WWE NXT 8/24/10…One Week Away From Finale

One week away from the finale, what will take place to set that night up?  Tune in and find out.

We see who was eliminated last week with the double elimination.  Goodbye to “Showtime” Percy Watson and Husky Harris.

Jamie Keyes welcomes us to the show and she introduces the remaining rookies and pros.

Matt Striker welcomes us to the show, I would rather have Jamie Keyes welcome us, but whatever.  He says tomorrow, starting at 12 Noon, voting will start-up for the fans to vote for their favorite breakout star.  Next week is the finale, so vote often for who you like.  He asks the 3 guys how it feels to be one week away from the finals?

Michael McGillicutty starts off and says he is blessed to be here.  He thanks his Pro, Kofi Kingston and he is honored to be here in the same ring as his father, Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig.

Alex Riley is up next, and he says it’s about finding the next breakout star.  He can talk the talk and actually challenged Sheamus.  I just am not that impressed with Alex Riley.  In my opinion, he is where he is at because of The Miz.

Kaval is up next, and he says it is all about competing at the highest level.  He was going to celebrate being in the final 3, but one pro ruined that.  He should be upset that he didn’t do enough to help his rookie out Husky Harris to reach the finals.

Then he and Cody go at it.  Kaval says that Cody is where he is at because of who his father is.  Kaval has earned his spot by working hard and reaching that level by himself.  He challenged Cody to come to the ring.  But Cody said he isn’t worth his time, more or less.  Kaval is a “rookie” and Cody is a “pro”, so his answer is no.

MVP intervenes and says that Kaval steps up to be a man and challenges him to a match, and he says no.  Be a man, Cody. 

MVP says that he has been sitting all season and watching Cody be a….

Cody interrupts him and MVP says since he won’t answer the challenge to someone who “isn’t on his level”, how about he competes with someone who is.  Cody accepts the challenge, so it’s MVP Vs Cody Rhodes, and not Kaval.

But wait, Kaval is involved in a WWE Trivia contest, when we come back.

The next segment is absolutely garbage, it is a WWE Trivia contest, yup, that will put up ratings points.  I won’t bore you with all of the questions, but I will say Kaval won, and my favorite question was about The Mean Street Posse.  I loved their music too.  Kaval wins a column about him that will air on WWE.com tomorrow afternoon, when the voting begins.  I think now that puts him as the favorite to win the contest.

Tonight, MVP will be taking on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

WWE Raw Rebound is up next, and this might be the one and only time Zack Ryder was featured in the main event, but his introduction lasted longer than the match itself.  Brogue Kick and that’s all she wrote.

Main event time, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes will take on MVP.

This match was so long that Cole and Josh were bickering back and forth about the internet, Kaval, and how it means nothing unless you are in the WWE.  Forget about calling the match, because Michael Cole’s whining=ratings.

Cody Rhodes defeated MVP with Crossroads.  The match was fine, it was long, but it had nothing to do with the 3 remaining finalists.  But who cares about that, right?  Oh by the way, vote tomorrow, end of show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Stop these challenges, and please for season 3, drop Michael Cole and put in someone else that hasn’t been on the air.  The problem is WWE has too much Michael Cole shoving us down out throats.  He is on 3 nights a week, none of the other announcers can say that.  You want to know why I am talking about this, and not the 3 rookies?  Because the rookies didn’t do anything.  In fact, there was no “Vote for me” segments, or any features on the 3 remaining rookies, putting them over.  We’re just supposed to remember to vote tomorrow, and vote for who we want, just not Kaval.  Or else Cole will go flipping nuts, come to think of it, vote for Kaval, so Cole can go nuts.  What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a message on the site.


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