WWE Monday Night Raw 8/2/10…Can Team Cena Get Along?

We begin Raw with a video package showing what has taken place with Team Cena and Team NEXUS.  We are live….on tape from San Antonio, Texas….again.

Tonight, it will be Randy Orton taking on The Miz.  And we are going to see an exclusive trailer to the new John Cena movie Legendary.

Edge starts the show off, the way it should be.

Edge tried, but he realized after last week, he has to listen to one person, and that is himself.  After Royal Rumble, when he came back from a tendon injury, he listened to the fans.  And they let him down.  Just like his Summerslam team is.  He doesn’t respect Cena.  He doesn’t trust Jericho, he doesn’t like Great Khali.  He barely knows Morrison and R-Truth.  He does agree that NEXUS needs to be stopped, so tonight, he challenges Wade Barrett.

R-Truth comes out, he is going to ask everyone an important question….what’s up?

Edge doesn’t know why Truth is here, Truth says he is asking Edge the same thing.  He doesn’t get it, it’s bigger than Wade Barrett.  They all have to fight together, or else NEXUS wins.  That’s the truth.

Edge doesn’t hear it, he wants the head guy, if he takes out Barrett, NEXUS crumbles.  So, is Truth going to get out of his ring, or will he spear him out?

Email sound goes off, and Cole is channeling Mike Adamle, and I quote….the Raw GM says tonight, it will be Edge against Wade Barrett, one on one and Truth needs to exit the ring, because the match is up next.

This was a no contest when Edge had given Barrett an Edgecution, he was about to spear Wade, but Barrett has learned so much, he got out of the ring, stalled a bit and called the troops down to ringside.  NEXUS almost attacked Edge, but he got away and they did a stare down, with Edge at the top of the aisle.  Good match, and I actually liked the way it ended, it didn’t hurt anyone and both men are kept strong.

We are backstage and Edge is furious with what just happened.  He is looking for Cena, and sees him.  He wants to know where he was at.  He was out there all by himself, Cena said he thought he’d listen to Edge.  Edge felt he could do it all on his own, but the truth is they have to work together, 7 on 7.  But there is a problem, Edge quits.

Chris Jericho is behind Cena and John asks him if he wants to quit too.  But Chris said Cena should quit because he is as dangerous as NEXUS.  So if he wants to do what’s right, he should quit now.  In fact, he challenges Cena to a Loser Quits Raw team at Summerslam.  Since Jericho has only beaten Cena once, that might be dangerous, but Cena agrees.

Cole brings up this might not look good for Bret Hart, who again is the smartest man here, because he is at home training.  Speaking of Bret, they look back at Summerslam 1991, when Bret beats the legendary “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, and becomes the Intercontinental Champion for the first time in a classic match.

We go backstage again with John Morrison and The Great Khali, Morrison again says we need to stick together.  He reminds him about the movie The Magnificant Seven but Khali reminds him about the 7 Dwarfs too.  Morrison wishes him luck with Ted Dibiase tonight.

NEXUS comes over to Khali, they reminded him that they didn’t attack him last week because they respect him.  They said rumor has it that if he loses to Ted tonight, he will be replaced.  That doesn’t sound like respect to them.  Khali has something to think about.

We have a 6 Divas match with Eve, Gail Kim, and Natalya taking on Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall, and Tamina.

Alicia, Tamina, and Jillian beat Gail, Eve, and Natalya when the heels take care of the faces outside of the ring, and when Natalya tries the Sharpshooter, Tamina distracts Natalya so Alicia does the Ax Kick and wins the match.  Gail took a crazy bump on the pole though, so hopefully she is okay.

Alicia has the mic and she says we are all witnesses to the greatest Divas Title reign in history, she has beaten everyone in one form or another.  So, we have the return of Melina.  She charges to the ring, with Alicia trying to get out of the ring, but is blocked by Jillian.  Melina pulls off the Matrix, then gives Alicia the Sunset Split and screams she is back.  I say welcome back.  Now the Divas division can pick up.

The WWE Champion is up now, and his opponent is Goldust.  Yup, the champion’s opponent is a guy that hasn’t worked on Raw in quite some time.  I take that back, he did wrestle last week, but he hasn’t been on Raw in awhile.

Sheamus finished Goldy in record time with the High Cross.

Sheamus has the mic and he talks about one year ago, he was feuding with Goldy at ECW, trying to make a name for himself.  Now, he’s the WWE Champion, but who has he truly pinned?  He didn’t do it with a briefcase, he did it by his own hard work and the fans came to watch him.  He brings up HHH, but he took him out.  He vows he will do the same thing to Orton at Summerslam.  He doesn’t need the fans respect, nor does he need the credit.  All he needs is the WWE Title.

Coming up next, Chris Jericho taking on John Cena.

Cena beats Jericho with the STF, but Cena didn’t even put the move on, Jericho tapped out.  It just was a very strange ending to a match that again delivered.  But let’s be honest, we all knew Jericho didn’t have a chance to win, since his record against Cena isn’t exactly record-breaking.  At the end of the match, Cena grabbed the mic and he said this whole thing is silly, I agree.  He wants Jericho to join him, because deep down, Jericho would let himself down through all of this, and he has to look at himself in the mirror and realize he quit on himself.  So join him, and together they can help stop NEXUS.  Chris thought about it, he even heading towards the ring, but he thought better of it and walked away.

We come back and see Chris and Edge together in the locker room.  Edge said he respects Chris more for taking a stand, Chris said ditto, and they talked about how WWE wants them apart, so they made up and decided they will join forces, and I say this is the best part of the show.

Email sound….

Mike Adamle, I mean Michael Cole comes over and he announces next week, Chris and Edge will team up against John Cena and Bret “The Hitman” Hart with NEXUS serving as Lumberjacks.

We have an interview segment with Randy Orton now.  Randy said Sheamus needs to realize Randy took out HHH as well, thanks to kicking him in the skull.  So tonight, he is inviting Sheamus to come down to ringside and see what he is going to do to The Miz tonight.  However, in 2 weeks, he is going to do the same thing to Sheamus.

Coming up next, the exclusive premiere to the movie trailer of Legendary.

They show the movie trailer to Legendary, it’s with Patricia Clarkson and Danny Glover.  John plays a recent parole who comes back home and shows his brother how to Wrestle, and his brother, in turn shows him how to be a man.

The Great Khali will be facing off against Ted Dibiase.

I will say this, in a few weeks, Maryse has made Ted look like a star. 

NEXUS comes down to ringside and surround themselves to the ring, but does nothing but distract Dibiase, Great Khali gives him the Chop and then gives Ted the Khali Vise Grip, and of course, the announcers don’t put this over on what just happened, so why should we?

Before the main event match, we see an interview clip with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg from the upcoming film The Other Guys, also co-starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, notice how they don’t mention that?  Anyway, Will is saying how his character in the movie is connected with the women, and the Bella Twins come up and ask him out for a date.  He turns them down, and Mark can’t believe it.

Main event match with The Miz taking on Randy Orton.  Miz has a few words to say first before the match, he says he made a big mistake giving Miz the RKO last week, and Randy will pay for what he did tonight.  He said even if Randy wins at Summerslam, his moment will come and The Miz will cash in his title shot to become the WWE Champion, because he is The Miz, and he is AWESOME.

Somehow, I hear voices in my head and see Randy Orton come to the ring now, and here we go.

During the match, Sheamus does come to ringside and scouts the match, he sees Randy pin The Miz with the RKO in a very solid match, and when the match is over with, Sheamus starts to come to the ring, but Randy is ready for it, and with that, Sheamus does not come into the ring and the show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

You can just tell that the show was taped because the announcers just didn’t seem into it.  They were doing voiceovers and the show had that feel.  You know what I am talking about, that “We are on the way to go overseas, so let’s just get this show out-of-the-way, we get the tour over, and focus on the last show before Summerslam”.  They just shouldn’t go on an overseas trip right when the 2nd biggest PPV is on the horizon.  They should instead focus on the product and put the PPV over.  You can take that overseas trip AFTER the huge PPV.  If they don’t treat this show as special, then why should the fans? 

I loved seeing Melina back, she is very much-needed, and it also sets up a match between she and Alicia Fox at Summerslam, at least I think.

NEXUS didn’t have much of a role, but they still had their presence, and that is good.

The Jericho-Cena match ending just felt very cheap.  I believe Edge and Jericho will still get in the match, but how about showcasing Morrison and R-Truth a bit more?  Truth got some mic time, and he actually made some good points, but at the end of the day, he was forgotten, as was John Morrison.  2 of your up and coming superstars involved in a very important match at a very important PPV, why not put them in a match tonight?

Khali deal was okay, but you know how I feel, I would rather see Ted Dibiase take Khali’s spot, so why not have Cena kick him out of the team? 

Next week should be very good, and in fact it better be very good.  We will see Bret Hart make an appearance, and perhaps he can get the team together so they can get on the same page.  But one more thing, we also need to find out who the anonymous Raw GM is because I am sick of hearing Cole get more mic time, because when he reads off the stuff on a cue card, he makes more mistakes.  Let’s find out who the guy is and we can kick the fall season of Raw on the right foot.

Give me your thoughts on tonight’s show and the direction of the show, email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me a line here.  2 weeks to go for Summerslam, can you feel it?


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