WWE Sumerslam 8/15/10….Feel The Heat

I know I did, I went to a Cleveland Indians-Seattle Mariners game today, and I am burnt.  The good news is the Indians won the game, so I am ready to give you my report on the 2nd biggest PPV WWE has to offer.  I have ordered every Summerslam since it’s inception back in 1988.  So here we go, with the 23rd edition, and we’ll see what happens with the NEXUS Vs Team WWE.

A video starts the show off showcasing NEXUS taking on Team WWE, and the question is what if they succeed?

The weird team of Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Matt Striker welcome us to the show.  I say weird because they just don’t get along.  It doesn’t make very good TV at times.

Intercontinental Championship kicks things off between Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston.

The match wound up being a no contest because NEXUS came out and nailed them both, then took out Kofi Kingston. 

Wade with a mic, and he said this is just a little taste of what he has in store for WWE tonight.  They are looking for a 7th man and it doesn’t matter.  They are so divided, with egotistic guys that they can’t form a cohesive unit to beat them.  They are united with a purpose.  You’re either NEXUS, or you’re against us.

We are in the back with Jericho and The Miz.  Jericho wants Miz to be there.  Edge is eating a Slim Jim, which is hilarious.  But Edge says tonight isn’t about cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase, it’s about seizing the moment.  The Miz appreciates how they want him, but he’s not sure if he wants to focus on NEXUS right now.  He will let them know, and then takes Edge’s Slim Jim.

Diva’s Championship match is up next with Alicia Fox and Melina.

Melina became the new Diva’s Champion when she rammed Alicia’s head into the mat.  She looked to have hurt he leg again, but she pulled through to win. 

Josh Matthews was about to interview Melina, when The Beautiful People, I mean Lay-Cool came out.  They said that since they don’t have a match, they thought they would share the moment with Melina.  They were going to take a picture with Melina and Twitter it, but Melina attacked them both, until Layla grabbed Melina’s leg and Michelle kicked her.  Alicia kicked Melina, but I guess Lay-Cool didn’t like that and shoved her out of the ring, for good measure.  I am guessing there is a theme to tonight’s show and that is aggression.

Trace Atkins is on the show, as is Marlon Wayans.

Coming up next is the 3-on-1 Handicap match between The Straight Edge Society taking on The Big Show.

Big Show came into the ring with his hand taped up, then of course, Show took the tape off and apparently, his hand is fine.  So he took care of Straight Edge Society, although they did try.  They attacked his hand and had the upper edge, but Big Show overpowered it and Serena took CM Punk out of the ring and took him to the top of the ramp, while Show had both Gallows and Mercury, he chokeslammed Mercury on top of Gallows and pinned them both.  Punk looked on, and he wasn’t pleased at all.

Kane was backstage, talking to a casket, discussing how vengeance is finally his and his Brother and he can ed Rey Mysterio’s very existence.

Sheamus interrupts him and he says the casket is the perfect size for Randy Orton and too big for Rey.  So he asks is he can borrow the casket for his match up next.  Kane says no, and Sheamus says if they stick together, they would be unstoppable.  Now Sheamus is The “Real Big Red Monster” but now that they are not on the same page, he told Kane to stay out of his way.  Kane said he likes him but don’t ever interrupt him again.

The Miz comes out and Cole thinks he will be a part of Team WWE.  Miz said the question is should he join Team WWE or not?  He asks the fans, and some of them even said no.  But regardless, Miz doesn’t care what they think.  The boys in the lockerroom say he is the missing link.  He said earlier tonight, when Miz entered the arena, John Cena admitted he was wrong about Miz and “begged” him to become a part of Team WWE.  Bret Hart said Miz is the “Best There is, Best There Was, Best There Ever Will Be”.  Jericho gave him a Fozzy CD, he accepted it, then threw it in the trash.  John Morrison finally admitted that John is the “Jeanetty” of the team, and Miz is the “Shawn Michaels”, Edge gave him a free year’s supply of Slim Jim, R-Truth wrote him a crappy rap.  It’s time the fans get on board that The Miz has become the fastest rising WWE Superstar, this is bigger than Arnold starring in Terminator 5.  This is bigger than Lebron James’ ESPN spectacle, which will ultimately lead to the Lakers not winning a championship.  So what is the answer?  The answer is yes.  The people won’t be talking about NEXUS, they won’t be looking up to their “Hero” John Cena, they will be talking about The Miz, and he is….no no no no, the fans can’t play sing along.  I am telling you guys, he truly is the next breakout superstar.  Listen to how the fans are playing sing-along so quickly.

Cole’s man-crush about The Miz is rather annoying though.

Coming up next will be the WWE Championship, Randy Orton will try to take Sheamus’ gold.

Well, this was an outstanding match, up until the end, and once again, Sheamus doesn’t pin a major superstar.  Sheamus was DQ’d when he grabbed a chair into the ring, the chair tried to take it away, but Sheamus shoved the ref and he called for the bell.  Now here is something that the announcers did not bring up, or at the very least, put over.  If Orton loses, he doesn’t get a title shot and is moved down the ladder.  Sheamus didn’t pin him, but Orton certainly did not win the title, which makes me wonder will they let that rule slide and say there must be a winner next time?  Sheamus tried to drill Orton with a chair, but Randy kicked Sheamus in his lucky charms and sent him outside of the ring and gave him a RKO off the announce table.  Problem is it didn’t break, so that had to hurt more.  Best match of the night, but a very crappy ending.  Fans deserved better.

My god, they are showing a movie trailer to Legendary on a PPV, and of course, Devin Graye, the co-star of the film is there.

World Heavyweight Title match is up next.

Kane retains the World Title by pinning Rey Mysterio with a chokeslam.  Good match, and yes the casket was used, but barely.  This was a better match than the WWE Title match, if for only because we have a winner. 

Kane grabs the mic and he said Rey will pay for what he did, he is surrounded by the casket.  Crowd was expecting The Undertaker to be in the casket, and the fans even groaned when he isn’t.  Rey fought off though, Kane closed the casket, so perhaps now?

YES!!  Undertaker is back, and Kane looks frightened.  Which means….

It was Kane, and when Taker found out Rey had nothing to do with it, he believed him and grabbed Kane by the throat.  Something happened though, little brother fought back and gave Taker a Tombstone Piledriver.  I still say it would have been better to see a Brothers of Destruction reunion, but at least we know for sure who attacked Taker.  Et tu, Kane?

Main Event match is up next, all I can say is it better deliver, and it probably will.  Team WWE against NEXUS.  Can you feel it?

Just when The Miz came down the aisle, John Cena cuts him down again, and says that The Miz isn’t the 7th member, it will be Daniel Bryan.  What the hell?

Daniel Bryan makes Darren Young tap with the Crossface Chicken Wing.  7-6 Team WWE.

Starship Pain, Michael Tarver is eliminated by John Morrison, 7-5 Team WWE

NEXUS is falling at the seams.

John Morrison is eliminated after a Lariant by Skip Sheffield.  Team WWE still leads 6-5.

R-Truth is very quickly eliminated by Skip Sheffield with a Lariant, while WWE showed the replay.  It’s now back at 5-5.

Bret Hart is DQ’d because he slapped the Sharpshooter on Heath Slater, but NEXUS threw in a chair to distract Bret, and he used it on Skip Sheffield.  NEXUS leads 5-4.

Jericho gave Skip The Codebreaker, tagged in Edge and he hit a spear on Skip Sheffield.  Back at 4-4.

Jericho gives David Otunga The Walls of Jericho, and we now have Team WWE leading 4-3.  Jericho is acting like Y2J again, which is very interesting to see.

And after saying that, Jericho “accidentally” nails Cena and gets a neckbreaker by Heath Slater.  It is now tied at 3-3.

Edge is livid at Jericho being pinned and blamed Cena, so he shoves Cena and is rolled up by Edge to get pinned.  NEXUS has a 3-2 advantage.

Daniel Bryan is in for the hot tag, and Michael Cole is absolutely no-selling this.  Where is JR when we need him?

Crossface Chicken Wing and Heath Slater is eliminated, 2-2.

The Miz nails Daniel Bryan from behind with the briefcase, and Daniel is eliminated.  Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel taking on John Cena.

Justin Gabriel misses the 450 Splash, despite Cena being DDT on the floor.  It’s now 1 on 1, Cena Vs Barrett.

Barrett charges after Cena and Cena ducks, slaps on the STF and Wade Barrett tapped out.

Team WWE wins to end the PPV.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

If there is any doubt going into this PPV, it’s confirmed now….John Cena is Superman.

I am going to be honest, the wrong team won.  This should have been NEXUS’ night, they surely set the tone early on.  Why they didn’t completely make the move is beyond me, and boy did they ever slam The Miz tonight or what?  After delivering probably the best promo of his career, after winning Money in the Bank last month, they completely laid Miz out and it’s once again by the hands of John Cena.

So what will now happen to NEXUS?  After being booked perfectly earlier this summer, they have become mortal, and human after all, despite the team of Ego’s dismantling before our very eyes, Superman saves the day. 

Daniel Bryan is far more relevant with NEXUS in my opinion than he is without them, and vice versa.  Match was fine though, but the theme tonight is “Match was fine, but wrong man won”

And that doesn’t even include the WWE Title.  What is so wrong with putting Sheamus over as a champion big time by having him pin Orton?  Sheamus needed this win, Randy didn’t need it, and he doesn’t need the title right now.  He is over as a face, or as an anti-hero. 

Nice to see Taker back, but did we really have to see Kane be the culprit all along?  Everyone could see that 10 miles away, how about using someone else to put them on the map?  Drew McIntyre certainly would have been a good choice.

Congratulations to Melina and The Big Show for their convincing wins.  It’s nice to see WWE award 2 superstars a win on the big show.  I mean, it’s a novel thing tonight.

Can you sense my sarcasm?  Can you sense my overall disappointment in the ending results?  What did you think of the PPV?  Let me know.  I just wonder what will take place on Raw tomorrow night.  Will NEXUS disband and become rather ordinary?  How could they go on after being beat soundly by Superman?  I guess we shall tune in and find out.

One more thing I must bring up, Bret Hart looked good tonight, it is always awesome to see The Sharpshooter, so there you go, I can say a positive thing about the show.  Drop me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me a line on the site.


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