WWE Raw 7/5/10….The Barrett-Cena Summit

Off the heels from last week, and may we also wish Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat a very quick recovery, but off the heels of last week, what will NEXUS do now?  Does it also say something that NEXUS angle is the hottest storyline that WWE has had in quite some time, yet this wasn’t originally planned.  We’ll soon find out, almost time for Raw.  I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July, seeing the fireworks, going to cookouts.

No video, just right to the 7 men from NEXUS.  Wade Barrett is back this week, great to see that.  Wade said he received an email from the GM and he was to gather around the other 6 men, to see what their fate is.  He can’t say why they did what they did to Mr. McMahon at this moment, but it needed to be done.  It’s all a bigger picture.  Vince thought he controlled them, but he didn’t. 

Wade hands the mic to Skip Sheffield, he said what they did to the legends was fun.  They found a loophole in the GM’s sayings, and they exploited it, and although the fans won’t admit it, we loved it.  Yes we did.  He compared it to a car accident.  There is more interest now in Ricky’s DVD than there would have been, and he should thank them.

The email sound came on and Michael Cole said here is the punishment, none of the NEXUS members can get a WWE Title shot until further notice, and the rule on the WWE Wrestlers touching NEXUS members and vice versa has been lifted.

John Cena’s music comes on, he says the 7 of them have done alot, but they haven’t gotten themselves into a fair fight.  So, now we have 7 on 7.  John Morrison, Hart Dynasty, R-Truth, Randy Orton, and Evan Bourne come out, but are cut off by Edge, Sheamus, The Uso’s, Ted Dibiase, Chris Jericho, and The Miz attack them. 

Sheamus grabs the mic and says you just don’t get it.  He says the one superstar they seem to attack is Cena.  NEXUS attacks Bret Hart and Cena, and all 7 men on the top support that idea.  Last week, Cena asked Sheamus to join him and fight NEXUS, he respectively declines. 

Randy Orton grabs the mic and asks what is wrong with Edge?  Does he forget that NEXUS attacked them at Fatal 4-Way?  He says that he and Cena will never be friends, unless they have to be.  How about a 7 on 7 tag match tonight?

The email sound goes off, Cole says that instead of fighting together, they must stand by each other.  Tonight, all 8 men in the Money in the Bank ladder match will take place in matches.  And John Cena will be in the same ring as Wade Barrett….shaking hands and calling it a truce.  Cena doesn’t like that idea, but the GM than emailed John and said he has to be the bigger man in this case or else face consequences “And that’s the bottom line cause the Raw GM said so”

Ummmm….no, I can almost guarantee that Stone Cold Steve Austin is not the Raw GM.

John Morrison is up first, he will take on Ted Dibiase.

Maryse, who comes out to the ring with Dibiase sits in commentary, professing her love for Ted.  She gets a cell phone call, takes John Morrison’s ring jacket and distracts the referee so Ted can poke John in the eye and go for Dreamstreet and the win.  I actually like this pairing.

Vladimir Kozlov and Santino are walking backstage, they are set for a tag team match tonight.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler show us the attacks that NEXUS has given John Cena. 

Tonight, will there be a truce between John Cena and Wade Barrett?

Santino and Vladimir Kozlov are going to tag, and their opponents are William Regal and The Great Khali?  This won’t last long.

Yup, Khali didn’t even tag.  Kozlov gave Regal The Iron Curtain for the win, after Santino was getting hit around.  Khali came in and wanted Regal to get up, Santino and Kozlov held him up and he gave him the Chop.  So than they all dance in ring.

Tonight, The Cutting Edge returns with Evan Bourne and Chris Jericho being the guest and they will give us an update on Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat next.

We come back and see what happened last week with NEXUS attacking the legends, including Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.  Arn Anderson is with Josh Matthews.  He asks Arn the status of Ricky, Arn says it’s bad to watch.  He is bad, very serious and is one of the good guys.  Sheamus is behind Arn and told him to “cry him a river”, he used to be the Enforcer, but now he’s just a pathetic old man.  Arn said to wake up, this isn’t just about Cena, he needs to check his ego at the door.  The one difference between The Horsemen and NEXUS is they know not to mess with Sheamus.  Arn said to remember this, right now things are great for Sheamus, but next month, he may be a Great White Shark without a paddle, and he has to have some backup.  Sheamus said he doesn’t need anyone because he is the WWE Champ.  Arn shakes his head and says you just don’t get it, and walks off.

Tonight, Eve has revoked her rematch clause and she will try to win back the Divas Title from Alicia Fox, and R-Truth will face The Miz….next.

Hey everybody, R-Truth needs some new music…what’s up.  And of course, The Miz rehashes that by doing a rap himself about how he is going to win the Money in the Bank ladder match.  R-Truth is laughing about it.  He tells us he is awesome, than beats Truth with the mic.

A match never takes place because Miz attacks Truth-s shoulder to the point it sounds like it was broken.  Miz has a very possessed look on his face as if to clarify how serious he is.  Very nice touch.  It seemed so real though, I hope Truth is okay.

Miz then talks more trash to Truth as he is being helped to the back, he wants to know if it hurts, he says good because that is what will happen to everyone who steps in the ring with him.  He will make it hurt.  That is the Truth.

Time for the Cutting Edge.  Edge said a moment of silence for R-Truth, he only knew one song but he knew it so well.  Very true.  He commented on what Randy said earlier about NEXUS attacking him at Fatal 4-Way, but he says why make 7 enemies, when he can make 7 allies.  See, his focus is on the Money in the Bank Ladder match, which is 2 weeks away.  He said every single person who won the match, has gone on to become the WWE Champion.  He has done it twice, so he knows that will equal the WWE Championship.  He has done it before, unlike his 2 guests, and he first introduces to Evan Bourne, but Chris Jericho come out instead.

Chris says that he doesn’t take a backseat to anyone.  He knows what Edge is doing, but he was Wade Barrett’s mentor during the 1st season at NXT.  He can be NEXUS advisor.  Edge asks Chris why would they listen to him when he barely beat Evan Bourne two weeks ago.  Chris reminded Edge he beat him at Wrestlemania.  Edge said his mind wasn’t focused, instead he wanted the fans to support him.  But he said 2 weeks from now is the PPV, he can win the match, then cash in his title match right after the steel cage match against the winner.  Chris said Edge always idolized Chris, but honestly, Edge was in WWE before Chris, but details, details.

Edge attacks Chris when he told him that Chris would win Money in the Bank ladder match and was ready to spear him, but Evan Bourne came out and all 3 started to fight.  Evan got out of the ring and the email sound goes off.

The GM said if you want to see a fight, give me a “Hell Yeah”  Clear the ring, because coming up, we will see Chris Jericho and Edge take on Evan Bourne and Randy Orton.

Evan Bourne and Randy Orton beat Chris Jericho and Edge when Bourne gave Jericho Air Bourne.  The story of the match was Jericho and Edge reluctantly tagging in and out and working well as a team, but Edge walks out on Jericho and Chris gets pinned.  After the match, Evan celebrates a bit too much and Randy gives him the RKO, reminding him and the world that the Money in the Bank match is everyone for themselves.

Another video of John Cena getting attacked by NEXUS.  Can John Cena and Wade Barrett shake hands?  In a word…no.

Randy Orton is walking backstage and he runs into David Otunga, Heath Slater, and Michael Tarver.  They don’t mean any harm, this had nothing to do with Randy.  They are trying to apologize and say they will not interfere in the Money in the Bank match.  They are telling him they will interfere in the steel cage match and the champion might be in a vulnerable position.  So it wouldn’t be a good idea that the winner of the Money in the Bank match come out.  They ask Randy to think about it the next time Cena asks for help.  Randy said he would think about it.

They give us an update on R-Truth and he is out of the Money in the Bank ladder match, so someone will fill that slot. 

Josh Matthews is with the Uso’s and Tamina, who get a tag team title shot at the PPV against The Hart Dynasty.  The Uso’s say in 2 weeks, they will be the new Unified tag team champions, and next week, Josh will know who they are about.

Alicia Fox is now with Josh and she is mad that she is upset she hasn’t been interviewed since winning the Diva’s Title.  She said it wasn’t a fluke she won the Diva’s title and she will prove that next.

So we come back from Raw and we see the Diva’s champion already in the ring.  Something isn’t right with that.  Eve comes out, and here we go.

Ahhh the fake injury where Alicia acted like her ankle was hurt, so when Eve attacked, she ducked and hit her Axe Kick for the victory.  Her title win wasn’t a fluke.

Yet another video of NEXUS attacking Cena….The Ceba-Barrett summit is up next.

Wade Barrett comes out first, he grabs the mic, he said everything NEXUS has done has had a purpose.  It’s just too bad he has been caught up in the middle.  So he would like for Cena to come out, so they can shake hands like men.  Cena comes out, but is watching his back and slowly approaching the ring.  Barrett says he wants to move on, he wants to forget the past, things can be alot easier, or they can be alot harder.  The choice is Cena’s.  Cena now speaks, he asks if they shake hands, it all stops.  He needs to know if Wade wants to do the truths, he needs Wade’s word, and where he comes from, a word is all he has.  And it needs to stop.  Cena takes out his hand, Wade tries to shake it, but Cena takes it away and start to make jokes again.  He tells Wade to take his plans and stuff it.  He looks forward to the future, the future is Cena takes them down, one by one, whether he has help or not, he has his word on it.

Wade said he is lucky that he is still breathing because if he doesn’t shake his hand, John will pay some very dear consequences.  It wasn’t even about him, but it could be.  John shakes hands with Wade, and John tries to turn it into an Attitude Adjustment, but NEXUS comes out and gets him.  John Morrison comes out and help John but then the entire WWE locker room come out and takes down NEXUS. 

Email sound…

The GM says that he wanted peace, if things don’t stop now there will be consequences.  Cena gives Darren Young the STF. 

Email sound….

The GM says because of Cena’s actions, he will now face all 7 members of NEXUS next week in a 7 on 1 Handicap match.  So he beats down on Darren some more.  And some more, I mean he shoves him shoulder first on the ring post.  He takes the steel steps and throws it and then throws him off the announce table.  That is how end tonight’s show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, I guess Darren Young was the sacrificial lamb tonight.  Everything the NEXUS was involved in tonight was awesome.  I did not like the flashbacks though of all the attacks because quite frankly, it was unnecessary.  We get it, that Cena has been attacked, but must we see it every 15 minutes?  Regardless this storyline has me hooked.  I want to now see the real reason behind this, I want to see how the new Raw GM is behind this, I want to find out what their true statement is going to be, and I want to know if they attack Sheamus too.  Arn warned him, and when guys warn you, and you still blow it off, it means you too will be attacked soon enough, and I have a feeling it will be at the PPV after he retains the championship.  Speaking of that, they really aren’t putting much focus on that, but then again, maybe they are?  They have been teasing that NEXUS will somehow get involved, and if they attack the heels too, it means everyone is fair game, and that is exactly what I want from this angle.

They did however put the focus on the Money in the Bank match itself, which was badly needed.  Great stuff from all 7, and I say all 7, because R-Truth either got the shaft, or he truly is hurt.  I will hold my opinion until we know for sure.  But the question is who will take his spot?  I guess we will see next week, we will also see a continuation from the tag team title match.  The Uso’s promise that we will all find out just how truly great they are, okay, you have your chance.  Decent show tonight, that hopefully will get better and make more sense as the weeks go by.  If you have any comments, give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com.  Or drop me a line here, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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