WWE Wrestlemania 26 NBC Special 8/7/10

This is an opportunity for WWE to shine, I saw last year’s special, and it was a nice way to watch the show, mixed with highlights and music.  It gave the even a true big feel special.  Wrestlemania 26 was of course the sight of one of the greatest matches in history between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.  Last year’s match was incredible, but this year lived up to that match, and so much more, if for nothing else than the real emotion we all had as fans that indeed Shawn Michaels’ career was over.  Let’s see how they show this match for Primetime.  Here we go.

The video in the beginning of the show is the same as Wrestlemania, talking about defining that “Wrestlemania moment”.  Very surreal.

They open the show up with The Streak vs The Career, Shawn Michaels taking on The Undertaker.  They also show the video on how we got here.

I am usually not a big fan of face vs face ordeals in big shows, but this is the one exception.  Shawn was never really a heel going in this match.  He was a wrestler who was so obsessed with defeating a streak, that he justified any reasoning, including costing The Undertaker his World Heavyweight Title at Elimination Chamber.  This was truly a great storyline that came up at the right time.

Hmmmm, interesting here.  We come back from a commercial and we don’t see the match, instead we see a Wrestlemania clip they showed.  Cena was on Jimmy Fallon, they showcased Wrestlemania Access, I guess they will show the entire match later on.  But then again, does it matter?  This is just a way to show what Wrestlemania is.

Okay, they are going to show the match.  Don’t mind me, I am just watching this show.

Now they are showcasing Undertaker’s epic entrance.  During the entrances, they are showcasing both men’s careers, and they are playing music.  This gives a different perspective.

Another commercial break.

The only thing I regret is not hearing Jim Ross call this match.  Michael Cole just doesn’t have that wrestling knowledge that Jim Ross has.  Sadly, play by play commentary will never be the same.  The only thing is, I wish Jim Ross had made that call to hang up the headset and microphone, and not Vince McMahon.

This was the last match this year at Wrestlemania, which was the right thing to do.  No title match was as big as this story on this Wrestlemania, and there is a difference….THIS Wrestlemania.  Last year when they had the first encounter, it was right before the WWE Title match, and it burnt the crowd so much that the hottest storyline heading into last year’s Wrestlemania fizzled.  Shawn Michaels truly is “Mr. Wrestlemania”, but you also have to credit The Undertaker in this same regard.

A slow build started the match, but it was building spot for spot.  Taker did an incredible Tombstone Piledriver on the outside floor.  That moment is when the match picked up and the action was intense.

Early on in this match, we had a Tombstone Piledriver, and Sweet Chin Music, yet both men didn’t get pinned.  For these 2 men, it was the right move.  Taker even pulled off The Last Ride, but that failed.

The table gets off, Taker takes off the monitors and Cole utters “Oh Lord” now that was funny.

HBK counters The Last Ride with another Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere, and time to fly off the announce table….one more time.

What was going through Shawn’s mind when he was pulling off the Moonsault through the announce table?  We may never know.

A commercial break.

When we come back, we get some of the action in highlight form, Shawn pulls off another Sweet Chin Music, yet Taker kicks out.  He tries another one, but is met with a Chokeslam by Undertaker. 

Another Tombstone Piledriver, Shawn KICKS OUT!!!!!!

Now Taker is thinking what he has to do.  The straps come off.  Taker signals this is the end, but then he thinks twice about it.  Shawn crawls to Taker’s feet, Taker tells him to stay down, but Shawn refuses to.

Shawn now wants him to end this, he slaps Taker.  Now he did it.

Tombstone Piledriver….1….2…3….a great, storied career is ended.

A truly remarkable match with a truly remarkable story.  The fans give Shawn a standing ovation.

Now they air footage from the next night on Raw with Shawn’s farewell address.

They quickly show HBK giving Sweet Chin Music to Ric Flair, you don’t see it’s him if you blink.  It was from Wrestlemania 24.

“This is how we started it, and this is how we will end it….ladies and gentlemen, the Heartbreak Kid has left the building”

They end the show with clips of the rest of Wrestlemania 26, with the tune of “I Made It (Cash Made Heroes)” by Kevin Rudolf.  They also air the song “Start The Show” By Jet.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Watching this match again, I want to truly thank Shawn Michaels.  I don’t know if he will ever read this, and chances are, he might not, but if someone does know him, and does read this, and with Google, that is possible, I want to personally thank you for giving 23 years of your life to entertain us in some capacity or another.  You have had some historic matches, some fantastic matches, and in some form or another, found a way to make an impact that will last for a lifetime.  You’ll never truly know how much you entertained us, the fans because words cannot describe everything you have accomplished.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

That was fun to watch, the only match they showcased, and let’s face it, although Edge-Jericho and Cena-Batista were very good, this WAS Wrestlemania.  So, kudos for NBC and WWE to air this match in some capacity.  I highly recommend this for any WWE fan or even the casual fan that is tuning in to see a legend step away from Wrestling.  I also want to say when it first happened, I thought he’d be back.  Now, I truly think we have seen the last of HBK.  I could always be wrong, but I think I am right in this one.  Give me your thoughts through email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com and your thoughts on this site.


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