TNA Impact 10/7/10….The Road To 10/10/10

The road to Bound For Glory is set for a live Impact tonight at the Impact Zone, and we start already with Abyss taking Dixie Carter hostage. He tells her to shut her mouth, how rude of him to do that.

We now go into the Impact Zone, with Abyss dragging Dixie, actually have her handcuffed and dragging her with Janice. He asks her if she smells it? It’s the smell of power after Sunday Night, something about THEY are coming. Why isn’t the fans trying to step in and help Dixie? He tells her she is gone after Sunday. THEY wanted to know one more question before Sunday, does she prefer Janice, or Bob?

Eric Bischoff and TNA officials intervene.  Abyss finally release Dixie and Bischoff says it’s over. 

Here comes The Stinger.

He comes into the Impact Zone with Nash and The Pope, and we go to a commercial break.  Really?

The Pope has the mic, cause he is Pimpin’.

He said maybe he should retract his comments last week, he said Eric was a no good “Son of a Bischoff”, that is funny.

Maybe he actually is good, he is doing a smoke and mirrors act.  The black hat and the white hats will be revealed.  Abyss isn’t the smartest mustard in the bed.  But he was right on something, at 10-10-10, the walls will come crashing down, and they will fall on Eric.

Bischoff has a tremendous amount of respect for the Pope, but he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Pope said that they are not 3 hungry lions, they are 3 calculated wolves.

Pope wants to know if this thing is bigger than Pope, and Bischoff said it’s much bigger, but he can’t help him.  He is following those two around, like they are the Messiah, but they are leading him around like a dog, that is chasing his tail.

Pope wants to know what this is about, Bischoff said it’s about Sting and Hogan.  Sting grabbed the mic and said he is dead on.

What started 10 years ago is to end straight on Sunday.  It’s not about Wrestling anymore, it’s about two men going on different roads.  Hogan went his, Sting took his, but it all ends, so he wants to know if Hogan will put everything on the line?  At Bound for Glory, when his true character and soul will be revealed, will he be ready to walk away?

Bischoff has nothing to say to Sting.

Joe and Jeff Jarrett come walking in the ring, and Bischoff stops them both.  He wants to handle it himself.

You want answers?  Because what Sting and Nash want are to fill their big, black holes in the heart.  Hogan is intensive care as we speak.

We see footage of Hogan going through his 8th back surgery, but what Sting and Nash want is Hogan on their mantle.  8 surgeries since February.  Can the 3 of them handle him?  Are they man enough?  The footage shows Hogan struggling just to walk.  The doctor said it will take 6 weeks of sitting.

Bischoff says you want to kick my ass, have at it, the crowd goes nuts for that.

So, at Bound for Gloey, it will be a Handicap match of Nash, Sting, and Pope taking on Joe and Jarrett.  Man up fellas, maybe you will feel better about yourself.

We go back outside and see the returning Mickie James, coming back to her stomping grounds, where she started making a name for herself back in 2002.

Coming up next, the battle of the Beautiful People name rights, Madison Rayne and Tara facing off against Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Earlier this week, we hear from Team 3-D.  They are in New York City, where Team 3-D was born and bred.  At Bound for Glory, they will make a huge announcement that will change tag team wrestling forever….Oh my brother, testify.

Knockout Tag Team match is up next.

The REAL Beautiful People won the match and earned their name right and entrance music.  I have to say though, Madison looks better as a brunette.  They win with a double kick, would it be somewhat of a total elimination?  The match wasn’t that bad, but it was very short.  During the match, Miss Tessmacher comes in and announces that at Bound for Glory, in the 4 Corners Knockout Title match, there will be a special enforcer, it’s Mickie James.

Mickie says no warm welcome for the newest TNA Knockout?  Everyone knew she’d make an Impact sometime, but who knew she would be Bound for Glory.  She will raise the hand of the winner, but make sure, she will have her eyes on one thing, to make history.  She will soon be the first woman to hold every single prestigious title known in womankind history.  Nice to have Mickie in TNA.

Earlier this week, Mick Foley is in Boston for a book tour over his newest book “Countdown to Lockdown”, but his focus is on his match with Ric Flair, Last Man Standing Match, and it’s up next.

Bischoff is with Dixie, she wants Abyss fired.  For some reason, Bischoff is a bit leery, but he says he will do it, and Dixie wants him humiliated, like she was tonight.  Whatever.

Last Man Standing match is up now.

Mick Foley won the Last Man Standing match, I want to say something here.  This was a hell of a match, an absolutely fun match.  We had tables broken, “Barbie” the barbed wire bat, thumbtacks, blood, two men sweating, and giving it their all.  The ending of the match came when Ric Flair put Foley through a table, going to the top rope and landing on him.  The two are so spent, that they both answer to the count of 8, but Flair then does his Flair Flop and cannot answer the count of 10.  Was it a 5 star match?  No, but it never has to be, this was certainly worth it, after that brilliant promo the two had last week.

Foley calls Flair back and he reminds him that Flair stated he would kiss Foley’s ass, and somehow this get a “This is awesome” chant from the Impact Zone, and before Foley pulls down his trousers, Fortune attacks Foley.  EV2 comes out, and Fortune leaves.  Flair says that is called kicking ass.  Hey, it’s a good thing Foley didn’t pull down his trousers.

Flair said this Sunday, they will kick all of their asses.  They even head to the announce booth in the match, and Tenay with Taz shows us the blood print they left.

Bischoff is up right now, his music is being played.  It’s time to fire someone.

Bischoff orders Abyss to come to the ringside, but he doesn’t.  Instead, RVD comes out.  He said there is no way he gets screwed out of Sunday’s match, or else he leaves TNA.  He says there is a code the wrestlers have that when there are problems, they handle it themselves.  If Abyss doesn’t show up Sunday, then Dixie Carter loses the Whole F’n Show.

Earlier this week, Tommy Dreamer and Rhino are in Philly, and they say that Fortune will be theirs.  Rhino gets the crowd fired up.  I think the announcers need to emphasize why these videos are being done.  Is it because TNA are doing a Bound for Glory tour?  To remind people about the upcoming PPV?  Tell us.

Still to come, the $100,000 Battle Royal Gauntlet Invitational.

Also, earlier today, Orlando Jordan is showing Eric Young (Do you remember him?) how to throw a baseball at a carnival.  Tonight, they have Ink, Inc.

I’m going to say this, Eric Young is still very over with the Impact Zone, however, this tag team is just weird.  I guess they are still playing that EY is still knocked silly since he had a fall out of the ring.  He keeps high fiving the opposition, and even the ref.  Orlando Jordan cheated to win by going after the groin, and Young pointed it out to the ref, and then he gets the mic and says they have to forfeit the match and challenges Ink Inc to a match at Bound for Glory, okay I guess we have a match….maybe.  This will affect their PWI rating for tag teams though, as Taz pointed out.

Now we have an episode of TNA Cribs, as Jay Lethal pointed out, but they are at his boyhood home of Elizabeth, New Jersey, pointing out what took place when he was growing up.  He is the X-Divison champion, but he doesn’t have the belt, does he have a PPV match?

Dixie Carter is with RVD, and she tells him after Bound for Glory, Abyss is gone.  But she told RVD to win at all costs, do it for him, and do it for her.  What?

We now have the debut of Shore, Robbie E. and Cookie, oh lord.

Robbie E. and Cookie, The Shore, are finally in TNA, dude.  Before he fist bumps the entire roster, Robbie E and Cookie want to know that all of the Orlando, Florida Hamsters that there is zero hot girls, my dude.

All he sees is a bunch of grenades, but Cookie wants to know about her needs.  She has not seen one “filthy gorilla” since they got there.  They don’t have any tans, and Robbie informs us all Orlando, Florida peeps live in their Mother’s basements, they are posers, just like MTV.  Next Thursday on Spike TV, The Shore are here.  Okay.

Now they have a set of videos from TNA superstars saying they are ready for Bound for Glory, and this is their moment.  I am sure this will be on Before the Glory on 10-10-10.

The $100,000 Battle Royal Gauntlet Invitational match is up next, everyone involved in Bound for Glory will be involved in this match.

The person who drew number 1 is Mr. Anderson.

Number 2 is Kurt Angle.

Every 45 seconds, a new competitor comes in…

Number 3 is Jeff Hardy.

Number 4 is AJ Styles

And we go to a commercial.

Now too many people are in the ring, but we get Tommy Dreamer in.  Douglas Williams, Sabu, Chris Sabin, Max and Jeremy Buck were in during the commercial.

Jay Lethal is in now, does he have a match at Bound for Glory?

Jeff Jarrett is up next.

The Pope is up now.

Robert Roode is in, no eliminations yet.

Sting is in now.

When they come back, we hear Abyss’ music, he is entrant 19.

Stevie Richards, Jeremy Buck, Raven, and Kazarian all entered during the break, and haven’t had anyone eliminated…Until now.

Douglas Williams and Sabu were eliminated, as was Jay Lethal, Raven, Chris Sabin, and Stevie Richards, all have been eliminated by Abyss.  Everyone sees this and they all attack Abyss.

Sting eliminates himself, doing a Stinger Splash…on everyone else.

Kevin Nash is up next.

Matt Morgan is in next.

Samoa Joe is up next.

Abyss eliminates both Nash and Morgan, wow that is impressive.

James Storm is now.

Generation Me are double Chokeslammed by Abyss

Alex Shelley is in.

Kazarian is out by Abyss.

Rhino is in.

Rhino is eliminated by Abyss.

Jeff Jarrett is eliminated by Abyss.

The Pope is done, eliminated by Abyss, so is Alex Shelley.

Joe is eliminated by Abyss, a one man wrecking crew here.



But wait, Roode tries to take out Storm?  It’s about the money, so they hug each other, and are eliminated by….Abyss.

Tommy Dreamer is eliminated by Abyss.

AJ Styles is thrown over the rope by Abyss.

Jeff Hardy is eliminated by Abyss.

The last entrant is RVD?  Yes, he answered to Dixie Carter’s challenge that she gave him.  So what happens?  RVD eliminates himself and Abyss.  We are down to the final 2.  Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle eliminates Mr. Anderson to win $100,000 Invitational Battle Royal.  Mr. Anderson does not look happy, but Kurt has the edge heading into Bound for Glory, and more importantly, he has the money to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

They honestly should have just went with Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle as the main event of the PPV, because Jeff Hardy has been such a non factor through this buildup.  Why is that?  But in regards to the match tonight, the wrong man won.  There was no logical reason for Kurt to win this match, none at all.  It should have went with Abyss since he needs to have edge heading into the PPV with THEY are coming in to take control of the company.  I had no problem with the rest of the match, except one thing, and it’s minor, but it’s also big.  Last week, Alex Shelley discussed how revenge would be so sweet at the Battle Royal, tonight was his opportunity at grabbing that revenge when both Generation Me were taken out before he came in.  There was that moment of time where Alex easily could have beat down Generation Me, before he went in for battle.  Again, it’s a minor thing, but to continue the story, it would have been perfect.

The beginning of the show was hokey with Abyss taking Dixie Carter hostage at the Impact Zone, in front of cameras.  I never understood that, but okay.

The Sting-Pope-Nash promo with Bischoff was interesting, but it still makes me think Hogan will be at the PPV, even if he is not wrestling.  I still say Bischoff, Hogan, and possibly Jarrett are THEY.  God, I hope I am wrong, I truly want to be surprised.

I am glad to see The Beautiful People earn their rights to the name.  And it is good to see Mickie James come in to TNA.  Welcome back.

The moment of the night though was the big Last Man Standing match.  Those two put their hearts, souls, and bodies on the line and they damn sure entertained me. 

Not so much on the team of Eric Young and Orlando Jordan, but at least we saw Eric and it looks like he has a match at the PPV, maybe.

One week in, and I am already sick of Shore.  Becky Bayless is a good woman wrestler, she has earned her place in the company, and I will say Rob Eckos.  I just wish TNA would bring these new guys in as more of a reflection of themselves.  That is the best characters in Wrestlers. Most gimmicks do not work, and the crowd turned on them faster than Snookie can say the word Bitches.  Did TNA hear the live crowd tonight?  We will see.

The show was either hit or miss to me, because even though the crowd, was great most of the night, and it was great to see Mickie, along with Foley Vs Flair, the little things bothered me tonight.  Now does it mean that you shouldn’t even bother watching the PPV?  No, because they will still put on a great effort, but in other years, TNA has done far better work truly promoting their PPV.  They have to get back to that era.  I remember how brilliantly they booked Foley Vs Sting at Lockdown, or Joe Vs Angle at Lockdown.  Bound for Glory should have that special Wrestlemania build, if this is their biggest show.  There are some matches I want to see though, but TV can translate the buy rates more with better writing.  It’s the honest truth.  We shall see what happens.  What was your thoughts?  Email me at or drop me a line on the site.


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