WWE Monday Night Raw 8/23/10…6 Pack Challenge

We start the show tonight live….on tape…last week and see the recap of NEXUS regrouping and kicking out Darren Young for losing his match to John Cena.  So here we go.

The show immediately starts off with the WWE Champion Sheamus.  He talks about how us Americans are spoiled and we don’t even deserve the things we get.  Then he goes to the crowd to show us what he is talking about.  Going from kid to kid and explain how they don’t deserve the front row seats they are sitting at right now.  They don’t lift a finger at home, and the funny thing is seeing their reaction.  They did not care about what he had to say, so he came back to the ring and said the most spoiled of all works for WWE right now, and that is Randy Orton.  After all, he didn’t win the WWE Title, so he responds by beating on Sheamus and nailing him with the chair.

Email sound…

I feel bad for the fans that were there for 4 hours of taping because Michael Cole would keep saying “I have a message from the GM….And I quote”

The GM wrote that he admires how Sheamus kept the title, so he doesn’t have a problem with him.  In fact, he brought a king’s chair and told him he can stay there throughout the night and choose who his opponent will be at Night of Champions.  He loved that, finally Sheamus gets some respect.  So there will be matches set up tonight that Sheamus can scout and choose who his opponent will be at the end of the night.

We have our first match of the night, and it is going to be Edge taking on R-Truth, asking all of us….what’s up?

It’s pretty bad when even Cole makes fun of that song, dude, you need to change your music and be taken more seriously.

Edge wins the match with a spear.  A decent match that had a bit of time, but at the end, the spear wins the match.  Edge then gets on the mic and tells Sheamus he hasn’t beaten anyone until he beats “The Rated R Superstar”, so choose him as the opponent.  I have to say, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sheamus and Edge go one on one, we have yet to see that.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes will be on the show Warehouse 13 tomorrow evening at 9:00 on SyFy, the future home of Smackdown.

The next match will be The Great Khali, coming back from his injury a few weeks ago by the hands of NEXUS.  His opponent is going to be Chris Jericho.

Jericho defeated Khali with the Walls of Jericho, but the shot of the match was seeing Jericho try a Codebreaker.  Yeah, that did not work out.  Jericho worked on the injured knee and chopped him down for size to win the match.  Afterwards, Jericho corrected Edge.  He said that Sheamus hasn’t beaten anyone unless he defeats the first ever Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, and the best in the world at what he does.  So he turns around and is met with Khali giving him a chop.

Tonight, it is going to be John Cena taking on The Miz and they show what happened last week when The Miz and Alex Riley take out Daniel Bryan and cost him a match.  So, Josh Matthews interviews Cena.  John calls what The Miz did “classless” and “egotistic”.  He said that Miz seems to have a bigger attitude since he win the Money in the Bank briefcase, and tonight, he will give The Miz an Attitude Adjustment.

We come back and see Jillian Hall in ring, reminding us she was a former Diva’s Champion and tonight, she will win the title again and sings for us.

But Melina interrupts it, how rude.

Alot of screaming by both women here, but at the end of the match, Melina retains her Diva’s Title with a Last Call.  There goes Jillian’s push.

The Beautiful People…I mean Lay-Cool interrupt Melina’s celebration.  They are on the Titan Tron.  Next week, Raw is going to be celebrating their 900th episode, a 3 hour masterpiece.  Lay-Cool will grace us with their presence and they have a proposition for Melina.

Josh Matthews is in the back with The Miz.  Miz counters Cena by talking about how Cena is the egotistical fool.  He could have told him in the back and tell him Team WWE decided to choose someone else, instead of embarrassing him at the biggest PPV of the summer.  Did he cash out and go after the WWE Title?  No, he was focused on going with Team WWE.  He has a point here, so tonight, he will beat Cena and show him his actions, there will be consequences.  He doesn’t expect Sheamus to pick him, but he can pick Sheamus anytime, anywhere he wants, including tonight.  Another top-notch promo here.

We come back and see Sheamus chilling at his throne, but NEXUS, minus Darren Young comes out.  Sheamus wants to know why they are out here.

Email sound…

Cole reads off that the GM said he/she was impressed with how NEXUS regrouped last week.  So because of that, their ban on going after titles is over with.  Wade Barrett said consider their truce over.  Not a good night for Sheamus.

Coming up next, The Miz will be taking on John Cena.

The Miz actually defeats Cena, but not how you think….by DQ.  Daniel Bryan comes out and knocks Miz down and throws him back into the ring, the ref sees this and calls for the bell.  A very good match, in fact, their best match yet, but a very crappy ending.  But regardless, Miz can say he finally defeated Cena, I guess.

After the match, Cena allows Daniel to get into the ring and gives Sheamus the Crossface.  But of course, Cole was rather obnoxious during this entire segment.  Honestly, are they building up a Daniel Bryan Vs Michael Cole match?  Why are they having Cole hate Daniel so much?

We now see what took place 2 weeks ago in that big Diva Summer Spectacular match they had with the Divas in the one piece swimsuits, and Tamina slaps Santino’s butt.  She is smitten by him.

So we get a tag team encounter with Santino and Kozlov taking on The Uso’s.

Boy, the Uso’s are being booked as nobodies now.  They lose to Santino and Kozlov.  Vladmir gives Jey an Iron Curtain.  At least they didn’t lose to The Cobra.  After the match, Jimmy tried to attack Santino, but Tamina prevented him to do so, and she blew him a kiss that was so powerful, it stuck to Santino’s face.

No WWE Tag Team champions though….again.

WWE Classics On Demand showcase The Big Event, it was back in August 28th, 1986, Toronto, Canada.  This was a huge deal, before Wrestlemania 3.  The main event was Hulk Hogan taking on “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff.  20 future WWE Hall of Famers made an appearance on there.  You can watch it on WWE Classics on Demand, me, I can watch it on Youtube, since Time Warner still doesn’t have that channel.  But that is old school wrestling at its best.

Coming up next, triple threat match between Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, and John Morrison.

Orton won the match thanks to a RKO off John Morrison, who was coming off the ropes.  Not as impressive as his RKO off Evan Bourne, but it was still impressive.  Here is the sad thing though, they made mention that Dibiase and Orton were together for Legacy.  How sad that I actually forgot such a great alliance.  Maybe it was because they poorly booked the ending of the group.  Match was fine though, but it was still predictable.  I still can’t believe how over Orton is an anti-hero.  I am still digging it.

Sheamus comes out and tells us who he is going to choose.  He said that he wants to defend his title tonight, and not at Night of Champions.  In fact, he wants to give someone who has never had a title shot before.  He want to give them an opportunity of a lifetime, and his choice is….

Zack Ryder….WOO WOO WOO

Zack reminds him that he made a mistake because Ryder is about to become WWE Champion.  They even do the title introduction and everything.

And with a Brogue Kick win the match, that’s all she wrote in a very heated and contested match.  Whew!!

Sheamus said now that he retained his title, he doesn’t have to put the title up for another 30 days.  He is going to go to Ireland and celebrate.  However, Wade Barrett has something to say about it.  He said he is right about not having to defend the title for 30 days, however, he did win the NXT Season One contract, which states he gets a title shot at a PPV of his choosing, and he is choosing Night of Champions.

Email sound…

So the fans all groan in unison because they know Michael Cole will speak yet again, so I quote…

The Raw GM said that Sheamus makes a point, about giving guys opportunities, so at Night of Champions, Sheamus will defend the WWE Title against Wade Barrett, but that’s not all.

Sheamus will compete in a Six Pack challenge, and his other 4 opponents will be Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and….

John Cena.  Yes folkes, the same man who earlier lost his match. 

So Wade is now in the middle and we all notice how ironic that is.  John Cena throws the first punch, and even Sheamus joins in and beats down on Wade, just like NEXUS has done in the past.  Sheamus throws Barrett out of the ring, Jericho gives Sheamus a Codebreaker, Edge spears Jericho, Cena gives Edge the Attitude Adjustment and Orton finishes Cena off with the RKO to celebrate at the end and the show is done.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

So wins and losses mean nothing?  Cena, earlier tonight lost to The Miz, why does he get a title shot?  While I am at it, NEXUS was doing absolutely nothing tonight.  They so-called “regrouped” last week and got rid of their weak link, yet they did nothing tonight, and on top of that, Skip Sheffield is injured and may be out for a very long time, so NEXUS may not be making many more appearances as a group from here on out. 

Okay, on to the show, it was better than last week, much better, and like I said in the report, Orton is extremely over.  I liked that the show centered around Sheamus, which featured an incredible one on one encounter between The Miz and Cena.  I get that they are waiting on Miz for a bit being champion, but at the end of the day, this match will not do Wade Barrett any favors.  In fact, I will predict that he will do nothing in the match, nothing to hurt him, but obviously nothing to help him either, and since the loss at Summerslam, NEXUS has lost alot of that push that they gained for 2 months.  It’s ashame too, because they were the hottest and best thing on Raw for quite some time, yet they are nothing now.  But what I did like about tonight’s show was more wrestling and less talking.  That is certainly a good formula to have. 

I am sure too that we will get some unification match at Night of Champions with Lay-Cool and Melina.  We will also be getting The Miz vs Daniel Bryan, so they are off to a good start setting up the PPV.  Next week should be fun to watch, a 3 hour special, but remember the last time they showed the 3 hour Raw, it was an awful show, except the ending where NEXUS debuted as a group.  Let’s hope we don’t see the same thing again next week.  Give me your thoughts on the show, email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give ma line on the site.


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