TNA Impact 10/21/10….The Road To Turning Point Begins…

I know alot of people were complaining about the all-talk episode last week of Impact, I still stand by what I said and for last week, it was needed.  They also had its highest rating since January 4th, so there is certainly some interest in Jeff Hardy as a hell.  The question though is will the rating stay the same or continue to grow?  I sincerely hope it does grow, the Wrestling business as a whole has been lagging the last few years, and there has to be 2 viable companies, and maybe even 3 if Ring of Honor can get a larger TV deal.  This is still a business I love to watch, so let’s hope we get some matches tonight.  Here we go.

We start the show off with footage from last week, THEY are here.  Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan team up too.

Mr. Anderson kicks off the show, his arm is in a sling.  He has a separated shoulder and a hyper-extended elbow.

Anderson wants Jeff Hardy to come down to the ring. 

RVD comes out instead.

RVD said that Ken is upset that he got “screwed” out of the same TNA Heavyweight Title that he never loss.  So get Jeff in the ring, and Ken can get back in line.

Jeff Hardy is on the screen, he talks about forgiveness.  He brings up how they all got screwed.  Jeff told Abyss to put RVD on the silver platter, and he beat Ken at his own game, so Jeff wants to know if they can ever forgive him. 
The crowd boos over that, and here comes Bischoff.

Eric has a special invitation tonight so they can watch Reaction after Impact.  That is where Bischoff will talk in detail on how he and Hogan put together this deal…cheap plug.  He wants Mr. Anderson to forgive him too, Eric doesn’t think he challenged Ken enough to show what he can do.  He is going to be fair with Ken, he wants to put him in a match with Kazarian, an Ultimate X match.  He won’t have to pin Kazarian, but grab that X.  As for Rob, he can understand why he is upset.  He cares so much about him, that he wants him to know that everyone has called him about being a member of Fortune, so much that it can actually be one of Rob’s friends.  In fact, he is putting Rob in a tag team match against Beer Money, Rob will team with Sabu, a man who thinks he is his friend.  So is he?  We will find out tonight.

The intro starts and funny enough it all features members of Fortune and Immortal.  Tonight, Mickie James will make her in ring debut, she will face Sarita.  RVD and Sabu will face off against Beer Money, and Mr. Anderson will face Kazarian in an Ultimate X match, if he survives, he gets a title shot against Jeff Hardy at Turning Point.

We apparently are getting a “TMZ” clip of Robbie E and Cookie.  Robbie’s TNA in-ring debut is coming up next.

We come back backstage and see RVD paranoid, thinking one of his friends will turn on him tonight.  He is in EV2’s locker room.  Dreamer is trying to talk some sense into Rob, but Van Dam storms out.

We see footage from last week’s encounter with Cookie and J-Woww.

Robbie E is going to take on The Amazing Red.

Robbie wins the match with the Diamond Cutter in a nothing match.  The crowd wasn’t into it, and honestly neither was I.

Now he gets on the mic, which is a bad idea.  He wants the X-Division Title, my dude, and the crowd chants boring.

Earlier this week, The Pope was in a gentleman’s club.  He says it’s funny that after the Wolves left the building, he has to take on a bunch of Hyenas.  He is referring to Fortune.  But regardless, he is going to fight the fight and he starts with the guy at the top.  He wants a match with AJ Styles.  He wants a fight.

We come back and see Mick Foley’s book tour that took place last week.  He is doing a question and answer segment and Brian Kendrick is they’re asking a question.  He wants to know what Mick wrote on page 98 has a deeper meaning or does it have an abstract.  Mick has a humorous answer, saying he might ruin Brian’s enjoyment if he gives him an answer.

Fortune is in the back, with Beer Money referring RVD to STD, which is funny.  They like their chances tonight.  AJ accepts The Pope’s challenge, and tonight, he will put his Television Title on the line.  Flair got Iced again, looking for AJ’s belt.

Bischoff runs into Fortune and he says in fairness to Pope, if any member of Fortune interferes tonight, Pope becomes the TV champion.  Flair talks them up again.

The Beautiful People are backstage, Miss Tessmacher comes in and she needs their help to learn how to wrestle.  She will do anything for their help.  BP doesn’t want to hear it.  Lacey and Velvet go to leave and Angelina goes back to the mirror and sees the debut of Katie Lea Burchill.  She is going to be known as Winter, she is a big fan of Angelina.  She waited a long time to meet her, and when Velvet comes back, there is nobody there.  Okay.

TNA TV Title match is up now, The Pope taking on AJ Styles.

Pope doesn’t have his Dinerio flying down anymore.  Epic FAIL.

AJ defeated The Pope when Abyss came in and helped AJ win with the Black Hole Slam.  Remember, Abyss isn’t a member of Fortune, so Abyss could come out and help AJ win.  Abyss comes out and joins Fortune and Bischoff on the ramp.

Earlier tonight, Sarita said she is ready for Mickie James, and this won’t be easy.  Welcome to Impact Mickie.

We are backstage with Joe and see The Pope come backstage.  He wants to know where Joe was at.  Joe told Pope to adjust his tone because Pope will have his 2nd beatdown.  Either Joe can do this alone, or Pope and he can form a team.  Joe walks by and says he isn’t a part of a team.

Bischoff is on the phone with Hogan.  I guess this whole thing was Flair’s idea, with Hogan and Bischoff approving it.

Now we get a message from Team 3-D.  The match is set at Turning Point with Team 3-D and The Guns.  Bubba said this will be their final match one way or the other, they want to leave as the 24-time Tag Team champions.

The Guns are in the back lot playing Football and Generation Me interrupt them.  Remember, they are still feuding with the Guns.

Jeff Jarrett is being shown from Reaction last week, explaining his actions with Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

Coming up next, Jeff Jarrett will explain his actions over what happened to Kurt.  He owes him an apology, next.

They show footage last week when Jarrett took out Kurt and Taz came to his aid.

Crowd is chanting you sold out, Jeff came out to publicly apologize for what he did the last week.  If Kurt was standing in the ring, he would tell him how much he regrets not kicking the crap out of him than he actually did.  The King is back on top of the mountain once again and he is gone from TNA forever.  Jarrett made him, and he broke him.  But the ironic thing is Jarrett was gracious enough to give Kurt a job when no one wanted him.  He stripped him of his dignity, his pride, his honor, and his career. 

Samoa Joe comes into the ring.  Uh-Oh.

He is charging down the ring, not to talk, but to kick ass.  Murphy and Gunner. the 2 security guys stop him and they handcuff him again.  Even handcuffed, Joe puts on the Choke hold of Jeff, but Jarrett gets the final word, by throwing him off the side of the ramp.  Tenay stands up and wants to know what has gotten into Jeff.  For 8 years, there have been pep talks about working as a team, but he turned his back on all of them.  Jeff just walks away.  Great segment.

Moments ago, we see what happened with Joe when Jeff threw him off the side of the ramp.

Tag Team match now, Beer Money taking on RVD and Sabu.

Beer Money beat RVD and Sabu when Sabu “accidentally” hit Rob with a chair.  Back when ECW was running, Sabu and RVD was a fun team to watch and they still have that chemistry.  A fun match that had Beer Money taking the win.  After the match, RVD got into Sabu’s face and the two was about to go at it, when EV2 came in and separated the two.

Mickie James was on a bull earlier in the week, introducing herself.  She knows Sarita is a world-class athlete, but Mickie is a world-class champion, and that’s no bull.

We go to the back and Bischoff is wishing Kazarian luck with Flair looking on, like a proud papa.  He said that what Flair is to 60 minute matches, he is to the Ultimate X match.

TNA Knockout match is up now, Mickie James taking on Sarita.

Mickie wins the match with the Mick Kick.  Sarita was the right choice for her first opponent, she allowed Mickie to be showcased here and Tara attacked Mickie from behind and gave her the Widow’s Peak.

Mr. Anderson tells us the arm in a sling was given by his “good buddy” Jeff Hardy.  In order to get to him, he has to compete in an Ultimate X match.  There are 3 things that are guaranteed in life.  1.  Death 2.  Taxes, and 3.  He will beat the S… out of Jeff Hardy.

When we come back, Mickie James is going to see Bischoff and Hogan.  Perhaps to face Tara?

We are backstage, with Mr. Anderson coming to the ring, but he gets blindsided by Fortune.

Kazarian competed in the first ever Ultimate X match and won the X-Division title.  He comes into the ring, “surprised” by what just happened.

Kazarian wins when Fortune came out and beat down Anderson some more.  In fact, Matt Morgan gave him a vicious power bomb.  The story of the match was despite many times and many odds against him, Mr. Anderson still tries and survives.  So, it’s possible the main event match is set for Turning Point.  After Fortune celebrated Kazarian’s victory, Mr. Anderson went underneath the ring, came back with a lead pipe and laid in to Morgan and Douglas Williams.  Jeff Hardy came running into the ring with a chair and nailed Mr. Anderson, making his head bleed.  The crowd ripped into him, and he went right into their face.

We end the show tonight outside, Bischoff and Flair are going out for the night, celebrating their plan working together.  The limo driver suddenly stops and we see Kurt Angle, his arm taped up, with a pipe himself.  He throws out the limo driver, and breaks glass through the car, he tries and do more damage, but security stops him and he leaves.  Flair gets out of the car and tells us he isn’t even wrestling tonight, and he’s bleeding.  That is funny, and the show ends there.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, we had our matches.  Actually, the Turning Point PPV is set in motion, and I like the fact that we are getting Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy first.  These two have a bigger story than say RVD and Hardy.  These two have been together for a few months, they started to trust each other, but one beat the other to the punch, so the match is on.  Sounds like a good setup to me.  I also love the idea that Pope asked for Joe’s help, but Joe, the badass he is said no, but the moment he does join The Pope will be money, and you know it’s coming.  The in ring debut of Mickie James went well too and I certainly hope they are going the direction I think they are going, and that is Tara vs Mickie.  Let her get the match before she has the Knockout Title.  I still am digging her music.  Kurt Angle also showed us that he isn’t going anywhere, and it’s only a matter of time. 

I like the new heel Jeff Hardy, certainly much more dark and he doesn’t want the applause, even though long-term, he will get it.  Good to see Katie Lea Burchill, or Winter, I guess.  In the ring, she will do well.

But people who are not doing well, it’s time to change The Shore gimmick.  Robbie E’s match was a bit underwhelming, even if Taz’s reaction to it is funny.  The guy can’t talk, and his gimmick is horrible.  Red should not be losing to him, isn’t Sharkboy still around?  Something has to be done.

Overall, a decent show, and you can see there is direction being involved here.  Let’s hope the shows continue to get better.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at or drop me a line on the site.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

2 Responses to TNA Impact 10/21/10….The Road To Turning Point Begins…

  1. Jay Walker says:

    I’m actually sort of liking the direction of The Shore gimmick. If it wasn’t so overt and was more like Zack Ryder, it would probably be better and yes, I agree that the promo skills need to step up for it to fully work. I believe it has potential.

    Loved the last 15 minutes of Impact…that’s how wrestling should be booked!

    Didn’t like a lot of the backstage promos. Too all over the place, I understand they’re going for reality and sometimes that comes off really well (especially Pope & Joe segment) but other times it’s messy (like Fortune’s promos). I also thought Mickie’s promo was absolutely, horribly, corny. It’s like she’s making fun of country music and playing that up way to much. Did she have an accent too?

    Much more enjoyable than last week’s for sure though.

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      See now you brought up Zack Ryder just for me…LOLYeah that might be the problem with Shore, they might be taking themselves too seriously, but if Robbie E were to start acting like Zack a bit, the reaction could be better. How many more times will we see Flair be iced? That is the question…LOL

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