TNA Impact 6/17/10…Abyss Goes Nuts

The video showcases Slammiversary and what took place, and what will it mean going in tonight.

Eric Bischoff starts the show with an announcement that the board of directors had a meeting earlier today to discuss the happenings of TNA and they have decided that The Band be stripped of the Tag team titles and that Scott Hall gets his personal life in order.  I sincerely hope he does, but it was the right thing to do.  Scott got arrested a few weeks ago after these tapings, and he was arrested for alcohol and disturbing the place he was at having the drinks.  TNA hopes Scott Hall can get his life in order and when he does, he is welcomed back to TNA.

We now start the show with a match, it’s a semi-final match for the Tag Team Titles, which will be held at Victory Road.  The winner of this tournament will face The Motor City Machineguns, and the main event for tonight is a Number 1 Contenders Triple Threat match between Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson, and Abyss.

The first match is Ink, Inc taking on The Band.  Ink, Inc won the match with Shannon doing a Mooregasm on Eric Young after Jesse Neal took care of Kevin Nash with a spear.  Very good win for Ink, Inc that established Ink, Inc. as a team.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcomes us to Impact, putting over Rob Van Dam’s victory over Sting.  They also mentioned Jay Lethal beating AJ Styles, Kurt Angle over Kazarian and Tommy Dreamer making his TNA debut, surprising Bubba Ray when Jesse Neal beat him.  The championship committee couldn’t agree tonight on the top 3 placements for the title chase, so tonight there is going to be a Number One Contender’s match with the top 3 men, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, and Mr. Anderson.

Ric Flair’s music starts up and out comes Flair with AJ, Desmond Wolfe, Beer Money, and Kazarian, all decked out in suits….except Beer Money of course.

Flair is going to make an announcement that will rewrite Wrestling history and it’s up next.

Chelsea is in the back with Abyss, Chelsea doesn’t want to be with Desmond, she wants to be with Abyss, yet Abyss is saying no.  “Tonight is not the night” what’s that aboot?

Ric Flair said tonight, they will reform The Four Horsemen, except they are calling them “Fortune”, which gets some boos from the crowd.  Flair said the reason The Horsemen was so successful, it’s because they breathed, lived, died, trying to be the best at whatever they were doing, whether it was wrestling, or doing something else. 

Flair looked at AJ and said Arn Anderson never looked at me like you just did, when he lost, he would take a skinny kid from the crowd and beat him to a pulp.  He looked at Kaz and said Barry Windham would pick Kaz up and throw him out to the crowd.  Tully Blanchard and Ole Anderson would eat Beer Money for lunch.  He forgot about Desmond, he said he’s the Lex Luger of the Horsemen.  He thought he was something, but he was nothing.  There you have it, Fortune.  At least they have a name.

Flair chews AJ about losing to Jay Lethal, and speaking of Jay, here he comes.

WOOOOOOO!!!  Jay does his Ric Flair impression, which is still dead on.  He said the Horsemen were here, he took a dump in the ring, and they left that.  Now that was funny.

Flair and Jay are now going at it, off comes the shows, off comes the jacket, and I am talking about Jay Lethal.

Now we are having a WOOOOOO contest, so here we go….WOOOOOOOOOO

Jay Lethal:  “Big man, don’t be upset that they tore Space Mountain down”

Desmond Wolfe is trying his best not to laugh, but it’s not working.  Now he is telling Jay to shut his mouth.  He’s now challenging Jay Lethal to a match tonight, that would be good.  Jay told him big talk from a man who can’t even control Chelsea, and he said “She told me she tried the old man, but younger men are better, they are younger, and they can go 60 minutes long baby”.  Flair is livid.  The match is set.  If Desmond wins, he is the first member of Fortune, if he loses, he is done.

Lacey Von Erich is wrestling the returning Angelina Love tonight.

Mr. Anderson is backstage and the stooge with the camera asks him if he’s ready for the Triple Threat match tonight?  Ummm yes.  Are we going to see the real Mr. Anderson?  It depends on who you think the real Mr. Anderson is.

Hernandez will be taking on Samoa Joe.  At Victory Road, it will be Hernandez taking on Matt Morgan inside a steel cage match.  Before the match could really get going, Matt Morgan gives Hernandez a low blow when Joe was outside of the ring.  Without knowing, Joe gave Hernandez a T-Bone Suplex and won.  Joe saw the replay, and is looking at Matt Morgan, upset he just helped him in.  When Joe comes back in, Morgan runs away from both Joe and Hernandez.

AJ Styles is backstage with Desmond Wolfe, telling him that Chelsea doesn’t want to be with him, so he suggest he beat Jay lethal tonight, or else as Flair said it, he’s out.

We come back with Jeff Hardy backstage talking about the 3 way Dance match tonight, he’s not sure if he can trust Mr. Anderson, Ken comes in to say may the best man wins.

Douglas Williams is out and he says last Sunday night was a celebration of 8 years for TNA, including the X-Division, and also a mourning of the X-Division because Douglas grabbed one move amazing that no other X-Division wrestler can do.  From now on, the X-Division will be a ground and pound that Douglas Williams believes in, and his opponent tonight will be Max Buck.

Douglas Williams wins his match with another Tornado DDT.  A fun match actually that allowed Max to shine a bit, Brian Kendrick comes out and slaps the rear naked choke on Douglas and he keeps tapping out.  Brian is getting a nice chant and pop from the crowd.  So he beat Douglas in his own game.

A video package that showcases the feud that Sting and Jeff Jarrett has had and includes Jeff coming in and costing Sting the TNA World Title.  Tonight, the next chapter in their history will unfold.

The video now shows the new TNA Action figures, which is great to see them push this.  They are coming to a new retail near you.

Angelina Love is out now, saying anytime a wrestler steps into the ring, it could be their last time and she is not going to waste any more time of it.  Tonight, she will face Lacey Von Erich, next week, she will face Velvet Sky, and at Victory Road, she will win HER TNA KNockout title again against Madison Rayne.

Lacey won by DQ, Angelina had a much more mean streak, which makes me think she is turning heel soon.  She gave Lacey a DDT on the chair and referee Andrew Thomas had to make the call.  The story of this match was the experienced Angelina Love taking on the unexperienced Lacey Von Erich, and she is getting ready for her Knockouts Title match at Victory Road.

Jay Lethal is with Hulk Hogan, he said that they don’t like him because of his impressions, but because of his drive and talent.  Jay is sp thankful of this opportunity.  I look forward to seeing the rise of Jay Lethal.

Christy Hemme is interviewing Jeff Hardy, he said he would love to face RVD at the PPV, but can he trust Mr. Anderson?  Mr. Anderson comes out and says people are stirring the pot, how many times did he get into fist fights with his brother?  Many times, but how many times did they shake hands after it was all over?  Many times, this will be the same case, except in their case it’s for the Number One contendership, and it will all be the same.

Team 3-D will be taking on Beer Money, but Team 3-D are already fighting, with Bubba saying what is done is done, let’s focus on the tag team titles.

A good short match that had Beer Money beat Team 3-D when Bubba Ray saw Ink, Inc at the broadcast table, so he went to face off with Jesse and James Storm spit beer in DVon’s face and Robert rolled him over for the win.  Bubba went after Jesse until security broke out and then he asked DVon what happened?

Desmond Wolfe is backstage with Chelsea telling her she can redeem herself tonight after what happened at Slammiversary.

Jay lethal taking on Desmond Wolfe is next.  Tommy Dreamer comes out during the match tonight.  Desmond keeps yelling at Chelsea, and she walks out on him, trips and falls.  Desmond is yelling at Chelsea, but Jay catches him and puts him back into the ring, while Tommy sits in the crowd.  Desmond tries to give him the lariat, but misses and Jay gives him the Elevator and wins the match.  Tommy Dreamer appreciates it as Jay is celebrating with the crowd and gets attacked by Desmond.  He realizes that his spot in Fortune is gone and in comes Flair as Desmond attacks Jay.  Flair gives Lethal chops, punches, and in comes Hulk Hogan. 

Hogan says enough is enough, this is the reason TNA is on fire, because of guys like Jay Lethal.  Hogan calls Flair back out to the ringside to make this big announcement.  Flair comes down, and Hogan says he has been a thorn on Jay’s side since he tries to climb up.  Hogan says it’s time to make a man’s dream come true because at Victory Road, it will be Jay Lethal taking on Ric Flair.

Sting comes down for his showdown with Jeff Jarrett, and it’s up next.

Here are the new Top 10 contenders…

10.  Kurt Angle

9.  Desmond Wolfe

8.  The Pope

7.  Jay Lethal

6.  Samoa Joe

5.  Sting

4.  AJ Styles

We will find out tonight, who will be number one contender.  Jeff Jarrett is out now, calling out The Stinger.  Jeff asks Steve to take his glasses off, because he wants him to feel and know what Jeff is saying.  He’s not going to ask him why anymore, because he doesn’t care.  Jeff said he called Sting when he first started the company.  He wanted him for his expertise, his ICON status, and to help the other guys out.  He wanted him to not work for him, he wanted Sting to work with Jeff.  Even when they weren’t on the same page, they still had professional respect.  But that ended a month ago at Sacrifice, when Sting laid him out and he couldn’t put food on the table for his daughters, and for that, next week he is going to beat it into him.  Sting made one mistake, he left him standing.  Sting laughed about that, but Jeff said next week it won’t be funny, when next week, their rematch goes down.  He is wrong about them, (Hogan and Bischoff).  “Steve, next week, when this thing goes down, he will be fighting for Hogan, Bischoff, and TNA fans.

Main event time as they all come out, it was more or less Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy taking on Abyss.  The turn of the action came when Hardy pinned Abyss, Anderson knocked his feet off and the two of them got into it.  The finish of the match however came when all 3 men were outside of the ring and the referee called for the bell.  A no call, so we aren’t sure what is going to happen for Victory Road, but Abyss had this painful look, so bad, he turned heel and beat up both men, put Anderson through a bag of glass, and chokeslammed Jeff through the ramp.  Hogan came out, wanted to know his deal, but the camera shut off after that.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I don’t know why, but I loved watching this episode.  We finally have a name, Fortune for the stable with Flair, AJ, Desmond, Beer Money, and Kazarian.  I’m not sure how I feel about the name, but they finally established them.  Now I want to see more tag team matches with them.  I absolutely loved seeing Jay Lethal and Ric Flair interact, I could see that for the entire 2 hour show.  I am also looking forward to seeing their encounter.  I look for Angelina Love to go heel one day and maybe kick out both Lacey and Madison so it can just be the original group. 

I loved seeing Abyss go heel and go nuts, but my question is why?  I have been wanting to see “The Monster” Abyss to come back for awhile, and now it looks like he is finally back. 

TNA set up the PPV quite nicely, but what will happen next week with Sting and Jeff Jarrett?  Tune in next week.  If you have a comment, let me know at


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