WWE Monday Night Raw 11/8/10…Manchester Time

I specifically avoided the spoilers today, knowing that WWE already taped their show tonight in Manchester, England.  I have always believed a live show flows easier and you don’t have a weird editing involved with the announcers, but here we go.  The one thing I do like about these shows is the different crowd response we get.  How will the English fans feel about Wade Barrett?

Speaking of Wade, John Cena starts the show on a platform and he introduces Manchester’s hero, Wade Barrett.

For those of you keeping score, Wade gets a mixed response.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is not there, he is recovering from a knee injury, so Josh Matthews is in his spot, with Michael Cole.

Wade talked about at Survivor Series, he will become the WWE champion, and there is going to be a party, with Manchester being invited.  But first, there are some issues he has to address.

They show clips of NEXUS losing to Team Smackdown last week, without Wade Barrett.  Wade asks for David to step forward.

The next time David decides to undermine his authority and go to Smackdown, make sure he is victorious.

Now, we will discuss John Cena.  John had his opportunity last week to show the world what he will do at Survivor Series, but instead he did this….

They show clips of Cena not seeing Wade get the tag, but allowing Orton to get some licks before R-Truth gets the pin on Otunga.

Wade wants John to explain himself.  John goes into detail how he started his rap gimmick, and that was funny.  Wade asked what happened last week, and he said you guys lost.  True.

Wade made this simple, in 2 weeks at Survivor Series, he either raises Wade’s hand and is free from his duties with NEXUS, or if he raises Randy’s hand, he will be fired.

Cena makes it simple, win or lose, he will take out NEXUS in 2 weeks, one way or the other.

Wade wants a bit of a practice over what will happen after the Survivor Series match.  He wants John to announce to the whole world that Wade is the new WWE champion.

John said he hasn’t done anything yet.

I hear voices in my head, Randy Orton comes out.

Last time Randy checked, he is the WWE champion.  Cena isn’t fighting Orton, Barrett is.  He doesn’t care if Cena is free or not, Randy will make sure Barrett will never get the title.

Wade recalls he has NEXUS at his beck and call, but Randy doesn’t have anyone backing him up.

Email sound….even in Manchester.

And I quote….Wade Barrett’s WWE championship celebration has been cancelled.  The WWE title must be won by pinfall or submission only, and the remainder of NEXUS will be banned from ringside.  But that is at Survivor Series.  Since Wade has an army around him, Randy will too.  We will have a 10 man tag team match.  Team Orton Vs Team Barrett.  The GM will make Team Orton’s team official later, but he will make John Cena special guest ref.

Cena shoves David Otunga aside and walks out of ringside.

Coming up next, a Divas Cup tag team match.  The Bella Twins and Eve taking on Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Tamina.

In honor of the biggest sport in Manchester, Football, we have a Diva’s Cup tag team match, and it is up next.

Might I add, the Divas in the Soccer uniforms, Manchester and Liverpool have never looked better.  The Bella Twins and Eve won with the old switch-a-roo.  Yes, I guess that is their finisher.

We are backstage, Otunga is upset that Barrett is “punking” them, and he is trying to tell the rest of the guys they are NEXUS.  Wade Barrett comes in and David says that they were just trying to pump them up.  Wade said that he needs to step it up too, in fact he needs to step it up tonight.  Harris, McGillicutty, Slater, and Gabriel will be a part of the 10 man tag team match tonight, whole Otunga will take on fellow “NEXUS” member John Cena.  David last week said he has the most talent, then he needs to prove it tonight.

Natalya comes out with the Hart Dynasty.  The Harts will face off against The Uso’s. 

By the way, at Survivor Series, Natalya is set to face both Lay-Cool in a 2 on 1 match for the WWE Diva’s Title.

The Uso’s won when Jey gave David Hart Smith the splash.  Once again, miscommunication issues, and once again, they are frustrated.

Tonight, we get a Tea Party with Santino, and his guest?  Sheamus.

And tonight, John Cena goes one on one with David Otunga.

Next week, we are getting an “Old school Raw” 3 hour show.  Bringing back some legends and going back to show what made them tick back in the day, sounds fun.

Matt Striker is filling in for Josh Matthews as the interview guy asking the dumb questions, and this time he talks with Randy Orton.  Randy does care who his partners are, because he has to keep his eye on 5 NEXUS members and John Cena.  So they have to be at their best.  The Miz shows up and informs Randy that he is one of the partners, and yes, they are awesome.

Cole throws a fit, and yes they are awesome.

We go back to the locker room with NEXUS talking and Otunga shows up, like he hasn’t been there yet, he says he will take care of Cena.  He will expose John, whatever.

Goldust is in the ring, he will take on Ted Dibiase.

Cole is laughing over Goldust being slapped by Aksana last week at his wedding.

Wow, how far has Ted Dibiase fallen since Wrestlemania?  Maryse can’t help him, and apparently neither can Aksana distracting Goldust, because Maryse grabbed the Million Dollar Belt, Aksana came out, slapped Maryse and took the title.  Goldust sees this, turns his back on Dibiase, Ted tries to roll him over, but Goldust reverses it and pins Ted, going after Aksana.  Ted had potential, but it might be gone now.

John Cena taking on David Otunga is up next.

So I guess judging by this, David Otunga isn’t even in Cena’s league.  He wins with the STF and David didn’t even get any offense.  I understand Cena is a big star, and Otunga is not, but he couldn’t sell for him?  Perception is everything, and if they can’t make Cena think Otunga is much, why should the fans?

We come back with Otunga in the back.  He said that he got pinned last week, he went to Smackdown and lost there, and this week he gets pinned in Wade’s own home town.  He wants David to take NEXUS to Smackdown, and face Edge one on one.  If he loses, he is done.

Santino’s Tea Time is up now.  He and Vladimir Kozlov are in perfect English attire, coming to the ring.  They showed footage from last week where John Morrison gets the upperhand on Sheamus.

The crowd loves Santino, and so do I.

Santino and Vladimir blends in, when they found out they are going to England, he watched videotape of Austin Powers, James-A-Bond, Mr. Bing, Benny Hill, they both now know English culture.  He talked about how he crosses the road, he is almost getting run over, he tells the English crowd to drive the right side of the street.

He introduces Sheamus and out he comes.

An irish man, an Italian, and a Russian are having Tea, there is a joke here somewhere.

Santino wants to be on Shaemus’ right foot, they have Ginger Tea, an autograph picture of Mr. Tea.

Sheamus said that he has Santino all wrong.  He reminds him of a guy he knew back home, he was known as the Village Idiot.

Santino wants to know if Sheamus likes his tea “darky” or “Milky” and Santino means no disrespect, he doesn’t want to get Sheamus upset. 

Santino then talks about Sheamus and his skin.  He thinks they got on the wrong foot, so he wants to make things up by pouring him some more tea.  And of course, Santino is so scared that he spills it all over Sheamus.  Sheamus takes out the table and tries to go after Santino. 

Email sound….oh lord.

Cole says and I quote….tea time is over with, and it’s time for some action.  Vladmir Kozlov will leave the ring, and we are going to have a one on one match with Santino and Sheamus.

We come back and Santino isn’t even ready, he doesn’t have his attire….forget that, he has his attire underneath his suit.  He bails out of the ring, and we get….

Email sound….

Cole stated that if Santino doesn’t get into the ring, he will be suspended.  Take the suspension Santino.

He doesn’t, but he doesn’t get pinned.  He loses by DQ by hitting his groin.  Santino starts to play the trumpet and celebrates, but he turns around and is met with a vicious Brogue Kick.  John Morrison comes out and kicks Sheamus, carries Santino out of the ring.

We are backstage and John Cena watches the Wrestlemania video and after it’s over, Wade Barrett is right next to him.  Wade reminds John of what it’s about, going to that grand stage at Wrestlemania.  He can do it again, all he has to do is do the right thing, raise his hand at Survivor Series as the new WWE Champion.  It seems simple to me.

Stand up to WWE with a cool video talking about the 2nd and 3rd generation Wrestlers competing today and their experience growing up as their Fathers wrestled for WWE.

Main event time.  Team Orton (Randy Orton, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, The Miz) taking on Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty) with John Cena as the special guest referee.

Team Barrett wins when The Miz turned on his own partner, Randy Orton, giving him a Skull Crushing Finale.  Good match that actually allowed everyone to shine, including Daniel Bryan.  John Cena counted to three, and went after The Miz, like he committed a cardinal sin.  Wait, won’t John have to do the same thing when he awards Wade Barrett the title?  Oh yeah, we won’t talk about that.  The show ends with NEXUS celebrating on the top of the ramp.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A decent show tonight, I am not going to complain too much.  Again, a different atmosphere in Manchester.  Smackdown is set too with Kane taking on Big Show and David Otunga losing to Edge, I mean, possibly.  Next week though should be fun, we are going to have Mene Gene doing backstage interviews, and we hope Jim Ross takes over the play-by-play, or at this point, I hope Vince McMahon comes back and takes Cole’s spot.  What did you think of the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line.


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