WWE Smackdown 7/16/10…Did Jack Swagger Take Out Undertaker?

We open up Smackdown with video showing what has happened the last  week with Jack Swagger and Kane.  Kane made a threat to Jack to show he had nothing to do with taking out Undertaker.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us this week and we have a match right away.  The Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston taking on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  They air the footage of NEXUS attacking Kofi and Cody.  By the way, that is a great mirror “Dashing” Cody Rhodes is looking at.  It’s 3-D.

The match ends in a no contest, Kofi does Roll the Dice, but Kane comes out and chokeslams both of them.  He grabs the mic and says someone will pay tonight for what happened to Undertaker, and that someone is Jack Swagger.  Match was good though, for what it was.  The two will compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match, but neither one has a chance, in face, neither does Kane.  He’s in it too.

Tonight, it will be Christian taking on Drew McIntyre and Matt Hardy facing Dolph Ziggler.

We see the footage that has taken place the last few weeks with Jack Swagger taking out Rey Mysterio’s foot.

Rey is with the trainer, he is checking on Rey and makes sure he is icing his ankle.  Josh Matthews comes in and asks Rey how he is feeling, Rey admits he is in pain, but then he says he may have to go out there tonight and forfeit his World Title to Jack Swagger.  Josh, like a doofus asks him if he;s serious.  Of course, he’s not.  He is in pain but doggone it, he will gut it out and even though he will beat Jack, and retain his title, he said after what Jack did to Undertaker, karma works the other way.

Jack is watching the monitor, listened to what Rey had to say and is on the phone with someone.  He asks where that person is and I guess traffic is costing them from being there.  He said, tonight they will take care of Kane, and then focus on the World Heavyweight Title match this Sunday.

We see the awesome Edge video, showcasing what happened after he won the first Money in the Bank ladder match, by cashing in 10 months later and becoming the WWE Champion for the first time.

Just then, we see the odds on favorite on the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match, Drew McIntyre.  He is facing Christian.

Excellent match, I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again, Christian is one of the most underrated Wrestlers out there today.  But Drew has improved alot too and he is now finally starting to get the right heel heat.  The match ended when Christian was trying to use the Killswitch, but Drew got out of it with a finger to the eye, behind the ref’s back, and then Drew flung him against the ropes, caught his throat and Drew pulled off The Future Shock DDT for the win.  Back and forth action that went long, so far, match of the night.

Another Antonio Del Rio vignette, and I think this is a new one.  He basically talked about knowledge is power.  It’s time for him to debut in WWE.

A video showcasing CM Punk, and how he won Money in the Bank ladder match in 2009, 2 months later, he beat Jeff Hardy to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Punk tries to quiet the crowd, which is a very funny thing.  He says we all know he is the 1st and only man to win back to back Money in the Bank ladder matches.  We also know he is putting together the perfect group and their mission is helping the world, one person at a time, it is hard work….

Well, here comes The Big Show, Show comes out with a mini ladder and a big ladder.  Punk keeps saying “Excuse me, I am talking here”, while the music is playing, which is hilarious.  Punk tells Show he is talking, and the crowd is listening.  Show says he thought he was putting the crowd to sleep.  Everyone wants to see the biggest athlete in the business compete in a Money in the Bank ladder match.  Punk agrees and says he loves watching “car crashes” and he wants Show to demonstrate how he is going to climb up the ladder.  Show demonstrates, but breaks one.  So he uses the mini ladder, okay he realizes he will break that too.  He searched the country high and low, he spares no expense.  So he brings out a gigantic ladder that 6 guys had to carry.  2,000 weight max, Show thinks he can handle it.  He puts it up, and it is impressive.  Punk says if it wasn’t for Kane injuring his shoulder, he would be the one climbing the ladder and winning the Money in the Bank ladder match.  So, Luke Gallows and the masked man jump Show while Punk climbs up the ladder and proclaims “I am straight edge and I am better than you”, but Show gets up, takes care of Gallows and the masked man, climbs up the ladder and rips the mask off.  So we finally see what Punk looks like bald, and this was a very funny segment.  Punk looked like a mini Show.

Jack Swagger is in the back and I guess the guy he is talking to on the phone still isn’t there.  The driver got lost, so the person asked Jack if he ever let him down, and Jack said no.

We have a mixed tag team match between Layla and Trent Baretta, taking on Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters.  If you recall, the Dudebusters took out Chris last week on Superstars, so we have a match.

Kelly Kelly and Chris Masters defeat Layla and Trent Baretta when Rosa Mendes, who is still doing exercises, jumping rope comes out.  The Dudebusters want to help, and they play double dutch, which distracts Layla and Kelly gives her the K2 to win.  Nothing match, in fact, the highlight was Rosa Mendes coming out jumping rope, she must be going for a world record of consecutive weeks jumping rope.  Someone needs to call Guinness.

Going over the Money in the Bank PPV. 

Coming up now is Matt Hardy taking on Dolph Ziggler.  Matt wants to tell us he  feels just as comfortable climbing up the ladder than he does walking, and when he wins the Money in the Bank ladder match, he is cashing in that night to become the World Heavyweight Champion.  Now why wouldn’t he just wait and cash it in at Wrestlemania?  His match with Dolph is up next.

Okay, this is stupid, another video of Antonio Del Rio.  They air 2 videos, one from last week, then a new one.  This one, he is talking about how he inspires so many people who sometimes, they give him gifts.  Whatever.

Dolph comes out with Vicky Guerrero, here we go.

Dolph wins in a nice, quick match when he shoves Matt into Vicky, Matt almost ran into her, and Dolph gave Matt the Zig Zag for the victory.  Actually, I am looking forward to the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match a bit more with the 8 men involved. 

Todd and Matt recapped what happened tonight with Kane chokelsamming both Kofi and Cody.  Their encounter is next.

A limo pulled up, Jack opened up the door and it’s his Dad in the car.  They hug each other and he brought a yellow folder that I guess has a tape to show the footage he had nothing to do with taking out the Undertaker.

Jack comes in with his Father, they show clips where they ran 2K marathon, Jack finished 1st, his Dad finished 2nd,  They caught the biggest fish, even won an award for that too.  Kane wasn’t impressed, he attacked his father while Jack stayed to the outside, then Rey Mysterio comes out and helps Kane.   Then he ran off too sitting on Ankle.  The ending was weird.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A very good episode tonight for the go to home show of the PPV.  I lived Christian and Drew McIntyre, I also liked what I saw of Kofi and Cody, so the Money in the bank match is looking good.  I am looking more forward to that then the World Heavyweight Title.  I wish Cm Punk was wrestling, we finally got to see Punk without any hair, you have to love that.  See what happens there, my pick for the Money in the Bank Ladder matches.  I am picking Drew McIntyre, and on Raw, I am picking Randy Orton.  Let’s see if I am right.  Do you have any email or comments?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol/com.  Give me a line too if you can.


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2 Responses to WWE Smackdown 7/16/10…Did Jack Swagger Take Out Undertaker?

  1. Al Gore says:

    You are GAY! You need to tell me who took out the Undertaker, not all that talk about Smackdown on Friday night… I watched, why would I need to hear about it?? You Doche-Bag.

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      If you want to know so bad, then you have to wait. If you don’t like me wrtiting these reports up, then tough. Don’t read it. And don’t use derrogatory language there, or else next time I will ban you from speaking. Have a good night.

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