WWE Monday Night Raw 8/24/15…The Calm Before The Storm

After a huge night at Summerslam, we kick the show off with HHH, who was at WWE World Headquarters, in Stamford, with the WWE World Champion and United States Champion, Seth Rollins.

HHH is proud of Seth’s accomplishments last night.  He tells Seth he is no longer the future of WWE, he is “THE MAN”.

Is he ready to take his place with the likes of Bruno Sammartino, The Ultimate Warrior, and Andre The Giant?

Tonight, Seth Rollins gets his.

We begin Raw.

We are inside The Barclays Center, in Brookyln, New York.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.  Tonight, we get a Summerslam rematch.  The Brothers of Shield will face The Wyatts.

Also, Jon Stewart is here to explain his actions.

But first…..

Here comes the pain!!

We are still in Suplex City.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And he is the pissed off advocate of the ripped-off conqueror.  The BEAST of the Barclays, Brock Lesnar.

So what the hell happened last night?

How did we go from Brock Lesnar forcing The Undertaker tapping out for the first time in 25 years to having a false record that states Undertaker finally got a victory from his client, Brock Lesnar?

It is an undisputed fact his client took The Undertaker into Suplex City.

It is an undisputed fact that his client took “The Phenom” into a Kimura Lock, and tap out.

We see footage of that.

Heyman understands the fairy tale we tell our kids, because he is a father.  Hey kids, Santa Claus does not exist.  There is no Easter Bunny, and kids The Undertaker isn’t indestructible, and his client made him tap out.

It’s like a kid in the corner screaming to leave me alone.  Or in Brock’s case, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.

His client does not blame the ref, who did not see Undertaker tap out.  Or does his client blame the time-keeper who saw compassion for The Undertaker, and ring the bell.

This gets booed.

Should we also remind you Undertaker passed out after his match, again?  Heyman has material that can last for 3 hours.

So we heard The Undertaker scream out, and tap out to the Kimura Lock.  So what does The Undertaker do?  He pulls off a desperate move, again, gives his client a low blow and slaps on Hell’s Gate.  He needed to hear his client tap out, but what does he do?  His client, Brock Lesnar gave him a one finger salute, and told him to FY.

So, enough of the talking, his client is here for a fight.  It’s not to be issued for Wrestlemania.  It’s not for Survivor Series, or Night of Champions.  HIS CLIENT BROCK LESNAR CHALLENGES THE UNDERTAKER TO A FIGHT TONIGHT!!!  TONIGHT!!  TONIGHT!!

We’re waiting for The Undertaker, and we get….


Bo has good news and bad news for Mr. Brock.

The bad news is Brock passed out, and took a nap.  The good news is Brock had a dream about beating The Undertaker.

Brock can make all of his dreams come true.  All he has to do is….


Yeah, that went well.

5 trips to Suplex City, and a F-5, Brock BOLIEVES.

Tonight, on Miz TV, Team PCB.

New Day, New Champs are next.

Oh glorious, we have The New Day coming to the ring, with Xavier Woods blasting a trombone playing “New York”.  Kofi and Big E. are singing.

New Tag Champs are here.

PTP are at commentary, with New Day facing Lucha Dragons.

Kofi and Big E. win, I love this tag team.

Here come The Dudley Boyz!!





Welcome back to Dudleyville, boyz.

They tell PTP they are The Dudley Boyz, and they are back.

Lord, Jon Stewart is getting press all over for what happened last night.

Thank you to Demi Lovato, “Cool For The Summer”, the official theme song for Summerslam.

John Cena granted his 500th Make A Wish this week.  That is very cool.

Rocco Lanzer is at Raw, I hope he is having a great time.

Steph and HHH admire the statue of Seth Rollins.

It’s like Christmas morning for Seth Rollins, and his proud parents HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

Seth thanks them for such a wonderful day, and this is such a better place with these two in charge.

Stephanie tells him Seth is “THE MAN”, and she thanks him.

Big tag match now.  The Brothers Shield Vs The Wyatts.

Brothers Shield win by DQ when we see a new member of The Wyatt Family.  A big guy, who looks like NXT’s Bull Dempsey take out Reigns and Ambrose.

We don’t know the guys’ name, but we see him use a modified sleeper.

Follow The Buzzards!!

I guess that is a guy named Braun Stowman.  Interesting debut, no clue what name they will give him.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Miz Tv time.

He brings out the winners of the first ever Divas Elimination Tag match last night, they are PCB, Paige, Charlotte, and Becky.

They tell Miz it doesn’t matter who pinned, they are cohesive.  Charlotte learned from “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who was a part of the greatest faction in history, The Four Horsemen.

Miz brings up Flair taught him a Figure Four, and Charlotte tells Miz that he lived up to that.  Miz informs Charlotte he is a 12-time champion.

They are one unit, they are here to prove that this is the era of the female athlete.  They will not back down, and will prove they are just as strong and dominant as any man.

But Team Bella interrupts.

Nikki reminds them she is the Divas Champion, and that title represents who is the real dominance.

Brie tells them they are the face of dominance, the face of empowerment.

We get we want Sasha chants.

Becky asks them who won last night, and Nikki reminds them they have been here for years.

Alicia reminds Becky that she has been here for 9 years.

Nikki tells us wins and losses don’t matter, because in 3 weeks, and 1 day, she will be the longest reigning Divas Champion of all-time.

All six get in their faces, and Miz is trying to take control of this segment.

Miz tells PCB that if they want to make a statement, watch him, and not someone who likes to make hashtags.  All he sees are women that fight like a bunch of girls.

All six fight, and the fans want to see Sasha.

They won’t like what’s next.  Team PCB Vs Team Bella.

Team Bellas win when Nikki distracted Paige, and Alicia Fox picks up the pin.

The crowd was not amused with this match.  They wanted to see Sasha Banks.

A big 8-man tag match is tonight.

King Barrett is in the ring, and will tag with Stardust.

Actually, Stardust attacks Barrett, for losing last night.

This segment got weird, Barrett disappears.

Here comes Neville.

One on one match instead.

Okay, the match never takes place, they fight and when Neville sets up Stardust with Red Arrow, Stardust runs out of the ring.

Coverage of Summerslam through ESPN.  Jon Stewart stole Summerslam?  Really, that’s a headline.

I guess Stewart is up next.

Earlier tonight, The Dudley Boyz returned, and this Thursday night, they return to Smackdown.

Here comes Jon Stewart.

Oh boy!!

The fans are chanting Thank You Stewart.

But apparently last night, he did upset some people.

Some of them are here tonight.  But some people, are happy.

But for those individuals who had to comfort their children, who wanted to know who the mean, old man was.  Why would he do that?

He will tell us.

It was not to help Seth Rollins, or The Authority.  Because in his heart, Jon couldn’t tie the great Ric Flair.  Because in his mind, The Champ is Flair.


Here comes “The Nature Boy”.

Flair approves that decision.  “The Great One” is here.

He appreciates what he did, but he was pulling for John Cena.

Sooner or later, the record will be broken.  And he prefers it’s someone he respects.

You don’t have to like it, but learn to love it.  He respects John Cena.

Jon apologizes for what he did, he just thought he did what had to be done.

But Jon ruined everything, Stewart was saving the 16-time.

But Jon has messed up EVERYTHING.

Here comes Cena.

It’s time to handle business, Stewart and Cena has to talk.

Jon did what he did last night, because he did what was right.  There are some that agree with him.  He is at peace with what Jon did.  But does he realize Seth Rollins is WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and United States Champion.

The same championship he pried from Rusev and he used that as an opportunity, the symbol of excellence to see their favorites get a chance.  Names that these people like, names like Ambrose, Rusev, Cesaro, Owens, and Sami Zayn.

Jon is trying to make this a comedy show, but Cena isn’t hearing any of that.

Stewart told Cena it was a beautiful match, and he respects what he has done with the US Title, and as a fan, he can’t see Cena breaking Flair’s record.

So now The Authority owns the spotlight, they own the championships.  Jon tells Cena he can have his moment, and win it back.

So Cena has to have his moment, and he gives him an Attitude Adjustment.

We see an Andre The Giant statue from Wrestlemania Axxess, and tonight, The WWE World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion Seth Rollins receives his statue.

But next, big 8-man tag match of everyone else that hasn’t appeared yet on Raw.

Moments ago, Cena gave Stewart an AA.

Renee Young checked on Cena, and confirmed he did an AA on Jon Stewart.  Cena just had a “talk” with Jon.  Later tonight, he will have his “talk” with Seth Rollins.

Ziggler, Cesaro, Ryback, and Orton Vs Rusev, Owens, Big Show, and Sheamus is now.

Big Show accidentally knocks out Sheamus, and Orton hits a RKO for the win.

Rusev and Owens are upset over what happened, so Big Show had enough.

Owens and Rusev lay out Big Show, and walk away.

And now Team Orton comes back in.

Ziggler hits Superkick.  Cesaro and Ryback lift Big Show up, and Orton hits a RKO.

A tough week for Big Show here.

We see footage of last night’s Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar ending.

One day, we will see Taker Vs Lesnar III.

Bruno Sammartino has his statue, and tonight, Seth Rollins will be immortalized.

Earlier tonight, we see a new member of the Wyatts be introduced.

Bray warned Roman about him being a poison, and Bray will do whatever he takes to eliminate Reigns.  Take his so-called “buddy” Dean Ambrose.  He selfishly brought him to this fight, and he paid for that.

Bray introduces us to the newest member of The Wyatt Family, Braun Stowman.  He is Abigail’s black sheep.

John Cena is on his way to confront Rollins, but Stephanie and HHH interrupt.  Stephanie mocks Cena for lifting a man 100 pounds lighter than he is, to show how much of a “sore loser” he is.  Cena told her he is about to upgrade.  Stephanie tells John that nobody is going to interrupt this moment for Seth, especially if he’s not here.

Security escorts him out of the building.

The Ultimate Warrior had his statue this past year, now….Seth Rollins will get his.

Here comes Stephanie and HHH to present Seth Rollins his statue.

It’s Vince McMahon’s birthday, he is 70 years old.  Happy Birthday Vince!!

We are all going to sing Happy Birthday.

When you look for someone to honor, you look for someone who will work hard.  That man must be the first person in the building.  Someone who hustles, that is Seth Rollins.

If you’re looking for someone who has insured your faith in them, that would be loyalty.  That is Seth Rollins.

If you’re looking for someone who will pay back to the ones that believed in you.  That is respect.

Hustle, loyalty, respect.  That is Seth Rollins.

But there is one more thing, that some are not and that is a winner.

Someone who will win at all cost, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the United States Champion.  Seth Rollins.

Here he comes, The Champ Is Here.

Seth thanks Steph and HHH for this honor, he wants to thank the WWE fans.  This is an honor, joining The Mount Rushmore of WWE.

This is like going to Yankee Stadium, and seeing their Mount Rushmore.  Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth.  This is like what Brooklyn has, your Brooklyn Nets.  Wait a second, nobody is good there.

But heroes become legends, and legends never die.

Last night, Seth made history, defeating John Cena and becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and United States Champion.

So tonight, he becomes immortal.

Now he has said some horrible things to John Cena.  He called him a disease, and Seth will eradicate the cure, and he meant every word.  But make no mistake about it, for the last 10 years, John Cena has been “THE MAN”.  But in order to be the man, you have to beat the man.

And he did just that.  And Trips was right, he is no longer the future, he is “THE MAN”.

And after he main events Wrestlemania, after Wrestlemania.  And after he dies, his statue will remain in tact.

So without further adieu, Brooklyn New York are you ready?  I said, Brooklyn, New York, are you ready?


The curtain comes up, and it’s….


Seth Rollins goes after Sting, but Sting counters, hits a Stinger Splash, he takes him out of the ring, and holds the WWE World Title.

Sting wants a shot, and this is where we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, what an ending to the show.  This was a very memorable show, a night of returns.  The Dudley Boyz, an appearance by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and an appearance by Sting.

He wants a shot at the title, will we see it?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me, what a night.

WWE Summerslam 8/23/15

The biggest party of the summer continues tonight.  We are five minutes away from the Summerslam Kick-Off party to begin.

We are live in the Barclays Center.  Renee Young welcomes us to the Summerslam Kick-Off show.  She is joined by Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Time for the Social Media Lounge, with Tom Phillips.

Tonight’s guest is Stephen Amell and Neville.

We are heard Jon Stewart is hosting Summerslam.

Tonight, Ambrose and Reigns face Wyatt and Harper.

Video setting up that match.

John Cena is backstage talking with Jon Stewart.  He brings up Jon’s past with Seth Rollins.  Jon asked John to sign an autograph for his son, but it’s meant to sell for E-Bay.


John Cena Vs Seth Rollins.  Title for Title, winner takes all.

Cena Vs Rollins video is showing.

Footage from WWE being in New York this week.

Tonight, Cesaro Vs Kevin Owens will take place.

We see their altercation 3 weeks ago.

Kevin Owens joins the panel.

He confronts Booker T when Booker suggested Kevin is jealous of Cesaro.

Owens tells Byron he will take care of the Cesaro Section tonight.

Tonight, 3-team Divas Elimination match.

Video is being shown.

Who is going to win tonight’s big Diva’s match?

Also tonight, Fatal 4-Way match for the Tag Team Titles.  Prime Time Players Vs Lucha Dragons Vs Los Matadores Vs New Day.

Also tonight, IC Title Triple Threat match with Ryback facing The Miz and Big Show.

Footage from 2 weeks ago, when Ryback returned to Raw.

Also tonight, Randy Orton Vs Sheamus.

Rich Brennaman is standing by with Sheamus.

Sheamus tell us the only thing that truly matters to WWE is Money in the Bank briefcase.  2 weeks ago, he was very close of being a 2-time WWE Champion, but Randy Orton ruined those plans.  So tonight, he will give him Brogue Kick, after Brogue Kick, after Brogue Kick.  And he will take out “The Viper”, then fulfill his dream of being WWE Champion.

You know why that is?  Because it is what it is.

Jo-Jo will speak with Stephanie McMahon now.

Stephanie brings up this match will showcase what is the most dominant diva team at the moment.  A few weeks ago, she started the Diva Revolution, and women have played such a huge part in sports lately.  Ronda Rousey, UFC Women’s Batenweight Champion.  Serena Williams, is the most dominant Tennis player right now.

She can’t pick a winner, but the winner will go to the spoils.

Social Media Lounge will come up next, with Neville and Arrow.

Neville and Arrow will stop Stardust and King Barrett at all costs.

We now see Dolph Ziggler’s return to Raw last week.

Ziggler Vs Rusev face off, tonight.

Who wins tonight?  Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker?

Summerslam starts in 5 minutes.

Jon Stewart begins the show.

Jon tells us this is a historic night, 10 of the biggest matches we will see.  He has spent 16 years talking about politics, it’s nice to be back to reality.  The difference is the wrestlers respect the audience.  He now is giving us a list of wrestlers who will be here tonight.

Come on, get with the show.

Jon is still upset at Brock ending “The Streak” at Wrestlemania.  He wanted to interview Brock, and tell him, but he needs some backup.

None other than WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley.

Foley has a funny story here.  When Jon called him, and he asked Mick to interview Brock, it could have been his fuzzy ear, because he thought Jon was referring to The Rock.

Because if he had heard him right, he never would have agreed to it.

So Mick Foley is afraid of Brock Lesnar?

Yes he is, Jon reminds Mick he had wrestled The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring, fell from 100 feet.

Yes, that did happen, 17 years ago, before Jon had done “The Daily Show”.  The one place Mick has never been to is Suplex City, and that isn’t happening now.

On to the show then.

The 28th annual Summerslam is live in Brooklyn, New York, inside the Barclays Center.  JBL, Michael Cole, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Orton Vs Sheamus kicks things off.

Sheamus wins the match with 2 Brogue Kicks, the crowd still hates Sheamus’ hair though.

2 guys from Draft Kings attend Summerslam, okay moving on.

WWE Tag Title match is up now.

Prime Time Players Vs Los Matadores Vs Lucha Dragons Vs New Day.

New Day are here to teach us about something called hip hop.

Now they are singing us about New Day, shades of “Empire State of Mind”.


New Day picks up the win when Titus did all of the work, Kofi made a blind tag and pinned one of Los Matadores.

New Day Rocks!!

More Jon Stewart, with Arrow and Neville.  Telling them he is close with Undertaker.

The lights go out, and we see Taker walking by.

Jon is selling more stuff on E-Bay.

Rusev Vs Ziggler is up now.

This ends in a double countout that saw all 4 people involved, and ends with Summer Rae and Lana fighting each other, on top of Ziggler and Rusev.

Expect a mixed tag match at Night of Champions.

King Barrett and Stardust Vs Neville and Amell, now.

Stephen Amell did more selling than I thought he would, but Arrow and Neville win, when Amell takes out Stardust, and Neville nails a Red Arrow on Barrett.

IC Title match is up now.  Ryback Vs Big Show Vs The Miz.

Ryback steals the pin when Big Show knocks The Miz out, and Ryback threw Show out of the ring.

More Jon Stewart footage, trying to confront Brock Lesnar.

He runs into Paul Heyman instead.

We are live in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center.

Tag Team action is set now.  The Wyatt Family Vs Ambrose and Reigns.

No heel turn by Ambrose here, just a more or less domination from the Brothers of Shield.  Reigns gives Wyatt a Spear, after Dirty Deeds by Ambrose.

Cena Vs Rollins, winner takes all is next.

Wow, they truly went with this.  Seth Rollins just became the new United States Champion, and is WWE World Champion with help by Jon Stewart?

We had the ref bump, and Jon came out with a chair, acting like he was torn about who to hit, and he nails Cena with it, with Rollins using a Pedigree to pin Cena.

Fantastic match, just a sad state of affairs that John Cena has to job to Jon Stewart.

The Summerslam panel discuss matters.

Divas Revolution tag match is up now.

Team B.A.D. is eliminated now, when Brie pins Tamina.

Team PCB win when Becky hits a Pump Handle Slam, pinning Brie Bella.  This was going to be an elimination match, but they changed the rules to just give us 2 falls.

A bit of a letdown after last night’s fantastic Women’s match, but considering the women involved, it was okay.

Then again, Sasha Banks, who wrestled last night didn’t do much tonight.

Cesaro Vs Owens is up now.

Owens wins a big match with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

The announcers called this a must-win match for Owens’ career.

WWE Night of Champions is on September 20th, in 4 weeks.

Our main event, Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker.  A match 16 months in the making is now.

Wow, what an intense main event that delivered in everything possible, except the ending.

Brock had Taker in his Kimura Submission move, and Undertaker actually tapped out.  The bell-ringer rang the bell, but Charles Robinson didn’t call for the match to end, he screamed at the bell-ringer for this, and Undertaker hits a low blow and slaps Hell’s Gate.

Brock would not tap out though, and even flipped Taker off, but he did pass out.  Charles calls for the bell, when Brock passes out, and Undertaker picks up the win.

Heyman rings the bell, telling us all we saw it, the bell ringer saw, and Brock Lesnar is the real winner.

We end the night with Brock walking out with Heyman.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So that is how the match ends, we have our 2 biggest matches end in such bullshit ways.  But both matches did their thing.

WWE did a great job of making this important, and give Undertaker credit, he looks in fantastic shape.  But I hated the ending.

So here we go, what will happen tomorrow night?  What did you think of the show?  Send me your thoughts, and I will talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.

Hopefully, the show will be good and we will see the build to Night of Champions.

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 8/22/15

Tonight, on the eve of Summerslam, NXT takes over Brooklyn.  We begin the night with NXT Kick-off show.

Here we go.

We are live in Brooklyn, in the Barclays Center.

Renee Young is with Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Lita.

We see Kevin Owens had entered the building earlier tonight.  Later, Owens Vs Balor in a Ladder Match, for the NXT World Title.

Also tonight, Baron Corbin faces Samoa Joe, in a Number One Contenders match.

Corbin Vs Joe video is being shown.

Joe is standing by, does he have any concern for Baron Corbin?

Tonight, Baron won’t have those opportunities, because he faces Joe man to man, face to face.  Tonight, Joe will put Corbin down, and he will put him sleep.

Joe has been wrestling all over the world for 16 years.

Tonight, Apollo Crews makes his NXT in-ring debut.

Also tonight, double main event for the NXT Women’s Title.  Bayley Vs Sasha Banks.

Bayley Vs Banks video is being shown.

Bayley has so much to prove tonight.  I have never been a fan of the gimmick, but tonight, they have a chance to just let Bayley do what she does best, wrestle.

Greg Hamilton and Dasha Fuentes are outside the Barclays Center, with the fans.

NXT Tag Titles are on the line tonight.  Murphy and Blake face The Vaudevillians.

Lita is teasing that she might come out with The Vaudevillians tonight to counter Alexa Bliss.

A SUV pulls up, and it’s Neville and Finn Balor.

Cesaro stops by to wish Balor luck, he faces Owens tomorrow night.

Tonight, Tyler Breeze face Jushin Thunder Liger, for the first time in NXT.

Tyler is with Rich Brennan, who is taking a photo shoot.

Tyler puts a Jushin Liger mask on Rich’s face.

Balor Vs Owens video is playing.

NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn starts now.

HHH is in the ring, it started as a whisper, until we started to blurt it out now.  We heard you, and started this quest, you wanted more.  We told you NXT is the future, you said the future is now.

And we pan to the crowd with an amazing house.  We are NXT.

Our first match is Tyler Breeze Vs Jushin Thunder Liger.

Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton welcomes us to the show.

Liger wins with a Liger Bomb.  Amazing Liger is 50 years old, and he can still fly like the best.

Amazing start to the show.

The Wolfpack is in the house.  Great ovation for Hall, Nash, and X-Pack.

Bayley is getting hugs from Charlotte and Becky Lynch.  A big night for Bayley.

Nia Jax is coming soon to NXT.

NXT Tag Title match is up now.  The Vaudevillians Vs Blake and Murphy.

No Lita, but Blue Pants came out to counter Bliss.

The Vaudevillians win the Tag Titles win with a Whirling Dervish, after Blue Pants took care of Alexa Bliss.

We are in The Barclays Center, a big WWE weekend.

Earlier today, we see the entrance of Finn Balor, Neville, and Cesaro.

Our next match is “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger Vs Apollo Crews.

Apollo wins with a Standing Shooting Star Press.

Impressive that a guy his size can do the high-flying.  I loved his dropkick.

NXT GM William Regal is welcoming us, he is introducing us to the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.  A tournament starts in 2 weeks, with the winners being declared on the next NXT Takeover, October 7th.

We miss “The American Dream”.

The 4 Tough Enough finalists are at ringside, and coming up next, we will see Samoa Joe Vs Baron Corbin.

Joe wins with the Coquina Clutch.  Corbin doesn’t tap out, but he passes out.

I liked that ending, because Corbin is still protected.

The stars are out tonight.  Sgt. Slaughter, Ric Flair, Kana, and of course Team B.A.D. are there to watch their girl, Sasha Banks.

Enter Stephanie McMahon.

15,000+ are watching this show at Barclays Center.  Millions are watching at WWE Network.  This is history, and a few weeks ago, Stephanie started a Divas Revolution on Raw.  But the truth is, it started in NXT.  HHH said it best, NXT Women’s division isn’t a part of the main event, they are the main event.

And our NXT Women’s Title match is up now.  Bayley Vs Sasha Banks.

Bayley defeats Sasha Banks in what will go down as one of the best women’s matches of the year.  She wins with a Bayley to Belly.

I might be a fan of Bayley after all, if she continues down this path as a serious competitor.

Charlotte and Becky come out to congratulate Bayley, and we see Sasha giving Bayley a big hug too.  An emotional moment, and we also get a mention of The Four Horsewomen, which all four started together in NXT developmental.

Just an awesome moment, and Sasha has a match tomorrow night at Summerslam.

Earlier tonight, HHH made an announcement that NXT will be touring in the UK in December.

Our main event is up now.  Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor, for the NXT World Title, in a Ladder Match.

Kevin’s family is in the front row, Kevin also brought up during his entrance that when WWE Network started, he was at home watching NXT.  But now, he’s main eventing on NXT, which says it all.

Finn retains his title in a brutal match here, with a Coup De Gras off the top of the ladder.  And before that, Balor pulled off a Belly to Back Suplex on the ladder.  Kevin looked like he was dead, and he has a match tomorrow night.

Incredible match here, and Finn celebrates the win, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Once again, the effort was there, the payoff was amazing.  All 6 matches clicked.  It was special to see Jushin Liger in a WWE ring, and that just kicked the show off.

The two main events though was what brought us to the dance.  I have to give the nod to Banks Vs Bayley as best match of the night, but Owens Vs Balor was amazing too.

I need to start paying attention to NXT again on a weekly basis.

Summerslam is tomorrow, so those women and men better bring it, because NXT Brooklyn set the bar very high.

What were your thoughts on the show?  If you have WWE Network, see this event, it’s worth it to see it again.  I will talk to you all tomorrow, for Summerslam.

Impact Wrestling 8/19/15….Turning Point

Tonight, Jeff Jarrett is in charge again, and we will have a TNA World Heavyweight Title match.  EC3 will defend his title against P.J. Black.  Gail Kim will take on The Dollhouse inside Six Sides of Steel.  Eric Young Vs Chris Melendez, Impact Wrestling is now.

The Jarretts make their way to the ring.

Before they talk about tonight’s show, let’s talk about last week’s show.  The world has been buzzing since last week about Global Force Wrestling.  From the Grand Slam Tour, to the Impact Show, against TNA wrestlers.  So we will take it one step closer.  For the first time tonight, a Global Force wrestler will vie to become new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  And we will keep on going….

Here comes EC3.

This is not GFW Jeff, this is TNA.  The house the Carters built.  Jeff doesn’t want any piece of EC3.  His match against PJ Black?  Nope, it won’t happen.

Karen Jarrett explains EC3 who Jeff is.  The man who formed Global Force Wrestling, and before that, he formed TNA.  So is this animosity EC3 has because his aunt Dixie chose Jeff to run this place over Ethan?  Bully Ray gets knocked out, as did Drew Galloway, so who could gain more by taking them out.

Ethan wonders then if she is accusing Ethan of anything, and Karen is just stating the facts.  Ethan denies any wrongdoing, and tells “Toots” he won’t see her again, and threatens to pack his bags, and leave the building.

Jeff tells EC3 he will go to the back, and tell Aunt Dee to sanction this match, since he still has a bit of ownership here, so he has 2 options, either A.  Defend the title, or B.  Stripped of the title.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are in the studios, going over last week’s festivities, including Drew Galloway being knocked out.

Earlier tonight, the camera dude catches up with Drew.  He doesn’t know who knocked out Bully Ray, but he believes Eli Drake took him out, and tonight, he gets a No DQ match with him, and he is planning pay back.

Our first match is the Open Mic Challenge between Bram Vs Mr. Anderson.

Mr. Anderson wins the match in what was a ladder match that had tables and chairs too.  Bram grabbed the mic first, but Anderson nails a Mic Check on Bram, and nails him many times with the mic to win.

A good fight here.

Roode is in the back, telling Jarrett he disrespected him last week, he wants to know what he has plans for Bobby tonight, Jarrett needs to see Dixie and walks off.

EC3 is irate that Jeff Jarrett accuses him of doing anything with taking out Bully Ray?  Aunt Dee, they have had their problems, but do the right thing for TNA.  Don’t strip him of the title.

The Revolution comes out to the ring.

Now Storm is going to say something we may not understand.  The Revolution is a family.  What they lack in blood, they make up for committment.  Everything The Revolution has given, Storm gives them opportunities.  People say Storm was too hard on that man who used to stand with them, so how about that man comes face to face and speak out.  Khoya, come on out.

The man formerly known as Khoya comes out.

Maybe Storm was too hard on him, James wants him to come to the ring, and nothing will happen to him.  Storm just wants to talk man to man.

Storm brings up he wanted to be hard on him to test his loyalty, to see how bad he wants to be a part of The Revolution.

These people don’t care about him, he came to this country, he couldn’t speak any english.  He told him that all he wanted to do is provide for his family.

Which is why Storm wants him to point out his finger to the sky.

He did everything for The Revolution, but The Revolution did nothing for him.

His name is….

His name is Khoya.

His name is Mahabali Shera, and he is just like the fans.  He likes to dance, and he believes the fans want to dance.

So he does dance, with the fans.

He teaches Manik how to dance, and Manik looks like he is having fun.

But Storm tells him he is like a joke, and Shera tells him he wants to fight.

But Abyss helps Storm out, and lays him out with a Chokeslam.  They order Manik to use a Frogsplash, and he reluctantly does that.

Storm hits a Last Call Superkick, and Storm screams at Mahabali sooner or later, he will cut his throat.

Coming up next, Six Sides of Steel, Gail Kim Vs The Dollhouse.

JB is in the back with PJ Black.

First week in, he wins King of the Mountain Title, second week in, he has a TNA World Title shot.  EC3, he knows is trying to get out of the match, but do the right thing.

Eric Young calls PJ a thief, and tells him he will take what is his.

The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim is now.

Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse with Eat Defeat.

Earlier tonight, The Jarretts threaten EC3 he will defend his title tonight, or get stripped of the title.

He is discussing with Dixie about the main event tonight.

EC3 intervenes, questioning if Dixie really wants to give one of his guys a title shot against him.

Aunt Dee tells him either he defends the title, or is stripped.  It’s his decision.

EC3 Vs PJ Black is schedule, but next, Eli Drake Vs Drew Galloway in a No DQ match.

Moments ago, Gail Kim defeated The Dollhouse inside Six Sides of Steel.

Gail Kim is looking for Taryn Terrell.

Will we see EC3 Vs PJ Black tonight?

EC3 and Tyrus speak about this decision, Matt Hardy tells EC3 he is still coming for his title.  EC3 tells him if he has a problem with him, he has to deal with Tyrus.

Hardy Vs Tyrus tonight.

Eli Drake denies anything to do with taking out Galloway, and our match is set now.

Drew Galloway wins the match putting Eli through a table.

They are talking like this is the final of the feud.

Taryn Terrell is running from Gail Kim, and is met by Velvet Sky.  Velvet tells Taryn she is done.

Will EC3 Vs PJ Black happen tonight?

Velvet and Taryn find Gail, and Velvet tell us paybacks are a bitch.

Eric Young come out to the ring.

Jeff Jarrett doesn’t know what he’s doing.  TNA board of directors do not know what they are doing.  The TNA World Heavyweight Title runs through him.

Here comes Chris Melendez.

He won’t go away, and he wants a match.

Eric tells him he has nothing he wants, he’s not in Eric’s level.  But wait a second, he is a big game hunter, and he does want something, Chris’ leg.

Chris accepts, and EY takes a cheap shot, but the young hero turns the corner, and is on top.

Hardy Vs Tyrus is next.

Jarrett has something else he wants to go over with Dixie. But Dixie wants to see if Ethan accepts the match first.

Hardy vs Tyrus is now.

Hardy wins with 2 Twist of Fates. But is interrupted by EC3, who nails him with the title. He accepts the challenge, and calls for the best GFW wrestler they have.

Our title match is next.

EC3 wins with a One Percenter, in what was a good match.

Jeff and Dixie are watching, Jeff wants to keep the ball rolling, and proposes that Jeff runs Impact Wrestling week to week.

Dixie wants time to think about it, and will let him know next week.

Next week, 3 titles are on the line. Velvet Sky faces Brooke, for the Knockout Title. The Wolves face The Revolution for Tag Titles. Tigre Uno defends his X-Division Title against DJ Z and Sonjay Dutt, and Drew Galloway wants answers about who attacked him.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I loved the ending of the main event, EC3 and PJ Black are two of the best young wrestlers, and they proved it.

But anything else just didn’t feel like a special show. We even used to have a nice intro for these free-PPV shows, but we don’t get that anymore.

This was just an okay show, and it should have been better.

What was your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/17/15…Summerslam Week

We are live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we see Stephanie McMahon and HHH, The Authority kick the show off.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw.  Tonight feels like Christmas morning, before you open the gifts.  Because we are 6 days away from Summerslam, the biggest party of the summer.

And we get a bit of a shill, we get it.  WWE Network is just $9.99 a month.

Careers will be defined, scores will be settled, and history will be made.

We begin the card with the biggest rematch, even bigger than Wrestlemania.  The Undertaker Vs “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

And tonight, both Brock and Taker will be in the same ring.

And of course, Title Vs Title, Winner take all, John Cena Vs Seth Rollins.

Tonight, we get a contract signing between Cena and Rollins.

Also at Summerslam, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns takes on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

We get to see Luke Harper tonight face Roman Reigns.

We see the Three-Team Divas Elimination Match, at Summerslam.

Tonight, Nikki Bella will face “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

Summerslam will be 4 hours, 9 matches, available on WWE Network.

Stephanie informs us John Stewart is the host of Summerslam.

The Road to Summerslam starts right now.

It’s Orton and Cesaro Vs Owens and Sheamus, now.

Orton and Cesaro win when Orton hits a RKO, and pins Sheamus.

16 months in the making, at Summerslam it will be Lesnar Vs Undertaker.

They will be in the same building tonight.  We see what happened at Battleground, when “The Deadman” came back to cost Lesnar his WWE World Title match.

The next night on Raw, we see that wicked brawl the two men had on Raw.

We hear from The Deadman, next.

We see smoke, we hear the druids and hear Undertaker’s voice.

When the reaper calls your name, there is no remorse.  When the reaper calls your name, it’s over.  Lesnar, your name is called.  And at Summerslam, you will never rest in peace.

This Sunday, Summerslam starts an hour early, at 7:00 PM Eastern, featured on WWE Network.

At Summerslam, we will have Champion Vs Champion, Seth Rollins Vs John Cena.

We see footage from last month, when Rollins kicked Cena, and broke John’s nose.

We will have a contract signing, tonight.

Rollins is with The Authority.  The only thing Cena hasn’t done is look him in the face, and accept the challenge of Title Vs Title.

Rollins has one more favor, after he defeats Cena at Summerslam, he feels like he deserves a spot of statue of legends at WWE headquarters.

They tell him that if he brings back both championships, consider it done.

Dean Ambrose is heading to the ring.

Reigns Vs Harper is up now.

Reigns wins with a spear, a good match between these two.  Ambrose and Reigns are ready for this Sunday.

Bray Wyatt checks on his brother, lights go out, and he says to follow the buzzards.

John Stewart will be the host of Summerslam.

Tamina is in the ring, scheduled to face Becky Lynch, one on one.

Becky wins with The Disarmer, making Tamina tap out.

Later tonight, Sasha Banks Vs Nikki Bella.

Also tonight, contract singing between John Cena and Seth Rollins.  And tonight, it’s Brock Lesnar’s Homecoming.

Lana is doing commentary, and we will see another Rusev Vs Mark Henry match.

Mark tried, but a second Accolade did him in.

The Bulgarian flag pops out, with Rusev’s face.

Lana heads to the ring, wanting to fight Summer Rae.

The heels come off, and they are ready.

Lana slaps Summer’s face, and orders Rusev to come inside the ring.

Ziggler chants, and here he comes.

Ziggler executes DDT, and almost kicks Summer Rae, as Rusev hides behind her, but Lana kicks Summer, and Ziggler kicks Rusev.

Now that was awesome.

Now they make out, and Rusev is furious.  He’s still not over her.

Tonight, official contract signing between Cena and Rollins.

Moments ago, we see the slap that shocked the world, and the return of Ziggy.

Ziggler and Lana are confronted by Jo-Jo.

That reaction was awesome, which is why the job is the best of the world.  Ziggler wants Rusev one on one, at Summerslam.

Ziggler is back, it’s too bad they are just too good.

Video now showing The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar’s homecoming is tonight.

Feed Me More!!

“The Big Guy” is ready.

Well, it’s supposed to be Ryback Vs The Miz.

Big Show joins commentary, but Miz is not impressed by Big Show going to Hollywood.  This Sunday, we will see a star, front and center, winning the Intercontinental Championship.  Now he wants us to shut up while he takes off his sunglasses.

Ryback handled Miz, with ease.  Shellshock.

This weekend, Triple Threat match, but right now Ryback wants Big Show in the ring.

But Big Show is not interested, and he walks away.

Up next, official contract singing between Cena and Rollins.

HHH and Stephanie are here to officiate the contract signing, so here comes Rollins and Cena.

Seth is feeling their love for the warm introduction.  But before they start that, he wants to congratulate Steph and HHH for what will go down as the greatest Summerslam of all time.

And he wants to congratulate himself for having that statue of himself after he beats Cena at Summerslam.

But he wants to congratulate the fans, give yourselves a good hand.  It’s not often you know you will see a historic event.  It’s not like you go to a baseball game, knowing you will see a no-hitter, unless you live in Minnesota.

But I digress, he will defeat Cena, and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion at the same time.

The fans give us a Let’s Go Cena, and Cena Sucks.  Seth brings up a fellow person from Minnesota, with Bob Dylan singing a song “The Time has come for a change”.

And that is very fitting, because for the last decade, Cena has been at the top of the mountain, and he loves playing the role of “Superman”, making sure nobody takes him off the top.

John Cena is a disease, and with one kick, he sent his face down to shattered pieces.  He is going to inject the serum that will free us of John Cena, because he is a disease, and Seth Rollins is the cure.

So Cena continues to disrespect Rollins’ title reign, well John, Seth will take him out at Summerslam.  Cena is too much of a coward that he couldn’t answer to Rollins’ challenge?  He had to go to Tough Enough, thousands of miles away from Rollins.

And here comes Cena.

Rollins is trying to defend his title, when half the arena is chanting let’s go Cena, the other half is chanting Cena sucks, and the fans don’t give a damn about Seth Rollins.

Sad thing is The Champ is there, and he’s doing a cheap imitation of John Cena.

It’s time you do something, HHH hand-picked Rollins to be the future of the WWE, and it’s time he does something about it.  HHH is The Cerebral Assassin, he doesn’t do that, unless he truly believes in you.  He gave you everything you need, including The Pedigree.  But you will realize something he has known the last decade, The real champ is here, and he ain’t going anywhere.

Rollins talks about the knee that took out Cena?  The Authority and doctors had told him not to show up last week, so it gave him an extra week to think what he’s going to do.  Payback, he is a 15-time World Champion.  So he will defeat “Captain Morgan” this Sunday, and become a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion.  HHH knows about this, because the record is held by his mentor, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

The issue here though is this, HHH was never Ric Flair’s bitch.  This Sunday, Cena will make Seth his.

Cena signs, and walks off.

No comeback at all, wow.

This Sunday, Title Vs Title, winner take all.  Cena Vs Rollins.

Banks Vs Nikki Bella is tonight.

8-man tag match featuring New Day and Los Matadores Vs Prime Time Players and Lucha Dragons.

Dragons and PTP win, moving on.

Earlier tonight, the return of Dolph Ziggler.

It’s official, Ziggler Vs Rusev, now giving us 10 matches.

Also at Summerslam, Stephen Amell and Neville Vs Stardust and King Barrett.

Some amazing artwork that has shown us the Amell and Neville Vs Barrett and Stardust match.

Now a creepy promo from Stardust and King Barrett.

Nikki Bella Vs Sasha Banks is now.

Sasha makes Nikki tap out to The Bank Statement.  The biggest win of her career.

Team PCB is standing by with Renee Young, who makes her only appearance of the night.

They will take care of business this Sunday night and be the last team standing.

And they will do it with a little Flair….WOOOOOOO

Footage from Wrestlemania 30, Brock beat The Streak.

Brock Lesnar’s homecoming is next.

This Saturday night, NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn is at 9:00.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman, and he is the host for tonight’s homecoming.  Because he is the advocate to the only being in history to ever defeat The Streak, the one who defeated the biggest Hollywood superstar to become the undisputed WWE World Champion.  The one who defeated the most decorated UFC fighter to be the Heavyweight Champion.  And the one who held the NCAA World Heavyweight Championship, representing the University of Minnesota, Brock Lesnar.

A hero coming home.

Suplex City chants.

Heyman is singing to Lesnar, about Taker, “The Conqueror Marches On”.

Gong, Gong.

The lights go out, comes back, but no Taker.

It’s all a ruse.

Suplex City chants.

That’s the best you got, jedi mind tricks?  Look at this Obi-Wan.  This Sunday at Summerslam, you can get God and the devil to team up, and he swears to you, his client will take all three to Suplex City.

Brock, ever since the ref counted to three, he has dreamt about taking revenge at his client, Brock Lesnar.  And then at Battleground, when he came to get his revenge, he gave Brock a low blow.

The reason?  The moment Undertaker locked eyes with Brock he knew he couldn’t go from conquered to conqueror.  Undertaker has never beaten Brock Lesnar, and that will continue after Summerslam.

Undertaker fears Brock.  Now, his client isn’t taking Undertaker lightly.  The shape The Undertaker was in when he took Brock to fight, Heyman knows any man, Taker can put them in a Tombstone Piledriver, but he’s not fighting a man, he is fighting a beast.

This Sunday night at Summerslam, his client does not respect his accomplishments.  He won’t recognize his World Title reigns, or the historic dominance Undertaker has had, because this Sunday….


The lights come back on, and it’s Undertaker in the ring, giving Brock a low blow, and a Chokeslam.

Tombstone Piledriver!!

Undertaker standing over Brock, and just stares at Heyman.

Crowd is booing Taker, because this is Brock’s hometown.

Taker bows down, The Phenom sees revenge.

The show ends with Taker on the top ramp.  We are ready for this Sunday.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A strong show tonight that makes Summerslam look important.  I wish WWE would make their Raw’s feel special like this one.

This is indeed a big week for WWE, we have NXT Takeover this Saturday night, and Summerslam Sunday night.  No mention of the Kick-Off show, but I am sure they will start things off at 6:30, maybe even at 6:00.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me.

Impact Wrestling 8/12/15…When Worlds Collide…TNA Vs GFW

Earlier today, Jeff Jarrett and his GWF family entered the Impact Zone.  Tonight, Double-J is in charge.

We will see Tigre Uno Vs Sonjay Dutt.  We will also see Brian Myers and Trevor Lee face The Wolves.

Awesome Kong Vs Lei-D Tapa, and 5 men compete for King of the Mountain Title.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out to the ring.

Jeff wants to thank for the phone call he received, and he is now the newest member of TNA Hall of Fame.  And now his TNA career is finally over.  He has founded Global Force Wrestling.  This is about competing at the highest ability.  We have rivalries in sports, and tonight, we create our new rivalry.

Tonight, this is the best of the best.  The best of Global will compete against the best of TNA.

Tigre Uno will face off Sonjay Dutt.  We will also see Lei’D Tapa Vs Awesome Kong.  We will also see a dream tag team of Brian Myers and Trevor Lee Vs The Wolves.  And in our main event, King of the Mountain….

Here comes Eric Young.

Eric doesn’t care about the fans, he doesn’t care about Jarrett.  He is King of the World.  Jeff is looking at God, and he decides the fate of the World Title not once, but twice.  He decided Kurt Angle should leave, and never come back.  He took a war hero’s leg, just because he felt like it.  Jarrett will play booker, and Eric will take that title.  He will take his pride, he will take his honor.

Eric doesn’t work for Jeff, which means he can kick his ass anytime he wants.  He said he wouldn’t do this for himself, he would do it for the fans.  This is a title who would be defended multiple organizations.  So he will put King of the Mountain Title on the line tonight, in the first ever King of the Mountain on Impact.

Eric Young will be the first participant.  EY attacks Jarrett, but here comes Team GFW.  However Team TNA comes out, and we have a fight as we go to commercial break.

Moments ago, we see the big fight between TNA Vs GFW.

Team GFW are rallying the troops.  Jarrett tells them this is about competing, this isn’t an invasion.  Just win your matches.

The Pope and Josh Matthews are in the studios.

An update on Bully Ray, he has no timetable to return.

Lei’D Tapa Vs Awesome Kong is now.

Royal Red is with Tapa, and this is the queen Lei’D Tapa.  So anyone come on out to her ring, and bow down.

Kong heads to the ring.

This was a double count out, and the fight continues to the back.  Kong slams Tapa to the floor.

King of the Mountain Match.  So far it’s Eric Young, Drew Galloway, and P.J. Black.

We get a backstage moment from the wrestler formerly known as Justin Gabriel.

He is here to represent Global Wrestling, but he is also here to show everyone what P.J. Black is about.

P.J. has a phone call to take.

Drew Galloway is ready for his match, later tonight.

Bobby Roode is in the ring.

To say you have chaos all around would be an understatement.  You have Global Wrestling Federation here, TNA, here, Jeff Jarrett, and alot of unknowns.  Some of those unknowns concern him.  He is a bit pissed off, because you have a King of the Mountain match tonight, but “The It Factor” of Professional Wrestling isn’t involved.  If there is one guy who deserves that spot, it is Roode.  And Jeff, if you have something against Roode, be a man and say it to his face.

Secondly, he has something to say to Rockstar Spud, the man who defeated Austin Aries last week.

Roode tells Spud he should be proud that he beat Austin Aries.  He proved that anyone can beat anyone on any given night, including Spudey.

Spud never thought he would be standing in the ring talking to Bobby Roode, and Roode act like such a prick.  He understands how Roode feels, Spud shouldn’t be in the ring, but he told his teacher and parents one day he would be a pro wrestler, and he did that.  He said one day he would be a champion, and he is a 2-time X-Division Champion.  He said he would be World Champion, and he took Kurt Angle to the limit.  He defeated his friend last week, Austin Aries.  He deserves everything he has done in this ring.  Bullies used to pick on him as a little boy, but now, if that happened, he’d come right back to them and demand his lunch money back.

Roode agrees with Spud, he has earned everything he has done, and Roode should not be upset at Spud, but he is.  Spud is looking at “The It Factor” Bobby Roode.  If he was in the ring with Roode, in those same circumstances, he would do everything he could to end Spud’s career, and he’d beat him.

Spud said on most nights, Roode would be right, but not tonight.

Spud gets the first hit, and now the two men fight it out.  But Bobby rams Spud shoulder into the steel steps, and slaps The Crossface, as we go to a break.

Backstage, Roode and Jarrett go face to face.  Does Jarrett know who he is?  He books for one night, and he leaves Roode to the side.  This is a wake up call to TNA management.

It’s now Lashley Vs Jesse Godderz.

This is a King of the Mountain Qualifying match.

Lashley wins with a spear, pinning Jesse, moving on to King of the Mountain match later tonight.

Video from Full Metal Mayhem between Matt Hardy and EC3.

The Champ is out next.

We see the back, Drew Galloway is knocked out.  Who did this?

Moments ago, we see Drew Galloway being taken out.

The Jarretts are beside themselves with Dixie Carter.  Jarrett will figure this out. Dixie will go to the hospital with Drew.

Ladies and gentlemen…EC3…

Trouble!!  Trouble!!  Trouble!!

The Champ Is Here!!

Do you see what stands before you?  THE World Champion.

He was born and bred to carry this company to the future.  This title represents a culmination of his life’s worth.  This title means he is better than you, then you, than you, than you, than you, and anyone who is in the locker room.

He defended this title like it was a car crash.  EC3 won, and Matt Hardy, you lost.

The crowd chants he sucks, and Carter said he defends the title, in God Mode.  That means he is the unbreakable, undefeated, unbeatable champion, here, now, and forever.

Matt Hardy has something to say about that.

Matt heard every word he had to say, and he truly does deserve to say everything he just said.  EC3 beat Hardy in a match he helped create, he was the better man last week.  And he truly respects Ethan.  But through these compliments, there are caveats.  But #Matt4Champ is still trending, and won’t stop until Matt wins the title.

Matt will not give up, he will not quit, and he will not die.

Matt will not die, and Ethan has respect for Hardy.  When Matt nailed him at the table with the leg drop, Ethan hurt, and still is.  He will grant Hardy another title shot, but he won’t decide, the fans will.  You all want a title shot?

Damn right, well the answer is noooooooooooooooooooooowaaaaaaahhhhh

Titus goes after Hardy, the champ is here, laying out Hardy with the championship.

Next, The Wolves Vs Brian Myers and Trevor Lee.

Taryn wants The Dollhouse to take Gail Kim out, for good.  Fight Gail in a cage, and end her forever.  That way, Gail will never hurt her again.

Six Sides of Steel Cage match.

“The Adonis” Chris Mordeski is added to King of the Mountain match.

Tag Team action is up now.

The Wolves win with the combination of a Powerbomb and Backcracker.  Davey pins Lee.

King of the Mountain match is our main event.  Who is taking over for Drew Galloway?

Lashley is in the back, and we get a stupid question from the backstage goof.  Lashley wants to win, but he also wants to do this for TNA.

Tigre Uno Vs Sonjay Dutt is up now.

Uno wins with a roll up.

Jarrett is proud of EC3’s accomplishments, and Carter isn’t buying it.  He has his eyes on it.  He has his 5th man for the main event tonight, and Carter gets the winner next week, for No Surrender, and Carter’s title is on the line.

Next week, it’s Bram Vs Mr. Anderson, in an Open Mike Challenge.  Also, inside a Six Sides of Steel, Gail Kim Vs The Dollhouse.  And Jeff Jarrett announced that we will see Carter defend the title against the winner of tonight’s match.

The 5th man in tonight’s King of the Mountain match?  Robbie E.

Our main event is now.

P.J. Black wins the King of the Mountain Title, and next week at Turning Point, it will be EC3 Vs P.J. Black, for the title. We end the show with both men showing their titles.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Some strong points to the show, and some pointless points too. We have Robbie E as the 5th man, yet there was no backstage segment? Why not make that choice important there? Instead, Robbie just seemed like a random choice.

I did like the mic work by Roode and Spud, and Hardy and EC3, and we had a great tag team match.

So if you’re scoring at home, and you know who you are, we had TNA take 2 wins, GFW took 1, and a countout.

Looking forward to Turning Point next week. What were your thoughts? Send them here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/10/15…Is Summerslam Heating Up?

We are 2 weeks away from the biggest party of the summer, and with this PPV being 4 hours, we expect the show to pick up to make these matches must-see in 13 days.  I mean, putting a 4-hour PPV that nobody really cares about is like putting on a 3-hour weekly show that doesn’t mean anything.  I mean that wouldn’t happen, right?  Right?


We are live in Seattle, Washington.  13 days away from the biggest rematch of the summer, between The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar.  We take a look at that video tonight, also “Arrow’s” own Stephen Amell is a special guest host, will he confront Stardust?  Also tonight, Luke Harper Vs Dean Ambrose.

But kicking things off, a 30 minute promo with Seth Rollins.

It’s Monday Night Rollins!!

He is the man who broke the face who runs this place.  Mr. “You can’t see me”, our WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  The Champion of Champions himself, Seth Rollins.

Last week, Rollins presented Cena an opportunity of a lifetime, he presented Cena with a title vs title match at Summerslam, winner takes all.

And what is Cena’s reply?  Nothing.  What is Cena doing with all of his free time?  Is he dropping on that Dr. Dre album too much?  Or is he trying to re-adapt his rapping career?  Because Cena isn’t straight outta Compton, he is straight outta no action.  Because Rollins just dropped Cena’s face with his knee.

If John doesn’t want to show up at Summerslam, and face him like a man, then he can show up in Brooklyn and forfeit his United States Title, like a man.

Regardless, Rollins will hold the WWE World Championship, and United States Championship at the same time.

Cena will show up tomorrow night at Tough Enough.  Then maybe he isn’t tough enough to show up?  Rollins wishes he was half the man he was, and show up tonight.

Wait a second, Cena is here?  Oh wait, he is live via satellite.

We see Cena on the titantron, but it’s Rollins doing the voice, from earlier tonight.

“Cena” is giving up, and Rollins tells him he is doing the right thing because the fans deserve a fighting champion, and that fighting champion is Seth Rollins.

He proved it when he beat Neville last week in the first ever Seth Rollins WWE World Title Open Challenge.  Neville showed while he is good, he isn’t the man.  And in order to be the man, you must defeat….

Enter Cesaro.

Cesaro brings up since Rollins was bringing up his Seth Rollins open challenge, Cesaro offers an open challenge, tonight.

That was last week, there is no open challenge.  What does Cesaro think he has done to earn that shot?

Enter Kevin Owens.

That answer Seth is nothing.  Cesaro has done nothing to warrant a shot.  He may think he does, because some idiot wrote up Cesaro Section signs.  But he has done nothing, while Owens deserves a shot, because he defeated John Cena.  Unlike these two, and Seth, let’s face it, you tapped out.  But didn’t Owens do that?

Enter Orton.

If anyone deserves a title shot, it’s Rollins.

Rollins makes it clear, the match isn’t going to happen.  Tom Brady has a better chance of getting a free meal in Seattle than these idiots have in getting a title shot tonight.  He doesn’t care what they think, he doesn’t care what The Authority thinks, just get out of his ring.

Now comes HHH, which certainly liked the idea of what Rollins said, that he doesn’t care what The Authority thinks.  We are 2 weeks away from Summerslam, and they were told John Cena is 50/50 at even showing up at the PPV.  Now that can create some chaos, so tonight, we set the stage.  We will have a Triple Threat match with Orton Vs Owens Vs Cesaro.  The winner goes on to face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, tonight.

Also tonight, a special Miz TV with Miz’s guest being Daniel Bryan.  But next, 6-diva tag action, Team Bella Vs Team B.A.D.

Team Bella wins the match, but the excitement came after when all 9 divas attacks each other.

Charlotte lays out Brie with a spear, and now Team B.A.D. go face to face with PCB, the new name which was the former Submission Sorority.

Triple Threat match later tonight will determine who faces Rollins, later tonight.

The New Day Vs Los Matadores, go.

The New Day picks up the big win, with Big E. winning.

New Day Rocks!!

2 weeks away, from Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker.  We take a look at that match, later tonight.

New Day are celebrating their victory backstage.  Renee Young stand by with them.

It’s official, New Day will face Prime Time Players at Summerslam!!


And Los Matadores have been added to it too.

Triple Threat is fine with New Day.

And Lucha Dragons have been added too.

So a Fatal 4-Way match?  Regardless, we all know New Day Rocks.

Seth Rollins is discussing tonight’s matters with HHH.

This is about building a legacy, and that takes time.  Yes, he will defend his title, it will be against someone who will compete in a grueling Triple Threat match.  Besides, Rollins did this himself, by putting the Seth Rollins Open Challenge last week.  Neville took him to the limit, and Rollins showed the world what he can do.

If John Cena can do it….

Footage from last week on Smackdown.  The Wyatt Family Vs The Family at Summerslam is set.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose Vs Luke Harper goes one on one.

But next, Triple Threat match to determine who faces Rollins later tonight.  Cesaro Vs Orton Vs Owens.

Orton stole the win here with a RKO, pinning Cesaro to face Rollins later tonight.

A fun match here, but the ending we saw Cesaro and Owens work the match, but Orton came out of nowhere to pick up the win.

Orton Vs Rollins, later tonight.

Rollins is ready for the challenge backstage.

Ambrose is backstage.

He never had any friends growing up, but as he got older, he did find a friend.  You always need a friend if you get caught in Fresno…

Reigns tells us it’s good to have friends.  Luke Harper would do anything for Bray Wyatt, but Bray wouldn’t do much for Luke.  They aren’t even brothers.  Reigns asks Ambrose how he likes his coffee, black, with a little bit of sugar.  How about his water?  Room temperature. And his beer?  ice-cold.

Wyatt and Harper, you will find out what it’s like to mess with brothers, tonight and at Summerclam.

Believe that.

Video of Lesnar Vs Taker is playing now.

Next week on Raw, same arena….same time.  The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

After Raw, a special look at Lesnar Vs Taker.

But now, Ambrose Vs Harper.

Harper wins with his clothesline, after being distracted by Wyatt.  So where was Reigns to help?

Miz TV is next.

Miz welcomes Daniel Bryan.

The crowd loves Daniel Bryan.

Miz isn’t impressed, because he has a show to run.  Crowd doesn’t care.

Yes Chant is in full effect.

Daniel didn’t exactly come here to be a part of Miz TV.  Did you really think Daniel would miss Raw in his own home of Washington State.

Miz is a fan of Cleveland Browns.

Miz wants to talk about how he made Daniel Bryan’s career.

Daniel tells Miz he can take a lot of credit, such as his A-List ability being a part of the new film “Santa’s Little Helper”.  He can take credit for his amazing wardrobe.  But he can’t take career of Daniel’s career.  The fans can do that.

We will have to agree to disagree.  But they can talk about his official in-ring status, which is to say he is still on the shelf.

Since Miz has never been hurt, what is it like to be at home, doing nothing?

Daniel has been busy, writing a best-selling book, and being a judge on Tough Enough.

Miz is disappointed to see Daniel didn’t write enough about Miz.  And Miz too is a judge on Tough Enough.

Daniel got his first big break in WWE, through Miz, but Daniel also did the right thing when he was injured.  Shouldn’t Ryback do the right thing?

Which is what?

Vacate the IC Title, cancel his Triple Threat match at Summerslam, and award the title to The Miz.

Big Show shows up, he is going to punch Miz out one more time, and he dares the fans to find someone who will make Big Show retire.

Here comes Ryback.

Ryback and Big Show goes face to face.  Daniel shoves Miz right back in the ring.  Not looking good for the Cleveland Browns fan.

Ryback gives Big Show a Meat Hook.  He wanted to be fed more, so he gives Miz a Meat Hook.

Triple Threat match for the IC Title is set at Summerslam.

Orton Vs Rollins has history, Orton nails an incredible RKO at Wrestlemania this past year.

Tonight, World Heavyweight Championship match.  Rollins Vs Orton.

Video of Charlotte is being shown.

Earlier tonight, 6 divas are in action.

At Summerslam, A Divas-Three-Team Elimination match of Team Bellas Vs Team B.A.D. Vs Team PCB.

Rusev is in the ring, with Summer Rae.  He is facing off Mark Henry, with Lana joining them on commentary.

This match ends rather quickly.  I guess we can say Henry lost by DQ, when Lana stopped Summer Rae from interfering, but Summer clipped Lana and actually gave her The Accolade.

The Bulgarian flag, with Rusev’s face is shown now.

Dolph Ziggler will return sometime after Summerslam.

Stephen Adell is watching this show in the front row.

The week that was for Neville.

Stephen Amell is not amused by what we saw.

Next, Neville is in action.

Neville Vs King Barrett.

And like that, Red Arrow with Neville picking up the win.

Stardust attacks Neville from behind.  Stardust goes face to face with Stephen Amell.  Stardust gives Green Arrow a pie face, and Amell has enough, going right after Stardust, inside a WWE ring.

Security comes out, and separates both men.

We see what we just saw, and backstage, HHH checks on Stephen.  HHH does not agree to this, because Amell was a guest.  Stephen and Neville want a match at Summerslam against Barrett and Stardust.  Amell tells HHH to have his lawyers reach the contract, he will sign whatever waiver he wants.  HHH tell him that he will wash his hands from this, he will deliver the contracts to Stephen’s lawyers, have the contract signed.  It will be The Red Arrow and The Green Arrow teaming together against Stardust and King Barrett.

Jo-Jo is standing by with Sheamus.

Who does Sheamus root for tonight?  The boring Randy Orton or the weasel Seth Rollins?

He makes a John Cena and Goonies joke.  But HHH was right earlier, there is chaos centering around the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  But there is one right thing, the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Sheamus will cash this in, and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  And Jo-Jo, it could be tonight.

Orton vs Rollins is our main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton wins by DQ, when Sheamus grabs Orton after a RKO and lays him out. But Sheamus is all set to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, but for whatever reason, the ref is clumsy, and does not do it. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick, and Orton stops this with a RKO.

The show ends with Orton celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The show started off strong, but the ending was very confusing. I am bored of the storyline that the MITB winner tries to cash in the briefcase, but for whatever reason, it does not happen. But Michael Cole MAKES IT CLEAR that it wasn’t official. No shit, but whatever.

To be honest, Summerslam just isn’t shaping up to be a huge PPV. Other than Lesnar Vs Taker, everything has been sub par. I just am not sure the reasoning for Title Vs Title, especially when the title will be vacated after the PPV. If the plan all along was going to be Cena Vs Rollins, then why not give Owens the United States Title at Battleground?

He’s John Cena, he can get a title anytime. But if someone like Owens wins the US Title, not only is Owens a made man for beating the face that truly does run this place, but it also sets up a future rivalry down the line, and it makes Cesaro Vs Owens important, for the title.

So Summerslam is truly being centered around a one match show, and it’s 4 hours long.

Do you agree? Disagree? Send me your thoughts.

WWE Monday Night Raw 8/3/15….Lesnar Is Back, And He’s Looking For Taker

In memory of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and we see all of the wrestlers up at the ramp.  We get the sad 10 bell salute.

In the very same summer, we lost “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, and now “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

We get a nice video profile of him.

We are live in San Jose, California.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Our main event is a 6-man tag match of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Randy Orton Vs The Wyatt Family and Sheamus.

But the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins comes out to the ring.

The champ is amused with himself over kicking John Cena’s nose, and breaking it.

There is only one person in WWE that can slow him down, and that person is Seth Rollins.

He has a problem, and it’s been plaguing him, sympathy.  He is too sympathetic for his own good.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is priceless.

We see video again of the broken nose.

Rollins feels John Cena’s  nose crack on his knee.  At first, he didn’t feel bad.  It happens in WWE, it wasn’t the first time he breaks someone’s nose, and it won’t be the last.  But he did break the face that runs this place.

And then he saw the picture of Cena, and we see a picture of Cena’s nose broken.

Then we had to stop the match, and reward Rollins the United States Title, but Cena did not want to stop, and the referee isn’t a humanitarian, like Rollins is, so Seth got caught, and Cena won the match.

He knows Cena is watching at home, licking his wounds.  So how about we do one more match, title for title, winner take all, at the 4 hour Summerslam.

And John, if you aren’t as tough as you think you are, and you don’t have the cojones to fight for the title, like you think you do, he gets rewarded the title.  Either way, Seth holds both titles.

Now San Jose is the place to be, and it’s not because of the fans, it’s because of Seth Rollins.  This is the place where he won his first WWE World Title.  And this is also the place where Cena made his first United States Title open challenge.  So how about we do this one better, a WWE World Title Open Challenge.  So, if you want some, come get some.  Because the champ is here.

Who answers the challenge?  We find out, next.

Jo-Jo is in the ring with Seth Rollins.  This is legitimate, and The Authority agreed to this, as long as this is caveat.  1.  You must be under 6 feet tall, and 2.  You must be under 200 pounds.

Which leaves us to one choice….El Torito.

No, wait….it’s Neville.

Rollins survived the match with a Pedigree, after Neville had Seth pinned from a Red Arrow, but the champ had his foot on the ropes.

Incredible match, a great way to kick the show off.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar is in the house.

8-man tag match is next.

The New Day and The Ascension Vs Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons is now.

New Day and Ascension pick up the win, when Xavier Woods kicks El Torito, and Kofi pins Kalisto with Trouble in Paradise.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Paige are on their way to the ring, next.

Our match is now The Bella Twins Vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

Nikki taps out to the Figure Eight, with Charlotte and Becky Lynch, the newly named Submission Sorority.

Team B.A.D. are looking on, and Jo-Jo want to know their thoughts.

They aren’t impressed with Paige, Charlotte, and Becky.  Sasha reminds us that she made Paige tap out last week, and Naomi calls them the baddest women in the planet, not Ronda Rousey.

Naomi challenges Paige to a match later tonight.

We will see Brock Lesnar return, and a 6-man tag match is set too.

But Miz TV is next, with Kevin Owens and Cesaro as his guests.

Miz TV is now.

Miz is telling us there would be no Miz TV if there was no original Piper’s Pit.

From the bottom of his heart, Roddy will be missed.

Welcome to Miz TV.

There is a saying about Miz, and that is he is on fire.  He is on fire in Hollywood, he is a Tough Enough judge, he is about to be in a movie called “Santa’s Little Helper”, and will be the new Intercontinental Champion, when Ryback decides to come back.  He thinks if he is hurt, Ryback needs to do the noble thing, and forfeit the title.

He brings out Kevin Owens.

Miz welcomes Owens, and Kevin tells him he is a big fan of Miz.  He owns every single movie.  Kevin believes he has had issues with Cesaro, because he is jealous of Kevin.  He has accomplished so much since he came into WWE.

And here comes Cesaro.

Cesaro came out to what walk Owens walk has to say.

Owens goes back to saying why he thinks Cesaro is jealous of Owens.  He has succeeded, where Cesaro has failed.

Because of all the weddings, and birthdays he has missed, that goes to waste because Cesaro will never be as good as Owens is in the ring.

Cesaro isn’t jealous of Kevin, he is ashamed of him.  When he walks away, he disrespected himself, his opponent, the fans, and every single superstar that has ever been in this business.

Kevin is just an embarrassment.

Kevin tells Cesaro he has accomplished more in 3 months than Cesaro has in 3 years.

They get into each other’s faces, ready to fight.  Owens tells Cesaro he will fight him anywhere, anytime, but only when the time is right.

Cesaro tells Kevin to walk Owens, walk

Owens rams Miz into Cesaro, and Owens clips Cesaro, but Cesaro catches Owens, and sets him up for the swing, but Owens gets out-of-the-way.

Paige has answered the challenge, will face Naomi.

But next, Rusev Vs Henry.

This past Saturday night, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey beat her UFC opponent in 34 seconds, and dedicated her fight to the late, great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Rusev Vs Henry is now.

Rusev crushed Henry with a kick to the face, in very quick fashion here.

He kicked Henry again.

Summerslam is a 4-hour show this year.

Tonight, 6-man tag match.

Bray Wyatt now interrupts.

Summer has always been a symbol of beauty.  But you remove all the pedals, and what was once promising, all becomes a troublesome leaf and is gone.  Reigns, you were once chosen, and beautiful.  But now, you have become a symbol of everything that is wrong.

Harper says Reigns chose the wrong path, and now will pay for his decision.

Sheamus shows up, and says he will lay Orton out with a vicious Brogue Kick.

Wyatt always was fond of Sheamus, and the enemy of his enemy is his friend.  So tonight, they are friends.


King Barrett Vs Zack Ryder is up now.

Barrett wins with Bull Hammer.

Nobody cares.

The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar is next.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And before he subjects us the appearance of the Beast, let Paul remind us it was The Undertaker who picked his fight.

We see footage from Battleground.

We saw the same thing he saw.  That was not the same Undertaker who laid out wrestlers for 25 years.  That was an angry, desperate Taker who kicked his client in the groin.  Why?  Because he has never beat Brock Lesnar, and when that happens, he becomes an angry little bitch, who knows he can’t beat him.

We see this evidence.

The epic fight on Raw 2 weeks ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Undertaker will never rest in peace, knowing he cannot, and will not defeat his client, the 1 in what is 22-1, the conquer, ladies and gentlemen….


Brock brings a steel step to the ring, and we entered Suplex City.

The last time WWE sanctioned a match between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, Taker lost at Wrestlemania, went to the hospital, spent a week there, and took a year off.

And here is something we don’t know, Undertaker called Vince, and begged Vince a match with Brock at Wrestlemania 31.  And Vince did the right thing to say no, because even the deepest of hearts, he knows Taker can’t beat Brock Lesnar.  But what did Taker do?

He was desperate enough to go to Battleground, and cost Brock’s title shot, and forced WWE to make this match happen.  So in 2 weeks, inside the Barclay Center, it’s the rematch that was too big for Wrestlemania.  And what will happen?  Undertaker, sir, you will be going to Suplex City.

The last time he faced him, he went to the hospital, this time, Taker will finally rest in pieces, because his man will lay you out, he will conquer you and his name is Brock Lesnar.

I am ready, 3 weeks away.

We now see footage of Cena’s broken nose last week on Raw.  Seth Rollins challenged a match to John Cena, title Vs title.  Winner takes all.

6-man tag match still to come.

Paige Vs Naomi is now.

Paige makes Naomi tap out to the PTO.

Submission Sorority have a big night.

Earlier tonight, Neville answered the Rollins WWE World Title challenge, and Seth survived the match.

We hear from Stardust on the official Facebook account.

Stephen Amell will be here on Raw, next Monday.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper tribute video is next.

Ambrose flies, Orton gives Bray a RKO, and Reigns gives Sheamus a spear to win the match.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very enjoyable show, from start to finish. WWE is trying to build these big matches. I do get the feeling that Title Vs Title, Winner Takes All is just like what ROH did with Lethal Vs Briscoe.

So the question is what will they do to United States Title?

Great promo with Heyman again, setting up Taker Vs Brock. Do we have one more face-off between the two men?

Another big night for the Diva Revolution, in particular Submission Sorority.

And a fun main event to match, so what did you think of the show? Send them to me here.

Impact Wrestling 7/29/15….Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Tonight, Jeff Jarrett takes his place in the TNA Hall of Fame, we will also see One More Match, with James Storm and Serena Vs. Mickie James and Magnus.  We will also see Matt Hardy choose his stipulation for the World Title.  And Jeff Hardy returns.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Austin Aries kicks things off, and he has something to say.

Austin is the most passionate wrestler, and he deserves a shot at the World Title.  He says Bully Ray is not doing a good job as the new boss.

And that brings in Bully Ray.

Bully is a bog fan of Austin, but his mouth always seems to get him into trouble.  Austin asks why he doesn’t get a World Title shot.

Bully told him Aries lost to Kurt Angle.

How about Aries and Roode getting Tag Team Title shot?

But they lost the best of five series to The Wolves.

How about a X-Division Title shot?

Austin is insulted about that, because he doesn’t need The X-Division Title, the X-Division needs him.  Austin is the most decorated X-Division Champion, it’s for guys like Rockstar Spud, who is never going to be in the main event spot.

And here comes Rockstar Spud.

Spud always looked up to Austin, he was the greatest X-Division Champion, he created Option C, so guys like him can be X-Division Champion, and cash in for a shot at the World Title.  Austin did that, and became one of the best World Champions.

Austin interrupts, and says he didn’t create Option C for Spud, he did it for himself.  He told Spud that if he cashes in, he would have nothing, and he has nothing.  He didn’t have a chance to beat Kurt Angle.  Aries lost, but 9 times out of 10, Aries would beat Kurt.  With Spud, 10 times out of 10, he would lose.

Spud tells Austin he has been told that his entire life, and he has proven everyone wrong.  Bully tells Austin that Spud has guts for coming out, and telling Austin how much respect he has for Aries, and Austin just completely tears him apart.

Aries proposes he works a match with Spud, if he loses, he doesn’t deserve a career in TNA.  So Bully proposes he puts that on the line.  If Austin loses, he never wrestles in TNA again.  Aries suggests there needs to be something in it for him, so how about when Aries wins, he takes Spud’s Rockstar name.  He will then be known as “Rockstar” Austin Aries, and Spud can just be little Spud.

Aries lays a cheap shot, and I guess that match is next week.

Tonight, Eric Young will face Sgt. Chris Melendez, we will also hear from Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, and Matt Hardy picks his stipulation.

The Jarretts entered The Impact Zone earlier today, and we hear Kurt giving Melendez some advice on his match against EY.

Tonight, Tigre Uno speaks out on Trump, also Mickie James teams with Magnus to face James Storm and Selena.

Melendez Vs Young is now.

Chris has fought and fought for everything he has had in his life, and nothing will change.  He wants EY to come out, and here he comes.

Eric is trying to Chris a favor.  He doesn’t want Eric to come to the ring, he needs to quit, and Chris disagrees.  He needs Eric to come to the ring.

Our match is now.

Eric picks up the win with a Piledriver.

Kurt was in Chris’ corner.

Brooke Vs Marti Bell, for the Knockout Title next.

Clip from 2012 when Sting was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

JB goes to Matt Hardy’s locker room.  Matt hasn’t come up with a stipulation, but when we figure it out, they will let us know in the ring.

Who is we?

Brooke Vs Marti is set now.

The lights go out, which means it’s Gail Kim time.

But the action continues, and Brooke retains her title with a Butterface Maker, and wins the match.

Tonight, Matt Hardy chooses his title stipulation, and Jeff Jarrett gives us his induction speech.  But next, Tigre gives us his Trump speech.

Kurt Angle’s 2013 induction video.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are in the studio.  Bound for Glory tickets go on sale this Friday.

More footage of Tigre Uno.

Christy Hemme is with Tigre.  Donald Trump is not here, so Tigre challenged him to show up, he’s not here.  Tigre tells him the Mexican people are not for him, he is Tigre Uno.

EC3 isn’t sweating the stipulation Matt Hardy will give us later tonight.

Next week, we will see Austin Aries Vs Rockstar Spud.  But tonight, Mickie James and Magnus Vs James Storm and Serena.

Jeff Jarrett is catching up with Billy Corogan.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.


In 7 days, he defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Matt Hardy at No Surrender.

The caveat in this is he was tricked into a stipulation match by Bully Ray.  The Hardys claim they are such a great family, but they are just some hillbillies from North Carolina.

We get some Hardy chants going.

Now if this was a match against Jeff, he might be sweating it, but he’s not.  Why?  Because Jeff flipped over his Moped, and hurt his leg.  Amazing, he has done so many daredevil moves, and he gets flipped over by his moped.

But Matt Hardy, he is stronger than death, he will never die, but he;s just not World Champion material.

Here comes Jeff Hardy.

Look at what the cat dragged in, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff thanks the creatures.  Jeff has sat at home, and he has cried.  He was crying at the hospital when they put his leg back together.  He cried at home when he couldn’t go to the bathroom, but every time he sees EC3, he made him sick.  Overconfidence will get you.  He’s healing, and he will be back.  Before you know it, Jeff will be the next World Champion.

But before he does that, he gets a poll from the crowd, is Ethan Carter a good champion?


He is feeling there will be a change, and the man who will make that change is his brother, Matt Hardy.

Matt for champ chant is going.

Their entire careers, people like Ethan tell them they can’t, and Matt tells them next week, he will do.  People have said there is a rivalry between these two, but those people are jackasses, like EC3.  And between the two of them, they will make the perfect stipulation.

Jeff guesses there has to be some cool objects underneath the ring.

Hey, some chairs, some tables, and some ladders.  How about that.

In the ring, we have a ladder, a table, a chair, outside we have steel steps.  We have many metals around the ring.

3 words for Ethan, Full Metal Mayhem.

And per Bully Ray, nobody is allowed at ringside, except for EC3.  Nobody, and next week, Matt’s dream of being World Champion will become a reality.

Later tonight, Jeff Jarrett’s ceremony, but next, tag team mayhem.

Team 3-D video is playing, from 2014.

JB is with Magnus and Mickie James.

This should be a night of celebration, but tonight, the fans get to see Mickie and Magnus team up.  But this is not a celebration, this is a fight.  A fight with a man who tried to take put his family.  Tonight, they fight for the last time, tonight, they put this to an end.

Mickie tell us that family comes first, so if she has to beat down her friend, Serena for 10 years, then so be it.

Storm and Serena Vs Mickie and Magnus, now.

Magnus and Mickie win when Khoya screws up, and kicks Storm. Mickie hits a DDT, pinning Serena.

Jeff Jarrett is inducted into TNA Hall of Fame, next.

We hear from Ken Anderson, over what happened a few weeks ago against Bram.

Next week, Bram is demanding a match between he and Mr. Anderson.  He doesn’t even know who he is anymore.  He does know Ken has 2 little ones at home.  So he suggests he kisses them on the head tonight, and says goodbye.  Because this is personal, and Anderson won’t be coming home.

Next week, Bram Vs Anderson, Eli Drake Vs Drew Galloway.  Also Rockstar Spud Vs Austin Aries, Gail Kim Vs The Dollhouse, and for the World Title, EC3 Vs Matt Hardy.

A video look at Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay brings out Dixie Carter, who introduces us to Jeff Jarrett.  Dixie brings up the first time she ever met Jeff.  It was in Nashville, and she couldn’t believe he was a wrestler, but he brought her to the business, and knows how dedicated he is the business.

She brings out Jeff.

Jeff thanks everyone who ever had a hand in starting the company, everyone from working in promotions, to the people behind to the scenes, and even to the fans who purchased the PPV.  He thanks all of the wrestlers who have ever worked for the company, and he thanks Dixie.  Because if it wasn’t for her, this company wouldn’t be going, and he wouldn’t be in this position.

He also brings up having a falling out with his father, over this company 7 years ago.  But 6 weeks ago, he started to talk to him, and family means everything.

He thanks us again, and the wrestlers join him on the ramp, as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show tonight than last week.  And we finished the night with a nice speech by Jeff Jarrett, and he deserves this.  No Surrender is next week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/27/15…Summerslam Buildup Is Heating Up

We see the footage of last week when The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar had their epic brawl.

We are live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The Authority kick off the show.

HHH is here to make a massive announcement.  This year’s Summerslam will be bigger than ever, which makes this a 4-hour show.

And our main event will be 17 months in the making, The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar.

And tonight will be epic too, which for the first time ever, it will be The Big Show Vs Dean Ambrose.

The former Diva’s champion, Paige will go against the current NXT Divas Champion, “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

And it will be Kevin Owens Vs “The Viper” Randy Orton.

The Diva’s Revolution will continue when it’s Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox Vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

Seth Rollins is pumped up for this, Seth knows about many firsts, he was the first man who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, and became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, over Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

Rollins talks about doing what he said he would do, and walk out still WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Battleground, and he did.  So he needs the fans to stand up, and admit Seth Rollins could go down as one of the greatest WWE World Champions, of all time.

Enter John Cena.

Cena calls Rollins an arrogant jackass.  For all of the Hall of Famers that have the title, and Rollins proclaims himself as one of the greatest ever?

Cena thinks they should face each other one on one, and find out.

He is here to ask HHH and Stephanie McMahon, and this is about the first time ever.  So we need to see if Seth Rollins can be a man.  So he says we have Cena Vs Rollins, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth asks John to do something for the first time ever, and shut the hell up.  This isn’t his cute United States Championship, this is THE WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Stephanie cuts him off, and wants to take this to the people.

Do they want to see Seth Rollins Vs John Cena, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

The crowd wants it, and Stephanie says for the first time ever….NO!!!

Cena has to earn this title shot.

HHH brings up nobody wants to see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship defended on Raw.  But, it will be Seth Rollins Vs John Cena, but not for World Title, but rather for the US Heavyweight Championship.

That’s what’s best for business.

Tonight, it will be Orton Vs Owens.  It will also be Paige Vs Sasha Banks, and next, Big Show Vs Dean Ambrose.

Paige joins the Stone Cold Podcast, next Monday.

Now, that is cool.

Big Show wins the match by countout, Ambrose is knocked to the outside three times, but the third time was not the charm here.

After the match, Show charges in after Ambrose, but Dean played possum, and moved out-of-the-way, allowing Show to go through the barricade.

Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show, reminding us Summerslam will be a 4-hour spectacular, starting at 7:00 PM.

The Prodigal Son, Luke Harper returns to The Wyatt Family tonight.  Neville is in action, next.

Neville Vs Fandango, now.

Red Arrow, match is done.

Stardust is not impressed, as he appears on the Titantron.

Tonight, Orton Vs Owens.  Also tonight, Paige Vs Banks.  And tonight, Lucha Dragons Vs Los Matadores, Number One Contender to Tag Titles.  And, United States Championship is on the line, Cena Vs Rollins.

Divas segment here, The Diva’s Revolution is on fire, and it’s because of Team Paige.  But Team BAD disagrees.

Sasha reminds Paige she is NXT Women’s Champion, and Paige reminds her she is the first NXT Woman’s Champion, and a 2-time Divas Champion.  Becky Lynch stands up to her mate, and Tamina tries to go after Becky.

Action will take place, now.  Paige Vs Banks.

Sasha made a statement by making Paige tap out to The Bank Statement.

Tonight, United States Championship is on the line, with Cena Vs Rollins.

Renee Young is standing by with Seth Rollins.

He has a chance to walk out with 2 titles tonight.

Seth wants to know who was it that beat Brock and Reigns at Wrestlemania.  And who walked out of Battleground with the WWE World Title?  Seth Rollins.

People are critics when he is at the top.  He defends his championship against the top stars, and Cena defends his United States title against the rest.  We have seen Cena’s act, and it’s time that his run has passed him by.

You can pre-order WWE2K16, now with a playable character being The Terminator.

Rusev is in the ring, with Summer Rae.  He is smitten with her, and so he should show us how to treat a special woman.

A brand new puppy.

What is his name?  Dog Ziggler.

Rusev also has a headless fish, and we call her Lana.

Lana comes out, tells Summer Rae that he makes her dress like her, act like her, and when he kisses Summer Rae, he looks at Lana.

But as Summer puts it, why go to bed with someone like Lana, when he can go to bed with Summer.

Lana slaps her with the fish, and goes after her, and pounds on Rusev, walks out.

Moving on, we see a video of what took place last week, with Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.  Brock will return the next week.

But coming up next, Lucha Dragons Vs Los Matadores.

Lucha Dragons win with a rollup, and for whatever reason, New Day comes out to distract Primetime Players.

8 days ago at Battleground, Luke Harper came back home to Bray Wyatt.  The Prodigal Son returns home, next.

Bray Wyatt time.

Bray is guessing every one of us have a family, so do we care for them?  Do we hug them each and every day, and tell them this world is a paradise, and if they stay together, everything will be alright.  Our Mommies and Daddies have been lying to us every single day of our lives.

If they did love you, they would tell you the truth.  The world can be terrifying, and the worst thing is all we have to do is open our windows and see it right in front of us.

Our government, our schools try to protect us, but the ones who protect us can hurt us the most.  And if we see the truth, we can seek justice.

Bray had this pet, he had the ugliest face, and wanted to see what the other side of the woods looked like, so he removed his leash and set him free.  But he came right back to him, just like he knew he would.  But he noticed he had a scar, from his eye to his mouth, and was right by Bray’s side the rest of his life.

He knew one day he would have to set Luke Harper free one day, so he can learn the truth.

Harper has the mic.

He didn’t know why he existed one time, or why was he here.  But his family found him, and he showed him the truth.  This is our fault, we made Luke the man he is today.  We created Harper, but Bray saved him.

He showed Harper the truth, and knows that if we pray for the rain, we must get the mud.  Bray Wyatt, he would give his life for him.

It always comes back to family.  Luke would go through hell for Bray, he already has.  But Roman Reigns?  No, if he says Dean Ambrose is family, then he would tell Dean to stay out of his business, but he may already be dead, because he had already sealed his fate.

Roman Reigns, we’re here.  Follow The Buzzards.

Orton Vs Owens, for the first time ever.  Also tonight, Cena Vs Rollins for US Title.

Charlotte and Becky Vs Nikki and Alicia, now.

Becky and Charlotte win when Becky made Alicia Fox tap out to her Disarmer submission move.

NXT Divas are on a roll tonight.

WWE Tough Enough video from last week is being shown, with Patrick leaving.

8 competitors remain.

Team BAD will be on the show tomorrow.

Next, Owens Vs Orton.

Orton wins by DQ, when Sheamus attacks Orton, and here comes Cesaro to try to take care of Owens.

Cena is with Renee Young.  He does what he has to do tonight, and he will defend the US Title.  He will prove he is the better man.

This Thursday on Smackdown, Becky Lynch Vs Nikki Bella.

Cena Vs Rollins, US Title is up now.

Cena wins with a STF, and had a bloody nose, to boot.

So John retains his title, he makes Rollins tap, which means Seth should win their Summerslam match, right?

The show is over.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This okay, but if you missed, you really didn’t miss much.  The Authority made this seem like a big deal tonight, but honestly, I think things will heat up next week.

No Taker, no Brock, no Heyman.  And while that is understandable, it’s also weird there was no Roman Reigns, when Dean Ambrose was there.

So, this show was meh, and if they are making Summerslam a must-see PPV, then they must make the Raw’s feel must-see too.

What did you think of the show?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Sound off.

Impact Wrestling 7/22/15…Episode 29

Tonight, we find out who is the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, and we kick the show off with Magnus Vs Bram.

Bram wins the match with a clipping of the ankles, and he rolls up the tights.

Enter James Storm, who enters the ring with a cow bell, and knocks out Magnus.

Tonight, we will find out who Storm’s partner is, and he and Mickie James might want to stick around and find out who she is.

Still to come tonight, Bobby Roode Vs Matt Hardy for the Number One Contendership in a Tables match.

But next, we hear from Eli Drake.

TNA’s Bound for Glory is set for Sunday, October 4th, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Eli Drake comes to the ring.

His name is Eli Drake, and he has waited a long time to say let me talk to you.  Many people have asked how he could do that, stop crying dummies.

Eli Drake is a creator of circumstance.  And he created something that is a circumstance of opportunity for himself.

Drew kept talking about standing up, and standing up.  But Eli couldn’t speak.  Even Micah was nodding his head, like a puppet and Eli just used The Rising to get his foot in the door.  Eli is just like us, because we have all called in sick at work, even though we are perfectly fine.  Friends always stab each other in the back, and the ladies all pretend to be with their man, just because they pay the bills.

And here comes Drew Galloway.

Drew brought Eli into The Rising, because he knew he had killer instinct.  And little did he know how right he was, because Eli killed The Rising because he wanted to be a shining star.

Drew is not an old guy, he has been in this business for 15 years, but he is only 30.  He has had his surgeries, he has been hurt, but nothing had hurt him more than what Eli did.

The last week he has had all emotions.  He has drank too much, he has been depressed, he has wanted to beat Eli’s arse, so maybe he needs to let the fans decide what happens….

They want him to kick his arse.  Eli wanted to be a shining star, Drew will make him famous.

The fight rolls on, but Drew has the Future Shock locked in, but Eli slides out of the ring.

Tonight, Tigre talks Trump.

Next, Confrontation in the Cage, Taryn Terrell wants her title back.

Last week, Brooke defeated Taryn Terrell to be new Knockout Champion.

Taryn wants her title back, next.

Footage from “Pit Wars”, but Taryn comes right out, this show is not going to continue until she has what is hers.

She blames all of us for her losing the title.  She orders The Dolls to get into the cage with her.  She will lock herself in the cage, until she gets what is hers.  Gail, she destroyed her professionally, and Brooke, she took what is hers.  She needs her title NOWWWWWWWWWWW.

Enter Brooke, she is not impressed with this.  Taryn isn’t important, the fans are.  She can blame whoever she wants, but Taryn did this herself.  She and her Dollho’s.

Taryn can’t stand it when fans are chanting her name.

No man is worthy to touch Taryn, and no woman can touch her in this ring.

The only person Taryn should be upset is herself.  She outwrestled her, she outsmart her, and she took this title.  So, come and get it.

The lights go out, and come back on, we see Gail Kim in the cage with The Dollhouse.

Gail takes care of The Dollhouse, and Brooke takes care of Taryn.

Tonight, Tables Match for the Number One Contender on the line, Matt Hardy Vs Bobby Roode.  We will also hear from Tigre Uno, about Donald Trump.  And next, King of the Mountain match, from Slammiversary, in its entirety.

The Pope and Josh Matthews join us in the studios.  King of the Mountain match will air on Impact, from Slammiversary.

This is when Jeff Jarrett wins King of the Mountain.

Jeff Jarrett is the newest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, which was announced earlier in the show.  I missed the announcement, due to cable box going out for first 6 minutes.

Tonight, Chain Match between Eric Young Vs Rockstar Spud, and also tonight, Matt Hardy Vs Bobby Roode.

But now, Tigre Uno has some words for Donald Trump.

This was actually nicely done.  A piece on Tigre, and his life in Mexico, and to put it bluntly, he doesn’t share Mr. Trump’s point of view, but then again, Donald has no chance of winning Republican ticket anyway.

The Revolution are on their way out, next.

Recently on Impact, Mickie James challenged Storm to find any woman, and the four would have a match.

Here comes The Revolution.

We need people with guidance, discipline, people need leadership.  Storm founded this revolution because no matter what is going on, what you represent, there is always room for one more.

Storm gave Mickie a chance to join The Revolution, and she turned him down.  He gave you gifts you have dreamt of, because he offered you a chance to have things you don’t have in life.

But Mickie now is a lost cause, and Mickie will get her one more match.  Because it will be Mickie and Magnus Vs Storm, and the newest member of The Revolution, welcome Serena.

Serena, from WWE, who was a part of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society.

Serena speaks, and says it’s a pleasure to stand in a TNA ring with Storm.  She and Mickie were best friends for 10 years.  They were like sisters.  Mickie called her a protegé.

That meant so much to Serena, and Mickie James became Mickie James, and then she disbanded away from her.  She was lost, but now she has found James Storm.

And Mickie, Magnus stands behind you, but a real man stands beside his woman.  And he will show them what they can do.  Hey Donovan, this is the moment where you say 10 years from now this is the moment where Mommy and Daddy made a big mistake.

Chain match is up now, Eric Young Vs Rockstar Spud.

Eric Young picks up the win, giving him the Piledriver.

Roode Vs Hardy, in a Tables Match is up now.

Hardy puts Roode into a table, and now is the Number One Contender to the World Title, and we celebrate his win when we end the show.

Next week, Jeff Jarrett takes his place into TNA Hall of Fame.  We will also have one more match, when it’s Mickie and Magnus Vs Storm and Serena.  And Jeff Hardy makes his TNA return.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I just wasn’t feeling this week’s episode.  I hated they re-aired the Slammiversary match.  I understand why, but they couldn’t add a segment from studio to cover up anything that has to do with Hernandez and BDC?  Speaking of that, it sucks that the contracts got involved, despite Lucha Underground not having a clear future, but then again, does TNA anymore?

And how do you not have a show without your World Champion?  EC3 needs to be on TV next week.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Are you looking forward to Jeff Jarrett getting his well-deserved Hall of Fame induction?  Sound off.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 7/22/15….200th Episode

We are in New York City, a special night for ROH, episode number 200.  Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome us to the show.

Tonight, 8 person tag match of The Briscoes, Roderick Strong, and ODB Vs The House of Truth, including Truth Martini.

Highlight now of a match from April of this year.  The Addiction Vs reDragon.

This was when The Addiction won the Tag Team Titles, after Chris Sabin helped his friends in this match.

This Friday night, at Death Before Dishonor, we will see a Four Corner Survivor Match with The Addiction Vs reDragon Vs The Kingdom Vs War Machine.

Still to come, more highlight matches, and our big 8-person tag.

Highlights of Steel Cage Warfare is now being shown from 2013.

This was when Kevin Steen defeated SCUM.

Highligts of this year’s Top Prospect tournament, featuring Will Ferrera Vs Donovan Dicheck.

Dicheck wins the match, and joins House of Truth.

More highlights are coming up.

reDragon action, from Tag Wars, defeating ACH and Cedrick Alexander.

Now action of AJ Styles Vs Hanson.

Hanson tried, but AJ wins with the Styles Clash, back from November of 2014.

Still to come tonight, 8-person tag match.

A set of highlights now from 2012 when Lance Storm faced Michael Bennett.

Bennett wins with some help from “Brutal” Bob.

Our main event, 8-person tag match is up now.  The House of Truth Vs The Briscoes, ODB, and Roderick Strong.

Strong, Briscoes, and ODB win the match when ODB rolls up Truth Martini.

The 4 people celebrate, as we end the 200th episode.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not much of a show tonight, especially since I have only seen about 10 of the 200 episodes. The disappointing factor is we didn’t see anything from episode 1. I guess, in part because it was on a different channel, HD-Net, and we had different announcers.

I did like the highlights of Lance Storm in action against Michael Bennett. Obviously, Mike and Maria upgraded with The Kingdom, over “Brutal” Bob.

I always love to see The Addiction in action too, and always a treat to see AJ Styles.

I just don’t have the emotion as someone who have watched this from episode 1 may have. Share your thoughts with me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/20/15….Deadman Walking

13 Suplex Cities, and a F-5 last night.  But The Deadman has risen.

We are in Kansas City, and The Undertaker makes his Raw return, since his loss at Wrestlemania 30.

Taker stands here tonight a relentless, remorseless, cold-blooded, vengeful grim reaper.

Streaks are made to be broken, that is the painful truth.  But Lesnar, he had to continuously week after week, month after month remind every one of his greatest accomplishment.  And now, Undertaker says enough.  He has taken what was once smoldering ashes, and turn it into a raging inferno.

Last night was Taker’s true resurrection.  You see Lesnar, you can’t kill what won’t die.  Unleashed forces will now set in their careers into new destinies.  And Taker will challenge Brock’s immortality.  He will conquer what has yet to be conquered.  And in the end, just like all living things, be it man, or beast, you will rest in peace.

HHH and Stephanie are in their office, happy that Taker is back, because Summerslam main event is set.  Taker Vs Lesnar.

HHH will tell Heyman not to show up tonight with Brock, because things can boil over.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

6-man tag match is set for tonight.  Cena, Orton, and Cesaro will take on Sheamus, Kevin Owens, and Rusev.

But next, Charlotte Vs Brie Bella.

Team B.A.D show up for commentary, as we see what took place last week when a Diva Revolution was born.

Charlotte Vs Brie Bella is now.

Brie taps out to the Figure Eight for the second straight night.

It’s official, at Summerslam….Lesnar Vs Taker.

Tonight, Roman Reigns Vs Luke Harper.

HHH is talking to Heyman on the phone.  The Miz interrupts him.

Big Show, unproved came out and knocked out The Miz.

HHH is ignoring him.  Tonight, Miz will go one on one with The Big Show.

Los Matadores Vs Prime Time Players, now.

Los Matadores win with a Back Cracker, after New Day distract PTP.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Harper.

Also tonight, 6-man tag team main event of Cena, Orton, and Cesaro Vs Sheamus, Owens, and Rusev.

The Miz is set to face The Big Show.

Big Show wins with a flying forearm off the top rope.

Miz’s moneymaker is done.

Show is asking Miz if he misses him now.  The only thing missing is Ryback with his Intercontinental Championship.

Big Show tells us he will take that championship anywhere, including on tomorrow night’s Tough Enough.  He will see if they are tough enough to hand Show’s big fist.

HHH and Stephanie sees Paul Heyman.

Heyman assures them Brock is not here, he just wants to answer Undertaker’s retort, on behalf of Brock.

When we come back, HHH and Stephanie have the entire WWE locker room looking at the curtain.

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman.  And he is the advocate to who should be the reigning, defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

But he’s not and the reason?  Is it because Seth Rollins outwrestled his client?  No.  Is it because Seth Rollins survived Suplex City?  No.  Is it because Seth Rollins  pinned, or made Brock tap out?  No.

It’s because of the demonic Undertaker.  We witnessed history, because for the first time since April 6th, 2014, his client went face to face with The Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar defeated Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak that night.  So why wouldn’t he brag about it night after night?  It was a moment, it was a career-defining moment.  A-listers like Shawn Michaels, HHH, Randy Orton have all tried to beat that streak, and all failed.

But there is a reason Undertaker waited for 614 days to get his revenge.  So it all should happen, at Summerslam, “The Phenom”, “The Badass”, “The Unbreakable” The Undertaker will face his client “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar.

He might have sold his soul to the devil himself, but Undertaker’s ass belongs to Brock Lesnar.



The Undertaker shows up, he corners Paul Heyman, and here comes THE BEAST!!!!!

Heyman brings out security, but that doesn’t help.  Heyman brings out the WWE roster.

That’s not going to help either, my god this is awesome.

Brock escapes from the madness and goes right after Undertaker 2 times.

Let them fight!!

“I’m going to kill you” says Brock Lesnar.  “You will have to” says The Undertaker.

How can this show get better tonight?

We come back, and both men are being escorted out of the building, after the two men go after each other again.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Something awesome.

HHH had both men arrested, and HHH told Stephanie that he just wants them to cool their heads.  Seth Rollins shows up, and is relieved they aren’t in the same building as Rollins.  Because you know, then Rollins would run away.  He wants to say a few words tonight, and asks permission.

Anyway, last night The Wyatt Family was reunited, when Luke Harper helped Bray Wyatt defeat Roman Reigns.

We now hear from Bray.

He is never alone, his family stands by his side because they know he is more than just a man.  He is an enigma, a revolution that lets this lie.  A revolution that makes sure Roman Reigns isn’t victorious.  And we chose him, but now we will pay for our sins.

Harper tells us this is only the beginning for Reigns.  Brick by brick will be built until Reigns crumbles.

Anyone but you Roman, anyone but you.

Reigns Vs Harper is now.

Reigns wins by DQ, when Wyatt attacks Reigns, but here comes Ambrose to help his good friend out.  And now all 4 men are fighting each other.

The coolest part of this was when Bray sets up Sister Abigail, Roman nails a Superman punch, and Bray is sent flying.

A great moment here.

Next, the “Cowardly Lion” Seth Rollins addresses the crowd.

We are live in Kansas City tonight.

Footage from last night’s Battleground, when WWE Champion gets his ass kicked, and the match ends in a no contest.

And our WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Rollins is all smiles.

He has to ask us a question.  How does it feel to be wrong about Seth Rollins again?  We all bought into Paul Heyman’s bullcrap propaganda, just like everyone else did.

He sees the Suplex City signs.  He remembers how happy we were when Brock took an axe grinder to his $50,000 car.  He remembers how happy we were when Brock took out J & J Security, and when he broke that “wasted” ankle of Kane.

We all thought Brock would take Rollins to Suplex City, and become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but Seth is still standing as our WWE World Champion.

Now he knows Brock is an intense superstar.  He has wrecked havoc on so many superstars, like Mark Henry and The Big Show.

But Seth is still here, the most underappreciated WWE Champion in history.  We don’t understand the pressure Seth feels, keeping his title.

Ever since Wrestlemania, Seth has faced all challengers and kept his WWE World Championship.  You can talk about the ends, but there is always a means to the ends.  And he finds a way to keep his title.

But Brock’s history seemed to catch up to him last night.  He should have done what Seth did, and run like hell after he sees The Undertaker in the ring.

He feels like he was left out of something special last night, and even The Undertaker did not allow that to happen.

But he calls for Lilian Garcia to make the official announcement, the winner to outside interference, Brock Lesnar.

But still our WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

But here comes John Cena.

Oh shit.

Lilian doesn’t have to put up with Seth’s crap, and neither do we.

John Cena, ladies and gentlemen.

Seth doesn’t know why Cena is out here.  None of his business concerns Rollins.  But allow him to congratulate Cena on his big victory last night over Kevin Owens.  He will allow him to do his thing.

Cena wants to thank Rollins.  Because the two men won their respective titles in the same night.  They see the US Title as the symbol of excellence, and the WWE World Champion sucks, or something like that.

Rollins isn’t buying it, because somehow the US Title gains respect, but anyone who gets a shot at Rollins’ title has to earn it.

Don’t come out and talk to Rollins like that, he’s not a boy, he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  He doesn’t care about those chants, but the fans think he sucks.  And Cena can defend his title all he wants, but Rollins will continue to live as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Don’t walk away, The Champ Is Here.  It’s not the title who makes the man, it’s the man who makes the title.  And as a man, Cena thinks Rollins is a joke.  You ready to act like a man, pardner.

The shirts go off, Rollins asks him if he wants this, and he walks away.

WWE Universe, The Champ Is Here.

Tonight, Cena is in action in a 6-man Tag Match.

We see the Diva Revolution video again.

Team Bella are at ringside now.

Paige and Becky Lynch Vs Naomi and Sasha Banks.

Wow, Paige taps out to The Bank Statement, after Sasha and Naomi win their match.

Sasha made a statement tonight.

Footage from the upcoming movie “Southpaw”.

It looks like it’s going to be a good movie.

Next, a big 6-man tag match.

Earlier tonight, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker faced off, with the entire WWE locker room separating them.

In 5 weeks, it’s official, Brock Lesnar Vs The Undertaker, at Summerslam.

2 weeks ago, we see Rusev attacking Dolph Ziggler, who seemed to be completely healed from his ankle problems.

Renee Young interviews Lana.

Ziggler is recovering home, but there is no permanent damage.

Now Summer Rae is dressed completely like Lana.

Rusev loves the new look, and he makes out with Summer, in front of Lana.

Summer now slaps Lana across the face.

Cesaro, Orton, and Cena Vs Owens, Sheamus, and Rusev is now.

My gosh, Sheamus, Owens, and Rusev couldn’t even get along for 10 minutes.  Owens accidentally ran into Sheamus.  Sheamus runs off.  Then Rusev and Owens has words, and Owens leaves.  That leaves with Owens alone in the ring with Cesaro, Cena, and Orton.

Oh but wait, there is more.

Lana comes out, throws her shoes at Summer Rae, and then spears her, which means…..


Rusev is run into an AA, Cesaro Swing, and a RKO, sending the fans home happy as the show ends with the faces celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The first half was fantastic, but the second half of the show dragged down.  I did like the ending, but sadly Rusev is just another wrestler now that he lost many matches, after being undefeated for so long.

But Summerslam is setting up to be a big PPV.  I hope to see more interaction between Taker and Lesnar, but not sure if we will.

But Cena Vs Rollins?  Really?  Then why not give Owens the United States Title and have him feud with Cesaro for the title?  Because we all know Cena is going to beat Rollins at Summerslam.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Are we ready to see Cena Vs Rollins again?

WWE Battleground 7/19/15

Tonight, Seth Rollins faces Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  We will also see John Cena Vs Kevin Owens, for the United States Title.

Plus, the grounds of Summerslam will be building here.  There are rumors of superstars showing up tonight, or tomorrow to set up Summerslam.

The Kick-Off show starts in 15 minutes, keep checking here throughout the night.

We are live in St. Louis, Missouri.  Renee Young welcomes us to the Kick-Off show, with Byron Saxton, Booker T, and Corey Graves.

Tom Phillips will be joining us in the Social Media Lounge, and tonight’s guest is none other than Paul Heyman.

Ryback suffered a Staph Infection, and will be off of tonight’s WWE Battleground.

Tonight, we will see Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins.  Also, Roman Reigns faces Bray Wyatt.  And “The Viper” returns home to face Sheamus.  Tag Team Titles will be on the line, with New Day Vs Prime Time Players.  Also, for United States Title, Kevin Owens Vs John Cena.

Cena Vs Owens video is playing.

This is the rubber match if a 3 match series between these two, which has had 2 match of the year candidates.  How dangerous can Kevin Owens be now that he lost?

Tonight, our kick-off show match is R-Truth Vs King Barrett, winner gets the crown.

Tonight, Bray Wyatt Vs Roman Reigns.  Video is showing.

We see footage of the eerie Michael Cole interview with Bray Wyatt this past week.

Eden Stiles is standing by with R-Truth.

Barrett last week on Smackdown said he would beat him so much that he would have to kiss his royal feet.

For real?

Truth knows what he is doing.  He has busted his butt to be out there just as much as Barrett has.  Truth has beaten him before, and he knows you win as many matches with your mind than you do with your fist.  He can’t wait to see Barrett’s face when he sees a guy with a plunger and a tin cap beating him down.

That’s the truth.

Randy Orton Vs Sheamus tonight, and we see what took place last month.

Tonight, Tag Team Championship rematch, New Day Vs Prime Time Players.

New Day shows up to show us how to do the clap.

New Day Rocks!!

Paul Heyman will be the guest in the Social Media Lounge.

Jerry “The King” Lawler, Michael Cole, and JBL join us for the Kick-off match.  R-Truth Vs King Barrett.

King Barrett wins the match with a Bull Hammer.

All Hail King Barrett!!

Paul Heyman is in the Social Media Lounge.

Brock will win the WWE World Title by doing eat, sleep, conquer, repeat.

He will also do whatever it takes to give Seth Rollins Suplexes.

Heyman isn’t impressed with these questions, and neither do I.

Losing is no option for Brock tonight.

We go from that pointless segment to the awesome Divas segment last Monday night on Raw.

All 9 divas will appear later tonight.

Tonight, “The Beast” Vs “The Architect”

We see video setting up our main event.

WWE Battleground starts now.

We are live in St. Louis.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Sheamus Vs Randy Orton kicks off the show.

The hometown boy makes St. Louis proud with a RKO, out of nowhere, pinning Sheamus.

Battleground is off and running.

Tonight, Lesnar Vs Rollins for the WWE World Title.

Video from Stephanie McMahon last week calling for the women’s revolution.

JoJo is now with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie changed the women’s landscape in one night.  But what about the commotion?  Stephanie tells us that we are just getting started.  We are in St. Louis.  All of the divas will choose a representative tonight, in a Triple Threat match, and she expects nothing more than all 3 women to tear this house down.

New Day Vs Prime Time Players for Tag Titles are up now.

New Day is ready for the challenge tonight, with a positive mind-set.

Titus and Young win with a Sky High by Titus, retaining their Tag Titles against New Day.

Paige is rallying around the troops, here with Becky and Charlotte.

Becky tells them they will rebuild the women’s division brick by brick, and even put the WWE Superstars on notice, and Charlotte tells them they will do it, with flair.

Reigns Vs Wyatt is now.

Bray Wyatt picks up the win when a guy in a hoodie reaches up, and gives Reigns a Superkick, and Wyatt hits Sister Abigail.

The guy turns out to be Luke Harper.  The family is back together.

We are 5 weeks away from Summerslam, but tonight, we are in St. Louis and sees Cardinal players after an 18 inning loss to the Mets.

JoJo is with BAD, Beautiful and Dangerous.

Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha.

They are in control of everything.

It’s going to be Sasha Banks Vs Charlotte Vs Brie Bella in a Triple Threat match.

Charlotte wins for her team with a Figure Eight, making Brie tap out.

Incredible match.

The Battleground Kick-Off panel joins us, and still to come, 2 big matches are set, with Owens Vs Cena, and Lesnar Vs Rollins.

But earlier tonight, King Barrett earned his crown, pinning R-Truth with Bull Hammer.

But next, Cena Vs Owens, for the United States Title.

Cena retains his title, by making Owens tap out to the STF.  Multiple kickouts here with both men, and again, they perform a clinic.  I just question if it’s the right move to make Owens tap out.  But it was an incredible match.

Ryback had to pull out of his IC Title match due to an injury to his leg.

But here comes The Miz.

The Miz’s match has been officially postponed.  But he has known Ryback since their Tough Enough days, but he has always found a way to get injured.  The Miz is the toughest man in WWE.  Who knows where Big Show is.  The last time he was relevant, it was the Attitude Era.  In fact, Big Show should just do what everyone else says he should do, and that is retire.

So what The Authority should do is give him the IC Title, because it’s what’s best for business.

Here comes Big Show.

Show storms to the ring, The Miz suggests they team together and reunite ShowMiz, and Show knocks out Miz.

Okay, moving on.

Summerslam is on August 23rd, so who will be WWE Champion when we get to Summerslam?

The Beast Vs The Architect is now.

So, the match ends up being a no contest, when Lesnar had Rollins beat, with 13 Sulpexes, and a F-5, but the lights go out, Rollins and the referee disappear, and we see The Undertaker.

He is out for revenge, we see 2 Tombstone Piledrivers by Taker, and he reminds us he still isn’t over losing at Wrestlemania.

And after the second Piledriver, the show ends, and Taker walks away.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I am glad I don’t order these events anymore for $60.  If I had, I would be pissed.  But with $9.99, it’s not as bad.  But think of this….

They had Cena make the hottest new wrestler in WWE tap out.  Something that should never happen, because the truth is, everyone taps out.  So why not make Owens unique?


The WWE Champion didn’t even win his match, but he was overshadowed by The Undertaker.

Although, it was a beautiful sight to see Taker come back, and he seems to want revenge.

But the question is where do we go from here?

The two matches delivered in giving the fans hard-hitting action.  They were built perfectly, and while the ending wasn’t as good as we wanted, the build to Summerslam will be amazing.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send me them here, and I will talk to you tomorrow.

Impact Wrestling 7/15/15…Carter Vs Carter

Last week, The Reign of Carter began with 3 title defenses, and we saw the return of Dixie Carter.  Dixie is naming someone in charge, Impact starts now.

The entire TNA wrestlers are around the ring, with Dixie in the ring.

The last time Dixie was in a ring, surrounded by the wrestlers, they were all cheering when she was put through a table.  She wonders what brought her all to that, and it was her ego.  She is here to take the blame, and to apologize to the TNA fans.

She regrets many things, but she does not regret going through a table.  Because she has a tremendous amount of respect for what these wrestlers give for this company, and to the fans.

She is here for a new future of TNA, a future that is so bright for the company.  When she is here to talk about the future, it’s easy to doubt.  People feel she will let them down, but the wrestling business needs Impact Wrestling.  She will do everything in her power to never let them down.  One of the first decisions she made is to bring someone who truly deserves them, but someone who is the law.

Enter Ethan Carter III.

Who is it Aunt Dee?  Who is it Aunt Dee?  Who is it Aunt Dee?

Dixie loves Ethan, but he will meet the man who is the law.

It’s Bully Ray.

Bully shakes the hand of many of the wrestlers, as they are in disbelief.

We are all shocked to see both of them in the ring together.  He received a phone call, it’s from Dixie.  The first thing he heard was I’m sorry.

She said it again, she was sorry.  What was she sorry for?  The answer was she’s sorry she let everyone down.  She’s sorry first and foremost she let down her entire locker room, and she is sorry for what she did to the fans.  And he started to believe her.

He has a detector of who is full of crap, and who isn’t, and she sounded very sincere.  He is very happy to be back on a wrestling TV show again.  He is also happy to hang back with the wrestlers, and the fans.

But he is still very angry, he wouldn’t be coming back because of Dixie.  He would be coming back for the fans, and the wrestlers.

He asks everyone to get up on the apron.

Every single person on this apron,. or the ring crew, traveling crew, they all give a damn about this company.  And Dixie should realize how much they all care, despite the stuff she has put them through.  Dixie came clean, but he isn’t making the decision, the fans will.

Do they wants to see him run things in TNA?  They all agree.

He won’t hug her, he won’t kiss her, but he will shake Dixie’s hand.

Now let’s all do what we do best, put on a wrestling show.

Oh yeah, Ethan, he didn’t forget about him.  The TNA World Champion will defend his title tonight.

And he will do it against the winner of a 20-man battle royal, now.

Drew Galloway wins the Battle Royal, last eliminating Eric Young, who eliminated MVP before that.

Later tonight, Drew Galloway Vs EC3.

Also next week, we will get to hear who the latest inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.  Sting was the first inductee of 2012.

Josh Matthews and The Pope are in the studio, going over Drew Galloway winning the 20-man Battle Royal.

Last week, Bram took out Mr. Anderson.

Mike Tenay sat down with Mr. Anderson for an exclusive interview.

After we see what we saw, Tenay wants to hear about Anderson’s future.

He is 39 years old, in the best shape of his career, if he ended it tomorrow, he would be happy about his career.  Bram is a very dangerous man, and he can go dark.  If he does, it will be nasty.  But he doesn’t know if he wants to go there.

Rockstar Spud is in the back, with Bully Ray.

Rockstar is feeling sorry for himself, after losing to Kurt Angle, and his X-Division Title.  Bully Ray told him we all lost to Kurt, and he should be proud of what he did.  The first time he saw him, he knew he had it.  He is a funny character, and a very good wrestler.  He is a 2-time X-Division Champion.  And now he has a chance to be a 3-time X-Division Champion.  So go out there, win it for yourself.

Spud is ready, and he hugs Bully.

Footage from 2013 HOF, when Kurt Angle was inducted into TNA HOF.

Next week, the 2015 TNA HOF inductee will be announced.

Also earlier tonight, Drew Galloway wins a 20-man Battle Royal.  He faces EC3 tonight.

Drew will be ready for tonight, his destiny will be fulfilled as Drew Galloway will be the newest TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Eli congratulates him, and wishes him luck.

Next week, Tigre will talk about Trump, and that should be fun to watch.

Oh lord, Grado is up now.  He is facing DJZ, Tigre Uno and Spud for the X-Division Title.

Tigre Uno pins Grado with a 450 splash, retaining his X-Division Title.  Spud is beside himself.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Galloway for the World Title.

But next, Taryn Terrell Vs Brooke for the Knockout Title.

It’s play time for The Dollhouse.

Brooke beats the longest reigning Knockout Champion, when the lights go out, Gail Kim shows up and takes out The Dollhouse.  The lights go out again, Brooker hits a Butterface Maker.  (X-Factor) and wins the title.

Kurt Angle and Bully Ray are discussing matters.  Kurt has an idea, Bully Ray liked it.  Kurt will make the announcement next, but somebody won’t like it.

Kurt comes to the ring.

Kurt is wearing a Destination America hoody.

He’s not ashamed losing the title to EC3.  He’s good, but he does have a problem with how he lost the rematch.  He got himself DQ’d, right before Kurt had him beat.

Kurt and Bully may not see eye to eye, but Bully has respect.  And from what he said, the rematch never happened.  The good news is he gets the rematch when he wants it.  That’s good because Kurt just went to his doctor, he has a tumor in his neck, and he needs surgery.  But he is looking forward to the title match when he gets back.  He wants to thank the fans for their continued support.

Here comes Eric Young.

Eric tells Kurt he needs to tell the truth.  EC3 didn’t beat him, EY gave him Piledrivers.  How many more can his old, crippled body take?  Eric wants to take the credit for that, so how many more can he take?  Maybe 2?  Maybe 3?  How about the next time he gets a Piledriver, Eric takes him out?

But Eric wants him gone for good.

He decks Kurt.

Chris Melendez helps out Kurt, but Eric clips him from behind, and he nails a Piledriver on Chris.

Still to come tonight, EC3 Vs Drew Galloway, but next, we relive the match from Slammiversary of James Storm Vs Magnus.

The 2014 TNA HOF induction was Team 3-D.

Next week, we find out who the newest 2015 inductee is to the TNA Hall of Fame.

Josh Matthews and The Pope tell us Bully Ray is now in charge of TNA, and he gave us a World Title match.

But first, we head to 2015 Slammiversary PPV match in an Unsanctioned match between Storm Vs Magnus.

Clips from 2 weeks ago, when Storm interrupted Mickie and Magnus segment.  Mickie challenged James to a mixed tag match with she and Magnus vs James and anyone he chooses.

James is backstage, telling us The Beatles asked if you want a Revolution?  James started a Revolution, and says he started it because there is always room for one more member.  And if you let Storm down, he will cut you down.  And as for his partner?  It’s someone close to Mickie.

The phone rings, and he walks off.

In 2 weeks, Storm and a mystery woman Vs Magnus and Mickie.

EC3 is in Bully Ray’s office.  He is behind Bully, but since he defended his title 3 times last week, he wants a week off.

Bully loves the input, but he disagrees.  EC3 is the World Heavyweight Champion, start acting like one.  Find a way to get the job done.


EC3 Vs Drew Galloway is next.

EC3 retains his title after Eli Drake nails Galloway with his crutches, and Ethan hits a One Percenter for the win.

Where does Eli Drake go from here, who apparently is fine, never was injured.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a better show, not as good as it was 2 weeks ago, but I liked the addition of Bully Ray.

I just wasn’t feeling the impact of Eli Drake, because quite frankly, he hasn’t done much since he got fired in.  Maybe that will change now, but one way or the other, he will have to showcase his talent, so his time is now.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/15/15…Jay Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe…TV Title

Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome us to the show.  Tonight, out main event will be Jay Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe.

Next week will be episode number 200.

Adam Page comes to the ring, he is scheduled to face Matt Sydal.

Matt Sydal wins the match with his Air Borne 450 Splash.

BJ Whitmer attacks Sydal from behind, orders Colby to get a chair, and here comes ACH to help his partner, but Whitmer nails him with a chair.

Colby gets many chairs, and Adam hits Rite of Passage to send the message on their chairs, laying out Sydal.

Corino is beside himself, again.

Moments ago, we see Adam Page take out Matt Sydal.

July 24th, Death Before Dishonor, Lethal Vs Strong.

Veda Scott joins the announcers at ringside.  On July 24th, it will be Moose Vs Cedrick Alexander.

Moose tried to be a successful football player, and he failed.  He tried to be a successful wrestler, but Cedrick Alexander put a little wrench in the plans.  At Death Before Dishonor, having famous friends doesn’t win you matches.  Being ruthless, and doing whatever it takes will win you some matches.  Cedrick Alexander will show you just how good he is, and potential doesn’t give you success.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young is in the ring, he will face Will Ferrara.

Will picks up the upset win when Dalton Castle’s boys came out to distract him and Will picks up the rollup victory.

Silas attacks both boys, and lays them out.

Television Title is on the line next, Jay Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe.

Lethal Vs Briscoe is now.

Briscoe had ODB, he had Jay, but Jay Lethal wins with Lethal Injection.

The House of Truth come out and try to take out The Briscoes, but Roderick Strong, who was doing commentary helps out Dem Boys.

Roderick issues a 6-man tag match, next week on the 200th episode of ROH TV.

But ODB has a better idea.  Add her to the mix and Truth Martini.  An 8-person tag match…..BAM!!!

Lethal accepts, and next week’s big show is set when the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

200 episodes, and now I have seen 10 of them.  Not a bad show tonight, I loved the main event, and it sets up next week’s show very nicely.

The first time I saw ODB since she left TNA.  Funny they call her Old Dirty Briscoe.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/13/15…The Battleground Is Set

We kick the show off with video from last week when The Beast was Unleashed against Seth Rollins and his Authority.

Brock Lesnar is here tonight.  Raw is now.

No intro tonight, we are live in Atlanta, Georgia.  We see the broken up $55,000 car that Seth gave his boys.

Here Comes The Pain.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman.  And I am the advocate for the Cadillac crushing, J & J conquering, badass Avenger who this Sunday night, will make Seth Rollins pay for his sins, Brock Lesnar.

We are 6 days away from history being made again when this beast enters the ring as challenger.  How many times have we seen that opportunity, Brock Lesnar as a challenger.  When he was a rookie, Brock entered this ring as challenger, and dominated Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and became WWE Champion.  When he entered in UFC, Brock entered the ring as challenger to Randy Couture, and he conquered Randy, and walked out as UFC Champion.  And last summer, he walked into this ring as challenger, and we saw what happened to John Cena.  Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat, and he became the new WWE Champion.

And he would still be champion, if that slimy Seth Rollins hadn’t stolen the title from him.  But this Sunday, Brock is going to conquer Seth Rollins.

In 6 days, Seth will be dominated by Brock Lesnar, he will be conquered by Brock Lesnar.  He will be suplexed by Brock Lesnar.  He will be speared by Brock Lesnar.  This Sunday, Brock Lesnar will once again be the reigning, undefeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Enter Seth Rollins.

Seth asks Brock if he’s proud of himself, because this Sunday, he can’t wait to beat him.  He gave him a chance to stand up like a man last week, but he chose to go the cowardly way and take advantage of an inanimate object.

Brock takes this car as a symbol, but the WWE World Title is Seth’s symbol.  He will take a trip to Suplex City, he will bring the torch, and he will burn Suplex City to the ground.

Brock has the mic, he can take Rollins to Suplex City tonight, bitch.

Kane, back from his vacation informs us there will be order and tonight, there will be a contract signing.  At Battleground, Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar is what’s best for business.  So Mr. Heyman, things….

Heyman asks if Kane is threatening his client.  So Brock, you are being threatened by The Undertaker’s little brother.

Paul knows he is not supposed to talk about Kane’s family, you know the man that Brock ended his Wrestlemania undefeated streak.

So what can possibly go wrong in an official contract signing?

His client will be in his best behavior, unless Seth does something to disrupt him.  If that happens, Heyman assures Rollins Suplex City comes to Atlanta, Georgia.

Contract signing will be set later tonight.

Tonight, Dean Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt.  But next, it will be Randy Orton and Ryback vs Sheamus and Big Show.  WWE’s own version of “All-Star” team.

The Miz is doing commentary during this tag match.

Ryback and Orton win when Orton hits a RKo on Sheamus, and Ryback gives us a Top Rope splash.

6 days away from Battleground.  Orton Vs Sheamus is official.

Kane has a plan for later tonight.

Kane and Rollins are bickering again.

Ambrose Vs Wyatt is next.

The match never takes place, Roman Reigns attacks Wyatt and lays him into the post, but the tides were turned and Wyatt used a lantern to nail Reigns, but even that had no effect, when we were erupted into a commercial.

Team Bella are in the ring, with Nikki telling us they run the diva’s division, but here comes Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie reminds them that she runs this division.  The problem is the competition just isn’t there, and there is an evolution in women’s sports.  We have The World Cup, UFC, and Tennis.

But she needs help, so allow her to introduce her to Paige.

Nikki tells us Paige has had many title chances, and failed.  Stephanie tells Nikki that she wants Paige out here, so shut up.

Paige has wanted divas to be on her side, but nobody has stood up, and fight.  So she wants to bring out someone who has fought and clawed her way to get into this business, Becky Lynch.

And she wants to introduce us to someone who was born for this business, someone who was styling and profiling, Charlotte.


But here comes Naomi and Tamina.

They have unfinished business here, and it’s their time to get in the ring with both Paige and Nikki.

Stephanie agrees, says she should come out and want her spot, which is why she is here to introduce another woman.  Someone who calls herself “The Boss”, Sasha Banks.

The current NXT Women’s Champion comes out to align herself with Naomi and Tamina.

Stephanie asks Nikki if this was what she meant when she asked for competition?  She is giving them an opportunity, so who will take it?

All 9 women start to fight.

The NXT Divas all are making a statement with submission moves.

Team Bella are done.

We have a 6-man tag match of The New Day Vs Primetime Players and Mark Henry.

World’s Strongest Slam, Xavier’s night is over.

We see the damage “The Beast” made last week to that Cadillac.

Video from last Monday night again.

Tonight, official contract signing with Lesnar Vs Rollins.

Oh my gawd, we are seeing King Barrett Vs R-Truth, again.

Truth wins again, with Lie Detector.

We see video footage again of Rusev laying out Ziggler last week.

Here comes John Cena Open Challenge.

Cena is ready for 6 days, and he is ready for the Open Challenge.

Rusev answers the challenge, and he is going to break him tonight.

Kevin Owens interrupts, and he tells John if anyone beats Cena for US Title, it will be Owens.  And when he beats him tonight, he will give Cena a rematch at Battleground.

Rusev was here first, and tells Kevin he has 2 first names, so which one is it?

Owens tells Rusev take his Lana wannabe, and stick that flag up his ass, or something like that.

But here comes Cesaro, he wants more too.

We are going to have a Triple Threat now, and the winner faces Cena.

I love that.

Rusev wins the match with a kick to the face, pinning Cesaro.  Middle of the match, Owens walks away.  He tells Cena he will be ready for him this Sunday.

Rusev Vs Cena is set now.

The match ends in a DQ, when Rusev was about to make Cena tap out to Accolade, Owens comes out and hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Rusev, telling Cena nobody will beat him for the title, except him.

In 6 days, Owens Vs Cena, for the US Title.

Seth Rollins asks Kane if the plan is set, he told him it is.  Rollins tells Kane it better work.

Here is the return of Lita.  She introduces us to the cast of the new WWE Tough Enough cast.

We hear from Stardust, he returns and faces Neville, next.

At the Battleground Kick-Off show, it will be Barrett Vs R-Truth in a Battle of the Crown match.

Neville Vs Stardust, now.

Stardust wins with the rolling up tights.  The fans were chanting for Cody, not Stardust.  That’s who we want to see.

Contract signing is next.

Rollins and Lesnar are coming out now.

Seth is sick and tired of seeing the footage of Brock destroying the gift he gave J & J Security, so he wants to see Rollins and The Authority lay out Lesnar, which we see now.

Seth is here to give us his word, he is not afraid of Brock Lesnar.  This Sunday at Battleground, he will conquer the conqueror again.  He will defeat the one in 21-1 again, and he will be the one to burn Suplex City in ashes.

He will still be the reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Here comes Lesnar, with purpose.

Heyman tells Rollins he wouldn’t take his eyes off “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.  Ever since Rollins destroyed his brothers in The Shield, Heyman always wanted to see someone get their hands on Rollins.  Ever since Rollins have dubbed himself as “The Future of WWE”, the fans have wanted to see someone get their hands on Rollins.  And ever since he cashed in Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, and he stole the WWE World Title from his client, Brock wanted to get his hands on Rollins.

6 days from now, everyone wants to see Brock get their hands on Rollins, because this Sunday, Rollins will get his ass kicked.  He will get hurt, he will get slapped, he will get punched, he will get Suplexed, he will get F-5, he will get pinned, he will be dethroned.  Seth Rollins is going to Suplex City.

And he will get conquered by one man, one beast, the real future of WWE, Brock Lesnar.

Rollins signs the contract, and when Brock signs his contract, Rollins tries to grab an ace handler, but Heyman sees it.

Rollins denies it, but Brock kicks the table down, finds it and puts it back on the table, daring them to use it.

Rollins grabs it, but Brock flips the table on him.  Kane helps Seth out though, by taking out Brock.  But The Beast turns the tide, gives Kane a F-5, and when he goes after Rollins, Seth runs away, and Brock now takes the steel step, and nails it with Kane’s foot, breaking his ankle.

Rollins comes back, irate at this.

From day one, Brock believed he could run through everyone.  He ran through John Cena, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, but he didn’t run through Seth Rollins.  Seth is better than Brock, and he is just a man.  He will show everyone he is just a man with a pule.  He will skin off that tattoo, and become the man who sleighs the beast.

So this was Kane’s plan?  To get rid of Lesnar?  How did that work out for him?  Like Kane’s entire career, a big disappointment.  Rollins told Kane that if this doesn’t work out, he would be nothing.  How is that working out?  Well, this is all on Kane.

Rollins stomps on his ankle, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a strong build to Battleground tonight, especially the ending.  But I can’t see how they would turn Rollins a babyface at the end of this.  Especially after seeing Rollins take out Kane’s ankle too, so we will see.

Everything else was good too, we finally had someone face off against the Bellas.  The WWE debut of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch.

We are also down to the stretch run of Cena Vs Owens, and saw a tremendous Triple Threat match to get to Cena, which I loved to see.  Again, they are making the US Title feel important.  Perhaps they can do the same thing with the IC Title?

A very good show tonight, and I am looking forward to seeing Battleground now.

Share me your thoughts?  Do you trust Vince to truly push the new WWE Divas in the right direction?

Impact Wrestling 7/8/15…The Reign Of Carter Begins

Clips from last week, when Ethan Carter III pins Kurt Angle clean in the ring to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3!!!

Trouble!!  Trouble!!  Trouble!!

I love that theme.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

Do I have your attention now?

EC3 is unpinned, unsibmitted, undefeated, unbeatable new World Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Carter III….EC3.

The time is now, EC3 is here, and he is the new, undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and the greatest wrestler alive.

He has been given a gift, by his sweet Aunt Dee, she is coming back to the show tonight, and he has been put in charge of the show.

In the main event, history will be made, not once, not twice, but three times.

Enter Matt Hardy.

He did EC3 a favor a few weeks ago, and softened up Kurt Angle.  He’s not an EC3 fan, and he did it to prove he belongs in the World Title picture.  EC3 was successful in his campaign, so he is going to start his now, called Matt for Champ.

He pleads with Twitter to give is a hashtag.

EC3 asks Tyrus if he likes the idea of Matt for champ?


Ethan tells Matt that he took Kurt to the limit, but Ethan took Kurt to the mat, so he regretfully declines.

How about Matt beat down Carter, and Tyrus doesn’t like that idea.

But Matt is already booked in a tag team match, now Hardy’s brother decided to get his leg hurt, but Matt will face this tag team who aren’t happy about last week’s event….

The Dirty Heels.

The Dirty Heels win with some dirty tactics, Roode holds onto Hardy’s shoes, while Aries makes the pin.

Still to come tonight, part 2 of Jeff Jarrett’s interview, and the return of Dixie Carter.

The Rising are up next.

For the last time, The Rising are in the ring together.

As of right now, as Drew says The Rising are finished.

The 3 of them came together because there was a need for a chance to fight for wrestling.  He is talking about The Beat Down Clan.  Eli, Micah, it has been an honor fighting beside each other.

Eli is sorry for this, but with this, Drew brought Eli to the door, and there will come a time he is going to show the gratitude.

Drew tells us the future is bright in TNA, BDC will be done.

The night is always darkest before the dawn.  Drew will continue to fight, this is not the end, but only the beginning.

EC3 is touched by this, who is doing commentary.  What Drew has done is touching, but it’s just too bad he booked him in a 6-man tag match, and he has nobody.

So Drew, they say when factions break up, they have to face a 3-on-1 tag match, so bring out the team.

It’s The Revolution, consists of Abyss, Khoya, and Manik.

Galloway picks up the win, kicking Manik in the face, and rolling him up for the win.  Khoya and Abyss got into it a bit before the pinfall.

Mr. Anderson congratulates EC3 for winning, and respects him for doing that with a clean pinfall.  He offers his services to face EC3 for the title in one of the 3 matches.  Nope, Anderson is facing Bram, next.

Bram is DQ’d ramming a chair into Anderson.

Bram wants Mr. Anderson’s mic now.

Bram nails Anderson with a mic, calling him pathetic, again with the mic job.  And nails him 2 more times, while Anderson bleeds.

Jesse Godderz is in the ring, ready for a streetfight against Robbie E.

Jesse wins with the Adonis Crab, making Robbie pass out.

EC3 is ready for his history making night.  Lashley wants his shot tonight, but EC3 denies that match, and gives us Lashley Vs Tyrus.

Kurt Angle is ready to make things interesting.

Part 2 of Jeff Jarrett’s interview is now.

Jeff tell us TNA is a part of Global Force family, their mission is to bring promotions together, and give is matches we have all been wanting to see.

EC3 is in the ring, ready for his 3 title matches.

Ethan believes in paying it forward, and you never forget your first match, and he brings us the man, the myth, the legend….

Norv Fernum.

Kick to the gut, one percenter, match is done.

Match one out-of-the-way.

Now for match two….

This week is Shark Week, on Discovery, so what could that mean?

Give me a Shell Yeah!!

It’s the legendary Sharkboy.

One Percenter.

Trouble!!  Trouble!!  Trouble!!

One more match to go.

Our third and final title defense…

Kurt Angle comes out.

Boy Kurt, you just ruined a great segment here.

Ethan is a scared little boy.  He is afraid to face anyone, and this is a binding contract, and he can have a match anytime he chooses.  He chooses tonight.  He wants his title back, it’s real….it’s damn real.

Lashley is ready for a fight, he faces Tyrus, next.

Lashley wins the match with a spear.

This hasn’t been a good 15 minutes for EC3.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Kurt Angle.  But next, Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne.

More of part 2 from Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling interview.

This is about having the same goal, and the same plans for each other.  Jarrett will let the fans decide about Jarrett’s legacy.  He has had some enjoyable matches with Kurt Angle, the early NWA TNA days with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Mick Foley, Don West.  If there is a legacy, he takes great pride in choosing the right people in place to be the very best.

At the end of the day, it’s about competing to be the very best, that is his legacy.

Velvet Sky Vs Madison Rayne is now.

Madison tells Velvet she doesn’t belong in this ring anymore, Velvet has had enough.  Match is now.

Velvet wins with a stunner.

EC3 Vs Angle, for the TNA World Title is next.

Angle Vs EC3 is now.

EC3 causes a DQ when he rammed into Brian Hebner, but EC3 tapped out right as this happens, but the ref did not see it.

A limo shows up, here is Aunt Dee.

EC3 is in the ring, he won that.  And now ladies and gentlemen, he wants to bring out the return of Dixie Carter.

Dixie tells Ethan she put her body on the line by going through a table.  And she realized the mistakes she had made.  She is proud of Ethan, and the accomplishments he has made.  But he needs to defend his title and defend his wins by winning, and not skating through his name.  Someone needs to be in charge, someone needs to make sure this company continues to soar, this crowd makes this company.  They deserve that.  And that someone is not Dixie.  And darling, that someone is not Ethan either.

We end the show, wondering who is in charge of Impact Wrestling.

Next week, Tigre Uno puts his X-Division Title on the line against Rockstar Spud, Greto, and Manik.  Also will Taryn Terrell be able to handle Brooke?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Despite my fun moments with EC3, I wasn’t a big fan of tonight’s show.  Just no setup for a proposed rematch, and we have a return of Dixie Carter, who did not give us much news at all, except she disapproves EC3.  But then again, we see the return of Norv Fernum, so not all was horrible.

Jeff Jarrett also tells us that everyone will work under the same umbrella at Global Force.  It’s a good thought, but ego is always in the way.  Will TNA oblige?

Tune in, and find out.  Give me your thoughts on the show.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/8/15…Battle Of The Belts

Tonight, we find out results of Battle of the Belts.  Who is the ROH World Championship?

It’s Jay Lethal.

We are in New York City, with Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcoming us to the show.

Our main event is Elgin and reDRagon Vs The Kingdom.

But first, we will see Watanabe Vs Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle wins with his Spinning Wheel move, I guess.

He shakes hands with Watanabe, and now Dalton has something to say.

He is the only man in ROH, as he sits on his two boys, and his name is Dalton Castle.

This upsets Silas Young, who comes out.

We hear about the ROH World Title, next.

Nigel McGuiness is here to introduce us the current ROH TV Champion, and the new ROH World Champion, who defeated Jay Briscoe at Best in the World.

Jay looks good with both titles.

Nigel shakes Jay’s hand and congratulates him as new ROH World Champion.

The crowd chants he deserves it, and Truth Martini tells us Jay deserves this, but these people are not Jay’s people, The House of Truth are Jay Lethal’s people.

Best In The World, history was made, we witnessed greatness, we witness the new undisputed World Champion, Jay Lethal.

Nigel wants to hear from the champ.

All Jay wants to say is what he has been saying since the beginning, Jay is the best in the world.  To be the best, you have to be the undisputed of the greatest Wrestling company in the world.  But ROH is the greatest Wrestling company in the world, because Jay Lethal is here.

Nigel wants to know which title he is going to vacate, what is his plan moving forward?

Jay isn’t giving up a damn thing, he has earned both of these championships and Nigel knew going in, the man who won would have both title and he isn’t giving up anything.  And when Jay is wrestling, he is going to be the undisputed Champion, and he needs both titles.

Nigel tells him if that is the case, then the two titles are two separate titles, and therefore, both need to be defended.

At Death Before Dishonor, Jay will face Roderick Strong, and next week on TV, Lethal will defend the TV Title against Mark Briscoe.

Jay tells Nigel if he has to defend both titles on the same night, then so be it….

Here comes Roderick Strong.

Roderick wants Jay to make full of something, July 24th on IPPV, at Death Before Dishonor, Jay will walk in as World Heavyweight Champion, and after DBD, Roderick will out as World Heavyweight Champion.

July 24th, Death Before Dishonor, Lethal Vs Strong.  Next week, on TV, Lethal Vs Mark Briscoe for TV Title.

Our main event is up now, The Kingdom Vs reDRagon and Michael Egin.

At Best In The World, we saw Adam Cole lose to Bullet Club, and Maria Kanellis assures Adam nothing is wrong with The Kingdom.  She blames herself, as the leader of The Kingdom.  Taven, Bennett, and herself have been touring together in Japan, winning the NJPW Tag Titles.

So they all get a group hug, and our match is set.

reDragon and Michael Elgin defeated The Kingdom, when Kevin O’ Reiley pins Adam Cole.

Cole shakes hands with O’ Reiley, and walks out with them leaving The Kingdom alone.

What does this mean for The Kingdom, the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’m going to say this again, I can’t stand this current format.  PPV was 2 weeks ago, we just heard from the new champ and find out he has a title defense in 16 days.  I know Strong won his match to get this title shot, but there won’t be much heat to it, at least on TV.  Why not start the tapings right after the PPV and set your next big show for the next one, so we can see 4 weeks of build ups?  And did they need to wish us a Happy 4th of July weekend, when this isn’t a weekend?  I know it was first aired over this past weekend, but edit that out.

Anyway, again I enjoyed the wrestling but my favorite part of the show was the first Jay Lethal promo in 2 weeks, since he won the title.  And I am looking forward to seeing him compete next week against Mark.

Other than that, story of the night was Adam Cole turning face, right?  Kingdom are about to kick him to the curb.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.  Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone.

WWE Monday Night Raw 7/6/15….Chi-Town Rumble

After last week’s horrible Raw, we see a recap of the biggest problem, Seth Rollins giving prizes away like he is a game show host.  Our WWE Champion, ladies and gentlemen.

Here Comes The Pain, in Chicago.

We are 13 days away from Battleground, and we hear from…

My name is Paul Heyman, and I am the advocate for the 9th mayor of Suplex City….BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK LESNAR!!!!

It come to his attention that Seth Rollins and his merry men believe he is still in Tokyo, Japan.  Which means you can put a title on anybody, even a shmuck Justin Bieber-look-a-like, like Seth Rollins who can luck his way to the championship.

Let him put it like this, his client is a God, but not a God of religion, or a God of family, or a God of morality, but rather a God of retribution.

This is his sword, and allow Heyman to remind us he took the streak away from The Undertaker.

The crowd boos him, and Heyman brings up don’t boo the advocate.

But when his client took The Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania, he didn’t respect Undertaker, but he also didn’t disrespect The Undertaker.

Now when his client took John Cena to Suplex City, Brock didn’t have any respect for John Cena, but he also didn’t disrespect Cena, he wanted the WWE Championship.

His client didn’t respect Roman Reigns, when he showed up what insufferable pain really is, but he also didn’t disrespect Reigns.

Now, Seth Rollins broke the 11th commandment, thou shall not provoke Brock Lesnar.

Seth Rollins didn’t provoke Lesnar twice, like taking the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, he also provoked him the night after Wrestlemania, when he went in thinking he’d have a rematch, and then walk away.

But he also provoked Lesnar a third time a few weeks ago, when a bunch of hooligans attacled The Beast Incarnate, but they let a Beast breathe.

This is the point where Heyman is supposed to sell us on the PPV, in 13 days at Battleground.  His client Brock Lesnar will get his hands on the reigning, defending undisputed World Heavyweight Championship, and become the new champion, but that beating to Suplex City begins tonight, in the cathedral hall of Suplex City, in the All-State Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Now, we hear the WWE World Champion will be here tonight.

We hear chants of Suplex City, and since the champ will be here, Brock Lesnar isn’t going anywhere tonight.

So someone needs to tell the champ, Brock is here to fight.

Cole, JBL, and Byron join us for the show.  Kane is on his trip in Hawaii, and we see awful pictures from that trip.

Seth gave J & J Security a new Cadillac, and we see their road trip they went to.

Big Show Vs Ryback, one on one is now.

The Miz was in commentary during the match the entire time, egging both men on to beat each other up.  The match ends in a DQ for Ryback, but Miz attacks both men.  But it doesn’t work.

Also, Chicago fans said Cleveland sucks at Miz, how rude.

Shellshock, and a Chokeslam, but Ryback hits a Meathook on Show and is left standing.

Feed Me More….

Tonight, another John Cena United States Open Challenge.

More footage of Kane in Hawaii, and footage from earlier today, J & J Security are in Chicago.

Divas action now, with Brie Bella Vs Paige.

Brie wins with a X-Factor, after Nikki and Alicia distracted Paige long enough, but we see a Rack Attack and an Axe Kick, and no divas are helping out Paige.

Footage from last week over Reigns and Wyatt.

Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus is up now.

Sheamus wins by countout when we hear Bray Wyatt’s music, and we think Bray is making his way, but it’s Luke Harper instead and Roman nails him with a Superman punch.

But Bray shows up on-screen, laughing and just says anyone but you.

And as Sheamus was celebrating over his fluke win, here comes Randy Orton.

They fight in the barricade, and move to the ring, Orton hits a RKO.

13 days, these two face off at Battleground.

HHH is on the phone, and we see the champ and his entourage show up.

Seth is smiling, and HHH informs him that Lesnar is here, and will fight him, so what will he do about it?

Seth is very confident about Battleground, so HHH suggests he stays away from Brock and let him steam, and make a mistake.  But he is Brock Lesnar, that won’t happen, so Seth has to intentionally provoke Brock Lesnar, and show him why he is the man.  Rollins will call out The Beast.

Rusev and Summer Rae are in the ring.

Our USA loves opportunities.  He loves the opportunities his new love, Summer Rae gave last Thursday night on Smackdown that he apologizes himself.

He apologize…

The crowd wants Lana, but he gives us Summer.

He won’t apologize for wasting a year of his life to Lana, and he won’t apologize that these guys took Lana on our level, and he won’t apologize for being better looking, more intelligent, and more passionate than Dolph Ziggler.

Summer tells us we should be showing respect for this man for what he deserves.

Rusev kisses Summer’s hand, and here comes Ziggler and Lana.

Rusev is distorted, because everything he has gotten from WWE is due to Lana.  Deep down, he knows this, and you know that song hebutchered a few weeks ago, yo don’t know what you got, til it’s gone?  Well brother, it’s gone and Ziggler found her.

They make out, and now Summer and Lana are about to fight, but Rusev nails Ziggler with his crutch, and kicks him with his cast.

Rusev talks trash, but Ziggler fight back.  But Rusev has the final say.

Officials check on Ziggler, with Rusev admiring his work.

Moments ago, we see what just saw, Rusev is healthy now, and he used that against Ziggler.

Ziggler is wheeled out by EMTs, with Lana by his side.

We go from that, to the inspirational Bo Dallas!!

That was a horrible thing we just saw what happened to Dolph Ziggler.  Just goes to show bad things happen to bad people, and good things happen to good people.  Good people like him, and all you have to do is BO-lieve.

Oh boy, his opponent is Dean Ambrose.

Dirty Deeds, that is all she wrote.

BO-Lieved, and he lost.

Brock Lesnar is here, Seth Rollins is here, Kane is vacationing in Hawaii, and J & J Security cruised in their Cadillac.

Tonight, Seth Rollins calls out The Beast.

Bad News Barrett Vs R-Truth, oh boy.

Barrett wins with Bull Hammer.

Seth Rollins is heading to the ring, next.

Earlier tonight, Rusev attacked Ziggler, and he has damaged his throat.

Here comes Seth Rollins.

Oh good lord, we see the car come out.

Rollins, J & J have axe handles.

HHH and Stephanie chose Brock Lesnar to be his opponent at Battleground, because they know what we will all find out, he is the undisputed future, and the future is now.

He reunited The Authority, and they laid out Brock Lesnar like a whimpering dog.

He conquered the conqueror, he set fire to Supex City.  And at Battleground, he will burn it down the ground.

That Neanderthal can’t match Rollins’ intelligence.

We see footage of The Authority attacking Lesnar.

Suplex City chants, and Seth tells us to chant that all we want, but he is the man.  He reunited The Authority, he defeated Brock at Wrestlemania, and there is nobody else who can beat him.  He walks in to Battleground WWE World Champion, and he will walk out Battleground as WWE World Champion.

Now Paul Heyman brings up the 11th commandment, never intentionally provoke Brock Lesnar.  So Brock, he is wondering, are you the man Paul Heyman says you are, or are you Heyman’s bitch?

Here comes the pain.

Brock has some axe grinders himself, and he smashes the car with them.  He is goating The Authority in while doing it, which is hilarious.

Brock goes after Noble’s arm, and breaks it, he sends Mercury into the car with a suplex, and now it’s just Lesnar and Rollins.

Yeah, Rollins runs away like a bitch.

13 nights, the WWE Title will be Brock’s.

John Cena’s United States Open Challenge match, tonight.

Moments ago, we see the car has crashed.

The Lucha Dragons Vs The New Day is up now.

New Day wins the match, and we heard Primetime Players talking during commentary.  In 13 days, Tag Titles are on the line in a 3-on-2 Handicap match.

Who answers the opportunity against John Cena?  We find out, next.

We are in Chicago, and we find out “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is on the cover of WWE2K16.

John Cena is ready, and in 13 days, he will be ready to face Kevin Owens.

We see footage of Owens Vs Balor this past Saturday morning in Japan, at Beast in the East.

Cena thanks the chants, it seems the Chicago fans are a bit upset.  Is that because Kevin Owens lost the NXT Title this past Saturday morning?  Never fear, because The Champ Is Here.

We will see a title match tonight, and Cena has had many memorable title matches.  Some advice to the man who comes through the curtain, be prepared for a battle.

Kevin Owens comes out.

This is the worst part of the show, because it’s the same crap coming out of Cena’s mouth, but he needs the United States Championship, he was willing to wait, but let’s do this tonight, right here, right now.

Cesaro shows up.

Nobody wants to hear Owens cry about Saturday’s loss, so step aside, because if anyone needs a title shot, it’s Cesaro.

Owens is jealous because Cesaro had Cena beat, and was about to do something Owens can’t do, make Cena tap.  So get out of the ring, because now it’s Cesaro Vs Cena.

And that’s our main event.

Cena wins with an AA on the middle rope.  Both men threw everything they could, and the match felt something special.

Kevin Owens shows up, and tries to give Cena a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Cena counters it with an AA.  We end the show seeing the carnage Brock Lesnar left with the Cadillac tonight.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight’s show was a million times better than last week, but then again, after last week, anything would be better.

We had Brock crush a car, and crush the spirits of a young champion.

We also saw a very good main event, and whether you like the man or not, John Cena has made the US Title relevant again, and if Kevin Owens wins, we need to see more open challenges.

I expect to see an official contract signing next week, what were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me.

WWE Beast In The East 7/4/15

We are live in Tokyo, Japan.  Brock Lesnar returns to Japan, we will also see Kevin Owens Vs Finn Balor, for the NXT Championship.

Michael Cole and Byron Scott welcome us to the historic event.

Chris Jericho Vs Neville kicks off the show.

Jericho defeated Neville in a Lion Tamer, making Neville tap.  Chris still has it in the ring, which is fun to watch.

A good match to start the show.

Earlier today, Brock Lesnar entered the building.

This Monday after Raw, a live special celebrating the life of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

Our next match is a Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship.  Paige Vs Tamina Vs Nikki Bella.

Nikki Bella retains her title with a forearm smash, pinning Tamina.

Tonight, Brock Lesnar Vs Kofi Kingston.

Brock Lesnar video is playing now.

Brock Vs Kofi is now, I am not expecting this match to last long.

Brock played with Kofi, and at the end of the day, F-5…match over.

Brock comes back to play, with a Suplex, and a F-5.

The New Day come out, only to be taken out quickly by Supex City.

Kevin Owens is preparing for his match tonight against Finn Balor.

Owens Vs Balor, for the NXT Championship is up now.

“The Demon” is out.

Finn Balor is the new NXT Champion, pinning Owens with a Coup De Gras.  Match of the night here, just incredible by both men.

Hideo Itami is watching on, and we see Tatsumi Fujinami come out, and celebrate this moment with Finn.

Balor wants to shake hands with Owens, but Kevin walks away.

We are in Tokyo, Japan, at Sumo Hall.

Last night, Tatsumi Fujinami was honored in a WWE ring at a house show.

Now its King Barrett and Kane Vs Dolph Ziggler and John Cena.

Ziggler and Cena win when Cena pins Barrett with an Attitude Adjustment.

This was an old school tag match, and ended with the babyfaces prevailing and celebrates with the crowd to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun and unique show to make it special.  Balor Vs Owens was amazing, and really, it should have ended the show but I loved the presentation and it was good to see Jericho perform, as well as Lesnar coming back since Wrestlemania.

I hope to see more specials like this.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me, if they do this again, I might watch it live.

Impact Wrestling 7/1/15…Bell To Bell

Tonight is what Slammiversary should have been, a stacked show with titles on the line.  Kurt Angle will face EC3 for the World Title.  Taryn Terrell Vs Awesome Kong Vs Brooke for the Knockout Title.  And for the World Tag Team Titles, The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels in a 30-minute Ironman match.

Impact Wrestling in 7 minutes.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

We begin the show with BDC Vs The Rising, losing team must disband.

4-on-3 handicap elimination match is set.

Micha is eliminated first, making it 4-on-2.

Eli Drake has been eliminated due to an injured knee.

It’s Drew Galloway Vs BDC, 4-on-1.

Low-Ki is eliminated with a rollup by Galloway.

Kenny King is eliminated too.

MVP pins Galloway with the Drive-By.

MVP and Hernandez are the survivors, and BDC continues with The Rising disbanding.

Tonight, part 1 of an exclusive interview with Jeff Jarrett, and EC3 Vs Kurt Angle for the World Title.

Low-Ki separated his shoulder, he is on his way to the hospital and MVP told his crew to trust him.

Magnus is in the ring.

James is a slimy son-of-a-bitch and he doesn’t care who knows.  He is sorry that James’ mommy and daddy didn’t hug him enough as a kid.  He is sorry that he tried to break Magnus’ family, but he didn’t get the job done.  He welcomes Mickie James to the ring.

Hardcore Country!!

First of all, she thanks for the words of encouragement, and she appreciates every single one of, but most of all, she thanks Magnus.  For believing in her, and although she should have listened to him from the start, he didn’t rub it in after what took place.

This is what true love is, not trying to fool someone just to manipulate what you want.

Enter James Storm and Khoya.

James brings up she should thank him, for not pushing a little bit harder, because she is up, and not in a wheelchair, not being able to hold on to her son.

He didn’t want her in The Revolution, he just wanted to see how easy it is to manipulate a woman to join his Revolution.

James wishes he could be half the man Magnus is, because he is just a pathetic coward.  If can find just one woman, bring her to the ring, because Mickie wants one more match, so she and Magnus can kick some ass all night long.

Next, the 30 minute Ironman Match for the Tag Titles is up.

The Wolves, in 2-1 advantage win the Tag Team Titles.  It came down to a rollup with 9 seconds left.

Tonight, Kurt Angle Vs EC3 for the World Title.

Knockout Title match is up now, Brooke Vs Awesome Kong Vs Taryn Terrell.

With some help from The Dollhouse, Taryn Terrell wins with a Cutter, pinning Kong.

I do like The Dollhouse theme music.

The lights go out, and playtime is over.

It’s Gail Kim.

Next, Jeff Jarrett’s exclusive interview.

Mike Tenay conducts an interview with Karen and Jeff Jarrett.

What does Jarrett coming back, and winning the King of the Mountain Title mean to TNA and Global Force Wrestling?

There is a future between Global Force and TNA, and it will shock some people, in more ways than one.

That was it for the interview.

Our main event, EC3 Vs Kurt Angle is now.

EC3 becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion with a roll up, after they threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other.  The ref threw out Tyrus, who was trying to throw everything at Angle.  This was a clean victory and the show ends with The Era of Carter beginning.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Such an amazing episode of wrestling, and really a great night of wrestling on both shows tonight.  Angle Vs EC3 was a great buildup, and the match delivered.  We also saw Best of 5 series end with 30 Minute Ironman match.  The best thing is it just had 3 falls, which is more realistic than say wrestlers being pinned 11 times in a 30 minute span.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 7/1/15…AJ Styles Vs Adam Cole

We are in Philly, with Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcoming us to the show.  We have highlights from War of the Worlds.  ROH Vs New Japan, including Adam Cole Vs AJ Styles.

But our first match, The Addiction Vs Gredo and Kazuchika Okada.

The Addiction win the match with a Total Addiction, and after the match Okada takes care of Daniels and Kazarian.

Next, Adam Page Vs Watanabe.

Match joined in progress, Page Vs Watanabe.

Page wins the match, and Corino is beside himself since Colby was out there with Adam.

Cole Vs Styles is next.

AJ wins the match with 3 Styles Clash, defeating a returning Adam Cole from an injury at the time.

They shook hands before the match, Adam spit in AJ’s hand/  This time though, Adam shook AJ’s hand, and showed him he meant it.

Next week, we will find out the results of Best in the World, and have the World Heavyweight Champion.  The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I am under record in saying I don’t like the current format ROH runs, when the show seems like highlight shows, and they bring up PPVs 2 or 3 weeks after, but tonight’s 3 matches were incredible highlights of War of the Worlds, and it ended with an instant classic between AJ Styles and Adam Cole.

So how can you complain about that?

We will see who the world champ is the next week.  What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/29/15…Brock Lesnar’s Answer?

Last week, something monumental happened that rarely occurs, Brock Lesnar was beat down to a pulp.  He must answer that, right?  No better way than to do it tonight.

Raw is now.

We begin the show with a 30 minute Seth Rollins promo, complete with The Authority.

Seth welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins, and we are live in Washington D.C.  A city obsessed with power.  But then again the fans in this building do not truly understand what power is.  You gain power by doing something nobody is capable of doing.

You do something Roman Reigns couldn’t do at Wrestlemania.  You do something John Cena isn’t capable of ever doing.  And even The Undertaker couldn’t do this.  You take that power, by conquering the conqueror.  He took care of Paul Heyman’s client, the 1 in 21-1.  He took a trip to Suplex City, and he took everything he could.

But Brock Lesnar isn’t here, he is boarding a plane trip to Japan right now.  (Isn’t everyone else?).  He hopes that Brock thinks about what happened.  Brock injured his good friend, Jamie Noble, broke 3 ribs.  And Jamie wouldn’t miss this moment for the world, so stand up and show appreciation this man deserves.

Show the entire Authority some respect.  They helped Rollins slay the beast.  He got them all something, brand new Apple watches.

Jamie Noble is impressed, baby!!

Seth has something extra for Kane.

He debuted in October of 1997, and he ripped off the cell.  Many things have changed since then.  But the point is for the last 17 years, Kane has been the glue that held WWE together.  And throughout that entire period, he hasn’t asked for anything.  So Seth is giving him his first vacation to Hawaii.

Complete with a Hulu band.

Kane is speechless, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him.

Rollins tells Kane he has earned this vacation.  But how about they send him off in style.  How about Kane and Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, in a No DQ match.

But there is more.

He saw J & J enter an arena in a crappy rental car a few weeks ago.  They travel in style, so we have a brand new Cadillac 2015 CTS.

We have some game show music playing now.

Let’s Make A Deal!!

When they travel, they represent Rollins.  And he represents all wakes of life.  What do you say, boys?  Beautiful.  This is for them, and this is what true power feels like.

Here comes The Big Show, he is in action against Mark Henry, next.

Show knocks out Henry, with ease while The Miz is watching on.

Feed Me More!!

Ryback clips Big Show’s knee, Miz kicks Ryback and runs.

Ryback wants Miz, now.

Feed Me More!!

Miz loses by countout, and if you want to truly push someone as a viable title contender, this is not it.

This show has been bad, so far.

Tonight, for the 855th time, Rollins and Kane Vs Ambrose and Reigns in a No DQ match.

Now it’s Paige Vs Alicia Fox, but the Bellas are with Alicia.

Paige wins with a rollup, pinning Alicia.

Tonight, Kane and Rollins Vs Ambrose and Reigns.

Enter John Cena.

Cena has been nominated for Sports Humanitarian of the Year, yet the fans are booing him.

Enter Kevin Owens.

Cena Vs Owens?

Nope, Owens has the mic.

Owens is just going to wait for Battleground.  And if anyone takes the US Title from Cena, it will be him.  Or maybe, it is this man….

Cesaro vs Cena is now.

Cena is DQ’d when Owens gave both Cesaro and Cena a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Owens makes it clear, if anyone is going to take the United States Title, it will be Owens.  And at Battleground, it will be Kevin Owens.

What a great match these two had.

Tonight, Ziggler and Lana will go public.

No DQ match is tonight, Kane and Rollins Vs Ambrose and Reigns.

We see what took place last Monday again, with The Authority laying out Brock Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt interrupts the fun.

Roman Reigns, he wants to open his eyes so he can see the truth.  Life isn’t always fair.  He always believes he should have been his father’s favorite.  But he threw him out like a piece of trash.  But now, he has done things his own way.  Look Daddy, he has his wings back.  Reigns knows all of the horrible things Wyatt is capable of doing.  He will have fun, there will be no distractions.  This is about Reigns and Wyatt.  The insects can watch the two fight all day.  Wyatt is his yin to Reigns’ yang.  And Bray is watching.  Anyone but you.


Lucha Dragons and Primetime Players Vs New Day and Bo Dallas is next.

PTP and Dragons win with Sky High by Titus, pinning Kofi.

Ziggler and Lana are out next.

Ziggler and Lana come out together.

Many of us might not believe this, but it didn’t start with love at first sight.  She was using Ziggler to get back at her boyfriend, but Ziggler made out with smoking hot babe, so it was a win/win.

But the situation has changed.

Lana told us for years Rusev was her life.  But then she didn’t know what a real man was.  He told her how to talk, how to dress, and even what to think of America.

Dolph has taught her so much, they have become good friends, actually more than good friends.

Ziggler is very passionate.

Rusev comes out.

Rusev comes out with Summer Rae.

Rusev doesn’t care about Lana, he never cared about her.  She is like as you Americans say like a goldfish.

Ziggler has had enough.

What kind of scumbag is he?  He is out here trash talking his girlfriend?  Rusev blew it, just walk away before Ziggler does something about that other leg.

The two have a staredown here, but Rusev walks away.

Summer Rae has something to say to Lana.  There is nothing she hates more than a gold digger.  Rusev was on top of his game at Wrestlemania, but the moment he was hurt, she jumped the ship.  Rusev cared about her, and they both know that he was very kind.  So Lana is nothing but a two-faced phony.

Summer Rae slaps Lana and now we have a catfight.

Rusev pulls Summer away.

Ambrose tell us it’s not a physical thing, it’s a mental thing.  You get knocked down, and you choose to get back up.

He is talking to a Terminator clone, when Reigns shows up.

Ambrose asks if Reigns is a bit angry at what Wyatt did.  Ambrose wants an angry Reigns, the same Reigns that got kicked out of Smackdown.

Reigns is angry at Wyatt, he doesn’t like anyone, except Ambrose.

Let’s rage.

Preview to the upcoming “Terminator:  Genysys” is being shown.

Neville Vs Sheamus is now.

“Mr. Money in the Bank” wins his match with a Brogue Kick.  At Battleground, it will be Sheamus Vs Randy Orton.

That car is getting destroyed later tonight.

Jack Swagger is set to face King Barrett, now.

Barrett wins with Bull Hammer.

No Dq tag match is up next.

Rollins and Kane win when Bray Wyatt shows up to take out Reigns, and Rollins hits a Pedigree on Ambrose for the pin.

The Authority take out Reigns.  He fought hard, but the numbers game caught up with him.  They had a table set, and took reigns right through it, and Seth hits a Pedigree.

After they leave, Bray Wyatt shows up, and gives Reigns a Sister Abigail.

Not a very good night for Reigns, as the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was not a good show at all.  It’s time to see Reigns piss off, and take out someone from Wyatt’s past.  Perhaps Luke Harper?  He has to show a vicious side.

But no Brock Lesnar tonight, so they had that car for nothing.  Unless they continue to bring out the car every week, until Lesnar comes out and destroy it.  He will compete this Saturday morning on WWE Network, as of right now his opponent is Kofi Kingston.  But that could change.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Boy, tonight sucked.  Washington D.C. did not deserve this bad of a show.

TNA Slammiversary 6/28/15

Tonight, 13 years in the making, TNA presents Slammiversary.  Tonight, King of the Mountain Match to determine a new King of the Mountain Champion.  We also will see James Storm Vs Magnus, and so much more.

Slammiversary is now.

We see all 5 participants of tonight’s King of the Mountain match, including Jeff Jarrett.

We are live in Orlando, Florida.  Josh Matthews, Mike Tenay, and The Pope welcome us to the show.

X-Division Championship starts the night with an Elimination match.  DJZ Vs Manik Vs Tigre Uno.

DJZ is eliminated when Tigre Uno hits a Springboard, it’s now Tigre Vs Manik.

Tigre picks up the win, pinning Manik with a Corkscrew Moonsault.  A very competitive that had many moves here.

JB is standing by in the back, celebrating 13 years with TNA.

JB is here with Robbie E.

People have known Robbie for 5 years, they have known him to be crazy, even doing a chicken dance.  But tonight, that Robbie E. is gone, because his partner tried to take a chair, and take him out of something he loves to do, wrestling.

Jessie, you are what everyone has known you to be, Robbie’s bitch.

Robbie E Vs Jessie Godderz is now.

Robbie E. picks up the win with a Bridge Suplex.

JB is in the back, with Matt Hardy.

Matt will always be one of the greatest tag team members of all-time, but tonight, this is about winning a King of the Ring Championship, something that means alot to him.  So while it was good to see Jeff Jarrett Wednesday night, he’s going to have a new title, King of the Mountain.

Bram Vs Matt Morgan is now.

Morgan is on the mic, saying it is good to be back home.  He wants this match to be a streetfight, right now.

Match is on.

Bram wins with a DDT on a chair.  Bram earned the victory here.

JB is with EC3 and Tyrus.

Tonight, EC3 and Tyrus Vs Lashley and Anderson.

This is the biggest week of his career, he feels like a champion, he looks like a champion but after Wednesday night, he will be the champion.  But this isn’t about him.

Tyrus tells EC3 to focus on Angle, he will take care of Anderson and Lashley.

Right now, Austin Aries Vs Davey Richards, one on one.

Aries picks up the win when Roode came out and distracted Richards long enough for Austin to grab the tights.

So now, The Dirty Heels chooses the stipulations for Wednesday’s match.

It will be a 30-minute Tag Team Ironman match.

JB is in the back with Eric Young, who will be a part of King of the Mountain match.

Eric is ready, 3 men at the top of the game, but he is better.  He has held every single title TNA has.  And that leaves Jeff Jarrett.  They have had history together, but he’s not scared.  Ask Eric if he’s scared.  But Jarrett should be.

Kong and Brooke Vs The Dollhouse is up now.

Brooke and Kong win the match, Brooke rolls up Marti for the win.

This Wednesday, Taryn will face Brooke and Kong for the Knockout Title.

JB is with Magnus.

Magnus brings up he will face Storm for the last time.  For the last 6 years, this company has brought many good things to him, and he will never forget them.  But James went after Mickie and Donovan, his family.  He doesn’t hate Storm, even though he wants to, but he has to prove that family is stronger than hate.  James Storm, you can’t catch the devil, because the devil is inside.

Storm vs Magnus in an Unsanctioned match is now.

Storm wins in a big fight here when both men nail each other with a beer bottle, but the momentum of Storm sends Magnus down, and Storm wins.

JB is in the back, with Drew Galloway.

BDC Vs The Rising one final time, this Wednesday.

Drew is a part of King of the Mountain Championship tonight.  This is his first PPV main event.  This is about a small kid who grew up as a wrestling fan, and has a chance to live his dream.  He will be King of the Mountain tonight.

They are having some audio problems right now.

EC3 and Tyrus Vs Mr. Anderson and Lashley is now.

EC3 and Tyrus wins when EC3 hits a One Percenter, pinning Lashley.

King of the Mountain match is up now.

Jeff Jarrett Vs Bobby Roode Vs Eric Young Vs Drew Galloway Vs Matt Hardy.

But first, it’s JB with Jeff and Karen Jarrett.

Jarrett back in TNA.  For 4 days, the wrestling world has been buzzing.  The GFW has been buzzing.  The TNA locker room has been buzzing, it all circulates here.  Jarrett is about to have one last match, and at this stage of his career, if he can climb up the ladder, and get that championship.  That belt will go to a whole new global level.

Here we go.

Jeff Jarrett wins King of the Mountain match, and wins the King of the Mountain title.

Jarrett did more things in the ring than I had thought he would.  This was a good match here, that picked some steam up the last few minutes.

We leave the show with Josh Matthews wondering where this will lead to in the future of TNA.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’m not going to lie here, this felt like the very last TNA PPV.  I enjoyed seeing Storm Vs Magnus, but then again both men are leaving TNA, after their set of tapings air on the show.  It was also weird to not see Angle Vs EC3 headline the show, but we will see that this Wednesday.

And of course, where do we go from here with Jarrett and GFW?

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

Impact Wrestling 6/24/15…A Very Historic IMPACT

Tonight, on a live episode of Impact, we will see EC3 choose Kurt Angle’s opponent.  Also, Full Metal Mayhem, match 4 of Best of 5 Series with The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.  Also Low-Ki Vs Uno Tigre Vs Grado to crown new X-Division Champion.

So much more, and a historic announcement that could shake the foundation of TNA as we know.

Impact Wrestling in 10 minutes.

We kick the show off with EC3 heading to the ring, but JB interrupts him, wants to know who Kurt’s opponent is for tonight’s match. EC3 tells us last week, he took care of Bobby Lashley, tonight, Kurt faces someone with a “legacy”.

We kick the show off with Josh Matthews and The Pope. TNA World Champion makes his way to the ring.

Kurt tells us that in 7 days, EC3’s campaign to be World Champion will be coming to an end. He wants to know who his opponent is tonight, and here comes EC3.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3….


Carter tells us in 1 week, Kurt’s title reign will come to an end. Nobody has beaten him, Kurt wants to know who his opponent is, and EC3 refuses to tell him, talking about the men he has beaten. Sting, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy.

Kurt tells EC3 that his ego will defeat him at the end, because it takes a true champion to beat him. In 7 days, he will make EC3 tap.

Carter asks Kurt if he wants to make him tap out, tonight.

Well, that can wait for 7 days. Because tonight, he has to face….

Matt Hardy.

Also tonight, match 4 of Best of 5 Series between The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves. We will also see Velvet Sky Vs Angelina Love, if Velvet wins, she will get her job back in TNA. But next, Elimination match between Low-Ki Vs Tigre Uno Vs Grado, winner becomes new X-Division Champion.

Grado is quickly eliminated with Warrior’s Way, which is a good thing.

Low-Ki Vs Tigre Uno is now.

Tigre Uno is the new X-Division Champion with a 360 splash.

A good decision here, putting the title on him.

Christy Hemme wants to ask Uno how he feels, it’s a great night for him.

JB is with Bram.

Tonight, Bram calls out any past TNA superstar. He’s take care of Joseph Park, he took out Crimson. He hates everyone, so who will it be? He doesn’t care.

A big hand shows up. It’s time.

Velvet Sky Vs Angelina Love tonight.

The Dollhouse are discussing their Slammiversary plans. It will be The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Brooke.

Slammiversary rundown. Magnus Vs James Storm in a non-sanctioned match. The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Brooke in a 3-on-2 Handicap match. Also Mr. Anderson and Lashley Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

Angelina Love Vs Velvet Sky is up now.

Velvet wins with a Stunner and In Yo Face, so she is hired back in TNA.

The Dirty Heels are up next, they have a plan in place, they think The Wolves made a mistake choosing Full Metal Mayhem.

MVP enters the building, rumors don’t seem to be true. The BDC are stronger than ever.

Full Metal Mayhem is up now, Match 4 of The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.

The Heels win match 4 with a low blow by Roode, pinning Eddie.

Matt Hardy is being interviewed by JB.

Hardy tells JB he was surprised too when he got the phone call from EC3, but he has an opportunity. He was sitting at home, trying to figure out what he was going to do next, and now he has an opportunity to prove he is as a good as he was, and even better.

EC3 tells Hardy he owes him one, and next week, Carter will win the World Heavyweight Championship, and when that happens, he has to kiss the brass ring if he wants any title shots.

JB and Pope explain what has been going on with Bram, but now we see Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett enter a TNA Impact ring.

We get a nice welcome back chant, with Jeff telling us how strange things can turn just like that. He informs us that a week ago, right before he was boarding a plane to do a tour of Global Force Wrestling, he was contacted by TNA officials, with a proposal.

Now, he sort of laughed it off, boarded the plane, but as he was in the air, he started to think about things. So he gave them a call. They offered him to come back to TNA for one night, and in a match. But not just any match, it was a King of the Mountain match.

13 years ago, his father and Jeff founded this company. He has seen many things in this ring.

The biggest news he heard was when Jim Cornette made the announcement that Kurt Angle was jumping ship from WWE to TNA. He still has goosebumps just thinking about that.

Or the night Samoa Joe hit Kurt with the headbutt heard around the world. How about a kid from northern Georgia became the NWA TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and become a household name, like AJ Styles.

This still means something to him, and his wife grabs the mic.

She brings up the way they left this company. Sting firing Jeff in a backstage skit on TV, she always tells things the way she sees it, and now it’s about moving forward, and build Global Force Wrestling.

But then again, she sees the look on his face, she knows he must end things the right way, so she will always support him on this matter.

Jarrett makes things clear, this Sunday he will be King of the Mountain, he will end things the right way, and build on the future. As his good friend Toby Keith said a few days ago, you’re not as good as you once were, but on this one day, you might be better than you ever were.

I am ready for Slammiversary this Sunday.


Bram Vs Vader is up now.

Bram loses by DQ, using a lead pipe.

When Bram takes care of Vader, here comes “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan, taking out Bram, and standing tall.

This is the night of returns here.

Eric Young Vs Chris Melendez is next.

Eric Young picks up the win with a Piledriver. Melendez tried hard, but Eric prevailed.

Next, Matt Hardy Vs Kurt Angle.

We come back and see a big fight going on with BDC and The Rising.

We see another return, Hernandez shows up and he is now on Team BDC.

MVP tells Drew Galloway that Hernandez is the newest member of the BDC.

Pope and Josh try to make use of oll of this.

Next week, match 5 of Best of 5 Series, who leaves as Tag Champion.

Also next week, Taryn Terrell Vs Awesome Kong Vs Brooke for the Knockouts Title.

And 540 days in the making, EC3 Vs Kurt Angle for the World Title. But first, Kurt has to get through Matt Hardy.

Kurt defeats Hardy with an Angle Lock. Quickly after the match, EC3 tries to attack Kurt, but Matt Hardy helps Kurt, and goes after Tyrus and EC3.

The show ends with an Angle Lock and EC3 taps out.

Is this a preview to come next week?

Kevin’s Thoughts:

One of the best shows in a while. Top to bottom, a fun show here, that featured the night of returns.

Let’s start with the obvious, Jeff Jarrett. I am now curious to see what happens this Sunday night on PPV. Will he win King of the Mountain? And what does this mean for Global Force Wrestling? Stay tuned.

Vader seems like a one-shot thing, but always good to see him. The story here is the return of Matt Morgan. Matt will face Bram this Sunday. And Hernandez seems to be here to stay as well. He was working for Lucha Underground, but he is back.

Good to see Matt Vs Kurt tonight, Full Metal Mayhem was the best match of the 4 we have seen so far, and it’s great to see Tigre Uno win the X-Division Title.

And Velvet Sky is back.

Just a very good show, what were your thoughts? Send them to me here.

ROH Wrestling 6/24/15….Bullet Club In Action

We are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuiness, and King Corino welcoming us to the show.

We kick the show off with Roderick Strong Vs Shinsuke Nakamura, this should be a good match here.

Nakamura wins a very good match with a Buzzkick.

Still to come tonight, 6-man tag action.

Our next match is Michael Elgin Vs Gedo.

Elgin wins with a Powerbomb.  Gedo has changed his look since the last time I saw him on TV.

Bullet Club will wrestle in our main event.

Bullet Club (AJ Styles and The Young Bucks) Vs Okada and Ropping Vice.

Bullet Club wins with Styles Clash, after 2 Assisted Piledrivers, and many, many Superkicks.

Bullet Club is entertaining to watch. The show ends with Bullet Club celebrating.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Very entertaining show tonight with 3 good matches. But my biggest beef with this is while they brought up the replay for Best in the World, no results were talking about. Jay Lethal won the World Title, but they didn’t tell us anything.

That has to change if this relationship with Destination America is a success. Format must change, so that the flow with PPVs, and big shows make sense, and we get results on the show after PPV.

We expect to see the new champion soon though.

What were your thoughts on the show? Does it matter no mention of Lethal winning, or is it annoying, like I think? Send me your thoughts here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/22/15…The Beast Vs The Architect wan

One day before my birthday, WWE is giving me a present…Monday Night Raw!!

We are live in Indy, and here comes the pain.

The match is set in 4 weeks, WWE Battleground, Brock Lesnar Vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman,  And tonight, as his advocate, it is his pleasure to introduce us to the Beast, and Conqueror, BRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOCCKKKK LESNAR!!

If you are new to the WWE, and you want to know where Brock Lesnar has been, we will see a video from 3 months ago when Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank and became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The last time they faced off, Rollins ducked Lesnar and Brock went after a cameraman, and gave Michael Cole a F-5.  He was then suspended.

There is no mystery we are leaving this.  The question is very simple.  How did Heyman negotiate for Brock to come back.  The answer is simple, because they don’t need the money, they just need an apology.  But not in letter form, in public, right now.

And if Brock does not apologize to Cole, or to JBL, Brock will not come back to WWE and will not get a title shot at Battleground.

The fans are chanting Suplex City, while Cole is feeling uncomfortable about this.

Brock shook JBL’s hand, and he shook Cole’s hand, but gave him a noogie and rubbed Cole’s head, asking if they are good.

Heyman asks Cole if they are okay and he wants to give us an apology for what his client is about to do, and that is take care of that slimy, repulsive Seth Rollins.  The man who cashed in Money in the Bank, the “golden boy” of NXT, who was hand-picked to win the WWE World Champion.  The man who sold his soul for such a short-term title reign.  And the day that The Authority made the deal for his client to face Rollins, and that is BEAST for business.

Seth Rollins, you may think you have a first-class ticket to defend your title, but you have a first-class ticket to Suplex City, bitch.

Heyman tells us that Vince is making money off Rollins, that J & J Security beat him, that Kane wants to eat him.  But now he has the issue of being defeated by the new reigning, defending undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar!!

Tonight, Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus.  But next, Dean Ambrose Vs Kane.

Kane wins with an assist to Seth Rollins.  Not sure why.

8 days ago, John Cena defeated Kevin Owens, but Kevin attacked Cena.

John Cena returns, tonight.

We come back, and the most boring WWE storyline continues, with Kane and Rollins bickering.

8 days ago, Roman Reigns was on his way to win Money in the Bank briefcase, but Bray Wyatt interrupted that.  Reigns called out Wyatt, and Bray brought something personal, showing a picture of Reigns’ daughter.

In 4 weeks, it will be Wyatt Vs Reigns.

But our next match, Primetime Players are in action against The Ascension, now.

PTP wins when Young wins with a Gutcheck, pinning Viktor.

New Day are watching this in the back, they are not impressed.

Here comes Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus.  We go right to Sheamus Vs Reigns, next.

Reigns loses by countout, because Bray Wyatt shows up on-screen, talking to someone with a teacup.  But that someone is Sister Abigail.

Find me…

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.  Wyatt daring Reigns to find him.

We cut to Reigns looking for Bray Wyatt.  He hears a recording, but not Wyatt.  And many pictures of Reigns with “Anyone But You” written on the wall.

Also earlier tonight, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were here, telling Seth Rollins what Brock will do to him at Battleground.

Now Rollins is trying to apologize to J & J Security.  He needs their friendship.

Neville is in action, next.

Neville defeats Kofi with Red Arrow.  New Day tried to interfere, but Primetime Players came out to Help Neville.  The ref threw out all 4 men, and Neville prevailed.

Last Monday, we see Kevin Owens lay out Machinegun Kelly.

John Cena returns, tonight.

Tonight, Ryback Vs Mark Henry.

A sneak peek of the new show “Mr. Robot”.

The most talented jobber in the world today, King Barrett Vs Zack Ryder is now.

Barrett picks up the win, with a Bull Hammer.

Moving on….

Cole interviewed Kevin Owens and we see his reaction to when Cena took out his hand to shake hands with Owens.

Cena returns, next.

Cena comes out with the United States Title.

This title is a symbol of excellence.  A symbol of opportunity, and he is damn proud of being the champion of the United States.  But that opportunity can destroy him.

But there is a man named Kevin Owens, and he is a man on a mission.  And he can destroy Cena.  He defeated him at Elimination Chamber, but he took the mic and told Cena his time was up.  At Money in the Bank, Cena offered his hand for good will, but Owens took that opportunity, and laid him out.

Then with reason that are unknown, Owens laid out a 95 pound musician.

But make no mistake about it, Kevin Owens is a great wrestler, but he is a garbage human being.

But Owens knows how this championship means to Cena.  And he knows that he would hold his head down if he lost the title to this garbage human being.

But Owens laid out a challenge to Cena, and he has a choice to make.  So what does he do?

He can say no, it’s simple and fair.  Because he issued a challenge to Owens a few weeks ago, for the title and Owens said no.  So he can say no, and Owens would move along.

But Owens knows he can’t say no.

Because if he did, he would represent everything that Owens said he did.  A champion that is built by the corporation.  But if he says yes, then he can beat Owens and if you want some, come get some.

Enter Kevin Owens.

Owens should be pretty upset about what Cena said, right?  The truth is Owens is not.  Because he never puts any value into anyone’s opinion.  He really doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.  If he did, he wouldn’t be the person he was.  In the past, he was called out of shape, slob, and Cena just called him a dirtbag.  So this out of shape, slob dirtbag beat Cena at Elimination Chamber.  And he took him out at Money in the Bank.

But Cena does care what anyone thinks of him.  Owens takes titles.  He wanted the NXT Title, and in his first match, he won it.  So now he wants the United States Title.

Owens agrees that the US Title is a symbol of excellence, and he wants that.  But he never heard Cena’s answer for the challenge.  He wants that challenge, so let him speak something that he will understand.  He speaks French, and Cena can speak French, he can also speak Chinese, and the American version?

At Battleground, he wants the challenge, he accepts.  And here is the final response everyone will understand, Cena will kick Owens’ ass.

The Champ Is Here.

Battleground is shaping up to be a big PPV.

Steph and HHH are watching backstage, mocking the upcoming challenge.  The WWE World Champion is gaveling again.

HHH is trying to rally Rollins, telling him to apologize to Kane and J & J Security.

Divas match, The Bellas Vs Naomi and Tamina.  For whatever reason, Alicia Fox accompanies The Bellas.

Bellas win, who cares.

Preview of Terminator:  Genisys is shown now.

Adding Roman Reigns to the mix.

Brock Lesnar is still here in Indy.

Next, it’s Ryback Vs Mark Henry.

Ryback picks up the win with a top rope splash.  Big Show sees this when he was at commentary.

At Battleground, Triple Threat match for the IC Title.  Ryback Vs Big Show Vs The Miz.

Big Show berates Mark Henry, but Henry gets right into Show’s face.

The season premiere of Tough Enough is tomorrow night.

JoJo is standing by with Ryback.

How does he feel about defending the IC Title against The Miz and Big Show?

Ryback is here to take on all challenges.  The title means the world to him, all of the sacrifice is worth it.  His parents haven’t spoken to each other in 15 years, but they watched Ryback defend the IC Title together.  And together, they all say….

Feed Me More!!

Big Show calls Ryback a little boy, and Ryback tells him he is no action.

So now the two men start to fight, but Ryback flings Show out.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw.

Oh boy, Adam Rose is on the mic telling us what we don’t get true passion, true dedication, and true love.

He tells Rosa Mendes that he loves her.

And we have Ziggler Vs Rose.

Ziggler wins with a Superkick and after the match, Ziggler and Lana kiss.

This irate Rusev watching backstage, but he throws his crutches away.  Summer Rae is here to rescue him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Kane and the morons are complaining about Seth Rollins.  HHH and Stephanie, who have offered nothing the last few weeks in programming berate them and HHH tells Jamie Noble he doesn’t know what it’s like being the world champion, but Jamie was a former Ring of Honor Champion, boy.

The order the idiots to at least hear Rollins out.

Seth Rollins comes out to end the show.

Sometimes, it takes a man to admit when they are wrong, and he was wrong.  He asks that J & J Security and Kane to come out, and cue music, here they come.

He isn’t apologizing to them to help him beat Brock Lesnar.  He’s not scared of Brock, he beat him before at Wrestlemania.

He admit he was wrong, and he tells Kane that he owes him an apology most of all.  He will always be the “Demon’s Favorite Son” and Kane has always been Seth’s favorite superstar.  So will you accept his apology and they all can become a family again?

None of them are saying anything, and this is testing Seth’s patience here.  He has said everything he can say.  Will they please take him back?

Here Comes The Pain!!

As Brock enters the ring, The Authority leave Seth to dry.

But it’s all a ruse, because they come back to help Seth.  Brock does his best to fight all four men, but the numbers game gets the best.  The segment and show end with Rollins hitting a Pedigree, and showing The Authority are united.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The star of the show was Brock, and he truly is must-see TV.  Anytime he is on TV, you can’t change the channel, even tonight when he is being laid out, you always had the thought Brock would fight back.

But the ending also had to happen, because Rollins has to be looked at as a threat.  I just am bored with The Authority though.  Stephanie and HHH offer nothing on TV anymore.  I know that will change in a month, but right now those two are minimal.  And I don’t see Kane as a threat anymore, so what is the point of his role?

But where was Cena in helping Lesnar?  If Cena is such a good guy, shouldn’t he have helped Brock in a 4-on-1 assault?

Speaking of Cena, while their promo was good, I wanted to see Cena Vs Owens drawn out more, not having 3 matches in a matter of 8 weeks.  Could they not have Owens suspended, and then Cena not show up for another week to sell his beatdown?  But at least he sold it more than MGK.

Overall, the show was good tonight.  The ending had to happen, but Brock will get his at the end.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.

Impact Wrestling 6/17/15…EC3 and Kurt Angle Sign The Contract

This show is in memory of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, who used to work for TNA in the weekly PPV days.

Tonight, a contract signing between Kurt Angle and EC3.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

Mike Tenay is in the ring, for the official contract signing now between Angle and EC3.

This isn’t our Slammiversary main event, this is for an Impact Wrestling show, set for July 1st.

Before we make it official, let’s get some pre-match thoughts.

EC3 has been performing for this ever since he made his debut.  Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler in the world.  He has defeated everyone that has crossed his path.  He has beaten Heartbreak Kids, Texas Rattlesnakes.  He has beaten Cerebral Assassins, and Electrifying Man.  He has defeated Next Big Things, ayatollahs, and Superstars that are Rated R.  He has beaten Deadmen, Immortals, and guys he can’t even see.  He has beaten Submission Machines, phenomenal Ones, Kings of the Mountain, ICONs.  But Kurt Angle, what do they all have in common?  They have been beaten, EC3 hasn’t.  Kurt, you can’t beat him.  He is the end point of Kurt’s World Heavyweight Championship reign.  That is a flaming torch, and that torch gets passed to Carter.

Ethan signs the contract.

Kurt asks Tenay how many have he been to?  About 100?  That is important, because Kurt has been here before.  EC3 is spoiled, he is talented, but very spoiled.  The men he has beaten, Bully Ray, Sting, Anderson.  EC3 reminds him that he beat Kurt.

Yup, but he is healthy now and the question is what happens when Ethan loses?  This will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Kurt signs the contract and Tenay tells them that they get matches tonight, with the other man choosing the opponents.

EC3 will face “The Destroyer” Lashley.

Josh and Pope welcome us to the show.  EC3 chooses Kurt’s opponent next week on a live edition of Impact.  The Dollhouse will be in action too.

Next week, on a Live Impact Wrestling.  Low-Ki Vs Grado Vs Tigre Uno for the X-Division Title.

Best of Five series preview is being shown now between The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.

It’s currently 2-1 The Wolves.

This match is set now.

Davey has the mic.

When the crowd chants Wolves, that’s because from day one when they were in Japan, they sacrificed their bodies to be the best tag team in the world.  Those belts are what counts, because they are the best in the world.

When they came into this company, they put The Bromans in front of them, they beat them.  When they put The Hardys in front of them, they beat them.  They put Team 3-D in front of them in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, they beat them.

Now when they signed up for this match with Dirty Heels, they wanted to see who the best team is, now Dirty Heels cheated their way to victory.  Fool them once, that won’t happen again.

Eddie issues the challenge for match 4 tonight.

Bobby Roode comes out, and informs us that Aries is not cleared to wrestle tonight.  They don’t call the shots, Dirty Heels call the shots.

Davey issues a challenge of Roode Vs one of the Wolves in a singles match.

Roode doesn’t want to.  But wait a minute.  How bad do they want to wrestle Roode?  How about they up the ante, and make this interesting.  The winner of the singles match chooses the stipulation in Match 4.

Eddie wants Roode.

Eddie wins with a rollup, after Roode tried to hit Edwards with a chair, from a returning Austin Aries.

Davey tells them that next week, at match 4, we will have Full Metal Mayhem.

EC3 Vs Lashley is tonight and we see a video.

JB is standing by, he was supposed to interview Bram’s mystery opponent.  I guess its Joseph Park.

He is down on luck, lost his legal practice, and his teeth.  He is in between jobs right now, and wants to be the guy on top.

Good lord, Bram Vs Park is next.

Bram spears Joseph Park through a table to win.

I do like Bram though.

It’s playtime with Taryn Terrell. She tells Kong and Brooke that they have a match with The Dollhouse tonight. If they win, they both get a title shot. If they lose, neither one gets a title shot against Taryn ever again.

Earlier tonight, Kurt Angle and EC3 signed their contract set for July 1st Impact.

Tonight, Lashley Vs EC3, EC3 chooses Kurt’s opponent next week.

The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Brooke is now.

Brooke and Kong defeat The Dollhouse with a missile Launch Elbow Drop.

Taryn Terrell will have to put the Knockout Title against both Kong and Brooke.

We take a look at Eric Young Vs Chris Melendez video.

Next, Sgt. Chris Melendez calls out Eric Young.

Next week, on a live episode of Impact, we will SE Match 4 of the Best of 5 Series, with The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves in Full Metal Mayhem.

Christy Hemme interviews Sgt. Chris Melendez.

After a thank you Chris chant, Chris brings up at Hardcore War, Eric ripped off his prosthetic leg, he disrespected this country, and he disrespected every man and woman in uniform. But As Chris said to him, he will continue to fight, until he is dead. Come on out.

Eric tried to do Chris a favor. He volunteered to go to war for his country. Chris made the ultimate sacrifice, and he can’t take that away from Chris. He is a real American hero.

But Eric doesn’t care.

Eric doesn’t care about Chris, he doesn’t care about the fans, he only cares about himself. According to his chapter, Eric is a 5-star general, he is a GOD. In Eric’s eyes, he is up here, and Chris is down here.

Eric choked an American gold medalist, now that was at a whim. So what is going to happen when Eric really thinks about it. So Chris needs to ask if he truly wants to do this. Does he really want this match next week? Against a world-class athlete?

Chris said Eric is right about two things. Eric is above him, Chris has a lot to learn, but Chris will be ready to fight next week.

Still to come, Lashley vs EC3.

Tonight, EC3 Vs Lashley, and our next match is DJ Z Vs Jessie Godderz.

Jessie wins with a Boston Crab, making DJ Z tap out.

Jessie tells DJ Z that he is the reason why The Bromans are 2-time Tag Team Champions, both times he made the pin. But Robbie E and DJ Z did their own thing, while Jessie was training to get better. Now it’s his time, and he will never be a loser.

Just when he is about to give DJ Z a powerlift, here comes Robbie E. who returns the favor from the beatdown he had a few weeks ago, sending Jessie outside of the ring.

We see Mickie James-James Storm video. Will Magnus get his revenge? We find out, next.

Magnus comes out to the ring, demanding James Storm to come out. He makes it clear that he will hold this show hostage if he has to. Security comes out, but Magnus wants Storm.

We get Storm now.

He tells Magnus that he was the one who told Mickie that he was a bad man, and that she needed to stay away from Storm. So how did that look when Magnus came off looking jealous? And how about Magnus hiring a camera crew to follow Mickie around. That has trust problems, so what happened when the cameras were turned off.

Magnus breaks through the security, but before he could get to him, Storm brings out a baby stroller, and presumes Donovan is there, but he isn’t, because when he kicks the baby stroller, it was a doll.

EC3 Vs Lashley is next.

EC3 wins with multiple interference, Tyrus nails 2 refs, EC3 uses a chair, and takes out “The Destroyer”.

Josh Matthews was certainly obnoxious here, and we are now up to 599 straight days without a loss. EC3 celebrates to end the show.

Next week, on a live Impact Wrestling. Who will Kurt Angle face? Also match 4 of Best of 5 Series, The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I wasn’t a big fan of tonight’s show, mostly because of the piss-poor buildup to Slammiversary. They knew when the show was going to be, yet they continue to not give a shit about these PPVs, and just want to build the show. I am not even sure if I am going to order this show. Very disappointed to hear Angle Vs EC3 will not headline the show. Instead, they will be the title match 4 days after the PPV.

I am truly baffled by this, and to make matters worst, they are going to do tapings before the PPV, so why do this? I guess the PPV will feature King of the Mountain, yet you can’t think the World Title is on the line, or else you know Kurt will retain it, since they are doing the title match tapings next week.

And Josh Matthews was awful again, either turn him full-blown heel and bring in Mike Tenay to do the play-by-play. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but we already know a heel play-by-play man doesn’t work. Just ask The Michael Cole experiment.

Next week’s Impact will be fun, with the live element, but this week’s was nothing. What were your thoughts on the show?

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 6/17/15…Official Contract Signing…Lethal Vs Briscoe

We are 2 days away from Best In The World, and we will see Jay Lethal Vs Jay Briscoe, winner take all.  Tonight, we see the official contract signing between the two men.

Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome is to the show.

Our first match is The Decade with the team of BJ Whitmer and Adam Paige Vs War Machine, the team of Hanson and Rowe.

BJ tells Colby that his old man hasn’t seen the message yet, so he is putting Colby in the match.

War Machine destroy Colby, and Corino wants to fight Whitmer.  We go to a commercial break.

Cedrick Alexander is in the ring.  He brings up last year, he was the breakout star.  But now he has to prove to himself, and his family that he can do professional wrestling.

He challenges the undefeated Moose.

Cedrick Alexander pulled off the upset, when Vida Scott wanted Moose to use a wrench as a weapon, Moose refused and Cedrick used it instead.

Shocking since Moose is headed into a Triple Threat Number One Contender match this Friday.

Matt Sydal is in action, and we will see the contract signing with Lethal and Briscoe, tonight.

It’s Matt Sydal and ACH Vs Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Naito and Tanahashi win with a Frogsplash.

A very good match between these four men.

Our contract signing is next.

Nigel McGuiness sighting here, as he represents the authority, something I completely forgot.

Lethal, the Television Champion comes out first, and out comes Jay Briscoe.

Both titles are on the line this Friday in a 60 minute time limit.

Jay Lethal signs the contract first.  And now Jay Briscoe signs it

This as Nigel explains is the biggest match in Ring of Honor history.  Any final words?

Lethal makes this clear, he needs Briscoe at his best.  Because on Friday, June 19th, in New York City, on PPV, he wants everyone to know he is the best wrestler in the world.  And after June 19th, he will show Briscoe that he shouldn’t even be in this company, like 31 years ago, his mother knows he never should have been born.


Jay Lethal, Briscoe will keep this short and simple.  Friday night, June 19th, when he whoops his ass, he will have to go back to The Black Machismo.

Oh boy!!

The two men are face to face, this Friday, who is the best in the world?  We will find out.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

That last segment was intense.  I just have this bad feeling Jay Briscoe is going to win, and Jay Lethal is the better wrestler.  He can represent ROH better, despite Briscoe being around for a long time.

The matches were fine, but the last segment made the show.  I won’t see the PPV, but I am interested in finding out who win.

Still not sure why Moose loses right before his Number One Contender match.

I really like War Machine, and the fact Corino finally stood up, after BJ Whitmer humiliated his son, again.  To see Corino in the ring again could be fun.

My biggest gripe with ROH though is there are way too many factions.  I am confused by where everyone was at, and why.  Just too many.

Speaking of factions, AJ Styles and The Young Bucks will make their Destination America TV debuts the next week.  That should be good.

A decent show tonight, but again the last segment was the best.  What were your thoughts on the show?

Send them to me here.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/15/15…Here Comes The Pain

Reports are saying Brock Lesnar is returning to Cleveland tonight, so we will go with that.  After last night’s Money in the Bank, we are in Cleveland, Ohio.

Raw is now.

“American Dream” Dusty Rhodes video is playing to kick the show off.

The beginning intro for Raw, tonight is the night indeed.

We of course begin the show with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins.

JBL, Michael Cole, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

We come back to the show, and Seth Rollins welcomes us to Monday Night Rollins.  Because week in, and week out he is the best thing on the show, and he is our champion.

Seth gives props to Dean Ambrose who brought his A-game last night.  The only problem with that, as good as Dean’s A-game is, it’s not quite as good as Seth’s.  He made good on his promise, he beat Dean by himself in one of the greatest World Title matches of all-time, and he brought back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Seth wants to acknowledge all of the people who brought him here.  He is just a kid in Davenport, Iowa.  He has a list of people who have made this possible.

First and foremost, he would like to thank Seth Rollins.  And Seth Rollins, and Seth Rollins, and Seth Rollins.  He has another person, Seth Rollins.

Who else would he thank?  Dumb and Dumber, J & J Security?  Or even the world’s dumbest wrestler, Kane.  He didn’t win because of them, he didn’t even need HHH and Stephanie’s help.  He is a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Take a good look Cleveland, this is the WWE World Heavyweight Title.  Johnny Idiot won’t bring a title.  Lebron James won’t bring a title to Cleveland.  This is the only time we see a title.

Dean Ambrose has something to say.

The two men start to fight, but Rollins retreats from Ambrose.

Ambrose had the title slip out of his hands last night.  So he has a chair, and isn’t leaving until he gets ass out here.

A Monday Night Raw sit-in, commercial break.

We come back and Ambrose still has his sit-in going on.

The Authority are completely ignoring this backstage.

Rollins wants to know if The Authority are behind him, they question what Rollins said earlier that he doesn’t need The Authority, and he backpedaling it.  HHH informs him they will make the decision for who gets the next title shot.  They will decide, not Seth.

And here comes Sheamus.

Sheamus and Ambrose are a lot alike.  They both love to fight and made bold predictions before Money in the Bank.  Difference is Ambrose lost, and Sheamus is Mr. Money in the Bank.  Which means we are all one Brogue Kick away from Sheamus being the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  It can happen at anytime, even tonight.

Sheamus Vs Ambrose is now.

Ambrose wins when Orton comes out to distract Sheamus.  Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick, and Dean rolls him up.

After the match, Orton and Sheamus fight it out with Randy just missing a RKO and Sheamus running off.

Backstage, Rollins runs into Mercury and Noble.  Rollins is gracious enough to give them both their jobs back, if they have any info on who he meets next for the title.

Noble tells him they don’t know, but even if they did, they wouldn’t tell him.  But Noble believes that Mercury should be the Number One Contender.

Mercury pinned Rollins last week, (And I said then that was a very bad idea), so now no matter what Rollins does, it will always be in the record books that Rollins lost to Mercury (And that is why it’s a bad idea.)

Moving on…

Another Dusty Rhodes video, his special, celebrating his life will be on after Raw, only on WWE Network.

R-Truth, decked out in King Barrett’s outfit comes out.

He’s joining commentary when King Barrett comes to the ring.

Apparently it’s Barrett Vs Truth, but Truth didn’t even know.

Truth wins with a rollup, after Barrett turned his back.  But Barrett then nails a Bull Hammer.

This isn’t a joke Barrett said, yes it is though.  Barrett tells us he earned the spot King of the Ring, by winning the tournament, but now we will all hail King Barrett.

The wrestlers are all huddled around Machine Gun Kelly.

Paige tells the divas there will be a diva meeting, she will text them.

Next, Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespected.  Kevin Owens is here.

Kevin Owens, the NXT Champ is here.

John Cena is not here tonight.  You want someone to blame for that?  Then look no further than John Cena himself.

Owens isn’t denying he didn’t play a part, after he did powerbomb him after their match.  But the truth is Cena forced him to do that.  Because when he and Cena shook hands, he said the most disrespected thing to Owens.  He said you belong here, you belong here in front of all of these people.

Owens knows he belongs here, he has known that the second he stepped foot in a WWE ring, and he doesn’t need Cena to remind him.

People talk about Owens being a sore loser, how about Cena being a bad winner.  He couldn’t have walked to the back, like Kevin did when he beat him.  But not Cena, he had to hog the spotlight.  But, Owens has beaten Cena before, so in their rematch, Owens will defeat Cena, and this coming time, he wants the United States Title.

Owens brings up at this time, Cena would come out, hold his title up and offer a United States Title shot, so he will issue a challenge.  Who wants a shot at the NXT Title?

Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler tells Owens he has a lot of guts, he talks about sacrifice, Ziggler has sacrificed, scratched and clawed at any moment he has in this business.  How about this city?  This city is starving for a world title.  And Ziggler is going to give them that.

Lilian does the introductions, but this isn’t a NXT Title match.  Owens said he issue a challenge, just not for the title.

Kevin Owens Vs Dolph Ziggler, now.

Pop-Up Powerbomb, Owens wins the match.  A very good match between these two men.

The NXT Champ Is Here.

Paige is holding a Diva meeting about taking a stand against The Bellas.  The divas don’t trust Paige.

Paige challenged The Bellas to a 2-on-1 Handicap match, and yes she is crazy, but together, they can stand together.  Who is with Paige?

The Bellas come out, and tell the ladies that ever since Nikki helped Stephanie in her match with Brie, she has been Divas champion.  They can side with them, or they can side with Paige.

All of them leave.

Randy Orton Vs Kane is up next.

Kane beats Orton when he changed the rules after Sheamus come out and Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Randy.

Last night, Bray Wyatt gave Reigns a Wyatt Intrusion.  He wants to know from Wyatt why he did what he did.

Backstage, Kane is victorious and Rollins congratulates him.  Kane lost last night, and Rollins won.  And while he won’t admit it, Kane was the biggest doubter.

Kane brings up anyone can have one win.  But if you want to be the “future”, then you have to win match after match, every night.  And if you don’t know that, you’re not an architect, you are an idiot.

Rollins said he can do it again, unlike Kane who has needed help any chance he can get from The Authority, to The Corporation to Paul Bearer, to The Undertaker.

Kane warns him to never talk about his family again.  Or else, he will regret that.  Rollins tells Kane to never touch him again, and he hopes Kane is the next opponent HHH and Stephanie choose.

A video of Dusty Rhodes’ Hall of Fame induction speech.

Ryback is at commentary.

The Big Show Vs The Miz is up now.

The Miz wins by countout when Big Show threw Miz into Ryback, and Ryback went face to face with Show.

Next, we hear from Roman Reigns.

Reigns heads to the ring.

At WWE Battleground, it will be Reigns Vs Wyatt.

Reigns didn’t get much sleep, which makes it a very long day and that means Reigns is pissed off.  He says they don’t wait until Battleground, he orders Bray to come out now.

2 stars will rise, one will speak the truth, the one tells lies.

Reigns orders Wyatt to come out now.

Roman wants answers, but he doesn’t have the mind to comprehend.  How quickly they forget.  He had an opportunity to get into Money in the Bank, but 2 weeks ago, it was Reigns who selfishly denied him.  It was that ego of his that made him do crazy things.  He reminds Bray of someone a long time ago.  He thought he was The Chosen One, and people believed in him.  They followed him, and he led them all the wrong way.

Look at this outside, this is no paradise, they are opposites.  They are Ying to Yang of each other, they balance each other out.  He once stood for justice, and now look at him.  Bray is here to stop him, and they will fight, but not tonight.  After all, what example would that be to fight before Father’s Day.

Bray has a picture of Roman with his daughter, while singing the tea-pot song.


Paige Vs The Bellas is now.

The Bellas win with a Rack Attack, Nikki pinning Paige.

What is the future of Seth Rollins?  We find out tonight.

Next, MGK will perform his newest hit “A Little More”.

Machine Gun Kelly sang his song.  Kevin Owens came out at the end, told him that was good.  MGK held out his hand.  That’s disrespectful, and Owens lays him out with a Powerbomb through a platform.

Now that was awesome.

We are all in Cleveland, tonight.

Moments ago, we see Kevin Owens giving Machine Gun Kelly a Powerbomb.

We see an exclusive clip from “Terminator Genisys”.

It’s The New Day Vs Neville and Prime Time Players in a 6-man tag match.

Neville and PTP win with Red Arrow.

A very tough 24 hours for New Day, but a very monumental 24 hours for Kevin Owens.  Last night, he lost to Cena at Money in the Bank.  But he attacked John Cena, after he believed Cena disrespected him.  He than defeated Dolph Ziggler tonight, and then attacked MGK, who was performing a song.

Kevin Owens is on fire.

Dean Ambrose is throwing darts at Seth Rollins.  As Director of Authority, Kane wants to make sure Dean Ambrose won’t interfere later tonight.

Ambrose tells Kane that he doesn’t have passion anymore.  He was a former World Champion, but back then he wore his mask, he had fire.  Dean has passion to wrestle in that ring each and every single day, and Kane just doesn’t have it anymore.

The Authority are on their way to the ring, next.

Stephanie starts this by saying that Kevin Owens will be punished for what he had done, this won’t be tolerated.  It’s also what is best for business.  And what is best for business is to choose the right man to face Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

HHH brings up we won’t see Rollins face Mercury or Noble.  He won’t face Kane, and he won’t face Dean Ambrose.

We see Seth Rollins come out to the ring.

Seth wants to tell them that he will do everything in his power to make them proud.  HHH tells him last night he proved that he was the best, and the right choice to be the face of the company.  Ever since Wrestlemania, he defeated Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Dean Ambrose. Quite possibly he may never needed The Authority’s help at all.

But what happens when people find mines, they crush it, and see if it turns to diamonds, or if it turns to dust.  And Rollins, he needs to be crushed and see if they truly were right.

We hear Brock Lesnar’s music, and see the return of Paul Heyman.

Brock heads to the ring, he faces Rollins, who can’t even face him eye to eye.  Rollins leaves the ring, and as far from Lesnar as he can.

So I guess Brock’s suspension and Michael Cole’s lawsuit has been lifted, right?  Heyman shakes hands with both Stephanie and HHH, and we end the show with Lesnar eyeing Rollins, and Seth is scared to even walk.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Despite the silliness of continuity, something WWE creative doesn’t do, this was a fun show, top to bottom.  The Cleveland crowd was lively throughout the night, and several people were able to stand out.

Give props to MGK for taking that platform bump.  Also Ziggler Vs Owens was very good, and the ending, while predictable was done right too.  I guess Summerslam will be HHH Vs Rollins.  It could have been done at say Survivor Series, but will Seth be WWE World Champion, or is Brock taking back the gold, something he never was pinned for?

What were your thoughts on the show?  WWE Battleground looks to be shaping up very well now.

WWE Money In The Bank 6/15/15

I’m not doing the Kick-Off show tonight, as my beloved Cleveland Cavaliers lost in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, I am just starting up with tonight’s Money in the Bank.

Here we go.

We are live in Columbus, Ohio with Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL welcoming us to the show.

We hear a 10 bell salute for the legendary “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, who passed away this past Thursday.

Everyone is on the ramp, including Vince McMahon.

Very sad to hear, and he will be missed.

We hear Dusty’s music, that song has a special meaning to us now.

We kick the show off with Money in the Bank ladder match.

Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Kane Vs Randy Orton Vs Neville Vs Sheamus Vs Roman Reigns.

Sheamus is Mr. Money in the Bank.  Reigns had an opportunity, but Bray Wyatt showed up from nowhere, and took out Reigns.

Not a good pick, in my opinion.  But a hard-fought match.

Renee Young is with Paige.

There hasn’t been a diva that has stood up to the Bella Empire.  While Paige hasn’t exactly been the best friend to any of these divas, they have reigned too long.  This all ends tonight.  You don’t change the world by doing nothing, you have to make that change.  For you Dusty.

Divas Title match is up now, Nikki Bella Vs Paige.

The referee is as corrupted as an NBA ref.  Brie comes in, and does the switch-a-roo, but Paige pins Brie to become a 3-time Divas champion.  Or at least she thought.  Brie showed the ref she stuffed her bra, and is Brie.  But instead of DQing the Bellas, he allows it to have Nikki sneak in with a Rack Attack, and pins Paige.


2 weeks ago, Ryback won the Elimination Chamber match to become the new Intercontinental Champion, but the next night Big Show issued the challenge.

The Miz shows up.

Ohio’s own The Miz comes out, gives us a O-H-I-O chant.  This is his people, but he left his people.  Because if you don’t live in New York, or LA, you’re not in.  Big Show stole the Intercontinental Title from him, and he is still contemplating pressing charges against Big Show.  But he will create a masterpiece, and he sits down at the commentating table, for….

The Big Show Vs Ryback, IC Title match is now.

Big Show wins by DQ.

3 shitting endings here on 3 matches.

John Cena Vs Kevin Owens is up now.

John Cena defeated Kevin Owens in what was for the first time ever, Cena performed a Canadian Destroyer.  He wins with a Stunner and Attitude Adjustment.


Cena tried to shake Owens’ hand after the match, but Owens lays out Cena and nails a Powerbomb on the ring.

The real champ is here.

Cena is being helped to the back.

Renee Young is with Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose said a year ago at this event, he was screwed by Kane and now he knows he has what it takes to win the title.  Tonight, he gets that shot and told us he is “The People’s Champion”.  And for the first time, Rollins will be all alone.  No Shield, no Authority.  This is about respect, and tonight, he is getting payday.

We all lost a legend on Thursday, “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.  He was such a great talker, and was instrumental in the success of NXT.

A video tribute of Dusty Rhodes.

Tomorrow night, Dusty Rhodes:  Celebrating The Dream will air on WWE Network after Raw.

Tag Title match of The New Day Vs Prime Time Players is now.

Xavier tells us Kofi Kingston was robbed, just like he has been every year competing in Money in the Bank.

Big E tells us that cheaters should never win, especially when they are back from probation, like Buckeyes were.

But Kofi needs some clap therapy.

New Day Sucks.

Match is on.

Prime Time Players win the Tag Titles, Titus pins Xavier.

The Money in the Bank Kick-off show is here.

Earlier tonight, Sheamus won Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Bray Wyatt cost Roman Reigns the match, and now it will be Reigns Vs Wyatt, at WWE Battleground in 5 weeks.

Our main event, Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose, for WWE World Title in a Ladder match is now.

Rollins wins the match, and retains his title when both men had the title, and the platform holding the title broke, sending both men to the mat, and Rollins has the strap at the end of the day.

Eden Stiles interviews Rollins, and we see HHH congratulating him, Seth told us he proved he is the greatest WWE Champion, of all-time.

Oddly enough, HHH is okay with that saying, because he didn’t blink and we end the show here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For everything, the show delivered with 3 good matches. I still don’t agree with Sheamus as the winner of Money in the Bank, but there has to be a reason, and it might have to do with the return of Brock Lesnar soon, right? Why not put Brock in there with Sheamus?

I also want to see Lesnar Vs Orton down the road too, it’s time to think of the possibilities, with Brock on board and his return is soon.

I also liked Rollins Vs Ambrose, but the victory seems like a “fluke” so I can see one more title match at Battleground. But these two have good chemistry together, as they have worked together for many years.

But once again, the match of the night was Cena Vs Owens. I question though whether Cena should have won. This is about Owens legacy, Cena doesn’t need a win for the rest of his career, Owens does need them.

But these two lit it up again, and I want to see part 3 at Summerslam, not 5 weeks from now. Build their feud up just to make their third encounter a “must-see”.

The rest of the matches were just not interesting, especially the divas. When will Charlotte make her long-awaited WWE debut? What about Sasha Banks? Becky Lynch? NXT divas are exciting, but in WWE? It truly is The Bella Empire, and now WWE is finally starting to admit that.

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here, I will talk to you later for tonight’s Raw.

Impact Wrestling 6/10/15…Destination X

Tonight, a tournament will be held to see who becomes the next X-Division Champion, and Option C is cashed in, when Rockstar Spud faces Kurt Angle.  The winner faces Austin Aries.

Destination X is tonight.

Our first match is set, World Title match is on the line.

But here comes EC3.

Josh Matthews and The Pope welcome us to the show.

EC3 is the Number One Contender, and he’s not in either World Title match tonight?  This won’t happen, he is going to have a sit-down strike.

EC3 regrets to inform us that Destination X has been cancelled.  Deal with it.  He dares anyone to stop him.

Here comes Kurt Angle.

Ethan won’t cancel anything, these fans want to see wrestling, not a whiny bitch.

EC3 is lucky he doesn’t try to end Kurt’s career.

Kurt dares EC3 to try, and if he does, he will snap his ankle in 2.

EC3 thinks better of this, and walks away.

Rockstar Spud Vs Angle is up now.

Angle wins with an Angle Lock.  A good match between these two.

Later tonight, it will be Kurt Angle Vs Austin Aries.

The two men shake hands, and Aries shows Angle he has the briefcase, and later tonight those two will hook up.

The Dollhouse are at the top of the ramp.

Taryn Terrell said that if Awesome Kong wants to play, and fight for the title, she will have to in a Lingerie Pillow Fight.  And if she doesn’t wear it, she won’t get a shot at the Knockout Title.

The X-Division Title is now vacated, and 9 men will compete for a shot at the title.

Our first Triple Threat match is Low-Ki Vs Manik Vs Crazzy Steve.

Low-Ki wins with Warrior’s Way, pinning Manik.

Low-Ki is added to the X-Division Title at another date.

Tonight, Angle Vs Aries.

Grado is warming up backstage.  For some strange reason, I think he is going to be the new X-Division Champion.

Footage from last week when Mickie James got run over by a train.

Update on Mickie James is she isn’t physically harm.  Magnus will be here next week.

Our next match is X-Division Qualifying Match, featuring DJ Z Vs Mandrews Vs Tigre Uno.

Tigre Uno wins with the 450, pinning Mandrews, and is now advancing to the X-Division Title match.

Jesse Godderz attacks DJ Z.

Jesse is sending a message.

Jesse throws Z out of the ring.  Now comes the posedown.

Angle Vs Aries, tonight for the World Title.

Next, Taryn Terrell challenges Awesome Kong to a Lingerie Pillow Fight.

Grado is trying to lose weight, and getting pointers from Tigre Uno.

I am liking The Dollhouse’s entrance theme.

If Kong wants to play, she has to show up in that sexy lingerie.

Enter Kong.

Kong is ready for a fight, not to play.  No lingerie.

Kong takes out Marti and Jade, and while Taryn wants to be announced as the winner, Brooke wants a match with Taryn.

She will fight Taryn in any match, at anytime, at any place.

Taryn said that is so cute, but Taryn never challenged her.  Since she humiliated Kong, she needs to leave the ring, before she humiliates Brooke.

Brooke has one more thing that she needs to get off her chest.

The two start to fight.

Taryn is stripped of her robe, and has lingerie on.

Just like Brooke took her pretty little robe, the next thing she takes is her pretty title.

Bobby is telling Aries to focus on the World Heavyweight Championship.  And when he gets the title, he gets the first title shot.

Still to come, Angle Vs Aries.

Grado is getting weighed, but there is no weight limits in the X-Division.

Our next qualifying match is Grado Vs Kenny King Vs Cruz.

Oh boy, Grado wins, pinning Cruz.

I think he will be our next X-Division Champion.

The cameraman was attacked by Bram backstage.

Bram is headed to the ring, next.

Bram is here to make history and face any former TNA star to fight him.

It’s the return of Crimson.

Problem is nobody knows who he is in the stands.

Bram hits Brighter Side of Suffering for the win.

Kurt Angle has 2 matches tonight.  Spud gave everything he had, but he beat him.  Nobody is going to take this title from him.  He has Austin Aries, tonight.

EC3 wants his title shot.  But now, it’s Angle Vs Aries, our main event for the World Title.

Angle retains his title, making Aries tap out to the Angle Lock.

EC3 gets the first hit, nails Kurt from behind.

Ethan holds the title up in the air, to end the show.

Next week, Chris Melendez Vs Eric Young, plus Magnus confronts James Storm, and contract signing for EC3 and Kurt Angle.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A decent show here that gave us 2 very good, and different title matches.  You also have the idea that Slammiversary main event will be EC3 Vs Kurt Angle.  Ethan must win the title in my opinion.  This way, when he loses for the first time, it means more with the winner becoming champion.

Also X-Division Title match will be Low-Ki Vs Grado Vs Tigre Uno.  That too could be at Slammiversary, and lord I have a bad feeling Grado wins the title.

Good to see Crimson back tonight.

The Knockout segment was dumb.  I do like the entrance theme of The Dollhouse.  It’s grown on me.

Although they never announced it, I am sure match 4 of The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves is next week too, so it should be good.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me.

Ring of Honor Wrestling 6/10/15…The Kingdom Vs The Bullet Club

We kick the show off with The Addiction telling REDragon they have an opportunity at the Tag Team Titles.

Tonight, they have them right where The Addiction wants them.  We saw what they did to win the championships, what do you think they will do to keep them?

Ring of Honor Wrestling is now.

Bobby Fish has been attacked before the show.

Tag Team champions are out now.

Breaking news from the World Tag Team Champions, of The World.  Bobby Fish has been attacked before the match, and REDragon were set to get their Tag Title shots.  And they have been contracted to face Fish and O’Reiley.  If that doesn’t happen, REDragon will have to go to the back of the totem pole.

So come on out, now.

Kyle O’ Reilly is out to fight, now.

The Addiction is DQ’d when Daniels nails O’ Reilley with the tag title.

They nail Absolute Mayhem, and here comes Sydal and some other guy to help.

Dalton Castle Vs Jushin Thunder Liger is next.

Last week on ROH TV, we see The House of Truth attack The Briscoes after their match.

Mark Briscoe tells us he faces Donovan Dijeck at Best in the World.

Mark gives us a promo only he can do.  He’s going to bring him in, and he will whoop his ass in New York City.

Moving on, Dalton Castle Vs Jushin Thunder Liger is now.

Liger wins with a Brainbuster.  He is set to face off against Mike Bennett at Best in the World.

Our main event tonight is The Kingdom Vs The Bullet Club, of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Oh lord, “Brutal” Bob Evans Vs Cheeseburger.

Jushin Thunder Liger wishes Cheeseburger luck in his match tonight, and slaps him.

“Brutal” Bob Evans Vs Cheeseburger is up now.

The match is ruled a no contest when “Brutal” Bob puts Cheeseburger through a table with a sidewalk slam.

Both men are down.

The Kingdom Vs The Bullet Club is next.

The awesome Jay Lethal and Truth Martini gives us a promo.  Next week, the official contract signing will be set for their World Title Vs TV Title match at Best In The World.

Jay Briscoe now has a promo.

Jay dares Lethal to try something, cause he will whoop his ass if he tries something.  Just sign the contract.

Moments ago, we see “Brutal” Bob put Cheeseburger through a table.

It’s official, at best in the World, REDragon gets their rematch against The Addiction, in a No DQ match for the Tag Titles.

Now, our main event, the IWGP Tag Team Champions, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett, with Maria Kanellis accompanying them will face Karl Anderson and Dog Gallows.

We have a no contest when Bennett and Anderson continued to shove the ref.  All four men beat the hell out of each other, and Maria is caught in the middle.  They were about to hit her with a shot between the chairs, but Bennett stops them.  Taven is sent through the chairs instead.

6-man tag match at Best in the World.  Bullet Club Vs The Kingdom, and next week, official contract signing of Lethal Vs Briscoe, Title for Title will be held next week, to end this show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a very charged-up show tonight.  No goofy stories, just straight up wrestling.  We did have 2 No Contests though, but the last one is acceptable, because of their feud.  No AJ Styles, no Adam Cole, but you knew this was an intense feud.

Next week, the official contract signing of Lethal Vs Briscoe.  I hope Lethal wins at the PPV.

But Cheeseburger?  Really?  Dude looks like Rocky King from NWA days.  However, he is over with the crowd, he just has a stupid name.  And my god, is Kevin Kelly annoying on play-by-play.

But hey, this show had good wrestling, so I will deal with it.

Share me your thoughts on the show.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/8/15…New Orleans Bash

Tonight, we are in Bourbon Street, home of Wrestlemania 30.  6 days away from Money in the Bank.

United States Champion John Cena kick off the show.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Sexton welcome us to the show.

6 days away, Champion Vs Champion rematch.  John Cena Vs Kevin Owens.

The Champ Is Here, but Kevin Owens isn’t here.

7 superstars this Sunday compete to get it all hang out.  Not for a championship, but for an opportunity.  And this Sunday, 2 champions compete in this ring, and let it all hang out.  Not for a championship, but for an opportunity.

Kevin Owens had an incredible debut, and he thinks Cena is full of crap.  This Sunday, Owens thinks Cena’s time is up, and Owen’s time is now.

But John is just getting started.  Cena fights for us, even the ones that chant he sucks.

Not much of a reaction here.

But whether we make a remix of his theme music, or degrade his slogans, we all know there is no safer bet than Cena winning.  There was a buzz 8 days ago when Owens won.  But this Sunday, we will be reminded Cena is the one who runs this place, and is the standard-bearer.

Here comes Kevin Owens.

Now, The Champ Is Here.

Cena truly is delusional, if he thinks Cena will beat Owens this Sunday.  And he is delusional if he thinks people want to see Cena come out at the beginning of Raw, and challenge people for the US Title.  And Cena has done this for the last 10 years, they are sick of it.

So how about we give these people a NXT Open Challenge.

That is a hell of an idea Cena said, he accepts.

Again, Cena is being delusional.  Because the two of them are going to fight this Sunday, so they can’t fight tonight.

When Cena holds this US Title, it represents an opportunity for anyone, and the way he sees it, John Cena is still the one to beat.  So his time is now.  If you want some, come get some.

Owens will ignore that, and issues a challenge of any superstar who walks down the ramp choose what title they want.

It’s Neville.

Neville would love to fight Cena again, one day.  But ever since Owens has won the NXT Title, he has disrespected the fans, and the wrestlers.  So as a proud former NXT Champion, he is here to beat Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship.

That match is next.

What a great match that ends with Owens hitting a Pop-Up Powerbomb, with Cena watching commentary.

Owens invites Cena into the ring, to which Cena slides into the ring.  But Owens leaves, ready for Sunday.

Also this Sunday, Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose in a Ladder match.

We see what happened at Elimination Chamber.

The Authority are in their office, when Seth Rollins approaches them.  He meant what he said last week about J & J Security and Kane, but he has the utmost respect for Steph and HHH.

He was right though, he can win without them.  But they will be there this Sunday, right?  Yes, but they won’t help him win.  They will even let Rollins choose his opponent later tonight.

I am so sick of this storyline.

Segment from last week with The Bellas.

We see what Paige had to say last week on Smackdown, saying she will do something about changing the world they live in.

Nikki Bella tell us that they give anyone an equal opportunity, just like Nikki will face Summer Rae tonight, and Paige gets her rematch at Money in the Bank.  This is really The Bella’s World, and they allow Paige to live in it.

Nikki Vs Summer Rae, next.

Nikki wins with ease, Rack Attack.


We see Roman Reigns gauntlet he went through last week, defeating King Barrett, Mark Henry, and Bray Wyatt.

Roman Reigns is up next.

We have ladders surrounding the ring now, with the briefcase at the top.

Enter Roman Reigns.

There was a time when Reigns hated the briefcase.  He hated the contract and everything it stood for.  But then again, it doesn’t look as bad when the biggest jackass of the world doesn’t have it, like Seth Rollins.

Reigns will climb up, and he will grab the briefcase.  And there will be a time when he hashes it out with the man who is winning the WWE World Title this Sunday, Dean Ambrose.

Kane comes out, and he sees things a bit differently,

The Authority put Kane in this match to make sure the future is protected, and this Sunday he will win the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Reigns wants Kane in the ring.

But Dolph Ziggler has something to say about it.

Ziggler says Kane doesn’t do anything without The Authority telling him to do it.  In fact, Kane is the biggest tool in WWE.  But Ziggler is on a roll.  He has a comedy show to do, he has a smoking hot Russian and this Sunday, he will do what he does best, and will steal the show.

Kane tells them that even the most simple tool can inflict damage and watch what they say, because he still has the power.

Here comes R-Truth.

New Orleans, what’s up?

Truth is cured of his ladder phobia, and is ready for Sunday’s match.

But Kane tells Truth he’s not even in the match.

Are you sure?

Quite sure.

My bad, bye New Orleans.

Poor R-Truth.

Now as Kane was saying….

Here comes New Day.

As Big E. tells us when Kofi wins, we all win.

New Day rocks!!

Enough….as Kane was saying.

Enter Sheamus.

He is just a Brogue Kick away from a chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Okay is everyone finished?

As we all know, there are 2 more spots open.  Neville, who competed earlier, and this man…

Randy Orton.

It’s Orton Vs Sheamus, next.

Sheamus wins by DQ when Orton attacks him with a chair, flings him on the announce table, then hits a RKO in the ring.

6 days away from Money in the Bank.  Who wins the ladder match?

Joey and Jamie approach Rollins, saying they forgive him for what they said last week, and tonight.

Rollins told them they would be nothing if Seth wasn’t here getting them a job.  Jamie tells him he wouldn’t even be WWE Champion if it wasn’t for them, and they are The Shield 2.0, better than Reigns and Ambrose.

Rollins informs them The Authority told him he chooses his opponents, and he choose them in a 2-on-1 Handicap match.

Seth slaps Jamie, but Jamie slaps right back.

Joey tells them they protected him, but tonight, they will kick his ass.

Go Joey.

Ziggler Vs Kane, now.

Kane wins a pointless match with a Chokeslam, after Rusev comes out to confront Lana.  He bullied her to the fact she falls off the ramp, and trips on her heels.

Kane wins.

Dolph checks on Lana, and we switch gears to show more Instagram footage from Dean Ambrose.

J & J Security are preparing for their match.

Miz TV, with Ryback and Big Show is next.

Lana is being tended to backstage.

Miz TV is now.

Miz should be standing here as our new Intercontinental Champion, but this happened.

Big Show came out, and knocked out The Miz.

His lawyers are contemplating a lawsuit against Big Show, and maybe even Ryback because Ryback probably put Show into doing it, not wanting to face Miz.

Feed Me More!!

The only guy who was being robbed was The Big Guy, because he was robbed out of giving The Miz a meathook.

Miz was a former WWE Champion.

Ryback is tired of hearing Miz’s resume, he is a former WWE Champion.  He main evented Wrestlemania.  He is an A-Lister Hollywood actor.  But his former stunt double, Damien Mizdow outperformed him every single night.

Now they bicker a bit.

Miz told Ryback he should be upset at Big Show.  He ruined a chance Ryback had at defeating a big star, defending his IC Title.  Should that upset him?

Here comes Big Show.

Big Show makes this clear, out of all of his tag team partners, Big Show hated Miz right away.

Ryback isn’t buying any of this, he is the one guy not afraid of Big Show.  If he wants his Intercontinental Championship, it’s right here.

Ryback can’t stop Show, because he is a true giant.  Nobody can defeat Ryback for the IC Title, because Big Show wants it.

Miz tries to interfere, but Show handles him again, and Ryback gives Big Show Shellshock.

Earlier tonight, Rollins made the match of him against J & J Security.

Our next match is El Matadores Vs Harper and Rowan.

Harper and Rowan win, and Harper takes the mic.

Tick Tock…Tick Tock…Tick Tock.

The time to pay for your sins is coming.  The judgment waiting for you is at the door.

It’s okay to be scared, they all should be.

Kane is here to wish Rollins luck on his match tonight.  Rollins does not need luck against Mercury and Noble.

Kane warns Rollins that he could win his title match, and Kane cashes in his MITB briefcase.  Or Ambrose beats him, and he would be a fraud and Kane becomes WWE World Champion against Ambrose.

Rollins won’t need anyone’s help tonight, or Sunday night.  He hopes that Ambrose will be come tonight, so he could show him what he will do to him Sunday night.  He doesn’t need Kane to meddle around.

Kane informs him that he will be in J & J Security’s corner tonight.

A movie preview to “Ted 2”.

Big E. from New Day Vs Titus O’ Neil, from Prime Time Players.

Big E wins with a Big Ending, and an assist from Xavier Woods.

Here comes Roman Reigns.

Reigns Vs Kofi is next.

Reigns picks up the win, and here comes Dean Ambrose, who has a ticket for tonight’s main event.

Our main event is now.  J & J Security Vs Rollins is now.

J & J Security defeated Rollins when Ambrose distracted Seth a bit, giving him the WWE World Title before Rollins hits a Pedigree.  Mercury rolls up Rollins for the win, and Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds.  He takes the title, and shows us how to climb up a ladder for the win, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This might have been one of the worst and boring Raw of the year.  Other than the first half hour, with Owens, Cena, and Neville, which completely rocked, everything else fell apart.

The worst thing was having 2 people booked as complete fools pin the WWE World Champion, who more than likely will beat Dean Ambrose this Sunday.  So it didn’t help either man in the main event of your next PPV.

Just complete garbage tonight, do you agree?  Disagree?  Send me your thoughts here.

Impact Wrestling 6/3/15…Wednesday Night Impact

God Bless the next World Heavyweight Champion, and God Bless EC3.

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3

We have a barber quartet, which is beautiful.

EC3 has to win at Slammiversary, right?

Josh Matthews is joined by The Pope.

EC3 is finally the Number One Contender, so let the celebration begin.

The barber quartet is at it again, and balloons for everyone.

Is Tyrus excited?  EC3 can feel it, that Tyrus just wants to dance.

Tyrus is slowly dancing, but too bad because this is serious business.

He wants to prove the naysayers wrong, who claim he has this chance because of his last name, and the ones who say he can’t wrestle.

We get a chant going, and for old times sake, he disagrees.  He’s very good, and he’s number one.

As the great George W. Bush said “million accomplished” and he asks for Kurt Angle to come out and celebrate.

Kurt is impressed by this celebration.  Vern Gagne and Lou Thesz would roll over their graves, if they saw this.

EC3 is ranked number one.  But he is not next in line for the title.

EC3 disagrees.

Kurt tells us next week is Destination X and the X-Division Champion has an opportunity to put his title up to get a World Title shot.

EC3 disagrees, he left Rockstar Spud in the dust, Kurt is ducking him.  EC3 knows Spud, he will make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Tyrus, buxom blondes, let’s go.

The quartet sings a tune for Kurt and Angle lays an Angle Slam.

Josh Matthews and The Pope introduce us to the show.

Match number 3 of the Best of 5 Series.  The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.  The Rising Vs BDC, and right now.  Lashley Vs Eric Young.

Lashley wins the match with a spear,  Chris Melendez is ready for Eric Young.  But Lashley is holding Chris back.

Spud has a big decision to make tonight.  He holds a title he has wanted for 14 years.  But now he has a chance to get the biggest prize in the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

He doesn’t know.

Last week, inside six sides of steel, Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim.  Awesome Kong couldn’t do a thing as The Dollhouse took care of Gail Kim.

Taryn Terrell will give Kong a chance at the Knockout Title next week.  Marti and Jade are in action, next.

Chris Melendez is taking this personal to what Eric Young has done.  He wants a match with Young.

Austin Aries talks with Spud.  He created Option C for anyone who is X-Division Champion to cash in the title, and fight for the World Title.  Now he wishes he didn’t create it, because sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side.  He can instead take the X-Division Title, and defend it like a fighting champion.  Aries has the briefcase, he can get the title shot anytime, but he just wants to give Spud a choice.

Jade Vs Brooke, now.

Brooke picks up the win when Jade runs into Marti.

No pillow talk for The Dollhouse tonight.

Jeremy Borash is with EC3.

What is Ethan’s thought with Spud?  Spud is a champion, X-Division champion.  He is a good hand, but EC3 is a franchise.

Tyrus interrupts, he has a phone call.

BDC Vs The Rising is next.

During the break, Rebel and Brooke are celebrating Brooke’s big win.  But now The Dollhouse attack Rebel, after Brooke goes to the back.

BDC Vs The Rising in 6-man tag, now.

The Rising win with Doomsday Device, picking up a big win.

Rockstar Spud will make his decision, next.

EC3 just had a conversation that will change Spud’s life, forever.

Last week, James Storm had an interesting proposal for Mickie James.

In Nashville, Tennessee, Mickie arrives.  She is talking to Magnus on the phone.  James runs into Mickie.

Spud is out to the ring, now.

It’s been a year filled with ups and downs for Spud, but he has a choice of his career to make.  Jeremy Borash asks does he hang onto the X-Division Title, or does he relinquish the title, and get an opportunity at the World Title?

This is a once in a million chance for Spud.  He is just like all of us.  He needs more time, but HB denies that.

The decision needs to be made, now.

Does he keep the title, or does he face this man…

Kurt Angle.

Spud is the ultimate underdog.  He has to understand fully, what he is going against.

Kurt is the only Olympic Gold Medalist.  He is a 13-time World Champion.  He is here to say there is no chance in hell Spud will win.

What is his decision?

Ladies and gentlemen….EC3….


Look at Spud, he stands in the ring as a 2-time X-Division Champion.  That is an incredible career, but look at him.  He isa fish swimming with sharks.

EC3 called him a gazelle, a lion, but look at Kurt.  He is a world-class athlete.  Kurt is the greatest wrestler that has ever been in the ring, until EC3 came along.

EC3 just got off the phone with his Aunt Dixie Carter.  They have agreed to offer him a lifetime contract as Chief of Staff, the boys would be back.

Come back home.

Spud loves his Chief of Staff.  He would have done anything for Dixie.  He would have done anything for Ethan.  He thought of him as a brother, but then Carter fired him.  He slapped him, he spit on him, he laughed at hi, he then shaved his head.

This has always been about Ethan.  He had everything on a silver platter.  Spud has worked 14 years for everything he has had.  And all EC3 would be a spoiled little prick.  He can shove that offer up his ass.  Spud is cashing in his X-Division Title, because next week, he will face Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

EC3 gives Spud a cheap shot, and Kurt tells Ethan tonight, we will see a tag match of EC3 and Tyrus Vs Kurt and Spud.

Austin Aries is giving Bobby Roode a pep talk.  They have played right to The Wolves’ game plan.  It’s time to do their own thing, and Aries wants Roode to wear something.

More from the meeting, Storm calls Mickie a star and is glad he was able to give her this opportunity, and he can give her so much more.

Storm tells Mickie he wants her to join Storm.  To join him in this journey.  Magnus can’t provide for her.  Storm wants Mickie and Dominick to join The Revolution.

Mickie tells Storm that Magnus is Dominick’s son, she can’t do that.  And if this is what this is about, she is going to leave.

Storm apologizes, he will stand by Mickie no matter what choice she makes.

Best of 5 series match is up now.  The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels.

This is a must-win for The Heels.

The Dirty Heels pick up the win when Roode nails Eddie with a chair behind the ref’s back.  Roode didn’t want to, but he had to.  And now he embraced the win.

Tonight, Spud and Kurt Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

Video footage of Storm pushing Mickie James off the platform, she had a nasty fall.  He calls Nick to say Mickie won’t be able to make it for dinner.

Madison Rayne is in the ring, and she is sick of being in the sidelines.  While people like Velvet Sky, someone who was told to take her ball and go home.  But because of the fact that the TV cameras are on, she will show up.

Here comes Velvet Sky.

Velvet is just trying to get her spot back.  But allow Madison to remind Velvet what her spot was.  She slaps Velvet.

Spear, followed by a Stunner.

Angelina Love is done with this.  Velvet doesn’t work here, and she just assaulted a very good friend of hers.  So security, arrest her.

They can do this the easy way, or the hard way.  The last time, it was the hard way.

It still is, but the security grab Velvet and cuff her.

This is what happens to trash like Velvet.  She gets arrested, again.  She goes to jail, again.  Velvet is just a fan, and Angelina is the star.

She slaps Velvet twice, both times Velvet smiles.  But Angelina with the elbow now.

Time to take Velvet to jail.

More security come out, but this time they are here because Angelina put her hands on a fan, and they are here to take her away.

Our main event is next, Kurt and Spud Vs EC3 and Tyrus.

This is the real Taryn Terrell, and she faces Kong, next week.

Main event tag action.  EC3 and Tyrus Vs Spud and Angle.

Spud and Kurt win when Spud hits a Bulldog, pinning Tyrus.

Kurt and Spud go face to face, but Austin Aries interrupts.

He tells them that next week, Spud gets a World Title shot, and he gets that shot.  But, like creating Option C, Austin Aries is cashing in his briefcase, and will face the winner later in the night.

Destination X next week.  Kurt Angle Vs Rockstar Spud, with Austin Aries facing the winner.

And X-Division is on the map as we start the march to a new X-Division Champion.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I love hearing The Pope do commentary, please continue that.

We also had a good segment with Angle, Spud, and EC3, add Aries to the mix, next week will be fun.

I just wish Destination X was after Slammiversary, because the focus needs to be on that show.

Match 3 of Heels Vs Wolves delivered, as did BDC Vs The Rising.  In fact, the wrestling was very good throughout the night.

This first experience with ROH and Impact together was positive.  Let’s hope this continues.

What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling 6/3/15….Welcome To Destination America

For only the 3rd time, I am watching Ring of Honor.  It’s not because I don’t like the product, but rather because my cable company never carried them, until now.

Destination America is the new home of Ring of Honor, and we are all set.  Tonight, The Briscoes in tag team action against The House of Truth.

The Briscoes have a promo, with Mark acting like Mark.  Jay tell us Jay Lethal has been ducking the champ, and tonight, The Briscoes will show what they will do to Jay at Best in the World.

Let’s get it on.

We are in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  Kevin Kelly and King Corino welcome us to the show.  Best in the World, live on PPV.  Title Vs Title, Briscoe Vs Lethal.

Tonight, The Briscoes Vs The House of Truth.  Also BJ Whitmer Vs Moose.

And our first match, Will Ferrera Vs Kushida.

Kushida hits the Hoverboard Lock for the win.

The two men shake hands after the match, as is the custom in Ring of Honor.

At Best In The World, Friday June 19th, it will be Title Vs Title.  Jay Lethal Vs Jay Briscoe.

The Addiction, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian join Corino and Kelly.

Next week, The Addiction will face Red Dragon, next week, for the Tag Team Titles.

Kazarian makes it clear, tag title match, next week.  Now Kevin has Kazarian’s permission to worship them.

The Briscoes Vs House of Truth, tonight.

Our next match is “The Last Real Man” Silas Young Vs Watanabe.

Silas picks up the win with the TKO.

“Ravishing Rick Bill Cowler” Silas Young picks up the win.

Whitmer Vs Moose is next.

Moose is in line for a Number One Contender match at Best in the World.

These two men have had a feud for a month, it seems.  Whitmer represents The Decade.

Whitmer doesn’t want to wrestle Moose tonight.  As a great leader, he likes to teach these young kids about opportunity.  So Colby Corino, Steve’s son is going to wrestle.

Moose absolutely destroyed the 18-year-old Colby, who recently joined The Decade,  He gave him a sick powerbomb on the outside, and Adam Paige pushed him back in the ring, only for Mosse to pin him with his boot.

Steve Corino is beside himself.

Truth Martini has this all worked out for Jay, they will take care of things tonight.

Jay Lethal comes to the ring, not in his wrestling gear.  So he changed the main event here of Donovan Diecheck and Jay Diesel Vs The Briscoes.

Jay Lethal joins commentary.

The Briscoes win with Doomsday Device.  Diecheck takes Mark Briscoe out after the match, and Jay sets Diecheck up for J-Driller, but Lethal stops him.  Jay hits a J-Driller instead to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

For a first show, they did what they are known best…wrestle.  I hated though there was no introduction show Destination America gave us, because some of these storylines confused me.  But I will catch up.

TNA dropped the ball on Jay Lethal, but I am glad to see him, along with The Addiction back on TV.  AJ Styles will show up from time to time too.  So it’s a reunion for me, knowing them all with TNA.

I was impressed by Kushida, not so much on Young.  Moose is a beast, and so is Diecheck.  Looking forward to seeing more episodes.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 6/1/15…Kevin Owens…A New Star Is Born

Last night, WWE gave us Elimination Chamber.  Ryback became the new IC Champion, and New Day retained their Tag Titles.

But the real story of the night was Kevin Owens defeating John Cena, clean in the ring.  Those two men square off in 2 weeks at Money in the Bank.

What happens tonight?

Raw is now.

Oh yeah, also last night, Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins by DQ.  But Dean was awarded the WWE World Title, and he stole it.

We see footage of this from last night, kicking the show off.

And what’s a show starting off without The Authority?

We are live in San Antonio, Texas.

Stephanie introduces us to the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as Seth Rollins.  But he doesn’t have the title.  Stephanie tells us Dean stole the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he stole the Money in the Bank contract, he stole the Intercontinental Title, and he was arrested for assault and batter last week, (But footage said he was innocent).

So should they fire Dean?  No, how about suspend him?  No.

HHH tells us Dean isn’t stupid.  He was told to return the WWE World Title before the show begins.  So he can return the title to the rightful owner, then they can discuss where we go from here.

No Ambrose, but crowd chants Justin Bieber.

HHH tells us to shutup, and get Ambrose out here now.

Enter Roman Reigns.

These guys aren’t happy to see Roman, but it looks like San Antonio is.

Dean isn’t happy, and he isn’t here.  He may never be here again.  Unless, he gets a rematch.  Not just any other rematch, but a ladder match.

This way there is a decisive winner.

Stephanie tells Roman they don’t deal with a lowlife.  And Roman tells Steph that low-life beat Seth.

It was by a DQ, But Ambrose pinned Rollins in the middle of the ring.

Seth said he did not beat him, he is still the WWE World Champion.

Roman brings up Seth doesn’t look like a champion.  He has lost to Ambrose, he lost to Reigns.  He used to be cool with The Shield, but now he runs with Mommy and Daddy.

This angers Rollins, and he accepts.  He tells them he doesn’t need anyone, he doesn’t need J & J Security, he doesn’t need Kane, and he sure as hell doesn’t need The Authority.  The match is on.

He walks off, and Stephanie asks him who he thinks he is.

HHH answers that he is Roman Reigns.  He is the man who had a Wrestlemania main event shot, but Seth Rollins ruined that shot.  Roman is in Money in the Bank Ladder match.  But maybe he isn’t, he will compete in the ring next, and if he loses, he is out of a shot at becoming WWE World Heavyweight champion, again.

We find out who Roman faces, next.

Reigns is facing King Barrett.

Reigns in what was a rather long match wins with a spear.

Was there really ever a doubt?

Last night at Elimination Chamber, Kevin Owens defeated John Cena, clean in the ring.

The Champ Is Here, Kevin Owens tonight, on Raw.

Byron Saxton is standing by with Nikki Bella.

She is the longest reigning current WWE champion.  So what is next for her?

Nikki is ready for anything.

Paige shows up.  She brings up winning the Divas Battle Royal, until Naomi attacked her, so she is owed a Divas Title match, one on one.

Nikki brings up that she sounds like Naomi, someone who thinks she is owed a title shot.  But challenge is accepted, and we will have it tonight.

Lilian Garcia introduces us to the new Intercontinental Champion, Ryback.

Later tonight, Ryback will face The Miz for the IC Championship.

Nobody likes an overly emotional “Big Guy”, but he is standing as the new Intercontinental Champion.  And the last time he was in San Antonio, this crowd gave him a standing ovation, and showed him what Ryback means to the crowd.  And he thanks us for that, as for defending his IC Title, we know what he says…

Feed Me More….

IC Title match is next.

The match never happens when The Big Show comes back, he decks Miz.  Big Show with the mic, and says if anyone beats Ryback, it’s going to be Big Show.  There is nobody bigger than The Big Show.

Ryback seems good with that.

Reigns defeated Barrett, later tonight, he has to face Mark Henry with the Money in the Bank ladder spot on the line.

Also tonight, Nikki Bella Vs Paige for the Divas Title.

The Champ is here, next.

Who is the next Mr. Money in the Bank?  We find out in 2 weeks, but here comes Kevin Owens.

When Kevin says he is going to do something, he delivers.  When he got to NXT, and Owens said he’d win NXT Title.  He delivered.  When Owens said he’d take out Sami Zayn, he delivered.  And when Owens said he’d take out John Cena, he delivered.

Last night was the biggest win of his career.  He should be on top of the world, but he is not.  After he won, he called him and spoke to his wife.  She was very proud of him, but when he spoke to his son, he was not.  He’s a John Cena fan.  He asked his father how John Cena is.  Owens should be okay with this, but he’s not.  It’s not his son’s fault, it’s just that for the last 10 years, Cena has been billed as a superhero.  The bright colors, the slogan, hustle, loyalty, and respect.  While Owens has been working his craft for 10 years, Cena became SuperCena.

Well, last night, he beat SuperCena.

So while the words Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect has been said, he beat a broken down man.  And in 2 weeks, he will expose John Cena.  And if you’re a parent, take your child, who is a John Cena fan, sit them down and watch too and see what a real role model is supposed to be, a man who says he is going to do.

Here comes SuperCena.

Man, Kevin Owens is a jackass.

He tells him to shut up, and act like he’s been there before.

After last night, people are talking about Kevin Owens.  After last night, Owens took Cena to the limit, but he won.

Ever since Cena has the US Title, he said someone would come down, answer the challenge, and be the better man.  He was going to come down this ring, shake his hand, but he doesn’t think Owens deserves this, because he isn’t even a real man.

A real man isn’t jealous by what other people have, and his son is corrupted because of the WWE marketing machine.  But if that was the case, they would have Adam Rose T-shirts, still believe in Funkasaurus, and one day want to play in XFL.

These people believe in Cena, whether they have signs, whether have shirts, or as the kid has, carrying a sign that says she’s beating cancer.

Which is awesome.

For 10 years, people said you would never make it in this business, that you were never good enough, but what happens is you kick that door down, and you prove people wrong.  That’s what Owens did, and he should be proud of that.  His three words have to be Fight Owens Fight.  Because now this is a bit of advice from a real man to half-man, what will happen when one of your promises doesn’t deliver.  Because in 2 weeks, what happens when a real wrestler loses to a real man?

The two men go face to face now, but Owens walks away.

A great segment, and I can’t wait to see their match in 2 weeks.

Tonight, Reigns Vs Mark Henry, spot of Money in the Bank on the line.

New Day is in the ring, and tells San Antonio that Tim Duncan is old, but New Day is hot.  They tell us too that when Kofi Kingston becomes Mr. Money in the Bank, they all become Mr. Money in the Bank.

Because New Day rocks.

Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring, to face Kofi.  Lana accompanies Ziggler.

Ziggler wins with a rollup.  New Day attack Ziggler, but here comes Prime Time Players to help.

6-man tag match is ongoing.

Ziggler, and PTP win when Titus hits a Pump Handle Slam.

Tonight, Nikki Bella Vs Paige, for the Divas Title.

But next, Reigns Vs Henry, with MITB spot on the line.

Reigns wins the match by countout, and still remains in the MITB ladder match.

Henry answers by giving him a World’s Greatest Slam, and a splash.

Henry just turned heel for the 850th time.

Reigns is in the back and is greeted by Steph and HHH.  Keep the vest on, because later tonight, he faces Bray Wyatt.

Sonic is doing auditions for a new commercial with WWE superstars.

Divas Title match is up now, Nikki Bella Vs Paige.

Nikki wins, or should I say Bellas, going old-school here with the Switch-a-roo, Brie coming in and rolls up Paige for the win.

Earlier tonight, Seth Rollins answers the title challenge to face Ambrose at Money in the Bank, in a ladder match.

But throughout the night, Reigns has wrestled to put his MITB spot on the line, defeating King Barrett and Mark Henry.

Later tonight, Reigns will face Bray Wyatt.

Orton Vs Sheamus is now.

Sheamus is DQ’d when he took the action to the outside and gave Orton 2 Brogue Kicks.

Sheamus is making a statement heading to Money in the Bank, in 2 weeks.

Byron Saxton is with Rusev, in crutches.  He has nothing, no woman, no title, no career.  He is a broken man.  But he will get it all back.

This Thursday night, Kevin Owens will host his Kevin Owens NXT Open Challenge.

Here comes the “Inspirational” Bo Dallas.

He tried to help Neville.  Now he just wants to hurt him.

I guess we are seeing a Neville Vs Dallas match.

Here we go.

Red Arrow, match is over.

Next, Reigns Vs Wyatt, winner is in Money In The Bank match.

Despite The Authority’s attempt to assist Bray, Wyatt knocks into Kane and Reigns hits a spear for the win.

Rollins tries to corner Reigns with The Authority, but Dean Ambrose shows up from behind.  Dean gives the title back to Seth, but Seth drops the title and Ambrose takes the title back.

Reigns and Ambrose head out of the ring and through the crowd as the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very fun show tonight, setting up what should be a good PPV in 13 days.

I loved the Cena and Owens segment.  Their match last night was incredible, and yet I think they can top it and it starts in 13 days.

I also still sense a heel turn by Reigns, and this will happen in the ladder match.  Or, Reigns wins the title at the event, cashing in after winning MITB.

Or both?

What were your thoughts on the show?  I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

WWE Elimination Chamber 5/31/15

Tonight, a bonus PPV, exclusively on WWE Network.  We have 2 Elimination Chamber matches, one for the Intercontinental Title, and a World Tag Team Title match.

But first, the Kick-Off show.

Here we go, keep checking here throughout the night.

Renee Young is joined by Byron Saxton, Booker T, and Corey Graves on the Elimination Chamber panel.

Rusev will not be in the Elimination Chamber match tonight.  He injured his ankle this past Thursday night against Ryback.

It’s a tough situation for Rusev, I hope he recovers quickly.

So who will be added to the Elimination Chamber IC Title match?

Booker T speculates it could be a former World Champion being added to the match.  Orton, perhaps?

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge.  We will hear from Lana later tonight.

Kane is on the phone, making sure everything will be set up.  New Day approaches Kane.

Kane makes sure that all three men have the opportunity to defend their titles, by putting all three men inside the chamber.  The pods will not be changed.

Later tonight on The Kick-Off show will be Miz TV, featuring Daniel Bryan.

Owens Vs Cena is being profiled now.

Last year, at NXT Arrival, Neville defeated Bo Dallas, tonight they compete in a WWE ring.

Also tonight, Divas Triple Threat for the Divas Title.  Paige Vs Nikki Bella Vs Naomi.

Our Elimination Chamber Kick-Off match tonight is going to be Zack Ryder Vs Stardust.

That match is set now.

Stardust wins the match CrossRoads.

Last Monday night on Raw, we see Lana walking away from Rusev.

Lana joins Tom Phillips at Social Media Lounge.

Lana likes Ziggler, it seems.

She liked Rusev, and will always be appreciative of what he did for her.  But it’s time to move on.

It’s time for Miz TV, with the returning The Miz.  Summer Rae  introduced The Miz.

Miz and his guest Daniel Bryan.

Miz is concerned for Daniel Bryan.  Daniel assures Miz that he is coming back to wrestle, he is writing a book, due out in July.

Daniel is sick of Miz TV, and he knows the fans are too.  But so are these guys…

The Meta-Powers.

They take care of The Miz, with the Flying Elbow and a Leg Drop.

Gawd, this is awful.

World Title video, with Ambrose Vs Rollins

Eden Stiles interviews Dean Ambrose.

There is no pressure for Ambrose tonight.  He is ready, and will do anything to piss HHH off as the new WWE World Champion.

Roman Reigns checks to see if Ambrose is ready, and assures him he is going to be in his corner tonight for their title match.

JBL gives us a tour inside Elimination Chamber.

And our show begins, now.

Our first match is for the WWE World Tag Team Titles.  New Day Vs Lucha Dragons Vs The Ascension Vs Prime Time Players Vs Los Matadores Vs Kidd and Tyson.

Los Matadores are eliminated first, with Fall of Man.  The Ascension pin Diego.

Lucha Dragons are eliminated, with Fall of Man, again by The Ascension.

2 more teams are set to exit from the pod.

The Ascension are now eliminated by Prime Time Players.

New Day will enter the chamber last.

Kidd and Cesaro are pinned when Cesaro had the Cesaro Swing, but Darren Young rolls him up for the pin.

So now it’s New Day Vs Prime Time Players.

New Day wins the match with Trouble In Paradise, retaining the Tag Titles.  A big cluster, but it was fun, and historic with Tag Titles on the line.

WWE Money in the Bank is in 2 weeks, June 14th.

Rusev will not compete in tonight’s Elimination Chamber match, for the IC Title.

Who will be the 6th man competing?

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler is warming up for his match.  Lana wishes him luck tonight.  Ziggler said it was too bad about Rusev.  He wanted to pin him himself, Lana told him tonight is not about Rusev, it’s about Ziggler.

Ziggler agrees, and says after his match, it will be about them.  Now Dolph will do what he does best.

Triple Threat match for the Divas Title is up now.

Paige Vs Naomi Vs Nikki Bella.

No seconds are out there in this match.

Nikki Bella wins the match with a Rack Attack, pinning Naomi.

Everything seemed so rushed here.  I can’t wait until Charlotte debuts soon on WWE roster.

Brie Bella comes out after the match, and rewards her sister with a hug.

Moving on.

Offspring “Coming For You” is the official theme song for Elimination Chamber.

Champion Vs Champion match is set.  Kevin Owens Vs John Cena.

It should be match of the night.

Lilian Garcia is back.

Kevin Owens made a statement tonight, pinning John Cena with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Match of the night, hands down and give Cena credit for making him look like an equal here in the ring.  Just a fantastic match.

Owens is on the mic, in tears.

On his first night of Raw, he said anyone that didn’t know him yet was not worth his time.  Well now, everybody knows who Kevin Owens is.

He is the man who started a fight with John Cena, and Owens is now the man who finished the fight.

Owens has some “veteran” advice for Cena.  It’s time for Cena to go, because his time is up, and Owens’ time is now.  The Champ Is Here.

The Elimination Chamber Kick-off panel is up now.

Bo Dallas tells us everyone needs help, he tried to help Neville.  But tonight, he is going to force Neville to BOlieve.

Neville Vs Bo Dallas is now.

Neville wins with Red Arrow.

It was good, but after that last match, it had no shot.

HHH comes to Ambrose and Reigns and informs them that while Kane will serve as an official, Reigns will not be in Ambrose’s corner, or else Dean will be DQ’d if Reigns interferes.

Daniel Bryan is out here for our next match, which is The Elimination Chamber match, for the Intercontinental Championship.

Dolph Ziggler Vs King Barrett Vs Ryback Vs Sheamus Vs R-Truth Vs…

Mark Henry.

Barrett is eliminated first with an assist by everyone involved, with Truth pinning him with a Lie Detector.

Truth is eliminated, with Shellshock by Ryback.

Henry is done now with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus.

We are down to Sheamus, Ziggler, and Ryback.

Ziggler is eliminated with a Brogue Kick.

Now it’s between Ryback and Sheamus.

Ryback wins the IC Title with Shellshock, pinning Sheamus.

I am happy for Ryback, but this match sucked. The crowd just can’t get into it, after the masterpiece that was Owens Vs Cena.

Ambrose Vs Rollins will hopefully pick it up.

Daniel Bryan endorses Ryback with this win, and Ryback puts Daniel over, calling him an inspiration.

A nice touch.

Tomorrow night, Stone Cold Podcast returns after Raw, with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s guest being Paul Heyman.

WWE Money in the Bank in 2 weeks.

Earlier tonight, Kevin Owens shocked the world, defeating John Cena.

Breaking news, in 2 weeks at Money in the Bank. The rematch, John Cena Vs Kevin Owens.

Ziggler, Neville, Reigns, Orton, Kofi, and Sheamus will vie for Money in the Bank in 2 weeks.

That is not all of the participants, just 6 so far.

Our main event is up now, Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Ambrose wins the match…by DQ. The ref is knocked out when Rollins shoves him into Ambrose. Then Dean hits Dirty Deeds, another ref comes in and counts the pinfall for the win.

But the other ref told him about it, so while Dean wins, technically Rollins is still the WWE World Champion.

Reigns comes in and helps Ambrose fight off The Authority, and they leave with the title.

Possession is 9/10 of the law.

The show ends with Ambrose and Reigns leaving the building.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The ending was too good to be true, which tells me that we will get a rematch set for Money in the Bank.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Reigns wins MITB ladder match, Ambrose wins title, and Reigns turns heel cashing in.

Overall, this show was highlighted by an amazing Cena Vs Owens match, where Owens made history. And the main event was good, even if the ending was a bit clustered.

But everything else just didn’t mesh well, especially the two chamber matches.

It felt like a rushed show, which is something this company can’t continue to do. Things are better when we get a slow build, and with this show being added just 2 weeks ago is not a good idea.

It takes away other builds for PPV, which is still important for your major shows.

But go out of your way to see Owens Vs Cena Part One, again. Part II is immediately in 2 weeks, which is something they can’t do too, but it’s a given Cena has to win that match.

But wouldn’t it be smart to save Cena Vs Owens III for Summerslam?

What were your thoughts on the show? Send them to me here, and I will talk to you tomorrow night for Raw.

WWE NXT 5/27/15…Samoa Joe Speaks Out

After last week’s Unstoppable special, we see the fallout from the event, including the debut of Samoa Joe.

WWE NXT is now.

We are at Full Sail University, in Orlando, Florida.

Sami Zayn is here.

But no, it’s Kevin Owens with Sami’s entrance theme.

We see footage from this past Monday’s Raw, Owens attacks Cena with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

He was here to challenge a NXT Title open challenge, but the fact is Kevin is not an insincere person.  And he feels he shouldn’t put their title against anyone that hasn’t earned the title shot.  He is all about defending his title against people who have earned the shot.

We hear John Cena sucks chants, and Kevin hasn’t heard the fans say Sami Zayn sucks, but he does.

He has heard people say that he is not a good man, but Kevin is a good man.  Kevin ended that horrendous theme song for Sami Zayn.  He doesn’t understand why people are surprised over what happened to Sami, because he warned Sami if he showed up, he would take him out, and he did that.

He defended this title, and that is what the essence of taking care of his family, and being a good man.

Also another example?  When Samoa Joe came out, he stepped away, and gave Joe his moment.  If Joe steps into his face again, he will end him as well.  And speaking of being a good man, this Sunday, he will take care of Cena and prove that the REAL champ is here.

Here comes NXT General Manager, William Regal.

William tells Owens the only reason he still has a job is because Regal touched Owens first, and Owens headbutted Regal.  But in the 6 months he has been here, he has laid out many superstars.   Alex Riley, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, Hideo Itami.

Owens will take credit for the others, but he insists he had nothing to do with Itami.

Owens warned Sami what was going to happen, so that is on him.  And frankly, Regal put the match together, so it’s on him too.

Enter Solomon Crowe.

Solomon heard Owens in the back say he thinks only people he face will have to earn the shots.  And Owens claim he is a good guy?  After what he saw with Zayn, he thinks Kevin is full of crap, and he’s scared because he knows deep down inside, he will lose.

Owens grants Crowe an opportunity, and Regal makes it happen.

So Owens laid out Neville, Riley, Zayn, Zayn, Zayn.  Well, at the end of the match, Owens will stretcher out Crowe too.

Rich Brennan, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves welcome us to the show.

Last week, we see the video of someone attacking Itami, with Owens walking by.

Hideo Itami blew out his shoulder.  He doesn’t know who attacked him, and when he comes back, there will be no stopping him.

Bayley Vs Emma is next.

Last week, we hear an interview with Zack Ryder.  He was sitting next to a crazy guy like Mojo, and Mojo is hyped, running behind Zack.

Bayley Vs Emma is now.

Emma has new music, by the way.

Emma wins with her Emma Lock, making Bayley tap.

Dana Brooke helped Emma take out Bayley and here comes Charlotte to help, but Dana and Emma took her out too.

Footage from Unstoppable, with Corbin Vs Rhyno.

Footage from last week with Renee Young interviewing Corbin.  He showed that he is the only unstoppable force.

Rhyno approaches him, and he had fun.  He says they do it again, sometime.  The sooner, the better.

Solomon Crowe Vs Kevin Owens.

We see video footage of Becky Lynch.

Elias Sampson and Mike Rollins will now face the team of Blake and Murphy, with Alexa Bliss accompanying them.

Blake and Murphy win with a Vertical Suplex, and Frogsplash combination.

Alexa gives one of the ham and eggers a Sparkle Splash for good measure.

Finn Balor won the Number One Contender match and defeated Tyler Breeze last week.

Finn is in action, next.

Devin Taylor is interviewing Blake and Murphy, with Bliss.  Blake and Murphy are winners, she is a winner.  So winners gravitate with each other.  Carmella is the Queen of Staten Island.  You know what is known for?  A garbage dump, so no wonder why she associates herself with Cass and Enzo.  Next week, they have a match, and Alyssa will send her back to the garbage dump.

Finn Balor Vs Tye Dillinger is now.

Balor wins with the Coup De Gras, picking up the pinfall.

Owens Vs Crowe is next.

Earlier today, the interviewer guys is with Jason Jordan has found his perfect partner, and we see Chad Gable.

Jason tells Chad he has a partner, and Chad hands him one of his towels

Our main event, Kevin Owens Vs Solomon Crowe is now.

Owens won in relative ease with a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

Just when Owens is about to take care of Crowe, here comes Samoa Joe.

Joe comes into the ring, and Owens leaves.  Giving Joe a warning next time he does this, Joe will be in the same position as Crowe is.

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Just a paint-by-numbers show tonight.  The highlight for me was seeing Alexa Bliss as a heel.  I think she can be a big star someday.  She reminds me of Trish Stratus.  She is only 23 years old, so she will learn, and get better.

I love hearing Kevin Owens talk too.  He signed a WWE contract, so he will appear on Raw too, so it should be interesting what we see this Sunday night when he faces Cena.

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.  I will talk to you tomorrow for Elimination Chamber.

Impact Wrestling 5/29/15…May Mayhem

We begin the show from earlier today, when Eric Young is driving to the Impact Zone parking lot.  Kurt Angle is waiting for them, and we get the two men fighting each other, with security stopping them.

Tonight, Angle Vs Young in an I Quit match.

We kick off the show with a 6 sides of steel match, Gail Kim Vs Taryn Terrell.

With some help from The Dollhouse, Taryn wins with a Cutter after Marti threw Gail down from the cage.

Taryn has been Knockout Champion for 191 straight days, 19 days away from tying Gail Kim’s longest title reign.

Taryn knocks out Earl Hebner, and here comes Awesome Kong.  They lock her out, while The Dollhouse take out Gail.

Taryn tells Gail she was nothing, and means nothing to her.  She takes Gail’s wedding ring off, and tries to break her ring finger.

Josh Matthews and Al Snow welcome us to the show.

Moments ago, we see Taryn break Gail’s ring finger, and Taryn took the ring away.

Video on James Storm, Magnus, and Mickie James.

Hardcore Country!!

Mickie James comes to the ring.

Mickie has agreed to come back for one more match, and she hopes she can give us one more great match.  But she is here to talk about friends and family.

Magnus is her fiancée, but he is also her best friend, and the love of her life.  James Storm means the world to her.

James Storm comes to the ring.

Mickie wants to personally apologize to James for Magnus hitting over his head with a guitar.

Storm tells Mickie she doesn’t have to apologize, because she did nothing wrong, just like Magnus won’t call and apologize, because he in his mind, he did the right thing.  And if the roles were reversed, he might have done the very same thing.

But Magnus is jealous.

Mickie tells James that he has more ring experience than maybe even Mickie.  He’s not trying to be jealous, he’s just protecting his family.

James would never hurt her family.  If holding the door for a woman is a bad thing, he’s a bad, bad man.

James went out and bought her an awesome guitar that was expensive.  He bought their son Donovan an awesome blanket with his name on it.  And he bought Magnus an old gladiator helmet he used to wear back in the day.

It was funny.

But in all seriousness, he set up a very important meeting, he is talking about people like Tim and Faith, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, even someone like Billy Corgan in the back.  They are interested in seeing Mickie James.

She tells him he shouldn’t have done this, and James said any decision made should not be a hard one, so he will be behind her no matter what decision she makes.

He gives Mickie a hug, and walks out.  Mickie tells him that she will be there at the meeting.

Gauntlet match for the X-Division Title.

Kenny King will break all backs, this match is for Destination X.  He will see Kurt Angle, or whoever the World Champion is then.

Gauntlet match is next.

Champion and challenger are separated, locked and alone.  But Eric Young wants to show us a tweet, and then he breaks some glass.

It’s time for the Gauntlet match.

Kenny King and Rockstar Spud were the two final competitors.  Kenny got a bit too confident, and Spud rolled up King for the pinfall, and became a 2-time X-Division Champion.

Still to come, Kurt Angle Vs Eric Young in an I Quit match.

But next, match 2 of The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels in a Best of 5 series.

This Wednesday, Impact Wrestling is moving to 9:00 Wednesday night.

Earlier tonight, Angle and Eric attacked each other, and are now separated.

The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves is now.

The Wolves win with a Powerbomb, followed by Cutter combination, with Davey pinning Aries.

An incredible match here, certainly better than their match 2 weeks ago.

The Wolves are up 2-0.

Velvet Sky is in the building, so Angelina Love will handle this situation by herself right now.

Kenny King is trying to get a hold of MVP, and he hasn’t returned any of the calls.

Angelina Love shows up, and sees “Darth Velvet” with the same people she belongs in.  Angelina will take care of Velvet, because she brought her own friends.

Her own personal security team.

They will take her out of the building if she touches Angelina again, because she was fired.

Velvet hops the railing, and goes after Angelina, again.

The security handcuff Velvet away.

Mr. Anderson finally gets EC3, without Tyrus.  Tyrus will be locked inside a steel cage.

EC3 Vs Mr. Anderson is next.

EC3 wins in a clean victory with One Percenter, after reversing a Mic Check.

Anderson wants to shake EC3’s hand, but EC3 refuses to do it.

Angle Vs Young in an I Quit match, next.

Spud is backstage, talking about being a 2-time X-Division champion.  It cements his status, with the best champions, guys like AJ Styles, Joe, Christopher Daniels, and Jerry Lynn.  This title means the world to him.

The interview guy asks him about Destination X being close, what is he going to do?  Spud hadn’t even thought about that, since he was chasing the title.  But Imagine a guy like him cashing in on the X-Division Title, and being World Champion.  Imagine…

Our main event, Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle is up now in an I Quit Match, for the World Title.

Kurt makes Eric quit with a sit-down Ankle Lock.

Impact is moving to Wednesdays, starting this Wednesday, June 3rd.

The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels, we will also hear from Rockstar Spud.  Will he give up the title, and fight for the World Title?  And Velvet Sky is in the house, what happens this Wednesday night?

The show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A little over 5 months has passed, and there are already talking about changes within The Destination America family.  For one, Impact Wrestling will move to Wednesday nights, but a new show will debut right before it.  Ring of Honor Wrestling, starting at 8:00.  I have only seen 2 episodes of the show, since my home in Canton, Ohio doesn’t get the show.  But now, it will be in my home every Wednesday night.

So the question becomes what happens to TNA, when there are rumors of Destination America cancelling it in September?  Such a confusing situation, but if both companies do this right, we could see them work together.

Let me put it this way, if they were smart, they would work together.  After all, they follow each other, right?  Make this a cohesive team effort.  But I have this feeling it won’t happen.

Anyway, on to the show tonight.  I liked it, the matches seemed big, and the results meant something.

I just don’t like Destination X being here in a few weeks, it should be in the month of July, like it has been previously.  This just seems like a throwaway show, but what do I know?

What were your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me here.  Have a great weekend.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/25/15…Everyone Needs An Entourage

We get a nice Memorial Day video, showcasing the heroes that have paved the way for us.

Wow, what a moving video too, thank you to the men and women, who served protecting us.

Eden Stiles tell us to stand in silence to the ones who made the great sacrifice for us, and our country.  10 bell salute.

We are live in Long Island, New York.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Booker T welcome us to the show.

The Authority kick the show off, which we all knew, right?

Dean Ambrose stole his title shot, by cheating his way through, and taking someone else’s opportunity.

The Authority made this decision through duress, and that is not how they operate.  It’s not what’s best for business.  Dean never deserved the title shot, and if they wanted to, they could take that title shot away from Ambrose.

And HHH can fire Ambrose, just like that.  He thought about it, but Rollins asked him not to.

Ambrose really isn’t a threat to Rollins.  He just rode Seth’s coattails, while they were on The Shield.

HHH needs to have a contract signing, for his shot at the title this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.  Just come on down, and sign it.

You ask, and he shall receive.

Ambrose can’t sleep, so he counts punching Seth Rollins in the face, and by the time he reaches 200 punches, he sleeps like a baby.  Normally, he gets a kick by kicking the crap out of Seth Rollins, but next time, he wants a WWE World Title shot next week.

He hopes the fans enjoyed it as much as he did, by using a concrete and a threat.  He knows The Authority will enjoy seeing a new face of the WWE, Dean Ambrose.

When Ambrose becomes champion, he has a list of demands.

  1.  J & J Security will not wear shoes, like a respectable hobbit should.

  2.  Kane to wear just a collar, because he is just a lap dog anyway.

  3.  Seth Rollins can drunk dial Selena Gomez, since he is Justin Bieber.

Seth tells the fans he is proud of being called Justin Bieber, because Justin is a very successful singer.  Dean Ambrose is just a cockroach, who doesn’t amount to anything.  So step into the ring, and sign the contract.

There is only one way to find out if Ambrose is crazy enough to come down to the ring, and sign the contract.

And he comes down to the ring, but Dean has friends.

Roman Reigns comes down.

It’s so cute these Shield boys team together, says Stephanie.  Ambrose has until the end of the night to sign the contract.  But she can make the main event.  Kane and Seth Rollins Vs Ambrose and Reigns.

But that match is now.

Ambrose and Reigns win, when Ambrose pins Rollins with a rollup.

Ambrose assures Renee Young that at the end of the night, Ambrose will sign that contract.

J & J Security interrupt, but Ambrose takes care of them, and also the camera guy too.

Kevin Owens video is playing, and this Sunday, Champion Vs Champion, Cena Vs Owens.

Now comes Rusev.

A limo shows up, it’s the cast of Entourage, who are the guest stars for tonight’s show.

Rusev Vs R-Truth.

Rusev wins in quick fashion with an Accolade.

Rusev wants Lana to come out.

Commercial break.

We come back, and see Lana walking to the ring.

Rusev knows Lana cares about him.  Despite costing him his match at Wrestlemania.  Despite Rusev losing to Cena in an I Quit match.  Despite kissing that blonde bimbo.  But Lana is just like any woman who cares, and does whatever they can to throw themselves at Rusev.

Lana does care for Rusev.

They can still crush together, and dominate USA.  Just take Rusev’s hand, and all will be forgotten.

They can take back mother Russia together, and they can dominate together.  Just take his hand, and things will be better.

Lana takes his hand, and they embrace.

Now Rusev needs Lana to say three magical words, I was wrong.


Lana walks away.

Just admit Lana it was all your fault, and everything would be back to normal.

Lana was not wrong, Rusev said I Quit.

Rusev didn’t quit, Rusev never quits.  Lana needs to know her place, woman.

Rusev owns Lana, so get back in here.

Lana tells Rusev he is a liar, and a quitter.  He is such a coward that he doesn’t take responsibility of his actions.  She is not a victim, and will not stand for his strong, brute, caveman ways, thick-headed mind again

Enter Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler and Lana share a kiss, which Rusev is livid about.

Ziggler is confronted by HHH and Rollins.  Ambrose has done enough, and he brings in the camera guy, asking him if he’s the one who assaulted him.  The guy thinks it was a shove, but yes.

Ambrose is being arrested.

Ambrose is being escorted out of the building, with Rollins loving every second of it.

King Barrett is in the ring, he is set to face Ryback.

With taped ribs and all, Ryback hits Shellshock for the win, over King Barrett.

HHH is on the phone with the cops.  Ambrose is being booked as we speak, and he will not make it by the end of the night.

The cast of Entourage shows up.

They bring up Ronda Rousey to Stephanie, and she is not amused by this.

Stephen Amell of “Arrow” is here and is going face to face with Stardust.

Stardust Vs Neville is now.

Neville Vs Bo Dallas is set for this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

Neville wins with a Red Arrow, in front of Arrow.

Bo Dallas shows up during the match, and tells his little buddy to get himself back up, then sweeps the leg, knocking Neville down.

Entourage meet the Divas.

Kevin Connelly meets up with Zack Ryder.  This is the last time WWE is in the Nassau Coliseum.  They have an idea with Zack.

Ziggler is talking backstage with Lana.  Ziggler Vs Sheamus is next.

Sheamus wins with a Brogue Kick, after Rusev shows up to try to take out Ziggler.  Dolph hits a Superkick, and Sheamus picks up the win.

Rusev takes advantage of a beaten Ziggler, and locks on The Accolade, taunting Lana to kiss him now.

The John Cena United States Open Challenge is next.

Champion Vs Champion this Sunday night, exclusively on WWE Network.

Cena is out now.

Cena once again tell us that the fans say the same things every week…Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks.

There are those who fight for Cena, and there are those that fight against him.

For those of you who chant Let’s go Cena.  They believe what Cena believes in, hustle, loyalty, and respect.  No matter what the environment, or what’s in front of you, never give up.  For the last 10 years, they believe in what is right.

The crowd wants Ryder.

But the last 10 years, they have formed a fraternity, a bond that they will fight, no matter the boundaries around them.

And for the ones that say Let’s go Cena, he is grateful for their undying support.

But then there are the others, who chant Cena sucks.

And why?  Because for 10 years, they have been clamoring for someone who is not Cena to come in, knock him down, and keep Cena down.

But here is the difference.

Time after time, hopeful after hopeful have come in, tried, and failed.

Cena was introduced to another hopeful, named Kevin Owens last week.

Kevin debuted Raw last week, broke the internet, and two days after, he broke his best friend’s back.

So here is the issue.  The people chanting Cena Sucks, will be chanting Fight Owens Fight.

This Sunday, you may no hear Cena sucks.  You might hear, Let’s Go Cena/Fight Owens Fight.

Fight Owens Fight does not promise Win Owens Win.

Last Monday, Owens showed the world he can start a fight, but this Sunday, he may not be able to finish a fight.

But that is Sunday night, and tonight is Monday night.  Which means another superstar gets a chance.  And Long Island is the place to be, John Cena is the kind of champion.

So you want some, come get some.

The cast of Entourage come out.

Cena tells them the US Open Challenge is open to anyone, so which of them is stepping in the ring.

Kevin tells Cena that a superstar is ready to take this challenge.  Long Island’s Ice-Z….Zack Ryder.

Ryder Vs Cena is now.

Ryder made one mistake, and Cena capitalized with an AA, pinning Ryder.

Kevin Owens shows up, with another Pop-Up Powerbomb.

The NXT Champion will be ready for a fight this Sunday, stomping on the United States Title.

Backstage, The Authority are impressed with Kevin Owens.

Seth Rollins tells them he is the future, and present.

Renee Young asks The Authority for an update on Dean Ambrose.  Stephanie assures Renee that Dean will have an opportunity at the end of the night to sign the contract.  But Renee tells them they had Dean arrested, and Rollins said Dean got himself arrested.  If you did the crime, you must do the time.

We see Ambrose being arrested earlier tonight.

It’s Tamina Vs Paige, with The Bella Twins joining commentary, next.

Tamina picks up the win with an assist by Naomi.

Triple Threat match for the Divas Title.  Nikki Bella Vs Naomi Vs Paige is set for this Sunday.

It’s time for The New Day.

The Rock is now a member of the famed Walk of Fame.  “San Andreas” comes out this Friday.

New Day are upset they are being forced to defend their Tag Titles inside the Elimination Chamber.

Even this city of losers can recognize champions, as Big E. says.

Here comes Kane?

Kane hears the argument, but they have the same opportunities as winning the Chamber matches as any team does.  That is fair, but what’s unfair is what they will face tonight.  They will face Cesaro and Kidd, Los Matadores, The Ascension, Lucha Dragons, and Prime Time Players in a 10-on-3 match.

A no contest when all tag teams fight each other.

The New Day are left standing, and they win by DQ.

But Kidd and Cesaro take out New Day.

Tag Team Elimination Chamber match is set for this Sunday.

A sneak peek at Daniel Bryan’s DVD will be shown immediately after Raw, on WWE Network.

The Authority come out now.

Rollins told us that Dean Ambrose is a worthless thug.  He almost won his title shot last week, but tonight, he is behind bars.

Stephanie tells us that our crew work hard, and the camera dude is no different.  He has 3 newborn triplets.

Stephanie can’t discuss the court case any longer.

HHH told us they were willing to give “The Lunatic Fringe” a title shot, but he wasted that opportunity, so therefore….

Here comes Roman Reigns.

The Authority have Reigns set up, but the police come back, and it’s Dean Ambrose doing the driving.

Ambrose and Reigns stand tall when Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Kane, and then Ambrose signs the contract.

This Sunday, Elimination Chamber with the WWE World Championship on the line.  Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This didn’t feel like a special episode tonight, we are 6 days away from a special show.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.

NXT Takeover: 5/20/15 Unstoppable

Tonight, Kevin Owens puts the NXT World Title on the line against Sami Zayn.  We will also see Sasha Banks put her NXT Divas Title on the line against Becky Lynch.  Rhyno Vs Barry Corbin.  This and so much more.

Unstoppable is now.

We are live in Full Sail University, and our first match is Finn Balor Vs Tyler Breeze.

Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show.

Before the show, Hideo Itami was attacked in the parking lot by an unknown assailant.

Hideo has a torn rotator cuff, will be out for a while.

Finn Balor wins the match with a Coup De Gras, after doing a dive off the top of the stage, outside of the ring.  Good match between these two, as always.

Balor is now the Number One Contender to the NXT Title.

Kevin Owens is watching backstage.  Either he’s not impressed with Balor, or he is but seems concerned.

A big dude from “Game of Thrones” is with Stephanie McMahon right now, watching the show.

Footage from NXT on tour is being shown now.

Emma and Dana Brooke are going to face off against Charlotte and Bayley.

Charlotte and Bayley win when Charlotte pins Emma with Natural Selection.

I just think Charlotte is ready for the main roster.

3 weeks ago, Sami Zayn wrestled on Raw, in front of his hometown crowd of Montreal.

Sami is backstage, getting himself ready for the main event.

The newest signees of WWE hopefuls are at ringside.

Rhyno Vs Corbin is now.

Corbin wins the match with End of Days.

This past Monday night, we see the impact Owens made on Raw, with John Cena.

The interview guy wants to get thoughts from Kevin Owens.

Kevin made sure Cena found out NXT Title is the real prize, over Cena’s title.  If Sami believes he will take his title from him, then Owens has some veteran “advice”, if he steps in the ring, he will show that this would be the final time we “see” Sami Zayn.

NXT Tag Title match is up now.  Cass and Enzo Vs Blakley and Murphy.

Murphy and Blakley win when Alyssa Bliss come out to distract Enzo. If Carmella doesn’t want to be the girl, then Alyssa accepted it.

She’s now with Blake and Murphy.

Eva Marie is in attendance, and nobody cares.

Coming up next, NXT Women’s Championship is on the line. Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch.

Sasha wins the match with Bank Statement submission, making Becky tap out, after Becky had an Armbar on Sash, but the Women’s Champ escaped to the ropes.

I loved the presentation of this match, filled with dram, excitement, and it started with something so simple, a champions/challenger entrance backstage, in the Gorilla Position.

Great job by both women here.

Becky Lynch is getting a standing ovation from the crowd.

Owens Vs Zayn, for the NXT World Title is up now, our main event.

The match ends in a no contest, after Owens just pummel Zayn. Sami Zayn was nailed into the post by Owens, and Kevin saw blood in the water so to speak.

William Regal came out and tried to stop Owens. This had Owens attack Regal, and gave him a headbutt.

Then we hear some new music, and it’s Samoa Joe. The beginning of his music was a resemblance of TNA theme. The crowd loved him, he was wearing a new Samoa Joe and was referred as Joe, so that’s the name he is using.

The two men had a stare down, with Owens leaving. Joe salutes the fans, and Owens comes right back, and the show ends with the two confronting each other.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I generally don’t like no contest finishes in main events of a PPV. It doesn’t bother me on a TV show, but a PPV? I hate them, but in something like this, where we get a debut of a new superstar, a major superstar that the fans knew, going in. I loved it.

It sets the future up, because we know Balor is getting the next title shot, but you can’t forget about Joe Vs Owens, down the line.

Something NXT does very well, that WWE does not do is plan in advance, so not only do you see the current product, but you also see what the future lies too.

Things are looking good for NXT.

But the best match of the night is the women’s match. Sasha Banks is making me a believer of her, as is Becky Lynch.

Overall, this was a good show, with the ending making the show better.

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/18/15…Stephanie McMahon Returns

Right off the heels of last night’s Payback, J & J Security sent out a tweet that WWE’s own Matriarch, Stephanie McMahon will be here.

Seth Rollins kept his WWE World Title last night, with a Pedigree.  How does HHH feel about that?

3 titles are on the line tonight, can we call this Championship Monday?

Raw is now.

We are live in Richmond, Virginia.

The Authority kicks things off with a 20 minute promo it seems, and what’s a Raw without a 20 minute promo kicking things off?

Stephanie asks us if we missed her?  The crowd all says no.  It was such a successful night last night for WWE and The Authority.  And life is sweeter when you win, not that we would ever see that.  But Seth Rollins, the WWE World Champion defeated 3 men in one night.

HHH gloats about being right for choosing Seth Rollins as the “future” of WWE.  He hates to say he told us so, but he told us so.

Stephanie brings up tonight, we celebrate the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, called Seth Rollins:  The Architect of Life.

Now Seth’s 3 opponents will head to the back of the line.  It’s true, as HHH said this is about champions, and those 3 men don’t know how to win the big matches.

But speaking of championships, we see the Intercontinental Championship.

And of course, Stephanie was right all along about Daniel Bryan.  He has vacated 2 titles in 2 years, and his body can’t hold up the punishment.

Which is why HHH tell us the IC Title will be held up for The Elimination Chamber.  6 men compete for this prize.

And it will be featured on WWE Network May 31st.

Enter Sheamus.

Sheamus apologizes to interrupt, and the fans chant he looks stupid.

Sheamus is a big fan of both of them, Stephanie likes his look.

Sheamus brings up we don’t need The Elimination Chamber match, because Sheamus was the one who ended the silly Yes Movement.

We see last month on Smackdown, Daniel’s last match against Sheamus.

So they need to do what is best for business, and give Sheamus the IC Title.

Feed Me More….

Ryback comes to the ring.

Ryback agrees with Richmond, Sheamus looks stupid.

Daniel Bryan has more heart, more fire, and more determination that Sheamus will ever be.

We get the Yes chants, and Stephanie talks, but “The Big Guy” is talking.

Daniel may not be the size of Ryback and Sheamus, but he has the fire and has put his body on the line for the IC Title.

Sheamus loves to pick on little guys, how about Sheamus picking on “The Big Guy”?

Stephanie assures that the two will be in The Elimination Chamber match, and HHH tells us they can wrestle each other, now.

Sheamus picks up a cheap victory, pretending his eye was hurt and when the ref’s back was turned, Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick.

2 of the 6 men in the Chamber match will be Ryback and Sheamus.  Other 4 men will be revealed tonight.

Tonight, Seth Rollins:  Architect Of A Dream.

HHH and Stephanie thank Kane for helping Rollins, and Kane saw a different side to Seth.  He thinks he has grown up.

Rollins has Champaign to celebrate.  Kane deserves it too, because Rollins saved his job.

Dean Ambrose shows up, he beat Rollins the last time they faced one on one.  So the way he sees it, he will grant Seth a rematch in 2 weeks at Elimination Chamber….only if Rollins puts the WWE World Title on the line.

Seth brings up what HHH and Steph said before about Ambrose joining Orton and Reigns at the back of the line.

HHH tells Kane he can handle this, and Kane tells Seth he will choose who his next opponent is, and Seth wants nothing to do with Ambrose.

Dean tells Kane he should be a shame of himself for being nothing but a butler.  “The Devil’s Favorite Seed” being a butler.

Kane orders Ambrose Vs Bray Wyatt tonight.

Renee Young is in the ring, bringing out Neville.

Neville will face Barrett next, but he debuted in WWE the night after Wrestlemania, and how does it feel being a WWE superstar?

Neville said there is nothing like being a WWE superstar.  And while he has his doubters, he loves proving them all.  And he feels 10 feet tall when he is up in the air.

Renee asks him how was the transition from being the longest reigning NXT Champion, to being a WWE Superstar.

Here comes Bo Dallas.

Bo talks about the little engine that could, but he doesn’t BOlieve Neville will last in the WWE ring.

Neville reminds us that he BOlieved he beat Bo Dallas for the NXT Title.

Bo attacked Neville, and went for his knee.

Enter King Barrett.

Neville’s knee was giving him problems, he slipped on the ropes and King Barrett took over, with a Bull Hammer.

Now comes Bo Dallas to lay a boot on Neville’s knee.

Last night, John Cena defeated Rusev in an I Quit match, and later tonight, we will see a John Cena US Title Open Challenge.

But next, Rusev’s reaction.

There is no Lana tonight, which the fans hate.  Lana needs to learn her place, and she does not speak for him.  Rusev speaks our stupid English language well, and he did not say I Quit.

We want Lana.

There is no Lana, shutup.

John Cena did not make him say I Quit, Rusev crushed John Cena.

He wants to restart the match, right now.

Here comes Lana.

Rusev asked Lana not to show up, and Rusev told her not to show up.  Lana wanted to explain herself, and Rusev is misunderstood.

She believes in Rusev, and has believed in him since day one.  She believed that Rusev would be the first man to make John Cena say I Quit.  But that didn’t happen, that was a disappointment, but she was here to protect him.

He tells her she is nothing, and Lana told him that she cares about him, so what she supposed to do?  Just stand there, and hear Rusev scream in pain.  He said I Quit three times in Bulgarian.

Rusev tells Lana he doesn’t need her, nobody needs Lana.  Her feelings are weak, and he orders her to leave.

And she does.


Last night, we get a very brief The Shield reunion at Payback.

We will get a Seth Rollins Celebration, also tonight, we get a Tag team Title match with New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro, with Xavier Woods banned at ringside.

Ambrose Vs Wyatt is now.

Bray Wyatt wins when J & J Security come out to throw off Ambrose, and Wyatt hits Sister Abigail.

The Authority are watching this, and love it.

Divas Title is on the line tonight.  Nikki Bella Vs Naomi.  Also tonight, John Cena United States Open Challenge.  But next, Tag Title match is set for New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro.

We are live in Richmond, Virginia.  Cole, Booker, and JBL show us yet another set of Tough Enough audition videos.

Tag Title match is up now.  New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro.

New Day is DQ’d when they keep attacking Cesaro and Kidd.  But the challengers take care of them after the bell rings.

During the match, we find out R-Truth, King Barrett, and Rusev all will be in the Elimination Chamber.  So 5 of the 6 men are brought up.

But as this was happening, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores, The Ascension, and Prime Time Players all came out, and took each other out.  PTP was left standing at the end of this segment.

So these are the 6 teams in the Elimination Chamber match for Tag Team Titles.

Roman Reigns returns this Thursday night on Smackdown.

John Cena comes out now.

Cena shows us the belt, so I guess The Champ is Here.

Cena gives us a USA chant now, it seems.

We all come from different walks of life, and he hears us every Monday so we all have our different opinions.  But we are all Americans, and he is proud to wear that red, white, and blue banner each and every single night.

This is a true symbol of excellence, and he gives anyone an opportunity every week.  We know WWE Championship is the championship.  But this US Title is OUR title, and The Champ Is Here.

So who answers the Cena challenge?

Kevin Owens….

Owens has the mic.

Hello John, he congratulates Cena for his victory last night.  He would introduce himself, but he knows who he is.  And if anyone doesn’t know who Owens is, then those people aren’t worth his time anyway.

Cena introduces him as NXT Champion, Kevin Owens.

Owens knows that Cena feels guilty about Sami Zayn’s injury, but the truth is Owens injured him before he answered Cena’s challenge.  And this Wednesday, Owens will finish what he started.

Cena now butters up the fans, by saying nobody can be called a waste of time.  Because without them, there would be no Owens.  Without them, there would be no Raw.  And without them, there would be no WWE.

So allow Cena to give Owens some advice.

Owens has done this for 15 years, he just didn’t get a break like Cena, until now.  Cena doesn’t give him any advice.

Cena gives him a warning.  Zayn fought, he didn’t give up, and he saw fire in Zayn’s eyes.  So Owens is going to have a big challenge set this Wednesday.  And Cena sees Owens as a scared little kid.  He doesn’t have that fire in his eyes, and if he wants to prove him wrong, then the open challenge is still on, come get some.

Owens tells Cena he doesn’t know him.  He has a championship, and he has nothing to prove.  They will meet someday, but on Owens’ terms, not Cena.

Owens kicks Cena in the nuts, and then lays him out with a sit down Powerbomb.

Switching gears, as Cole loves to do.

Daniel Bryan video from last Monday night.

Ziggler is next.

Ziggler Vs Stardust is now.

Ziggler wins in quick fashion with a Zig Zag.

Michael Cole is with Ziggler, who makes a bad joke about how his face looks right now.  But Ziggler is more hideous about losing to Sheamus, but he is ready to go.

Cole tells Ziggler that he is in the Elimination Chamber match to try to get the IC Title on May 31st.

Ziggler is ready for anything, any competitors.

Here comes Lana.

The crowd chants they want Lana, and Ziggler is okay with that.  She lays a kiss on Dolph.

One more kiss, and Lana seems to like it.

But now comes Rusev.

Rusev kicks Ziggler, and starts screaming at Lana, as to which Lana slaps Rusev, and Ziggler hits a Zig Zag.

Rusev is irate, and Kane wants the celebration to take place.  We see Adam Rose making out with Rosa Mendes.

Everyone is making out here tonight.

NXT Takeover:  Unstoppable is this Wednesday night.

Harper and Rowan Vs Fandango and Zack Ryder. is now.

Harper and Reigns win the match.

The Bellas are headed to the ring, but Stephanie wishes Nikki luck on her match, and tells Brie that she is hoping Daniel gets better, but offers counseling for Brie.  And for that, she wishes Brie not to accompany Nikki to the ring.

Nikki Vs Naomi for the Divas Title is now.

Tamina causes the DQ on Nikki, with a superkick.  When Naomi and Tamina attack Nikki, here comes Paige to help out Nikki.

This is her house.

BAM!!  RamPaige, this was a message….This is Paige’s house.

Earlier tonight, Kevin Owens sent another message.  He hit a Popup Powerbomb on Cena.

Then Kevin threw the US Title down, and stomped on it.

Backstage, HHH hugs Kevin Owens.

Renee Young is with Kevin.  He tells Renee that at Elimination Chamber, he will get his one on one match with Cena.

He tells John to keep an eye this Wednesday night to see how Kevin works in the ring, because in 2 weeks, the champ isn’t there, it’s here with Owens.

Seth Rollins Championship Celebration is up next.

The cast of Entourage will guest star on Raw, next week.

The Authority are in the ring and tell us something she enjoys more is seeing someone try to reach for that brass ring, and achieve it, and go beyond.  That person is Seth Rollins.

HHH tells Seth they have been behind him since day one.  They witnessed him winning Money in the Bank, then main event Wrestlemania, and win the WWE World Title.  Since then, he has beaten 6 men, in 3 matches.  He sees “The Cerebral Assassin” in Rollins.  And when he won last night with a Pedigree, HHH had goosebumps.

They are here to celebrate Seth Rollins.

They want to share some thoughts from The Authority and we start with Kane.

There are so many things he wants to say to Rollins right now.  They haven’t seen eye to eye with each other.  But then again, Kane is taller than Rollins.  But he can say Kane is glad he is still WWE World Champion, and Rollins is best for business.

Is that all you have to say Kane?

Thank you for saving his job, and he has a video to play for Seth.

A very nice video being played.

Jamie’s turn to speak.

It’s been a privilege to be at the side of Rollins.  And where he comes from, the cream rises to the top.  It’s been an honor to serve for you.

And it’s time for Joey.

Joey tries to say something, but Ambrose has something to say.

Ambrose was in the book, looking for the perfect Justin Bieber outfit.  But he couldn’t find one, so he will give Rollins another chance for a rematch, for the WWE World Title.

Rollins reminds Ambrose he is at the back of the line.

Ambrose wants his title match, or else.

Stephanie reminds Ambrose that he lost last night.  But Seth is a fighting champion, and he won’t be intimidated by Ambrose, so Seth, get him.

Ambrose has his way going after Rollins, and even has a cinder block set up, with Rollins head.  Ambrose threatens to hit Rollins with a chair on it, but Stephanie agrees to the match.  Ambrose will get a WWE World Title shot with Rollins.

Ambrose is about to hit him with a chair anyway, and The Authority help out Rollins.  Ambrose has things going his way and is about to hit Kane with Dirty Deeds.  But Rollins saves Kane, again and hits a Pedigree.

The show ends with Rollins standing tall, and telling us he is the champion.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a fun Raw tonight, and WWE will have a big 2 weeks ahead of them, starting last night on Payback.  Then tonight’s Raw, which saw the first confrontation between Owens and Cena.  We also have NXT’s show Wednesday night, which I will see Thursday, sorry but my Cavaliers will be playing Wednesday night, and then Elimination Chamber on May 31st.

We also have a big title match set in two weeks between Ambrose and Rollins.  The 2 members of The Shield battle it out.

We finally have a Lana babyface turn, it seems.  When she told us she is a Dolph Ziggler fan, and the Elimination Chamber match should be fun for the IC Title.

The one disappointing thing though was Naomi not winning the Diva’s Title, which brings me to the question why did she turn in the first place if she wasn’t going to win the Diva’s Title?

All of these face and heel turns for the Diva’s is just too much.  So is Paige a heel now too?  Or is she just a tweener, and will do whatever she wants?

Who knows, what were your thoughts of the show?

Send them to me here.

WWE Payback 5/17/15

Tonight, this is the 3rd annual WWE Payback.  We will see a Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Title.  Seth Rollins will face Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton.  We will also see John Cena Vs Rusev, for the final time in an I Quit match.  And, Ryback will face the challenge of Bray Wyatt.

Payback Kick-off show begins in 5 minutes.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland.  Renee Young welcomes us to the Payback Kick-off show, with Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton as our panel.

Our Kick-off match is The Meta Powers Vs The Ascension.

Also, Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Championship is on the line.  Is Kane’s job on the line?

Eden Stiles is in the back with Dolph Ziggler.

He is facing Sheamus.

Ziggler is here to prove a point, he belongs in the ring and it’s about getting into Sheamus’ head.  He will take care of the bully, and do what he does best.

Sheamus will join Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge, later tonight.

Tonight, John Cena Vs Rusev in an I Quit match.

Cena Vs Rusev video is playing now.

Does Cena have it in himself to quit?  He has never lost in an I Quit match.  So how can Rusev make Cena say I Quit?

Daniel Bryan video is playing now, of him giving up the IC Title, due to an injury.

Very sad to see.

In 2 weeks, at Elimination Chamber, we will have a new Intercontinental Champion, inside the Chamber.

The effects of Daniel Bryan giving up a title, due to an injury, again.

Eden is with The Bella Twins, wanting to get Brie’s thoughts about her husband, Daniel.

It’s been a tough road for him, but he has the biggest heart she has ever known.  She wants to thank The WWE Universe for his support, and Daniel is the biggest inspiration for tonight’s tag match.

Nikki assures Eden there is no distraction in tonight’s match.  Daniel is family, and with Naomi telling us Tamina is family, since day one, Brie and Nikki have been family.  And after tonight’s match, Naomi will not have an excuse as to why she has never been, nor ever will be Diva’s Champion.

WWE Tough Enough is coming back, and we see auditions of the show.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler join us for a bonus match.

R-Truth Vs Stardust is now.

Truth picks up the win with What’s Up, pinning Stardust.

Stone Cold Podcast returns after Raw on June 1st, with Austin’s guest being Paul Heyman.

That will be fun.

Ryback Vs Bray Wyatt is set later tonight.  We see a video of that.

Tonight, Dolph Ziggler Vs Sheamus.

Sheamus is with Tom Phillips in the Social Media Lounge.

We start with a dumb question of what made Sheamus do that to his hair?

Sheamus has changed the last few months, and he now resonates fear.

What tag team partner, past or present would Sheamus choose?

Nobody, he would do it by himself.

Another stupid question Sheamus wouldn’t answer.

Is Sheamus afraid Ziggler would beat him again?

Sheamus was goofing around the last time, tonight he is serious.  And Ziggler would be lucky if he lasted 15 seconds.

Next, it’s The Meta Powers (Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow) will face The Ascension.

This Wednesday, which I will see on Thursday is NXT Takeover:  Unstoppable.

The Meta Powers Vs The Ascension is now.

The Ascension wins the match, with Fall of Man.  Viktor pins Axelmania, brother.

Fatal 4-Way video is playing now.

Payback is now.

We are live in Baltimore, Maryland.  Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Sheamus Vs Dolph Ziggler kicks things off.

Sheamus defeats a very bloody Dolph Ziggler with a Brogue Kick.  The two collided heads, and it cost Ziggler the match.

Kane is on the phone, and we see Rollins interrupt him.

This is a big night for the two of them, and he just wants them to squash their beef.

Kane reminds him of the times Rollins has gone behind Kane’s back, since Wrestlemania.

Kane reminds Seth that while he loses his job, maybe Seth losing the title would make Rollins realize what it’s like to be champion.  He has reminded Rollins he doesn’t need this job, so perhaps he will just watch on, as Seth loses the title at the grip.  Kane hasn’t decided what he’s going to do, but when he does, Seth will be the first to know.

Let Seth be crystal clear, if Kane does anything to cost Seth’s title, then losing his job will be the least of his concerns.

Kane doesn’t buy it, especially when J & J Security step in.

NXT Takeover:  Unstoppable is this Wednesday.

Tag Title match is up now.  The New Day Vs Kidd and Cesaro.

Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles is in the house.

We all need to be positive, and Big E asks Adam isn’t he sick that the Orioles haven’t won a World Series in 32 years.

Baltimore doesn’t have to be losers all of their life.  Just clap along, and you can change.

New Day Sucks….

Tag match is up now, in a 2 out of 3 Falls match.

Kidd and Cesaro win the first fall when we see the combination of Cesaro Swing and a Tyson Kick, pinning Kofi.

New Day wins when they use Big E’s power, and Kofi’s finesse.  The two falls are 1 apiece.

The New Day wins when Xavier Woods, posing as Kofi rolled up Cesaro to steal the victory.

A fun match here.

Byron Saxton has a moment with Ryback before his match with Bray Wyatt.

Bray is trying to work on Ryback’s mind, to doubt his skills.  But it’s not working, Ryback doesn’t fear Wyatt.  Tonight, the eater of words gets eaten.

Feed Me More.

Ryback Vs Bray Wyatt is now.

Bray picks up the much-needed victory when he worked on Ryback’s ribs throughout the match, a turnbuckle was exposed, Bray shoved him into that and hits Sister Abigail for the win.

3 good matches so far tonight.

Stone Cold Podcast returns on Monday, June 1st with Austin’s guest being Paul Heyman.

John Cena Vs Rusev in an I Quit match is now.

Cena wins the match when he choked Rusev with a ring rope, and was yelling Bulgarian, but Lana screamed he said yes.

We had Rusev hit an Accolade, and Cena pass out, but Rusev threw water over Cena and John leaped up.

Just a bad, and sad predictable ending here.

WWE Payback panel speak.

Earlier tonight, The Ascension defeated The Meta-Powers.

The New Day are celebrating their win backstage by drinking milk, which is brilliant.

Byron is with them backstage.

They are role models, they do not spit, they do not curse, and most importantly they do not complain.

They will face any team.

Byron informs them at Elimination Chamber, they will have to defend their Tag Titles in an Elimination Chamber match.

Big E. spits, Xavier cursed, and Kofi complained.

It’s a new day.

Divas tag team match now with The Bellas Vs Naomi and Tamina.

Naomi and Tamina win the match when Tamina took out Brie, and Naomi pinned Nikki.

Not much of a match here.

Lana is backstage with an irate Rusev.

I think he is upset, he orders Lana to leave.

We see footage now from last Monday night, when Daniel Bryan forfeited the Intercontinental Title.

We find out who is the new IC Champion with an Elimination Chamber match in 2 weeks.

Neville Vs King Barrett is now.

Barrett loses on purpose with a countout, after Neville ignited some offense.

3 bad endings in a row doesn’t help the end of this PPV.

Barrett attacks Neville with a Bull Hammer at the end of the match.

Neville returns the favor on Barrett and hits a Red Arrow for good measure.

WWE Tough Enough is returning on my Birthday, June 23rd.

Seth Rollins is ready for his match, when Kane runs into him.  He wishes Seth good luck.

Our main event is now.  Fatal 4-way for WWE World Title.  Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose Vs Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins retained his title in an incredible match.  Kane assisted Rollins here, prevented Orton from giving Reigns a RKO, and Seth pins Orton with a Pedigree, of all things.

The moment of the night was for one moment, The Shield reunited when all three gave Orton a Triple Powerbomb.  But that changed, when Ambrose and Reigns took care of Rollins by putting he and Kane through a table, with a Double Powerbomb.

After the match, HHH came out and showed his support for Rollins, and the show ends here.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

The first three matches were fantastic, the middle of the show slowed the PPV, but the main event, as it should be was the match of the night.

With Elimination Chamber set for 2 weeks, the plans will be set in motion tomorrow night on Raw.  But phase one of the 3 major shows this month is over with, and it was a lot of fun to watch.

I completely hated the finish to Cena vs Rusev.  It was predictable, and I just think Rusev’s career might be done, he hasn’t won in 3 PPVs now.  The once “invincible” has become vincible.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Send it to me, and I will talk to you tomorrow night on Raw.

Impact Wrestling 5/15/15….Hardcore Wars

Tonight, Team Angle Vs Team Young in a Hardcore War.

Impact Wrestling starts now.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, and Chris Melendez.

Mike Tenay returns to the announce table, with Josh Matthews.

Kurt tells us he went to war with Eric Young last week.  He decided to side with BDC, and it blew up in his face.  Eric has his backup, but so does Kurt.

Chris Melendez is one, a decorated American Hero.  Kurt won medals for his country, but Chris put his life on the line for his country.  He would be honored if Chris accepts to be a part of his team.

He also asks for The Rising to come out.

These guys stand up for what they believe in, the love of wrestling.  We love wrestling, these fans love wrestling.  BDC is like “cancer” spreading into this company, but Kurt defends his title every week for this company.

Drew Galloway tell Kurt he doesn’t need to thank them, he is Kurt Freaking Angle.  He represents wrestling, and is a part of The Rising.  Whoever holds the World Title is the best.

But Kurt, there will come a day when they go one on one for the title.  Drew wants to be the best wrestler in the world, and when they face for the title, Drew will win.

Kurt will do battle with him anytime.

Here comes Eric Young.

He earned that shot last week, but special guest referee, Bully Ray.  Melendez, The Rising stood in his way, and they screwed him.

And this is why Eric Young is the Number One Contender to the World Title.  Eric is the best, he is going to be the World Champion.

Angle tells him he tried to bring out the real Eric Young, but he chose to side with BDC, and when that happened, it bit him in the ass.

Eric won’t quit until he is the champ.

He isn’t going to quit.  He isn’t going to quit.

Kurt agrees Eric Young is the Number One Contender, but it will be his stipulation.  They will face off in an I Quit match.

These four men are a part of his team tonight.

Eric calls them losers, and he doesn’t care about them.  He only cares about his team.

BDC attack them all from behind.

Here comes Bobby Lashley.

“The Destroyer” takes out EY with a spear.

The last member of Team Angle is “The Destroyer” Lashley.

Team Angle Vs Team Young in a Hardcore War, tonight.

Also tonight, The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves in match one of best of 5 series.

But next, Brooke and Rebel Vs The Dollhouse.

The Dollhouse win in easy fashion with double teaming kicks, with Jade pinning Rebel.

Taryn Terrell is on the mic.

The Dollhouse proved that not everything is fun and games with The Dollhouse.  Gail Kim will find out too later tonight, when Taryn reveals what “playtime” is like with her family.

Earlier tonight, Team Angle added Lashley to tonight’s Hardcore Wars.  What will BDC do?

Backstage, MVP confirmed Homicide won’t be able to wrestle.  Eric tells them he has a backup plan, who is crazier than Eric himself.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3…..




EC3 isn’t even in the Top 5 this week, that’s a crime.

On this appellate, EC3 wears a button, that represents the majority.  EC3 2015 for World Champ.  Ethan has tried to stay conservative with his words, he tried to be liberal with his fists, but this top 5 list is a big pile of red, white, and blue bullcrap.

Last week, EC3 defeated a man in his own match, that is number 3 this week.  The Number One Contender lost last week.  Explain that to EC3.  A conspiracy indeed, because in the political world, a mind is a landscape.  EC3 is determined to find out the answers, so Obama, red phone is ringing, because EC3 demands the truth.

Mr. Anderson….

Anderson is bringing a chair.

Anderson wants some truth too.

Listen Ken, EC3 already defeated Anderson, so with his rich mouth, and these poor people’s eyes, EC3 is done with Anderson.

Anderson tells EC3 that he already had it cleared if he beats Tyrus tonight, he gets EC3 another time.

Ethan isn’t interested, and Anderson calls Tyrus Ethan’s bitch.

Those are fighting words, and we have our match.

Anderson wins with a Mic Check.  He gets the rematch with EC3.

Impact Wrestling is moving to Wednesdays, starting on June 3rd.

Still to come tonight is The Wolves Vs The Dirty Heels, match one of the Best of five Series.

Sneak-peak of BBQ Pitmasters, starting this May 25th.

Last Friday night, we see James Storm carrying a Mother’s Day gift for Mickie James, and Magnus knocked a guitar over Storm’s head.

Magnus comes to the ring.

He will never apologize to nailing James Storm over the head with a guitar, he will do it a million more times, because he is full of crap and the fans know it too.

The fans are booing here.

Magnus wants Storm, but we get Abyss instead.

Magnus last week attacked his leader, THE leader of The Revolution.  Tonight, Magnus will realize there are consequences of his action and Abyss will hurt him.

We get a brawl now.

No official match, just a fight. But it ends with Khoya and Manik helping Abyss and Abyss nails a Black Hole Slam.

The Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves, first match of the Best of Five Series, starts now.

The Wolves steal match one with a rollup, seeing Richards pin Roode.

Backstage, The Rising are in this together. But Kurt only offered 2 spots. Drew chooses Micha. He assures Eli there will be plenty of more battles, but he will have to sit this one out tonight.

Eli isn’t sure, but he tells them to tear it up.

Kurt tells them this is one of the greatest teams he has ever assembled, but whoever Eric Young chooses, they will have to beat them tonight.

Taryn and The Dollhouse have some pillow talk. While Gail Kim was playing wrestler, she had a talk with Gail’s new step-daughters. And she has a sneak peek for Robert later tonight. Something she will share, next.

Earlier tonight, The Revolution attacked Magnus, and Storm is not happy about this. It has nothing to do with them, and he never asked them to do this. Do not let it happen, again.

The Dollhouse are out now.

Taryn tells them this is their house….The Dollhouse. This is Taryn’s time, and will prove she is the ruler of The Knockouts.

But speaking of playtime, we see pictures of Taryn with Gail’s step-daughters, but first we will see what Taryn will wear for Robert, and she shows off what she will wear.

And here comes Gail Kim. Gail tells Taryn she crossed the line. Marti tells her they were just playing, and she is ruining their time. Marti asks Gail if she wants a bite of her sucker. Gail tells Marti to stay out of her business, and if Taryn wants to prove she is the best Knockout champion, then settle it in the ring.

Taryn tells Gail there is no time for that, and in due time, Robert will know she is the better woman too.

Those are fighting words, as Gail takes care of all three ladies.

I guess The Bro-man’s broke up, I say that because we now will see Jesse Godderz Vs Robbie E.

Robbie pinned Jesse with a rollup in very quick fashion.

Jesse wasn’t ready, and nobody wants to see a 5-second match. Let’s restart the match.

Robbie agrees.

Robbie wins again in quick fashion with a rollup.

Jesse wasn’t ready, his tights weren’t even tied. Let’s do this again, winner takes all.

Robbie agrees, and the match is set again.

Robbie wins again, with another rollup. Jesse put up a bigger fight here, but Jesse is still not amused.

Now Jesse attacks him with the mic.

Jesse throws Robbie out of the ring. “Mr. Pectacular” is back.

Jesse tells Robbie he is the better Bro-man, and takes a chair around Robbie’s neck and flings him to the pole.

Backstage pep talk from both men. Eric Young’s 5th man is here, but we won’t see it now.

Hardcore War is next.

Anderson wants Tyrus in a cage, because it needs to be Anderson Vs EC3, one on one. Mr. Anderson will see Tyrus and EC3 later.

Hardcore War is up now. Team Angle Vs Team Young.

Lo-Ki kicks off for Team Young, and Drew Galloway begins for Team Angle.

This is basically a Lethal Lockdown match, without a steel cage.

Bram is a part of Team Young.

Team Young wins when Eric nails Melendez with a Piledriver.

After the match, he takes off Chris’ prosthetic knee, and Kurt tries to stop him, but Eric nails Kurt with it, and applies the Boston Crab, shocking out Kurt to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Another strong show, highlighted by Dirty Heels Vs The Wolves, and of course Hardcore War match. But EC3 is right, the Number One Contender is a man who lost last week.

And that is a problem with wrestling right now, wins and losses don’t mean much. You lose a title match, you’re STILL in line for a title show, next. Just one of the irritated things.

Not much tonight from Storm, Mickie, and Magnus, but enough for me to want to see more.

I hope Eli not being chosen isn’t a sign of The Rising breaking up, after they just started.

Not a fan of The Dollhouse right now, the wrestlers were able to showcase their talents, and that’s good, but the gimmick I am not into right now.

I guess Impact is moving to Wednesday again, I guess the ratings will rise a bit? Maybe? Maybe?

What were your thoughts of the show? Send them to me. No show next week, for Memorial Day weekend, instead we get an encore presentation of Slammiversary 2014.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/11/15…The Authority Are Back

We are 6 days away from Payback, live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We see a limo enter the building, and it’s HHH.

The Game is back!!

And we kick the show off with HHH coming to the ring.  He is telling us that Daddy is home, and he wants to clear things up with Kane and Seth Rollins.

Here they come.

Seth Rollins comes out to assure HHH he is on the same page with him.  The crowd wants Cincinnati’s own Dean Ambrose.

Seth can’t function at the top of his game when a 7 foot “cancer” is trying to stop him along the way.  Perhaps he is jealous, because Rollins is the man, and Kane has never been the man.  Seth feels Kane is trying to assure Rollins loses his WWE Championship.

A few weeks ago in a WWE App vote, he gave the power to all of these people to vote in that his next title defense is a Triple Threat.  Then last week, he added Dean Ambrose into the title picture, and now it’s a Fatal 4-Way match.

Rollins doesn’t feel Kane is suited to be Director of Operations anymore.  Seth understands their history, but maybe its time to take the “old dog” in the back and put him out of his misery.

Here comes Kane.

Kane thinks that he needs to give Seth a Chokeslam, and the two start to fight.

HHH states that Kane needs to be on the same page here.  He understands that sometimes Rollins needs to be punched in the face, but he knows Kane won’t do that.  If Rollins doesn’t leave Payback as WWE Champion, maybe his services won’t be needed.

Kane is disappointed by that, because he feels Seth needs to be viscerated.

The two start to fight again, and HHH makes this clear Kane needs to let him know now, maybe this is the part where they amicably part ways.

Kane doesn’t say anything, which makes HHH believe they are on the same page.

All four men will be in the ring competing tonight.  He needs to know Kane is invested in this, so he will face Roman Reigns.  Seth Rollins will face Randy Orton.

Oh boy, Jamie talks now.

Jamie explains HHH has been gone for a long time, while Rollins has been competing every night.

HHH tells Mercury and Noble they need to be in a match, against Dean Ambrose now.

He orders Kane and Rollins to follow him out of the ring.

Ambrose comes out.

J & J Security try their best, but Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds, and the match ends.

Daniel Bryan will be here tonight, to address his health and the Intercontinental Title.

Sheamus joins us for commentary in our next match.  Dolph Ziggler Vs King Barrett.

At Payback, it will be Ziggler Vs Sheamus, again.  One on one.

Barrett tells us this Sunday, he will face off against Neville.  And he tells Ziggler he will become a Royal ass-kisser when he gets done with him.

Sheamus distracts Ziggler long enough for King Barrett to land a Bull Hammer.

After the match, Sheamus degrades Ziggler andslaps him around, but Ziggler fights back, only to be hit with a Brogue Kick.

Tonight, we will see Reigns Vs Kane, and Rollins Vs Orton.

Luke Harper comes out now, with Erick Rowan.  The team reunites.  But now, it’s Rowan Vs Fandango.

Rowan wins in 37 seconds.  The Brothers are back in WWE.

John Cena’s United States Open Challenge is next.

Who cares about what Cena has to say.  We know he is an I Quit match against Rusev this Sunday.  So who will he face?


Neville had Cena beat with a Red Arrow, but Rusev interferred, and cost the DQ finish.  But Neville did technically win.

Now, Accolade time.

Cena passes out.

We Want Lana chants, but Rusev holds the United States Title, while the Russian flag drops down.

WWE Network is free in the month of May.

Still to come tonight, Orton Vs Rollins.

But next, Kane Vs Reigns.

The match ends in a No Contest, when Reigns takes Kane out with a spear through the announce table.

No match takes place.

Daniel Bryan will address his health and IC Title tonight.

Divas time now with Brie Bella Vs Tamina.

Tamina pins Brie after a vicious kick to the head.

Tonight, our main event is Orton Vs Rollins.

Earlier tonight, during the Raw Pre-Show, we had Axelmania Vs Sandow-Mania.

The match is on now.

Macho Mandow Vs Axelmania, now.

Here comes The Ascension.

They aren’t impressed with this.

Oh, how Ascension has failed in WWE.

We now have Axelmania do the big legdrop.  And Mandow hits the big elbow, or at least Conor stops him.

This will be our Payback Kick-off match.

Switching gears, Daniel Bryan will speak, next.

More Tough Enough videos.

Debut is on June 23rd.

Here comes Daniel Bryan, and I hope he isn’t going to say what I think he will say.

The last couple of weeks, Daniel has been in and out of doctors, and he has had some down time.  He doesn’t do well with down time.  He needs to be out where there is excitement, some energy.

Daniel needed to be back here, behind the curtain, so he can come out here and be a reaction like this.  It’s been years that the fans have treated better for Daniel as anyone in the back that has treated him.  Which is why it was crushing last year, when Stephanie vacated Daniel’s WWE World Title.  He felt like he let us down.  They didn’t give Daniel an opportunity, the fans did that.  But the hard thing for Daniel to admit was Stephanie was right to do it.  Because nobody knew how long Daniel was out, he was hurt and couldn’t defend the WWE World Title.  We needed a fighting champion, which is why he asked to come out here tonight.

Daniel had an MRI last week, they didn’t know how long he will be out.  They said maybe weeks, maybe months.  He might not even be able to wrestle again.  But despite that uncertainity, he knows what needs to happen to this IC Championship.  We deserve Wade Barrett, we deserve Dolph Ziggler.  We deserve Dean Ambrose fighting for this championship.  This title needs to be in this ring, and this is where he will leave it.  Tonight, Daniel officially relinquishes this IC Championship.

The fans are chanting Thank You Daniel, and they have it wrong.  For everything they have done for him, he has one thing to say….thank you.

He puts the title in the ring, and leaves.

Daniel gives us one more yes chant at the top of the ramp.  Will he ever come back?

Cole, JBL, and Booker talk about Daniel’s legacy.

We go from sadness to a New Day.

Xavier tells us to not shine on the negativity, shine on the positivity, because it’s a new day.

The chants do not work, New Day Sucks.

Kofi tells us it’s a new day for a second chance, and Big E. tell us Pete Rose does not deserve a second chance.

But Kofi tell us Kidd and Cesaro will get a second chance at Payback when they compete for a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Xavier gives the people of Cincinnati another chance at New Day rocks.

It does not work.

Big E. Vs Cesaro, now.

Cesaro picks up the win with a rollup, after Kidd took care of Xavier Woods.

This Sunday at Payback, WWE Tag Titles are on the line with Cesaro and Kidd Vs The New Day.

Breaking news, we will see The Elimination Chamber PPV, on Sunday, May 31st.  Exclusively on WWE Network.

Tonight, Orton Vs Rollins.

Now Titus and Darren Young give us a New Age Outlaws impression.

Here comes “The New Face of Fear”, Bray Wyatt.

Bray feels sorry for all of us.  He wishes he can reach out, and fix everything.  Wake us up, and make everything better, but fear is all around us.  And if you need proof, all you have to do is open up a newspaper, and turn on a TV and see it before your eyes.  Fear on a crumbling economy that will never stop.  You have this idea that if you can do something, you make it all stop.  Ryback has a major influence on us.  Here is a guy who shattered his ankle into a million pieces.  He has a doctor telling him he is afraid he can never wrestle again.  But a Ryback doesn’t listen to that, a Ryback fights again.  His hero.  But along came a spider.  Ryback has gone toe to toe with faith, and evened the odds.  But he has never seen a new face of fear before.  And now Ryback is saying why me?  It’s simple, because he was in Bray’s way.

Hey kids, you want Wyatt to tell us something our parents will never tell us?  Sometimes, the good guy doesn’t win.

Feed Me More….

Ryback comes out, and we have a fight.

Ryback takes care of Wyatt, and Ryback is ready for this Sunday.

Feed Me More.

Orton Vs Rollins is next.

Rollins loses by DQ when J & J Security come out and help Rollins.  But here comes Kane, with a chair.  And then we see Reigns and Ambrose come out.

Rollins is left by himself, when J & J Security bail.

Rollins is hit by a Dirty Deeds.

Kane does not move.

Then Reigns nails a spear, on Rollins.

Kane does not move.

Orton hits a RKO.

Kane does not move.

But Reigns hits a spear on Orton, and Ambrose follows suit on his brother with Dirty Deeds on Reigns.

Cincinnati’s own Dean Ambrose is left standing tall to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They treated this like a big show, and top to bottom, Raw delivered.  Highlighted by some sad news however, that Daniel Bryan vacated the IC Title.

Question is where do we go from here?

Like I said last week, I like the added Fatal 4-Way match, but everything else is Extreme Rules, more or less.

I am not feeling the Bray Wyatt-Ryback feud though.  Both men need the win, but who gets it?

Where does Kane fit in this landscape?

And we have another big PPV in just 2 weeks after this.  So how do we get there?

I guess we will tune in and find out.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Send them to me here.

Impact Wrestling Live 5/8/15…Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle

Eric Young begins the show inside the ring, demanding who the special guest referee will be for tonight’s big World Title match.

Enter Bully Ray.

Do you know who I am?

He’s Bully Ray, and he is the special guest referee for tonight’s World Title match.

Impact is live, tonight.

Tonight, feuds will be coming to a halt.  EC3 Vs Mr. Anderson.  The BDC Vs The Rising.  Kurt Angle Vs Eric Young.

Impact Wrestling is now.

Ladies and gentlemen, EC3.


EC3 is shaking hands with his voters, and taking picture.  Vote EC3 for future TNA World Champion.

He is on the mic, and feels the excitement tonight.  Something he has been clamoring for, something we have been clamoring for…#EC3WorldChamp

He has it on good authority the voters have spoken, and we will have a good old fashioned game of Arm Wrestling.

Chants of You Can’t Wrestle….Yes He Can are going on.

God Bless EC3.

Mr. Anderson wants the results, and 85% voted for a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Why not arm wrestling?

Match is now.

EC3 picks up the win with some help from Tyrus.

EC3 is still undefeated.

Tonight, Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle welcomes Bully Ray back.  He just wants Bully’s word that he will call it down the middle.  Bully responds asking him if he knows who he is.

He never said he would call it down the middle.

Gail Kim approaches Awesome Kong.  They may not be friends, but they need to be in business together, to get Taryn.  Is she in?  Kong nods her head.,

The Dollhouse tonight, against Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

Beat Down Clan come out to the ring, with masks.

MVP has a live mic, which could make us feel uncomfortable.  He has this mask for Homicide.  He’s not here tonight, because someone attacked him in a New York night club, and needs shoulder surgery.

He’s not saying who was responsible for this, but it smells like something The Rising would do.  Yet, the fans cheer for them, and boo them.  When the American government needed Iraqi oil, they just take it.  Yet when they take the X-Division Title, we call them thugs.  He dropped the N-word, that was bleeped.  But MVP tells Drew Galloway that if he wants to act like a thug, he will beat down them.

The Rising come out to the ring.

Drew understands why MVP being upset, one of his boys was jumped.  But the reality of this is the streets isn’t Drew’s playground, the ring is his playground.  But let’s be honest, the man’s name is Homicide, not exactly the nicest name, so anyone could have jumped him.  Maybe MVP needs to look at his own boys.  He saw the look Kenny King had when he touched his title, where was he last night?

MVP isn’t hearing about that.  MVP doesn’t give a damn about wrestling, he cares about money.  The lifestyle it brings with it.  He was supposed to be the TNA World Champion, but Drew had to come out, and stop it.  So come on out here, and get the beat down.

Drew suggest we have a one on one match against MVP.

The fight continues, next.

Drew Galloway wins the match with a Future Shock DDT, and Eric Young swings a chairshot to Drew, and take out The Rising.

Eric makes it clear, MVP owes Eric.

Tonight, Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle.

James Storm has a special gift for a “special” friend.

Here comes James Storm.

James can come out here, and be tough, or beating someone up, or drink a beer.  But he wants to shift the spotlight to someone who truly deserves it.

He brings Mickie James out to the ring.

Hardcore Country.

He knows, just like everyone else knows Mickie is transitioning herself to motherhood.  If his mom hadn’t taught him from right to wrong, God Bless mothers.

Mickie promised one more match, and in due time, Mickie will give her fans one more time.  But another thing important to Mickie is her country music.

Storm can say she is a great singer, she is a legendary in-ring performer.  But he’s not.  She is an amazing singer, an amazing in-ring performer, and an amazing friend.

Open the gift.

He gave Mickie a guitar.

On behalf of the wrestling fans, James just wants to say thank you.

James had the guitar tuned up, and now he wants a giant selfie with Mickie James.

Here comes Magnus.

He has a gift for Magnus too, his gladiator helmet from when he started.

Magnus is offended by this, and he shoves James.

Storm is just playing around, and we see Magnus taking Mickie away.

James has one more gift for his son, Donavan.  A teddy bear, from his good old Uncle James.

This sets Magnus on fire, and he takes the guitar, and nails Storm with it.

Storm smiles when he comes through.

Knockout tag match is next.  The Dollhouse Vs Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

Earlier tonight, Bully Ray reveals to be the special guest ref in tonight’s World Title match with Angle Vs Young.

BDC want answers from Young.  He wants BDC to watch Eric’s back, they aren’t friends, but they are good business partners.  The last time they worked together, they took the TNA World Title away from Bobby Roode, now they can take the title away from Kurt Angle.  And when Eric Young becomes World Champion, they become World Champion.

Think it over.

We now see footage when Gail Kim took part of her husband Robert Irvine on his cooking show, Taryn Terrell showed up backstage.

Knockout tag match is up now.

The Dollhouse Vs Kong and Gail Kim.

Dollhouse wins when Taryn rolls up Gail, after Marty distracted Gail long enough.

But now Marty is caught between Gail and Kong.  Eat Defeat….Implant Buster.

Gail and Kong are on the same page, now.

The Hardys won the Tag Team Titles.  But Jeff Hardy broke his leg in a motorcycle stunt gone wrong.

What will Matt do with the Tag Team Titles?  We find out, next.

Earlier tonight, we see Magnus nailing James Storm with a guitar.

Mickie James tells Magnus that he has to keep his temper in check.  He tells her that James disrespected Magnus, but Mickie tells him now Magnus disrespected her.

Matt Hardy is in the ring, with JB.

Jeff Hardy is in pain, and he is not a character at home, he truly is the “Charismatic Enigma”, and he has learned to deal with it.

A few weeks ago, The Hardys were on top of the world, but now Matt has no choice other than vacate the Tag Titles.  And now, it’s time for Matt to go home and figure out where he goes from here.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode come out, shake Matt’s hand as he goes to the back.

Austin tells Eric that he hasn’t forgotten what he did, but he promised Kurt Angle not to interfere when he takes care of EY, but after that, he will get his chance.

Now onto other titles.

It seems like the Tag Titles are cursed, the last two times they have been forfeited.  While some may say that is a tough break, Austin sees this as an opportunity.  We see two guys who have been Tag Team Champions together, and they are the best team.

Bobby brings up these titles deserve to be defended, and do that as the best Tag Team the world has seen, Roode and Aries together.

Davey Richards shows up.

Davey has an issue with that, because The Wolves have been the most dominant tag team in the last 2 years.  And they deserve to be Tag Champs.

Austin tells Davey he has known him for years, and while he respects what they have done, he is by himself.

Davey tells Austin Wolves hunt in pack, and welcomes his brother, and partner, Eddie Edwards.

As of 12 noon, Eddie has been cleared to compete.  The Dirty Heels say they are the best team, but Eddie and Davey know they are the best team, and prove it every day.

So, let’s stop the talking, let’s have a match, and find out who is the best.  But not just any match, no excuses….a best of five series.

You want it, Roode asks, the fans want it, they got it.

All four men shake hands.

Tonight, Angle Vs Young for the World Title.

Matt Hardy starts walking away, but Drew Galloway intervenes.  He tells Hardy he has a tremendous amount of respect for him, and they have many things in common, such as they never back away from a fight.

Angelina Love doesn’t care about the Bromans breaking up, she doesn’t care about Gail Kim and Awesome Kong teaming up.  She wants to talk about herself, a record-setting 6-time Knockout Champion, and the one true Beautiful Person left.

We see Velvet Sky showing up, saying nothing, heads to the ring.

Angelina tells her she had too much going on to even give Velvet a call.  But she isn’t mad at her.  Angelina tries to hug Velvet, but she doesn’t hug back.

Angelina screams at Velvet to say something, and we see a spear.

The two start to fight, and officials break them up.  Velvet has no reaction.

Young Vs Angle video is being shown.

Eric Young doesn’t trust anyone, and tells Bully he wants to know if he will screw Eric of his title.  Bully assures EY he wants to see the two men tear each other up, he doesn’t care.  He will call it right down the middle.

Eric Young Vs Kurt Angle, for the World Title, with Bully Ray as special ref is now.

Kurt wins with a leg grapevine, making Eric Young tap out.

We had BDC come out, The Rising come out, Chris Melendez came out, Eric Young attacked Bully Ray, but at the end of the day, Bully raised the arm of Kurt and we end the show with the champion retaining his title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This was a very good show tonight, TNA knew they had a live show to work with, and they certainly gave us matches, and storylines to continue.

The idea of Best of Five series matches with The Wolves Vs Dirty Heels is certainly intriguing, to say the least.  Even though it was due to bad circumstances, with Jeff being hurt, Eddie Edwards coming back was a nice touch.

Let’s see where this goes.

I also liked Velvet Sky returning, not saying a word, and just went after Angelina Love.  The potential of Matt Hardy joining The Rising, or maybe even feuding with Drew Galloway has promise.

We also saw Kong and Gail teaming together, and from the looks of it, this won’t be the last time.

EC3 is a future TNA World Champion, and that’s all we need to know about that.

Welcome back to TNA Bully Ray.  We missed you.

And Angle Vs Young was okay, but where does Kurt go next?

Overall, a good show that is showing promise towards the road to Slammiversary.  What were your thoughts?  Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 5/4/15…We Are In Bizarro World

No music intro, we hear Michael Cole’s voice.  In Montreal, Canada tonight, which means the fans will be a part of the show.

Randy Orton kicks off the show.

Payback is a fitting name for a PPV, because payback is what he is giving Seth Rollins in 13 days.  The fans voted him in a Triple Threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.  And now Roman Reigns is added to the mix, but that is not his problem, because he is walking out of Payback the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and there is nothing Roman Reigns can do about it.

Enter Roman Reigns.

If anyone is getting payback on Seth Rollins, its Roman Reigns.

The Montreal fans are chanting RKO.

So will Orton just stand in the corner and watch Reigns get payback on Seth Rollins.

Reigns doesn’t care what Orton will do, just stay out of his way.

I guess Reigns has forgotten who he is.

Orton is a 12-time World Heavyweight Champion, he has wrestled in 12 straight Wrestlemanias.  How many title reigns does Roman have?  How many Wrestlemanias has Roman wrestled?  3.  So perhaps he should remember that.

Reigns brings up he beat Orton at Summerslam, and he would love to beat him again.

Here come The New Day.

Xavier reminds the two men that The New Day are the only champions at ringside.  And nobody cares about their Montreal boo-hoo.  They are so negative, but look at them, they are positive.  Because it’s a new day.

Kofi tells them it truly is a new day, so let’s forget about the past.

Big E. tells Reigns that nobody cares if Roman can’t win the big one.  And Randy, he can’t help it if Roman owns him so much, he has him on speed dial.

It’s time to do the clap.

They won’t do it.  But Kane has ordered them to face The New Day in a 3-on-2 Handicap match, now.

Reigns “accidentally” spears Orton, and Kofi pins Randy for the win.

Kane shows up on the ramp.

There is no shame in losing to the WWE Tag Team Champions.  If their evening was ending, there would be no shame in it, but their evening hasn’t ended.  They aren’t getting along, and Kane wants to exploit that.  Orton will face Reigns, one on one.  Because that is what’s best for business.

We come to the back, New Day are celebrating, and Kane just rolls his eyes, which is funny.

Kane runs into Rollins.

What he did won’t change anything.  The Authority will return, and will punish Kane for what he has been doing.

Kane made those matches, because that is what’s for business.  Which brings to Rollins.  He can’t give Seth the night off.  Last week’s main event on Smackdown was marred due to interference, so we will have Seth Vs Dean Ambrose.  And J & J Security is banned tonight.

Rollins reminds Kane he was the interference last week, and all Dean wants to do is hurt Rollins.

Kane can make Rollins tied up to the ring post, or tied behind one back.  Say one word, and he can make that happen.

Kane dares Rollins to say it, but he walks away.

Renee Young is in the ring, bringing out Ryback.

Feed Me More!!

Last week, Ryback had a surprise…Bray Wyatt attacked Ryback.

Renee asks Ryback if he knew why Bray attacked him both nights last week.  Ryback doesn’t know, but Bray made a mistake.  Ryback knows about adversity.

The crowd chanted for Goldberg, and Ryback answered back.

Ryback had 2 severe injuries and doctors told him he would never wrestle.  Bray, Ryback had to answer fear his entire life.  He takes fear, and negativity, and eats it.  He wakes up hungry to succeed, hungry to be a hero to the kids in attendance, and kids watching on TV.  He does this for the fans, and everytime they chant Feed Me More, it motivates him.  It’s about taking chances, facing fears, and going through adversity.  Bray woke up Ryback, and talking time is done.  It;s feeding time.

Bray shows up on the screen now.

You paint yourself as this untouchable force, but he can see the fear in his eyes.  Deathly afraid that people will see the facade.  He is afraid of fear, but people seek help, they seek guidance of a higher power.  Everything you love, everything you’re afraid to lose is all going to fade away.  In time, friend….so will you.


Cesaro and Kidd are in the next match, set to face The Ascension.

Cesaro and Kidd win with a Cesaro Swing and a kick to the head by Tyson, pinning Viktor.

Seth Rollins walks to the ring.  Renee Young wants Seth’s reaction to his match.

There is no point to having this match, and second, Kane is a moron.

WWE 24 will air on WWE Network with Roman Reigns, after Raw.

Ambrose Vs Rollins is now.

Kane comes out, and he says that with Rollins bringing up there is no point to this match, if Ambrose wins, Dean will be added to the main event at Payback in a Fatal 4-Way match.

Rollins tells Kane he can’t do that, because the fans voted for a Triple Threat match.  Ambrose likes the idea, does the fans have issues with that stipulation.

Rollins doesn’t care what Ambrose is saying, and he doesn’t care what the Montreal fans are saying, because he doesn’t matter.

Match is on, now.

Ambrose wins the match with a rollup.  J & J Security come out, even though they were banned but this backfires.

The main event at Payback is now a Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Title.

I loved this match.

It’s now Rollins Vs Orton Vs Reigns Vs Ambrose, at Payback for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

We go back and see what happened earlier tonight.  The New Day defeated Orton and Reigns.

Tonight, it’s Orton Vs Reigns, one on one.

Moments ago, Ambrose defeated Rollins putting himself into the Fatal 4-Way at Payback.

Rollins is irate at Kane, blaming him for putting his match into a Fatal 4-Way.

Kane corrects him by saying the fans put this into a Fatal 4-Way and Rollins lost to Ambrose.  How about adding more people?  Kane wants to mold Rollins into the champion The Authority want him to be.  Kane has an idea.

Byron Saxton is with Lana.

He asks Lana how it feels to have The WWE Universe start to favor Lana.  Lana doesn’t know what Byron is talking about.

Fandango tells her she needs to feel the movement The WWE Universe is giving, by accepting her.

Rusev screams something at Lana.

Rusev Vs Fandango, next.

Lana is Fandangoing, which is glorious.

Rusev sends Lana out though.

Match is done, Accolade.

NXT will be featured on E:60, featured on ESPN.

WWE Tough Enough will return on June 23rd.

Entries are being shown now.

R-Truth Vs Stardust, now.

Stardust brought a bag, and it turned out it was plastic spiders.  Stardust wins with a rollup.

John Cena’s US Open Challenge is coming next.

A sneak peek of Roman Reigns’ special on WWE Network.

This Thursday night, we will have a Contract Signing of the Fatal 4-Way match at Payback, on Smackdown.

Cena comes out now.

The Montreal crowd loves him, it seems.  Okay, not really.

Cena says I Quit.  Those words have meaning.

Montreal crowd is digging this.

There are folks in Montreal who want to see Cena quit.  That he would walk away.  But we know him, we know he has dealt with this adversity for years.  Montreal knows whatever the hostility, whether you’re a critic, or an opponent, Cena never gives up.

So Cena faces Rusev in 2 weeks for the title, and if he quits, he doesn’t deserve a rematch.  But making Cena say I quit, is like Cena asking the fans to stop singing, it just won’t happen.  Saying I quit is testing a man’s will.

This is passion, the fans will say what they want, because they are passionate.  Rusev wants to fight Cena, he wants to win the title, but Cena is fighting for everything he stands for the last 10 years.  He asks the fans if they are up against the wall, someone puts a microphone to your face, asking you to quit, what is your answer?


He goes to the crowd, and we all fight for what we believe in.  This is a city that knows tradition, and he is very proud.

So here is the sentence from a man who believes in the same, Cena is proud of the title and everything it stands for, and in 2 weeks, he will say the same thing….

The Champ Is Here.

On to the Cena United States Title Open Challenge.

We hear Bret Hart’s theme song.

Welcome Back Bret chants erupt.

Bret is here to introduce a great wrestler….

Enter Heath Slater.

The fans don’t like this idea.

Heath will not let his moment to become US Champion get stepped on, again.  Especially in Montreal, babay!!

Heath tells us he can speak french.

First, he gets RKO’d out of nowhere, then Rusev attacks Slater from behind, out of nowhere.  He is sick and tired of getting attacked out of nowhere.

Bret slaps Slater.

Bret wants to introduce Montreal’s very own, NXT’s own hottest superstar, Sami Zayn.

It’s Cena Vs Zayn….NOW!!

Cena wins in a tough match, defeating Zayn with a stunner and AA.  Sami appeared to injure his shoulder during the match, even dislocating it.  He still gutted it out, and made a very strong showing here.

I do love these open challenges.

In 2 weeks, at NXT Takeover:  Unstoppable, it will be Zayn Vs Kevin Owens for the NXT World Title.

Earlier tonight, New Day pins Orton and Reigns, when Reigns “accidentally” spears Orton.

Tonight, Orton Vs Reigns.

Next, Nikki Bella Vs Naomi, and we see New Day still celebrating their win.  Kofi and Xavier are lifting up Big E, in the back.

Now that was funny.

Renee is waiting for Sami Zayn, but New Day has other thoughts.

They were victorious earlier tonight.

New Day’s future looks bright.  Xavier will be featured on tomorrow’s E: 60.  Cesaro and Kidd intervene.  They admit the crowd is chanting New Day sucks.  And they appear to agree with that.

New Day isn’t pleased.

Divas action, is now.

Nikki Bella Vs Naomi.

Tamina is now aligned with Naomi, who both attack The Bellas.

Naomi tells them their rein as leader of the Divas Division is over.  This is what family is about.

Last Tuesday, Bad News Barrett became the King of the Ring, defeating Neville.

All Hail King Barrett.

It’s Barrett and Sheamus Vs Ziggler and Neville, next.

Barrett connects with a Bull Hammer, pinning Neville.

Tonight, immediately after Raw, WWE 24 will feature Roman Reigns.

Reigns Vs Orton is next.

The Authority come out before the match starts.  Jamie tells us he is the special ring announcer.  Joey is the special ring bell-ringer.  Kane is the special ring enforcer, and Seth Rollins is the special guest commentator.

Match starts now.

It ends with a no contest when The Authority takes over.  But here comes Dean Ambrose to even the odds a bit.  All 3 faces fight off The Authority, which ends with a spear by Reigns.  Then Orton hits a RKO on Reigns, and Ambrose nails Dirty Deeds on Orton to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show than last week, and we changed the main event, which worked too, adding Ambrose into the mix.  He should be one of the favorites to win Money in the Bank, because he needs to get that big push.  Fans certainly love him, and we know he can wrestle and talk on the mic.

Zayn Vs Cena was very good, but now Zayn is getting a MRI, according to Joey Styles on his Twitter page.

Lana Fandagoing too was worth to see the show, and the MVP of the show had to be New Day.  They were corny, but very, very funny.

What was your thoughts of the show?  Send them to me.

WWE Monday Night Raw 4/27/15…King Of The Ring

Tonight, King of the Ring is back.  4 quarter-final matches will be set here, with the semi-finals and final matches will crown a new King of the Ring tomorrow night.

Raw is now.

8 men will be crowned King of the Ring, we are in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Seth Rollins comes out for his 20 minute promo here.

Finally, last night The Viper learned what the entire WWE Universe has known for a very long time….you can’t out-smart Seth Rollins.

He is the man who single-handedly built the most dominant faction in WWE history, in The Shield. He is also the man who single-handedly destroy it.

He also was the man who cashed in Money in the Bank briefcase at the opportunist time, at Wrestlemania and beat two men….Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

He also had Randy Orton last night right where he wanted him.

Orton wanted Rollins all by himself, and he beat Randy all by himself.

Kane doesn’t like this.

Rollins had Orton beat in his mind, by banning a RKO.  And he beat him with his own move, a SKO.

But every great general needs great soldiers.  So let’s take a moment, and thank Kane.  For doing what was best for business, and be the crypt-keeper.

The crypt-keeper is a character from 1990s that nobody cares about, and he is Kane, the gatekeeper.

Kane is not offended by that, and says if it wasn’t for him, Randy Orton would be WWE World Champion, and instead of boasting about being champion, he would be whining about losing.  Kane would rather be the WWE’s version of the crypt-keeper, than WWE’s version of Justin Bieber.

Rollins tells Kane hs is just jealous because Seth is WWE Champion, and he can wrestle circles around him.

Here comes Randy Orton.

Randy wouldn’t be complaining, but with an official saying Seth cheated last night, this deserves a WWE World Title rematch.

Seth said he had his shot, and he blew it.

Randy isn’t talking to “Catwoman”, he is talking to Kane.

Kane says Randy has a point, but here comes Roman Reigns.

Seth wants to know why Roman is here, and Randy tells Seth he is missing his giant.  And he is missing his giant because he flipped a table on top of him, just like this.  And you can call him the last man standing.

Randy, no disrespect had his shot.  And since “Justin Bieber” has the WWE World Title, then Roman Reigns deserves a shot at the title.

So Roman won a match, congratulations.  But Randy and Roman seem to have a common denominator, they both lost to Rollins.  So….

Kane interrupts him, and says they both have a point.  So how about tonight, they settle their differences and show them the real power of The Authority.

A tag team match, right?

Kane will have the WWE Universe decide who the next title defense with Seth Rollins at Payback will be.

Next, King of the Ring tournament starts with Dolph Ziggler Vs Bad News Barrett.

Barrett wins the match with a Bull Hammer, when Sheamus came out and made fun of Ziggler kissing Sheamus’ ass.

I expect Ziggler to do the same thing to Sheamus, later tonight.

HHH isn’t here tonight, so our main event is Orton and Reigns Vs Rollins and Kane.

New Day is in action, next.

Xavier has the mic, and tell us they are the champions.  They want to thank every single one of their clappers.  The ones that clapped for their struggles, for their hard work.

And Xavier wants them to work on a new chant.  New Day Rocks, we still have New Day Sucks.

It’s Tyson Kidd Vs Big E. now.

Big E. steals the victory, with Xavier holding onto the ankle again.

Footage from Cena Vs Rusev last night is being shown.

At Payback in 3 weeks, it’s Cena Vs Rusev in an I Quit match.

Tonight, John Cena Open Challenge Match, for The United States Title.

Feed Me More….

Ryback is in action, next.

Ryback Vs Bo Dallas, now.

Shellshock, match is over.

Bray Wyatt shows up being Ryback.

Sister Abigail, and we have the spider walk.

Ryback is the one Bray was referring to as a failure.

Cena’s Open Challenge, is next.

Here comes The United States Champion, John Cena.

John will repeat his mic stuff, saying he won’t quit, he will beat Rusev once and for all, amke him quit.

Blah Blah Blah….let’s get on with the challenger.

It’s Heath Slater, oh boy.

Well, Rusev ruins those plans, because he attacks Heath Slater.

Lana comes out to the cheers of the fans.  Rusev orders her to leave the ringside area.

Look at these people John Cena, they are all quitters.  They have given up on their dreams a long time ago, they quit on themselves.  And Cena at Payback will be just like these stupid Americans.  You won’t be singing “God Bless America” together, you will be saying I Quit.

Russian flag pops up in front of Cena.

Kane is backstage, Rollins is not upset at Kane, he just needs to know what Kane means that the WWE Universe will decide Rollins’ next title defense.  He just beat Randy Orton last night, he beat Reigns at Wrestlemania.  Is Kane too stupid?  What would HHH and Steph do when he tells them.

Kane thought that Rollins was the man, but it seems he just wants to whine and complain.  So we will decide who Rollins’ opponent will be at Payback.  Either Orton, Reigns, or a Triple Threat match.

We will find out after their match, later tonight.

Our next match is the quarterfinal of King of the Ring tournament.

R-Truth Vs Stardust.

Truth wins with a lie detector.  Tomorrow night, Barrett Vs Truth.

Also tonight, Orton and Reigns Vs Kane and Rollins.

Voting is open now, for the main event of Payback.

It’s Fandango time, against Adam Rose.

Rosa Mendes gets her revenge posing as a Rosebud when Rose hits Party Fowl.

Rosa can’t believe he chose them over Rosa.  She found someone who treats her like the sweet flower she is.

Now they make out.

Moving on…

Switching gears, Daniel Bryan is not cleared by medical doctors.  Renee Young has an update from Daniel’s wife, Brie Bella.

Daniel loves WWE, and every day he is away from WWE, it kills him.  But the WWE cares so much about Daniel, and Daniel in turn cares about them.

Naomi attacks Brie and tells her nobody cares about Brie, or her husband.

Brie Bella Vs Naomi, now.

Naomi wins with an inside cradle.

Tonight, Reigns and Orton Vs Kane and Rollins.

King of the Ring tournament match, Dean Ambrose Vs Sheamus.

Ambrose is DQ’d when Ziggler attacked Sheamus so he advances, and will face the winner of Harper Vs Neville.

Also tonight, Orton and Reigns Vs Kane and Rollins and we decide what the main event of Payback will be.

Damien Sandow is in the ring.

Allow him to beg for our indulgence, his name is Damien Sandow.  One thing is he will never lie to us.

3 1/2 years ago, he came into WWE wearing a blue bathrobe, and he tried to enlighten us.  Then, he was told he doesn’t entertain us enough.

He hasn’t lost his mind, he was trying to entertain us.  Remember Bret “The Hitman” Sanhart.  Or how about his Magneto moment.  Or Vince McSandow.  Then he had his Damien Mizdow moment.

He has to be honest, he lost alot of respect from his peers, but one thing he gained were alot of fans, and that means more to him and he thanks us for that.

You’re welcome.

Now, where does he go from here?  He’s not sure.

Enter Curtis Axel.

One thing Axel can’t stand is when someone tries to be someone else.  So Damien Sandow, whatcha going to do?

Now Sandow is mocking Axel.

Sandow takes care of Axel to the Elbow of Disdain.

This Thursday night on Smackdown, Tag Team Titles are on the line, New Day will face Kidd and Cesaro.

Bray Wyatt interrupts the fun, and he tells us that he knows him better than anyone.  Run!!

Tough Enough videos are being shown now.

Neville Vs Harper now, in the King of the Ring tournament.

Neville wins with Red Arrow, advancing in King of the Ring tournament.

Semi-Finals tomorrow night will be Barrett Vs Truth and Sheamus Vs Neville, along with the finals, exclusively on WWE Network, at 8:00.

Our main event, Reigns and Orton Vs Kane and Rollins is now.

Reigns and Orton win when Kane had enough, decking J & J Security, then decked Rollins, threw him back into the ring who was met with a Superman Punch and a RKO, for the win.

After the match, Kane showed us the results of the poll, and that gives us a Triple Threat match set for Payback.

Rollins was met with a Spear by Reigns, ending the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This wasn’t a bad show, at times they seemed to drag things out.  But it gets people interested in King of the Ring tournament.  I have to think Bad News Barrett is the favorite right now.  I can’t see Sheamus beating Neville too, with Ziggler getting involved.

We also knew we’d have a Triple Threat match at Payback, even WWE knew that.  But here we go, does this mean Kane is finally stepping away from The Authority?  I hope Daniel Bryan is able to come back, because who wouldn’t want to see Team Hell No reunite?

I’ll be here tomorrow evening, giving you King of the Ring report.  Your thoughts on tonight’s show, send them here.


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