TNA Impact 11/4/10…The Road To Turning Point

This week, Mr. Anderson was interviewed by Brian Fritz over at AOL Fanhouse, and he made the announcement that TNA has banned chair shots to the head.  Of course, some people won’t applaud them for that move, instead, they will say it’s about time.  But I do applaud them, and yes it is about time.  But let’s give them credit for doing the right move.  I also hope they hold that ruling for as long TNA exists, but for now, it’s a start.

We start Impact off with footage from last week when Matt Morgan was turned on by Fortune and dismissed from the group.

Bischoff and Flair are in the back, ready to enter the ring.  Eric is in his Karate gear on.

Bischoff wants to talk about Matt Morgan first, its official, Matt isn’t a part of Fortune and Immortal, he is on his own.  He tells him to stay away from the Impact Zone and good luck in their future endeavors.

Now, let’s get to Ken Anderson.  Eric will give him one more opportunity to face Jeff Hardy on Sunday night at Turning Point, face Bischoff and pin him.  But he’s more than likely home, with his “headache” and if he doesn’t face him, he will never face Jeff Hardy again.  But if he does get off his couch, show up at Impact, he will get a piece of Bischoff.  Eric demonstrated what he can do by laying out the referee for releasing Matt Morgan from the chain before he released Jeff Jarrett.  The ref said that he tried to release Jeff first, but Jeff refused, so Bischoff thought the ref called him a “liar” and attacked him.  I guess “Stifler” is fired.

This ends the segment, tonight, we are getting Ink Inc and Mickie James facing off against Generation Me and Tara, and possibly Bischoff vs Mr. Anderson.

Fortune is in the house, errr backstage.

We come back with EV2 and Brian Kendrick reading parts of Mick Foley’s book.  A funny line was Dreamer saying he is in all 4 of the books, and that’s why they are best sellers.  RVD comes in and gets into it with Dreamer, again thinking one of them will turn on Rob.  Fortune comes in and AJ gets into all of their faces, talking about Fortune will take care of business at Turning Point and one of EV2 will get fired.  Rhino doesn’t appreciate that, and AJ goats him into pulling a Gore, but he instead gores Rob.

They show us a clip of Jeff Hardy and his evil ways, even showing back when he nailed Ken with that wicked chair shot and after seeing that, Mike and Taz talk to Ken on the phone.  They ask him about his status, and he seemed very slow in how he presents his words, he is still seeing a specialist on the matter, and he’s not sure when he will be back.  They bring up how Matt Morgan stepped in for him last week and Ken said even though he did, he can’t trust him yet, but if he does show he is being real, then he will stand by his side, because right now he needs all the friends he can get.  Very good piece, they didn’t bring up about what Bischoff had to say, but eh, who cares?

Coming up next, Sarita will take on Velvet Sky.

Angelina is in the dressing room with Velvet and she told her to take care of Sarita, and she has her back.  Velvet though wants her by herself.  So, Velvet leaves and we see Winter…again.  Winter tells her that she won’t ever leave her.  Angelina says she wants to be alone, and she leaves the room, of course this is made to look like nobody can see her….except for Angelina….and us.

Sarita taking on Velvet up next.

Sarita beats Velvet in the match with a Double Underhook Powerbomb.  This was bit of an awkward match, but the thing is Velvet seems a bit upset about losing, so my question is why?  She just turned face, does that mean she is going to turn on Angelina?  I truly hope not.

Eric Bischoff is in the back with Jeff Jarrett, going over the punching bag.  Eric asked that since Jeff “apologized” for what happened to Angle, shouldn’t he “apologize” for what happened to Joe?  Jeff and Eric then both agreed not to, but Jeff does have some words for Joe later tonight.

Fortune is backstage, Douglas and Kaz get into it again and Flair said to settle these issues.  The Horsemen did the same thing back in the day, so tonight, we will see Kaz taking on Douglas Williams to “settle things”.  Douglas sees Christy Hemme and he wants an interview, but the mic isn’t working.  We see Mr. Anderson’s mic mysteriously appear.

6 Person Tag Team match, Generation Me and Tara taking on Ink Inc and Mickie James.

Ink Inc and Mickie James defeated Generation Me and Tara.  Max Buck cornered Mickie and because men and the Knockouts can’t touch each other, but Mickie had no choice but to give him the Mick Kick, and Jesse Neal picked him up with Shannon Moore giving him the Mooregasm.  Decent short match, I like the two teams here working with each other.

After the match, Generation Me and Tara attack Ink Inc and Mickie James.

We now have a “couples therapy” session and EY wants to discuss the direction their tag team should go.  Orlando has problems with that and says see what he has to deal with.  Young talks about how he was the leader in everything he did, including decide what dog he gets with his family, which is funny.  Eric discusses the “partners” he has had in his life, but Orlando is awesome.

Jeff Jarrett is on his way to the ring, next.

We have a sitdown now between the Guns and Team 3-D.  They discuss how much respect all four of them have.  They are excited about the upcoming match.  Team 3-D is about turning the next chapter into their life.  The Guns are excited about showing the world what they can do.  Team 3-D wants to go out as the Tag Team champions, and the Guns want to be the team to retire Team 3-D, let the best team win.  I like that.

They show what has taken place the last few weeks with Jeff Jarrett, Joe, Kurt Angle, and Mr. Anderson.  Double-J is on a roll.

Jarrett is on his way to the ring.

Jeff has the mic and he wants to discuss Kurt Angle.  Who does he think he is by showing that he is a thief in the night?  Attacking limo drivers, Eric Bischoff, and Ric Flair.  Did Bischoff and Flair have issues with Kurt?  No, it was always about Jeff Jarrett.  Kurt needs to think back and ponder, actually he needs to go home where he can be all alone.

Now Jeff is talking to Joe.  He has one word for him, sorry.  He is truly sorry.  If he had any idea that the height was as high as it was, he would have thrown him higher.  He will give him a chance at Turning Point.  He is a good guy, and good guys always come back.

Jeff doesn’t want to hear the term “You sold out” the truth is he bought in.

He goes to leave, but Joe emerges through the ramp from Hell, and unleash hell he does.  This is the Samoa Joe we all want to see….Joe is going to kill ya.

Gunner and Murphy come out and are sacrificial lambs for Joe.  Jarrett gets away.  For some reason, Gunner and Murphy aren’t through, so Joe welcomes them to TNA.

Meanwhile, RVD doesn’t know who his friend is, so he is just looking out for himself.

Bischoff is getting ready backstage for a match that, well, yeah won’t happen.

Here we go, the TV Title is on the line in a 3 way match between Rhino, RVD, and AJ Styles.  Get ready to fly.

AJ retains the title and wins the match with a Springboard Dropkick.  The end of the match, Rhino and RVD got into each other’s faces and AJ rams into both of them.

When the match was over, they continued to bicker and we see the rest of EV2 come out, separating the two.  RVD decks Raven and Dreamer grabs the mic.

Tommy wants this to end, RVD starts accusing Tommy Dreamer of being behind this with Bischoff, and Dreamer challenges RVD to a match at Turning Point.  Rob agrees to it, and he said you tell your boy Bischoff we are on.  Paranoia is running rampant.

Coming up next, Kazarian taking on Douglas Williams.

Abyss is backstage, talking about taking care of The Pope and his congregation, eliminating them one by one.

Williams Vs Kaz is up now, with Ric Flair joining the broadcast booth….WOOOOOOOOOOO

During the match, Beer Money come out and James Storm gets on the ring.  Douglas Williams runs right into him, and Kaz rolls him over for the pinfall. 

After the match, Williams gets into Kaz’s face and Beer Money come into the ring, yelling at Douglas.  Flair comes into the ring and settles things down, even has Kaz and Douglas Williams shake hands and put away their differences, but then Fortune walks away from Douglas.

Earlier today, we hear from The Pope.  He gets the Monster in the ring, and if he has to pimp slap him from pillar to post so much that only his mask is left, that is what The Pope is going to do.

 More “couples therapy” and Eric is laying on Orlando Jordan’s lap taking about how his Mother always wanted him to be “single” and this tag team just feels right.  Orlando finally admit it is him, he needs to be clean about this.

Orlando Jordan is Bi-

Young screams out Polar, he knew all along, and he asks the doc if he validates parking.

Abyss comes out to the ring, he will face off against The Pope.

The Pope wins by DQ when Abyss goes after more of The Pope’s congregation, so Pope has something he wants to ask Abyss.  At Turning Point, how about the two square off against each other in a Lumberjack Match, with The Pope’s congregation serving as Lumberjacks.  I thought they were going to have a casket match, but I guess not.  It might be better if they didn’t, so the match is on.

Robbie E and Cookie are backstage.  Robbie wants to know how she likes his white belt.  She likes it, but Robbie says after Turning Point, he will have a better belt.  Cookie said that after the match, they will go out and party, while Jay runs home and cries to his Mommy at Elizabeth, New Jersey.  Robbie says they have a tan, they are hot, and Jay is not, my Dude.  Jersey is in the house my Bitches.

Main event match is up next, or is it?

Jeff Hardy is giving us a message again.  He says he had to take what is his.  Did he let people down?  Of course he did, but he can’t turn back now.  Celebrate the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling…Celebrate Jeff Hardy.

Eric Bischoff comes out and Taz tells us he felt uncomfortable discussing Eric Bischoff’s challenge tonight to Ken Anderson, so he did acknowledge that.

Bischoff said its real simple to Ken, he pins Bischoff, and Ken gets a title shot at the PPV.  He wants Borash to read what Bischoff wrote, word for word in the introductions.

I can’t say the entire intro, but it was funny.  Borash treated this like a title match main event intro. 

But of course, Mr. Anderson isn’t there, even Bischoff acknowledged that after Borash felt uncomfortable reading the intros.  So Bischoff instead wants to fight Borash.  He kneed him, and we hear Mr. Anderson’s music, and even see the spotlight he usually gets.  We hear Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……and when we come back, we see Matt Morgan saying Anderson, and he nailed Bischoff with the Carbon Foot Print, pins Bischoff.  When he did that, he signed the open contract for the World Title shot at Turning Point against Jeffrey Nero Freaking Hardy.

We go right to Reaction and Morgan says to tell your boy Jeff Hardy, he will see him this Sunday at Turning Point.

Ric Flair comes out to check on Bischoff.  Flair said that Morgan will face Hardy, and he will bleed, he will sweat, and he will pay the price of a lifetime.  He guarantees that Morgan will lose to Hardy, and this ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Turning Point is this Sunday, and I have to be honest, I am not thrilled with the card.  Now, the last time I felt this though was at No Surrender, which had some good matches, including Hardy and Angle.  No question, this company is putting together some new matches.  We don’t get to see the same, old main events every single month the other company gives us.  So having said that, Morgan Vs Hardy will deliver.  But my favorite thing tonight was the Joe-Jarrett segment, seeing Joe come up from the ramp and kill Jarrett, like Joe can.  I sincerely hope he gets the win this Sunday.  It’s time to give Joe that unstoppable push again and get him up on the chain of contenders, like they have Mr. Anderson, and now Matt Morgan.  I also liked the Flair promo at the end too, adding a bit to the storyline, since Matt was kicked out by Fortune last week. 

But my problem with tonight was it didn’t feel like a go home edition of a PPV.  It just wasn’t as good as it could have been.  I liked last week’s show, and it’s hit home issue of concussions in Wrestling, even if they had to go with Plan B.  But the rest of the show, just wasn’t that good. 

 I hate, and yes I do mean hate the storyline with Angelina Love and Winter.  WCW did the very same thing with Warrior-Hogan, and it truly hurt Warrior’s mark in Wrestling forever.  I like Katie Hill Burchill, there could have been other ways they could have done the “stalker” gimmick.  So why do this? 

Also, why exactly is RVD so paranoid because Bischoff got into his head?  Rob is a veteran, if anything, he should be upset that Proposition 19 didn’t get passed in California, not because EV2 could turn on him.  Why is Rhino so upset when he has been losing so much lately?  And why exactly did he get into RVD’s face after the match when in fact, this was a 3-way match and every man was for himself?

And how on earth did Stevie Richards say he was the most talented member of EV2 and Fortune will more than likely want him gone if they beat them.  Oh wait, that was on TNA reaction, my bad, different shows.

I did like the tag team match and the sitdown interview between Team 3-D and The Guns, and The Guns have to win this match, let’s hope that happens.

But overall, the show was below average.  It could have been so much better than what it was.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at or let me know on the site.


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