WWE Smackdown 11/26/10…King Of The Ring Qualifying

We immediately kick Smackdown off tonight with Kane marching towards the ring.  Yes, he is still the World Heavyweight Champion, but he has Papa problems, namely, Edge still has Paul Bearer.

Kane said that Edge used Paul as bait, trying to lure Kane in a trap.  He forced him to play Dodgeball, eat Pizza, and do dastardly things like playing Wheelchair games.  But he still stands before us as the World Heavyweight Champion.  But what is he without Paul Bearer?  Kane is willing to not press charges and let things slide.  All he has to do is bring back Paul Bearer and Kane promises not to destroy Edge in the process.  Because quite frankly, Kane is not what we think he is, he is not a freak…a monster….this isn’t even him.  He has feelings.  It’s true, it’s true….oh wait wrong person.

Kane just wants his father back, he loves holidays….

You think you know me….

Edge comes out, but he is wheeling out the wheelchair, with nobody in it.

Edge says he too likes the holidays, so Paul is backstage, and all Kane has to do is ask nicely.

Kane said “I need my father back”

Edge said to say please, Kane obliges.  But it was not a proper please.  Edge couldn’t hear it, and the fans want Kane to be on his knees. 

Edge said that was so insincere, he didn’t mean a word of it.  Sea ya Kane.

Mind games continue, coming up next qualifying match for King of the Ring.  Kofi Kingston taking on Jack Swagger.

The Swagger Soaring Eagle is back….BABY!!!!!

Kofi Kingston wins with Trouble in Paradise, after Swagger attempted to do an Ankle Lock.  An excellent match between these two and they certainly made the King of the Ring tournament feel important.  I’ll say it again, I would love WWE to truly push Kofi Kingston to that next level.  And it’s great to see the Soaring Eagle back too.

Kane is in the back with Teddy Long.  He wants to apologize for messing up his office last week and intimidating Teddy.  He wants Teddy to do the right thing, he has to remember his father.  Teddy doesn’t remember his father, and in fact has become the man he is, despite not having a father.  Edge interrupts them and said he never had a father either, but that’s another time for another story.  He said that he can join he and Paul at the cotton candy, he takes the tape off Paul and Paul mutters something, and Edge wheels him out.

When we come back, Kane goes into the restroom and sees a sign that says “Gone Fishing”, now that is funny.  He sees that empty wheelchair and storms out.

Josh Matthews is with Alberto Del Rio.  He gets a match against The Big Show tonight, and he is the underdog.  Del Rio said he learned a valuable lesson at Survivor Series….never share the spotlight with people who are not his equal.  And that is what The Big Show is, not his equal.  So tonight, he will beat him and on Monday night, he will be King Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio taking on The Big Show is coming up next.

Alberto Del Rio won the match by a count out.  Ricardo Rodriguez took one for the team, he tried to distract Big Show for one or two more seconds, and Show decked him.  It might be a crappy ending, but Alberto will compete in the King of the Ring tournament, as he should.

Edge interrupts the festivities and he is up with the crowd with Paul Bearer.  He and Paul would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays.  He has gained 5 pounds just by eating, I have too.  But the holidays isn’t about eating, it’s conversing.  That is what Edge would like to do, talk to Kane.  He offers Kane to join them.  Kane is up on the ramp and says how dare you.  Edge asks how dare he does what?  He shoves Paul down the steps?  Edge is heartless, but above all else, he is a monster.  Edge said that Kane described himself, but he doesn’t like it when it happens to him.  But Edge is going to do the right thing, he is going to ask the fans what he should do to Paul.  Paul screamed he hates them, each and every single one of them.  Edge says here are the choices.  Should he give Paul Bearer back to Kane?  Should he shove Paul Bearer down the steps?  The fans love that idea, Kane wants Edge to stop this, he said he knows what he wants….Edge wants another title shot, he has it.  Edge appreciates it, he will accept it.  Edge said why don’t they come up and join them.  He is taking Paul to the Hot Dog stand where he will be more comfortable.

Kane goes after them, he opens up the curtain and sees just the wheelchair, no Paul Bearer.

We come back for another King of the Ring qualifying match.  It will be M.V.P. taking on Drew McIntyre.

Drrew moves on and is in the King of the Ring tournament after he defeated M.V.P. with the Future Shock DDT.  Short match, and a big win for Drew.

Uh-Oh, trouble between Jack Swagger and the Swagger Soaring Eagle.  Hornswoggle is waiting for a turkey dinner from Rosa Mendes, but Rosa burned the turkey.  The Soaring Eagle walks past Hornswoggle, and Hornswoggle thinks the Eagle is food.  He tries a fork and a knife, but Rosa stops him, so he hits the Eagle with a bow and arrow.  Trouble is brewing.

Here comes Lay-Cool for another irritating promo.  This is the worst week ever….EVER.  They said that Natalya stole the titles from them, and it doesn’t even look good on her.  Then she has the audacity to have them thrown out of Raw this past Monday night.  We are in Michelle’s own home town of Jacksonville, Florida.  She said they all look beautiful tonight….NOT.

Kelly Kelly comes out, so I guess we have a match…for the 1,500th time.  Her opponent is Michelle McCool.

Kelly wins this time with a roll up, and of course Lay-Cool attack her after the match, but Beth Phoenix comes in and helps Kelly.  She gives Michelle the Glam Slam for her troubles.  Good to see Beth back on Smackdown.

Coming up tonight, we are going to have another qualifying match between Rey Mysterio and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

And now, we get that same video about John Cena.  Hey, did you know he “bought” a ticket and will be on Raw?

Raw Rebound from this past Monday that ended with The Miz becoming the new WWE Champion.  All I can say is….AWESOME.

Main event time, Rey Mysterio taking on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes for the final spot at this coming King of the Ring tournament on Monday night is up now.

Cody wins the match with Crossroads.  During the match, Alberto Del Rio came out for some guest commentary and when action spilled outside, Rey nailed Alberto and when the ref was bumped, Alberto shoved Rey down and put him through the post.  He was open prey for Cody to be victorious.  Alberto gives him a wink.

Teddy Long is backstage and Kane said he has had enough of Edge, and it;s Teddy’s fault.  Edge interrupts this love fest, he said the frustration won’t lead anywhere, he needs some fresh air.  That is what he and Paul are going through, right here in Jacksonville, Florida.  He thinks he should give Paul Bearer back, before there is an accident.

Kane runs after him and we see Paul still gagged up, Kane runs after him, but Edge runs him over and knocks the cotton out of him, actually it was just a dummy.  Edge opened up the car window to reveal both he and Paul and drives off to end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, we have the King of the Ring qualifiers, and it makes sense that 3 heels won tonight, since 3 faces won on Monday, so we have 4 faces and 4 heels.  The following men are in….Alberto Del Rio, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Sheamus, Ezekiel Jackson, and Daniel Bryan.  I was thinking Alberto Del Rio would win, but after tonight where Alberto cost Rey the match, I have a feeling that Rey will cost Alberto a match, so I will go with my first pick and say Sheamus wins.  I am looking forward to seeing it.

Now we will get to the Kane and Edge segment, eh.  Some of it was funny, some of it was not.  I did like how it ended though, making it seem like Paul was getting run over, but we get a title match out of it at TLC, so it was worth it.

And it’s great to see The Swagger Soaring Eagle back, but after seeing what Hornswoggle did to him, we might see that he is let go, after all.  What were your thoughts on the show?  Email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.


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