WWE NXT 8/10/10…Who Is Going Home

Earlier today, we see a new rookie challenge is being issued called “Power of the Punch”.  You punch a bull and it goes up and you see what number you can get.  Michael Cole and The Miz were pigeons.  The winner gets immunity.

Michael Cole, dressed in The Miz gear and actually had done the ceremonial rosin toss that Lebron James does, so he will automatically choke when it counts.

Michael gets a 728, and he’s pumped about that.  Josh Matthews gets an 826, so he won the contest.

Jamie Keys welcomes us to the show, and we see the pros and rookies, minus Mark Henry, who is selling the beatdown NEXUS gave him from last night.

We are 3 weeks until the finale, wow, there will be some fast eliminations.  The winner of the “Power of the Punch” gets an individual appearance next week on Raw.

Michael McGillicutty is first, he punches a 863.

Kaval kicks it and not punches it, so he gets a 267.  That is weak.

“Showtime” Percy Watson punches a 716.

Lucky Cannon punches a 744.

Husky Harris is up now, he punches a 380.

These are horrible.

Alex Riley gets an 898, so he wins the challenge.

Alex said there was no strategy when he is Alex Riley, the best athlete in the contest.  The Miz is a reality star, but he’s the star in reality.  What?

During the commercial break, The Miz was goating John Morrison into begging for The Miz to join Team WWE at Summerslam, John refused to do it and instead challenged The Miz to a match tonight, so perhaps we will see that.

We now get the same 6 man tag team match we had last night on Raw.  “Showtime” Percy Watson, Lucky Cannon, and Kaval taking on Husky Harris, Alex Riley, and Michael McGillicutty.  Why?  I guess they needed some time to fill?

I was wrong, I thought we would get the same result, but actually Kaval, Lucky Harris, and “Showtime” Percy Watson won their match when Michael McGillicutty tried his Swinging Neckbreaker, missed and Kaval gave him The Warrior’s Way for the pin.  Even Lucky Cannon showed what he could do with some topes into the ropes.  Very impressive match, but it might not be enough for Lucky.  I still say he is going to be eliminated.

And it is official, The Miz will be taking on John Morrison tonight.

We see a Raw Rebound with NEXUS taking on Team WWE at Summerslam, and the fight is on.

Coming up now is the match between John Morrison and The Miz, two former tag team partners.

The Miz defeated John Morrison with the Skull Crushing Finale in a solid match, sending a message that Team WWE needs The Miz to make it a 7 on 7 match at Summerslam.

Elimination time is coming up next.

Matt asks the rookies who should be eliminated and why.

Michael McGillicutty said Lucky Cannon should be sent home.

Kaval said Lucky should be sent home.

“Showtime” Percy Watson didn’t want to answer it, but Alex Riley should be after being pressured by Matt.

Lucky thinks that everyone else but him should go home.

Husky Harris said Lucky Cannon should go home.

Alex Riley said Matt should go home because he’s a nerd, but Michael McGillicutty should be sent home.

NXT Poll:

1.  Kaval

2.  Michael McGillicutty

3.  “Showtime” Percy Watson

4.  Husky Harris

5.  Alex Riley

6.  Lucky Cannon

Lucky gives his goodbye speech and tries to be funny, but it just doesn’t work.  Matt Striker asked Alex Riley why he was 5th in the polls.  Alex said he doesn’t cater to WWE fans, but the fans do vote 50% of the votes, so yeah you do cater to the fans.  He promises in 3 weeks, he will be still there and he will go on to win the NXT Season 2.

Matt Striker makes the announcement that next week is double elimination, that’s how they quickly eliminate these guys.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A bit of a surprise that Alex Riley was in the bottom 2.  These are legit votes, and if that is the case, he needs to do a better job to connect to the audience, somehow, someway.  But I am also happy to see Husky Harris get the bump in votes because he has looked better the last few weeks, and he earned that spot.  So here we go, like it or not we will see who is in the final 3 after next week’s show.  The two matches were what they were, but the story was the elimination.  I do believe though they have to eliminate the rookie challenges for season 3.  It does nothing for the wrestlers involved, nor does it have to do with the show itself.  It’s crowd filler, and you continue to hear groans from the crowd during these segments.  That should say it all.  WWE wants you to vote for Alex Riley, Kaval, and Michael McGillicutty next week, so make sure to keep either Husky Harris, or “Showtime” Percy Watson.  The thing is Lucky Cannon just didn’t have it, he stayed as long as he did, but the right man left.  What were your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a comment here.  Have a great night.


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