TNA Impact 11/11/10…Against All Odds

Thank you so much for the Veterans that have fought for this country.  You deserve this day.

We start Impact from footage that took place at Turning Point with the key being Immortal was victorious. 

Eric Bischoff leads Immortal out to the ring with new music.  Beer Money has a garbage can with them, for some unknown reason.

Bischoff loves us, we love you too Eric.  Eric starts off with Abyss, the man who out poped The Pope.  He is the smartest monster in the business.

Give it up to the man who put on a “MMA performance” at Turning Point, The King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett.

Ric Flair said don’t forget about the backbone of TNA…Fortune.

AJ Styles grabs the mic and he says it’s about the symbol of Fortune.  They put an EV2 member on the unemployment line, and tonight, he will cripple Stevie Richards.

Bischoff says to give it up to the man himself…The Immortal Jeff Hardy.

Turning Point was the coming out party for the TNA heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy.  He annihilated Matt Morgan.

Crowd chanted overrated and Hardy said Overrated my ass.  He is the Disciple, the Chosen One, he has been sent from the fountain of youth, the immortal Hulk Hogan.  He is Immortal.

Bischoff said this fun isn’t over with yet, in fact he wants to introduce the man himself, Hulk Hogan.

Do you know what it feels like to be surrounded by family?  Hogan asked for Ric Flair when he came to TNA.  If you don’t have Flair, you don’t have a Wrestling company.  He has been on the phone with many different people to come join Immortal.  He commends Flair on a great job he is doing taking over.  He now has a great surprise.

A new belt raises down from the rafter.  A new title for Hardy that is purple, and well, to be honest…ugly.  They throw out the old TNA Title that represents the old TNA Title.  Hey, I like the old TNA Title.  I’ll take it, but they throw it out the garbage?

Hogan now calls out anyone that is against Immortal and drop down to your knees….brother.

The Pope’s music is playing.  Pope is out in the crowd.  Pope says that The Pope has arrived.  After the way Eric paid off his family at the PPV, including his own brother, he has a casket just for Bischoff.  He will push him over the edge, and not one person can identify him when he is through.

Samoa Joe’s music is being played and Joe is at the ramp.

Joe issues Jarrett, Matthew, and Gunner a warning tonight.  Issuing a challenge and he guarantees that when he chokes Jeff out, it will take more than 2 Hillbillies to wake his ass up.

RVD’s music plays and he is at the announce table.

Rob says all the fun Eric has been having, it stops now.  After he realized that EV2 wouldn’t turn on him, there is only 1 person that would turn on him, and that’s Jeff Hardy.  He wants a match with Jeff tonight.

Matt Morgan’s music is playing, and he is on the other side of RVD.  No disrespect to RVD, but he wants a title shot first.  He talked about beating Hardy at the show, but the ref was out of position.  But it’s not Hardy’s choice, it’s the Puppetmaster himself.  He was a fan of Hogan’s growing up, what made him become a wrestler, he liked his integrity.  Where is his fight?

Hogan said if it’s a fight he wants, it will be a fight he is going to get.  He and Flair, the greatest Wrestler ever will discuss the matches in the back.

They come back with Bischoff, Hogan, and Flair.  They make Samoa Joe tonight take on Gunner and Murphy.  Kaz will take on RVD, and Matt Morgan will face Beer Money and Douglas Williams in a 3 on 1 match.

Robbie E and Cookie are backstage, getting ready for their mixed tag match with Jay Lethal and Cookie.  Robbie said “I am the X-Division champion, my Dude” he is starting to grow on me, and I like the fist bump.

This match is taking place now.

Robbie E and Cookie win the match.  The story of the match was Cookie did not want to get in the ring to wrestle, but she continued to distract Jay Lethal as many times as she could.  Jay finally caught up to her and grabbed her boot.  Taylor Wilde chased her around the ring, with Jay turning his back on Robbie.  Robbie grabbed the boot and nailed Jay with it for the pin fall.  Fist bumps for everyone….AHHHHH.

Team 3-D video is being shown, and their goodbye speech is coming up next.

Brother Ray and Devon came out.  Please don’t go chants start this segment off.  Ray said that was a hell of a tag team match at the PPV.  The Guns deserve to be World Tag Team champions.  He is proud to have been the team to help the Guns, Ink Inc., Beer Money, they help make tag team wrestling into something at TNA.  Amen.

Ray said the only thing left to say is to thank the crowd.

Devon said whether they loved them or hated them, they always showed Team 3-D the respect.  Without the fans, there would be no Team 3-D.  It’s time to move on and Ray is going to be a rock star.  Devon has two twins that are bound to be the next Team 3-D out of their training school. 

So for one last time…Oh my brother….testify.

They hug and embrace, but Ray turned on Devon.  We all saw it happen.

Moments ago, we see what we just saw….Ray turning on Devon.  I bet you Ray will become a part of Immortal.

Taz and Tenay put this into perspective.  Taz didn’t see it coming either, he is speechless.

They go over the rest of the card tonight.  AJ Styles, one on one against Stevie Richards for the TNA TV Title.  Matt Morgan taking on Beer Money and Douglas Williams, and RVD taking on Kaz, if RVD wins, he becomes the number one contender for Jeff Hardy’s title at Final Destination.

We go back to the back with Bischoff and the referees, Bischoff wants to know why senior ref Earl Hebner made the call to use Jackson James as referee for the main event at the PPV.  Jackson takes the blame for being at the wrong place Sunday night, or else Matt could have been champion.  Morgan hears this and sticks up for the young rookie.  He asks Bischoff to use him as his referee for later tonight, and he guarantees a win.

Samoa Joe is up next, he will take on the team of Murphy and Gunner.

And as soon as I type this, Joe finishes them off with the Coquina Clutch.  He put both Murphy and Gunner to sleep and Jeff Jarrett helm them both by nailing Joe with a nightstick.  Does Jarrett have dreams of being from Cobb County, Georgia?  Joe was getting beat down until Kurt Angle returned and went after both Gunner and Murphy, and Jarrett was next.  Jeff ran away and the two men had a stare down until Kurt helped joe up.  Good segment.

Backstage, Hogan, Bischoff, and Flair are not happy about this.  Flair vows that Gunner and Murphy will be fired over this and Bischoff asks Abyss to go take a piss with him.  There is a joke in there somewhere, but I think I’ll let it slide.

We come back in the men’s room, Abyss has to go real bad and Bischoff said if Angle does get involved, they will have video proof and we see The Pope come from behind.  He nails Bischoff and wait for Abyss to come out and attacks him when he does, leaving him and taking Bischoff in the process.

RVD Vs Kaz is up now.

Kaz beat RVD when Rhyno came out, ran past Ric Flair and gored RVD when the ref was knocked down.  Kaz did an amazing leap bump though when he was monkey flipped across the other side of the ring.  Very impressive.  Tommy Dreamer went on to check RVD, and Rhyno nailed him with a chair.

We come back and see Pope has Eric Bischoff cornered.  He said you want to pay off his family, then said answer me and said shut up.  He asked if Bischoff wants to be Pope, he puts his shades on, his chain, Eric tries to apologize, but Pope told him to shut up.  Now Bischoff is poping, he tells him to rap and Bischoff raps poorly. 

Hogan asks Abyss why is this happening, Abyss said he will come back with Bischoff.  Hogan orders him to take out Pope while he’s at it.

Taz and Tenay go over Kurt Angle returning and Rhino turning on RVD.  Moments ago, they show us Bischoff with Pope as well.  Pope isn’t done.

TNA TV Title match is up next.  AJ Styles taking on Stevie Richards.

AJ retained the title beating Stevie.  Decent match but a very awkward ending when AJ had the Styles Clash, but Stevie was a bit too low and landed on his neck.  The good news is Stevie is okay, but a very dangerous situation.

They go backstage and Pope knocked Bischoff into the casket as we go to a commercial.

Pope wheels the casket back into the Impact Zone with Bischoff in there, Abyss came out and attacked him.

Pope lays out Abyss and Bischoff slowly comes out of the casket.  He gives Pope a low blow and the heels take control.  They put The Pope in a casket and wheels him out.  They ram the casket into the barricade on the ramp and essentially puts The Pope through that.

Main event time, Beer Money and Douglas Williams taking on Matt Morgan in a 3 on 1 match.

Matt Morgan defeated Beer Money and Douglas Williams when Beer Money and Ric Flair left Douglas out to dry and Morgan gives him a Carbon Footprint.  Eric Bischoff came out during the match for commentary, he was forced into saying that if Morgan wins, he gets a title shot against Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution, so our main event is announced.

Jeff Hardy comes on the screen and he talks about how the same thing will happen,. Jeff will beat Matt and all of a sudden, Jeff attacks Matt to end the show with a Twist of Hate, he also does the Swanton, which he hasn’t done since he turned heel.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, I have a headache, just too many moments to really last a memory tonight.  We had 2 heel turns, a return of 2 legends, and 2 Handicap matches.  Just too much to comprehend, I really wished they had waited for Kurt Angle to return at the beginning of the year.  I understand Brother Ray turning heel, but why Rhino?  Also, handicap matches usually don’t work, so why do 2 of them?  Just very confusing show.

I will say I like the fact that the unit who are opposing Immortal finally has an edge.  I would also love to see The Guns get involved, let’s reignite Beer Money-Guns feud.  AJ and Stevie Richards match was good too, for what it was.  I just wish AJ were more protective of The Styles Clash at times. 

Overall, the show was okay, nothing great and really, this show should have been great, but it wasn’t.  They have to find a way to get it back to the point.  My suggestion is less fast paced segments where the audience gets headaches.  We’ll see where it goes from here.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Give me an email at or reach me on the site.


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