But first, a ladder match for sole possession of the Knockouts Division.

Gail Kim and The Beautiful People Vs The Dollhouse.

Maria Kanellis Bennett wins the match, and is now in control of The Knockouts Division.

Last week, Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy lost to Matt and Tyrus, and after the match, Lashley attacked Galloway with a spear.  He wants a title shot.

Drew is calling out Lashley, next.

This is the keys to the Knockouts Division.  Maria has all of the power, and next week, everything changes.

Decay are in the rafters, they have Gail Kim, who was knocked out earlier tonight.

The TNA World Champion Drew Galloway comes out to the ring.

Bobby Lashley decided to take advantage of the situation, and hit Drew with a spear, and another one.  But then that big son of a bitch speared him through the steel steps.  And now the bloody TNA officials didn’t clear him this week.  They said he can’t wrestle, but they didn’t say anything about Drew fighting.  Lashley, he is still standing.  Come on out, and finish the job.

Rockstar Spud shows up instead.

Spud tells Drew he can get a match for the World Title tonight, and beat him just like that.

Drew is willing to put that to a test, but Spud isn’t here to fight.  He is here to say tonight will be the final time we see Jeff Hardy.  No more paint face, no more creatures.  And that is because of the real ICON, Matt Hardy.

Drew said if Lashley won’t come out, he will fight Spud.

It’s not Spud.  But he is warned.

It’s Tyrus.

Tyrus asks how painful Drew is, but Tyrus is a patient man, he is lurking in the shadows.  Drew is a fighting champion, but he can cash in his title shot anytime he want.  But Drew is hiding behind his doctor’s note.

Drew is cleared next week, and he will kick his arse.

Next week, it’s Tyrus Vs Galloway.  And Tyrus shakes his hand, but Drew said what are they waiting for?  He was telling his oompa loompa, but Spud attacks Drew.

Spud and Tyrus lay out Drew.

Tryus hits a Vader Splash right on Drew’s ribs on a chair.  Tyrus holds the World Title.

We see a Hardy Brand Cam, with Matt telling us we will see a war nobody has seen before.  Jeff, you say you’re not a quitter, you will learn.  And he will do this for himself, his family, the Hardy legacy.  Jeff, you will say you quit.

Decay tells Gail Kim this whole place is at war, and they will get what they want, and Gail is their pawn to get what they want.  And they will get what they want, tonight.

Trevor Lee Vs DJ Z Vs Eddie Edwards for the X-Division Title match.

Trevor picks up the win, with an assist by Andrew Everett, Trevor’s long-lasting friend.

Both men take out Eddie and DJ Z.

Eric Young and Bram head to the ring, next.

Tonight, it’s Hardy Vs Hardy.

The Helms Dynasty runs this X-Division, and he brings in Andrew Everett.

Bram and EY are in the ring.

Eric hates everyone in this building, including all of us idiots, and everyone in the back.  We are looking at the most dangerous man in professional wrestling.  And with the most dangerous hold in professional wrestling.  Eric is the “King” of wrestling.  And nobody can do anything about it.

TNA, you want to cater to punks like EC3.  You want to cater to a has-been like Jeff Hardy.  You want to give the “Golden Boy” Drew Galloway opportunities.  Eric is done with TNA, this is his last night.  He and Bram quits.

But Bram isn’t going anywhere.

EY is irate at this, and Bram is sick and tired of playing second fiddle to Eric.  Okay, Bram wants to be alone, he wants to stay away from the most dangerous wrestler.  Fine, stay here.  You loser.

Where is Eric going, mate?  That belt looks heavy for you, and Bram thinks that belt would look better on a real man. In fact, Bram doesn’t think Young has the balls.

Eric kicks Bram in the balls, and gives him a Piledriver.

Eric is the King, and all of us are not.

Eric has a pair of scissors, and he says Bram has a beard because of Eric, because he is God.

He cuts Bram’s beard off.

It’s Hardy Vs Hardy.

Jeff tells us he and his brother have so much in common, and that is what made them such a great team.  But tonight, he has to do what he has to do.  Matt is growing his brand, and he will not quit.

The Bennetts are in the ring.

It’s fairy tale time, with Prince Ethan Carter III, who had everything.  But that white knight came, named Michael Bennett.  And on that moment, Prince Ethan lost everything, and then Prince Ethan blamed everything on “The Miracle”.  He challenged him to a fight, and that was a great fight, but Michael prevailed.  This is his Kingdom, and we are all a part of the Kingdom, and we all can say Yes We Believe In Miracles.

Enter EC3.

Let the record show, Michael Bennett defeated EC3 by disqualification.  But let the video show EC3 beat Michael Bennett’s ass.  He does agree they have many things in common, but they also have many things different.

They prefer exquisite women, he prefers redheads, and EC3 prefers brunettes.  They both love to dress, but Bennett has some gold shoes.  They both want to be the face of the franchise.  EC3 has won titles, and beaten everyone, but Bennett hasn’t beaten anyone.

Bennett tells EC3 he already beat him, he has nothing to gain.  So they are done with each other.

EC3 says he will be on his case forever.  Bennett says he will always win, and EC3 will always makes excuses.  So they will never wrestle.

Michael has an opportunity to be a made man.  Nobody has pinned Ethan.  He is talking about guys like Sting, The Hardys, Kurt Angle, if he wants to be a made man, beat EC3.

Next week is Sacrifice, and he offers a No DQ match.  So there are no excuses.  One winner, one loser, next week.

If pinning him, if making him surrender, if losing this “streak”, then his answer is yes I do.

Bennett believes in himself, that is good.  Because it will take a miracle to beat him.

The Decay are having more fun with Gail Kim.  they will let her go, when they get what they want.  Attention, chaos, and closure.

Al Snow is in the ring.

He says many people complain about the product, yet they still watch the show.  We are ruining wrestling today.  How does he know this?  Because he is in here, and we are all in the seats.  He is going to give us a wrestling lesson, and he will give Sheara a wrestling lesson too.

Here we go.

Al Snow wins with some brass knuckles.

Decay still has some fun with Gail Kim.  We find out what is the plan, next.

Eli Drake will be here next week with the Fact of Life.

Decay come to the ring, with Gail Kim.

Rosemary calls us all pawns.  We are puppets…PUPPETS….puppets….PUPPETS.  We are all puppets, but they severed all of their strings.  They will let Gail go, if they get what they want.  If they don’t, maybe they will cut Gail’s head.

Abyss assures Gail nobody can help him.  The only thing that can save her now is Beer Money.  James Storm, Bobby Roode.  Come to us.  Come to us.

And here they come.

Roode tells them to let her go, and Abyss wants a shot at the Tag Team Gold.  They took Gail hostage, because they took Tag Titles for hostage.

You want a match, you got a match.  Now let her go.

There is just one more thing.  They don’t want a regular match, they want a match with no rules.  No regulations.  They want a match with carnage, pain, suffering.  So he asks them two if they will walk with them to the Valley of Shadows.

Whatever match you want, you got it.  Just let her go.

Oh boys, anyone can enter the valley of shadows.  But the only ones who can walk out are Decay….Decay….DECAY!!

Next week, at Sacrifice.  It will be Galloway Vs Tyrus.  Also No-DQ match, EC3 Vs Bennett.  Young Vs Bram, and Decay vs beer Money.

Now, our main event is Hardy Vs Hardy in an I Quit match.

The match ends in a no contest when Jeff puts Matt through a table with a Swanton, but Matt never gave up, he passed out.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was okay, everything was setting up for next week, but the main event was very good, except the finish.  I am really looking forward to seeing EC3 Vs Michael Bennett.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.























WWE Monday Night Raw 4/18/16…Raw London

Tonight, Raw is live, on tape at London, England.  Will Shane O’ Mac run Raw?

We find out, in 6 minutes.

Tonight Is The Night….

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the O2 Arena, for Monday Night Raw.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring.

It’s time for The Ambrose Asylum.

What is in the news?  Did you hear about this?  Apparently there were sightings of a giant monster behind the O2 Arena?  I know, I didn’t know Braun Strowman can swim.

I guess we have James Corden’s parents.  Dean’s first guest is the man who gave him his first break in the talk show business, and that man is here to run things again.  Shane McMahon.


Shane McMahon, welcome to The Ambrose Asylum.

The fans chant Shane still has it.

We have incredible footage, and Dean has been accused of doing things questionable, but Shane risked his life.

Shane leaping off the cell, and onto a table at Wrestlemania.

Dean asks Shane what was he thinking?  Shane feels complimented by that, and we have a chant from the crowd.

But the WWE Universe has questions, Dean has questions.  This could be the final time Shane has control, so what are the goals?

Shane says it’s all about the fans, and we deserve better.  Superstars are now getting opportunities they may not have received.  People like AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, “The Boss” Sasha Banks.  It’s all about the fans, because we have arrived.

Here comes Kevin Owens.

You can talk about the evolution of WWE, but Shane isn’t fooling Kevin, because he is seeing the same crap.  Because a power-hungry McMahon (Shane), has an issue with the Number One Superstar (Owens).

Shane doesn’t have an issue with Owens.

So why did you kick him out last week?  Because Owens threatened to do something about Sami Zayn’s World Title shot.

Owens have said that Sami Zayn has no business competing for a World Title shot, because he isn’t good enough.

And here comes Sami Zayn.

Sami brings up how he was called up from WWE before Kevin, and it bothers him.  In fact, if it wasn’t for Sami, Kevin wouldn’t even be in WWE.  But he threw out their friendship over this, and it eats him alive.

Chris Jericho comes out.  He tells Sami there are far more pressing issues right now than Sami.  The only smart one in this ring is Owens, because Shane is drunk with power.  Chris tells Shane he is the best in the world at what he does.  Do you understand what he is saying. Chris is a world champion, and he cancelled the greatest talk show in the history of WWE, called The Highlight Reel.

Shane says this is about opportunities, and we can watch The Highlight Reel on WWE Network.

But since tensions are high, he will give us some matches at Payback.  It will be Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn, one on one.  And, if Chris is indeed The Best In The World, he will have to back it up when he faces “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

Shane steps out of the ring, holds Dean’s plant while Ambrose and Zayn take care of Owens and Jericho.

Sami Zayn Vs Chris Jericho now.  Our main event later tonight is Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens.

Jericho wins with a Codebreaker.

Tonight, Ambrose Vs Owens.  Also tonight, The Vaudevillians will face The Usos in a Number One Contender Tournament.

But next, Enzo and Cass Vs The Dudley Boyz.

We are live in the London O2 Arena.

Mauro Ranalla is with AJ Styles.

AJ talks about his World Title match at Payback, but Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows run into AJ.  Styles had a say to get them here.  They were all a part of The Bullet Club in New Japan and Ring of Honor.  They thanked AJ for this opportunity, and they have to talk business.

Enzo and Cass Vs The Dudleys are now.

Enzo and Cass win with a Rocket Launcher, pinning Bubba.

They are in the finals of the Tag Tournament, and will face either The Usos or The Vaudevillians.

Roman Reigns is next.

The WWE World Champion comes to the ring.

Roman has said this before, he will say it again.  He is not a bad guy, he is not a good guy, he is just THE guy.

And AJ Styles?  He is a great guy, a great technical wrestler, and that makes him Phenomenal.

AJ Will try to out-wrestle him, but Reigns is bringing the big fight.  And anyone that wants a piece of him, he will take them out too, because this is the Roman Empire Era.  And they are here to stay.

Enter AJ Styles.

AJ is here to say Roman is an incredible champion.  He has power, he has strength, and he has to admit, in order to beat Roman, he will have to have a match of his life.  But that is what he intends to do, because he does that every single time.  And having the match of his life will make him champion.

Reigns agrees with AJ, because Roman had the match of his life at Wrestlemania.  And that is why they like AJ.  London, do you like AJ Styles?  Roman even likes what he does.  But they will hate Reigns beating AJ.  But they will respect Reigns, and he’d rather be respected than liked.

AJ would rather be liked, and respected.  That is what makes him phenomenal.

Gallows and Anderson attacks Reigns, while AJ walks away.

AJ sees this as he turns around, and has a disappointing face.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Anderson and Gallows attack Reigns.

Reigns is walking to the back, and he was caught by some guy backstage.  AJ tells Reigns he had no idea that was going to happen.  Reigns doesn’t buy it.  He tells AJ to bring his friends, it won’t matter.  One Vs All.

Fandango is in the ring.  Dolph Ziggler joins commentary.

Fandango vs Baron Corbin, now.

End of Days from Corbin.

Ziggler attacks Corbin, but that doesn’t phase him.

8-woman tag match is tonight.

A cup of soda is spilled near Miz and Maryse.

Miz TV is next.

The Colons want us to visit Puerto Rico.

Maryse introduces us to The Miz.

When it comes to royalty, William and Katheryn has nothing on Miz and Maryse.  They are the Hollywood “It” couple of WWE.

We see a picture of Prince George as a baby.  Their baby is pristine, it’s perfect, and she is all his.  The IC Title is his baby.

Now they are making out.

But here comes Cesaro.

Miz, you come out here and talk about royalty.  But the only thing he is royal about is being a royal pain in the ass.

Miz is a leading man, but Cesaro is just a co-star.

The fans are chanting boring.

When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut.

Miz has prepared a monologue, and it’s from the movie “Taken”.  It was a movie by Liam Neeson, but it will be immortalized by The Miz.

The phone scene, Ha!!

Cesaro heard enough.

When his hand goes up, Miz’s mouth goes shut.

The only thing that will happen at WWE Payback is Cesaro will be the new Intercontinental Champion.  But since you like movies so much, let him quote the great, late “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

“He has come here for two things.  Chew bubblegum, and kick ass.  And he is all out of bubblegum.

Miz would love to fight him right here, but he knows Cesaro is set to face this man….


Cesaro tells them to stop, before he came out here he talked to Shane McMahon.  It won’t be Cesaro Vs Rusev, one on one.  It will be League of Nations and The Miz Vs Cesaro…..

OHHHHHHH London, England….don’t you dare be sour, and clap for your world-famous 2-time Tag Team Champions.

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

Cesaro and New Day defeated League of Nations and The Miz with a Neutralizer, pinning Sheamus.

Mauro Ranallo is with Charlotte and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

We see footage from last week, with Natalya Vs Charlotte match.

Charlotte reminds Mauro that the challenger has to pin the champion, something that didn’t happen.

Natalya tells Charlotte that Shane has rewarded Nattie a Women’s Title at Payback.

Charlotte doesn’t care, the same result will happen.  Nattie informs Charlotte she will have someone in her corner.  Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Flair can’t blink.

Natalya makes Charlotte tap out in the 8-Women’s tag match.  In two weeks, Natalya Vs Charlotte.

Earlier tonight, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacked Reigns.

Styles is talking with Gallows and Anderson.

Shane McMahon is talking with The Usos.  Semi-Final tag match is next.

The Vaudevillians Vs The Usos are now.

The Vaudevillians defeated The Usos in a bit of an upset here.  They hit the Worldly Dervish.

At Payback, Enzo and Cass will face The Vaudevillians to determine the Number One Contenders to Tag Team Titles.

Later tonight, Ambrose Vs Owens.

But now a video on Apollo Crews.

Crews defeated Slater with his Sit-Out Powerbomb.

Our main event, Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose is now.

Ambrose wins with Dirty Deeds, and after the match Chris Jericho attacks Ambrose with a Codebreaker, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

To me, the teasing of The Bullet Club was fun, and it adds an extra element to Reigns Vs Styles at Payback.  But I seriously think we will see a swerve, and have Reigns bring them out, instead.  He has brought up the name Roman Empire.  It’s just too obvious to use Bullet Club, right?  If they attack Ambrose next week, then it’s a done deal we will see Reigns be aligned with Anderson and Gallows.

This was a fun show, except the number Cole kept giving us on how many people were in attendance.  It kept changing after every time Cole said how many were here.

But I am nit-picking.

Payback is going to be a stacked card.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

































WWE Monday Night Raw 4/11/16…Dr. Phil Examines The McMahon Family

Tonight, Dr. Phil guest stars on Raw, and Shane McMahon is once again in charge.  I hope we do get to see Dr. Phil examine the McMahon Family.  Think of the humor.

Raw is now.

The show is dedicated to the memory of “Blackjack” Mulligan, who passed away this past week.

We are live in Los Angeles.

Here Comes The Money!!

Shane McMahon kicks off Raw.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

What’s up Los Angeles.  His father gave him control of Raw last week, for his own amusement.  Well, he must be amused, because he is doing it again.  Shane thanks the fans for this opportunity.  Tonight, Natalya has challenged Charlotte for the Women’s Championship.  That will happen tonight.  We also will have a tag team tournament, who will face The New Day.  That happens tonight.

Congratulations to AJ Styles, who won last week in the Fatal 4-Way, and he will face Roman Reigns for the World Title.

But tonight, we will give another opportunity to Sami Zayn.  Sami will face AJ Styles, and if he wins, he will get a Triple Threat Title match, at Payback for the WWE World Title.

Here comes Kevin Owens.

Shane, with all due respect, it’s a good thing Shane won’t be in charge much longer, because if he thinks Sami Zayn deserves a title opportunity, then Shane had a few more screws loose in his brain.

Shane reminds Kevin he had opportunities, and he lost.  Kevin reminds him he never was pinned in either time.  But what isn’t fair is he has never received his IC Title rematch, and he demands that opportunity, tonight.

Shane says you earn your opportunity when he is in charge.  And he will compete tonight, against a man who has been here since 2:30, ready to compete, and that man is Cesaro.

Winner will face The Miz for the IC Title, at Payback.  That match happens, now.

Cesaro with the big win over Owens, with a Neutralizer.  Great match, they worked a story with the arm Cesaro had injured.  A great way to start off Raw.

Tonight, we will see Charlotte defend her WWE Women’s Championship against Natalya, and we see video from that segment last week.

Backstage, Charlotte tells her daddy she is the victim here, and should not defend her title tonight, after 8 days of Wrestlemania.

Flair is upset at Shane for making this match.

Dr. Phil!!

He has seen Charlotte work so hard to get where she is now.  Phil says though that Flair is holding Charlotte back, because he is not allowing her to stand on her own two feet.  Charlotte doesn’t need Flair.

Flair wants to fight Dr. Phil, and he is ready for Flair….WOOOOOO

Owens is screwed again tonight.  What happens to Sami Zayn tonight is on Shane’s pretty hair.

Shane throws Owens out of the building.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH L.A., don’t you dare be sour and clap for you world-famous 2-time World Tag Team Champions.

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

It seems that as of last week, just like NBA Jam, the tag team division is “on fire”.  They all want a share of the WWE World Tag Team Champions.  But who will it be?




Shane McMahon said earlier that someone will get the opportunity to be the Number One Contenders, and face The New Day.  Brought to you by Booty-O’s.

So the first match of the Number One Contender to Tag Team Championship is under way.

The Lucha Dragons Vs The Dudley Boyz, next.

The Dudleys win with 3-D.

They issue more challenges, and enter Cass and Enzo.

His name is Enzo Amore, and he is a bonafide G, and you can’t teach that.  This guy right here, his name is Big Cass, he is 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that.  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!!

How Ya Doing!!

The Dudleys tell them to shut up, they paved the way for guys like them.  So move out-of-the-way, and Enzo tells Bubba he is here because one day his mom and dad decided to get it on, know what I’m sayin’.

Big Cass told them that if they paved the way, they better get their work jackets on, because they will jackhammer their way through them, because guys like Bubba and Devon are….


We will hear from the WWE World Champion, Roman Reigns, next.

Kevin Owens is being escorted out of the arena.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Reigns starts off by saying this, as the crowd is booing him.

It’s all good because Roman isn’t a good guy, he isn’t a bad guy, he is THE guy.

And at WWE Payback, he is defending this title against AJ Styles.  And if he loses tonight against Sami Zayn, he is defending this title in a Triple Threat.

He has a tremendous amount of respect for both men.  They have won multiple championships, but they have never won THE championship.

Here come The League of Nations.

Sheamus asks Roman if he’d be this confident if he faced any of them at WWE Payback.

Reigns said they don’t scare him.

Sheamus brings up maybe they should, because they got rid of the weak link in King Barrett, and that makes them a strong unit.

Any one of them would have competed in the Fatal 4-Way, they would have won.

Reigns tells them all to come down and get their ass kicked.

Here they come, but here comes The Wyatt Family to swarm off League of Nations.

Shane O’ Mack comes back out, he likes the idea of the Wyatts and Reigns kicking ass together, so later tonight, they will team up against any 2 members of League of Nations.

For the first time, Wyatt teams with Reigns.

Also tonight, AJ Styles will face Sami Zayn, and next….Women’s Title match with Charlotte Vs Natalya.

The Colons welcome us to paradise, Puerto Rico.

Here comes Dr. Phil.

Charlotte Vs Natalya is next.

Nattie has Charlotte in a Sharpshooter, Charlotte taps out, however Flair pushes the ref out of the ring, he never saw it.  So Charlotte is DQ’d.

Something tells me we will see a rematch at Payback.  Dr. Phil is disappointed in Charlotte for allowing this to happen.

Earlier tonight, Kevin Owens was kicked out of The Staples Arena, and we see what happened last week, when Owens took Sami out of the Fatal 4-Way match.

Renee Young is with Sami Zayn.

Is he ready for tonight’s big match?

Sami has been preparing for this his entire life.  Sami has heart and soul, and that is something Kevin Owens can’t take from him.

AJ Styles shows up.  He tells Sami they have been working for this long together, and he has a tremendous amount of respect for him.  But he is the only Number One Contender, and he plans to keep it like that.

Tag Team Tournament continues with The Usos Vs The Social Outcasts, now.

The Usos win with rolling up the tights, after the Outcasts prematurely celebrate over a hip toss.

But Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attack The Usos after the match.

Seeds of the Bullet Club, it seems.

Oh, what a Raw this has been, so far.

Also tonight, Reigns and Bray Wyatt team to face Del Rio and Sheamus.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their debut, attacking The Usos.

Also earlier tonight, Cesaro defeated Kevin Owens to face The Miz at Payback for the Intercontinental Title.

Maryse is upset that The Miz hasn;t been treated right, shoves the goofy stage hand, and tells him to do his job right.

Jo-Jo comes up, and asks The Miz how he feels about the controversial win over Zack Ryder last week, and his upcoming match against Cesaro.

Maryse asks Jo-Jo who told her to come to his locker room, and she makes a great point.  The Miz tells Jo-Jo he is “The Swiss Superman’s” kryptonite.

Cesaro shows up, and reminds Miz he will take his IC Title, and do just fine at Payback.

Zayn Vs AJ Styles is next.

Styles wins with a Phenomenal Forearm.  A great match here between the two superstars.

Tonight, Reigns and Bray Vs Sheamus and Del Rio.

Highlight Reel with Chris Jerichio is next.

Seth Green is in the house, and moments ago, AJ Styles defeated Sami Zayn.  AJ Vs Reigns, one on one for Payback is set.

Shane thanks AJ and Sami for an awesome match.

Chris Jericho comes out to the ring.

His guest is the biggest star in WWE history, he is a sure-fire Hall of Famer, a multi-time World Champion, and he has main evented Wrestlemania.  His guest is Chris Jericho.

He owes his success to himself.  He is the best in the world at what he does, do we understand what we’re saying.  Tonight, he gives us the gift of Jericho.  Drink it in.

Now Chris, you truly are the best in the world.  Not only are you a multi-time World Champion, you were the very first Undisputed World Champion.  You defeated The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on the same night.  Who can touch that.

Nobody can, there is not a WWE Superstar who can beat him right now.

You’re right Chris, there isn’t.

Enter Dean Ambrose.

He has a parting gift, a plant.

So Chris wants to know what he is doing here.  This is his show.

This is Dean Ambrose’s show now.

There is a memo, straight from Shane O’ Mac.

The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho has been cancelled, and will be replaced by The Ambrose Asylum, hosted by Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose is even wearing a clip on tie, and welcomes us to The Ambrose Asylum, and his first guest is Chris Jericho.

So what is up with that scarf?

The scarf costs $700, but he knows what Ambrose is doing.  He is interrupting Chris because Chris interrupted Dean’s victory celebration last week on Smackdown.  But he does what he does, because he has earned legendary status in WWE.  Look at me when I am talking to you, boy.

So you won’t be talking about the scarf?

Jericho tries to shove Ambrose but Dean hits Dirty Deeds.

Apollo Crews is next.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, 2 more Number One Contender matches for Tag Titles.  I guess Goldust is upset that he and Truth are a part of it.  And here is the kicker, it was Dr. Phil’s idea.

Apollo Crews Vs Adam Rose is now.

Crews wins with the Sitout Powerbomb.

More Puerto Rico fun from The Colons.

Video about “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin.

To make a deal with the devil, you must make a holy bond.  And even though they have had their issues, and they will never like each other, they have a common enemy.  And Roman, don’t worry, you can trust him.  And Los Angeles, we’re here.

Wyatt and Reigns Vs Sheamus and Del Rio, our main event is now.

Bray and Roman win with Sister Abigail, Bray pinning Del Rio.  The Wyatts took out Rusev, and Reigns speared Sheamus.

After the match, Roman and Bray went face-to-face, and we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A big show tonight, and everything seemed to work.  Every single match seemed important, and the build for Payback got started, and it seems to be a good card.

I’d love to see more of Shane McMahon, so the ball is in your court WWE.  What did you think?  Send me your thoughts.



























WWE Monday Night Raw 4/4/16…A New Chapter

The night after Wrestlemania is usually entertaining, in part because of the crowd.  I have to think the city of Dallas will be rocking, we will see where we go from here.

Raw is now.

Welcome to “My House” as we take a look back at Wrestlemania from last night.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Kicking the night off with Mr. McMahon.

The crowd plays sing along with Vince’s music.  Vince talks about Shane losing last night.  He also brings up a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

No more lock box, Vince is in full control, and will always be.  There was one time however that got to Vince last night.  When Shane climbed on top of that cell.  He said to himself don’t do it.  He had no idea it meant that much to Shane to risk his life to achieve his goals.  On one hand, he admires Shane for doing that, but on the other hand, he wants to know how Shane can be so stupid.

The crowd chants something that Vince has no idea what they are saying, but thanks the crowd.

Here comes the money!!

A bruised up Shane McMahon shuffles to the ramp to meet with his father.

The crowd thanks Shane, and Vince wanted to know what Shane is doing here?

Shane thanks the fans, and he said he came to do two things, since he is the only man in the family, he wanted to shake Vince’s hand.

The second was to thank the crowd.  What they gave to him he will never forget.

The fans are chanting he still has it, and Vince is screaming at the fans, blaming them for what happened to Shane.

He wanted to thank them again, and goodbye.

Nobody upstage Vince.

Is this how crazy and nonsensical things would be if Shane was running Monday Night Raw?

Just to prove Vince’s point, let’s see what Shane has.  Go.

Shane McMahon is running Raw tonight.

Shane O’ Mac is running the show tonight.

OHHHHH Dallas, don’t you dare be sour.  Clap for your world-famous 2-time champs….AND FEEL THE POWER!!!

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

WWE Tag Team Championship match is set.

The crowd is chanting Booty-O’s.

Did things go according to plan for your boys?  No, not really.  But Kofi did get to twerk in the ring with Shawn Michaels.  On the other hand, Xavier did receive a Stone Cold Stunner from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Xavier has to admit, it was on him.  But it was lit up, BABY!!

They do hold the last piece of Booty-O’s cereal.

Speaking of Booty, they are about to get back on The league of Booty.  And they will walk out still your….

WWE World Tag Team Champions.

But why?  Because New Day Rocks!!

Tag Title match is next.

New Day retains their titles, pinning Barrett with a Kofi elbow drop.

Sheamus is sick and tired of this.  They are a group of the baddest athletes of the world.  They should be destroying everyone, but there is something wrong.

Everybody knows you’re only as strong your weakest link.

Rusev and Del Rio hold Barrett, and Sheamus gives him a Brogue Kick.

The lights go out, and The Wyatts are in the ring, attacking League of Nations.

Sister Abigail for Sheamus.

The crowd thanks Wyatt, follow the buzzards.

Renee Young catches up with Vince, asking since he is leaving, does that mean he has confidence in Shane running the show.  Vince is leaving because he doesn’t want to be here when the ship falls down.  This is only temporarily.

Summer Rae is in the ring, telling us that if she had been charge of Bad and Beautiful, things would have been different, but at least she wasn’t Sasha Banks.  She wasted a Wrestlemania moment.

Here comes Sasha, I guess we have a match.

Summer forgot one thing.  She is still Sasha Banks, and she is still “The Boss”.

And she slaps Summer, so our match is now.

Banks Statement, that is all that needs to be said.

NXT’s Apollo Crews is next.

Apollo Crews is going to face Tyler Breeze.

Apollo wins with the Sit-Out Powerbomb.  A great debut for Apollo.

Footage from Today Show when Roman Reigns and Charlotte visited the set.

Tonight, Charlotte gets her official championship coronation.

But next, and this ought to be fun we will hear from Roman.

Here comes Roman, the new Champ.

Roman mocks the crowd, saying he’s not a bad guy.  He’s not a good guy, he’s THE guy.

Which is why at the biggest Wrestlemania of all-time, he beat HHH’s ass.

And he told Shane if anyone wants this, bring your ass out here now.

Break The Walls Down!!

It’s Jericho.

All of the fans here can shut your damn mouths, and listen to Jericho.

Reigns said he is THE guy?  The way he sees it, Roman is just a guy.  He looks like a jackass, like the fans here.

Jericho has seen them come and go, and he is the best in the world at what he does.

But Roman, you can’t compare to Jericho.  The “internet darling” AJ Styles can’t compare to Jericho.  So this is Jericho putting everything on the line, he is going to the head of the line, Roman will put his title on the line.  Do you understand what I am saying to you now.

Enter AJ Styles.

AJ wants a shot at the title, and so does Kevin Owens.

He wants a title shot, as does Sami Zayn.

Now all four men are fighting each other, while Reigns is loving this.

Reigns spears Jericho.

Earlier tonight, Vince put Shane in charge of Raw.

Wrestlemania Rematch tonight, The Usos Vs The Dudleys in a Tables Match.

Baron Corbin is standing outside with pride over his big Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal win last night.

For those of you who don’t know who he is, Baron doesn’t care.  This trophy is all you need to know.  He has broken bodies and shattered dreams, to get here.  And there will be end of days to those who stands in his way.

Corbin Vs Ziggler is now.

The match ends in a countout, when the two men were fighting outside.  Baron blames this on the ref, and hits End of Days on the mat floor.

Ziggler has a new movie coming out tomorrow, on DVD.  It’s called “Countdown”, so we will have him get beat up for it.

Next, video footage of Lesnar Vs Ambrose from last night.

Video stills from last night’s Lesnar Vs Ambrose match.

Woo…Woo…Woo….You Know It!!

The new IC Champion, Zack Ryder is set for action.  He will face The Miz.

The crowd chants Ryder deserves it, and he does.

Last night was the greatest night of his life.  All of Zack’s dreams came true, and he finally had it.  When he was a kid, he had a picture taken with Razor Ramon, holding Razor’s newly won IC Title at Wrestlemania 10.  Now last night, Razor held his title.

He also thanks his dad for taking him to MSG as a kid, and always having his back.

Here comes The Miz.

Miz calls Ryder a one-hit wonder, just a flash in the pan.  But Zack ruined his moment.  He had the leather and gold at the cusp of his reach, but Zack shoved him off the lader, and stole the title.

Sucks to be you, bro.

It does not suck to be The Miz.  Zack is lucky to even had been in that match.  If he wants to prove he belongs in the same category as Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, The Miz, he will put the IC Title on the line tonight.

Zack has nothing to prove.

Miz tells Zack if it was him, he would put the title on the line to prove he isn’t all hype.

Let’s do this.

Title match is on.

Well, we have a new champion.  Zack’s dad shoves The Miz.  Maryse, who is The Miz’s wife slaps Zack’s dad.  Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale, and pins Zack.

Maryse celebrates the win with her husband.

Renee Young is with KO.

Kevin lost his title with 6 other guys.  Does that sound fair to Renee?

Renee brings up his fight with Sami Zayn earlier.

Kevin says he didn’t lose the IC Title, because Sami was fighting him.  But he is onto bigger and better things.  Shane MacMahon is in charge, and he knows he is better.  So he will compete in the Fatal 4-Way match tonight, then go on to win, and beat Roman Reigns.  The Road to KOMania 2 begins, tonight.

Charlotte’s Women Title Celebration is next.

Lita is in the ring, with all of the Divas.  Praising this group of women, who last night put their body on the limit.

So let’s bring out the new Women’s Champion, Charlotte.

Before Charlotte says anything, this moment is about gratitude.  This is about all of the women in this ring.  All of the superstars in this ring.  This wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the fans.  They all believed in the women.

The fans are loving this moment.

Thank you to everyone at home, thank you to everyone in this ring, because this is the future.  But most importantly.

The crowd is chanting women’s wrestling.

But most importantly she wouldn’t be going down as our first Women’s champion, if it wasn’t for her father, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.  His daughter is finally immortalized.  She thanks the fans because it fired her fuel to victory.

Some of these women have been here for 7 or 8 years, she hasn’t even been here for a year.  She was our last Divas Champion, and now our first Women’s Champion.

Sasha, Becky, we did it.  No actually, I did it, but we did it.

Now all of the women leave the ring.

Show some respect, that is why she is our Women’s Champion.

Natalya has heard enough.

Charlotte needs to know a thing or two about humility.  Nattie is the women that has given her the hardest earned matches, like the one they had at Roadblock.

Nattie has the heart of a champion.  So how about Charlotte puts her genetics on the line, against Nattie’s.

This title says it all, Charlotte’s genetics will always be better than Natalya.

Nattie had enough, and nailed a Sharpshooter, but daddy bailed her out.

Renee Young is with AJ Styles.

Tonight is about change.  Shane McMahon is running Raw.  We also have a champion who wants to face people.  He didn’t lose at Wrestlemania, just to fade in thin air.  Tonight, the era of change is here, and it’s phenomenal.

Coming up next, The Usos Vs The Dudleys in a Tables Match.

The Colon Cousins are being repackaged in a vignette.

Tag Team action is now.

The Dudleys win, by putting The Usos through a table, twice.  Someone screwed up here, but they won.

Another Renee Young sighting with Sami Zayn.

This is Sami’s biggest night of his career, because he has an opportunity to face the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Nothing is handed here, and Kevin Owens crushed his dreams, laying Zayn out and Powerbombing him through a table.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Owens laying out Zayn.

The Dudleys have not gone anywhere, and here come Enzo and Cass.

It’s a NXT Reunion here.

My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a certified G and you can’t teach that.  This guy here is Big Cass, he is 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that.  Badda Boom, HOW YA DOING?

So we have a couple of haters?  Well, let me tell you something, hate is disguised by love.  And I’d be jealous of us too, because you too are ugly.

The crowd loves Amore and Big Cass.

It seems yous two don’t like what he is saying, says Big Cass.  So why don’t you come to the ring, and do something about it.

They run to the ring, but they walk away.

Dudley Boyz, there is only one word to describe you, and he will spell it out for you.  S.A.W.F.T.

The Rock returned last night at Wrestlemania.

The Wyatt Family crashed his party, and John Cena helped his buddy out.

Sami Zayn is out of the Fatal 4-Way match, so who is stepping up?  We find out, next.

This Thursday on Smackdown, IC Title match, The Miz Vs Zack Ryder.

And Dr. Phil is the special guest host next week, on Raw.

Fatal 4-Way match is up now.

The 4th man is the returning Cesaro.

AJ Styles picks up the win, pinning Jericho with a Phenomenal Forearm.  AJ celebrates, as we end Raw with AJ being the Number One Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

On one hand, it was a fun show, on the other hand, I was a bit bored in some spots of the show.  There wasn’t much interaction with Shane being in charge of Raw.  Why didn’t any wrestlers go to Shane with issues?  Why did Cesaro return, only to not win the match?  So, in other words, nothing has changed in regards to Cesaro, who might I add received a superstar ovation after coming back.  So AJ Styles loses at Mania, but next night is the Number One Contender?


But Dr. Phil is coming in next week, there HAS to be a segment of Vince being analyzed with his family issues, by Dr. Phil.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.










































WWE Wrestlemania 32 4/3/16

“The Showcase Of The Immortals” are here.  No matter how you feel about the buildup this season, and I have been a very big critic of it, tonight will still be fun.  The men and women will work hard.  The Kick-Off show will start at 5:00.  So keep checking throughout the night.

We are live in Dallas, Texas.  Renee Young joins us with Lita and Booker T.

Corey Graves is among the masses outside Texas Stadium.

Tom Phillips and Cathy Kelly are in the Social Media Lounge.

Paul Heyman is a guest on tonight’s Social Media Lounge.  We can ask him questions later tonight.

Corey Graves is once again outside the arena, with the people.

3 Kick-Off matches tonight.  Kalisto will face Ryback for the United States Title.  We will also see the 10-Diva Tag match.  And The Usos facing The Dudley Boyz.

Jo-Jo is standing by with the Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens.

Kevin reminded Jo-Jo he was forced into this match, but he still likes his chances against his 6 opponents.

But he didn’t mention Sami Zayn.  Owens doesn’t care about his past, he cares about tonight.  That is KO-Mainia.

Now we preview Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles, later tonight.

The people love Corey Graves, as he asks questions for them.

History is made tonight, Triple Threat Title match for the Divas Title.  Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch.

Tonight, Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.  Cesaro won 2 years ago.  Big Show won it last year.  Who takes it tonight?

Also The New Day will face The League of Nations, and we see the attack League of Nations put on New Day.

Dean Ambrose will face Brock Lesnar in a Hardcore Streetfight.

We see the awesome video of this now.

Cathy Kelly and Tom Phillips are with Paul Heyman.

Brock will be ready for Dean, he will take care of him with his hands.

Expect many trips to Suplex City.

Heyman isn’t even entertaining the thought of Ambrose conquering Brock.

Corey Graves shows us the entrance of the ramp, he is ready to join the gang.

Highlights are being shown from last night’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Mauro Ranello join us with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Byron Saxton.  United States Title match is set now.  Kalisto Vs Ryback.

Kalisto defeated Ryback with the Salido Del Sol, picking up an upset victory when there was an exposed turnbuckle.  The “little” guy defeated the “big” guy.

Second hour of the Kick-Off show is about to begin.  Tonight, in this hour, we will see the 10-Diva tag match and The Dudleys face The Usos.

Hour 2 has begun.  Renee Young, Booker T, Lita, and Corey Graves are present.

The Rock will be here tonight.

We are all set for the next match.  Team Bad and Blonde will face Total Divas.

Team Bella wins when Brie makes Naomi tap out to the Yes Lock, in honor of her husband, Daniel Bryan.  Nikki Bella made an appearance at the end of the match, to congratulate her sister, and Total Diva cast mates.

Next, a preview for tonight’s Hell in a Cell match between Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker.

Lita is in the ring.

She talks about the very first moment of Wrestlemania I, seeing Cyndi Lauper raise Wendy Richter’s hand when she won her match.  She knew from that day she would be in WWE, and nobody would tell her no.  Just like The Fabulous Moolah, May Young, Alundra Blaze, Jacqueline, and of course her bestie, Trish Stratus all helped build the WWE Divas division.

Just now we saw 10 women all vying to wrestle.  We have a big Triple Threat match tonight, between Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch.  The winner will be the first ever WWE Women’s Champion.

She reveals a new Women’s Championship, which means no more butterfly.

The Usos Vs The Dudley Boyz is now.

The Usos win the match with a kick, pinning Devon.

But after the match, Dudleys attack them, and it’s time to get the tables.

The Usos put the Dudleys through the tables.

A Wrestlemania moment, indeed.

We are 10 minutes away from Wrestlemania PPV.

The rundown of the card tonight.  Some big matches.

Reigns Vs HHH video is showing now.

Fifth Harmony is singing America The Beautiful.

Another awesome Wrestlemania intro that sounds like Kelsey Grammar did, and the show begins.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

We kick the night off with the ladder match, for the Intercontinental Championship.

Holy shit, Zack Ryder just won the IC Title, shoving The Miz off the ladder.  A big moment for Zack.  He celebrates the title win with his father.

What a moment.

Jericho Vs AJ Styles is now.

Jericho picks up the win, with a Codebreaker, while AJ was trying a Phenomenal Forearm.

Marie Menounos is with Zack Ryder.

This was the best moment of his life.  He just wanted his music to be played, and he did this.  He was at MSG seeing Razor Ramon defeat Shawn Michaels to win the IC Title.  He took a picture with him, holding his belt.  Now, he wants a picture taken with him, and Razor holding his belt.  He can retire tonight, he can retire tomorrow, but this is living the moment.

Woo Woo Woo…You Know It.

AHHHHHHH Wrestlemania, don’t be sour, stand up and clap for your world-famous 2-time Tag Team Champions.

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

They are dressed for combat, and they just had a big bowl of their Booty-O’s.

Let’s do this!!

League of Nations Vs New Day is now.

This is actually a 6-man tag match.

Sheamus pins Xavier with the Brogue Kick, picking up the win for League of Nations.

Barrett has the mic, saying there isn’t any 3 men that can beat them because they are a unit.

Enter HBK, Mick Foley, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, all ready for a fight.

What a moment here, all three men are taking care of The League of Nations.

Socko appearance, Sweet Chin Music, flipping the bird….STUNNER!!

And again, but this time on Barrett.

Now New Day want to dance with the three legends.  “Stone Cold” even danced, but he hit a Stunner on Xavier.

Somehow though, that made Xavier’s night.

Lesnar Vs Ambrose is now.

13 trips to Suplex City, chairs all around, DDTs, and a F-5 through the chairs.  Lesnar over Ambrose in a wild and fun brawl.

Ric Flair, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, and Charlotte are in a Snickers commercial, that was great.

Over 100,000 fans are in Dallas Stadium tonight, and now is the time to give the HOF inductees their salute.

Women’s Title is up now.  Triple Threat match with Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks.

Charlotte retains her, or wins the WWE Women’s Championship, with a Figure Eight, making Becky tap out.

A surprising result, but incredible match here.

WWE wants to remind us Ric Flair made sure Sasha didn’t get back in the ring, but still an incredible match.

Hell In A Cell match is up now.  The Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon.  Legacy Vs Career.

Shane walked to the ring, with his kids doing their shuffle, which was cute to see.

But now comes the action.

The Undertaker pins Shane with a Tombstone Piledriver, after both men took this to the outside of the cell, when Taker speared Shane through the cell.  Shane set Taker up on Spanish Announce Table, and went up on top of the cell, for an elbow drop off the top.  But he missed, went crashing through the table.  It was just a matter of time before Taker put Shane out for good.

Such an amazing work, this also was highlighted by Shane giving Taker a Coast to Coast.  Just an incredible job by both men, how any match can follow this one is beyond me.

As Shane is carted off, he gives the thumb up, and pounded his chest as they took him to the back.

Again, incredible.

The Kick-Off panel discuss what we have seen tonight.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is up now.

DDP is a part of this match now.

So is Shaq.  Wait, what?

We also have Tatanka making his return too.

We had a moment with Shaq and Big Show, because some years ago, we had a Raw segment between them, but both men were eliminated by the field.

NXT’s own Baron Corbin wins the match, after throwing Kane out.

I think it’s safe to say Baron is now on the WWE roster.

WWE Wrestlemania 33 will be on April 2nd, 2017, at Orlando, Florida.

Now here come the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

If Ya Smell-La-La What The Rock Is Cooking.

Here comes “The Great One”.

Rock has a flame thrower in Dallas Stadium.

Finally The Rock has come back to Dallas!!

Which means, finally The Rock has come back to Wrestlemania.  Now that entrance, wow, ROCK is on fire.  The beautiful, iconic Dallas Cheerleaders.  More importantly than that, this crowd.

The Rock sees a lot of happy smiles right there.  You are so happy, you will be making a lot of Wrestlemania babies.  But this is the moment he has been talking for months.  This honor and privilege to walk down the ramp, speak on the mic in front of  100,000.

The Rock and his millions…..AND MILLIONS.  Dallas, texas, The Rock said we would be making history.  They will do something that has never been done before.  Records are made to be broken.

It is with great honor, that The Rock informs us that we have officially broken the WWE attendance record, of 101,763 people in attendance.

I am guessing we are going over with this tonight, since it’s 10:47 and we haven’t had our main event yet.

Now Dallas, Texas as Rock says, it is going to get good.

Light go out, and here come The Wyatt Family.

Minus Luke Harper.

The fireflies are in full effect here in Texas Stadium.

Hello Rock.

Now you may not know me, but I know you.  So please Mr. Rock allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Bray Wyatt, and these are my brothers.

Now Mr. Rock he has come tonight, not as a friend, and not as an enemy, but as a reminder of the truth.  The truth is he chose Rock.

He chose him because he represents success.  He represents greatness.  He chose him because he is a big lie.

He chose him because he is the great one, the people’s champion.  He chose him because this not his moment.  And these aren’t the fans moment.  This is Bray’s moment.

Bray will destroy Rock, and he will make his people watch every second of it.

So, let The Rock get this straight.  They just broke a Wrestlemania record.  There will be many Rock babies being made tonight.  No, hey Rock, that was a great moment, nice to see you.  But you came out with whining?

Hey, you look like you have been hitting the bong 8 days straight.

Rowan and Braun come in the ring, but Rock stops them.

This will not end right.  Rowan looks like his parents are related.  And Braun looks like he was breast-fed at 26.

But he wants to speak to Bray.  The Rock knows who he is.  He has been watching him since he first came in.  He has the charisma, he has the look.  He has the beard.  He has the people right at the palm of his hands.  But Bray speaks out that he is the eater of the words, he looks like he is the eater of Hot Pockets.

Now that is where you are wrong.  He is not here to make a statement, he is here to kick the door down.

The Rock then says if this has to be, he is here to have a Wrestlemania match, whether it’s Bray, or one of his Duck Dynasty goons, let’s do this.

It’s Erik Rowan, and Rock pins him in 6 seconds with a Rock Bottom.

The Wyatts surround the ring, but here comes….

John Cena.

Boy, Cena is strong.

Rock Bottoms, 5 Knuckle Shuffles, Attitude Adjustment, and oh yeah, The People’s Elbow.

Rock tells Cena welcome back, if ya smell what The Rock is Cooking.

Our main event, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is up now.  HHH Vs Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns pins HHH with a spear, to become a 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  It started slow, but the finish was very good.  Reigns spears Stephanie.  She somehow, miraculously hands HHH a sledgehammer, underneath the ring.  Superman punch, and a spear, gives Roman the win.

The show ends with Roman celebrating the win.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

4 hours, and 45 minutes later, I enjoyed this show.  Horrible build ups, but the men and women worked very hard.  Best match of the night still was Triple Threat Women’s Title match, even with the ending.  But Shane Vs Taker was the moment of the night.

A slew of returns, including John Cena, who was told he had a 6-9 month recovery, and he laughed about that.  Like him or not, I have a ton of respect for the wear and tear he puts on his body to entertain the fans.

Now comes tomorrow night, where do we go from here?  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me, and I will talk to you tomorrow.




































































WWE Hall of Fame 4/2/16

Tonight, WWE honors the legends that have paved the way.  We honor Sting, The Fabulous Freebirds, Stan “The Lariant” Hansen.

We kick it off in 5 minutes.

We are in Dallas, night 2 of Wrestlemania Weekend.  Our host of the evening is Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The Godfather kicks things off.

The APA are here to induct The Godfather.

Godfather was a huge friend of APA, but they can’t go into complete detail about his life, because this is a family show.

Godfather in complete pimp clothes.

And here come the ho’s.

It’s time once again for everybody to come aboard the Ho Train!!

Godfather wants to thank his family, his parents, kids.  He wished a happy birthday to his Grandson too.

Godfather was a part of something special in “The Attitude Era”, and he thanks WWE for allowing him to be himself.

Charles Wright and The Godfather are one of the same.

Thank you to the fans for making everything so special.  He keeps this speech very short, but he tells the guys to always cherish these moments, because they will never come back.

And on that note, it’s time once again, he loves the fans.

The ho’s come out to dance.

Stan “The Lariant” Hansen is now.

Vader is here to induct Stan Hansen.

Stan had strength and power, and power is where you sell the tickets.  Stan was able to go from A to B and deliver a blow.

Stan had conditioning, and he never was tired.  Stan was a mentor and friend to Vader.  They teamed together in Japan.  They created one of the greatest tag teams in Japan, even being tag team champions for All Japan Wrestling.

Vader talks about the Tokyodome story where Stan sung at Vader, and his eye socket fell.

Here comes “The Man”.

Stan is stiff, so was Leon.  Stan appreciates being a part of this class.  He wants to start by thanking God for giving him a set of lungs, and a set of legs.  Because without him giving Stan those things, he never would have had a career.  He wants to thank JBL, because he continues to keep his name, even after retiring for so many years.

Without the opponents, you couldn’t do what you had to do.  He thanks those opponents, because they are all in this together.

Stan thanks his wife, Bruiser Brody said that if 2 women can love them for who they are, they will have it made.  And that is what happened.

He is proud of his children, he wants to thank Terry Funk for breaking him in the business.  He appreciates Terry and the entire Funk family.  He wants to thank the talent in Amarillo, Texas at the time, including Bob Backlund, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Jumbo Teruda.  But his trip to here started at the Sportatorium in Dallas.  Fritz Von Erich, Red Bastien, who was the booker and he faced “High Chief” Peter Maivia.  And he wants to thank Rick Martel, who he has to face when Rock was 19 years old, and he had the pleasure of working against him many times.

One time, Rick beat him in 9 seconds, so Stan has done some jobs.

Bruno Sammartino, he brought him in WWWF.  It was like a dream, one night, he is at Knox, Texas, then next month, he is at Madison Square Garden.  He talks about being nervous that night, because he picked Bruno up, broke his neck, and was out for 4 months.  But he has never held that against him, and he thanks Bruno for that.

Vince Sr. sent him to Japan, and there were two guys who helped his career, Tiger Jet Sinh.  And Pete Roberts.

Stan had the pleasure of working with Andre The Giant.

Stan owes his Japan career to Andre The Giant.  He made a deal with Giant Baba and All Japan Wrestling, working for 26 years.  He had the opportunity to work with Brody.  He worked with many great talent.  He wants to thank all of the carpenters who have been in wrestling his career.  This is to them, guys getting Stan Hansen ready for the main event.  What a pleasure, and honor it is to be in Dallas, Texas.

Stan leaves us with his yell.

Shane O’ Mac is in the house.

Our next inductee is Jacqueline Moore.

The Dudley Boyz are here to induct Miss Jackie.

Jackie chose The Dudleys to induct her, which is such a big deal.  They were good friends, and for her to be inducted in her own home town.

The one word they can describe Jackie is tough.  One of the biggest compliments you can give a wrestler is one of the boys, and Jackie truly is one of the boys.

Jackie can’t dance, but she can do the dab.  She will do one for us here tonight, but seriously she has been a very close friend to them, and to Devon’s family.  Jackie will be a friend, for life.

Here she comes.

She is so honored to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  When she was a kid, she would watch Wrestling on TV, and was a big fan of The Von Erichs, and one time, she saw a commerical on how you can be a wrestler.  So who did she meet?  Skandor Akbar.  He saw something special in her, and why he trained her.  She had traveled all around the world, and when she got a call from WWE, she knew she would make it.  She was honored to win the WWE Women’s Championship 2 times.  She is honored to be a part of the WWE for so many years.  She thanks the fans.  She wants to thank the wrestlers.  Trish, Lita, Molly Holly, Terri Runnels, Victoria, and Sable.  She wants to thank the guys as well, and most importantly, she wants to thank WWE for allowing her to be a part of this.  It was an honor.

Very short speech here.

We are live in Dallas, Texas.

A video honoring the inductees over the years.

Our next inductees are The Fabulous Freebirds.

I love all four members are being inducted here.  Michael P.S. Hayes, Buddy Roberts, Jimmy “Jam” Garvin, and Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy.

The New Day are inducting them.

The Dallas faithful love New Day.

Why are The New Day inducting The Fabulous Freebirds?  Why?



They have a lot in common….they all love to sing.  They all love to dance.  They all love to run together.

They all love to have fun.  Freebirds love America, and so do they….U.S.A.

But the main thing they learned from The Freebirds is family doesn’t always mean being related by blood.

Families are your chemistry, they are your best friends.  They have learned this, but also added it to their lives.  These two men are Xavier’s brothers.  Just like The Freebirds are brothers, so thank you for showcasing that.

The Freebirds were the first group to use rock music as their theme, so technically Freebirds Rock.

We all do the Freebird Clap, and here they come.

Wow, Jimmy Garvin is bald, I never expected that.

Michael gives it up to New Day.

55 years ago, Chief Jay Strongbrow took him to the ring, when he was 9 years old, and he felt at home since.  37 years ago, is the day they became brothers at Tommy Rich’s birthday party.  32 years ago, at Texas Stadium records broken, tomorrow night, at Wrestlemania 32, that record will be smashed.

They talk about living together for the first time, nobody had the key.  So Terry kicked the door down, that was his “key”.

They miss them so dearly, and are still their brothers.  He would give anything to be with them.

They introduce Ray Gordy and Buddy Jack Roberts Jr.

Ray Gordy speaks first.

Growing up, he went to World Class every Friday night.  They would always ask Ray who his favorite wrestler was.  Such a crazy question, Kevin Von Erich of course.  But when he got older, he realize just how good Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy was.  He wants to thank WWE for giving them this night together.  And he thanks the fans for this special moment.

Buddy Roberts Jr. is fired up.  He wants to thank WWE for inducting The Freebirds.  He asks his mom to stand up, his father had a great career, over 2 decades with The Freebirds and The Hollywood Blondes.  He traveled thousands of miles, and lived every single moment.  The car rides were his favorite part.

More stories from The Freebirds.

They thank The Von Erichs, “Gentleman” Chris Adams, and 2 women who served as his valets.  Jimmy thanks his wife, his grandchildren, children.  He was blessed to be a Freebird, and without the fans, he never would have had a chance to express his art, or to party with Michael, Terry, and Buddy.

Michael pays tribute to World Class.  He brings up “Iceman” King Parsons, “Gentleman” Chris Adams, “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin, Precious, and Sunshine.

Michael thanks God, he thanks his mother.  He thanks Pat Patterson, The Briscoes, the agents and producers.  “Hollywood” John Tatum, who is here.  He wants to thank the writers.  Everyone who works for WWE works hard to make sure the fans get a product that puts a smile on your face.  He brings up without Afa and Sinka, The Wild Samoans, there would be no Freebirds.  Just to show how carzy Michael is his two ex-wives.  His first ex-wife Carol for believing in him before anyone else did.  His second ex-wife Lori, for giving him a crazy and wild time, it’s their fault for marrying him.  But he also wants to thank The McMahons.  Stephanie and Paul took care of him when  he was at a dark place in his life.  When is Shane going to settle down?  Linda is the only McMahon who isn’t crazy.  And didn’t he almost accidentally pee on Linda on an airplane?  Thank God he did not, and if he had, it would have been on Linda.

The reason he didn’t make a good husband was because he is already married, to this business since he was 14 years old.  He is the very example that you can do anything you want.  And now he is a Hall of Famer.  And he wants to show us the one love of his life, Jo-Jo Hayes, the dog who passed away 2 years.  Don’t worry about missing the time that you don’t have, but rather remember the time you did have, and cherish every moment.  That person who told him that was legendary Kevin Von Erich, who comes on the stage.

Well done.

Kevin talks The Freebirds as brothers.  Kevin gives a shout out to Buddy, Terry, Kerry, men that we have lost.  He tells Ray Gordy he was right about his father, he loved his family and he was such a good man.  Everyone knows about his family, he thought money did it, fame did it for you, but no, it’s family.  His two boys stand up, and he tells the fans their cheers can make him fly.  He is so grateful.  People say to him poor kid, no he is a lucky man.  Thank you Michael and Jimmy, because although they beat each other up, it was great TV.

Jimmy won the over/under pool, which means it’s time to sing Badstreet USA.

Our next inductee is The Big Bossman.

“The Doctor of Style” Slick is here to induct Bossman.

Slick talks about being Bossman’s friend, he brings up his tag team with Akeem, known as The Twin Towers.

Regrettably, on September 22nd, 2004 the world lost a father, and a wrestler.  But God gained a gentle giant.

His wife and daughters are accepting his award.

This is actually very touching, Ray Traylor was a good man, he enjoyed the business, he loved his family.  His wife had the night stick and his daughter assured them they didn’t have pepper Steak, which is cute, talking about the 1999 angle Bossman had with Al Snow.

Snoop Dogg is next.

John Cena is here to induct Snoop.

Snoop has had been on WWE TV 2 more years than Cena.  Snoop has more Wrestlemania appearances than 10 wrestlers competing tomorrow, combined.  And he is a proud member of WWE Universe.  He has been a part of the family, and when Snoop shows up, he is never a visitor, this is his home.

Cena shares that he got to make music in Snoop’s recording studio, and this brings Snoop.

Snoop grabs a selfie with the crowd.  He wants to thank WWE, and the WWE Universe.  He is honored being a part of the 2016 Hall of Fame.  He wants to give a shout out to John Cena.  He also had the opportunity to work with great wrestlers like Randy Orton, Mark Henry, DX, and especially HB-Schnizzle, and of course, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and one of his favorites The Undertaker.  And he wants to give a shout out to his cousin, “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

He remembers taking her to Wrestlemania in 2008, to see her meet all of her favorite superstars, and now to see the fans giving her some love, and to see her picture on the billboards, it’s crazy.  He is very proud of her.

Snoop remembers watching wrestling with his Grandpa, and going to the Los Angeles Auditorium, to see how big wrestling has become.  So many wrestlers have inspired him.  Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, The Junkyard Dog, the late, great “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, and the original of swag himself…..the limousine riding, the jet-flying, wheeling and dealing “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair….WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Snoop ends this with a rap about wrestling.

Next up is Joan Lunden, recipient of the Warrior Award.

Dana Warrior, Warrior’s wife is inducting Joan.

Dana is channeling Warrior in this speech, which is glorious.

Joan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, and for the first few days, she was very down.  But then she made the decision to not only fight for herself, but fight for anyone else who is going through the battle.  She also wants to thank WWE for giving her this platform, and for Dana Warrior, whom she has gotten to know the last few years.  Together we will fight cancer.

Now comes our main event, Sting is inducted next.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is here to induct Sting.

Ric honors Dream and “Hot Rod” both of whom we had lost this year.

Ric also wants to give a shout out to his daughter Charlotte, who wrestles tomorrow for the Divas Championship.

Now, the man called Sting.  “The ICON”.

In 1988, WCW made the decision to go face to face with Wrestlemania, called Clash of the Champions.  Dusty asked who he wants to face.  He talked about the kid who was on fire.  They went out there for 55 minutes.  He never flinched, he listened.  The body, the haircut, he always looked the part.  He always told him to make money in WWE, but his career spoke for itself.  He and Steamboat had great matches, but they would always compete.  But when Sting gets in the ring, they worked like magic.  Flair trusted Sting, and you know his offense.  A big reason why Flair liked being a heel, he just had a few moves, but he could take bumps and can talk.  But their Clash match had a 7.7 rating.

But what gets to Flair, when you wrestle Hunter, you better be ready to go.  Same for Shawn Michaels, Flair puts Shawn over, saying he carried him in their Mania 24 match.

He spent 3 decades wrestling Dusty, Steamboat, and Sting.  The 3 biggest rivalries he has ever had.  Sting knew the sacrifices you had to make, they always worked holidays down south.

Sting was “The Franchise” and even not talking for a year, when they did that buildup in 1997.  They have that same amount of respect for one another.  The man called Sting.

It was a year ago on this day Sting made his Raw debut, in this arena.  He didn’t know anything about wrestling, until he was in his 20s.  He saw The Iron Shiek, Big John Studd, Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan and he was hooked.  So he and Jim Hellwig, you know him as Warrior got into the business together.  He was a California guy, and Warrior talks about Waffle House.  Well, Sting didn’t know what a Waffle House was.  The ’83 T-Bird was their house, because they didn’t make much money, and couldn’t afford a hotel.

He made a deal with God that if he made some money, he would give back.  Be careful what you wish for, cause you will get it.  Some good, some bad.  He started main eventing, he competed with Ric Flair, and won the NWA Title back at Great American Bash 1990.  He never thought he would be making merchandise.  He was lifted out of a helicopter, Panama Beach and Cleveland.  The last night of Nitro, and Vince was in Cleveland saying he bought WCW.

Many people coming up to him, and saying they wanted to be a wrestler, because of Sting.  Seth Rollins, at Night of Champions.  Seth is competing, he landed on Sting’s neck, and when he came back, he apologize for what happened.  He told Sting he dressed just like Sting for Halloween.

Sting had many great moments like, tagging with Robocop.  He talks about The Crow Sting, when he was stoic, and Nash asked him if he can just spoon with him.

Many different faces of Sting.  We had the “surfer” Sting.  The “Crow” Sting.  The “Wolfpack” Sting, and what about “Joker” Sting?  Can he say that, cause he had fun doing that too, in TNA.

He also had changes in his life, being pinned by God.  And now he is right with God, right with his family, and he is humbled by that.

Talk about humbled times, because now he competed at Wrestlemania, and he will forever be grateful for that.

He thanks Jim Hellwig, for being his first tag team partner.

Fans want one more match, and they chant for Undertaker.

He wants to give a special shoutout to Brian Wang, Jeff Cavalier, his trainer and his wife helped him get ready for his 2 matches.  “Rossy” Jim Ross, for giving him great advice.  He wants to thank Michael Hayes and The Freebirds for taking him under their wing when he first came to the business.

He wants to thank Roaddog, for telling to make sure he had his Life Alert necklace before his match with Seth.

He thanks Ric Flair, for literally taking him under his wing when he first got started, because he didn’t have to do that, and he is always grateful.

He wants to thank his pastor, his children, who have all grown up.

You talk about second chances, he was married for a year with his second wife, Sabina.

And he wants to thank the fans, and they give back to him.

Without the fans, there wouldn’t be the wrestlers.  And the only thing that is for sure for Sting is there is nothing for sure.  Until now.  On this very moment, at this very moment, he is going to finish his career at WWE umbrella, and he is very proud of that.

Sting is officially retiring tonight.

He has the bat, Sting has the shades.  And the fans are chanting thank you Sting.

This isn’t goodbye, this is just see you later.

And with that, the show ends with Sting’s music.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Always an enjoyable show.  I can literally say I grew up a Sting fan.  I started to watch WWE because of Hulk Hogan, but I started to watch WCW because of Sting.

So, thank you for doing everything you did to entertain us.

Wrestlemania is tomorrow.





















































NXT Takeover: Dallas 4/1/16

Tonight, NXT is here for Wrestlemania weekend.  Finn Balor will face off against Samoa Joe for the NXT World Title.  We will also see Bayley face her biggest challenge when the Women’s Title is on the line against Asuka.  We will also see the NXT debut of Austin Aries.

But we start the night off with the NXT Takeover kick-off show.  And it all starts in 5 minutes.

We are live in Dallas, earlier today the champion and challenger entered the building.  Who wins the match?  Finn Balor or Samoa Joe?

Renee Young welcomes us to the kick-off show, with Lita and Mauro Ranallo.

2 blockbuster main events.  Bayley Vs Asuka for the NXT Women’s Title, and Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor, for the NXT World Title.

3 titles are on the line, what are the odds of new champions tonight?

We hear from the newest NXT broadcast member, Cathy Kelly.  Sami Zayn will be her guest later tonight.

NXT Tag Titles with The Revival Vs American Alpha.

Austin Aries will make his NXT debut against Baron Corbin.

Who wins between Aries and Corbin?

“Mayhem” by Halestorm is the official theme song for tonight’s NXT Takeover.

Bayley will face Asuka, tonight.  A video is showing here.

Sami Zayn is going to face Shinsuke Nakamura, tonight.  This should be a classic.

Cathy Kelly is with Sami Zayn.

Sami has a big weekend, the biggest weekend as he calls it, with tonight and his Wrestlemania match.  There is a legacy Sami has in NXT, and this is a way to cement that legacy.  Shinsuke wants to start his own NXT legacy, but it won’t start tonight.

2 days away from seeing The Rock, at Wrestlemania.

Last night, at Wrestlemania Axxess, they showed the new Dusty Rhodes statue, with Cody and Dustin honoring him.

Video is showing Balor Vs Joe.

NXT Takeover starts shortly.

Tonight, it’s the heart and soul of NXT vs The New Lions.

NXT Takeover:  Dallas is now.

Tom Phillips and Corey Graves, begin the show.

Our first match is for the NXT Tag Team Titles.  American Alpha Vs The Revival kick off the show.

American Alpha win the match with a Grand Amplitude combo.  A fantastic match to start the show, and the fans loved every second.

The stars are in the arena.  Jim Ross, Michelle Beadle, Kento Ibushi, Funaki.

NXT goes on tour this summer.

Earlier today, Bayley was at Wrestlemania Axxess.  Tonight, she will defend her Women’s Title against Asuka.

But now, Austin Aries, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” against “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin.

Austin Aries wins the match with a rollup, after Corbin tried End of Days.

A well worked, slow match which worked, because of Baron’s size.

The Rock comes back to Wrestlemania in 2 days.

Earlier today, champion and challenger arrived at the arena.

Our next match, Sami Zayn Vs Shinsuke Nakamura.

“The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon and X-Pac are in the house.

Time to be entertained here.

I don’t know how the next two matches can top this.  Nakamura wins the match with Kinsashe,  An instant classic with these two, and like I said before, we still have two matches left.

Sami and Nakamura shake hands after the match.

This feels like this is Sami’s swan song since he is in WWE.

WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony is tomorrow night.

Samoa Joe is warming up for his title match.

But next, Women’s Title match is on the line.  Bayley Vs Asuka.

Asuka won the NXT Women’s Title, with an Asuka Lock, and Bayley never tapped, but she passed out.

Another great match here.  Bayley is tended to by officials, and Asuka locks eyes at her.

Big title change here.

It is time for our main event of the evening, Balor Vs Joe, for the NXT World Title.

Before the match starts, a Bobby Roode sighting.

Balor wins the match with Joe’s momentum, and pinned him.  Joe was cut open during the first few seconds of the match with a headbutt, but this still was a hard-hitting match.  After the ending, the two faced off, with Joe looking at Blor from the outside of the ring, in disbelief over losing to the champ.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a start to Wrestlemania weekend.  NXT now has a legacy to build on, after being shown on WWE Network for 2 years, and all you need to do is see the Zayn Vs Nakamura match.  Zayn has cemented his NXT legacy, now its Nakamura’s turn.  The same can be said about Asuka and Bayley.

I think this is the best NXT Takeover I have seen, what did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts.





























WWE Monday Night Raw 3/28/16…Rounding Third And Heading Home

We immediately kick off Raw with the gongs.

And it is The Undertaker, live in Brooklyn.

This Sunday night, at Wrestlemania.  The Undertaker faces Shane McMahon, inside Hell in a Cell.

This Wrestlemania will not be his last.

The crowd loves to hear that.  Yes chants, got to love Brooklyn fans.

And he has made it clear to Vince McMahon, the blood of his son will be on Vince’s hands.  But Vince’s blood very well might be on his.  He knows Shane will fight for his legacy, until he draws his last breath.  But Wrestlemania is his yard.  Hell in a Cell is his house.  And at Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon will rest in peace.


Shane McMahon comes to Brooklyn!!

Hello Brooklyn!!

Undertaker, this Sunday at Wrestlemania, the two of them will rip each other apart, and will hold nothing back.  Because this Sunday, they will be fighting for their legacy, except Shane is fighting for his life, and Taker is fighting not to lose.  Undertaker might be his father’s “evil instrument”, Shane is the voice of change.  And come hell, or high water, he will survive Hell, and come into the ring the next night on Raw and make some changes.  And if Shane has to take care of Taker’s legacy, then so be it.

Undertaker calls him a bitch boy, and tells him he doesn’t get to talk about Taker’s legacy.  And here comes Shane to the ring.

You want to talk about legacy?  2 years at Wrestlemania, Undertaker’s legacy died.

He went there.

Taker told Shane he is just like his old man.  And it figures, from the day he was born, he has been his daddy’s bitch.

Now Shane fights off Taker, but Taker is taking control.

Evil intentions in Taker’s mind, there goes the announce table.

Last Ride is blocked, but Shane fights back and nails Taker with a television monitor.

Oh boy, there might be more here.

Shane is looking up….


And this is the way we kick off Raw, folks.

But Taker kicks right up.

Oh, we’re on this Sunday.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Shane McMahon giving Taker a Top Rope Elbow, through the announce table.

In the ring, it’s now Chris Jericho Vs Zack Ryder.

AJ Styles comes to the ring.  Jericho said earlier he won’t give AJ the match at Wrestlemania.  AJ said he won’t leave the ring tonight, until he gets his match at Wrestlemania.

AJ distracts Jericho, and Ryder wins with the roll up.

Jericho hits a Codebreaker, and he is snapping.

The crowd is chanting Y2Jackass, which AJ started, and Chris asks him how stupid is he?  Does he want to embarrass him, in front of these morons?  AJ just kicked the hornet’s ass, and be careful what you ask for?  You want Jericho at Wrestlemania?  You want the best in the world at Wrestlemania?  You got it.  But before you get happy, this is Jericho’s 12th Wrestlemania.  He has won titles at Wrestlemania.  He has spilled blood at Wrestlemania, and this is AJ’s first, rookie.  Jericho guarantees this will be AJ’s last, you understand what he’s saying?

Coming up next, Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks is at ringside, and here we go, Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte.

With some help from Daddy, Charlotte pins Becky with Natural Selection.

Renee Young is with Mr. McMahon.

Was he surprised over what Shane did to The Undertaker earlier tonight?  No, because that is a preview for what happens this Sunday, at Wrestlemania.  Shane will do anything.  When Taker said this is his house, and HIAC is his yard, Shane doesn’t want that, he wants the stage.  Taker needs to realize that, because now Shane made him angry, he is going to get an angry Taker.

If I was you, he’d be at Brooklyn Bridge by now.  Shane McMahon shows up, and he makes it clear, Vince thinks he is GOD.  Nobody can run WWE like Vince, but Shane is here to prove he can run it better.  And Vince stole WWE from his father, well this Sunday, Shane is going to take WWE from Vince.

The Social Outcasts are in the ring, and here comes Big Show.

Officially, Big Show and Kane Vs Bo and Axel.

And of course, this leads to everyone involved in Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal to get involved.

Kane and Big Show clean house, together.

Footage from last Monday, when HHH ran scared from Roman Reigns.

HHH is on his way to the ring, next.

HHH and Stephanie McMahon is out to the ring.

Stephanie wants us to get up on our feet, and show the proper respect for her husband, HHH.  Better yet, get on your knees, and bow down, that is how you show respect to the 14-time WWE World Champion.

In 6 days, the entire world will watch, in 6 days, a record crowd will be there live, in 6 days, millions around the world will watch the spectacle of Wrestlemania.  They will watch the most important thing at Mania.  It is the dream of every superstar, and it is the dream of every single one of us.  We have had the fantasy of holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  But the thing is that won’t happen for us.  We don’t have the aspirations to be WWE World Champion to turn it into a reality.  But Roman Reigns is.

He is one of the million to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he got to hold the title up in the air.  All for 5:15 of it.  And for the 9th time, HHH will compete in a title match at Wrestlemania.  You want to know why?  Because HHH has been obsessed with it.  He has been obsessed with the fame, the glory, the money, everything.  And that obsession has allowed him to be a 14-time WWE World Championship.  That obsession has allowed him to be one of the most successful performers in this industry.  He thought that obsession was gone, and he was okay with it.  But that moment happened 4 months ago.  And that moment was when he was powerbombed through the announce table.  He doesn’t know how, but that obsession was back, and it wasn’t long until he became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Roman Reigns, he already lost this Sunday.  He lost it when he relit HHH’s obsession, because that obsession will end Reign’s dream.  Because that obsession will allow him to walk out this Sunday, as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Stephanie screams out that this Sunday, this is about her husband, HHH.

And here comes Reigns.

He fights off HHH’s attack, and HHH is running scared, again.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  The fans booing the hell out of Reigns.

HHH and Steph are running away, again.

Oh Brooklyn, don’t you dare be sour.  Clap for your world-famous 2-time WWE Tag Champs, and FEEL THE POWER!!!

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

The New Day, your WWE World Tag Team Champions are here.  And if you haven’t heard, the official cereal for Wrestlemania is Booty-O’s.  So if you haven’t gotten your box of Booty-O’s, what are you waiting for?

You want to know who doesn’t have their own box of cereals?  League of Nations.

New Day Rocks!!

Kofi will face Del Rio.

Kofi rolls up Del Rio when he missed the boot.

It’s Coach!!

The New Day is Coach’s favorites, and this is the big one.  It is confirmed tonight, they are bringing live coverage of Wrestlemania on ESPN Sportscenter all day.  And third, he loves Booty-O’s.

And now Coach is grooving to the music.

This is Wrestlemania Week, on WWE Network.

“The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar is here, tonight.

Joan London is getting the Warrior Award at the Hall of Fame this Saturday.

Earlier tonight, Shane McMahon confronted The Undertaker, and he laid a Top Rope Elbow through the announce table.

This Sunday, inside Hell in a Cell.  Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker.  If Shane wins, he controls Monday Night Raw.  If Taker wins, it’s his last Mania.

Renee Young is with Roman Reigns, but Bully Ray, I mean Bubba Ray interrupt him, and calls him out to finish his fight from Thursday.  But here comes Devon, and HHH lays him out from behind.

Reigns is out cold, and HHH taunts him with the title, and says he will never get this from him.  HHH rams his head onto the title, and leaves.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  HHH taking out Reigns.

Kalisto Vs Connor, now.

Kalisto wins the match.  This Sunday, he faces Ryback.

Speaking of that, feed me more….

Ryback wants him some.

Paul Heyman calls for The Beast, and Brock is here, next.

Here Comes The Pain!!

This Sunday, Lesnar Vs Ambrose in a Street Fight.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And he serves as the advocate, not for the baddest man.  Not for the baddest dude.  But for the baddest beast living on the planet today, BROCK LESNAR!!

His job tonight is to hype the fact that we are 6 days away from Wrestlemania.  We have one of those rare opportunities to see a once-fighter in his prime, to do his thing, and to perform that not one single person in the back will ever achieve.

But then there is always that one goof, that idiot, that one lunatic.  And that lunatic actually thinks he can take Brock Lesnar to perform to another level, and thinks he can beat a man who took The Undertaker to 22-1 at Wrestlemania.  And that lunatic is Dean Ambrose.  Dean actually believes he can take a wrestler, and take that wrestler to another element, fighting with weapons, and that man is Brock Lesnar.

But here is the bad news, Dean has to face Brock Lesnar, who is prepared to give Dean Ambrose a defined Wrestlemania moment of a lifetime.  When Dr. Brock Lesnar takes every single one of those weapons, and give Dean a colonoscopy, live on TV.

This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler, Brock Lesnar will win this Sunday, and still will be our reigning, and defending….

Here comes that “lunatic.”

Ambrose is going shopping for weapons.  But Brock has a kendo stick.

Earlier tonight, Reigns interrupted HHH, and HHH returned the favor later tonight, when he and The Dudleys took out Reigns.

The Authority will be back in the ring, later tonight.

Paige Vs Emma is next.

Emma wins, after Lana kicked Paige.

10 Diva Tag match this Sunday.

Oh shit, it’s Eva Marie.

Golden Truth moment now.

Truth is torn, because at Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, it’s every man for themselves.  Teammate vs teammate.

But they aren’t a team.

6-man tag match is next.  Owens, Miz, and Stardust Vs Zayn, Ziggler, and Sin Cara

Snoop Dogg is going to be inducted into the Celebrity Wing of Wrestlemania.

6-man tag match is now.

All 6 men worked hard, but the crowd didn’t care.  Zayn, Ziggler, and Sin Cara won when Miz and Stardust walked out on their partner, and Sami hit a Hella Kick to win.

The Usos Vs The Dudley Boyz will take place at the Kick-Off show, as will The 10 diva match, and Eva Marie will be a part of it.  Glorious.

2 hour Kick-Off show, which starts at 5:00 Sunday night, then Wrestlemania starts at 7:00.

The Authority are out again.

Oh boy, more talk from Stephanie.

We all live our lives, like Roman Reigns with hopes and dreams, but they don’t come true.  In 6 days, we are looking for new leaders, and new champions.  But that won’t happen.

Now HHH speaks.

HHH tells us running away was a stragedy.  It is not a game, but here comes Roman Reigns, again.

Stephanie calls for the troops, and here comes Roman’s backups.

Reigns dove over the top rope, to show his athleticism, and dives on HHH.  The champ runs away, all a part of the plan.

This Sunday, Wrestlemania.  Reigns Vs HHH.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This will go down as the worst Wrestlemania build in company history.  It could be due to injuries to key people.  But in part, this is also due to poor writing.

This was the go-home show, and it ended at 11:04.  That’s just insane, and they did nothing to truly build up the “most important prize in the industry”.  The fans hate Reigns, for whatever reason.  Vince wants him to be the top guy, but he’s not ready yet.  I have to wonder what Rollins Vs HHH could have been, since that seemed to be the original plan.

I did love the first segment though with Taker and Shane.

Having said that though, I know the men and women will work hard for this event, and it will be memorable.  I just wished the creative team made this more memorable.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.


















































Impact Wrestling 3/22/16…The New Champ Speaks

We see last week footage of Drew Galloway coming out, cashing in his briefcase, and hit Future Shock DDT to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, beating Matt Hardy.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Last week’s Impact was called one of the most chaotic Impacts in history, and at the end of the night, he is standing with this.  No matter how you feel about wrestling, this is real.  Drew Galloway is standing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

He has been called many names, “The Chosen One”, the fastest rising star, but he has not been handed anything.  He has gone through highest of highest, lowest of lows.  He is standing here as champ.  He wants to look at this title different.  He will do whatever it takes to put TNA on the damn map again.

I am damn ICONIC!!

Hardy comes out, and says Galloway is not a champion, he is a spineless coward.  A liar, a thief.  What he did last week was a felony robbery.

He survived 30 minutes of a handicap match against 2 of the biggest stars in TNA history, and he stole his title.  He should have called the cops.

Drew joined a rave after the win, the cops came over to bust it.  He told them he just beat Matt Hardy for the TNA Title, and they joined the party.  Matt, the future belongs to Drew Galloway.

Matt tells Drew he will get his return match tonight, or else the Matt Hardy Brand will annihilate Drew.

Galloway is ready, but here comes Jeff.

There is a line for that first shot, Matt got beat, fair and square.  But Jeff was taken out by 2 lunatics, he deserves a title shot.

Matt tells him to leave, paint some drawings, sing some ridiculous songs, but just leave.

Jeff said he isn’t going anywhere, creatures…mount up.

But here come the lunatics, and chaos takes over now.

Fighting continues, but EC3 comes out, with a chair to fight off the heels.

We won’t have a punch party and not invite EC3.  Drew, you’re the World Heavyweight Champion, and you deserve that.  But he’d be lying if he said he was the most deserved champion.  EC3 is a 2-time champion, and he lost them without being pinned, or submitted.  Drew, standing here, he respects him.  But seeing him with the World Title enrages him.  That is his life, its his passion, it’s the fire he breathes, so Jeff, with all due respect sit this one out, he wants a title shot.

Here comes “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria.

Call it fait, call it the way it’s supposed to happen.  He sees all of this chaos, and he figures out who deserves a title shot, it would be him, because he last pinned Drew.

Drew tells Bennett to shut up, he would put the title on the line against anyone of you.

Dixie Carter comes out, and tells them they will fight the right way, tonight, in a gauntlet match.  The man who survives that will receive the first World Title shot.

Number One Contenders Gauntlet Title shot tonight.

Beer Money’s Open Challenge is next.

We get an order of entrance now for the Gauntlet match, Mike Bennett gets to choose.  Mike has a chance to stir the pot so to speak, and he gets to kill 2 birds with one stone, and fulfill his destiny, being World Heavyweight Champion.

Maria puts her hands on the wheel, and Mike chooses his number, he got this.

Beer Money comes out, and the Bruiser Cruiser is here.

Robbie E. speaks out, when people hear the best team names, only one team comes to the mind, Beer Money.  But you two guys came back, and it got him thinking about getting someone back.  2 guys who tanned together, 2 guys who trained together, they won Tag Titles 2 times, they are BroMans.

Beer Money Vs BroMans.

Beer Money wins the match with a DWI.  A good match here, non-stop action, but the champs prevailed.

The Decay are together for reasons most of us will never understand.  Davey Richards got caught in the bear trap of life, and now he is no more.  So does Eddie Edwards dare to fight one of them?  How about a No-DQ.

No matter what, Rosemarie tell us, this ends in decay, decay, decay.

Now Eric Young and Bram choose their numbers.

Tonight, a Gauntlet Match to determine Number One Contender to Drew Galloway’s World Title.

Eddie has the mic.  He doesn’t care who it is, come out and they will fight.  Let’s do this.

Eddie Vs Crazzy Steve, no DQ match.

Eddie picks up the win with a rollup.

Maria reminds Gail she pinned her last week, and has held the Knockout Championship for so long, but that means nothing.  She has done nothing, but what she will do is change the revolution forever.

Dixie Carter told Lashley he is lucky he was just fined after last week.  He has made enemies in a short amount of time, but if he wants it, he has it.

Earlier tonight, chaos.

More numbers chosen, Jeff Hardy’s opportunity now.

EC3 chose his numbers too, the two talk about being screwed out of their title matches last week.  EC3 wants Bennett.

Before Gail wrestles, Maria will talk, and we will listen.  Maria loves wrestling, and that is why she is the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling”.  But if Maria wins again, what will change?  Absolutely nothing.  So she went to the front office, and requested something, and they gave it to her, so first, let’s introduce The Dollhouse.

Maria sees so much potential in The Dollhouse, but they have had so many leaders.  But they haven’t done anything special with each other, and Maria wants them to be unique.  Only little girls will play with dolls, so it’s time to break up.

Jade tells Maria why should she trust her, when she trusts them.

Maria tells them she will give up her Knockouts Title shot, and give it to one of the 3.  And that has to happen, now.

Triple Threat match to face Gail Kim for Knockouts Title.  Marti Vs Jade Vs Rebel.

Jade pins both women at the same time.

Jade Vs Gail Kim, down the line.  Maria Kanellis Bennett approves.

Matt Hardy, Spud, and Tyrus all choose their numbers.

The Gauntlet match is tonight.

Last week, footage of Grady keeping his job in TNA.

Next week, a party to celebrate Grado’s TNA job.

Drew Galloway comes out before the main event, Gauntlet Match to determine the Number One Contender to the title.

Drew Galloway thinks there is too much talking, but with Drew as champion, he will step to the back, and let the action do the talking.

Lashley comes out, taunts The Pope while he comes to the ring.

Lashley hasn’t congratulated Drew yet, he wants to congratulate Drew.  He doesn’t need to ask anyone about how tough he is.  You can ask Kurt Angle, or even that bitch Pope over there.  But Lashley will beat Drew for the title.  Lashley asked Dixie to put him in the Gauntlet match, and he might as well just hand him the title.

Drew doesn’t sweat Lashley.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.

Lashley is the first entrant, EC3 is the second.

We’re ready.

Number 3 is….Rockstar Spud.

Number 4 is….”The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Number 5 is….Eric Young.

Number 6 is….Tyrus.

Spud is eliminated by EC3.

Tyrus is eliminated by Lashley.

Bram eliminates Eric Young.

Bram is eliminated by Lashley.

The Pope comes in and eliminates Lashley.  EC3 eliminates him again when he came back in.

The Pope and Lashley fight it out to the back.

Number 7 is….Matt Hardy.

Number 8 is….Jeff Hardy.

Final 4 are Jeff and Matt Hardy, EC3, and Bennett.

Bennett is eliminated by EC3.

EC3 is eliminated by Matt and Bennett.

It’s now between the two Hardys.

Matt Hardy is eliminated, Jeff Hardy is the new Number One Contender.

Next week, Jeff Hardy Vs Drew Galloway, for the World Title.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show wasn’t as good as last week, but we know who Drew faces for the first title defense, and it will be a classic.

I also loved the interaction we saw with Pope and Lashley, you have to figure those two will hook up.

Maria did her thing, and no issue with The Dollhouse breaking up.  But will Jade be the next Knockout Champion?

Disappointed though Bromans were the team chosen in the Tag Title Open Challenge.  I was hoping it would be LAX, and I think TNA was hoping we’d think that.

It was a decent show, but nothing that was highlight worthy, looking forward to next week’s World Title match.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.




































WWE Monday Night Raw 3/21/16…HHH’s Rage

Tonight, we are 13 days away from Wrestlemania.  I expect the build to be more tonight, there has to be focus of the major storylines, so expect a lot of talking too.

Raw in 15 minutes, keep checking here tonight.

Last Monday, Roman Reigns made his return, to take out HHH.

We are live in Philly and kick the show off with one of the principle owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon.

Steph tells us her husband HHH will not be here tonight.  But those who seek refunds, you have 60 seconds to get to the box office for that.  HHH has corporate business to take care of, and it has nothing to do with Roman Reigns vicious attack last week.  And this is why Reigns will never be WWE World Champion, (But Steph, he is a 2-time champion now).  He doesn’t have intellect, and he can’t think of the big plan.  She and her husband can buy anything they want, to gain what they want.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Roman waits until she says HHH is not here, and he comes in to try to intimidate her?  This is her company, this is her ring, and her husband will beat him at Wrestlemania.

Reigns shuts her up, and we all want to know the real reason HHH isn’t here?  Because he knew Reigns would beat his ass again in Broad Street.

He’s going to her arena, walk into her ring, and he is going to take his WWE World Heavyweight Title, and there is nothing Stephanie or her daddy can do about it.

She tries to slap him, but Roman stops him, and says he is NOW The Authority.

Tonight, Hell in a Cell announcement.

But next, “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens.

With some help from Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens rolled up AJ Styles and pinned him, in what was a great match.  But terrible ending.

Owens shows us the IC Title, and he asked if we see this.  It’s The Kevin Owens show, and in 13 days, the biggest event of the year will take place.  And people want to know who will face Owens for his Intercontinental Title, at KOMania.

Dolph Ziggler comes out, but he lost his spot for Mania last week, right?

Nobody deserves a spot against Owens more than he does.

But here come The Miz.

Miz believes he should get a title shot.  But here comes Sami Zayn.

Sami has waited a long time to get his hands on Kevin Owens, and he can’t think of a better place to do it than competing for the IC Title at Wrestlemania.

Owens tells them nobody deserves a title shot.  But in the interest of fairness, he will go to The Authority, and we will get a Triple Threat match to determine who faces Owens for his Intercontinental Title, at KOMania.

Tonight, Ambrose Vs Strowman.

Earlier today, Ambrose was in the streets of Philadelphia.

Dean runs into Terry Funk.  The Funkster gives him a chainsaw, which is beautiful.  It still works too, after all of these years.

Owens goes up to Stephanie, and confirms the triple threat match tonight, to determine who faces Owens at Wrestlemania.

We hear from WWE legends and superstars on their thoughts about Shane McMahon’s WWE return.

In 13 nights, Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell.

But next, Big E. Vs Rusev.

Sheamus tells us they gave The New Day a small taste of what to expect at Wrestlemania.  They sent them back to the unicorns, because they aren’t even in the same class as League of Nations.

We see what happened last week on Raw.

Del Rio tell us New Day sucks.

Ohhhhhh Philly, don’t you dare be sour, clap for your world-famous 2-time WWE Champs, and FEEL THE POWER!!!

It’s a NEW DAY, yes it is.

Last week, you might have put your hands on your boys, but one thing is clear, New Day does not suck.  New Day has never sucked.

Xavier isn’t surprised they started talking that garbage, because exhibit A, you are trash.

Exhibit B.  You are trash.

But they aren’t done there, they are trash.

And Kofi brings up thank God Rusev finally has boot on his feet, because he had smelly feet, and he scared the kids.  But what happened to Del Rio.  He used to have a big limo, a big house, his own announcer, and now he is wasted in League of Nations.  And King Barrett, he is King of the Ring, yet he has no cape, no sector, no crown, what a wasted talent in League of Nations.

Which brings us to Sheamus, his parents must have known he’d be a shame because they named him Shameus.

But never fear, all of that can be rectified with a big box of Booty-O’s.

Because New Day Rocks.

Now we have a big fight with all 7 men.

Big E. Vs Rusev is next.

Big E. wins the match with a Big Ending.  This was a fun match here that saw all 7 men get involved.

Tonight, Mr. McMahon is here, with a Hell in a Cell match announcement.

Also tonight, Ambrose Vs Strowman.

We hear from Bray Wyatt now.

The Apocalypse is here, and there is a chance to be born again.

The new beginning can’t happen without a sacrifice.  There is a new arrival, and when this happens, Bray Wyatt will sit at his rightful throne.


We are having another Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania, and here comes The Big Show, who has a chance to repeat.

Big Show loves Philly.

He has said things in the past, such as saying he is the greatest giant of all time.  He has to say that, to keep confidence in himself, but the truth is the greatest giant is Andre The Giant.  There will be many giants, many superstars come in, but nobody will touch the legend.  It was important for him to win Andre The Giant Battle Royal match, and it will be important for him to win it 2 times.

Social Outcasts come out.

They like their chances in the big match.

Big Show isn’t troubled by them.

All four men come to the ring, oh boy.

All four men take Big Show out, but here comes “The Demon” Kane.

Kane take them all out.

Now Big Show gives Kane a big hug.  And Kane gives Show a Chokeslam on the middle rope.

Fire goes off, message was sent.

A Wrestlemania Rewind match is next, Chris Jericho Vs Fandango.

Fifth Harmony is going to sing America The Beautiful.

12 nights from now, is the WWE Hall of Fame.  The newest inductee is Stan “The Lariant” Hanson.

Jericho Vs Fandaaaaaaangoooooooooooooo is now.

Jericho wins with a Codebreaker, despite AJ Styles trying to distract Chris with a Y2Jackass chant.

So AJ goes after Chris, but Jericho leaves the ring.

AJ thought Chris was the best in the world at what he does, but it seems like Chris is the best in the world at running away from AJ.

AJ has competed all over the world, but there is one place he hasn’t competed in.  Chris thinks the fans chose AJ over Jericho.  So how about Chris face AJ at Wrestlemania, and then he will show the world, and Chris why they chant AJ Styles.

More video of superstars and legends think of The Undertaker Vs Shane McMahon.  We will get a more special look, on Raw.

We are 13 days away from Wrestlemania, live in Philadelphia.

More video of legends discussing their thoughts on Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker.

Tonight, Vince McMahon has a big announcement for Hell in a Cell match.

But next, Triple Threat match to see who faces KO at KOMania.

Oh brilliant, Kevin Owens is giving us Zack Ryder Vs Sin Cara Vs Stardust, winner gets IC Title shot at Mania.

The match ends in a no contest when Ziggler, Miz, and Zayn all come out to attack Owens.

Earlier tonight, Reigns made it clear to Stephanie, he is The Authority now.

Stephanie is on the phone with HHH, feeling a bit scared.  She wants to leave now, but Owens interrupt her and wants things done.  She gives him a match at Wrestlemania for the IC Title, in a 7-man Ladder Match.

Zack Ryder gets a Wrestlemania match!!

HHH picks his wife up, and Reigns is waiting for them.

He wants more of HHH.

HHH gives him a cheap shot, and leaves the building.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, Reigns attacks HHH.

In 13 nights, HHH vs Reigns for the WWE World Title.

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks is at the commentary table.

We are getting Charlotte Vs Natalya, now.

Charlotte pins Natalya, clean in the ring.

In 13 days, Charlotte will face Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

Earlier in the day, Dean Ambrose runs into Terry Funk in a Philly bar.

Terry gave him a gift, chainsaw.

Tonight, Ambrose Vs Braun Strowman.

The Rock returns in 13 nights, for Wrestlemania.

Bubba Ray Vs R-Truth is now.

Bubba wins with a kick to the head.

After the match, the Dudleyz attack Truth, and here comes Goldust.  Out goes Goldust, but here come The Usos.

Here come the tables.

But Bubba saves his brother, and move him out of the ring.

In 13 days, The Dudleyz Vs The Usos.

Next, Mr. McMahon has an announcement.

Here comes Mr. McMahon.

He wants to remind us his former son Shane will compete against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, inside Hell in a Cell.  If a miracle happens, it would mean his son Shane would run Raw.  It also would mean his daughter and son-in-law would quit the business, and it also means more than likely, we would see the last of Vince.

The crowd loves that idea.

The fans want Shane to win?  That enables Shane, and they want him to do what he can’t do.

We see footage of last Monday, when Taker took down Shane.

That was sweet, but it will take more than 3 chokeslams to stop Shane.  He will risk life and limb, and he believes Shane is the most formidable opponent for Undertaker, at Wrestlemania.  So will Taker win at Wrestlemania?  He better, because while he is his “Instrument of Destruction”, he can put him down.  So, if Undertaker loses, this will be his last Wrestlemania.

Everything is on the line.

“The Lunatic Fringe” Vs Braun Strowman is next.

Brock Lesnar will be on Smackdown this week, but Paul Heyman is at commentary.

Ambrose loses by DQ when he nails Strowman with a chair, and after the match, Dean hits Dirty Deeds, to show Paul Heyman what he can do, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not much from the World Title scene, which made HHH look weak here.  I get they want to paint Reigns as a badass, but one thing HHH has never been a cowardly heel.  Just very unfortunate.

Vince McMahon making the announcement about Taker Vs Shane was weird too, and why doesn’t Taker have a say in this?  Outstanding video though, showcasing the heart Shane McMahon has.

Styles Vs Owens was a classic, but such a horrible ending.

I loved the Terry Funk sighting too.

So in other words, a bit of a mixed bag here.  Next week’s Raw has to be a slam dunk, because this has been a piss-poor buildup to the biggest matches.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.










































Impact Wrestling Live 3/15/16…The Charismatic Enigma Returns

We kick the show off with a returning Jeff Hardy Vs Eric Young.  Before the match, EY grated Dixie Carter by blaming her for what is going to happen to Hardy.  Dixie comes out, and announces the winner of the match will be added to the World Title match later tonight.

Hardy wins the match with a Swanton.

Hardy is added to the Three Way Dance match later tonight.

But here comes the champ, Matt Hardy.

Matt is so happy Jeff is back at the Impact Zone.  He wants to apologize for not saving Jeff after Eric’s attack.  He was protecting his wife.

Reby said Matt was crying all night about this, and Jeff is family.  Matt doesn’t think Jeff should be selfish tonight, just give up his match.  This was supposed to be Matt’s big night, the night he pins EC3.  Then later on, he can give him a title shot.  Bound for Glory 2017, Hardy Vs Hardy would be huge.

Jeff asks Matt if he truly is supposed to believe what Matt is saying?  The answer is no.

Matt will take out his hand, and Jeff needs to do the right thing, and take the deal.

Jeff flips Matt off, and they start fighting, but Jeff hits a Twist of Fate.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

Eddie Edwards earlier tonight addressed the crowd.

Eddie is here representing The Wolves, and representing Davey.  The Decay lay him out.

Mike Bennett and Maria is here, talking about the last time they were on live TV, Mike was about making a statement.  Tonight will be the same, because tonight, Maria has Gail Kim, and Mike has Drew Galloway.  Tonight, the miracle happens.

Beer Money offer their services to team with Eddie against The Decay.

It’s The Bennett’s Vs Gail Kim and Drew Galloway.

Maria and Mike win with Maria hitting a Schoolgirl for the win.

We see footage from last week, Kurt Angle Vs Lashley.  Lashley made a statement, and we will hear from “The Destroyer”, next.

Josh Matthews is interviewing Lashley.

What was on Lashley’s mind last week?

Lashley is a fighter, and he will do whatever he can in this ring, MMA, it doesn’t matter.  He is the most dominant force in Wrestling today.  So why has he been overlooked?  Is it due to politics?  He has no friends, and that includes Kurt Angle.  And if Josh has a problem with that, he is in Lashley’s ring.

Lashley shoves Josh, setting him up for a spear, and here comes The Pope to help his broadcast partner, but Lashley hits a spear on Pope.

The Decay say they will lay out Eddie Edwards and Beer Money tonight, and they have a third person.

Jeremy Borash join Josh at the commentary table, Pope is out.

Jeff Hardy returned, defeated Eric Young, and is now in the Triple Threat match for the World Championship later tonight.

It will be Jeff Hardy Vs EC3 Vs Matt Hardy.

EC3 runs into Jeff, and he welcomes this addition.  They are prepared for anything.

The Decay, Rosemarie is going to wrestle.  They are facing Beer Money and Eddie Edwards.

The Decay wins the match with a low blow and a roll up, Crazzy Steve pins Eddie Edwards.

Grado is with Billy Corgan, this is final, it ends in the ring, now.

Matt and Reby talk to Dixie.  They accuse Dixie of being jealous of them.  Dixie makes decisions for the fans.  They want competitive matches, be on the edge of their seats, and this makes it.

Matt was going to pin EC3, but he will find a way to walk out of the building tonight as TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Dixie tells Matt there is no DQ, no count outs, someone will be a winner.

Footage now of Grado Vs Eli Drake.

Apparently there was video footage of Eli Drake switching briefcases.  But he had his back to the camera, so we don’t know.  Billy Corgan and Grado come out.  Grado has to return Eli’s briefcase.  Billy has a contract for Grado, but they must fight for it in a ladder match.

Grado Vs Eli Drake in a ladder match is now.

Grado wins the contract, this match was better than it had any right to be.

I still don’t like Grado though.

Mahabid Sheara celebrates with his new friend.

Triple Threat for the World Title is next.

EY is upset Bram wasn’t there for him in his match with Hardy.  EY sees Willow.

Oh boy.

Next week, Beer Money will issue a Tag Team Invitational, and face any former Tag Team Champions next week, on Impact.

Jeff Hardy Vs EC3 Vs Matt Hardy for the World Title is now.

This match ends a no contest, when Matt’s hitmen come out and take out both Jeff Hardy and EC3.  We even have Mike Bennett eventually take out EC3.

Matt brags to the fans he said he would be walking out as TNA World Champion, and he is doing that.  Nobody can stop him.

Drew Galloway comes out, with the briefcase.  He is cashing in the briefcase, and he will now face Hardy for the TNA World Title.

Future Shock DDT, Drew Galloway is now the new TNS World Heavyweight Champion, and Drew celebrates with the crowd, as end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A loaded show tonight, a damn good main event, and while we had the no contest finish, we get the surprise title change, with Drew Galloway winning the title.

I loved Lashley’s interview too, and having The Pope get involved was nice too.  Can this be a return in-ring performance by The Pope?

It looks to me we will see Mike Bennett Vs EC3 now, which I have no issue with.

I loved The Decay tonight, they had a big win over the champs and former Tag Team Champion.

Where do we go from here?  Send me your thoughts on the show.















WWE Monday Night Raw 3/14/16…Down The Home Stretch

Roadblock is done, and now comes the march to Wrestlemania.  We are 20 days away, so things have to be picked up here.

Ohhhhh Pittsburgh, don’t you dare be sour, and clap for the 2-time WWE Tag Team Champions, and feel the power.

We finally kick Raw off with a match, Tag Team Title match with New Day Vs League of Nations.

The New Day train keeps on rolling, as Xavier said.  And we have a copy of Booty-O’s.  You get a free T-shirt on WWEShopzone.com, with Booty-O’s cereal.

They also stand here as our 2-time WWE World Tag Team Champions.  And that is exactly how it is going to stay.  But why?


League of Nations tonight are being represented by Rusev and Del Rio.

New Day retains their titles, with the rolling of the tights, Xavier pins Rusev.  But League of Nations take out New Day after the match, laying all 3 men.

We come back, seeing what we just saw.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring.

Dean was this close of beating HHH, and his foot was this close of being underneath the ropes, but it is what it is.  He wrestled his heart this Saturday night, but he made a mistake and that is okay.  He lives by the sword, and dies by the sword.

Ask HHH how he is feeling, because it’s not going to be good.  Because win or lose, HHH found out what can happened when you take him lightly.  He found out what can happen when you disrespect him, and that leads to the Road to Wrestlemania.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Brock Lesnar is in Pittsburgh.

Ladies and gentlemen, inmates of the asylum.  Inmate who runs the asylum.  His name is Paul Heyman, and he serves tonight of order of protection.  Because he is the one who is saving Dean Ambrose from serving a beating, and the one who will eventually conqueror him, Brock Lesnar.

Dean dares Heyman to unleash the beast.

Heyman has a conflict of interest here, because there is a big event called Wrestlemania that is upon us, and whoever faces Brock Lesnar will be in the main event of Wrestlemania.  And people will want to see how much pain Dean Ambrose can withstand from Brock Lesnar, so please don’t provoke him.

Dean wants Brock to come out and fight him right now.

On Sunday night, April 3rd, 2016, Wrestlemania will be on WWE Network, the main event of the evening Dean Ambrose will face the only man to hold the NCAA Title, UFC World Heavyweight Title, Undisputed World Heavyweight Title, and WWE World Title.  Come on and order this event, and you can get the event for free.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

But Brock is heading to the ring, Dean shows us he has a crowbar though.

Brock circles the ring, thinks about it, charges the ring, Dean swings and misses, with Brock bailing.

Sin Cara Vs Ryback is now.

2 Shellshocks, that is all she wrote.  Ryback picks up the win.

Ryback tells Kalisto that is what happens when a good big guy defeats a good little guy, size matters.  So how about putting the United States Title up on the line, at Wrestlemania.

Stephanie McMahon is here, and will speak, next.

One of the principal owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon comes to the ring.

She tells the fans to cheer, not boo.  But show the proper respect to the man this past Saturday, “handily” defeated Dean Ambrose at Roadblock.  The man who will defeat Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, the man, HHH.

This past Saturday, live on WWE Network, the whole world watched Roadblock, hoped Dean Ambrose would be the one to stop Authority, that hoped he could find a way to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, then he failed.  He pinned him in the middle of the ring, because like HHH says, The Authority always wins.  But hope isn’t a game plan, but then again, hope is the reason why the fans like Dean Ambrose.  Hope is why they relate to Roman Reigns, but hope starts when you graduate high school, and hope you get that big job.  But then you get married, and has kids.  You hope you get that promotion.  You hope you get that raise.  But then you don’t get it, and you blame The Authority.  You hope you get that, but then your wife hates you.  Hope gets you failure, yet you do nothing.  So you go to work everyday, hoping you get the raise, but you didn’t get it.  The only shot you have is winning the lottery, but you don’t, so you go to your apartment, because your wife left you and took the house.  You hope you retire, and get a watch, but you don’t.

So hope is why we cheer for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, because we believe they are the one.  But HHH can guarantee, just like in our lives Roman Reigns will fail.  Because like HHH says time and time again, The Authority always wins.

Here comes Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler was in the back, and he was tired of hearing HHH tell us where our place is, and Dolph’s place is right here, busting his ass every week for the fans.

Stephanie tells Ziggler his place is back there, he is good, but he’s not that good.

Ziggler asks Stephanie if she will threaten to fire him again?  Last week, she threatened to fire him over a tweet.  At some point, he will get to a point where he has nothing to lose.  No matter what they say, what happens, Ziggler will not quit.

He is tired of them saying the fans are failures.  Ziggler and Ambrose are screwed by the system, their system.  He sure as hell won’t quit.

HHH tells Steph the fans love Ziggler, it’s bad for business.  They love Ziggler, because he is a lovable loser, just like the fans.  But here is the thing Dolph, you don’t have to be a loser.  Steph said it, Ziggler is good, but maybe he needs the right backing, and maybe he gets the right advice, he gets everything he wants in life.

Ziggler wouldn’t side with HHH if they were the last two people on earth.  And he sure wouldn’t side with his egotistical idiotic wife.

Steph slaps Ziggler.  She will give him hope.  She will give him any match at Wrestlemania, except the match with HHH.  All he has to do is win one match.  She will break him.

Ziggler accepts it.

Then he will face “The Man”, the 14-time WWE World Champion, “The Game” HHH.

Now that, I can dig.

The Undertaker will confront both Shane and Mr. McMahon.

Kevin Owens is at commentary table, for the next match.

Sami Zayn Vs The Miz.

Sami wins the match with an Ole Kick.  KO tried to interfere, but even The Miz laid him out, because KO walked out on him at Smackdown in a tag match.

Earlier tonight, New Day retained their Tag Titles, but League of Nations had the final word.

Renee Young is with League of Nations.

Del Rio said tonight they sent the message, and it was loud and clear.  Nobody makes fun of League of Nations.  So they issue a challenge to New Day at Wrestlemania.  And trust Sheamus, it won’t be a comedy, it will be a tragedy.

Alicia Fox and Brie Bella in tag action, next.

Team Bella Vs Team Bad is now.

Lana distracted Brie long enough to get pinned by Naomi, with Team Bad winning the match.

Alicia Fox gets kicked by Naomi and Tamina too, after she confronted Lana.

For the first time in 3 years, HHH will compete on Raw, against Dolph Ziggler.

Social Outcasts are giving us a Burger King commercial.

At Wrestlemania, we will have a Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship.  Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks.

Renee Young is with Charlotte.

What does it mean about facing Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania?

Charlotte tells us before they went out there in NXT, Charlotte held Sasha’s hair back because she was getting scared.  And Becky Lynch just wanted to be liked.

Renee asked Charlotte if she even liked them?  Ric Flair tells Renee that Charlotte would tell Ric there are 2 women who will be great, but she has to be better.

And she is with the Divas Title.  She will get to speak to them this Thursday on Smackdown.

The Uso’s are in action, next.

The Uso’s will face Bo Dallas and Adam Rose.  The Dudley Boyz are at commentary.

Uso’s win with the body smash, Dudleys are watching on.

Ambrose is being greeted by Mick Foley.

He tells Ambrose this is a bad idea he got himself into.  But he has a gift for him, but before he asks him, he has to ask why.

Ambrose asks Mick a question when he was up in that Cell, right here….right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Was he scared?

Yes, he was.  So why did he do it?  Because he is Mick Foley, and that is what he does.  Well, his name is Dean Ambrose, and this what he does.

So if he is going to do this, he has a gift for Dean, consider it a passing of the torch.  Bang bang.

He has a barbed wire bat.  Oh boy, that will be an incredible match.

Ziggler Vs HHH is now.

HHH picks up the win with a Pedigree, so Ziggler does not have a spot at Wrestlemania.

But here comes Roman Reigns.

The crowd is booing Reigns here.

Reigns is going after HHH, they go to the announce table, but nothing was broken.  They go to the technical area now.

HHH went after a referee, and he is now going after officials, with HHH being busted open.  Now Reigns takes a monitor, and bashes HHH’s back.  But The Uso’s, Swagger, and Mark Henry stop him as we go to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Roman Reigns returning, and kicking ass.

Jacqueline Moore is now the newest inductee of WWE Hall of Fame.

More Golden Truth segment.

Chris Jericho is out, and he still is upset about the fans choosing AJ Styles over him.  Chris thinks the Pittsburgh fans are just like AJ.  He is arrogant, just like us.  He is over his head, just like we are in life.  He did what he had to do to prove a point.  Chris is his daddy, and he did what he had to do to show he is the best in the world at what he does.  Does he understand what he just said?

Jericho Vs Neville is now.

Chris is DQ’d when he shoves Charles Robinson.  He now blames this on the fans, and here comes AJ Styles.

No reaction from the Pittsburgh crowd here, Styles just gives Jericho a forearm.

Our main event is The Undertaker confronting The McMahons, and that is next.

This Thursday on Smackdown, we will see a Face to Face to Face with Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch.  Also we will hear from Roman Reigns.

Mr. McMahon comes to the ring, demanding Lilian to announce him again, so he gets a bigger response.

Imagine, Shane McMahon coming to the ring, the night after Wrestlemania to proclaim there is a new era in WWE.  But that is a dream, because that would be a nightmare.  The reality is Vince McMahon will be here, gloating, because The Undertaker will shatter that dream.  And the best thing is he doesn’t have to lay a hand on him.  His instrument of destruction will, he is The Undertaker.

And here comes The Undertaker.

Pittsburgh loves The Undertaker.

Vince makes this clear, don’t ever put his hands on him again.

Taker takes off the jacket, and hat.

Vince tells Taker he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.  He doesn’t mind putting his hands on Shane, and ramming his head through the cage.  Some may call it dirty tactics, he calls it what’s best for business.


Shane McMahon comes to the ring.

Shane will say it again he is truly not what is best for business, anymore.  But he will give the devil his due, he finds himself in a match at Wrestlemania against The Undertaker.  He has looked at so much video of Taker, but he is going to use his mind.  He will turn his body into a weapon, and Taker knows what he can do.  And lastly, he will use his heart.  He is fighting for his children, and fight for his legacy of WWE.

And it still won’t be enough.

What Taker has are his 2 soup bones.  More than Wrestlemania, his 2 soup bones are his legacy.

Yup, Taker is “The Phenom”, he has done what he has done for the last 25 years, and this why he is surprised he is allowing Vince to use him like a puppet, pulling the strings.

Nobody controls him.  Shane sees this as a different prospective, he has the misfortune of being Vince’s son, but Taker is Vince’s bitch.

Now the fight is on, but Vince shoves Shane into Taker and we get a Chokeslam.  Taker isn’t happy about that, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very good show, top to bottom.  We are finally seeing how Wrestlemania is shaping up, and the three big matches were certainly pushed tonight, for probably the first time.

What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts.


































WWE Roadblock 3/12/16

Tonight, Wrestlemania has hit a Roadblock.  We are live in Toronto, Canada with a live event special, exclusively on WWE Network.

Tonight, HHH puts his WWE World Title on the line against Dean Ambrose.  We will also see Brock Lesnar face Bray Wyatt.

10 minutes away from the live event.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

AHHHHHHHH Toronto, Canada, don’t be sour, and clap for your 2-time World Tag Team Champions, and FEEL THE POWER!!!!

It’s a New Day, yes it is.

The New Day kick the show off to face The League of Nations.

Toronto, what do you see when you see The New Day?  You see power of positivity.  You see hips that don’t lie.  You see Xavier’s girl, Francesca 2.  And most importantly, you see the WWE World Tag Team Champions.  And this is all due to the face New Day eats all of their Booty-O’s cereal.

Oh my, we get a Booty-O cereal box.

Booty-O chant is going on here.

New Day Rocks!!

Tag Team Titles are on the line, now.

The New Day retains their titles when Xavier and Kofi take care of Sheamus, and Big E. hits a Big Ending, pinning Barrett.

The guy from NXT has Paul Heyman.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and he is here to christen of Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Suplex City.

His client Brock Lesnar warned Bray Wyatt of when he would take that revenge on Bray Wyatt, and that will take place tonight, in Toronto, Canada.  Bray Wyatt, you might as well join the Miami Heat to beat the Toronto Raptors, because tonight, you’re going down, victimized to the Beast, “The Conqueror”, Brock Lesnar.

We now see what happened last Monday night, when Chris Jericho took out AJ Styles, after losing their Tag Team Title match to New Day, ending Y2AJ.

And we heard from him last Thursday night on Smackdown.

Here comes Y2J.

Toronto, you can shut your filthy mouths right now.  You had your chance to chant for me for months and months, and instead you chanted for AJ Styles.

You want to chant for AJ Styles?  You can go to hell.  Typical Canadians.  Always a step behind the rest of the world.

AJ Styles, eh.  AJ Styles.

You know the sad thing is Jericho is the greatest ICON in Canadian history.

The crowd chants they want Bret.

They want Bret, he will never come back.  He is the greatest ICON in Canadian history, and the sad thing is Chris is ashamed of being Canadian.  So much so that he moved out of this country many years ago, and it was the best thing he did.  You know why he moved?  Because Canada stinks, literally, and Toronto is the anus.

So you cheer for whoever you want, to cheer for the flavor of the month.  You cheered for AJ when he beat Chris.  They cheered for Jack Swagger when he beat him for the World Heavyweight Championship.  We The People is such a stupid catchphrase, people from Canada probably invented that term.  But Chris isn’t the flavor of the month, he isn’t the next big thing, he is the best in the world at what he does.  Do you understand that?

And here comes Swagger.  Jericho Vs Swagger, now.

Jericho won with the Walls of Jericho, making Swagger tap out.

We are 22 days away from The Rock at Wrestlemania.

We see footage of how The Revival won the NXT Tag Team Titles.  Next, they are facing Enzo and Cass.

Revival retain their tag team titles, with the Fatal Blow.  Fans wanted Enzo and Cass to win.

Earlier tonight, Greg Hamilton interviewed Natalya.  Nattie faces Charlotte in a non-title match.

Nattie receives her Divas Title match after all.  Charlotte tells Nattie she will never win the Divas Title again.

Charlotte wins the match with some leverage from the ropes, and a little help from her father, Ric Flair.

A great match here.

“Out of the Blood” By Royal Black is the official theme song for RoadBlock.

Bray Wyatt Vs Brock Lesnar is now.

It’s no secret, Brock Lesnar is every bit of a monster as we all think he is.  Brock is a conqueror.  The rap sheet is as long as it says it is.  He has conquered John Cena.  He has conquered The Rock.  He has conquered The Undertaker, but he has never conquered Bray Wyatt.

And tonight, he made a deal with the devil.  He has agreed to make this a 2-on-1 Handicap match with Luke Harper, and bray Wyatt slaying the dragon.  And when he pins him, he will put his foot on top of the monster, ready to conquer anyone.

Follow The Buzzards.

Here Comes The Pain.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and it is his honor to present the fighting, Luke Harper bashing, conqueror blazing, Mayor of Suplex City, BROOOOOOOCK LESNAR!!!

It’s basically Lesnar Vs Harper, Bray does not get in the ring, and Brock demolished Luke.

Sami Zayn Vs Stardust is now.

Zayn picks up the win with an Ole kick.  For some reason though, Toronto wasn’t behind Sami as you’d think.  They gave us JBL chants.

Oh well, moving on.

Our main event, HHH Vs Dean Ambrose, for the first time ever, for the WWE World Heavyweight Title is now.

HHH pins Ambrose with a Pedigree.

They gave us the screwy finish where Ambrose pins HHH for the 3 count, but Dean’s foot was barely touching the rope, so they waved that off.

What is the difference then when these pins happen all of the time?

Ambrose goes through a table, then Dean answers the 10 count, only to be met with a Pedigree.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The name of this show is a joke, there was no roadblock, BECAUSE EVERYTHING STAYS THE SAME!!  Such horse shit.  If you truly wanted to get things opened up, you give us a double pin, and we get the main event into a Fatal 4-Way.  Or how about Roman Reigns showing up?  Nothing happened….NOTHING.

If you missed this show, you missed NOTHING.

But hey, Wrestlemania is 3 weeks away, so we have that going.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.
























Impact Wrestling 3/8/16…Kurt Angle Farewell Tour Concludes

Tonight, a very special episode of Impact Wrestling celebrates a man who has meant a lot to TNA.  Kurt Angle, for the final time faces Bobby Lashley.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We are in Birmingham, England.  Dixie Carter begins the show, with the wrestlers surrounding the ring.  Dixie brings out Kurt.

She tells him for the last 10 years, he has been a landmark for this company.  She remembers the time he came to TNA, the crowd was through the roof, and she was on the phone with him to let him hear that reaction.

Drew Galloway tells him he came to TNA to face the best in the ring, and he always wanted to be like Kurt Angle.  It was a dream to face him, and he thanks Kurt for everything he has done.

Kurt speaks now, and says he came to TNA to find himself.  Now he is a better man, a better father, a better husband, a better wrestler.  He thanks Dixie for giving him the opportunity to do this, and he thanks the fans for being there for him.  Kurt considers him the luckiest man on the planet.

Here comes Lashley.

Bobby tells Kurt this is a special night, and he thanks Kurt for everything he has done.  It’s a great night, but also a sad night, because of what he is going to do to Kurt.  The truth is Kurt just isn’t ready for Lashley.

Tonight, Kurt Vs Lashley.  We will also see Gail Kim Vs Jade for the Knockouts Title.  Beer Money will face The Wolves, for the Tag Team Titles, but now.  King of the Mountain Title match is set.

King of the Mountain match with Eric Young Vs Bram Vs Mark Andrews Vs Jimmy Havoc Vs Will Osprea Vs Gabo.

Eric Young retained his title.

Next week on a live Impact, it will be Young Vs a returning Jeff Hardy.

Kurt Angle’s TNA history is showing, the night he beat Samoa Joe at Genesis 2006.

Dixie is backstage, and runs into Maria.

Mike Bennett is going to call out Dixie, and ask a question.  Maria just wants Dixie to hear him out.  She wants to lead the Knockouts, but Dixie saw what she did to Gail, but she believes more in action, than words.

Still to come, Angle Vs Lashley.

The awesome Decay song is playing.  I am not a fan of Marilyn Manson, but I do like this song.

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett is in the ring.

Do we want to know what “The Miracle” is tonight?  The fans need him now more than ever.  Because let’s face it, arguably the best wrestler on the planet today, the one who cheap-shotted him, Kurt Angle is leaving, so Mike wants to be named the Number One Contender to the World Title.  So that he can go on to win the TNA World Title, and he can save professional wrestling, once and for all.

Drew Galloway comes to the ring.

Time after time, these two think things will be handed to them, but this is a wrestling company, not a charity.  If Bennett wants to be the World Champion, he suggests he does more fighting, and less bitching.  Speaking of which.

This irate “The Miracle”.

Drew knows all about charities.  Drew begged Kurt for another match, because he couldn’t get the job done.  Charity?  He wins a game show, picked up a briefcase, and TNA is handing you a Title shot.  So do yourself a favor, go get Dixie, and let the adults talk.

Drew fights Bennett, and Mike leaves the ring, telling him he ruined his moment.

Footage from Slammiversary 2007, when Kurt Angle became the TNA World Champion for the first time in King of the Mountain match.

The Wolves are with Kurt, thanking him for everything he had done.

Kurt is giving Davey his permission to use the Ankle Lock.

Still to come, The Wolves Vs Beer Money for Tag Titles.  But next, Knockouts Title match, Gail Kim Vs Jade.

Gail wins with a reverse roll up, a great match between these two.  Clearly 2 of the best women wrestlers in the business today.

Next, Tag Team Title match, Beer Money Vs The Wolves.

Live next week, Matt Hardy Vs EC3.

Hardy is irate over this decision.  He asked what he had to do to receive this title match.  But then he realized, EC3 can’t beat Matt Hardy.  Next week, he will beat EC3 for the third time.

Beer Money Vs The Wolves in a dream tag match, for the Tag Titles.

Beer Money become a 5-time Tag team Champions, nailing a DWI, pinning The Wolves.

Footage from Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony from 2013.

Lashley approaches Galloway.  He heard what Drew said earlier, and after Lashley beats Kurt, he will be the new man in town, and Drew isn’t ready.

The fans sound off on Kurt.

Kurt is with Mike Bennett.

Mike is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and everything Lashley does to Kurt, he will deserve.  But he could have faced Mike.  Hall of Famer Vs a future Hall of Famer.  But if he ever gets the itch to come back, Mike will be waiting in TNA.

Kurt tells him he better wish Kurt never comes back, because it will be real, damn real.

Oh lord, here is Grado.

Grado has video proof, and he wants Kenny Smurf to show it, but Eli Drake shows up.

Grado has become more desperate to be begging for his job back.  But it looks like Eli Drake is going to nail him in the briefcase to shut him up once and for all.

Jessie Godderz tells Grado the two of them can beat him down, and show him the door, once and for all.

Here comes Sheara to help his new friend.

Grado finally gets the upper hand, and he runs away with Eli’s briefcase.

Angle Vs Lashley is next.

Impact Wrestling is live next week.  Jeff Hardy Vs Eric Young, and Matt Hardy Vs EC3 for the World Title.

A video tribute on Kurt Angle.

Thank you Kurt.

History in the making, Lashley Vs Angle.  Kurt’s final TNA match is now.

Lashley, with 3 spears pinned Kurt Angle.

After the match, Lashley hugs Kurt, riases his arm, then clotheslines Kurt.  Another spear, and throws the ref out of the ring.

Drew Galloway screams at Lashley, and Bobby spears Galloway.  Eddie Edwards comes out, greeted by a spear.  Lashley gives Kurt another spear, and here comes EC3.

The two go face-to-face, and Lashley smiles, walks away.

Next Tuesday on Impact, we will be live.  Jeff Hardy faces Eric Young.  Also “Iconic” Matt Hardy faces “The Ass Kicker” EC3.  All of this, and much more.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

4 very good matches, and we have a completely new side of Lashley.  Somehow, someway, this man has to wear the gold again.

I want to thank Kurt Angle for an incredible TNA career, I have to think one day, he will show up in WWE to take his spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, but this man earned the respect of any and all wrestling fans.  It’s funny, he was in WWE for 7 years, but has been in TNA, almost 10 years longer.  In many ways, if it wasn’t for Kurt, TNA might have had to fold many years ago.  If this is indeed his final TV match, thank you Kurt for everything.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.



















WWE Monday Night Raw 3/7/16….The Road To Roadblock

We are 5 days away from the next PPV, and no, it’s not Wrestlemania.  It’s Roadblock, and tonight, we are in Chicago.  Always a lively crowd in Chi-Town.  Shane McMahon will be here, we are also 5 days away from HHH Vs Dean Ambrose.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Here comes the money….Here comes the money.

Shane McMahon is back in Chicago.

Shane missed us, and he says what’s up Chicago?

Shane watched Raw, and was watching with his 3 sons.  He heard from The Undertaker, who he has the utmost respect for, and he heard from Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

This confused his sons for denouncing Shane, and called him a menacial old bastard, who has lost touch.  Lost touch with his business, lost touch with his fan base.  He lost touch with reality.  He lost touch with his grandsons.  And now this motivates Shane.  It is his destiny to win at Wrestlemania.  This all stops.  The Authority stops, and the backstage backstabbing stops, because it suffocates the business.  He sees hard-working men who don’t get breaks, and he sees no talent guys with all of the pushes.  It is choking the life out of this business.  And at Wrestlemania, he doesn’t know how he will do it, but it’s his destiny to beat The Undertaker.  And there is a new chapter of Shane controlling Monday Night Raw.

We hear the gong, but it’s Vince instead and not The Undertaker.

The fans are disappointed because they wanted to see The Undertaker walk down and dismember Shane McMahon.  How about the look in Shane’s eyes when he heard the gone, it was a look of fear.

We hear CM Punk chants.

The look in Shane’s eyes were fear, because when he faces The Undertaker, his eyes are of sheer terror.  So let’s have a father-son chat.  He was in his office, writing Shane out of his will.  He looked down at a picture of Shane and Vince.  They were on their way to their first Wrestling match.

We see a picture of the father and son.  Last week, Vince said he was no longer his son, and he dropped the picture.

He grew up thinking his dad couldn’t make any mistakes, his dad was unvincible.  The difference though is he is Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and Shane is just Vince’s son.

And that brings to his grandsons.  They will watch their father fail them.  They will be disappointed because they will see his dreams fail, and their only solace is they can wrap their arms around Shane and say they at least have one father figure they can be proud of.  It’s ironic his greatest creation will turn out to be his biggest failure.

Vince orders security to escort Shane out of the building.

Shane warns them he is in a bit of a mood.  He will leave on his own.

The security ignores the warning, and Shane fights them all off.

Tonight, Y2AJ will face The new Day for the Tag Titles.

Kevin Owens Vs Neville is next.

Owens cheating rolling up Neville, holding onto the tights.

2 Shooting Star presses by Neville, and Owens kicked out, only to lose by grabbing the tights.

Okay, Owens took out Neville, after the match.

Owens is setting up a Powerbomb outside the ring, but here comes Sami Zayn.

Zayn and Neville have the final say, kicking Owens out of the ring.

Next, there is a Wrestlemania Roadblock.

HHH vs Dean Ambrose.

The Rock is coming to Wrestlemania.

This Saturday, live on WWE Network, WWE Roadblock.

Raw Rebound, with last Monday night, we relive HHH informing Dean Ambrose he will put the WWE World Title on the line this Saturday, at WWE Roadblock.

Ziggler and Zack Ryder sighting.  Stephanie approaches Ziggler.  Dolph sent out a tweet earlier today, and he had to remove it.  Ziggler reminded Stephanie he single handedly sent The Authority packing, but Stephanie denies that even happened.  Shane coming back, if he wins at Mania, then The Authority will stay out of power, for good.

Stephanie gives us a 3-on-1 Tag Team Elimination match of Ziggler Vs 3 members of League of Nations.

Brie Mode is in action, next.

Brie Vs Summer Rae.

Summer Rae wins when Lana came out to distract Brie, nails a Facebuster on Brie.

Next, Dean Ambrose is here.

“The Lunatic Fringe” is here.

The Road to Wrestlemania was free and clear, everyone knew where they were going.  He was on his way to the Suplex City exit.  HHH was going to defend his WWE World Title against Roman Reigns.  But then plans have changed.  Dean Ambrose is going to win the WWE World Title, on March 12th.  In fact, he is hijacking these plans.  This “poor attitude” that has been laid on him.  That he should respect The Authority, but nice try.  You want to talk about respect?  HHH will respect Dean, after he pins him this Saturday, and stands over him as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  He and HHH will attend ribbons openings, he will attend movie premieres.  He will hug babies, HHH will make him buy Dean a brand new, shiny suit.  In fact, Ambrose never will wear a suit.  Come to think of it, the extra things involved doesn’t sound too appealing too.  But what does, is coming to work every night, working his ass off, and being the champion these people deserve.

And here comes HHH.

That is a fun little dream Dean has, but the reality is the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will stay with HHH for as long as he wants to.  Roman Reigns tried to think differently, but he is still putting his nose back together, maybe Dean needs to take another trip on the announce table.

Dean tells HHH to meet him there this Saturday, and he will show him the table, and then HHH can suck it.

HHH downplays Dean, and the match.  Roadblock is just some idea that someone in marketing came up with.  He is alot like his buddy Roman Reigns, who has a problem with authority.

Dean tells HHH he sounds like his 5th grade teach, what comes next is detention, right?

This is what makes HHH him, drive to be the very best, and well Dean just doesn’t have that.

Dean challenges Hunter to tell him that again in the ring, and HHH tells us he fights for himself, not the fans.  But there is a fight tonight, Ambrose will face Bray Wyatt, and Dean whether you find out tonight, or in 5 days, the reality is The Authority always wins.

Tonight, Tag Team Titles are on the line, New Day Vs Y2AJ.

But next, Ziggler Vs League of Nations.

Barrett was pinned, but Sheamus and Rusev pinned Ziggler, when Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick.

Not sure what this Ziggler storyline is about.

Earlier tonight, we saw the return of Shane O’ Mac.

Shane O’ Mac video is next.

Very nice video of Shane’s in-ring career in WWE.  Wrestlemania, Shane Vs The Undertaker.

Becky Lynch is getting Sasha Banks.  They are bickering over who would have beaten whom, but next, we have the tag match of Lynch and Banks Vs Naomi and Tamina.

The Bank Statement, Naomi taps out.

Charlotte, who was watching on attacks both women.  These three go at it at Wrestlemania 32, in a Triple Threat match for the Divas Title.

Truth has some pizza, but Goldust doesn’t want any.  Mark Henry does though.

WWE Tag Team Championship match is next, Y2AJ Vs The New Day.

Ohhhhh Chi-Town, don’t you dare be sour.  Clap for your 2-time champs, and feel the power.  It’s a New Day, yes it is.

Kofi informs us that for 197 days we have felt the most positive tag team force in history, and who can stop them?  Y2AJ?

Xavier tell us Y2AJ will be fighting in no time, they are a unit.  Big E. got a tatoo on his butt cheek, for New Day.

Moving on, Y2AJ vs New Day is now.

New Day retains their titles when Big E. hits a Big Ending on Jericho in what was a great match.

Jericho turns on AJ, and hits 2 Codebreakers.

Make that a third one for good measure, Chris called AJ stupid, for believing in Chris.  They even had Y2AJ T-shirts, well that is done.

We are 27 days away from Wrestlemania.  But moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Chris Jericho turns his back on AJ.

Chris is backstage, and he runs into Renee Young.

Does he have any comment on what he just did?

The place where Chris Jericho started his WWE run, all the crowd was chanting was AJ Styles.  They won’t be chanting that for long.

Kalisto Vs Tyler Breeze is now.

Salinas Del Sol, and Kalisto wins the match.


Tonight, Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt.

Our next WWE Hall of Famer is….

The Big Boss Man.

Sin Cara is backstage with Kalisto, and Jo-Jo catches up with him.  This will be his first Wrestlemania.  Ryback interrupts him.  How is it that “The Big Guy” isn’t in the main event at Wrestlemania?  Look at Ryback, and look at Kalisto.  Pound-for-pound Kalisto is one of the greatest wrestlers, but next to any of the superheroes, they can’t hold up to Ryback.  But take it from Ryback, Kalisto needs to go on his own, because what good is a tag team partner is?  Take a page from Ryback as he tears the wings out of the Social Butterflies.

Social Outcasts are here.

Bo Dallas tell us Ryback can’t be a part of a team anymore, like Team Dodgeball.

I guess, it’s Ryback vs The Axeman.

Shellshock, match is done.

Earlier tonight, Shane McMahon was on Raw.

Vince actually thinks he is going to break the 93,000 people from Wrestlemania 3.

Stephanie interrupts this, and plays devil’s advocate here.  What if Shane shocks the world?

Vince assures Steph he has this.

Our main event, Ambrose Vs Wyatt is now.

Wyatt is DQ’d when the lights go out, and the rest of the Wyatt Family surround the ring, ready to attack.

But now, here comes HHH.

The tie goes off, but Bray is face to face with The Game.  He motions he will be coming after the WWE World Title someday, laughs and leaves the ring.  HHH sets up the announce table, but when he comes back, Dean Ambrose nails Dirty Deeds, and the show ends with HHH out cold.

The Road to Wrestlemania might have a roadblock, indeed.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This just doesn’t feel like a Wrestlemania build.  We are 27 days away from the event, and we have built 2 shows from Royal Rumble, until now.  I expect things to pick up next week, but these matches do not feel special.  We will see what happens after Saturday night.

But tonight?  Just another Monday night.

What are your thoughts?  Send them to me here.











































WWE Monday Night Raw 2/29/16…The Undertaker Speaks

We are in Music City, as the Road to Wrestlemania makes a stop in Nashville.  The Undertaker will confront Mr. McMahon, and we will hear from HHH, kicking off Raw.

Tonight is the night says the opening music.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Behold The King….The King of Kings.  On your knees, punk.

Here comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, HHH.

Roman Reigns suffered a shattered nose.  He needed nasal reconstruction surgery.  In 34 nights, Reigns Vs HHH, at Wrestlemania.

Authority, a select few have it, the rest of you bow down to it.  Admit it, everyone has an authoritative moment in your life.  Someone tells you what to do, what to wear, what to say, and you all hate it.  And you want to stand up to it, but you don’t, because you are afraid.  Now that fear is not a bad thing, it keeps you in your place, so you all know your place in life.

Roman Reigns should have known, and listened to that fear.  Roman should have stayed in his place, but he didn’t.  He chose to challenge him, to disrespect him.  But where did that disrespect get Roman?  He is sitting at home, breathing through a straw and hoping his spot stays at Wrestlemania.  Roman Reigns should know his place, and everyone who hears his voice should know…

But here comes Dean Ambrose.

Dean just got off the phone with Roman Reigns.  He wanted Dean to tell him hi, and he is coming for him.

HHH mocks Dean, calling him a “supporting actor”.

Ambrose is in a movie, called 12 Rounds 2.

Dean did want to talk to him last week, but he was attacked by a grizzly bear in Brock Lesnar.  He came back in an ambulance, then he attacked Roman Reigns with a sledgehammer, and he’s facing Brock at Wrestlemania.  Then Shane McMahon came back, and he’s in a fight with The Undertaker.

He wants to know who did HHH want to win, or better yet, who did he not want to win?

HHH dismisses that, and says Dean Ambrose was not a factor in that match, he couldn’t even see him.

Dean comes face to face with HHH, introducing himself.  He is Dean Ambrose, and he was the last person HHH wanted to face at Wrestlemania.

HHH laughs about that, calling him mental.

I guess Ambrose doesn’t do the smartest things, but HHH does.  He calls himself “The Cerebral Assassin”, and he smells it all over HHH.

HHH says that is money, and power, something Dean doesn’t have.

That’s a lot of talk for HHH, so how about a little action from the COO.  How about Dean Vs HHH?  How about Dean Vs HHH for the title?

And his brother Roman Reigns won the right to face the champion at Wrestlemania, but that doesn’t mean HHH will be the champion.  And if he’s talking a little crazy, but let’s do it right now.

HHH asks Dean if it thinks that happens just by the talk of his voice?  But HHH will admit it, that idea sounds intriguing, so he will give it some thought.  He will give it in advisement, and see if it’s best for business.  He will give him his answer at the end of the night.  Ambrose asks if this is the end of Raw, or if it’s the end of the night, because Dean has things to do.

HHH tells him at the end of Raw, and he does have things to do.  He was going to give Dean the night off, but he will face Alberto Del Rio, with the entire League of Nations surrounding the ring.  We will see if he knows how to respect The Authority.

The Undertaker is here tonight, as is Vince Mcmahon, and Stephanie McMahon.

At least that is how WWE presented it.

But next, it’s Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks, Number One Contender to Divas Title.

Both women are pinned when all four shoulders are pinned.  So it’s a draw.

An incredible match here, and I believe we will see a Triple Threat at Wrestlemania.

Charlotte, who was watching this celebrates, because she feels she won’t be defending her title.

The Wyatts interrupt.

They say a definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over.  Then again, maybe he is insane.  Or maybe he knows exactly what he is doing.  Because he has a plan, and that plan will show complete dominance.  So come with him, and he will show us paradise.  If not, then run.

Okay, moving on.

Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz is now.

The Miz wins with a rollup on Ziggler.

Last week on the Raw Pre-show, they had a confrontation.  Ziggler asked The Miz what has he done lately?  He beat Ziggler.

Tonight, AJ and Jericho Vs The New Day.  But next, Here Comes The Money.  Footage from Shane McMahon’s return.

We are in Nashville, right across the street from Tootsie’s Bar.

We get a Raw Rebound, with Shane McMahon returning to Raw last Monday night.

Stephanie McMahon will give us her speech, next.

Good lord, I hope Undertaker interrupts her.

Wrestlemania is 34 days away.

Here comes Stephanie McMahon.

She tells us last week, she had her moment accepting that Legacy Award, but her brother interrupted it.  So she will give us the speech, in its entirity.

The crowd isn’t giving her respect she deserves.  So she throws everything.  Shane, who blackmailed WWE and her father, yet we cheer for Shane.  What does that say about us?  He asked for a 2-year vacation, and escaped from WWE for 7 years, and he comes back, and we welcome him with open arms?  He wants to run this company for his legacy?  Yet he doesn’t show up for 7 years, not even at Wrestlemania, so what does that say about his family?  The sad thing is she loves his brother, and this is how he treats her?  It bothers she married HHH, and they run this family, but does he even talk about his 2 nieces?  Her nephews will get a chance to run this company someday, but they will all be in line with her daughters.  And we all accept this?  She and her husband have worked their tails off for this company.  That shows their work ethic, but it upsets them that The Authority run this company.  But The Undertaker will dismember Shane McMahon anyway, so he can run away again. And then we will bow down to the king, and queen.

We will hear from The Undertaker, live tonight.

Lucha Dragons Vs Sheamus and Rusev, now.

Sheamus and Rusev wins when Rusev pins Kalisto with a kick.

Del Rio stomps Kalisto’s head, because he let him win the last 10 times.

Natalya is giving us a Subway commercial, no lie.  She really did.

Feed Me More!!

Ryback is set to face Adam Rose.

Shellshock, match is done.

A video piece on Brock Lesnar.

He faces Dean Ambrose, at Wrestlemania.

New Day Vs Y2AJ, now.

Feel the power Music City.

Kofi tells us the reason why they are the most successful team is because they have a brotherhood.  They make fun of the League of Nations, League of Booty.

But they don’t pretend to like each other, like Y2AJ.

Speaking of, here comes Y2AJ.

Y2AJ wins the match, with Jericho making Kofi tap out to the Walls.

AJ tells New Day that Y2AJ defeated the Tag Champs, which makes them a Number One Contenders to the Tag Champions.  Jericho issues a challenge to Tag Team Title, next week on Raw.

Y2AJ, Wrestlemania, New Day will never, never, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVER be the same AGA-AIN.

Will HHH accept Dean Ambrose’s title shot?  Ambrose will face Del Rio, tonight.

The Undertaker is next.

Mr. McMahon comes to the ring.

Imagine Vince introducing us to his son, Shane McMahon the night after Wrestlemania.  That means hell has frozen over, and the sea will part.  It means that his daughter and son-in-law, HHH will leave the business.  It means that Shane will use Vince in a corporate role, never to be seen on TV again.  It means Shane is running Monday Night Raw, and essentially running WWE.

But that won’t happen, because only fools believe in miracles.  He loves his son, but he wants to teach him a lesson.  He loves him so much that he would put him in the ring with the most sadistic man ever to grace the ring, his destruction of terror.  That man is The Undertaker.

Taker is still dressed like The Deadman.

Taker is looking at that Wrestlemania sign.

Undertaker is Vince’s force of destruction, he does….

Taker grabs Vince by the neck.

Vince knows what will happen when he closes that door behind him at Wrestlemania.  The blood on Vince’s son will be at his hands, not Taker’s.

Well said, and to the point.  I love it.

Vince takes some sips of water, to clear his throat.

The reality is as Vince says.  He will be standing here in this ring, the night after Wrestlemania.  He will be standing here to say his son Shane has failed him at Wrestlemania.  He has failed him as a son, and he has lost his inheritance, and will give everything to Stephanie.  But with everything that has happened, it pains him to say this, he renounces Shane as his son.  He will just be a son of a bitch.

This should bring Linda McMahon into this next week.

Jey Uso Vs Bubba Ray Dudley.

Bubba wins the match with a Bubba Bomb, after D-Von used a table on Jimmy Uso, Bubba took advantage of the distraction.

Truth doesn’t want to team with Goldust.  Goldust seems rejected by that.

Will HHH put his WWE World Title on the line against Dean Ambrose?  We will find out tonight.  Also Ambrose Vs Del Rio.

But next, Kevin Owens Vs Big Show.

Owens loses by countout when Big Show threw him on the ropes.

Payback from Smackdown?

Brie Bella is confident about her match with Naomi.

Lana interrupts.  

She has everything, and Brie does not.

Naomi makes Brie tap out, and Lana applauds the effort.

Ambrose Vs Del Rio is next.

The Fabulous Freebirds are the newest inductees to the Hall of Fame, joining Sting and The Godfather.

Earlier tonight, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks finished their match with a draw.  Charlotte informs them they get a rematch this Thursday night on Smackdown.

Also earlier tonight, Vince McMahon announced he has denounced his son.  

Dean Ambrose Vs Del Rio is now.

The match ends in a DQ, when the rest of League of Nation beat down Ambrose, for HHH to come down to the ring.

HHH tells Dean when will he ever learn that he will never beat The Authority.  Dean starts whaling on HHH, and Hunter gives him a pedigree.

You want a title match?  You’re on.

He walks away, and Ambrose thanks him.

Them are fighting words.

He flings Ambrose on the announce table, gives him more shots, with Ambrose bleeding from the mouth.

HHH walks away, with Ambrose laying on the announce table.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I am just confused by this.  I just know 3 matches for Wrestlemania, but when will Ambrose get his title shot?

WWE has a show on March 12th, on WWE Network.  Is it then?  But make no mistake about it, The Authority was on tonight, as was Dean Ambrose.

Next week’s Raw in Chicago is set up to be huge.  Y2AJ Vs New Day, for Tag Titles.  We will also see Shane McMahon come back.

I have no issue with that.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.






































Impact Wrestling 2/23/16…Lockdown

Tonight, who will survive Lockdown?  Matt Hardy defends his World Heavyweight Title against EC3.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show, in Wembley Arena.

We kick off with Beer Money Vs Eric Young and Bram.

DWI, on Bram with Beer Money picking up the win.  EY and Bram attacked Beer Money before the match started, took Storm out of the equation.  But James came back over the cage, and won.

For the first time ever, The Knockouts are in Lethal Lockdown.  And in our main event, Matt Hardy Vs EC3 for the World Title.

Earlier tonight, the champ entered the building with his “family”, and next, we hear from EC3.

Madison Rayne was attacked backstage.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.


EC3 sits on the steps, near the cage.  The crowd loves EC3.

To paraphrase the great Sir Elton John, tonight is a great night for fighting.  And what a great place to fight than London, England.  Tonight, he goes mono e mono against Matt Hardy.  He has been wanting to get a piece of Hardy ever since his former friend Tyrus, and Reby spit in his face.

Matt Hardy, the facts are the facts, and alone, you can’t beat EC3.  But speaking of being alone, last week, he had a bit of a help from a colleague of his own, and he’d like Rockstar Spud to come to the ring.

It’s no secret they have a lot of history.  It was a year ago they were in this same building tearing the house down.

And before EC3 shaved his head, sorry, he said he had the biggest heart he ever known.  Sometimes, you have more guts than brains, but last week he had his back.  EC3 is humble to admit, thank you.

EC3 held out his hand, and Spud shook it.

Handshakes aside, he did what he did last week because it was the right thing to do.  And yes, he has more guts than brains right now.  But he will always do what is right.  Matt Hardy is evil to its core, and he had the nerve to tell him what to do.  And nobody tells him what to do.  He knows it, these fans know it, and Matt Hardy never tells him what to do, because he is Rockstar Spud.  And these cages are where payback takes place.

Spud promises he is going to come out…

Here comes Matt Hardy to interrupt.

Do you two know where you are standing?  Do these losers know where they are sitting?  Dixie Carter likes to make you think she runs this place, but Matt does.  That ring is his, this building is his.  Impact Wrestling brand has been able to absorb the Matt Hardy brand, and his powers are to be feared.

Rockstar Spud, he has defied him twice, he will not defy himself again.  If he were to come out again tonight, he swears to God Spud’s life won’t be the same again.  He doesn’t want to hear from EC3, because the end of tonight, his life will change.

Well, Hardy will hear from EC3, because he isn’t fighting the crowd, he isn’t fighting Rockstar Spud, he is fighting EC3, and vengeance will be his tonight.

Hardy Vs EC3, for the World Title, tonight.

Tigre Uno Vs Trevor Lee, for the X-Division Title, inside Six Sides of Steel, next.

That guy that interrupted Rosemary last week is telling us she was his before she was Abyss and Crazzy Steve.  She is dangerous, and he is going to bring that side of her.  He will bring her back.

Tigre Uno Vs Trevor Lee is now.

Trevor Lee retained his title with a Fisherman’s Buster.

Maria talks to Gail Kim, telling her she needs a leader.  Gail told her to put her money where her mouth is, and put her boots on to help them fight.  The decision is hers.

Lethal Lockdown with the Knockouts is next.

That guy is trying to win Rosemary back, he gives her a gift.

Tonight, Matt Hardy vs EC3 for the World Title.

But right now, Lethal Lockdown with the Knockouts.  The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, and Maria Kanellis Bennett?

Maria did come in, but she turned around and left, locked the cage door, and it became a 3-on-2 match.

The Dollhouse win the match, when Jade nails a Cradle Piledriver on Gail Kim.

Kurt Angle wishes EC3 luck, and tells him now that he is leaving, EC3 is the face of this company.  He will have many people looking up to him, and EC3 thanks him for that, and says tonight is about opportunity.  Tonight, he gets vengeance.

A very awesome video on The Decay.

Kurt Angle address the crowd.

Two weeks from now, Angle will face Lashley, and next week, he faces Bobby Roode.  Just 2 more matches for Kurt Angle’s TNA run.

This is his farewell tour, and couldn’t be any happier than to have it in the UK.  Some of his finest memories are right here in Wembley Arena, and the finest moment is when he won the World Title last year, against Bobby Lashley.

Here comes Lashley.

He can’t believe Kurt is out here, celebrating and bragging about last year.  Yes, he beat Lashley, and yes it was a great match.  For a full year, Kurt was in Bobby’s head, but he told Kurt, he will get revenge.

He thought he was going to light a fire in Kurt’s ass.  He thought he was going to tear into the locker room, and destroy everyone.  Then he thought they would tear the roof off this building.  But that didn’t happen.

They are cheering for you Kurt, they want you to be Kurt Angle, but Bobby is looking into Kurt’s eyes, and he sees he isn’t.  And he can beat Kurt on his best day.

Kurt was talking to these people, but now you just pissed Kurt off.  They can do this right now, and they don’t have to wait.

Lashley smiles, takes his jacket off, then puts it back on.

Now Lashley is in Kurt’s head.

Hardy Vs EC3 tonight.

Eli Drake is in the ring.

Spoiler alert, Grado got fired.  And who got the King of the Mountain title shot, Eli Drake.  So why is Grado wearing a mask, and trying to be Odarg The Great?  He will take that mask off his stupid face, and that is a fact.

I guess we will have our match now.  Eli Drake Vs Odarg The Great.

Odarg wins the match, when he climbs over the cage, and Eli takes his mask off.

Moving on.

That guy is Jimmy Havok, and Rosemary as Abyss tells him is part of them, and they are part of her.

Jimmy says she made Jimmy great, they all wear facepaint, and are useless.  Abyss attacks him.

Our main event, World Title inside Six Sides of Steel is next.

Grado tries to talk to Billy Corgan, and Grado was fired.  So he needs to go.

The Harris Boys kick Grado out, while Eli Drake goats him.

Next week, Kurt Angle Vs Bobby Roode.  Also next week, Drew Galloway Vs “The Miracle” Michael Bennett.

Michael Bennett promo about beating Drew Galloway, next week.

EC3 heads to the ring, the challenger is ready.

The champion makes his way to the ring.

I love these challenger/champion entrances.  A big-match feel.

Hardy vs EC3 is now.

Hardy retains his title after climbing out of the ring, when Rockstar Spud comes out and rams the steel cage door on EC3.

Spud now has a chair.

Spud rams EC3’s head into the steel steps with the chair.

Spud tells EC3 he always does the right thing.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A good show here that settled scores, or started new ones.  Even if you didn’t read the spoilers, you had to think Spud was turning, but I am a bit disappointed in that, because Spud is a very good babyface.

Who challenged Hardy now?  Remember, EC3 still isn’t pinned, so he is kept protected, in a sense.

I loved the intensity Lashley showed too in his promo with Kurt.  That will be sad to watch in 2 weeks, because Kurt Angle will more than likely be done with TNA.

And after Jade pins Gail Kim, you have to think Jade will get the next Knockout Title shot, right?  Right?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them here.






















WWE Monday Night Raw 2/22/16….The Road To Wrestlemania Begins Here

Tonight, we now know Roman Reigns will face HHH at Wrestlemania, after Roman survived Suplex City last night.

We are live, in Detroit, Michigan.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Earlier today, it was posted on WWE’s Facebook page, Brock Lesnar attacked Dean Ambrose at the Joe Louis Arena.  Ambrose was sent out in an ambulance.

Vince McMahon comes out, to give us the recipient of the Vincent J. McMahon Sr. Legacy of Excellence Award.

Tonight is a night we will never, ever forget.  We present the first ever Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award.

Vince tells us that over 100 years, his family have presented sports entertainment, starting with his grandfather, in 1914.  But his dad perfected the business.  He had a cunning business sense, but he was very kind.  The person we reward this has a kind soul, but a tremendous business sense.  The award goes to Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie seems so touched by this, and she even prepared a speech, just in case she won this award.

Stephanie salutes her partner in life, HHH.  He is getting ready to defend his WWE World Heavyweight Title against Roman Reigns, at Wrestlemania.


Is it really?  It is….it is SHANE O’ MAC!!!

Shane gives us his customary shuffle, that we missed so much.

While we get such an ovation, from chants to Holy Shit, to This is Awesome, Vince offers a hug.  But Shane doesn’t accept it.  He then offers a handshake, and Shane again rejects that.

As Shane thanks the crowd, and then says What’s up Detroit.

Vince had to do it, this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.  It was an amazing idea, the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy Award.  It needs to go to someone who deserves the award, and that is not Stephanie.

Vince wants Shane to discuss this backstage, but Shane brings up Vince telling him when he was a kid to “man up”.  And when you have to deal with matters, why not do it in front of live TV.  So here he is.

Stephanie tells Shane this isn’t about him.  This is Steph’s moment.  This is her legacy.

All due respect, she hadn’t earned it.

Shane hasn’t been here for last 6 or 7 years.  It’s easy to say what you’d do from sitting at home.  But her husband and her have been running this business, with blood and tears.

Before Shane addresses this, Steph doesn’t know this, does she?  Well, let’s just say she and her husband have been running this business to the ground.  The stocks, the ratings, the injuries all run into the ground.

He is saying this in front of a packed house, right?  What would he know how to run a business, he is a quitter.  Now get the hell out of her ring.

Number one, its her father’s ring.  And second of all, does Vince want to tell her, or Shane?

Several years ago, her father messed up big time.  And who saved the day?  Shane.  And this is what happened, her father and Shane cut a deal.  They made some deals, but one thing for sure, he never lost his spot in the line.

Stephanie denies this, but Shane says the only reason Steph has been able to climb up the ladder is because Shane allowed it.

Vince doesn’t deny it, and tells Stephanie to run along, while Shane and Vince talk.  She wants to know if this is true?  Vince won’t say it, but Shane admits it is all true.

At the time Stephanie, it was best for business.

And Steph moves along.

She will never forgive Shane for this.

What is this about?  Vince will write Shane another check, he names it, any price.

This was never about money.  He left to get away from Vince.  This is about legacy.  His dad, this is about second generation.  Vince being a third generation, Shane being the fourth.  At home, he and Marissa are raising 3 boys at home, being the 5th generation.  Shane wants this business to be around for the 5th, 6th, 7th, and so on.  And with the way this business is being around, it won’t be along.

So Shane what do you want?

Shane wants control of Monday Night Raw.

That is all Shane wants is Monday Night Raw.  If you control Raw, you would be controlling the entire company.  This is a public company, you can’t just run whatever you want.

Again, this company is heading down.  This is about generation.

Shane just wants to mess with family, ruin Vince, ruin Stephanie.  And the fans want that.  Well, Vince will give him what Shane wants.  As long as he has one match, one night.  He wins his match, he gets his wish.  And if he loses, Vince wants the key to the lockbox.  He gets everything.  One match, and he chooses Shane’s opponent.

One match, one night?

The fans are chanting you still got it.

This won’t be my first deal with the devil, you have a deal.

Vince drops the F-bomb that is bleeped.

Shane remembers those beatings, but all this did was make Shane stronger.

How strong is Shane, because he will name a match, and his opponent almost as big as his ego.  The time and place are at Wrestlemania, and his opponent will be The Undertaker.  Oh by the way, just so you can’t take your ball, and run like before.  This will be inside Hell in a Cell.


6-man tag match is now.  Teddy Long would approve this.  Neville and Lucha Dragons Vs The New Day.

New Day steal the win, when Kofi touched Sin Car’s mask, to blind him and hits Trouble in Paradise.  A great match.

Reigns is now texting Ambrose, and Jo-Jo wants an update.

Reigns saw what we saw, he got rammed into a car window.  He has been trying to get a hold of a hospital, but they haven’t said anything.  April 3rd, Wrestlemania is what Roman has been building for.  No more family business, no more corporate sabotage.  It comes down to Roman’s fists, and his heart.  He likes his odds.

Brock took out Dean earlier today, we will hear from Brock and Heyman, next.

Here Comes The Pain, Heyman and Brock come out to address Detroit.

The crowd chants Suplex City.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And this is your main event of the evening.  Now Heyman understands that sounds self-gratifyzing, because his client isn’t in his wrestling gear.  But his client is the single biggest performer in Sports Entertainment and MMA, his client is BROCK LESNAR!!

Last night, at the main event of FastLane, his client took both Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to Suplex City.  And his client put Roman Reigns in a Kimura Lock, and Roman was seconds away from tapping out, and don’t tell him Roman Reigns would not have tapped out to Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker tapped out to Brock Lesnar.  Roman Reigns would have tapped out to Brock Lesnar.

But then, Dean Ambrose took what was a competitive match, to a street fight, and cost his client a chance to main event Wrestlemania.  This pissed off his client.  Then “Psycho nut job” Dean Ambrose took himself out of the main event to Wrestlemania, so since Dean Ambrose took his client out of the main event of Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar took Dean Ambrose out of Wrestlemania.

We see the footage from earlier today.

There is no shield that can protect Brock Lesnar, and Brock Lesnar IS the main event of Wrestlemania.  You think HHH is the main event of Wrestlemania?  Brock Lesnar is.

And then we have Dean Ambrose, he is like one of those “hardcore” fans who think he can do anything, speeding the road, as he mimics, then a semi, like Brock Lesnar smashes him.

And that is what happens when you disrupt the wrath out of Brock Lesnar.  He needs a Wrestlemania opponent, and there is a F-5 waiting for anyone that dares to step in his way from now until Wrestlemania.  So sayeth the slayer, so sayeth his client, Brock Lesnar.

We see the ambulance come back into the building, and near ringside.  It’s Dean Ambrose, who takes his neck brace off, and staggers near ringside.

Brock responds, by stepping on Ambrose.  Dean then challenges Brock to a Hardcore Streetfight, at Wrestlemania.  Brock responds by giving him a F-5 outside of the ring.

Dean channeled “Rowdy” Roddy Piper here.

The fight is on, as Heyman’s client accepts his challenge.

The Uso’s Vs The Ascension, now.

Here come The Dudleys.

Jimmy, Jey, let them be the first to welcome them back.  And don’t take what they did to them a few weeks ago personally.  They just had to remind the world they aren’t a nostalgic act.  They are decorated 9-time Tag Team champions.  Their legacy won’t be defined by paper, they will be defined by what they did.

Devon brings up maybe their father should have taught them all about respect.

The tag match is on.

Splash, the match is over.

The Dudleys walk away, another time.

FastLane rematch, Titans Vs The Wyatts, tonight.

Here is Chris Jericho.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

And he has a little story to tell us.  For years he has been hearing about a guy who has been tearing it up, and that guy’s name is AJ Styles.

He has heard about how phenomenal he is.  And he made his debut at the Royal Rumble, and he didn’t like him.

How can someone be phenomenal when he hasn’t appeared in a WWE ring?  And then he faced him 3 matches, and he beat him last night.

So he has something to say to AJ Styles, and wants him to come to the ring.

We get a dual chant, here.

Chris wants to tell AJ the pressure was on him last night.  If he had beaten him, his career in WWE could have spiraled down, before it began.  But AJ did beat him, and he respects that.  He may not like him, but he wants to thank him.  AJ proved he has what it takes to be in the WWE.  He has what it takes to be a champion, and he can go straight to the top.  He proved he isn’t good, he isn’t great.  He is phenomenal.

But here come the Social Outcasts to interrupt the love.

They interrupted the hug fest here.  Curtis tells Chris the only reason Chris is being nice is because he made Chris tap out.  And AJ is going to take everything Chris said about him, like everything is fine?  Where Heath comes from, they call that being a coward.

The Social Outcasts are a team, and those two need to get out of their ring, now.

Shut up ginger jackass.

Chris said he and AJ weren’t planning on being a team, but maybe they should be.  He asks the fans if they want to make a team, maybe they should right here, in Detroit Rock City.

Chris and AJ are a team.

Y2AJ win the match when Axel taps out to the Walls, and AJ hits a springboard on everyone else.

Earlier tonight, Shane O’ Mac returns, interrupting Stephanie’s Legacy Award.

Wrestlemania, Shane Vs The Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell.  Control of Monday Night Raw is on the line.

HHH is talking with Steph, trying to calm her down.  The beginning of Raw may not have gone the way they had planned.  But the ending will.  Steph goes to tell Roman their plans for tonight’s main event.

Steph tells Roman his match is against Sheamus.  She tries to stir the pot, saying his relationship with Dean may not be as tight as he thought, but League of Nations are brothers.  And they will be out there.

Goldust is trying to smooth things over with Truth.  He even has a cake for him, but he isn’t interested.

Truth shoves the cake into Goldust.

6-man tag match is up now.  Titan Vs The Wyatt Family.

The Wyatts win the match, when Ryback leaves his partners, and this distracts Kane for a moment, and Bray hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Wait, what?  Ryback turned heel?

Tonight, Reigns Vs Sheamus is our main event.

We are 41 days away from Wrestlemania.

Rich Brennan catches up with Ryback.

Ryback won his match last night, he is done with being in tag teams.  He has to look out for himself.  The attention should be on him, because he deserves it.  As far as Kane and Big Show, nothing personal.  He just has to look out for himself.  That brass ring, take it, break it.

Sasha Banks Vs Naomi is up now.

Sasha wins, making Naomi tap out.  Becky Lynch gave Sasha the assist.

Out comes Charlotte, with a tissue, and dressing like a Bella.

After Charlotte’s emotional victory last night, The Authority informed her there will be a Divas Number One Contender match to determine who faces Charlotte.  It will be “The Boss” Sasha Banks Vs “The Lasskicker” Becky Lynch.  It will be fun to see who wins.

Sheamus Vs Reigns, tonight.

Earlier tonight, we see the return of Shane O’ Mac.

It’s official, Shane McMahon Vs The Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell.

Our newest inductee is The Godfather,

Main event time, Reigns Vs Sheamus.

The match ends in a no contest when HHH come out to the ringside.  He and Roman start to fight, and HHH has the final say when he rams Roman’s head into the desk multiple times, and gives him a Pedigree on the steel steps, to end the show.  HHH gave him the DX chop, to which the fans loved.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The first hour and a half was amazing, the middle was okay.  But the ending sets the tone, and was amazing.  Overall, a very eventful episode.  Seeing Shane McMahon return was the highlight of the year so far.  And to see him face Undertaker at Wrestlemania?  The build to this should be fantastic.

I also want to see a more vicious side of Reigns now, and not get beat up every week.  HHH must be shown more too, to put over the WWE World Title.

I am surprised that Wyatt will not face Brock Lesnar.  They truly need to find an opponent for him.  AJ and Jericho teaming up?  More please.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them here.


























WWE FastLane 2/21/16

After tonight, the real Road to Wrestlemania begins, because we will find out who main events Wrestlemania, to face HHH for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Triple Threat match, between Dean Ambrose Vs Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar.  Do they dare shock the world, and send Dean Ambrose to Wrestlemania to face HHH?

The Kick-Off show begins in 20 minutes.  Keep checking here throughout the night.

We are live in Cleveland, Ohio.  Renee Young, Corey Graves, Booker T, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are a part of the panel.

Rich Brennan is in the Social Media Lounge tonight.  His guest will be AJ Styles.

Our Kick-Off show match is Alberto Del Rio Vs Kalisto, in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Tonight, Brie Bella will face Charlotte for the Divas Title.

We get a video of these two, starting with Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

Tonight, Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.  Ambrose Vs Reigns Vs Lesnar.

Video profiling this epic match for tonight.

Paul Heyman joins the panel to preview the match.

Heyman tells us Brock Lesnar is here to conquer Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

AJ Styles in the Social Media Lounge is next.

Tonight, the returning Cutting Edge Peep Show, the guests are The New Day.  We see the last time these five men met.

Tonight, Intercontinental Championship match with Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler.

We see footage from last week, when KO pins Breeze to be the new IC Champion.

Jo-Jo is with Ziggler.

He has had success recently against Kevin Owens, so how confident is he?

He knows the last two weeks, head to head, toe to toe, he beat KO.  But last week, KO stole Dolph’s book, stealing a pin.  Kevin being Kevin, how about Ziggler going back to the old Ziggler.  He defeats KO, and does what he does best….steal the show.

Can Ziggler get it done tonight?

US Title match is coming up next, Kalisto puts his US Title on the line against Alberto Del Rio.  2 out of 3 falls match.

In what has to be a shock, no Michael Cole in this match.  We have Mauro Ranello is calling the match with Kalisto Vs Del Rio.

Del Rio is DQ’d in the first fall, when he swings a chair at Kalisto.

Del Rio tied up the match, with a double stomp on Kalisto.

Kalisto wins the match with a rollup, retaining his United States Title.

A very good match here, it should have been on the PPV.

AJ Styles joins the Social Media Lounge.

Will AJ build his legacy being in the WWE?  He beat Chris Jericho in his first match, that is how you build a legacy.

How did he feel about the reaction he received at Royal Rumble?  Mind-boggling.

Who inspired him when he was a kid?  As an athlete, Barry Sanders.  As a wrestler?  Sting.

How does he compare working for other companies Vs WWE?

It’s like being in the Minor Leagues, heading to Japan, and going to MLB.

Styles Vs Jericho later tonight.  But next, a preview for the main event.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.

Video on tonight’s main event match is shown.

WWE FastLane starts now.

Okay, Michael Cole is there too.

We are kicking off with a divas tag match of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch Vs Naomi and Tamina.

All kinds of announce teams are here, which means tables will be breaking.

Sasha and Becky wins, making both women tap out.

Cole, JBL, and Saxton show us how Kevin Owens won the IC Title.

And that match is now, KO Vs Ziggler, for the IC Title.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  A very good match, these two had magic together, and the crowd loved it.

After the match, Owens shows the IC Title to Michael Cole.

Big Show, Kane, and Ryback are ready for their match with The Wyatt Family.

6-man tag match is up now.  The Wyatts Vs Kane, Big Show, and Ryback.

The Titans Vs The Wyatts, now.

The Titans win the match, when Ryback hits Shellshock on Harper.

Bray Wyatt is beside himself.

Who is the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award?  Find out tomorrow, as this kicks off Raw, tomorrow night.

Jo-Jo is with Roman Reigns.

His feelings on facing his brother, and will anything be the same after tonight?

When that bell rings, his entire life is on the line.  Throw everything out the window, and a lot of things will change.

Dean Ambrose intervenes, and he agrees.  He wants to know what it’s like to live in the Fastlane.

I wouldn’t book your plans yet, but Dean got a great price at Priceline.

Jo-Jo reminds them there is another person involved, in Brock Lesnar.

Ambrose has plans for Wrestlemania, and someone will stand on the opposite side of the ring, facing HHH at Wrestlemania.

Reigns tells us it will be either of them.

Believe that.

Charlotte Vs Brie Bella is now, for the Divas Championship.

Charlotte wins the match, by making Brie tap out to Figure 8.  Brie had a Yes Lock into a Single Boston Crab leg, but Charlotte no-sold it, and made brie tap out.

I don’t understand the ending.

Wrestlemania is 42 days away.

AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho is up now.

Jo-Jo shows up again, asking Jericho if losing to AJ upsets him.

Chris denies that, and he says the last time he faced AJ, he beat him.  And if Chris beats him again?  He may be packing his bags out of here, before his WWE career starts up.  Is AJ Styles good?  Yes, but is he phenomenal?  We will find out.

We saw a Styles Clash, but Chris still kicked out.  But Styles makes Chris tap out to a Calf Killer.

A great match, you might even call it phenomenal.

After some stalling, Jericho shakes AJ’s hand.  A fun series of matches.

The kick-off show panel shares their thoughts.

We see Kalisto retain his United States Title from earlier tonight.

Footage from last Thursday night’s Smackdown, when New Day gave us a 5 second pose after beating Edge and Christian in their battle of the bands.

And here comes Edge and Christian, with The Cutting Edge Peep Show.

Greetings Cleveland.  Edge gets a pop.

Before The new Day comes out, they have to do a little shameless promotion.  After the PPV, the series debut of The Edge and Christian Show.

The first ever Tag Team Ladder match took place in this very same ring, this very same arena, and received their first ever standing ovation.

Ohhhhhh Cleveland, its time to stand up, clap your hands together, and feel the power.

It’s a New Day.

Big E. tells Edge nobody cares about him, because out with the old, and in with The New Day.

Xavier tells them they do whatever they want.

Christian wants to talk about their history.

When they first came together, they started a power of positivity.  And then the fans started to boo them, it’s like somehow chocolate became vanilla.

But then something started to happen.  New Day watched every single clip of Edge and Christian, and somehow they replaced the word awesome with booty.  They rip on sports teams, it’s become a rip-off of E & C.

They tell them they aren’t rip-offs, because they are better than everyone.

Who is better than The New Day?  Nobody.

Edge ran into Sheamus, and he said they can’t beat his pasty white arse.

Christian talks about how he ran into Rusev, he talked in Bulgarian, and said New Day Sucks.

They can’t talk about League of Nations, because they aren’t here.  But they can, because they suck.

Here come League of Nations, ready for a fight.

Xavier tells them they would love to face them, but it’s a day of rest.  So they will turn the other cheek.

They walk out, and now League of Nations have words with E & C.

Del Rio reminds Edge that he was the one who forced Edge to retire, and Edge reminded Del Rio he has accomplished more in his career than Del Rio ever has in 5 years he has been gone.  But they will leave too.

But before we go, League of Nations will give Cleveland a 5 second pose, the International House of Dumbasses.

Now New Day is celebrating with Edge and Christian, as Christian tells us to watch the show.

I guess we have a bonus match.  R-Truth Vs Curtis Axel.  Nobody even knew about it.

Axel wins the match with a rollup, after Goldust came out, and inadvertently threw Adam Rose into the ring, to distract Truth.

Tomorrow, someone will be a recipient of The Vincent J. McMahon Legacy Award, kicking off Raw.

Business has just picked up.  Our main event.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast, now.

Incredible match here, with Reigns giving Ambrose a spear, after some brutal chair shots Dean gave to Lesnar.  We also had Brock go through 2 tables, and still survive.

It will be Reigns Vs HHH at Wrestlemania.

Behold The King….The King of Kings.  On your knees, Punk.

HHH comes out, to go face to face with Reigns.

HHH shows Reigns the WWE World Title, with the Wrestlemania sign lurking above.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The real Road to Wrestlemania will begin tomorrow night.  This overall was a good PPV, with Styles Vs Jericho being everything we thought.  Owens Vs Ziggler stole the show, and a brutal main event that lived up to its premise.  No Bray Wyatt interfering though, but you have the feeling we will see that tomorrow.

What were your thoughts on the show?












































Impact Wrestling 2/16/16…Monster’s Ball

The show begins with highlights from last week.  Tonight, Tag Team Titles are on the line, Monster’s Ball Match.  Also, the footage with EC3 and Matt Hardy is shown.

EC3 is backstage, he runs into Aunt Dixie.  He reminds her that Matt Hardy was always up to no good.  Dixie tells Ethan he gets his rematch next week, for the World Title, inside 6 sides of steel, at Lockdown.

EC3 has some unfinished business to attend to, right now.

EC3 heads to the ring, we are at Manchester, England.

It seems Ethan is taking a liking to the fans.

He knows who he is, and what he has done.  2 1/2 years ago, he put a big chip on his shoulder.  He has defeated legends, he has pinned many guys, but there is one thing he has to concentrate on, and that is the World Heavyweight Title.  Matt Hardy, one word….rematch.  Matt Hardy, you will feel vengeance from the hands of EC3, next week.

He loves to continue to talk, but he his fists need to do some work, Tyrus.  They were partners, business associates, but now he turned his back on EC3, and it’s time to come out and get your ass kicked.

Tyrus tells him EC doesn’t want this, and he does salami tits, so come on out.

Tyrus knows that this is the first time EC3 has been alone, and that scares him.  They were once friends, but he knows his secrets.  He had so much respect for him, he called him boss.  A boss shows control, and he doesn’t need this, he doesn’t want it.

EC3 asks if Tyrus is done, and he is.  So EC3 attacks.

The two men continue to fight, but Matt Hardy comes down, with a chair.  EC3 fights it off, and Hardy challenges EC3 to a tag team match, if EC3 can find himself a partner who stands his guts.

Also tonight, Monster’s Ball….The Wolves Vs The Decay, for the Tag Team Titles.

Crazy Eric Young is in the ring with Bram.

Look at his title.  If you’re a wrestling fan.  If you’re a wrestler, you’re looking at a king.  You’re looking at God.  Is there anyone in the crowd tough enough to take this from Eric?

There isn’t anyone that can take this from him, including Jeff Hardy.

But Beer Money come to the ring.

If you’re looking for someone tough enough, take a look at these two guys here.  They are Beer Money, and they are willing to come out anytime to kick their asses.

Eric tells Roode he already had his shot, but lost.  Back to the end of the line.  Storm wants to step up.

Storm Vs Young, for King of the Mountain Championship is now.

We get a double count out when all four men are involved with a brawl.

They fight all the way out of ringside.

EC3 is approached by Drew Galloway.  EC3 needs a tag team partner, and they have common goals.  EC3 said they both want the World Heavyweight Title.  He appreciates his offer, but he tonight, he needs to stand alone.

Drew respects that, but make no mistake about it, Drew has his choice, the briefcase.  He wishes good luck to Ethan about tonight.

Monster’s Ball tonight, but next, we will see Mike Bennett in action.

We come back, and continue to see all four men from the previous match continue to fight backstage.

It’s time for a “Miracle”.

Maria Kanellis Bennett is the first lady of professional wrestling.  She is here to introduce the future World Heavyweight Champion, who will inspire us, because he inspires her.

Do you believe in a miracle?

Maria is right, Mike will be the future World Champion.  He said it the minute he walked into this place, and every single wrestler stood notice.  Kurt Angle took notice, he had to take a cheap shot, and run away.

Just like Drew Galloway, he has that briefcase, but that will be a failure, because you cash in, and will lose it to see that you are a failure.  He wanted to show everyone what he can do in the ring, and beat England’s own.  So Mark Andrews, come on down.

Mike chose Mark for a reason, he is very impressed with Mark.  But everyone can take a look at him, and take a look at Mark, and know it will take a miracle for Mark to win.

Andrews is not impressed, the match is on.

Bennett wins with the Miracle In Progress, otherwise known as MIP.

Bennett puts a boot to Bennett, but here comes Drew Galloway.  Bennett runs out of the ring.

The Decay are ready for their dance.  Rosemary tells us The Wolves will be lying in their pool of their own blood.  The current, past, and future Tag Team Champions, The Decay.

Abyss tells The Wolves they have been beaten down many times, and some guy interrupts, telling Rosemary, he hasn’t forgotten about her.  She seems to know who he is, but we don’t know.

Monster’s Ball is next.

Bennett attacks Galloway and Andrews.

A vignette of Odarg The Great is coming.

Hardy and Tyrus tell Rockstar Spud he won’t be touched again if he stays out of their business, for good.

Kurt Angle, for the final time in a TNA ring will face Lashley, 3 weeks from tonight.

We see highlights from their March 15th, 2015 match.

The Wolves Vs The Decay, Monster’s Ball for the Tag Team Titles is now.

The Wolves survive, giving Crazzy Steve the kick through a chair, with thumbtacks.

The Wolves retain their titles.

EC3 runs into Rockstar Spud.

Spud tells Ethan they have alot of history together.  Some good, and some freaking bad.  Now about his match….

EC3 tells Spud his match tonight with Tyrus and Hardy is for him, and for him alone.

Next, Knockout action with The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

Madison and Gail pick up the win, with a roll up.  Madison pins Marti.

But now comes the boots.

Velvet Sky comes back, to get her revenge on The Dollhouse.

Velvet has the mic.

Velvet issues a Lethal Lockdown challenge.  First time for the Knockouts, set for next week.

Mahabali Shear is asking for Odarg The Great.

Also tonight, Hardy and Tyrus Vs EC3.

Backstage, more fighting with Beer Money, Eric Young, and Bram.

Bobby Roode issues a challenge to Eric Young and Bram against Beer Money, next week at Lockdown.

Mahabali Shera and Odarg The Great Vs Eli and Jessie.

Man, this was terrible.  Odarg took his mask off to reveal to us he is, yes indeed Grado.  He is still awful.  Odarg and Mahabali won the match, with a roll up.

Next week, it is Eli Drake Vs Odarg The Great.

Also, it’s official, Beer Money Vs Young and Bram.  Also, a Lethal Lockdown for the Knockouts, Gail Kim and The Beautiful People Vs The Dollhouse.  For the World Title, Hardy Vs EC3.

But now, our main event.  Hardy and Tyrus Vs EC3.

Rockstar Spud is coming out, and we have our tag team match.

EC3 and Spud win when the challenger pins the champion with the One Percenter.

After the match, EC3 looks at Spud with respect, as the show ends, and Lockdown is the next week.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I liked the main event, and the Tag Team match was fun to watch too, but other than that, this just felt like a filter show, setting up Lockdown, next week.

I loved the crowd’s reaction to EC3’s music though.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me your thoughts.

























WWE Monday Night Raw 2/15/16…6 Days Away From FastLane

Next week, the real “Road To Wrestlemania” will begin, but for now, the build to FastLane is in full effect.

We are live in Anaheim, California.  “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose will kick off Raw, next.

We see footage of last week, when Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar went face to face.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

The Ambrose Asylum is in full effect, now.

This Sunday, in Cleveland, Ohio.  FastLane Triple Threat match of Lesnar Vs Ambrose Vs Reigns, winner faces HHH at Wrestlemania.

They are calling it Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.  Vs Roman Reigns, Vs Brock Lesnar.  But that is Sunday, and this is Monday Night Raw.

As a kid, he found out you do what you have to do with a bully, and Dean got his fingers dirty, and did what he had to do.  Now Brock Lesnar is probably upset about what happened, and he found out there might be a F-5 in waiting.  So Brock Lesnar, if you’re in the building, if you’re in the state of California, come on out and get yourself a piece.

Enter Stephanie McMahon.

Since Dean interrupted Steph, she thinks about doing the same thing.  Is he filibustering about what he couldn’t do last week?  I mean, he had to rely on his buddy so he can give Brock a cheap shot.  What would have happened if his buddy Roman Reigns hadn’t shown up?  He can find out this coming Sunday, as the two are in the ring together with Brock Lesnar, where the winner gets to face her husband for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.

Dean wants the fight, and she can get it over with.

Okay, if Dean wants a F-5, then he will get it.  But just not what he wants, he will get a Fatal 5-way for the Intercontinental Championship.  And if his buddy Roman Reigns interferes, he is disqualified, and will be out of the Triple Threat match this Sunday.  So would Roman prevent his buddy Dean Ambrose to retain his IC Title, and not compete in the main event of FastLane?  Either way, Roman wins.  So let’s start the match now.

It’s Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens Vs Stardust Vs Tyler Breeze Vs Dolph Ziggler, now.

Kevin Owens wins the title with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, pinning Tyler Breeze.

A very fun match here, but a surprising ending.  We will see what happens tonight.

Tonight, in a match brought to you by Geico, AJ Styles Vs The Miz.

Also tonight, Brie Bella will have an exclusive interview.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Ambrose losing the IC Title.

Backstage, Renee Young catches up with Ambrose.

He is angry, but not shocked what The Authority did to him.  They think they took everything from him, but they haven’t.  They have given him motivation to beat Brock Lesnar, to beat Roman Reigns at FastLane.  And this gives Dean Ambrose nothing to lose, and HHH everything to lose.  That gives anyone motivation.

We immediately get back to Kevin Owens.  He told Renee Young he would beat Dean Ambrose, and he wants recognition.

Dolph Ziggler wants to be the first to say Kevin that a job done.

So he sees WWE FastLane is this Sunday, he needs an opponent.  And he has spent the last few weeks beating Owens.  So why doesn’t Owens tell the world he deserves the first title shot.

Nah said Kevin Owens.

It’s a New Day Anaheim….yes it is.

This Sunday, we will have The Peep Show with their guest being The New Day.

The last time, Edge and Christian tried to messed with our boys, they reeked of total booty.

And they broke the cardinal rule, you never bring your kazoo to a Trombone fight.

Mark Henry Vs Big E, next.

I think Mark Henry is injured, Big E. picked Henry up for a Big Ending, and Mark just dropped to the floor.  Two splashes earlier might have affected that.

Brie Bella Exclusive Interview is next.

This Thursday, on Smackdown, “The Beast” Brock Lesnar will be there.

Byron Saxton introduces us to Brie Bella, which means….


Byron asks Brie how Daniel is doing.  Last week was hard for Daniel, but with the love the fans have shown, and the wrestlers backstage, he is ready for the challenge.

But here comes Charlotte, and Ric Flair.


Charlotte didn’t mean to interrupt Brie here, but she can’t help but feel Daniel was in a league of his own, and Brie corrected her and said he is in a league of his own.

Charlotte is mistaken, it’s not like he died, or anything.  And you truly never know what happens tomorrow, it could be the last.  Which means if Brie wants to forfeit her title shot at FastLane, she would understand that.  I mean any woman should be there for her husband.  She is not one to judge, but….

Charlotte isn’t Brie, and Daniel supports Brie 100%.

You mean Brie supports Daniel 100%, oh wait, the reason why she is competing is she has to support Daniel.

So Brie talks about Charlotte saying she hurt Nikki, and now she is using Daniel?

Charlotte is just trying to make a suggestion.  Brie should go home, and be there for her sister.  Go with Daniel, and open up a bed and breakfast.  Charlotte doesn’t need Brie.  The fans don’t need Brie, but her sister and husband needs Brie.

Brie brings up Charlotte is trying to get into Brie’s head, and it’s not working.  She is in disgust over the champion Charlotte has become.

Charlotte sends her dad out of the ring.  Charlotte was just trying to do Brie a favor, but she can be afraid of what her fake beard, vegan babies will become.

Those are fighting words, and Brie attacks Charlotte.

This Sunday, at FastLane, Brie Bella Vs Charlotte for the Divas Title.

Video of what The Wyatt Family has done.  Tonight, Big Show Vs Braun Strowman.

Here comes Chris Jericho, he is going to do commentary for the next match, AJ Styles Vs The Miz.

AJ makes Miz tap out to the Calf Crusher.  Another good match here.

Jericho approaches AJ, with the mic.

Chris tries to put AJ over, but AJ cuts him off.  He knows Chris’ game, he got his win last week on Smackdown.  But it is eating him up, the great Chris Jericho was beaten by AJ in his first WWE match.  So let’s have AJ issue something Chris wants, AJ wants, and the fans want.  The great Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles, at FastLane.

Chris said that is a phenomenal idea, it truly is.  The fans want to see that again, but Chris isn;t sure he wants that match.  He will think about it, and let AJ know this Thursday.  See you around, buddy.

The Dudley Boyz are next.

Here comes the damn Dudleys.

No more tables for us.

Hey Devon, they thought we’d get the tables.  There are two guys in the back they want out here, because they might need to hear what they have to say.

Usos, come on out.

Oh wait, they won’t be able to come out now, because of this.

The attack of The Usos from last week.

The Usos are just like us people.  We thought that after 10 years, it would be the good ol’ Dudley Boyz.

We thought the Dduleys would be just a nostalgic act.  Newsflash, they aren’t just passing by, like Guns and Roses.  They are the baddest tag team on the planet.

Bully Ray, I mean Bubba Ray tell us the tables are gone forever.  But we can go to the WWE Network, and check out the best of tag teams, and remind us they are 9-time Tag Team Champions, they are not just a novelty act.  And for us chanting we want tables, they will fall on deaf ears.  As a matter of fact, he and his brother do not care what we chant.

Divas action, with Paige, next.

Paige Vs Summer Rae, now.

Summer Rae picks up the upset win, with a rollup.

Paul Heyman is headed to the ring, next.

This Thursday, Brock Lesnar returns to Smackdown for the first time in 12 years.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate of the next WWE World Heavyweight Title, Brock Lesnar.

And he says that very confidently, because this Sunday, WWE is giving us something historic.  Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose, and he knows Brock will head to Wrestlemania, to face HHH in the main event of Wrestlemania 32.

Now, he doesn’t want Roman Reigns to watch what he has to say backstage in a monitor, so please “Mr. Samoan Badass”, the “Enforcer” of The Shield, Roman Reigns, come on out here.

Roman looks at the Wrestlemania logo.  Heyman shakes Roman’s hand, and thanks him to come to the ring to his face.  Because there are those of what he is about to say would think Heyman is disrespectful of Reigns, and he knows how long the two have known each other, but Reigns knows Heyman does not think he can get by Brock Lesnar.  Not Reigns, not Dean Ambrose.  But his goal is to win this Sunday in the Triple Threat match.  He wants to go on to Wrestlemania, and face HHH in the main event, he wins the WWE World Title.  He goes home to his wife, and his beautiful daughter, and she can say Daddy did it, he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But Brock Lesnar stands in his way, as does Dean Ambrose.

So unfortunately, Roman has to make a choice.  His daughter, or his brother.  Because unfortunately, he has to lose either one.

There are ones who choose friends, and they wind up in divorce court.  Then there are others that must choose family, and they are in the locker room, preparing for their opportunity to compete in the main event of Wrestlemania.  The enemy is Brock Lesnar, he stands in his way of getting his dream, main eventing Wrestlemania.  But so does Dean Ambrose.

Reigns loves hos honest Heyman is.  He chose a long time ago for family.  And he has no problem fighting Ambrose, because they have faced each other before, and Reigns won.  He beat him.  Now he faced Lesnar before too, he not beat him, but he did beat his ass.  You can tell Brock that this Sunday, nothing is standing in his way this Sunday.  He will win that, and he will beat HHH’s ass.  And you can believe that.

He shakes Heyman’s hand, and The Dudleys attack Reigns.

Now here comes Ambrose.

Fighting for his brother.

Here is our main event later tonight.

They shake hands, and Dean turns for Dirty Deeds, but Roman gets out of it.  Ambrose points to the sign, it’s all about that.

Reigns understands.

More chaos 2 weeks ago from The Wyatt Family, when they took out Big Show.

Tonight, Big Show Vs Braun Strowman.

Zack Ryder sighting, and he will face off against Heath Slater.

Social Outcasts babay!!!

A big win for Slater.  He hits his DDT.

Oh lord, R-Truth is on a date, and Goldust interrupts.

The Golden Truth will happen.

It’s The Lucha Dragons and Neville Vs Sheamus, Del Rio, and Rusev.  6-man tag action is now.

League of Nations pick up the win, when Del Rio pins Sin Cara with a Double Stomp right on Sin Cara’s shoulder.

This Sunday, Del Rio Vs Kalisto for the United States Championship.

WWE honors Black History month, with Booker T.

Earlier tonight, there was a video posted on WWE’s Facebook of an altercation between Becky Lynch, Naomi, and Tamina.  Tamina kicks Becky in the head.

Next, it’s Becky Vs Naomi, one on one.

Michelle Beadle is in the house, which means she made up with WWE.

Del Rio is with Renee Young.

Kalisto was lucky in beating him for the United States Title, he let him beat him.  So he is challenging Kalisto to a 2 out of 3 falls match this Sunday.

Becky Vs Naomi, now.

A very quick match here that had Becky with with the Disarmer.

And of course, Tamina attacks Becky, which brings us to…

“The Boss”.

Tamina and Naomi walk away.  This Sunday, Becky and Sasha team up to face Tamina and Naomi.

Now we see what The Wyatts did to Ryback last week.

Big Show Vs Strowman, next.

Brock Lesnar returns to Smackdown, this Thursday.

Reigns and Ambrose Vs The Dudley Boyz is this Thursday night too.

Next week, someone will be rewarded the Vincent J. McMahon Excellent Leadership Award.

But now, our main event.  Strowman Vs Big Show is now.

Luke Harper tells us we have a choice tonight.  Awaken from our slumber, or beg for mercy.

Rowan tells us without them, there is no hope.

My family speaks the truth.  Freedom awaits all of us who embrace.  Because our world is a slave, who is shackled from cuffs that can tweet about sharing our pain.  How many of us have checked with our followers, and share in our pain?  Bray’s followers all walk in with paradise, because they all bow to Bray.

And take a long look at the lie we all live in.  And now, we all have to make a choice, or Bray will have to make a choice for all of us.

Just like Bray had to make a choice for Ryback.  Just like Bray had to make a choice for Kane.  Just like Braun Strowman had to make a choice for The Big Show, right now.

Wake up, or run.

Big Show gets jumped for the DQ loss.  And we get a 4-on-1 beat down.

Feed Me More!!

Here comes Ryback.

They take out Ryback, and here comes Kane….through the ring.

Kane, Big Show, and Ryback have answered.

Raw ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Raw tonight felt like a big thing.  We have FastLane coming up, then next week will be even bigger.  I expect we will see a bigger show, and that might also include a surprise or two, setting up Wrestlemania.

How did you feel about the show?  Send me your thoughts.










































Impact Wrestling 2/9/16…Angle Vs Galloway II

We are in Manchester, England tonight.  Tonight, Kurt Angle continues his Kurt Angle Farewell Tour and will face Drew Galloway.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show, and we kick the show off with Matt Hardy, and his family.

He didn’t sell out, he was already a millionaire.  And he’s not here to defend his World Heavyweight Title.  He is here for business.  The Matt Hardy Brand will show Impact Wrestling Brand how to conduct good business, because The Matt Hardy Brand means more than Impact Wrestling Brand.

Boo him all you want, the same idiots who boo “The Iconic” Matt Hardy are the same idiots that cheer EC3.

Tyrus tell us that we cheer EC3, but Tyrus is the one who made him the undefeated, unbroken, unpinnable, and cool again.  Matt Hardy doesn’t need his help, because he is family.

Reby tell us we are all just jealous, and Hardy tells us he is the one who beat EC3.  He was undefeated, he was unbreakable, unbendable, and he did everything by the book.  In the last 3 weeks, Matt took care of EC3, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle.  And Dixie Carter still hasn’t even spoken to him since he won the World Title.

He isn’t going anywhere, until Dixie Carter comes out.  Lesson 101 in doing great business, you get rid of the “cancer”.  And she needs to make the World Champion happy.  And what is the one thing she needs to do?  Fire EC3.

Tonight, it’s the return of EC3, we will also see Angle Vs Galloway II.

But now, Lashley vs Bram, and it’s next.

Lashley wins the match with a spear.  Eric Young tried to interfere, but Lashley gives him a spear, for good measure.

Backstage, Matt Hardy is a bit concerned over EC3 showing up, but Tyrus has his back, and brings in Manchester’s security.

EC3 will return tonight, and we will also see Angle Vs Galloway II.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring.

The fans are making it difficult to see him say farewell, but he is.  He has a saying, it’s real, it’s damn real.

He is so proud of what has accomplished, and he thanks the crowd for supporting him.

Everyone knows Kurt is going to wrestle Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode, but tonight, his opponent will be….

Maria Kanellis Bennett says the crowd understands what he is saying, they feel what he is saying.  But she feels what Kurt is saying is fake, and manufactured.  What the fans need is “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

Mike was listening to Kurt in the back, and he has had a hell of a career.  He remembers when he was growing up in New England, the better, and more advanced England.  He was a kid, and watched Kurt, he gave his brother an Angle Slam, and put him in an Angle Lock.  He studied him, and saw Kurt beat legend after legend, and he studied Kurt’s every match, and he said to his mom, one day he is going to grow up, and beat that guy.

Kurt warned him, to get away from his face.

Kurt is missing the point, what Kurt accomplished, no ordinary man can do that, but Mike is extraordinary.

Let’s take a look at Kurt’s opponents, Bobby Lashley, that is one, bad mamma jamma, Kurt.  There is Bobby Roode, one of the greatest TNA wrestlers of all-time.  But then there is Mike Bennett.  Think of it like this, Kurt Angle Vs Mike Bennett, for the first time, and the last time.  When Mike beats Kurt, the fans will be asking….

Do you believe in miracles?

Yes, we do.

Kurt tells Maria she is very beautiful, but has a poor choice of men.

Maria tells Kurt he is “The Miracle”.

Oh right, and he swings a punch at Mike.

Kurt makes this clear, he’s not wrestling Mike, because he doesn’t respect him.

And his opponent tonight, he does respect this man, Drew Galloway.

Drew shows up, later tonight.

Beer Money is backstage, Roode got Storm a present.  It’s not pyro, it’s not a stripper, it’s not even a car.

It’s the return of The Bruiser Cruiser.

Trevor Lee Vs Tigre Uno, for the X-Division Title is now.

Trevor wins with the Fisherman’s Buster.  A good match, but should have been longer.

Tonight, the return of EC3, also Angle Vs Galloway II.

But now, Beer Money.

Beer Money want to cash in their tag team title shot, but here comes The Decay.

They still have the physical Tag Team Titles.

Rosemary tells us everyone is obsessed with these pretty, little toys.  But everything that is pretty turns to rot, and that is what happens in their world.

While they have the titles in their possession, they aren’t the Tag Team Champions, and neither are Beer Money.  So while they have a ref, they suggest they fight.

The fight starts now.

The Decay are DQ’d after Beer Money hit a DWI.  Abyss interferes, and the ref DQ’d them.

Rosemary has the titles, and Crazzy Steve gave Storm a low blow.  And with the appearance of Janice, The Wolves come out with chairs.  But they won’t hit Rosemary, so they leave with the Tag Titles.

Davey tells The Decay they have something that belongs to them, and something that belongs to The Wolves Nation.  And that is the Tag Team Titles.

Eddie Edwards tells them they want their titles back, but in return they will give them a Tag Title shot.

Abyss says they do it next week, for all of the gold in Monster’s Ball.

Let the hunt begin.

Angle Vs Galloway, tonight.

Reby approaches Dixie Carter.

Reby asks Dixie if she just keeps an open mind, when Matt talks to her.

The idiot Grado shows up.

TNA fired him, and they screwed him.  But, Grado will tell us he has proof he was screwed.

Eli Drake interrupts this.

He is a man who was fired, yet he is begging for us to give him some mercy.  He will give him some mercy by having security escort him out of the building.

Grado runs around the ring, and escapes from security.

Drew Galloway says the first match is about respect, but tonight, it’s about opportunity.  He has been called “The Future” for so long, it’s time to think of the present.  Tonight, Drew Galloway beats Kurt Angle.

Madison Rayne Vs Jade, now.

Jade wins with a Cradle Piledriver.

Now The Dollhouse attack Rayne.

But here comes Gail Kim to help Madison Rayne.

Gail takes out all three women.

EC3 returns tonight, and next, it will be Angle Vs Galloway.

Billy Corgan was being interviewed, but Grado tells Billy he was screwed.

Our main event, Kurt Angle Vs Drew Galloway is now.

Galloway wins the match with a Crossface, and Kurt congratulates him at the end of the match.

The return of EC3, what is his fate?  We find out, next.

Next week, Tag Team Titles are on the line, The Wolves Vs The Decay, in a Monster’s Ball Match.

The Family are in the ring, and Matt Hardy calls for Dixie Carter to head to the ring, now.

Matt is a global name in this industry, he is the face of the company.  He knows what works, and he is our World Heavyweight Champion.

And the last world champion, he can’t even say his 3 letters.

The fans chant EC3.

He treated Dixie like trash, when he won the title.  And when Matt beat him fairly at Bound for Glory, he issued an injunction, and put you in a bad spot.  He wants to have a good working relationship with Matt.  He wants Dixie to look at the camera, and fire EC3, now.

Don’t be a flaking bimbo, fire EC3 NOW!!

Enter Rockstar Spud.

He hasn’t said this in a long time, but I got this Madame.

What’s going on Matt, this isn’t the Matt Hardy he looked up to.

Spud will always look up to Matt, boy.

If Spud isn’t here to be a character witness to say EC3 is garbage, he might as well leave now.

Spud has agreed, EC3 has done some terrible things, most of them he has done to him.

Fire EC3 now.

No, because while EC3 does and says the things he says, he think that Matt Hardy is scared of EC3, he thinks Matt Hardy is acting like a little bitch.

Tyrus attacks him from behind, and Matt corners Dixie, ordering she fires EC3.


The spotlight is on, EC3 is on the ramp, but he is here to kick ass.  He takes care of the security, he takes care of Tyrus, Matt runs away, and EC3 heads out of the ring, and the show closes with EC3 posing on the top ramp.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The run for EC3 continues, but this time, he is a babyface.  I love too he didn’t say anything, came in, kicked ass, and then left.  And Angle Vs Galloway highlighted this show too.

It’s a shame though we will never see Angle Vs Bennett.  That could have been a good match, Bennett stood out too, looking forward to seeing what he can do more in the ring.

A good show tonight, what were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.




















WWE Monday Night Raw 2/8/16…A Sombering Return

WWE.com broke the news this morning that Daniel Bryan will be here tonight, in his home city, of Seattle, Washington, making an announcement that his WWE career is done.  I am not looking forward to hearing that news.

Raw is now.

We get a nice video of Daniel Bryan, before Raw starts.

And we get yet another pointless promo from Stephanie McMahon.

The official contract signing with Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar.

But the fans want to chant Daniel Bryan, and we get no jokes from Stephanie.

I take that back, she said Seattle fans are confused, the winner of Fastlane will not face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, but the winner of this match will face her husband, the reigning and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion, HHH.

Dean Ambrose interrupts Stephanie’s speech.

Dean is tired of waiting, he wants Brock to come out now.  Stephanie tells him that she is his boss, and there will be no physicality at all.  She does the intros.

Roman Reigns now interrupts the fun.

Reigns wants to sign the contract, and Stephanie reminds Dean that Roman is trying to steal his spotlight, so come on out Brock Lesnar.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is….

Yeah yeah, says Stephanie, we already know what your name is.  Let’s get this contract signing going.

All three men sign the contracts, and Stephanie walks away.

So it’s time for Heyman to have some fun.

Little brother, maybe you should ask big brother Roman, the difference between a beatdown of The Authority and a beatdown of the hands of BRRRRROOOOOOOOCK LESNAR!!!

Ambrose gets into Brock’s face, Brock shoves Ambrose into Reigns.  Brock throws a table at Reigns, and gives Ambrose a F-5.

Now comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, HHH.

Daniel Bryan made the statement earlier today that he is retiring, and will be here tonight.

Wrestlers responded through Twitter today.

Daniel Bryan will address the WWE Universe, tonight.

Footage of Daniel Bryan’s NXT debut from 2010.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Lesnar F-5’s Ambrose.

Dean is upset about it backstage.  Before this night is over, Ambrose is going to get Brock Lesnar.

Owens Vs Ziggler, now.

Ziggler used the ropes to pick up the victory over Owens, again.

Tonight, a Tables match with The Usos Vs New Day.  We will also see Miz TV, with Miz’s guest being Chris Jericho.

And Daniel Bryan will announce hie retirement tonight, we see where Daniel defeated The Miz at Night of Champions 2010, and became the United States Champion, over The Miz.

The Usos are met up with The Dudleys.  They want the tables match, not The Usos.

The Dudleys ask that they team up with The Usos tonight against The New Day in a tables match.

Tonight, Bray Wyatt faces Ryback, and we take a look at the big guy.

Now, it’s Charlotte in action, next.

Charlotte Vs Alicia Fox is now.

Charlotte Vs Brie Bella is set in 2 weeks, at Fastlane.

Charlotte wins with the Figure Eight, making Foxy tap.

The Miz is getting ready for MizTV, next.

It’s official, an 8-man tag match with Dudleys and Usos Vs New Day and a partner of their choosing in a tables match.

MizTV is now.

Usually, MizTV is about where a superstar can vent, and do whatever they want, but last week, we saw what AJ Styles did to The Miz.

Miz offered to take that redneck rookie straight to the red carpet, and this is the thanks he got?  He could have take AJ Styles to the next level, look at what he did for Daniel Bryan.  Miz is an A-Lister.

Here comes Chris Jericho.

Miz, that was a tremendous introduction, except the part where he talks about Jericho, and says anything entertaining.

I was going to talk about you….

Will you please shut the hell up.

Miz, he listened to him talk, and he realized something.  The fans don’t want to see MizTV, they want to see The Highlight Reel.

And just like that, they changed sets.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho.

Tonight, his guest is….

Miz is not Jericho’s guest, this is his show.  This isn’t right.

Jericho said there is something missing.  Okay, how about potted plant.

Chair, given to him by Roman Reigns.  A nice plotted plant, given to him by Dean Ambrose.

Miz had a tough week last week.  He had 2 big losses, one to AJ Styles on Smackdown, and the other when he lost his tooth through a punch by AJ.

We see the clip of that, and Miz tells us how expensive his tooth was.  He also had a meeting with Spielberg, Steven Spielberg.  But he wants to thank his expensive dentists to get that fixed.

Jericho is laughing, Miz is not amused.  But Miz reminds us Jericho too had a rough week, when he lost to “The Phenomenal One”.

Roll the clip, monkeys.

AJ Styles may have been a big fish in a small pond, but he just beat the great white shark, Chris Jericho in his WWE Raw debut.

It must be eating Chris alive.

Chris admits it is, and he hasn’t stopped thinking about it in 2 weeks.  We know AJ is good, but is he great?  Can he do the impossible, and beat Chris Jericho twice?  He needs to prove that Jericho is the best in the world at what he does,

AJ comes out, and Miz gives Chris a cheap shot, and AJ and Chris work together, to get Miz out of the ring.

But Chris slaps AJ, and the two trade blows.

Styles throws Jericho out of the ring, and Chris goes after Miz again.  But now, Chris walks away.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, Styles Vs Jericho II.

Earlier tonight, we see Lesnar take out Reigns and Ambrose.  Dean makes the guarantee that at the end of tonight, he will get Brock Lesnar.

Ambrose will be in action, next.

But we see more of Daniel Bryan’s crowning moments, when he won Money in the Bank 2011.

And he cashed in the title chance 5 months later, in December of 2011.

Ryback Vs Bray Wyatt is now.

Bray wins with Sister Abigail.

Now it’s time to get Ryback.

Ryback is surrounded by all four men, the mauling continues.

Bray speaks out, saying there is nothing we can do except pray that they show us mercy.

Can you feel it?

Follow the Buzzards.

More Daniel Bryan highlights.  The form of Team Hell No.

More comments from superstars and celebrities.  Tonight, Daniel Bryan addresses the universe.

New Day is working on the table.

Renee Young is with them.  Have they found their partner yet?  Kofi tells Renee, they are like the Denver Broncos, they are the champions, and everyone wants to be with them.

On the other side of the universe, Ambrose is pacing back and forth.  He tells Ambrose he will get Brock tonight.

Reigns wants to work with Ambrose, but Dean wants him all to himself.  Reigns tells Dean to give him hell, and save himself some.

Titus O’ Neil is in action, next.

Titus O’ Neil Vs Adam Rose is now.

Adam Rose wins an upset, when Social Outcasts distract Titus, and Adam rolls him up for the win.

Dean Ambrose is looking to get some from Brock Lesnar.

More footage of Daniel Bryan, when he beat Cena at Summerslam 2013.

WWE is honoring Black History Month in February.

Here comes “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose, and he has a purpose.

What did you call that Brock, an F-2?  F-3?  It sure wasn’t a F-5 because I thought it was to keep me down.  Brock Lesnar can’t get the job done.  So come on out here, and this time, put some stank on it.

No Brock Lesnar.

Maybe HHH was right, Suplex City has gone soft.  Brock Lesnar has gone soft, that sounds like a personal problem.  What is the matter Brock, you can’t get it up for a big fight?

I guess Paul Heyman didn’t give him permission, he knows that Paul is his agent and all, but it seems like Heyman carries his balls.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Another fight, when Brock destroys Ambrose, and ends with a F-5.

Okay, maybe F-3, cause Ambrose wants more.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Ambrose gives Lesnar a low blow, and leaves.

Tonight, 8-man Tables Tag Match.  The Dudleys and The Usos Vs The New Day and another partner.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Ambrose giving Brock a low blow.

13 days away, at Fastlane, a Triple Threat match to determine who faces HHH at Wrestlemania.  Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose.

But now, it’s The Lucha Dragons Vs Del Rio and Rusev.

Del Rio and Rusev wins when Del Rio pins Kalisto with his double foot stomp.

Earlier today, R-Truth was at the Seattle museum, and sees Goldust, dressed as Jimmi Hendrix.

Goldust gets arrested, for breaking Purple Haze.

Golden Truth.

Sasha Banks is joining commentary, next.

Daniel Bryan’s Yes Movement, from March of 2014 is being shown.

Becky Lynch Vs Tamina is now.

Tamina wins with a kick, after Sasha gets into it with Naomi.  Becky helps Sasha out, but comes back into the ring, and is met with a kick from Tamina.

These four battle it out at Fastlane.

The New Day chooses Mark Henry.

He is now playing Francesca II.

More messages from superstars and celebrities.

This Thursday on Smackdown, it will be AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho.

8-man tag match is now.  The Dudleys and The Usos Vs The New Day and Mark Henry.

The crowd chants New Day Rocks.  Tonight won’t be a table for 3.  Because they will be serving for 4.

And now the strongest unicorn, Mark Henry.

Mark Henry walks out on his partners, Dudleys and Usos win when they put Big E. through a table, and then The Dudleys turn on The Usos.

They put Jimmy through a table, and ask him if he knows who they are…..They are The Dudley Boyz, and they are the baddest tag team on the planet.

A wonderful Daniel Bryan video is playing, going over his career.

The crowd gives us a Yes Movement, and he addresses the universe, next.

News outlets broke the news this afternoon.

And here comes the man, Daniel Bryan.

The crowd is chanting Daniel Bryan, while Daniel just lets it all soak in.

Nobody connects to the fans, like Daniel Bryan.  Very surreal.

He was able to just close his eyes, and feel it, something he has never done before.

But now it is time to address the giant elephant in the room.

He didn’t want to shave his beard either.  But he wanted to cut his hair, and when he did, he looked silly with that big bear.  He cut his hair for wigsforkids.org.  They make wigs for kids, who have cancer, and they don’t charge the parents for that.

So now for less fun stuff.  He has been wrestling since he was 18 years old.  And within the first 5 months of his career, he had 3 concussions.  And every now and then, he’d get a concussion, and when you wrestle for 16 years, it adds to many concussions.  And it gets to a point, they tell you he can’t wrestle anymore.  He fought it many different times, because he would get MRIs, EKG, and they would say he is fine.  So he did everything he could to be ready in case WWE needs him.  Because this, is something he has loved more than anything else.

But a week and a half ago, he found out his brain isn’t as good as he thought.  So he has a family to think about, and they are going to have kids soon.  That is what Brie says all the time.

That’s what she says chants are taking place.

So, it is with a heavy heart and the utmost sadness that Daniel officially announces his retirement.  But if there is one thing, he woke up this morning with nothing but gratitude.  Because he got to do what he loves, for nearly 16 years.

Daniel wants to tell us a few of the things he loves.  Nobody outside of this city, and this arena cares, but Daniel loves the Seahawks.

Here is something else he loves, right when his music begins, he gets a little smirk on his face, whether he is tired, or sore.  He loves that.  He also loves diving through the ropes, because that makes him feel like Superman, and he loves that.

Another thing he loves, he has wrestled in front of parking lots in gas stations.  And he has wrestled in front of 70,000 plus.  He also loves meeting such fantastic people, such as someone who looks like a monster, but is the smartest man he knows, like Kane.  He has gotten to know a mentor for him for 16 years, William Regal.

He got to meet kids who are stronger than he ever can imagine, like Connor.

He is very grateful, because wrestling doesn’t owe them anything.  WWE doesn’t owe them anything.  The fans don’t owe them anything, because they get to do what they love.

Daniel got to do his thing, and the fans got behind him, in a way that nobody should, when he is 5’8, and 198 pounds.  We got behind him in a way he was just born to be himself.  And for that, Daniel is grateful.  He is grateful because a little over 2 years ago, in this very arena, the fans hijacked Raw.

Yes Movement was in full effect.

And they were trying to do a big championship coronation with John Cena and Randy Orton.  This was going to be the biggest match in WWE history, and the fans wouldn’t stop chanting Daniel Bryan.

But that is not why he is grateful, his dad was standing right in that spot where the guy in the goat mask is standing right now.  His son, getting that kind of reaction from all of us.  And that was the last time his dad ever got to see him wrestle.  And we made that special for him, for Daniel, and for his entire family.

Daniel is grateful.

Daniel is grateful because of wrestling, he got to meet the most wonderful woman in the world.  She is beautiful, and smart, and she completes him more than anything in the world, and that is because of wrestling.  He is grateful.

Daniel is grateful, because he is what he considers in his hometown fans.  And he is sharing this moment with us.  He gets to share this moment with his mom, sister, and friends.  He gets to share this with us, with the wrestlers, with his wife, with the men and women he shared this ring with for 15 years.  Daniel is grateful.

Tomorrow, Daniel gets to spend a new part of his life when he wakes up, as not being a wrestler.  But that is tomorrow, so if he can get one last big yes chant going, he would appreciate it.

Yes!!  Yes!!  Yes!!

Brie comes out to give Daniel a kiss, and we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun show, and they set Fastlane up quite well, and that includes the Dudleys turning heel, which needed to happen.


We also had Dean make Brock a bit vulnerable, and it sets the tone for the Triple Threat, because anything can happen.

But really, this show was about Daniel Bryan.  I was hoping that he was not retiring, and we’d see another superstar come out, and challenge him to a match.  But it didn’t happen.  Bryan truly is retiring, and I want to thank him for giving us so many memories in his 16 years in the business.  You will be missed.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.
























































Impact Wrestling 2/2/16…Hardcore War

Earlier today, EC3 was backstage/  He asked the camera guy if he really wants to know what is going on his head.  Be here at 4:00, don’t be late.

The World Heavyweight Champion with his trio of terror.  Reby and Tyrus come out to the ring.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Sometimes in this business, you work with people you hate, and do things to people you hate.  

The crowd wants Jeff, and Matt tells us Jeff isn’t here, because he spoke out about how Matt was tarnishing the title, and he was met with a piledriver through a table, courtesy of Eric Young.

Reby tells us Jeff didn’t have to happen like this.  Some people say Matt was the “shadow” of Jeff for all of these years, and now that he is on top, Jeff was jealous of her husband.

Here comes Eric Young and Bram.

Jeff Hardy’s career is done because of Eric Young.  Bobby Roode lost his World Title because of him, and now Matt, the World Title goes through him.

Matt tells Eric he knows he is smarter than this.

Enter Kurt Angle.

Their business deal fell apart, and he has degraded that title.

Kurt talked to a TNA official, and he has his next opponent in the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.  It will be Matt Hardy Vs Kurt Angle, for the World Title.

Matt was actually enjoying the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour, but this may end prematurely.

Kurt may be outnumbered right now, but he still believes he can kick any one of their asses.

Matt tells Kurt it’s 5 vs 1.

Beer Money.

The battle line has been drawn for Young and Bram, and tonight, they will fight.

Storm says they are all about kicking ass, and drinking beer.

Beer Money fight Bram and Young.  Kurt takes care of Hardy.  Here comes The Decay, but The Wolves fight them off.

Bobby says that while Kurt faces Hardy tonight, we will also have an 8-man tag in a Hardcore War match.

Last week, we see the Feast or Fired reveals.

Drew Galloway is talking about this opportunity last week.  He now has a World Title shot.  He controls his own destiny.

Tyrus confronts him, telling him to take his briefcase, set it down, and walk away.  Because that is a target.

Tyrus was the number one contender, he had his opportunity, but instead of taking that opportunity, he decided to sit in the back, and be everyone’s bitch.

Tyrus warns Drew he asked for this.

Lashley Vs Aiden O’ Shea.

Racquel came out to distract Lashley a bit, but Bobby hit s a spear, and win the match.

Racquel told him he’d see him again.  And the message remains the same.  She can give him pain, and she can give him pleasure.

Maria is on her way to the ring, next.

We will hear from EC3, later tonight.

Maria is not here to talk about a “miracle” but rather to talk about women’s wrestling.  Women’s wrestling is strong, but it needs a leader.  And her name is Maria Kanellis Bennett, and she is the first lady of professional wrestling.  The Knockout Division is old.  So out with the old, and in with the new.

Here comes Gail Kim.

Gail has known Maria for many years, she had alot of respect for her.  Until what she just said.

Maria tells Gail she is part of the problem, she is the leader of the Knockouts, but she is here to solve the problem.  With Maria’s help, Gail can be better.

Gail counters with she is a wrestler, and if Maria has an issue with her, step into the ring.

Tensions are rising here, and it ends with Gail shoving Maria out of the ring.

Meanwhile in the back, The Wolves have Beer Money’s back because they have common enemies, but down the road, the two teams will cross paths.

Then they get into a bit of an argument.

We will hear from EC3 tonight.  Also, for the World Title, Hardy Vs Angle.

8-man tag Hardcore War.  Beer Money and The Wolves Vs The Decay, Eric Young, and Bram.

Davey Richards and Crazzy Steve kick it off.

Bram is next.

Storm is in next.

Eric Young is in now.

Eddie Edwards shows up during the commercial.

Abyss is in now.

Roode is now.

The Decay, Young, and Bram steal the victory.  Beer Money took Young and Bram to the back.  Crazzy Steve threw purple mist into Davey’s eyes, Abyss nails Davey with a Tag Team Title, and Steve pins him.

Marilyn Manson did The Decay’s entrance theme.

Drew Galloway is showing support and respect to Kurt.  He is reminding Kurt that he can cash in his title shot, and they can tear the house down, one more time.

Tonight, Hardy Vs Angle, for the World Title.

But next, Galloway Vs Tyrus.

Tyrus loses by DQ when Maria shows up, telling Drew his miracle begins now.

The lights go out, come back on and Mike Bennett nails him with the briefcase.

Mike asks Drew if he believes in miracles, because he thought this would answer all of his dreams.  He believed this briefcase would answer to his miracle, and he would win World Title.  But this is not what TNA needs, Bennett is the miracle TNA needs.

Hardy Vs Angle tonight.

Kurt is proud of his accomplishments in TNA.  Lashley interrupts him, wishes his good luck in his world title match.  How fitting would it be if he were to beat Kurt for World Title at the same place as he beat him last year, UK.

X-Division Title match now.  Tigre Uno Vs Gregory Shane Helms?

He isn’t dressed for the occasion, Tigre agreed to put the title on the line, but he never said it would be against him.  But his opponent, the end of the night, Tigre will be calling him champ.

Trevor Lee.

Trevor Lee is the new X-Division champion, winning with a Fisherman’s Buster.

Hardy Vs Angle is next, but we hear from EC3, now.

For 2 weeks, EC3 has been reflecting.  2 and a half years, he has been unpinned, and couldn’t be stopped.  He realizes he had the advantages, and at times, he had been a little shit.

Unbeatable, unbreakable, unbendable, those were just words.  He just wants to win the most.  Winning is everything, and he wishes he can bottle it up.  Congratulations Matt Hardy, he beat him.  It took his wife, ladders, chairs, table, his bodyguard, his kid, but he still got up.

What matters most is his World Title.  But now what?  Does he take a few months off, and go on a boat.  He decides to take the fight, jump on a plane and become Matt Hardy’s shadow.  He is bringing hell, Matt Hardy, courtesy of EC3.

Hardy Vs Angle now, for the world title.

Hardy wins the match when Reby grabbed Kurt’s ankle, and Matt hits a Twist of Fate off the top rope.

The show ends with The Hardys celebrating the big win together.

Next week, Impact Wrestling travels to the UK.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A decent show here that featured a fun main event match.  I also liked EC3’s interview, and am looking forward to hearing the crowd when he is in front of an audience.

I love The Decay name too, it fits them perfectly, as does the entrance theme.  That woman’s name is Rosemary, so there you go.

Is Maria going after the Knockout Title?

Hardcore War was fun, and I can’t wait to see The Wolves Vs Beer Money.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.


























WWE Monday Night Raw 2/1/16…Suplex City Is Open For Business

The Road To Wrestlemania continues in the city of champions, Alabama.  Brock Lesnar returns tonight.  Now that we know the main event for Fastlane, what does this mean for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose?

Raw in 5 minutes.

We get the Raw intro, complete with theme song.  “Tonight is the night”.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Here Comes The Pain!!

Suplex City is in Birmingham, Alabama.  In 3 weeks, we find out who faces HHH at Wrestlemania.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  I am the advocate for the 9th mayor of Suplex City, Brock Lesnar.

We have a lot of business to cover tonight, so let’s get started.

At the Royal Rumble, Bray Wyatt and his disciples took out his client, Brock Lesnar.  But they failed, because when he wants to, Brock will enforce the 11th commandment, thou shall not provoke Brock Lesnar.

That takes us to Fastlane, Stephanie McMahon did what is beast for business.  She made us the main event for Fastlane.  Brother Vs Brother Vs Beast.  Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose, and saving the best for last, Brock Lesnar.

The winner goes on to Wrestlemania to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, against HHH.

Ladies and gentlemen, his client has given Heyman permission to tell us at Fastlane, Brock will enforce Suplex City.  Brock Lesnar will F-5 Roman Reigns.  Then he will F-5 Dean Ambrose, slam them on top of each other, and move on to Wrestlemania to force the “Trophy Husband” HHH to a pin, and he will become the undisputed, reigning, and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  He is not discounting 2/3 of The Shield.  Roman Reigns has already been there, Dean Ambrose has not.  Dean rode the “short bus” to school, he is a nutjob.

Here comes the “nutjob”.

Ambrose believes this might have been a stupid thing to do, but he’s not stupid.  He’s not crazy, he has a ton of respect for Brock, but he’s not scared of him.

He is here to tell Brock he doesn’t want to fight him, but he will have to, so he can get what he wants, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Take Dean to Suplex City, but he will do whatever he can to win the title.  He calls himself the “Ironman” of WWE.  If he has to drag his body to get that title shot against HHH at Wrestlemania, he will do that.  He has enough respect to tell Brock that.

Great promo here, and it sets the tone.

Tonight, Ziggler Vs Owens.  But next, the United States Champion, Kalisto Vs Rusev is next.

Kalisto Vs Rusev is now, with Del Rio joining everyone on commentary.

At Fastlane, Del Rio gets his rematch for the United States Championship.

Kalisto wins the match by countout, Del Rio tried to help Rusev, but Rusev was knocked out after a Hurrancarana.

Tonight, Miz TV with “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles.

Backstage, Stephanie is gloating about her husband’s Royal Rumble win, in front of Reigns and Ambrose.

Dean and Roman aren’t moved.

Stephanie tells Dean he was willing to do whatever it takes to go on to Wrestlemania.  Ambrose doesn’t want to go to Suplex City.  They are missing the big piece here.  Friends turn on each other all the time.  Marty Jeanetty never saw it coming when Shawn Micahels threw him out the window.  Randy Orton never saw what happened when Evolution kicked him to the curb, and they never saw it coming when Seth Rollins turned on both of them.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Tonight, Reigns and Ambrose face New Day in our main event.

Nikki Bella is out with neck surgery, and will be out of action for at least 3 months.

Renee Young is with Brie Bella, she tries to give us an update on Nikki, but Charlotte interrupts.  Charlotte feels like she should apologize.  She might have been responsible, when she beat Nikki at Night of Champions, and beat her again at Hell in a Cell.  But while Charlotte becomes the newest reigning Divas Champion, Nikki will be in bed, doing online shopping.

The Usos are in action, next.

The Usos Vs Social Oucasts.

Heath tells them Social Outcasts are family, because they chose each other.

But where is Bo?

Bo Rida is in the studio mixing some beats.

The Usos win, kicking Rose.

Miz TV with AJ Styles is next.

Miz TV is now.

The WWE Universe has been buzzing about his guest tonight, AJ Styles.  Miz was meditating in his Yoga room, and realized AJ is the very reason why he does Miz TV.  Moments like this where you can tell about one’s story, and AJ’s story is phenomenal.

Ladies and gentlemen, AJ Styles.

The WWE Universe wants to know who AJ Styles is.

AJ can’t answer, cause Miz tells us.  He is the ultimate underdog.  The youngest of 4 children, the runt of the liter.  Even in high school, he tried out for football and they called him too small.  But he was always the last one out of the gym, and made the team, where he stole the show.

From there, he became “The Phenomenal One”.  He went all over the world, competed against the biggest competitors, and through all of that, he became an entrant in the Royal Rumble.  He lasted 28 minutes, and the next night, he defeated Chris Jericho on his first night of Raw.

Where do you go from here?

AJ doesn’t answer, and Miz continues.

AJ reminds Miz of Daniel Bryan, he was the internet darling, but Miz guided him as a rookie, and he sort of started the Yes Movement.  You can call him the “father of the Yes Movement”.

The fans aren’t buying this, and he says Miz wants to guide AJ Styles, and all he has to say is yes.

The fans are chanting no, and Miz tells us who do we think we are.  AJ Styles might have been a big fish in a little pond, but now there are many sharks in this ocean.  This is WWE, where the E means just as much as W.  AJ Styles is nothing, and he can’t do anything here.

AJ has heard enough, pounds on Miz, telling him he’s AJ Styles.

Earlier tonight, Dean Ambrose tells Brock Lesnar he isn’t afraid of Brock, and he will compete at Wrestlemania.

Tonight, Reigns and Ambrose compete against New Day.

Brie Mode!!

Brie Bella Vs Charlotte is now.

Brie Bella picks up the upset win, rolling up Charlotte.

Last Thursday on Smackdown, we had Big Show come out and help Reigns, Ambrose, and Jerocho over The Wyatts.

Next, it will be Big Show Vs Erick Rowan.

Big Show wins in quick fashion, with a Chokeslam.  After the match though, The Wyatts take over, and Big Show is out.

The Wyatts made a statement.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  The Wyatts destroying Big Show.

Titus O’ Neil in action, facing Tyler Breeze.

Clash of the Titus, that is all she wrote.  And Tyler’s push is officially over.

HHH comes fact to face with Brock.  He wants to know if he saw right, that “little” Dean Ambrose came up to Brock, and went face to face with him, and did nothing?  Things aren’t as rosy in Suplex City.

Brock tells HHH they will find out at Wrestlemania.  HHH is looking forward to it.

This Thursday on Smackdown, AJ Styles Vs The Miz.

Ziggler Vs Owens is set now.

Ziggler wins with a Zig Zag.  Owens set him up for a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Ziggy found a way to win.

WWE celebrates Black History Month, honoring Mark Henry.

“The Boss” is back.  No more sitting in the back, and watching other divas wrestle.  No more letting other less talented divas get her spotlight.  She is on her own now, and she makes it clear that while Becky wants her divas title shot, and Brie beat her, she is here to tell Charlotte she is here to take that Divas Title back.

But here comes Tamina and Naomi.  They are here to tell Sasha that every diva needs their chance.  They support Sasha.  But they can be competitors, and still be sisters.

Sasha asks if they support her in her match with Becky Lynch.  Even though they are going their separate directions, they can still have their unity.

Sasha Vs Becky is next.

Becky loses by DQ, because Tamina and Naomi turn on Sasha, after Sasha ordered them to leave.  She didn’t need their help, and I guess they were upset about it.

Reigns and Ambrose Vs New Day, tonight.

Last week, AJ Styles defeated Chris Jericho.  Jericho is standing by with Renee Young.

Jericho is thinking about his match with AJ last week, everything was tremendous, except the ending.  It proved AJ Styles is here to stay, and he is the real deal.  He is a fighter, just like Chris.  He will watch his match with The Miz very seriously this Thursday, and he is anxious to see what happens.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe, Goldust is still wanting R-Truth to be his partner.

Moving on.

Our main event, New Day Vs Reigns and Ambrose is now.

New Day still have issues with The Rock, that they would even fight a little kid, wearing a Bullet Club shirt.

I can’t make that up.

But tonight, this is about revenge on The Rock’s cousin, and The Rock’s cousin’s friend.

Because New Day rocks.

The match is on, now.

Reigns and Ambrose wins with a Spear, and Dirty Deeds.

Here comes Brock!!

But New Day take out Reigns and Ambrose, and while Reigns is outside with New Day, here comes Brock with a F-5, to end the show.

Suplex City.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a good show tonight, that sets up Fastlane.  Wrestlemania build won’t happen, until after this show in 3 weeks.  We just have no clue where they are going, except the odds on favorite is Reigns Vs HHH.

I also liked how they are saving Styles Vs Miz for Smackdown.  They are still going to slowly build him, as they should.  I also liked Ziggler Vs Owens.

A much better show than last week, and Brock set the tone tonight.

We are on the road to Fastlane.  What were your thoughts?  Send them here.






























Impact Wrestling 1/26/16…Feast or Fired

Earlier today, Jeff Hardy is entering the building.  He has been trying to get a hold of the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, his brother Matt Hardy all week.  Tonight, he is going to paint his face, and talk to the new champ.

Last week, Matt Hardy turned his back on the world, as Tyrus helped Hardy become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring.

He has a whole week to let this sink in.  When he heard about what happened, he was shocked.  When he saw what happened, he was sick.  He needs some answers from Matt Hardy.  So would the World Champion please grace us his presence, and give us his answers.

New music for “Iconic” Matt Hardy.

Slowly, but surely, Matt Hardy comes out with Reby, Tyrus, and Tyrus carries Max.

Jeff didn’t call the two others, he just wanted to discuss matters with his family.

Reby Sky tells him she is his wife.  Who was there for him when the entire world turned their backs on him.  She was there for him when Jeff decided to play “Redneck” Evil Kineivel.

He doesn’t need Jeff anymore, they don’t need anybody anymore.

Jeff calls Reby his bitch-in-law.  Matt tells him not to talk to his wife like that.  Jeff calls Matt a bitch too, and we have bitch 3 in Tyrus.  So why Matt why?

Matt is no longer in Jeff’s shadow, his wife told him to stop giving, and just take.

Why can’t Jeff just be happy for him, he is now the “other” Hardy.

Jeff can’t be happy for Matt with the way he did it.  So Matt tells Jeff they need to go their separate ways.  So Jeff can stay with his underlings called “creatures”.  While Matt can just go on to become the greatest TNA World Champion of all time.

The crowd chants for EC3, and Jeff agrees with this.  Because the last time EC3 won the title, he did it fair and square, and showed he is the best wrestler.

So how about since Jeff is clear, they face each other for the TNA World Title, tonight.

You want this?  Matt loves Jeff, but he wipes his hands clear over what happens tonight.

So Hardy Vs Hardy tonight.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.  Feast or Fired tonight, title matches are on the line, along with one pink slip.

Video of Feast or Fired is shown now.

I hope Grado is fired.

That match is taking place now.

The X-Division Title match is not in a briefcase.  Instead, it’s King of the Mountain Title opportunity.

Grado, Eli Drake, Drew Galloway, and James Storm all grab the briefcases.  We will find out what everyone chose, later tonight.

Kurt checks on Jeff.  The way Matt won the title last week just wasn’t right.  Kurt has Jeff’s back.

Tonight, Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy.  Also all 4 briefcases are revealed.  One man will be fired, tonight.

All four men are standing by with their briefcases.

DJ Z Vs Tigre Uno Vs Mark Andrews for the X-Division Title.

Tigre wins the match, with a 450 splash, pinning Andrews.

Now comes Gregory “Sugar” Helms.

He said this company for years, was defined by the X-Division.  This company was backed by the X-Division.

Helms knows Tigre just had a match, and he doesn’t want any excuses.  So he will give him one week.  So next week, is Tigre Uno prepared to defend the X-Division Title, one more time?


Tigre Uno, his run as X-Division Champion is over.

Awesome Kong tells The Dollhouse she isn’t mad at them, these walls are strong.  She will get the Knockout Title, but tonight is about The Beautiful People.  She needs to face Velvet Sky all by herself.  They can stay in the back, and see the teacher take the student to school.

Kong Vs Velvet, next.

Backstage, Eli Drake is a bit nervous.  Jessie Godderz is assuring him everything is okay.

Jessie suggests he check the briefcase before they reveal the results.

Tonight, brother Vs brother.  Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy.

Kurt Angle approaches Matt, and he tells him Matt is tarnishing his family name.  Matt tells him Jeff is his brother, always will be.  But he is building his brand.

Kurt claims to be the first TNA World Champion, and he is tarnishing that title.  Matt warns Kurt, he respects him, but if he gets in his business, his bones will be broken.

Kong Vs Velvet is now.

Kong wins clean with the Implant Buster.

Kong tries to go after Velvet, but Madison comes out to help her bestie.  But here comes The Dollhouse to counter.

Kong hits a splash on Velvet, with Madison watching on.

The Wolves are backstage, saying they are the greatest Tag Team Champions of all-time, but right now, their tag titles are missing.

Crazzy Steve clearly wanted to send a message, but they asked for a match, and that match is next.

Let the hunt begin.

JB is with all four men, set for Feast or Fired.

JB is going through the rules, and here comes “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

One of these four guys need a miracle.  But when you are “The Miracle”, you don’t need to put yourself in this situation.  Mike is just going to sit back, and watch.

Drew Galloway is offended by this, saying Mike hasn’t proven anything, and it shows he isn’t the brain behind this.

Mike says next time he bashes his wife, Drew will need a lot of luck.

Eli Drake opens his briefcase first, he gets a King of the Mountain Title shot.

More reveals is coming up, but first, The Wolves Vs Crazzy Steve and his partner.

We someone completely dressed in clown makeup, introducing Steve, and his partner….Abyss.

The Wolves win by DQ when that crazy woman came out with Tag Team Titles, and sprayed purple mist into Davey’s eyes.  Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam on Eddie.  They celebrate, holding up the Tag Team Titles.

We get more briefcase reveals, next.

And now we are down to three.

“Cowboy” James Storm now must reveal his briefcase.  

Storm reveals he gets Tag Team Title shots.

It’s now down to Grado and Drew Galloway.

Drew Galloway gets a World Title shot, and Grado is fired.

Hardy Vs Hardy is now.  EC3 will be here next week.

The match ends in a no contest when Eric Young comes out, angry that Jeff Hardy is the number one contender.  He is the King of the Mountain Champion, that is the real number one contender.

Bram comes out, and he lays out Jeff, with Matt watching on, doing nothing.

Beer Money counters EY and Bram.  But here comes Crazzy Steve and Abyss.

Kurt tries to confront Matt, but Tyrus lays him out.  And when the Hardy group leaves, EY and Bram give Jeff a Piledriver through the table, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not a strong show tonight, except the big ending.  I do like Grado was fired, because in my opinion, he didn’t offer much.

This certainly keeps Eric Young strong, and a threat to any title.  With TNA heading to the UK this week, they had to take Jeff off of TV.  I am interested in seeing what EC3 has to say next week.  He was getting chants today, so he clearly is over as a face.  

Where do we go from here?

Send me your thoughts on the show here.































WWE Monday Night Raw 1/25/16…Road To Wrestlemania Begins

Tonight, after a successful Royal Rumble, where HHH became a 14-time WWE World Champion, how will The Road To Wrestlemania begin?

Expect some big surprises tonight.

Raw is now.

We are live in Miami, Florida.  We hear from Mr. McMahon and Stephanie first.  A big surprise there.

They are here to gloat about what happened last night.  They are feeling good.  Roman Reigns is broken, they broke him in half.  We yanked his title away from him, and now, just like the rest of us.  When we have adversity in our lives, we tuck between our tails and whimper away.  Once you are broken, you stay that way.

Vince has a confession for us.  He admits he enjoys the misfortune in others.  We are broken and miserable.  But nobody is more miserable than Roman Reigns.

Stephanie tells us that if you want something done, then you do it yourself.  They pulled off the biggest coup, and we all thought maybe Reigns would pull it off.  Or possibly Brock Lesnar.  Or even AJ Styles.  But “The Game” had number 30, and they knew it all along.

Nobody holds a candle to HHH.  HHH is a businessman, he has a genius IQ.  He is “The Cerebral Assassin”, he is her man, he is “The Game”.  Ladies and gentlemen, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, HHH.

HHH is wearing a suit, and he has the gold.

HHH is giving props to Roman Reigns.  He could be one of the best going, he could be.  But today, he is not.  Roman Reigns lacks one thing, and that is lack of respect.  He is cocky, and he needs to learn his place.  He can put up with his attitude, but he can’t put up with his disrespect for this man, Vince McMahon.  And this whole thing is HHH’s church, this whole thing Vince built is his religion, and into his dying breath, he will make sure Roman knows his place.

So the question is HHH why is he WWE World Champion?  His time is up, he is a successful businessman, and they are right.  But HHH wants to be WWE World Champion, because guys like Reigns wants to be WWE World Champion.  And until there is respect from guys in the back, he will remain WWE World Champion.

The fans are chanting, and this is the reason why guys like Reigns has a lack of respect.

But who will face HHH at Wrestlemania?  They will do their research, and at the end of the night, we find out who will main event at Fastlane, and the winner of that match will get the opportunity to face HHH at Wrestlemania.

Believe that.

Tonight, a major star makes his return on the road to Wrestlemania.

Tonight, Jericho Vs AJ Styles.

Our first match is Dolph Ziggler Vs Kevin Owens.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  Did Owens do enough to get himself into Fastlane?

Roman Reigns is walking backstage, Jo-Jo wants to get Reigns’ reaction to what Vince said about Roman being a broken man.  He wants Jo-Jo to let The Chairman and HHH know he is here, and he isn’t leaving until he finds out what the main event of Fastlane is.

The Social Outcasts are in the ring, and they have something to say.  But they see Flo Rida in the house.  Heath and Flo have some history from a few years ago.  Heath tells him to just sit there, and don’t make Heath mad.

They challenge Flo to come to the ring, and face The Four Superfriends.

Slater challenges Flo to a rap battle.  Flo Rida, meet Bo Rida.

We have some good skills from Bo.  Okay, not really, but he’s trying.

This all leads to The Dudley Boyz coming to face The Social Outcasts, next.

Flo Rida got into it with Heath Slater, and Bubba picks up the win with a 3-D, pinning Curtis.

Renee Young is with AJ Styles.

Chris Jericho crosses paths with him.  He knows who AJ is, and he is finally where he belongs.  He has a chance to prove he belongs.  He gets in the ring with a 6-time World Champion.  Welcome to the big leagues, kid.

Styles Vs Jericho, next.

Styles picks up the victory with a rollup.  A very good, and fun match here.  For the first time ever, AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho.  I never thought I would write that up.

AJ sticks out his hand, and Chris reluctantly accepts it.

Our next match is Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch.

The match ends in a no contest, because Charlotte attacks both Sasha and Becky.

Goldust is looking for R-Truth.  He is in search of a new tag partner.  He wants to know if Truth is interested.  Truth is married, so he doesn’t swing that way.

Goldust is just looking for a tag team partner.

Next, we will see Kane Vs Bray Wyatt.

This Thursday on Smackdown, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns will take part in Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel.

But now, Wyatt Vs Kane.

Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail, and he wins the match.

Strowman takes care of Kane.  Rowan and Harper finish him off.

A big limo is backstage.  Who is the major star returning to Raw?

Wrestlemania is 69 days away.

Rich Brennan is trying to find out who is in the limo.

It’s The Miz.

The Miz tries to say something, but a truck interrupts him.  It’s The Rock.

He runs into everyone backstage, including The Big Show.

Big Show could have been The Scorpion King.  He could have chased after Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious.  He could have chased earthquakes if he had been awarded the Royal Rumble win back in 2000.

Rock runs into Lana.  I guess Lana shows up in Rock’s hotel room after Raw.  Rusev is right behind Rock.

Alright Miami, now The Rock is coming.

The Rock woke up at 3:45 in the morning, clanging and banging.  He worked 14 hours on the set of “Ballers”, and they asked The Rock what is he going to do, only one place Rock can go, and that is American Airlines Arena.  Now The Rock can finally say….FINALLY…..THE ROCK HAS COME BACK…..


This awesome chants is taking place.

Miami, hometown.  Are you ready for Wrestlemania?

The Rock is ready for Wrestlemania, the entire roster is ready for Wrestlemania.  The Rock is ready for Wrestlemania.  The camera crew is ready.  Michael Cole is ready.  JBL is ready.  That other black guy is ready, I don’t know his name….

Well, this is a time we go off the script.

He sees guys dressed like The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, and The Rock.

It’s good that Rock got those guys on TV.

The Rock is ready for Wrestlemania, but we are talking about tonight.  It’s The People’s Champ.  The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eyebrow raising, this is Miami, so say hello to my little friend.  

Oh glorious, now it’s New Day!!

Xavier Woods tells us that black guy he doesn’t know is Byron Saxton, and he is the best commentator WWE has.

So, as Kofi said, let’s talk about black people he knows.  The New Day whooped The Lucha Dragons.  They whooped The Dudley Boyz.  They whooped Rock’s cousins, The Usos last night.

The Rock calls himself “The People’s Champ”, but where is his gold?  You know who does have gold?  The New Day.

They are our WWE Tag Team Champions.

The Rock is just like Lebron James, who went from Miami and went back to Cleveland.  In other words, The Rock went from this dumpster to Hollywood.  Rock took his money, and ran.

New Day Rocks!!

The Rock knows exactly who they are.  They are the WWE Tag Team Champions.  They are entertaining.  Yet, they wear llama penises on their head.


They are unicorn horns.

Rock said they are Chocolate Horns.  “Big Momma” looks upset, the thing is he is so huge, he looks like The Incredible Hulk made out with Urkel.

So how about The People’s Champ kicks all 3 of their asses.

Miami, you want them to get real?  They don’t deserve it.  So goodbye.

The Rock tells them he understands plan A didn’t work, so we have plan B.

Plan B?  Family.

Here come The Usos, and they clean house.  They take them all to The Rock.

Samoan Drop, Rock Bottom, and Xavier gets The People’s Elbow.

We are 69 days away from Wrestlemania.

Our main event is Reigns and Ambrose Vs Sheamus and Rusev.

Paige and Natalya Vs Brie Bella and Alicia Fox.

Paige and Nattie win the match when Paige pins Brie with a RamPaige.

Footage from earlier today, in Miami.  Be A Star campaign.

The Miz is sick and tired of being interrupted.  Whether it’s on Raw, or through Miz TV, he’s tired of it…..

Kalisto comes out, and our match is set now.

Kalisto wins with the Salida del sol.

Reigns and Ambrose Vs Sheamus and Rusev is next.

Reigns and Ambrose win when Reigns hits a spear on Sheamus.

Who will The Authority choose for our main event at Fastlane?

Now the announce table comes breaking down for League of Nations.

Bam!!  Rusev through an announce table.

Stephanie comes out to make the big announcement.

Our main event will be a Triple Threat match between Dean Ambrose Vs Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I actually thought we would see a Fatal 4-way, with Kevin Owens added, but I got 3 of the 4 correct.  Why would The Authority choose Roman Reigns though if they are trying to screw him out of the title?

Anyway, up and down show for me.  Certainly, we had Jericho Vs Styles, which was special.  We also had The Rock make an appearance, but everything else was just there.  It just didn’t feel like a special show, like most night after Rumble matches.  So, we will see what happens after Fastlane, which is when the real road to Wrestlemania begins.

What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts here.















































WWE Royal Rumble 1/24/16

Tonight, it’s One Vs All, when Roman Reigns enters the Royal Rumble, defending his WWE World Heavyweight Title as the number one entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble.

One Vs All.

Also, for the Intercontinental Championship, Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match.  The New Day puts their Tag Titles on the line against The Usos.  And, for the Divas Championship, it will be Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch.

In an hour, the Royal Rumble Kick-Off show will begin.

The Road to Wrestlemania kicks off tonight.

We are live in Orlando, Florida.  The lovely Renee Young joins us with the Royal Rumble Kick-off panel being Booker T, Corey Graves, and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Rich Brennan is in the social media lounge.  Rich’s guest tonight are the Social Outcasts.

Our Kick-Off match is a Fatal 4-way tag match, with Royal Rumble spots on the line.  Damien Sandow and Darren Young Vs The Ascension Vs Mark Henry and Jack Swagger Vs The Dudley Boyz.

Royal Rumble:  It’s all about the stats.

Can Roman Reigns survive, and keep his title, when he is entrant number one?

Royal Rumble flashback, from 2011 when Alberto Del Rio won the biggest Rumble, with 40 men.

Now from 2012, when Sheamus won the Rumble match.

League of Nations are discussing matters tonight.  Del Rio Vs Kalisto for the US Title is tonight.  I actually forgot about that.

In the Rumble match, every man for themselves, but any one of them will win the title, and win the Rumble.

They are all on the same page.

Coming up after Royal Rumble, WWE 24/7 with Wrestlemania 31.

Royal Rumble Rewind, from 1995 when Shawn Michaels won.

Royal Rumble 1999, when Mr. McMahon won the Rumble.

IC Title match, with a Last Man Standing match.  Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose.

This is the match I want to see tonight.

Jo-Jo is with Kevin Owens.

Owens plan for beating Ambrose in a brutal Last Man Standing match, and entering the Royal Rumble match, and take both titles?  Because he is Kevin Owens.

He gets a chance to win his Intercontinental Title back.  This is his first Royal Rumble match.  What did he do in his first WWE match?  He beat John Cena.

Royal Rumble 2003, when Brock Lesnar won the Rumble match.

Now, from Rumble 2000 when The Rock won.

JBL, Michael Cole, and Byron Saxton are joining us now.  Fatal 4-way tag match.  2 Rumble spots are on the line.

The Dudleys Vs The Ascension Vs Henry and Swagger Vs Young and Sandow.

Mark Henry and Jack Swagger win the match, when Henry gives Viktor a World’s Strongest Slam, and those two advance to Royal Rumble match.

Social Outcasts are a part of the Social Media Lounge.  They all kick Rich out.

They are all leaders, they are outcasts from the locker room, and Axeman is NOT tired after being in the Rumble for the entire year.

Great questions.

Clips from Rumble 2014, when Batista won.  And from Rumble 2015, when Reigns won.

Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch match is being discussed.

We kick Royal Rumble with The McMahons, who enter through a limo.  Jo-Jo catches up with them.

Roman Reigns has an opportunity to make history, and all he has to do is go through 29 other men for his chance to main event Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble is now.

Wow, they are kicking things off with Last Man Standing match.  Ambrose Vs Owens for the IC Title.

Dean Ambrose wins the match, when he threw Owens over the top rope, and flew onto 2 tables.  We started the match with Dean flinging Owens over the announce table, and right on to Michael Cole.  So you knew this would be a great match, and it was.

These two just work so well together, and can easily carry the WWE banner soon.

WWE Tag Title match is up next.  The New Day Vs The Usos.

New Day has been in deep mourning ever since we have seen the death of Francesca the Trombone.

So take a moment, and bow your horns.  While we have a moment of silence for Francesca.

There is a new trombone.

And we have the newest member of New Day.  Francesca II.

But Kofi wants to know what about Francesca I?  A brother has needs, says Xavier.

So now, they will keep the WWE Tag Titles, and move on to Royal Rumble and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

It all means more gold, even gold unicorns.

New Day Rocks!!

Tag Title match is now.

New Day retains their titles with a Big Ending after Big E. catches Jey.

Francesca II was the key.

We see what took place at the end of Raw this past Monday night.  The Wyatts had the final say.

We hear from the Wyatts.

They are death, they have slaughtered the chosen one.  And tonight, they slaughter them all, one by one.  And after tonight, Bray truly will have the world in their hands.

The Apocalypse is here.


The next match is for the United States Title.  Alberto Del Rio Vs Kalisto.

Kalisto wins the match, and United States Title again.  In a span of 3 weeks, the US Title changed hands 3 times.

The Royal Rumble Kick-Off panel review what we just saw, and are about to see.

Jack Swagger and Mark Henry advance to the Royal Rumble match itself.  After Henry and Swagger took out Bubba Ray, and pinned Viktor.

Stephanie McMahon is interrupted by Paul Heyman.

The biggest Wrestlemania in history is 10 weeks away, so the McMahons should be happy.  They will have a new, reigning, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion of the world, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman is here to re-negotiate Brock Lesnar’s contract after he takes out Roman Reigns, and the entire Wyatt Family.

Stephanie makes it crystal clear, as long as his client takes out Roman Reigns, she will re-negotiate his client’s contract.

Heyman says consider it done.

WWE Fastlane is coming on February 21st.

Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch, for the Divas Title is now.

Flair throws his coat at Becky when she had a DisarmHER on Charlotte, distracting Becky.  Charlotte nails a spear to pin Becky.

“The Boss” Sasha Banks is in the house, comes out after Charlotte attacks Becky.

Sasha kicks Becky and tells her this is Sasha’s spotlight.

Sasha makes it clear she wants Charlotte’s Diva Title, but they shake hands.  Flair gives Sasha a WOOOOOOO

But now Sasha hits a Bank Statement on Charlotte.

Sasha holds the Divas Title.

Wrestlemania 32 is 70 days away.

One Vs All match is now.

Entrant Number One:  Roman Reigns

Number 2:  Rusev

Rusev is eliminated, by Roman Reigns.

Number 3:  AJ Styles

Number 4:  Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze is eliminated by both Styles and Reigns.

Number 5:  Curtis Axel

Axel is eliminated, by AJ Styles.

Number 6:  Chris Jericho

Number 7:  Kane

Number 8:  Goldust

Number 9:  Ryback

Number 10:  Kofi Kingston

Number 11:  Titus O’ Neil.

Goldust is eliminated by Titus.

Number 12:  R-Truth.

He thinks it’s a Money in the Bank Ladder match, but, no it’s not.

Truth is eliminated by Kane.

My bad.

Number 13:  Luke Harper.

League of Nations come out with Mr. McMahon and take out Reigns.  He isn’t eliminated, but they are attacking him as a unit.

Number 14:  Stardust.

Kofi was eliminated, but we don’t know from whom yet, because League of Nations put Reigns through a table.

Number 15:  Big Show.

Titus and Ryback are eliminated by Big Show.

Number 16:  Neville.

Reigns is being escorted to the back.  Not on a stretcher, but he will be back.

Believe that.

Number 17:  Braun Strowman.

Kane is eliminated by Strowman.

Big Show is eliminated by Strowman.

Number 18:  Kevin Owens.

AJ Styles is eliminated by Kevin Owens.

Number 19:  Dean Ambrose.

Number 20:  Sami Zayn.

Zayn eliminates Owens.

Number 21:  Erick Rowan.

Neville, and Stardust are eliminated by The Wyatts.

Number 22: Mark Henry.

Mark Henry and Zayn are eliminated by The Wyatts.

Number 23:  Brock Lesnar.

Brock eliminates Rowan.

Number 24:  Jack Swagger.

F-5 on Swagger.

Brock eliminates Swagger, wow.

Number 25:  The Miz.

Harper is eliminated by Brock.

Number 26:  Alberto Del Rio.

Strowman is eliminated by Brock.

Number 27:  Bray Wyatt.

The Wyatts attack Lesnar, and Bray hits Sister Abigail.

The Wyatts eliminate Lesnar.

Number 28:  Dolph Ziggler.

Number 29:  Sheamus.

Here comes Reigns.

The Miz is eliminated by Reigns, as is Del Rio.

Number 30:  HHH.

Business has just picked up.

Ziggler is eliminated by HHH.

Now Wyatt and HHH go face to face.

Wyatt is eliminated by HHH and Sheamus.


Ambrose eliminates Jericho.

And now our final four are Reigns, HHH, Sheamus, and Ambrose.

Reigns eliminates Sheamus, and HHH eliminates Reigns.

The final two are Ambrose and HHH.

HHH eliminates Ambrose to win the Rumble, and win the WWE World Title for the 14th time.

Good god, we will hear Stephanie gloat now.

Vince is out here proud of his son-in-law.

The Road to Wrestlemania has begun now, as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For one split second, I thought Ambrose would win.  Silly me.  But honestly, this was a good show tonight.  From top to bottom, and this is how we get The Rock involved at Mania, right?

Plus, we get Lesnar Vs Wyatt, probably Jericho Vs Ambrose.

And to see AJ Styles in a WWE ring is surreal.  I can’t wait to see what he does.  What are your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me, as I will talk to you tomorrow night.













































































Impact Wrestling 1/19/16…Last Man Standing

Tonight, Matt Hardy Vs EC3 for the TNA World Title, for the last time.  We see the champion enter the building, followed by the champion.

Impact Wrestling is now.

We kick the show off with Jeff Hardy.

Last week, his brother made a deal with EC3 that he couldn’t refuse.  But something doesn’t feel right, so he asks for his brother to come to the ring, and here comes Matt.

They have made a living becoming risk takers.  They started their careers with ladders.  They call him an artist, but Matt is the wrestler.  And he has learned so much from Matt.  Tonight just feels a little too risky, but that can be good.  But he has a weird vibe about tonight’s main event.

Matt feels like he let Jeff down, and he feels he let The Impact Wrestling fans down.  He feels like he let his wife, and son down.  But tonight, he feels is the night to gamble.  But he respects him for voicing his opinion, because he has never beaten EC3.  But tonight, that changes.

The thing about EC3 is he leads by his ego, and that is why Matt put everything on the line.  This feels like a game of chess, and he plans on putting EC3 at checkmate.

Matt will make Jeff proud, he will make the fans proud, he will make his family proud.  He feels like he will show the world that Matt Hardy is the premiere wrestler.

That’s good for Jeff, if Matt feels it, then so does Jeff.  And at the end of the night, the fans will be chanting Hardy.

Here comes Tyrus.

Tyrus says the Hardys talk about dreams, they have received things they don’t deserve.  But funny thing about dreams is one wrong move, it can turn into a nightmare.

Matt has EC3, he will take care of him.  But Jeff made the biggest mistake.

Jeff made this personal, and he doesn’t know what Tyrus can do when things are personal.  Jeff made fun of Tyrus, said he can’t read, and is stupid.  Tyrus is calling out Hardy.

Jeff said let’s do this now, so it’s Tyrus Vs Jeff.

Tyrus is DQ’d when he shoved the referee.  Jeff slipped on the ropes, so the monster went after Jeff’s knees.

But Jeff hit a Twist of Fate out of nowhere.

Next week, it’s Feast or Fired.

The Wolves have a tag title shot tonight, but for 2 years, they have faced the best teams, and beaten them all.  But now we have the returning Beer Money.  He says they do the dance.

The new and improved Crazzy Steve come in, and some guy knock them out.

Awesome Kong Vs Gail Kim, for the Knockout Title is now.

The Beautiful People came out to counter The Dollhouse, and Gail retains the title with a rollover.

Beer Money are ready for a fight, next.

Storm tells us it’s been 5 years since Beer Money teamed together on Impact.  And tonight, it’s going down.

Roode asks us if we’re ready to see them kick some ass.  They want Eric Young and Bram now.

But we get Eli Drake and Jessie Godderz.

Eli tells us it’s not 2006, it’s time for Eli Drake.

Drake and Godderz challenge Beer Money instead.

Beer Money wins with a DUI.  Good to see Beer Money back.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Matt Hardy in a Last Man Standing match, we see the two warm up.

But next, Kurt Angle has an announcement for his Kurt Angle Farewell Tour.

Earlier tonight, Jeff Hardy re-injured his leg.  How will this affect the mind-set of Matt Hardy?

Matt checks on Jeff.  The knee is swollen, and Jeff won’t leave.  But Matt wants him to check in the hospital.  Remy assures Jeff he has to go to the hospital.

So he does, and here comes Kurt Angle.

Video of last week’s great match between Kurt and Drew Galloway.

Kurt appreciates the crowds, and he says every time he walks out here, it feels like the first time.  He has walked this ramp for 20 years.  And with this reception, it makes the bumps and bruises worth it.

Kurt appreciates Drew Galloway’s match last week.  These are the kind of matches he wants to have for his farewell tour.  But the question is who’s next.

Lashley comes out.

Bobby has more respect for Kurt than anyone else in the business.  14 years ago, Kurt came to recruit Lashley to be a professional wrestler.  He signed, and Kurt made that happen.

At that very same time, Kurt said these two will have a wrestling match, but Bobby waited and waited.  The saying goes in order to be the man, you have to beat the man.

Kurt Angle is the man.

A year ago, the two had a match, the single greatest time in Lashley’s wrestling career.  And at the same time, it was the worst time of his career, because he lost the match, and the title.

Lashley isn’t the same man since that loss.  There is only one solution, give Bobby one more match.

Kurt calls Bobby the most dominant wrestler he ever faced.  He doesn’t even know if he can beat him again, but if he wants to beat the greatest wrestler alive, then it’s going to be real….damn real.

Lashley tells Kurt he is going to beat his ass.

Oh boy, I want to see that match.

Still to come, EC3 Vs Matt Hardy, in a Last Man Standing match for the World Title.

But next, the in-ring debut of “The Miracle” Mike Bennett.

During the break, we hear from Lashley, he is ready for Kurt’s match.  The newest Knockout Racquel shows up, tells Bobby his pain is her pleasure.  And Bobby is interested.

Maria Kanellis tells us she believes in “The Miracle”.

Bennett will face Pepper Parks.

Bennett wins the match with a TKO.

Mike tells us what we just witnessed was a real life miracle.  It’s okay if we need a miracle, because he sure needed one.  What Mike is doing is building a kingdom of miracles.  And everyone can scream out yes we do.

Next week, Feast or Fired.  10 men will be involved.

EC3 with some thoughts.  What Matt is doing is noble, but he can’t beat him.  Matt has his family, Ethan has his family, his gold.

Matt tells us he can’t die, well neither can EC3.  There isn’t an ounce of blood he won’t spill, with this title, it means everything.  Matt wants to go home?  He will go home in an ambulance.  Hell hath no fury.

World Title match, Last Man Standing is now.

Tyrus came out during the match, and turned on EC3.  He laid him out, and EC3 was hit with the belt, by Hardy for the final count.

Now, Hardy, Tyrus, and Remy stand tall in the ring.  Matt beat the unbeatable EC3 for himself.  He ended the streak for himself.  And he won the TNA World Heavyweight Title for him.

When he came back to Impact Wrestling, he came with the best intentions, to help.  But now, he is out for himself, because we are all knatts.  He is a self-made multi-millionaire that we all dream about.  He has a beautiful wife, a beautiful house.  His wife told him two weeks ago it was time for him to start taking, and stop giving.  She is the only thing that matters in his life, as long as he is the World Heavyweight Champion.

He offered Tyrus more than EC3 had to offer, and we are in the Era of Big-Money Matt.  The iconic Matt Hardy.

He gives EC3 a concerto, laying him out.  Remy spits on EC3.

The show ends with the new champion and entourage standing tall.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a fantastic show, top to bottom, including the main event.  It’s clear to me EC3 is going to turn babyface, which brings me to ask what does Jeff Hardy think about this?

I see a ton of potential in Mike Bennett, this is his time to shine.  And always good to see Beer Money.

That Lashley promo was intense too.  He’s certainly a quiet guy, but one thing for sure, Bobby Lashley can go in the ring.

Not a fan of the Feast or Fired concept, but it is the next week.  I hope we find out who gets the briefcases next week too.

What are your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.































WWE Monday Night Raw 1/18/16…Raw Is Jericho

On Martin Luther King Jr Day, we get the video from the legend himself.  The dream will live on.

Very sad news about the passing of “Iron” Mike Sharpe, one of my favorite preliminary wrestlers, from the 70s and 80s.  Also Glenn Frey, of the Eagles passed away to yesterday.

We are live in Columbus, Ohio.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.  As the theme says, tonight is the night.

Tonight, Chris Jericho gives us The Highlight Reel, with his guest being Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

The WWE World Champion, Roman Reigns comes out to the ring.

This Sunday, it will literally be 1 Vs All, because he will be the first man to put his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against 29 other men.

But that is this Sunday, he is only thinking about one man tonight.  Brock Lesnar, and he’s looking to finish what Brock started last week right now.

Enter Chris Jericho.

Roman doesn’t have Brock, he has Y2J, and he’s the Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla.

Roman wants Brock, so Chris has a proposition.  Brock will be a guest on The Highlight Reel, so he is thinking of having the three top contenders on the same segment.  Reigns, Brock, and Jericho.

The League of Nations come out.  Sheamus wants to know when did Royal Rumble become Reigns Vs Lesnar?  Because they are facing 28 other superstars, including The League of Nations, who plan on taking back what is rightfully theirs, The WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Sheamus brings up Chris not inviting League of Nations to the Highlight Reel, that is just stupid.

Chris suggests he has Sheamus’ mohawk on the show, so he can find out why it makes Sheamus look so stupid.

Del Rio reminds us he won the largest Royal Rumble match, and we’d like to forget about that.

Rusev tells us everything is a rumble in Bulgaria.

One of them will win the Rumble, and they should be in his show tonight.

Chris asks Roman who won the Royal Rumble match last year?

Reigns did.

And who did Roman throw out to win the match?


So in respect to Lana, when things matter the most, it seems Rusev comes up a little short.

Reigns proposes he faces Rusev, right now.

Jericho agrees to the match, and he makes himself the special guest ref.

That match is up, now.

League Of Nations used their numbers, and Jericho threw them out of ringside.  So Reigns hits the Superman Punch, and a spear for the win.

Tonight, Reigns goes face to face with The Beast in The Highlight Reel.

We come back, and Stephanie realized Jericho made a match.  She threatens to never do that, again.

Our ritual “Total Divas” is coming back, Natalya Vs Brie Bella.

Paige and Nattie are best friends, again.

In record-breaking time, Nattie makes Brie tap out to the Sharpshooter.

Moving on, 6-man tag match.  The Wyatts Vs The Dudley Boyz and Ryback.

We find out who drew number one in the Rumble match, tonight.

The Wyatts pick up the win, when Luke gets Bubba on his Lariant.

Bray reminds us that it’s all about the numbers this Sunday, and they will rule everything.

Follow the buzzards.

We will find out who is the number one entrant of The Royal Rumble.

Big Show is going one on one with Heath Slater.

Big Show knocked out all of the Social Outcasts, and Big Show is a babyface, again.

Stephanie is trying to rally The League of Nations, for some reason.

League of Nations assure Stephanie they aren’t scared of anybody, and Stephanie dares them to prove it.

Vince and Stephanie are now on the ramp, about to choose the person who will be the first entrant of the Royal Rumble.

Vince tells us the odds of Roman winning the Rumble is the same as one of us winning the Powerball.

So you say we still have a chance, Vince?

The first entrant of the Royal Rumble match is?

Roman Reigns.

They are going to try this again?  God, this is awful.


Roman Reigns.

But wait, let’s do this again.  Because nothing says riveting TV like picking the number one entrant.


Roman Reigns.

Wait a second, his name was there twice?

Vince tells us he’s the first entrant, and that means he won’t be there at the end.  You can believe that.

Charlotte joins us for commentary for the next match.

Becky Lynch Vs Tamina.


Charlotte was scouting the match, along with her father, Ric Flair.  Becky wins the match, making Tamina tap out to the Disarmer.

Becky wants a title match for the Divas Title.

Charlotte tells Becky she lost the title match, and doesn’t deserve one.  Becky talks some trash to Ric, saying a champion like Flair would never deny a title shot to someone.  Maybe he is more of a coward at his old age.

Ric tells her if she wants a title shot against the greatest of all-time, she has it.


Title match is on this Sunday.

Next, it’s Ambrose and Kalisto Vs Sheamus and Del Rio.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, Miz TV, with Ambrose and Owens.

Also this Thursday, Reigns vs the entire League of Nations.

Kevin Owens joins the crew at commentary.

Sheamus wins with his team, pinning Kalisto with a Brogue Kick.

Earlier tonight, Reigns called out Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho came out to invite Reigns to The Highlight Reel, with Brock.

That happens, later tonight.

We see clips from last week on Raw, when The Usos pin The New Day, with some help from Chris Jericho.

Earlier today, we had the funeral of the trombone.  Her name was Francesca.  Who knew?

Big E. is giving us the eulogy.

Tonight, Big E. will get some revenge on Jey Uso, in honor of Francesca.

Royal Rumble video, it’s all about the numbers is playing now.

Jey Uso Vs Big E, now.

Big E. gets the revenge for Francesca.  He pins Jey with a Big Ending.

8-man tag action is next.

Henry, Titus, Truth, and Neville Vs Stardust, The Ascension, and Breeze.

Neville hits Red Arrow for the pin fall victory for his team.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel, with Reigns and Lesnar in the ring, at the same time is next.

Reigns Vs League of Nations this Thursday night, but Chris Jericho is here.

For the first time, the top 3 contenders will be in the ring.  The reigning, and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns.  We have a 6-time World Champion in Chris Jericho, and we have “The Beast”.

Paul Heyman interrupts him, but Chris wants Brock in the ring.

Heyman assures Chris there will be a F-5 in line for Columbus, Ohio.  Now the last time Chris and Brock locked horns, it would not have been a Jericho highlight.  But rather a Brock Lesnar highlight.

However, his client’s focus will not be on Chris, it will be on the reigning, defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns.

Jericho tells Paul he didn’t get to talk his way out of his client competing out of The Royal Rumble.

Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant performers in WWE history, but Brock has enemies, in all 29 men.  So the question is did he try to get Brock out of the Rumble, because he knew he didn’t stand a good chance at winning?

Heyman sees it like this, his client was never pinned out of the title, so he thought he should get a bye into Wrestlemania.  But the fact is we have 29 other competitors vying for their chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  But there is one conqueror, one BEAST, one Brock Lesnar.  But he loves the box office appeal.

If he told us we’d get to see Lesnar Vs Alberto Del Rio, we’d get the network.  Lesnar Vs Sheamus.  Lesnar Vs Reigns.  We’d see Brock vs any surprise entrant, he will throw men over the top rope, and become the undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Because he guarantees that this Sunday at Royal Rumble, Brock will turn 29 men into Suplex City.

So Chris has a question, what if it truly is Chris Jericho Vs Brock Lesnar as the final 2 participants?  What if Chris Jericho throws Brock Lesnar over the top rope, and become the 7-time WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and goes on to Wrestlemania?

Well, here comes the pain!!

And here comes Reigns, before Brock can go to the ring.  He wants himself some of Brock.

We get a big fight here, with Reigns hitting 2 Spears on Lesnar.  League of Nations come in, but Brock takes care of them.  But now come The Wyatts.  They take care of both Reigns and Brock, and the show ends with The Wyatts standing tall.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show was what it was, more or less.  Centered around the Royal Rumble match itself.  But I loved how they kept The Wyatts here strong, and they truly have built them up, to the point where I can honestly see Bray Wyatt winning this Sunday, and being the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

I truly want to see Ambrose Vs Owens too in a Last Man Standing match.  I also expect to see Becky Lynch Vs Charlotte being a good match, and we can’t forget about The New Day Vs The Usos.

But with Reigns being selected number one, I can’t see him winning it all.  We will see some surprises this week, but I can’t think we have many favorites.

Win or lose, that was Raw tonight.  What was your thoughts on the show, and who do you pick to win the Rumble?  Send me your thoughts.








































Impact Wrestling 1/12/16…Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour Continues

Tonight, we hear from the new TNA World Champion, EC3.  We will also see Kurt Angle Vs Drew Galloway, in Kurt Angle’s Farewell Tour.

Impact Wrestling is now.

EC3 is staring at himself in the mirror, with the TNA World Title.  Tyrus tells him it’s time, and EC3 heads out of the room.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to Bethleham, Pennsylvania.  We hear from James Storm and Bobby Roode, who throw a beer bash.

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3!!

Trouble!!  Trouble!!  Trouble!!

This is not a time for celebration, this is a time for vindication.  Once again, EC3 is our unbeatable, unbreakable, undefeated, undisputable 2-time World Heavyweight Champion, EC3.

There is one person who has stood by his side, and that is Tyrus.  What they do is business, but they have a friendship, and he will grant Tyrus a World Title shot any time.

Tyrus told him he never left him, he always believed in him.  EC3 cuts him off, and says now this is business.

He gets cut off by Jeff Hardy.

Jeff can’t stand to hear EC3 speak, but he is here to give Ethan something he deserves.

He used to think he was a spoiled brat, and needed help from everyone.  But last week, he won the championship by himself, and is the best wrestler on the earth.

Did EC3’s ears decieve him?  Did Jeff just pay homage to EC3?

EC3 did what he did to Jeff, making him wear his suit, and to Matt.

EC3 tells us Matt is going to the back of the line, this is about Jeff.  Hardy gives EC3 a note from his doctor, saying he is cleared to wrestle.

So Jeff’s first match has to be against the champ, right?  So Jeff challenges Ethan to a match tonight, for the title.  What do you say?

You know how bad EC3 wanted this?  Jeff’s request for a title match?  It has been denied.  But Jeff can’t just get a title match, in his first match.  He has to start at the bottom, and EC3 has a suggestion.

How about an open challenge, and here comes a guy in a mask and a cape.  But he needs entrance music, and EC3 sings us his music.  It’s just a guy with a beard.

His name is Shynron.  He is going to beat Jeff Hardy.  He is going to destroy Jeff Hardy.

Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate.  EC3 was impressed.  Tonight, Kurt Angle Vs Drew Galloway.  Also tonight, Mr. Anderson’s new talk show, called Open Mic with his guest being Matt Hardy.

Next, it’s The Beautiful People Vs The Dollhouse.

JB is with The Dollhouse, including The Awesome Kong.

Marti said everything goes through her, and Kong tells us she is going after the Knockout Title.

Velvet and Madison interrupt them, saying they have to deal through them, tonight.

We get a fight as we go to a break.

Jade and Kong win the match, over Madison and Velvet in what was a streetfight.  Jade pins Madison with the Cradle Piledriver.

Kurt Angle All Access tonight, seeing Dixie and Kurt share a moment.

Tonight, Galloway Vs Angle, but next, Beer Money Beer Bash.

Raquel is coming to Impact Wrestling to take out the Knockouts soon.

Christy Hemme is in the crowd, wanting to know who is ready for a beer bash.

Here comes the returning, 4-time TNA Tag Team Champions, Beer Money.

The ring surrounded by beer.

James has been drinking a little today, but he wants to welcome us to the Beer Money Drunk And Ready episode.  Because when they are drunk, they are ready.

There comes a time when a man has to decide when to make a living for his family, and that day came for James when he decided to come back, and reunite the greatest tag team in wrestling.  Beer Money.

Roode has been boozing a bit himself, and when he’s drunk, he gets a little emotional.

What tore them up is what brought them together in the first place, and that is to prove they are the best.  Whether it’s going for singles gold, or tag gold, they are cut from the same cloth.

And it took Roode years later, when he won the World Heavyweight Title for the second time, and did it the right way, by earning it.  He realized what he did to James years ago, and what he did to the fans was wrong.  He’s sorry.

They are sorry for all of the times they screwed each other over.

They are sorry, and they are good.

James wants to make a toast to the greatest tag team partner Storm has ever had.  He proved he is the best, and the “It” Factor of Professional Wrestling.

Roode wants to say Storm is someone who always started a bar fight, and would watch his back, and they are the greatest tag team in professional wrestling.

But there is something missing here.  A party needs a bit of a beer bash.

So they give us the Beer Money chant.

Enter Eric Young and Bram, calling them pathetic.

Eric hurt Storm in the World Title Series, and he quit.  Then he came back and got back into his business.  Roode, he took the World Title from him, so Young took it back from him, and it was the best night of his life.

Eric doesn’t even like friends, he doesn’t like Bram, but he appreciates what he does.  And he hates their guts.

Roode has something Young wants, something that belongs to him.  He wants the King of the Mountain Title, and he wants it now.

Roode suggests they have a title match for the King of the Mountain title, now.

That match is next.

Eric Young steals the King of the Mountain Title from Roode, with a piledriver.

Still to come tonight, Angle Vs Galloway.

Mr. Anderson is ready for his debut show, Open Mic with Matt Hardy, next.

Backstage, Mike Bennett meets up with EC3.  Maria and Mike congratulate EC3 for his title win.  Next week is Mike’s TNA debut.

EC3 isn’t impressed by this.

Flashback footage of Matt Hardy Vs EC3, and the history they have with the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Huh??? with Mr. Anderson.

Alot of people have been accusing Mr. Anderson of being an asshole.  So are there are other assholes in the building tonight?

His guest has a wonderful family, accompanied to the ring by his wife Remy, and his son, Maxwell, Matt Hardy.

The two of them have known each other for a long time.  But Matt was the World Heavyweight Champion.  Then he lost it.  He had a chance to win it again, but he choked.

Matt was unstoppable at the World Title Series, and EC3 didn’t beat him, Eric Young piledrove him.

Anderson doesn’t buy that, it was just an excuse.

Hardy wants to know if Anderson wants Hardy to admit he was a failure, he never quit and won’t until he wins the World Heavyweight Title again.

Anderson brings up Jeff putting everything on the line, is he doing Matt’s dirty work?

Matt talks up he loves Remy, he loves Maxwell, and he has an offer EC3 won’t refuse.  He is Matt Hardy, and Matt Hardy will never die.

They all walk out, but Remy gives Anderson an evil eye.


Tonight, Drew Galloway Vs Kurt Angle.  Christy Hemme is standing by with Drew Galloway.

Storytime with Drew.

He has always wanted a chance to face Kurt, but tonight, they are in the main event.  He is here to make a guarantee, he will make his mark tonight.  Kurt can prove he is the best even at 95 years old, but Drew must prove he is the best.  So expect everything.

Next, Champions Showcase.  The Wolves and Tigre Uno together as a team.

Earlier tonight, Eric Young defeated Bobby Roode, to become the King of the Mountain Champion, with some help from Bram.

It looks like they formed an alliance here.

The Wolves and Tigre Uno Vs DJZ, Eli Drake, and Jessie Godderz.

DJZ had enough of Jessie Godderz, and gave him a Superkick, and The Wolves pick up the win.

Angle Vs Galloway tonight.

The Hardyz are backstage together, Matt has something to offer EC3 that he can’t refuse.  Remy rushes past Jeff, and takes Matt.

EC3 is in the ring.

Matt comes to the ring.

Ethan has everything Matt wants, and Matt has nothing Ethan wants.

They come from different backgrounds.  Matt started from the ground up, but EC3 will always be known as a Carter.  But they will always be rivals, and how about Hardy offers something for EC3 that has to do with fate.

How about Matt gives EC3 a chance to control his fate, his destiny.  EC3 gives him one more World Title match, and if he can’t beat you, then Matt leaves Impact Wrestling forever.

EC3 isn’t respected by Matt, because he has beaten him time and time again.  If they do this, they do this by his terms.

EC3 offers a Last Standing Match, next week, for the World Heavyweight Title.

Our main event is up now, Galloway Vs Angle.


























WWE Monday Night Raw 1/11/16…The Beast Returns To His Throne

Let’s face it, this is Brock Lesnar’s ring, and we are all there to see it.  Tonight, “The Beast Incarnate” returns.  You have to think he is going to enter into the Rumble match, and have a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title, since Roman Reigns is defending his title against 29 other men.

Will we see Reigns and Brock have a moment?

Also, tonight we will hear that Sting is the first inductee into the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame.

So watch Clemson Vs Bama game, but keep checking on this page tonight, throughout.

Raw is 45 minutes away.

Last Monday, we see what took place before Reigns Vs Sheamus took place.  Vince McMahon orders Reigns to defend his WWE World Title, at Royal Rumble, in the Royal Rumble match.

We begin the show with all of the wrestlers on the top ramp.

A Fandango sighting too.

Mr. McMahon comes out with Stephanie, who is dancing to Vince’s entrance music, which is funny.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show, this is the 23rd anniversary of Raw, yet there was no advertisement.

Vince tells us to take a look at the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But who is it?  Someone will make history.

Roman Reigns will defend his title against 29 other superstars.  And that in itself is history.

It’s every man for themselves.  It could be Dolph Ziggler.

For 10 long years, he has grabbed that big brass ring, but now is his chance.

It could be Kevin Owens.  He has made a big transition this year, it could cement his status.

It could be The New Day.

But now the lights go out, and standing at ringside is The Wyatt Family.

As Bray always said, anyone but you Roman, anyone but you.

Vince ignores this, and says it could be Brock Lesnar.

Enter Roman Reigns.

Take it easy, pal.

Did he come out here to beat up on Steph’s father, again?  No, don’t think so, pal.

But what happens if Reigns wins?

Is Roman looking at what he is facing?  Vince tells her it’s a possibility.  They were talking about that, so why not they give him an opportunity tonight, called 1 Vs All match.

Oh shit, Reigns Vs 10, maybe 20.

It could be against anyone, including his brother, Dean Ambrose.

Vince tells Dean he is in his first match, pal.

Sheamus knocks Ambrose from behind.

So it’s Sheamus Vs Ambrose, next.

This turns out to be a double countout when both men beat the hell out of each other.  Sheamus opens up after getting hit on the pole.

But now the announce table goes off, and here comes Kevin Owens, attacking Ambrose from behind.

WWE Network plug now.

Tonight, The Highlight Reel returns, with Chris Jericho’s guests being The New Day.

Also tonight, One Versus All.  Reigns Vs the field.

We are live in New Orleans, the home of Wrestlemania 30.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Ambrose and Owens fighting.

Renee Young is in the trainer’s room, with Ambrose being checked on.  Dean assures Renee he is alive, and that is bad news for Kevin Owens.

The McMahons meet up with Paul Heyman.

Heyman loves the concept of One Vs All match tonight.  And he is impressed with Brock Lesnar’s name being included in the Royal Rumble match.

But his client, Brock Lesnar is a prizefighter, and why wouldn’t he be included in the Wrestlemania main event match, fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Mr. McMahon doesn’t like the idea, and Stephanie suggests they talk in their office.

Stardust comes out to the ring, paying homage to David Bowie.  He is facing O’ Neil, next.

Titus wins again with Clash of the Titus.

Stardust attacks Titus, from behind.  There seems to be alot of that going on, tonight.

Next, the return of The Highlight Reel.

Chris Jericho comes out to The Highlight Reel.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

People around the world has been talking about Chris Jericho’s return to Raw, to save the WWE.  Please check out the obscenely, expensive, ginormous Jericho 2500.

We check out all of the tweets that people have been saying about Jericho’s return.  And ever since he has come back, there is a rebirth.  Once again, Star Wars is breaking records.  Guns and Roses is coming back, and Chris Jericho is back to save the WWE.

But how are you going to save the WWE again?

It’s simple, it starts in 2 weeks when he enters the Royal Rumble match, and he becomes a 7-time World Heavyweight Champion.

It’s a New Day for the rooty-tooty booties.

New Day decided to come out, since Jericho didn’t introduce them, and save this show.

They are still upset Chris called them rooty-tooty booty last week.

They are the WWE World Tag Team Champions!!  And they are the real Slammy-Award winning tag team of the year.  And they have had enough of his shameful return to WWE.  His shameful hair.  His shameful scarf.


Here come The Usos, with the real Slammy Awards.

If they are the Slammy Award Winners of Tag Team of the Year, then where are their Slammys?

The Usos want a match against New Day.

The New Day tell them there are 2 of them, so how can they fairly face 3 of them?

Wait a second dumbass, as Jericho put it.

There are 6 of them, so how about we have Big E. and Kofi, with Xavier Woods in their corner facing The Usos, and Chris Jericho in their corner.

The match takes place, next.

The Usos win the match, when Jey rolls up Kofi for the win.  Jericho broke Xavier’s trombone to cause the distraction.

John Cena tore his triceps, and will be out for a few months.

Tonight, United States Title match.  Kalisto Vs Del Rio.

Stephanie and Heyman are still ironing out things.  The winner of the Royal Rumble needs to main event Wrestlemania against the biggest money-maker in WWE, Brock Lesnar.

They aren’t on the same page.  Stephanie doesn’t agree with this.

Stephanie makes it clear, the man who owns Brock’s contract will compete in the Royal Rumble.

JBL is in the ring to announce the very first member of the WWE Hall of Fame 2016.

The Man They Call Sting.

Just an amazing career for “The Franchise” Sting.

The Wyatts are facing The Social Outcasts in an 8-man tag match.

The match ends in a no contest, when Ryback comes out and takes out The Wyatts, with some help from The Social Outcasts.

This past Thursday night on Smackdown, Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio.

Renee Young is with Kalisto.

This is the biggest match of his career, and the United States Title means the world to Kalisto.  Because that means an opportunity for any race.  John Cena, he gave people chances.  Eddie Guerrero, he fought for pride.  Del Rio doesn’t give guys chances, but tonight, he’s getting that chance.

United States Title match is next.

Del Rio tells the world that John Cena won’t be going to the Royal Rumble, because of him.  And John Cena will not be going to Wrestlemania, because he broke him.  And tonight, he squashes Kalisto like a mosquito.

Kalisto Vs Del Rio is now.

Kalisto picks up the upset win, and is the new United States Champion, when he rolls up Del Rio.

Tonight, One Vs All match with Reigns Vs The Locker Room.

Last Monday night, Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte, and Charlotte attacked Becky, from behind.

Jo-Jo is with Charlotte and Ric Flair.

Charlotte attacked Becky, after she beat her fair and square.  Charlotte will do anything to be champion, and Becky knows deep down inside she will never be as good as Charlotte.  If anything, Becky is the victim, and Charlotte is the victim.

That’s my little girl Jo-Jo….WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Brie Bella Vs Charlotte never happened, because Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte.  Flair made it clear his daughter wasn’t working the match, and we went to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we saw.  Becky Lynch is being interviewed by Jo-Jo, and Becky is alone, which makes her dangerous.

Earlier tonight, Mr. McMahon and Stephanie included Brock Lesnar into the Rumble match, which didn’t make Heyman very happy.

He’s telling Lesnar as we speak, and our main event, One Vs All match is now.

The McMahons come out, with their dancing.  At least they are in good moods.  It’s Reigns Vs The World, and he will continue, until he can’t go anymore, so Kevin Owens is up first.

It was what you’d expect, the match ends in a no contest, and here comes The Beast to clean house.  He takes out the wrestlers who were outside of the ring, and gives Reigns a F-5 to show the world who the biggest prizefighter is in WWE.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was the most disappointing show I have seen in quite some time.  It just felt like WWE completely used Brock Lesnar’s name value, knew full well people would be watching NCAA championship anyway, and phoned it in.

I did like Kalisto winning US Title, if for nothing else other than to elevate the title.  They weren’t doing anything with Alberto Del Rio as US Champion.

But now is the time to do this, and I am talking about bringing back the US Title Open Challenge.

Titles have to mean something, and that starts it.

I also loved the Sting package, very well done and this is a man who has done it all, including wrestling at Wrestlemania.

Other than that, what else did we get?  What was your thought on the show?  Do you agree?  Send me your thoughts.



























Impact Wrestling Live 1/5/16…Welcome To Pop TV

Tonight, these warriors vie to be called champion.  4 men all compete in the Semi-finals of the World Title Series.

Eric Young, Lashley, Matt Hardy, and EC3 all fight for that crown.

Impact Wrestling, on Pop Tv is now.

We are live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

TNA President Dixie Carter is in the ring.

Dixie welcomes us to Pop TV, and tells us that Pop TV is for the fans, and she has the World Title, telling us that all 4 men will fight for the title.

But we have EC3 and Tyrus interrupt the festivities.

This is live TV, and this is a Carter family reunion.  So he sees this as a great time to air grievances.

Grievance number 1, , Aunt D, it upset her that EC3 beat Kurt Angle to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Grievance number 2, it upset her that he defended that title defiantly every single week.

Grievance number 3, she robbed EC3.  At Bound For Glory, she stacked the deck so he can’t defend his title fairly.

But it all ends tonight, when he wins this tournament, and becomes the undisputed, undefeated, all-purpose 2-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Aunt D tells him he needs to look hard in the mirror at what he has done, and what he has become.  All of this is because of EC3.  Matt Hardy at Bound for Glory won this championship, and he used lawyers to get his way.

How does it make him feel he robbed Matt?

And speaking of Matt, here he comes.

Same old EC3 song and dance, boring. The only people who were robbed were the fans, when his lawyer team took the TNA World Title. But now, we get to crown a new champion, and spoiler alert, it will be Hardy.

Hardy doesn’t like EC3, EC3 doesn’t like Hardy, and we see Eric Young attack Hardy.

Lashley comes out and goes after EC3, EY, and Tyrus.

All four men in the World Title Series are brawling.

Tonight, Hardy Vs Young, and Lashley Vs EC3.

Hardy takes out all four men when we go to a break.

During the commercial break, EY took Hardy out with a chair, and almost took him out with a piledriver.

But now. it’s EC3 Vs Lashley, winner moves on to the finals.

EC3 rolls up Lashley, after Tyrus distracted Lashley long enough for EC3 to pick up the win.

EC3 is moving on to the Finals match, later tonight.

Kurt Angle is walking, he is next.

“The Miracle” makes his debut tonight.

Bobby Roode is outside, he issued an open challenge for his King of the Mountain Title.

This open challenge is for anyone, from any promotion, because tonight, people will find out it pays to be Roode.

Kurt Angle is heading to the ring, now.

Kurt is getting some love, as you would expect.

Kurt has been very blessed to be in the spotlight for 20 years. From winning an Olympic Gold Medal, to winning 13 World Titles in the ring. Thank you.

Everytime he walks through the curtain, it’s an honor for him, and every time he pulls down his straps, and hears the roar of the crowd. He is living his dream, thank you. It’s a very exciting time to be an Impact Wrestling fan, on Pop TV.

He has made it public that he is stepping down.

The crowd wants one more match, and Kurt said he has faced some of the best performers in the ring. It’s important for him to have high-caliber matches for his farewell tour. He is thinking about who to face off in the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour, and this man he will face next week, Drew Galloway.

The young fan in him is pretty psyched up about this, but the wrestler in him thanks for this opportunity. He started in TNA with a bang. He steps up when necessary, but this is beyond words.

Jesse Godderz interrupted this, and calls himself a “Superstar”. He started on TV with Big Brother for 7 years on CBS, with all due respect, he is the veteran here. Look at him….

Eli Drake interrupts the festivities.

Eli tells us Godderz is very good with the 13-year old demograph, with his selfies. But Eli goes for the draw. He insults Jesse, but tells him that if they had a chance, they could beat The Wolves in the ring.

Kurt challenges both Jesse and Eli to come out and fight Kurt and Drew.

Kurt and Drew take care of business.

JB is in the back, trying to get an update on Matt Hardy. He runs into Jeff Hardy.

Nothing is going to stop Matt’s night, at the end of the night, Jeff will raise Matt’s hand.

Next, it’s Hardy vs Young.

Eric Young is inside the ring, when we come back.

Matt Hardy is finished, because when he swings a chair, he swings for keeps. We are looking at one of the finalists of the World Title Series. He orders the ref to count him out.

Creatures, mount up.

Hardy Vs Young, now.

Matt Hardy wins the match with a Twist of Fate. Young gave him a Piledriver on the outside, we even had Jeff come out to check on his brother, but Matt prevails, and will face EC3 tonight.

Bobby Roode’s Open Challenge is next, and someone is walking in the back.

We come back, EY is livid about what just happened. Everyone is against him, and everyone is going to pay.

EC3 and Tyrus confronts Jeff, and they tell him Jeff will be blamed for the loss Matt is going to suffer, and Jeff doesn’t think so.

Bobby Roode is coming out to the ring, ready for the King of the Mountain Open Challenge.

The person challenging Roode is Bram. He hates everyone, and 2006 is his year. Okay, 2016.

The match is now.

Roode wins with the Roode Bomb, and Eric Young attacks Roode from behind. Bram helps Young out, and now it’s 2-on-1 attack.

But James Storm comes out through the crowd to help his friend. Gives EY a Last Call.

About 5 or 6 months ago, people kept asking the same question, why did he leave Impact Wrestling? The answer was simple, he didn’t like the person he was becoming. And one day, his granny told him that ain’t him, and Storm told her she was right. He is a creel swimming, deer skinning, beer drinking, Johnny Cash listening S.O.B. from Tennessee.

Plain and simple, he wasn’t having fun anymore. So when he was traveling around, and trying to find himself. He turned on the TV, and saw Impact Wrestling, to see he won the most disappointing award. And he has been in this company for 13 years, help make this company. And companies do not make James Storm, James Storm makes companies.

Then there is Roode.

They drank alot of beer together. And they made alot of money. So Storm says it’s time to get back to having fun.

Storm has 2 beers.

You guys want them to have some fun?

Hey, Beer?


Beer Money is back in business, baby.

JB is in the back with The Beautiful People. A 7 and a half month pregnant Angelina Love won’t wrestle, but they do have a person in mind to compete in the 6 Knockout match against The Dollhouse, that might hate them just as much as they do.

This Friday night, live on PPV, at One Night Only, Beer Money will face Bram and EY.

It’s going to be the current Knockout Champion, Gail Kim.

Gail Kim rolls up Jade and pins her for the win.

The Dollhouse now attacks all three women.

Enter Awesome Kong.

Kong takes out Beautiful People, and is hired muscle for The Dollhouse.

Kong gave Gail and Implant Buster.

Tonight, TNA World Title is on the line, Hardy Vs EC3.

“The Miracle” happens, next.

Tonight, we crown a new champion, but now “The Miracle” is among us.

It’s Maria Kanellis, she is the first lady of professional wrestling. She sees us hoping and praying that someone will offer us that dream job. Hoping and praying that we get to lose those 5-75 pounds. Hoping and praying someone will save professional wrestling. Today is our most blessed day, because what we want most of all is a miracle. Do we believe in miracles? She does, and his name is Mike Bennett.

Former ROH Tag Team Champion Mike Bennett is here.

And just like that, our internet darling is the miracle who will save TNA. There has been alot of buzz about what is this miracle, or who is the miracle.

Those that know him already knows he is an international superstar, he is a modern-day superhero, he is the baddest mo-fo on the show. And he is our Pro Wrestling “Jesus”.

But those that don’t know him, allow him to introduce us to our hero.

He is here to save pro wrestling. Because when he was a kid, it was fun, it was mainstream. But now, pro wrestling is filled up with washed-up peeps that call themselves pro wrestlers, and he is here to change that.

Speaking of washed-up, moments from now, when Matt Hardy faces EC3, that won’t be the moment. The moment will take place when Mike Bennett goes for the TNA World Title, and the fans will chant Go Bennett Go, and the announcers scream out do you believe in miracles, and we will chant yes we do.

Matt Hardy is ready for his title match, he dedicates this match to his wife Reby Sky, and their little boy.

Hardy Vs EC3 is next.

Backstage live, Drew Galloway is thanking Kurt for this opportunity of a lifetime, and Kurt tells Drew he isn’t taking this match lightly. The Wolves show up, they appreciate the love and respect Kurt gave them earlier tonight. They want a challenge match this Friday night, at One Night Only.

But now Eli Drake and Jesse Godderz want the same thing.

Triple Threat match is set this Friday night.

EC3 Vs Matt Hardy is now.

Jeff and Tyrus leave the ring, so there would be a final winner, no interference.

EC3 wins the match, and the title with a One Percenter off the top rope. Matt’s wife and little boy were at ringside, and after the match, she consoled him, and he didn’t want to hear anything.

We end the show with EC3 holding the TNA World Title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight was a good show, but not a great one. It annoyed me in seeing a 5 minute review of Schlittler’s Creek. I get it, the show is the highest rated program on Pop TV, but really? Especially before the main event match? Just not a fan of that, how about doing a preview AFTER the show, and not during it?

Loved seeing James Storm come back, and while I did become a fan of “Revolution” James Storm, he called it like it was, he just wasn’t having fun with that role, so now he’s back to “Cowboy” James Storm, and we will see where we go from there.

Interesting we are getting a live One Night Only PPV, and I wonder if that is going to be a normal thing throughout the months? Why not? I won’t see it this week, but down the road? Who knows, they still have to start to build these shows for the PPVs.

I love EC3, and he is the right man to win the title, but who takes it from him, and gives him his first pinfall? That is something TNA creative needs to figure out, and give us that long build.

We didn’t need Dixie Carter tonight.

We’ll see where “The Miracle” Mike Bennett goes from here. I did like him with The Kingdom in ROH, but it’s good to see Maria with him too.

Like I said, a good show, but not great. What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/4/16…Biggest Show Of The Year

After a month and a half absence, I am back.  I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Christmas came so fast for me, but I am ready for 2016 to be a good year, and this includes wrestling.  We are beginning The Road to Royal Rumble, which means shortly, The Road to Wrestlemania will begin.

And tonight’s Raw is setting up to be big, with our main event being Reigns Vs Sheamus, for the WWE World Title and Mr. McMahon will serve as the special guest ref.

Here we go, a 3 hour tour begins….now.

We see footage from last week, when Mr. McMahon was arrested. We also see the conclusion of Cena Vs Del Rio, when Vince comes back, after posting bond. Vince orders the title match this week.

We are live, in San Antonio. Stephanie McMahon kicks the show off, but here comes Roman Reigns.

Roman tells Steph this isn’t about her, this is about her dad. So Roman calls out Vince, right now.

Vince isn’t here yet, but will be here to referee his title match tonight against Sheamus. The odds aren’t really in Roman’s favor.

This is Roman’s life, if he doesn’t have this title, he doesn’t have a job, and he doesn’t provide for his family. So this title is his life, this is his family. And nobody will take that away from him.

Stephanie is almost touched, and asks the crowd if Roman is going to win tonight, and the crowd likes it. Stephanie tells us the fans all have hope every Monday night, because they live their miserable lives. But hope is just a story, because nobody beats Vince, and gets away with it. All charges have been dropped, and Stephanie makes this clear. She is the boss, and Roman is the “help”. But she won’t fire him, even when he loses. She is just going to simply use him, until his body breaks down and he can’t go anymore. Then what happens is the fans will stop cheering him, and will cheer the next arrogant superstar. So she is going to do the same thing Vince did to his father, and use him.

Roman warns Steph not to worry about his father, she needs to worry about her own. Because if he screws him out of his title match, she won’t pick him up from jail, she will pick him up from the hospital.

Believe that.

Footage from last week, when Neville beat Kevin Owens. Kevin took out his frustration out on Neville, and now Ambrose.

Here comes the Intercontinental Champion, greeting Reigns on the top ramp. Ambrose joins the commentary, for Owens Vs Neville….next.

“The Beast” returns next week, on Raw.

Owens Vs Neville, now.

Pop-Up Powerbomb, match is done. A good match here, Neville tried, but Owens prevailed. Owens and Ambrose have a staredown, and Owens comes back to the ring, attacks Neville. And here comes Ambrose.

Well, there goes the announce table, 30 minutes into the show. Ambrose nails an elbow drop on Owens through the table, which is awesome.

Payback from last week.

Vince has entered the building. Jo-Jo catches up with him, not a good idea there Jo-Jo.

Again, all of the charges have been dropped, but the irony is the one who broke the law, with this week, being the guest referee, he is the law.

Titus O’ Neil Vs Stardust, now.

Titus wins with Clash of the Titans. Maybe this “rivalry” is done?

Becky Lynch is backstage, warming up for her match. Charlotte approaches her. She faces Becky tonight, even though she already beat her “fair and square”.

In the spirit of “competition”…..


Naitch is back.

Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch is now.

Becky wins, holding the tights. Flair is livid, after he was trying to hold her foot.

But now Charlotte officially turns heel, and attacks Becky.

Papa is proud.

Vince is with some guy, when Sheamus runs into them. Vince tells the guy to run. Tonight will be history, and this deserves some integrity, so he runs the rules with him.

No outside interference, no eye gouging, and above all else, Sheamus will obey Vince. And maybe, the irish luck be with him.

Reigns Vs Sheamus, with Mr. MaMahon as special guest ref, tonight.

Ryback vs Big Show is now.

The Wyatt Family come out, and this match is a no contest.

Braun Strowman takes care of Ryback, and now they have their eyes set on Big Show.

Big Show tries to fight back, but the numbers game takes over, and Strowman is made to look like a beast here.

Bray makes a comment about they will take over at Royal Rumble.

They will run, and they all will fall down. Follow the buzzards.

Del Rio and Rusev Vs The Uso Brothers is up now.

Brock Lesnar is coming back next week, and will be at the Friday house show in Houston.

League of Nations wins when Del Rio pins Jey after a top rope double foot stomp.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Sheamus for WWE World Title with Mr. McMahon is the special guest ref.

Ziggler Vs Heath Slater?

Oh lord, we have Slater, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel…TOGETHER.

Slater wins with a rollup, after Bo Dallas and Adam Rose distracted Ziggler.

The push of Slater has BEGUN!!

Slater tells WWE Universe that he has found some friends.

Rose gives us some gibberish, Axel tells us the chains are off. And Bo tells us they all BOlieve…together.

Trending worldwide, #SocialOutcasts.


The New Day have a glorious gong, and they are up, next.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, the new home on USA Network, we will see Lynch vs Charlotte, for the Divas Title.

Vince is telling Reigns the instructions for Roman’s title match.

Ohhhhh San Antonio, don’t you dare be sour. Clap for your 2-time WWE World Tag Team Champions, it’s a NEW DAY!! Yes it is!!

2016 will be the most spectacular year, and it starts tonight when they take out The Dudley Boyz, faster than Mike Tyson broke his booty on his hoverboard.

They give us a reenactment of that moment.

The crowd is silent.

So this is our present to all of us.

The clock goes down to 10….9….8….7….6….5….

But we have a surprise present, it’s Y2J Baby!!

Chris Jericho, daddy-O.

Welcome to Raw is Jericho!!

I missed that line.

He is Chris Jericho, our party host, and one of the most charismatic showmen in WWE history.

And for everyone that knows him, he says all hail the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah.

And once again, he is here to save the WWE.

Xavier corrects Chris that they already saved the WWE, through power of positivity.

All Chris is seeing are 3 unicorn wearing jackasses.

And already, ratings are up, because of Chris Jericho. The stats have shown, the subscriptions, the live show attendance, the TV ratings need a shot of Y2J!!

Chris apologizes that we had to witness 5 minutes of Greenday wearing their 3 magical unicorns and doing their roody-toody booty gyrations.

Big E. wants to know who has a roody-toody booty, and Chris says they do. We get a chant to start-up, and Chris tells them to shut the hell up.

They may not have anything important to say, but Chris does. January 24th, he is officially in the Royal Rumble, and he will throw out 29 other people, and main event Wrestlemania for the second time. And that makes sense, since he is a 6-time World Heavyweight Champion.

And he is serving notice that the front office, the monkeys in the truck, people in the back, all of the superstars watching, and the Jericholics will never…..




Dudleys and Kalisto Vs New Day is next.

The New Day wins with a double team move, that ends with Big E’s Big Ending.

Our main event, Sheamus Vs Reigns is tonight, with Mr. McMahon being the special guest ref.

The “Beast Incarnate”, mayor of “Suplex City” is back, next week. Brock Lesnar is in Houston.

WWE Network is now available in Japan.

Our main event, Reigns Vs Sheamus is now. Vince McMahon is our special guest ref.

Well, Vince gave us a fast count, he even “lost” his contact lens, but Reigns fights back. He gave Vince a Superman Punch, and laid Sheamus out with a spear. But no referee.

Here comes Stephanie McMahon, but she couldn’t stop Reigns. But Sheamus did, with a Brogue Kick. Here comes Scott Armstrong, making his return to ref, but Reigns counts out at 2.

Reigns gives Sheamus another Superman Punch, gives Armstrong one for good measure, and here comes the ref from a few weeks ago, John Collins.

And Reigns retains his title.

So Vince makes a shocking statement, Reigns will defend his WWE World Title at Royal Rumble, IN the Royal Rumble, against 29 other men.

And the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

See technically, this match should have ended in a no contest. John Collins, or whatever the ref’s name is wasn’t the official ref, Vince was.

But I digress….

It was great to see Chris Jericho, and now he has an opportunity to be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion…..if he wins the Rumble.

They should give us a 40-man Rumble match, what the hell? Make this feel more important, right?

Overall, a good show. You get the feeling Brock is out next week to compete with NCAA Championship game, between Alabama Vs Clemson.

So, I am looking forward to see the must-see superstar.

Shocked though not to see Cena, after he returned the last week. You have to think he will be at the show next week to say he is in the Rumble match, right?


What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.

Impact Wrestling 11/18/15…Win Or Go Home

It’s been a while since I have watched Impact Wrestling.  I have followed it, so I know what is going on.  But tonight seems to be an important night to watch, since the premise is if you lose, you go home.  The World Series Title showdown continues.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Last week, Matt Hardy, Gail Kim, and EC3 advanced to the Quarter-Finals.  Who moves on tonight?

Awesome Kong Vs Brooke tonight, Eric Young Vs “Cowboy” James Storm, and Bobby Roode Vs Abyss.

Also a face-to-face between Matt Hardy and EC3.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.  Tonight, the TNA Originals are focused.

But next, from Group Knockouts, Brooke Vs Kong.

Kong wins the match with a Chokeslam, which means Kong advances, and Brooke goes home.

Group TNA Originals have one match to go.  Tonight, Young Vs Storm, and Roode Vs Abyss.

But next, an exclusive face-to-face with EC3 and Matt Hardy.

Kong advanced moments ago in Group Knockouts, and has moved on to Quarter-Finals of World Title Series.

Josh and Pope ask how far Gail Kim or Awesome Kong can go now that they are facing their male counterparts?

Next week, we will find out the pairings.

Hardy and EC3 are face-to-face.

Hardy is ready to get his title back.  Matt advanced in the Tag Team Specialist.  Hardy swept through his round.

EC3 is disgusted that he’s scaring screen time, with Hardy.  But he proved he is what has said he is, a winner.

Matt wants EC3 next, because they have unfinished business, after Bound for Glory.

He will take the World Heavyweight Title from EC3, and he has to be the one to take his undefeated streak.

EC3 is hoping and praying that he has a chance to face Hardy, and really more than anything he is hoping he gets him in the finals.

Josh calls Matt the favorite to win the tournament, but EC3 is not impressed.  He is undefeated, he is the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Eric Young has some thoughts.

The best thing Storm can do is not show up.  If he comes to the ring, he guarantees Storm will get hurt.  Cross him, and we will see what happens.  Storm is a shadow of his former self.  EY is a world-class man, a world-class champion, and he will prove it.

Tonight, Young Vs Storm.

Moments ago, EC3 stormed out of the interview.  Later tonight, we will hear from both men, individually.

Tigre Uno Vs Manik in the World Title Series, if Uno wins, there is a playoff.  If Manik wins, he and DJ Z advance.

Tigre wins with the Corkscrew, and now there is 3 men tied, between DJ Z, Manik, and Tigre.

Tonight, Storm Vs Young and Roode Vs Abyss.

A recap of how we got here.

Next, it’s Storm Vs Young.

Moments ago, Tigre Uno defeated Manik, and there is a 3 way tie with Group X-Division.

Next week, Triple Threat, Sudden Death.

Winners of 2 falls, they advance.

Next, Storm Vs Young, but we hear from Bobby Roode.

Roode will do whatever it takes to be a 3-time World Champion.

Storm Vs Young is now.

Young wins the match with a kick to the groin, and a Piledriver for good measure.

Eric Young advances to the Quarter-Finals of the World Title Series.

This was James Storm’s last TNA match.  Thank you “Cowboy” for some great memories.

Tonight, Roode Vs Abyss.

Next week, Lashley Vs Aries.  Loser goes home.

Next, an interview with Matt Hardy.

Moments ago, Young moved on, pinning Storm with a Piledriver.

Another interview with Matt Hardy.

Matt was the one who won the World Title at Bound for Glory.  So this is personal.

Matt is confident he can win that title again.

Our next match is Shera Vs O’ Shea.

Shera wins the match with a Sky High, and has advanced in the World Title Series.

Eric Young is a winner, and proves he wins, and everyone loses.  He will keep taking.

Eli Drake is set to compete against Crimson.

Eli wins the match, okay moving on.

We hear from EC3.

He feels disrespected, and isn’t okay.  But he will be after he defeats Hardy, and eliminates him from the tournament.

He is not obsessed with Matt Hardy, but is obsessed with beating Hardy.

Eli Drake advanced to the round of 16, joining Shera, Kong, and Young.

Next week, Triple Threat Sudden Change.  Also next week, Godderz Vs Micah.  Also Richards Vs Robbie E.  And Aries Vs Lashley.

Our main event, Abyss Vs Roode is now.

Roode wins with a Spinebuster, advancing to the World Title Series, and the show ends here.

Next week, World Title Series continues.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I hate how Matt Hardy lost the title, after Bound for Glory, but I loved the videos they gave us, profiling the contestants in this large tournament.

Thank you to “Cowboy” James Storm for giving us a memorable run in TNA.  He gave us such memorable tag teams as America’s Most Wanted, and Beer Money.  He also did some great things, winning the TNA World Title, defeating Kurt Angle.  He had memorable feuds, including Bobby Roode.  Such an amazing career, and now I look forward to what he does in the next phase of his career.

I hated how they treated him in commentary, he had to make a choice for himself and his family.

I want to see how this plays out, but I hate seeing Shera become a dancing fool.  You never, ever make money with a dancing fool.

What were your thoughts of the show?


















WWE Monday Night Raw 11/16/15…Who Survives The Final Four?

We are 6 days away from Survivor Series, when a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion is crowned.  Tonight, 4 Quarter-Final matches will be worked, and we will find out who heads to Survivor Series vying the title.

But first, we give a moments of silence to the people who lost loved ones in the horrible Paris tragedy.

We get the opening intro, and are live, with Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Tonight, Owens Vs Neville.  Also tonight, Ambrose Vs Ziggler, Del Rio Vs Kalisto, and Reigns Vs Cesaro.

We kick the night off with the druids, but is it for Brothers of Destruction?


This is Undertaker Week, on WWE Network.

Last week, Bray Wyatt eulogized Taker and Kane.  Bray learned the hard way you can’t kill a dead man.

Standing before you is the true army of darkness.  And on the horizon, vengeance awaits The Wyatt Family.  They tried to take their souls, but there is no man living….or dead that contains the power of The Dark Side.

Kane adds when you try to steal the flames of hell, you will get burned.  At Survivor Series, they have reserved a special place for Bray Wyatt and his family, a special place in hell.  Where they will suffer through eternal.

Bray Wyatt, his evil is no match for theirs.  It has been tested time and time again.  So Bray, choose wisely which members will sacrifice, because The Brothers of Destruction have already decided their fate in destiny, and they will never rest in peace.

Enter The Wyatt Family.

For 25 years Undertaker, he has reigned over the WWE.  Empires made, and molded through darkness.  For 25 years, he has instilled darkness and fear.  But he says 25 years is enough, and it’s time for a new army to reign supreme, his army.  The Brothers of Destruction no longer tell the wolves when to howl.  Those days are gone.  Bray is the new face of fear.  And after Survivor Series, they will find out he is the one….he is Bray Wyatt.

And as for his creatures of the night, they are his.

The lights go out, and come back on to see the druids are wearing the sheep masks.


The druids are now attacking Undertaker and Kane.

A message to The Wyatt Family, double chokeslams.

Now comes The Wyatt Family, but Bray stops them.  Their dates with destiny is this Sunday.  But until then, Undertaker and Kane….follow the buzzards.

Next, Owens Vs Neville.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, advancing to the Semi-Finals match this Sunday, at Survivor Series.

Owens faces the winner of Ambrose Vs Ziggler, which we will see later tonight.

Paige wins the Divas Title in her first night.  But we will get an official Divas Championship Contract Signing, tonight.

Moments ago, we see Kevin Owens defeat Neville to advance to Semi-Final of WWE World Title tournament.  HHH is talking with Owens, is he making an offer to KO?

Last week, we saw HHH ask Reigns if he wants to be HHH’s MAN.  He rejected the offer.

Tyler Breeze is in action, next.

It’s Breeze Vs Truth, now.

Breeze wins the match with a Beauty Shot.

His first Raw win for “Prince Pretty”.

Ziggler Vs Ambrose, Quarter-Final match is next.

Ambrose wins a fun match with Dirty Deeds, advancing to the Semi-Finals to face Owens at Survivor Series.

If Ambrose wins the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, he is going to turn things upside down.  There will be less talking, and more action.  He will throw everything out the window, and will make this The Ambrose Asylum.

Later tonight, Del Rio Vs Kalisto.  Also Reigns Vs Cesaro.

Footage of Charlotte’s WWE debut.

Tonight, Divas Championship Contract Signing.  Charlotte Vs Paige.

6-man tag match with The New Day.

For some strange reason, the only anniversary people want to talk about is The Undertaker?  People should be talking about the anniversary of the most entertaining group in WWE history, one year anniversary of The New Day?

But did they get invited to The Tonight Show?  Oh no.

Or did they get an interview on ESPN Sportscenter, like The Uso’s?  Oh no.

Speaking of The Uso’s, the last time they saw them, they hurt them at Wrestlemania.  There is a new impression of The Uso’s.  When you say Us, we say OWWWW!!!


And their partner, Ryback?  Big E’s uncle used to say when you get booty, you make booty-ade.

6-man tag match.  Uso’s and Ryback Vs The New Day is now.

Ryback heard enough, and he went into the ring, causing the DQ and we see he and The Uso’s clean house on The New Day.

Undertaker Week begins immediately after tonight’s Raw, with JBL’s special to The Undertaker, airing on WWE Network.

We see Charlotte’s Divas Title win, back at Night of Champions in September.

Tonight, official Contract Signing between Charlotte and Paige.

HHH confronts Cesaro.

This is the biggest title, and Cesaro is as close as he has ever been.  He can do things nobody else can do, but this might be his time to grab that brass ring.  His time to reach up for ir.

HHH will sit and watch this match in Cesaro’s Section, maybe this is time for Cesaro to grab that brass ring.

Cesaro Vs Reigns is now.

Reigns wants to know if The Roman Empire is here tonight.  This has been a rough road to the title.  And Seth Rollins is hurt, and those plans were changed.  So HHH put a little spin on this.  He asked him to join The Authority, and receive a free ride to the title.  But he isn’t a sell-out.  So now he has to face people like Cesaro, Kevin Owens, and even Dean Ambrose.  But this road is going to get a little tougher, but it will end at Survivor Series.

Believe that.

Owens Vs Cesaro is now.

Reigns wins a good, but predictable match.  He hits a Superman Punch, and a spear, to advance to Survivor Series.

The Dudley Boyz, (Remember them) Vs The Ascension is now.

Team 3-D, match is done.

We see footage of Paige turning her back on Charlotte and Becky Lynch for the 20th time, but this time, she meant it.

Del Rio and Zeb are being interviewed by Renee Young, who makes her only appearance. HHH is trying to recruit them both, to join The Authority.

Del Rio Vs Kalisto is next.

Del Rio wins the match with a double stomp, pinning Kalisto, and advancing to Survivor Series.

Fatal 4-Way match when Paige became the Number One Contender.

Official contract signing is next.

Miz TV this Thursday night features the Final 4 participants.

Cole introduces Paige and Charlotte.

Charlotte will be with The Coach on tomorrow night’s Sportscenter.

Cole wants to know what happened to the friendship.

Paige corrects Michael that there isn’t any true friendship if you’re a Divas Champion, so she signs the contract.

Charlotte wants to know what happened to Paige. They came from the same background, she wanted to be like Paige. She was the sweet, naive Carolina girl. Paige was the British badass.

They watched their parents growing up on TV, who cared about this business almost as much as they cared about them.

When Charlotte’s little brother passed away, she was there for Charlotte. And that is the biggest reason she is here today, it was his dream.

Paige has been using Charlotte since day one. But Charlotte reminds her she is the Divas Champion, and Paige is not. But it’s not about the title, it’s about who has your back at the end of the day.

PCB was going to change this business, until Paige changed her selfish ways.

Paige wanted to be champion, and Charlotte tells her she isn’t even a champion. A champion is a role model, a little girl watching from the stands.

Charlotte tells her she may lose the title one day, but it won’t be at Survivor Series.

Paige calls Charlotte a naive little girl, that needs Daddy to come out and save her. So where is her Daddy, dropping a sorry elbow, and calling him an old fart.

Charlotte tells Paige they have fought in them, her whole family has fight, and Paige told her that her brother didn’t have much fight.

And now the fighting begins, throughout the ring. Charlotte didn’t even sign the contract, as we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not sure how I feel about the ending, because there wasn’t much heat. Charlotte is a gifted athlete, who did alot in NXT, but they haven’t showcased that much since she came to WWE. Maybe that starts this Sunday? She seemed nervous, and there was something lost in that, it seemed forced.

Now if this was Sasha Vs Charlotte, I would understand, but WWE doesn’t even know who Sasha Banks is.

Roman Vs Cesaro should have closed this show, an incredible match, which leaves me to Survivor Series.

It has to end with Ambrose Vs Reigns, with one of them turning heel, right?

But what would you do? Send me your thoughts here. Survivor Series is in 6 days.

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/9/15…The WWE Tournament Has Begun

No intro again, we are live, on tape in Manchester, England.  We have breaking news, concerning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

We see the title, and here comes HHH.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.  Seth Rollins hurt his right knee this past Thursday, and is out 6-9 months and is vacating his WWE World Championship.

He wants to take a moment, and acknowledge a great champion.  Just take a moment to acknowledge Seth Rollins.

HHH and Stephanie thought long and hard about choosing the right man to be the WWE World Champion, and Seth went far and beyond doing that.  He was on his way of becoming one of the greatest WWE Champions of all-time.  But before that, Seth blew out his knee.  Tragic, but while Rollins is still the man, he is no longer the WWE World Champion.

So who will step up, and fill that void?

A few weeks ago, we determined the Number One Contender, and who would face Seth Rollins at Survivor Series.  He wants to bring that man out here now, Roman Reigns.

Reigns is looking at that championship.

HHH asks Roman it looks good.  Seth Rollins is no longer the WWE World Champion, and tonight there starts a tournament to determine the new WWE World Champion.

It seems unfair that Roman won the Fatal 4-Way for the right to face Rollins at Survivor Series.  It’s not that fair that shot is thrown away, and Reigns is thrown back at the bottom of the barrel.  But it doesn’t have to be like that,  Reigns could very easily fight the chance to face the winner of the tournament, to become the new WWE World Champion.  Before they selected Seth Rollins, they strongly considered choosing Reigns.  He has the charisma, the strength, the power, the know-how to be the man, but he lacks the one thing Rollins has shown, the willingness to do whatever it takes to be the WWE World Champion.

How does that feel Roman?  He faced so many men at the Royal Rumble, to face Brock Lesnar for the title at Wrestlemania 31.  Could he have beaten him?  We will never know.  He will never know, but Seth showed the willingness to do whatever he could to be the champion.  Does he have the willingness?  Does he want it?  Then all he has to do is be the man by being HHH’s man.

So Romans asks all he has to do to get what he earned is selling out?

HHH tells him selling out is just a term critics want to use.  They are going to boo Roman whatever he does.  HHH is offering him a chance to get everything he wants, he is offering Roman a chance at everything he always wanted, and he knows what is most important to Roman, his family.  He’s not just talking about his wife, and daughter, he is talking about his daughter’s daughter.

All he has to do is agreed to be his man, and Roman can everything he wants.

Roman tells HHH that he has fought for everything he has earned, and that continues even tonight.  He won’t shake HHH’s hand.

HHH thanks Reigns for reminding him why he chose Rollins, and not Reigns.  He goes all the way to the bottom of the ladder, and his first opponent in the tournament….

The Big Show.  That match is next.

Reigns wins with a Superman Punch, and a Spear.

Reigns move on to the Quarterfinals.

So, it’s a 16-man tournament.

We see footage from Survivor Series 1990, The Undertaker’s WWE debut, and 1997, when Kane debuted at No Mercy.

Tonight, The Wyatt Family will pay respect to The Undertaker and Kane.

We are in Manchester, England.  One of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is in attendance.

Kevin Owens is set for his first round match.

Owens tells us we are ready for change, but England fans are morons.  They think they are smarter than United States fans, but they aren’t.

Owens is winning the WWE Title tournament for himself, and not for the fans.

Owens faces Titus O’ Neil.

Titus tried, but Pop-Up Powerbomb is all she wrote.  The prizefighter advances to the WWE World Title tournament.

Renee Young is standing by with Paige.

She thanks Renee for recognizing her accomplishment, but now Renee can start accusing her of false things.

Renee brings up Paige is facing Becky Lynch, and Paige tells her she will take out the B tonight, and move on to face Baby Flair, at Survivor Series.

Footage of The Undertaker winning the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 13.  And Kane wins the World Heavyweight Title at Money in the Bank 2010.

Tonight, we hear from Bray Wyatt, who will pay respect to The Brothers of Destruction.

Becky Lynch Vs Paige is now.

Becky wins with a rolling of the tights, after Paige attempted the same thing.  Paige is irate over the loss, and attacks Becky from behind, putting her on the announce table, and gives her a PTO, but here comes Charlotte to save her friend.

We have 3 more first round matches tonight.  Cesaro faces Sheamus.  Dean Ambrose faces Tyler Breeze, and next, Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz.

Next week is Undertaker Week, on WWE Network.

Tickets went on sale for Wrestlemania 32 this past weekend.  WWE threw a party in Dallas, and we see footage of that.

Wrestlemania is on April 3rd.  The build should start building shortly.

The Miz vs Ziggler, first round of the WWE World Title tournament is now.

Ziggler wins the match with a Superkick, he seemed to favor his leg.  Whether that plays out, who knows.

Ziggler advances to the Quarterfinals.

Ziggler faces the winner of Ambrose Vs Breeze, which will be shown later tonight.

More Undertaker moments, Survivor Series 2005, The Undertaker shows up to scare Randy Orton.  And Night of Champions 2012, Team Hell No defeats Kofi and Truth, to become the Tag Team Champions.



Good stuff.  Bray Wyatt pays respect, tonight.

Zeb Colter has the mic now.  He believes America and Mexico should join the two nations as one.  He would ask England to join if they weren’t so hated in the world.  They are groaning, because they don’t have leaders anymore.  MexiAmerica won’t be doing that.

They are not impressed with England, they are populated by haters.

HHH gave them an opportunity, and they agreed to it.  This Thursday night, Del Rio will run the table, and be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and therefore, be the first MexiAmerican Champion.

Natalya Vs Naomi, is next.

Natalya wins the match rather quickly when Naomi runs into Tamina.  During the match, we have Sasha Banks chants, and Nattie leads that.  But Team BAD lay out Natalya at the end.

More footage from Survivor Series 2008, The Undertaker Vs Edge, inside Hell in a Cell.  And footage from Raw 2005, when Kane assaulted Edge at his wedding with Lita.

Bray Wyatt speaks, later tonight.

Sheamus Vs Cesaro is now.

During the break, King Barrett had a confrontation with Wayne Rooney.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus with a rollup, after Wayne Rooney distracted, and slapped Barrett, with Sheamus seeing the whole thing.

Cesaro Vs Reigns is set for next week in the Quarterfinals of the WWE World Title tournament.

Coming up next, Ambrose Vs Breeze in the first round of WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

Renee Young is with Breeze and Summer Rae.

With Ambrose coming out to the ring.

Breeze is making his WWE Raw debut, and after 4 wins, he could be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  How does it feel?

Renee, the world is full of ugly people, you would know.  But never fear, Prince Pretty is about to make the world beautiful, and tonight, he will send Ambrose back to the garbage he belongs to.

Renee, look at this beautiful face, he is about to make this world beautiful again.

Breeze Vs Ambrose is now.

Ambrose wins the match with another rollup, a trend here on tonight’s show.

Next week, Ziggler Vs Ambrose in the Quarterfinals.

Wrestlemania 28, from 2012.  The Undertaker defeats HHH inside Hell in a Cell.  Royal Rumble 2001, when Kane eliminated 11 men.

Bray Wyatt speaks tonight.

This Thursday on Smackdown, Ryback Vs Kalisto.  Neville Vs King Barrett, and Del Rio Vs Stardust.

We are live in Manchester, England.  It’s a New Day for Manchester.

Kofi asks since there is a 16-man tournament to the WWE World Title, all 3 members of The New Day were left out?

This is outrageous.

Even though they have went through every obstacle, they still stand before us as WWE Tag Team Champions.

It wasn’t so long ago, that they lay out their beloved Dolph Ziggler.  And who can forget their childhood favorites, The Dudley Boyz.  And they laid out the “Golden Boy” John Cena.

This match is dedicated to their fallen captain, Seth Rollins.

6-man tag match of The New Day Vs Neville and The Uso’s.

New Day wins when Xavier pins Neville with his foot hooking on the ropes.

New Day Rocks!!

Footage of Hell in a Cell, when The Wyatt Family takes out The Undertaker, and the next night, when the took out Kane.

The Wyatts speak, next.

Here comes Bray Wyatt, with The Wyatt Family.

Change isn’t easy.  But it is inevitable.  It is a part of life, and how you deal with change will ultimately tell you who you are.  So tonight, we celebrate change.  Tonight, we celebrate the spirits of Kane and The Undertaker.

For over 2 decades, they have been the benchmark of power.  And they have reigned supreme.  So he wants us all to bow our heads, and pay respect to the legends, the ICONS that are Kane and The Undertaker.

Bray is laughing, calling us all fools.  We will no longer pay respect to these relics.  Because there are no passing of the torch, Bray took that torch, and burned their ashes.  Everything belongs to Bray now.  As their body goes deeper, Bray gets stronger, and they belong to Bray now.  He summons the thunder, and lightning, and the demons go by Bray Wyatt’s command.  There is no more salvation, all we have to do is know this will all end soon.  The apocalypse is here.

Follow the….

We see video of Kane and The Undertaker playing on the screen.

The Brothers of Destruction, together.

Thunder and lightning are booming, and Bray is scared.




Enter The Brothers of Destruction!!

The lights go out, come back, and the rest of The Wyatts are surrounding the ring.

Who answers the calls?

Brothers of Destruction take care of Rowan and Harper.  But Strowman clothesline them, but the brothers sit up.

They lay Bray out, and go after Strowman setting him over the table.  And now there is Bray Wyatt.

Double Chokeslam, which is still a beauty to see.

The show ends with The Brothers of Destruction, leaving together, with The Wyatts laid out.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to say I did not read any spoilers, so yeah for me.  But it’s truly sad Seth Rollins’ title run has ended the way it did.  He will be back, but I have to say, this might be the perfect way for him to turn face, when he comes back.  We will see.

The seeds have been planted too, with whether we see Reigns getting screwed, or he does indeed turn heel, and join The Authority.  The time might be now for him to turn, because HHH will surely teach him how to be an effective heel.

I loved The Brothers of Destruction reunion, and we will see a traditional Survivor Series match, with the way it looks.  But who joins The Brothers Kane and Taker?

Possibly The Dudleys?  They have nothing to do now, it would make sense.

Overall, a good show again that focused on the WWE World Title.  Next week, the tournament will continue, and we should see more push to Survivor Series.

Send me your thoughts here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/2/15…Survivor Series Showdown

We are live in Denver, Colorado.  No beginning intro, again and we kick it off with Roman Reigns heading to the ring.

Roman is proud to be here in Denver, Colorado.  He is also proud to be number one contender, and next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

But he wants to talk about the current WWE World Champion.  He is good, damn good in the ring.  But he is also good at something else….brown-nosing, lying, and kissing The Authority’s ass.  But he has kept his title since Wrestlemania, but he is looking forward to being the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Believe that.

Enter the champ.

Roman wants Seth to BELIEVE he is going to do something nobody else has done, and beat Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Reigns paid Rollins a comment?  Well, let Rollins return the favor.  Reigns is good too, he chose him to be a part of The Shield, and he would not have done that otherwise.  Reigns has had a very good year.  He went toe to toe against “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar, at Wrestlemania.

But he didn’t win the match, did he?

Rollins made history, he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and became WWE World Champion, at Wrestlemania.

The people will always remember Seth for that, while they remember Reigns carrying Seth’s bags.

How about you step into the ring, like a man, and find out who will carry one whose bag.

Here comes Rollins, and here comes The Authority.

Who wants to see Reigns Vs Rollins?  Who wants to see a WWE World Title match?  Well, you’re going to get it, Stephanie tells us, just not tonight.

The match will take place at the 29th annual Survivor Series.

HHH offers a suggestion we have a 5-on-5 traditional elimination match.  Roman Reigns will be a captain, choosing his team, against Seth Rollins’ team.  Choose wisely Roman, your future might depend on it.

Fatal 4-way match tonight to determine Number one contender to Charlotte’s Divas Title.  Paige Vs Brie Bella Vs Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks.

We also will hear from “The Eater of Words” Bray Wyatt.  But next, it’s Ziggler Vs Owens.

Kevin Owens wins the match after Ziggler is distracted by Tyler Breeze, and Owens hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Ziggler fights back, after Breeze takes the selfie stick with him, but Tyler gets the final say with a Beauty Shot.

Survivor Series Rewind, from 1987.  Savage, Steamboat, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts are the survivors of their team.

Tonight, 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series match.  Team Rollins Vs Team Reigns.

Kevin Owens is walking backstage, and is greeted by Seth Rollins.

Kevin Owens wants to know where this is going.

Wrestlemania is right around the corner, and Rollins doesn’t think it gets any better than Champion Vs Champion, Rollins Vs Owens.

Owens likes the sound of that, and Rollins wants to know if he likes the sound of Owens being a part of Team Rollins.

Owens likes the Mania match better, but he owes him one, so he’s in.

Last Monday, Paige turned her back on Charlotte and Becky, again.

Tonight, Fatal 4-Way match where the winner faces Charlotte, at Survivor Series.

Renee Young is with Becky Lynch.

Last week was an eye opener for Becky.  She can’t wait to get in the ring with that backstabber, and she is interrupted by Brie.

Brie tells her she will face Charlotte, so nobody will worry about Charlotte’s “Wacky sidekick”, and Becky mentioned this coming from “Nikki Bella’s doormat”.

Cesaro is in action, next.

Cesaro defeats The Miz and we had another Stardust and Ascension sighting.  Stardust was watching Cesaro, when Cesaro made The Miz tap out to The Sharpshooter.

“The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt is next.

The Wyatts in front of his “fireflies” come to the ring.

Tonight is a special night, but tonight, Bray wants to know if everyone in this building, everyone watching this around the world, Bray wanted to give us something truly special.  We have bared witness of Bray carrying out the rotted carcass of The Undertaker.  And we have bared witness of watching he and his brothers carrying out the scorched body of Kane.

But that’s the thing, a body is in the long run completely useless.  But a soul lives forever.

Unless of course, that soul is consumed by a higher power.

And Bray has become that higher power.  And like he says, he wanted to give us something tonight we would never forget.  So tonight, allow Bray to enlighten us that Bray, and his brothers have harnessed that power of The Undertaker, and The “Demon” Kane.

That power feels good, and it has become inconceivable, and tonight, Bray summons the thunder.

We get thunder.

And now he summons the lightning.  And he summons the darkness, as he is Bray Wyatt, The Eater of Worlds.

And now he has the power to burn our power straight to hell.

More pyro is involved here.  Thunder, lightning strikes vengeance.

Video is being shown of Brothers of Destruction.

Bray is laughing, and says follow the buzzards.

Tonight, Fatal 4-Way to determine who faces Charlotte at Survivor Series.

Also tonight, Traditional Survivor Series match, Team Rollins Vs Team Reigns.

But now, it’s The Lucha Dragons Vs King Barrett and Sheamus.

Lucha Dragons picks up the upset win, when Kalisto, pinning Barrett a Salida del Soi.

Zeb is joined with Jack Swagger.

Swagger wants to know where Zeb stands with Swagger.

Del Rio interrupts this, and he tells Jack to stay away from Zeb.

Trying to join two great countries as one.

Viva La MexicaMerica.

Alberto Del Rio Vs R-Truth is up now.

Del Rio wins with the kick to the head.  Truth tried, but Del Rio prevailed.

WWE Survivor Series Rewind was in 2005.

Team Raw Vs Team Smackdown.

Orton was the sole survivor, for Team Smackdown.

Tonight, Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match.  Team Rollins Vs Team Rollins.

New Day is trying to recruit themselves on Team Rollins.

Fine, but one condition, they play by his rules.  He is the captain.

But they still need one more.

Magic unicorn is in full effect.

Enter Xavier Woods.

New Day is reunited, and together.  They can’t lose.

Rollins welcomes them officially, and Xavier wants to play a song for him.

Team Rollins.

Seth likes it.

Sasha is getting ready for her match, when Jo-Jo interviews her.

Is there any anxiety heading into this match.  There is a lot of pressure.

Pressure?  Excuse you, first of all, Sasha always delivers.  Of course the fans want Sasha.  Becky and Charlotte will learn that “The Boss” is taking over.

Fatal 4-Way for the Number One Contender to the Divas Title, is now.

Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks Vs Brie Bella Vs Paige is now.

Paige wins with a RamPaige, pinning Becky Lynch.

Byron Saxton wants some words from Paige. She calls the other 3 women losers, and we are losers for cheering them on. In 3 weeks, at Survivor Series, we will see Charlotte is a loser, because Denver, this is Paige’s house and she is getting her Divas Title back.

Survivor Series Rewind, from last year’s Survivor Series when Dolph Ziggler was the sole survivor. Interesting though, no clip of Sting making his debut.

And oh yeah, Ziggler got “fired” a few weeks after.

Our main event, Team Reigns Vs Team Rollins, traditional Survivor Series match is next.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw. Paige becoming the Number One Contender to the Divas Title.

Renee Young is with Charlotte.

It’s official, at Survivor Series it’s Charlotte Vs Paige.

Paige will do whatever she can to win, as will Charlotte. Last week wasn’t a factor for her. She continues to say she is a “Flair baby girl”. Anytime people say that, she gets that much stronger, and works harder to prove everyone wrong. Paige will learn the hard way, she earned the title.

New Day is here to tell us to feel the power. And here they come.

Traditional Survivor Series match. New Day, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins.

Who better, as Xavier tells us to be a part of 5-on-5 Survivor Series match than New Day?

Xavier Woods survives the disgusting display by them Dudley Boyz.

What is New Day’s favorite band? Survivor.

What is New Day’s favorite TV show? Survivor.

What is New Day’s favorite Destiny’s Child song? Survivor.

What is New Day’s favorite book? Lone Survivor.

What is New Day’s favorite movie? The Last Unicorn, but actually Lone Survivor.

Team Reigns Vs Team Rollins is next.

Oh yea, who is a part of Team Reigns?

Roman Reigns.

The Uso’s.


Dean Ambrose.

No Dudleys, but here we go.

Xavier Woods is eliminated, thanks to a Uso Splash.

It’s now 5-on-4 Team Reigns.

Kofi is eliminated by an Uso.

5-on-3 Team Reigns.

Jey Uso eliminated with a Big Ending by Big E.

4-on-3 Team Reigns.

Pop-Up Powerbomb by Owens, pinning Jimmy Uso.

It’s now 3-on-3.

Big E is done with Shellshock, being pinned by Ryback.

And just like that, Ryback is done with a Pedigree by Rollins.

It’s now a tag team match. Owens and Rollins Vs Reigns and Ambrose.

Dirty Deeds, Owens is done after some miscommunication between he and Rollins.

It’s now The Shield left in the ring.

Rollins swings a chair, and is eliminated by DQ.

Reigns and Ambrose are the sole survivors.

Rollins takes out Ambrose, brings a chair to the ring, but Reigns hits a Superman Punch, and Rollins runs.

Ambrose and Reigns are in the ring, as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For the second straight week, we have had a good show setting up the main event for Survivor Series.

Just a few questions though….

  1. Where are The Dudleys?

  2. No Kane or Taker, does that mean Survivor Series, celebrating 25 years of The Undertaker, he won’t be there? Or will he appear on the show, challenging The Wyatts to a match at a later time?

Divas match was very good, and with a bit more talk involved, Paige Vs Charlotte can be a very good match.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s show? Let me know.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/26/15…From The Depths Of Hell

Tonight, we find out what takes place, after last night’s epic Hell in a Cell.  We are live in San Diego, and we kick the show off with The Authority.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.  We see the carnage that unfolded at last night’s Hell in a Cell between The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar.

Stephanie tells us we witnessed battles of epic proportions.  Feuds were ended, and settled.

HHH tells right from the get go, Alberto Del Rio kicked things off becoming the new United States Champion.  And we witnessed the future of WWE last night.

And that includes the man who was victorious last night, he is simply known as “The Man”, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins showed why he is one of the biggest superstars.  They lined him up against challenger after challenger.  Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Sting, the list goes on and on, and he stepped up and beat every single one of them.

Seth beat Kane, and he made The Authority better.  He made WWE better, and HHH is here to say they are proud of him.

And like a giddy son, he hugs both of them.

Seth is speechless, he did what he told us he would do, demonize Kane, take him out of the picture.  He wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for The Authority.

Stephanie proclaims he is one of the greatest superstars of his generation, and he is on his way to the WWE Hall of Fame.  But he left them in a bad spot.

He has cleaned up the challengers, so they have to dig deep to earn a shot at the WWE Championship.  And we will do that.

The winners of last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell will square off against each other, and then move on to wrestle a Fatal 4-Way, and the winner will be saying they lost to Seth Rollins.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Reigns isn’t impressed by this.

After tonight, Rollins is looking at the Number One Contender, and he is taking that championship.  Believe that.

Stephanie says let the games begin.

Who will Reigns face next?  We find out.

Reigns is facing Kofi.

The biggest difference between Roman Reigns and The New Day, is New Day are champions, and Roman is not.

They are putting things in their places.

The Dudleys, in the past.

Their fellow unicorn, Xavier Woods, he is in their heart.

Their opponents….in the grave.  Because New Day rocks.

Reigns hits a wicked spear, after Kofi tried Trouble in Paradise.  Reigns advances to tonight;s Fatal 4-Way match to determine the Number One Contender.

The Miz is backstage, showing us WWE 2K16’s new Stone Cold mode.  The game comes out tomorrow.

Last night, at Hell in a Cell, John Cena issues his John Cena US Title Open Challenge.  It was the returning Alberto Del Rio, who pinned him to become the new United States Champion.

Later tonight, Del Rio faces Neville.  Winner advances to Fatal 4-Way match.  Also Dolph Ziggler Vs Big E., and Kevin Owens Vs Cesaro.

Cesaro Vs Owens is now.  Be prepared to be entertained.

Owens wins the match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.  A very fun match here, and now Owens advances to Fatal 4-Way match tonight.

Paige is on the phone.  Becky and Charlotte are not amused.

Everyone wants a piece of Paige, since her Conan O’ Brien show.

She tells Charlotte she deserves to be Divas Champion, and shakes hands with her.  Charlotte warns Paige if she found out she attacked Natalya, she will make her pay.  Paige assures her she didn’t do it.

Charlotte asks Becky if she will tag with them, and she agrees.  Team PCB is back together again, they face Team Bella tonight.

Team Bella Vs Team PCB at the top of hour 2, now.

Team Bella wins the match with Nikki pinning Becky with a Rack Attack.

Charlotte checks on Becky, and Paige attacks both women.

Nails 2 RamPaige’s on both, and hits a PTO on Charlotte.

WWE 2K16 comes out tomorrow, and we see a preview of it.

Next, To Hell and Back.  The final battle between The Phenom Vs The Beast.

A week from this Friday, tickets go on sale for Wrestlemania 32.

Hell in a Cell, Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker.

The Wyatt Family crashed the party after the match.

Why Bray, why?  We hear from them, tonight.

Renee Young is with Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio.

Colter brings up how a great Mexican and a Real American can get along.  Just go by the song “Imagine” by John Lennon.  They are here to form a new nation, called Mex-America.  They are proud to be Mex-Americans.

Del Rio faces Neville.

He won’t let an “immigrant” to deny his chance to become once again WWE World Champion.

Viva Mexico.

Neville Vs Del Rio is now.

Del Rio wins with a variation of a foot stomp, with Neville perched around the ropes.

3 spots are filled now, and the 4th spot is coming up.

The Mex-Americans are standing with pride.

Next, 6-man tag match of The Dudleys and Ryback Vs Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus wins when Barrett rolls up Bubba Ray with the tights.

Bray Wyatt speaks, next.

The lights go out, Bray is in the ring.

For 25 years, The Undertaker has walked among the darkness, and the light.  He had no equal.  They all feared him.  Grown men trembled at just the sound of his name.  But last night, the apocalypse sealed his fate.  They wheeled out the soul of The Undertaker.  Can you feel it?  That horrible, wicked feeling is here.  Last night was war.  Horsemen feel war.  He wants to make this point clear.  Roman Reigns, one day, they will dance again, but not until he is truly victimized.  Last night, was the beginning of Bray Wyatt’s resurrection.  And when you get that feeling, it soothes you, it becomes you.  You become addicted.  He is tasting The Undertaker, and he needs more.  He won’t stop until there is no more Undertaker.  Until there are ashes, and he won’t stop until he is sitting at his throne, where he belongs.

Right now, somewhere, Undertaker’s soul is being ripped to sheds.  One by one, piece by piece.  So he wants everyone to do one thing, to bow your heads.  Everyone needs to place their hand on the TV screen, and pay respect to the man who has lost his soul, to Bray.

Rest in piece, Phenom.

Enter Kane.

Kane’s brother, “Demon” Kane is here for revenge.

Lights go out, comes back on, and the entire Wyatt Family surround the ring.

Kane fights back, but the odds are stacked against him.  And now the mauling begins, just like last night.

Now, they carry out “Demon” Kane, just like last night with The Undertaker.

The Brothers of Destruction are being carried out by The Wyatt Family.

We come back and see The Wyatts drag Kane out to Hell.

Big E. Vs Ziggler is now.

Tyler Breeze makes his Raw debut.

Ziggler wins the match with a Zig Zag, so Tyler Breeze does nothing.

Fatal 4-Way match is set.  Reigns Vs Owens Vs Del Rio Vs Ziggler.

A good match here sets up what should be a very good main event.

Ambrose is giving Reigns a pep talk.

It’s right in front of you.  So grab it, and take it.

Is Ambrose turning heel?

The entire WWE locker room is in the ring to #RiseAboveCancer.

The Miz is still playing WWE 2K16.

And “Stone Cold” shows up, he tells The Miz to promote the game.

Hell Yeah!!

Main event time, with Reigns Vs Del Rio Vs Owens Vs Ziggler.

Seth Rollins joins the announce table.

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens with a wicked spear, and is now the new Number One Contender.  He will face Rollins at Survivor Series.

Reigns and Rollins go face to face now, with the crowd behind Reigns.

The heat Seth got just by picking up his title is unreal.  These two will have a great match.

The show ends here,

Kevin’s Thoughts:

One of the best shows of the year.  They made all of the single matches feel important just to get to this Fatal 4-Way match.  And Reigns Vs Rollins will be a good match.

I also loved seeing the Wyatts attack Kane, and it seems like we will get to see The Brothers of Destruction Vs The Wyatts at some point.  I have no issue with that.

So Paige turned on her friends for the 1,800th time.  Let’s keep it as is it is, please.

Everything else just clicked.  I loved it.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me here.

WWE Hell In A Cell 10/25/15

Tonight, for the final time, we will see Brock Lesnar face “The Phenom” Undertaker, inside Hell in a Cell.  We will also see Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, for the final time inside Hell in a Cell.  Seth Rollins puts his WWE World Heavyweight Title against “Demon” Kane.

We are 45 minutes away from the Kick-off show, which will give us a 6-man tag.

Keep checking here throughout the night, as we go through Hell in a Cell.

We are live in Los Angeles, with Renee Young welcoming us to the Kick-off show.  The panel includes Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge.  His guest tonight is The Dudley Boyz.  We can ask questions, and use the hashtag #GetTheTitles to ask a question.

Tonight, the final meeting with Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell.

Also, inside a Hell in a Cell, we will see Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, and we see footage of this.

They show us Bray Wyatt’s exclusive interview with Michael Cole.  Very interesting interview.

This could be a match that steals the show.

John Cena’s United States Title Open Challenge is tonight.

Jo-Jo is standing by with John Cena.

For the first time, John Cena United States Title Open Challenge, and Cena is ready to break it down now.

We are kicking the show off tonight with history.  You want some, come get some.

Tonight, Kevin Owens Vs Ryback for the IC Title.

We hear an interview from Owens earlier today.

Owens runs down the Lakers, and Magic Johnson being a “false idol”, just like Ryback.

Another rematch, see the theme we are going here?

Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella, for the Divas Title.

Nobody is allowed at ringside for this match.

“Demon” Kane Vs Seth Rollins is being shown now.

Our kick-off match is up next.  Ziggler, Neville, and Cesaro Vs Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler handle their part.

Ziggler, Neville, and Cesaro win when Cesaro gives Barrett a Cesaro Swing, and Neville hits a Red Arrow.

Fun match here, and we saw Stardust and The Ascension sit in the “Stardust Section”, which is funny.

Tom Phillips and The Dudleys join us.

They don’t feel bad for nailing Xavier Woods through a table.

Now, with Xavier not in the picture, they shouldn’t be DQ’d.  The New Day has to put their Tag Titles straight up against the most decorated team in history.

What is their favorite moment as a team?  Their return to Brooklyn.

They will turn tonight into their new favorite moment, becoming a 10-time Tag Team Champion.

The final chapter, Lesnar Vs Taker will be shown in-depth, next.

Lesnar Vs Taker video is showing, up next, the PPV will begin.  I am ready.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.  We are live in the Staples Center.

Hell in a Cell begins now, and kicks off with the John Cena United States Title Open Challenge.

Cena is ready to find out.  Los Angeles is the place to be.  John Cena is still the man to beat.  And a special Hell in a Cell live, only on WWE Network United States Title open challenge starts now.  You want some, come get some.

Here comes Zeb Colter?

You know John Cena, if that is your real name.  Let’s be honest, some people like you, and some do not.  That is what we call a polarizing background.  And he thinks it’s time for everyone from every background to come together.  And he thinks it’s time for Cena to lose that title, so this person can do more with it.  Let’s introduce Cena to…..

Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio wins the US Championship when he gave Cena a kick to the head.  Viva Del Rio!!

Colter stuck his hand, and Del Rio shook it.

Cena appears in a daze.

The Authority seem impressed, and Rollins told them that was a moment.  Not the same kind of moment Rollins won US Title to be the WWE World Champ and US Champ at the same time.

Here comes “Corporate” Kane to assure The Authority he has learned from his lessons.  Rollins doesn’t buy any of it.  HHH tells Kane they are in a private meeting, and he doesn’t need to be involved.  Rollins tells him he won’t be needed tomorrow night either, when he’s out of a job.

Kane has one thing to say then….good luck.

Wyatt Vs Reigns, inside Hell in a Cell is now.

Reigns wins a brutal, and fun match by hitting a spear on Wyatt.  We had 4 tables break, chairs galore, and kendo sticks.  The ending being Wyatt setting up the ring buckles with kendo sticks, and Reigns turns the corner, to hit Wyatt with one, and put him through a corner with the other.

Such a fun match here, and they are trying to steal the show.  I think they did.

They are setting up Survivor Series as an event where wen salute Undertaker.  25 years he started, and now we rise for him.

Celebrities are here tonight, and our next match is for the Tag Team Titles.  The Dudley Boyz Vs The New Day.

Brother Xavier isn’t here, so we have an empty trombone.  It’s a sad day, as sad as the Lakers have become.

All trombonist are sad.

So in honor of the percussion unit, Kofi promises to play the bongo drums on Bubba Ray’s belly.  And Big E. promises to plat the bass drum on Devon’s belly, because No Day Rocks.

Here come them damn Dudleys.

Kofi used an Eddie Guerrero move, throwing the trombone at Bubba, and then fall down.  But the ref didn’t ring the bell.  Big E. nailed Bubba with a trombone, Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise, and New Day retain their titles.

Charlotte Vs Nikki Bella is now.

Charlotte wins the match by making Nikki tap out to the Figure Eight.

Nikki was taunting her about facing her, but the champ prevailed.

Paige and Becky come out to celebrate with her.

Dean Ambrose celebrates Reigns victory, and Dean reminds him about what is next.  Roman suggests they talk about that tomorrow.

More celebrities at The Staples Center.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on the line now.  “Demon” Kane Vs Seth Rollins.

Seth retains the title with a Pedigree.

So “Corporate” Kane is out of work, it seems.

Hell in a Cell panel are out here now.  “Corporate” Kane is no more.

Earlier tonight in the Kick-Off match, Cesaro, Ziggler, and Neville win their match, over Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Feed Me More!!

Ryback Vs Kevin Owens for the IC Title is up now.

Owens wins with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

This felt like a “bathroom break” match.

Next up, Lesnar Vs Taker, inside Hell in a Cell.

Earlier tonight, John Cena lost the United States Title to the returning Alberto Del Rio.

Brock Vs Taker, our main event, for the final time inside Hell in a Cell.

Brock hits an F-5 to defeat The Undertaker in what was a classic fight.  There was blood, there was ring being torn, there was a low blow by Brock, and a F-5 on the open board that pinned The DEADMAN.

Undertaker looks like he is giving Brock his respect at the end there, with a nod of the finger, and then laid right back down.  Lesnar fell down, and stumbled back up.

This had a big-match feel.

Taker sat up, only like he could.  An incredible man, and an incredible career.

Thank You Taker!!

The crowd and the announcers are giving him a standing ovation.

And he is about to give us a bow, but here come The Wyatt Family.

Oh boy, this is when The Brothers of Destruction reunite, right?

All 4 men surround the ring, Taker is ready for them.

All 4 men beat down Taker, with Bray mocking him.  They take his body and head out of ringside, carrying him on a cross.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Such a fun show here that sets the tone for many things.  One way or the other, Undertaker is wrapping up his career, and this could be a way for Taker to pave the way for Bray to be the next “Phenom”.

Not a bad match here, and every one of them felt like storylines are wrapping up, and the ending of tonight’s show was the beginning of a new storyline.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.  I will talk to you tomorrow night, on Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/19/15…The Road To Hell

Tonight, Raw is in D-Town, the home city of Wrestlemania 32.  So will the build begin?  A star-studded show tonight, including the return of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who hasn’t been on Raw in 4 years.

Raw is now.

We are live in Dallas, and the glass breaks to kick the show off.

It’s indeed “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Austin started his career in 1989, back in the Sportatortum in Dallas, Texas.  When they built AllState Arena, they brought in The Rock and Austin to welcome the place.

If you’re ready for Raw, give me a Hell Yeah.  If you’re ready for Wrestlemania, give me a Hell Yeah.

After tonight’s Raw, stay tuned for his podcast on The WWE Network, with his guest being “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

But now, he is going to introduce a man he highly respects in the ring.  A man who does what he says, and this Sunday will meet Brock Lesnar for the final time, The Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar, we have one last battle to fight.  And listen when he says this son, the depths of hell will look like the gates to heaven compared to where he will take Brock this Sunday, at Hell in a Cell.


Ladies and Deadman, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate of the beast who shall be unleashed this Sunday, inside Hell in a Cell….BROCK LESNAR!!

My client and I were just talking how fitting this is.  Both men enter Hell in a Cell consumed with revenge.  His client, Brock Lesnar wants to avenge that tainted, disgusting loss he suffered at the hands of The Undertaker.

But Taker doesn’t want to just avenge, he lusts for Brock, because he can’t get over his client defeated him at Wrestlemania.  This Sunday, his client Brock Lesnar will take that avenge, and Taker will know that tainted feeling that he has that legacy of conquering everyone, but Brock Lesnar.

This is what Paul has wrong, because when you take everything from a man, then that man ends up fighting with nothing to lose.

Bring it on, son.  Taker is ready.

And here comes Lesnar.

This is not the time, Taker is in Brock’s head.  And with that, Brock walks away, and Heyman tells him now he is in Taker’s head.

They will cross paths 6 days from now.

Next, a big 6-man tag match of Cena and The Dudleys Vs The New Day.

This Sunday at Hell in a Cell….John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge will be in effect.  Who takes the challenge?

Our match is up now.

Crowd tells us New Day sucks, but they disagree.

You might as well call them unicorns, because they have brought magic back to WWE.

You know what they say about Texas?  They say everything in Texas is booty.  Dez Bryant’s ankle is booty.

Tony Romo’s collar-bone is booty, and Kofi reminds them what they did a few weeks ago to them, they kicked their….

This is a PG show, Kofi.

Yeah, but we are The New Day.  We can do whatever we want, kick your ass.

Big tag match is now.

Woods picks up a quick run, rolling up Devon with the pants, when action was going on outside.

Cena and The Dudleys have had enough, and take care of them.

Cena gives Xavier an AA.

And now, it’s time for Devon to get the table.

And Xavier goes through another table.

Breaking news, Randy Orton never made the tour dates, and isn’t here on Raw.  He is injured, so who will Ambrose team with at Hell in a Cell?

Ambrose is talking with Dean Malenko and Fit Finlay.

We hear from “The Lunatic Fringe”, next.

Renee Young is with Dean Ambrose.

People want to talk about The Wyatts getting after Orton, it’s happened before, so who is to say it didn’t happen here.  He wants The Wyatts tonight.

Nikki and Alicia Fox will face Sasha and Naomi.

Nikki wins with a Rack Attack, pins Naomi.

Switching gears.

Footage from last Monday when “Demon” Kane defeated Rollins in a Lumberjack Match.

“Corporate” Kane is suspended for tonight’s show.

Shawn Michaels is with HHH, Shawn joins us next.

“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michales comes to the ring.

Hell in a Cell is clearly upon us.  Shawn has been in a cage, and he has been in a cell.  But both pale in comparison to being inside Hell in a Cell.

Many years ago, Shawn was in the first ever Hell in a Cell.  He can’t remember who he was in the ring with.  Oh yeah, The Undertaker.

18 years later this Sunday, The Undertaker will step inside Hell in a Cell, and he will do it against Brock Lesnar.

But there will be another Hell in a Cell.  After weeks of ridicule, Roman Reigns will look to get redemption from Bray Wyatt.  Those two matches will tear the house down.

Enter the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

Crowd wants one more match, and that would be good.

Seth wants to know what Shawn is doing out here.  He knows what he was supposed to do, he was supposed to introduce “The Man”.  He was supposed to start the second hour, introducing Seth Rollins.

Shawn wanted to have a little bit of fun with these fans.  And he ended that fun when Rollins came out.

But the orders didn’t come from Seth, it came from his best friend, HHH.

He’s out here talking about Brock Vs Taker, that’s fine.  But he wants to talk about Reigns?  He needs to talk about the man who will steal the show this Sunday.  The man who people call “HBK Version 2”, except this new version is better.

What bothers Shawn is people is fine being “the next Shawn Michaels”.  Shawn would never be up for that.  Instead, he wanted to be the greatest wrestler that ever lived.  But Seth shouldn’t worry about Shawn, he needs to focus on Kane, because he is going to get ya.

Shawn is jealous of Seth, because Seth had a moment at Wrestlemania that eclipsed anything Shawn had ever done.  But he’s done with Shawn, and as far as Kane goes, he will take care of “The Demon” and he will look up at the lights, like everyone else has done.  So hit his music.

No music, and Shawn brings up the one bad thing about being version 2 is they never play his music when he asks for it.  But Seth isn’t done, he has a match against Ryback.

Now hit his music.

Rollins Vs Ryback is next.

Rollins wins with a Pedigree, just like that.

Tonight, Ambrose faces Harper and Strowman in a 2-on-1 Handicap match.

Earlier tonight, The Undertaker had a message for Brock Lesnar.

Rusev is engaged to Lana, and we saw that segment last week with Summer Rae.

Another 6-man tag match, because the world needs more of that.

Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville Vs King Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev.

Barrett, Sheamus, and Rusev win the match when Sheamus gives Ziggler a Brogue Kick on the outside, and Barrett pins Ziggy.

A good match here.

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair are discussing things.  Flair is up next.

Miz TV is this Thursday night on Smackdown, with Ziggler and Summer Rae.

WOOOOOOO, Ric Flair is in the ring.

Dallas, Texas….And The Nature Boy….WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Alot of history here, The Von Erichs, The Freebirds, WOOOOOOO!!!!

But Wrestlemania is right around the corner.  He just found out that Dean Ambrose will team up with his main man, Roman Reigns, now.


The Brothers Shield Vs The Wyatts.

Right when Reigns has the mic, we are interrupted by The Wyatts.

Reigns thanks Naitch, and now the three of them and one of them.

He does something different, he gets two chairs.  One is for him, and one is for Wyatt.

Erick Rowan is back, it seems.

Reigns is calling Bray Wyatt out in the middle of Dallas, Texas/

Here he comes.

Reigns wants to talk about Bray.  He is a bully.  He likes to pick on people, and he digs on that.  He digs power by fear.  He surrounds himself with mountains, because he is scared of being alone.  He sees fear in his eyes.  Before he calls them out, to kick his ass let’s talk about Sunday.

They can’t get in, and he can’t get out.  He should be very afraid of him.

And now the two men fight, and here comes backup.

Later tonight, Reigns and Ambrose Vs The Wyatt Family.

The Authority are watching what just happened.

Shawn comes in to say hi.

HHH says Ambrose and Reigns should have a partner.  HBK suggests Seth should be their partner.  This is like them taking care of a child.  How many times did HHH work multiple times?

Rollins doesn’t like this, and he said he will be in the ring with 5 world-class athletes, so if they need a partner, they have one.

For one night, The Shield reunites?

It’s now Charlotte Vs Brie Bella.

Charlotte makes Brie tap out to Figure Eight.

This Sunday, Nikki Vs Charlotte for the Divas Title.

Paige was watching backstage, and Renee Young interrupts.

Was Paige the one who attacked Natalya backstage before Smackdown.  Paige denies, and Renee isn’t buying it.

It could be anyone who doesn’t like the divas division, it could be anyone, past or present divas.  Renee questions her more, and Paige tells her she isn’t Erin Andrews, and she sure isn’t as pretty, so stay out of her business.

Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins Vs The Wyatt Family tonight.

Kevin Owens Vs Mark Henry is now.

Owens finds a way to win with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Here comes “The Big Guy” wanting some, and Owens leaves.

But Henry throws him back into the ring, so Ryback can come get him some.

Ryback hits a Powerbomb.

Feed Me More!!

Renee Young is standing by with Seth Rollins.  Seth says this is not a Shield reunion.  This is a showcase for Seth to show Shawn Michaels and HHH he is everything he says he is….The Man.  And if Reigns and Ambrose want to rehash the past, then he will have to lay them out, like the last time.

The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar video now.

6-Man Tag Match tonight of The Wyatt Family Vs The Shield.

Or is it?

The match ends with a DQ, when Rollins walks out with a “leg injury”, and Ambrose nails Strowman with a Kendo Stick to get DQ’d.

The show ends with Reigns and Ambrose standing tall.  No Kane rundown, no Orton rundown, not even a Harper sighting.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show did its thing, certainly better than any show we have seen in a month.  The legends came in, did their thing, promoted the PPV.  I loved the tease of The Shield reuniting, it’s going to be real at some point.

It was weird to not see Kane, come in, even in “Demon” form since “Corporate” Kane was the one who was suspended, and not “Demon” Kane.  But we know he will face Seth in the ring, this Sunday.

I truly want to see Undertaker Vs Lesnar one more time.  I always liked their feud, even in 2002.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/5/15…Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour Continues

We are live in the TD Gardens of Boston, Mass.  Tonight, Raw is now.

We see the carnage Seth Rollins gave “Corporate” Kane last week, that gave us The “Demon” Kane.

Tonight, we will see The Dudley Boyz Vs Seth Rollins and The Big Show.

Here Comes The Pain!!

14,180 screaming fans are chanting Suplex City.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate for the slayer of the giant, the conqueror of the Streak.  And tonight, The Beast of Boston, Brock Lesnar!!

Now that we have kicked off the Go To Hell Tour, by slaying a 450 pound Giant, all focus goes to Hell in a Cell.

People believe that The Undertaker will never get revenge for what Brock did to The Streak.  Because ever since November 1990, people have been victimized and revenged by The Undertaker when they do wrong by him, but he has to come to the realization that Brock Lesnar won’t be stopped.  What he calls The Devil’s Playground, Brock calls Hell in a Cell the “Layer of The Beast”.

Let me spell this out to you, The Undertaker calls Hell in a Cell his match.  His match?  Heyman’s ass.  Just like Undertaker called Wrestlemania his match, until he ran into Brock Lesnar.

We see footage of that historic moment.


One week in the hospital.  One year on the shelf, and countless, endless, sleepless nights.  Doing all of his evil soul-searching, and conspiring, plotting his evil revenge.  And when he had his chance for that revenge, what happened?  He went face to face with Brock Lesnar.  And what did he realize?  He isn’t dead enough to get revenge on Brock Lesnar.

Footage from Summerslam.

Heyman never recalls Brock Lesnar using a low blow to defeat The Undertaker.  That is what Taker did.  And just like his client will tell “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on October 19th, he will say this.  The Undertaker will have to do uncertain circumstances, because this is the final time Lesnar will face Taker.  The winner walks out the winner of The Taker Vs Lesnar rivalry will walk out, and the loser will not.  That is a spoiler, his conqueror, and beast will find a way to end this feud, his client, Brock Lesnar.

Enter The Giant.

Suplex City, Brock took Big Show to Suplex City at Madison Square Garden.  The Beast Vs The Giant.  He was this close of wiping that smile away from Brock.  Because he is the bigger man, he will admit, Brock is the man.  He will put out his hand and say Brock is the man.

Brock just smiles, and walks away.

It must be nice to be arrogant as Brock.  He hopes he loses to The Undertaker, again.

Now this brings Brock back into the ring.

Suplex City, bitch.

F-5 to The Giant.

We are 3 weeks from inside the Cell.  Undertaker Vs Brock at Hell in a Cell.

Rollins is upset that his tag partner was laid out.  They have to call the match off.  Stephanie disagrees with that, and Seth asks if she thinks he should face The Dudleys by himself?  Figure it out, says Stephanie.

6-man tag match now.  The Brothers Shield and Randy Orton Vs The Wyatt Family.

Orton, Ambrose, and Reigns win with a RKO by Orton, and a Spear by Reigns.

Reigns tells Wyatt after Hell in a Cell, they are done, and Roman is the one who will lose it.  Believe that.

John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge is tonight.

King Barrett joins us for commentary, but right now, its Neville Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus is on the mic, and he hates the disrespect he gets from the Boston people.  He tells Neville, no matter what happens, he is and always will be a loser.

Neville heard enough, and nails him in the leg.  Match is on.

Barrett wants a word with Neville, and that second distracts him, and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick for the win.

“Corporate” Kane is on his way to the ring, next.

“Corporate” Kane is in the ring.

He is wearing a foot brace, after the attack Rollins laid on him.

Things haven’t gone Seth’s way lately, and after his tag team partner was laid out by Brock, Seth needs a tag team partner, and that partner is Kane.

Seth has a problem with that.

He hates to do this, but Kane isn’t Tom Brady.  Even though they both have deflated balls.  Kane can’t lie, cheat, and swindle his way to get what he wants, because life doesn’t work that way.  He won’t play into those mind games, not today.

Kane’s goal is to be the best Director of Operations he can be, and the best way he can do that is to bring out the best in Seth.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship tells him he is the best.

Kane wants to make Seth proud of what he sees in the mirror, and when you want to be the best, sometimes you have to go through hell, and face your demons.  That is what his poster says.

Does it count when Seth takes Kane to hell right now?

Here comes Stephanie McMahon.

She has heard enough of these two.  Especially with Seth being the anonymous employee who rattled out on Kane.  And then the insult of Tom Brady.  At least Tom Brady is a team player, and that team player will send his team to another Super Bowl championship.

There is only one way to settle this, at Hell in a Cell, Kane will face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Title.  And if Kane can take his boot off, and team up with Seth Rollins then have at it.

One more thing, if “Demon” Kane does not win WWE World Title at Hell in a Cell, then “Corporate” Kane will be fired.

John Cena’s United States Title Challenge is tonight.

Rollins still isn’t sure about his tag partner tonight, he can’t trust Kane.  HHH reminds him do unto others before they do to you.

Divas action with Natalya Vs Paige.

Natalya picks up the win with a Sharpshooter, making Paige tap out.

At Hell in a Cell, Charlotte puts her Divas Title on the line against Nikki Bella.

This past Thursday, Ryback invoked his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Title, but Kevin Owens walked away.

Ryback in a backstage promo saying actions speak louder than words.

A video on Ryback.

Now picture this Kevin Owens.  Ryback is the lion, KO is the prey.  And every action, he gets closer to getting what he wants.  Its time, it’s feeding time.

Kevin Owens comes to the ring.

Owens Vs Sin Cara, now.

Pop-Up Powerbomb, match is over.

Owens lays Sin Cara out a bit more, but here comes Ryback, with Owens escaping through the crowd.

Stephanie is texting, and New Day intervenes, wanting her to calp with them.

She is not amused.

She saw what happened this past Saturday night, so at Hell in a Cell, New Day will defend their Tag Titles against Dudley Boyz.  Find some positivity in that.

Now WWE are honoring the true heroes, the women that have survived breast cancer.  With Cena and Reigns in the ring.

Tonight, Rollins and Kane Vs The Dudley Boyz.

Kane, complete in a suit and Rollins Vs Dudley Boyz are up now.

This was such a stupid match, and it has killed the show.  Rollins loses by DQ, after he handcuffs “Corporate” Kane, and heads to the back with his injury.

Enter “Demon” Kane.

Kane gets a 3-D though for whatever reason.  Rollins tries to poke the bear with a table, and Kane sits up and hits a Chokeslam.

John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge is tonight.

Earlier today, we see a limo that Team Bella entered TD Gardens.  They are interrupted by Team B.A.D. and Sasha even throws Nikki’s Yankees hat away, which is hilarious.  Boston’s own Sasha Banks is ready.

Team Bella Vs Team B.A.D. is now.

Boston’s own Sasha Banks has the mic.  She put the Bos in Boston, and Nikki comes out to interrupt.

Sasha is exactly like the Boston Red Sox, overrated..  Her Yankees are going all the way.  Too bad they will be beat by Astros tomorrow night.

She’s going all the way at Hell in a Cell, and Naomi tells her she is used to going all the way.

We are going to call Nikki the longest reigning Divas Champion, and soon to be 2-time Divas Champion.

Sasha tells her no matter who wins at Hell in a Cell, they are holding the Divas Championship for Sasha Banks.

Team Bella is trying to add dissension here, and Naomi doesn’t want to hear that.

6-woman tag match is now.

Team B.A.D. wins when Sasha hit a Bank Statement.  This Wednesday, she has a big match on NXT Takeover:  Respect, when she faces Bayley in a 30-minute Ironwoman match.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch are with Renee Young.  Paige has her own issues, but in 3 weeks, her match with Nikki will show that her title win was not a fluke, and she earned that.


John Cena’s US Title Open Challenge is tonight.

Earlier tonight, we see the confrontation between Brock Lesnar and The Big Show.

Summer Rae is in the ring.

Summer is over, but for one lucky superstar, summer is just getting started.  So let’s welcome the Bulgarian Brute, and a man she goes home with, Rusev.

She wanted to dedicate an entire segment on Raw to one superstar that has done more than any other superstar.  RuRu, this is for you.

A video of RuRu and Summer together.

RuRu is touched.

He doesn’t know what to say, but when this first started, he didn’t like her at all.  But the last few weeks, when she was in her arms, he has cared about her.

There is something Summer has to ask Rusev.

She gets on one knee, oh boy.

She has a ring?

RuRu, will you marry me?

Even RuRu seems a bit off about this.

He doesn’t even know what to say.

They can have it all, walking out of Wrestlemania with everything.  More than what he had with LaLa.

Just say yes.

This is not your choice, shuddup.

He says…..he says…..he says yes!!

He says yes, but not yet.  They must prove they are worthy.  He must have WWE gold around his waist, then she will have gold around her finger.

Summer is taken back from this, but Rusev is holding the ropes for her, like a gentlemen.  They walk together.

John Cena’s Open Challenge is next.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, Reigns and Orton Vs Wyatt and Strowman.

John Cena comes out now.

Cena is telling us this is the symbol of excellence…blah blah blah.

Who is stepping up?

Dolph Ziggler.

Or is he?

Nope, The New Day are out here, they laid out Ziggler.

Xavier brings up Cena saying time to get serious.  So is this getting serious?  So now Kofi wants to know who answers the challenge?  What we have here is a big question from a big champion laying out a big challenge in a big city for a big moment?

If we only had a big challenger.  Big answer in 3….2….1….

Big E.

Cena wins the match with an Attitude Adjustment, after the ref sent Kofi and Xavier out of ringside area.  However, the match ended so quickly after that New Day comes back and lays out Cena.  Here comes Ziggler.  New Day takes care of him.  And, here comes The Dudleys, but New Day takes care of all four men, lays them out and celebrates with the trombone.

New Day Rocks!!

Kevin’s Thoughts:

WWE treated this show like filler, and Vince wonders why the ratings were so low?  First hour started off good, but the tag match with Kane and Rollins was awful.  And I was in favor of this storyline, plus Stephanie just was in a “mood” today.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Sound off.

WWE Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour Presents: Live From MSG

Tonight, WWE Network will feature a house show that will be headlined Brock Lesnar Vs The Big Show.  I also believe we will see Seth Rollins Vs John Cena, for the United States Title, inside a steel cage.

We start the show in 7 minutes.

For the first time, in over a decade….”The Beast” Brock Lesnar comes back to “The Most Famous Arena”, MSG.

We kick the show off with Sheamus and Rusev Vs Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler.

Rich Brennan, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

The team of Orton and Ziggler win when Orton hits a RKO, and pins Sheamus.

Rusev is on the mic, telling Sheamus he could beat those men by themselves.  He is as useless as Lana.  Go pack your suitcase, and leave.

Sheamus comes back with a Brogue Kick on Rusev.

And he suggests to Rusev he kiss his arse.

Later tonight, Seth Rollins Vs John Cena, inside a steel cage.  But Rollins has to think about Kane.

Oh lord, they are presenting this as a continuation of the storylines here.

Renee Young is with Kane.

Kane is on crutches, but he is here for one reason….Seth Rollins has a chance to bring back the United States Title back inside the most famous arena, Madison Square Garden.  He just visited Seth, and he seemed scared for a demon, and Kane assured him that if he saw that demon, he would come running, or hobbling.

Stardust Vs Neville is now.

Red Arrow, which is an awesome move.

Renee Young is with Paul Heyman.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And on behalf of all of us home-grown New Yorkers, he wants to welcome us to the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden.

If you can’t get your breath here when you walk in, you aren’t human, because this place is special.  Which is why it’s unusual for a big 7’foot giant to come into this building breathing, because he is like Boston Celtics.  Except his home team doesn’t have defense, this is all about offense, and his client will take care of Big Show tonight, this is the capital of Suplex City, his client is Brock Lesnar.

We are live in New York City, and we see footage of last Monday night on Raw, with the diva trouble.

Diva tag action is up now.  Team Bella Vs Team PCB.

Team Bellas win with a Rack Attack, Nikki pins Paige after Charlotte and Becky turn their backs on their partner.

Paige can’t believe her teammates would do this to her. She is their best friends. She would never do anything like that to her teammates. She doesn’t know if she can ever forgive them, and she walks off.

We see what happened this past week between Wyatt and Reigns on Raw and Smackdown.

Reigns Vs Wyatt inside Hell in a Cell, on October 25th.

Our next match is for the IC Title. Y2J Vs KO.

Jericho informs us this is the 25th anniversary of Chris Jericho tonight. Lance Storm is in attendance, his first opponent. They did a 10-minute draw, and went from The Moose Hall to Madison Square Garden.

He remembers being 3 years old, and watching his dad, Ted Irvine playing for the New York Rangers. And here he is, after all of these years later, with his friends.

Lance Storm, Don Callus, and in front of so many Jericholics. Tonight, he has a chance to become an Intercontinental Champion for a unprecented 10 times.

Win or lose, he is going to celebrate near 32nd street, with the Jericholics and we will never…..EEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER be the same, agAIn!!

Owens Vs Jericho is up now.

Owens rolls up Jericho after he poked Jericho in the eye, who was trying a Walls.

A fun match here.

The Big Show is ready for his match with Lesnar.

But now, WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line. The New Day Vs The Dudley Boyz.

Dudleys win again, by DQ. After a 3-D, Xavier interferes again.

Such a cheap ending, this felt like a title change in MSG.

But Xavier goes through a ride, again.


Brock Lesnar Vs Big Show is now.

My gosh, 3 Chokeslams from The Big Show. 5 trips to Suplex City by Brock, and a F-5 gives Brock the win.

Incredible action in so little time.

The Go To Hell Tour continues this Monday night.

Brock comes out for more.

Suplex number 6.

And another F-5.

Our main event, inside a steel cage for the United States Title. John Cena Vs Seth Rollins is now.

Cena wins when “Demon” Kane came out just as Rollins was climbing over the cage, he tried to do a splash, but is met with an Attitude Adjustment, and retains his title.

Now Kane comes into the ring, and gives Seth a Chokeslam, and a Tombstone Piledriver, sending the crowd home happy.

Kane wants the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, as we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Overall, I liked this show, even though at times, it did feel like another episode of Raw. But the final two matches delivered, and felt special. I can see Cena Vs Rollins anytime.

Now that this show was over, I expect WWE to now focus on Hell in a Cell, which should be a big show.

What were your thoughts on tonight? Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 9/28/15…The Demon Kane Is Loose

Where is Seth Rollins?  Last week, he was shown through the basque of hell, when The “Demon” Kane shows up underneath the ring, preventing Seth from being a 2-time United States Champion.  Is Kane here?

We are also 5 days away from Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell tour, when a MSG show takes place, at Madison Square Garden, exclusively on WWE Network.  Is Brock Lesnar in the house tonight?

Raw, in five minutes.

We see clips from last week, when Seth is sent straight to hell, by The “Demon” Kane.

“Tonight is the night” as the Raw theme tells us.

We are live in Buffalo, New York.  The United States Open Challenge kicks things off.

Tonight, Roman Reigns gets his wish, going against Bray Wyatt.

Who takes the open challenge tonight?

Have no fear, The Champ is here.

This championship is a symbol of excellence, a symbol of opportunity.  And this championship will be defended here tonight, right now.  Because Buffalo is the place to be, John Cena is the man to beat.  John Cena US Open Challenge is open now.  You want some, come get some.

The trombone is singing John Cena’s theme song.  It’s a new day.

It looks like Big E. is going for the gold.

Our WWE Tag Team Champions ARE HERE!!

And The New Day is here to make WWE great again.  This Saturday, live in Madison Square Garden, only on WWE Network, as Big E. tells us they will finally get rid of those nasty, disgusting Dudley Boyz.

But New Day are here to answer Cena’s Open Challenge.  They have a new slogan for Cena….Hustle, Loyalty, Booty!!

I like it.

They can be Tag Team Champs, and US Champ at the same time.

Cena is done with the speech, there is a time to be entertaining, and a time to be serious.  And they need to take him serious, or else they all will get their asses beat.  So choose.

He cussed, but it’s Xavier Woods stepping up.

The match ends in a DQ, when The New Day interferes, giving Cena the win.  Here comes The Dudley Boyz to help Cena out.

6-man tag match later tonight, I am guessing.

6-man tag match is taking place, in progress.

The New Day pulls off an upset here, with Kofi hitting Trouble in Paradise.

The Dudley Boyz get a chance for some revenge this Saturday night.

Last week, Paige turned on Charlotte.

Tonight, Miz TV with Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

The Authority are with some woman from HR.  They want to deal with “Corporate” Kane.

This is not a good idea.

Ashley is here because there was a complaint filed against Kane.  So Ashley is here to access the situation.

Seth is irate over this, what kind of spineless coward wouldn’t deal directly with Kane?

Ashley will watch Kane, and Kane tells Seth he can handle the heat.  Remembers, he is the man….who handled the balance.

Seth is keeping an eye on him.

Kane is giving us Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt, one on one tonight.

Ambrose is advising Reigns not to face Bray tonight, and Roman isn’t hearing any of that.

He knows The Wyatts have something up their dirty sleeves tonight.

Bray Wyatt started this, and Roman is finishing this, one on one tonight.

But if those two apes come flying out to help Bray, Ambrose will come out and take care of things.

Reigns suggests Randy Orton can help him, but Dean doesn’t want any outsiders to come and save the day, like Chris Jericho.

Reigns tells them they can’t finish this, and Reigns can.

Orton will believe it when he sees it.  But until that, its open season.

Mark Henry is in the ring, ready for The Big Show.

Knockout Punch, another 3 minute match.  Former 3-time World Champion.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Wyatt, one more time.

Miz TV is next.

Time for the must-see WWE talk show in WWE history, welcome to Miz TV.

It seems we can’t get over The Divas Revolution, but it seems the divas are through with each other.

We see last week’s segment when Paige leaves her buddies.

The crumbling of PCB is the kind of drama we can see on tomorrow’s season finale of “Total Divas”, but here come his guests, Becky Lynch and the new Divas Champion, Charlotte.

Becky Lynch isn’t hearing any of this from The Miz.

The fans want to know a bit more from Becky and Charlotte breaking up from Paige.

The P from PCB said some things that need to be addressed.

Either A. Paige will come to the ring, so they can talk things out, like a woman.  Or B. she comes out, and they just throw down.

The Miz thinks this is his show, and Becky throws his mic.

Paige, let’s go.  But Team Bella show up, instead.

They didn’t come here to fight.  They wanted to thank them, because as their team is full of high schoolers, Team Bella is stronger than ever.

By the time Nikki gets her rematch, Charlotte will be hot and bothered, and she will be Divas Champion, again.

Charlotte invites Nikki in, so she can make her tap out, again.

Paige was right, all reigns come to an end, just like she was the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time.

But she disagrees with one thing Paige said, she didn’t start Divas Revolution, it was all one woman, and that is Nikki.

Charlotte tells Nikki, this isn’t about who started the Divas Revolution, it was about the fans, and watching them get their opportunity.

Now all five want to fight, and Paige interrupts.

Nikki didn’t start this Divas Revolution, Paige started it, by being the first NXT WOMEN’S champion.  Charlotte wouldn’t be Divas Champion if it wasn’t for Paige.

Nikki asks if these two are even going to say anything, with friends like this, who needs enemies.

Paige answers back with if you have 2 boyfriends like you do, who needs ambition.

Now that was the pipe bomb, and ll six women fight it off when we go to a break.

6-Divas tag match is up now, in progress.

Paige leaves her partners after Charlotte runs into her.  Natalya walks in to team with CB, and Paige attacks her from behind.  Nikki approaches Charlotte, hits a Rack Attack and pins the Divas Champion.

This Saturday on WWE Network, Brock Lesnar Vs Big Show preview is next.

WWE2K16 is coming out October 27th.

Lesnar Vs Show, this Saturday, Live At MSG.

Kane talks to Seth about their history, with Ashley.

Kane has a gift for Seth.

It’s his severed head from his statue.

He got it from the trash.

Very nice of Kane, from Ashley.

Seth seems creeped out by this.

The Prime Time Players Vs Strowman and Harper.

Strowman takes care of Titus O’ Neil, putting him to sleep.

This guy is a beast.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Wyatt.

Stardust Vs Neville is up now.

Neville sets Stardust up with Red Arrow, and here comes King Barrett.  Hits a Bull Hammer on Neville, costing Stardust the match, and he nails a Bull Hammer on Stardust.

Give me a bloody mic.

All hail the return of the king.

Ashley is headed to the ring, to give her the decision about Kane’s future.

Before she is able to read her report, here comes Seth Rollins.

He tells Ashley Kane is not the man he thinks he is.  He needs to show us something, and we see the video of “Demon” Kane.

That is the real Kane.  Not the “imposter” in a cheap suit.  Because the real Kane has the soul of a demon.  And she can’t give Kane his job, because the carnage that will be soon to follow will be on her head.

Last week, Kane came up underneath the ring, and try to drag him to hell.  But people like Seth doesn’t go to hell.  He is going to heaven.

You don’t believe him?  Ask The Pope.

When he was here last week, The Pope told Seth he is going to heaven.  He feels like he is in heaven, with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and he looks down at hell.

Kane shows us Seth Rollins video.

Ashley’s decision.  Poor Ashley.

She has the determination that Kane is of sound mind, and can continue his duties as Director of Operations.

If anyone needs to be evaluated, it’s Seth Rollins.  He is rude, narcissistic, and paranoid.  He is the most rude employee during her time in WWE.

Seth is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  This is Kane’s fault.  He is the champion of the world.  He is out of his mind.

The title goes down, as does the mic/

Rollins hits “Corporate” Kane with a Pedigree.

He is the champion of the world.  He doesn’t get one on him.

Seth grabs a chair, and nails Kane’s leg with it.

Hits Kane in the back six times.

Now Rollins shatters Kane’s leg with the chair.

Now Seth mocks him, did he get a boo-boo?  Who does he think he is?  He sure isn’t a demon, he looks very human now.  Crying, squealing.  Did Kane think he would fool the entire world?  Everyone knows Kane is a fraud.  He will never get through Rollins, he will never get his title.  His days of getting one on Seth is over.

The ambulance stops….

That is proof that anyone who steps on Seth will get what they deserve.

We see red smoke, and the door opens, it’s the “Demon” Kane.

“Demon” Kane has arisen, and Seth better run the hell out of the building.

Hell, fire and brimstone, here comes Kane!!

Chokeslam on Rollins, Kane goes for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Rollins runs away, without his championship.

Kane wants to get himself some.

Our main event is Reigns Vs Wyatt, one on one.

We hear from Bray.

Did you see what they did earlier?  Braun and Harper make him so proud.  They want nothing more than to come to the ring with him, and tear him to pieces.  But he decided to grant his wish.  Tonight, Bray alone, decided to enter the battlefield.  Tonight, Bray finishes Reigns for good, alone.  It was always about himself and Reigns.  Be careful what you wish for, cause only a fool will run into a dragon, and think he couldn’t get burnt.


Our main event is Wyatt Vs Reigns.

The Buffalo Bills are in the house, tonight.

Oh no, it’s Bo Dallas.

They are truly an inspiration, aren’t they?  Almost an inspiration.  They are missing one important thing, a Super Bowl trophy.  All you have to do is BOlieve!!.

Oh lord, here comes Randy Orton.  I don’t think Bo has a chance here.

RKO, that’s all she wrote.

Buffalo Bills are impressed.

Last Thursday night on Smackdown, Kevin Owens left Rusev, so Ziggler and Ryback win.

Owens Vs Rusev, is next.

Ryback joins us for commentary, when we see Rusev Vs Owens.

The match ends in a no contest, when Owens shoves Rusev into Ryback.  Now all three men fight each other, and we see Rusev and Owens teaming up again, but Ziggler comes out to help Ryback, but KO shows us the Intercontinental Title and leaves.

Pediatric Cancer month is September, and we see media WWE had celebrating #JustDance to honor the cure.

Paul Heyman is coming to the ring, next.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  He is truly the devil’s advocate.  Because anyone who steps in the ring with his client in October will go through hell, because his client is Brock Lesnar.

This Saturday night, hell will descend into Madison Square Garden, because his client will dewclaw the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show.

The Big Show has been complacent, because he is bored.  Nobody could take Big Show to his limits, but he knows Brock will take him to the limit.

When that happens, he will empower his Knockout Punch, and will take out his opponent, and that thrives Brock Lesnar.  This Saturday night, on WWE Network, his client Brock Lesnar will take The Big Show to Suplex City.

Here comes Big Show.

Complacent?  Motivated?  Oh he’s motivated now because he is stepping into the ring to face his client, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman is right, Big Show is fired up, he is motivated.  Because he is the one guy that can take Brock to the limit.

He has a question, was Brock upset when he found out who he will face this Saturday?

No answer from Heyman.

He knew it, because he knows Big Show is the one that can beat him, so why not continue his plug.  This Saturday, it’s Eat, Sleep, Knock Out Brock, Repeat.

Heyman leaves, and Big Show tells Heyman to start thinking about his future without Brock Lesnar.

Our main event, Reigns Vs Wyatt is next.

The match ends in a double countout when both men just beat the living hell out of each other.  They go through a barricade, and Wyatt stands up first.  Celebrates this on the announce table, and Reigns spears Wyatt through the Spanish Announce Table, as we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What a great way to end the show, the most exciting ending in a long time.

But we kick the show off with a John Cena US Title Open Challenge.  And that turned into Cena teaming up with The Dudley Boyz, which is something we thought we’d never see two months ago.

We are indeed ready for Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour, and that kicks off this Saturday night.

Your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/23/16….The Architect Comes Home

Tonight, after a good Extreme Rules, we see the return of Seth Rollins, who Pedigreed Roman Reigns after a grueling battle with AJ Styles.

The Architect is back.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland, with Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcoming us to the show.

Seth Rollins returns, to kick the show off.

The fans love seeing Seth Rollins back.  Seth acknowledges this, and reminds us how weird this is the fans love him.  Because such a short amount of time, Seth destroyed The Shield, with a chair shot to the back of Roman Reigns, and the fans hated him.  Then, at Wrestlemania 31, Seth cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the fans hated him for taking Roman’s spotlight.

But then again, a ruptured ACL can do that.  He has been on the shelf for 7 months, he received many letters, many tweets, even flowers, wishing him to come back strong.  And what did he do?  He tore every single one of those letters, because he doesn’t need the fans.  He can do this on his own, and he tells us he was never beaten for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and when he gets his rematch, he will be WWE World Heavyweight Champion, again.

Here comes Roman Reigns, and he doesn’t say anything.  He wants a fight, and Rollins walks away, saying he will do it at his time.

Which is brilliant.


Here comes Shane O’ Mac.

What’s up Baltimore!!

Shane reminds us that Seth did take out Reigns with a chair, to end The Shield.  He also told us that Rollins took Reigns’ moment with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31.  And last night, Rollins Pedigreed Roman Reigns, so he has every right to want to go after Rollins.

But then again, Seth is right too, he never lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, so he wants a piece of Roman.

So, at Money in the Bank, we will get to see Reigns Vs Rollins, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Money in the Bank is quickly becoming one of my favorite PPVs, and this is shaping up to be a good one.

Tonight, we will have Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches.

The Miz vs Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler Vs Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho Vs Apollo Crews, and AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens.

But next, it will be Sami Zayn Vs Dolph Ziggler.

All of this, tonight on Raw.

Renee Young is with Sheamus when we come back.

Last year, Sheamus qualified, and won Money in the Bank.  But tonight, he will be qualifying against Sami Zayn.

Sheamus tells us Sami Zayn wears a stupid hat, and he isn’t even in this country.  Renee tries to tell Sheamus he isn’t either, but Sheamus warns us that parents need to get their kids to leave the room, because what he is about to do to Sami, isn’t suitable for all ages.

Zayn Vs Sheamus is now.

Zayn picks up the win with a Helluva Kick.  The biggest win in Sami Zayn’s WWE career.

He qualifies for Money in the Bank match.

The crowd is taunting Sheamus right now, and he is beside himself.

Tonight, we get The State of the Women’s Championship, with Charlotte.

Renee Young interviews Apollo Crews, but Sheamus attacks him.

Sheamus is mad that Apollo is a part of the new era.  Nobody is here to replace Sheamus.



We have a cake, someone has a birthday.

As of last night at Extreme Rules, The New Day is still your WWE World Tag Team Champions!!

But this cake isn’t here to celebrate their victory.  It is here because Raw has been going strong for 2,400 episodes.  So, Happy Birthday Raw!!

Wait a second, Big E tell us that a WWE ring is never safe with a cake.  So, Big E will take care of the cake.

Nobody is safe from the cake, not even Byron Saxton.

But Social Outcasts came out, minus Adam Rose.  We have our 6-man tag match now.

New Day wins, and Heath Slater is fed to the cake.

The Miz Vs Cesaro, MITB qualifying is next.

After The Miz tell us how awesome he is, we have our match.

Cesaro wins the match with a Neutralizer, advancing to Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Earlier tonight, Shane McMahon sets up Reigns Vs Rollins for the WWE World Title, at Money in the Bank.

Renee Young is with Seth Rollins.

Money in the Bank is Seth’s thing.  He won it a couple of years ago, he cashed it at Wrestlemania 31.  He is that good.

Seth runs into Stephanie McMahon.  She tells Seth things have changed around here, including their professional relationship.  So she shakes Seth’s hand.

Jericho Vs Crews is now.

Jericho advances, with a Codebreaker.

Sheamus is watching backstage, Renee wants to get his point of view.  Sheamus was not impressed.

Owens Vs Styles, later tonight in a MITB qualifing match.

We need to make Darren Young great again campaign.

Jo-Jo is with Baron Corbin.

Baron tells us if any of us have a problem with how he beat Ziggler, deal with it.

Ziggler issues a challenge to Corbin, and he accepts.  It’s going to happen next week, but take notes while he has a technical wrestling match against Dean Ambrose.

Big Cass is here, with the returning Enzo Amore.

How Ya Doing?

The doctors diagnosed him with a concussion.

They want a piece of The Dudley Boyz.

There is only word to describe them, and he will spell it out for ya.


It’s Bubba Ray Vs Big Cass, next.

Big Cass has the win, with an elbow.

Charlotte is out with her dad, and Dana Brooke, to tell us how proud he is of his daughter.

























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