WWE Monday Night Raw 11/22/10….The Aftermath Of John Cena Being Fired

First of all, my Grandmother pulled through the surgery and she is on her way to a recovery.  Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.  Second of all, after thinking about last night’s PPV, I still feel like WWE missed an opportunity, but there is still a chance he is coming back and turning heel.  We will find out, and speaking of Raw, it’s time to Burn Down The Ground Tonight, according to Nickelback, so here we go.

Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler inform us that John Cena is indeed fired because Wade Barrett is not the WWE Champion.  Wade Barrett and NEXUS come out to the ring.

Wade tries to speak, but the Orlando crowd, who is far more vocal tonight than the crowd in Miami last night won’t allow him to say anything, it’s a thing of beauty.

Last night, John Cena told Wade that he knew what he was doing.  It means 2 things, 1.  He was willing to put his career on the line to make sure the right thing would happen, or 2.  He was completely biased and never gave Wade Barrett a fair chance.  Cena pushed Wade “unprovoked” and he turned around and was given the RKO.  It was completely unprofessional.  That is why Wade is out now.  He wants another shot against Orton and have a neutral referee, so he can show everyone that he can become the new WWE Champion.

Email sound….

Cole announced that the WWE Title will be defended between Orton and Barrett, and it will be tonight.

Wade appreciates the GM’s decision, and out of “anticipation” he has allowed John Cena to show up tonight, so he can have his final words in the WWE Universe.  He will enjoy listening to those words, almost as much as he will enjoy becoming the new WWE Champion.

So tonight for the main event, Wade Barrett will have a match against Randy Orton for the WWE Title, and yes, John Cena will be there too.

Next week, a special 3 hour Raw that will feature the King of the Ring one night tournament between Raw and Smackdown.  I can’t wait for that.

Michael Cole made the announcement that Raw has a new broadcast team member, CM Punk.  Business has just picked up.

The next match is a qualifying match for the King of the Ring tournament next week.  It will be Sheamus taking on R-Truth.  He is back to rapping to What’s Up, for those of you keeping score.

Sheamus beat R-Truth with the High Cross.  I still prefer the Brogue Kick, but Sheamus is on his way to the King of the Ring tournament, and more than likely a favorite to win the whole thing next week.  This was a good, long match too.

We now see an exclusive clip from The John Cena Experience DVD, coming out tomorrow.  This clip includes his venture at Wrestlemania 26.

Tonight, John Cena’s “Farewell” Address.

Lay-Cool is outside of the arena and the security guy says only Raw superstars are supposed to be there.  They aren’t from Raw now that they are no longer the Diva’s Champion.  Natalya, the new WWE Diva’s Champion comes over and asks if there is a problem, the security guy asks if she knows them, and she said no.  They shut the door on their faces.

Meanwhile, on the other side of backstage, Santino and Kozlov are sitting.  Santino is bummed that he and Vladdy didn’t win the Tag Team titles last night, Vladdy said they will get them next time, and he said what if there isn’t a next time. 

Tamina plays the ukulele, and Santino and she kiss.

Randy Orton is on the other-other side of backstage, Josh Matthews asks Randy if he can beat Wade Barrett again.  What is he going to say?  No?  Randy said he respects John for doing the right thing, even if it means that he had to get fired in the process.  As for the match tonight, he guarantees victory over Wade Barrett tonight.  You know that usually means.

Coming up next, another qualifying match for King of the Ring tournament next week, Ezekiel Jackson taking on The Miz.

Okay, I guess not, Alex Riley comes out and says 10 minutes ago “The most awesome man in Wrestling” had an anxiety attack, so Alex will be out there to qualify for him.  Yeah this won’t last long.

And yes, Zeke wins with the Book of Ezekiel.  I like him, and it’s good to see they have established him as a face.  Even if he were to be a heel, that would have been cool too, but they established it tonight.

Still to come tonight, WWE Title match with Wade Barrett and Randy Orton.

John Cena is backstage, talking to some people who just want to make a TV appearance, like Gail Kim and Yoshi Tatsu.

We come back and see CM Punk, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Michael Cole talk about John Cena, and here comes Cena.

Cena says if he’s leaving, he wants to leave like this, listening to the crowd, and they give him a bone, chanting his name.  He said that Randy Orton is still WWE Champion, and that means he is fired.  He said forget it, before he got the job, he was living in his car, cleaning toilets, he never thought any of this would happen.  Cena said we see things on TV, but we have no idea how much he loves the company.  Guys like Steve Austin, HHH, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker.  Cena’s goal at the end of the day was to have all of those guys look at him in his eye and say “Kid, you’re alright”.  He said fans may think he got a bad deal out of it, but he got to dance with hall of famers, traveled all over the world, and got to entertain the fans, so he won’t let NEXUS ruin his entire 9 year career. 

Life moves pretty fast, WWE became his life.  He wanted to give 100% each and every time he was in the ring.  It takes sacrifice, his family has been patient with him, and they let him be him.  His brother Matt, just had a new baby, his Mom has a birthday in a few days.  He is going back to West Newbury, Massachusetts, and he is going to give his Mom the best Birthday gift she could have. 

He wants this to go right, he wants the ladies and kids to chant “Let’s go Cena” and the guys older than 18 to chant “Cena Sucks”.

Punk chanted Cena sucks one time, maybe he wasn’t allowed to do that?

There are some guys that aren’t chanting.  John said it is their passion that gets the Wrestlers to come back, and he said he has earned those chants.  He wants one thing to say to Wade Barrett before he leaves.  Wade, do yourself a favor, take some advice from a grizzled old veteran that wears Purple who may have “accidentally” peed in his coffee more than once.  Stop taking shortcuts, give the fans everything, and they will give back to them.  He also said Karma is a bitch, and they bleeped that out.  He is going to have one more thank you and that is to the WWE Universe.  Thank you for understanding his passion for the past 9 years.  All of this is because of you, let’s go home.

After the speech, Cena was backstage, getting the proper treatment from the Wrestlers.  He hugged Orton and left.  Wade Barrett was looking on, and he gave the You Can’t See Me sign.

The next match is another qualifying match between Ted Dibiase and Daniel Bryan.

Brie Bella came out to accompany Daniel Bryan, for some reason.

Daniel wins another short match over Ted Dibiase.  I am guessing they were running short on time, but again this isn’t doing Ted Dibiase any favors here.

Daniel wins with the LeBell Lock, and Nikki Bella comes out to celebrate with Daniel, and the Bella Twins fight over him.  I can’t figure it out either.

The new WWE Diva’s Champion, Natalya comes out for a match against Alicia Fox.

Natalya wins with the Sharpshooter.  Alicia ripped off a piece of Natalya’s hair.

We see Melina and John Mo have a conversation and Melina wished John luck and smacked him in the butt.  John’s qualifying match is up next.

John Morrison will take on Tyson Kidd.

Morrison wins with the Starship Pain.  This does nothing for Tyson Kidd, a man who just turned heel, but hey, what do I know?  So the 4 men are Sheamus, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, and Daniel Bryan.

The main event is coming up next, WWE Title match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett.

Before the match were to begin, Orton gets attacked by NEXUS, so they go to a commercial break with chaos.

When we come back, Wade Barrett is waiting for Randy to come out and the Raw GM made a note that NEXUS has been banned, but like Punk pointed out, does that matter since the damage has been done.

Barrett wants Randy to forfeit the title, but Randy is coming out limping.

Randy Orton retains the title and beats Barrett with the RKO.  The story here though was Barrett had Orton beat, giving him The Wasteland, but John Cena came out and stopped the count.  He got into the ring and gave Barrett the Attitude Adjustment right when NEXUS came out to the ring and went after Cena.  NEXUS ran Cena out of the building, or so we think and Orton slips the RKO for the pin.

But before Orton can celebrate the win….I AM AWESOME!!!

Yup, The Miz and his “anxiety” problems are behind him and he is cashing in on the Money in the Bank briefcase, and this is an official match.

The Miz pinned Orton to become the new WWE Champion with the Skull Crushing Finale.  Orton, with his hurt leg gave quite an effort, and this match was exciting by the newness this seemed to have from the crowd and everything that just taken place.  The Miz celebrates his newly won title and the show has ended.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

What an incredible show, from everything that had taken place, even down to the final match, everything on this show was important.  It set up the next week’s King of the Ring tournament, and it also set off a new direction that WWE badly needed to do.  The Era of Awesome has begun.  The Miz certainly has earned that title and has come a long way as a performer and a Wrestler.  Very good moment for him, and now let’s hope he is not a “transition” champion, but at this point, maybe it doesn’t matter as long as he is now champion.

In terms of Cena goes, I guess it was the 2nd best thing that could happen, I just have a suggestion though, if he is going to be the “vigilante”, he might consider wearing a different color than purple?  That way it doesn’t stand out as much.  But regardless, he is not going to turn into a heel, but perhaps when he does feud with The Miz, he will treat him with more respect?

The 4 men on Raw for the King of the Ring tournament is interesting choices.  I still have a feeling Alberto Del Rio is going to win though, and even if I am not sure that he is in it, per say, I am confident enough that he will be in it, so there you go.

One more thing, a fantastic move by having CM Punk come out and do commentator for Raw.  He is still on TV, while he is nursing his injury, and he did a great job tonight, adding a bit of spice to Cole and King, which was needed badly.

Again, a very good show tonight and I look forward to hearing from the new champion next week.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or give me your thoughts on the show on the site.


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