WWE Smackdown 8/6/10…Did Rey Mysterio Attack The Undertaker?

We start Smackdown off tonight with Rey Rey. 

Rey said he was chokeslammed 10-15 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico, really Rey?  He said that he saw the face of his accuser, Kane when he got up from the water.  He said he has never been accused of something he didn’t do, and he can’t believe Kane did that.  He said he didn’t have anything to do with attacking The Undertaker.  Then Rey said he is crazy in Spanish, he might be.  Kane said he will shove Rey in a casket, and Rey said he doesn’t like that.  Only God can judge Rey, and so does Rey.  He is going to tell us who attacked Undertaker, but Drew McIntyre came out and interrupted Rey.

Drew said they have names for Rey where he comes from, guys that wear masks, he calls them criminals.  Rey fooled us all, and at the expense of The Undertaker.  Rey is supposed to be a hero to us.  Would a hero stand by while CM Punk broke his arm, being accused of attacking Undertaker?  Rey had no business with that.  How about Jack Swagger?  Jack had to watch his father get pummeled and stay at a hospital, a 64-year-old man.  Rey said that wasn’t his business.  Drew thinks someone else was involved in attacking Undertaker, he doesn’t think it was Rey himself.  Drew would have done it himself.  After all, look at what he did to Christian last week. 

Drew has an idea, and that is to do the same thing to Rey what he did to Christian last week and he has spoken to Teddy about a match.  He dares Rey to agree to the match, and Rey agrees to it.  Tonight, Rey Rey against Drew McIntyre.

Also tonight, they are going to have an “exclusive” premiere to John Cena’s new movie, Legendary.  The problem is we already saw it last Monday night on Raw, so how can it be exclusive, and how can it be a premiere?  I am just asking.

Tonight, Dolph Ziggler will try to win the Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston.

We have a Matt Hardy sighting, his opponent is going to be “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Matt with the Crossroads.  Another good match and Cody has shown what he can do with this new gimmick.  If Dolph doesn’t win the IC Title, I can see WWE grooming Cody to be the next IC Champ.  Then again, they could be doing it even if Dolph does win the title.

They are showing us the same trailer “premiere” of Legendary, starring John Cena.  We will now be seeing this trailer about 40,000,000 times until the movie premieres.

 Another vignette of the same vignette shown last week of Alberto Del Rio.

Rosa Mendes is in Teddy’s office, but Lay-Cool interrupt her.  Michelle doesn’t think it’s fair that Teddy demands that one of them gives up the Women’s Title.  Teddy doesn’t want to hear it, one women’s title.  So Michelle says Layla owes her and hands it to Teddy.  They argue over who should wear the title, only to break it in half.  Teddy Long did say “One Women’s Title” but he never said one Women’s champion.  Good Gravy.

Intercontinental Title match is up next, Dolph Ziggler taking on Kofi Kingston.

Wow, what a crappy ending to what was a good match.  Dolph Ziggler became the new IC Champion when Kofi did Trouble in Paradise, but Vicky Guerrero came into the ring and yelled at the referee.  Dolph than gave Kofi the Zig Zag, in front of the referee, he never kicked Vicky out, and won the match.  Cleveland’s own Dolph Ziggler made us proud, but Kofi attacked Dolph from behind and beat him down.  I like this more aggressive side of Kofi Kingston.  Matt Striker though mentioned that there is an automatic rematch clause, but then that gets me thinking, Rey Mysterio never had an automatic rematch clause when he was World Champion.  He had to earn that by beating Jack Swagger.  Kofi deserves to go after the World Championship anyway.

Next up is The Straight Edge Society.  We have a Summerslam match, it will be a 3 on 1 match with the Straight Edge Society taking on Big Show.

CM Punk has accomplished many great things in his career, such as sobriety, becoming the first and only Straight Edge World Heavyweight Champion, how about competing in back to back Wrestlemanias and winning Money in the Bank ladder matches.  But he is most proud how SES came together and beat down The Big Show.  We see footage of that very thing and pause the moment they broke The Big Show’s hand.  Joey Mercury interrupts CM Punk, very proud of what they did.  Punk asked them if they are happy, and they all said yes.  But Punk gets serious because he doesn’t remember telling any of them they can be happy.  He orders them to get on their knees.  What he said stands forever, he said happiness is weakness.  When they let him down, they slip.  Then when they show weakness, they might as well fall off the wagon and become the people.  Punk will not tolerate them falling.  He makes a pledge that they will be better than any of us, and they will be happy when he says they can be happy.  Remember, satisfaction is the death of desire.

Coming up next, 6 man tag match with the SES.

Their opponents are MVP, Chris Masters, and JTG.  Wow, not even showing their entrances.  You know what that means.

Yup, pretty much a squash, Luke Gallows pins MVP with a boot to the back of the head.  Punk is very somber, giving his troops hugs, he isn’t happy, but somber.

“Dashing” tips from “Dashing” Cody Rhodes on how to trim your eyebrows.  He is very generous giving us these tips.  He said groom the brows, and comb the brows.  I never thought of that, I guess that is why I am not “Dashing”.

Raw Rebound with Edge and Chris Jericho quitting Team Cena.

They go over the Summerslam card, and here is what I don’t understand.  Kane continues to make references over caskets, Rey talked about it tonight, but it’s just a regular match.  Why not just make it a casket match?

See, Kane is talking about putting Rey in a casket after the match at Summerslam.  So why not make it official and put this in a casket match?

Main event is up next, Rey Mysterio will be taking on Drew McIntyre, first time ever.

Rey Mysterio wins in a very good and long match with Drew.  Drew had him with the Future Shock DDT, but Rey got out of it and tried the 619, that didn’t work, but Rey went to the ropes, flipped over Drew and gave him a crucifix pin.  Rey was about to speak on who attacked Undertaker, but Kane came out with the casket.  Kane came to the ring, Drew knocks Rey down and leaves.  Rey sees Kane standing over him and bails, even landing in the casket.  Rey said it wasn’t him that took out Undertaker, it was Kane.  Then Kane goes nuts, I think it was Kane’s voices.  This ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’ll say this again, I don’t like the “Vegetated” Undertaker storyline.  It’s too hokey, just take him out if he truly is injured and needs time off.  I just don’t get why they have to waste our time using that stupid storyline, however, it gets Glen Jacobs some air time.  But aren’t the Brothers of Destruction so much better together than they are apart?  I always thought so.

Okay, on to the show, it was good.  They had 2 very good matches, which was Rey-Drew and Cody-Hardy.  Kofi-Dolph was fine, but the ending kind of ruined it from being good.  However, we can take that anytime.  What was odd to me though was not seeing Jack Swagger.  It’s still possible Jack took out Taker and he is hiding until the time is right because WWE has to have big plans for him.  He should be on the 2nd biggest WWE PPV of the year.  So far, we only have 4 official matches.  I guess we will have to see what happens this coming week for other matches to be announced, because there are some good young talent that is missing so far on this card.

I am sure we will see another IC Title match on the big show, but you have to wonder what the Women Division will be going through now that Lay-Cool one upped Teddy Long, with the breaking of the title.  Is this going to lead to an epic showdown at say Survivor Series?  Time will tell, I guess.  But keep those “Dashing” Cody Rhodes vignettes going.  They are more entertaining than the Alberto Del Rio vignettes, who has yet to make his TV debut.  By the way, I will be writing up a review of the Wrestlemania special tomorrow evening, so keep checking on that.  It starts at 9″00 on NBC.  Give me your thoughts on the show tonight, drop me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com and give me your thoughts on the show.


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