TNA Impact 7/15/10…The Impact Zone Gets Extreme

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I wanted to start this report with something I need to get off my chest.  Last week’s Impact pulled off a 1.17 rating.  Certainly not good, but considering how huge that debacle of Lebron’s “Decision” pulled off on ESPN, it’s pretty impressive.  I truly hope more people give Impact another watch or two, because as I said before, the Wrestling business needs to at least 2 viable companies running.  Competition breeds better programming.  Although the Monday Night Wars was a failure, TNA has had some good episodes of Impact the last two months.  There is more of a focus on the shows, and therefore, more focus on setting up the PPVs.  This past Victory Road was very good, one of the best PPVs of the year TNA has put together, with just one match ending poorly.  Other than that, the focus was on the Wrestling product, and when they can do that, then TNA can shine.  Now the one thing I don’t agree with is the lack of advertising they do on certain matches, such as the lack of the first ever match between Jay Lethal and Jeff Hardy.  Yes, they should have saved that for a PPV, I truly agree with that, but if they must have it on TV, then why not set it up for next week?  Do an angle that sets things up for next week, and advertise the heck out of it.  You never know, it might generate an extra .2 or .3 of a rating.  Make these matches seem important, give them a certain edge.  2 viable companies can only help the industry.  But enough of that, here we go with the show.

We start the show off with an update on the Top 10 contenders for the TNA Heavyweight Title.

10.  Rob “The Freak” Terry

9.  The Pope

8.  Kurt Angle

7.  Hernandez

6.  “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

5.  Jay Lethal

4.  Samoa Joe

3.  Mr. Anderson

2.  Jeff Hardy

1.  Abyss

Speaking of Abyss, he comes out with his 2×4 girl name “Janice” and a piece of raw meat.  Yup, a piece of raw meat.  He told RVD that THEY have some big plans for Rob that is a bit more than “EXTREME”, but he is waiting for final instructions from THEM.  Wait a second, did he switch back to Hogan and Bischoff?  I am confused, it’s been THEY all along.  He wants to show RVD his “girl” named Janice, but she has a dark side that likes pain.  So he beats the meat with the board and takes a bite out of it.  The crowd even chanted “Beat some meat”, which is funny.  Okay, this didn’t start off well.

We go to the back and see Sarita and Taylor Wilde brawling, they have a hardcore match coming up and I guess it’s up next.

This was a fun brawl, they never were in the ring, it was all over the ringside.  They went back and forth beating the hell out of each other, there was a point where Sarita went underneath the ring, and the crowd was telling her she was underneath the ring.  She came back and clotheslined her.  The finish came when Sarita went flying over the rail and she grabbed someone’s purse and choked out Taylor Wilde to win the match.  I hope to see more from these two.  Best woman’s match in quite some time, and that includes WWE.

RVD is in the back, he says he isn’t intimidated by Abyss, it takes alot more to scare off RVD.

We come back at Eric Bischoff’s office, Miss Tessmacher is on the phone and she seems upset at something, even threatening when she is in charge, they will be the first one to be fired.  Kevin Nash comes in and he says he has a 9:30 appointment to see Bischoff and Hogan, but Miss Tessmacher says they had a last-minute change and wanted to know if she could do anything for Kev.  Kev says to put him down for 10:00 appointment to see them.

We have a non title match now between Brian Kendrick and X-Division Champion Douglas Williams.  Brian wanted another title match, Douglas refused, but they made this an I Quit match, and here we go.

Brian wins with a Cobra Clutch and Douglas said on the mic that he quits.  This was a decent match, and this feud certainly continues, Brian should get a X-Divison Title rematch soon.

Kevin Nash comes out and he lays out Brian, Brian told him it’s his time and Kev gives him a chokeslam for the trouble.  He calls himself a living legend and since Bischoff and Hogan keep dodging him, maybe if he will take out his “young boys” they will start paying attention.  Jeff Jarrett comes out, he asks Kevin if he hasn’t figured it out?  He says it isn’t his time anymore, it’s not even Jeff’s time anymore, it’s the young lions time.  Nash doesn’t want to hear about that, and Jeff calls him an egotistical S.O.B.  Nash asks Jeff why would he be taking it up for Hogan and Bischoff?  If he wants trouble from Kev, Jeff has it.  Who is the best worker?  We’ll find out.

Big Kev is backstage and he wants to know why Jeff is behind Bischoff and Hogan when they suspended him and took over the company?  He’ll find out about 10:00 tonight.

Desmond Wolfe is out with Chelsea, why, I have no idea, but he is out there.  He is facing Rob Terry and Samoa Joe in a Triple Threat match.  We also see the return of Magnus, who is joining Tenay and Tazz at the announce booth.

Joe wins with a Coquina Clutch on Desmond Wolfe.  A decent match between the three men that went back and forth.  Magnus was funny on commentary, saying he is interested in Chelsea, smart man.  Joe at the end of the match nodded and patted Rob on the back as if to say good match.

Ric Flair says tonight, he is going to make another big announcement that will change the course of TNA, because he can….WOOOOOOO

Match one of Best of 5 series between Beer Money and Motor City Machineguns, and it’s a ladder match.  The winner gets to choose the next stipulation on match number 2.  These 4 men completely stole the show this past Sunday, and they are going to do it again.

Wow, what a great match, too much to say so I will tell you the ending.  Brian Hebner goes flying out when Alex Shelley and Robert Roode take him out, Sabin grabs the contract from the ladder, but with Earl Hebner checking on his son, James Storm nails Chris with a beer bottle and James grabs the contracts to seal the victory.  Incredible match, and the 4 men completely get credit for putting on 2 straight matches back to back nights that were incredible.  I can’t wait for match 2 next week.  That is something they can advertise for next week.

Abyss is channeling his “Gallagher” big comic from the 1980’s that smashed fruit, and in this case a watermelon.  Very strange to see.

Next match is between Matt Morgan and The Pope, again these two can put on a good match.  Pope is certainly over in the Impact Zone.

This was a very short match, not even 3 minutes.  Pope won with a DDE, but Matt Morgan attacks him from behind.  He even sets Pope up from the ring post kick he does, but Mr. Anderson comes in and saves Pope.  He stomps a mud hole on Morgan and Matt runs off.  Mr. Anderson tries to shake hands with Pope, but Pope doesn’t shake his hand, but he nods his head.  Very interesting segment.

Velvet Sky is backstage with Lacey Von Erich, Velvet is upset that Madison Rayne has been ignoring them and has paired up with another woman.  Lacey is trying to play peacemaker, but Velvet won’t hear any of it. 

Tonight, Jeff Hardy is taking on Jay Lethal.

Madison Rayne is in the ring, she is protesting the decision by referee Andrew Thomas for stripping the TNA Knockouts Title from Madison.  The rules stated that if The Beautiful People interfered in her match, Angelina Love would be the Knockouts Champion.  That didn’t happen, the crowd is giving Madison a hard time with the “What” chants.  She wants her title back within 7 days or else she will sue TNA for every penny they are worth.

The Beautiful People come out.  She wanted to know who she thinks she is by not telling them that she brought another woman into the group, Madison said to stop taking her “Dumb Blonde Pills” and Velvet said it’s more than just that, it’s saying that Madison doesn’t need them anymore.  Madison confirms it, she says she doesn’t need them.  Velvet says how about her kicking Madison’s ass all over the rings. 

Angelina Love comes out and doesn’t know what is worst, the women on the Hills or the women that is the ring.  She says it was Velvet in the motorcycle.  Velevet denies it saying that the person on the cycle has a dumpy behind on the cycle, and she doesn’t have it.  Madison is all Angelina’s.  She is done.  Velvet walks out and tells Angelina she is all hers.

Madison wants her belt back, Angelina tells her to take it from her, Madison slaps Madison, but Angelina spears Madison and takes her down.  The woman in the motorcycle comes down and attacks Angelina, proving it’s not Lacey or Velvet.  Madison grabs Angelina and gives Angelina the DDT on the chair, while Lacey just looks at this very shocked.  Who is the mysterious woman?

Jeff Hardy defeated Jay Lethal in the main event of the night.  The announcers made it seem like Jay was still on cloud nine defeating Ric Flair this past Sunday, so his focus may not be as sharp as it usually is.  They also used this match to plug that next week, it will be Match 2 of the Best of 5 series and Beer Money chose a street fight against the Motor City Machineguns, and Kurt Angle will face off against Hernandez.  Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Raven, and Rhino come out to watch the match.    Jeff used the Swanton and won the match. 

Ric Flair is out there with Kaz and AJ Styles.  Flair says these two are the very first members of Fortune.  He knew they could work well together.  Desmond Wolfe interrupts them and says what about me, and Abyss comes out to send them both out.  Very disappointing to see Fortune get sent out like that.

Abyss calls out RVD and he follows.  Abyss tells Rob that THEY are coming to take over TNA.  THEY instructed him to take Rob’s title away from him.  So what he plans to do is take Janice and put her up 15 feet and they will have an EXTREME match, anything goes.  Rob grabs the mic from Abyss, Rob says he knows what the title means, so he won’t take it personally with what Abyss and Janice have done to him.  What he loves the most about the title is he can take on monstrous challenges, like Abyss, and the two fight.

Abyss looks at her “girl” Janice and Mick Foley shows up on the ramp to distract Abyss.  Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, and Stevie Richards finally come out of the seats and into the ring and lays out Abyss.  Then came the most confusing segments, but at the same time fun brawls we can see.  TNA security come out, Team ECW lay them out, and even RVD helps out the ECW guys, which is very confusing in itself.  We see Al Snow, who hasn’t been on TNA TV in quite some time come out and help ECW.  Some TNA guys come out, and a wild brawl erupts.  Devon comes out and helps Team ECW.  We see D’ Lo Brown, Pat Kinney, and Terry Taylor, agents and officials, but they get beat down in the fight.  Matt Morgan comes out, Eric Young, Brian Kendrick, Jay Lethal, The Pope, and Desmond Wolfe, among many others coming out to beat down Team ECW.  Jeff Jarrett comes out and wants to know what is going on, and Dixie Carter gets on the mic and tells everyone to stop.  She says she invited everyone.  The funny thing is Al Snow seems confused about Dixie Carter inviting him.  And the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Okay, I have to admit, the ending confused me.  Obviously, Team ECW isn’t THEY that Abyss has been talking about.  Why was Mick Foley there?  What role does he have in this?  Very, very confusing, I guess we will find out more next week.  I will give this a chance, but I am not sure if it was a good segment yet or a bad segment.  I do know this, a very bad night for Fortune, they were treated like a big afterthought throughout this.  They should have been introduced earlier in the show.  But, for the matches, they were very good.  I loved the big tag team ladder match between Beer Money and Motor City Machineguns.  I look forward to seeing their Streetfight.  I also enjoyed the women’s hardcore match.  I look forward to seeing more of that, Pope and Morgan was too short, but there was a story progression going on with Mr. Anderson and Pope.  And it was alot of fun to see Jay Lethal in a main event match tonight, and although that was short, it shows what could be if TNA decides to do a future encounter with the two.  I’ll have to give this whole thing another chance, but the matches were fun tonight.  So a decent show with a confusing ending.  If you have any thoughts on tonight’s show, drop me a line at, or give me a comment here.


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