WWE Monday Night Raw 12/13/10…The Slammy Awards

I do not like snow at all, sometimes I wonder why I live in Canton, Ohio when I know snow will fall for 4, maybe 5 months during the year, but I am not letting tonight’s snow fall get me down because it’s Slammy Awards night.  With everything taking place on this 3 hour show, how will they also remind us that we have a PPV this coming Sunday night called TLC?  Will John Cena be hired back?  let’s tune in and find out.  Here we go.

Michael Cole starts the show off with CM Punk and Jerry “The King” Lawler.  Ladders are surrounded by the announce table.

Justin Roberts welcomes the show former WCW champion David Arquette.

David is talking about being a former WCW champion and working as a heel here.  He even brought up being on the film “Ready to Rumble”

The first award is shocker of the year.

The choices.

A.  The Miz cashing in Money in the Bank and becoming WWE champion.

B.  NEXUS invasion.

C.  Paul Bearer returning and turning on The Undertaker.

D.  Chris Jericho being punted in the head by Randy Orton.

The Winner:

NEXUS invading.

Wade Barrett comes out by himself and he says he accepts this award on behalf of NEXUS.  They wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for him.  He worked season 1 of NXT and they never would have become the most powerful group in WWE and he has the power to re-hire John Cena.  Of course, the rest of the members told him if he doesn’t re-hire Cena, he would have to leave NEXUS.  He hasn’t made up his mind, but he assures the crowd that he will make more shocking moments in the WWE.

Email sound….

The GM says that Barrett will get another chance to make another shocking moment in the ring right now.  Against The Big Show.

Show comes out and takes the Slammy Award from Barrett.

Show beats down Barrett and Wade leaves for the countout.  Not a good start to the show in terms of match quality.

Tonight, we will have the Diva of the Year in a battle royal.

Kelly Kelly, Tyson Kidd, and Tyson’s bodyguard is Jackson Andrews.

After Tyson tried to get over as a heel, and Kelly squashed him like a grape, they have the Despicable Me Award.  The nominees are.

A.  Drew McIntyre

B.  Kane

C.  Vince McMahon

D.  CM Punk

The Winner:

CM Punk

Punk had a message for someone who wronged him, he has not forgotten and when the times comes, he will attack that person.  He didn’t name anyone, but it’s clear, Punk knows who he is talking about.

We have a tag team match now, it will be Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan taking on Dolph Ziggler and Ted Dibiase.

This was an interesting and also entertaining match.  Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston win the match by a Trouble in Paradise over Dolph Ziggler.  So the Smackdown challenger defeated the Smackdown champion.  One can hope they will have a match at TLC this Sunday.

You can also vote for WWE Superstar of the Year on WWE.com.  The choices are  A.  The Miz, B.  Kane, C.  Rey Mysterio, D.  Edge, E.  Randy Orton, F.  John Cena.  How they can include a “fired” superstar in this voting is beyond me, but WWE wants yo to vote for him now.

Also tonight, Sheamus will go one on one against John Morrison.

The next award is Guest Star Shining Moment of the year, the presenters are the new WWE Tag Team champions, Santino and Vladimi Kozlov.

The nominees are

A.  Mike Tyson knocking out Chris Jericho.

B.  Pee Wee Herman and his verbal battle with The Miz.

C.  Wayne Brady turning heel and getting RKO’d by Randy Orton.

D.  William Shatner singing WWE Superstars entrance themes.

The Winner:  Pee Wee Herman

Pee Wee isn’t here, but he did leave a message on the Titan Tron.  He wants to thank The Miz and Big Show.  He had the time of his life that night at Raw.  He’s still on Broadway for 3 more weeks of his show.  Go see him in New York.

Wade Barrett is backstage, shining his Slammy Award when the rest of NEXUS come in and want to know what his decision is.  David Otunga said without him, NEXUS will be just fine, but after he walked out in his match with Big Show, his single career doesn’t look too good.  Wade thanks him and says he knows what he has to do and leaves.

This Saturday is the Tribute to the Troops on NBC at 9:00 Eastern.  I’ll give you a report from that show too.

Here comes Mark Henry, his opponent will be “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

Cody wins with a knee to the spine, no Crossroads tonight.  Mark should have come out to his “Sexual Chocolate” entrance, he might have won.  It’s sexual baby….AWWWWWWWW

Coming up next, the award for Holy %%%% Move of the Year.

When we come back, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Vicky Guerrero are presenters.  Vicky needs her own music.

The nominations of Holy %%%% Move of the Year are

A.  John Morrison doing the flying body press off the platform of the stage.

B.  Kofi Kingston for his Flying Leg Drop off the top of the ladder.

C.  John Cena doing his Attitude Adjustment on Batista on a car.

D.  Randy Orton’s RKO on Evan Bourne while Evan tries the Air Bourne

The Winner:  John Cena

That’s BS, Randy should have won, but since even these awards are scripted, we have our John Cena moment when Wade Barrett interrupts the award, takes it, and goes to ringside to give us his decision.

Wade Barrett doing his best Lebron James impression, he keeps stalling while the crowd wants Cena to come out.  He said he won’t make his decision unless Cena comes out and faces him.  So King just said Cena wasn’t here, but Wade said we know you’re here Cena.

And here he comes.

Cena comes out through the crowd and enters the ring.  Wade says don’t attack him, he like to introduce NEXUS out here to join them, and the rest come into the ringside area.

The crowd is eating this up, and that is awesome.

Barrett says Cena is officially re-hired on 2 conditions.  1.  He agrees to face him this Sunday in a chair match 2.  He gives the whole world the moment they want to see.  He goes one on one against David Otunga.

He wants to show NEXUS why he decided to hire him back, and NEXUS come in like wolves and attack Cena.  Barrett has a chair, and he nails him in the back with a chair., and again he nails him.

Next week, WWE will have a live Smackdown Tuesday night at 9:00, I’ll have a report on that show, but after I am done with bowling.  And on Wednesday night, USA is re-airing Tribute to the Troops as well.

Moments ago, we see NEXUS attacking John Cena.

A recap of what we just saw with the award-winning Slammys.

David Arquette is out again, he is opening up another theater.  He is now announcing another award.  The WWE Fan Reaction of the Year.

A.  Weird kid reacting to Cena joining NEXUS.

B.  Crying loser reacting to Shawn Michaels retiring.

C.  Weirdo reacting to I don’t know.

D.  Angry Miz Girl

The Winner:  Angry Miz Girl

She comes out and starts to give her thanks but The Miz come out and interrupt her.  He takes her Slammy.  Miz wants her to show him her face that she gave when he won the title, and she does.

The Miz walks back to the ring, he says he has won the US Title, Tag Team Title, Money in the Bank Briefcase, and WWE Title in a span of a year.  He says he will put Randy Orton through a table this Sunday at TLC, and he is the reason we are out here tonight.

Email sound…

Tonight, Miz and Orton will face former Champions.  Miz will face a former World Champion, and that champion is Rey Mysterio.

The Miz defeated Rey Mysterio, with help from Alberto Del Rio, he tripped Rey and Miz rolled him up for the victory.  A predictable finish, but the fact is it looks good on The Miz’s resume that he beat Rey.

Email sound…

Randy Orton will face David Arquette and Alex Riley.  David is a former World Champion, so yeah he gets a match in a Handicap match.  Oh fun.

Still to come tonight, A Diva Battle Royal with the winner becoming Diva of the Year, and coming up next, Sheamus taking on John Morrison.

Edge is out now to present the Oh Snap Meltdown of the Year award.

Edge will be competing tonight, he is in his gear.

Kane was supposed to be his co-presenter, but he has some “Daddy” issues right now.  Edge needs a co-presenter, someone who he is comfortable with, and we get Christian.  Fantastic, an E & C reunion.

The nominees are….

A.  Big Show, for destroying Jack Swagger’s trophies.

B.  Alberto Del Rio, for destroying Rey Mysterio.

C.  Edge, for destroying a computer after losing to John Cena.

D.  Batista, for quitting.

The Winner is:  Edge

 Edge doesn’t understand why he won, and he goes nuts over the Raw GM.  Christian has the ringtone on his phone, sounding like the Raw GM.  He is doing it to calm down Edge.  Edge said this Sunday, he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion, but when things have changed, there is one thing that hasn’t changed…Michael Cole is still a tool.

Cole has his own meltdown, but serious business now.

Sheamus Vs John Morrison is coming up now.

Wow, this match is over quick.  I was expecting a good match, but the two get double DQ’d for decking the ref, and each other.

Email sound….

Sheamus Vs John Morrison at TLC, the winner becomes the Number One Contender for the WWE Title in a ladder match.  Now that is good, and they respond by going after each other some more.  For some reason, Sheamus is upset at being in a ladder match.

Sheamus nails Morrison with the ladder and throws him in the ladder.  Wow, that looked very painful.  Their match this Sunday will be epic.

Still to come tonight, Randy Orton will face David Arquette and Alex Riley in a Handicap match, and John Cena will face David Otunga one on one.

For the next award, we have the Knucklehead Moment of the Year and our presenters are JTG and William Regal, now that’s a good combination.

Our nominees are….

A.  Punk being de-masked

B.  Mae Young slapping LayCool

C.  Beth Phoenix eliminating The great Khali in the Royal Rumble

D.  Dance-off between Santino and Vladimir Kozlov

The winner is:  Mae Young beating Laycool

Layla thanks Mae Young, but May doesn’t have basic cable at the nursing home. 

The Diva Battle Royal is coming up next.

Hey Gail Kim is still employed by WWE.

Rosa Mendes and Kaitlyn were eliminated.

Tamina was eliminated.

Nikki Bella and Eve are eliminated, and so is Brea.

Maryse is gone.

So is Kelly Kelly.

Melina is eliminated.

Layla is gone.

Gail, Alicia, oh hell….

Michelle McCool wins the Battle Royal.

Email Sound…

Another match is signed up for TLC, a tag team ladder match between LayCool going against Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

Edge is going to be taking on Jack Swagger.

Edge wins with the Spear, a short but very good match.

The Miz is in the back with A-Ri and David Arquette.  Riley doesn’t want to tag with David, but Miz said it’s not about winning his match, it’s about putting Orton through a table.

The next award is for Moment of the Year award.  Big Show is a presenter.

The nominees are

A.  Free or Fired

B.  “Sheam-Ful” Act when Sheamus attacks HHH after HBK retired.

C.  Super-sized spear.  Edge spearing Jericho through a barricade at Wrestlemania.

D.  Streak Vs Career- HBK retiring at Wrestlemania.

The winner is: Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn is on-screen, he wants to thank everyone for giving him the award.  It’s been a joy for HBK over the years, performing for WWE. 

Still to come tonight, John Cena is taking on David Otunga and coming up next is the Handicap match between Randy Orton Vs David Arquette and Alex Riley.

Orton pins Riley and puts Arquette through a table.  David tried, but couldn’t pull it off.

Still to come tonight, John Cena will take on David Otunga.

Michael Cole will be presenting the “And I Quote” Award, and the nominees are….

Too many people to name, but alot of funny quotes.

The Winner is…Michael Cole

Michael gives us a horrible acceptance speech, whatever.

Still to come, the Superstar of the Year award.

Smackdown GM Teddy Long is presenting the WWE Superstar of the year, and the nominees are….

A.  Edge

B.  The Miz

C.  Kane

D.  John Cena

E.  Rey Mysterio

F.  Randy Orton

The Winner Is….John Cena

Was there ever any doubt?  Cena says just an hour ago, he got his job back and New Orleans does have magic around here.

He comes down to the ring for his match, and Otunga comes out with NEXUS.  As David gets into the ring, Wade orders NEXUS to leave the ramp, and they all do.  Haven’t we seen this before?

Yup, we have, and Cena makes quick work of Otunga.  Makes him tap to the STF.  After the match, Cena goats Barrett to come down to the ring, and nails Otunga with some chair shots and we end the show.

Kevin’s Thoughts:

Once again, if you’re expecting the show to be a classic in terms of matches, then this isn’t the show.  But it still was entertaining, even if some of the awards were cheesy.  The one factor in tonight’s show was this felt like a 3 hour show, as opposed to the other 2 nights that had 3 hour shows, the timing was great.  Not tonight here, and nothing was really solved.  But I still enjoyed the show and it was much better than last week. 

The one match I do want to see on Sunday night though is Sheamus Vs John Morrison in a ladder match and to determine who is the Number One Contender.  It makes me think we will see the return of HHH and he will cost Sheamus the win and at Royal Rumble, we will see The Miz Vs John Morrison.  But Sheamus makes a point, he should be the Number One Contender since he is King of the Ring, but they should still have a good match. 

As far as the other two big matches from Raw.  Okay, we finally have John Cena back, whoop di doo, but he never left.  That’s something that truly can’t be ignored.  He will face off with Wade Barrett, so I wonder who will win that one?  Hmmmmm….

The Miz Vs Orton should be entertaining though, and The Miz should win, but where does Orton go from here?  Who knows, I guess we will find out.  What were your thoughts on tonight’s show?  Give me an email at DJKevinGillman75@aol.com or drop me a line on the site.

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