WWE Monday Night Raw 6/28/10…NEXUS Has Arrived

We start Raw off tonight with a video recap of the NEXUS attacking Mr. McMahon.  What will happen tonight?  It’s time to go burning down the ground and we venture to Raw.

No theme music tonight, we start right off with Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler.  They are indeed officially called NEXUS.  They still say that the McMahons are being quiet over Vince’s recovery, and they say the board of directors are meeting with Wade Barrett with the GM communicating at that meeting via email.  Now that would be funny to see for some reason, I hope we get to see that.

The new WWE Champion Sheamus is out, and good gravy, they need to change the look of the title.  I am tired of the spinner look, the World Title looks so much better, they should design a belt similar to that.

Sheamus looked at footage of what went down last week and he is disgusted.  He feels since he is the WWE champ, he should make a statement to represent the company, and that is THE CHAMP IS HERE….

Everyone knows even if NEXUS hadn’t interfered, he would have beat Cena anyway.  I love the heat Sheamus is getting right now.  He says Cena is not the number one contender anymore, if only that were true.

He won’t see orange shirts anymore, he won’t hear chants of Cena, and he won’t be made fun of anymore.  I say he should go back to the bottom and face The Brooklyn Brawler.

Well, Cena comes out, and I am sure he will put down Sheamus some more.  Okay, not really, Cena wants Sheamus’ help to fight NEXUS.  I mean, after all, NEXUS attacked Cena because he is the WWE Champion, so now that Sheamus is the WWE Champion, who should they attack?  The WWE Champion, the “jar of mayonnaise” “Philadelphia’s own cream cheese”.  Okay that was funny.

A sound for an email came on and it’s from the GM.  Michael Cole, the official spokesman for the new GM said that he has given Wade Barrett one week to explain himself.  So if any member of NEXUS touches any WWE Wrestler, they will be fired.  If any WWE Wrestler touches any NEXUS member, they will be suspended.

John Cena said that we found out Sheamus is a good guy, and now Sheamus wants to put the WWE Title on the line.  The email signal came on and Michael Cole goes on to the podium that says “General Manager” and he read that Sheamus will face off against Mark Henry tonight.

Cena is “upset” and he wants the GM to email him at Candypants534@gamail.org.  How many bets that people will actually email that address.

The email sound goes off again, and Cole read that in 3 weeks, we will have Money in the Bank PPV where 2 matches will be Money in the Bank Ladder matches and the winner gets a title shot at any given time in a year.  The 8 participants will be announced later tonight, Sheamus has had enough and he walks out.  Then a steel cage emerges from up above and the email sound goes off again, with Cole reading that at Money in the Bank PPV, there will be a steel cage match between John Cena and Sheamus.  This way, there will be a winner.  Well, at least we have some matches announced for the PPV.

We have a 6 person tag team match between The Hart Dynasty and Natalya taking on The Uso’s and Tamina.  But a match doesn’t take place, The Harts and Natalya get ambushed from behind by Tamina and The Uso’s.  Tamina attacks Natalya again, puts her in the ring and does the top rope splash, made famous by her father. 

Now we see what we just saw again, with a replay. 

Josh Matthews is in now and his guest is R-Truth.  He asks him what actions should be taken against the group NEXUS.  Truth says they are acting like “Wild, untamed animals”.  Don’t fire him, because he’ll be the Zookeeper, and that’s THE TRUTH.  Really?  Whoever wrote that line should be fired, and that’s THE TRUTH.

Vladimir Kozlov is in the ring, he will take on Santino.  If Santino pins Kozlov, he will agree to be Santino’s tag team partner.  Kozlov beat Santino with The Iron Curtain.  He tried to get Santino to get up, but Santino kept falling.  He tried to shake his hand, but Santino fell, William Regal shook Kozlov’s hand and William went to attack Santino, but Vladimir kicked Regal out of the ring, and that is that.  Kozlov won, but he they will still be a tag team.

Josh Matthews is with The Gret Khali and he again asked him what should happen with NEXUS.  Khali says something, but his brother Ranjin Singh said if Khali can fight NEXUS, he can do it without his translator.  What?  So Ranjin is done?

Wow, I forgot there was a guest host, how does that sound?  But tonight’s guest host is Rob Zombie, a huge WWE fan.  His new CD Hellbilly Deluxe 2 is out now, and of course, Michael Cole is acting like his biggest fan.  I can’t picture Michael Cole digging rock.

He is here to announce the 8 participants for the Money in the Bank Ladder match at the PPV, they are Randy Orton, The Miz, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, Evan Bourne, Ted Dibiase, John Morrison, and Edge.

Rob seems upset that Edge is involved and Edge is on the Titan Tron.  He said he hasn’t talked to him since he called him personally to tell him that he was dumping his old entrance music.  Rob said he took the song back so he couldn’t ruin his song anymore, he dumped him, and he dropped the mic to leave.  But Edge gives us his history with Money in the Bank ladder matches where he cashed it in and beat John Cena for his first title.

The video shows that and I truly miss Jim Ross.  The video shows when Edge did cash in his Money in the Bank, which was brilliant at the time.  Edge said he loves being a part of this because he owns the Money in the Bank ladder match.  You know what happens to a viper who runs into a 20 foot ladder?  The viper gets his head crushed before it even strikes, and he will do that to the other participants too.  And they all will be staring up at him when he wins the Money in the Bank match. 

The email sound goes off, and the funny thing is this is causing some groans from the fans and Cole is getting booed.  Tonight’s main event match will be an 8 man tag team match with Edge, Ted Dibiase, The Miz, and Chris Jericho taking on Randy Orton, R-Truth, Evan Bourne, and John Morrison.

Mark Henry will be taking on Sheamus next.

Sheamus defeated Mark Henry with a bit of an ease, which is surprising.  He won with the Throw Kick.  The highlight of the match was hearing Michael Cole repeatedly refer NEXUS as “The former NXT-ers” boy, that is a dumb name, I am glad they didn’t go with that.

Speaking of NEXUS, the 6 remaining men are with Josh Matthews, and he reminded them that if they touch any WWE guys, they will be fired, and Michael Tarver reminded him the same goes for the WWE guys.  If they provoke them or touch them, they will be suspended, then Skip Sheffield looks off camera and asks him what this guys said, and when he approached him, he beat him down.  He came back, and the message was sent to Josh Matthews…shut up.

We come back and see Jerry Lawler welcome Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, who has a DVD coming out tomorrow, talking about his life and wrestling career.  Wow, they are using the generic music, and not the awesome music that WCW used during Steamboat’s last WCW run, that WWE owns.

Jerry wants some guys to come out and honor his career.  Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Michael P.S. Hayes, and Mike Rotunda all come out.  Very nice touch.  They all have words to say, Dean starts off saying it’s an honor being out there with him.  He is looking forward to watching it on TV when it comes out tomorrow.  Rotunda tells Ricky to pay his taxes when he gets the DVD going.  Michael Hayes said that he came out just to strut…Freebird style, but he has tremendous respect for him.  Arn Anderson talks, and everyone listens.  He is very proud of Ricky, and he has done it all.  Arn said it will take more than 3 DVDs to hold his career, and the crowd yells out WOOOOOOO. 

Ricky wants to thank everyone, and now comes NEXUS….oh this is brilliant, and all 6 men are ready to fight.  NEXUS tries to get into the ring, but the legends have them.  Now NEXUS grabs Arn out of the ring and are attacking him.  1 down…5 to go.  Dean is out and he is done.  4 left.  Rotunda is out….3 left.  Wow, business has just picked up.  Now all 6 members are in the ring and taking care of business of the 3 remaining legends.  Ricky is in the ring by himself, and now the 6 men will pounce on him.  Ricky makes the first move, and they are making him pay.  Heath Slater, it appears is now the leader of the 5 men, he is giving orders tonight with Wade not being there.  Otunga gives Ricky the Spinebuster, Skip Sheffield gives him the Lariat, Justin is giving him the 450 Splash, and this segment is done.  Wow, what a hell of a segment though.  Incredible.

They come back and carnage is still around.  Ricky is out on a stretcher, and Cole is out there by himself.  They go to another commercial.

We now have the Divas representing…Gail Kim and Eve taking on Alicia Foxx and Maryse.  Josh Matthews joins Michael Cole for the rest of the show.

Alicia Foxx wins for her team with the Axe Kick on Gail Kim.  Maryse and Alicia eye each other because of the Divas title.

The 8 man tag match is next.

The team of Randy Orton, R-Truth, John Morrison, and Evan Bourne defeat Ted Dibiase, Edge, Chris Jericho, and The Miz in a very good tag team match, but a few fitting thins struck me.  One is Edge and Chris Jericho just had a feud a few short months ago, and here they are tagging like that feud is behind them.  And two, Ted Dibiase is just another body in this match, and he was treated as such because Jericho gave Bourne a Codebreaker, and they did a slow hot tag for both, Jericho tagged in Ted, and Orton was tagged in.  Orton ducked a clothesline, and quickly gave Dibiase a RKO. 

After the match, everyone attacked everyone and the ladder came out.  When it was all said and done, The Miz was up on the ladder, but Orton took the ladder down and The Miz went out of the ring.  Orton climbed up on top, grabbed the briefcase, and we are done.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This wasn’t a show booked on logic, but who cares?  That second hour blew anything the first hour could have done.  First things first, Cena did not put over the new champion, and I am tired of hearing the lame jokes.  Cena just got beat down by NEXUS again last week, and he comes out, not selling anything, and acting like nothing has been done, so he jokes about Sheamus yet again.  This guy is the new champion, he is supposed to be protected, stop treating him like he is a joke.  The only thing that the segment did was put over the steel cage match for the PPV.  That was needed, I just hope Sheamus wins this one, and we don’t get another rematch.

The rest of the hour was bland, at best.  I mean the beatdown the Uso’s gave The Hart Dynasty was fine, but you don’t remember it because we had seen it a few weeks ago. 

The rest of the hour wasn’t noteworthy, so here we go…

I knew something was going to happen during that Ricky Steamboat segment, but I was a bit shocked that NEXUS came out.  For some reason, I thought Zack Ryder would have come out, told everyone they are old, and the legends all did something and raise Ricky’s hand, but instead something better happened.  NEXUS attacked them one by one.  That was simply the best they could have done that.  I won’t even discuss Wade Barrett not being there, because honestly they didn’t need him.  Everything else was laid out and Heath Slater showed he can be that leader.  Heath is much more effective as a heel, rather than a babyface because people can take him more seriously.  And on top of that, Michael Cole mentioned that the other WWE guys couldn’t come out or else they would be suspended.  Corny, perhaps, but in terms of storyline continuity, it works.  And, some may say that Ricky should have had his moment, I say he did.  Just by being in a serious angle, that alone gave him his moment.  People now know his DVD comes out tomorrow, so he didn’t need to get his hand raised.  Kudos to the writing team tonight for booking that.

The Divas sadly was treated like the Cruiserweights in WCW.  When something big went down, they threw those guys out there and the announcers didn’t talk about their match, but rather what just went down.  Yeah, that happened tonight.

The main event was fine, but actually after that perfect booking earlier, anything else would be a let down, but the match was still fun to watch.

Much better second hour makes the entire show watchable again.  Any thoughts or comments?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com and let me know what you think of the show.  I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow night for NXT.


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