WWE Monday Night Raw 8/30/10…Big Raw Celebration

Here we go, 900 episodes in, and we celebrate history.  I truly thought that Raw was going to be 3 hours tonight.  I remembered reading that Raw would be 3 hours long tonight in Boston, but I guess not.  Okay, so here we go, some highlights start the show off and it’s time to burn the ground down as Nickelback would say and start Raw.

Unfortunately, Michael Cole welcomes us and not Jim Ross.

Tonight’s main event match is a 5 on 5 elimination tag team match between John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Edge, and Chris Jericho taking on NEXUS.

Bret Hart kicks the show off.

Bret talked about 17 years ago, Raw kicked off and even though at the time, he wondered if it would stick around, it has proven it indeed has.  He was here at the very first episode.  Only one superstar was there with him currently on WWE, and that is The Undertaker.  He thought he’d share the ring with him, but Kane had other ideas.

Kane said there is no Undertaker anymore, thanks to him leaving him in a “vegetated” state.  He is just a man, and not a Phenom.  Crowd chants for Taker, but to no avail.  Kane said that Taker is alot like Bret.  Weak, feeble, shaggy.  In fact, the last time Taker was truly Undertaker was at Wrestlemania when he took out Shawn Michaels and forced him to retire.  Bret must love that, but Bret said the only thing he will love is seeing Taker beat Kane.  Kane said that won’t happen because he is stepping out of his “shadow” but to do that, he too must defeat an ICON, so he attacked Bret Hart.  Hart Dynasty came out and tried to defend Bret, but Kane took care of them rather easily.  Then Taker’s gong comes out and the lights are out, when they come back on, Taker is there ready to go after Kane.  But Kane says the time isn’t now….so….

Email sound…

Good god, what a way to end the heat they had during this segment…

Yes, Cole said that the GM has decided to make a main event worthy of being the 900th episode, Bret Hart taking on The Undertaker.

Raw moment….Clips of the very first Raw episode.

Raw moment when we come back, anyone wants a Beer Bath, courtesy of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Coming up next, we have a triple threat tag team match.  Daniel Bryan and Kaval, who didn’t get their entrance, Kofi Kingston and Michael; McGillicutty, who was getting their entrance music when we came back, and of course The Miz and Alex Riley.  Lawler made the comment that we have the NXT rookies, with their pros, but that is wrong, since Daniel Bryan isn’t Kaval’s pro, but I won’t say anything more about it.

The Miz and Alex Riley win with Miz using the Skull Crushing Finale.  Miz made a blind tag, but collided with his partner, so Kaval gave Michael The Warrior’s Way, but Miz came back in the ring and set Kaval up with the SCF.  After the match, Daniel Bryan kicked Alex Riley and Miz came back in and smashed his head with the briefcase.  There are your “internet stars”, I guess.

I just tuned in to the Indians and White Sox game and saw Chris Sale, The White Sox 1st round draft choice THIS YEAR playing for the Major League team.  Why can’t the Indians try that aggressive tactic too?

Anyway, we see what happened last week with The Beautiful People…I mean Lay-Cool tell Melina they will be at Raw this week, and….

Look at that, Lay-Cool is in the ring, a tag team match against Melina and Eve Torres is up now.

And as quickly as the match starts, the match ends.  Melina shoves Layla into Michelle McCool, and Melina rolls her up for the win.  So Eve gets paid just standing up, looking pretty.  Wow.

Real talk, Lay-Cool get the mic and say that Melina’s win will be forgettable, so they propose a Unification match at Night of Champions with Lay-Cool and Melina, winner wins all 3 titles.  Melina agrees to that, if it’s a Lumberjack match, and there we have it.

Another Raw Moment, NEXUS taking out John Cena.

NEXUS are in the back and Michael Tarver brings up the point now that NEXUS is weak now.  Wade Barrett says that tonight, they will take care of business and in 3 weeks from now, he will win the WWE Title.  Is that weak?  It kinda is because Wade isn’t winning it.  But Wade said they need to do something to ensure they aren’t weak, and he knows what it is.

Raw Moment….Bob Barker is the Raw Guest Host and gets into it with Chris Jericho.  Absolutely funny.

So, we get Chris Jericho with Josh Matthews.  Chris Jericho wants to make a promise….if he doesn’t win the WWE Title at Night of Champions, he is done.  Josh Matthews even admits this has been done many times.  So, Jericho wants to show us how good he really is in the 5 on 5 tag team match.

Cole mentions the obvious, that all 6 men involved in that 10 man tag team match is going to be in the match.  And people wonder why WWE calls him the Number One Announcer in WWE.

Coming up next is going to be the Number One Contenders tag team match between R-Truth and John Morrison, their opponents will be named when they come back.

Their opponents are “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, somewhere in the back The Dudebusters and Impact Players…The Sequel are pissed off that they both get looked back on this, because well, we can’t have any of those 4 guys on PPV, even though all 4 of those guys are, I don’t know….a tag team?

All 4 men fight each other at the same time, and the ref calls for the bell, so this is a no contest…IE…we will have a Triple Threat match at the PPV.  R-Truth and Morrison stand tall at the end though.

Coming up next, will be the main event….at the top of the hour (Yeah, go figure that one out), Bret Hart taking on The Undertaker.  This will be a short match too.

Another Raw moment…Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels embraces and buries the hatchet.  You know, as cool as that was, I wonder if they are going to show Razor Ramon losing to The 1..2..3 Kid?  I mean that was a cool moment and the first storyline on Raw.

Bret Hart will be taking on The Undertaker, next.

A bit of trivia for you before this match starts.  Who was Undertaker’s first opponent on the first episode of Raw?  Damien Demento.

And of course, this match won’t happen.  Wade Barrett comes out, he says people don’t want to talk about 2 legends, they want to talk about the future.  Wade wants to denounce Bret Hart and prove that Undertaker is indeed a “Deadman”, so within 20 seconds, Taker takes control of Wade and throws him out like yesterday’s garbage. 

Bell Tolls…

Kane is out there, and when Taker takes control of Kane, the bell tolls and lights go out again, Kane disappears when the lights come back on.

Then NEXUS comes out and storms the ring, Taker fights them off and beats them down when the…

Bell Tolls…

Lights come back on and Wade gives Taker The Wasteland and Justin Gabriel takes about 20 minutes to pull off the 450 splash.  Kane looks on and approves of this, and Taker tries to sit up, but he can’t.  Good segment actually, even if for a few minutes, they made NEXUS look weak, again.  I do miss Skip Sheffield though, who looks to be out for a while with an injury.

“The All-American American” Jack Swagger comes out, that is always a good thing.

He will be taking on Evan Bourne, so my question is will Evan Bourne’s “stop and go” push start-up again and take the win?

Alberto Del Rio makes his appearance during the match and Michael Cole’s voice is rising again like he is in Junior High.

Well, there was a match going on at the time, and Jack Swagger defeated Evan with the Ankle Lock, after Evan tried his Air Bourne Shooting Star Press.

Alberto Del Rio introduces us and he informs us that Rey Mysterio will not be here, he is in a hospital, and it was beautiful how he manhandled Rey and injured his arm.  But the Raw fans didn’t get to see it, but he is going to reshow what he did, but use another person, with Evan Bourne.  He attacked his arm and gave him the Cross Armbreaker.  Then takes the chair and put it through Evan’s arm, but Mark Henry comes out and chases Alberto away.  He did show that awesome Armbreaker.

They now show some awesome footage of WWE in China for the first time ever.  I like videos like this.

Wow, the Indians just tied up the game against the White Sox.  We destroyed Bobby Jenks…6-6 in the top of the 10th inning.

Another Raw moment…The Rock N Sock Connection, very funny moment.  “This Is Your Life” Rock.

CM Punk, with Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury are out, hmmmm, I wonder where Serena is at?

Punk asks the Boston fans who he is better than, The Rock.  He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t make crappy movies like The Tooth Fairy.  Now that is funny.  He asks the people if they miss The Rock.  He doesn’t miss him, he represents the septic tank of Monday Night Raw.  For 900 shows, Raw has promoted poor family values.  He has 2 words for us….Katie Vick.  If we don’t get it, than YouTube it and they can start to drink, so he can save them.

Punk is showing us the 4 Worst moments on Raw

1.  Property Damage- HHH attacking Randy Orton’s home

2.  Irresponsible Behavior- Cena throwing Edge out of the body of water.

3.  Tresspassing- DX invading WCW

4.  Excessive Use of Alcohol Via Firehose- Stone Cold giving the beer bath.

Crowd is waiting for a big moment, and I am too.

Punk can’t understand why the fans continue to cheer him on, when he has done so many thing.  The fans would pay money to see Stone Cold Steve Austin come out and spray Punk with beer and a firehose.

Glass breaks…Stone Cold’s music starts and the crowd goes nuts…

But it’s all a ruse, Punk is laughing about it.  He’s not sorry he made the Boston fans so disappointed.  He wants to show us a clip of Smackdown.  June 12th, 2003, Big Show and Brock Lesnar go through the ring.  He then pokes fun at Big Show and this of course brings out the real Big Show.

Show comes out and Punk brings up “Captain Insano”, which was his character in the movie The Waterboy.

Show said that if Punks wants to embarrass him, he should have shown footage of Eddie Guerrero giving Show a toxic burrito that made him go to the bathroom for 5 straight days.  This gets a loud Eddie impression.

Or how about when he did the Sumo Wrestling thing?

How about when Show had to kiss Vicky Guerrero?

Then he did an impression of Hulk Hogan and talking about the SES.  He tried to get Punk to give him a high-five, but that didn’t work.

Punk said that he isn’t funny, he is boring, and nobody likes him.

Show said that was mean, and he attacked all 3 men.

Coming up tonight, big 10 man tag team elimination match.

Another Raw Moment…HHH returns from his Quad injury January 7th, 2002.  Kurt Angle ruins the party, but HHH brings more beer and has fun anyway.

Josh Matthews is on the ramp and introduces Sheamus, the WWE Champion.  He interrupts Josh again, damn why does Josh even ask the questions, just hand the guys the mic, dude.

Sheamus says HHH isn’t here, but Sheamus gets punished for it and has to defend his title at Night of Champions in a 6 Pack Challenge.  What makes it worst is he has to tag with 4 of those 5 opponents tonight, including Randy Orton.

Edge comes out and talks about his history in WWE and how he is one of the most decorated champions in company history, winning 29 titles, very impressive.  He will win another title at Night of Champions, calls Sheamus “Beaker” from The Muppet Show and goes to the ring. 

10 man Elimination tag team match is up next.

They have the entrances, and when NEXUS comes out as a group, we go to another commercial break.  Well, it is 10:56 PM and I don’t see this being a long match.

Chris Jericho starts the match, gets Y2J chants, and he purposely gets counted out.  Wow, talk about making a statement.

Edge gets DQ’d for pushing Charles Robinson.  So he is done, he made a statement too.

5 on 3 now.

The WWE Champion gets beat by Heath Slater when Justin Gabriel kicked Sheamus and Heath gave him a Jumping Neckbreaker

5 on 2

Cena gave Heath The Attitude Adjustment very quickly.

4 on 2

Cena gave Otunga the STF and Otunga tapped out.

3 on 2

Justin Gabriel gives John Cena the 450 Splash, what a statement that was.

3 on 1

Yeah, it didn’t last long.  RKO

2 on 1

Tarver comes in, RKO

1 on 1

Barrett gives Orton The Wasteland for the win and it ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

How can I be honest with this?  Tonight’s show was horrible.  How sad is it that the highlights of the show were made by the Smackdown stars?  How sad is it that NEXUS, after their brilliant summer run means nothing anymore, even when they win a 5 on 5 elimination tag team match and took down Undertaker?  Just an utter mess and the biggest pops tonight were from guys who don’t even wrestle anymore.  Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and even HHH, who isn’t there, along with Shawn Michaels?  Plus it was very annoying that we keps hearing from the announcers that Raw is the longest running episodic television show, failing to mention that Raw goes all year-long, so that is why they have aired the most episodes of any show, but The Simpsons have been on the air longer, Gumsmoke ran on the air longer too, but WWE doesn’t bring that up.  We don’t even get a Thank You speech from Jim Ross, who by the way was there tonight, but not used.  Chris Jericho gave us the “I will not show up again if I lose the title match” that even Josh Matthews made fun of it.  Actually, they could have aired this show next week because the number 900 means nothing to WWE.  No Stone Cold appearances, no Jim Ross appearances, nothing special.  Very disappointing to say the least.  One more thing too, NEVER advertise Bret Hart wrestling again, because we all know he can’t physically do anything.  He can always be a part of the show, but just not as a wrestler, so why tease the crowd again, only to pull it off the rug?  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or your thoughts on the site.  If you liked the show, feel free to tell me.


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