WWE Monday Night Raw 9/27/10…Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho

Here we go, another Monday night, which can only mean it’s time for Monday Night Raw.  It’s not live however, they taped this last week, but here we go.  It’s time to go Burn the ground tonight, as Nickelback would say.

They show a clip of what The Miz did to Daniel Bryan last week, and we start the show off.

Tonight, a one on one match, Chris Jericho taking on Randy Orton in a non title match.  If Chris wins, he becomes the number one contender after Hell in a Cell.

Michael Cole’s man-crush, The Miz comes out, accompanied to the ring by Alex Riley.  Daniel Bryan has challenged The Miz and Alex to a tag team match tonight.  So who is his tag team partner?  The Miz says Daniel is the guy who wins a lottery and thinks he is going to win it every single time, because it’s Monday night, and that means that Miz is going to beat down Daniel Bryan again.

Daniel Bryan’s crazy new entrance comes out.  His tag team partner is….John Morrison.

Once again…Daniel Bryan loses.  He attempted the Labell Lock, but Miz reversed it and turned it into the Skull Crushing Finale.  The story of the match was Cole trying like crazy to put Miz over, and Lawler trying to put Daniel over.  Jerry made a point though, Miz should be proud of Daniel for his accomplishment, being the US Champ, the problem with that though is Daniel beat Miz for it.

After the match, Miz attacked Daniel, then John Morrison got involved, and all 3 were fighting each other.

Email sound.

Cole comes up to the computer and announces at Hell in a Cell, Daniel Bryan will defend the US Title against The Miz and John Morrison in a 1st ever Falls Count Anywhere Submissions Match.  Yeah, this Sunday, we have a PPV to promote.

Coming up next, a battle royal involving all the Divas to be the Number One contender for the Diva’s Title.

Wow, so many Divas in the ring at one time.  Gail Kim, Melina, Eve, Natalya, Tamina, Alicia Fox, The Bella Twins, Jillian Hall, and Maryse are in the ring.  I think I named them all.

The Beautiful People…I mean Lay-Cool come out to commentate and irritate our ears.

Melina is eliminated, which is shocking.

Gail Kim is eliminated.

Tamina is eliminated, and by the way Lay-Cool aren’t even caring about their opponent.

Both Bella Twins are eliminated.

Maryse is eliminated.

Eve is eliminated.

Jillian is eliminated.

It’s now between Alicia and Natalya.

Natalya won the Battle Royal, she is the new number one contender and Lay-Cool are finally worried about this potential match.

Some video of John Cena promoting his movie Legendary.  I honestly want to see that movie, but obviously I will have to go to Wal-Mart now.

Tonight, we will have a Cutting Edge and Edge’s host is the Raw General Manager.  Does the mouse come with it too?

We see footage over what took place last week and the infamous “I will have you” secret admirer between Ted Dibiase and Maryse.

We are backstage with Ted and Maryse fighting over losing last week.  A letter is slipped through the door with another letter “Next week, you will be mine”.  I am guessing Goldust is behind this.

The former WWE Champion, Sheamus comes out, he will take on Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell this Sunday.

He said he is willing to cut me own hand to win the WWE Title.  He brings up HHH again, and me thinks HHH will show up at Hell in a Cell and cost Sheamus the title.  He wants to face any WWE Superstar with a set of tires to come out and face him.  He will be a 3 time WWE Champion, but he is also the “Fierey right hand” of the WWE.

And we go to a commercial, so we will find out who answers the call in a bit.

And Sheamus’ opponent tonight?  The Great Khali.

Wow, they are actually talking about Mick Foley and his upcoming book “Countdown to Lockdown”  Good and classy move by Vince.

Before a match can really take place, Sheamus gets disqualified by attacking Khali to the outside and hitting him with a chair.  He also nails him with a Brogue Kick and has a certain fire about himself for his upcoming Hell in a Cell match.

Coming up next, The Cutting Edge.

Edge comes out and he has the Raw GM, they are dubbing the voice to protect the GM.

This is absolutely ridiculous, but Edge is making it work.  It sounds like the computer voice from the movie Wargames.  Edge wants to know the identity, but the GM said if he reveals who he is, then things will change.  Then Edge said Raw has gone from Stone Cold stunning Vince McMahon to him talking to a computer.

Very well said.

Edge starts to leave, but the GM says he needs to know who his opponent is tonight, Edge says he doesn’t have an opponent tonight, and the GM says he does, and it’s John Cena.  Their match is up next.

Edge beat John Cena, but John had his foot underneath the ropes, so of course, the GM intervenes and restarts the match, so Cena can give him the STF and Edge taps out.  It was a good match, but a very crappy ending.  This computer voice is going to get very annoying.  Edge gives a look though that he is going to tear down the computer.  And he does, in fact, he gives it the Concierto.  Edge even slams the laptop on his head, and he bleeds.

Is this a surefire way to turn Edge face?  It might be working.

The next match is a tag team match with The NEXUS, it will be Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater taking on Mark Henry and Evan Bourne.

This was a fun match, it was essentially Air Bourne against the 450 Splash, and we saw both moves.  But after Evan Air Bourne, Heath Slater shoved Justin over Evan and they won.  NEXUS took out both Evan and Mark after the match.  They took out Mark’s knees, and then shoved him into the pole, and Wade Barrett gave Evan The Wasteland with Justin giving Evan another 450 splash.

Wade has the mic now.

Wade said they have said it all along, you’re either with us, or against us.  After Hell in a Cell, John Cena won’t be against them anymore.  He will be with them.  John can take them to greater places.  David Otunga then has the mic and informs us that NEXUS will be at Smackdown, so consider it a fair warning.  Michael Tarver says the bad news is…they are the bad news.  Nobody controls them.

A tag team title match is up next, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre taking on The Hart Dynasty.

The new tag team champions retained their titles when Rhodes gave David Hart Smith the Crossroads. 

This might be the beginning of the end for the Hart Dynasty, Tyson tried to go for the Hart Attack, but Drew caught Tyson’s foot and Tyson ran right into David.  So of course, David is upset and storms off.

Main event match, Chris Jericho going one on one with Randy Orton is up next.

Before the match, Jericho of course speaks on the mic, and he says when, not if, but when he defeats Orton tonight, he will be the number one contender to the WWE Title, do you understand what I am telling you now?  He puts over Randy’s accomplishments, but he refers to himself as “The Viper Killer” and he can join the list of great champions Chris has beat.  In fact, he lists all of the champions he has beaten, while they go to commercial.

Jericho was DQ’d because Sheamus came into the ring to try to distract Orton, but Randy turned things around and gave him the RKO.  He was about to punt Sheamus, but Jericho gave Randy the Codebreaker instead.  Chris then went outside and grabbed a chair, he was charging to use it, but Randy gave Chris a RKO instead.  He looked at Sheamus and saw an opportunity, and he punted Chris.  The EMT’s were out there, and this, for now at least is Chris’ last swan song.  Randy stares right at Sheamus and Sheamus looked a bit concerned, even surprised that Randy would do that, and this ends the show, setting up this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A bit of a mixed bag for me, some of it was bad, some of it was good, but regardless WWE has another PPV this coming Sunday, whether we like it or not.  The good though was the main event.  I absolutely loved hearing Jericho’s champion list that he beat, and mentioning The Villano’s and Buff Bagwell on a WWE show is just absolutely hilarious.  I certainly hope he comes back soon, because he truly is the best in the world at what he does, and what he does is entertain us.  Thank you Chris.

Now comes the bad, pretty much everything else.  The Cutting Edge segment was, ummm different.  Hearing that voice truly creeped me out though.  I truly hope we find the true identity of the GM, but it was funny seeing Edge flip out after his match Cena.

Speaking of Cena, there is no chance he is losing this match on Sunday with Wade Barrett, but it’s nice to see NEXUS have their last hurrah on Friday Night Smackdown.  Speaking of NEXUS, I like the combination of Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater as a tag team.  I wonder if they will keep them when NEXUS disbands. 

But if they do, they will break up in a matter of months anyway.  I don’t see David Hart Smith doing well on his own, so I have no clue why they would think of Hart Dynasty breaking up.  But the good news behind this is seeing Natalya be the Number One Contender for the Diva’s Title.  Here is hoping we see a few Natalya Vs Michelle McCool matches.

The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and John Morrison will be a good match at Hell in a Cell, and I hope to see Daniel Bryan look good and get the win.  I would imagine that is the case, and we will also more than likely see HHH come back and cost Sheamus the match at the PPV, I do miss HHH.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s Raw?  Did you like it or not like it?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me your comments on the site.


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