WWE Fatal 4-Way 6/20/10…Father’s Day Edition

A very happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there, I hope everyone is having a great day, and are settled down ready to watch this PPV.

Here we go, a video package, talking about how the odds of retaining the title in a Fatal 4-Way match is not good, in fact a 25% chance of winning.  Then they show the surroundings of Kane and all 4 members of the Smackdown title match, which all but guarantees Kane will be involved somehow in the match.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Matt Striker welcome us to the show when Vince McMahon comes out.  He tells us that Bret Hart will not be here tonight, and in fact, he is not sure when he will return to Raw as GM.  They show us a video package of what went down last week when NXT season 1 competitors attack Bret and demand they get contracts and they get them on Sunday.  Vince said he is going to meet with Bret’s representatives tonight and find out when he will return.  He also said those men will be punished, the problem is you can’t do a whole lot to them when they are “fired”, I am just sayin’

Drew McIntyre comes out, ready for his IC Title match with Kofi Kingston.  He embraces Vince, and Vince whispers something in his ear.  He leaves, Drew enters, and orders Teddy Long to come out.  Gee, Teddy doesn’t even get his own music.  Drew also insults Teddy by saying he is a shell of a man, I actually agree with that since Teddy hasn’t stood up for himself, but anyway.  Drew wants Teddy to hand Drew the belt when he wins, and out comes Kofi, and here we go.

Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre to retain his Intercontiental Title.  The story of the match was Kofi had Drew where he wanted, he tried the S.O.S. but was blocked by it and Kofi’s foot hit referee Charles Robinson, so he was out for the match.  Drew gave Kofi The Future Shock, and pinned him, but with no referee in sight, he ordered Teddy Long to be referee.  He took forever to put the ref shirt on and when he did, he counted to two, but refused to count three.  Drew went to Teddy and ordered him to count to three, so he tried another Future Shock, but Matt Hardy came from nowhere and gave him the Twist of Faith, and left.  Kofi then gave Drew the Trouble in Paradise to win the match.  Good match to start the show, and finally, Teddy stood up for himself, but I have a feeling we are going to have Drew come out on Smackdown with a note from Mr. McMahon, ordering that the match did not count.

The Hart Dynasty are backstage with Savannah.  They have a 6 person tag match tonight with the Usos and Tamina.  After what happened to their Uncle Bret, how do they feel going into tonight?  Natalya said that the Hart Family has handled adversity before.  Tonight would be no different.  David Hart Smith said for 8 years, Bret has been like a father to him, and he signed the Uso’s so they could get better as a team, and tonight, they will dedicate their match to Bret Hart.  Nicely said.

The next match was the Fatal 4-Way for the Diva’s Title, Eve defending her title against Maryse, Gail Kim, and Alicia Fox.  Alicia Fox wins the Divas Title in a bit of an upset here.  They truly tried to get the crowd going, but the crowd couldn’t care less.  The funny thing is both Gail Kim and Eve tried to get Maryse to submit, but they couldn’t do it, Alicia kicked them both out and then she did the same thing.  In fact, Eve pulled off the neckbreaker and Moonsault and was ready to pin Maryse, but Alicia kicked her out of the ring and took the pin.  Hmmmmm….The US Title was lost on a Fatal 4-Way, the Diva’s Title changed hands on a Fatal 4-Way, earlier in the night, the video told us that the champion has a 25% chance of retaining their title in a Fatal 4-Way.  I am noticing a trend here, at the end of the night, we will have 1 more title change.

Rey is backstage praying for his match and Big Show came up to him and reminded him he is in the match.  Rey told him he has been an underdog his entire life, he has been in the business for 20 years, and he is also a former World Champion, he’ll do it again tonight.  Show said he has no problem going after Punk and Swagger, but he also has no problem going after him.  Rey said he has seen that fist before, and he’s still here.

Chris Jericho comes out, he says for the people 25 years or younger, they watch Raw because of him.  For those people over 25, they continue to watch Raw because of him.  But he has a problem, he is at the top of the Wrestling world, but instead of knocking the top people, the people are trying to knock him off his top spot.  So after what happened on Raw this past Monday, he asked for a one on one match against Evan Bourne.  He is determined to show that Evan is a fly by night Wrestler, and here we go.

Wow, considering there was absolutely no buildup to the match, this has been the best match of the night.  Tremendous win by Evan.  Jericho gave him the Walls, Codebreaker, threw everything out there, and still couldn’t defeat Evan.  Evan even tried the Air Bourne, missed it, but found a way to pull it off and defeat Jericho.  The funny thing is the crowd was mixed, even giving Jericho his “Y2J” chant, which we haven’t heard from quite some time.  Are they going to turn Jericho face?

Fatal 4-Way for the World Heavyweight Title is up next between Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, CM Punk, and Big Show.  They are showing footage of Taker and his “vegetated” state.  Rey Mysterio won the World Heavyweight Title for a 2nd time in his career.  The thing is he wasn’t supposed to be in a match, he was supposed to be on vacation.  So I am guessing Vince called him and asked him to come back for this match, and he said sure if I win the title.  I don’t blame him.  It was hinted that CM Punk and SES were responsible for Undertaker’s demise, because Kane came out with a coffin, he tried to put Punk in there, but Luke Gallows came out and helped Punk get out of the coffin.  Rey dropped the dime, gave Swagger a 619 and pinned him for the title.  Now I am wondering why they had Swagger lose this past Friday if he was going to lose the title?  3 titles now have been won by Fatal 4_way over the last week, that is almost a guarantee that John Cena will retain tonight…almost.

Speaking of the Champ, he is there with Josh Matthews, Josh asks him if he is ready for a NXT invasion, he said he is.  If they want contracts, he has a locker full of people who don’t like them now.  But if they want to interfere in the title match, he thinks there is an unspoken word that all 4 men will fight them together.  He also can’t guarantee a win tonight, but whoever will win the Fatal 4-Way, they will earn it.

The Miz comes out for his US Title defense against R-Truth and he says in a few minutes, Truth will come out to “What’s Up” but he has his own little rap song.  It’s titled “The Miz”, very funny.  He is talking about how he is a 2 time US Champion.  Very funny rap, and some fans were chanting The Miz when he did it, but he stopped midway through the rap.  He might have forgotten the words.  The match is up now. 

The Miz defeats R-Truth by rolling his jeans and pinning him.  The story of the match was R-Truth and his injured ribs.  The crowd wasn’t into this match, but popped big when Miz won and retained his US Title.  Decent match though.

Todd Grisham interviews Edge, he is trying to win the title for the 10th time.  Let’s do a pop quiz, starting with John Cena.  He has watched every champion lose the title tonight in Fatal 4-way.  Orton says he has an injured shoulder, but he really doesn’t.  Sheamus, though strong and a powerhouse, does not belong in the ring with the other 3 men.  He has been in 1 Wrestlemania match, while the other 3 have been in 12 of them combined.  But as for himself, he has 1 thing on his mind, and that is to leave Fatal 4-Way with the WWE Title.

6 person tag match is up next, Hart Dynasty and Natalya taking on The Uso’s and Tamina.  The team of The Hart Dynasty and Natalya won the match with a Discuss Clothesline by Natalya.  But the moment of the match was I think Jamie Uso giving Tyson Kidd a Samoa Drop on the barricade while Tyson was flying on top of Jamie.  Very cool move, and a solid match but the crowd was getting ready for the main event.

The main event match is next, the Fatal 4-Way match between John Cena, Edge, Sheamus, and Randy Orton.  Before the match, they had R-Truth, Hart Dynasty, and Evan Bourne watching the monitor in the back, so that could lead to something.  And it did.  The NXT Season 1 rookies all burst through the screens and took down the 4 men, and when they did, John Cena was waiting for them.  They came out and cleaned house while Orton, Sheamus, and Edge were all knocked out of the ring.  They actually attacked everyone else too, kicking them when they were down and surrounded the ring with Cena.  They attacked him, even seeing Justin Gabriel going up top for his 450 splash.  Edge helped out Cena, attacking a few of the intruders, but they beat down Edge and when that happened, Sheamus slyly covered Cena for the pin and ran through the crowd.  When NXT saw Sheamus celebrate with the title at the top of the ramp, they went after him, which was weird.  And the show ends at 10:35 PM.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

All titles changed hands tonight, and in all, 4 titles changed hands in 1 week.  That’s way too much and certainly the title wins mean nothing if you have all 3 done in one night.  But one thing this show did do was advance the storyline of the NXT guys being a serious threat.  In fact, they laid out all 4 men, which needed to be done, but I hated how Sheamus won.  To me, he is a bad ass, he shouldn’t have to relate to cheating and running away like a coward, but I can live with it, if they treat him differently than his last title run, which was not pinning any of the top guys, he has to do that.  This also made me want to see Raw tomorrow night to see what happens, and that is a good thing.  But come on, couldn’t they had ended the show 10 minutes later?  I used to tell my friend the one thing Pro Wrestling PPVs has over Boxing or UFC is you’re guaranteed 3 hours of a show, something Boxing or UFC can do.  Well, you can scratch that theory.  Any comments?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com.  Happy Father’s Day and have a great night.  I’ll be back tomorrow night with my live Raw report, so keep checking.


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