WWE NXT 9/28/10…Diss The Diva

Wow, it doesn’t get any better than for WWE to show us how the Talk the talk challenge went last week, and that is what they are doing to start the show off.  Maybe Michael Cole will gong the show again?

Kevin Rudolf’s rendition of “You Make The Rain Fall” kicks off the show.  It’s Michael Cole and Josh Matthews again, and I guess CM Punk isn’t here, then again, neither is Ashley Vallance.  But Matt Striker is, and he introduces the Diva rookies.

Starting tomorrow, the votes will begin and the elimination takes place on I believe Friday evening at 7:00 PM.  I say I think because it is listed on my channel guide for Friday evening before Smackdown.

Now we have the Wheel Barrel challenge kicking the show off.

Maxine is first, they are adding something to the wheel barrel, and it’s Hornswoggle.  He puts his helmet on, and is ready to go.  If Horny falls off the wheel barrel, the diva rookie is automatically eliminated.

Hornswoggle falls at the line, so Maxine is not eliminated, and she has a 14.7.  Hornswoggle bites Maxine’s butt though.

Naomi is up next.  She has it set at 15.2 seconds.  This is riveting TV, I am telling you.

Jamie is up next.  Jamie did it in 14.4 seconds, so she is the new leader.

Kaitlyn is up next.  Kaitlyn has it set at 12.0 seconds.

A.J. is up next.  She is channeling a little Big Poppa Punp doing some Push-Ups before she starts.  She has it at 17.7 seconds.

Aksana makes it a good effort, she does it in 13.3 seconds, but Kaitlyn wins and gives Hornswoggle a hug.  Good for him, and he lifts her up over his shoulders.  Impressive.

This week in WWE Classic, they show when Raw returned to MSG in New York back in 1997.  This was the debut of the 3 faces of Foley, in fact, the return of Cactus Jack when he faced HHH in a Falls Count Anywhere match, and the end of the night, the first time Stone Cold stunned Vince McMahon.

It’s time to get a closer look at A.J.  The next Mickie James, and might I add, she is a gamer.  That is cool with me.

Tonight, it’s Diss The Diva contest, if you thought the Wheel Barrel Contest was fantastic, wait until we see Diss The Diva.

Raw Rebound where we see Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton, maybe for the last time.  I hope not.

A video of Kaitlyn, showing her background.  She was a fitness competitor too, as was Jamie.

32 minutes in the show and we still don’t have a match.  And it’s official, NXT will now be an internet show every Tuesday night at 10:00 PM, from here on out.

Smackdown flashback showing the return of Paul Bearer, siding with The Undertaker and this upcoming PPV.

They show the entire segment again, which means Diss The Diva is up next.

Aksana is up first, this is all about dissing the other Diva’s, so she spends about 20 seconds to pose to the fans.  Ohhhhh, there is a purpose behind that.  She goes out to the gym and work on her body, and the other Diva’s do not.  They all just want to be like Aksana.  Whatever.

A.J. is up now, she won’t diss the Diva’s, but she will say we have seen the same Diva’s, she is different.  She likes comic books and video games, and Cole wonders where his Gong is at.  Serious, I guess he wants to put himself over more than the Diva’s.

Kaitlyn is up next, before she disses the Diva’s, she wants to do an impression.  What?  She impersonates Naomi, and Naomi pushed Kaitlyn down to the ground with her foot.  But Kaitlyn said she will still win the NXT, despite falling on her butt.

Jamie said she could talk about Aksana looking like a Circus freak, and A.J. looking and acting like a 10-year-old kid all the time, but she won’t do that.  What?  She will win Season 3 of NXT.

Matt reminds the Diva’s that they can take all the time they can to talk, translation….we are running extra on time, so stretch this out.

Naomi’s turn.  She doesn’t want to diss, however, if this is about Wrestling and entertainment, she has all of the Diva’s beat, we all know it.  Kaitlyn said something about Naomi on Confession, the only reason she won tonight was because she slipped and messed up.  Okay.

Maxine is tired of the typical Diva, then do something about it and win a contest.  Kaitlyn and A.J. were playing Pattycake they were so bored over what Maxine had to say.

Matt wants the fans to know who the best was at dissing the Diva’s.  Who won?  A.J. won the contest.  Did she even diss the Diva’s?

Excuse me…

Vicky Guerrero comes down to the ring, she is a bit upset A.J. won.  She has tried so hard every week to make Kaitlyn a reflection of Vicky.  For once, can’t the fans feel her pain?  Cole feels it.  Kaitlyn is tired of this, she has said all week she has tried her hardest, but Vicky continues to run her down.  This week is the first elimination, so she challenges Vicky to a match.  It will happen next week, but what if Kaitlyn is eliminated?  She will prove that she is a pro, and Kaitlyn is nothing, then slaps her and the two fight.  Kaitlyn slips trying to fight Vicky, and Matt restrains her, and the first elimination takes place next week, and we will find out on WWE.com.  The show ends with a replay of what we just saw.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Okay, I am confused over what is going to take place on Friday night.  SyFy lists NXT at 7:00 PM, I guess we will see if it’s a new episode or just a rehash of this show.  So on to what we saw tonight.  Zero matches, just an hour filled with Michael Cole making jokes about this show and Josh Matthews trying his best to call what he sees, and 2 terrible contests.  I am interested in seeing what they will do with the Season 3 on WWE.com.  I truly hope it’s not more of the same, I for one would love to hear Joey Styles call it with Josh Matthews.  Why not?  Cole doesn’t care about it, and Joey is a pro.  I guess we find out, but next week is set…Vicky Guerrero Vs Kaitlyn, hey we have a match set up for next week.  How riveting is that?  What did you think of the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line.


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