WWE Raw 7/12/10…NEXUS Meets Their Fate?

Tonight, we will see our local “Superhero” John Cena face all 7 members of NEXUS.  They show video from last week of the Cena-Barrett summit, with Cena getting the last word.  Here we go….

They are in Lexington, Kentucky, and tonight, we will have a 6 on 1 match, and not a 7 on 1.  Oh, that John Cena, he finds a way out of every tough situation.

Speaking of the “Superhero”, here comes John Cena.  He is out to joke with us with a promo.  He wants to thank the WWE Superstars who helped them, but it was missing Sheamus.  One of these days, Sheamus will realize when it comes to NEXUS, they are in there together, however…cheap plug….Monday morning, he will realize he is no longer the WWE Champion because he will lose it to John Cena this Sunday night at Money in the Bank PPV.  He says that even though Sheamus beat him twice, they were flukes, he fell off a table, and NEXUS interfered.  Way to put over the young superstar there John.

He said that will be the easy match because tonight, there is a 6 on 1 handicap match, thanks to the anonymous Raw GM.  But he will have help…The WWE Universe.

NEXUS comes out to no music, and they have crappy T-Shirts too, so crappy that Cena makes fun of it.  Wade Barrett said they could beat him down now, but they want to wait.  They want to do it later in from of the entire audience.  For disrespecting the Raw GM.

Cena said “Damn” right he is going to get what he deserves because he is going to beat them down.

The email sound goes off, and Michael Cole makes the announcement that if any superstar comes out, they will be suspended for 90 days.  However, this will be a tag format where NEXUS has to tag in and out.  Barrett said he still is all alone, and Cena said they may get him tonight, but he is taking a few out with him.

Did I say those shirts are crappy?

Here comes Alicia Fox while Eve is watching at the commentary table.  Why don’t the wrestlers wear the titles anymore?  They just hold it up while they walk, or carry it on their shoulder.  WEAR THE TITLE!!!!

Alicia Fox is taking on Gail Kim, and Alicia finishes her off very quickly.  Very sad to see how poorly Gail Kim’s WWE run has come.  Alicia beats her with the Ax Kick, after the match, she and Eve go face to face….when…..wait for it…..

The email sound goes off.  Michael Cole again, announces that due to Alicia faking her injury (No proof of that), they will have another match for the Diva’s Title at Money in the Bank PPV this Sunday.

We have another 6 person tag team match between The Hart Dynasty and Natalya taking on The Uso’s and Tamina.  They are set this Sunday to square off for the Unified Tag Team Titles.  Works for me.

The Usos and Tamina defeated The Hart Dynasty and Natalya.  A decent but short tag match.  Finish of the match came when Tamina broke the pin by David Hart Smith, Natalya took out Tamina and David rolled up Jimmie Uso, but Jamie gave him a kick to the head and did the splash for the victory.

Chris Jericho is in the back, talking with Wade Barrett, which is interesting.  Chris mentored Wade in the 1st season of NXT.  Chris avoids Josh Matthews, and Wade runs into Yoshii Tatsu.  Yoshii informs him that John Cena is his friend, so NEXUS takes him out for it.

Ted Dibiase comes out with Maryse.  He says take a look at the new Million Dollar couple….Ted Dibiase and…..the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Maryse looks upset by that, but Ted assures her to imagine after he wins, the expensive clothes he will buy her.  Just imagine….

John Morrison comes out, he said Ted shouldn’t worry about “showering” her with gifts because French don’t like showers.  Maryse says something in French, and John insulted her some more, so Ted beats down on John, but John reversed it and was set to do the Starship Pain, but Maryse pulls Ted out.

This next segment will be, ummm okay, it’s pretty damn funny so far.  Florence Henderson, who was Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch is guest hosting Raw.  They are doing a segment called The Santino’s Bunch against The William Regal’s Bunch.  It will be Santino, Vladimir Koslov, Great Khali, and Goldust.  On Regal’s team, we have Zack Ryder, Primo, and Doink the Clown.  Yes….Doink the Clown.  They are even doing the Brady Bunch theme song, with all 9 people looking up and down at each other.  Florence might be the judge?

Santino is making jokes with Florence, saying Regal’s team is more annoying than her “cousin Oliver”.  That was a bad idea on the show.  They even have fake laughter in the background to which Santino responds to when they laugh at his joke.  William Regal wants to remind them how stupid this is, and he tries to make a joke, about Gilligan being the Raw GM, but nobody is laughing.  He wants to know why they laugh at Santino’s joke but not William’s.  Florence reminds him that Santino is funny, and William is not.  William reminds Florence if he wants to ask how to raise miserable kids, he will ask The Partridge Family, but she slaps him and says to never talk about her family.  Ummmm okay.

Santino then tries to get an awkward kiss from Florence, but she leaves.  Okay, the beginning of the theme song was funny, that’s about it.

Cole and Lawler go over Money in the Bank PPV and tells us we will find out who takes R-Truth’s spot later in the show.

We see an Edge video, profiling his Money in the Bank success.

Edge taking on Randy Orton is next.

Edge defeated Randy Orton with the Edgecution after Chris Jericho came out and distract Randy.  But the story here was Jericho gave Edge the Codebreaker, Randy gave Jericho the RKO.  Evan Bourne came in and went after Randy.  He set him for Air Bourne but Randy gave him a mid-air RKO that was absolutely amazing to see.  The best part since they turned Randy face was he gives RKOs to both heels and faces.  So he a face with an edge….see what I did there?  Okay, sorry about that bad joke.

We are backstage and for some dumb reason, Josh Matthews tries to interview Skip Sheffield.  Josh wants to know what NEXUS has in plan for tomorrow night’s NXT.  Skip ignores him and runs into John Morrison.  Skip says why don’t you watch where I walk.  Now that’s funny, John asks if that is supposed to scare him, and we see the remaining members of NEXUS behind John.  He gives Heath Slater an elbow and goes after David Otunga, but they stop him and destroys him.

The Miz comes out for a promo, he shows what happened to R-Truth last week and he reminds him now he can’t play ball with his son, he can’t even dance, and he is out of the Money in the Bank PPV match.  But he gets off easy because he will take out the other 6 men in the match itself and go on to challenge the WWE Champion….because he is The Miz and he is AWESOME!!!

The email sound goes off, and Cole says “Just when you think you have the answers, I change the questions”.  Hmmm where has that been said before?  Not from a bagpipe?  So, Miz will face off against the man who is replacing R-Truth…and that is Mark Henry.

Mark is smiling because he has a PPV match.

Mark has some offense, but Miz changes things when Mark runs right into the Raw GM podium.  He nails him with a tray and a garbage can, he throws the garbage at him, to humiliate him.  I guess this match ends in a no contest because I never heard the bell ring.

Now we have the Brady Bunch tag team match, with Florence Henderson as the guest ring announcer.  Regal’s Bunch will consist of William Regal, Primo, Zack Ryder, and Doink The Clown taking on Santino’s Bunch consists of Santino, Great Khali, Vladmir Koslov, and Goldust.

The Santino Bunch wins their match in short order.  Khali gave Doink The Clown the Tree Chop.  Santino tried to use the Cobra, Doink the Clown used a squirt gun, and Great Khali just kissed Mrs. Brady, you figure it out.

Summerslam moment….Shawn Michaels defeated Razor Ramon in 1995 in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship.  Great match, not as good as their Wrestlemania 10 match, but still very good.

Main event match is up next…NEXUS taking on John Cena.  6 on 1.

Lawler and Cole go over the PPV that is happening this Sunday. 

Edge is now with Josh Matthews, Josh reminds EDge that even though he beat Randy Orton, Chris Jericho came in and gave Edge a Codebreaker and Edge thanks him for that.  Because it reminds him that you have to look over your shoulder, every man for himself and in 6 days, he will win Money in the Bank ladder match and move on to challenge the champion.

Evan Bourne gets attended to by the trainer, Sheamus comes up to him and laughs that he got nailed with the RKO and tells him if it had been him, he would have been hurt worst.  NEXUS are behind Evan and Sheamus reminds them that Evan was one of John Cena’s friend and he helped beat them down last week, so they attacked Evan and laid him out.  Sheamus comes back and laughs at his predicament, when NEXUS returned.  They looked like they were going to go after Sheamus.  They flinched and Sheamus ran, asking where John Cena’s locker room is at.

Main event match is now.

NEXUS defeated John Cena, and here is the thing, Cena actually put them over.  He didn’t have much offense, and lost to Justin Gabriel’s 450 Splash.

The story of the match came afterwards.  Now that the match is over with, Cena sucker punched Barrett and went after a chair.  He nailed Heath Slater with it, and NEXUS regrouped and went after Cena, but Sheanus came into the ring with a chair, fighting WITH Cena and not against him.  So the two of them stop the fight with NEXUS to end the show.  Crowd is going nuts.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They drove home the cage match tonight and the Money in the Bank ladder match.  Less jokes, more fighting, that’s the way it should be.  Other than part of Cena’s hokey promo in the beginning, the only laughs were the Santino stuff which is fine.  I love the driving point of how important Money in the Bank match is, everyone was involved in something big.  The other matches were built-in nice too and although the focus was mainly on the MITB ladder match, there was talk of the steel cage.  Which brings to what happened at the end of the night.  I believe it’s clear now NEXUS will beat down both men at the PPV, and probably whoever wins the MITB match will cash in and win.  Randy Orton was pushed very strongly here with that incredible RKO.  That should be a highlight at the beginning of Raw from here on out.  Overall, a very good go home episode of Raw.


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