TNA Impact 8/12/10…Clash Of The Champions

I refuse to call it the other name, because quite frankly it’s a dumb name.  So here we go, we start the night off immediately with Kurt Angle taking on A.J. Styles.

Kurt Angle defeated AJ with the Ankle Lock, AJ tried to get out of it, but when he realized he couldn’t, he tapped out.  Fun match, and it’s always good to see these two in the ring.  In fact, I would say we should get more matches between the two.  A few close falls, but at the end of the day, Angle locked on the Ankle Lock when he had to.

Coming up next is the Knockout Title match between Madison Rayne and Angelina Love.

Angelina Love defeated Madison Rayne to become the new Knockout Champion.  The motorcycle woman came out during the match to distract Angelina, but Velvet Sky hits her in the back with a chair, and she took off the helmet, only to reveal the woman was wearing a mask.  Madison knocks Angelina with the belt from behind, but that gets a close fall.  Angelina gets up, and gives Madison the Red Alert to win the match.  Velvet gets the motorcycle helmet and Angelina gets the Knockout Title.

Triple Threat match is up next.  Mr. Anderson taking on Matt Morgan and The Pope.

Matt Morgan stole the pin and picked up the win when Anderson gave Pope The Mic Check, Morgan kicked Anderson and pinned The Pope.  The one thing I didn’t like was we didn’t get to see The Pope’s great entrance, TNA picked it up with Anderson’s entrance.  Match was fine, but it was alot of fun when Anderson and Pope went at it.  Perhaps this could be the start of a feud?

Hulk Hogan has a surprise at the end of the show, and coming up next will be Jeff Hardy’s open challenge.  Who will answer?  We’ll find out next.

Jeff’s opponent will be Shannon Moore.  Shannon came out because he felt what a better night than to come out in the biggest night in TNA and go head to head with one of the best of the world.  At the end of the night, they will still be buddies.  So here we go.

Jeff defeats Shannon with the Swanton.  Crowd didn’t know how to react since they like both of them, but Shannon showed himself very well.  He tried a Hurrancanrana, but missed and Jeff hit the Swanton for the victory.  I have a feeling the opponent was supposed to be Samoa Joe, considering the angle they had a few weeks ago, but Joe is suspended right now for acting up after the match, so that was scrapped.  But Shannon did very well.

Match number 5 for the TNA World Tag Team championship is up next, Beer Money taking on Motor City Machineguns, be prepared to be amazed.

Beer Money takes the 1st fall with the DWI.  Amazing high-flying by the Guns, and honestly all 4 men have worked their tails off and deserve every accolade I could think of.  The crowd is going absolutely nuts for every second.  The 2nd fall is up now.

The Guns win with the Cross Body off the top, Beer Money did the bit where they call off Beer Money, but before they could do anything else, the Guns catch them.  Tied at 1-1, and the conclusion is up now.

If any non-Wrestling fan comes into the room and asks you why you watch Wrestling, you show them this match.  Just an amazing match that had The Guns win with a Cross Body.  This is treated like a big match with pyros going off.  This is Wrestling, this is why you watch TNA.  If anyone doesn’t like this match after you see it, then you aren’t a Wrestling fan.

Coming up next is the Stairway to Janice match between RVD and Abyss.

RVD wins a very physical match against Abyss that features glass, thumb tacks, Janice, and a wicked bump where RVD gets thrown off the ladder, caught his foot on the ropes and hit his head on another ladder.  It’s incredible he pulled through it okay.  Van Dam brought back the Van Terminator, where he put a table across Abyss’ face, and RVD took a chair and kicked it into the table on the other side of the ring.  Awesome move, and a very good match.

Hulk Hogan came out and put over RVD and his title win.  He also put over the Hardcore Justice PPV this past Sunday and said RVD’s friends took it to the next level, and TNA did that very thing tonight.  He invited Team EV2 out there and out came Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Team 3-D Tony Mamaluke, Little Guido, Sabu, Bill Alfonso, Rhino, and Mick Foley.  Tommy took the mic and thanks the fans along with Dixie Carter.  The lights went out and when they came back on, it wasn’t The Sandman, nor was it Sting…it was Fortune, along with Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams.  They attacked EV@ and anyone else that moved.  Moment of this angle took place when James Storm was on the outside, doing nothing.  Raven came out and was met with James’ beer bottle.  Now that’s what I call Last Call.

The Sandman did come out, but was met by Douglas Williams whacking him out of the ring, no question about it, Fortune came in and destroyed anyone and everyone.  Abyss came out and dragged RVD out of the ring and backstage.  He laid him out with Janice and RVD was unconscious and bloodied.  EMTs took him to the hospital, the crowd chanted “This is Awesome” and Ric Flair was out there strutting around and blaming Dixie Carter for all of this and the show ended.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, where do I start?  I am going to start off match by match first.  Angle-Styles was a very good opener, but then again those are 2 of the best in the ring so I would have no problem seeing them in the ring again….and again….and again.

I guess Angelina Love is the 5 time Knockout Champion, even though she won one reign by choosing the right box, and another reign she had to give it up because The Beautiful People really did not interfere.  Fine, I am glad for Angelina, and she is a good choice, however, build the division around her and have her keep the title for a while.  The last 4 months, the Knockout Title has been changed so many times that a new champion means nothing anymore, change that.

Triple Threat match was fine, and after we saw what happened at the end of the night, the right man won, but can’t I see The Pope’s great ring entrance?

Hardy-Shannon Moore was a fun match because it showcased two friends in the spirit of competition.  Nothing wrong with that.

Of course, the match of the night was the tag team title match.  Unbelievable, certainly this has to go down as one of the best feuds of the year so far, and the only down fall is the two teams will move on, if for a little bit, but at the end of the day, they will feud again. 

Main event match was very good too and a very brutal match to end the night….

Not quite, the moment of the night was the end of the show where Fortune Plus 2 came out and destroyed EV2, and the reasoning behind it is because they took their spots.  Are THEY really Fortune?  I guess we should tune in and find out.  In order for this feud to work though, the TNA guys MUST and I stress that word must win the feud.  They might trade victories, but at the end of the feud, Team TNA must stand tall at the top, or else it means nothing.  We have seen this before with Main Event Mafia and the TNA Originals, and we have seen The TNA Originals lose the war.  That can’t happen in this case.  I hope that is the case, and I hope at the end of the day, it helps TNA grow as a company.  The Wrestling business needs that, more than ever.  Share me your thoughts with either an email at or give me your thoughts.


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