WWE Raw 7/19/10…The Road To Summerslam Begins Tonight

We are on our way to the 2nd biggest PPV of the season, a very entertaining Money in the Bank PPV, we are live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They discussed what took place in the title match and the Raw GM made a one on one match between Mark Henry and Wade Barrett.  NEXUS will not interfere, and coming up now is a Number One Contendership match, a Triple Threat match with the winner facing the WWE Champion at Summerslam.  Randy Orton will face off against Chris Jericho and Edge.

Randy Orton goes to Summerslam with 2 RKOs on both opponents.  He RKo’d Jericho, then Edge came charging after Randy, but Orton RKO’d him for his troubles.  Very good match with the three.  It started as a 2 on 1 advantage, then Jericho had the chance to pin Randy, so the rest of the match was every man for themselves.  Some very cool near falls, with one guy rolling the other, then the next guy came from behind to roll them.  So far, it will be Sheamus against Orton, but that’s no guarantee either.  It’s possible Cena could get himself involved.  The build for Summerslam starts though, and that’s a good thing.

Edge has the mic and he demands Jericho to come back to the ring.  Jericho comes out, Edge is mad that Jericho cost him the title, but he is the one who ran into the RKO.  I’m just saying.

Jericho said it is going to end tonight, he said that he is the reason Wade Barrett and NEXUS has achieved success.  Oh boy, this might be good.  He can just call for Barrett on a snap of a finger and they could take care of Edge.  He disagrees with Jericho and says he can have a talk with him and they wouldn’t like the idea of someone else taking the credit for their success.

Then NEXUS comes out, Barrett doesn’t like the arguing.  They are veterans and are highly respected.  NEXUS would be lucky to call them an ally.  But they all circle Edge and says Jericho is right, NEXUS would end Edge’s career, so they beat him up.  Jericho is directing traffic, but that might not be good.  Skip Sheffield does the spear on Edge, but now NEXUS circle around Jericho.  Wade said Edge was right too, they would like to shut up the person who claims to be behind NEXUS, so Jericho attacks NEXUS and now they beat him down.  Wow, the crowd is silent for this.  I don’t think they even know what to make of this.  I like it though because NEXUS needs to beat down both faces and heels.

We come back and see Josh Matthews interviewing Wade Barrett.  NEXUS has their own locker room now, it seems.  Josh is wondering if each member individually can compete with the World’s Strongest Man.  Wade asks if Josh is quaking in his boots, Josh answers yes and he guarantees Mark is doing the same thing because now he is about to rewrite history.  Sheamus wants to make a proposition, Wade invites him into his “office” but Sheamus says he wants to stay here.

Michael Cole is now interviewing John Cena.  Cena says he brought this upon himself.  Barrett said a few weeks ago that if he shook Wade’s hand, it all ends.  John’s ego got the best of him because he thought he could handle things.  John says they took care of Jericho and Edge.  He wants to meet NEXUS in the ring tonight.  Lawler questions that and John says if you can’t beat NEXUS then you can….and he walks away.  Okay.

Eve is out for a match and on a night after she lost a chance at the title, she smiles and pretends everything is okay.  She is taking on Maryse.

Eve now becomes the Number One Contender again when she pinned Maryse after a kick to the head.  Story of this though was Maryse’s foot was on the ropes, but the ref never saw it.  Dibiase, who was doing commentary starts yelling at the ref, and John Morrison came out and attacked Dibiase.  Pulls off Starship Pain.

The WWE Champion, Sheamus comes out, proud to have the title over his shoulder.  He wants the world to know he has beaten John Cena in a tables match, Fatal 4-Way, and now a Steel Cage.  He is dominant over Cena.  He assures us that Cena won’t get a WWE Title shot anytime soon.  He should have done the same thing that Sheamus did just moments ago.  He demanded a truce, and nobody heard of Sheamus or NEXUS a year ago, but now, they are a dominating entity.  Wade Barrett agreed to a truce.  They won’t have to like each other, but stay away from each other.  Now Randy Orton has no chance at Summerslam, since there won’t be interference. 

Awesssssssssome…..The Miz comes out with the briefcase.  He congratulates Sheamus on getting rid of his “NEXUS problem” but he still has The Miz problem.  He controls the WWE Championship because he can cash it in on anytime.  He says to Sheamus that if he does take care of Orton, but he gets RKO’d and Miz can come out and cash in the Title shot and becomes WWE Champion.  He can also be in the back, talking like a tough guys, but Miz nails him in the back with the briefcase and drags him to the ring, and pins him.  Every breath he takes, every step he takes, he’ll be watching him….cause he’s THE MIZ AND HE’S…..Shemus tells him he’s nothing because he’s not the champion, he is.

As Sheamus walks away, the email sound goes off, Cole said the Raw GM suggests that The Miz stay at ringside and watch the next match, he is taking on Evan Bourne.

Sheamus defeated Evan with the Brogue Kick.  Evan tried to do Air Bourne, but Sheamus moved out of the ring, and Evan flew outside of the ring.  Sheamus got back into the ring, distracted the ref, and kicked Evan back into the ring and then did the big kick to win.  The Miz was watching this throughout from a chair and when Sheamus beat him, Miz attacked Sheamus from behind with the briefcase.  Crowd was totally into The Miz doing this and after Miz used the Skull Crushing Finale on Sheamus, he told the ref he wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank title match now.  The ref had to check on Sheamus before the bell would ring, but R-Truth came out to get back at what happened a few weeks ago.  Miz told the ref he wasn’t cashing in and since the bell never rang, no match took place.  Miz just took his briefcase and ran.  Oh boy, we need a scorecard right about now.

When we come back, we get a Summerslam moment from 1998.  Undertaker taking on Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

Sheamus is backstage with an ice pack on his head, walking past Gail Kim and the Bella Twins laughing.  They are more than likely laughing that they are getting paid and not wrestling.  Randy Orton said that if it is indeed Sheamus Vs Orton at Summerslam, Orton will take care of him with a RKO, but he is the hunted now that he is the WWE Champion.  Anything can happen.

Santino and Vladimir Kozlov are facing off against William Regal and Zack Ryder, who don’t even get their entrances.  That’s not cool.

Cole said we can catch Zack Ryder every Tuesday night on NXT, but my thought was what about Monday nights on Raw?

Santino and Kozlov beat Ryder and Regal when Kozlov did a big spinebuster, Santino wanted to cover, Kozlov made the tag and Santino did a big elbow to win the match.

Wade Barrett is discussing things with NEXUS backstage, Mark Henry is taking on Wade Barrett and that match is up next.

Wade defeated Mark Henry in a relatively easy manner.  But NEXUS came out to the ring near the ramp, never at ringside.  That distracted Mark Henry, who was at the top, but Wade kicked Mark in the head and hit The Wasteland (Fireman’s Carry slam) to win the match in impressive manner.

Wade calls out John Cena now, and the screen showed him, but he was slowly walking, as if he didn’t hear that.  So commercial break.

They come back, and there’s still no Cena, which is funny to me.  I know he needs to do his own entrance, but it’s still funny he has not come out.  So Michael Tarver is on the mic now and he says considering they already made a truce, they promise to at least listen to what Cena says.  If he admits NEXUS runs the show.  He wants John to show some remorse over what he did a few weeks ago to Darren Young, and what he did to NEXUS last night.  Maybe they will leave him alone, but it’s all on him.

So Cena makes his grand entrance.  Cena thanks NEXUS for talking to him.  Ever since NEXUS came into the picture, he has had 2 title matches.  One, where he lost the title at Fatal 4-Way and the other one where he lost in a steel cage.  He wants to talk to every member, one by one.  Wade says that won’t happen, in fact he wants Cena to join NEXUS because as much success as Cena has had before them, he can have 10 times more with NEXUS backing them.  So he asked Cena to join them.  John thought about it for a second, but declined.  So Wade said okay, he is either with NEXUS, or against them.  So John has 2 choices, he can either get out of the ring, with his tail behind him, or he can receive the biggest beating of his career.  John chooses to leave the ring, he goes up to the top of the ramp and says one more thing.  John said before that he has vowed to take out each and every single member of NEXUS.  He will either do it himself, or get some help.  The truth is since NEXUS started to show up, he started to assemble his own team to take care of NEXUS, once and for all.  His teammates?


John Morrison


The Great Khali

Chris Jericho


Bret “The Hitman” Hart

All 7 charged into the ring and the 7 members of NEXUS ran away, and that is the end of the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, okay, where do I start?  I’ll just start at the end of the night.  No question, there was going to be a 7 on 7 match, and no question this will be a very important night for the guys on NEXUS.  People say they can’t work very well, and while that may be true, they will have a shot to shine.  But Great Khali?  Bret Hart?  I love Bret coming back, but what can he do in the ring?  I guess we will have to wait and see because it’s possible that they could do a bait and switch here.  But the ending segment was pretty good, but I have to say, R-Truth needs to stop dancing around.  John Morrison tonight looked very serious, that is a good thing because when you are talking about the “livelihood” of your company, you can’t dance.  I am just saying.  But other than that, I am not going to pick anything else, it was a good way to end the show.

Orton is obviously a good choice to face Sheamus because even though they faced each other before, it seemed unfinished and at the time, they were both heels.  Now Orton is a face, grant it, a tweener, but the fans get behind him, so that ought to be good.  I absolutely loved what they did with The Miz though.  They reminded everyone that he won Money in the Bank last night, and he truly does control the entire landscape because he can cash in the title shot anytime he wants.  I just hope it’s not anytime soon, but at some point, WWE will have no choice but to turn him face.  The crowd again was absolutely loving every second of his segment and singing along his catchphrase.  He truly is the next breakout superstar.

I also have a feeling that Sheamus’ pact with NEXUS won’t last long too.

Number One Contenders match was very good and so was Sheamus and Bourne.  I am a bit surprised that Evan wasn’t involved in that match though.  I know he’s a small dude, but so is Rey Mysterio, and he can go with the big guys.  I know Evan could too.  Overall, a fun show and Summerslam is now beginning to shape up with 2 big matches announced.  Give me your thoughts on the show by email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or through comments here.


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