TNA Impact 11/18/10….First Time Ever…Matt Morgan Vs Ric Flair

We start Impact off with a nifty video displaying Jeff Hardy and what he has been doing the last month.  Jeff Hardy has a nice and new shiny belt.  Hardy is the 21st Century Wrestler….The Chosen One….The Anti Christ of Professional Wrestling.

And we start the show off with Ric Flair walking to the ring. 

Flair said we have a packed house to see Fortune and Immortal…WOOOOOO.

Matt Morgan said he got screwed at Turning Point by a referee, so at Final Resolution, he gets another shot at the title against Jeff Hardy.  He and Hogan decided that we will have a special guest referee at the PPV, and it will be Ric Flair.

Matt Morgan comes to the ring now.  Flair said that Morgan has called him Naitch for a year since he came in, that has been provoked.  Only friends call him “Naitch” he is a foe now.  Matt has to go through God, he can have Fortune come out and kick his ass, don’t look around, look at God…Now that was funny.

If Matt doesn’t want Flair to be ref, he has to beat him tonight.

Morgan said wrestling Flair is number one on his bucket list, so yes, he will do it.  Flair takes his jacket off, he will make him regret the day he walked out of Fortune.  Flair said when he walks in the back tonight, and he starts to get nervous, it’s cause he’s wrestling God tonight….The Nature Boy.

Morgan said he won’t do the talking tonight, he will let his 18 foot boot go up Ric Flair’s ass.

I have to say, this should have been promoted last week.  Setting up a big match like this, but they will have a good match.

Generation Me are coming out, and Tara wished them licked, smacked Jeremy’s butt.  She’ll be watching.

Tonight, Abyss has an Open Casket Challenge, and Ric Flair will take on Matt Morgan.  If Matt wins, he gets to name his special guest referee, if Flair wins, Matt doesn’t get a title shot.

8 Person tag team match is up now, Motor City Machineguns, Jay Lethal, and Velvet Sky taking on Robbie E, Cookie, and Generation Me.

For the record, Taz and Tenay confirmed that Velvet and Chris Sabin are indeed dating, and that is why Velvet was hanging out with the Guns a few weeks ago when they were throwing the football around and Generation Me attacked them.

Robbie, Cookie, and Generation Me beat The Guns, Jay Lethal, and Velvet Sky when Max Buck used hair spray in Chris Sabin’s eyes for the win.  The match was good and fast paced, but sadly no fist bump.  We have to see the fist bump.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage in MMA gear, warming up.  What’s that aboot?

Generation Me are backstage and they are proud of their win.  The Guns come up and they challenge them to an empty arena match on Reaction.  It’s accepted.

Jarrett is with Gunner and Murphy.  Jarrett is proud of his wins, and tonight, they are going to do a Double-JMMA exhibition.  He asks Jeremy Borash to come and wants to make sure Gunner and Murphy are outside, making sure Kurt Angle does not come in.  He has no integrity left, and Jeremy is questioning what the cue cards is saying.  Jarrett wants him to say it as is and slaps the taste of out his mouth.  He makes it clear to Jeremy he bought in, and he didn’t sell out.  Do as he is told, or else he too will be looking in the door outside.

Kurt Angle video on what has taken place the last 6 months.

The Double J-Double M-A exhibition is up next, 6 students come in to show the world what Jeff Jarrett can do in the MMA world.

I like Jeff Jarrett as a heel, might I add that.

Jeremy announced that what we are about to see is done by trained professionals, do not try this at home.

Up first, Juji Tanarni Armbar, or as Taz said, the Cross Armbar.

Jarrett said this is a simple move, a guy comes into the ring, tries a haymaker, he blocks the move and flips it over.  Take the arm, fall down, and bend the arm until the guy taps.

Next up is the Japanese Kneelock.

When you’re on your back, the guy takes swings, block the swings, take the leg and knock him down.  Bend the knee and make him tap.

 Next up is the Ankle Lock. 

Jarrett knows a guy very well, he has been a TNA champion, done this move all around the world, yup, he learned it from Ken Shamrock.  Sadly that doesn’t get any pop from the crowd, in fact they don’t like this segment.

Next up is the Rear Naked Choke.

One guy has used this move, and has perfected for years….Not Samoa Jim, but Royce Gracie.

He uses it, the guy taps, but he keeps it locked, so this brings out….Samoa Joe.

Joe suggests the two spar, Jarrett said if he goes through 2 students, then tonight, it will be Joe Vs Jarrett in a Submissions Match tonight.

Joe comes down, and yes….Joe is going to kill you.

Joe gets the first student with the Armbar Kila, and made the kid tap.

Next up….

The kid tapped out too, and I guess the Submissions Match will be taking place now.

I guess not, Jarrett throws the kids to the wolves so to speak and when Joe killed them, Jarrett bailed.  

But another kid showed heart and wanted to fight Joe, but Joe gave him a Muscle Buster.  I am sure we will see a Submissions Match at Final Resolution.

Stevie Richards is talking to Raven, trying to talk him up about his match with Jeff Hardy tonight. 

Brian Kendrick tries to make sense of this, but Raven just says he has this for Fortune, and flips them the bird and leaves.  Well said.

Coming up next, Jeff Hardy Vs Raven.  If Raven loses, he is fired.

Well, Raven gave it a good effort, but with a Swanton, that is all she wrote.  I have to say having Scott Levy on a roster does alot of good for any roster, especially for young guys on the roster, having said that, I think it’s a shame for them to have “nothing” for Raven.

The rest of EV2, that is left…Brian Kendrick, Tommy Dreamer, and Stevie Richards come out to console him, Hulk Hogan came to gloat.

Hogan said this is appropriate for the situation, Dixie Carter had the gall to compare EV2 doing for the 90’s that Hulk Hogan did in the 80’s.  Well, what about me, Raven?  Quote the Hulkster nevermore.

Once again, Scott Levy is one of the most intelligent men in the Wrestling business, TNA couldn’t use him as an agent?

When we come back from the break, Tommy Dreamer wants Rhino to come out now.

Rhino comes out to no music, and they show a replay of Rhino turning on Tommy Dreamer and RVD last week.

For the record, before the Raven-Hardy match, Tenay said that Raven went into Bishcoff and Hogan’s office, I checked the DVR and that never was shown.  Either that or that was on XPlosion last week, maybe I should start watching that?

Rhino said his contract after Turning Point had expired, but did RVD or Tommy care?  No.  Only Eric Bischoff cared, he gave him 2 choices….Employment or Unemployment, and he realized after he thought about it, he was here before Tommy Dreamer and RVD.  Yup, he was the NWA TNA Champion at one time, but they came in and stole the glory.  Rhino takes a backseat to nobody. 

Tommy said Rhino never took a backseat to nobody, he is one of the most talented men in the business.  Tommy and RVD came to TNA because Dixie Carter wanted them in TNA, and they wanted to be in the company to prove TNA was the best Wrestling Company in the business, and they want to prove that.  Contracts expiring are a part of the business, but Rhino sold out to the almighty dollar.  Rhino asks will they take care of his family and feed his daughter?  No.  They put his career in jeopardy without even asking him.  So from here on, he is going to take care of himself.

Tommy agrees that Rhino needs to take care of his daughter, look at what happened to Sabu and Raven.  The big difference is they didn’t quit, like Rhino did.  Rhino takes offense to that and hurt Tommy’s arm, and RVD comes out.  Rhino gores him, and he stands tall at the end of the segment.

Casket match challenge has been answered….Abyss Vs Shannon Moore, and it’s up next.

Matt Morgan said he will make his moment tonight against Ric Flair.  He isn’t intimidated, and if he has to go through Flair to get his title shot, then so be it.

Shannon Vs Abyss in a casket match now.

This match was ruled a no contest.  The Pope pulled an Undertaker, the casket closes, when Abyss opens it up, Pope is there beating down on Abyss.  For what it’s worth, Abyss bumped for Shannon a bit, which is good.  This casket match has to take place at the next PPV.  No happy Pope at all, a new edgier Pope.

Angelina Love is taking on Mickie James.  Angelina is ready for the match and she will prove that she belongs in the same ring as Mickie James.  The match is up next.

Mickie wins a good match with the DDT.  This was a good iniation process and I like the fact that they didn’t just hand Mickie the Knockout Title.  Angelina and Mickie gives a nod in approval, a fun match between the two here.

Brother Ray’s explanation for what he did to Devon is up next.

Angelina is upset backstage about the loss, she is throwing James Storm’s beer, that’s not cool.  She starts crying, and Winter is right behind her.  She said it was destiny for her to lose that match.  Things will start to fall in place.  Winter thinks it’s time for she and Angelina to get to know each other.  Is this Sybil?

Why Brother Ray?  Why?  Why did you kick your brother Devon in the back of the head?  Because he can, but he’s in a good mood so he will explain it to us.  15 years ago, he created the greatest Wrestling move that can finish anyone at anytime.  A move that won him 23 titles in the business.  That move was the 3-D, the Dudley Deathdrop.

Alot of men have felt that move, he named many people who have felt the move.  Nobody has ever kicked out, until Chris Sabin.  But he didn’t kick out because he was a better wrestler, he kicked out because his brother Devon was weak.  The truth is he has always been weak, Ray was the star of Team 3-D, Devon was a co-star.  Devon always stood 2 steps behind him, where he always belonged.

The crowd starts to chant we want Devon. 

Ray said he is the “Shawn Michaels” and Devon is “Mart Jeanetty”.  People are now saying who the hell is Marty Jeanetty?  Exactly, anyone could have been his partner, Little Runt, Big Dick.  Devon is nothing but a sidekick, he has only been a guy that got the tables.

Taz has nothing to say about this.

Coming up next, Matt Morgan taking on Ric Flair, title shot is on the line.

Matt Morgan defeated Ric Flair with the Carbon Footprint, but Douglas Williams had an assist.  There was a referee bump, so Fortune came in and tried to help Flair, but Williams decked AJ, and made the official turn, helping Matt counter Flair’s attack, and the match was done.  A good solid match, and Matt celebrates at the end of the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

A much better show tonight, but I have to say they should have promoted Ric Flair vs Matt Morgan last week, anytime that Flair is in the ring, treat him like it is special to see him on TV.  But at the same time, the two had a good match, and it’s better that Williams split from Fortune so that the 4 men can be the main guys.  Where they go from here where it concerns Douglas?  I don’t know, but I would love to see Williams Vs Styles down the line.

The rest of the show was good too, the best part is no goofy segments.  Even the Winter scene wasn’t through a mirror.  Although Angelina needs to buy James Storm another beer. 

The 8 person tag match was fun to watch too, and with the added attraction to this week’s Reaction, Generation Me Vs The Guns in an Empty Arena match is a good way to promote the show, and continue on what has been a heated feud.  I will check that out on Youtube this weekend.

I also enjoyed seeing Mickie James and Angelina wrestle, they had a good match, and like I said they have booked Mickie James correctly so far.

Hardy Vs Raven was fine too, but again I disagree with letting Raven go.

Jeff Jarrett segment might not have entertained everyone, but I enjoyed it and want to see Joe Vs Jarrett in a Submission match.

Overall, a good show and let’s see where they go from here.


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2 Responses to TNA Impact 11/18/10….First Time Ever…Matt Morgan Vs Ric Flair

  1. Alan Zarek says:

    I hate the Cookie and Jersey Shore Gimmick..hate it with a passion..I hate Generation Me with a passion…the X Division used to have credability and it helped set TNA its been ruined by a stupid gimmick that the audience hates..good thing the DVR has a nice fast forward on it..looks like this episode will take me about a half hour to watch..

    Jeff’s belt is the worst thing I’ve ever seen…did Dixie’s kids glue the Sheriff’s badges on the side? Guess when he heads to prison for Cocaine posession later this year it won’t matter anyway..

    • Kevin Gillman says:

      That is an ugly belt, but when Jeff does lose it, they will go back to the old one or make a new one. I still like the big gold belt, and TNA’s old title reminded me of that. I love the fist bump by the way, but without it, Robbie E. probably wouldn’t be much.

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