WWE Smackdown 9/24/10…The Return Of A Legend

On the very last episode of Smackdown on My Network, we get a match kicking things off tonight.  It is going to be the World Heavyweight Champion, Kane taking on Chris Masters.  Chris is my favorite Superstars regular, so it’s good to see him on the big show.

Kane defeated Chris, of course, but Kane allowed Chris to get some offense, including The Masterlock.  He beat him with a Chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver.  Longer match than you’d think.

Kane has a mic and he says after this past Sunday, whatever the Darkside was still in him, whatever powers he may still have, he couldn’t stop Kane.  He proved he was the dominant brother, dropping him on his head.  He is no better than the weak and pathetic people watching in the arena.


He is no better than the weak and pathetic people watching the show on TV.


He can smell fear, and he goes through the arena, and he says we are all afraid of the unknown and failure.  But most of all, we are afraid of what he is capable of.  Well, he did scare the kid that he is next to.  Kane said this monster isn’t going anywhere.  Later tonight, he has a challenge for The Undertaker that he cannot deny.  Soon enough, under his own terms, he will destroy his legend and his very soul.

WWE Tag Team Championship match is up next, I thought this wasn’t taking place until next week on Raw?  Well, it will be “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre defending their tag team titles against The Hart Dynasty.  Man, those titles are ugly.

The tag team champs retained their titles when Drew exposed the turnbuckle pad, he flinged Tyson Kidd to hit the exposed steel and Drew gave him the Future Shock DDT for the win.  Good match, but the crowd was dead during this match.  My goodness, those belts are ugly.

Undertaker is backstage beside himself in disbelief, coughing and wheezing.

We quickly go to Alberto Del Rio backstage in another part.  He attacked Christian, who by the way is out for 6 months, we will miss him and this was the start of a nice feud.  Officials come over to check on him, apparently, this was the place….and this was the time.

When we come back, we see another Raw Rebound, featuring John Cena taking on NEXUS.  By the way, the official theme song to Hell in a Cell is “Sacrifice” By Atom Smash, off of their CD Love is in the Missile.

Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft are with Hornswoggle, they are trying to get him to speak.  Teddy Long wants to know what is going on, they wanted to teach Horny how to speak.  They are wearing moving clothes and are starting to moves things out of the office since they are “moving” to SyFy next Friday.  They even have the Bragging Rights trophy from last year, they will need that again at the end of next month.  Hornswoggle is going to help them.  This ought to be fun.

Punk is backstage and Luke Gallows comes in, Punk insults him, but Luke grabbed him by the throat, informed him they are facing each other, he’s not better than anyone, and when he beats him, he is going to celebrate with a beer.  Well said.

When we come back, “The Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero will be facing off against Kaval.

Chavo won in a very good match, but here is my problem with what was just said.  Striker is treating Kaval like a “rookie” in fact he said he was making “rookie mistakes”, he is a rookie in WWE, but how can a rookie have 10 years of ring experience?  I hate the way he is being pushed because the fans love him, so push him accordingly.  Alex Riley is getting a bigger push right now than Kaval, and yet Kaval is the Season 2 NXT winner.

Coming up next, Alberto Del Rio is going to give us an update on Rey Mysterio.  Glorious.

Ricardo Rodriguez is out to the ring, announcing that Alberto Del Rio is indeed there, and here he comes.

Alberto said that Christian kept begging him for a match, but he wasn’t ready.  He is now, so where is Christian?  Oh yeah, he is crying in the parking lot.  They all wind up in hospitals, just like Rey Mysterio.

They show footage from last month where Alberto takes out Rey.

Alberto says that his friend, Rey Mysterio is coming back next week, the crowd does nothing.  Rey challenged him to a fight, but he doesn’t want to do that.  He is going to give him a kiss, right on the chin.

Christian comes out and fights with Alberto, but Del Rio goes after the shoulder, he gives him the Crossbar, snaps his shoulder.  Then takes the chair and puts it through his hand and rams it into the pole.

They show The Undertaker again by the staircase in utter shock over what happened Sunday night.

The Big Show will be involved in a Handicap match with The Gate Crashers (Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins).  I prefer the name The Impact Players…The Sequel, but okay.

Show won with rather ease, in fact The Gate Crashers have become glorified jobbers, yet they have such potential.  But when your debut appearance as a team, and you say you’re making an impact, this isn’t exactly making an impact.  Show gave Vance Archer the Colossal Clutch (Camel Clutch), and that is all she wrote.

Josh Matthews is interviewing The All American, American Jack Swagger.  Next week, they will be in Oklahoma for the Season Premiere.  While he is talking about it, The Dudebusters and Hornswoggle pack up Jack’s Letterman jacket and jersey from Oklahoma.  Very funny, he will still see them next week….we hope.

CM Punk will be taking on Luke Gallows.

Punk beat him with the GTS in rather quick fashion.  Gallows did get some moves involved, but all it takes is 3 seconds.  This feud might be over with now.

Undertaker is once again backstage by the stairs in la-la land.

I like the Smackdown moving to SyFy commercials, it is making it seem like a very big deal, and one of my favorite commercials for it is Kofi Kingston.  Next Friday at 8:00, Smackdown will be on SyFy.

Excuse Me……

Vicky Guerrero, with Kaitlyn come out to introduce the Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler.  This is going to be a non title match, and his opponent will be MVP.

MVP wins by countout in a good match, the story here was MVP getting the upper hand.  Both Vicky and Kaitlyn had been set to the back, so he was by himself.  He tried everything, but MVP countered it and Dolph grabbed his title and left.  He was up on the ramp saying he has his title.  So I am guessing we will be seeing more of these two in a program.

Rosa Mendes is backstage when the Dudebusters grabbed her jump rope, packed it up and said she would get it back next week.  Vicky Guerrero was looking for Kaitlyn, she asked Hornswoggle where Kaitlyn is, after she gave him some insults, he pointed she is in the truck, she wants in there, The Dudebusters lock up the truck, and off they go.

The Undertaker is still in the staircase, someone opens up the door, he wants them to get out of there, when he looks up, he raises from the stairs and rolls his eyes.

Kane comes out to end the show, he wants to issue The Undertaker one more offer.  We hear that eerie music when Kane explains that the ring is “His Yard”.  Why didn’t Kane just put him out of his memory this past Sunday?  Because the fun just started, and it’s time to raise the stakes.  The end of The Undertaker will come at Hell in a Cell, the very same place Kane left him defeated wretch.  Now, Kane is the Devil’s favorite Demon, and he is not welcomed to Hell, unless Kane takes him there.  Now the creatures of the night and lost souls answer to Kane.  Taker has no choice, he will face Kane at Hell in a Cell.  His tombstone will read “Here lies The Undertaker, he will never rest in peace…he will burn in hell”


The Druids come out rolling a coffin.  Kane goes to open the coffin, and it’s Paul Bearer, the father of Destruction.  He has the urn, and…


The Undertaker is right behind Kane, and Taker beats down on Kane.  It’s the power of the urn.  Kane dodges out of the ring, and we end Smackdown with Taker bowing down to the urn.  Very cool moment.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

This felt and acted like the very last Smackdown before the big move.  It was a bit boring, and that includes the fans.  The only time they showed any real emotion was the ending of the show with Taker, the urn, and Paul Bearer reunited again.  Speaking of that segment, that was very cool, the best part of the show, and it brought back great memories.  Paul looked very good, it looks like he has lost alot of weight.  So they set up Hell in a Cell with their big match taking place in a week, and they are setting up a live edition of Smackdown on SyFy, which will also have NXT on at 7:00 PM, so it won’t be on Tuesday.  What happens to the future of that series is anyone’s guess, and it doesn’t look like WWE is worried about that.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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