TNA Impact 10/14/10…THEY Formed

After a good PPV with an interesting ending, things are swung back at the Impact Zone. Impact starts off with footage from Bound for Glory, where Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff joined alliances with Jeff Hardy, Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett. How will Hardy react as a heel? Let’s find out.

Moments ago, some guy shows up with Eric Bischoff, he is Dixie Carter’s lawyer. Apparently, Dixie was hoodwinked because she thought she was signing a different contract. Eric Bischoff and Hogan now own TNA.

And with that, we get Hogan’s “Hollywood” music and he comes in with Bischoff, crutches and all. 

The only thing better would have been Bischoff to proclaim to us he loves each and every one of us too.

Bischoff introduces us to Hogan.  Hogan said it was time to take what was theirs.  He said they tried to do things the easy way, but Dixie “conned” him to come to TNA.  She said she would take his ideas all the way to the top, and he took what was coming to him, and now this is the company of Hulk Hogan’s Immortals.  I like that name actually.

Easy E said this was a work of art, taking the company and he proclaimed that the people were deer in headlights.

It all started with Abyss.  Hogan gave Abyss his ring, but my god, Abyss turned on them, that swine. 

So they welcome Abyss to the ring, and he is jumping for joy like a kid in a candy store.

Abyss yells out “THEY’re here”

Abyss said he started it off by saying THEY are coming to take control of TNA, and he said nobody would believe him.  Abyss said he would stand by Eric’s side and fight like a soldier and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Hogan proclaimed him “Immortal”

Bischoff brings in Jeff Jarrett, the founder of TNA.

Jarrett said it’s been horrible to have the Carter’s take what was his company, and now it has been a pleasure working with Bischoff and Hogan, and now everyone must work by the rules of the new regime.

Fortune comes out, with Flair.

Flair said Hogan should know this company is run by Fortune.  The heart and soul, blood and guts.  Not by any of the 3 people.  25 years, Flair hated his guts, Hogan hated his.  Tonight, someone is walking away. 

Hogan said how about the two of them, Flair then puts up his fists to fight, but they hug and embrace.  Fortune is a part of the Immortals. 

Hogan said the greatest Wrestler of all time, Ric Flair had to make this plan work. 

Hogan and Flair exchange pleasantries, and give each other a WOOOOOOOOO.

Bischoff introduces the new TNA Heavyweight Champion, the most important person in all of this, Jeff Hardy.

This is the first time Hardy has been a heel, since becoming so popular.  This ought to be interesting.

The crowd starts chanting you sold out, and Hardy lets it soak in at first, but then he says he didn’t sell out, he sold in.  Okay.

Popularity doesn’t mean a damn thing.  He blames the cheers, the fans for his pain.  He blames their greed for his anger.  He destroyed his body for what?  Pinched nerves, no, he said the people in the ring care about him more than the fans.  RVD is an asshole and an asskicker.  He politics his way all the time.  He says he told Abyss to take him out, they are immortal, and they live forever.

Sting and Nash are in the back watching the monitors, and Eric sees this, wanting them both to come out and let bygones be bygones.  Hogan said there is room for both of them.  This is the future.

We go to a commercial break.

We come back and see Sting and Nash enter the ring. 

Bischoff is trying to plead with them to join forces, it’s about money.  Everyone in the ring is willing to put everything behind them and they are more than welcome to join them. 

Nash says it’s almost a perfect fit for him.  His whole career, it’s about the money.  He took as much as he could, but a funny thing happened.  As he got older, he got wiser.  Those guys in the back he would have taken their money in the past, they are his friends.  This time, he is going to pass on the money.  He wants nothing to do with them, and if they want run the company through the ground, they can do it without him.

Sting said when he came to the company 5 years ago, he didn’t come for this.  He loves TNA.  Sting points to Flair and Hogan, and he said this is called a no-win situation, and he won’t repeat history again, so the answer is no.  They both leave the ring.

Bischoff said it’s always about money, it’s always about power.  If they changed their minds, they will be the ones on television, making money and kicking ass.

The end of the segment has Mike Tenay and Taz in disbelief over what has taken place.

They go backstage with The Pope running into Sting and Nash.  He is upset they are walking out.  Pope is mad they are leaving, and Nash wants Pope to leave with them, Pope said he is about making money.  He will fight the fight and if he has to, he will do it by himself.

Dixie Carter is upset they are leaving her.  What?  They say she brought this herself, that is true.  Bischoff and Hogan come through.  She slaps Bischoff and blame it all on him.  Hogan said if she wants to have this conversation, they will have it in HIS office.

We come back, for more talking.  Dixie wants answers.  Hogan admitted he screwed her out of her company.  Hulk said they didn’t talk.  Dixie is absolutely floored by this.  Bischoff is amusingly mocking her and her lack of experience.  She said she never trusted Eric.  Hulkster says this is HIS company.  She actually says the shit word.  She calls Bischoff “Smugshit”.  She orders Murphy and Gunner, who were there with her to escort Hogan out, but he tells her they work for him and tell them to escort her out of the building.  Serge, her husband wants to know what is going on, and Murphy slugs him.

We see J-Woww, from Jersey Shore enter the Impact Zone.

Madison Rayne comes out, she has a ref with her, will there be a match?

Tara won the TNA Knockout Title, and Madison wasn’t happy about it at Bound for Glory.

Madison said she had a plan at TNA’s biggest PPV, Bound for Glory.  That plan was for Madison to become the TNA Knockout champion for the 3rd time, but Tara took those plans away.  The same Tara who Madison brought back to TNA.  So she wants her to come out and give her a TNA Knockout Title match right now.

Tara comes out, Madison wants to remind her she is the reason Tara is back in TNA again.  She signed the contract to give her the right to wrestle again, and Tara owes Madison.  They had a deal.  They already talked about this, do the right thing.  Tara hands the ref the Knockout Title.  We have a match…

Sort of…

Are you kidding me?  Tara lies down and Madison pins her to become the new TNA Knockout champion.  That is so stupid.

Madison says she did it, tells her Mom she did it.  She was trying to say this was her toughest match she had to compete in, but we hear…

Hardcore Country….

Mickie James is on the ramp.  She finds what happened disgraceful.  She tells Madison to shut her mouth when she is talking.  She said she is coming for history, she was coming for the championship, and she is coming for it now.

Mickie comes into the ring, takes care of Tara and Madison bails.

So, there you go.

Another backstage segment with the Beautiful People, J-Woww comes in and wants to know if they saw Cookie anywhere, they didn’t see her, but J-Woww suggested they make this her last night.  They are down with that.

We come back and The Beautiful People are trying to find Cookie, they instead run into Eric Young.  Eric thinks J-Woww is Bow-Wow, which is funny.  He wants her “Herbie Hancock”.  Orlando Jordan comes in with his sucker.  He offers J-Woww his lollipop, but J-Woww throws it on the ground, and he says Jersey Shore sucks.

Kurt Angle comes down to ringside, without music.  The fans give him a nice applause.

Kurt said he came to the Impact Zone uninvited, but before he gets his retirement going, he needs to get a few things off his chest and the crowd chants “Please don’t go”.

He appreciates that, but he is a man of his word.  At Bound for Glory, he dislocated his ribs, re-injured his neck, got some stitches.  He wants to know why Hogan and Bischoff screwed him out of the title match.

He wants some answers.  He looks at it like this, he didn’t win the TNA Title, but he didn’t get pinned either.  He is in kind of a dilemma now.

Jeff Jarrett comes out.

Jeff said Kurt brought up if he doesn’t win the TNA Title, he would retire.  He didn’t win the title, so he should retire.  He shouldn’t be making excuses.  He is the former Olympic Gold Metal athlete, a father, a husband, actually an ex-husband.


Jeff said he will never forget how Kurt made his life a living hell since he brought him to TNA.  He would turn the tide at any costs.

Kurt said he can have that ummmm….a s—-. 

He said how did he make his life a living hell?  By putting TNA on the map?  How many TNA Titles did he win before Kurt came into the company?  A dozen?  2 dozen?  Jeff held everyone down in TNA at everyone’s expense, but he couldn’t hold Kurt down.  Is this what it’s about?

Jarrett said it has everything to do with taking what was his.  He sold his soul to the devil, because destroying his career was more important than taking his life.  Taking his career was the final nail in his coffin.

Kurt goes after Jeff now, but Gunner and Murphy take him out and handcuff him.  Jeff stomps Kurt down.  Jeff hammers Kurt into the side being handcuffed.  Jeff punches Kurt down, and here comes Taz.  He orders Jeff to stop, and tells him to get his ass to the back, Kurt has a bad neck and this has nothing to do with Taz.  Kurt is laid out, being attended to as we go to a break.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw…Kurt being taken out by Jarrett.

Samoa Joe, on the day after Bound Flor Glory admits he made the biggest mistake of his life by fighting with Jarrett.  He chose Joe to destroy everything in front of him, but now that man is looking for him.

Hey, an hour and 15 minutes into the show, we get our first match.  It will be Abyss taking on Joe.

Abyss gets DQ’d for hitting Joe with the bell and making Joe bleed.  Let me say this, that doesn’t happen very often, so that part is very, very important.  RVD comes in and runs Abyss out of the ring.  He checks on Joe to make sure he is okay.  And of course in Joe fashion, he nails the officials, but looked at RVD as if to say I got your back when you need it.

RVD wants Hardy to come out, he says he owes his fans an explanation, ummm dude, he gave one an hour ago.  But he said he had his respect, he had his friendship.

Jeff is in the back, asking what friendship really is.  He says in this business he puts people close to him, so when it’s time he can take what is his.  Some people may even call him the “Anti-Christ” of Professional Wrestling.  He asks RVD if he wants him?  Well, don’t they all.  Very eerie, and in so many ways, I like this side of Jeff.

Eric Bischoff comes out now, he has the solution tonight.  He wants answers to his questions.  Does he want a title shot at Jeff Hardy at Turning Point?  He will give him that, but only if RVD can beat Mr. Anderson, because tonight, the two of them will wrestle one on one for a title shot at Turning Point.  RVD wants him now, but Bischoff says in due time.

Now we see another segment with Miss Tessmacher and Eric.  He tells her she is dismissed of her duties, if she wants to be in TNA, find some boots, find some tights, and run around with the Knockouts.  He is upset for what she almost cost him, she told Nash and Pope everything and almost ruined it.  She leaves, and here comes Mr. Anderson.  He shakes Eric’s hand and crushes it, telling Eric he won’t win this war.

The Pope comes out and is not in any mood.  He still has the dinero flying out, but he just walks into the ring, and here comes Fortune.  All of them, yes The Pope is in a 5 on 1 match.

For the record, AJ Styles, Beer Money, Kazarian, and Douglas Williams are taking on The Pope.

Fortune wins when Beer Money gave Pope the DWI, with Kazarian taking the pin.  But my gawd, they made Pope look like he was going to take this match.  They truly made him look good, even in losing the match.  I mean who can beat 5 people?  Pope almost did, but in the end, numbers had the game.

Good lord, here comes The Shore.  I guess they are next.

The Shore comes out and Robbie E has the fist pump, and Taz loves it.  I get a kick out of his reaction.

Line of the night:

Tenay:  He has the whole package, doesn’t he?

Taz:  Well, I don’t go that way, but Robbie is a good-looking kid.

Crowd chants who are you, and that should tell you on the mic, Robbie E doesn’t have it.

Robbie E informs us that TNA is on at the same time as TNA, not good to say.  But now that The Shore is on TNA, Jersey Shore is done.  Cookie agrees.

Hey, look at this, it’s J-Woww entering the ring with the Beautiful People.

Cookie and J-Woww get in each other’s faces.  Cookie refers J-Woww as J-Coww.  Cookie wants J-Woww gone, but Cookie slaps J-Woww and they start to cat fight, with Robbie E getting hit in the groin by The BP.

Main event match, Mr. Anderson taking on RVD, coming up next.  Winner gets a shot at the TNA Title against Jeff Hardy.

This match goes to a no contest when Eric Bischoff comes down to ringside and takes Brian Hebner out of the ring, he wants to talk to him about something, so they leave.  When Hardy comes back into the ring, with a chair and whacks both men.  Hardy takes Mr. Anderson’s arm into the chair and gave RVD the Twist of Fate, to which Taz renamed Twist of Hate.  So the match, and the show ends with Jeff celebrating at ringside.  The new era has indeed begun.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Wow, where do I start?  Okay, here we go, if you wanted wrestling, this wasn’t the show tonight, but if you wanted answers, or at the very least, their answers, then we got a hell of a show.  Certainly a mixed bag for me, and I’ll explain this in a minute.

First, the good stuff.  I absolutely loved the beginning of this show, and how it was explained THEY came to be.  In a nutshell, they all chipped in and had their part in taking control of TNA.  Without the players, they never had the game, and this was explained very thoroughly throughout the night.  The cream of the crop, Jeff Hardy came in and showed us he can be a vicious heel.  I am not sure if I like the “Anti-Christ” comment, but I just won’t refer to him as that anymore.  But the battle lines have been drawn.  It is Immortal (I do love the name by the way), taking on Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, The Pope, Samoa Joe, RVD, and down the road, we will get The Guns more than likely, and we’ll probably get Jay Lethal, but their spots will come in due time.  The bottom line is the foundation of this feud is bloody fantastic.

I loved the segment with Kurt and Jarrett, because let’s face it, they still have some unfinished business with each other, and this will be intense my friends.  I also liked how they built up Joe and The Pope as these 2 men who believe in their grounds and will fight whoever they have to, you add RVD and Mr. Anderson, and we have a nice 8 man tag team match down the road with Immortal.  I also loved how Fortune joined Immortal.  Some may disagree, but what this does do is influence the mark in TNA.  Again, it’s all about going into the next chapter of this feud, and this will be long.  When you have any combination of Fortune, fighting with Jeff Hardy, Abyss, and Jeff Jarrett, that is going to be fun to watch.

Now comes the parts I didn’t like about the show.  I won’t even bring up 3 matches, because the 3 matches all meant something to the big story tonight, we’ll let that slide, but what in the hell is going on in the TNA Knockout Division?  Come on, there hasn’t been a clean pin for the title, and I mean an actual pin in over 6 months.  The title has been changed over by opening up boxes, being overturned, “laying down”, and absolute laziness in handling what was at one time, the most prize possessions in TNA.  They need Scott D’Amoire back to be in charge of this division, because he at least respected it.  Let’s hope Mickie James add something to a division that has certainly fell on many levels over the last 6 months.

I also didn’t like anything that had to do with Shore.  Come on, they aren’t over with the crowd, they aren’t even getting heel heat. 

Those two segments, brought down the show, but I still look it as a good show overall.  This is a new side to Jeffrey Nero Hardy, and this is a good thing.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me your thoughts or email me at


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