WWE Smackdown 9/17/10…Kane’s Response

We are 2 weeks away from Smackdown officially moving over to SyFy Network, so it will be interesting to see how MyNetwork treats this show in the next few weeks.  But, the focus is on Night of Champions, and we are 2 days away from the event.  Tonight, we will hear Kane’s response to Undertaker’s challenge to a No Holds Barred match at Night of Champions, and we will see CM Punk take on Christian.

We start the night off with a Peep Show with Christian. 

Christian was going to introduce his guest, but Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer introduced Alberto himself.

Again, I find the irony here that Alberto is using the same pyro Christian used to use after he broke off from Edge, and yet he is about to feud with Christian.

Christian is quite impressed with Del Rio since he started in WWE, but he is thinking he is looking at 2 different guys.  The guy that is here now, and the guy that was involved in the boring vignettes before he came to WWE.  So he has to know, which Alberto is he?  The fake burritos or the sizzling steak?

Alberto said the only thing he needs to know is what he did to Rey Mysterio.

Christian said he has seen them all, guys who thought he is the next big thing, male cheerleaders, or a guy who thought he was The Boogeyman.  But he has outlasted them all.

So is Alberto the real deal?  Alberto said he will change the WWE forever.  He is going to become a major star, and Christian will clean his house.

Christian has to know, so he is going to challenge Alberto to a match at Night of Champions.

Alberto doesn’t think so.  If he were to face him, he would end up being like the fans here, peasants.  He likes Christian, so he is going to end the interview.  He said let him think about the match. 

So Christian turned him around and slapped him.  Alberto was upset, but he rolled out of the ring and left.  Alberto turned around on the top of the ramp and asked if Christian wants an answer?  His answer is no, then he winked.  Such a gentleman.

Coming up next, WWE Tag Team champions, The Hart Dynasty will face off against “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre.  I am assuming it’s a non-title match though.

By the way, Todd Grisham brought up that The Hart Dynasty will defend their WWE Tag Team Titles at Night of Champions, but they don’t know who their opponents are going to be.  I will go on record and say a triple threat between Rhodes/McIntyre and Morrison/R-Truth.  We’ll see if I am right.

The team of Rhodes and McIntyre defeated the Tag Team champs with Rhodes using Crossroads on David Hart Smith.  No question, this team will be involved, but if you recall R-Truth and John Morrison faced off with this team at Raw’s 900th episode and the match wound up being a no contest, so they should be in the mix too.  What is sad though is Todd Grisham put over how The Hart Dynasty have been tag team champions for 5 months, but WWE creative have done nothing for them, and have used them even less since they won the straps.

The former Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston comes out.  He has another match with Dolph Ziggler at the PPV.  Kofi said the only reason Dolph is still the IC Champion is because of one person, Vicky Guerrero.  What kind of man hides behind a woman?  This Sunday, things will be different, because if Dolph gets counted out or DQ’d, he will lose his IC Title to Kofi.  So he vows to win the IC Title and get rid of the most “repulsive couple” in WWE history.  He has a feeling that once Dolph loses his IC Title, Vicky will leave Dolph, and he guarantees, there will be “Trouble in Paradise”

“The All-American American” Jack Swagger comes out and those two will face off next.

Kofi wins the match with Trouble in Paradise.  The action went back and forth, and wound up being a very good match.  Jack tried to do the Ankle Lock, but Kofi countered a few times and got out of the hold.  Kofi needed this win, but I am not sure what they are going to do next with Jack Swagger.  The former World Heavyweight Champion has more or less started over.

We are now seeing what has taken place the last few weeks with Teddy Long trying to teach Hornswoggle how to talk.  Tonight, he is going back to school.

Hornswoggle wants to eat crayons, but Teddy introduces him to Sister Mary Frances and Delicious.  But she said her name is Alawicious.  Sister Mary welcomes Hornswoggle to school, and Teddy tells her that he likes to be called “Horny”, she tells him that is strike one, and to sit down.  She is typing up ABC’s, when Hornswoggle switches papers with Teddy, and Sister Mary thinks Horny drew the letters very well, but checks out what Teddy wrote, and Teddy shows a picture of her as the devil.  She told Teddy that is strike two.  She goes back to the board and this time, Woggle throws a paper airplane at Sister Mary, Mary thinks it’s Teddy, but Woggle admits it was him.  So for that, she is about to whack his hand with a ruler and Teddy stops that, with Horny biting her hand.  Good gravy, they go from a good match up to this?

A diva’s tag team match up, it will be Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes taking on The Beautiful People, I mean Lay-Cool.  When did Rosa turn into a face?

Lay-Cool defeat Rosa and Kelly Kelly.  Lay-Cool was petrified when Kelly raised her arm, saying her arms smelled, and of course called Rosa “fat”, but at the end of the match, Rosa had things in control, but Michelle McCool kicked her back when the ref had his back to them and Layla gave her the Lay-Out neckbreaker, and that was the match.

Video featuring the challenge that Sheamus has in store for him as the champion in the 6-Pack Challenge match taking place at Night of Champions.

We are backstage with Lay-Cool and Kaval.  So when you win a WWE contract on NXT, you just stand there backstage, doing nothing?  They are drawing their names out of a hat to see who is facing Melina at Night of Champions.  It’s Michelle, and Layla isn’t happy.  Kaval points out all of the names say Michelle.  Layla says that Michelle will be standing by herself this Sunday.

CM Punk taking on Christian, the match is up next.

Oh glorious, Alberto Del Rio joins Todd and Matt in commentary before the match starts.

Punk wins the match when Alberto grabs the mic and informs Christian he has been thinking, Christian looked his way and Punk gave him the GTS.  Del Rio had his chair into the ring and put it over Christian, he said his answer is still no.

Big Show came out and Punk came back into the ring, with Show chasing him away again, Del Rio was going to use the chair, but Show saw him and Punk came back in to nail Show, but Show turned things around and knocked out Punk, literally.

Kane is up next to give us his answer to Undertaker’s challenge.

Kane said this Sunday, the final chapter between The Undertaker and Kane will be written, but it will not end like it has for many other times, this time, Kane will be the author of The Undertaker’s demise.  It will end the same time it started, with Taker on the demise at Kane’s feet.  This time, the darkside will betray Taker.  The powers that once belonged to Taker, belong to Kane.  This time, The Undertaker becomes a distant memory, this time it ends on his terms.  Last week, Undertaker said their match must be a no holds barred match, and Kane wants that.  Taker’s pride gets the best of him again, and the Devil’s favorite demon will make sure he rests in….

The Bells toll, and the crowd goes nuts at the thought of The Undertaker making his appearance.

He does.

The lights go out as Taker is preapred to go to the ring, when they come back on, Kane is behind him and the two fight it out.  Kane gets the upper hand though and he does everything The Undertaker would do.  Snake eyes, chokeslam, Tombstone Piledriver.  Kane has the power when we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Only 4 matches tonight, but they served a purpose, every single one of them, setting up Night of Champions.  Kane and Undertaker have a date with destiny.  A no holds barred match that gets better more and more everyday.  We also have a big IC Title match between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler, who can be DQ’s or counted out of the ring and lose the IC Title.  We have a Women’s Unification title match at the PPV between Melina, who wasn’t on TV the last week, which doesn’t spell good news for Melina.  We also added a little dissention to the group as Layla is upset that she got hosed out of her chance to win the unified title.  There is also a Tag Team Title match taking place, but we don’t know who The Hart Dynasty is going to face off against.  We have Big Show taking on CM Punk, so all of the matches were put in some spots somewhere to tell us they are fighting.  That’s good to see.

I liked the beginning that they were planting the seeds for an epic encounter between Christian and the new superstar, Alberto Del Rio.  I liked seeing that a lot, so Night of Champions is setting up very nicely.  Share me your thoughts on tonight’s show either by email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or through this board.  Have yourself a wonderful day, I hope you enjoyed your Wrestling.


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