WWE Superstars 7/8/10…Lay-Cool Faces Off Against The Divas

We start the show off with the Red team of Raw.

The Bella Twins are out, since there was no guest host this week.  They are in referee outfits, so are they moonlighting as refs?

Yes they are…BOTH OF THEM.

They show the last week of the infamous Switch-A-Roo, as opposed to the Spin-A-Rooni.

The mixed tag team of Primo and Jillian Hall will take on Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim.  Why are we having this match?  Why ask why…drink Bud Dry.

It’s not a good thing when the announcers poke fun at the Wrestlers doing their job.  Ask Ashley Valance that, speaking of Ashley, where was she last Tuesday on NXT? 

Pretty bad match, actually.  The team of Gail Kim and Yoshi Tatsu beat Jillian Hall and Primo when Jillian hit one of the Bellas, the ref, and instead of getting DQ’d, the other Bella Twin came in and she got decked too.  So of course, there wasn’t a DQ, but Gail rolled up Jillian and one of the Bella Twins counted faster than Nick Patrick and the match was done.

Ohhhhh Radio….Zack Ryder comes out….WOO WOO WOO…You Know It.  He will take on Goldust.  So, it looks like The Latin Ryders are still feuding with the Oriental Freaks, from last week.  It’s on now.

Zack beat Goldust in a very good match with the Rough Ryder.  A back and forth match and I can’t understand why WWE isn’t using Zack more.  But, if you are keeping score, and I know you are…The Oriental Freaks have won 1 fall, The Latin Ryders have won 2.  Next week, they will continue.

Note to WWE…don’t show the highlights of the stupid challenges.  It really doesn’t put the rookies in a good light, so of course, they show the horrible challenges and are poking fun of them with sound effects and everything.  “Showtime” Percy Watson was good though, so he gets his own talk show on Tuesday and NEXUS returns to the stomping grounds they started in.

Coming up next…the return of the Masterlock Challenge.

Matt Striker and Todd Grisham welcomes us and I miss Masters’ former theme music.  It works better than the generic one they are currently using.

His targets are the Dudebusters.  Caylen Croft is first.  He is stalling though.  It’s done rather quickly, and very impressive.  Trent Beretta is up next, he says there is too much oil, and it’s not fair.  I might have to agree there.  Trent is pumped up, and ready, but Caylen attacks him from behind and beats down Masterpiece.  They finish him off in the segment, and it makes you think this won’t be the end to this.  We’ll see.

Tonight, the divas get the main event match.  Kelly Kelly and Tiffany are taking on The Beautiful People…I mean Lay-Cool.  The match is up next.

They now re-show Raw Rebound when the Cena-Barrett Summit takes place and Cena goes all out and shows Darren Young how to do the tango.  Okay, maybe not the tango, but he gives him the STF.

I have to say something here, they make it seem like it’s a huge ordeal that Cena is facing 7 members in a match, but we have seen that before.  Remember when Orton and Cena faced the entire Raw roster?  That was 17 on 2.  It has happened before.

I find it funny when Lay-Cool does their choreography entrance because it’s either very good, or very bad. 

Lay-Cool wins thanks to Tiffany coming in and distracting the ref after Kelly had Layla in a rollup, Michelle kicks Kelly in the head and she gets pinned.  Decent tag match actually.  The crowd was behind Kelly and Tiffany, but Lay-Cool undermine them to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, tonight’s episode was there.  I liked the 2nd match between Zack and Goldust.  The Diva tag match was solid, but the 1st match was a mess.  The one good thing about the 1st match was The Bellas looked good in stripes, but other than that, the match was disappointing.  But the single match should have been the main event.  Give me your comments at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com, let me know what you think and give me comments on here too.


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