WWE Monday Night Raw…The Fallout of Fatal 4-Way

Hey guys, what is going to take place tonight after we have a new champ from last night’s Fatal 4-Way, come follow me while we go burning down the ground tonight.

We are live in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the NXT season 1 rookies invaded the PPV as we have a new WWE Champion, and on that note, the chairman of WWE, Mr. McMahon is out.

It seems that Vince is blaming Bret Hart on all of this that has taken place because last week, he fired Wade Barrett.  And because he was in for a “joyride”, he didn’t show up.  Ummmm…okay.  Shall we blame the oil problem on Bret Hart too?  So, Vince is now relieving the duties of GM to Bret, so he is fired.  Wow, we have another GM here and gone.  But tonight, a new GM is going to be running things and he/she remains to be anonymous.  Okay, it is a he, and he is to be given orders through a computer.  And just as Vince was going to speak again, an email came through and the email said that all 7 NXT members be given contract and they will address the WWE Universe tonight.

Sheamus comes out now with the new WWE Title and he has a mic.  Could it be he wants a new title?  I know that would be the first thing I’d order.

Sheamus said last night was not the way he wanted to win the WWE Title.  He wanted to prove he belongs in the top echelon and he wanted to do it on his own.  But of course, that did not happen.  He doesn’t deserve the title and won’t accept it under these conditions.  But of course he was kidding, that kidder, eh.  He said it doesn’t matter how it happened, the fact is he is the new WWE Champion.  He wants to thank the former NXT guys for interfering in his match tonight.  Thank you for taking out Bret Hart, jumping the WWE superstars in the back and thank you for taking the opportunity he needed.  But he didn’t need their help.  He could have won it on his own.  One statement was made last night, and that was Sheamus winning his 2nd WWE Championship.

John Cena comes out, probably wanting his 150th title rematch.  That pesky Title rematch clause.  He wants to thank the new GM for hiring the NXT guys because he knows they will show up and he can settle his differences.  He wants to thank Sheamus, because he can now turn in his rematch clause tonight.  But Sheamus is saying no rematch tonight. 

An email is going through, oh great, that means Cole gets to talk.  Tonight’s main event, Sheamus will defend the WWE Title against John Cena, there you go.

Another email, there will be a special referee.  It’s Mr. McMahon.

We come back with Evan Bourne taking on Chris Jericho, yet again.  Chris requested another match tonight to make a statement.  If he doesn’t win this match tonight, he will walk out of WWE and Raw forever.  Good gravy, not this stuff again.

Another incredible match by these 2.  Okay, I will say I can see these 2 wrestle each other every week, if we can get these matches.  Chris Jericho won, but he had Evan with the Walls and Bourne would not give up.  Right when Evan thinks he has Chris and he does an Air Bourne, Chris lifts up his legs, and gives Evan The Code Breaker for the win.  After the match, Chris lifts Evan up, only to pie face him and push him down.  Glorious, but the best news is he won’t have to leave Raw….again.

We just came back and saw what we saw…again at the top of the hour.  Now McMahon is talking to the new GM by phone.  What, he doesn’t want an I-Phone?  He said don’t surprise himself again, Hmmmm what could that mean?

Virgil is waiting for Ted Dibiase, Ted wants to apologize for what happened last week, and he said Virgil’s services won’t be needed, he has an upgrade….Maryse.  Virgil asked him what he will do for protection, he said “go to the drugstore”.  Virgil left.  Okay, I have to admit that is a very funny line.

Josh Matthews is now with The Hart Dynasty, he wants to know what their views are about what happened to Bret.  They said they could see what happened after seeing how it ended the last time.  Natalya is now wrestling tonight in her debut match, and she will dedicate her match to Bret.  “These Harts won’t stop beating”.  Great line.

A limo is showing outside, who could be in that car?

Natalya is facing on Tamina in a one on one match. 

Natalya is about to do the Sharpshooter, but the NXT guys show up.  Wade Barrett grabs the mic and he wants to apologize, but Tyson Kidd does a plancha on Wade Barrett and Heath Slater.  They take out the Hart Dynasty, and enter the ring, going to a commercial.

David Otunga has the mic when they come back, and he wants to apologize for their actions last week.  They did it for their love of WWE, they would do anything to get there.  Now that they have their WWE contracts, things can go back to normal. 

Heath Slater said he is trying to say they are sorry.  The attacks were not personal, there are individuals, they want to apologize to.

Justin Gabriel wants to apologize to Bret Hart.  He got rid of the only connection they had to get to the WWE, Wade Barrett.  He wants to apologize to Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, he hopes they can coexist.

Darren Young is speaking, he wants to apologize to John Cena.  He said when he was in NXT, people called him “The Black John Cena”, and he said that Cena will get his title back.

Skip Sheffield wants to apologize the fans, the WWE Universe.  The fans joined him and said “Yup Yup Yup, whatado”.  He wants the fans to do it again, and he wants the kids and parents to forgive and forget.

Michael Tarver said he used to be homeless, and he wants to apologize to his kids.  But when you can go out and do whatever it takes, legally, to do it.  He said we would have done the same thing if they were in their position.

Wade Barrett said they had to do what they had to do, but not him.  However, he did it for loyalty.  They were going to have some fun during the NXT run, but they were going to stick to loyalty at the end of the day.  He said everything has been reinstated now too with their contracts.  He said that Sheamus won because of them, he said since he has a title shot at any PPV, he can strike at any time, and he will be WWE Champion, no matter who it is.

John Morrison comes out with Eli Cottonwood, his NXT rookie.  He is taking on Ted Dibiase, but Ted has better things to do, so he gets Zack Ryder to take his spot.  John wins with the Starship Pain.  I wish Zack Ryder would get more of a push because anyone who comes out to those tights and is brave enough to do so, that should earn something.  But still, a good match.

John Cena is with Josh Matthews backstage, he wants to know John’s thoughts on the apology of NXT.  Cena doesn’t accept it.  Now what kind of message does that send to the kids?  Never forgive?  He says he is going to settle the score, but first, he wants his title back.  Vince interrupts him and says tonight, there will be no excuses.  One way or the other he will ensure the best man wins.  He wishes him luck.

Great Khali and Eve are involved in a mixed tag match.  So, let me get this right, Eve just lost her Diva’s Title, so instead of being upset and want her title rematch, she is dancing with the Great Kahli?  Okay, their opponents are Primo and Alicia Fox.  How is this fair?  Well, it was a very quick match and Alicia walked out on her tag team partner and Primo got Punjabi Plunge.  Hmmmm….okay.

Randy Orton comes out for a promo.  He accepts NXT’s apology, but he hopes Wade Barrett becomes the WWE Champion, so he could take the title from him.  The Miz comes out and interrupts him.  He said that Randy hears voices in his head, so does he, and it is he is sick and tired of seeing Randy get another title shot.  But as many accomplishments as Randy has done, Miz will do something Randy has never done, and that is hold both US and WWE Titles at the same time.  Miz starts to say he is The Miz and he is awesome, but he kicks Randy in the gut and beats him down.  Randy eventually reverses it, and is getting set to RKO him, but Miz slides out of the ring, Randy turns around and is speared by Edge.  Is this an alliance in the making, Edge and Miz?  I could deal with that.  Edge said “The real fun begins Randy”.

Now comes the main event, John Cena taking on Sheamus for the WWE Title.  For those keeping score, Sheamus has never pinned Cena…then again, John Cena hasn’t pinned Sheamus either.  SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE!!!!

Now, this is odd, I don’t know why Jack Doane is out there when Vince is special ref.  Speaking of that, why do the special refs get their own music, but the refs do not?  That’s not right.

And for those keeping score, Justin Roberts still hasn’t worn a bow tie.  Is he rubbing it in Daniel Bryan’s face?

Okay Michael Cole explained that Vince is actually a special enforcer, and Jack Doane is the ref.  My question is why didn’t we get the memo, or email?  The GM specifically said, er I mean, typed that Vince would be the special guest ref.

Well, as it turns out, neither man pins each other, in fact this match became a no contest because the NXT guys came in and surrounded the ring, Sheamus bailed.  What kind of badass bails from a fight?  NXT guys surround the ring and take out Cena.  They all do their moves, the announcers bail out too, so Superman has to fight himself.  He gets thrown on a table and they push the announce table on top of Cena.  Out of nowhere, Vince comes in and seems to approve this.  He calls them to the ring, and proclaims that he partial responsibility of the whole thing.  Ummmm what?    He wants people to give himself a big hand, but this seems to upset the guys, at first they smile, then they get angry, even has Vince for a second, but then they smile again….only this time, they are angry.  They surround Vince and destroy him.  Everybody gets to do their move, including Justin Gabriel’s 450 splash, and they leave the ringside.  The entire place is quiet and an official wants some medic to come in and that is how we end tonight’s show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, that was that.  A bit of a mixed bag to me, the best thing was we had NXT come out and they were awesome.  But the thing is we are starting to get the same thing week after week, and we need to find out who was behind this, and for that matter, we need to start seeing some unity behind the WWE guys.  Not one person came out to help John or Vince.  Why?  I think we either need to see that, or at the very least an explanation.  We see the NXT guys destroy the chairman of WWE, but who was behind this?  We know the new GM is behind this and we also know it’s someone Vince knows, because earlier tonight, he was on the phone with them.  I will let this week’s emails slide, but if this continues on, then it’s plain stupid.  I have a feeling, a very strong feeling the result will be Paul Heyman.  I would love that, but also be torn at the same time, because I believed Paul should be in TNA, but regardless, Paul needs to do something in Wrestling again.  The industry misses him, more than I had ever thought, so having him mold the NXT guys, have them fight the “machine” WWE would be tremendous fun. 

But I also want to say something else about this, not a good start for Sheamus’ 2nd run as WWE Champion.  Remember, this is a guy who took HHH out and bragged about it, so why wouldn’t he stand up to fight?  Or at the very least, do not run away like a cowardly heel does.  It just doesn’t fit.  But at some point, and hopefully this starts next week, we need to see some WWE guys come out and help fight, even if they get beat down too.  At least try to do something. 

I guess Edge will continue to feud with Randy Orton, which will be fun, and it was good to see The Miz help out Edge, but again why didn’t Edge show any feelings over the NXT guys?  We need to start seeing some of that, not one match was announced for Money in the Bank PPV either. 

I did enjoy Evan Bourne and Chris Jericho.  Once again, they put on a Wrestling clinic, and I would like to see them, I also liked the Hart Dynasty involvement with NXT.  It will elevate them too if they are involved in this feud.  The 2nd hour was much better than the 1st hour, and for that, I applaud them, but the ending still leaves too many unanswered questions, maybe I am putting too much thought in that, or am getting too impatient?  What are your thoughts?  Let me know by email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or leave me a comment.  And please check out my good friends over at Hittheradio.com, where you can also check out WWE  Superstars report by yours truly.  And it is a very good site, I highly recommend it.  Check me out on Twitter at KevinGillman, and check my other site called TheTribeSource.com, where I talk about my beloved Cleveland Indians.  Have a great night.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

3 Responses to WWE Monday Night Raw…The Fallout of Fatal 4-Way

  1. Razor says:

    Sheamus runs because he’s smart. Sure, he can take out Triple H, but he’s not stupid enough to stick around and get his ass handed to him by seven guys. He’s not afraid to take a shortcut, and that’s what makes him a unique balance between Flair-esque heel and monster heel.

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      Okay, I can understand that, but do you think Sheamus needs to pin these guys? I guess I forgot he did pin Cena last night at the PPV, so that’s a step up…LOL But even if he cheated, he needs a few pins, right? See, I didn’t like Sheamus at first, but I have warmed up to him, so that’s a step up. What do you think of my choice of Heyman being the Raw GM?

  2. Razor says:

    Since he put Triple H on the shelf, I think Sheamus is fine. Pinfall wins are good, but as long as he’s presented as this dangerous (but smart) character, it’ll all work out. He’s getting huge reactions from the crowd, his mic work continues to improve and WWE is obviously high on him, so I really don’t see any cause for concern right now.

    As for Heyman as the mystery GM, he’d make a great manager for NXT, Heyman on TV is always welcome, and I wouldn’t be stunned if WWE signed him just to make sure he stays out of TNA, but that said, it seems like wishful thinking. Heyman seems happy doing what he’s doing and I don’t know if WWE thinks he’s relevant enough to the mainstream audience to make for a good reveal.

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