TNA Impact 7/29/10….Extreme Party

Now that Hardcore Justice is set in TNA, we start the night with Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Stevie Richards, D-Von, Rhino, and Mic Foley.  The crowd is going crazy for Tommy and company.  Tommy said they can’t use ECW, so they are now known as EV2.0.  There ya go.  Tommy thanks D-Von for joining them, and he wants to know what is going on with Brother Ray.  D-Von doesn’t know either, they are family, and family have their differences, but he’d like to call him out and see what the deal is.

Bubba comes out, and he doesn’t look like he’s in a good mood.  D-Von says this is family, at EV2.0.  He wants to know point-blank, if he is in or out.  Ray turns and leaves, but Tommy wants to talk to him, and he says this is something bigger.  This is like KISS putting the makeup on one more time, nothing political, just a way to say thank you for the ones who supported them. 

Mick now has the mic, he said with him or without him, they will have one hell of a show, but with him, the show will mean that much more.  Boy, Mick is on the mic.  He said this would be the one thing Ray would regret more than anything. 

Now, Taz has the mic.  He wants Ray to do it.  Bubba gets into the ring, and wants the mic.  He wants to know one question….are they going to light someone on fire? 

So the crowd chants EV2.0, Damn WWE for this lawsuit.

Bubba says he is in and embraces everyone.

Hulk Hogan comes out now, this is a party…

Hogan is cool with it, but he just would have liked to know first hand.  He agrees with Dixie’s comparison to what they did to the 90’s, Hulk did in the 80’s.  He missed it the first time around because he was busy in WCW, so now he will get to witness it first hand.  There will be a surprise tonight, Eric Bischoff will make that announcement.

Abyss comes out, he wants to tell us THEY are not happy.  He said the reunion was never a part of THEIR plan, and there is one person they hold responsible….Dixie Carter.  Those are fighting words.

Hogan isn’t impressed with what Abyss has to say, in fact he wants him to talk to a shrink.  Dr. Stevie is available from what I heard.

Abyss said that THEY instructed him to take out Tommy Dreamer tonight.  Hogan declined it, but Tommy said he would love to fight him.  Now that would be a dream hardcore match.  It’s official.

Lacey and Velvet are in the locker room, Madison comes up and she says they need to stand together.  Velvet doesn’t like that idea, she is still upset that Madison said she doesn’t need them anymore and she hired another member without telling them.  Madison said that Sarita and Angelina Love are facing each other for the number one contendership to the TNA Knockout Title.  She also extended an invitation to the two of them last week to join Madison and the Motorcycle Woman, but Velvet declined.  She apologized and now all is well with the Beautiful People.

Number one contendership for the TNA Knockout Title, Angelina Love against Sarita is up next.

Angelina won with the Botox Injection, high kick.  Decent match that allowed both women to be physical.

And now, Eric Young is a comedic character….again.  He is teaming up with Orlando Jordan, and Orlando doesn’t like it.  Young said he is high on Rum candy, he isn’t right, but he has a plan.  Backup plan, it’s on.

Wow, so now they are explaining Eric Young’s behavior, he got kicked by Suicide in an XPlosion match that none of us saw 2 weeks ago, and they never explained this…until now.

The new team of Eric Young and Orlando Jordan taking on Ink Inc.

Ink, Inc won with the Mooregasm in what has to be classified as the dumbest match of the year.  Eric brought a mannequin, I am serious….a manaquin.  I can see why TNA gets crapped on by some Wrestling fans because of things like that.  This is why TNA needs Paul Heyman more than ever to come in and NOT book crap like that.  Eric Young is a talented Wrestler, and he just got crapped on because he was at the wrong place, wrong time.  He gets punished for Scott Hall getting drunk again, REALLY?

Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Kazarian, and Beer Money are in the ring for some mic time.

Flair makes the announcement next week, Flair Vs Lethal in a streetfight.  He is prepared to bleed, sweat, and pay the price.  WOOOOOO

Now, the discussion is Fortune, Beer Money are officially in.  Good selection, the best tag team in the business today.

Robert said it’s an honor, but it was just a matter of time that Beer Money gets into the group, after all, they are the greatest tag team in the industry….I just said that.

If Beer Money wins tonight, they will be 4 time Champions.

Kazarian wants to say that they are not a “silly gang of angry rookies” they are the best in the TNA galaxy….yes he really did say galaxy.

AJ said that they are the best because Ric Flair deserves the best.  He deserves respect.  AJ now renames the Global Title to the Television Title.  Good move on their part, renaming the title.

Starting next week, AJ will honor the title and it starts with Rob Terry, he will give him a shot at the Television Title, but he must get past Kazarian first.

Flair said bring the women to the hotel, between 18-28, you gotta love Flair.

Kurt Angle interrupts the fun, he is decked out as well in a suit.  AJ is number 6 contender, you know what that means.  Yup, Angle Vs Styles is upon us.

Up next is the steel cage match best of 5 series between Beer Money and the Motor City Machineguns.  Be prepared to be entertained.

And they did not disappoint.  This was a regular tag team setup where they had to either pin or escape the cage.  James Storm tried to use the trusty beer bottle, but he instead hit Robert Roode and the Guns went up top to do what the Guns do best and they won match 3.  Beer Money still is leading 2-1, but come on, we both know this is going 5.  Incredible match.

It’s time for MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…..Morgan?  “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan comes in and mocks Mr. Anderson.

He even does the microphone but, but the microphone doesn’t even want to come down.  But that’s okay.  Matt introduces himself as a damn near 8 feet tall.  And yes, he weighs in at 484 1/4 pounds….He hails from the mean streets of Fairfield, Connecticut.  Hey, isn’t that where the Mean Street Posse are from?

Now the real Mr. Anderson interrupts this segment, and he has his own microphone from the ramp.  They are having dual microphones now.  That is funny, but Anderson wants to come down a little closer.  Morgan tries to get Anderson to bite.  One thing I notice though is how much taller Matt Morgan is, but Anderson solves that problem with a ball buster.  But Morgan gives him a claw, he can actually make that work.  He chokes him with the microphone too, and Jeff Hardy comes out to solve that.  Security breaks up Anderson and Hardy, but they hold onto Anderson and Morgan beats down Anderson.  Their names are Murphy and Gunnar, they are wrestling security.  Now D’Lo Brown and Al Snow come out to break it up.  They get into the TNA Security’s face, and this ends the segment.

Moments ago, we just saw….what we saw.  D’Lo even shakes his head.

Christy is backstage with Jeff and Ken.  He said he wants those 3 guys in a handicap tag team match tonight.

Kazarian will be taking on Rob “The Freak” Terry, and that match is up next.

Wow, Rob pins Kazarian in record time due to the Freakbuster, and that’s all she wrote.  I wish Desmond Wolfe was a part of Fortune.

Eric Bischoff’s announcement is up next.

But first, we have the 3 on 2 Handicap match, even though Tenay said Bischoff was up next, oh great, they are going off the format….AGAIN.

I am shocked that Murphy’s name isn’t Matthew, get it?  As in Matthew and Gunnar?  Get it?  As in NELSON?  Who are Nelson?  What?  They are a brother group from the 90’s.  Yes, they had music in the 90’s, good gravy.

A very quick match, Morgan rights out on the Nelson Boys, and Anderson gives Gunnar a Mic Check, followed by a Swanton by Jeff Hardy, and that is all she wrote.

Christy wants to know what Eric has to say, Hulk just says we will love it.

Bischoff is in the ring with Miss Tessmacher.  He says August 12th, at 9 PM Eastern.  We will see PPV quality on Impact…IE….Clash of the Champions.  I truly wish they could name it that, but that is what we are going to get. 

Abyss comes out and he assures Bischoff that THEY want him to make the main event match.  THEY have given him a BLUEPRINT….Matt Morgan has something to do with that?  We are going to have a ladder match with Abyss and RVD with Janice hanging.  I think my friend’s Neice, Ashlee was right…THEY will turn out to be Hogan and Bischoff.  Eric is a better heel anyway.  Bischoff is okay with Abyss, but Janice remembers Bischoff bitch slapping Abyss, he wants to remind him, and RVD comes out to aid Eric.

Rob gets the upper hand on Abyss with a chair to the head, but Abyss makes a comeback, and he wants Dixie’s chair.  TNA agents come out again and protect Rob. 

Enter Tommy Dreamer….and their main event match is up now.

Well, we had a little of everything in this match, barbed wire boards, Janice, trash cans, chairs, when it was all said and done, Abyss defeated Tommy with a chokeslam on the barbed wire board.  It’s amazing the effort Tommy gave in this match because the guy has a torn MCL.  I have so much respect for him to be working this hard, despite his injuries, and he will work the PPV.  Tommy attacked Abyss, but Raven came out to save him, only to nail him with an Even Flow DDT.  The program ended there.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Tonight was another decent show, and I do like the fact that they haven’t forgotten about the TNA workers, so they will now have a Clash of Champions style show on August 12th.  They should name it that, truly do.  So, we had a mixture of setting up the ECW Hardcore Justice PPV and the Clash of the Champions show, announcing the main event to that show, and I am certain we will see another tag team match between Beer Money and Motor City Machineguns, which again put on another stellar match.  They truly do have the two best  tag teams in the business.  But I also loved the fact that AJ Styles renamed the Global Title to the Television Title.  That’s what it should have been all along.  We will get another Jay Lethal-Ric Flair match next week too.  We also have a Matt Morgan-Mr. Anderson encounter, and I surely want to see Samoa Joe appearance here.  I don’t understand why he wasn’t on the show.  But overall, a decent show, except of course that horrible segment with Eric Young, which I already commented on.  Give me your thoughts on the show by emailing me at or give me a comment.


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