TNA Impact 7/1/10…THEY (Abyss) Vs THEM (Jeff Hardy)

The video showcases what went down with Abyss the last few weeks.  THEY are coming….or is it THEM?

We go to the Impact Zone and see Abyss throwing chairs into the ring.  He is chasing So. Cal Val and chasing kids out-of-the-way so he can throw more chairs into the ring.  Big Meanie, and I am not talking about The Blue Meanie.

Val trips when Abyss says “YOUUUUUUUUUU” and Hulk Hogan comes out.  Hulk wants Abyss to come into the ring.  Eric Bischoff runs to Hogan’s aid and gets in between him saying not to confront Abyss.  The crowd is chanting “Let them fight” and security comes in between Abyss and Hogan.  Bischoff tries to talk to Abyss, but he slaps him.  Abyss decks the security and points to Bischoff.  Hogan with a chair, he whacks him in the back, no sold both of them and Abyss grabs Hogan’s throat.  Jeff Hardy comes in and gives Abyss a Twist of Fate, then does the Swanton.  The funny thing is Hogan is acting like a heel, whacking the chair and then running away like a coward.

Abyss gets back up and wants Hardy in the ring right now.  He says Jeff is “His” tonight, and I guess that is our main event.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us and they tell us tonight…number 4 AJ Styles will take on number 6 contender Samoa Joe.  Abyss interrupts the broadcast and stares Taz down.  Very “extreme”.

We come back and Jeff Hardy is livid over what went down, he wants Abyss tonight.  Both Bischoff and Hogan agreed and said they have his back, and there we are.

Motor City Machinguns will take on the team of Ink, Inc.  It should be a good match.

I am becoming a fan of Ink, Inc, and I am certainly a fan of The Guns, so yeah this was a good match.  The story here was D-Von came to commentate saying Brother Ray better do the right thing and settle down here, stop making D-Von look like a fool.  Right after Jesse pulled the spear, Brother Ray came out and wanted to go face to face with Jesse.  So D-Von cut him off and those two went at it, meanwhile the Guns pulled off the victory with the double team move and won the match.  The only thing I didn’t like was the lack of effort making the Guns look like the number one contenders for the Tag team titles.  They brought it up, but they didn’t put the focus on it.  It still was a fun match.

Tenay and Taz brought up how crazy it was for Abyss staring them down, Eric Bischoff’s music comes on and he interrupts them to say it is indeed confirmed…tonight’s main event will be Jeff Hardy taking on Abyss, with Rob Van Dam as the special guest referee.

We go to the back, and see Dixie Carter enter, what does she have to say?

Dixie Carter is walking and the goon backstage that is never on camera asks what she is doing in the back, and she just doesn’t say a word.  How rude.

Get ready to be entertained….Samoa Joe taking on AJ Styles is now.

They didn’t disappoint.  The match went a good 10 minutes with the number 6 contender defeating the number 4 contender, AJ Styles by making him tap with the Coquina Clutch.  Tenay and Taz made it clear that Flair was looking at anybody to start-up Fortune, and even Joe can become a member.  Plus with Joe’s victory, he was looking to impress the board of directors so he can move up in the rankings.  After the match, Flair consoled with AJ and Kazarian, who accompanied them was smiling over it.  AJ sees this and challenges Kazarian to a match next week.  Maybe once and for all, this will be settled?  Or maybe not.

Dixie Carter is with Hogan and Bischoff.  They want to discuss Sting and how he stands for just himself.  Kevin Nash knocks on the door and they want him to give them a few minutes.  Hogan claims Sting “can’t handle success”.  Really?  Hogan wants to know what they are doing there, and Dixie thinks for a second, she says to make TNA better.  They want her to suspend Sting, and tonight, she will do something about it.  She will have to di it herself.

Desmond Wolfe is in the ring, ready to lose.  For some reason, Chelsea is STILL with him.  His opponent will be Brian Kendrick.

Brian made Desmond submit with the Cobra Clutch.  Douglas Williams was out for commentary, and his great line about Brian was this “Just because he watches Ultimate Fighter, it makes him think he is a submission artist”?  Very funny.  Chelsea didn’t want to be there, Desmond told her if she didn’t like it, do something about it, so she left.  Brian slapped the move on Desmond and Wolfie submitted.  A good, short match, but I just don’t like the Chelsea storyline.

Still to come tonight…Jeff Hardy taking on Abyss with RVD as the special guest ref.

(((Editor’s Note)))….I am having problems with this site right now, let’s see if this works by tonight…

Okay, let’s try this now….The Pope comes back to his congregation.  The crowd is cheering “Hallelujah” and I say Amen.  Pope appreciates this moment and he says moments like this, makes everything worth coming out.  He says he is 80% and tells it only like The Pope can, so I won’t try, but let’s just say, this was the best segment of the night, by far.  He says he hasn’t forgotten what Mr. Anderson did, and he may have some people fooled, but not him, and at some point, they will clash.  He also hasn’t forgotten his goal and one day soon, he will make history and become the TNA Heavyweight Champion, even if he has to face everyone and climb that ladder.

Kurt Angle comes out and welcomes Pope back, he said Pope knows why he is here, and that is because Kurt beat number 9 contender Desmond Wolfe last week, and next on his list is the number 8 contender, The Pope.  Because of that, those two will hook it up at Victory Road.  It’s good for The Pope because it could be a career maker for him, but if Kurt loses, it could be a career ender.  He shook his hand and said we will meet at Victory Road, and those 2 will tear the roof off the building.

Jay Lethal comes out and he has a very serious look on his face, not joking around.  He grabs the mic and says he used to respect Ric Flair, but not anymore, not after he and AJ beat down his brother.  He is a wrestler, not his brother.  He demands either AJ or Ric Flair come out and he will not leave until they do.  Enter Matt Morgan….Matt informs Jay that he is sorry to do this, okay not really, but he informs Jay that he was the very first person Ric approached about joining Fortune, and he is still thinking about it.  But one thing he can agree with Ric is he needs a beatdown, and he can do it.  So we have a match.

Jay Lethal beats Matt Morgan in a good “Big Man vs Little Man” match.  Hernandez came out when Jay was outside of the ring and the ref tended to him, he gave Matt a low blow and left, while Jay gives Matt a Missile Dropkick for the victory and he celebrates with the crowd.

Abyss is getting ready for his match, and he is saying something or other, shining his new weapon.

Taylor Wilde makes it up to Impact, good to see her, and they need to show her more.  Her opponent will be the TNA Knockout champion Madison Rayne, minus the other Beautiful People, she is doing this by herself, since the other two are gone from injuries off the hands of Angelina Love, and her trusty chair.  Tommy Dreamer comes out with Stevie Richards, Raven, and newly recruited Rhyno.  Tenay wants to ask Taz what is going on with Dreamer, and Taz doesn’t know.  Madison wins the match Angelina comes out with her trusted chair, showing Madison that she has her number.  Madison gets away just at the knick of time.  They go at it at Victory Road.

When we come back from break, Sarita is attacking Taylor Wilde backstage, I guess they broke up as a team.  Earlier in the match, Tenay questioned the friction that those two have had and Taz said to watch XPlosion.  The problem here is we don’t get it at Ohio.  So even I am out of the loop, but this certainly doesn’t put a good picture with the Knockout Tag Team division since now there is only, I don’t know 1 Knockout team.  Sarita hits Taylor with everything she could fine, even a street cone….THEY WERE CONES.

Dixie is now in the rafters with Sting, Sting is glad to see Dixie because now she can finally “see what is going on around here”.  Dixie said Hulk and Eric have made it clear, Sting is the Cancer of TNA and for that, he is suspended for 30 days.  Sting says so is this what it is about, he doesn’t care about the money, and Dixie wants answers, no cryptic answers, Sting says he has been trying to say that Hulk and Eric….Bischoff stops him and gets security to escort him out.  He says forget the 30 days, she can make the suspension indefinite.  He walks away and Eric says they need to get security for her.

Main event time, RVD is ready to be the guest ref, and so are we.  Jeff Hardy wins the match with the Swanton.  Back and forth action and the funny part though was when Abyss was running the same kids out of the area that he did in the beginning of the show so he could grab the chair and bring into the ring.  After a couple of attempts at the Swanton, Jeff uses it to win.  After the match, Abyss attacks both RVD and Jeff Hardy, and he grabs that new weapon of his, a board with nails on them.  He is about to use them when Mr. Anderson comes in with a chair.  He hits him in the gut, and when he tries to nail him in the head, Abyss ducks, and Anderson hits Hardy instead.  Tenay actually asked if it was an accident.  Okay Mike, and Abyss puts Anderson in The Shock treatment to end the show with the other 3 men on the ground.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to say one thing about this episode.  I absolutely loved the segment with Angle and Pope.  I look forward to that match at the PPV because I know without question, those two will put on an amazing match, and this segment shows the heart and desire both men have.  This was Pope’s moment, and he certainly made that moment.  I have mixed feelings though, because I don’t want to see Pope lose.  I hate the added twist Angle put in that he would be done with TNA if he lost.  Why?  I understand the whole you want to prove you’re the best, but when they add that incentive, you already know who is going to win.  So I have a problem with that.  Just put the story of 2 men want to find out who the best is, and if one man wins, another one will lose, but at the end of the match, they will shake hands and move on.  Seems simple to me.  In fact, that seems very good and it makes me want to see the match more.  So that killed a little momentum to the match.

Having said that, this was a decent show tonight.  They were putting the pieces together for the PPV, and are slowly building the matches.  I loved the Joe Vs AJ match, and I also like how they are continuing the shows with saying “Next week” we will have this match, in this case Kazarian Vs AJ Styles.  I just question why they are having AJ lose so many matches anymore.  They can never forget the Franchise, no matter how much they may try.  I also like how they are building up the X-Division title match at the PPV, by showcasing the two men in matches.  Douglas Williams is very funny in his commentary and has gotten better as every week he gets to shine. 

Flair Vs Lethal ought to be a good match at the PPV too, and although they didn’t have the two face off in a promo, they made it known the match is taking place, and put that over. 

Now, in terms of the main event at the PPV, I hope Abyss wins because this might be good for him and “THEY” although I doubt that will happen, since I am sure they would rather go with Angle taking on RVD at Bound for Glory.  Or are they?  Do THEY even know?  Hmmmmm.  Let me know what you think, drop me a line at or drop me a comment.


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