WWE NXT 6/15/10…The Rookies Get To Shine

This week’s episode begins with Matt Striker welcoming us to the show.  To explain what happened last week, he wants both Pros and Rookies to come out so the Pros can explain themselves.  MVP explains that what they did was initiate the rookies into the company.  It is an honor and a privilege to be in the WWE.  So he wants to know if everything is cool and if they can move on.  The rookies agree and all shake hands with the pros.  Lay-Cool hug Kaval though.  A good explanation to start the show, now we start from square one.

Matt announces that tonight, Kaval will take on Alex Riley and that match is next.

Lay-Cool join Josh and Cole at the announce table, rooting on Kaval’s every move and “intimidating” Josh Matthews, that was pretty funny.  This was a fun match to win, Alex Riley took the victory with the TKO.  They both were giving enough time to shine for each other, and this worked.  Kaval missed The Warrior’s Way and Alex scooped him up for the TKO.  Matt Striker interviews Alex and Alex said he did it without the Miz tonight.  Miz is celebrating in Los Angeles over his US Title victory, he asked him to join him, but Alex wanted to be here tonight and win his match.  Lay-Cool said Kaval looked good, it was his debut match, and when they are done with him, he will be “Flawless”.  John Morrison points out both Wrestlers did very well for themselves and it was a good victory for Alex.  I agree.  Zack Ryder doesn’t care about any other rookie except his own rookie, but the new announcer is hot.  But the cameras have yet to show her.

Tonight, the main event is a tag team match.  Matt Henry and Lucky Cannon are taking on Kofi Kingston and Michael McGillicutty.

Eli Cottonwood video, talking about his Pro Football career and how Football wasn’t rough enough, so he thought of trying Professional Wrestling.

They now re-air last night’s Raw where the NXT Season 1 rookies were denied WWE contracts, so they took matter into their own hands, took Bret Hart and gave him a limo ride.  Cole tells us that Bret is banged up and they don’t know yet if he will even give the rookies an answer this Sunday on PPV.

Video of Husky Harris, it is his time now to get out of the shadow of his father and Grandfather.  He needs to change his name first.

“Earlier tonight”, Zack Ryder talked to Titus O’Neil.  Zack wants to be on the same page and he said Titus wants respect, so does Zack, but sometimes to get respect, you must give it back.   Good advice.

Main event time and the camera does show the new ring announcer, Zack Ryder is correct. 

Michael McGillicutty and Kofi Kingston defeat Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon with a Swinging Neckbreaker, no Perfect Plex like Michael had been doing in FCW.  Decent match, but I think it would have served better if this was a one on one match.  The pros didn’t sell too much for the rookies, and that doesn’t serve a purpose.

Matt asked Kofi first how Michael looked, Kofi said he has gotten to know Michael now for the last two weeks, and he is very proud of him, thinks he will go far.  Mark Henry thinks Lucky Cannon has potential, and even though he lost, Mark is lucky to be his pro.

Cody Rhodes said that Lucky is smiling, yet he is a loser.  See, the more you win, the more money you make.  Mark challenged Cody to a one on one match with Lucky.  Matt Striker runs to Cody for his answer.  Cody says give him a week, and Lucky won’t last five minutes with him, so yes he accepts the challenge.  Matt asks him what do we expect next week and Cody shoves Matt off the platform and falls to the floor, looking to bump his head.  The NXT pros and Rookies check on Matt to end the show.

 Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight’s ending was a bit overdramatic, but interesting.  It seems that this goes along with what Wade Barrett said last night how Matt Striker got into everyone’s business and treated them like animals.  So is this why Cody shoved Matt?  Something to think about.  As far as the matches goes, I was very impressed by Alex Riley.  I knew how good Kaval is, but this was also my first look at Alex.  I think it’s better to see a one on one match in this capacity because it gives both rookies a chance to shine.  And that was my problem with the tag team match.  Just not enough to let the rookies shine.  This was Michael McGillicutty’s night, but WWE must think enough to give Lucky Cannon the first Pro Vs Rookie one on one match next week.  We’ll see where it goes.  Overall, a good show and I am still curious where this will lead.  Give me your thoughts at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com.

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