TNA Impact 10/28/10…A Russian Chain Match

We start Impact off tonight with a video showing Jeff Hardy, wanting forgiveness over what he did to RVD and Mr. Anderson, then we immediately see a backstage fight brewing between Mickie James and Tara.  Nice to see the women get some big moments here.  In fact, this turned into an intense backstage fight with Mickie James, Tara, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Sarita, and Madison Rayne.

They come down to ringside with action spilling all over The Impact Zone. 

Ric Flair comes out to try to restore some order, but that doesn’t work.  Tara slaps Flair, Mickie James slaps Flair.  Very funny to see Naitch react to this.  Gunnar and Murphy are out too to restore some order.

Flair grabs the mic and he says if Mickie slaps him again, he’ll make a woman out of her.  Tonight, he will put them in a match.  It will be The Beautiful People and Mickie James taking on Madison Rayne, Tara, and Sarita.  The women fight again, and here we go for the opening of Impact.

Tonight, we will have Robbie E. facing off against Jay Lethal in a New Jersey streetfight, if Robbie wins, he gets a X-Division title match.  Also, a 3 way tag team match for the TNA Tag Team titles, Motor City Machinegunes, taking on Ink Inc, and Generation Me.  Also, Jeff Jarrett facing Mr. Anderson in a chain match.

The Pope is coming to the ring with a coffin?

When we come back, we see a video clip of Jeff Hardy causing havoc, and we come back to Eric Bischoff’s office, Flair wants to know where Bischoff has been at.  Murphy and Gunner are laughing about something, and Bischoff and Flair discuss over what happened last week with Angle attacking them, and said if Angle is here again tonight, they will be fired.  The head trainer comes in to the office and pleads with them not to put Mr. Anderson in the ring, he has a concussion.  Bischoff and Flair said this isn’t the NFL and assured him the match will still continue.  The trainer will not allow it.

Meanwhile over on the other side of the Impact Zone, The Pope is out to the ring, and he said he will take care of Abyss, in fact, why not they get together at Turning Point and put them in a casket match?  Okay.  No question, The Pope is over at the Impact Zone.

Abyss comes through the congregation and he says he would hate to interrupt the sacred vigil at the congregation, but Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff wants him to extinguish the flame that is The Pope.  When they meet, the only thing The Pope will need is a priest to call his last rites.  Abyss also made a direct warning that the congregation isn’t safe either, and he is coming for every single one of us, and he grabs two people from the crowd and drags them both to the back.  The Pope goes after them.

Jeff Jarrett said that he had no idea that the stage was as big as it was when he threw Joe off last week, he said he has only been in the company since day one, of course he knew.  He gets Joe at Turning Point, and tonight, he will take care of Mr. Anderson.  He offered Ken to take some aspirin.

Flair is trying to hit up on the makeup woman, and Matt Morgan interrupts him.  He asks if Eric was serious that he was going to make Anderson wrestle with a concussion.  Matt questions that, he thinks it is very important to take care of concussions.  He said that they are doing studies about it.  Flair said back in his day?  This is still his day for 4 decades, and he is with Bischoff and Hogan, as is Fortune.  Morgan is a very big part of Fortune, so we will forget this conversation took place.

Jay Lethal will take on Robbie E. in a Jersey street fight, the good thing is they aren’t talking…yet.

Robbie E. won the match when Cookie distracted Jay and sprayed him with spray tan, Robbie in turn gave him the Neckbreaker for the win, no Diamond Cutter.  Robbie gets a title match at Turning Point. 

The Beautiful People are upset that Sarita got herself involved in their business.  Velvet said she will take care of Sarita, she needs to calm down first, and when Angelina turned around again, Winter showed up.  She said the universe brought them together, she asked them if she believes in fait?  She turns around and there is no Winter…again.  What is this?

We come back and see footage of RVD and his paranoia that Bischoff throws at him, talking about even his other friends can turn on him.

EV2 with Tommy Dreamer is in the ring, Tommy said he hasn’t received any of their phone calls, and even their tweets.  Tommy wants Rob to come into the ring.

Dreamer said that he has known Rob for 15 years, Sabu’s Uncle trained him, Rob was the one who recruited Tommy to RVD.  What happened last week was an accident, RVD said he doesn’t know who he can trust.  Dreamer stated this is what Bischoff wants, they should be united, not divided.  He reminds him that this is Bischoff, he has always tried to destroy their company.  Raven laughs, RVD wants to know what is funny, Raven said maybe he should stop the weed, Bischoff is a super genious, like Raven is.  He’s getting to Rob’s head, and it’s working.  RVD gets into Raven’s face, accusing him again of being with Bischoff.

Fortune comes down to the ring, Flair said this is the identification of dysfunction, at its best.  He said RVD and Raven better get along, because tonight, it will be AJ and Kazarian against RVD and Raven.  Douglas Williams is upset about something, so there is dysfunction everywhere….WOOOOOOO.

Coming up next, 6 Knockout Tag team match, Beautiful People and Mickie James taking on Sarita, Madison Rayne, and Tara.

Douglas Williams wants to wrestle, didn’t he do that at Bound for Glory?  The rest of the guys are up in arms over the complaining, but Douglas reminds Kaz he beat him for the X-Division Title, BURN.  So Flair solves this, by giving Kaz the night off and have Douglas team up with AJ.  The beer is on the ice….in the limo.  Flair won’t fall for the “Ice” again.  While that was going on, Morgan left.

6 Knockout tag match is up now.

Sarita, Madison Rayne, and Tara beat The Beautiful People and Mickie James when Sarita gave Velvet a power bomb.  Good action throughout, and this seemed like a big step for Sarita, nothing wrong with giving her some wins.

Meanwhile, 5 hours later, Pope still hasn’t found Abyss and the 2 fans.  This will continue.

We come back and hear some woman scream, but she and the dude run off when Abyss attacked The Pope, but Pope fights back, and we have 2 different coffins.  Abyss lays out Pope, and puts him in a coffin.  Where is Father James Mitchell when we need him?

Generation Me is in the ring now.  They say tonight, they get a shot at the TNA Tag Team titles, this isn’t about the Guns playing on their XBox 360, this is about me…it’s about Generation Me.

Ink Inc come out, and they get some mic too.  Shannon Moore said that Matt and Jeff called from 1998, they want their pants back.  Very funny.  They represent the people who want to get tattoos, or make some expression, they represent all of the fans at the Impact Zone.

Here come the Guns, and we have our 3-Way match for the TNA Tag Team Titles, and it’s going to happen….next.

The Guns retained their titles on a Skull and Bones double team move, pinning Jesse Neal.  Fun match here and this is what tag team wrestling is all about.  The question now becomes will they answer the challenge Team 3_d laid out to them?

Speaking of Team 3-D, here they come.  Brother Ray said that TNA has the best tag team division in the business today.  Amen.  He named all the teams in the division, and certainly this has been a great 4 or 5 months for the tag team division.  He said at Bound for Glory, they made it official, Team 3-D are retiring.  The fans boo over this, but he thanks the fans for being behind them.  So if they have to go out, they want to go out with the best, and the best are the Guns.  At Turning Point, they just want one more match, what will it be?

Alex Shelley said they turned 2 boys into men 3 years ago when they feuded with them, saying they learned alot from them.  So he wants to take it to the people, who wants to see Team 3-D against The Motor City Machineguns one more time?  The crowd agrees, and so do they.  The match at the PPV is on.

Bischoff is in his office, probably talking with Hogan, Matt Morgan comes into his office and he is questioning Mr. Anderson being put in a match, while he has a concussion.  This is all about the ratings, and Morgan says it is about safety here.  He did bring up the fact that he concussed Hernandez, and he came back 3 months later.  I am glad he brought that up.  Bischoff said the meeting is over with, the match will happen, and Matt said he is responsible and Bischoff loves that.

Coming up next, up close and personal with the TNA Champion, Jeff Hardy.

We come back with Matt Morgan talking to the head trainer.  He wants to talk to Mr. Anderson.  The trainer is a bit apprehensive about it, but Matt said all he wants to do is talk.

Taz and Mike Tenay put over the Turning Point PPV so far.

Jeff said he was always the best in the business, but when Hulk and Eric came up to him, they made it clear that Jeff doesn’t need the fans, he is the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling, he is Jeff Hardy.

Tag team match is up next, AJ and Douglas Williams facing off against RVD and Raven.

By the way, Raven still has some very cool music.

AJ and Douglas Williams win the match when Flair comes out and nails Raven with a TV Title, of course RVD doesn’t see it, so he wonders why his tag team partner isn’t by his side.  This distracts Rob and AJ gives him the Springboard Crossbody, then makes a blind tag to Douglas Williams when Douglas went to the top with a knee to RVD, and AJ steals the pin.  Douglas is mad about this, and RVD calls Raven to come into the ring.

Main event match is up next.

TNA is on Family Feud all week next week, tune it in, they are promoting this on TV.  Great for them, check your local listings for time.

Jeff Jarrett comes out, he calls for Mr. Anderson to come into the ring, Mr. Anderson’s music is playing, but Matt Morgan is out instead.

Matt has the mic, he says they are boys, but the problem is nobody is willing to listen to him, so he thought he’d bring it out to Jeff.  Jarrett has wrestled since he was 16.  During those years, he has wrestled with concussions.  But he didn’t know the effects of concussions.  Matt is a proud member of the Sports Legacy Institute, they do brain related studies, and they can check out how the brain reacts to concussions.  Chris Nowinsky leads, and it actually can do alot of good in sports.  Matt talks about how Jeff doesn’t want a concussed man, he doesn’t want to wrestle with concussions, he has 3 beautiful daughters to raise.  So Jeff, it is up to the athletes to do the right thing and do enough to when he has had enough, he has had enough.  Crowd is applauding, and others are not.

Jeff grabs the mic and he says are you kidding me Matt?  Does he give a damn about Ken and his concussions?  He threw Joe off the stage.  He is in to survive, and after tonight, he doesn’t care about him.  The massacre of Mr. Anderson is taking place tonight, and there isn’t anything Morgan or anyone else can do. 

Matt picks up the chain, and he said he can kick Jeff’s ass right now.  Jeff said no, if he knew he’d get this upset, he is wrong, but nails him with the chain, and here we go.

Jarrett beat Morgan by putting the chains between his legs, and then giving him The Stroke.  Short match, and the crowd was getting behind Matt, which is a good thing because of what happened after the match.

Jarrett was celebrating and still chained up to Morgan when the beast got back up, and he started to go after Jarrett.  Fortune came out and yes, they attacked Matt Morgan, officially turning him babyface.  Jarrett chained up Morgan and was choking him at ringside, and the show ends.  Might I add, Douglas Williams wasn’t near this at all.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I truly enjoyed the pacing of tonight’s show and sure enough, the road to Turning Point is heating up.  First, the real news.  Mr. Anderson did indeed suffer a concussion a few weeks ago, and yes TNA did the right thing in my opinion of making sure he does not wrestle.  Taking care of the wrestlers, and athletes in general is the smart thing to do, whether you are a Baseball player, a Football player, a Hockey player, and Wrestlers.  So the question becomes what happens to the Turning Point main event?  All I can say is we will find out next week.

Now onto the show itself, I am a big fan and supporter of Matt Morgan for quite sometime.  The truth is the guy can talk, and he can move in the ring.  Having said that, I question if it was the right decision to turn him from Fortune so soon, and Douglas Williams for that matter.  In serves no purpose, and it truly devalues Fortune as a faction.  They may not have had any other choice with Matt, but certainly with Douglas.  I have always believed Morgan’s time will come in a year after being with Flair, but I guess TNA saw different.  At least the crowd cheered him on, and cared about him, and for that matter it was very good he brought up “concussing” Hernandez and admitting it was wrong, after being against putting Mr. Anderson out there while he has a concussion too.  I wish Ken well, and when he is ready, he has a made program with Jeff already in place.

I loved the rub they gave the Knockouts, and they had a good 6 Knockout match, it makes the Mickie James Vs Tara match more important, and very good to see Mickie not getting a title shot right away. 

I also loved the tag team title match and looking forward to the Guns Vs Team 3-D match too at the PPV.  I truly hope the Guns win the match though, it’s the right thing to do.

What I didn’t like or even understand is why Robbie E has a X-Division Title match when the fans have no interest for him and he doesn’t get the right heel heat, he gets go away heat.  Jay needs to retain the title, and another question why doesn’t they feature Jay more?

I also don’t understand putting The Pope and Abyss in a casket match so soon?  Yes, they have been feuding, but you generally do a casket match when it means something.  I don’t get it, I am sure at the PPV, Pope and Abyss will put on a good match, but why a casket match?  Why ask why, drink Bud Dry, I guess.

But certainly, we are where we are at heading into Turning Point.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at, or drop me a comment on the site.

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