WWE Night of Champions 2010

After my Cleveland Browns losing in awful fashion again (0 offensive TDs in the 2nd half this year), I expect a very good show tonight.  I am looking forward to seeing Kane and Undertaker because the buildup for this match has been very good.  And of course, the 6-Pack challenge has been entertaining too, but let’s face it, Wade Barrett will not win the title and NEXUS probably will be gone within 2 months.  Although, it is possible they get the match with the Hart Dynasty at the PPV and become new WWE Tag Team champions.  Just going in, these are some of my thoughts.

Every championship is on the line, and oh yeah…CM Punk Vs Big Show.

We start the show off with Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Matt Striker. 

Intercontinental Championship match kicks off the show.  If NEXUS interferes this one, I will riot.

Excuse me, Vicky Guerrero comes out with her NXT rookie Kaitlyn.  She introduces the IC Champion, Dolph Ziggler, setting up the match.

Dolph retained the IC Title with the Zig Zag.  The story of the match here was if Vicky had tried to interfere, Dolph would have lost the IC Title, so when she had a chance to slap Kofi, Dolph stopped her and that allowed Kofi to charge after Dolph, to which he ducked and gave him the Zig Zag.  A decent match and a good decision to open the PPV.  Hopefully, this is the end of their feud though and Dolph moves on to someone else, Kofi can too.

We are backstage with Edge.  Todd Grisham asks him the perrenial “stupid” question of the night and asked him how he plans on beating 5 men.  Edge turned the question around by asking how can they beat him?  The “Ultimate Opportunist” will walk out as the WWE Champion.

CM Punk, Chicago’s very own will face off against Big Show next.

Punk is of course cheered right now, so this is his chance at getting heeled.

He said he love Chicago, but he hates the inhabitance of Chicago.  We all ruined his beatiful city, corrupt politicians, they corrupt police.  “Horrible” Chicago White Sox, he must be a Cubs fan because the White Sox have a better team.  He said for the 2nd time, Chicago should be burned to the ground and he can build a straight edge utopia.

Big Show is fat, but he knocked him out last Friday on Smackdown.  But he is not afraid to face him.  He is David, Show is Goliath, and his power….is straight edge.

Show comes out, and we are set with the match.

Show won the match with a knockout punch.  The match was a bit short, with Punk controlling the match most of the time, Punk tried a flying cross body on the ropes, but Show knocked him out in mid-air.  Not a good week for Punk.

Josh Matthews is with Chris Jericho.  He said Edge is confident about the upcoming match, but Jericho must feel lucky to be in the match.  Jericho intervened and said he beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night to become the Undisputed Title match in 2001.  He won the scramble match two years ago to become Heavyweight Champion.  Back in the Elimination Chamber match, he beat 5 guys to become Champion.  So he knows his job is to eliminate guys.  The reason he wins these matches have nothing to do with luck, it’s because he is the best in the world at what he does.

The Miz taking on Daniel Bryan for the US Title is up next.

We have a new US Champion, Daniel Bryan won the title with the LaBell Lock.  Alex Riley, who accompanied Miz to the ring, tried to interfere, but the referee made sure that didn’t happen and Daniel slapped on the move.  I have to admit, they are actually pushing Daniel, which I didn’t think was going to happen.  The match was entertaining, to boot.

John Cena’s chance to talk, and of course, he is all about jokes, promoting this match.  But what he said was you can’t count him out.

The Lumberjill match for the Unified Women’s Title, Michelle McCool will be taking on Melina.

Michelle McCool became the Undisputed Women’s Champion by kicking Melina in the face.  Actually, this was a sloppy match.  We had heel and face divas all attack Michelle when she was out of the ring.  Even an awkward moment when Rosa Mendes thought about attacking Jillian, but she thought it might not be a good idea.  Layla is happy about it, I am sure there will be some conflict soon.

Wade Barrett is being interviewed, needless to say, he is confident.  I have to say these promos are useless tonight, because they are all saying the same thing.

Kane Vs Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Title is up next.

Oh my Gawd….Kane pinned The Undertaker with a Tombstone Piledriver.  Absolutely amazing to see.  The crowd wasn’t really reacting much, except when Taker had offense, so needless to say they are shocked he beat him clean.  The story here was still Taker not being 100%.  He tried the Tombstone, but because Taker didn’t have his “strength” back, Kane reversed it and pinned him.  Action was all over in the first part of the match, but the rest of the match stayed inside.  Taker stumbles back up too.  Truly, Taker put Kane over big time tonight.

A commercial for the movie “Legendary”, the movie that has tanked in the theaters, and even Matt Hardy had a bigger headline than the movie opening last weekend.  But it is coming on DVD next week, at Walmart.

Another pointless promo backstage, this time from Randy Orton, who basically says nothing.  I mean literally, Todd asked him if he had anything to say to the 5 competitors, and he said no.

Tag team Turmoil match for the WWE Tag Team Championship.  The 5 teams are The Hart Dynasty, The Uso’s, Mark Henry and Evan Bourne, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, and even Santino with Vladimir Kozlov.

The Hart Dynasty gets the first shot, they will face off against The Uso’s first, and have to beat all 4 teams to retain the titles….translation….NEXUS will come in at the end of the match and win the titles, either way, we are getting new champions.

The Uso’s defeat The Hart Dynasty when Jey kicked Tyson in the head.

There will be new champions, and up next, Santino and Vladimir Kozlov.

The Uso’s defeated Santino and Vladimir when Santino tried the Cobra, Tamina came up on the apron wanting to learn it again, when he turned around, Jey gave him the Somoan Drop.

Mark Henry and Evan Bourne are up next.

Mark Henry and Evan Bourne defeated The Uso’s with Evan’s Air Bourne.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre are out next, and Cole tells us the winner of this fall becomes the new tag team champions.  I doubt it.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre won to become the new Tag Team Champions.  I am shocked that NEXUS didn’t come out.  They won with Cody using the Crossroads.  Now Cody has become a tag team specialist, winning the titles with his 3rd partner.  Very cool to see.

Oh, this is fantastic, we have a video highlighting Alberto Del Rio, using his vignettes he had before he debuted on Smackdown.  This guy is amazing.

Main event match is up next, 6 Pack Elimination Challenge match with Sheamus defending the WWE Title against Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Wade Barrett, and John Cena.

Before the match, we hear from the WWE Champion, Sheamus.  He isn’t concerned because he went through a tables match, a steel cage match, a Fatal 4-Way match, it doesn’t matter.  It’s ending the same way.  A Brogue kick to the face.  He will leave with 2 things, 1.  A smile on me face, and 2.  The WWE Title over his shoulder.

Jericho was the first one eliminated by Randy Orton’s RKO.  Now Jericho is in disbelief, and the fans are singing Na-NaNa- Hey-Hey-Hey Goodbye.  I truly hope he stays in WWE, they need him more than you and I can imagine.

Now there are five left.

Edge was pinned by John Cena with an Attitude Adjustment.  I liked the fact that Sheamus and Edge teamed together to face the other 3 men, but the numbers game finally caught up.

There are 4 men left now.

Cena had Sheamus for the STF, but Sheamus went to the ropes, then NEXUS comes out to distract Cena and, Wade Barrett came into the ring and delivered The Wasteland to pin the former champion.

There are 3 men left.

Cena grabbed a chair and fought off NEXUS, while Orton gave them the RKO in the ring.  Barrett tried to pull off The Wasteland, but Orton reversed it and nailed the RKO, to pin Wade.

There are 2 men left, Sheamus and Randy Orton.

In a bit of a shcok, Randy Orton gave Sheamus the RKO to win the WWE Title.  Is Miz up next, cashing in the Title?

Actually, they might wait on that for Hell in a Cell, which is 2 weeks away by the way.  So Raw will be in high gear promoting the show.

Randy becomes the 7-time WWE Champion to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I’m going to give this PPV was decent, it wasn’t “Oh my Gawd you must order this show” but what we saw delivered, except for the Women’s title match.  The IC Title match started the show, and it was good.  But again, Dolph cleanly pinned Kofi now, I can’t think of why they would want to continue the feud.  Show and Punk too, I mean Show pinned Punk clean and it truly seems like they aren’t sure what to do with Punk anymore since the SES is essentially no more.  Miz and Daniel Bryan match was okay, I was surprised that Daniel won after weeks one-upping Miz, but there will be a rematch there.  The women’s unification match was a disaster though.  The other Diva’s took away the importance of the match.  Remember, they did the same thing with the unification of the Tag team titles a few years ago, except they put it on the Wrestlemania DVD extra, not on the PPV, so at least they made it on the show.  But the importance of winning the Women’s title didn’t mean much.  The World Heavyweight Title match stole the show though, in my opinion, because of the signifigance of putting Kane over by Undertaker, beating him at his own move.  Even if Taker gets the title back in 2 weeks, the fact is Kane pinned him with the Tombstone, which to my recollection hasn’t happened before.  The Tag Team title match was filler in between the two main events.  I hope Drew and Cody can elevate the tag team titles, but I sincerely doubt it.  The main event match though was good, it is sad to see Chris Jericho leave.  He truly is the best in the business at what he does, and what he does is put other people over in his programs.  Even if he wins, he puts them over too.  He elevates people, which is something not everyone can do, and in reality, not many people can do what he does, at his level.  I hope he comes back very shortly.  Disappointed to see Sheamus lose on such a short title reign though.  I like Randy, but he didn’t need the title now.  Sheamus does, and if this is just a 2 week reign, then it will mean even less.  I am big on long title reigns, especially with new wrestlers, so seeing Sheamus have 2 short title reigns disappoint me.  Overall though, the show was fine and it certainly had me looking forward to the buildup of Hell in a Cell.

What were your thoughts on the show?  Let me know by email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a comment.


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