WWE Monday Night Raw 10/4/10…Did You Know There Was A PPV In 3 Weeks?

After the PPV last night, WWE is in full effect again, building a PPV in less than 3 weeks, this time it will be Bragging Rights.  Look for some friction between Smackdown and Raw, that takes place every year since last year.  Smakdown has the Bragging Rights trophy, and it should be up for grabs again this year, here we go, as Nickelback would say it’s time “Burning Down The Ground Tonight”

We are live in Wichita, Kansas, Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

NEXUS opens up the show and we should see John Cena be a new member.

Wade tells us that they won last night, because we all see them together tonight.  Apparently, the two men who attacked Cena was Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, the 2 contestants from NXT season 2.  Wade wants to know what the other 4 members were thinking coming down to the ring, almost costing Wade the match.  David tried to explain, but Wade said not now, because tonight it’s about inducting the newest member of NEXUS.

John Cena comes out, no music, and he’s not smiling.  Lawler said there is no fanfare, but the crowd is still chanting for Cena’s name. 

Wade said that he can see John being torn apart, but he hopes he is a man of his word and join the NEXUS because he lost the match last night. 

Michael Tarver pokes fun at John for making fun of himself and his livelihood, but the bottom line is he failed.  They have a gift for them, and he hands him the NEXUS armband.

John reluctantly puts it on, Heath Slater says it okay because they are all there for him.  The fans want to know Cena’s comments, but they have a prepared statement for John to read, and they order him to do it.

John reads that he is an official member of NEXUS, their enemies are now his enemies.  He hopes his fans stand beside them because you’re either Against us or NEXUS.

Wade said John will have his first match tonight, a tag team match.  He will choose his tag team partner to face Mark Henry and Evan Bourne. 

He chooses Michael Tarver, and that match will take place now.

They show footage from last week when Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater beat Evan and Mark.

Well, if you are watching this show for the first time, you will see that WWE completely thinks that Michael Tarver is nothing, and so is NEXUS. 

Mark Henry and Evan Bourne beat John Cena and Michael Tarver, anytime Tarver wanted to tak John in, Cena would get out-of-the-way, or even at one point, sign autographs, which was funny, but after Henry gave Tarver the World’s Greatest Slam, it got ridiculous.

After the match, Cena got on the mic and said he is speaking for himself, and since he is a part of NEXUS, he will destroy NEXUS from within.  So in a span of 24 hours, John tore apart one member of NEXUS, and NEXUS never came back out to do anything about it.

Email sound…

Cole tells us he has a message from the GM, and the crowd groaned again, (Reveal the identity now), the GM said that John lost his match last night, and there is a leader of NEXUS, and that leader is Wade Barrett, so NEXUS HAS to listen to Wade Barrett, I guess the other members are children.  The GM said either Cena starts to follow Wade Barrett’s lead, or he will have no other choice, but to fire Cena. 

Now this changed dramatically, Cena frowned again and left with his head down.

Hey John, take out Wade, take out the computer and keep showing up to Raw every week, do something.  Needless to say, this segment lost steam very quickly.

Well, we have Alicia Fox taking on Natalya, and neither one got their entrances.

And we have a rather quick match with Alicia tapping out to the Sharpshooter.

So yeah, let’s show more stupid footage of Edge destroying the computer last week, and tonight we will have Edge “apologizing” to the Raw GM.

And, we have a guest host, Jackass 3-d’s own Johnny Knoxville, and he is up next.

Johnny Knoxville is backstage with Melina and Gail Kim.  He is telling them about going to see Jackass 3-D, in theaters October 15th.  Zack Ryder sees Johnny and Knoxville calls him a tool, he then high fives Zack, but Zack runs right into that big hand that is featured in the movie and Zack falls gracefully.  The one thing I like about this is Johnny is a genuine Wrestling fan, something that guest hosts should be from here on.  Very funny.

We then go backstage, somewhere else and see John Cena.  Josh Matthews interviews him and wants to know his viewpoint on what the Raw GM had to say and John said he has to accept it because WWE is the only place he wants to be, then he sees Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris and go after them, but runs right into Wade Barrett and NEXUS.  Wade said he saw what John did to Michael Tarver, and he has big plans for John.

Now, Daniel Bryan doesn’t have his entrance, but then again, with that music he uses that is a good thing.  His opponent will be Sheamus.

How in the hell does this do anything for the new United States Champion?  He is squashed by Sheamus, Sheamus just keeps crushing Daniel’s head to the ground with his boot, again this is a champion.  Sheamus is DQ’d.  Wow, these matches have been rather uninspiring tonight so far.

Edge is up next.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw, concerning John Cena and NEXUS.

Michael Cole is in the ring, he is going to speak for the Raw GM.  I’d rather have Johnny 5 speak for him.

Michael said from here on, the Raw GM will communicate via email, and through “The voice of WWE”, Michael Cole. 

They show footage from last week when Edge destroyed the computer.

Hey, if Edge spears Michael Cole, then maybe this show will change a bit.

Edge comes out.

Edge said he is not going to apologize for anything, and in case he didn’t see Hell in a Cell or Smackdown, he takes care of anything stupid.  Having a Raw GM hide behind a computer is stupid.  Michael Cole has been stupid since 1999, he would rather hear a recording of J.R. than hearing Michael Cole speak live, very funny.

Email sound…

The Raw GM announces there is a 20 man Battle Royal tonight to determine who the number one contender is to the WWE Title and will move on to Bragging Rights and face Randy Orton for the title.  But it won’t be Edge, because he has been traded to Smackdown. 

Edge teases the spear, but instead he says this is the best thing in his career because he doesn’t have to deal with a computerized GM and a “tool”.  He doesn’t have to hear “And I quote” which is stupid.

Cole informs us that his Coal Miners love hearing that phrase.

The Miz comes out, he said he will handle this.  He is out with Alex Riley, who has more camera time than the ACTUAL NXT Season 2 winner, Kaval.  Edge calls him a “Miz wannabe” and Miz is somehow offended for that.  So they give each other insults, and Edge mentioned Miz has never been WWE Champion.  Edge has done it all, and Miz has not.  Miz said he will either win the Battle Royal tonight, or will lead Team Raw against Team Smackdown at the Bragging Rights match.  Well, we know he won’t be the Number One contender.

Edge then nails Alex Riley and hits Miz, he then spears Alex, and Miz turns him around to give him the Skull Crushing Finale.  No question about it, Edge is a face…for now.

We immediately go backstage again and see Cena with NEXUS, Wade tells him that he is glad Cena destroyed Tarver because he was getting on his nerves anyway.


But, Wade wants Cena to help Barrett win the Battle Royal.  Cena said what if he wins, and Barrett laughs it up and says that won’t happen.  Otunga said if Barrett doesn’t win, then Cena can help any of the other members win, and this is bad for Wade.  So we have friction already among NEXUS.

The Bella Twins, without their entrance get to face The Beautiful People, I mean Lay-Cool, and they have headset mics and won’t shut up.

The Bella Twins actually win the old switch-a-roo in a very quick match and this time, it was a good thing.  Lay-Cool just wouldn’t shut up during this match.  They are more annoying than the Bella Twins trying to hook up with the Guest Host.

Speaking of guest host, see what I did there…segue way.  Maryse is backstage with Johnny Knoxville.  She says she knows he is the one that sent her the “I will have you” note.  He denies everything, and we see Ted Dibiase come in and he tries to go after Johnny, but of course, he runs right into the giant hand.  Maryse throws her shoes at him, and that of course gets you DQ’d if you are in the ring, but she gets hit with the hand and lands right on Ted.  Wow.

I guess we will find out who sent the note now.

Johnny Knoxville is in the ring, he says thank you and tries to bail, but Ted Dibiase comes out to the ring too.  He says Johnny is trying to be funny, and Johnny apologizes for what happened to the hand.  He was trying to make Maryse laugh, and Ted should know about that.  Like the first time she saw him without his clothes on, she laughed.  Then he realized what he said and made the comment that she saw him in his boxers with dollar signs and his father’s face.  Ted gives him something to smile about, and he hits him.

Then we see gold color in the ring and the Titan Tron said “You Will Be Mine”


I was actually being sarcastic when I said it last week, but it really was him.  He made it clear he doesn’t want Ted, nor does he want Maryse, he wants the Million Dollar Title.  Rehashing the Rhodes-Dibiase feud…if you wheel.  Goldust wants to go to da Pay Window.

They show that awesome video of WWE working with Make A Wish Foundation.  I can watch that all the time, they surely do a great job with them.

John Cena is backstage and we see David Otunga telling him it’s okay, Wade can be demanding, but they also can do alot of good working together.  If he ever needs someone to talk to, he is there.

They show us footage from last week in regards to Randy Orton punting Chris Jericho.

Batte Royal is up now.  John Morrison enters first.  The other participants are R-Truth, it’s time to blow the roof off.  Santino is out here too, so is Vladimir Kozlov, Sheamus is out there, they play John Cena’s music, but no John Cena.  Then they play NEXUS’ music, and all 5 are involved, including John Cena, without the NEXUS T-shirt, might I add. 

We go to commercial, so we’ll find out who else is involved after the break.

Evan Bourne is immediately eliminated.

So is David Hart Smith, Sheamus eliminates both of them.

William Regal is done.  He is eliminated by Cena.

Santino is done, eliminated by The Miz.

Zack Ryder is eliminated by Mark Henry.

Primo is eliminated by Mark Henry.

Mark Henry is eliminated by NEXUS, minus John Cena.

NEXUS gets into Cena’s face, and Cena eliminated David Otunga.

Another commercial break.

During the break, Vladimir Kozlov was eliminated by Sheamus and Darren Young, who I guess made his comeback was eliminated by NEXUS.

Heath Slater, eliminated by John Morrison.

Tyson Kidd eliminated by John Morrison.

The Miz is eliminated by John Morrison.

Justin Gabriel is eliminated by R-Truth.

R-Truth is eliminated by Ted Dibiase.

Ted Dibiase eliminated by Wade Barrett.

The final four now are Sheamus, John Morrison, John Cena, and Wade Barrett.

John Morrison eliminated himself when momentum got the best of him, after kicking Barrett in the head and fell off the ring.

Sheamus is eliminated by John Cena.

John Cena is eliminated by himself.

The story at the end was John and Wade standing face to face, Wade ordered John to step down so he can face Orton at the PPV, John didn’t want to do it, but Cena would be fired if he didn’t, so he finally does step down.

I hear voices in my head is playing and out comes the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.  This ends the show with Randy holding up his title.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, if you were to watch the first 30 minutes and then watch the final 15 minutes of the show, you would think this was a good show, but the rest of it certainly was awful.  In fact, if you tuned in to see Raw tonight to watch great matches, you would be sorely disappointed.  15 second matches that means absolutely nothing in the long run doesn’t do much for me.  So let me start with the big angle.

John Cena joining NEXUS was a mixed bag.  He totally destroyed one member, but at the end of the night, this was a serious storyline, and it needs to be.  Now, what I want to see is Cena helping NEXUS beat down other guys from WWE, to protect Wade.  John is very good in his facial expressions, and he was good here of being torn between being a man who believes in contracts being honored, or stipulations, but at the same time is morally conflicted because he wants to tear apart NEXUS.  I am not sure why the Raw GM is involved in this, but whatever.

Speaking of Raw GM, he trades one of their biggest stars on Raw, but he doesn’t name the superstar that he traded him for.  This is one thing that bugs me about WWE.  They use the “trade” name, like it means something, but it doesn’t wind up being an even trade.  For all we know, Edge will be traded for Chavo Guerrero.  Nothing against Chavo, but he isn’t in Edge’s level of stardom.  Make it worthwhile, and since they have the live show of Raw, announce it immediately, rather than on a taped episode of Smackdown that we all will read tomorrow.

I guess we will have a Miz led Raw team taking on an Edge led Smackdown team.  The conflict between the two just began, so let’s see both men try to recruit their respective teams, rather than have WWE announce it to us.

What in the hell was WWE thinking of using Daniel Bryan like he is absolutely nothing when he has a title and he got beat down by Sheamus?  I realize Daniel is brand new and all, but you never have a champion get squashed.  WCW did that all of the time, and it made them look bad.  WWE should know better because they saw how bad WCW looked by doing that.  Anyone else could have been meat to Sheamus, just not Daniel.

Very interesting we had 2 Diva matches, but both matches lasted less than 5 minutes of total time.  But at least Lay-Cool lost.

So the deck is set for Randy Orton taking on Wade Barrett.  I am fine with that, but overall just a below average episode of Raw.  What were your thoughts on the show, give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line here.  Also, check out the guys at Hittheradio.com.  Great site that talks about Wrestling, MMA, and features your truly with the WWE Superstars every week.  Check it out.

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