WWE Monday Night Raw 10/11/10…O Captain My Captain

John Cena starts the show off, smiling, by himself and he still doesn’t wear a NEXUS T-shirt.  Cena appreciates the support he has been getting from the fans, but he has to do something he agreed upon after losing to Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell.  He heard something he never thought he’d hear last week, and no, it isn’t you suck, it’s rather “Never Give Up”.  He is wearing his NEXUS band, and he explains he lost to Wade, so he has to live up to his bargain because he hates not thinking about performing every Monday night, rather than be fired.  So, he is a part of NEXUS, and that might mean he has to do things he doesn’t want to because he knows the kind of person Wade Barrett is.

The Miz comes out, and Michael Cole informs us it’s his birthday, wow he does have a man-crush on him.  Miz said he is the captain of Team Raw in the annual Bragging Right match in 2 weeks, and since he is the captain, he is going to put ego aside and ask John Cena be a part of the team.  Then Cena truly puts Miz down by comparing him to be a captain like Betty White posing for Playboy.  Wow, this is a TV-PG show.  However, he has nothing to do for Bragging Rights, and he agrees to do it.

Wade Barrett comes out, and on cue he says Cena can’t do it, because Barrett doesn’t care about Raw or Smackdown, he cares about NEXUS and wants Cena to accompany him to the ring for the WWE Title match.  Wow, this storyline is word for word the same JBL-HBK angle they had a few years ago, when HBK had to walk over the top rope, eliminating himself to accompany JBL to the ring at Royal Rumble to face John Cena for the WWE Title.  Anyway, Cena says he can do both, and we hear…wait for it….

Email sound

Cole of course reads off that the GM doesn’t want the same thing to happen that took place last year, and that was distrust and ego getting in the way, and allowing Big Show to help Team Smackdown win the Bragging Rights cup.  So tonight, we will have one on one matches that will determine who is on the team.  And, for the main event…The Miz will face John Cena for the role of Captain.

The Miz said he will take care of things, and of course, Alex Riley insinuated that at Bragging Rights, Miz will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and if Barrett beats Orton, he will become the new WWE Champion.  Barrett and Miz starts to fight, Riley helps Miz get the upper hand, and Cena just stands there and watch.  Wade asks for help, so then Cena gives Riley the AA and goes after The Miz.  After that encounter, Barrett and Cena start to bicker to end the segment.

We have our first match when we come back, it will be Ted Dibiase taking on R-Truth.  They show us that Goldust was the man behind the “I will have you” segment, and he was referring to the Million Dollar Title.  R-Truth wins the match, and will be a part of Team Raw.  Goldust comes out, along with Aksana, his Season 3 NXT rookie.  He distracts Ted, and R-Truth rolls him up for the win.  Eve starts dancing and that is always a good thing, except if you’re Michael Cole.

John Morrison and his cool beard come out to the ring for the next qualifying match.  His opponent will be Tyson Kidd.  Wow, I wonder who will win this match?

John Morrison wins in a very good match with a new move, but it’s sort of like a variation of a Code Red.  These are two athletes that can go in the ring, and I can watch it every week.  John Morrison is now a part of Team Raw.

NEXUS is with Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, David wants to know if they are a part of Team Raw.  Wade Barrett comes in and tells the two men to leave.  He wants to know what David meant last week when he told Cena he can always talk to him.  Wade questions if David is jealous of him and David denies it.  Wade said if he wants to help NEXUS, he can take out Randy Orton tonight.  David said he can do that, and beat him, but he volunteers Justin Gabriel instead.  Wade agrees to it, and says Otunga and Slater can accompany him tonight.  That should be a good match.

The next match is Zack Ryder….Woo Woo Woo…You Know It, he will face Santino.

Santino wins with the Cobra.  My Gawd…it worked.  Santino now is a part of Team Raw.  Tamina comes into the ring and jumps on Santino, she is so excited about it.  She also does her Cobra and Santino’s Cobra touched each other.

So far, Team Raw consists of R-Truth, John Morrison, and Santino.

Coming up next, Randy Orton going one on one against Justin Gabriel.

RandY Orton won the match with a RKO.  Earlier, NEXUS tried to interfere, but the ref kicks out both David Otunga and Heath Slater, so Justin was easy pickings.  Actually, Randy did sell quite a bit for him, and the match was good.  But Wade Barrett can’t be happy about this.

For what it’s worth, the sign of the night has to be “Ask Him”, I already miss Chris Jericho and wishes he comes back rather quickly.

Sheamus taking on Daniel Bryan for a spot on Team Raw is next.

They are showing a movie trailer for the upcoming movie called “Knucklehead” with Big Show.  I have to admit, I like Show, but the trailer is not good.

Daniel Bryan taking on Sheamus is up now.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan, but Michael Cole doesn’t care, instead he wants to bury the talents through the headset.  A good match that for a second, made you think Daniel would win.  Actually Cole said on TV that Daniel cost Team WWE at Summerslam, the problem is they won.  Cole is a tool, and Vince wants to shove him down our throats?  Sheamus does have a cool Brogue Kick.

R-Truth sits down and has a real talk with John Cena.  He says they have been friends for a while, but Cena is in a tough spot.  He asks him what would happen if Barrett tells him to attack one of his friends, he would do it, right?  Cena never answered.  There is one thing Cena can do to redeem himself….just quit.

The next match will determine a 5th member of Team Raw.  It will be Evan Bourne taking on CM Punk, the newest member of Raw, from Smackdown in that Raw deal.  Now that I like.

Punk wins with the GTS, a very short match, but it was good with these 2 friends who have been in the business together.

Punk attacks Bourne, so there goes the idea of a face turn, Punk did shave off that glorious beard.  He gives Bourne a power slam into the pole, then slaps on the Anocada Vice.  He tells Evan nothing personal when he has the move and finally the officials stop him.  Punk just has a grin on his face.

So I guess The Miz and Cena are both in, they are just wrestling to see who the official “Captain” is.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…Punk attacking Bourne after the match.

Natalya is in the ring now, she has a mic.  She calls Lay-Cool as cheap as the heels Layla threw at her at the Hell in a Cell.  Her Uncle Bret always taught her many things, but one thing is to stand up for yourself, and in two weeks, she will win the WWE Divas Title.

So Lay-Cool come out to run down Natalya.  They tell her she has facial hair problems, and she has to shave every day before her matches.  In fact, if she didn’t shave, she would look like her father Jim “The Anvil” Niedhart.  Natalya is actually allowed to speak for herself, she said after the headset fiasco last week, they have proven to be the most annoying Divas in WWE.  Their IQs are as high as their waists, and yet Lay-Cool thinks that is a compliment.  They say she is jealous of them and the other Divas all have to admire them….real talk.

So Lay-Cool leaves the ring and they are greeted by Melina, The Bella Twins, Eve, and Gail Kim.  Lay-Cool heads back to the ring and is met by Natalya, who gives Layla a Sharpshooter, Michelle gets her out of the ring and they head out through the crowd.

John Cena taking on The Miz is coming up next.

The match is going to be a No DQ match, which might mean bad news for John.

The Miz defeated John Cena to become the captain of Team Raw.  I guess Cena isn’t a part of Team Raw, in fact they haven’t named a 7th man yet.  Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris come in and give their finishing moves to help Miz win.  Michael gave John the Swinging Neckbreaker, and Husky did his Senton, but of course, the announcers didn’t say that.  Miz pinned him for the win.

Wade Barrett comes in after John goes nuts on both Husky and Michael, and John was about to swing at Wade.  They go head to head when….

Email Sound goes off.

Michael Cole announced that next week on Raw, we will have a tag team match with Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris taking on John Cena and Randy Orton.  Then a brilliant segment ended the show.  Wade gets the mic and he says that is all and good.  In fact, if Cena loses, McGillicutty and Harris are a part of NEXUS.  Cena doesn;t agree to that, but Wade asks him what is he going to do about it.  John and Wade again go head to head, but Wade says John wants to hit him, but he won’t because he is a coward.  He is scared about what could happen when Wade wipes the floor with him again, like he did at Hell in a Cell.  In fact, Wade turned his back and said John won’t do anything, and dares him to hit him from behind.  The crowd is going nuts, wanting John to hit him, but he won’t do it.  Cena then goes to leave the ring, and Wade in all seriousness tells Cena “He can’t see him” until next Monday, which was hilarious, and that ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, this was one of the best Raw episodes in quite some time.  They focused on Wrestling, and actually building up a PPV, what a novel idea.  Every match was important, and I have a feeling that Santino won’t be the finished person, but he certainly is an interesting choice.  I hope next week, they focus on this team product and we see some interaction with them.  Maybe a preview to the PPV?  Or perhaps Team Smackdown will show up and the 14 men will set it up very nice?  I also liked the addition to CM Punk.  I couldn’t think Raw would trade such a superstar like Edge for The Dudebusters.  So I was glad to see them not being there, and we have a former World Champion being traded for another former World Champion.

As for Orton Vs Barrett, we know what match it will be, so I have no problem with the focus being Cena and his issues he has with Wade Barrett, but I really want to see John sporting a NEXUS shirt.  I mean, come on, that would be epic.  Overall, a good show and the PPV gets some momentum their way for a change.  What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts by emailing me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a message on here.


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