WWE Smackdown 8/27/10…The Undertaker Returns

Before I begin, RIP Luna Vachon.  Another shocking death to a young person.  My prayers and condolences go out to the entire Vachon family.

We are live…on tape from Fresno, California where tonight, we will see Rey Mysterio taking on Kane in a No DQ match, and we will also see Kofi Kingston try to win back the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler.  The Undertaker will make his return to Smackdown, so we start the show off with…

No DQ match between Kane and Rey Mysterio.

Kane firmly pins Rey in a No DQ match.  There was no interference, but there was a chair involved and Rey tried a 619, but was caught by Kane’s Chokeslam on a chair.  Rey was selling his hurt arm, thanks to Alberto Del Rio last week.  Rey is being helped out by officials. 

Albert Del Rio comes out, decked out in a jacket and dress shirt, he will be in action later tonight.  He comes to incredible heel heat, he checks on Rey.  He then says someone needs to put him down because he looks like a “dying dog” so he smashes him up against the barricade and gives him a Rolling Cross Armbar Breaker again.  Then puts his arm in a chair and rams it into the ringpost.  This looks like an injury angle, again, great stuff.

Now we just saw what happened….moments ago.

CM Punk comes out, accompanied to the ring by Serena and the rest of the Straight Edge Society.  Serena is making her final WWE appearance, for a while.

Punk will go up against JTG.

Punk wins with the GTS, and then the Anaconda Vice, which we haven’t seen in a while.  Very good to see, but this was a glorified squash match.  Oh, how JTG has fallen.

Punk orders the SES to get on their knees.  That is how you treat the weak, that is how you treat his message of purity through the horrible world that we all live in.  He wants Luke Gallows to put Big Show on his knees in his own pool of his own jewel.  Put the stamp of the Straight Edge Society on his own face.  This is the last time he tells them, so make it clear….BE BETTER….or be gone.  Well, Serena didn’t listen to that.

Rosa Mendes and Teddy Long both make their one appearance on the show, Rosa is still exercising.  Rosa leaves, Hornswoggle is behind him hiding in a plant and pops in on Teddy.  He says he has been spying on The Beautiful People…I mean Lay-Cool.  Teddy can’t understand what Swoggle is saying, so he tries to draw it, but Teddy can’t understand that either.  Teddy has an idea, he thinks there is a way they can work together.

Raw Rebound from Monday night, showcasing the 6 Pack Challenge for The Night of Champions PPV.

They show highlights from last week when Vicky Guerrero cost Dolph the match, but of course he retained his title.  So coming up next, the Intercontinental Title is up for grabs with Dolph Ziggler taking on Kofi Kingston.

But first, more grooming tips from “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.  He says it is important to have a clean face, but it’s especially important to shave your legs.  More “Dashing” grooming tips.

The IC Title match is next, if Dolph gets disqualified, then Kofi becomes the new IC Champion.

Kofi Kingston wins again, but this time he wins by countout.  Vicky didn’t interfere, but she did make sure that Dolph did not go back to the ring when the referee was counting both of them.  When Dolph made sure he was still IC champ, he was happy about it, but Kofi chased after him through the crowd.  There has to be a special stipulation to their Night of Champions match.  I’ll say it again, put Vicky in a cage….old school style.

They show us Kane’s promo from last week on why he attacked The Undertaker in the first place.

The Jack Swagger Sr. Invitational between Jack Swagger and MVP.  If Jack wins, he gets to host the MVP lounge for one night, and if MVP wins, Jack gets to pick up the tab on MVP’s big bash he is going to throw, and it’s coming up next.

The rule is the person who can get 5 takedowns first will be declared the winner.

Swagger wins 5-0, actually 4-0, MVP was disqualified because he lost his cool after Swagger was dominating him in the match.  But when MVP turned his back and was heading out of the ring, Jack attacked him from behind.  Swagger gets to host MVP Lounge.

Lay-Cool is in the back for a photo shoot that was “flawless” even Kaval admitted that.  After the shot, they discussed the plans they have for Melina this Monday night on Raw for the 900th episode.

We see highlights from last week that took place between “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre taking out Christian and Matt Hardy.

Alberto Del Rio is up next, with his flashy car and his flashy ring announcer, giving us the old school Randy Orton pyro.

His opponent will be Carlos Sanchez.

Carlos received more offense than JTG tonight, but Del Rio laid on the Cross Armbar, and that is all she wrote.  Very effective move.

Kelly Kelly is accompanying Big Show to the ring, his match with Luke Gallows is up next.

Let me put it this way, Luke Gallows did not impress CM Punk, Show knocked him out and Kelly speared Serena to prevent her from interfering.  My guess is Punk will fire Serena.

Coming up next, The Undertaker returns and speaks about Kane.

Taker is still in a more “weakened” state, he coughed before he spoke, but he said he may look dead….he’s not dead yet.  He is still very much THE DEADMAN.  And this is still his yard….yes sir.

One thing he will never do, and that is pardon the guilty.  Which brings him to his brother Kane.  Kane is guilty of a treacherous betrayal, a betrayal he will pay dearly for.  He has a disease soul.  The disease has festered and turned into a web of lies.  Lies he thinks he can fulfill his boots.  The biggest lie of them all is he thinks he can carry the holy grail, his World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane comes out and he says the only web of lies is Undertaker.  He can see how weak he is, how weak his voice is.  Kane is the delusional one?  Has he looked at the mirror lately?  He is no longer The Phenom, and he has no problem dropping his head again, like he did at Summerslam.

The reality is Kane is bigger, stronger, and he is the dominant figure.  He has nothing left to prove.

There is a reason why Kane always walked in Taker’s shadow, what did Kane call himself last week?  I mean Taker’s mind isn’t as strong as it was before his “cowardly act”.  He called himself The Devil’s Favorite Demon.  Taker built the house the Devil lives in, brick by brick.  When he calls him, the Devil still answers to him as “Sir”.  Kane is not worthy to carry the championship.  Kane is not worthy of the power he carries and the fear he inspires.  Most of all, he is unworthy of being Taker’s brother.  Taker taught Kane everything he knows about evil, but Taker didn’t teach Kane everything Taker KNOWS about evil.  When the fight starts, it always ends the same way.

Kane said not this time, it will end the same way it ended at Summerslam with Taker at Kane’s feet.  He promises on their mother’s own grave that Taker will never rest in peace.

The show ends with Kane laughing.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Not as strong as last week’s, but still very solid.  The ending was good between the two “brothers” and it course sets up their feud that will likely end at Hell in a Cell.  Kane also looked good in his match with Rey, and once again, Alberto Del Rio has shown he can be a fun guy to watch.  Alberto throughout his entire career in Mexico was a face, until recently before he left Mexico and was a heel, so he has learned quite a bit on how to control the crowd when he wants to.  I look forward to this match.

The one thing that was unnecessary to me was the IC Title match because, we have already seen different endings, except a clean pin.  They have had better matches before too. 

It’s very sad that WWE let Serena go because she was just coming on her own as a diva and she looked good wrestling last week, so with the added taping last week, it makes the situation look very awkward.  But she is young, and will get back on her feet somewhere, she truly has the talent to make it big in the business.

Speaking of divas, very sad to hear that Luna Vachon passed away earlier today.  I truly hope WWE brings her up Monday evening, it’s something they should do more of, to be honest.  There are longtime wrestling fans, like myself who had followed her career and would like to see WWE go the classy route and pay respect to her, or any other former employee who has passed away. 

I am still waiting for Teddy Long, the GM to have a bigger role on the show, then has lately.  Maybe Hornswoggle will help?

Jack Swagger will host the MVP Lounge sometime, and I am cool with that, maybe this coming Monday night on Raw?

Speaking of Raw, Lay-Cool will surely make an appearance, so what is the plan they have for Melina?  Tune in and find out.  What were your thoughts on Smackdown?  Let me know by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or dropping me a line on the site.


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