WWE NXT 8/3/10…The Rookies Meet The Kissing Game

After Eli Cottonwood was eliminated last week, what will happen tonight on NXT?  We see footage from last week when Eli “Mustache” Cottonwood gets the boot and he freaks out.  Let’s see where we go from here.

Cole described last week’s elimination as “controversial” how is that possible?

Matt welcomes us to the show and we have another contest…a kissing contest with Lay-Cool.  This might be awkward, I mean Taker is married to Michelle McCool, and well I wouldn’t want to upset the dude.

Husky Harris is up first…

Okay, I guess Lay-Cool won’t be kissing the guys, but they bring out a big woman with ugly sores on her face.  Wow, the comedy here keeps on rolling.

Husky gets into it and gives her a big kiss.

Michael McGillicutty is up next.  He licks the sores on her face.

Lucky Cannon is up now.  He is into the kiss too.

“Showtime” Percy Watkins is up now.  He takes his glasses off and hesitates, but does it very fast.

Kaval is up now.  Kaval wants the crowd to save him, but Layla kisses him instead.  However, that doesn’t count.  So….he kisses her.

Alex Riley is up last and he gives her a big kiss, and is smitten by it.  He falls on the mat.

So, the winner is….Lucky Cannon.

This was a very wasted segment.

Hey, we have a match, how about that?  Husky Harris is taking on Kaval, one on one.

Next week, another rookie is going home, voting begins tomorrow on WWE.com at 12 Noon.

Husky Harris beats Kaval again with a running Senton.  Very short match.

The Miz has some very interesting comments about Michael McGillicutty, he said that Michael wants to follow in Daddy’s footsteps.  Daddy was good, Michael is mediocre.  Very bold moves.

Ashley Vallance makes her one appearance on the show, interviewing Michael.  McGillicutty  wants The Miz tonight.  Lucky Cannon comes in and says he wants The Miz tonight, but we see The Miz interrupting them and mocks their bickering, which is very funny.  He says how about they face each other tonight, and “maybe” he will face them.  Kofi interrupts him and tells Miz to man up and face the winner tonight.  Very good segment.

Hey, a Jamie Keys appearance, alright.  Lucky Cannon is taking on Michael McGillicutty, and that match is next.

Michael wins with the Swinging Neckbreaker, which I guess they are calling it McGillicutter.  Wow, really?  Couldn’t they choose a better name for his finishing move?  In fact, can’t they choose a better ring name for Michael McGillicutty?  He will move on to face The Miz later tonight.

We will also get Alex Riley taking on “Showtime” Percy Watkins.

Matt Striker is going to the pros, and asking them which pro is doing the worst job.

Kofi Kingston says it is Lay-Cool.  After all, Kaval is the closest thing to a ninja, yet Lay-Cool had him come out to a pink shirt.  I have to agree there.

Lay-Cool says it is Kofi because the fans love the pink shirt.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes says it is Kofi, and he is going to take the Intercontinental Championship sooner than later.

Mark Henry says it is Zack Ryder.

Zack couldn’t put down his Twitter, so The Miz came out and say all of the pros are the worst except for him.  And he comes out with Alex Riley.  Alex taking on “Showtime” Percy Watkins is up next.

They show a confessional video of “Showtime” Percy Watkins saying the person he has had the most trouble with is Alex Riley.  Alex likes to talk down to people, and Percy is a positive guy.

Alex wins the match with a “You’re Dismissed” Fireman’s Cutter.  This was a decent match, Alex showed very well in this match, as did Percy. 

Coming up next is the main event, Michael McGillicutty taking on The Miz.

The Miz won predictably with the Skull Crushing Finale in a very good match.  Michael showed some fire and some ability, but the story of the match was the veteran capitalized on the rookie’s mistake.  He should be okay next week for the elimination.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Other than the horrible beginning, the rest of the show was fine, highlighted by the main event, and the quest to get there.  As for who might be leaving, I truly believe this poll is legit, so I think the one guy who is in danger of leaving next week is Lucky Cannon.  Let me put it this way, Husky Harris had a good match tonight, and Lucky didn’t do a whole lot, so I hope Husky is safe.  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me your thoughts here, but next week should be interesting to see who leaves the show.


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