WWE NXT 7/27/10…Who Is Going Home?

Tonight, we are wild and young.  Someone is going home, and their dream to become a WWE Superstar will be put on hold….for now.

We are live in Corpus Crispi, Texas.  Matt Striker welcomes us to the show and introduces the rookies to come out to the ring. 

Eli Cottonwood has a “Moustache” T-shirt on.  I have to wonder if the rookies market their own shirts, or if WWE handles it themselves.  All week, the WWE Universe has been voting, but tonight, the rookies will prove themselves verbally.  Tonight, the rookies have 60 seconds to discuss anything they want, except why they should not be eliminated.

Lucky Cannon starts it off, his topic is friends.  The crowd doesn’t care about what Lucky has to say, because he is talking about nobody.

Eli is up next, his topic is I’s, he is telling us he can do things that nobody else can.  He can look at the eyes of Giants, and he can look at the eyes of the Undertaker.  I guess cause he is tall?

Husky Harris is up next and his topic is husky.  Everyone else looks the same, except Husky, he is a big dude, and he can fight for the best of them.

Kaval is up next, his topic is dreams.  He had a dream to perform on the greatest stage of them all.  People said he didn’t have what it took, it made him angry and determined.  He competed for a decade as Lo-Ki, and because of that fight, he has what it takes to be the next breakout star.

Michael McGillicutty is next, he has something to say about The Miz.  Miz said he has been mediocre, yet he is undefeated.  Miz made a good point and said when he gets a WWE contract, then he can go talk to him.

Alex Riley is up next, his topic is Starbucks.  Basically he said the fans don’t know who to vote for, he is the “star” of the competition, and not just another “Starbucks employee”.  What?

“Showtime” is up next and the topic is having a good time.  That is what Percy is all about, you have to keep working hard to get where you are at.  Work hard…play harder…OH YEAH!!

Cole thinks Riley had the best promo, Josh thinks Percy had the best promo.  I will agree with Josh.

Here is a funny video of “Showtime” Percy Watson, the pros have been very impressed with his charisma.  No question, he has that, and he is a good athlete.  Can he be a main eventer?  Probably not, but there is a place for “Showtime” Percy Watson in WWE.

They actually showed Jamie Keyes face on camera when she made the announcement for the first match, “Showtime” Percy Watson will be taking on Zack Ryder….WOO WOO WOO

Percy Watson becomes the first rookie to pin a pro in the 2nd season.  Percy wins the float over DDT and gives him a splash for good measure.  Now of course, WWE is trying to short cut this victory, claiming Zack has walking Pneumonia, but if he really does, then WWE never should allow him to compete.  A decent win regardless.

John Morrison is backstage with Eli Cottonwood, he wants Eli to check out some video from last week’s obstacle course.  John said forget that horrible moment, even though people are saying he is Eli Rottonwood.  John said tonight, it’s time to take care of Michael McGillicutty.  Eli said he has one word for Michael.  It’s not intensity, it’s mustache.

Now we are seeing more footage from the ummm obstacle course.  Michael McGillicutty won, which means he gets immunity this week.

The one on one match between Michael and Eli is up now.

Michael won the match with the Swinging Neckbreaker.  We had to listen to Cole brag about winning a Slammy.  Someone needs to tell him it isn’t real, it’s just for entertainment purposes.  Not bad of a match though.

Ashley Vallance makes her first appearance tonight.  She reminds us that tonight, there will be an elimination, and the pros give us their view about Kaval.

Lay-Cool are backstage with Kaval and Husky Harris runs into him.  Lay-Cool stick up for Kaval when Husky says he doesn’t stand out.  Tonight, there will be a match between Husky and Kaval, and it’s up next.

Husky Harris defeats Kaval when Husky knocks down Lay-Cool, who for some reason was on the outside turnbuckle, cheering their man on.  Husky pulls off the Senton to win the match.  The announcers brought up the fact that Kaval takes himself way too seriously, and sadly, he has become the “Daniel Bryan” of NXT Season Two.  Let’s just hope that Kaval doesn’t choke anyone, or spit them out.

Striker tells the pros to gather around and make their selection on who is going to get eliminated.

Raw Rebound showing last week how Cena got his team ready to fight, but last night, none of them got along at all.  It will be Unit Vs Individuals at Summerslam, who will win that match?

Here are the results, and who will go home?

1.  Michael McGillicutty

2.  Kaval

3.  Alex Riley

4.  “Showtime” Percy Watson

5.  Lucky Cannon

6.  Husky Harris

7.  Eli Cottonwood

A bit of a surprise here because as bad as he is, I thought Husky was going home.  So Eli’s answer was to beat on everyone.  He even shoves his own pro, John Morrison. 

Matt wants to ask Husky Harris if there is something he isn’t connecting to the fans.  Husky says they have seen how he has stepped it up the last few weeks, and if they can’t see it, then they never will.  What can Michael McGillicutty do to stay at number 1.  Michael said when it’s all said and done, his record will be whatever and 0 and he will become a World Champion.  Matt asks if Alex Riley was concerned with Eli, he said no, but he will climb to number 1 at the end of the season.  And with this, Riley and McGillicutty fights and Eli Cottonwood comes back to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

There is no place for Michael Cole to be on this show.  I have had enough of him, he offers nothing as a show that is supposed to feature breakout stars.  He never takes them seriously nor does he put them over, and the guy that the fans do like, he craps on because well, the internet people don’t know anything. 

But enough of my rant, let’s get on with the show itself.  These stupid contests at the beginning of the show offers nothing.  They give the guys 60 seconds to say what they want, and I just think maybe they should focus on their strengths, and give them bullet points to work with?  You’d think since these guys are in FCW, and have been exposed to the business, they would be better at promos then what they have shown so far.  “Showtime” Percy Watson has emerged as the best all around competitor.  Michael McGillicutty still is raw around his promos, but his in ring skills show him off.  Kaval never was a good talker, but he can go in the ring and shows off what he can do.  Lucky Cannon is just bad, Alex Riley has truly disappointed me in his promo skills because his insults are just bad.  Husky Harris is just a big dude, he hasn’t connected yet, but maybe it’s his name that is the problem?  What is wrong with just giving him Rotunda name?  Or if nothing else, give him IRS Jr?  The right person left though, I mean as bad as Husky has been on the mic, he offers more than Eli Cottonwood.  Eli is actually a strange dude, I think.  The matches were fine tonight, but it really was about the eliminations, as it should be.  I guess the question remains where do they go from here?  We will find out.  Give me an email on your thoughts at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com, or drop me a comment on here.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to WWE NXT 7/27/10…Who Is Going Home?

  1. Adam says:

    I liked last week, when they saved the stupid stuff for the end. It kind of gets rid of that “main event” feel, but at least we get the wrestling out of the way first and then the bull.

    I’m under the impression those promos really are impromptu. Otherwise, there’s just no reason why they’re mostly bad.

    Alex Riley seems the most comfortable on the mic. I don’t really listen to what he says, but I’m seeing a lot of Miz in him. He’s a good guy to be under the Miz if he wants to play the same type of character.

  2. Kevin Gillman says:

    I like the pairing of Riley and Miz too. It’s just I think Riley tries too hard with the words. I still like Percy Watson’s mic skills, but Riley has the better look to be a star. I agree with you too, if they must do the stupid things, get it out of the way first, so we can see the best stuff last. The show isn’t as bad that way.

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