TNA Impact 9/16/10…Setting Up Bound For Glory

After a brief hiatus from Impact, they are back this week.  The road to Bound For Glory begins now….

They start the show off showcasing what Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy had to go through at No Surrender.  Those two had an incredible match, but a crappy ending.  What is the fallout of this?  We will find out.

Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle are in the ring, waiting for Eric Bischoff and Miss Tessmacher to meet them.  Mr. Anderson moved on at No Surrender to head to Bound For Glory for the TNA Heavyweight Title.

Bischoff wants to congratulate Mr. Anderson for beating The Pope.  Who is he facing off against?

Bischoff puts over the match, and the crowd agrees chanting it was awesome.  Indeed.

Bischoff makes the announcement that at Bound for Glory, Mr. Anderson will face off in a 3-way dance against Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy.  Works for me.

Dixie Carter came out and she talked about how proud she is of both Jeff and Kurt and the show they put on at the PPV.  But the fans weren’t happy, and the wrestlers weren’t happy.  So she is going to steal an idea from Hulk Hogan and go over Bischoff tonight and make the main event a one on one encounter between Jeff and Kurt.  No time limit, there must be a winner.  Bischoff isn’t happy about this, Kurt and Jeff shake hands and we are set later tonight.

The Pope is backstage, and he is upset about something.  He wants to talk to Bischoff and we see Sting and Kevin Nash meet him back there, what could this be about?

Last week, we see the backstage goon ask Tommy Dreamer what is going to happen, based on what happened at No Surrender.  All he said is maybe “we go home”.

The Wolfpac music comes out and here comes Kevin Nash, accompanied to the ring by Sting.  Kevin will face off against Samoa Joe, accompanied to the ring by Jeff Jarrett.

A very short match that ended on a double countout when Sting attacked Joe and Jarrett went after Nash.  The four men continued their feud and kept attacking among each other.  Crowd chanted “Let them fight” when security tried to break them up.

Tara and Madison meet up with Lacey.  Madison and Lacey have a Knockout Tag Team Title match up tonight, Lacey isn’t sure what side she is on yet, but Madison reminds her who attacked her a few weeks ago, it wasn’t Madison.

When we come back, Sting and Nash are backstage, and he said they are just starting.  The war is on, Sting said now it’s starting to get fun.

Coming up next, Jay Lethal is going after some X-Division gold against Douglas Williams.

We have a new X-Division Champion, Jay Lethal beat Douglas Williams with a dose of Lethal Injection.  Confetti is going off, making this win a big deal.  A very fun match that was well worked by both men.  I just hope they give Jay the ball to run with and he could truly take the X-Division Title to new heights.  Jay goes into the crowd too, a cool moment.

Good gravy, Abyss is dragging someone backstage, watch for that speed bump.  Ouch!!

Kurt puts over Jeff backstage, and he says he went through the match with a broken rib.  But tonight, he will beat Jeff Hardy and move on to Bound For Glory for the TNA Heavyweight Title.

Coming up next, the TNA Knockout Tag Team Title is up, Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich will try to take the titles from Hermada and Taylor Wilde.

Taylor and Hermada retained the Knockout Tag Team Titles tonight when they pinned Lacey with a double team neckbreaker.  Madison does what she does best, and that is scream at Lacey.  So, Lacey is a defined face now.  Both Madison and Tara beat down Lacey and the original Beautiful People come out and help her.  Tara and Madison leave the ring. 

Tommy Dreamer is up next.

Jeff is backstage and he said he wants the TNA Heavyweight Title and he will do whatever it takes to beat Kurt and move on to Bound For Glory.

Tommy Dreamer is out now, he says that EV2 is not there, and he wants Fortune to come out to the ring.

Flair has So. Cal Val hold the rings open, and of course he takes a look at her blouse.  Flair is the man.

Tommy tells Fortune that this feud is over with.  He tells Fortune they are the future of the company.  This is the house that AJ built, but he is just looking for a place to call home. 

He puts over every single member of Fortune.  Storm is a great tag team technician, and he has 2 successful tag teams, Beer Money and America’s Most Wanted.  Nobody can say that, except what Stan Lane did, go from The Fabulous Ones to Midnight Express.  Dreamer remembers Kazarian starting up with WWE, he was his first opponent in the company.  Kazarian had a future with WWE, but he wasn’t happy.  He wanted to go back to TNA, and he put him over as doing that.  He met his wife, Traci Brooks at TNA, just like Tommy met his wife at ECW with Beaulah.  Matt Morgan is a gifted big man in the business, he met him when he was a goofy kid at WWE, and now he has become truly better.  And now, the next kid that comes in that is back and gifted, they might say he is the “next” Matt Morgan.  Robert Roode is a man who Tommy knows WWE was interested in, but he is happy at TNA, and he stood by his ground.  He is a combination of Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, his 2 idols.  Ric Flair is simply the business, and it will be a sad day when he does decide to stop walking the aisle.  And AJ Styles, he took him to the next level.  He made Tommy say “I Quit” something he has never said in the business, and after the match at No Surrender, he went to the hospital, but he would have shaken his hand.  So he does it now.

AJ says he appreciates what he said about Fortune, he put Tommy over and says he is all heart.  He revolutionized the business, and for that, he does have his respect and he will shake his hand.  AJ wants to clarify that he is the only one to make Tommy say I Quit, so he doesn’t need his endorsement, and he doesn’t need him.  So Fortune attacks him, and Flair is smiling, loving this….WOOOOOOO

Brian Kendrick comes out, and they attack him too.

Brian grabs the mic after this, and he challenges anyone from Fortune to step in and face him in the ring.

Matt Morgan answers the challenge.

Matt plays with Brian a little bit, says it isn’t time, now it is.  But Kendrick gives him a dropkick and rolls him up for the surprise victory.

Morgan says this doesn’t count, he is in a suit.

The Pope wants to talk to Bischoff, Miss Tessmacher says he is in a meeting and he is upset.  He then thinks it over and wants to see if he can get a meeting with Miss Tessmacher at 10:45.  Pope is pimpin’.

RVD is up next.

But first, Abyss goes nuts with 2 guys, so he introduces a new weapon, a flaming iron, named “Bob” and uses it on some poor guy who is tied up. 

10/10/10…THEY are coming.

Rob is on the phone, and he says some days the training to get better is rough, and other days it is getting better.  But now, he is getting there, and he will be back soon.  Rob isn’t too happy about taking the title away from him, but he understands because of what happened.  When he comes back, he has to do what he has to do.  RVD will be back in the Impact Zone next week, whether a doctor wants him there or not.

Coming out to the ring is Generation Me, who turned heel at No Surrender, by attacking Alex Shelley’s neck after the match. 

Jeremy wants to know if we saw what happened to RVD, if a wrestler gets attacked, and they can’t defend their titles after 30 days, they get the titles off of them.  Max said they don’t think Alex can come back in those 30 days after what they did to him.  It took MSMG 5 years to “barely” win, what they want, they will always get.  The crowd is booing them, and it is very cool.

What they want is for Chris Sabin to enter the ring and hand their THEIR tag team titles.

Chris Sabin comes out, and he does not look happy.  He ambushes them.  But Generation Me catches up with him and attacks Chris.  They give Sabin a double DDT right on the mat that Chris sells his neck, just like Alex did.  I loved that segment.

Main event match, Kurt Angle against Jeff Hardy is up next.

Shore makes their debut on 10/7 Impact.

We get another incredible match, yet crappy finish.  The infamous double pin when Kurt had Jeff locked in what I could describe as a figure four after Jeff not submitting to the Ankle Lock.  But the problem is they both had their shoulder down, earlier in the match, we have the infamous “Hebner flop” and the other Hebner, Earl comes in and calls the match while Brian comes back in.  So trouble erupts, but don’t fear…Eric Bischoff is here.

He makes the announcement that we are getting a 3-way dance at Bound for Glory between Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy.  And, Dixie doesn’t look happy about this.  The show ends with this announcement.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to say a big thank you to my friend Greg, who informed that Impact went extra.  Here is the thing, I have my DVR set to 5 minutes extra, I bowl on Thursday nights, so I don’t get to see it at 9:00, rather start the show at 10:30.  Tonight, I started around that time, and was doing this report as I was watching it, so he called me to tell me it went extra.  I set it for an extra amount of time so I can watch the end of the show.  Thank you again Greg.

Now onto the show itself, I loved it.  Thank you to Jeff and Kurt Angle for putting on 2 outstanding matches, the finish might not be there, but the matches were fantastic.  This honestly should have been the BFG main event.  You get that special, one of a kind, first time ever match at that PPV, since it is the landmark show of the year.  Having said that, I know the 3 men involved in the 3-way dance will tear the roof off Daytona Beach.  But I question why is Dixie so upset?  And if she is upset, could Hogan and Bischoff really be THEY?  I hope not, that would be a gigantic mistake.  Be creative TNA, please.

As good as this match was though, the best segment of the night was Dreamer and Fortune.  Absolutely, Tommy put Fortune over big time, and even though some people may say that was “Minor League” for Tommy to mention WWE, I completely disagree with that because what this segment did was add a relationship to everyone involving Tommy Dreamer.  Let’s face it, fans know WWE exists, so why not bring up the past, if it works to the storyline, and in this case, it worked out perfectly well.  I also liked seeing Brian Kendrick put in the spot he was put in.  The one thing I can make about Brian is they are passing the torch from Tommy to Brian, serving as a “mentor” as sorts, since they both have guts and heart when they compete.  And absolutely, fantastic way to continue this feud.

I also want to say I loved seeing Jay Lethal with the X-Division Title, but I also think it would have been better served if this had happened at Bound for Glory.  But seeing Jay celebrate the way it did, it represented a big deal.  Like I said during the match, give Jay the ball and let him run with it.

I hope Desmond Wolfe comes back soon, when he gets healthy.  He might be sick, then again maybe not, but if he is, please heal up and come back, but his loss is Generation Me’s gain.  Absolutely brilliant segment with those two and Chris Sabin.  Their feud will continue with Motor City Machineguns, so be prepared to be entertained.

But this show allowed everyone to continue their respective feuds and I enjoyed watching them set up Bound for Glory.  Even Lacey Von Erich did well in her match. 

What were your thoughts on the show tonight?  Give me your thought either by email at or give me your thoughts on this board.

One more thing, I wonder if The Pope got to his meeting with Miss Tessmacher at 10:45 PM, after all, The Pope is Pimpin’.


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