WWE Monday Night Raw 8/9/10…Who Is Joining Team WWE?

We are live tonight for the final edition of Monday Night Raw before Summerslam, tonight, we have a main event tag team match between Bret “The Hitman” Hart and John Cena taking on Chris Jericho and Edge.

Speaking of “The Hitman”, he comes out to the ring.

This will be Bret’s first Summerslam in the ring since 1997, a span of 13 years.  Incredible.  Bret was back home for the last few weeks training for his big match at Summerslam, and yet the two quit on him.  He suggested the two to Cena, because they have the experience and understand the importance of fighting NEXUS.  He asks to talk to the two one more time.

Chris Jericho comes out.  Chris wants Bret to remind him that he is the best at what he does, Bret doesn’t want to hear about that.  He said it’s time for Chris to be a man.  Chris is hurting himself, and if NEXUS wins at Summerslam, it would be worst.  It’s time for Chris to step up and join Team WWE.  Will Chris reconsider joining Team WWE or will he let his fans down, and most of all himself.

Chris says no.  He calls Bret a phony and a hypocrite.  He isn’t concerned about beating NEXUS, he is worried about losing to Chris and Edge tonight.  Deep down, Bret knows they can’t beat NEXUS without Chris and Edge, in other words….Bret is screwed.

Edge comes out.  Edge wants to know what is wrong with Chris?  This is Bret “The Hitman” Hart, he is the reason they are in the business.  Chris trained in the Dungeon, Edge idolized him.  He went to the events, hoping that Bret would put the sunglasses on his head.  So he’s in.

Chris leaves the ring and when Edge shook hands with Bret he tried to attack him, but Chris attacked Bret.  Natalya came out to Bret and we see NEXUS attacked The Hart Dynasty in the back.  Wade Barrett said it’s not Bret’s day, he can forget about The Hart Dynasty being his replacements, and we go to a commercial.

We come back and see Bret with the Hart Dynasty, he is livid and wants to tear NEXUS apart, but Cena stops him.  He says if he goes after them, they will take him out and every member of Team WWE out one by one.  He is going to find out who is with Team WWE and check with Great Khali.

The Miz will be taking on Evan Bourne.

Okay, I am tired of hearing about Cole’s man-crush on The Miz, it’s truly getting boring.  Why is he such a fan again?

The Miz defeats Evan with the Skull Crushing Finale in an entertaining match for as short as it was.  Evan got to use his flying abilities, but at the end of the day, Miz got the upper hand.

He then grabbed the mic and said it doesn’t matter who the champion is after Summerslam, he will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and become the WWE Champion.  Because of course, he is The Miz, and he is awesome.

Cena is talking with Khali in the back, but we can’t hear what they are saying.  Now I would love to hear that discussion.

Melina is back and it’s good to see her back.  Her opponent is going to be Alicia Fox.

Melina wins with the Last Call Sunset Bomb.  Again, a very good thing to see her and the women’s division certainly picked up.  This was a non title match, so I am sure Melina will get her shot, maybe at Summerslam?

Khali is with Josh Matthews.  He wants to know if Khali’s affiliation is with Team WWE or NEXUS.  Khali makes it clear he is with Team WWE, and he wants Wade Barrett one on one tonight.

We come back from a break and see that during the break the email sound goes off and Cole announced that Alicia Fox will defend the Women’s Title at Summerslam.  Good call, Kev.

It has also been confirmed that Wade Barrett will face Great Khali, we are also getting a Diva’s Summertime Spectacular featuring The Bella Twins, facing Eve and Gail Kim, and they are facing off against Maryse and Jillian Hall.  Plus Sheamus will be calling out Randy Orton.

Edge and Jericho are in the back, Jericho is wondering if they truly did screw themselves because if NEXUS takes out Team WWE at Summerslam, then they will be eliminated.  Edge talked about how they are survivors, so Jericho said if they take out Cena and Bret tonight, there will be no Summerslam match, and they are in the clear.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the back, R-Truth and John Morrison agree they are on the same side, but who will they choose to find 2 members of the team.  Mark Henry approached them and said he will be a member and in his match, it will be an audition.

NEXUS watches all of this in the back, and Wade called out the troops.

Mark Henry comes out for his match with Ted Dibiase and is met with NEXUS.  They destroy Mark and reassure that Mark will have nothing to do at Summerslam, ramming him into the steel steps.

Sheamus will be out next, he is calling out Randy Orton.

Sheamus comes out, he wants to make it clear he is scared to get in the ring with Orton, because he is scared about what he is going to do to him.  He backs up what he says, it’s a reason why he is the WWE Champion. 

They showcase what Sheamus has done in his WWE career with a nice video. 

Sheamus hears voices in his head, Randy Orton comes out.  Randy said Sheamus had the opportunity last week to be taken seriously last week, but he was afraid to enter the ring.  The fact remains the same….Sheamus has never beaten Orton.  Sheamus brings up HHH, but Orton isn’t him, nor is he John Cena.  Sheamus reminds Randy he isn’t the WWE Champion either.  And when he beats him, that’s it, he goes back to the end of the line.  Randy said he WILL beat him at Summerslam.  Randy then said if Sheamus wants to redeem himself for last week, then do something about it. 

Email sound…

Michael Adame, I mean Cole said that if anyone interferes with the match, then they will be suspended indefinitely.  The Raw GM says that if Sheamus beats Orton, Randy goes back to the end of the line.  But if Sheamus isn’t scared, he does something about it right now.  The camera literally shakes as the two stare off at each other.  Very cool.  Sheamus walks away, but Randy attacks him and the two get it on.  Sheamus tries the Brogue Kick, but Randy ducks and gives him an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker, he was setting up for the RKO, but he chose to go for the kick, just when he was about to, he said no way and went out to the ring to show he wants the title, so he’ll wait for this Sunday.  Excellent segment.

We come back and see a 6 man NXT battle between Kaval, Lucky Cannon, “Showtime” Percy Watson taking on Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, and Husky Harris.  Sheamus is huffing and puffing outside of the ring.

The team of Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty, and Husky Harris defeated Kaval, Lucky Cannon, and “Showtime” Percy Watson with Husky giving Kaval a Running Senton.  By the way, elimination night is tomorrow, so vote on WWE.com for your next breakout superstar, and that has to be the only reason they are out there because Sheamus fed Kaval to the wolves when he gave him The Celtic Cross.

Sheamus grabs the mic and says that was the message to the General Manager, and he guarantees next Monday night, he will still be the WWE Champion.  You know what happens when someone guarantees a win, just pointing that out.

R-Truth and John Morrison are facing a tag team next.

I don’t understand why during this intense, and serious feud, R-Truth is still rapping coming out to the ring.  Dude, The Miz made fun of you a few weeks ago, and if The Miz makes fun of you, then that might be a hint to drop the rap.  Then again, I want to see the return of Ron “The Truth” Killings, but that’s just me.

Their opponents are going to be Zack Ryder and William Regal, who don’t even get their own music.  Nice, you’re already telling us who is going to win.

Morrison and Truth won when John gave Zack the Starship Pain, and yes it was a squash, but it had to be.  I will say this though, John can elevate using that move.  Very impressive.  The match was shorter than Truth’s rap.

Summerslam rundown of the matches this Sunday.

Next up is the Diva’s Summerslam whatever it is supposed to be.  What’s telling is the fact the diva’s aren’t even wearing bikini’s.  They are wearing one piece swimsuits.  In fact, the picture on the screen before the match showed them in bikini’s, yet they aren’t in bikini’s during this match?  I guess there are no bikini’s in Rated PG programming.  Although, Santino does look funny in a 1920’s swimsuit, as a special guest ref.

The Bella Twins win, why?  I have no clue either, I mean at least the other 4 women have worn the Women’s Title or Diva’s Title, respectively.  Tamina comes in now and stares down Santino.  Just when I thought The Uso’s were coming in to attack Santino, Tamina slapped Santino on the butt.  Hey that’s not PG.

Summerslam recall….from 1991 when The Mountie was facing off against The Big Bossman in a Jailhouse match, where the loser has to spend the night at a New York jailcell.  Fun times, and memorable moments took place that night.

Great Khali is ready for his match, but NEXUS attack him and clip his knee.  He is down for the count, so I guess there is no match.

NEXUS has the mic and they remind us that they have been running the show for a while and to anyone who thinks about joining Team WWE, see what they did to Great Khali, Mark Henry, and Bret Hart.

Cena and Bret walk to the ring and are met by The Miz.  Miz reminded them that they are in trouble, he is waiting for them to ask him to join them.  They do, and he says he will let them know on Sunday.

Why not let them know now?

Main event match went to a no contest.  Here is what happened, Jericho and Edge threw Cena out and NEXUS went to attack him.  That was actually funny because they threw him out there 3 times, then laughed about it.  Then Cena reversed it and threw Jericho out, NEXUS didn’t even touch Chris.  Chris strutted back to the ring.  Then Cena rammed Chris right into Wade Barrett when Wade got up to the ropes, and it was on from there.  NEXUS attacked both Chris and Edge while Cena and Bret were waiting in the wings.  Morrison and Truth came out to support their teammates, while Jericho and Edge retrieved to the back.  NEXUS came into the ring, while Jericho and Edge looked at each other, they thought about helping but started to walk back, however, they stopped again, and decided they would do this and turned right around to fight on the side of Team WWE.  Team WWE stood tall and threw NEXUS out of the ring and NEXUS went over the ramp and into the crowd to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Okay, The Miz will be a member, and that is very cool.  In fact Miz even mentioned funny how a difference a year makes.  Last year at this time, Cena told Miz he wasn’t in his league, so he changed his ring gear, changed his mic work and became more of a serious threat and now is being groomed for a main event run.  I love that.  This was a good show that certainly focused on how important that 7 on 7 match is going to be and I would expect that to end the show.  I have a feeling HHH will come out and cost Cena the match and be the main culprit behind NEXUS.  I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t happen.  Now onto tonight’s show.

I liked the importance Bret “The Hitman” Hart had tonight.  He was the calming voice behind this entire team and he certainly put it in both Edge and Chris Jericho’s head that it is their duty for fight for a company they have spent many years building.  At the end of the night, the right thing happened.  I absolutely loved how electric that crowd in Sacramento was.  It’s been ages since I have seen that camera shake because the crowd is so alive.  I wish that happened more times.  I also liked how they set up Orton Vs Sheamus and it will be curious to see who goes on top of that match.  I am going to say Sheamus, but you never know since they inserted the “You will not get another title shot” at Orton.  Melina set herself up for a Women’s Title shot, which is fine to me.  She adds to the Women’s Division, for sure.  Everything else was fine too.  It certainly added my interest to Summerslam this Sunday, which was the intent it is supposed to do.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com and let me know, or drop me a line here.

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