WWE Monday Night Raw 12/6/10…The Viper Returns

We are 2 weeks away from TLC and that means things will be moving towards bringing that PPV together.  Randy Orton has tweeted he will be here tonight and Michael Cole will explain things as to why he helped The Miz defeat Jerry “The King” Lawler.  What will the new King of the Ring have to say in Sheamus?  Let’s find out and get this show started.

Raw begins with video footage of The Miz and Jerry “The King” Lawler wrestling in a TLC match last week.

Jerry “The King” Lawler and CM Punk welcome us to the show, without Michael Cole.  Punk says he is proud of how hard King fought and he had a shot at beating The Miz, but Michael Cole interrupted us.

Cole said he doesn’t understand why he did what he did last week, but he has been thinking about this all week.  He stated seeing The Miz win the WWE Title, it was like his “son” winning the title.  So, he is saying he caught up in the moment.  Now he deeply regrets it. 

King said he expected Cole to apologize for costing him his on;y shot at the WWE Title.

Cole said he made a mistake, and he regrets doing it.

King said he will finish what he started last week, gets up and Cole tries to talk him out of it.  Cole now says King is to be blamed as much as he is.  They are supposed to be broadcast journalists, they aren’t supposed to make news, but last week, King made the news.  He “Had to be” Jerry “The King” Lawler.  He had to steal The Miz’s spotlight and now he doesn’t think he owes King an apology, he thinks King owes him an apology.

King tries to get up and go towards Cole but…

Email Sound….

CM Punk handles it now, he is nervous and he has always wanted to do this…

And I Quote….

The Raw GM wants a cease and disorder on this, announcers should not be beating each other up, and if it happens again, there will be termination involved.  The GM wants King to get into the ring and shake Cole’s hand.

Lawler goes into the ring and reluctantly shakes Cole’s hand, and all is well….or is it?

Cole goes to leave, but King won’t let him. 

King says no physicality, but there is someone in the back that wants to say something to him.

I hear voices in my head….

The Viper returns.

Cole is about to crap his pants, and Orton has something simple to say, he wants Cole to send a message to The Miz.  He doesn’t blame Miz for cashing in, in fact, he would have done the very same thing.  They are alot alike, but the only difference is Orton can back up what he says in the ring.  Injured knee or not, he will take back the WWE Championship from The Miz….tonight.


Miz comes out with Alex Riley, he is not impressed with Orton.  He used to be so original, but this past summer, they both were involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match, the difference is Miz won, Randy lost.  So injured knee or not, he won’t win the WWE Title back, and tonight, that won’t happen.  He spoke with the Raw GM and he said that Miz won’t have to defend the WWE title until TLC PPV.  So his knee can rest up and he can defeat him then.

Orton said what 7 men will beat him down before he does win the match like last time?  And Alex Riley doesn’t count as one man.

Riley said he has 5 minutes to spare, so he can face Orton tonight, and Orton agrees to it.

Miz said the Raw GM said he can choose the stipulation of match and that choice, just like The Miz will be AWESOME.

Orton said that is fine, but he can still do one thing, injured knee or not, and he RKO’s Michael Cole.

Segment was well done, setting up tonight, and anytime Cole gets a RKO, I like.

Moments ago, we see Cole get RKO’d again, Punk and King are happy for that.

Josh Matthews joins the two broadcasters, he will be play-by-play man.

A mixed tag team match with Ted Dibiase and Maryse taking on Daniel Bryan and Brea Bella.

Nikki is knocking on Daniel’s door and sees Brea with Daniel’s arm, a little jealousy has emerged?

Daniel and The Bella Twins win the match with the old switch-a-roo.  There is dissention between Dibiase and Maryse.  They start arguing, and Maryse just brushes her hand over his face and walks away.

A Fatal 4-way Elimination Tag match for the WWE Tag Team Titles is on tonight with Gabriel and Slater defending their titles against Santino and Kozlov, The Uso’s, and Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu.  Wow, TNA blows WWE away with their tag team division, it’s not even funny.

Coming up next, an exclusive interview with Wade Barrett.

They come back with a video from last week with R-Truth issuing a challenge to NEXUS, only to have John Cena take out the members one by one.

The interview with Barrett is via “satellite”

Otunga is on camera, and he says that Wade isn’t there, he is on his way to the arena for Gabriel and Slater’s match.

The question is what is your plan to counter Cena’s attack, like David would reveal that.  Otunga said when Cena shows up tonight, they will find out. 

There is a knock at the door, and its room service.  They are 40 minutes late and the food is cold.  He won’t pay for it, and there is another knock at the door, it’s Cena.   He goes after Otunga and when Husky Harris comes out to help, David runs away.  Cena takes out Husky and is going after Otunga, so Cena will be at the arena tonight too.

David Hart Smith will take on Tyson Kidd, they are ignoring these two men faced off last week on Superstars.  A big man is out to accompany Tyson, not sure who he is, but okay.

Tyson takes the win this time with a roll up, a very short match and short matches like this means nothing.

At the end of the match, the big dude attacks David after Smith goes after Kidd.  I guess this guy is his new bodyguard.

Wade Barrett arrived in the arena, Gabriel and Slater do not feel safe.  Cena can attack them anytime, and Wade is trying to calm them down.  David Otunga runs in, he says Wade’s plan didn’t work.  Wade said the plan wasn’t the problem, it was the execution.  Wade told Slater and Gabriel to concentrate on their match, and when they leave, Wade tells him that he will call out Cena later in the show and David needs to watch how it’s done.  Otunga tells Wade he better, cause if he doesn’t there will be mutiny on his hands.

Tag Team Fatal 4-Way Elimination match for the WWE Tag team Titles are up next.  Gabriel and Slater taking on The Uso’s, taking on Santino and Kozlov, taking on Henry and Tatsu is up now.

Tatsu was eliminated with the Neckbreaker.

The Uso’s are eliminated by Kozlov’s Iron Curtain.

Tamina doesn’t want to leave, she is siding with Santino.

We have new WWE tag Team Champions, Santino and Kozlov beat Slater and Gabriel with the Cobra.  John Cena came underneath the ring.  Yes, Cena, who last we saw was at a hotel, he somehow, magically went underneath the ring, without a ticket this time, and “unemployed” shows up and gives Gabriel the “You Can’t See Me” sign, and the Cobra struck.  After the match, Santino was showing Tamina how to do the “Trumpet Dance” which is funny, but it’s ridiculous that Cena somehow magically appeared underneath the ring.  I can’t explain it, can you?

NXT Season 4 starts tomorrow night on WWE.com, oh yeah!!

Moments ago, we see John Cena becoming Criss Angel showing up underneath the ring.

Sheamus, the new 2010 King of the Ring comes out, he looks like a magical elf from Lord of the Ring.  (Thank you Greg for that line).

Sheamus said he is greater than us peasants, even the ones at home.  He ended the career of HHH, the King of Kings, translation….he is returning.

Sheamus said his reign will last forever.  He is better than the best.  He’s not Conan O’ Brien, or Ronald McDonald like we proclaim he is, but he is the greatest King in history.

John Morrison comes out to make fun of his look.

John said that Sheamus can have some Gnomes or even some Elfs out there, protecting his throne.  Sheamus said he knows why John is out there, he is jealous that he has achieved more in 2 years that John Morrison has done his whole career.  John said he is right, but he beat him at Survivor Series, Sheamus won last week, so he wants to show the world that he is the better man.  Sheamus said he isn’t in his league and from now on, he wants John to call him “His Highness”.  But right now, Sheamus wants John to set the example and bow down to the King.  John refuses to do that, he said in this business you can say there are no guarantees, but he has one for him, he “guarantees” that John Morrison will never bow down to King Sheamus.  Sheamus slapped John in the face and the two go at it.

Morrison knocks Sheamus into his throne and out of the ring, celebrating after doing it.

Tonight, Wade Barrett calls out John Cena….AGAIN, yes, this is a rerun from last week.

Natalya comes out and Laycool is with the commentators, they say that Michael Cole invited them.  They are Smackdown superstars, not Raw.

Natalya will face Melina.

Wow, none of the commentators are even paying attention to the action in the ring.

Natalya defeated Melina with the Sharpshooter, but none of the commentators cared.

After the match, Laycool attacks Natalya, and Melina walks away.

Coming up next, Randy Orton will take on Alex Riley one on one.

Next week, another 3 hour show featuring The Slammy Awards.  I’ll be there for it.

They show us Randy Orton giving Michael Cole a RKO.

Backstage, Riley is complaining about something.  The Miz told him he represents him out there.  Everyone is talking about Miz being WWE Champion, ESPN, MTV, TMZ, they say that Miz winning the title is the first thing that will change WWE’s fortune around.  Wow, did he really say that?  Alex said he will beat Randy Orton tonight, Miz wants that assured, he said he won’t tell him what match they will have in 2 weeks, he will show him.

The match will take place now.

Riley loses by DQ when Miz came from behind Orton and gave him a Skull Crushing Finale.

Miz is going to show Orton what kind of match they are going to have, he goes underneath the ring and has a table.  There ya go, a tables match.  Miz sets Orton up for another SCF, but Orton turns the tides and gets out of it.  Miz runs off out of the ring, but A-Ry still is there.  Orton gives Riley a Powerbomb.  It’s Orton Time!!!!!

Our main event tonight are 2 guys talking on the mic.  Okay those 2 men are Wade Barrett and John Cena.  He makes sure the rest of NEXUS are ready, just in case.

Wade starts this with admitting something he never has done.  He got it wrong, he thought Cena was a man of his word.  The premise of the Survivor Series match was free or fired.  Not fired, but showing up on Raw anyway, I agree.

He said he can attack NEXUS anytime he wants, but the problem is they can’t get him re-hired.  The only person who can do that is himself.  So he wants to invite Cena into the ring, wherever he is hiding.  He has something he needs to get off his chest.

Cena comes out through the crowd, and so does NEXUS.

Wade said if he puts a finger on Wade, NEXUS will come in and beat him down for every inch of his life.  Cena smiles over that one.

He will tell him slowly, doing this will not get him re-hired.  Cena mocks that and says being fired isn’t that bad.  He can hang out with WWE Universe, and have tail gate parties before every show.  He knows the WWE Wrestlers, and he can make NEXUS’s life a living hell.  He asks Gabriel and Slater how it feels to lose to Santino and the Cobra?  He asks how McGillicutty is, and how did David and “Hesky” like room service?

Wade said he can intimidate NEXUS, but he can’t intimidate him.  He says if he does decide to re-hire him, what happens?  Cena makes some more jokes and he says he can compete for the WWE Championship.  Something Wade doesn’t have.  But if he keeps him fired, then all he has to do is buy a ticket every week and ruin their lives.  But if he does decide to re-hire him, his attacks on them will stop, but his attack on Wade will not.  If he were a mn of honor, if he was a man of integrity, a man of respect, he would re-hire him and the two can settle it like men tonight.  But if he doesn’t, he is going to get him.  But he will never know when John will get Barrett, but he will never stop.  He makes a promise, his life will be a nightmare.  That sounds like a threat to Wade, so he orders NEXUS to come down and take care of Cena, but here is the catch….

None of them listen, they turn their backs on Wade and go backstage.

So, Cena takes care of Barrett and beats him down.  He goes outside, sets up the steps and put them at the announce table, which flips out CM Punk, because as Punk says “He is a fan” and he flips out over Cena ruining his diet drink, which is probably Diet Pepsi.

Cena hands Punk his Diet Pepsi, and Punk throws it on the ground, and fizzles all over.

Cena has Barrett, but Wade escapes and runs backstage, with Cena celebrating at the end.

We go backstage,. Barrett is screaming at NEXUS for not having his back, and Otunga said next week, he better do the right thing and have Cena re-hired, or else there will be no NEXUS.  Mutiny has begun…ATTICA!!  ATTICA!!  ATTICA!!

The show ends.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Well, no matter who the WWE champion is, WWE makes sure that John Cena is the STAR.  Even if he’s “fired”.  I didn’t like this show, it certainly wasn’t as good as it was last week, nor is it as good as it was 2 weeks ago, where you had the feeling WWE was switching thins up.  Tonight, they reminded you that things will stay the same, and it’s sad.

What I did like was seeing Cole get RKO, but tomorrow night, he’ll probably scream lawsuit, or something stupid like that, and again it will mean nothing.  I also liked when Cena was being serious in his promo with Barrett, but what I didn’t like about it was when Cena tried to be cute with his promo and tried to make it a joke.  Cena is very good when it comes to emotional promos, but truly is bad when he tries to make jokes.  If Barrett Vs Cena is the money match, and it is, then it shouldn’t be cute.  It should instead be an intense, real feud between the two.

I hope if Miz wins the table match at the PPV, they don’t treat it like it was a fluke win.  This is very important here in determining his run as WWE Champion.  It ruined Sheamus’ first title reign when he put Cena through a table last year at the TLC PPV, DO NOT make the same mistake WWE.

Other than that, a few thoughts….

How sad is WWE’s tag team division right now when the tag champs are Santino and Vladimir Kozlov?

How sad is it that Laycool has to dominate both shows any chance they have divas, and they aren’t the champions?

How sad was that outfit Sheamus was wearing tonight?

How bad was this show, especially after the last 2 weeks?  Ugh!!!!

What did you think of the show?  Give me your thoughts on the site or email me at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com


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