WWE Raw 5/31/10…That Wrestling Show

In honor of Ashton Kutcher, who is the guest host tonight, a big WWE fan himself so that should be fun. What will happen tonight? Let’s “Burn Down The Ground” and find out.

Whoa, we start off with Edge beating up Evan Bourne.  Apparently, Evan spoke out how this is his opportunity and he is making it happen.  Evan actually does some high flying with some kicks.   Evan goes up for Air Bourne, but he misses, and now Edge is setting him up for a spear.  He nails it.  Edge grabs the mic and he said what just happened to Evan will happen at Fatal 4Way.  No matter what he does, no matter how many times he shows off his dominance, people like Evan Bourne disrespects him, he is nothing like his 3 opponents.  John Cena is the superhero, he is the strongest Wrestler in the industry, Sheamus will do whatever it takes to bulldoze his opponents.  But that leaves “The Viper”, who strikes at a moment’s notice.  Edge tries to get the fans to chant RKO, but then he says the fans are sheep.  He will prove everyone wrong at the PPV when he becomes a 10 time WWE champion.

Now comes The Viper, who charges in the ring and stares down Edge.  Edge said that Randy comes down to the ring, thinking he will do something to him, but both he and Edge know that won’t happen.  Because Randy isn’t 100%.  He did his homework, if he makes it to the PPV, he will hurt Randy.  He’s not kidding, so Randy gives him the RKO and favors his shoulder.  He goes to the ropes and poses for the crowd.  I love this segment.

Tonight in the main event a tag team match between the 4 opponents at Fatal 4Way.  John Cena and Randy Orton take on Edge and Sheamus.

Ashton Kutcher is next.

Ashton Kutcher is backstage, apparently Zack Ryder is talking trash to him on Twitter.  Eve greets him and he seems upset that Zack is doing that.  She asked him what is he going to do about it?  He said he is going to put a hit on Zack.  It could be anyone, a wrestler, a referee, even him.  The Miz comes over and he wanted to know why Ashton wanted to see him?  Does he want him to star with him at The Killers Part 2.  Ashton said he talked with Bret Hart and they signed Daniel Bryan to a 1 day contract and they are going to have a match tonight.  Wow, talk about hot shotting something.  Then Ashton and Miz gets into an argument, you don’t want him to use the “Farmhand”

R-Truth comes out and his opponent is Chris Jericho.  R-Truth wins with a small package.  He countered a Walls of Jericho with a roll up to win the match.  I don’t necessarily agree with that, but it seems they are planting the seeds of Jericho doubting himself.  He looks like he is about to break down and cry over losing.  Not one of my favorite matches, but whatever.

They are showing clips of what happened last week when Batista quit and Bret Hart was named GM of Raw.

Zack Ryder is now backstage talking with the GM, he said he is watching him Hitman.  The Hart Dynasty comes in and is talking about the 3 people who attacked them last week.  They are the Usos, Rikishi’s kids and the woman is Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s daughter.  He said he can’t play favorites, so they will have to handle their own business.

Eve and Santino come out for a mixed tag match next.  Their opponents are Maryse and William Regal.  Santino entertains us with his mic work and calls Regal’s music “Darth Vader” he is trying to persuade Vladimir Koslov to join him and even said Eve has agreed to “make love to him” but then he quickly changes that Eve would “love” it if Vladmir is Santino’s tag team partner.  Off with the match.

They did the usual spot with the divas rolling over the ref and Vladmir came in and gave Regal The Iron Curtain and left, so Eve and Santino won the match.  The makings of a great tag team.

Now we get a nice video dedicated today’s episode to the soldiers who are fighting or who have served our nation.  Amen, God Bless the troops.  They are the real heroes.

Our new Raw GM, Bret “The Hitman” Hart comes out to greet the crowd.  Bret tells us he is having fun this week as GM and next week will be real special, all the superstars of Raw and Smackdown will be together.  A 3 hour episode next week, starting at 8:00.  Out comes “The Fortunate Son” Ted Dibiase with the REAL Virgil, looking dapper that the REAL Virgil can look.  If they are truly taking ideas from the Wrestlers, then Ted wants to be the GM and he is willing to pay him whatever he wants to be GM of the night.  He said his father knows Bret very well, and Ted said “Everybody has a price” and so does Bret.  Ted says the reason Bret came back to WWE is because he needs money, and Ted can achieve those dreams, so name your price.  Ashton Kutcher interrupts on the screen, and he says he has an idea…next week they do a first ever Raw Viewers Choice, where the fans pick the matches and stipulations.  Bret agrees, so next week, it will be a Viewer’s Choice night.  Oh good gravy….HERE COMES VINCE!!!

This is Vince’s first appearance since his Wrestlemania beatdown.  Vince now does a comparison of let’s hear for Vince….let’s hear for Bret.  He says Bret looks 10 years older than the last time he saw him, and he looks great.  He asks Bret how many times Bret hit him with a chair?  Bret says 18…he counted.  The crowd then chants “You tapped out” and he said he must have had that aggression out of his system because Bret accepted the position of GM.  But Vince asks why he offered Bret the job?  He says that Bret has to make some unpopular choices down the road, he has to treat the fans as “children” which means you have to make the right decision for WWE rather than the fans.  He even asked him if he could take the fans booing him, he said yes.  He also wanted to say good luck to Bret, Vince thinks it’s a fantastic story to have a guy admonish from the show 13 years ago, and now he is back as a GM, and he is hoping his “story” as GM has a happy ending. 

Now Zack is asking Randy Orton why Ashton didn’t ask Randy to take him out and Randy said if he did, he wouldn’t be having this conversation.  Randy is leaning against the wall and Edge rams the door shut, hurting Randy’s shoulder, so he might be out.

They just showed what happened with Edge attacked Randy’s shoulder and they speculate as to if he can wrestle tonight. 

The Miz Vs Daniel Bryan and we now get a “Michael Cole heel turn” and now the match starts.  Well, Daniel Bryan won the match, and it was very short.  The story here though was Michael Cole being a part of this.  Apparently he hates the fact that Daniel doesn’t have a TV, he also hates the fact that he is a vegetarian and he said “go back to the independents” well Michael, at least he has 10 years of experience and has paid his dues.  What has Michael done to get his job in WWE?  He will never be a Jim Ross, and quite frankly won’t even be a Todd Pettingill.  So after the match, Miz attacks Daniel and takes him outside, tried to get him to apologize to Cole, but Daniel reverses it and shoves Miz right into Michael Cole.  Very funny.

 Michael is now acting like a wimp, saying he was “assaulted” twice in a week. 

The Usos are out there now and they say the whole world is trippin’ because they want to know who they are.  Wow, they do look like The Rock, you can tell they are related.  They say their blood goes all the way deep and they aren’t the stereotype Samoans, they are in our universities, they are taking our scholarships and The Harts were at the wrong place, at the wrong time.  They say the respect where the Harts come from, but they have the respect their family doesn’t have.  I disagree with that right there.  Snuka’s daughter said that his father was put “in the corner” of the first Wrestlemania.  Yes, but he still got a cut of the money.  They said they were born and created for one purpose…dominate.

The Hart Dynasty come out and we are ready for a fight.

The Harts come out fighting, but the heels get the upper hand with an awesome Samoa drop and then all 3 climbed up on the ropes to give them the splash.  Incredible.

They then show a review of what happened tonight with Edge and Orton and it seems Randy won’t wrestle, so who will be Cena’s partner?

They showed a clip from the upcoming “Killers” movie which looks good.  Now Zack Ryder comes out.  He said he is not going to wait to get jumped, he is coming out to the ring and demanding Ashton to tell him who got the hit.  Ashton says you want to know?  Jerry Lawler comes in with a chair, thinking it’s him.  But it’s not, it’s The Great Khali.  I would have had Stone Cold Steve Austin, but okay.

It’s not Khali…Goldust comes out, but it’s not him either.  Zack apologizes to Ashton and he says he wants to know who it is.  Ashton says you will never see it coming, Alicia grabs the mic and says she is tired of this and drops the mic, but Alicia Fox gives him the Scissor Kick, and this is out to absolute silence.

Sheamus confronts Edge and says he is right, he is a bulldozer, but Edge tells him they should team up and hurt Cena, and Sheamus agrees, but if he attacks him, Sheamus will hurt Edge.  Main event match is next.

WWE Classic On Demand this week present a loving tribute to JYD, he died in a car crash back in 1998, and he truly is missed, but he was one of a kind.

Next week on Raw, the cast of A-Team will be there, I wonder if Rampage Quintin Jackson will bring up how he got beat this weekend by Rashad Evans?  Probably not.

 So will John Cena’s tag team partner be?  Evan Bourne

Evan and John Cena won their match.  Evan got to truly shine here in this match, which is very refreshing to see.  Evan even got to do Air Bourne on Sheamus and pinned him.  A very good match and a feel good moment tonight.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show tonight than last week, we got to actually see a young WWE Wrestler be elevated right before our very own eyes.  Evan is very over with the crowd, so over in fact that he was drafted to Raw last summer, but they did absolutely nothing with him….until now.  The question is where does he go from here?  Do they move him back in the middle of the pack or do they truly give him the push and have him win a title?  Time will tell, but so far so good.

But the guest host concept is done, there is no point to it anymore now that Raw has a GM.  All Ashton did was stay backstage, the guy was a freaking producer of one of the most successful cable shows in some time in Punk’d, couldn’t you, I don’t know, do something more creative with him?

I liked seeing Vince come out and sort of plant the seed that down the road, Bret will have to make an unpopular decision, I am curious to see what happens.

Orton still not working makes me wonder if he’s going to do the match at the PPV.  My guess is no, but I also would start an angle to prepare without him.  Would they put Evan in there on the basis of the crowd reaction?

I hated Bryan-Miz match because the way they started it a few weeks ago, I was hoping they would build it up more, and what was with the whole idea of Bret giving him a 1 day contract?  Why?  And did their first match have to be 3 minutes long?  REALLY?

I loved seeing the Usos come out and give the Hart Dynasty another beatdown, their mic work needs some work, but they have charisma and can pull off the moves, so I like them getting the shot.

Next week will be a 3 hour show, and we’ll see how “Fan interactive” it is.  Speaking of that, did they even explain how that will work?  Regardless, a much better episode this week.  Comments?


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