WWE NXT 11/30/10….Who Is The Breakout Diva?

Tonight is the season final of NXT season 3.  For better or worst, WWE treated this like a joke, but I give the women credit for being troopers and taking the horrible abuse here.  The question is where do they go from here?  We will find out, it’s between Kaitlyn and Naomi.  I am going out on a limb and say Kaitlyn will win, but Naomi should have a job regardless, she is the pure athlete of the group, here we go.

Josh Matthews and Michael Cole start us off and Michael immediately talks about what he did last night on Raw.  He can’t figure out why he did it, he is going to talk to Jerry privately first and address the situation next week on Raw.

Matt Striker welcomes us Vicky Guerrero.  Excuse me.

Vicky introduces us to Kaitlyn.  She should be thankful that Vicky is her pro.  “She is horrible, here is Kaitlyn”.


And here comes Naomi, but no Kelly Kelly.  She’s not here, but she did send a message.  She is visiting the troops with Eve and Big Show, okay I will buy that.  She thinks Naomi will win, and Michael wishes that he was on the trip.

Naomi is honored to have Kelly as her pro and Kelly has been supportive all the way through.

So how does Kaitlyn feel about Vicky being her pro?

Well…Vicky interrupts her and says she is lucky that Vicky chose her.  She fired her other rookie before the contest started.  She tried to steal Vicky’s boyfriend, Kaitlyn denies that and she refuses her last night on NXT to have a petty argument.  Kaitlyn actually gave thanks for having Vivky as a pro on Thursday night, but Vicky gave thanks for that extra heaping of Turkey.  Vicky storms out of the ring, but Kaitlyn tripped her and Vicky fell down.  How rude.

Tonight, Naomi and Kaitlyn will go one on one, and yes we will have a season 4.  Good gravy.

R-Truth is a pro, his rookie is Johnny Curtis.  What’s up?

He has a good look, and yes it starts the next week.

We will have a tag team match coming up tonight.  The Bellas and A.J. will take on Maxine, Alicia Fox, and Aksana.

A.J. and The Bellas win with a cross body by A.J. over Aksana.  Good match with these 6 women, but Cole said the win means absolutely nothing since A.J. is eliminated.  He has a point.  Primo came out and celebrated with the women and gave A.J. a kiss.  She liked it.  And all is well with A.J. and Primo.

Chris Masters is a pro, and his rookie is Bryan Saxton, who was announcing on ECW during its last legs, and was an announcer on FCW.  He is a cocky heel, and he showed charisma during his promo.  Very good.

Ted Dibiase is a pro, and his rookie will be Brodus Clay, a 6’8 360 “mastodon of Mayhem”.  He’s a big dude.

Oh good gravy, another competition that is going to be a train wreck.  Another diss the diva, but this time an intense one on one encounter.

Kaitlyn said that Naomi is a very good wrestler, and she is a tremendous athlete.  She wowed the WWE Universe.  But she has flatlined ever since, and one thing you can’t teach is personality.

Naomi said her time is now, she has had the time of her life in WWE, and she has proven she is fit and is ready for the diva division.  They both bring something to the table, but at the end she can hold her head high and she wants to thank the WWE Universe.

The announcers are laughing over this, and coming up next, they will have a one on one match.

Kaitlyn won with a roll up, but again the announcers didn’t care and Vicky didn’t even care.  She even said so, actually I don’t care either, this was a bad match, but the announcers don’t have to tell us it is.

Anyway, Vicky introduces Dolph Ziggler who is a pro for season 4.  His rookie is Jacob Novak.  A businessman who moonlight as a wrestler.

The pros are discussing right now who is going to win, and we will find out next.

Raw Rebound, featuring The Miz taking on Jerry “The King” Lawler last night in a TLC match.

Daniel Bryan is a pro, his rookie is Derrick Bateman from Cleveland, Ohio.  That is my favorite right there.

Here we go, the former rookies come back, even Jamie, who was released after the competition.  Jamie thinks Naomi should win, A.J. thinks Kaitlyn should win.  Maxine thinks Naomi should win, and Aksana asks if Matt Striker is single, and Goldust tells her to shut up.  Aksana thinks Double Double E Universe thinks Aksana should win.  Love you, blowing kisses.

Coming up next, we will find out who wins.

Before we find out who the winner is, we see that Alberto Del Rio will be a pro during season 4 and his rookie is Conor O’Brian.

The winner of season 3 NXT is……


Naomi wants to thanks everyone for this experience, and although she didn’t win, she congratulates Kaitlyn for winning it.

Kaitlyn says that 2 days before the NXT contest began, she got the call to come on in, she didn’t even have any new clothes to wear and her first match on the show was her first wrestling match.  She wants to thank everyone for voting, and even thanks Vicky to be her pro.  Vicky meanwhile is beside herself sitting on the chair.  Cole is not amused and after Josh accuses him of only wanting to talk about himself, Cole leaves and this ends the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

I want to congratulate Kaitlyn, she reminds me alot of Ashley Massaro, Ashley was one of my favorites when she won the Diva Search, and I am sure Kaitlyn will do well, but I think for now, she should be a valet and slowly build her way to wrestle.  There is nothing wrong with valets, and in fact I would like to see more in the business.  Now having said that, WWE needs to get Michael Cole the hell off the broadcast.  He is not doing anything to help the rookies get over, instead he is getting himself over.  I think Scott Stanford would be perfect for this role.  He is very good from the brief time he has been on WWE Superstars and he is professional.  Michael Cole is a tool, he is a character.  Now that we are indeed having a season 4, let’s take more time to present these rookies as someone special, after all it is about finding that NEXT BREAKOUT superstar, not using them as jokes.  Just my thoughts, what did you think of the show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com and drop me a line on the site.

I also want to thank you guys for reading my thoughts on Wrestling every week.  Today alone is a record-breaking hits on the site, and this month, I have doubled the hits.  I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, keep on checking the site out and I will only improve.  I love hearing from you too, so let me know what you thought about tonight’s show and the future of NXT.


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I have had this blog up for a few years, writing every Monday night and anytime in between. Always check the site out, send me a comment on what your thoughts are for the current state of wrestling.

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